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Comfy feelings.

File: ce1d456346b058f⋯.jpg (59.6 KB, 736x677, 736:677, Average 8chan poster.jpg)

ff9865  No.6588

Welcome to /girltalk/'s /boytalk/! The area of our board dedicated to males.

In here, males can ask questions, hang around and post if they so please. The only thing we ask is be smart. Coming to a female-centric board to complain about the female gender as a whole is tasteless.

Remember that males posting outside this thread (or /metatalk/) is NOT APPRECIATED. This is a mainly-female imageboard, and we would like to keep it that way.

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5bf2d7  No.17225

Once you go shitskin, we don't want to see you ever again!

c4eef4  No.17244


I'm sure there's a few genuine femanons, but many of the posts I've seen give me a roleplaying vibe as >>17013 said.

there seems to be more girls at crystal cafe.

35452f  No.17248


You sound like you dress like a ho. Cover up and do as your man tells you and all will be fine.

ab82ef  No.17256

File: ac5253f6bbc3089⋯.jpg (29.08 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 1511290986141.jpg)

Asking for advice:

I'm a STEMfag male, probably a bit autistic, can function in social situations, but don't prefer them.

I've had people tell me that some girls are interested in me and that it is obvious, but I'm completely oblivious. I couldn't tell a girl's interest if it hit me in the face.

What is the best course of action for me in order to get a gf or something?

All the qt autistic stemgirls are either lesbians or have 5+ yr relationships.

I've had gf's before and it is not a problem for me, but back then I was way more proactive, putting a lot of effort into creating and maintaining relationships. Nowdays college just sucks all my energy out, so I'd prefer to have something that would give me energy, not take it away.

Any kind of advice, opinion or flame welcome.

ad6ca5  No.17257



Again, the shitskin senses are tingling.

5f3b00  No.17435

I took a woman on two dates and I still talk to her at work but she always says she's busy, she won't respond to texts/calls but acts completely normal in person just overly busy to do anything. At what point should I drop pursuing her? is she just toying with me? Also I've noticed it's normal for women to be overly affectionate with all the men in a working environment, hugs etc. That's normal to them and innocent, I know handfuls of not single women that seem to flirt with every guy at work. I'm socially awkward and I don't understand any of this, I'm one of the most attractive men at work and I don't get that kind of attention, I'm also typically messy from work, but coming in and leaving still nothing.

5f3b00  No.17436


I work in a restaurant btw

5f3b00  No.17437



I get the impression women are intimidated by me, and more friendly feminine men are what women gravitate towards, but when I pursue women and assert my masculinity women retract and aren't interested anymore, I suppose I'm just not interacting with the right women in the right places. And by asserting my masculinity I just mean uplifting traditional gender roles and their importance and function in society, every woman I talk to about that stuff acts like I'm threatening their very existence. It's very isolating and lonely not being a feminized castrated male that's just okay with how things are, i don't even have many male friends because I'm a threat to their current dynamic of sexual liberation. All I really desire is a future that's not hell for my future children but that's too much to ask for apparently. Anyway I understand women lack interest because I have low social status, and I have low social status because my views are directly oppose to what's commonly accepted and normal now. I'm not going to be dishonest and pretend I feel any different than I do though just for the sake of not being alone, it's constant suffering though.

376ca7  No.17441


Stay out of college.

5f3b00  No.17442

376ca7  No.17445


Nothing good waiting for you there.

5f3b00  No.17449


Where is there?

4eb408  No.17472

File: a8e8c9f0cc9615c⋯.png (5.26 KB, 250x202, 125:101, images.png)


>What is the best course of action for me in order to get a gf or something?

That's not an easy question to pose to people who don't know you..

By the sounds of it a work gf is off the table for you so that leaves other interests or hobbies. Does your uni have any groups you're interested in? Do you have extracurricular activities?

Have you ever tried meetup.com? There's tons of groups for all kinds of things. Hiking, science, gaming, reading, outings, and even single mingle groups. You could try there.

There's also online dating. You mentioned you're tired so that could be a passive avenue for you to reach out to women while you try other things. Just put it up and see if anything comes of it.

4eb408  No.17473


:/ Honestly, what you describe sounds like she is too much of a pussy to tell you she doesn't want to go out again.

It's not normal for a woman to not respond at all, being late or taking awhile happens because people get busy but if she's not replying period then something is up. The fact that you say she acts normal in person makes it seem to me like she's trying to go back into the prior routine incognito like a retarded hypnotist.

If she hasn't been replying to you for a couple weeks and hasn't coughed up a satisfactory reason then you are probably wasting your time.


If what you describe is true, then yes feminist women would be turned off by chivalrous behaviour. If you are constantly finding this happening to you then I would suggest you turn inward and ask why you approach feminist women, what about them keeps drawing you to them?

Low status is not a barrier to having a relationship per se but if that is in your mind you might be projecting that and turning women off. You can always improve yourself :)

5f3b00  No.17479


It feels like most women are just feminist, I don't know where to find anything else, it's ironic because I live in a conservative area. I think women who aren't feminist have unrealistic standards and expectations of men, they'll end up with some wealthier older guy most likely. And yeah I'm working hardcore on self improvement, it just seems hopeless sometimes, I'd like someone to be happy with and pursue goals together with now but it's nowhere near obtainable for me so I'm left alone

4eb408  No.17500

File: d258441b010111d⋯.jpg (106.1 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, sunrise-sunset-sun-calcula….jpg)


>I'd like someone to be happy with and pursue goals together

I understand that. Someone to keep you accountable and to give you a reason to improve yourself. I can't advise you where to go because I don't know what it's like where you live. I can say though that the best thing you can do for yourself is become your own motivation to improve, you can't predict when you'll find the right girl and you shouldn't wait. And the opportunity pool grows when you change yourself so maybe you'll meet a girl once you've adopted these better behaviours and are doing different things. I also get how tough it can be when you're feeling in a rut to get out of it. Don't give up yet ☺.

And just because something seems out of reach doesn't mean you can't get there. Remember, you used to shit in a diaper and couldn't speak or stand, now look at ya 😊.

