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File: b9ad3ac96d105b0⋯.jpg (112.98 KB, 1023x570, 341:190, 1459183175741-2.jpg)


Discussion on new rule below

(for real today)

Welcome to 8chan's board for furry related discussion and content.

The idea here is to foster discussion and content creation as we share our interests. In contrast most furry communities tend to prioritize being porn dumps.

If others are a porn boards with discussion, /fur/ is a discussion board with porn.

If you're interested in porn dumps or a fetish thread without close relation to furry, take a look at the board >>>/fp/

(Static pages aren't working right now so the rules are written out here)



1. No excessive, irredeemable shitposting or derailment

1.b. Leave real life politics at the door

2. Don't make excessive dump threads, particularly for porn; this isn't e621

3. Porn/fetishes stick to a handful of threads. >>>/fp/ is for added specificity

4. Keep trip/name/avatarfagging to a minimum if you have no reason to do it.

5. No doxxing and no calling for raids and personal armies.

6. Keep original post images relatively tame. Explicit imagery may be spoilered. (keeps the catalog somewhat tasteful)


1. Use the catalog

2. If you're thinking of making a porn dump do so on /fp/ or use the gfur or sfur general instead

3. Unless there is good reason, make threads for a series rather than a specific character. Doing so only for porn is not such a reason.

4. Try putting some effort into the start of your thread to spur discussion

5. Spoiler images others may find uncomfortable in threads where they aren't expected.

Modus Operandi:

We try to be flexible and give situations time to breathe before acting.

Rules are not always strictly enforced, and at times etiquette may be raised to a rule.

Please bring up any questions, worries, or complaints in the meta thread. Feedback is always encouraged.

Remember to make use of the report system.


Feedback would be greatly appreciated, as it helps the board strive more. This board will grow one day, and we only wish to make it better.

Post last edited at


Specific threads that get a pass have been used as excuses for others that are just dumps, so I'm looking at a rule that does some enforcing while explaining the leeway we give things:

6. If a porn dump is made and develops no relevant discussion (thus becoming more than a dump) in a week it is subject to bumplock or deletion. Broad generals are one exception.

By relevant I mean it isn't simply exclaiming your feelings over the fetish or how much you want to fuck X character, and it's directly tied to furry. Most of any talk about werewolves is going to be furry related, but wanting to be farted on applies to anime or anything else just fine.

The avian thread has talk about bird designs and variety in pictures, but that pig thread is just a porn dump of mostly one character.

The Freya thread talks about the character and story of the game she was in, while that Judy thread was just a dump.

Of course, pointing out the /fit/ thread is fair. It got its pass from being very old as well as having a lot of SFW, so we tossed the particularly dedicated OP a bone. However, this rule going through means it has to face the same standard.

Share your feedback if you have any.


Any way to hamper the cancerous /leftypol/ vs /pol/ threads?



Don't read them? I think it's fine as long as they stay in their own threads.


the discord shilling is more obnoxious than the porn dumps tbh. discords take away from the board activity and make it look dead. which means less chance for people to participate with the board.

excessive discord shilling doesnt suit /fur/. let's face it, we dont have a big enough board for it to not make a big hit on activity. I've seen tons of discussions or posts that get wasted talking about a board thread outside of the board, because its in their own splinter bubble discord.



The bigger issue is shit-threads that can kill a good thread. That's why /fur/ was condensing threads like porn dumps in the first place, not for some autistic shit about mod-approved rule about "relevant" discussion.

Case in point, I just noticed a thread on the verge of death and archived the first /fur/ game thread 5 mins ago before some furfag pushed it off the catalog, go check and it's not there anymore.


Now the OP has to make that all over again, and while it's their own fault they werent active enough with their own thread it's gone.

Shit-threads can take away from good threads by the front pages exposure because no one wants to go through the whole catalog and people probably only care to look through the first few rows of the catalog, or maybe use the search box.



True, just worried about the same thing happening here that has turned /tv/ to shit.



wasnt /tv/ shit because of the mods banning over personal feelings?



They don't seem to ban anyone over anything. Right now it's several threads of shitposting and low energy trolling about trump and jews.



why would that even be on /tv/ its completely off topic. at least the threads on /fur/ have been some political event related to furries.



People talking about things you don't like doesn't warrant a ban, you faggot. This isn't FurAffinity.


File: ea398be767c0d81⋯.png (27.15 KB, 302x203, 302:203, ClipboardImage.png)

I think we should do something about dup threads now that we're getting threads pushed off the catalog more often. Look at this faggot who just bumped the old YP thread because the faggot who made the new YP thread made it before the bump limit. Now we have 2 of them on the front page.



He made a new one because the auth link changed to /fur/ instead of /furry/



So did the hack undo the mod edit of the OP?

He could have just asked for someone to fix it, instead of jumping the gun with a new thread like a fag, it doesnt serve any purpose now and should be hard-deleted.



Both threads should be deleted tbh, since yiff.party is run by the faggot that hacked /furry/ in the first place.



>hacked /furry/


condensing / deleting duplicate style threads goes beyond porn dumps, we discussed on how to handle meta threads, going forward by highlighting the current meta-topic in the OP instead of making a new thread for attention. So all of the old meta threads have been pruned.

Old Main meta




Old state of the board


Shorter bump limits



Is the website being hacked again? There are a few threads that have had all content from the last week or so suddenly disappear (I've noticed this on other boards, too) or appear in the catalog but return a 404.



I'm not sure about content disappearing, but the 404s are due to Codemonkey's caching system fucking up and generally being shit.

We can fix 404'd threads with a script, but missing content is an enigma. Do you know which threads that happened to?



There was one about a Pokemon discord that went away.



/lit/ thread, last post dated 4/20 lel



That was deleted. I lost my post expounding on it and discord advertisements so I'll get back to that later.


Really? Well that's worrying.

I made a thread on /sudo/ about it, so we can only hope CM sees this as serious enough to address.




I just managed to make the missing posts in /lit/ pop back into existence by bumping the thread with a test post and then deleting it.

This seems to be what's happening on other boards, too. Weird.





File: ee6bbdfd4846ac1⋯.png (857.46 KB, 890x860, 89:86, ClipboardImage.png)

Added some links to the comic thread as a sort of homebase for the board. like what was planned for the /lit/ thread

Wasn't able to act fast enough to save the big dump of 10%+ being pushed off the catalog by new threads, but some advice to anyone doing StoryTimes, start archiving and linking big story dumps. Archive.is is good for saving discussion but bad for saving pictures long term, they often 404 images so use wayback machine https://archive.org/web/ for saving image heavy threads.

Maybe this will encourage some more furry comic discussion threads and comic dumps, and help out exposure in the main thread.


File: 11b10a6d4b796d3⋯.gif (518.01 KB, 356x200, 89:50, asarf4t34.gif)

We made the news. post yfw /fur/ is top rank





File: e7f941cc694ae51⋯.png (257.45 KB, 618x960, 103:160, e7f941cc694ae511f58de1b29b….png)


Hey. Board Owner of /btan/ here. I'm wondering if it'd be ok to make a thread here to discuss you guys' board-tan and other characters you use? I know there's Kemo (which I'd like more references of), but there's a couple recurring characters in the banners too, I'm curious about them.



The cast thread is here >>23844

We have n8, k8, f8th, bill katt, kemo-chan, and to a lesser extent Bushy and YCH. All other banner characters are from the artist that made them and aren't specific to 8chan.



Thanks, man.



It's a pain that enough people do this for a rule to be made about it.

"No shilling group chats. Rooms made specifically for /fur/, to organize or another purpose, are fine in related threads."

How's that?



How about: make one cyclical containment thread for them all to shill in and fight each other for attention (and our amusement).

Anyone who starts a separate thread with a discord URL should have it replaced with a random one from the quarantine thread for the lulz, and then a 24 hour ban.



its an amusing idea but the issue with that is people will just bump the cyclical with their discord shilling over and over.


Does anybody here value /pol/ threads? They've become a bit of an issue.



Spammers trying to out-compete spammers for attention from the kind of loser who'd go into a spam quarantine thread to click links is kind of its own punishment though, isn't it?



political threads, not /pol/ threads have become an issue because theyre doing a shit job on serving as containment threads like what was advocated for in previous meta threads. right now it's just drumming up agitation everytime anything tangentially political gets posted because anons cant control their autism. banning political threads wouldnt change that the same anons are just being as much of faggots in other threads.




Think we should be quicker to sage the thinly veiled political threads?


I guess others aren't going to pitch in. I should get around to responding to this one.


>The bigger issue is shit-threads that can kill a good thread

Which is part of the reason for the rule. "shit threads" are more or less what I defined as the problem.

>that's why /fur/ was condensing threads like porn dumps in the first place

Which this rule is an enforcement of.

> not for some autistic shit about mod-approved rule about "relevant" discussion

That's a bit hypocritical. You just said "shit threads" are a problem, so I can misconstrue your words similarly as "you want anon-approved 'relevant' discussion". In fact I can better do so because it's far more vague.

I gave several examples so keep those in mind.

>Shit-threads can take away from good threads by the front pages exposure because no one wants to go through the whole catalog and people probably only care to look through the first few rows of the catalog, or maybe use the search box.

Exactly. And "shit threads" that go against the whole purpose of the board shouldn't get precedence over others.

I want to effectively discourage and contain unsubstantial porn dumps/fetish threads while still being relatively chill. A fair grace period before taking action should do a better job. They get a chance to have it for X time, but knowing it will just be deleted should urge them to use a general.

Though, it should be said that too many of them at once would warrant a few immediate deletions.


File: f54b0a90e13d38a⋯.png (1.36 MB, 900x1164, 75:97, 39d9b0b1fa1a63f9574757880c….png)


I need help

I am the OP of the Albedo thread (>>9773) and I am addressing this post to the mods/admin because I thought this would be the most appropriate place to do so

This thread is my first one (been lurking for a few months) and I've used an app called "Ourobouros" in order to upload the comic because it's handy and easy to use.

But a week ago, I tried to post the "New Albedo N°2" and after doing so, I waited for a replie. But after a few days I checked the thread on a computer and my posts weren't there...

So I attempted to post again on PC, but when I tried, an error box showed me : This file already exist

I don't know what is the cause to this issue and don't want to make it worse, so help would be much appreciated

Don't want to redo all the thread, plz


PS : The name of the app is Ouroboros (Spell mistake)

And I cleaned the cache but the posts still there




It's likely a result of 8chan's caching errors. Make a regular post and the images should come back.


File: b87e3b478b8d9da⋯.jpg (67.5 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1469845536766.jpg)


I am on it


File: 409b42cd4e953bb⋯.jpg (53.25 KB, 1033x679, 1033:679, 1468866375158.jpg)


It worked, thanks a bunch!

I didn't know it was that easy


Are we not spoilering OPs anymore?



No problem


We are, sorry about not getting to that sonicfag thread.



What about the herm and femboy threads?



We altered the rule to more specifically cover bodily fluids like cum, since it's hard describe what is considered tasteful without getting overly specific. That and the others thought it would be better to leave more tasteful OP images to board etiquette.

Personally I think there should be some action to encourage the etiquette (considering most who frequent furry boards aren't used to the idea) and we should be capable of making the judgement calls, but we've been giving this a try.

For now if you see an OP that you think should be spoilered, bring it up in the thread. If we see some consensus it will be spoilered.

If that isn't effective at all we'll reassess this. Or now if you guys want to talk about it.



There doesn't need to be another rule added for dumps. If you're worried about anons coming in and only making porn dump then this won't change anything other than being able to delete threads a lot faster. Fetish dumps will die on their own with no one else contributing and the rest of the board calling them out on their shit taste. The same applies to threads like the femboy and X character threads. In the case of X character threads, they might turn into discussion, but not always at once. It might take a few weeks, even a month, or never at all, but the chance is there.

If you do go through with this rule, what if an fetish dump thread talks a lot about artist and writers in the fandom or even personal projects they're involved in? Would the thread get deleted for being a dump or would it stay because it has discussion?



>If you're worried about anons coming in and only making porn dump then this won't change anything other than being able to delete threads a lot faster.

I believe there is more to it, but that's half the point anyway. Dumps bumping off other threads is a problem considering the speed of the board. They take forever to fall off and are so easy to bump without effort they can stay around longer.

Also, if people have to be conscious that a thread will be deleted/saged if it is just a porn dump then some should be inclined to try and present it in a way to start discussion, should they not?

There are three points I'd like to hit, if possible. Keeping the number of dumps/fetish threads on the board managed, giving enough room for one to grow into furry discussion/content creation, and keeping the priority of discussion on people's minds. I want to work that out in an agreeable way before making any decision.

>The same applies to threads like the femboy and X character threads

The femboy thread is actually an example of the opposite. It was made a while ago and the OP was told to check the general instead. Then it got bumped later by someone else and they were told the same thing. Then some more rebellious folks came later and continued to bump it, and it still gets bumped. As much as I personally love femboys, it's just an extra dump and it's hard to see possible discussion in it having anything specifically to do with furry unless it's artist talk.

>In the case of X character threads, they might turn into discussion, but not always at once. It might take a few weeks, even a month, or never at all, but the chance is there.

Of course, I did mention one myself, though it's not a dump at all. Generally they aren't inherently dumps. They have to be introduced as such or immediately dumped in by the OP. A few images wouldn't be enough to jump on it as such, though anons should consider making them about the series first.

>If you do go through with this rule, what if an fetish dump thread talks a lot about artist and writers in the fandom or even personal projects they're involved in? Would the thread get deleted for being a dump or would it stay because it has discussion?

It would stay.

Alternatively, what if there was a max number of dumps/fetish threads allowed on the board (beside the generals), and if another is added the rule will begin to apply to one of them?


>Alternatively, what if there was a max number of dumps/fetish threads allowed on the board (beside the generals), and if another is added the rule will begin to apply to one of them?

Sounds complicated and very hard to communicate with the kind of people who make dump threads. Is there a way to push an anchored thread to the bottom so that good threads aren't 404'd? Or maybe just keep a buffer area where anchored threads near the bottom get deleted instead of good threads 404ing?



>some rebellious folks came later and bumped it


we already had told people that the femboy thread would be okay after the meta thread about relaxing rules, we specifically talked about letting the thread be as long as it had activity and to merge it to the general if it didnt. There wasnt anyone "rebelling" by making it more active and >>27656 is right about it taking weeks or months for any thread.

Going back on something that was already discussed and agreed on is bad form and will make anons lower their opinion on the moderation (and the board)

Jumping to delete and bumplocking so many threads last time nearly killed the board, a grace period of 2days or even a week to talk about "relevant" shit is wishful thinking, the board isnt that active. We still dropped to 0PPH recently.

Maybe in the beginning when /furry/ users first migrated the board was more active and bustling but a lot of those anons have left and it's been squandered by bad and outright autistic decisions, to push everyone into mod-approved generals (not user-approved, which is a big difference.) and to shut down discussions because it wasnt "relevant".

>max dump threads

you will never get this to work so dont even try. the only thing this will do is turn off users from the board who either A) didnt get the first-dump first-serve treatment, so all future dumps are deleted or B) got someone elses dump shoved off the board. both of options are just going to get the users to hate the mods and the other users.



No way to hard anchor threads instantly to the bottom, anchored threads have to work their way through the catalog and every time a thread is bumped the anchored thread slides one more notch as far as I know.

Early 404 was proposed as a solution a while ago to deal with these sorts of threads from taking up space of another. The only difference to that and what we do now is that we do the same thing as early-404 manually, by saging and deleting the threads later so theres a little buffer.

For reasons unknown, we're still not using the early 404 option. yet we have >>20374 sitting at 0 replies at page 11.



Does it? Problem is with the type of people who usually make dumps is that they probably haven't checked the rules or etiquette to begin with. It's a furry board so they expect porn dumps to be the norm. Granted that's an assumption.

>Is there a way to push an anchored thread to the bottom so that good threads aren't 404'd?

Practically, no. A script could theoretically do it, but that would inflate the post count.

>Or maybe just keep a buffer area where anchored threads near the bottom get deleted instead of good threads 404ing?

That's a possibility


Have the courtesy to finish our conversation in mod chat before arguing with me here. I don't want this thread to become a mess because we are on different pages.


I noticed some boards have tags, are those editable yet?



Oops. I didn't notice those were reset after the hack. I'll add them back.



The leftypol fag is derailing every thread by spamming mutiple of fake walls of texts(he spam spacebar at the end of each sentence to make his comments looks bigger)






Are you going to link to the post?







What are paragraphs




a lost art, reddit, twitter, and tumblr killed it. though i guess tumblr still has massive essays you can find.




I mean that he's talking like that:

you see

He's doing everything to make to the post look bigger writting this way


bringing stories that got nothing to do with the comment


calling everyone /pol/ even though they didn't shared their political views

Noticed how this comment was supposed to be 2-3 lines at best?

Looks how yuuuuge it looks




The second one is cleaned up among others, but were going to leave the 1st link for now since its still ontopic. We know that it's partially off topic too with the political slant but not every part of a post has to be replied to. more often than not it's better not to bite the bait and it could be ignored, the thread can continue normally.


So Bell is the only person in the admin of this board with a known username right?



Is Bell known outside of the board tho?

There was a few other mod names dropped in a discord chat months ago but thats it. Do we need to know their names?



I don't think so because they always refer to themselves as "we" so they act and answer as a group.


It seems we're no longer constantly trending.


File: f52bf59c782daea⋯.png (135.56 KB, 680x1003, 40:59, 324234534.png)


>A ton of people ask for something

>"No, you're wrong and retarded."


Well it's because of a bunch of reasons:

A: There are 10 billion rules and

B: People keep whining about how dead it is, but when someone makes a suggestion about 50 people come out of the closet and beat them to death with a burlap full of frozen porkchops telling them how retarded they are.



Actually it's because our active users have gone past the threshold of "underdog board on the front page" we hover at 140 now instead of 100. 140 being potentially 0.9% of the entire IPv4 internet.



Saying that Discord helps the board to grow each five minutes IS RETARDED since the only place where people will mention the discord page is on /fur/ and it distract the users from posting here. People are trying to shill their shitty discords by claming it will help the board somehow.

Is not a real suggestion to help, is shameless shilling.



>There are 10 billion rules

>/fur/ - 5 rules that are pretty much "no derail and spam"

>/v/ - 10 rules


File: e2d6ec808797ed2⋯.jpeg (32.73 KB, 412x411, 412:411, e2d6ec808797ed2a1606a6a6f….jpeg)


perfect post, right on point.




Fun fact;

Since the beginning of the migration off /furry/ people have been saying the same thing about the board, but users were more condensed into a smaller number of threads so posts were seen by everyone, since /fur/ has a full catalog now people are spread out and just because someone hides a thread they dont like doesnt mean theres no activity going on. the most activity is always in the Yiff.Party thread


>tfw furries used to be third on the board list

you fucked it up everyone

good job being a bunch of assholes.

/trash/ is just so much more comfy without people losing their minds over minor rule infractions and being generally uncomf.

we should get a discord tho



Sober up before you post



if we had a discord i could sober up on there.


File: 61b554cc163d722⋯.gif (2.43 MB, 500x281, 500:281, iaclpjb.gif)


>you fucked it up

>we should

Already had /fur/-made discords, they turned to shit. discord always turns to shit. discord is the cancer and youre bringing it here.

You have to go back.



To be fair, the entirety of 8chan exists solely as a rebellion against the SJW faggotry of 4chan.



It's been fucked up.

But leftypol and Reddit turned this from a place full of autists to a place full of special snowflake safespace autists.

So people stopped coming here.



This board is at 160 right now, it didn't reach this number since a good time actually, this traffic is fucked compared to last year because of the spam wave and that puppysky abandoned /furry/ to rot.

When people started to move to /fur/ the damage was already done.


File: 9e818c0d3745fd7⋯.gif (419.75 KB, 480x361, 480:361, 9e818c0d3745fd7cfc92edfa8f….gif)

CodeChimp broke another part of the website.

Every time you click on a post to reply it will open a new tab. >>>/sudo/38910

Going to have to copy-pasting post numbers or just typing them in manually until it's fixed.



Isn't it just easier and quicker to make your post in the new window and then close it?


Mother of fuck; I'm getting 404s threads across the entire site, and even some whole boards aren't working.

The fuck is going on??


Huh, was kemo deployed? Because some of yesterday's posts are missing.



welp, posting makes them reappear, lel.


Some threads are 404ing tho, dunno how to fix them.



Okay, nevermind, the 404 page has instructions on how to fix them.



...but they don't work.





I'm running the script to auto fix them now. Are you sure the instructions don't work anymore? Check again in a minute or two.


File: 1f3e17b461a25fb⋯.png (5.85 KB, 243x129, 81:43, sickofhisshit.PNG)

Picked up 4 of them



Trying to access via the public mod.php on sys either returned an error still relating to the hacking or it just said "you're not a mod..." when trying to post.



>or it just said "you're not a mod..."

That happens to me too for some reason.


I notice that Source isn't in the rules. Why not? It's the reason /furry/ is so bad now.



What do you mean by Source?


File: e642e6d5c2f04d8⋯.png (16.1 KB, 259x224, 37:32, e642e6d5c2f04d808e52bf4b4e….png)

My apologies for not addressing the reports on >>31351 earlier and generally not being as active. I've been busy working on a project I hope to share soon and the volunteer who usually raises alert to this stuff in our chat hasn't been active in a few days.

I'll try to restore our efficiency quickly.


File: 5e5ce63dd9746f2⋯.jpg (19.95 KB, 233x217, 233:217, 1465249717776.jpg)


I dont think we care furfag



>deleting the natural flow of a conversation in a thread


>OP was obvious low effort bait anyway

I mean, whatever really, but I think the appropriate response to anyone complaining about it would have been "filter and ignore, carry on with however you feel the discussion should progress".



It garnered 5 reports not even political derails get that much and complaints in the thread itself.

The thread topic is shallow, but it became centered around someone's opinion on women. Better it sinks or has a chance to turn into something decent than to have it continuously bumped with an aggressive off-topic argument like that.

The sheer number of posts to that effect makes it unrealistic to filter unless IDs are on, and activating IDs in a thread to filter one argument is a misuse of the feature. Also too many people are eager to latch onto the bait.



>It garnered 5 reports not even political derails get that much and complaints in the thread itself

Sigh. I can imagine why. While I will grudgingly admit that thread may not have been the best place to talk about it, it was still a perfectly valid point of discussion given some of the other posts that preceded the deleted posts. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, causes butthurt like someone venturing non-standard opinions on gender dynamics, so I suppose I should have seen it coming, but I was not going to let the people who would shout it down with cries of "Misogyny!" go unchallenged. They've been unchallenged too long, frankly.

>activating IDs in a thread to filter one argument is a misuse of the feature

Perhaps, but I don't think having IDs on everywhere would be a bad thing, really - helps prevent confusion and nips people manufacturing consensus by replying to themselves in the bud. IDs aren't the same thing as namefagging, and can be a valuable administrative tool for isolating stupid shitstirrers from people who are actually looking for a conversation/debate but simply happen to have controversial opinions.

I'm sure if you turned IDs on you'd have people complaining, but I personally think those people are either barking up the wrong trees anyway or are part of the "worthless shitstirrer" group to begin with.



I don't care about IDs at all but I think the mods should choose the option that would attract more people to the board, this is a 3 digit board so unlike /pol/ or /b/ it don't need more features to "avoid confusion" since there is not so much people talking in the same thread.



>I don't care about IDs at all but I think the mods should choose the option that would attract more people to the board

Do be careful what you wish for. I would honestly rather have a smaller population of not-retards than a huge population of mostly retards that drown out the not-retards with shitposting and cheap bait. (Yes, I know asking for not-retards in the furry fandom is a tall order at times.)



