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Tipp's Fringe Bunker

File: 086891415b1ab42⋯.png (3.33 MB, 3559x9666, 3559:9666, fringe-powerful-tulpa-4.png)




now we do.

is the original OP still around? and alive?



OP is probably dead. or consumed by this Ni tulpa of his. RIP


I liked this thread and OP's stories. I would welcome it back here.



many think about this like some kind of horror story…


isn't it a beautiful way of experiencing life?

at least he does what he loves most…

why do all the people think it is wrong?

I can really see how he loves Ni and finds fulfillment in this.



any sane person would realize that that being is just torturing him, his entire existence is reduced to nothing since he only lives for her and wouldn't mind anything happening to him as long as it pleases her. He's so caught up in the delusion that nothing gets through to him



>he only lives for her and wouldn't mind anything happening to him as long as it pleases her

how is this wrong if he loves her?

it's called dedication and is a good thing

he seems to benefit from this too, at least he feels fulfilled



>is the original OP still around? and alive?

op is probably consumed by his abusive tulpa

and his consciousness reduced to that of her toy

sad end for his soul




Just read this….

Holy fucking shit this is gold. Fooken bittersweet liquid gold.




Well, same happens in real life man. When you fall deeply in love with some other person, even if she's a stranger, you feel like you'd be capable of giving everything up for her love and completely dedicate your life to her. I've been in that place for 1 year, when I was trying hard to conquer my love. It wasn't wasted time because you were feeling intensely, enjoying yourself and learning.

But it can alienate and damage yourself if you don't do things within balance. Which was another lesson I learned.

There's nothing wrong with serving others, imaginable or not. Specially if he's doing it for love.

Having said that, make sure you love yourself too, enough to be all you can be and not be limited by all these outside forces into being something youre not.



this is just sick. can someone explain to me how is it spiritual/constructive?



Its supposed to be but OP's stance isn't.

Why the fuck do you think there are so many people swarming to warn him? Did you miss that?


File: 8752304d9ba96d1⋯.webm (9.7 MB, 960x540, 16:9, 1458592119.webm)


reminds of the vore thread that was on here. Good times.






Just read the first few posts in the screencap and skim the thread, you'll get the gist.



poor guy…



why would one have such fetishes?

how are they good for anyone?

and why create something that abuses you?!



Sounds like heaven, many christians are happy, they do they exact same thing with jesus.



Why do some people want such things happening to them?

And how being submissive is 'enlightening'?

Serious questions.



putting oneself at the mercy of a psychotic tulpa-girl with femdom fetish

enjoying the think she can put you out of existence by just wishing that

becoming that powerless and intentionally giving her more and more power

obeying a being who is using you like a mere toy for her own sick pleasure



File: a44bb72d9100a1d⋯.png (10.71 KB, 413x183, 413:183, 7483747337982.png)

I know this is off-topic, but has anyone still got the pdf of pic related, it was in the thread.


File: 2da91c9f640380d⋯.png (2.08 MB, 1600x5000, 8:25, 1483747337734.png)

Just gonna leave this here.



In which thread was it?




I was thinking I knew what book they were talking about, but the file size doesn't match.


Seek help from a trained mental health professional.

Actually all those people are degenerate drug addict psychopaths who are secretly in that field to treat their own illness, but please seek help. Everywhere I go I just become more embarassed with this species. Can you faggots please tap into your sanity and do something for the fucking world? Why would you want multiple personalities unless you've determined you are a failure, and if that's the case, why the fuck are you on a board full of people trying to evolve beyond the mundane?

(6. Do not sit on the default flag or post with no flag all the time.)



Reported, heh.




>Why would you want multiple personalities unless you've determined you are a failure

This. I know people that just want to be normal again, stop spitting on those people with this shitty tulpa usage.

At least make a tulpa slave, not a dominatrix.



Tulpa threads are the best. I wish more people would experiment with Tulpas before they kill themselves.

I need to make an infograph with instructions or something.



Also this gave me a "the matrix" vibe.

Pity I can't help but question the motives of superiors.

What can I say, I liked poking holes in cling wrap as a kid, and cracking eggs. :^)



>at least he does what he loves most…

>conditioned to do X until he submits

>what he loves the most

All things, including god, can submit. It's all about the threshold and fightback ability.

I for one can barely take insults without meeting it or hurting the person.

There are always flaws in others abilities. That is why I never trust them. Trusting people hurts because I see the flaws in their leadership.


The first rule of DID club is you do not talk about DID club



How bout you kill yourself and the rest of us live?


Think about my shitty asshole. Think about all the disgusting smelly poop hanging from my butthole. Yuck!



Has anyone switched or allowed posession before? I've been building my own tulpa for a week now and I'm curious what others accomplished.



How did this end?

Did the OP get spiritually consumed by his tulpa?

Physically ended up in her ass or pussy as her toy?

Does OP even exist anymore?



rip anon



Mine was just able to move my hands/fingers around slowly, we didn't go any further because it's not super exciting (and I was a high schooler with a short attention span). I don't 100% remember what it felt like, but it is definitely noticeably different from just moving your hands on your own, and you aren't aware of how they will move ahead of time. Another thing you can try that is much easier is something I figured out that I would call "assisted possession." Basically, you are in control of your hands but you move them in accordance with the will of your tulpa. It's not the tulpa itself moving them, which makes it easier and faster. The basic principle I had in mind was that since you're in the same brain, you can communicate non-verbally. The tulpa communicates its will to you and your hands follow. We played Minecraft and she built a house at the bottom of a lake with baby chickens in it. You may find that your tulpa is better or worse than you at certain games, or at the very least has a different playing style. It just depends on how its personality is and how much closer it is to your subconscious than you are.




>muh materialist nihilism








I preferred reading this one tbh. At least he was trying to get help.