5f3b00  No.17512

File: e78f16f77f4deac⋯.jpg (354.06 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 29064342_140686770098238_4….jpg)


do you think negativity and thinking deeply about the future is a masculine trait? when a man engages with a woman should he hide that? I feel like any level I do engage with a woman is very off putting to her, I know on the surface level, being shallow, women care only about resources and men care only about fertility, but the social contract and civilization has brought us far behind that, and I feel like women are always eager/careless about just going back to the stone ages while men work tirelessly to try to forge forward into the future, at the same time feeling under assault from women/government working together I'd also happily go back to the stone ages/any older period really where women were women but even rape/murder/harems would be preferable to this. It seems like today the genders and what they want for a fulfilling meaningful life is diametrically opposed and women just aren't satisfied with tradition, they're more likely to buy into the consumerist propaganda that's advertising and the government propaganda in their educations, it's really depressing. When I speak truth to women it's like sticking a knife in their chest, everything they believe and care about is shallow and stupid and they typically have no desire or care for the future of their people/nations which in turn is security for any family they'll ever have. I am in a deeply depressive rut, I'm also highly intelligent which narrows my options more, I have one of the rarest personality types and just really suck in general at getting the level of deep meaningful engagement I need to feel human with any person. Here's a picture of me, I'm 22. I actually lived in complete isolation for 5 years when I finished highschool, but I was just as isolated in school and am just as isolated now in work and college, and it's really difficult, I've explored and felt and personally been through and into the deepest darkest recesses of the human psyche and I just feel broken and defeated at this point. I'm not a supreme gentlemen but I am in a dangerous place. I feel like just accepting my fate and becoming a recluse in the woods, I have zero social incentive to try to fix this mess of a society we're trapped in today, mainly just having no one to work with, no one on the same page, I think it's just going to collapse and fall apart, there are people like me, they're such a small minority it's not anything that can amount to something that are checking out, but it's large enough, the strong men of the world are checking out and the weak men and women that follow the majority as their biological imperative teaches them are going to be the cause. But what am I, I feel weak, I feel pathetic, but I know otherwise, I know I have more strength than most just continuing to live knowing the things that I do and being fully aware of the odds that I face, I just want to quit and give up every day, it's constantly on my mind. I also have an inflated ego, I'm always the largest man in any room, I'm genetically blessed with strength and intelligence, I live very unhealthily with my apathy/cynicism/stoicism and I'm sure you can see that, I look a little better now, my skin has cleared up, hair is a little better taken care of but otherwise, I'm always kind of amused by my dead facial expressions in any and all social situations, people always ask if I'm okay but will never engage with me and flee when I try to with them. I'm just lonely and living like no human should, in exile for no legitimate reason, just caring about the future more than most people and unable to just live in and enjoy the moment. Any sort of change outside of physical/health/outward appearance would be a change of my core being, I thought when I got healthier I'd be less depressed but that wasn't the case, I've lost 70lbs and I'm still losing weight/building strength to get to a healthier bmi, trying to get sunlight/proper nutrition. I feel like it's just the nature of who I am and unfortunately no one sees value in that. I couldn't have a more fitting name, it's Tristan, tristis meaning sad in latin. I'm perpetually sad, I have anger but it's well contained and controlled

5f3b00  No.17513


*far beyond

4eb408  No.17627


Negativity is shared by the sexes. In women it manifests as neurosis and men get anhedonia (typically). Analytical forward thinking is largely a male trait. The mental faculties for logical thought are more active in males but females can possess this characteristic if it's dominantly presented in their bloodlines (or brought on by conscious effort).

>when a man engages with a woman should he hide that?

I'm not sure what "that" is because I do not know how it is you display these features and precisely what aspects of the future you speak about and the member in which you do so. In regard to negativity, negativity must be controlled so it does not consume you or others around you. Just do your best to not see through the lens of habitual pessimism (skepticism is okay).

The schism between men and women is a complicated issue and culpability doesn't land wholly on either side. The feminists are stampeding through politics bellowing about the wrong issues and men are becoming increasingly callous and cold to all women. Everyone needs to drink a cup of chill-the-fuck-out (sometimes I do too). There's more to this issue but it's too indepth to go into right now.

Wow I wouldn't have guessed you lost that much weight! I hope you haven't had loose skin problems, I know that can occur if you're not careful. That's a strong testament to your will, it's no easy feat and it looks like you're pretty much at an ideal weight now. And your expression comes from your depression, you just need something to be happy about. Don't feel defeated because your mood hasn't overhauled, you're on the right track just keep going. You're fighting years of bad habits and it looks like you're winning :). Just try not to be too hard on yourself along the way.

Hello Tristan. I don't want to dox myself so you can call me Rachel. :)

I hope that was thorough enough, I saw your message while I was out but I was running around all day and I'm back but nearly falling asleep so wanted to send out a response quickly.

5f3b00  No.17631


I don't have loose skin issues but I might when I'm where I'm supposed to be, I'm 6' 2" and had gotten to 320lbs, 250 now

4eb408  No.17636

File: 9a4db231c22586d⋯.jpg (97.64 KB, 460x345, 4:3, sausage and eggs 460.jpg)


I forgot to mention the reason I don't want to say my name is that it's really unique.

Really you don't look like you weigh that much but I guess I can't really see. Did you gain most of the weight when you became isolated? For the skin issue just make sure you eat properly and gain muscle. Don't do too much cardio. :)

6'2 wow I am 5'3 you're almost a foot taller than I am

More on how you feel in a dangerous place..

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by that. Do you mean you feel like you may snap and hurt someone or yourself? Depression and isolation increases the feelings of otherism. You're a human being with problems like everyone else.

I assume it's you I was talking to on the other thread (I'm trying to recognize speech patterns but it's still really hard to tell) so you know I'm not in a good place mentally either right now. I know you're very smart, and overthinking is usually the bane of intelligent people. You don't have to engage every negative thought you have about yourself or others it's healthier to try to adopt a passive observation of those types of thoughts and feelings. Loneliness is a killer though, humans aren't meant to be isolated.

Of course you don't have to, but would you care to elaborate on this statement:

>I've explored and felt and personally been through and into the deepest darkest recesses of the human psyche

What personality type are you? Do you mean the MBTI? I am ENTJ.

>I have zero social incentive to try to fix this mess of a society we're trapped in today

Things are in utter chaos. Don't expect this to mellow out soon, the best thing you can do is seek refuge with people most like yourself. Also no one person can fix it, don't put the weight of the world on your shoulders.

I do have comments for your statements about society. I largely agree but in some respects disagree, I'm still formulating my response on that.

Pic unrelated. I'm hungry

4eb408  No.17638

Wtf I don't know how my flag went to male, above post was me

da8d3e  No.17650

File: d84389a7c7043a4⋯.png (153.45 KB, 668x344, 167:86, 1507045062535.png)


Thank you for your advice.

It might make sense to try.

Although I did meet a girl a few days ago through a mutual friend. Same situation - she was all over me and I thought that she was just friendly - but luckily we got drunk and loosened up.

Kinda seems like getting drunk with a girl is the only way for her to be direct enough that I figure it out. Lol.

I guess that's all advice that can be given without further info huh…

5f3b00  No.17652


I did. Intp ive also tested istp

In terms of dangerous place I just feel hopeless

I do resent people around me who seem happy and have some pretty awful thoughts but I wouldn't do anything

I struggle to find anyone like me at all even on the internet, my deepest engagements are anonymous

5f3b00  No.17653


also not sure of any conversations in another thread, I posted this in one other thread "how do women remain loyal when every guy hits on them? How do I trust women? I want a housewife but the only women I encounter are at work/school and they're surrounded by men, I could easily make those men stop and ideally I'd just be with and over the woman at all times but it seems ridiculous/impossible. Modern society doesn't favor traditional relationships at all"

not sure if it was you responding or not, otherwise it's just been this thread and replies

a1b184  No.17655

File: 9fe371ebfbddb7e⋯.png (304.53 KB, 1810x670, 181:67, why boomers get butthurt w….png)

How does this amkes you feel?