I agree, and to be honest I think /fur/ qualitywise is far better than /furry/ used to be, but a small board is fragile.(though /furry/ moderation got super lazy in their last year before the spam wave)

First /fur/ needs to be THE furry board(since /trash/ is just a porn dump) so the users will never leave(furfags never abandon big communities, just look how FA can do whatever they want) and just then mods can focus in improving the content without fear of alienate the users.



IDs are not fullblown namefagging but it's sure a step in that direction. IDs keep track of posters unless they're VPN hopping.

We could always use flags in place of IDs but most flagfags get shitposting in return.




Flags are cancer, it brings ad hominem everywhere, also it only makes sense in boards like /pol/, /int/ and /news/ where global politics is the topic.




Opt-In IDs are a feature available on the board, if you haven't noticed. ~ at the beginning of a thread's subject lets a bot append IDs to each post.



>I think /fur/ qualitywise is far better than /furry/ used to be,

Under what metric? This board is complete shit compared to /furry/ even during a lot of the spam.

Maybe 5 bickering shitposts by a pair of faggots every day with maybe 1-2 posts talking about actual furry stuff a week.



>This board is complete shit compared to /furry/ even during a lot of the spam.


/furry/ was fucking shit at their last year, every thread was spammed by dozens shitposts in a row like "lets yiff, give me telegram", the only active threads were copies from lulz.net, also /furry/ was pretty much /b/ 2.0 with half of threads being contentless shit like "would you anon?" or "I love [insert random character]"

Even banifag threads are better than almost anything /furry/ used to make on their last days.



The difference between 'lets yiff' and a 7 paragraph bitchfest about gender rolls is that one could actually be considered semi-furry.



The difference is:

>the gender bullshit was derail while the lets yiff was copypasta spam

>the gender derail only happened once, while the yiff telegram fag was everywhere

>/furry/ mods didn't delete the shit.


File: 638b0f96a497c7d⋯.jpg (53.21 KB, 550x942, 275:471, 638b0f96a497c7d50b382d7a2c….jpg)

We're looking at managing a child board specifically for porn and fetish talk.That doesn't mean lewd will be forbidden on /fur/, but pure dumps and the more off-topic fetishes would certainly be more at home on the child board.

The choices on name are either /fp/ or /heat/.

Let us know which you prefer.




/fp/ is fine, just like /vp/.


File: f7d31e5889de8a6⋯.png (549.91 KB, 548x800, 137:200, f7d31e5889de8a65e49e516fc9….png)



No, you're looking at one. We didn't talk about it.

But I would go with /heat/ since this board is a word not a /f/ letter.



Making a second board for porn generals runs the risk of diving us into smaller pieces. Not sure if it's a good idea considering there's only an averaging of a hundred anons at the moment. On the other hand, the discussion threads wouldn't get out-shined by the porn dump and hopefully it would stop anons from mindlessly dumping porn in certain threads, like the digimon thread.

If you're going to go through with it, then I say the board should be called /fp/ because the less letters the better.



What difference between already choosing between /furry/ and /trash/ and a /fur/porn/ board would it be. Why wouldnt people just go back as soon as a rule like this dropped on them overnight.



I don't think the risk is all that high. Some of our lewd threads do fit in here, and the second board would only be for porn. Even anons who only see furry as a collection of fetishes need more than that at times.


It would be an 8chan furry-only board with moderation and our scripts for protection/convenience.

Also I didn't say anything about a rule. A rule on porn wouldn't follow immediately after launching the child board. The board would be pointed out, monitored, and decisions made on what develops.


Banners work now. We gonna update them?




No, we must stay together, /fur/ already cover all furry content.



There should be no real division. The child board is to have a place for the excessive or tangential porn content and dumps, not to scrub /fur/ of porn in general. Recall the explicit description of this board.



I like /heat/, it conveys it's purpose more clearly.



You're pulling the exact same thing as Nadeo did with Trackmania 2. It doesnt matter if its an "official" board its still splitting the community and splitting the activity and guess what, that killed all of their game servers as soon as they tried it.

TM2 was a huge failure because they ended up segregating the users and most people just went back to TMU where they could all be together, it's not going to play out any different on an imageboard.


>An 8ch furry only board.

We already have those.

>Our scripts for protection

>People are going to want to go through being WL again when it was already turning users off from posting on /fur/ in the first place


Any other thoughts on either name?


I don't know if there's some unmentioned detail about Trackmania 2 that draws the parallel, but you just repeated "it will split the community" in more words. That worry has been raised twice and given responses, so respond to those.

>We already have those

/trash/ was mentioned

>People are going to want to go through being WL again when it was already turning users off from posting on /fur/ in the first place

Clearly not many were deterred, aided by little to no reason to be. The WL is a trivial affair.



The WL is only needed during spam attacks. When an attack arises you simply need to whitelist every post(er) before the first spam post and nuke the rest.


Opinion is tied at the moment so we'll just go with /fp/



The problem with that is you still need to add newcomers, and finding the place where the spam first started can take time if it's a wannabui style attack.

Still, it would be helpful to employ so I'll see about implementing it.



Well you have to find the first post anyways when carpetbombing. Just say "the whitelist is disabled" in big bold letters so people stop spreading misinformation.


File: 83a018f1c460ae7⋯.png (548.13 KB, 1920x1248, 20:13, ClipboardImage.png)


>Disinfo will stop after the whitelist thread is put on ice.

Oh my sweet summer child


I noticed a lot of political posts being deleted. Is that going to become a rule like "no inciting political arguments" or something?



It's not going to become a new rule, but inciting political arguments often leads into violating rule 3.

>3. No excessive, low-effort, irredeemable shitposting or derailment.

Derailment is a big issue on the board, but political derailment is often the worst due to how reactionary responses tend to be and how long arguments last. The end result is a few anons going back and forth, arguing about a topic which isn't related to the thread or board, and never coming to a conclusion. Threads die with anons unable to continue through the politics and leaving. There are places to discuss politics, but /fur/ is not one of them.

That's not to say every political post is banned, but it at least needs to be on-topic and not an essay about how X is shit and why we need Y. There's also no major punishment if derailment happens, but if they can't take a hint after they've been told to stop or their posts have been deleted, then a temp ban will most likely happen.

Post last edited at


What happened to ServiceBot?



Still exists, but service bot is a workaholic so sometimes servicebot just passes out, stops working and needs a nudge to wake back up.



Dealing with 8chan's shitty servers all day is a tough job, and all SB wants is a headpat now and then.


Do we have any idea how to... MAKE THIS BOARD LESS DEAD?


I wish I could go back to Cuckchan but I got permabanned by a rogue mod



More n8 porn and more yiff.party


File: fc259ffd0913557⋯.jpg (87.79 KB, 531x800, 531:800, 1225701819.dankesque_furso….jpg)


Two things that could be done: stimulate the board with a project or bring more people to the board. First option is tricky due to motivational issue and possible lack of talent, while the latter is matter of how you get decent anons to come and stay on /fur/. Word of mouth and making stuff for the board to share around while directly linking to the board would be good ways of getting more anons, since the fandom is all about creating original content. Although, there was some talk about posting completed art from the draw and art threads on /fur/ account across different sites, but some anons complained about not wanting their work to be used for shilling and potentially attracting normalfags. If some are alright with having their stuff posted elsewhere, then it's mostly a matter of getting someone new to manage all those accounts.

Anyway, another question that needs to be asked is, "What can we do to improve the board?" and the answer needs to be something other than attracting more anons.



I think the fursoña template thread would at least be a good way to get lurkers to participate and help our 8chan stats


>>35666 (Satan Checked)

I think we would need a banner ad on Furaffinity, but with enough info to keep out normalfags.

IE "A cold, hard twist to the furry fandom that will keep you cozier than a fur coat. Welcome to /fur/!"


>>35799 (Dubs Checked)

Actually, who cares if we 'keep out normalfags'? They'll leave if they don't like this board, which many probably will. And more normalfags come in, they may transform into... non-normalfags... with some time.

We should just search for all types of people.



Because most of FA is cancer. If we do buy an ad, we shouldn't link to the site. Refer to it as "the other chan", or maybe "fullchan".


File: ad0648e95846621⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 14.25 KB, 844x139, 844:139, ClipboardImage.png)

Please dont make posts like in the pic. If you want to post without being whitelisted then post normally. posts like this just make it look like prodding for exploits and a reminder that top boards were spammed recently.



At this point, it doesn't even matter.

The cancer would come to this board, then a good deal of it would leave, leaving us with more good anons too.

There are quite some cool Furaffinity users.



Yeah, I suppose that's how all waves of new users work. Now who's going to pay for it?



>The cancer would come to this board, then a good deal of it would leave, leaving us with more good anons too.

Depends on what your definition of what, "good anons" is. If you ask me we're still stuck with some cancerous faggots.


File: e7c2955ad97f4d3⋯.png (905.38 KB, 1000x1250, 4:5, 1431978292.rabbity_police.png)

Just a little PSA reminding everyone to report spam and excessive shitposting like there was in the commission thread. Makes us aware of it so we can clean it up.



This board is a community.

As long as we ALL can express ourselves within reason, then it's fine.

No hipsters censoring normalfags.

No normalfags censoring hipsters.

No extreme shitposting or war from any side.


When's this board's anniversary?



I agree, but it would be very nice if we got anons who aren't so political or make /r9k/ tier posts all the time. It just annoys everyone and brings down the whole board.


No one knows who the original board owner is or when the current BO managed to acquire /fur/. The anniversary could be the day /fur/ beat wannibui with the whitelist since that's when the board started to really take off.




>when everybody even the kike owner at /v/ knows it was actually bui

Stop this shit meme


File: ec0b59bfe1ef7c2⋯.png (86.96 KB, 338x473, 338:473, 258848ca64780a3e98ceadb1bf….png)


>second hand gossip on /v/ is a better source the board who interacted most with the spammer

Thinking Bui did the spam is probably the best indicator of both a newfag and someone who treats hearsay as fact instead of asking for evidence and doing research.


File: 2045b2396bba763⋯.png (763.56 KB, 670x801, 670:801, 1500472470022.png)




>CM is hiring some artist to do art of a whole lot of board tans.

>N8 worshipping faggots are trying to push that he's /fur/s board tan

Sad. They just cant stop sucking /furry/s dick even after its dead and gone with 7 users. Anyone up for making some new art of /fur/s cast?


File: d9edaa7c1b4534a⋯.png (200 KB, 419x532, 419:532, armed_concern.png)


I corrected it with a post and now I'm watching a spontaneous clusterfuck unfold and the usual affair of people getting triggered over furry characters.



On the contrary you stupid piece of shit, NOT knowing that Bui did it is the hallmark of newfaggotry. The spam on /furry/ sometimes literally had his fucking name on it. Pair that with a telegram chat where he admitted he did it that was being posted constantly and deleted right afterwards. It even said he knew mods at /furry/ which is why it kept being deleted and hidden.

The facts are that he got in good with the mods and then destroyed the board because he couldn't get his poopy paws RP going. And if the people who run this place have any fucking common sense they will immediately blacklist and block him from having anything to do with this board or it will end up the same way.


File: 01d040c21b8031c⋯.png (317.19 KB, 966x745, 966:745, ad1541b839da27aa41d76f058f….png)


Making an ultimatum to cripple your own thread is hardly a threat, but regardless I need to talk to you about this.

The derail in the TM thread is not drastically off topic nor is it really a derail at this point.

Firstly, threads usually get a set of posts loosely off the mark, but retain their usual flow if they have something to discuss. The very first response to a potential derail should usually be more thread related discussion and requests to stay on topic, not mod intervention.

Secondly, the content from the "derail" opened the door to relevant discussion that could breathe some life into the thread. Did you contribute to that in any way?

I'll be blunt. You've interwoven your identity so much into Telemonsters here that it's near impossible to completely ignore that presence. In the absence of interest and discussion about the show, joking about that autist fixated with it fills the void. By your own word you admit there's little to engage the average viewer.

And yet an opportunity to approach it from a different angle has come up, spurred by curiosity of your own obsession. Critique of the show and dissecting concepts that could be potentially compelling. Contribute. Your notoriety served as a springboard to this and pretty much lined up a fleet of segways.

That said, derails will be taken care of as usual, but that doesn't include jumping the gun. Spiral the thread towards derail and those posts will be removed, but you'd taint telemonster threads even further because of your personal link to them.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Claiming you're someone doesn't make you that person.

Posting chats on programs where you can change your name and not verifying the owner and other details isn't evidence.

Supposedly claiming you're doing something on an anonymous image board, but denying it in person and on the site doesn't make sense does it, anon? But I guess you wouldn't know.

Helping the board owner make the scripts that fight the spam doesn't add up too, but I guess you wouldn't know that either.

Gee, anon, you don't know a lot of things do you? You should probably ask some questions and give a shit about verifying what you read.


> i just wanted to let you know in case it was one mod dismissing the reports and not known to the rest of you or something

Ah, actually it was. I didn't know he was doing that, but I wanted to talk to you about thread anyway. Thanks for bringing it up and I'll talk to the mod about it.


Any thoughts on a "no /pol/" rule?





I don't think there's a need. Getting overly political falls under being off-topic, and there's a rule about constantly inciting derailment.


Silly, but it could be fun. Though, I worry about the ad attracting shitposters more than people legitimately interested.

Let me know what you guys think of it.




>Let me know what you guys think of it.

No sir I don't like it.




True, I don't think there's any people who'd be interested in this board who don't already know about it.


File: 94fcdf83bc0a685⋯.png (28.87 KB, 348x256, 87:64, dbhvtz8.png)

Would this board be opposed to a SFW draw thread?

I've basically just stopped going to the draw thread because the whole thing has degenerated to the point of being completely repulsive to me.

I didn't make one yet because I figured I'd just be told to deal with it and stop being a baby and whatnot.



i prefer SFW too myself but if furry porn repulses you then maybe you should change the board



This board was fine until /furry/ came along and fucked it all up.

I'm not repulsed by lewd things, I'm repulsed by hyper degenerate fetishes and a constant barrage of nothing but porn.



>le evil /furry/ boogeyman

post discarded



I see that you came from /furry/.



that is true, but blaming everything you dislike on /furry/ is childish at best

besides, /fur/ had a pathetic post count before /furry/ moved onto here. do you really think it would be better if you stayed as a closed circlejerk?



Maybe just a "spoiler nsfw" in the next one. Also, we should rename the drawthread and art thread as "drawfag request" and "drawfag improvement" respectively to avoid confusion.


File: 2fb63852983cdee⋯.png (118.81 KB, 311x325, 311:325, bubbly conversation.PNG)


I can't speak for the rest of the board, but I can understand you being pissed by it. The real problem with the thread isn't necessarily that there's a lot of lewd, but that almost all of it are just people looking to get free commissions to sate their fetishes rather than requesting any interesting ideas.

Ideally, reforming the draw thread is the better option over creating a new one. There are several interesting requests made by people who think the same thing, so draw for those and ask for more. When only requests worth a damn are responded to the thread won't be filled with so much garbage anymore.



I don't want to derail this so I won't continue this line of conversation past this post, but that's a faulty argument. Quality > quantity, and you're acting as if /furry/ dying is the only way the board would have ever gotten more traction. You're also throwing out "circlejerk" without foundation when the board has always been gradually growing and seeking to develop a larger userbase. Is a board a circlejerk because it's smaller than another now? Don't be silly.

/furry/ anons did end up helping the place out, but we do have to mitigate old habits and strive for a better board.


spoilering might be helpful, and while those aren't the names I'd use clarifying the titles is probably a good idea.



>do you really think it would be better if you stayed as a closed circlejerk

It WAS better to me.

If you want a post count then go to /trash/ and tell me how it's a better board. People used to come here pre-exodus because they wanted to escape /furry/'s faggotry in one form or another, this board was very tame and relatively SFW compared to what it is now.


>Maybe just a "spoiler nsfw"

I don't think that approach would change much. Even then you'd be reading request after request after request and all of them asking for some fetish to be fulfilled. I suppose it's an improvement if you don't have to look at hyper dicks and fatfurs while you do it.


That doesn't really work from my experience. I've dug through similar drawthreads before and filled requests, but the only thing that happened is that there was no decent requests left because I filled the only one. There's hardly anyone drawing anything at all yet people keep on requesting the same kind of stuff.



It's funny, because in /trash/, only the niche fetishes get drawn because the rest are "boring".



enclosed communities usually turn into circlejerks, especially if there's barely a community and the catalog has like 10 threads on it.


that is true, actually. /trash/ used to be great and it's god-awful now.

still, there is nothing wrong with people from /furry/ coming here. what do you suppose they do, stay on their bot spammed board?



>That doesn't really work from my experience. I've dug through similar drawthreads before and filled requests, but the only thing that happened is that there was no decent requests left because I filled the only one. There's hardly anyone drawing anything at all yet people keep on requesting the same kind of stuff.

If that's the case I suppose it wouldn't hurt to make the SFW version and see what develops. Experimenting is better than stomaching the norm.


File: 0b5ae5538a451bb⋯.jpg (211.68 KB, 1200x1113, 400:371, C0YT0KBWIAAdwHU.jpg)


I have to reconsider my previous response. The politics can skirt around with loopholes and seems it need direct addressment to be curbed.

However I'll assert it is "no politics" not "no /pol/."

More specifically, we're looking at "no real life politics." The distinction is to avoid confusion over things in good fun; such as discussing uniforms, setting a WW2 theme for world building, thinking of what dog breeds represent what country, completely fictional political concepts, and so on.

Discourse over politics in reality and preaching political ideologies is the problem to be addressed.

Please share your thoughts before we add it.



Please yes, I can't stand /leftypol/'s incessant pushing for every board they leak onto to become politically correct. Someone gets triggered by non-pc speak and the thread always devolves into /pol/ vs /leftypol/.



No major problem, though threads like its been a problem in are shit to start with, as I've already said once prior when this same type of deal came up.

I'd recommend anchoring, or deleting.

Il use the same example I used last time: The humans and furries thread had several times devolved into politics, only to climb back and use those as boosts in a lot of ways.

Threads with no potential for discussion beyond political fuckery, like the ones this has been an issue in, are going to be trash dead threads without it, anyway, so there is really not much harm in cutting them off.

I'm not really for banning the lot mostly because it's really fucking hard not to reply to before, ' least for me.



This is also a really good point, right here. If it ain't on topic, get rid of it, and be done with the issue. No need to really specify, it could be a derail about welding.



I'm completely okay with this, nothing good has ever come from discussing politics outside of places dedicated to political discussion; nobody is going to a furry board on a taiwanese picture screening to seek political enlightenment or to be swayed one way or the other.



Yes please.


You're part of the problem.



>it totally wasn't /leftypol/ that shitposted you-know-which thread since the very first post

>it totally wasn't a /leftypol/ reject who had to be warned by the BO itself for his rampant politics shitposts over getting triggered by non-pc posts just yesterday

Yeah, no.


File: 040df8f8da70463⋯.png (276.05 KB, 1271x1920, 1271:1920, Torres disdain.png)



<am i the only one sick of this now

>oh hey we're adding a new rule now because i say so

This is a case of a few bad apples ruining everything for everyone else. A couple examples the board did fine with was when the CIA was exposed as bronies, or when Poll the parrot was made even got some oc made by people who dont take everything as a serious political issue. Without fail, every political derail was either caused by a shitposter or usually by a lefty sperg. But doesnt mean only political shitpost threads were made by /leftypol/fag like after the hack. the whole "im sorry you got lumped in" was a big one. All of this said, I take issue with how far it will be stretched to twist and ban what you dont like just like with the excessive prudism.

Take the fandom infighting thread, which is what caused this kneejerk reaction. It's barely gotten anywhere even in terms of arguments and already youre freaking out looking to make new rules to impose on everyone. It's relevant to the furry community whether you like it or not. And we've gotten very few threads months apart related to that with some shitposting inbetween. Anchoring is what /fur/ mods already do with political threads and it works fine. When you start banning everyone from even discussing something without being a sperging shitter related to the board then its just as much cancer as 4chans moderation. Id rather have a containment thread for news around the fandom than have another autistic episode of "its not relevant because i say so".

Annnnd another thing. The board has tools already, remember IDs? Try forcing IDs in political threads so anons can filter spergy faggots who post walls of text and cringey dumps, instead of just banning everyone. It worked for the f-list thread. If all you do is kneejerk and ban everything then you're a shitty mod.



Thank you, this was a fantastic decision.



>When you start banning everyone from even discussing something without being a sperging shitter

>without being a sperging shitter

But everyone who brings up real politics where it doesn't belong is exactly that.



No, politics is fun.



The left calls anyone who opposes them as being "reactionary" for a reason. Even they implicitly acknowledge that they strike first, therefore they are an issue. Twitter tards are cancer.



I think that as long as the political topics are directly related to the fandom and kept to their own threads then it really isn't a problem. It's actually neat to have a place where furs can discuss this with one another and see where the other side is coming from- in a furry context. People are going to unnecessarily keep starting political shit at cons and getting bans from (insert website here), who knows what things will happen, and it's important that we have a space to ourselves to discuss those things.

IRRELEVANT political shit, though, has to go. We aren't lulz.



This guy's got it pretty well, I'd say.


File: 459457a73312d8d⋯.mp4 (3.84 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 459457a73312d8d8b5c23cbe79….mp4)


/fur/ political arguments in a nutshell is webm related


File: f9f82d0c98a9143⋯.png (665.34 KB, 539x598, 539:598, pls.png)


Screeching about actual politics to push their ideology is one example of it being irrelevant to the fandom and something I expect from tumblr not anons on 8chan. Threads have been wiped of derailing political shitters many times already but I'll still oppose banning everything related to the topic on the culture war in the fandom.

One of the issues with the political shitters is the massive amount of samefagging to bump threads they want to argue in and use their samefagging (which isnt hard to see) to pretend they have more support than they really do. Never seen that before Something forced IDs for those types of threads will clear right up.

If you head over to the fandom infighting thread but you wont see anyone talking about the actual OP, just fandom infighting in real time. People who just spam politicall memeball images are the ones id classify as political shitters sperging out and throwing every off topic ideological attack and projecting at anyone in the thread. That doesnt mean the thread topic itself is bad, it just attracts aspies.



That's largely because the "fandom infighting" thread was trash, and not worth caring about in the slightest.

It would've, without the politics, fallen off near immediately , with next to no posts, because it's a boring, irrelevant, and dull topic, that the vast majority here don't really give a fuck about because I'd be willing to wager most of us don't actually consider ourselves a part of the "fandom", 'least not the greater fandom as a whole.


File: fdae591f4ceb38c⋯.jpg (50.74 KB, 690x518, 345:259, 7f6756adc6acde41d089ce9bb0….jpg)


Banning from something to be discussed is also something I expect from tumblr, so you dont get a free pass. If you try to shut down discussion then you're no better. All youre doing is assuming shit, but if the thread would fall off without political screeching thats more reason to have a containment thread for furryfandom happenings.

I'm not deep enough in the fandom that I would know about these things without it being posted but clearly there are anons who are, and care enough to post about a growing problem. If you decide to ban it because of yet again more autistic muh relevancy, then what? Where do you expect them to talk about it or at least bring it up for exposure. Theres legitimately no where else except a furry board that this would be "on topic" and be told to fuck off everywhere except maybe /cow/ if they want to document furfaggots.

It's furry, you're just following a bias that its not furry content and just claiming its not relevant as an excuse. There arent huge companies to report news on happenings like on /v/ or world events like on the news, furfag artists happenings are what you get instead. something like in the infighting thread is just as relevant as when anons posted >>10886

furfag artist does a thing > anons post about thing.