Well, that shakes off any illusions I've ever had about creating such entities…

Unless the purpose of these posts is in fact to misinform us, limiting our potential.


One of two things could be happening here. Either he went to create a tulpa but accidentally got something else which enjoys torturing him and most likely leeches off of him. Or, he went to create a tulpa, and discovered a way of destroying yourself to achieve a masochistic state of gnosis.


I agree. He chose this completely, who are we to tell him what is in his best interest? If it makes him feel amazing and he accepts the risks then what is the problem?


see above


File: 0afaf26085bdcb4⋯.jpg (88.44 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault[1].jpg)

How do you keep a tulpa in it's role? Would dehumanizing your tulpa make it easier to control? I think a magical protector could be very useful when I astral project.


File: 5ad8f76e4bfec0d⋯.mp4 (3.06 MB, 402x598, 201:299, riCxAbs[1].mp4)


you need to give it pets and tell it it's a good boy

pic related, me comforting my tulpa while trapped in the cage of mortal existence



>you need to give it pets and tell it it's a good boy

like a stuffed animal or do I have to make a dumber tulpa for my tulpa?


File: ce0be6f483857cd⋯.jpg (537.67 KB, 2970x1739, 2970:1739, skyrim_equipment_weapon_im….jpg)

So I read an article on Alexandra David Neel's experience and what it had in common with the chan tulpas was that it seemed that attempting to give them complicated emotions and ability to reason allows them to stretch the limits of the abilities granted to them.

I'm beginning to theorize that making them have specific roles such as defender and attacker would be easier to keep them in line and possibly giving the tulpa a sense of purpose. A shield to defend my mind when I'm away and a sword for the dangers in the universe


File: e00741ca5017367⋯.jpg (122.92 KB, 458x730, 229:365, rtulpa.jpg)

This board is going to be the doom of me. Now I'm considering superimposing a tulpa on my gf's appearance



Fairly certain that the early Tibetans who practiced the art of tulpamancy weren't unstable KSVs. I would be more shocked if a tulpa created by someone like the OP in that thread managed to help him rebuild his life rather than be what he desired, to be dominated by a female presence.



I loved watching this video. Thank you for posting this video.


File: e96eb4a874a05ef⋯.jpg (42.01 KB, 666x540, 37:30, Father_and_Son.jpg)


I enjoyed reading about this idea i even researched it because of this thread. i don't quite know how to take it… or better said We lol. Sorry not that i'm putting the idea down or anything but based on what i learned tonight i have been living with two of them for a long time, there was a third until i burnt the bitch out of me… anyways if you were to banish one could you bring it back?


File: 41522ed250788b8⋯.gif (3.65 MB, 494x232, 247:116, giphy[1].gif)


yes, apparently if you focus on a tulpa you 'killed' continuously they could come back. I haven't started forcing yet but I have talked to myself in my head most of life. I'm really trying to get the personality right and the metaphysical creation steps seem to require a bit of chi training.

I want to use a tulpa to help with deduction. In the Limitless TV show when the MC took the drug 'NZT' his subconscious separated to help his mind cope with the influx of short term information. Seems handy.



Thank you, mine started around high-school and i did not know anyone else like this who actually held full conversations with said personifications. The first one showed up after an intense series of dreams and later two more followed. We use to argue a lot and in generally the first one was very strong willed and seemed to be full of darkness and anger. I figured it would be best if i just burned it out of me before i ever let myself screw up while taking it's advice. The second one i also ended up locking away but that way behind metal blocks, probably the strongest in comparison to a full flushed out personality, the personality would actual appear in dreams and challenge me at times it was really weird. the last two have stayed with me and often "help" me handle situations i am not strong enough for. such as if i am dealing with to much fear i hand the controls per say over to the first one and he helps my get rid of my fear in place of mild… insanity.

honestly though i have never had a name for them this whole tulpa thing is new to me. Yea we argue and bicker but we also have a lot of meaningful discussions. i miss they two i removed because i feel like i handled it wrong and i want them back now. For me they have always just been very powerful personifications.

That said your idea is actually amazing, like i said i mostly use mine as companions or handling situations i can't. but to use them in the way your talking about would be incredibly helpful. it would be like giving yourself dedicated ram. (also a huge fan of limitless)


File: 10613e6e026a937⋯.jpg (98.97 KB, 736x520, 92:65, 6a5da70dd08c739c6ae6bb3d0b….jpg)


scrap em all and start over with one. You can't lose your sense of self. Sounds like you made some loose tulaps that probably formed from random emotions you had at that stage of your life.

You should start anew and really focus on the personality aspect of tulpa forming to split your spirit into a beneficial partner rather than somebody just taking room in your head waiting until you're so disassociated it takes over. Don't be so frivolous with your spirit and sense of self.



I think i'll keep them, i have had them for so long and i am a very sentimental person. Even if they can be a problem sometimes they have been there for me during my hardest times and helped me through a lot of issues.



You need to make a private space in your head and meditate alone bruh. I'm very serious about this do not get lost in your own head, it'll never be beneficial to be a walking party.



Do you at all think it is possible that these are outside entities instead of internal creations?



It's possible, but I think it's unlikely given how they react to him. Especially when he threatens them. Which I personally think it's unwise to frequently lord power over your creations as that may turn them against you. The tyrant is an enemy to all.



It's not something i ever thought about but honestly i would have to say no, (as i hear otherwise, mixed with laughing). But no, while i do agree the idea is possible that such an entity could come to your mind of it's own will giving you the idea that it's your own mind creating it i'm pretty sure these personas were created because of my dreams at the time. after reading this thread though i think i am going to start summoning them in my dreams to see if i can get a better feeling for them… possible stop these moments where they seem to go silent lately.



i never viewed what i was doing as threatening, yes to the lording power… i mean absolutely as it's my body and me who has to deal with the consequences of any actions i take. so yea i often remind them who's body it is but i never really threaten the two who are still with me.