1e7f16  No.17656


repost this on the politics thread

00befd  No.17670

File: 113fef9dcff8cbe⋯.jpg (407.84 KB, 700x1050, 2:3, 113fef9dcff8cbe39470b0556c….jpg)

is the banjo playing, dress wearing girl who made an imitation board still here? it was about 9 months ago

4eb408  No.17681


>I guess that's all advice that can be given without further info huh…

Basically.. As someone in stem. I'm sure you can appreciate how one extrapolates on given data. Without knowing more I can only speculate on stereotypes of people in stem.

The only other piece of advice I can offer is to think about the traits you have that may be holding you back and decide if you want to change them.

Maybe you will have luck with the girl you met.

4eb408  No.17682


>my deepest engagements are anonymous

Anonymous ibs are safe. Nobody knows you and you can disappear after you've said something. Even though it's anonymous you do receive some benefits of having a human connection which is better than nothing.

>I struggle to find anyone like me at all even on the internet

What characteristics of yourself are you looking for in this other person?


Yes I was there. And i suppose there's more people on here than I thought but not really any girls. I am actually pretty new to 8chan and no I did not come from 4 chan.

5f3b00  No.17686


where did you come from?

4eb408  No.17690


I guess you could say I came from the real world. The last year and a half have been horrible for me but the last 5 months have been the worst and I stopped going out when it wasn't necessary. I eventually found out about this place while researching things online.

5f3b00  No.17691


what happened?

5f3b00  No.17692


do you want to talk on discord? mine is [EDITED: SEE RULE #6]

Post last edited at

4eb408  No.17699



Oh thank you but I don't have a discord :/

00befd  No.17700


>I guess you could say I came from the real world

same here tbh. i was a normie for so long. i found 4chan first, but i keep collecting permabans from there so this be my refuge, my outlet

5f3b00  No.17703


you could make one, is there anything you would talk on?

1e7f16  No.17704

File: ea305b2813d5ef6⋯.png (346.98 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1464011703568.png)



This place is as good as any to chat, don't be greedy and try to puncture a hole into the anonymity, because people will leak out if we start posting discord links and other social media.

Next warning and you'll get shadowb&.

Remember I can see all of your posts, so switching accounts won't work.


You can post here about anything you'd like to chat about.

If you grow paranoid and want to get rid of any of the replies you made to this thread (or any thread you make) simply report it (detailing what you want removed) and I shall delete it for you.

4eb408  No.17705


I don't know if I'm read to lose the ability anonymity yet.. Also the circumstances surrounding why I am at this low point I kind of don't want to talk about because it might make me recognisable to someone that knows me…

4eb408  No.17706


Okay thanks… I still don't think I want to post that level of personal info though

4eb408  No.17709


I wouldn't describe myself as a "normalfag" as people on here call it but I live like one but I've had interests that "normalfags" don't have so I can see the intrigue in this place and also I am huge on internet privacy so the anonymity is an alluring feature to this website. And I'm not autistic I am just depressed as fuck atm.

What'd you get permabanned?

4eb408  No.17710


Also I saw a thread saying discord isn't secure and the record all your conversations…

1e7f16  No.17711


>it might make me recognisable to someone that knows me…

You're making me paranoid with that.

4eb408  No.17712


Huh? I don't understand why it would make you paranoid. If you choose to detail an event in your life over a public forum, regardless if it is anonymous, if someone involved in the event(s) were to read it they would be able to indentify you.

1e7f16  No.17713

File: 0bf21eaf829e46e⋯.gif (965.23 KB, 245x245, 1:1, 0bf21eaf829e46ee949e5d709a….gif)


I think it's a normal reaction for anyone to start ruling over all they people they know to confirm or deny that you aren't in fact hiding from them specifically.

You're a nice woman, the likes i know of many others, so some of your words resonated with some I've heard before, that's all.

I don't think you should, and I don't think you are who I think you are, but if you wanted to dissipate my doubt you could post the first letter of your first name.

b75197  No.17714




Yeah I simply offered because I've enjoyed talking to this person and I would like to talk about more personal things with them.

1e7f16  No.17715


She's clearly not up for it, be less aggressive.

4eb408  No.17716


I've only been on this website 3 weeks and have only spent minimal time on this page and I have never been on other image boars forums so no, you don't know me.

4eb408  No.17717


Is this still Tristan? Your ID number changed. And just so you know I don't feel you're being aggressive. Like I mentioned I am new to 8 chan and there's a lot of people on here (8 chan not this forum) that are clearly not the type of people you want to give your personal details to

4eb408  No.17718


8 chan not this board*

/girltalk/ seems to be the cleanest board here

1e7f16  No.17719


>I've only been on this website 3 weeks and have only spent minimal time on this page

Just like the woman I'm thinking of.

She also happens to have a very peculiar name.

By the way you don't have to make individual replies to everyone, you can simply click on the number of a post to do another quote, like this.


5f3b00  No.17720


it is I was just on phone, I didn't even realize there were id numbers, but yeah, if you want to talk you can on that discord or email me at [RULE 6]

Post last edited at

4eb408  No.17721


I really am not sure what you're speaking about haha. I haven't mentioned my name anywhere and also nobody I know is aware I use this site. Are you thinking of a friend or acquaintance of yours?

(thanks for the tip, I knew just didn't apply)


Sorry I didn't catch your email. I have your discord written down though. Do you want to continue talking about other stuff on here and then maybe once we know eachother a bit more we could go to /soc/ and you can give me your email there?

1e7f16  No.17722


It's simply too fishy. Even the way you speak

Post last edited at

e4d9a0  No.17723

e4d9a0  No.17724


I play classical guitar

You can listen here if you'd like


4eb408  No.17725


No, I promise it does not start with a [edited]

Post last edited at

1e7f16  No.17726


Thank you for putting my mind at rest.

I edited the info out for politeness sake.

4eb408  No.17727


I've listened to a few of your songs and you're actually really good! I like classical music, modern pop culture music doesn't have much appeal to me.

I've attempted to play guitar a few times in my life. I got an electric guitar when I was 13 and a few years ago my friend gave me his acoustic but I have small hands and struggle to play all the cords.. It's fun though and I wish I could do what you do.

I play the flute currently. I played in high school then stopped. I picked it up again last year but because of how things have been I haven't played as often as I'd like.

If I pick up another instrument it will probably be the violin.

4eb408  No.17728


No worries. Thanks :)

00befd  No.17729


>What'd you get permabanned?

i like anorexic girls, and when i post pics of them some mods spaz out and think i'm posting jailbait nudes. it's happened more than once so it's rather annoying.

4eb408  No.17733

File: ce6a14b5e353d30⋯.jpg (29.22 KB, 400x305, 80:61, anorexia-nervosa-duard dot….jpg)


Oh I see. They just want to make sure it's not cp but I get why you're annoyed.