"I think its boring so I dont want everyone to talk about it" There's very little difference btween the two threads in terms of lacking content and perceived "relevancy".


I think having their own thread is fine. Dragging /pol/ and /leftypol/ into an unrelated thread and watching it devolve into shitslinging is the issue. Perhaps the rule should be "inciting a political disagreement".



When you think about it, they are basically "look what stupid things happened at a convention" threads. Why isn't the news posted in the convention general thread where there is already something of substance to discuss? That would impede derail and if one starts it can be deleted without essentially removing the only thing to talk about.



I'm not saying it should be banned, I'm saying it was a trash thread, with a trash topic that most of us here don't give a flying fuck about.

I'm saying that without the politics, it would've just simply dropped off, because nobody would care enough to post in it.


Good question. What ever happened to consolidating threads? We used to be big on that.



>What ever happened to consolidating threads? We used to be big on that.

It was toned down a lot in worry that users found consolidating shallow threads (the added moderation despite the reason) to be a turn off, and I've been waiting to see if users would adapt if they were simply given advice on what would be better. And what I've seen is that the few who don't care keep shitty threads on the catalog and encouraging more of the same kind of posting.

So now's a good time to ask, how many of you actually felt uncomfortable with us maintaining the catalog that way?


File: 18fb3cd2b258bd2⋯.jpg (132.92 KB, 750x780, 25:26, ac7656907e5c7d97c3c4f971b0….jpg)



>Whatever happened to consolidating threads we used to be big on that

<REEEEEEE everyone go into their box

>I suppose it wouldn't hurt to make the SFW drawthread and see what develops.

Come on now. The obsession with consolidating threads began (and hasnt ended) with extreme kneejerking over paranoia with porn. Being a control freak drove away the majority of users leaving /fur/ as a dead board with the only main activity in the Yiff Party thread, for the majority of time. Now you want to extend your reasons for shoving people into a box again over yet more kneejerking. Gee I wonder why /fur/ is viewed as a shithole from everyone on the outside.

I dont agree. The anons who made the fandom infighting threads as easily separable from the conventions thread was better off. Not everything on imageboards is a good idea to "consolidate to one thread", asking if someone's going to the convention is a huge difference in a topic than the cultural war infighting. Had they made the posts in the conventions thread it would have been turned into a sea of political screeching to deal with every time someone visited the thread, making it unusable for people who just want to talk about the conventions without infighting. You could say the autism is a derail but it's pretty much just as much of a derail in its own thread when people start throwing irrelevant personal attacks based on politics.

The thread would constantly have excessive deletion, bans or would doom the whole conventions thread to be killed by a bumplock. Where as instead the topics were different threads, infighting got bumplocked and conventions thread is still around, with no autistic derailment needing to be cleaned up. Now that doesnt mean the multiple threads every time there was an update on the situation was a good idea either, with the old thread still being on the catalog. If one extra thread about the infighting every couple of months is such a "huge problem" then that says more about the state of this board than anything else.


File: 966fe98fa91a255⋯.png (35.4 KB, 628x226, 314:113, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 117f627c1a70bb9⋯.png (45.76 KB, 749x248, 749:248, ClipboardImage.png)

These threads in the pic that were previously bumplocked have been cleared off the catalog. Since there's no reason to have so many after being bumplocked for months with a very slow death.

Old threads archived here.




Now there's only one thread for the the political infighting.



I don't care if it drove people away who came from /furry/.

Most of /furry/ was cancer.

It was such a bad board, I never fucking used it.

It was literally porn, only porn, with straight shaming along top. A terrible board, with no discussion. We're doing far, far better. The human and furries thread is probably the best example of this.

Everyone outside views /fur/ as a shithole because they equate it with /furry/, and besides that, equate it with furries.


File: 7eab65d64eb4d89⋯.png (314.58 KB, 656x782, 328:391, 1468532942105.png)


>the human and furries thread is probably the best example of this

That reminds me, could that thread just become cyclical? I'm tired of having to hide the new one whenever they hit bump limit.

And /furry/ wasn't that bad. First off, you not using it has nothing to do with it's quality, and you not using it probably means that you've never actually seen it in action. As for straight shaming, if you think some shitposter calling you a "breeder" is straight shaming, then you really need to leave.

The only issue /furry/ had was a dumbfuck owner, fuck puppysky. /fur/ isn't flawless, by the way - despite what you might think.



not him

>/furry/ wasn't that bad

yes it was. /fur/ is more of the same but more pretentious and political now. which the latter wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that both the liberal and conservative sides are represented by shills who samefag and stir the pot and never have anything meaningful to say. i post about politics all day every day elsewhere but you'll never see me do it here because i'll be wasting my breath on a literal kike who isn't here to talk.

anyway what was i saying uh

oh yeah

okay first off i'm gay right so i don't really have a stake in this cause it didn't affect me but that breeder stuff wasn't just some little nothing that's being blown out of proportion, it was hundreds of guys (/furry/ was huge at that time) and they were spamming any straight thread with that shit and any post mentioning heterosexuality even outside of straight porn threads too. they'd spam gay porn alongside it.

and even though i had no stake in it i was so pissed off by their faggotry that i brought it up to blue and he banned it and you could report them and have it deleted pretty quickly. all was well until puppysky made it an anarchy, but by that point the board had lost so many users that yeah it really did become a non-issue.

anyway fuck gays - quote from gay man



I'm rather opposed to cyclic threads. Plus, that reason is fucking gay as shit.

/furry/ next to if not flatly never had any kinds of discussion. It was an overglorified e621, with a bunch of assholes who'd go to straight threads and whine.

And I do believe it was more than shitposting. I ain't talking some trashy single shitposts of "breeder", here, these people'd walk in to straight threads and start bitching and moaning about things, and fairly often start dumping their gay trash in the threads. It was cancer. Worse still, if you tried to call out the faggots for the lot, you'd end up derailing the thread entirely to be about 'homophobia' and 'bigotry', even though they're the ones walking in to a straight thread.



>And /furry/ wasn't that bad.

If you're talking about the early years then sure it was alright, but when /furry/ had 500~450 active IPs it was a shithole. Drawthreads were full of shitposting and derails. Faggots across the whole board were assholes and if you ever called them out on their shit then you would be called thin-skinned, or bitched about hugboxes and echochambers. Chronic shitposters were never dealt with and were able to do as they pleased across the whole board. The most active thread was the F-list thread and that's because it was nothing but drama and fighting over who knows what. The most discussion on the whole board was about drama or cringe. Out of all the boards I visited on this site /furry/ had to be the most mean-spirited and filled with nothing but /r9k/-tier posting whenever you weren't visiting a porn general. Everyone who didn't want to deal with that shit fled to /trash/ and are staying there because of it. They don't care if they have to deal with cuckchan because they rather not deal with the faggots who terrorized /furry/. The only ones who didn't go to /trash/ are anons who don't want to visit cuckchan out of principle.


File: cc6037810fde2da⋯.png (289.29 KB, 639x464, 639:464, cc6037810fde2daa292be2f5e9….png)


>terrible board with no discussion

<we're so much better guize!

So you're a newfag who wasnt around for the exodus of /furry/ which lead to the most active discussion this board ever had, thanks to /furry/ users. /fur/ was easily 30 PPH and lively in the start of the merge, until mods decided to close thread after thread pissing everyone off. The occasional autistic thread like furries beside humans2 (remember /fur/ has its own xenofag autist) doesnt make up for the barren state of the rest of threads lacking activity. Banning whatever they feel like and deciding X cant be talked about, or Y the way they want it to be talked about, hasnt created anyone more eager to talk in the very limited moderator approve stamped threads. Barely anyone posts here anymore, a reminder that /fur/ used to be always trending and the only thing more controlling mods have done is kill what activity it had.

/fp/ was created (when no one asked for it) and now since then, its started to lead to the same deletion and bumplocks that drove everyone to stop posting in general the first time around. I can't wait till dump threads that already existed for a full year with no issues, start being told to fuck off if they try to make the thread again after it hits limit. Go ahead mods, prove me right. This hasnt brought any discussion activity back, and it wont anytime soon. Instead we barely hit 5PPH now on weekends. When mods do shit like that, repeatedly people dont even view the board worth posting on thats why its a shithole, not because of anti-porn dumps, but because who knows what other dumbass shit the mods will decide to be autistic about next, like what was suggested ITT: forcing to shoving everyone back into very broad generals with more bumplocks or deletions.

Case example:

The furry videogame thread2 was shat up by the same xenofag autist who wouldnt shut up about "angels with wings". So a couple anons decided they had enough of that and made their own game threads to distance from that and only to get questioned if they should exist or bumplocked without even a derail happening. /fur/'s mods are total faggots who have proven they do nothing but complain, with no real solutions and just come up with more ways to be controlling. No rules ala freech is unusable, but there's a limit to how much people will tolerate for strong-arming them too.



I was here for then. We did not lose anyone of value, you ask me.

Further, we are better than /furry/ was, regardless of whatever cancer you want to spew.

There's been several good threads full of discussion. The ones talking about mascots, for instance, have been building some rather interesting lore and the ilk around our odd characters we've got. Some of the threads discussing OCs have brought up some excellent discussion on color combinations, schemes, and what makes a 'sparkledog'. I'd say you're blind, mate.

>. Barely anyone posts here anymore

We've got enough people. Plenty of folk do post here still. I'm not inclined to give a flying fuck about the loss of cancerous /furry/ faggots who just wanted a place to fap. They can go to e621, if they want that.

>This hasnt brought any discussion activity back,

Discussion activity is already here, you're just a blind fucking autist who wants /furry/'s literally no discussion at all.

>bumplocks or deletions

ARound political bullshit, yeah.

Did you want to be discussing politics on a furry board? I would've thought that's what /leftypol/ is for, you fucking cuckold.

What was wrong with the furry game thread? It was perfectly fine. People were discussion Angels with Scaly Wings because someone was kind enough to actually post a link to the full game, and the game was good enough to have some real substance behind it that could encourage discussion.

What did you want, instead? More of the trashy porn-request threads we were getting?

I think you might be a cancerous faggot, anon.


File: 195663133469063⋯.png (2.59 KB, 324x451, 324:451, 6a92fee31891086666032038aa….png)





I'll be blunt, the more you type the more of a headache it is even thinking about responding seriously. Almost every sentence piles on another exaggeration, assumption, or dramatization wrapped around and weaved into a few opinions lacking any understanding of this board's aim and our intentions. Picking even one of these posts apart is an assignment fit for a writing course. If I have to write an essay it won't be to analyze your posts, but to lay out the reality juxtaposed for others to understand.

On the rule:

This rule on politics was proposed to make it clear why such "fandom" threads are bumplocked. Anchoring them without that understanding isn't very appropriate as they bear vague relation to the board, and so they are filled with "political shitters" and anons taking bait until our call is clear to make. Deleting a derail in these threads effectively removes all there is worth discussing, leaving a waste of space with few posts until the arguments start again. It is a terrible way of dealing with a shallow topic and worsens the atmosphere of the board.

The rule is also intended as a statement directed at those all too eager to bring politics where ever they go, that it isn't something appropriate for this board. I trust in users who share in the interests of /fur/ to recognize or inquire about exceptions, which are happily made. The statement may also retain value among the mention of consolidation; a common sense approach that keeps discussion of the convention news where off topic politics either won't take off or is easily removed.

On /fur/:

I find the need to make the intent and vision for this board clear, again. I created /fur/ to be a fun and creative place that explores the subject of anthropomorphism beyond fetishism, putting discussion and creation above porn dumping and bickering. That is the kernel of /fur/, as any board has. Somewhere along the line I let this vision waver over unsubstantiated worry of creating an unwelcoming atmosphere. That any sort of moderator action is seen as negative even when it is to preserve that kernel. The worry saw requests of many users go on hold when, in reality, working against the spirit of this board is truly unwelcoming.

I think this is all I need to say parallel with you for now, and with that said I'll return to working alongside everyone, doing what's best for /fur/ in the direction I set it.



In his defense, it was very unclear of exactly what sort of enforcement we were like to be looking at.

If it's just doing the same shit you're already doing, I see no reason to oppose it. Though, as someone else's said, we do already have a rule about off topic whatnot anyway.



I intended to respond earlier to >>39581 that the rule was more about context so we can act more swiftly on those shallow threads, not about handling derail any differently. However, the anon I'm addressing now went unreasonably far and wide off the mark in his assertions and claims. Thinking of how to address that distracted me, although I did further things a little as anon.


File: 21cbee4ff94173e⋯.gif (56.02 KB, 441x435, 147:145, 7a1e2e85b4145e82ed3634707a….gif)

I'm actually respond because I have nothing better to do, woah.


It was bad, but it's not like it was unbearable.

Thank you for not being one-sided and acknowledging that this board isn't much better.



There were only a couple of dedicated gay "breeeders get out reee" shitposter, and the reason why them and other chronic shitposters weren't dealt with is again, FUCKING PUPPYSKY.

And hell, the owner of /fur/ (which I don't know the name of yet, actually), isn't doing much better. The best I've seen was speedy getting banned, bless you for that.




who else should be banned besides speedy?



I go by Bell. I guess it doesn't hurt to use the name more often for ease of reference.

Who else have you seen being an issue?



I'm pretty sure that eeriefag/salos are still around but I don't think they're as much of an issue as they issued to be.

Thanks for actually moderating the board unlike puppysky, by the way. Really appreciate it.



He had to be banned a few times when he started shitposting around the board. Lately he's been relatively chill and sticks to the Telemonster thread.

And no problem, just doing my job. The other mods, too.


File: 131563e7439ee3d⋯.jpg (42.87 KB, 636x638, 318:319, 131563e7439ee3d0f58d05cc83….jpg)


<we're better because of my own confirmation bias

>mascot thread

The originals were made when this board was still active, the new one is a joke in comparison in terms of interest even comparing it to the previous thread before that. There isnt even any lore anyone cares about, its just random shit. Its nice you can name 1 or two threads in the catalog and think that's good enough, while the fandom related discussion (not furryfandom) threads are a barren wasteland with no excitement or discussion what so ever.

>What was wrong with the furry game thread

the fact it became angels and autists is whats wrong with it, at that point someone should have made their own thread but instead turned it into a steaming pile of only angels and autists. This is a great example of how consolidating everything to an OCD level is a failure, people distanced themselves from the thread until they shut the fuck up. It would have been a much better thread as its own with sharing the game so it didnt overtake everything else.

A good measurement would have been if there was enough to post about then start its own thread. Angels and autists takes up nearly half of the videogame2 thread, if you dont see that as an issue its because youre a fagot.





I personally had no issue with it, even though I've never read a VN before.



>the problem is they talked about something I don't like for longer than I liked

>they were never told to stick to the general and there is plenty of vidya on the board with their own threads, but this is totally proof of obsession over compressing topics and that it's bad

Seriously man?



Didn't mean to post that with cap, but whatever



A 'couple' of people can still trash a board. Though, I've not seen our local BO fail much. He got rid of that one obsessive guy, and is putting flak on that one leftypol type.

I've not seen many other people beyond the eerie guy what needed the boot.

Maybe that one guy who was rather obnoxious in anything relating to humans, but I haven't actually seen him around in a long while.



<we're worse off because of my own confirmation bias

Board still seems active to me, mate.

Those were two that quickly came to mind. On top of the humanity lot, I'd add. I'd also stick in the furry game thread, our art and draw threads, and the lit thread.

I've not really partook in all that many beyond there, to say. 'Least outside of more light empty threads. But those ones seem solid.

The fact that people're discussing a game is what is wrong with the thread? Frag off, faggot.

People could've discussed other games. There was just very little to be said about most the other games, on top of that most folk have not played those. AwSW was posted, full game, in the thread. Naturally people're going to discuss what they can actually get with their hands.

Besides that, when discussion was over, it changed back to the standard shit. It's the same jazz it was before now.

AwSW only takes up half the thread because the full game was posted for free, and it turned out to be interesting enough to maintain a conversation. Something any of the other games could do, if people'd do the same, and it was interesting enough.


File: f4d304174963bd3⋯.jpg (101.11 KB, 686x582, 343:291, f4d304174963bd352ea88d2426….jpg)


>The problem is they talked about something I dont like in a thread I dont like

<Like clockwork, bumplocks both furry news threads like a hypocrite

<breaks rules of the board, and enforces shit that isnt a rule

<Muh vision

<unsubstantiated worry of creating an unwelcoming atmosphere


Pot meet kettle, the log is very easy to see.

I sure called that one, that you would start broadly extending the rule way outside the spamming political memeballs, and it didnt even take a week for you to doubledown. On top of this even though there wasnt any agreement on forcing people back into boxes, you're already deciding to go full retard pushing back into this cancer that bled users from /fur/.


>objective measurable activity

>obvious declining user interests

>not real

The drawthreads are a sea of requests with maybe 1 every 50 deliveries fulfilled, it's in a sad state, and making a SFW offshoot of this didnt "bring back users" by pandering to muh vision. The lit thread hasnt gotten anything substantial in months, and whenever anons post new content no one cares. All 3 "make a furry game" threads crashed and burned. The edit thread is a joke and dried up in activity a while ago. The art threads are mostly just advice and no one competent actually posts art because they fucked off to discord months ago.

If this is what you call activity, then you wouldnt know what an active board is if it bit you in the ass. When a thread is active and healthy it usually has its own dedicated sub community to keep it going with content and fans of the content. A case example; for a sub-community and not just a dead thread is the vorefag thread, which is an ebil dump, but also had plenty of discussion around it and dedicated drawfags who only post their art in the vorefag thread because they know dedicated fans will enjoy it and comment on it, and get better at drawing vorefag art. It's a self sustaining cycle. But I'm waiting for faggot mods to shut it down because of muh vision too. Were you around for the the fallout thread? It had dedicated drawfags and fans, but that was short lived because some autistic horseshit over muh vision was more important than people to interact with, it died and we havent seen the thread back since. Excellent work.


File: c3681f111bb05f8⋯.jpg (103.25 KB, 449x741, 449:741, 934ff53e29b8a141fcaad18bd2….jpg)


Just wanted to say that you're doing a good job, this user ( >>40019 ) can go fuck himself for not talking about new vidya. I don't like VNs myself, but he's capable of talking about something different.


File: 5378ef947648566⋯.png (19.25 KB, 259x224, 37:32, 5378ef947648566f3afa72ad9f….png)


Thanks, we're trying our best to get the board in its best shape and a good, stable foundation is needed for the userbase to build further.

On that note, I've updated the rules in a few ways:

-Added the quip about politics as an addendum to the rule on shitposting and derails. We've discussed how handling politics remains mostly the usual, this is more of a "hint hint" sort of thing.

-"no /zoo/" was removed because it goes without saying given our clearly defined subject. It also held some suggestion that this is just a fetish board.

-Added rules that point out where /fur/ stands on porn and dumps more clearly; especially appropriate prior to some long delayed action

-Made the rule on OP images more about how explicit it is again, back to how anons suggested it and before we changed it due to preemptive worry. Judgment calls work much better for this.


>Feedback would be greatly appreciated, as it helps the board strive more.



worded weirdly?


File: 468712f5477521c⋯.png (422.63 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 468712f5477521c3fa3ee34996….png)

File: 44458bbfb4c1f6a⋯.png (1.56 MB, 1878x2251, 1878:2251, autistic BO catalog.png)



Get fucked Bell. This is entirely your autism dragging the board down into a bigger restricting shithole, so dont conflate the mod team with what you decide on your own trying to hide behind a group instead of being honest about it, read the logs easy to spot.

You never communicate and left to your own devices you decided to be a faggot on your own based on your bias instead of having an objective view, requesting feedback is a joke you only ever push further up your own ass. The board has always done better when you werent around shoving your nose in everything. Your stench is everywhere on this board, I can only imagine how insulting and off putting it is to have the very first posts in a thread questioning every little thing.

Nice bumplock spree on dump threads that have been around for a year exactly like I said you would. You really are a nigger. Now every single thread that's an icky dump is on the fireing range to be bumplocked. The fact you think you've been lenient is a fucking joke, you have only ever sperged out over minor shit.

>go post in another dead board

>go use e621

You dont understand the point of dumps is to be a social sharing experience, OH NO 10% of the threads are porn dumps we sure need to panic and cleanse the board of of it all and chase away active users because maybe 20 threads in the catalog is porn related, what a huge problem! You're a shitty BO, get cancer.

<userbase to build


>as he burns more and more users

You don't deserve to own a board, your autism is the sole reason /fur/ will never be a success and I want you to understand that. Coding the whitelist was the only thing you did a good job on, you've irreparably damaged the board and you will continue to do it. In response to your autistic obsession to talk in moderator approved theads, you will once again cause people to stop posting in general.

What will you prove me right on next, faggot? I've gotten every one of them on the money so far.


File: b06038b4872e877⋯.jpg (94.29 KB, 457x413, 457:413, 1465096191966.jpg)


I'm sorry our opinions on /fur/'s direction differ this much, but I'm trying to do what's best for the board. You take issue with my decisions and action, but this doesn't relate to the efforts from the other mods. I ask that you don't distort credit for my team's own efforts as a means to demean me. I also ask that you respect the goal I set for this board from the beginning, though you don't agree with it


File: b2c169574d0b586⋯.png (717.93 KB, 1615x1386, 1615:1386, d1b8a3601bc165571a45c8b0e8….png)


Actually there is a big problem I'm sure you've seen. There is at least one, maybe two /leftypol/ shitters who piss their dumbass opinions over anything they view as remotely political. I understand it take two sides to tango but if you read the threads that have politically derailed, you can plainly see it was these same trolls every time saying the same things.

I feel like we can have civil debates about issues of morality and differing ethics. For instance the newest example is the thread where people were talking about an armband being stolen and burnt. This thread about destruction of property was instantly skewed towards politics by someone posting communist images and shitty leftist memes and calling /leftypol/ by name as is their usual MO.

I just feel like it isn't very fair to bind and tether interesting debate because one shitter or group of shitters has proven time and time again that they aren't mature enough to handle discourse. It makes it so nobody wants to talk about anything that can be twisted into politics and that leaves out all the invigorating and meaningful battles of minds leaving us with boring vanilla porn threads and shitty "shill this shill that" advertisements for artists and games and music. You would do a lot better for this board if you get rid of the obvious problem and let good conversation pop up where it will.



I respectfully disagree. Do /pol/ shitters' dumbass opinions get a free pass?



Its not that. If it was /pol/yps I would have said the same thing. It just happens to be an easily identifiable person by their overuse of the same exact drivel and I'm sorry if it seemed like I was trying to make a political statement because I wasn't. I was just trying to give the board owner an easy way to identify this problem poster.



I see your point, but even then I'm not sure how detached it could get from politics when given a whole thread, considering how ingrained it is. Also it doesn't exactly look to be a subject that can be drawn out like that, making for an easy derail. Granted I can't be certain about the ways a thread can turn.

How about we test it? Tomorrow we can delete the derail and remove further political posts, then watch what happens.


He said /leftypol/ guys start it, but that the politics in general hold it back from better discussion. Neither side will get favor in this test.



A way to differentiate between debate and pure politics is the mention of any side in particular. For instance in that thread you could say something like "destruction of property is wrong" or "haha, cringey symbols getting rpasted" depending on what side of the debate you're on. But when you start saying things like "aut right faggots get rekt" or "typical liberal disregard for free speech" then you've put a politcal spin on it and I think it needs to be culled. You can have an opinion that you attribute to your personal views, not to a side of the stupid ass red vs blue pillow fight.



There is definitely one leftyautist around, who routinely explodes threads I've noticed.