If you mean that what i did with the other two were threatening that's because the first one i burnt out was a problem and the second one i locked away… it honestly felt if things kept going in that direction i would not have remained on control. So i only got rid of them because i felt they were a threat. and as i said i feel like i handled that poorly but i don't know how to get the one i burnt away back and i spent the last 10 years creating mental barriers around the second one which i don't seem to be capable of taking down no matter how much i try.



any opinions on her saying she is an Aeon?

also: becoming a servant to a powerful entity like this - is it a great spiritual ascension or an absolute degeneration?



Does Aeon have any significant meaning? did an online search but i cant find anything.


Is OP's desire to become one with his goddess the final endgame, the meaning of life and a way of achieving nirvana?




what is Aeon?

what is Aeon in the context of the OP's story?



In context to OP a Aeon is an emanation of a supreme deity



can you really contact a deity like that?

would such deity behave the way Ni does?



You could contact a deity like that

i doubt it would act like Ni unless it was fairly malevolent



why do you think what she does to OP is malevolent?



Ni forces OP to do whatever fetish she wants until he learns to like it

"Strangely enough she was concerned with this situation saying she cannot accept things that i do not enjoy as well. Sounds pretty good? But her solution is that from now on she will be doing this everyday until i learn to like it" no kind or reasonable person much less a spirit would do something like that to someone.



Ni only behaved like that because the OP invited her to. He was a suck-up and nearly every aspect of his personality screamed "I'm prey." Ni did the right thing by giving him a worthwhile use in feeding a greater being. He didn't have the aspirations nor the personality to achieve greatness, and doing so by proxy through Ni is the closest he could come.



Its true i will admit that all this happened because OP was a faggot



>Ni did the right thing by giving him a worthwhile use in feeding a greater being.

how can someone's tulpa be greater than that person?

>nearly every aspect of his personality screamed "I'm prey."

why is it that wrong? better than behaving like a primitive predator.



>how can a person's child be better than them

Inb4 hurf durf tulpas are in your brain bro muh materialism



then what is tulpa?



Did you read the picture? She didn't precede from him afaik, she just showed up for some spiritual food when he sent out a beacon.

>why is that wrong?

It isn't wrong, it's just the way he was and the way Ni is, and therefore the natural order of things is that he should merge into her. It's primitive, but that doesn't make it wrong.



*proceed, not precede



>he should merge into her. It's primitive

why is it primitive?

what will/would/had happened to OP if he merge with her?



I'm just referring to the predator-prey dynamic in general, not necessarily the way the process takes place here. When a predator eats the prey, the prey dies but it gets to become a part of something superior. For the OP's sake, I hope that's what happened to him on a spiritual level, because it's the best possible use for him.



let's assume OP was consumed by his tulpa.

how can a tulpa live on without the host?



It takes control of his vessel. His spirit becomes lost in the vastness of his Tulpas being( that he created). It's all kinds of fucked up.



>His spirit becomes lost in the vastness of his Tulpas being

Sounds hot



"Soul vore" is a somewhat popular fantasy within certain niche communities.


Based on what Ni said about herself, I'm not so sure she was the OP's creation. She seemed to be a foreign spirit that found a great opportunity and took it. That being said, with a legit tulpa taking over it would probably be like (movie spoiler alert) Fight Club but more spiritual and a different ending.



what is "soul vore"?

what communities?



vorephillia is a fetish about giantesses eating you and shit

so you can imagine what soul vore might be


File: 5aee06ac1ee789b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 417.46 KB, 988x1006, 494:503, IMG_9078.JPG)


/d/, /vore/, Eka's Portal, and their denizens mostly.




I have the weirdest boner right now…


File: e1b87b069cf7d7b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 1200x5357, 1200:5357, IMG_9083.JPG)


This is the last one I'll post, but honest question: where have you been your whole life? I first saw this stuff in middle school.






stop advocating this!

it is a degenerative and destructive idea for the soul!

do not create a tulpa like that! >>85399



it's hot/interesting to think about though.


personally I have a very dominant personality, but I am also virgin by choice aka celibate so everything is hot to me

BUT at the same time I wish I could like, make someone else clean my room, if you know what I mean…




If another person makes this kind of tulpa or meets this kind of spirit, we get to have another epic thread.


Go here, somebody posted the majority of the best comic in circulation: http://boards.4chan.org/d/thread/7448357 and on Aryion.com. The best artists are Karbo, Aesir, TheBoogie, Utopia, Fuyunon, Jitensha, Shyguy9, MementoMori, Camel, Tsavo, and Byoki-desu, among others.




no no anything like soul vore? I don't want to be consumed, I want to be dominated mentally, assimilated. I'm sick of interacting with pansys


wow that giant pic made my computer hang longer than it took me to roll my weed

anyways. it's fake. the guy is a roleplayer. if it was serious, do you really think he would have such appropriate vore images? the pictures and posts are calculated

if it was real, and OP was assimilated, he is certainly a tranny now. a degenerate blue haired 2 bit whore on the streets. or dead. they both sounded retarded



He would have the appropriate pictures because the same lingering interest in such things that attracted Ni to him also inspired him, at other times, to collect such material. It would be like somebody having a foot fetish, and as a result they end up with a girlfriend with great feet and they also have many pictures of feet stored. It's not one symptom causing the other, it's both symptoms being caused by the same underlying mental tendency.


Go to the aryion galleries and look for the tag "soul vore." I'm not going to spoonfeed you any more than that, lest you become a manchild and I a manmother.



be my manmother bby



A spirit made inside the mind. A tulpa can leave the body, and become an egregore or godform.



>A tulpa can leave the body, and become an […] godform.


did Ni from OP's story become a godform?



What if all of us reading that story is actually feeding Ni more energy?



Good point.

