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Comfy feelings.

File: 219d9ba14c689d4⋯.jpg (10.3 KB, 244x206, 122:103, imagesUBPCA630.jpg)

3ca481  No.16967

/fit/ here which parts of a mans physique do you find the most alluring?

c8adb8  No.16969

The superficial confidence

548288  No.17039

i like fat bellies honestly

5bdde3  No.17043


>do roids

>die of heart attack in early 20's

*clap clap clap*

951467  No.17080

The natty ones, the ones with good form that don't catback

3f8227  No.17793

I don't care about physique as much as I do the mind. Mental acuity is more important. Someone can workout to be toned but it's harder to correct stupidity, a boring personality or a shitty attitude.

c28ec9  No.17885



59035c  No.17886



Explain, please, what is interesting mind/mindset for you. What do you value and what is a turn-off.

eca3a2  No.17957

Butt tbh

3f8227  No.17965


>what is interesting mind/mindset

Someone who is self-aware and has a deep interest/passion for something that they have extensive knowledge in.

>What do you value

Intelligence, verbal intelligence, emotional intelligence, observant, protective mindset, "aggression"/boldness (not in a violent way), self-control, honesty, respect, curiosity, playful when appropriate, funny

>what is a turn-off

Rude, braggart (especially unsubstantiated/exaggerated bragging), 1 dimensional/bland personality, whining/self-defeating, pigish/manslut behaviour, lazy

a5880a  No.18001


The shoulders, back, and arms

In that order


Come on now, the thread is specifically about what you like best about the physical aspects of men.

3f8227  No.18029


>Come on now, the thread is specifically about what you like best about the physical aspects of men

Alright, I suppose you have a point (but mentality is still far more magnetic to me and the brain is a muscle sooo :^) ).

I really like when a guy has strong arms and a strong chest. In a hug you can feel the strength there and it feels very protective and it has a calming effect on me. I don't like bulging muscles just strong looking bis and tris.

6b3a47  No.18543


>Your brain isn't a muscle

Am I smart enough for you yet?

206b6d  No.18777



What is attractive about that?

With women bigger butt usually means wider hips as long as its not "big" due to excess fat. And wider hips = easier child bearing.

000000  No.18778


Strong glutes make for better pumps, anon. And a better life overall. Less backpain, less knee pain, stuff like that.

9812ff  No.18788

So, do looks matter?

000000  No.18840


>deep interest/passion for something that they have extensive knowledge in.

I suppose 'western animation' wouldn't count? literally everything except actually creating animations

>emotional intelligence, protective mindset

Almost had a chance.

e70c31  No.18856


Looks matter to women a lot less than they matter to men. Women care more about emotional connection.

7597c5  No.18857


Well, I had that going on. Yet zip.

189ffc  No.18859


Women can smell desperation and overeagerness from a mile away. Unfortunately, some men try too hard to pretend they're not overeager. The best thing is to be confident in yourself, be yourself and be a man - an emotional, physical and mental pillar for her to lean on.

What happened? Or is this in another thread?

e563a0  No.18864


So, if a woman tells me I'm cute, but I'm fat, she's constantly lying. Good to know.

What happened was nigh constant rejection.

74c4ca  No.18865


cute does not necessarily mean hot

cute can be in congruity with fat


cute can mean 'I like (you)', and women don't mind a bit of chubbiness, though are repulsed by obesity, like every other sane person

It took me a while to learn my man didn't like being called 'cute'.

>nigh constant rejection

I'm sorry for all the times I led men on by continuing friendships with them. I thought it was nicer than flat out 'bugger off, I'm not interested'. It isn't. Because the man keeps coming back and ends up getting hurt more deeply after wasting a lot of time on that girl

32895a  No.18866


It's real fun when the hags keep saying, "You're such a nice guy and deserve love"

604e04  No.18879


Since it's so much fun, don't stop hitting on those hags! It gives them ego boosts when you do, and then they think they're less of a hag than they are.. thinking they can attain a man of higher worth, and will be sorely disappointed when they can't. Win-win!