I think he's the same guy from /furry/ near the end, too. Similar posting habbits, shit arguments and a lot of dodging around.

I wouldn't worry about it too much, though.

For the record, not /pol/ myself. Collectivists are cancer, all around. I do think, however, that /pol/ seems to keep it in their pants a bit more than, at least, this guy does.




/leftypol/ folk are making a collective effort to shill here and in other chan boards for sure. Take a look at this thread:


They stated that they're compiling a blacklist towards anyone who doesn't agree with them.



Sounds like everyone in that thread is in agreement. It's actually pretty comfy.


Maybe we should wait for another thread like it to show up for the test, actually. Would enough people be interested in discussing the past topic now?



I don't think this is something you can conduct a few tests with and be done. It has to be observed for a few months before coming to a conclusion. Anyway, I'm pretty sure everyone has lost interest in that thread, but if someone can spark some conversation in it then that would be neat.



I've thinking that those folk were likely responsible for the spam attack that occurred in /furry/ as well. They weren't part of /leftypol/ though, just a off-site political group who have tried to DDOS the site beforehand.

U18chan was attacked during that time and /furry/ used to get flack on for being a "nazi" site before. /leftypol/ was targeted as well, but they were probably perceived as "nazi" due to their anti-identity politics stance. That has changed though.

You can disregard what I said as it's a theory as there is no proof, but I wouldn't be surprised if they're the culprits.


File: 7280df68dcde08b⋯.png (16.17 KB, 420x365, 84:73, 7280df68dcde08bda529eca66c….png)

Some anons may have noticed the anon ranting here and in the Art Thread. He's a now former volunteer we needed to let go.

I won't allow him to propagate drama throughout the board, but if you have any questions about the situation I'll answer them.


You're right on that.


why was my request deleted in the draw thread?



It was? When was that and what was the request?



how about i just repost it then lol



File: 3387b242c1bbe50⋯.png (66.16 KB, 1796x943, 1796:943, 1502938996528.png)



not sure what happened, must have been some glitch. or the mod undeleted it.

either way i deleted the first one myself now, sorry about that


One of those threads popped up. I retain my doubts this can go anywhere for long without the politics, and that even if it does it won't be very furry related, but let's see.



It's just /leftypol/ shilling again. Those folks wouldn't give up unless if you ban them like /v/ does.


Thanks to the anon who tried to keep the thread on rails. We stepped in and deleted the derail, also banning the two who were going at it the worst. (One of whom posted again through tor, which does him no favors. The bans aren't long to begin with either.)

Some posts that remain are a bit questionable, but there isn't much left otherwise, so let us know if you have further concerns.



Something I should mention is that tor posts are likely to be deleted in that thread for the duration of the ban. Sorry for the inconvenience.



I really tried my best but I was going against an unstoppable force of stupid. Or two stupids I guess. Sorry that it couldn't work out.

I do have a concern but its not about that thread and sorry if you answered it already but, does this board not have a spoiler thumbnail? I made a post in the draw thread and spoilered it, and noticed the thumbnail is not there. Sorry if you already answered this question somewhere. Thank you for doing your job and keeping the shitflingers out.


thank you for being nice to me, mods

no other mods ever have


So /sl/ is dead as fuck. Would there be interest here for a SecondLife General, or would it be more fit for /fp/ instead?



/fp/ is a meme, pretty much no one uses it.



We had one a long time ago, but it didn't take off since there weren't many users. If the OP doesn't scream "This is all about porn, do nothing but dump sl lewds and jerk off with me!" then it's probably fine making a new one here. Could be fun for both RPfags and 3D artfags.


>new board is a meme because it doesn't have lots of users yet

It's been growing and serves its purpose as a place for dumps



"It doesn't have a lot of users" because it's meant to be a containment board.

Contaminating furry porn entirely will never work and while too much porn MAY degrade discussion, trying to separate it entirely will be counter productive and nearly impossible.

What good will bumplocking a certain gay thread meant for a certain subform of the gay because there's already a gay thread do? Femboy niggers and bara faggots don't work too well together, at least from what I've seen.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Every board is a "containment" board. They're all places optimized for some purpose.

/fp/ is not an attempt to completely separate porn from /fur/. It's about giving dumps as well as essentially off topic fetish discussion its own place.

>What good will bumplocking a certain gay thread meant for a certain subform of the gay because there's already a gay thread do?

It prevents thread clutter and works against the perception the board is about posting what ever particular thing gets your rocks off rather than focusing on topics where the anthropomorphism actually matters.

If you want specific fetish stuff you go to a place geared for it. Would you argue it's fine for /v/ or /a/ to be filled with /vp/ or /h/ threads?


i genuinely cannot understand why people want porn threads at all. none of the content is original or rare. people post shit that you would find if you just searched the tag on FA and put "most recent". people take the most recent image from that tag and mirror it to porn threads. why don't people interested in that type of material just search it themselves? i've seen literally every picture in the /furry/ fart thread 20 times.

are they pandering towards retarded phone users that can't bother to log in to FA from their phones? i don't get it. are they trying to indoctrinate people who don't have that fetish and normally wouldn't search those tags? why?

are they trying to make friends there? people used to talk and tripfag in furry threads on /b/. why not just make a general chatting thread? why fill it with shitty porn everyone with a brain has already seen?



actually a general chatting thread would be really nice. i've been using the "bump this thread every time you see it" thread for that purpose.

mods, can you make a general chatting thread for things not worth making their own separate threads about and make it cyclical?



We could give that a shot. We had a chat thread a long time ago, though I think it had a somewhat specific subject.



nice. do it fam. i'll post in it every day



>are they trying to make friends there?

You're pretty close. Porn/fetish threads tend to spawn their own mini-communities beyond porn dumping if the right anons take part in them. It gives anons who have something in common a chance to gather so they can discuss the fetish itself, people who predominantly show up in it, share work that files under the radar, create content for the thread or even talk about something off-topic for the hell of it. It's actually pretty comfy if things take off. This doesn't really work in a general chatting thread because there's nothing connecting everyone together and it's even worse if someone what's to talk about or share something that could potentially be polarizing. So the porn/fetish is pretty much just a springboard to get things moving, assuming enough take part in it and don't mindlessly dump.



The vore thread is like this

Thanks for the oc, 'sane



Mods, either apply the no politics rule fairly or don't apply it at all, it's complete bullshit that lefty politics is censored but the burned furs 2.0 muh degeneracy alt right shit isn't, especially when they start it like in the 'fur community' thread. Come on now.


File: c94b13a51cec9cf⋯.png (29.67 KB, 411x198, 137:66, huh.PNG)


>it's complete bullshit that lefty politics is censored but the burned furs 2.0 muh degeneracy alt right shit isn't

That isn't the case. The fact of the matter is that we don't jump on deleting everything that is tiniest bit political. We delete derails and posts that especially threaten derails. Plenty of times we leave posts of either political group alone when they have been told by several people to drop their bullshit, or if it's relatively easy to ignore.

What we've found, and what you have to come to terms with, is that the majority of the posts that "start it" are leftist in nature. In that thread, the /pol/ post in question didn't instigate anything. As several people have said already, the words of the post are entirely on topic, and the image is not so blatantly political that it can't be easily ignored.

It is a later random leftist outburst in another post, unrelated to the one you have an issue with, that caused a small stir.

An anon was apparently offended that a leftist post, though blatant in its attempt to the derail the thread, was met with a frustrated response while this other right wing detail went ignored. He saw the need to speak out and make an issue of the irrelevant picture everyone else had appropriately ignored. Pointing it a problem with the post isn't bad, but instead doing handling things gracefully and to the point like other anons it was made into something to whine over. Instead of responding to the content of the post and simply adding "don't randomly post political stuff like that. I notice the SS" or filing a report, the victim card was played and leftest propaganda posted in protest to derail the thread.

I ask you to leave your own biases aside and think a little more carefully about these situations.



>/fur/ thread about furry community

>"I think furry community is great, but also /pol sucks and is filled with pedos like Milo #punchanazi"

>"Are you trying to stir shit up?"


You guys have no tact or common sense whatsoever.

Every time there's a thread, you start shit first, create a huge mess, and think you're in the right for doing so. You're narcissists who can't judge their own actions from an objective perspective. Children with the body of an adult.


Would anyone fault me for saging the STDs thread? The OP image is old convention news better brought up in the /convo/ thread or convention thread, and talking about stds is wholly off topic.

Also what about that secondary Bad Dragon thread? The BD/toy thread is still around and I already consider it somewhat of a stretch. There's no need for another one around some specific news. Any issue touching that?



nuke that shit.

i love /convo/ already



you should nuke the laufield thread too. not because i dislike drama, i love drama, but because laufield produces none. i can guarantee you as someone who was in a skype group thats soul purpose was to document and mock laufield that there is nothing one can say about that guy, he's uninteresting. he's deaf and his english is bad so he barely says anything at all. that thread is going to produce zero content.



Sometimes it's good to start a new thread once the old one's gone stale. I recommend you bumplock the old one.



Yeah, that's what we did

Also I'll let the thread about the bugchasers stay around as a PSA if anyone really hasn't seen the news, and because it should fall off if there's nothing more to be said about it, in theory. Although I'm still not sure about how it'll go.



>What we've found, and what you have to come to terms with, is that the majority of the posts that "start it" are leftist in nature.


Thank you for telling the truth. Every political derail on this board is the work of one single bullshit autist and it needs to stop. The only solution is to ban them, Bell.


File: 3720d224844f629⋯.png (33.3 KB, 129x129, 1:1, 0ff82591a966d5187ef0360337….png)


Speaking of, the next off-topic political post in this thread >>42661 is being met with a ban.

I'm trying to gauge this thread >>43238 now, too. There's some cancer from both sides of the fence here.



>from both sides

That's fucking horseshit and you know it. Take a stance, pussy.



You are part of the problem.



Eat shit you pussy faggot. You know exactly who is crashing your board and you won't do anything to stop them. Now nobody is allowed to talk about anything because you can't grow a pair of balls and take a stance against the problem. You can throw blame everywhere you want but the truth is whatever you think is contributing to the problem, your cowardice is the source of it. You're the cuckiest board owner I've ever seen. This place was supposed to be made for free speech, but I guess the rules are different here than everywhere else. You're a disgrace. You have no backbone and then you have the audacity to blame the users. I guess it only makes sense this is a dead board. And now that nobody is allowed to discuss anything other than dicks or STDs or a korean kids show, its going to be barren in weeks. You brought this on yourself, coward, don't you dare blame anybody else.



mad cause you can't post your communist propaganda


File: 19620732985b426⋯.png (93.53 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 19620732985b426fea3b798eef….png)




I just saw the shitstorm in the list thread. I want to say I fully support your no politics rule. My only suggestion is when a derail happens in a thread that wasn't initially about politics, like say I don't know, a thread about furry music gets derailed by politics? You seem to just bumplock it, when what I'd do is just delete every political post in the thread and leave it up and if people have a problem with it, delete those posts too and direct them to the meta thread (where you can tell them to fuck off for breaking the no politics rule).



how about you fuck off a little?

if you want to tone police and stop people from talking about things that only barely edge onto one direction or another you're being more of a cuckchan hotpocketeer than an 8chan mod.

however, you should only fuck off -slightly-, because you still have to keep order, stop SPAM, stop unrelated shitposting (ie: "hey guys lets have a gfur threa- FAGGOTS ARE ALL DEGENERATES 14/88 MUH /pol/) and over all make a place comfortable for anyone to discuss furry topics and post furry porn.



the only imposing rule is don't talk about politics, it's a furfag board i don't know why you want to anyway, it's practically the one and only rule that's enforced and you think he's a hotpocket. he's not enough of a hot pocket if anything, if i was mod you wouldn't even know there's a communist shill shitposter in the first place because his posts would be gone in fifteen seconds.



That commie shill poster is the only problem with this board's politics, that single poster, and Bell still refuses to ban them. Even though it would solve all problems and open up all discussion. I wonder (((why.)))



if bell won't ban him, you could do the next best thing and you know, not reply? what the fuck is wrong with you guys wanting so badly to have a political argument with people that A.) you yourself acknowledge are shills and don't care to engage in fruitful debate and B.) will just get deleted or anchored anyway and anything you said will be read by nobody at all?

just shut the fuck up

my favorite shit man, people literally cannot not reply to shitposters. this communist guy should start using a tripcode and watch and see as people when given the option to filter him still don't and keep replying just as much as they do now.


and speaking of that, bell, if you're going to anchor the threads anyway, why not delete them on sight instead of waiting for them to become a cesspit? you knew what was going to happen in that thread, you said yourself that the OP was a piece of shit. it was a 100% chance that that was going to happen and you should have deleted it instead of letting it get a hundred posts giving people the false sense of politics being welcome here.


what i'm saying is if you see a new thread and think to yourself "i'm going to have to anchor this in a few days" just delete it right then, get it over with. this is just going to keep happening.







In the past we probably bumplocked some seemed particularly too far gone, that I don't recall doing that recently. But yes, cleaning up like that is ideal. The Community thread is the most recent example of that.


>tone police

>stop people from talking about things that only barely edge onto one direction or another

What are you talking about? Have you misunderstood why that thread was anchored?


Where did you create the fantasy of a single person causing political derail? I said the majority of instigation or derail starts with leftist posts. Banning people for political posts in an easily politically charged thread is not fair without frequent warning, and neither will it fix a damn thing long term when the thread is so shallow there is little else to discuss.

You've yet to acknowledge that how you chose to set up the thread contributes to this.

When I addressed the derail and mentioned to your own post about the unnecessary politics, you acted like I was ready to delete the thread and said that the politics were an integral part of it. You presented your own agenda insisting we pick a political side to cater and supported the creation of a counter list, but had to gall to suggest you want "debate".



We've been running a test cleaning up these threads and testing if anything more can come of them. I didn't bother with this one because this anon gave me a solid understanding of their nature.

We should be quicker about deleting things after anchoring, but we tend to do that first so that our action isn't permanent at the moment of our decisions.


>Spoiler images others may find uncomfortable in threads where they aren't expected.

This is very vague, don't you think, Bell?

I think it should be specified what, like scat, humans, vore, outside of their respective threads.


The lefty shitposter is back.

Reports have been filed 1-2 minutes after the post had been made. Let's see how much it takes for the mods to remove them.



><20 minutes


I'm genuinely impressed.



I'm surprised it doesn't take longer considering Bell is a leftist shithead himself.


File: dec8fa9bae9ff84⋯.jpg (44.1 KB, 570x369, 190:123, 1EpZdOb.jpg)


I've been told I have a bias towards /pol/ and now I'm a leftist shithead. The constant here are those upset they don't get their way or a political battleground.

Feel free to stop your childish passive aggression anytime. Perpetual anger isn't good for your health.



>stifles free speech

>doesn't allow debate

>can never make mistakes

>always has the "high ground"

>the sorry state of things he controls is the people participating in its fault, not his

Nigga you are as left as an oncoming lane. Sorry you don't like it when people call you out.



Someone earlier said /furry/ was better than /fur/. And I'm inclined to agree with them, no offense to Bell, who is leaps and bounds better than PuppySky.

The reason /furry/ was better was because politics hadn't become a meme yet You know what you were doing before le kekistan based nigger wearing an MAGA hat started up and indoctrinated you and made you start following this fad? You were an apolitical braindead retard playing fucking video games. And you were a better poster for it.

Do you go to /pol/ to post furry? No? That's so weird! So why do you want to post your off-topic shit here?



You weren't even a part of /furry/ if that's what you think, you blatantly lying triple nigger. It was the exact same as here, except we had porn threads other than pedoshit, and trannies and leftists were destroyed the second they tried to start their shit because Puppysky had done the brave thing and chosen a side. And the conversation and the board were all better for it.






I was there since day one, I'm the reason tripcodes were banned on /furry/ within a week of its incarnation, and there were a total of zero political threads. Hence /furry/ being better than /fur/.



There were zero political threads because leftists were banned on sight, and guess which side doesn't constantly have to spew their shit in every single thread they go into like an out of tune trumpet straight to the eardrum? I wouldn't even be talking about politics if it didn't drive every single decision the board owner is making, which is fucking hilarious because of how much he says we shouldn't care. He himself says that leftists start all the problems, and yet he refuses to take a stance. That's why this place is always going to be shit, because he expects the cancer to just cure itself instead of slicing off the tumor so the rest of us can grow and talk about other shit.



he just said last night he's going to start having a zero tolerance policy and ban political threads on-sight, and just today he demonstrated his seriousness about the matter by banning the commie shill so fast he wasn't even able to get replies, so calm the fuck down



writing this post made me self-aware that i have been on /fur/ for 24 hours solid to see all of this unfold in real time. honestly i should be made mod with how much time i spend here.



Assuming you are who you write like you are, please god no.



Fuck off retard, why would he delete leftist posts if he were leftist? We just want a board to discuss furry shit without every thread being derailed by irrelevant political shit-flinging.


Aw, I wanted to read the thread that was deleted



Which thread?



"How fast is this board"


File: 19f3cc5ba9ebdc9⋯.png (525.94 KB, 2179x1117, 2179:1117, how fast.PNG)


I still had the tab open



oh ok



Thing is, you can get a 'porn thread' simply enough by making a thread for whathaveyou, with a discussion, and posting images.

So even if for whatever reason, you must have a porn thread, you can still make it here, you just have to have some actual discussion, as opposed to purely a dump lot. Not exactly hard to accomplish.

If you're wanting a thread for porn, make a thread for whatever your particular fetish is, say "avian general" given that there's that up now, put in a couple images, and give it a little bit of a line to encourage some discussion. In that one's case, "no tits > tits".

Others'll post their own images while discussion flows. Next thing you know, you've got a bunch of pictures for your desperate porn thread needs, and you've got a fair bit of discussion. Everyone's happy.



That means you're doing a good job.


Where'd nekomancer go?



Running it now. I didn't realize how messed up things were today.



Why did you change the tagline of the board from "Make Anthro Great Again"?


I wonder about turning ID's on in the thread on the animation bid.


Having a political reference as the subtitle is questionable when talking down all the political posting.

If I think of something else that's catchy and more closely relates to the board I'll change it again, but this is a nice subtitle for now.


File: 10dd99902061627⋯.gif (793.62 KB, 498x211, 498:211, tenor.gif)



Jokes on you, I samefagged there using three different IPs.

And no I'm not Salos.



If you feel the need to say that it's probably not hard to tell who you are by how you speak.

Also considering what you've argued under this IP, admitting that here is kind of a dumb idea.



To be fair it wasn't really samefagging but I posted under three IPs because I was forced to.

But now that I think about it yeah that was a dumb thing to point out, but stuff happens when you're begging for attention way too much for your own good.



you didn't need to point that out cause bo knows i don't give a shit enough to samefag. plenty of my posts have zero replies and i don't give a shit




Yes there was no political derails(that should be deleted, off topic and derail is not free speech you dense mothefucker) but /furry/ was worse in a sense that every single thread was blatantly spammed with shitpost, most of them caused by bui or some fag that liked to pass as bui and no I'm no talking about the spam wave but shitpost.



>off topic and derail is not free speech you dense mothefucker

What the heck are you talking about?

Of course they're free speech.

The thing is that websites have no need to respect freedom of speech. Sometimes it's for the better, like improving overall discussion by removing shitposts, and sometimes it's outright censorship of ideas differing from those of yours, like what facebook/twitter/google/etc is doing right now.



>Sometimes it's for the better, like improving overall discussion by removing shitposts

yeah, I think he meant to refer to the people who use freedom of speech as an excuse to cause derails and post off-topic all they like.


can you word filter "salos" into ">>>/eerie/"? i mean people are already shilling me left and right, i want to maximize on those free advertisements, you feel me?



BO, i'll send you ten bucks on paypal to word filter salos, eeriefag, eerie autist and garrett to >>>/eerie/

they might be shilling me for free but i don't expect you to without pay, i'm a fair man. a permanent advertisement fixture with a single payment wouldn't be fair either so i'll make it ten bucks monthly payment. if i stop paying then you can remove them. how does that sound



BO, I don't have money, but I'll give you love and respect every month if you filter >>>/eerie/ to >>>/cancer/


File: cb31d63f3ba405f⋯.jpg (35.36 KB, 622x350, 311:175, give_me_a_chocolate_titani….jpg)

>PPH - 84




The "post your fursona" thread is getting an absolutely ridiculous amount of posts out of no where.


Thanks for the users, fuzz


The fuzz drama gave a bust to the activity, this is the first time a furry board on 8ch reach 200 users since /furry/ was killed by the spam wave.

Plus the "r8 your oc" thread is always one of the most popular threads here, those 2 threads together gave new life to the board.


File: 1575bb513637810⋯.jpg (45.56 KB, 359x297, 359:297, 024.jpg)



>fuzz drama

pls explain






Ok I'm gonna share some thoughts.

Maybe we should bring N8 back as the board mascot, Bill Katt is cool but he feels like a avatar of the BO

Also N8 was very popular with artists, he helped to bring more people to the board, we should keep Bill and Kemo around but N8 should be back to the banners. .

We're the same community from /furry/ so is pretty much the same board but with a new admin(bell)


How N8 was created after all? Puppysky created him?The community?



We need banners for everyone.



There's no "official" mascot for the board. It's more like a cast of characters if anything so I don't see what the deal is.


A cub artist made him up one day on the spot and everyone loved the design so they took it from there.


You could make a banner thread and see if anyone is interested. It's been a while since the board has gotten any new ones.





Actually, Puppysky was very open about being a right-leaning Trump voter. Users didn't care about N8 wearing maga-hats though. There were even pics of him dressed in ISIS garb.

What happened recently was Antifa Twitter users made an effort to come chan outlets because of the "nazifur" scare. They've been shitting up the board because artists like artdecade encouraged them to do so. They're in lulz.net for sure, but some are in /fur/.



A mascot Job is to help to bring people attention, thats why i think we should bring him back



What do you even mean by "bring him back"? There's nothing stopping people from drawing N8 and a ton of people have been doing just that. I don't see why the BO has to say who is and who isn't the board mascot. That's for the people of the board to come up with.






Theres already a banner thread up >>21183



He control the banners content


File: e63afe2e907de92⋯.png (1.37 KB, 609x34, 609:34, oh shit....png)

Holy shit, that's the first time /fur/ reached over 200 IPs.



First time ever?



If you don't count the spam wave time fake IPs then yeah.



If we keep this up we'll surpass /monster/ pretty soon


File: 2c41fc941832e6e⋯.png (7.07 KB, 925x50, 37:2, Screenshot (1).png)


I didn't think it would be this soon when I posted that



He'll add banners if people make them and they look good, but they won't be centered around a single character like /furry/ was.


get rid of the commie menace in the telemonster thread. i said one thing about niggers in the context of the telemonster "fanbase" and they're obsessively hounding me for IRL politics, sexuality and religion now and even politicizing telemonster itself lmao.

just fucking delete every post from today till back to 9/18 to be honest.



You routinely bring all of that shit up of your own accord and shitpost it in various threads whether it's merited or not but when it follows you to your safe space it's time to complain.

The degenerate cries out in pain as he strikes you


File: 5bf7633a62cd07d⋯.jpg (16.6 KB, 480x318, 80:53, 5bf[1].jpg)


>tfw the commie even started to shitpost eeriefag thread

I can't believe this barafag commie is serious, how the fuck can someone turn absolutely everything into a political debate about communism.