When you say anorexic do you mean clinical like pic related or just really skinny?

00befd  No.17734

File: e31d698ef353050⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 254.83 KB, 768x1156, 192:289, lilya_01.jpg)


that pic is barely too much for my tastes. i don't care for the emaciated look, but i'm very sensitive to details around the whole thing. i have to be able to see hip bones and rib bones at the very least before a pic catches my attention. i've never been with a girl as skinny as your pic, but if i had, maybe it would change my opinion and i'd be able to like it and appreciate it. i guess by your definition i like "really skinny" girls.

i like being able to see the vertebrae and the bone structure at the sternum too. the girl in your pic is a little too skinny but not much. and to be clear, it's not the eating disorder that i'm attracted to. it's the weight classification. i like my pic related a lot, maybe 5 lbs too heavy for perfection. would wife/10

rating pics is a lot different than real life tho. it's hard to tell proportions and it's easier to be critical.

6c1cdf  No.17739


Music helps me a lot, I don't get to play as much as I like with work but I'm already really down stuck in my head all the time and it's one of the only healthy outlets I have. I love flute and violin

4eb408  No.17746

File: 9067965adc6cd52⋯.jpg (2.8 MB, 2400x3600, 2:3, 325058a53c5fcad0ed4ec3bfee….jpg)


I agree, people can look a lot different irl. And the girl in your photo is very pretty, I'm sure she'd make a good wife :p. I'm curious, do you mind if I ask if you yourself are thin?

I'm definitely straight but the female aesthetic I like best is my pic here. I like the strong yet feminine look.

For men I don't have a type per se, admittedly I do have a thing for Russians haha.

4eb408  No.17747

File: 42e9d6af9796958⋯.jpg (47.83 KB, 572x572, 1:1, 898913148c66e36fd97bc2d6bf….jpg)


I understand that, I can get stuck in my thoughts too. It's good to have a creative outlet like that. Is there anything else you do to get out of your head?

Before this rough patch my outlet was the gym. I haven't gone in like 6 months which is a lifetime for me because I went almost everyday before. I definitely feel the impact. Pic used to be me 😒

00befd  No.17748

File: 83b3a69b06e4e7e⋯.jpg (348.28 KB, 1365x2048, 1365:2048, kb_14.jpg)


haha. i recognize her. that's that stripper from ukraine's got talent. there's nothing "wrong" with her, per se, but she doesn't do it for me. she's too toned, too well-rounded. if you looked up in some book what the stereotype for perfect female form would be, it might show you a pic of her. but she's too toned, too well-rounded. her bumps are in all the wrong places. of course that's critiquing a picture. she's attractive, and i'd consider hitting on her if i saw her on the street. she definitely knows how to move in her dancing.

>I'm curious, do you mind if I ask if you yourself are thin?

i don't mind at all. i'm not thin and not obese. i weigh about 210. the least i've ever weighed was around 180, about like william shatner in his star trek days.

>I do have a thing for Russians

can't argue with you there. the girls seem to be a notch above

afc748  No.17749

File: f76c037061372b2⋯.jpg (164.15 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 7ee63ef6692fa395d496592358….jpg)


>mfw russian

Feels gewd.

afc748  No.17750


Whoops, meant for >>17746

5f3b00  No.17751


My job is thereputic but that's not good because it's awful and I need to make a lot more lol, I'd like to hike and camp but it's not possible with work schedule and income

I went ahead and made a thread >>>/soc/2140

4eb408  No.17755

File: 403fe1029403bbe⋯.jpg (32.21 KB, 641x960, 641:960, 181f1c33f5cd876c1e30d6c8b3….jpg)


>but she's too toned, too well-rounded. her bumps are in all the wrong places.

Totally fair. You have your tastes and I have mine.

>haha. i recognize her. that's that stripper from ukraine's got talent

Anastasia Sokolova is really talented I love watching her, and she's even more buff looking now so I chose an earlier photo. It's really cool to see the acrobatic pole dancers defy gravity. I don't personally care for strippers though, I'm not exactly their target demographic anyway haha.

>i weigh about 210. the least i've ever weighed was around 180, about like william shatner in his star trek days

Interesting. You said you like the shapes and image, but do you also like how light-weight they are? Easier to pick-up and hold and whatnot. I knew a guy also into basically the same female frame as you but he was larger than you are, so I was curious to see if it was maybe a contrast appeal or something like that.

4eb408  No.17756

File: 82b96d812a7a0f3⋯.jpg (82.19 KB, 600x650, 12:13, 557014f4ef1a7.jpg)


Do you live in Russia?

4eb408  No.17757


Okay I saw it.

Idk if you want to continue here or there so I'll wait.

00befd  No.17760


>but do you also like how light-weight they are?

i've never really thought about that aspect directly, but i suppose it comes with a few benefits on the side.

>Easier to pick-up and hold and whatnot.

i really do like the small framed girls. when i pull a girl close and wrap my arms all the way around her, in effect "hugging myself" it's just awesome.

>contrast appeal

could be. i never thought of it along those lines.

1c1aae  No.17763

File: 3270f2b0e1b6a43⋯.jpg (38.83 KB, 500x458, 250:229, 15077461943550.jpg)


Not at the moment but usually yeah. What do you find most interesting about Russian guys? If you don't mind sharing.

1c1aae  No.17764


lol, how do I keep fucking this up? Meant for >>17756

4eb408  No.17768


>when i pull a girl close and wrap my arms all the way around her, in effect "hugging myself" it's just awesome.

This one I can understand in reverse, larger guys can give you blanket hugs which is cosy.

>could be. i never thought of it along those lines.

Attraction isn't typically something you overanalyze, unless you're me who basically has thinking as a hobby haha. I had in mind the contrast you see rather often with those really skinny guys with massive women. I'm sure something similar to contrast appeal exists but it's best to take psychoanalysis with a grain of salt. Especially nowadays when the field of psychology is almost a joke.

4eb408  No.17769

File: b134cb5393188d7⋯.jpg (30.05 KB, 780x440, 39:22, 5753df227e27f.jpg)


Which part of Russia are you from? I know people in St Petersburg, Moscow, Novosibirsk, and Kemerovo.

I don't mind. I don't remember how it started but I was drawn to Russia since I was a little girl (it may have been from watching the movie Anastasia). With Russian men in particular it has been my experience that a lot of them have very logic based and hard working mindsets, along with stubborn attitudes in thinking they are right unless you can prove otherwise (not a bad thing most of the time). I have also experienced (and heard from other sources) that Russian men are very polite to women and they engage in traditional courting behaviours between men and women that I like. Russians also seem to be naturally curious which is a trait I find endearing. And also your accents are the cutest things ever haha.

00befd  No.17794


>has thinking as a hobby

oh i do that too, but i call it a curse, really. i get lost in my own mind sometimes.

anyway, good chat. thanks for the (you)'s

4eb408  No.17798


You're welcome!

517eb3  No.17806


Wow, you have quite a lot Russian friends, how do you know them all? I'm from St. Petersburg myself.