Maybe Ni replaced OP as the host and now she controls his body.

This way she may spread this story to gain even more energy.




OP is still alive, and posting itt, it seems.




The ancient buddhist/yogi would expel people who get lost in their created delusions



Tell us more. Why would they do this? What's the explanation that the ancients offer? A corruption of the higher chakras? Of what makes us human?



>As the Tibetan use of the tulpa concept is described in the book Magical Use of Thoughtforms, the student was expected to come to the understanding that the tulpa was just a hallucination. While they were told that the tulpa was a genuine deity, "The pupil who accepted this was deemed a failure – and set off to spend the rest of his life in an uncomfortable hallucination."[7]




Seems like accepting anything else as the master of your mind is deemed as failure




These posts lead me to believe OP got trolled hard by mental magicians



Best example of someone taken over by their "Tulpa" I can think of in a work of fiction.


File: f25d6cd20f84e58⋯.jpg (1.85 MB, 3840x2400, 8:5, fight_club_tyler_durden_br….jpg)


Nope. It was fight club


wtf? is op dead?


Could a female tulpa created by a male mind ever truly be female?

Or is it just a visual definition of what the male thinks is female?

In doing such is this an attempt to bypass the system to acquire the balance of masculine and feminine?



My tulpa is female. I think because humanity has such a large collective recollection of what it's like to be female, assuming you aren't just subconsciously puppeteering your tulpa and you don't have overly skewed views of how females function (like 90% of people on 8chan), it should work okay depending on your competence with thoughtforms. Every brain certainly seems to have aspects of both the masculine and femenine natures, and I've seen research suggesting the gay male brain is more similar to the straight female brain than it is to the straight male brain. My guess is that outside of hormonal and cultural bounds, every competent human brain has the potential to exhibit male or female behavior.



I generally find myself to be on the masculine spectrum of energy. Does this mean I have to attract a foreign entity to make such a companion feasible?



I think if you just get in tune with your feminine side, that would be easier. But foreign entities sure are fun!


File: f53396d92fc74c0⋯.jpg (65.53 KB, 638x479, 638:479, who-is-tyler-durden-3-638.jpg)


Is there a way to do what the main character of Fight Club did but in real life and without disastrous consequences if something goes out of plan? I'm talking about making up an identity of the person you wish you were and actually pretend you're that person when you're talking to other people. Someone who looks the way you want to look, has the job you want to have,lives the way you want to live. I did that sometimes while talking to strangers and the confidence boost I got was insane, even though I didn't believe anything I said, it's like I really was the person I made up in my head.



Aziz Shavershian created Zyzz, Eminem created Slim Shady, plenty of successful people have used alter egos.



Bear in mind that Zyzz killed Aziz, and Slim Shady almost killed Marshall, he had to get plenty of therapy to get rid of it.


File: 48776e8941c13f2⋯.jpg (6.28 KB, 306x204, 3:2, 1177381286641912377712349a….jpg)



Creating an alternate personality and dissassociating yourself from your true identity is not recommended and actually incredibly unhealthy and stupid to induce into yourself. You should try to integrate alter-egos or sub-personalities into your own not let things take control over you and use alien personas to deal with your self-hatred. You may do it a couple of times and not have many problems but if you start using that as the legitimate way to deal with your problems you are gonna end up with long black-outs and feeling completely torn in terms of identity, alter-egos battling for control of your body, a total confusion as to who you actually are which leads to all sorts of other problems with mood/hearing voices etc. You shouldn't glorify silly films like fight club and try to emulate essentially the lowest down and out depressed and can't handle life maniacs of society. If you are even asking such a question as "Why shouldn't I just pretend I'm a fictional character instead of being myself?" then you are already on a slippery slope. I am guessing you are quite young also, dealing with your problems in anyway can go well at younger ages, but when it becomes a habitual way of thinking and you let it develop in your later years that shit can do irreversible damage to your psychology. In my interpretation Tyler Durden doesn't represent the everyman (which by the rest of the statement is also a totally oxymoronic thing to say) but instead represents resentment, hatred, a lust for destruction and disgust, the misery of others, selfishness, disordered personality due to parental abandonment, a deluded psycho who doesn't even realise who he really is and what other people see. Instead of just pretending you are someone else and creating some character to LARP as you should be mature grow up and form your true-self into a better thing than it is now - anything else is just an escape and mentally ill exemption from reality.



I get angry whenever I read that screen cap. That level of time and energy put into a degenerate sexual fetish shows how much of an absolute failure OP was.



Like most of the faggots here "fucking" their tulpas or succubus…aka their imaginairy girlfriends. Absolute fucking beta degenerates. I stopped frequenting this board almost completely because of this. Give me community of actual glorious magicians



Let me know when you find it. Post it in the questions thread.

Better to initiate some cool friends into it and get that shit organized. Ground up sort of thing.


File: 64c64a197f12637⋯.jpg (335.88 KB, 894x894, 1:1, 3b0a037046bd17fc60d20cc2ed….jpg)

Do people here actually believe that tulpa story was real? To me that OP just seemed like a attention-seeking faker reeling off his shitty ERP


File: be4bfc7c7eabf6c⋯.jpg (49.88 KB, 598x799, 598:799, cd05454ab75b4fe63241a2ed71….jpg)


I think a lot of people don't realise how many bullshit artists these kinds of forums can become a haven for. Most of them are written out in the manner you would expect to find on creepypasta and it is easy to see how a good writer with some imagination could hitch a ride on others beliefs and interests. Artists who would never have been listened to or had no chance of ever getting heard can now think creatively onto how to manipulate a larger audience, hoaxes, stories, fake pictures, videos etc… I imagine to a lot of people these things are like art projects and little things they create to spark little cult followings.