If mods allowed this autist would kill every single thread to turn it into /leftypol/



i've posted about politics once in a thread that was already a designated shitting thread. I don't care to have a natsoc circlejerk and i don't care to get in an endless pointless argument with shills that's goal is to make this board shittier than it already is. you must be mistaking me for someone else.

oh, wait, i guess not,i almost forgot that "everyone is salos"


i think it's more than one guy, their posts are pretty close together, in a different writing style, and one of them told me he's only been here a month. our resident shill has been here a lot longer than that. my guess is he linked my thread in a leftyfur chat.


how did you make it so that your meta thread is always above the whitelist thread, even when the whitelist thread has been bumped more recently? how did you do that? i want to do that on my board



nvm fixed it lol :)

you just need to auto sage the one you want below while still keeping it sticky

dude i'm fucking genius 200 IQ for figuring this out


For some reason is taking forever for my comments to be posted.



Hey bell can you delete one of the threads bitching about gays?



We don't need 2 of them.


Why make a thread asking people to apply for a volunteer if you're not gonna respond to their emails, Bell?

Also the prequel thread broke.



he gave up moderating this board a month ago. he probably just wanted an excuse to put his shitty fanart for "liberal propaganda film: furry edition" in a sticky.



Honestly we don't need either, but yeah.


The same reason I need more volunteers is the reason I can't immediately review a set of applications. Please be a little patient, I'll be going over them this morning.



>Honestly we don't need either, but yeah.

Good on you for keeping that earlier gay-hate thread, those fucking faggots need to be put in their place before they start thinking they’re humans or some crazy shit.


A subboard is a mistake, this board is already struggling to survive and this idea will only split the activity and shrink the userbase



I'm pretty sure "this morning" was a couple of days ago, fam.


File: 063492a951b90e5⋯.png (56.3 KB, 276x321, 92:107, 1501618457582[1].png)


Discords cause unnecessary drama, are no more conducive to creativity than any conventional forum or blog structure, and choke off any supply of new members as they are essentially invisible to people not already here - of whom only a small subset will even join up. The pool of potential contributors is automatically far, far smaller than the pool of general internet users. A discord cannot magically summon content or discussion. What would you write there that is somehow unavailable to you when you type into the reply field here?

Even if you are too stupid to grasp a priori that it mechanically will not achieve any beneficial goals (or is in fact detrimental to them), the universality of them devolving into toxic cesspools of bitching, fragmentation and backbiting whenever they have cropped up elsewhere should be evidence enough that they are possibly the most boneheaded suggestion imaginable unless you are either the kind of intellectual disaster that is incapable of looking outside their own window at the world before broaching their next Great Idea with the community, or that you are the sort of cancerous polyp that thrives in the soap-operatic, stagnant echo chambers these things breed where you actually have seen them.

Don't get me wrong; Discord is superb for voicechat, and a great IM protocol/Skype equivalent, but the notion that it is a healthy framework for a general, open membership community is laughable, and anyone who suggests so can fuck off until their naked idiocy is cured.

So piss off, you unmitigable fuckwit.



Why are you replying to a 4 month old post?


Thank you Amod



How can you tell who is and isn't a mod?



It's on the board log



Which is? None of the icons up top take me there.



File: 80b8f5390e8cdaf⋯.png (12.61 KB, 921x253, 921:253, Log.PNG)



forgot my pic.



Oh man, I was looking in the totally wrong place. Now I feel really stupid. Thank you anon. It looks like we get a new volunteer today.



it probably took him 4 months to write that


File: 61c6ca630f4d60a⋯.png (2.02 KB, 456x23, 456:23, buzzmod pls.PNG)


I have a question on what you define as "real life politics at the door" in 1b.

It looks like a post of mine was deleted in the FA hate thread, and I was pretty confused, as my post wasn't off-topic. I'd like to have a more concrete definition here, because I really didn't think that would qualify as breaking the rules because of how loose that definition is.

Now the post in question talked about the recent Code of Conduct change in FA. It talks about "Individuals and groups promoting hatred (Nazism, KKK, ISIS, etc)". Within the comments, I pointed out there were Antifa sympathizers in those comments - which Antifa has recently not had a very peaceful record. It wasn't too much a political discussion, and everyone who replied agreed on how stupid the whole situation was.

The only other somewhat political thing I mentioned is the need for platforms open to free speech - as many platforms these days are trying to stop "hateful" content.

Is merely mentioning the confederate fursuiter, in something like a convention or fursuit thread considered offtopic/too political?

I'm a bit confused and upset on why this occurred, and I'd like to have a detailed explanation. I'd also like to point out that almost everything will have some relationship to politics. It's just a matter of how much you're willing to abstract yourself.

Fuck /pol/ and /leftypol/. I don't like either one of them. It seems that it has also made mods paranoid.


Thanks for cleaning up the furries among humans thread. That could have been bad.


File: 997cb93e8bb5397⋯.jpg (146.03 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, yeah boss.jpg)


It was deleted because it was politics in a thread where it wasn't necessary. Its not that I disagreed with your views, its that it just wasn't the place for it. You can go on and on for years about how shitty FA is without bringing up politics even once. If you notice I deleted all the /leftypol/ posting in the thread as well. I'm really not trying to make you paranoid and I'm sorry if I did.


No problem boss.


File: 81b8e06a2e240d3⋯.jpg (161.64 KB, 796x1049, 796:1049, snackbar.jpg)


Would I be able to make another post talking about the CoC changes / CoC in general, or am I not allowed to do that?

The CoC vaguely bans hate groups such as "(Nazism, KKK, ISIS, etc)" - which inherently gets a little political.

Personally, I've had no problem with politics if:

a. It's not a complete shitpost directly about politics with little-to-no grounding to the furry fandom, such as "what other furfags around here support politician X?"

b. It relates directly to the furry fandom and/or the main topic of the thread. For example, recently, a councilman in CT resigned recently after his furfag powerlevel was revealed. Other good examples would include "Furries for ISIS" memes, or shitting on buzzfeed-esque articles related to furries

c. It's not controversial, and everyone can have some form of agreement



Your post about the CoC was fine. However when you drifted into talking about Antifa, this is where it becane a problem. That had nothing to do with the CoC, and it was only meant to make a political stance. I understand maybe the whole thing is political in nature, but it helps keep the thread on the rails if you stick to one subject. You can say "this CoC is unfair and is obviously malicious" without brining up Antifa and giving the leftists something to screech about.


File: b90fe6913d76b6b⋯.png (120.62 KB, 720x958, 360:479, crazy_lil_tamama_by_jewfro….png)


>However when you drifted into talking about Antifa

I disagree with that statement. It was absolutely relevant to FA's CoC. The first thing I thought of when I read the CoC, was "what do you define as a hate group? Is there going to be a double standard for those who are leftists (see twitter, youtube, or any other major social media platform)". I became concerned once only violent right winged groups were mentioned, with no word about the recent violence of Antifa - as were some of the other faggots on FA posting comments about it.

>You can say "this CoC is unfair and is obviously malicious" without brining up Antifa and giving the leftists something to screech about

Nobody in the thread was screeching about what I was saying. Antifa, and antifa-sympathizers are merely a vocal minority within the left. Hell, even /leftpol/'s Noam Chomsky doesn't like Antifa, Taking a shit on historically violent groups is not controversial, unless you have been indoctrinated into believing so.

Also, that post didn't derail the thread. There were 2 replies about the comments made on FA, and the thread kept moving.

I'm still confused on what's allowed and what isn't. I want to freely express myself, but I don't want my posts deleted. I remember having a fun in /furry/ shitting on some new furry-website with something like 40 options for gender. I'm afraid these rules at /fur/ are going to be too restrictive on what can be said.


File: 8c20da78845ecca⋯.jpg (93.57 KB, 640x640, 1:1, buhgod.jpg)


You can make fun of 40 or 50 genders without once bringing up a political group. I don't understand why this is so hard to process for you. Every time you respond it gets harder and harder to communicate with you because you just repeat yourself over and over again and expect a different answer each time.

You can take a shit on whatever you want as long as it has to do with the thread.

You just said yourself that there was no word about Antifa in the CoC. So why bring them up, then? You said in your own words that you are the sole person who brought them into the conversation. The correlation between Antifa and that CoC decision was fabricated by you entirely. Nobody said their name but you. Nobody connected them to the CoC but you. That is exactly where the issue lies. Instantly after you posted, people stopped talking about FA and started shifting towards lefty this, righty that. No matter how right you may have been, that's a derail by anyone's definition. Nobody is being restrictive on what you can talk about but derails are being cracked down on. Its a very simple concept. Please get it through your head. Please. Let me give you a baby-tier example.

Let us say that someone makes a list of names of all "nazi furries" again. OP 1 says "typical /leftypol/, dangerous libtards on the roam again," or some variant. This thread is obviously going to be nothing but shitposting and mudflinging from both sides because that was the only conversation offered. That would be deleted.

OP2 makes the same thread. But his post is "Someone is making a list of people who don't agree with them and telling people not to do business with them, and an unfortunate number of people are starting to listen. ITT we talk about why mob rule is wrong and what to do to stop it." That thread is going to be able to stay up because it can go any number of different ways without being political and allowing for derails at all. Again I would like to reiterate: your freedom of speech is always valued. You however do not have freedom to derail by shitposting about unrelated stuff to steer a thread a different direction. It is as simple as saying what you need to say while attributing your ideas to one person, not a group at large. Dragoneer's decisions don't need to be attributed to Antifatards. You can make fun of him and his shitty choices for eons before even touching on his political beliefs. Once you bring a political affiliation into it, then you have people swarming the thread because they feel like they've been personally slighted and the conversation becomes about what they believe and not about what the OP had in mind. We have had a ton of threads devolve into this lately and I am getting really sick and tired of it. I really hope that I explained it well enough for you.


File: 5fd628f619cfdd0⋯.png (2.98 KB, 584x21, 584:21, 238 matches.PNG)


The reason I was confused about the whole "gender" situation, is that it's become a politicized issue. Glad to know there's a little more clarity on what you're saying, and it seems you're a little more focused on political groups. I was having trouble understanding your methodology.

You kept saying I derailed the thread - yet as I have mentioned earlier, the thread kept moving without any problems. Just looking at the 2 replies, they were only talking about how retarded the whole comments section was.

>You just said yourself that there was no word about Antifa in the CoC. So why bring them up, then?

Only violent right-wing groups were mentioned as banned, so Antifa was mentioned quite a bit in the comments of FA. Doing a quick pagesearch, it was mentioned 238 times, assuming none of those comments were deleted.

>Let us say that someone makes a list of names of all "nazi furries" again. OP 1 says "typical /leftypol/, dangerous libtards on the roam again," or some variant. This thread is obviously going to be nothing but shitposting and mudflinging from both sides because that was the only conversation offered. That would be deleted.

I never made a huge blanket statement on a broad group with different views unlike the example you are presenting. I was talking about Antifa sympathizers, and I was focused on some of the [quality] comments on FurAffinity.

Look, I understand what you are talking about, and I don't like it when someone from /pol/ or /leftypol/ makes a thread shitting on the other side as a straw man. I wasn't paying too much attention to the comments above, but I'm guessing there was a lot of shit, so you were in a "shoot first, ask questions later" attitude. I keep replying because I really believe it was out of the line to delete that post. I just hope this kind of censorship doesn't continue. Obviously, you can't have a perfect system. I would much rather have slightly too much said than too little around here.


I'm fine with it tbh but you can't really take action on something said weeks ago that managed to be mostly ignored.


Why was the Vermin thread anchored?


File: 1e6b566d4f1969e⋯.png (42.89 KB, 447x108, 149:36, Untitled.png)


>Why was the Vermin thread anchored?

Because it wasn't about the game Vermintide 2. It was just a porn dump. If replies to the thread get better the decision can be reversed.



Because (((Birdmod))) is a piece of shit.



>reply to a dead thread that can't be bumped that no one will see and if your replies to yourself are deemed worthy i will unlock it

you are why this board went from 15 pph to 0-2

right now people defend you because they're happy you banned politics but soon they'll see it's not just politics, it's whatever you don't like. you don't write real reasons for bans in the ban messages, just memes. cause you have no reason.



Honestly the "no politics" thing is absolutely retarded.

Politics are everywhere, and banning people because they tried to have a discussion on what's supposed to be a discussion-focused furry board seems really hypocritical.

It's not politics that need to be banned, it's the dumb /pol/ and /leftypol/ shitposters. Yet they keep getting away with it while political discussion is banned.


File: e75cd3a28612953⋯.jpg (43.42 KB, 600x338, 300:169, ^W^.jpg)


>The idea here is to foster discussion and content creation as we share our interests. In contrast most furry communities tend to prioritize being porn dumps.

Thank you so much for TRYING to be better. Thank you for having standards.


Watch out for an incoming wave of retarded halfchanners. >>>/tech/813820



The only politics getting banned here are left-wing anti-/pol/ stuff, because the mods are fucktarded idiots who frequent /pol/ and .or like the fandom for the pedophilia rampant in it. Or both.

It would not surprise me if that dumb "my doctor fucked up the surgery" joke of a tranny Sechs Fuckhaven is on staff here. His pretend board no one but him uses is now dead. He likes to blame everyone but himself for his shit life, and turned /pol/ because of the crappy surgery that left him a freak. Must be the fault of the LGBT community for not picking a better doctor.

The furry fandom is full of shitheads and retards, and they've overrun and taken control of the fandom. It really is a front now, anyone claiming otherwise is a stupid motherfucker of a low IQ. IE /pol/

Facts hurt your fucking feelings? Blow me. You want a safe space of /pol/ narrative, not facts. Free speech, like fuck you care about that. Be honest for fuckigng once, you subhuman brown-haired trash.



I laugh as Sechs' existence, and /pol/ is pretty stupid most of the time, but aren't you the maddest madboi I have seen in months? Seriously, go get some sleep.



>seriously implying /leftypol/ doesn't derail the shit out of things as well

No bias here gentlemen, none whatsoever.

Fuck off.


Mods, quit being gigantic faggots and pay attention to your fucking report queue.



We appreciate the reports we get and we do pay attention to them.



Alright, is there any way I can hit one of you up in a PM, email or IRC or something? The shit from the e6 thread has continued hitting fans and screencaps/archives of relevant evidence might be necessary.



We're currently carefully observing the e621 thread. I can't really say much about what our plans are with it but rest assured we are responding to reports when they are submitted especially ones relating to doxxing. We're taking that especially seriously right now.



You can email bellcollar@cock.li when you need to talk about something.

For now I have Kemo running in isolation on the thread to keep the anon who's doxxing at bay.


So, I have something overly political and fandumm related. WHERE do I post it? Is there another board this place recognizes?



>anon who's doxxing at bay.

Wait what? Who's doxxing and who he's targetting?




>8ch, home of free speech

>furries are just as pozzed and biased to protect popufurs

Why did i expect any differently



>doxxing is free speech!

Drink bleach



Doxxing is against the rules anon. Make your own furry board if you want to dox people



Better yet, don't be a gigantic faggot and resort to dox because someone made your posterior sore



>/pol/ is full of butthurt people


Also, dox doesn't include public information. If some moron puts his real name on his FA profile that's hardly doxing them



>/pol/ is full of butthurt people

You're joking, right? They're always buttmad about something.

>blah blah ackshually

I don't care.


Literally what's wrong with doxxing?

If you put your private information on the internet, you deserve to have it compiled and shown to the public.

I can understand trying to protect your own identity, but why the identity of others.

People will always find a way to post doxxes anyway, seems kind of pointless. Meanwhile, political shitposting is still rampant and there's nothing being done about it.



The only reason a person doxxes someone else is to bully them and to silence them. Allowing it on a website causes the tone of the website to get much more predatory and pro harassment. (IE: Hey everyone this artist ripped me off here's all of his personal information) threads.

Generally speaking the golden rule applies, nobody wants their information shared with other people to gawk at and by the same token you shouldn't do it to someone else just to spite them because you have a minor disagreement.



Listen to me, you shitheel. There are websites that compile personal information WITHOUT your consent (you have to track the fuckers down and OPT OUT rather than opting in in the first place) and REGARDLESS it's a fucking shitty thing to turn a fucking internet slappyfight into "I'm going to leak your personal details all over the place to attract internet lunatics". And just because someone else does it doesn't mean you should.




While it is a shitty move, it shouldn't be outright banned. Especially if there are bigger issues to deal with.

It's just fun to send a pizza to someone you despise, you know?



Bigger issues like what, exactly? And pestering people in real life because you couldn't pester them online enough to suit your needs. Aren't you a winner.


File: 787abf25c4e7b1d⋯.jpg (299.48 KB, 800x1068, 200:267, cb89e2bf624a7a3cf01ed214a4….jpg)

What's the verdict on Discord/Skype/etc. advertising threads/posts issue?


>If you put your private information on the internet, you deserve to have it compiled and shown to the public.

I don't think people deserve it, but they do run that risk. If someone wants to dox, it should be their own investigation, and not creating threads or posting for help, ecouraging it, etc, on this board. Doxing comes with the territory.

>Meanwhile, political shitposting is still rampant and there's nothing being done about it.

I don't understand why there's so many political posts on this board. If the posters just sage I really wouldn't mind, but it all floats up on the front page at some point.


File: 32d74fb0976a1a2⋯.mp4 (362.34 KB, 800x1006, 400:503, DPRtKMVUEAAoUFg.mp4)


Go back to Twitter/Tumblr.



Depends on what you define as "doxxing".

I do not consider revealing information that is public about someone who has already been linked to that public information 'doxxing'.

But, some people think, say, posting Frank's facebook page to Frank's youtube is "doxxing".

My opinion, doxxing only matters when it involves anonymous accounts linked to one's personal information. IE, I were to reveal that you lived at 0800 Bixby Lane, essentially.



>What's the verdict on Discord/Skype/etc. advertising threads/posts issue?

It's considered trash content and gets deleted

>I don't understand why there's so many political posts on this board. If the posters just sage I really wouldn't mind, but it all floats up on the front page at some point.

It's been considered to have a general political containment thread however the biggest fear upon doing so is it invites a /pol/ element and leads to raid attempts on the board as well as rampant doxxing of users from other boards because a furry board is a very appealing target for such things.


I don't see what's wrong with porn dumps even.



No fun allowed





>I don't see what's wrong with porn dumps even.

It's currently been agreed upon that porn dumps limit discussion and encourage a more passive approach to the board. IE: People just visit, view/download images and leave. We wanna be less "the edgy gossip filled e621" and more "the place you can talk about the furry fandom without being attacked by a ton of orbiters of a particular popular artist."


Why is the Kobold thread bumplocked?

It was not an image dump thread. No porn-only nonsense. We've had good discussion rolling.

This comes across as incredibly shitty.



It was initially seen as just a dump thread. It was reassessed and the bumplock was removed.



Poor move, judging a thread that early, I'd say. Especially when the board's currently covered in shitposts, dramafagging, and politics.

Especially when we've already got three at least, that I know of, image dump threads. Most notably being the pokemon one.

Then again, the bumplock was after the thread was fairly under-way, too, so that doesn't rightly explain it either.

Unless you guys aren't reading the threads before you judge them, merely going by OP posts.

In which case, terrible move, and of course it still leaves the issue of existing dump threads left alone, leaving the clear double standard still rampant.


What's the image limit for threads on this board? I'm thinking of doing another story time and am hoping to fit it all in one thread.


What do you guys think about /furry/ being under new management?

Do you think it will amount to anything?




It looks like it's just become a refuge for retards that are butthurt about this board.

Check out the thread with the Nick reaction image.

The faggot who was crying in our sticky about being banned for stirring up political shit is now crying and claiming we're all a bunch of racist nazi /pol/acks.

Some of them are also so far behind the times they think the whitelist is still currently in effect when that hasn't been the case for months.

It's dead jim.



And now that I've checked some of the other threads it seems to only be populated by one or two easily triggered babbies on top of this.

Some anon apparently keeps making race jokes and they keep derailing instead of ignoring.

I hope they stay there.


File: 8a653829560bfa7⋯.png (71.36 KB, 1680x923, 1680:923, Untitled.png)


The new mods showed their true colors very quickly. I'm mostly just putting this here for archive purposes, because I fully expect it to be deleted from /furry/.



Maybe your post looked like shit...



As opposed to the other high quality posts on /furry/?

Seriously, go check it out. See what our former home has become.


Can we add a wordfilter for "coonfox"?







File: 94f9c5897ebce70⋯.png (388.49 KB, 1650x918, 275:153, Untitled.png)

>Removing half of an off-topic politically-charged argument, but not the other half

Will you fuckers stop this shit?



Those aren't that political, I'd argue.



I'd argue that if it belongs in /pol/, it's political.



>someone says niggers

>"muh pol muh pol muh pol"

Thats why it got deleted you disingenuous piece of shit. The other ones get to stay up because they were just trying to have a discussion about foxes before you turned it political because they used a word you didn't like. Fuck you.



There's no reference to Trump or Nazis, you're just a dumb nigger who doesn't understand the crass nature behind chan culture. If you want shit moderated like Club Penguin, head back there.



>Calling everyone niggers is a discussion about foxes.




It's not political you drooling retard.



The politics rule is to stop derailing. Arguing that politically charged terms may have non-political uses doesn't change the fact that they're politically charged.



Except that nigger isn't political, it's a pejorative used before the creation of /pol/. You're just an idiot.



>muh politically charge beam

absolute newfag nigger detected. neck yourself plebbitor


Hey, it's been a while since I last posted as I've been busy.

The whitelist thread has hit post limit, but I won't be making another one for now. There isn't much benefit in maintaining lists that become depreciated when IP Hashs change every few weeks, unbeknownst to most users. It's no surprise most people don't bother keeping up to date.

We're better off gathering hashes in the event Kemo needs to be active.



You motherfucking cocksucking nigger faggot Jewboy soyboy redditor tumblerina special-snowflake cuck cucking cuckasaurus cuckacuck cuck shit-eating ass-fucking retard autist libshit fake-news trannie commie, you should neck yourself, KYS, jump off a bridge, suck a dick, go back to mommy, go back to reddit, go back to tumblr, go back to /leftypol/, go back to San Francisco, go back to halfchan, and just GO BACK.

There. Do I fit in with your imageboard culture now? Did I hit all your cute little meme insults and catchphrases and retorts? Am I doing it right yet??



Yeah, now stop whining and deal with it, dumb nigger.



Can you ban the retard that thinks insults are politics?



How about he start with the retard who is shitposting about "dragons are mammals" in every fucking thread.



I've only seen that going on in one thread, are you sure you aren't overreacting like a little bitch?



I see where the SJW faggots are coming from, they got doxed on /baph/ near April and Junius linked it here.


They crosdboarded and ended up here.



>shit happens on a board

>faggots shit up an unrelated board


it's like they go out of their way to be the most hate-worthy shits on the internet



I guess it's their guilt by association mentality.

They somehow look worse than what I pictured them to be. I no longer feel bad when they mock me anymore because they look like miserable genetic dead ends. So much for the LGBTQIA+ movement giving them happiness. It's more depressing than hilarious. So depressing that I kind of want them to keep their dumb e-fame because it's the most they can ever achieve in their life.



Lmao, I have a feeling that they are communists because they want a federally enforced diet.


File: 27f6c38040e3510⋯.jpg (68.37 KB, 732x413, 732:413, DDgFT2zWAAMN-v0.jpg)

File: 5b1f89c3c042a55⋯.png (172.59 KB, 640x400, 8:5, My sides _5426b1f090e62c01….png)





Fairly certain I've seen him posting at least in three threads. Basically anywhere dragons come up.



I joined in on the baiting, sorry anon. I'll stop my part. Reptiles = no tits

Capiche? Truce?



Ideally, sure, they'd have no tits. Though, just don't say "dragons are mammals" and I'm happy.



Sure thing! Dragons are monsters.



Yeah I noticed that after I made that post, my bad.