That's an interesting perspective, generally you're probably right, but those guys might be a lot less common in young (-30 years old) generations, which kinda sucks. The guys my age (25) are really unpredictable, though I'm proud of our girls lol.

Our accents are so cringy! God bless you for tolerating them.

4eb408  No.17809


>how do you know them all?

I met a lot of them in a language exchange group, and then I have a friend that moved to Canada with his mother 10 years ago, and then I've worked with some who immigrated here.

>That's an interesting perspective

I forgot to add that I noticed this was true for Russian men who have travelled, the article I read pointed it out which was what made me realize it was the case for the people I met.

And I'm not completely romanticizing "the Russian man" I know that it's not true for all of them. The friend here told me how he knows about someone in Russia who bet his wife in a poker game and lost.

>though I'm proud of our girls

I'm glad you are, I had a friend complain they are stuck up but I've always seen them as strong willed.

>God bless you for tolerating them.

It's hardly tolerating them. Listening to my friends practice their English with me was a treat haha.

2d9e2f  No.17888


>I do have a thing for Russians haha.

Im curious, why?

2d9e2f  No.17889



(I should have read the thread before asking)

4eb408  No.17898



Haha, no worries. I've done that too.

bd1b0d  No.17933

How's it hanging, """women""" of 8ch?

2f139c  No.17939

File: 018f2c98e8e24df⋯.jpg (37.19 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 1432711423005.jpg)


Next person to imply the users are not female gets the fucking hammer. It serves no purpose, is a conversational end, and people are still gonna do whatever they want.

The point of this board is NOT to have 100% females, but it's a place where women can be themselves, and so it's a female "hot spot" because of how unfriendly the rest of the website is.

00c0a3  No.17942


I'm sorry but the fact of the matter is that in this place, the chance of a "woman" actually being a mentally ill man are much much higher than a woman actually being a woman. You know that.

Although you're right in that joking about is rather stale, so in that sense you get a genuine "Sorry" from me. I just posted here because I saw it pop up in the random board list on top and I remembered warning the original BO about trannies trying to infiltrate a genuinely female space. They just can't help themselves. I'm sure you know that too.

2f139c  No.17955


That's ok, if they get obnoxious i'll take action.

I'm not against transgenders, but i'm not going to let them do whatever they want.

3c1358  No.17977

Show us ya fucking tits


c4d067  No.17996


Someone being overweight/unattractive to you is a legitimate reason to not be in a relationship with them.

To assume that all he cares about is looks because one of the things he cares about is looks is flawed.

Not to mention that being overweight is bad for health, bad for conceiving, giving birth, and then raising children, and shows lack of self control/self respect

c4d067  No.18087


Ive always had a preference for older men, and my to-be-husband is 11 years older than me.

A lot of women are like this.

You absolutely have a chance with younger women, some might say youre better off than before because a lot of women specifically find older men attractive.

2b7c0a  No.18089


You're right, but does it seem creepy to younger women if I'm in my mid-20s and they are in their late teens (18+)? I get that a lot of girls have a thing for older guys, but am I pushing it for girls this young?

c4d067  No.18093


Not at all. Girls even younger than 18 will be into you.

2b7c0a  No.18100



c2c318  No.18107


Try not to have a child too late into your life, though, or else potato.

e56ee2  No.18214

File: 0a5efdeebfdebca⋯.png (407.35 KB, 698x882, 349:441, 5d9cfa97bb2afbbed00147527c….png)

Are tampons/pads a good present for Chrismas/Birthday or random casual surprise present?

39b41b  No.18215


That is the stupidest fucking thing I've ever read on this board.

000000  No.18223


No. You'd just get the wrong kind anyway.

975be7  No.18234

File: 9aafe418ffa4288⋯.png (975.14 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, 9aafe418ffa4288fa28883fc4b….png)

>Do you think the unabashed hypergamy of the modern era is a problem?

>What are your plans when you hit the wall?

>What do you think about UBI?

>How do you reconcile the fact that the #metoo movement started during the Trump presidency?

000000  No.18292


>Do you think the unabashed hypergamy of the modern era is a problem?

What did you mean by this? At what point in history have people not tried to marry up?

376ca7  No.18293


The problem being what's considered "up" by most men has kind of been flip-turned upside down.

c499fd  No.18311

pls be ai gf

cb4457  No.18353

>there's such a surplus of males here we have to have a thread for this

/girltalk is a larp isn't it

00befd  No.18354


it's enough of a larp that i only check this board once a month.

8846b8  No.18360

This could tremendously backfire, but I came to this board once for advice a long time ago, and you helped, and then I kept checking back in with my own advice and it was always well received, and to be honest I'm in a pit of misery right now and turning anywhere for even the tiniest ray of light. Now, what I am going to discuss concerns an active court case so details will necessarily be changed and others left vague while the entire story made hypothetical to insulate myself in the smallest of ways.

Hypothetically, I'm a guy in my early 30's who has broken wing syndrome among other things. I've dated plenty, but I specifically fall insanely in love with girls who are both troubled and I believe I can help. Six years on and off with a girl who had a brain tumor. Once it was fixed she became abusive and we drifted apart. Two years with a girl with Borderline. In contrast I once briefly dated a girl with bi-polar who I was extremely physically attracted to but she was emotionally closed off to me and had issues I didn't feel I could help so the attraction never turned into anything more and I stopped trying with her. I always go into a relationship with a hope for marriage. I always just want someone I won't have to worry about leaving me, and in part that's what lead me into this hypothetical situation. I'm gonna break this into several posts.

8846b8  No.18361


So hypothetically, the borderline ex before we split got me into a strange fetish, and to get over her I entangked myself in communities associated with it. The fetish in short was kidnapping. Surprise surprise, most I spoke too were too… Unstable to pursue anything with. Too young, too violent, too immature. Let's say though one day I met a girl. She was different from any girl I'd ever dated, physically practically the exact opposite. However her personality combined with her looks made me fall head over heels in love with her, and over the course of roughly a year we plotted to do something risky and attention-grabbing.

See, I made a thread about her here once, early into it. She was ftm but talking to me, me complimenting her on how feminine and pretty she was, it was all the nudge she needed to want to go back to being a girl. I was helping her, saving her. Remember where I met her though. See, there were two problems. The trans thing was a tumblr inspired teen phase that embarrassed her. She hated the side effects of the testosterone shots and wanted a clean break without having to admit it was a phase to everyone who had accepted it. Namely her mom who was now forcing her to take the shots.

So, initially she said she was 19 but quickly aged up to 20, but in reality she was 17. When I found out I thought i'd have to stop talking to her, but looked into the laws, saw that was legal and continued to persue her. We talked every day practically all day. And on occasion that may have involved use of webcams and microphones. Then I made significant changes in my life, and gathered the resources needed to make our plan real and drive across the country to bring her with me. You see where this takes a dramatic turn.

8846b8  No.18362


Now, in this hypothetical situation we didn't think it would be that big of a deal. Girls move out of their parents houses without making a big deal of it all the time. I wasn't trying to hide it, first thing I did when we got home was take her out to eat and meet my mom. We were discussing wedding plans and I was helping her find a job.