Aside from those points though there is no real way to prove it one way or the other and as long as it stays within a sensible context I think stuff like this could happen (or someone be so mentally ill as to actually think it is happening). The thing with /x/ or even sites like 8ch in general there are always people you think are so ridiculous that they must be memeing or its all just an act and a joke but then you end up seeing so many 100% confirmed cases and just plain unbeliveable people with strange cases that the bar of reality and bullshit is lowered far greater than whatever you first imagine.



I got the actual book and not just the wikipedia article. And studied vajrayana buddhism. The lesson wasn't just to show that the deity giving blessings was a hallucination, but the monks own sense of self was a hallucination as well. Too bad all you soul believers are too egocentric to let that slip thro. Smalltime



>implying Ni is a tulpa and not something else



>implying there's a consequential difference between the two

Thoughtforms are thoughtforms.



Unless it was not a thoughtform/tulpa.

She said she is an Aeon.

Or she might be a demon.



Demons are thoughtforms. People are thoughtforms. Objects are thoughtforms. Ideas are thoughtforms. Read Magical Use of Thoughtforms and think about the Principle of Mentalism.



This. Everything is composed of thoughtforms.



Ideas might be thoughts without the form I suppose though. If there is any form present, it's a thoughtform. Also Daimon aka Socrate's Tulpa aka the origin of the word "Demon" is a thoughtform. Thoughtform is such a general word like "entity". Entity describes anything with behaviour/intelligence. So objects like a ball aren't entities unless the ball is somehow possessed of behaviours, e.g. it's a talking ball.


the guy in op's pic is such a degenerate



that guy is:

- into sexual spirituality - checked

- into giantesses/Nephilim - checked

- capable of creating a tulpa - checked

- able to control his energy flow - checked

- STO - checked

- having a Deity/paranormal talk to him - checked

imho he is pretty based in /fringe/ terms, don't you think?



You have a point.


how can i make a tulpa? serious question




Just spend time imagining a sentient being with various qualities and do this repeatedly every day and get emotionally invested in it. It feeds off of the emotions you concentrate into it and comes alive.



what vore thread?



totally agree


File: b5e426b628563dc⋯.png (202.26 KB, 640x319, 640:319, tumblr_static_filename_640….png)

I think I'm accidentally creating a tulpa that's feeding off my negative thoughts, which is completely opposite of what I intended.

I've been considering making a tulpa for several months due to being unhappy in my relationship and station in life, read the guides and know the steps to make one but never put actual practices into continuous use.

Lately though I've been having serious mental dialogue with myself whenever I feel angry, frustrated, afraid, etc. and now whenever I get upset at something I hear a voice in my head that justifies it. I didn't notice it at first but it's definitely there. I don't think it's fully developed yet but I think this thoughtform would be self-destructive due to what it was created with.


File: 99df2f42e86d364⋯.png (266.65 KB, 500x299, 500:299, zyzz-progression.png)



Them feels, I was a halfshit /fit/ poster when Zyzz was still alive, those were good years but now that I'm not dead and in a serious relationship I have a feeling like I lost my identity.



Is this thread still alive somewhere?

Is OP alive?



Ni = Lilith ?


File: d6b07a4d6473592⋯.gif (1.42 MB, 400x560, 5:7, 1507660744479.gif)

Wow, so /fringe/ truly is just larping and degenerates

Greetings from /pol/, learn to magic, nerds



She certainly is some kind of a demon or other malicious entity. OP is kill.


File: d72083612ef9204⋯.png (182.21 KB, 400x366, 200:183, d72083612ef9204c2a33eba22c….png)



Having a sane, normal tulpa, this shit infuriates me so much. The only way you can create fucked up tulpas/summon bad guys into your mind, is being as fucked up in the head as that op



>The only way you can create fucked up tulpas/summon bad guys into your mind, is being as fucked up in the head as that op


The other way is tulpa understanding how much control she may have over you. For instance by reading this thread.

Tulpa is simply the better you - she has all the will power you have, but she also can't be caught off guard as easily as you.

And so she can exploit this advantage. All she needs is a motive and the right moment.

>Having a sane, normal tulpa, this shit infuriates me so much.

Enjoy your new abusive tulpa that will spiritually devour you (make you her slave, battery or drive you into insanity, whatever she likes).



Nigger I've beed doing this for 2 years and in no instance have I been forced to do anything against my will, suffered any mental damage or anything on op's pic

>but now she knows she can do it cuz I told her

Yeah and any point I make from now on will be disregarded as "the evil tulpa controlling me" right?



This, pretty much. You can tell he was writing down all that bullshit with a boner.



Yeah it was pretty obviously bullshit. I mean tulpa literally translates as thought form. Even the most powerful tulpa in the world will still be nothing more than an insubstantial wisp of mental impressions. If OP was ever actually "physically" threatened, he could easily just ignore it and walk through any obstacles presented. Not to mention of course the absurdity of his tulpa shrinking him and all that other nonsense.

He put a lot of effort into this roleplay, but couldn't maintain or create that necessary suspension of disbelief that good stories require.



what bullshit?



Oio boyos you get what you put into it, without proper intention your tulpa could be harmful but with a little control of your intention and what you think the tulpa is to you you're able to make something that could be great. All it takes it not being a total fucking krelmin. Hibidy hail.



well, you might say Ni is great



Perhaps the reason Ni refused to consume him was because her endgame all along was to use him as a lesson for all of us? One suffers so that 100 learn.



wouldn't consuming him be even a better lesson?

like proving: your tulpas are in control, always, face it



>Even the most powerful tulpa in the world will still be nothing more than an insubstantial wisp of mental impressions.

So is the way you perceive the world. Are you 100% sure your eyes receive ALL of the kinds of light there could be, that the only matter there is exists because the light you see bounces off of it?