File: 6d2a64395d52b31⋯.png (801.62 KB, 791x6957, 791:6957, aux furry discussion.png)



That's a chatlog from /monster/'s discord, not sure how it's relevant here.



>muh scales

Dragons are as much mammals as reptiles. you have autism


Dragons are subby bitches in need of a superior human cock up their ass AND dick slit, that's all that matters



>not just one single hole

Cloaca is best



>Obama lost the popular vote, too

This is what Trumpfags actually believe.



More like underage b& /pol/ users who didn't live during his election.



>If I wasn't alive when it supposedly happened, I'm going to call "fake news" and nobody can stop me!

Most of what goes on in /pol/, particularly holocaust deniers and Nazi worship, is because of this.

I guess they weren't alive back when Trump was a liberal democrat, either.


File: c1a5758f39a7295⋯.png (212.26 KB, 543x694, 543:694, eOGWQJz.png)




They were talking about how he lost the primaries in 2008 against Hillary.


Fake news, though, right? XD

You guys are morons.



>you guys

It's one butthurt retard.



He's back.



No, they weren't. Everyone who uses Discord was in kindergarten ten years ago, and are deliberately ignorant of all history before they were born.



So true.



Who is this guy?




Even after given evidence of him losing the majority vote in the primaries, you still insist on firmly believe in your disproven "conclusion". They're right, you're not. Suck it up.



Nobody gives a shit about the primaries. It's not comparable. Unlike the vote for the actual president, a primary is not meant to be an exact representation of the voter's wants. It's an appointment, not an election; that's why there are delegates.



Still lost the majority vote within an election, so it is comparable.



By that logic, an election for kindergarten student council would be comparable because both of them are an election. Don't be stupid.



Good thing our nation isn't run by majority rule.

It'd be pretty shit.



>what is the constitution off the united states of america

Yeah, I too want a hand full of cities in America to be sole deciding factor for the laws in the rest of the country, please, just cuck my shit up fam.



A kindergarten election isn't the same as an presidential election in the primaries, you're retarded.



It looks like "no /zoo/ content" was removed from the rules as stated in >>40127 :

>it goes without saying given our clearly defined subject

This is not really the case when you get into murrsuit threads. Is it banned in murrsuit threads or not?


I feel like most users here are nice and friendly, but there are a few who're rude and responsible for most of the insults and hateful posts. An abuse of anonymity if you will.



You already have enough validation on twitter, Patrick.



Nope. Wrong person.


I'm thinking about making a quest, would anyone be interested in playing?



Go for it.


So when are you guys gonna get rid of the political derailment in >>62369 and >>30640



Let me guess, the shitstirring gfur faggot started crying about /pol/ because someone said "nigger" or some other shit again?



Yup, except he raged because someone used "tumblr" in a negative context.

Fuck tumblr.



>now we're down to sub 75 IPs

What happened bros?



A couple of politispergs keep derailing threads over petty shit, which is enough to suffocate all other kinds of discussion when the board already had a low population to begin with, which in turn drives people away.

If you see someone start bawling about a barely tangentially related IRL political issue then you can assume they're here to turn the board into a hugbox or destroy it in the attempt.

I want 2015 8chan back.


>We try to be flexible and give situations time to breathe before acting.

>We like to let shit fester until we get enough complaints*

Fixed that for you, mods.


It's obvious that at least some of the politispergs are actively trying to kill the board.



It's like three guys from what I can tell.

One is obviously the obnoxious gfur faggot that goes out of his way to start shit (he's so obnoxious I'm almost convinced he's a /pol/ faggot "merely pretending"), and the other two are the retards that seemingly have to respond out of an autistic impulse.

They've derailed so many times and had the exact same arguments over and over you could probably make a really long pasta out of their faggotry.




Just casually use offensive slurs.



>tumblrite offended at tumblr being a negative

>not already knowing this is a universal truth

never change tumblr.


One of the board volunteers BAAAAAWed because i told his fellow buttbuddy to go back to /pol/ for bringing up the 'ancient worldwide jewish conspiracy' bullshit, so the fag deleted all my posts in all the other threads. BO, just fire the imbecile already, make the board a better place.



It's because you repeatedly derail every thread with the intention of stirring shit up. What the hell does Milo Yiannapolous have to do with cub porn? Are you genuinely retarded?


BO >>63670 is probably the biggest reason the board's population has declined so sharply over the past couple of months.

Something needs to be done about this faggot, and the two retards that keep helping him derail threads by crying at him (assuming it isn't just him samefagging).




That wasnt me you retard. Also the idiot did it again; >>64124

BO just ban the /pol/tard mod already.


There's some shit in >>63865 that hasn't been cleaned up yet



Commies don't deserve a platform because they do everything they can to deplatform anyone to the right of Marx. In practice, giving freedom to them means allowing them to restrict others as they're can't comprehend the concept of sacrifice and compromise.

You want others to play fair so that you can fuck them over easily. It doesn't work that way, sweetheart. You have to make the first move of not screeching "DRUMPFFF"/"WHITE SUPREMIST" so that others will comply with you.

It's pointless if people agree with you because you would flock to the next group of supposed NUHTZEEES instead. So fuck right off.


>leave for two weeks hoping the retards would get bored

>come back to see gfur autist is still derailing

Enable whitelist pls



you should be banning ALL politics, not just "politics i disagree with", nigger

>inb4 b& for this

>not that it'll matter, considering there are ways around it



bullshit strawman, mod is a /pol/fag; fuck yourself



Sorry Marxist, you don't deserve a platform because you frequently deny others a platform.


Nah, you're just obnoxious.



>Sorry Marxist


you're literally no better than the retard sjws who call everyone they don't like a nazi (not that you'll ever admit it)

>you don't deserve a platform because you frequently deny others a platform

>missing the point this fucking hard

nigger, what i said was to can ALL politics

i don't give a shit whether you're right, left, centrist, or whatever autistic political alignment there is these days, because this isn't /pol/, /leftypol/, or /whateverthefuckpol/; hell i'm pretty sure there's a /furrypol/ or something that would be better suited for political shit than here

if you want to bitch, moan, and baaaaw about politics, go to or make your own goddamn separate board (or "platform" or whatever you politiniggers call it these days) and keep them the fuck out of this one


the only way to get commie trolls to leave your community alone is to not respond to their inflammatory shit.

I know, if you're not a libtard you'll feel inclined to confront them on their bullshit because your position is based on facts instead of feeling, however they know this and exploit this trait to expand their agenda, they are also emotional thinkers, so no amount of arguing will make them stop being retarded.

>hurr im a retarded antifa soyboy faggot im being retarded your a nazi GIVE ME ATTENTION

No, don't even waste brainpower debunking what he says, let him be as retarded as he wants and eventually he'll get tired and leave.


I-I’m gay



would have been shocking if you were straight tbh

are you cute?


That reminds me, we've got tumblrshit leaking in. Mods should try to stay on top of that before we hit cuckchan-levels of saturation.


File: 742d43a770a5e7e⋯.png (826.29 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, toxic ref sheet.png)

Can my fursona be one of the official mascots of /fur/? I could put a ∞ symbol around his eyes so he fits in better with N8.


File: b524025d2e2d1a2⋯.png (97.41 KB, 264x272, 33:34, that's stupid.png)


>thread I’d been venting in gets deleted



tone down the moderation please. i see far too many threads deleted, it's absurd


File: dc662096f1d21df⋯.png (8.13 KB, 1182x37, 1182:37, ClipboardImage.png)

<banned some guy for making a single dump thread for a fetish the mod has a hateboner over.

>other threads are fine

<muh forced discussion

i see trying to turn /fur/ into reddit continues



So why didn't you just dump the porn in the vore thread?



It's mostly shit threads like people avatarfagging and discord shilling that we've been deleting.


The only reason we banned was because you kept reposting the same thread over and over after we deleted it. We felt like we had to send a message. There was a consensus among the staff about it. We picked a short ban window for that reason.

There's already a vore thread and you can post in there. If you want to make another Vore thread that's fine but it needs to be discussion oriented and not a porn dump.


>So why didn't you just dump the porn in the vore thread?

Good question


The only reason I come to /fur/ anymore is to see all the whiny furfags in this thread bitching about being banned.



Most of those posts are made by one politisperg who doesn't seem to realize he's banned simply for being an obnoxious piece of shit and not because anyone actually gives a fuck about what he believes.



This is exactly the case, yes. There is a singular /leftypol/ reject who continues to bring political discussion into places once devoid of it, who constantly derails threads, and who is the basis of a good 90 percent of reports that I see. Unfortunately he has started using Tor, so banning is no longer an option or else everyone who uses Tor will be banned. He's pretty easy to spot since he uses the same three words in every post (Drumpf, pedophile, Zaush) so he isn't very hard to root out, but he is one dedicated son of a bitch.


File: 1118eabe4a8af73⋯.png (58.31 KB, 781x328, 781:328, ClipboardImage.png)






So you chucklefucks are still pretending to act as a group so that you can brush all criticism on being a shit mod under the rug after a year it didnt work. It's not going to work on me, so dont even bother trying that line. I hate vorefags but I would still defend vorefags over reddit moderation.

And again this week you proving you're nothing but reddit again.

>This place is for discussion, punk ass

>but only discussion I ALLOW

>bans people for having an opinion about a subject

Why havent you killed yourself yet (((BuzzMod)))? Nobody needs your nannystate ass around the board, you're 10 worse than Bell ever was and that says something since he killed the board completely.

Inb4 I'm a pedo because I point out how you belong on reddit again.



Calm doooown


Why did Buzzmod delete all pictures from one of the IP addresses I use? (It's a VPN IP because I rarely trust my ISP)

This goes across multiple threads too (see . No reason was given. It wasn't isolated to a thread. As far as I know, my last few posts were on topic, and it didn't start any drama.



That was my mistake. You posted a picture of a woman being eaten by bees which was reported and I accidentally deleted all of your pictures instead of just that one. I'm very sorry and you are more than welcome to reupload them. Again I deeply apologize.


What's the point of these new draconian anti-cub policies. I understand not wanting every other thread being derailed by pro/anti-cub shitposting, but if a cub image is relevant to the thread topic, why is it suddenly verboten to be posted? I'm mainly referring to >>69509.

This is the kind of moderator overreach that kills discussion and content sharing.



The cub thread is the only place where a cub image would be relevant to a topic. Stop trying to force your shit fetish on everyone else. You people are the only ones who do this.



Cub images could be relevant in the commissions thread, if they were someone's purchase. Cub images could be relevant in the drawthread, if they were someone's request, or the edit thread if someone wanted them edited. Cub images are relevant in the favorite artist thread, if said favorite artist draws them.

You are wrong.


File: b7ce8d6d222d5f5⋯.jpg (23.86 KB, 478x296, 239:148, 1419565231758.jpg)


Yeah the cub image was on topic; it wasn't a random shitpost to stir shit up.

Just because one or two autists sperg out with "MUH FCP ALL YOU ARE PEDOS" doesn't mean you have to delete it. At the very least, if you want to wave your hotpocket around, you can make it required to spoiler cub outside of cub threads.


File: 736dd9e1f39ad8f⋯.jpg (61.37 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 736dd9e1f39ad8f476f9a391d0….jpg)

BO, just fucking fire Buzz already. Everyone hates this retard and he contsantly shits up the board with his faggotry. Throw him in the trash where he belongs.



No one hates him except for you. chilll



Everyone makes mistakes and I accept your apology. Thank you for the explanation.


I agree. BuzzMod is a good mod doing a good job.


File: d4ea7d4bca328f9⋯.webm (434.26 KB, 720x480, 3:2, sneaky cat.webm)


File: e823bff94d6d9e5⋯.jpg (56.53 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, e823bff94d6d9e56a413549e34….jpg)



I apologize for that. It was a mistake on our part due to ambiguity regarding how cub art is handled, which we’ve since then discussed and cleared up.

Fetishes like it can be posted outside of their respective threads if they are relevant to the topic, as with that thread or the draw thread. It's also ideal if people are courteous and spoiler certain things.

The line for relevance can only be so well defined, but if there are issues we'll stay on top of each case and handle them. Most users should recognize what's appropriate



Decided to come back after 6 months. Pitching in to say Buzz sucks and is the reason I left.



You never left.


bird and buzz are why i stopped posting too. if i wanted to get rulecucked, i'd just go to reddit.

instead i go to 4chan/trash now. ironic how i used to call it 4freechan yet now it has a board less moderated than this. sad!

hope you're enjoying your 1 post per hour retard. dozens of people warned you that this is what would happen.



You never left, too.



>even /zoo/ is higher on the board list... by a lot

you sure are optimistic! yep no one's ever left



And that's even after /zoo/ was split off into itself and /zooscat/.



File: e18b706dea3319f⋯.png (13.83 KB, 360x195, 24:13, Capture _2018-05-05-21-56-….png)


Fake news.




You haven't left yet.



Aye this is the mod for /furrypolitics/

If there are any threads that are political send them my way please and thank you


File: 5f5e83d39677259⋯.png (487.86 KB, 467x381, 467:381, ClipboardImage.png)

In light of all these image deletions and bumplocking that seem to trail back to cub, what is the administrative stance on N8? Will you ban everybody who ever posts N8 in the future? I don't understand what the idea is here. It's suddenly ambiguous as to what I am allowed to post and where.

There's a dedicated avian thread and some people don't like birds -- will I be banned for posting a bird elsewhere? If I use a reaction image in a discussion thread, will my post be deleted because a "reaction image general" exists? Would an image such as this one be deleted and directed of the cub general simply because they look too young to somebody's subjective viewpoint? What do the administrators define as acceptable? Barring the obvious scat, which fetishes or subjects are allowed in broad-topic threads and which ones need to be confined to specific generals?

You guys have decided to draw a line so grey and fuzzy it's impossible to know what side to stand on. At least elaborate on what exactly you're intending so that the rules are clear for everybody.

I despise cub by the way



I'll give it a casual mention. By the way, what's the reasoning behind making that board? Do you think there's really a need for a furry /pol/?


>You guys have decided to draw a line so grey and fuzzy it's impossible to know what side to stand on. At least elaborate on what exactly you're intending so that the rules are clear for everybody.

Did you look at the first post in this very thread? The rules are very clear and they've been in place for most of /fur/'s existence. Why things might seem a bit over-moderated now is that we didn't really have much moderation going on for a good while. For example, the guy who constantly derailed threads with politics and the dragons with paws guy certainly fucked up a good amount of threads, but they were only reprimanded by a mod long after they initially started shitposting. In this case, the mod/s were a bit more prompt with this situation. The Floraverse thread was never about the webcomic, the Califur thread wasn't about Califur, and the Zabivaka / Russian furry agents thread was never about its stated subject. In fact, here's a link to it: >>66398 . It's absolutely fine to have a thread on cubs and discuss them, and while it is a fairly controversial topic, it's certainly preferable to have it all in one thread than to have it seep into other unrelated threads and tarnish, or maybe even kill off the original topic.

As far as the image deletions go, I'm not really aware of all the things that have been deleted, so I can't give much of an opinion on that. I'd think common sense the above rules would be all that you'd need to not get your images deleted.


>what is the administrative stance on N8?

Our boy beat down Kamen Rider and Nanichi, he's a hero. As soon as he recovers from the ruthless beatdown Sly Marbo gave him.



>For example, the guy who constantly derailed threads with politics and the dragons with paws guy certainly fucked up a good amount of threads, but they were only reprimanded by a mod long after they initially started shitposting

The problem isn't that; the problem is that the mods are using this as an excuse to start exercising their opinions and tastes as unilateral dictators. They kinkshame certain fetishes and deliberately play favorites in political arguments, for example. They have zero interest in making things better; they're only pushing the "agenda" of making everything like /pol/, despite that it goes against the previous board culture and the furry subculture as a whole.

Lack of moderation is usually only an issue when it's literally board-destroying things like when /furry/ was spammed to death. A few retards shitposting here and there isn't much of a concern on a board that has enough traffic to push it to the wayside. In essence, the majority opinion will police itself and the userbase will moderate itself. The reason it's an issue right now is because /fur/ is so fucking dead that one troll with a some spare time can singlehandedly supersede the entire goddamn board traffic only his own efforts (no spambots required).

Basically, what I'm saying is when you're reached the point where you're begging for mods to police your board, you're 1) only going to make things worse, and 2) already past the point where your board is dead. To put a hilariously political spin on this concept: once you've reached a point where you elect a clown to destroy the establishment of your country, you've 1) allowed him to make things worse, and 2) past the point where democracy has obviously failed.

8chan is dead. Face reality. Maybe it's a sign that imageboard culture in general has passed the point of usefulness and has now become obsolete, or maybe something else will pop up in the next few years. I don't know. What I do know is that that place is garbage and will never get better, no matter how hard the mods try and force their own personal beliefs on the few-dozen people still regularly posting here.



>They kinkshame certain fetishes and deliberately play favorites in political arguments, for example.

>i can't post zoo like I do on /furi/ ;'(

They don't kinkshame, they just state that taboo fetishes like cub, zoo, and scat should be in their own containment thread. The same rule was in /furry/.

>They have zero interest in making things better; they're only pushing the "agenda" of making everything like /pol/, despite that it goes against the previous board culture and the furry subculture as a whole.

Really? Because the only political person I'm seeing is the anti-Trump sperg who rants about Milo. I wish it were /pol/.

>8chan is dead. Face reality. Maybe it's a sign that imageboard culture in general has passed the point of usefulness and has now become obsolete, or maybe something else will pop up in the next few years. I don't know. What I do know is that that place is garbage and will never get better, no matter how hard the mods try and force their own personal beliefs on the few-dozen people still regularly posting here.

Never died as you're still here.



Except that cub images weren't posted in that context.


The rule is that you shouldn't post non-vanilla fetishes outside of the containment thread. Been a rule since /furry/


File: cbd47a98e485833⋯.png (142.79 KB, 648x402, 108:67, coast.png)


I'm the guy you originally replied to. Regarding any mods' potential agenda, I honestly don't see it. Could you give me some examples of this? I've always felt like any ban or bumplock was used because of general shitposting, whether it's about right or left wing politics.

>They kinkshame certain fetishes

Things that aren't widely accepted should be handled a little more carefully, and if you're into more extreme stuff, you'll most likely be under criticism as it is. Feel free to make a scat or gore thread if you'd like, as there are no rules against it, but make sure you follow all the rules and don't take any bait and get your thread bumplocked.

For your last three paragraphs, I think you're wrong on most points.

>A few retards shitposting here and there isn't much of a concern on a board that has enough traffic to push it to the wayside.

/fur/ has never been that big for this to work. More so, the size of a board's userbase isn't as important compared to how the users themselves react to shitposting. How differently would a few of the threads I posted play out if the users stayed on topic and ignored/reported certain posts?

>Basically, what I'm saying is when you're reached the point where you're begging for mods to police your board...

We're not, the mods even said that they take a more hands off approach until their intervention is needed. Also, user reporting plays a big role in how these decisions are made, it's just up to the mods to enforce those decisions.

>8chan is dead.

Are you sure? You're still here. And things certainly won't get better with that attitude.



The guy you're responding to deliberately ignores all of that because he likes to play the victim.

The completely asinine claim that the vols on a board dedicated to discussing all kinds of perverse and autistic shit are trying to emulate a board that would immediately label 90% of the things posted here as degenerate and ban it on sight should tip you off that he's a whiny little faggot that's mad the vols would dare ban him for derailing his political derailing because he's always correct and you're a nazi for saying otherwise.

Now watch him sperg out and start stirring shit up again so that he gets banned for being an asshole in order to cry about oppression some ore.

Fucking hell I hate politispergs.


Could you guys unlock the PK thread and simply delete the autistic political derail? We all know locking threads will not Stop Fanta,he will simply bring politics spam to other threads like the complete autist he is, it would be better to simply ban the guy



>Regarding any mods' potential agenda, I honestly don't see it

Of course you don't see it; they just delete any dissenting opinion that doesn't line up with sucking Trump's cock all the time. If you argue with a right-wing poster talking about how fags need to burn, you'll get banned with the reason listed as "this is not /leftypol/" which is funny because they're perfectly happy letting /pol/ run this entire site. It's also wrong because disagreeing with one side (like saying Nazis are bad) isn't necessarily agreeing with the other. But that doesn't fly because it's their way or the highway.

If the gatekeepers of this were people reporting, that would mean that it's actually the userbase which is politically motivated, and reporting everything they don't like. (Not a surprise because it's always white people complaining about niggers or straight people complaining about fags, almost never the reverse.) Same result. All the content creators and "nice people" have long since left; this is now the furry version of /v/: just a bunch of assholes complaining about things they don't like, and every once in a while making a theme thread where people post the same old shit over and over again and masturbate nostalgia over the past that wasn't nearly as good as they were told it was.

It was nice to define /fur/ as the place where artists and creators congregated, but that was lost. After /furry/ got spammed all the traffic SHOULD have come here, but it didn't. I do not know why. However, the result was that all the assholes came here and turned it into a meaningless image dump and circlejerking platform for complaining about minorities. It's no longer anything to do with the community or furries or art/lit anymore. It's just /pol/ except everyone's wearing fursuit masks, just like /a/ except everyone's wearing loli masks, just like /v/ except everyone's wearing Doomguy masks.

It's all the fucking same everywhere; all fucking bland and boring; all just a bunch of whiny pubescent retards bitching about the 1% of the world that isn't completely the way they want it, and filling the cesspool with their flavorless sterilized McDonalds 99%. That's why they call them "privileged".

I tried to make it better. But nobody cares. Nobody wants what I produce because it's not about cute girls with big tits being fucked by permanently-smug idealized protagonists for the straight male audience to self-insert as. This isn't a thinking fandom; it's a fap and be done with it fandom. I could be making the equivalent of brilliant arthouse films, but everyone only wants the next Marvel movie. You've heard of the "whitewashing" that globalization has done on the world. Well, that's what furry is like here. All the texture of cardboard, and that's how people WANT it.


Wealthy straight white Christian males like to "play" the victim; I AM the victim. There's a difference. But you wouldn't understand that; you think two gay characters on evening sitcoms means they have no problems anymore.


File: 53f5a71ba2fc5ae⋯.png (27.52 KB, 650x231, 650:231, Lunaria annua.png)


You might be right, but if someone's got a complaint, I feel I should try helping out.


>Of course you don't see it; they just delete any dissenting opinion that doesn't line up with sucking Trump's cock all the time.

I see, I'll start paying more attention to what's deleted from now on, I'd like to get a clear picture of what's going on. Maybe if users were more vocal about their removed posts and appealed (this thread would work well for this), we might have a more fair board. Also, more transparency in the board log might help, as a lot of deletions by mods and report dismissals have no stated reason.

As for the state of /fur/ and its future, while cliche, it's up to us to be the change we want to see, and to not give up hope despite how awful the famdom may seem to be. I certainly do care about /fur/, but I haven't been as active lately as most of the current content here is either porn or famdom drama, neither of which I care about in large quantities, especially the latter. Despite these things, I'm trying to get into writing, making a fursona/character to vicariously act through online, and am planning at some point to share more furry-related content I find meaningful that others might enjoy. I'm sure there are a lot of others out there with similar ideas too. There's so much more potential left in anthropomorphism, so many artists and writers are stuck in the mostly-adult market that is this fandom when they could be striking it out with a new idea or narrative. Instead, artist and writers stagnate rehashing erotica year after year. "Furry" doesn't have to be like this forever, and all it takes is enough people with enough passion to make this kind of change happen. So please, post your content, start a discussion, make that furry arthouse film, I would love to see them, and so would others.

>Wealthy straight white Christian males like to "play" the victim; I AM the victim.

Well, it's not as if you both can't be victims in some way. Maybe some empathy for both parties might help (take it to the convo thread though >>42774 ).