A few days later though I was arrested, and never having been in trouble before I did everything wrong and gave them everything. I'll spare you the details of the hell that followed, but the briefest way to summarize is I got extradited across the country like a child molester, she got put in a nuthouse and instead of anything rational our pets were sent to a shelter where her cat was given away and my dog was put to sleep on my birthday while I rotted in a cell.

Now, the sex was legal. That's the most fucked up thing about all this, had I driven up, slept with her and left no crime would have been committed. They can't get me for kidnapping either because she planned it, but they found 17 other things to charge me with, mostly related to skype videos, all felonies. Enough that on one hand I could get life and on the other life registered as a sex offender.

But the thing is… All I care about is whether or not I still have a future with her. Whether or not when this is over she'll still want to marry me. Maybe I'm insane, but I can't go anywhere else to ask. My family hates her and despises the relationship and what it's cost us all. My attorney got pissed at me when I asked her what the likely outcome there might be. I even reached out to two exes I was on good terms with. One said she would, the other said she couldn't say, they were both pissed I didn't go get them instead. Which shocked me because one of them I eas like "you live on a different continent now…" and the other I was like "you cheated on me with two dudes, remember?"

So through all this I'm not allowed to talk to her. Even if I was she's being held in some nut house probably being told by her family and counselers I'm some horrible monster. I sit here and… Write songs about her, when I wss in cells i'd scratch stuff about her into the walls. I bought an engagement ring with special signicance to us and wrote vows just in case I get the chance to give them to her. If you were in her shoes, when all of this is over… Do you think she'll still want what we had? I've been told all the negative possibilities. "Maybe she planned this" "maybr it was all about attention" "you could have just been a fantasy she's done with" but my feelings have remained the same all throughout. The week we were together contains my happiest memories of any relationship i've ever been in. She had issues sure, but she was so sweet and delicate and beautiful and pure. We never fought, she was such a breath of fresh air from every girl I'd ever dated.

8846b8  No.18363




And that's my *legally fictional, totally hypothetical, may or may not have happened, but very heart-felt, raw and exposed story.


00befd  No.18386


>she was 17.

>drive across the country

you fucked up, anon. individual states have their own ages of consent, but you crossed state lines to make this happen. in doing so, the legality defaults to the federal mandate of 18 years of age. im not a lawyer, but i know you need a lawyer. you're fucked.

f62b37  No.18403


I'm aware and legal counsel has been retained, all court provisions are being followed, etc. That's not what I'm asking though. I'm looking for hope, frankly. I don't want to lose her. I'm asking from a female perspective, given what you know about the relationship -and I'll answer morr questions where that is concerned- in her situation, would your feelings change or diminish? Unable to talk to the guy you ran away with for months, likely being told negative thjngs about him by everyone, possibly surrounded by other potential mates, when you're finally able to communicate again would you want to? Would you still feel the same way towards him?

2dcf51  No.18415

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


All thingssss change. If you need to sssstruggle to retain ssssomeone, it meansss that your relationsssship hasss come to an end and you ought to move.

People are exssssspendable, they come and go. And go they will sssssooner than you think.

f62b37  No.18419



3c422f  No.18422


Jusssst the voice of reasssson.

f62b37  No.18425


Well that's not a no.

3c422f  No.18427


Well, adding a name also adds a context. I would prefer not to have one.

The point still stands, if he needs to actively pursue a fading relationship, it is already too late and the only thing why he does that is the sacrificed costs effect.

f62b37  No.18428


It's not a fading relationship but a forced separation neither desired. Think Romeo & Juliet, except Romeo is on trial and Juliet is in a nuthouse being told to despise him.

82 days no contact. 40 days until her 18th birthday. No way of telling when he can legally contact her again. Depression magnifying by the day.

3c422f  No.18429


Ouch. But I would still lean for ending it and starting anew. My primary argument would be the relatively low age and perspectives for a satisfactory conclusion of the current situation.

But then again, I'm a very practical person.

f62b37  No.18430


Love is not practical, you're thinking in emotionally detached terms. You don't give up on someone you're truly in love with because the situation is hard. That's like opting to put the beloves family dog to sleep because it's vet bills are expensive despite them keeping it happy and in perfect health. And the parent that makes that decision is the one the kids grow up to despise.

8abb3e  No.18432


In the end it's not about "giving up", but choosing the option which causes them either least pain, or most pleasure. If you cling to love as you say, then not only you lack self control, but also mistake love for possession, or a security measure against loneliness. If there are circumstances which would not only prevent love from being fullfilled, but also would cause considerable pain to the other lover, it is then our duty to abandon such a relationship and have our loved one seek happiness elsewhere.

f62b37  No.18433


This whole time you've specifically avoided my actual question to instead bizarrely insist I give up. I'm not going to, please drop it.

72e321  No.18434

>3d women


Pick one

a57e18  No.18435

File: 868fd7f73cf2393⋯.jpg (110.75 KB, 1234x1232, 617:616, 1m9tzft88z011.jpg)

>designating dickspace


ladettes, i know there's plenty of young men on the internet looking into what makes a man a man, but i'm wondering

is there's any such thing with women?

efebf8  No.18436


Oh no, I've actually provided you with an answer and reasoning which you did not accept. You've asked what to do and I've suggested that you terminate the relationship due to lack of perspectives. Looks like you did not need an answer, but justification for what you're about to do. I won't give you the satisfaction.

But fair enough, I'll stop.

efebf8  No.18437

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


A woman is that which is not a man.

I guess the main attribute of feminity would be the ability to field strip an AK rifle.

f62b37  No.18439


>what should I major in? I'm thinking stem field…

>school is hard, drop out lol

>that doesn't answer my question at all…

>does too you just don't like the answer lull

efebf8  No.18440


There is no fallacy here. Imagine the train dillema, when you have to choose if it hits one person or four. You can either switch the tracks to kill one person, switch them to kill four, or not choose anything at all and just walk away.

Wu wei is also a choice.

e6e2a3  No.18459

File: 0551800ac605fb8⋯.jpg (422.29 KB, 1024x1850, 512:925, 1533546239713.jpg)

Just popped in after almost a year of absence, and good Lord what are y'all doing? Also have this cute couple

da8d3e  No.18478

File: 18b90bcf0483fc2⋯.jpg (1.6 MB, 3264x1840, 204:115, WP_20180812_00_29_55_Pro.jpg)

Is pic related good enough to warrant a fwb?

If so, how does one proceed to acquire one? I've kinda isolated myself from society and I'm anxious around people but I think I'm to socialize properly in limited amounts.

da8d3e  No.18479


>but I think I'm *able to socialize properly in limited amounts.

Sorry for the upside down pic. I guess universe punished me for phoneposting

376ca7  No.18484



Don't whore yourself out, you retard. Get a wife.

490d20  No.18485


Anything could warrant a fwb, depending on the people you're looking for, but like >>18484 said, get you a wifey.