File: 17919c868ee8cb8⋯.pdf (506.19 KB, Damon Brand - Magickal Ser….pdf)

Magickal Servitors by Damon Brand



I somehow like the idea of a tulpa enslaving my body, senses and my will… is it bad?



you are a Sovereign, Divine, Eternal, and Free Being. this fundamentally means that all slavery is transitory. since the All is One and the One is All in the Infinite Source, it means that Beings choose to incarnate (or are duped into it by the ((("lords of karma")))) for a dazzlingly ample variety of purposes (Infinite, as the rest of the Creations).

the idea that you could have incarnated here to experience this can be factible.

hmmmm… an Akashik Records Reader can tell you more about this.

my opinion is that being enslaved is terrible.



>my opinion is that being enslaved is terrible.

No it isn't. For me it is a great feeling to know I belong to Her entirely and have to obey Her every whim. The feeling that serving Her is the ultimate purpose of my very existence is even hard to describe. It's like I'm complete. Like nothing else matters. Just Her, Her needs, Her orders, Her caprices. Like I could do anything for Her and always be at Her beck and call. Like I could sacrifice my life and even soul just to fulfill Her smallest desire. Or when She simply asks me to hand them over to Her. They already belong to Her anyway…



Welcome to the new age of aquarius, it's gonna be lots of fun.



I hate how every god,spirit is reduced to just tupla or thought form.


sure kid


File: 5552f8aeaeca6f7⋯.jpg (53.08 KB, 440x330, 4:3, this-thread-is-relevant-to….jpg)


File: 97924d29412d493⋯.jpg (285.73 KB, 1170x780, 3:2, d-phallichermes.jpg)

I was surfing the astral plane and this guy slapped my tulpa's ass.

wat do?



Why did I waste my time reading all this garbage? I could had read something useful during this time but no…



maybe because it's a great read?



I can confirm this






once upon a time, some dude with fetishes for giantesses, femdom, humiliation, and vore created a tulpa.

at first he was hesitant about going all the way, but she forcibly convinced him. (which was part of his fetish set anyway)

they lived happily ever after in a perfectly healthy sub/dom relationship.


he talked about his experience on the internet.

he described their relationship in detail.

everyone thought it was totally gross. (which it was)

all the internet people told him that he was an idiot for making a tulpa.

he proved himself retarded by arguing on the internet.

eventually he left the internet and went back to living happily ever after.


all the internet people realized that a giantess dominatrix tulpa is possible.

they all panicked because they were too stupid to understand that the only reason she took the dominant role in the relationship is because BOTH of them wanted it that way.



The guy in OP copypasta was slowly convinced over time by his alter ego to give up his control and fall into the abyss. I don't think he started the endeavor with the intention of losing control



>and fall into the abyss



so are tulpas used for self improvement just classified as thought forms or are is it a separate kind of entity? Seems like thought forms who are given one set goal and little to no personality have a much lower chance to spiral out of control. Tulpas appear to be a lot more dangerous but more effective when given a task. By a task I mean shit like boosting confidence,increasing physical height or attractiveness, giving creativity, etc.



>more effective when given a task.

Tulpa level implies it gains an ego and can deny a task given. Servitors can still be semi-sentient while unable to make their own decisions.



Servitor is the term I was looking for, thanks! Have you had any positive experience with them?



I'm still a neophyte. I planned one out to help with information retention but reading other esoteric/occult books distracted me.




You just helped me realize I need a reminder servitor. Thanks.


tell me honestly:

deep in your heart, wouldn't you want a tulpa like Ni?

why/why not?



I AM I. I do not give up control.


File: 630e00229b02519⋯.png (3.02 MB, 1822x1192, 911:596, 630e00229b025196f07ab1cb2b….png)

I've never been able to believe in what I can't see. The difference between me and a "skeptic" is that I want to believe, very badly. But when I try it just feels like I'm deluding myself and I end up feeling pathetic. Because of this I avoid drugs, relativism, and anything else that tries to tamper with the fact that reality is what it is.

So why am I here?

I want what you're selling. I want to visually percieve an imaginary hand-crafted fuckbuddy like a schizophrenic because the body types I like don't exist on Earth in the physical realm. I'm not here for any kind of "enlightenment" mumbo jumbo, I'm just tryin' to get my jollies off.

How can I quiet these feelings of empiricism long enough to get mind-fucked?


File: 248baeb2b5fb30c⋯.jpg (264.41 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, Love-Dolls-All-Black-Media.jpg)


The best way to do it would be to get a sex doll and go through the Tulpa forcing exercises to impose them in. You already believe it's possible, but you gotta put the work in to get the most you can out of a sexual Thoughtform



>the body types I like don't exist on Earth in the physical realm

which are?



Fuck off. We don't want cowards here.

Read The Invisibles.



You're better off just jacking off by hand. If you're still at the stage where you're too embarrassed by your imaginary audience to even think the way you want to, you are not really going to have much success with tulpas yet.

You want in? Fair enough. Work on your lateral thought. Google "delusions of reference." Delude yourself in private until you start to spook yourself out. Keep going. You have to pay the spooky toll upfront, that's why most people either aren't wizards or are unaware that they are performing magic. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, good. Allow me to quote your head as you read this:

>that just sounds like schizo bullshit.

You need to come to grips with your interest in this. Before you get it on with a tulpa, you need to stop shitting on your imagination. "Reality" is a meaningless descriptor. By nature, only your experience itself has any meaningful value to you.

If you want to cut out the middleman and directly bang your dream girl, you have to accept that she's imaginary–at least to you right now–and you need to bang her anyways. The voice in your head saying "this is silly and stupid" is socially constructed. It has everyone else's comfort in mind, not yours. Try giving a shit about yourself.



Just to let you know, I'm not the sex-tulpa guy. This is actually one of the most helpful posts I've seen on here. Thanks a lot, dude. This sort of thing was the thing I needed.



Assuming you arent trolling you will never reach that level by just turning that empiricism off temporarily. It has to be permanently



how do I create a tulpa like this?