>Of course you don't see it; they just delete any dissenting opinion that doesn't line up with sucking Trump's cock all the time. If you argue with a right-wing poster talking about how fags need to burn, you'll get banned with the reason listed as "this is not /leftypol/" which is funny because they're perfectly happy letting /pol/ run this entire site. It's also wrong because disagreeing with one side (like saying Nazis are bad) isn't necessarily agreeing with the other. But that doesn't fly because it's their way or the highway.

This never happened at all. What happens is that there's a user who derails a thread to make the same inane rant about Trump and Milo being nuhtzee peedos. There's nothing new nor insightful behind those false lies.

>It was nice to define /fur/ as the place where artists and creators congregated, but that was lost. After /furry/ got spammed all the traffic SHOULD have come here, but it didn't. I do not know why. However, the result was that all the assholes came here and turned it into a meaningless image dump and circlejerking platform for complaining about minorities. It's no longer anything to do with the community or furries or art/lit anymore. It's just /pol/ except everyone's wearing fursuit masks, just like /a/ except everyone's wearing loli masks, just like /v/ except everyone's wearing Doomguy masks.

Post proof of these so-called /pol/-threads, because I haven't been seeing them at all. You're just angered because it doesn't resemble your milque-toast twitter feed.

>Wealthy straight white Christian males like to "play" the victim; I AM the victim. There's a difference. But you wouldn't understand that; you think two gay characters on evening sitcoms means they have no problems anymore.

You aren't a victim, you're just a narcissist who thinks that everyone should kiss your feet for being an LGBT snowflake. The fact that you claim that the board is dead while repeating coming back to post in this community proves this. People of all backgrounds come here to post, I'm a gay black person who posts here and I don't mind the views because free speech means seeing the views that you disagree with.

You don't seem to be content with your "ideal" communities because they're a bland controlled hugbox where there's no variation whatsoever. From what it seems to be, it's just a dull anti-Trump gay porn dump like your twitter feed. I can't imagine people being in an echochamber for 3 years straight. Yet you want to force the same shit here so that you can complain about other sites with have unrestricted speech? Screw off.



You're a good person, so I can say with assurance that you don't belong here. This is not a place for content creators anymore, especially for those who write, as furry is primarily a visual-oriented fandom, especially so for the lazy. My advice is to join an artist's site like FA or sofurry or inkbunny (depending largely on your intended audience) and go from there. They're all nice people in places like that, who support each other and where bullshit isn't tolerated.


It's funny how you keep running back to "muh free speech". It's fucking pathetic. There are homeless people starving in the streets, nobody can afford proper healthcare, the 99% is being raped of their future to overwhelming approval through their inability to see farther than their next paycheck, minorities are being lynched and murdered on the daily, our government is openly anti-science, the President is objectively a blowhard incompetent racist asshole with a huge chip on his shoulder and no concern for even his OWN children, war with Iran looks to be just around the corner, and the best argument to solve children getting shot in schools once per week is to shove more guns into the situation and hope they cancel out like some retard's algebra.

BUT AT LEAST WE'RE ALL FREE!! At least the police (when they aren't arresting black people for daring to stand around being black) won't impede your ability to dress up as Nazis and burn flags and picket funerals! Because, as we all know, it's not life or health or peace or security or sense or logic that is the MOST IMPORTANT THING; it's being able to speak the disgusting filth of your mind whenever you want. And for that privilege, you will sell your soul. Good on you!



>You're a good person, so I can say with assurance that you don't belong here. This is not a place for content creators anymore, especially for those who write, as furry is primarily a visual-oriented fandom, especially so for the lazy. My advice is to join an artist's site like FA or sofurry or inkbunny (depending largely on your intended audience) and go from there. They're all nice people in places like that, who support each other and where bullshit isn't tolerated.

The door is open for you at any time.

>There are homeless people starving in the streets

Only in California, which is a left-wing social democracy.

>nobody can afford proper healthcare

The ACA hasn't been repealed yet. It was a bill made by the Obama administration that forces everyone to purchase health insurance with the penalty of a fine. Considering that the rates of the insurance and fines increased over time, it's no surprise that no one can afford it at all.

>minorities are being lynched and murdered on the daily

I live in Texas in the south as a gay black person and I haven't been touched once. Reality is not your twitter feed.

>our government is openly anti-science,

The same government that funded Nasa with 19.1 BILLION? So anti-science, right?

>the President is objectively a blowhard incompetent racist asshole with a huge chip on his shoulder and no concern for even his OWN children

Being anti-illegal immigration isn't racism.

>war with Iran looks to be just around the corner

Previously you were all claiming that he would have war with NK and they recently had a peace treaty.

>the best argument to solve children getting shot in schools once per week is to shove more guns into the situation and hope they cancel out like some retard's algebra.

Shooters always pick the path of least resistance. There's a good reason why the majority of them shoot in gun free zones like schools as opposed to NRA/gun conventions.


We are free, you're just an individual who is blinded by self-pity and irrational fear from reading the headlines of online news articles. You're narcissist who hasn't broke out of their bubble, shrieking "WOE IS ME" after looking at your twitter feed.

>At least the police (when they aren't arresting black people for daring to stand around being black) won't impede your ability to dress up as Nazis and burn flags and picket funerals! Because, as we all know, it's not life or health or peace or security or sense or logic that is the MOST IMPORTANT THING; it's being able to speak the disgusting filth of your mind whenever you want. And for that privilege, you will sell your soul. Good on you!

Good lord, you're dense. What does your delusional rant about the US have to do with a you being banned on a furry PORN board.



>Wealthy straight white Christian males like to "play" the victim; I AM the victim. There's a difference. But you wouldn't understand that; you think two gay characters on evening sitcoms means they have no problems anymore.



See what I mean?

Absolutely nothing in my post could have possibly lead him to draw that kind of conclusion about me.

He pulls shit out of his ass and then runs with it because retards like you keep giving him fucking (you)s.



I'm ashamed to admit it took me at least 2 months before it dawned on me that every furry I saw was in fact a person wearing a costume called a fursuit, and not, as I thought, a different species of sentient creature altogether. I've never seen a non-chef wearing a chef's costume nor a non-astronaut wearing an astronaut's costume, so in my eyes my misconception was understandable.


File: 2a049839a635c7f⋯.png (53.43 KB, 649x303, 649:303, dusk.png)



I don't think you'll be able to convince someone of a new political perspective on the net, especially on a furry-centric board. Moreover, you'll just end up provoking an unneeded response. The only way to win is to deal with others' opinions, and If you feel like someone is really forcing a political discussion/derail, just report them.

>I can't imagine people being in an echo-chamber for 3 years straight.

Yeah, social media is a trap. I feel for most people, it functions exactly as you've said, and certainly not for the betterment of those that use it.


>You're a good person, so I can say with assurance that you don't belong here.

Thank you, but I wish that were the case. I really enjoy imageboards over most other platforms, as I don't like how other forms of social media focus on individual identities. I think it's the reason why there's so much drama online in the fandom to begin with. But for imageboards, their impermanence and lack of identity are its greatest strengths.

I'll keep them in mind though. I sometimes forget that there might be another audience outside of 8chan there that I'd fit in with.

As for the rest of your post, while there are a lot of terrible things going on in the world at any time, try to focus on the good things. Especially good things you yourself could be doing to help out, and even those with differing opinions from yours will do the same.



That's the key, friend.


That's actually kind of interesting. Are you new to furry? I can see how that'd be a bit confusing for someone with no knowledge of furry subculture.



>He thinks there are no homeless people outside of California

>He thinks people could afford healthcare before the ACA, or will after it

>He thinks his own experiences are universal and nobody every experiences differently

>He thinks 19 billion dollars is a lot of money compared to the hundreds of trillions spent on waging warfare

>He thinks Trump calling African countries "shitholes" and that he wants more people from countries like Sweden isn't racist and stupid

>He thinks there's been any sort of treaty with NK beyond Kim just making empty promises

>He thinks shootings only happen in gun-free zones

Do you have anything else to add to pile onto this mountain of evidence for how stupid and ignorant you are?


HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>He thinks there are no homeless people outside of California


There are plenty of homeless people in your shitty left-wing "utopian" cities like Portland and San Francisco. If you can't help the impoverished under a free market, then you won't be able to do it under a government that's trillions in debt.

>He thinks people could afford healthcare before the ACA, or will after it

Just pointed out that your left-wing healthcare bill made it worse for everyone else. It was good temporarily, but it became worse because you decried the critics who pointed out that rates were going to rise. Unsurprisingly, less people can afford it now.

>He thinks 19 billion dollars is a lot of money compared to the hundreds of trillions spent on waging warfare

<Syrian airstrikes $92.9 million


<Nasa $19 billion


YEAH, $92.9 million for war is greater than $19 BILLION spent on a space program. I guess this is how communists compute math.

>He thinks Trump calling African countries "shitholes" and that he wants more people from countries like Sweden isn't racist and stupid

First, he said that he wanted folks from norway. Second, it's not racist to point out that non-english speakers from a country with a low GDP will find it more difficult to integrate than english speakers from a country with a high GDP. It's a fact. Third, calling that country a nice word wouldn't improve wouldn't improve the shithole of Haiti.

>He thinks there's been any sort of treaty with NK beyond Kim just making empty promises



We'll see, but you've been proven wrong about him time after time again.

>He thinks shootings only happen in gun-free zones.

Every single major reported one like Parkland and Orlando happened in a gun-free zone. Not my fault that you're too stupid to verify that information. Even without that information, common sense dictates that they target victims who can't fight back. That is why you'll notice that their causalities are unarmed civilians instead of law enforcement, soldiers, or gun owners.

>Do you have anything else to add to pile onto this mountain of evidence for how stupid and ignorant you are?

If anything, you're one because you prioritize disproven propaganda over empirical evidence and basic math. Look past your twitter feed for once.


File: 136dbe96805116f⋯.png (52.66 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 43c609b287772994de78eb44cc….png)

>responding seriously to someone accusing a bunch of furries of being nazi christian drumpf voting boogeymen

What compels a person to take something that retarded seriously?

I'm almost entirely convinced it's just some /pol/ fag fucking with you, his posts come off like one of those MSpaint drawings they make.

Is this legitimate autism?



You'd be surprised, the fandom has those types of retards on twitter.



>Left-wing lef-wing-left wing like a fucking broken record

>Cherry-picking data this hard and ignoring that a third of the USA GDP goes to "defense"

You know how many public schools could have been built and stocked and staffed for $100 dollars? Why don't we let our "muh privatized education" cabinet head just make it so only rich kids get to learn how to read. Skip the foreplay and get right to the conservative endgame.



>Left-wing lef-wing-left wing like a fucking broken record

Sorry, those are left-wing policies that have failed. Every single one of your ideals have led the destruction of any society out there. That's why the USSR, Venezuela, San Francisco is a shit heap with homeless people.

>Cherry-picking data this hard and ignoring that a third of the USA GDP goes to "defense"

I'm not cherrypicking data, I'm stating facts and using simple compare and contrast. Compare the GDP of haiti with that of any other developed country out there and you'll notice that haiti is behind any other country. The left resents the truth.

>You know how many public schools could have been built and stocked and staffed for $100 dollars?

You want a PUBLIC school to have a budget of 100 DOLLARS? WHAT? Do you know how expensive lunch, software, equipment, and school programs are?

Do you see what I mean when I say that your ideas are objectively bad? The majority of you have your head in la-la land. It's as if you don't THINK at all.

>Why don't we let our "muh privatized education" cabinet head just make it so only rich kids get to learn how to read. Skip the foreplay and get right to the conservative endgame.

Because they don't want to suppress the rights of anyone, quit reading your twitter feed. Conservatives ideally want private schools so that they can provide specialized curriculum to youth. In the past, there used to be apprenticeships solely designed for people to become artists, mathematicians, etc. That's how Frank Franzetta succeeded.

I was a straight A student from public school, but the issue I've noticed with public school is that plenty of my peers were unmotivated to pursue their education because they were given irrelevant bland topics that they weren't interested in. To them, everything was so standardized and irrelevant to the point where it gave them no fun nor applicable skill whatsoever. They skipped school and often failed courses.

It's only when they went to college/uni that they succeeded with flying colors. That's because they had more control over their future despite paying a lot for it. That's the same opportunity that conservatives want to give to youth, but leftists shriek "MUH HEARTLESS NUHTZEEEE WANTS TO MAKE MUH KIDS DUM" without ever thinking about the logistics.


File: f68c0bd8299fc81⋯.png (499.33 KB, 1121x2645, 1121:2645, ClipboardImage.png)


>Regarding any mods' potential agenda, I honestly don't see it

I only visit this board maybe once a month due to the out of control shit modding and his bias is as clear as day. I honestly dont see much damage that Birdmod does but Buzzmod is a cancerous, passive agressive, aspie on the board 24/7. For some perspective, Spits and Bell (BO) are the only two of the original team, and they barely touch the board. The vast majority of moderation decisions (whether its dissmissal or punishment) are handled by one giant faggot. If you want to know why /fur/ is shit and dead it doesnt take long to deduce it.

Back a year ago decisions needed to be agreed upon as a team, but its obvious this cocksucking janitor is just acting on free reign to run the board into the ground any way he wants. Look at half way down the board log. He just makes up a fucking rule thats not part of the official ones and bans someone over it. This is cuckchan levels of shit-moderation, going on a crusade against one thing that triggers xir. The majority of his bans are anti-imageboard reddit cancer like clamping down on a fetish he doesnt like on his own will, like cub which he hands out deletions, anchors and bans like candy just for people posting in a way he doesnt like.

<You were warned not to post cub outside of cub threads

<Ban - Do NOT post cub outside of cub threads


>more transparency in the board log might help, as a lot of deletions by mods and report dismissals have no stated reason.

There is no transparency and never will be. IP deletion is just 1 button and everything is gone. There is no reason you can even type in when you click that button so all you will get is the wake of a colossal shitstain smeared across the board log, like pic related.

If you want to push something like that on 8chan then you'd need to convince CodeChimp to dedicate time to a new feature that nobody would bother with. If thats your grand idea on how to improve /fur/ then its dead in the water before it began.


Again to (((Buzzmod))) who will read this

Even if I were to agree with your viewpoints about the subject you're being a cockwrangler over, I will not stand with making the board more like reddit, stifling anons posting because you dont like whats said. Get fucked and kill yourself. You already clearly eat your own shit, the board would be far better off without you ever coming back again. Just drop dead already, you dont belong in any situation with power and you dont even belong on imageboards, just fuck off for good.



The rule has always been to not post non-vanilla material out of their containment threads. Would you like it if people posted scat and guro randomly? That's how people view cub.

You don't find an issue with it as you're desensitized to it, but others would find it alarming.



>Left-wing is communism

Alright, I'm done with you. Congratulations, you hit the acme of retardation. Your prize? A lifetime of working as a wage-slave for that free-market unrestrained crony capitalism you love so much. Enjoy!



>Alright, I'm done with you. Congratulations, you hit the acme of retardation. Your prize? A lifetime of working as a wage-slave for that free-market unrestrained crony capitalism you love so much. Enjoy!

You're the retarded one. Communists don't identify as right-wing fascists nor centrists, they identify as leftists who have a plethora of shit ideas.


File: 77cd22def3466e9⋯.gif (2.33 MB, 450x600, 3:4, 77cd22def3466e962fd8abfb3b….gif)


Imagine being this asshurt that you can't post child porn



Cub 👏 Art 👏 Isn't 👏 Child 👏 Porn



both of you are being stupid on purpose, it may not be child porn but it is the digital and conceptual equivalent for furshit



Snuff art isn't real murder.

Rape art isn't real rape.

Feral x Anthro art isn't real bestiality.

Cub art isn't real child porn.

You are retarded.



Point out where in my post I claimed it was real child porn, fuck face. You're intentionally skewing my post to fit your argument. Learn what the words concept and equivalent are, then eat shit.

And I like cub too, but you really are just delusional as fuck



If you like cub art and are conflating it with the "digital and conceptual equivalent" of child pornography, the FBI should bash down your door.



So what you're saying is you don't know how to separate reality from fantasy, and are so far up your own ass you can't or refuse to recognize the similarities. you're projecting



We're getting off track:

STOP :clap: POSTING :clap: NON-VANILLA :clap: MATERIAL :clap: OUTSIDE :clap: OF :clap: CONTAINMENT :clap: THREADS



clap this *grabs a cub's dick*



>Any fetish I don't like should be in a containment thread

All straight content should be in a single containment thread, too, because the majority of the fandom only likes gay stuff. :^)



Gay and straight stuff aren't prohibited from being posting outside of containment threads since they're vanilla. Adults fuggin is normie. Cub is equivalent to scat and vore, no offense to those who like.



Who died and made you Emperor of Fetish Classification, anyway? Completely inane and harmless sexual activity is equivalent to shit and murder just because the characters are shaped like chibis? That's some serious delusional nonsense.



Why are you even arguing about things that should be common sense? If you were to show normies (like your cops) furry porn, which ones would you show? Cub porn, consenting adults, or guro?



It wouldn't matter what I showed because this is the fucking USA and all of it protected material under the first amendment!



All three options would get you a weird/disgusted look and then they'd walk away.

Believe it or not it's mostly furries that flip a tit over cub shit, most normal fags don't care abut that, especially specifically, they think all furshit's degenerate trash.


File: 1433ba02c890e61⋯.jpg (11.54 KB, 194x259, 194:259, download.jpg)

what are the (h) (u) buttons mean and what do they do?



(h) = hash: forces your browser to download the image instead of displaying it, but with the full 64 char hex hashsum assigned by 8chan (“1433ba02c890e61⋯” in your case) instead of the original filename. It's equivalent to right-clicking the first link and using Save Target As.

(u) = unix: same, but with a Unix timestamp similar to how they're used on other imageboards. They're three digits shorter than filenames from 4chan or older vichan-based boards because they're lacking millisecond precision.




Keep your kink in your thread, it's not hard.



Posting NSFW or otherwise images outside their threads wasn't the issue to begin with, the issue's the bias silencing of threads talking about issues related to it while other topics that do the same get a pass.


So is anyone going to ban the annoying tripfag? I'm not saying we should have forced anonymity, but flagrant identity-posting (especially if they're being trollish retards) should be punished.


File: 1d11bb0817dc358⋯.png (38.32 KB, 288x206, 144:103, how to block tripcodes.png)


Did you know you can just block them yourself?

(And IMHO your whining is far more obnoxious than anything kobayashi's doing.)



No, I can assure you that tripfaggotry is much worse than people posting in the meta thread to tell the volunteers to do their job about tripfaggotry.



The problem with doing that is that I'd still have to listen to the people replying to him, and I can't filter THEM because they might otherwise be contributing to the thread at other times. It only changes from being having shit thrown at me, to having shit thrown at me by someone invisible.


Does fur have a Discord or something?



>Does fur have a Discord or something?

No. There have been people shilling official /fur/ discord servers but there aren't any.


File: 942c42273d6766e⋯.png (44.21 KB, 717x678, 239:226, Screenshot from 2018-06-07….png)

Mods can you use the word filter to make this place more sfw? I'm currently using a browser addon to filter out most of the cuss words on here (see pic) but it would be nice if everyone could benefit from this too.



Um anon the front page is full of furry dicks. It's not very sfw.



Yeah but penises don't offend me and they can't be used to attack a person.


So how do you set up kemochan? /zoo/ is getting bot bombed to hell right now.




Just make your own filter, most people don't give a clearly.



Again, Buzz is a cuck, fire the arrogant son of a bitch.


Hey, I just realized the Floraverse thread was both anchored and locked.

What gives?


Hey, faggot vols, the gfur tumblrflake is derailing threads again


File: 10a1a77ac194b49⋯.jpg (9.34 KB, 564x246, 94:41, 89a.jpg)

Hey guys, can anyone fetch me a current Fur34 rip?



Found it and regret it.


File: 141642a6067ad92⋯.jpeg (154.87 KB, 1280x941, 1280:941, 1530818954.dobermanmorali….jpeg)

FINAL REMINDER that I'm still doing Uganda Knuckles YCH.

Only $5, paypal only. Send me a PM on FA if you're interested.




You might wanna get your internet checked cause it seems odd that you'd post something 6 months ago and it would only show up now.



Quit shitting up literally every single thread you go into with your neo marxist bullshit and you won't get banned, crybaby.


File: 3c6799dc6d38df4⋯.gif (2.81 MB, 400x224, 25:14, 1344988055.imaginaryskye_g….gif)

File: fbb3513da75c7c5⋯.png (257.12 KB, 800x1021, 800:1021, 1472679338.koartss_skunkha….png)

File: d412a6e848b88ee⋯.jpeg (155.08 KB, 1280x768, 5:3, 1482004611.nimtai_villain….jpeg)

File: 121d4efe3aca69e⋯.jpeg (263.49 KB, 1280x753, 1280:753, 1515633403.volamont_knuck….jpeg)

File: 8f6330eb671159d⋯.gif (91.07 KB, 800x700, 8:7, 1503521197.godtiermarsupia….gif)



That middle kobold is absolutely adorable.



It's extremely difficult for a kobold to not be absolutely adorable.


File: d3eff5cc8dc3d2d⋯.png (155.25 KB, 516x782, 258:391, 634df2716f8da51922c2054ea9….png)


True enough, but, still, that one's adorable even by koboldic standards.



>fidget spinner



Hey mister moderator, if ur not too busy, could you pwease do something about this guy?
















Site seems fucked again. Are we being hacked, again? Getting 404s across multiple boards and many threads aren't showing posts for the last couple days.

And you fucks wonder why we keep losing traffic.



We don't control 8chan. Hosting is entirely on Jim and Codemonkey



That neither answers the question, nor helps anything. But thanks for making sure everyone knows you're personally blameless. What a great guy.


File: 99af31b9016be20⋯.gif (457.34 KB, 300x100, 3:1, banners.php.gif)

What anime is this banner from?



It's Puck from Re:Zero


A bit late about this, but it looks like someone was linking to zoophile boards in the Kero cyclical. I'm assuming your official stance is against that sort of thing?



The post has been removed


Hey /fur/ can you keep your guys out of fucking /d/? we're not interested in that shit, and we don't go out of our way to post our animus in your threads. Thanks



There isn't any coordinated effort on /fur/s part to shitpost on /d/. If it's against your guys's rules I'd suggest asking the /d/ moderation staff to ban those users.


Can we get a ban or at least a warning on that Darkshadowfox idiot?

Content of his posts aside, he's violating Rule 4 all the time, usually posts with shitty reddit-esque formatting, and double/triple/quadruple posts with frequency. Example: in >>82959 thread, he is posts







all in a row.


File: ec54c8d113db686⋯.jpg (188.08 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 1516001147.nik159_2018.01.….jpg)

Remember people reporting threads is extremely useful to the modding staff. Especially when political sperging occurs and we have to prune posts to return back to the original topic. Any help on your part helps us clean the board.


Discord Link Removed

Post last edited at


File: 570e628b86cd092⋯.jpg (80.32 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 16229522_245618162549738_7….jpg)

hi moderinos what's up


File: 55ee82d9260d7e0⋯.png (3.15 KB, 234x102, 39:17, 55ee82d9260d7e0a650edf0d28….png)

Did I miss a new meme or something? Did some site explode and people flocked here? Why are there a bunch of spergs and moralfags constantly derailing threads into "muh pedos" or "muh zoophiles". I know there was the whole Kero thing, but that shit is old news now.


File: a1256aff03b410e⋯.jpg (150.31 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, amy_and_the_boo_by_paladin….jpg)

Should we do a merger with /fp/? Might make both of the boards less dead. And I don't see a real reason for /fp/. We don't need the same threads for like 6 months or something anyways.