If you act like a victim of these hags, you've already lost. If you bully them down to a level 'below you', you've already lost. The point is to have a healthy self-confidence about yourself so that her rejection doesn't bother you, because you'd rather be single than have her, and you can go out and find another girl. Leave the girl who keeps rejecting you, because she can't see your worth. Stop giving her the time of day.

000000  No.18882


How dare those women be nice to you! Woe is you.

967f0c  No.18899

I'm not a female, but from my observations it seems that confidence is literally all you need to attract women. The one and only woman I have ever been with practically threw herself upon me when I acted like I wasn't a virgin. My father acts like a complete badass when women are around and a month after my parents divorce he was messing with five different women. In all honesty, women seem like they couldn't care less what a guy looks like.

But I'm just an outside observer, take my comment with a grain of faggotry.

ce224b  No.18902

f8e3b6  No.18928

File: 3820b17f6998250⋯.jpg (26.17 KB, 567x416, 567:416, judginghat.jpg)


It's not being nice, it's being fucking condescending. Almost every single fucking guy who wasn't born a god gets told that, and they know that it's basically the equivalent of, "You're ugly, you take up space in my vision, and you don't deserve love." Jesus, and you people think you can detect cunts when you see them!


I don't think you realize how much human trash there is to sift through. Once you think you find someone who's perfect, they look at you like shit for even thinking that you could get with them.

abdf13  No.18959


It absolutely is confidence. Some dudes need to be totally ripped to be confident. A friend of mine is a skinny, dorky fucker. Yet he has the biggest pull I've ever seen. Guy can talk to chicks for a few minutes and have them in the bag. Shit's fucked.

ad0d05  No.18964

File: c93a33a491628d3⋯.webm (2.73 MB, 406x720, 203:360, nyannyan.webm)

do girls like traps?

ee7799  No.18968

274af7  No.18971

File: 0201e1778746860⋯.png (14.37 KB, 302x201, 302:201, yet-another-boy-on-the-gir….png)

>Female flair

>ID: 00000

000000  No.18993


Autistic females have brain development typical of non-autistic males. Wink wink.

64bab3  No.19060


Who the fuck is that? I keep seeing it everywhere?

bb7d4a  No.19066


It's Cherry, our fearless leader.

d877ea  No.19070

File: 7412c773f15cbeb⋯.jpg (439.08 KB, 600x581, 600:581, 7412c773f15cbeb96655baaa29….jpg)


I am by no mean a tranny nor do i support them.

I tolerate them, but it's their life so what else you gonna do.

/pol/ is not welcome here and this kind of behaviour is offensive on a personal level, aside from an authority standpoint.

e8b599  No.19077

Stronk arms. :3

c1d355  No.19206


Is it /pol/ thats not welcome here? Or just general truth?

d877ea  No.19207



They teach in school when a boy is interested in a girl but is too awkward to approach he will resort to bullying.

So take a moment and think how does it make you look to bully someone just for a chance at them being female.

Who am i kidding you people are likely gay as fuck anyway.

bc838c  No.19209


>the power of mean girls flows through you

Please tell me more. I know it was for him, but I like the perspective.

b08d9b  No.19212



It's called getting baited and whether you fall for it or not is up to you. If you are argue with trolls, trolls win. Imageboards 101.

231f9e  No.19213



I'm not sure if you're self-aware enough to get why, but when people bully you on this site, chances are it's not because you're interesting.

1c0aca  No.19602

File: 2396c942f6d8d26⋯.jpg (39.15 KB, 373x480, 373:480, Me-Soon.jpg)

this definitely i have a fetish for veins

0db176  No.19767



0db176  No.19768

File: 57990285e78836b⋯.jpg (8.99 KB, 281x283, 281:283, 5MXN7SX_d.jpg)





ffbde6  No.19770


Do girls even like skellies?

7775f2  No.19788



5305c5  No.19794




ee5762  No.19799


Yea but when you need to talk to someone you don't know, looks is what you judge them on first. You have no idea if they have a good mind until you've had a conversation. So looks is the first gateway, and you have not answered OP's question

c6f501  No.19817

a5dda6  No.20002


>when you are a small chested girl and can easily recognize another small chested girl but everyone thinks this is a trap

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