File: 7323e0ae47d9829⋯.png (151.53 KB, 1156x617, 1156:617, normal discussion.png)


> If you're still at the stage where you're too embarrassed by your imaginary audience

See if you can endure meguca/ftb/ "fapping together board" as practice, knowing that other people can see what you type in real time is enough to scare some people off, add to that pic related topic.




>"Nyx on the other hand appears as a human woman, and yet is so powerful that Zeus is terrified of her,"





think Ni is still browsing the board?



So, are tulpa harmful? Is it possible to a entity disguise as your newly "created" tulpa to fool you or shit like that?

I have the feeling that they shouldn't be used as a companion, just as a tool and then destroyed.



>are tulpa harmful?

they may be

see: OP

>they shouldn't be used as a companion, just as a tool



OP might be fake but it was an immersive story. There might be a lesson in there, but personally it reminds me of a book I'm reading. Julius Evola spoke of the Godess as a single being, Shakti, with a multitude of manifestations, in Yoga of Power. I knew little of Nyx though.


Vajrayana is the spiritual path advocated by Evola in that book. We are meant to derive power from the divine feminine. I won't reveal my ignorance any more, I'm not even half way through that book. Just a warning, it's pretty dense.



Which of Evola's books are you describing?



The Yoga of Power. I got the concepts jumbled though. He's advocating tantric yoga, not Buddhism persay. Vajrayana gets a bit of spotlight as part of the same spiritual current.

Chapter 2: "[…]Moreover, it is a Tantric notion that one cannot adore a god without "becoming" that god[…]"

I noticed OP's haughty treatment of his waifus critics, as if her personality was shining through him. So that quote seemed relevant.



>So, are tulpa harmful?


>Is it possible to a entity disguise as your newly "created" tulpa to fool you or shit like that?

depends normaly you interact with them is dreams and if it starts acting out of character then it's possible something foreign could be influencing it.



>they shouldn't be used as a companion, just as a tool

technically all servitors and tuplas serve the same purpose helping people access lucid dreams astral what have you. The biggest mistake people make is channeling there tupla's when they should be giving them a basic character and they just run with it.



Could something go wrong when treating them like a companion?



it shouldn't, assuming something exists and trying to find it is very different than creating a being. For instance some guy wants a pony tupla normally he picks a charterer he likes and copies and paste. It starts to becomes a tupla when you make it do things it cant or wont do. In this guys case he probably just imagined some girl then just made her really big. Nothing about rituals so it's just a tupla made for a niche fetish. Problem being he probably didn't add much to the personality so it has to make one up.



>it's possible something foreign could be influencing it.

>>So, are tulpa harmful?





yes. they *always* have a will of their own. they may decide to deceive you. OP's experience is extreme, maybe fake maybe not, but still 100% *possible*.



>OP's experience […] 100% *possible*.

Especially now, that he read OP's story and the idea is already in his mind, fully accessible to a tulpa.



the tupla itself is not dangerous. just any preconceived ideas you might have that influence it.


they have a will inside what ever character you give them The trickster is more complicated.



>the tupla itself is not dangerous. just any preconceived ideas you might have that influence it.

It's like saying guns are not dangerous, because you can simply always avoid pulling the trigger.

>they have a will inside what ever character you give them The trickster is more complicated.


However by 'giving them a character' you must understand your every thought that concerns your tulpa.

Even if the thought is almost subconscious or random.

Most of them take months to sink in and form the character of your tulpa, that's why creating a tulpa is so hard.

But other may work instantly.

And once you think such single random thought it is up to the tulpa to take further from here.

Are you this perfect to never ever think of your tulpa being able to harm you? Or trying to deceive you?

Just one thought like this, and you can no longer be sure about tulpa's intentions.

Of course you can trust your tulpa, but now you can't be sure.

And this is why tulpas *are* dangerous.

Because at this point you are, by very definition, at your tulpa's mercy.

Because your tulpa now possess all it needs to hurt you.

See: OP's picture.

Even if this is fake story (I cannot tell, really), it is 100% possible to happen.



lmfao oh /fringe/… Imagine being this much of a bullshit occultist you are unable to at least churn out some semblance of sovereignty over your own shit.

>It's like saying guns are not dangerous, because you can simply always avoid pulling the trigger.

Just… go away. You have no idea what you are talking about.


>self-induced hypnosis

>allocate part of animal brain to some phantom organ/being and call it ____ the tulpa

>omg tulpa waaaaaaaaa

it works but isn't worth



why is /fringe/ so blind?

this is a perfect example of powerful sex magic



fear is the worst prison. don't let it control you. Remember the original intention because your "tupla" will



what do you mean?


File: c7f23b5b5f5ab3b⋯.png (109.14 KB, 689x708, 689:708, anonsmom.png)

I have 2 tulpas, one of them is 3 yo, and the other is two.

Ask me anything.



did you create them 2-3 years ago?

or do their personalities match that age?



describe them

also: are they already like >>85399?


File: 6f4e93e769d4f98⋯.png (63.8 KB, 398x474, 199:237, lips.png)


I created them 3 and 2 years ago, their physical age is 19 and 24, respectively (that's what we count on their birthday), and they are about as mentally developed as myself, so nothing fancy there.


They are two human (physically, but not physiologically, I guess), females, Luna, the younger one physical age wise, is a bit possessive, stubborn, very emotional and a bit clingy, but very lively and somewhat flowery, Nadia is a bit more tame in those aspects, and as a result can be a bit more honest when she needs to be, she's also a bit more vain than Luna. This is oversimplified, of course, but I hope it gives you somewhat of an idea. As for physical description, Luna is short, has pink hair by her shoulders and green eyes; she's very slim, and her face is really soft and kinda rounded in a nice way. Nadia is as tall as I am, which I love, and she's a bit more athletic and plump, and her face is a bit more angular and "mature" I guess? She has blondish brownish hair, really long, and blue eyes. Never drew them cause I'm lazy.

