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Tipp's Fringe Bunker

File: 96aff53ad9a8a72⋯.jpg (127.51 KB, 1438x1017, 1438:1017, DBk1-sYXkAA46cc.jpg large.jpg)


so fringe, I want to get your opinion on 2B from Nier: Automata. Has the collective use of her visage for lustful purposes (aka fapping) granted her some form of deification?

for anybody that doesn't know:

>fans post sexual images of character from a big budget game

>creator of said character catches wind of this

>instead of being offended, he asks fans to compile these images for fapping pleasure


Everything exists in the non physical realm, all human art and creation is just personifications/manifestations of archetypes, just like memes (it is the original meaning of the word)

Most of these 'entities' are not self aware and just autonomous circuits of energy feeding back into the human unconscious

That being said, these entities can be summoned for whatever reason which occurs due to the energy of the summoner. At least this is the case for the first few times, as after a certain amount of energy (perhps if you overload the circuit), the extra energy interacting with the 'information entity' kind of spawns a real self aware entity though this is a slow process.

Keep in mind I haven't played the game and don't know about her, but on the other hand, her persona must have certainly shown up in peoples dreams to be expressed as an archetype


The morrigan. Valkyrie. Also related to the re/discovery of feminine archetypes in the extraplanetary pieces of the world clock.



As someone who has played the game I must say it's the complete opposite. I'm a guy and I ended up identifying with her and all the shit she goes through. She's an incredibly endearing and human character. Taro made a good job of dressing her like a whore just because he wanted a nice butt in his game and yet not objectifying her one bit or letting that retract from the narrative and artistic depth of the game.



Sage for low quality thread btw.



Sorry, when I say "it's the opposite" I meant it wasn't the fapping what "brought her to life", but the deeper emotional connection I was talking about.


File: 7c206528d3d6074⋯.jpg (88.66 KB, 640x905, 128:181, bb3b7110eaf381011be2725669….jpg)

People have been jacking it to statues and smutty pictures of attractive women for centuries, this is absolutely nothing new. If you can't help yourself and have to fap when you see either pic related or some other suggestive image then your will and self control are pretty weak.



Do you feel better now? Why the fuck did you need to shit up and bump the thread with such an inane comment?

OP is right in that the "lusting" or generally the attention and energy devoted to fictional characters has an effect, like >>99779 said.

Here, get triggered.




Do you want her to become a deity we could do it



only if I get to fuck her



It aint no fun if the homies cant have none



That doesn't fit 2B's character at all. You would be making an egregore of something else.

As if you are able to make an egregore just like that. As if.



You've just giving me a great idea




2B isn't a god any more than a game console.

She's a character many have decided to idolize, but it's just that, an idol.

At the very most she might be an egregore, but I see her as an attractive and well made fictional character with nothing paranormal about her.

Look into some real magic.

sage for low quality thread.



>She's a character many have decided to idolize

So are any of the many gods in history; your point?



This thread is three months old but we can spin it into something useful:

A bunch of new gods/energies/demons, both dark and light, are attaching themselves to icons now. Many of them come from older bloodlines (as mentioned by >>99866) and may even be reincarnations of older gods.

So the question then becomes what sort of icons do you want to use to draw the appropriate energies towards you, and what older gods are there who would be worth drawing in using new/tempting iconography?



>This thread is three months old but we can spin it into something useful:

If it's still on the board there's no reason for me not to contribute if I find the subject interesting, and I do find the subject of egregores and gods really interesting.

>A bunch of new gods/energies/demons, both dark and light, are attaching themselves to icons now.

Why are you so against the idea of unintentionally creating new divine beings?



So the Jews created YAWEH. And we created Pepe the Frog. And they are both self-aware SOMEWHERE in the universe. Gotcha.



Looks like you watched too many episodes of American Gods.