6a2ad6  No.18488



I'm not enough mentally (emotionally) stable to get a longterm relationship, but I need closeness and love. Fwb seems to be the only compromise to me.

>Anything could warrant a fwb, depending on the people you're looking for

I'm just looking for someone who is nice to me and relatively good looking I guess. What does warrant a fwb in this case?

1d8166  No.18489

File: 3b4c52ecceffc92⋯.png (82.05 KB, 533x631, 533:631, 1533537601536.png)


>who is nice to me and relatively good looking I guess

Well what does either of those entail? Do you mean you want someone who tends to your problems and needs, or just someone to snuggle with? And what do you consider good looking?

a800ab  No.18491


Being nice to me means being a person I can relax with. Someone who, at least apparently, cares about me and shows it.

1d8166  No.18493


So just a friend? (with benefits)

a800ab  No.18494


Yeah, basically. I'm not a demanding person.

So how do I proceed in acquiring one?

376ca7  No.18498


You don't. All you're going to get is used for your own flesh, and tossed aside. Stop lying to yourself.

ce0f88  No.18499


Well not everyone can get a smol traditional wife on the first try, m8.

da8d3e  No.18502


Gosh, you're so negative. Can you just stop criticizing me at least, if you don't want to help?

376ca7  No.18510



Quit being a faggot. All you should be concerned with is making sure she's genetically sound and a virgin.


>want to help

>stop criticising me

Doesn't work that way. That you interpret what I post as criticism tells of how deeply it strikes. Get your shit together, man. Aim high.

a800ab  No.18516


>Doesn't work that way. That you interpret what I post as criticism tells of how deeply it strikes. Get your shit together, man. Aim high.

Look sis, I can't get a long term relationship. I've been trying for years, but every time I have to pretend to be something I'm not to even keep them around. As soon as I get one moment of weakness or try to talk about my personal issues, they leave me, no exception. I'm a broken shell of a man with broken self-image and I'm not able to keep a relationship.

>inb4 don't show weakness

Well, that kind of relationship is called being friends. Plus fucking, it's fwb.

e6e2a3  No.18523

File: 1a7db3080fc26e8⋯.png (487.9 KB, 557x605, 557:605, 1a7.png)


>All you should be concerned with is making sure she's genetically sound and a virgin.

And a 100% boyfriend free, right Chris?

4a9dc1  No.18524


Women are not your friends. Quit pretending there are no stark differences. Once you manage to keep up this sense of strength, you will find success.



Quit being a degenerate.

e6e2a3  No.18525


<Women are not your friends

t. Rejected fedoralord

<Quit being a degenerate

Says the man who probably wanks to little anime girls

376ca7  No.18528




Fix your shit, and quit being so desperate for powsi.

ef1062  No.18529


First off, I ain't the thirsty fuck. Second, why don't you follow your own example, why the fuck are you even here?

07c5a0  No.18530


You asked for it. Be grateful.

a3f6bc  No.18532


I didn't ask for anything, so I can't be grateful gor anything

ed5d2c  No.18533


>please help me :(

>wtf stop being mean

Never gonna make it.

a46e03  No.18534


I'm not him tho

4393ac  No.18535


Yet you are. More alike than you'd want to admit. Simply put don't be such a bitch.

e6e2a3  No.18541


You first, pal

000000  No.18545


Is this image ironic

e6e2a3  No.18547


It's a gf meme that doesn't seem to have many exaggerations, so I'd say genuine

b6bc64  No.18561


Quit being a bitch.

e6e2a3  No.18670

7b9dfe  No.18676




Me again, I feel so overwhelmingly miserable. I've reached out to so many people with my update and so far not one can give me a definitive answer.

She got released from the nuthouse. She's fully and permanently embraced her femininity and looks fantastic. She made a new facebook, whether to avoid me or the general public is a good question. But she's posting a ton of information that could be used to locate and contact her everywhere she knows I can look. I have a no contact order though so I can't. She's all smiles and happy in the dozens of pictures and videos she's posting but I mean it could be an act to get out of the nuthouse and get all her freedoms back…? In one picture she added a filter that makes the background a certain object which only has significance to us. It's specifically my nickname for her. So that got me excited that she was trying to reach out to me, but then I checked elsewhere. She lists three pieces of I information. First that she's returning to attending school, second she lists a community college she'll go to afterwards. Here. Away from me. Now these could be things to appease her parents or evidence she's taking root now that she has her actual identity back.

The third thing is a countdown to her birthday which could be meant to say she'll have more freedom to so as she likes then.

However, I had a panic attack when I saw one of her newest pictures. It was a set of four pictures of male models. She says underneath "this is my dream man. If you find someone who looks like this let me know."

Most obvious meaning? She's totally done with me and looking for someone new, but she also comments "I have very high standards" which could mean this was posted to appease friends and family trying to get her to date. It could mean she's trying to convince them she's over me or it could even be she thinks the guys look similar to me.

Any way I look at it I'm crushed and it kills me I can't just contact her to at the very least have closure if she is done with me.

f15c09  No.18690


I hate to sound like an ass, but it should be obvious that if your happiness depends on a chick and whether she likes you or not, you're going to be riding a roller-coaster of emotions before finally ending up with anger and suicidal depression. You need to get off this wild ride before you hurt yourself (and maybe others) even more.

Find another girl and don't take things too seriously with her, if she won't like you then it should be fine, if she does then think of it as a nice bonus.

287c1e  No.18695


>I'm hesd over heels in love with this person. We planned to get married. I have an engagement ring and everything.

<meh, you care too much. pretend you're a sociopath and just go move on to someone else.

2f4bf3  No.18698

File: 3e6511c3cfb3f7c⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1280x719, 1280:719, new technique.png)





We are…almost two of soul, but not quite. Objectively, this person has been bad for the outlook of your future; it's difficult to see things in those terms because emotions are so much more immediate and therfore "real," but the fact is that she went through a very tumultuous phase, and - most likely - does want you back in her life - someone who will always accept her no matter what - and also someone who she sees as ideal. That is the sad truth of those who are fucked in the head - they need to maximize their chances for codependent survival, so she is sending TWO signals, one to the person who will always accept her no matter one and another to the Chads. It's bait fishing, is what it is. She has you on a hook already, and she has another line down. Objectively that is the case, but you'll take that as you will.

Try to accept the fact that you do not love who she is, you love who you think she is, and once you can't even say that you love her (because you have no idea who she actually is, given that she herself does not know who she is yet, given that she just went through a major life change) and that may help break the illusion of emotion.

1c8d7c  No.18724



1c8d7c  No.18725


maybe the library at your school?

aaee24  No.18758

What's your stance on /r9k/?

e6e2a3  No.18760


Fucking gay as sin

000000  No.18765


I have a lot in common with the lads there, but they're so toxic that everyone should stay out of there regardless of gender. It's crabs in a bucket.

61116c  No.18792

I present to you an event from life, take what you can from it. It took 20 years for this to complete. There are only 3 people (to my knowledge) that know about this. I have never spoken of this event, and those concerned will never see it here. One is no longer with us.