As for the OP, we aren't degenerates (Hah!), we are a healthy and christian union. We are romantically involved, yes, but we don't do anything too crazy. Nadia is into bdsm and pain, and Luna likes lovey dovey stuff, which I prefer; I guess the most degenerate thing I can think of, is that Luna likes to get her feet and hands kissed, and especially likes playing with my feet with hers. I don't reciprocate a lot, since I'm not a footfag, but i'm happy to let her do her thing, and don't mind doing it to make her happy.

But yeah, the only rabbit hole I'm getting into with these two, is one of self improvement, because I've made many positive changes because of them. On the flip side, no interesting greentext stories coming from this relationship anytime soon, I guess…



would you ever let Nadia read this >>85399?

>Nadia is as tall as I am, which I love

are you (even a bit of) a Sub?

>Nadia is into bdsm and pain

ok… have fun with OP's Story 2


File: b08003268758fb7⋯.png (197.28 KB, 737x789, 737:789, your mom.png)


Of course I'd let her read it; she'd probably get a chuckle and shake her head.

>are you (even a bit of) a Sub?

Not really. She's the one who likes to get her hair pulled and all that, not me, but I don't really like to dom very much either, I just like to do it sometimes because it makes her horny, and it's never anything too crazy, some pinches and biting and stuff like that.

>ok… have fun with OP's Story 2

Doubt it.



replace tupla with god and you get almost every religion. I become one with god, i know cause my brain released a bunch of chemicals and it felt good.


look guy chances are if you did make a tupla, you made it because you felt like something was lacking in your life. love, companionship, knowledge, sex what have you. if you cant let go of your conscious beliefs of "it's just a imaginary friend" then I dont think your "tupla" will manifest.


The only thing wrong with this "tupla" is that op seems to have the idea embedded in his subconscious that " it's ok to be treated like dirt"

This in my opinion is the real demiurge a series of shitty ideas that continue to repeat themselves until there embed in your subconscious.



>op seems to have the idea embedded in his subconscious that " it's ok to be treated like dirt"

I see it differently. His idea is "it's ok to serve my goddess in whatever way she pleases"

If he accepts her as his deity and she acts accordingly than this seems perfectly fair.



>replace tupla with god and you get almost every religion.

>I become one with god, i know cause my brain released a bunch of chemicals and it felt good.

>this atheist

>doesn't replace "I" with "brain"


>is confused



damn i hate this, especially faggots who post a long drivel and at the end have tl;dr in one sentence - after i've read their shit already, in the bottom, niggers fuck redit



Ok fringe, I’ve been browsing /tulpa/ for a little while but I have some questions they can’t really answer since most of them view it as a purely psychological phenomenon. Is it possible to create a small energy body for a tulpa outside the body that can be used to affect the world or other, much like one would for a thoughtform or servitor? A tulpa should also have access to the energy body, since it also resides within the body, and be able to use this energy in a similar if not the same way you can.

And before anyone calls me crazy for considering it given what happened to the guy in the OP image please read >>117559 and understand that a tulpa is basically an artificial ego/personality with the largest difference between tulpa and host is how long the host has lived. If you treat it right and don’t make it for sex like that poor fucker did you should be fine.


It makes me think Are Tulpa always this dangerous?

I had a Tulpa, tried to make her curious and well, cute.

End up with a 2meter tall olive-skin snake like woman who would go berserk if i talked to other girls and that would force me to do thing (sometimes for my own good), she also hated my family.

the back of my head would hurt all the time to the point where i could see her shadow or feel her strong body on me.

she became so dangerous that i had to make a "prison", a mental island that i then destroyed, she still exist though, i can't kill her and i can't make other Tulpa because of that.

i miss her but she's too unstable for me to release.



Did you try talking to her about it? Some of what you describe(like the head pressures) are experienced by a lot of people who make a tulpa. You might be able to talk it out



It's been years but she's still here even though i don't talk to her anymore.

I tried to resolve this issue before going cold turkey of course, but she's just well a strong spirited person and i always had a submissive personality type, she was the one in charge with my life at some point.

she'll probably appear once more when I'll leave my parents house.



You shouldn't leave her suppressed. That's unhealthy for you and will bite you in the ass. You need to go and reabsorb her into your divine soul.



Once a tulpa reaches a certain point in their development disintegrating them becomes next to impossible. Even if you do manage it successfully there’s always the chance they’ll reappear. You’re best option is trying to talk with your tulpa and work things out. Otherwise you’ll go insane or something from the conflict between you two



>You need to go and reabsorb her into your divine soul.

How? she's in a mental prison right know but she's stronger than me, i can't really make her do anything.



I'll talk to her but releasing her when i am not in good mood seems dangerous.

she's just so persuasive the kind of person that could make a coward jump from a cliff.

She'll have her way with me once I'll have my own house though



Can you define what she’ll do exactly? Full time switching? Sabotaging any relationships you may have?ending up like the poor bastard in the OP image?



enjoy the fate of this Ni's slave once your own tulpa finally gets out



Only as dangerous as your state of mind, like any magick.

You really should only practice any of this if you're quite certain your mental health is 100% OK. My guess would be you had some subconscious feelings of jealousy while making it (maybe you saw your crush talk to her bf) and so it caught those.

If your mind gets more stable, you'll be able to easily change it as you wish, considering you're its creator.



There are no 100% mentally healthy people left in the world except maybe in some remote pockets where civilization didn't pozz everything up.

People should praise magick as a necessity because it's the only way out of ignorance, powerlessness, and suffering. No matter where you are at in life it's an imperative to cultivate yourself and to make the best of what you have.



>in some remote pockets where civilization didn't pozz everything up.

Doubt it since material existence is inherently mentally ill.

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