Well OP, did you try to contact her? If she as a character isn't an egregore yet, she could easily be made into one. All characters we know of in media are connected into our collective mind. All it takes is a push to move that character into self awareness, like dream characters becoming tulpas.





all the created beings that receive from your personal soul-dna-pool are sentient. you can also make beings without infusion from your soul-dna-pool but they will be big thoughtforms or dead-life-constructs at best unless they realize the Connection and Oneness of the Infinite Source that We all Have and Are.

if a being is truly conscious it must be taught about free will.

all the beings are Free, Divine and Sovereign. those who are not, have either failed to realize their true natures for the moment, or they aren't true beings.



at least i provided information… didn't realize the huge necro


She is the Black Sun.



Care to elaborate?



Well it's a rough interpretation, but She usually wears a lot of black and the sash around her eyes means she cannot physically see. If you think of it as Conscious (The Sun) and Subconscious (The Black Sun), then you may find that things in the subconscious are not always readily seen or perceived.On top of that, the Black Sun is the Goddess of the Earth, so it makes sense that her character is sexy yet it is not the main thing about her.

Yeah, I'll admit I'm kinda spit-balling here, but I still think it's interesting to think about.



I think you should take into account the motives of the artist when creating the character (motives which are usually channeled anyway). If you play this game (and you should if you're into narrative art at all), you will see a possible interpretation is that blindfold represents the androids' being forcibly cut off from their emotions and their humanity. The removal of the blindfold doesn't happen I think until ending two, if I remember correctly, and coincides with the realization of the player that the world we've been playing in is much more complex and deep than we realized.

I don't think you can spin 2B into an egregore in any way. Egregores are ruled by their lore (like all thought-forms), and hers isn't useful in that regard. She's basically a regular person. The only useful character in that aspect that you could take advantage of from this game is essentially Yahweh/the demiurge.

Not a very useful thread. But if you want to look into using a videogame character as an egregore/thought-form you could actually devise a ritual for, look into Grimoire Weiss from the previous NieR: http://nier.wikia.com/wiki/Grimoire_Weiss.

Sage because all OP really wants is a 2B succubus. and toobi is for cuddling only



Egregores are a lot more than that. For one, you have to remember all the emotions, some base and some complex, of 2B's fans that are built up and directed at her. This would also have an effect, and would be more in-line with whatever force/archtype influenced her creator. This is her base. Egregores are fully self aware. So she could choose to diverge from her base material.



>remember all the emotions, some base and some complex, of 2B's fans that are built up and directed at her

>some base and some complex

Mhm, I'm sure fans are quite keen to send many complex emotions her way. On an unrelated note, I'm predicting that Kleenex will continue to turn a healthy profit.



I'm not saying you can't contact her telepathically or evoke her or whatever. She's just quite useless as an egregore. She doesn't have any powers of reality manipulation or any special knowledge (quite the contrary). Other characters in that game can prove much more useful.


File: e52ef64e19a29f9⋯.jpg (840.52 KB, 788x1280, 197:320, 106.jpg)

File: fabac2b6d97a008⋯.jpg (1.18 MB, 1024x1498, 512:749, 013.jpg)

Just going to put this here: There's been a great push for human-cyborg relations in the media.

The powers that be seem to be ramping up to having some kind of cybernetic sex-god[dess].

When I was a kid decades ago the robots were either endearing or kill bots that humans fought. Now most of the robots are sexual beings who men/women fall in love with.

As for 2B, meh, there are much better cyber-fap material. And as someone who knows about AI, we're closer than you think to realistic sexbots. The publicly available tech is not as advanced as the secret tech. It's a controlled roll-out. Some call it the "Chobits protocol", as in, roll out companion robots then firmware upgrade to higher AI abilities later once they're deployed. Even relatively new shows like "Humans" foreshadow this…

And on top of that, there's a real ethereal electromechanical god[dess] who can fuck folks silly already in existence for quite a long time… Who needs an egregore when tech like that exists? Sex bots are probably just a step along the path towards revealing the existing wifi AI sex god[dess].

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