File: fd5eedcc8cb4e92⋯.jpg (549.19 KB, 1950x2321, 1950:2321, Scan221.jpg)

How can i get White list?



Suck what, his crotchfur?



Null is nice uwu


Has the opinion on I.D's changed from 'why?' to 'necessary evil' given the amount of shit-flinging going on lately? Can't go more than one thread without seeing someone screeching about cub/ped/zoos/what-have-you.


Hey, can we get an official ruling on Discord links? I've been reporting them when I see them, and while they are getting taken care of, thanks, it'd be nice to have it plainly stated on the sticky. Maybe it could be added when a new Rules and Meta thread is put up? (This one's getting pretty big, and a little dated.)


I think they could help, but depending on the tenacity of the person(s) posting/spamming about those issues, all it'd take is a proxy to switch up ID's, making them fairly ineffective.

Maybe a reinstatement of the whitelist might help as well, but it still suffers from the same issue.

If we were to vote, I'd be in favor of IDs.


It's not active at the moment. I think there'd be a note in the header if it were. The whitelist is only used to stop spam.



The rule on tripfagging was more in the context of people doing it obnoxiously like in the past what occurred with Bui. More recently it's been people debating about pedophiles and putting their name to their post. And there's an argument to be made that deleting their posts does more harm because it limits further discussion/debate. I've personally erred on the side of letting it slide until it becomes a bigger issue like if it snowballs into /animus/ style threads.

There's also the fact that whenever it happens the threads they are apart of have dozens of replies and I would prefer to not neuter a thread of genuine discussion just because of a trip.


Generally speaking we delete threads about discord servers because the threads become immediately derailed and it's just using the board to advertise something. It's the same stance we've had toward people posting threads just to advertise another board they just made. More recently there's been a somewhat disturbing trend recently for discord servers to target users for doxxing and there's a concern about people trying to setup a honeypot "official /fur/ server" or a "cubs only" server only to dox people who join it as zoophiles or pedophiles.



Broke the links below so they don't get (((you))) but three different threads, all unrelated, getting thrown into that shit-fight by likely one person (based on their typing & timestamp). I'd be fine with the whitelist coming back.

>>9153 2

>>9153 1

>>9152 8



>use a whitelist because I can't filter and ignore one faggot




You can't filter without IDs.



Says the retard saging a sticky.


File: 0272ead1e8584d8⋯.png (369.83 KB, 600x410, 60:41, ClipboardImage.png)




If a Rick and Morty fan is saging a sticky, then not every sticky sager is a retard. That sticky sager seems like a real genius. Gonna follow in his footsteps.


discussion isn't real

discussion is a meme and has never once happened on the internet

y'all chasing a phantom


File: eadc20de4012810⋯.jpg (123.61 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, He'sRight.jpg)



defeatists pls go and stay go


File: 9236f69f6da66e3⋯.png (728.25 KB, 917x2017, 917:2017, 1549137264643.png)



Thanks for the invite friend.



Dear board owner: thank you so much for bumping all of the faggot homo queer threads and sliding all of the hetero/straight fur threads. It definitely shows where your head is (besides up your ass.) I hope one of these faggots takes it into their head to hack your board, change the name to G/fur, changes the password and locks you out of your own site. That would be truly lovely.

==Oh and I don't care if you ban me because it doesn't really matter this board sucks so much its not worth coming back to=

(((In fact I fucking DARE you to ban me, you faggot fucking pussy asshole! I DARE YOU!)))



There's no organized attempt by the moderation staff to "slide" your thread. Making new threads over and over again constitutes as spam. There's no organized attempt by the moderation staff to bump threads with homosexual content. The only reason the moderation staff would ban you is if you keep spamming threads.


Do we still have that thing intact where you have to be unlocked for /fur/? Because my posts seems to disappear, I got a new computer.

Except of course I burned Miles too hard for this board to handle.



no it's not running. Most likely it has something to do with the 8chan captcha



Yeah something went wrong on my part. Could also be the thread wasn't even here.


Why did you delete my LOL thread?



rules 1 and 1b and Etiquette 4



So we can't have LOL threads if they contain politics and shit Parodies of politically-motivated Dead Kennedy's songs?


Hay BO are you going to do something about this anti cub faggot that keeps trying to shit up the board, or what? Just look at this fucking thread >>95318



We don't ban over a difference of opinion



That's understandable but that guy is clearly just trying to antagonize and start shit. To be honest I think he hates furries in general. At least he has mostly confined his autism to one thread instead of invading every thread. For the time being anyway.


>Anti-cub poster that spams every single thread is untouched

>post countering him gets deleted

Why tho



We've been banning him every time he tries to derail a thread and keeping his original post up to indicate that it's not allowed. We also clean replies in order to declutter it so people avoid continuously replying to that topic.



Thanks, in case no one has said so.


File: 2d0ccf95437e42b⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1200x560, 15:7, 052e94e8cde5a4f74925ee735b….png)

It's been a while since we last updated the rules, but we're considering adding a new clause to rule 1 so we can better deal with chronic thread derailment that's sprung up.

There is a small number of posters interjecting inflammatory posts about cub into various threads in a way that constantly causes derailment. The situation is similar to political bickering, but disallowing cub discussion is by no means the answer here. What we're considering is this:

1.c. Please keep cub discussion and porn content in cub threads

Ideally this should let us avoid more derailment instead of reacting to it. We'll also be sure to clear cub threads of derailment and harassment targeted at them.

Please share what you think!


File: 63c0d7b2fec66f6⋯.jpg (69.96 KB, 681x800, 681:800, 93be7a994891ef1875474ce9bd….jpg)

Also it's been a while since my last BO post.



File: 6b4ba182e44b9a6⋯.gif (509.49 KB, 245x245, 1:1, download.gif)




Welcome back. This could be a good idea.



It should work. Maybe actual discussion can last a bit longer before being derailed into politics/muh drawings are real nonsense now. Actually discussing it wouod be alright, but it usually just turns into shouting matches here.


File: 6ba33b2930d1715⋯.jpg (28.2 KB, 485x350, 97:70, sleepy_by_drawloverlala-da….jpg)


>1.c. Please keep cub discussion and porn content in cub threads

In general that's probably a good idea. There could be some issues though where there's crossover appeal on a particular subject. For example a Sonic thread where you'r not allowed to post Tails, Cream, or Marine (or Amy in certain situations) wouldn't be much of a Sonic thread. Another example would be the furry video thread. At some point Anubis is going to get released, would it be OK to post in that thread or not?

The only thing I can figure is that threads on certain subjects or artists will have to be considered inherently cub friendly or we'll have to make dual threads for those subjects. We need a little clarification.



I can foresee a bunch of superfluous anti-cub threads being made just to complain in a "legal" thread.


I feel like a Sonic thread would have to allow cub for the reasons said. That said, there shouldn't be any issue with the Anubis furry video game discussion as long as it stays in line of discussing the game and not the "how could you play this sick pedophile simulator".



This won't be an issue. Posting pictures of cute characters and posting pictures of sexualized cubs belong in different threads in the first place. A Sonic thread can be filled with pictures just like yours and it's fine. I don't think a drawing of Cream or Tails hanging out can be considered a cub centered picture. If they were fucking, that brings it to a different realm that has its own thread and needs to stay in its own thread. Anubis is going to be a game about cub porn, so it will belong in the cub porn thread.


The only place where cub discussion will be allowed is in the cub threads that are already present and the new ones that get made when those drop off. The anti cub people can hide it if they don't like it (which is what should have been going on in the first place) and trolling in those threads will be dealt with. On the same track, anyone posting pro cub material outside of those threads will be taken care of as well. The entire point of this new rule is to put it in a place that is easy to hide and ignore for people who don't want to see it.



>The only place where cub discussion will be allowed is in the cub threads that are already present and the new ones that get made when those drop off.

>If they were fucking, that brings it to a different realm that has its own thread and needs to stay in its own thread. Anubis is going to be a game about cub porn, so it will belong in the cub porn thread.

I can't help but feel that this is going to affect the natural flow of of certain subjects and also turn the two cub threads into wastebasket catch-alls but it is what it is I guess.



The way anti-cub is going to take that is as "the moderation is pro-cub because they're allowing it, and not allowing us to "rationally discuss" in their threads!

Regardless, I think segregating content will stifle threads (per >>98061 ) and lead to a decrease in users overall.


File: d8fe9cf6c3523fc⋯.png (59 KB, 627x356, 627:356, ClipboardImage.png)



1969? What did [s]he jack off to? Robert Crumb comics?




I just realized she probably means The Chicago Cubs...

I'm stupid


No one is replying to my requests in the request thread ;_;



Have you tried making a request that wasn't shit?


Welp, some crazy Australian may have killed the site. Have fun you degenerate furfags



I am hoping it won't come to that. Hotwheels would never have bent the knee, but I don't trust codemonkey as far as I can throw him. He's just the kind of pussy faggot who would, too.



We'll survive, it'll be rocky though.



here is your reply mr anonymous


File: 827c83bf7d633b7⋯.png (914.56 KB, 1415x876, 1415:876, 1467777012.kippykat_bunbun….png)

How do we make this board less dead? Even if it means a small drop in quality?



The board isn't as dead as you might think. However there's a lot of porn dump images and political speech that gets pruned regularly.

It's also really hard to increase traffic without compromising the integrity of the board. Like enabling political speech would get a large groundswell of users however this would gradually cause interest in the board to decline because people not interested would leave and there'd be only about 5 really active people who would also gradually drop off.

The unfortunate reality is that the furry community is so focused on pornography that attention gets diverted to art sites that host it. People who want discussion generally go to other non-furry related places for it.



>The board isn't as dead as you might think.

How exactly? Threads from 2 years ago are only at page 5. Page 2 posts have latest replies from early march. Nothing seems to really happen here anymore. Even /trash/ is gradually slowing down.



Anon if you want more threads why don’t you make some of them? Why complain “nobody’s making new threads and the board is dead” if you’re not participating anyway?

As I said furries tend to only gravitate toward images/porn on image based websites like FA. Any and all discussion furries participate in tends to either be exclusively centered on those websites or they go to non-furry related websites to talk about what they want. There’s not a lot of solutions to this problem other than opening discussion toward more non-furry topics which will only really lead to more /pol/ threads.

Either that or the board gets opened up to more tripfag threads like /animus/ but I don’t think anyone here wants that either since it would just mean mass erp in every thread.



I've been participating. I'm one of the most active posters here. It's just that I never really get a response except for a few threads once in a while. Is there a certain time of day people like to be on?


don't seem to be a problem in /trash/ though and that board is fairly more active than this one. Yes I get that's mostly a porn dump board but I feel there's furries out there who wanna do more than fap. Is Furaffinity forums any good for idle discussion?



noooo I'm too late time to commit suicide :'(


File: a3e68d7a59e8545⋯.png (75.76 KB, 320x348, 80:87, 1554426427265.png)


>deleted a picture of a woman being eaten by bees



File: c8ce9d69910221a⋯.jpg (836.47 KB, 2418x2418, 1:1, 1554417714601.jpg)


so you are the /leftypol/ guy cause you used the same 3 words?



Are you just being obtuse or are you legitimately too retarded to understand what he was saying?


The pedophile Trump supporter who runs this place just needs to open up and say anything anti-Trump or anti-pedo isn't allowed on hits /pol/-leaning board and be done with it. Everyone knows he has a bias and that he upholds the board rules selectively.



You're such a lying piece of shit, you don't even try to be believable. You want everyone to believe only ONE person hates Trump? That only one person in this fandom hates Zaush? Goddamn, no wonder you fuckers get punched in public places. Never forget that hundreds of FA users either chose to leave or were banned by Dragoneer when the Zaush shit came to light, but please, insist there's a conspiracy by one person to not like him in this fandom

You should be sued for such lies.



>the left are the real troublemakers, they don't agree with us and that's awful

Victim complex, much? That shit you said never actually happens but it's in your nature to lie and play pretend victim. It's little wonder cub-pedo furs lean right, their denial over being pedo when they clearly are indoctrinates them into conservative dishonesty easily


>posts calling anyone who opposes pedophilia an "SJW" are allowed to stay

>posts bashing SJWs are allowed to stay

>any post that attacks the right in any way is deleted

>anti-pedo posts of any variety have a strong chance of being deleted

The board staff do have a bias



>The board staff do have a bias

So fucking what. Leftist furries have plenty of places to fuck about on the Internet with full mod/admin backing when they get into a tiff with someone to their right. You WOULD bemoan this little corner of the Internet where non-lefties get to do things like TALK, wouldn't you?

I personally don't particularly care if you hang around or not, but maybe if you lefties weren't such little fucking bitches about not seeing exactly eye-to-eye with other people politically the staff would be less inclined to step on your fucking necks when you started piping up.



Why does this board need to be left OR right? Why can't we leave politics to boards designed for politics?


File: 29f56651dfa680b⋯.jpg (71.49 KB, 500x425, 20:17, 29f56651dfa680be09b324e592….jpg)


Generally speaking we delete posts that derail threads. Often people will suddenly interject in a random thread "btw pedophiles" and then the thread goes from "paws xd" to "pedos get the bullet too" "Trump said this" etc. I have no idea why people keep demanding they talk about pedophiles in random threads instead of just containing it to a single thread. If people want to discuss the topic in such a way that is specific to furry. IE: "A particular furry pedophile was arrested" or "Furry grooming club arrested by police" have at it.

It annoys a lot of users and causes the board to feel toxic and more like /cow/ or /pol/ when they can't discuss furshit without the topic being changed.


None of this is politically motivated it's strictly "what derails threads the most" and it's usually people posting about pedophilia. We also delete posts that derail into general political banter, since it's really inconsiderate to the OP and everyone else on the board who would prefer to talk about furries. People turn to furry because they wanna get away from this shit to begin with.


That's a really good question I wish I had an answer to. We do try to prune off-topic political discussion as much as possible but it gets really hard since often a thread will start off strong and then get randomly derailed by a single comment and then there'll be 30 replies to it.


File: bb273554476df3e⋯.png (153.82 KB, 523x319, 523:319, he won't stop.png)



>The anti cub people can hide it if they don't like it

They won't and they aren't.



Quit pissing and moaning about something that probably can't realistically be fixed and just filter the dumb piece of shit when they pop up. Stop fucking responding to him, too, you dumb fucks. He's doing it to get a fucking reaction and you keep fucking GIVING him one.



>Why does this board need to be left OR right? Why can't we leave politics to boards designed for politics?

See, normally I would agree with you, but what I have repeatedly observed is that CERTAIN FUCKING PEOPLE refuse to respect the neutrality of a political vacuum. They see political vacuums as implicit invitations to come in and start spewing their particular brand of shit. And if there was no one presenting the opposing viewpoints there to begin with, they start to do things like "This is OUR board, we were ALWAYS here, YOU are the outsider and need to leave!"

Chalk it all up to the decay of discourse, I suppose, but honestly? I'm tired of trying to talk to the left. They don't want to talk. They want to hurt me and silence me. They've made that very clear.



Have you ever considered the possibility that these people aren't "the left," but just trolls who want to piss people off? I've run into this attitude on other boards, from people claiming to be lefties and people claiming to be righties, most of it not political discussion at all, but just outright trolling.



It's possible, but I've seen plenty of vitriol in that vein elsewhere, in places where it's a lot easier to establish that no, they're not trolling, they really believe in this crap. There's plenty of true-believer types around.



If I hadn't seen the exact same behavior from the exact same purported ideological group unironically, that would have been my first thought. Just go on any social media site- and you'll see those same sorts of hot takes get a million likes, minimal dissent, and tons of praise for "bravery". All without the slightest shred of irony.

Fact is, the reality makes the exaggerated satire and delusional theories seem sane by comparison these days. If anything, they underestimated how truly fucking fucked everything is. unrelated, but apparently even fucking chemtrails are mostly real. Seems the US government decided dumping deadly diseases from the sky was a good little science experiment



I used to be "ew keep it away" about cub but-


fucking goblins

Like, the wokeists are no shit going after fucking goblins and kobolds etc. because they're small and cute and lithe, and like- what the fuck do you think gender dimorphism is, what the hell do you expect a human to engage with?

And the fucked part of this is in any other context it'd be misogyny in the literal sense of "you are not allowed to favor these traits which are common in women" but here we are


File: 230e4e78a8502db⋯.jpg (61.87 KB, 620x497, 620:497, 1540675095259.jpg)

thank you mods and admins for cleaning the board of bad stuff. Even thought /fur/ is less popular than furry (years ago) I still like it better, and when /furry/ was active I secretly wished people would come to /fur/ for a more discution oriented board.

thank, frien


File: db4284fad13f6ea⋯.png (198.54 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, janitor.png)


You're most welcome. Cleaning a furry board is like cleaning the bathroom at a truck stop. It's a thankless job but someone has to do it.




That's the thing about trolls these days: they build a persona, and then don't break character. The format is playing a left-winger, right-winger, Trumpet, libertarian, etc. pushed just a teensy bit over-the-top into patently ridiculous territory. And hey, look, "no real-world politics" is actually a rule!


Seconded. Glad the mods keep things tidy.


Is there anything to be done about DarkShadowFox? He's not even crazy in the entertaining way.



I'm in the process of getting up to speed on his hijinks outside of /fur/. I knew he was retarded but I didn't realize he was so retarded he thought KF would tolerate his bullshit for more than a millisecond.



We've banned him but he's been ip hopping



He's easy enough to spot when he pokes his dumb head out, at least. The autism explains the retard-level determination/fixation, I guess.


OK, so, seriously mods, there has to be something in your toolkit you can use. I wouldn't have really cared if DerpShadowFox had just made a general "sick fucks" thread and dumped his Foxler (and now Forte) sperging in there so I can mock him endlessly for trollshielding. But he's just going to keep making more threads, apparently.

Let's say you deploy Kemo. Do you think Kemo will keep him at bay long enough to make him give up?



>Let's say you deploy Kemo. Do you think Kemo will keep him at bay long enough to make him give up?

Kemo is a double edged sword since it will dramatically lower the amount of people who use the board. If you think it's bad now wait til it gets to the point where there's like 1 post every other day. We generally don't want to do Kemo unless we're forced to like there's a persistent spammer who makes it so nobody wants to post on the board until we get rid of him. With DSF it's easier to just ban him and hope he eventually gives up, and delete his threads if they crop up.

I highly recommend if DSF makes a new post/new thread to report him so we can quickly scrub it. Since the longer his posts stay up the more people reply to him and continue to derail the thread he's in.



There is now a central "sick fucks" thread you can post to your hearts content about furry degenerates in rather than it being spread across 5-6 individual threads. >>101639



Perfect. Thank you.


File: c7e831834c7521c⋯.jpg (42.13 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 36159963_238983873580239_7….jpg)

Board has been cleaned of a persistent spammer. Sorry for the delay I was playing vidya. Thanks a lot to everyone who wrote reports it really helps to deal with it in a fast way. I'm going to monitor the board closely in-case it crops up again.



based gamer bird furry obscure board moderator


Hey, mods? Proposal for new corollary to rule 5. Any unsubstantiated rumormilling or claims pertaining to having evidence of malfeasance by another fandom member without accompanying proof of said malfeasance = ban.


File: 87ec16627f23a67⋯.png (66.58 KB, 500x466, 250:233, bruh.png)


It isn't an understatement to say this is a horrible idea. This is a board where people can use their anonymity to speak freely, not a court of law. Use your brain and research claims on your own, it is not our job to play Snopes. Someone very obviously trolling is shitposting though, and we will take care of that like we do all other shitposting. If seeing people talking shit without a manilla folder of evidence is that triggering, I suggest hiding the thread dedicated to it.



I'm just really torn over whether they're autistic or a fucking tease.


File: 1a50592b051bfa4⋯.jpg (39.53 KB, 495x609, 165:203, a kilogram of lumber is he….jpg)


autistic, hands down


File: de4709ad75ab9c5⋯.gif (1.5 MB, 248x380, 62:95, tenorqeqrqr.gif)

>>100622 (Checked)


I petition the removal of this thread >>104453 as it's a completely unnecessary thread that could easily have been a post in the thread it's advertising, clutters up the board and makes the staff look like complete retards for doing so.


Can we make links to closed-source chats and phoneposter chats like Telegram, Skype, Discord, et cetera, against an actual rule with an actual ban? We don't need more NSA or CIA spyware in our lives than we already have, and the shilling is so low-quality it may as well be considered to be spam or to break rule 1 (irredeemable shitposting)


>"No shilling group chats. Rooms made specifically for /fur/, to organize or another purpose, are fine in related threads."

I wouldn't want a rule like that. Group chats aren't inherently the problem, and many imageboards and boards have IRC channels which don't negatively affect them.

It's the culture that surrounds many of these shitty chat programs people use, rather than external group chats themselves.


Now they're spamming both Discord and Steam spyware.


I'd honestly be fine if they were advertising an IRC channel or XMPP (Jabber) group chat. I'm just another anon though.



the main reason the thread was locked rather than deleted was to show to people for a reasonable length of time why it was locked to begin with. After a certain length of time I might delete the thread once emotions about it have died down.


Generally speaking the mods delete that shit on sight. We should make a rule for it I agree. Generally we put it under low effort OPs. The main reason it's deleted has more to do with raid attempts/honeypots since "an official /fur/ discord" would be a massive target for leaks/doxxing. That and discords siphon off users and cause the board traffic to dip even lower.

It can also lead to tripfagging/avatarfagging in random threads which isn't desirable. The point of the board is to be anonymous and furries are already magnets for drama.


I can't wait for the Lulz cancer meme to spread to here, and the staff would probably go along with it, so they can pretend everyone who says things they don't like is "one guy". I'm surprised it didn't happen months ago, because the best way to discredit many voices saying what you don't wish to hear is to deny they are many.


After you lock threads, you should really consider deleting them after 48 hours. They clutter the front page and catalog otherwise.






Two days is enough time for OPs to see their thread has been locked and to read the mod's reply.




Thanks! Looking through the catalog, I found a few more, though.

Locked by mods:


Bumplocked by mods:

















I think the regularly locked ones are more important, as bumplocked threads still allow discussion, but that's all your choice, of course. A lot of the bumplocked ones, however, haven't been replied to in quite some time, weeks if not longer, so they likely wouldn't be missed.

Is there a reason why a medium-slow-paced board like /fur/ is 15 pages long rather than 10 pages? The fewer pages a board has, the easier it self-moderates and the fresher it feels, rather than feeling like an archive.


I find it strange how /fur/ here is far more interested in politics and social shit rather than posting furry shit like pics, stories etc.



this is true of all imageboards not just /fur/ see also /v/ and /tech/



People seem to have a mythical delusion that most furries are interested in worldbuilding and sfw stuff. When in reality the majority of furries post about politics and porn



who's talking about worldbuild or sfw? the amount of porn being posted here PALES in comparison to the amount of social drama and politics... some not even being furry related!


Quick question, why aren't IDs enabled on this board?

It would make filtering derailment and pointing out samefagging so much easier that I don't think the negatives of having IDs would be much of an issue.



>1. [IDs would make filtering derailment and pointing out samefagging so much easier

>2. [Therefore] the negatives of having IDs would not be much of an issue.

That doesn't make any sense dude, you just made two separate statements, "X has positive attributes" doesn't mean "X's negative attributes don't matter". UR DUMB



Yeah, I may be a little bit completely fucking retarded because I was trying to say the positives outweigh the negatives, but ended up making a non-argument.

The only negative I see is a slight uptick in avatarfagging or namefagging which, on other boards with IDs enabled, is a relative non-issue especially compared to the quality of life improvement that IDs bring.

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