1. College: Notice hottie, make eye contact.

continue for several weeks without attempting to talk, greet or meet.

2. Several weeks to months later, hottie tracks me down. I do not know how she found me or whom she got her intel from. I was clueless. Go inside my place

3. Convo turns to something hotter. Deal is not closed, I am the reason it was not closed. (Had gut feeling then, and maintain that gut feeling today that had I closed the deal, we would be married today.)

4. No further contact nor knowledge of location between myself and hottie for 20 years.

5. Hottie moves to friend of mine within 2 weeks of our encounter. Hottie eventually marries friend. (I predicted this, even without contact or any direct intel. Gut feeling)

6. Hottie's husband is killed (recent)

7. When I'm made aware, I seek until I find hottie contact info.(within 1 day)

8. Hour long phone convo, hottie is shocked but happy to hear from me. Makes comment about no contact for so long and provides an assumed but very wrong reason.

8.5 Emails exchanged, only a few. Replies quick and informative on the first, subsequent replies, less info with longer return times.

9. Pain of loss of friend, pain in the knowledge of what I let go, Pain in the knowledge of her hurt, and whiskey until pain overcomes good sense and I compose a letter. This letter explains in detail all truth of the events of that one afternoon 20 years ago. (sent via email)

10. No reply, 12 hours. Likely no reply ever.

Result: She knows truth. Has enlightenment. I have nothing more than I did 20 years go.

Don't do this. Especially if you wish to maintain or restart that friendship.



The right thing.

But, if my heart was broken when realization set in 20 years go, its annihilated today.

Logically, the info in the letter provided the reasons for my actions. Shows they were respectful and edifying to her. Those actions I took hurt ME worse in the end. She enjoyed several years of good marriage and a family. I remained alone, depressed and lost my opportunity for children.

I fail to understand the reason why my letter would be met with no response. Speculation would suggest that I did hurt her, badly, back then. Bringing that pain back up in the mist of the pain of losing her husband only serves to compound the loss. Since I'm still alive, I am the target of the anger now. Back then, I rejected her. I don't even know if she cried about it. Speculation only.

I no longer maintain any expectation of further contact between us. That ball is in her court. Time will tell. It is a fitting end though. Ending much as it started. When she came to me, I was friends with him, I rejected her, she moved to him, this leads to family, happiness, then loss, then I show back up, attempt to explain and apologize, and she rejects me,The End. Full circle.

No closure for me.

Another question that only God has the ability to answer. I pray that someday he will.

No good has come from her loss.

No good has come from my reestablished contact and subsequent loss there of.

No good can be extrapolated or derived from the events that have transpired.

There are two heartbroken human females, one human male with an annihilated heart compounded with the realization that actions of 20 years ago sealed his fate that he would be involuntarily childless, and alone. Failure compounded due to the fact that it's the same female today as it was 20 years ago.

Ladies. Thoughts….

a49d4d  No.18820

File: 6117f0790c26201⋯.mp4 (11.26 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Twin_Benis.mp4)


I took a peek and found a Gondola thread. Made a comment, (on this one) got banned. No girls allowed it seems.

Sad people.

0b2ba6  No.18847


How the hell did they guess your sex from a gondola post?

a49d4d  No.18850

File: 25f14c8f7230c3b⋯.jpg (185.79 KB, 1200x798, 200:133, Snufkin.jpg)

File: 90b0f73031179b3⋯.png (626.48 KB, 645x909, 215:303, 00.png)


I complained about the webm depicting a lesbian couple of gondolas meeting and marrying, and another with dopey looking boobs. They seemed to go against the point of Gondola. Which is to spur introspection from the viewer, an empty vessel that wanders and wonders. Also there were some showing him as a psycho killer. Very bad taste. Even the ones showing him as a Nazi soldier make more sense.

Some ass-wad of course doesn't care what I said, he just blows the whistle on me as a known woman terrorizing /b/.

65fec1  No.18854


This woman was married to her husband for decades. She loved him, likely had chidlren? I suppose for you, time has stood still since you hurt her. You remember her most when she was interested in you. She likely remembers you most as the moment when she moved to her love, her husband, who is now dead.

She's just lost her life-long partner - her best friend. She may have good days and bad days. Days where she cries herself to sleep out of mourning and days where she puts on a brave face for her family. Who knows, maybe she feels guilty about having a phone conversation with you - since likely she wouldn't have done that had her husband been alive. It seems you wouldn't have contacted her while he was alive.

>You're intentionally vague on how you hurt her. What consequences would your letter have should her family find out about it? Is this something she would wish her children never to know?

<She may distance herself from you for that reason alone.

>Are the revelations you gave in your letter ones that take time to absorb emotionally?

<Women can swing emotions about an event like a pendulum, not knowing which emotion is the 'correct' or final one.

>What are the chances you may have incorrect perceptions of that time and she may have revelations for you that could make you feel worse than you already do?

<She may not reply to avoid even further pain.

>Is she taken care of? Does she have a way to support her family?

<It's not much consolation, but desperation can work in your favor.

>Curious, do you believe there is a way for you to get closure without rekindling what you had?

<Even if she did email you back "I forgive you" or some such thing, I don't think you'd get real closure without meeting in person, and she may not want that given that she has a family to watch over.

How would you be feeling if you had found a woman and started a family around the time she did? Would you still have done the same thing?

de52c1  No.18862


Maybe your post didn't sound "male" enough for them?

c22693  No.18901

Why do girls list their age as 99 on various websites?

a49d4d  No.18904


To avoid telling their age.

9f9553  No.18972

File: 53fa15f96d1e511⋯.png (6.22 KB, 276x388, 69:97, Swofford is a cuckold.png)

>tfw watching a group of guys rapidly becoming incels after two get dumped in horrible ways in the same week, another has a control freak gf freak out and others are just homo who happen to not like 90% of women

Personally I just don't have to be around many people I don't like, so most of the (few) women I meet are pretty cool or neutral. I hope this group don't become another unchecked hatred circlejerk, because it sure could get that way.

9f9553  No.18980


>he just blows the whistle on me as a known woman terrorizing /b/.

If you were tripfagging, you deserved it. It's culturally insensitive.

However, yes. Gondola is comfy, not for any of that trash. i really miss pre-election imageboards

a49d4d  No.19013

File: ab29c06419f774a⋯.jpg (49.57 KB, 544x306, 16:9, Warning.jpg)


Chan "culture" was never good.

000000  No.19036


You sound like a whiny bitch. I think your idea of asserting masculinity comes off as emotionally needy and overcompensating, making it a trainwreck of a performance that quickly turns off women. Try calming the fuck down and maybe get a therapist (preferably male, since female therapists can be less helpful on issues pertaining to masculinity, you still gotta hear 'em out though).


Posting way too late to be helpful but if you need to know, have your lawyer act as an intermediary and hear her out on this. It's the best way to figure this shit out without breaking a law somewhere and causing it all to go to hell in a handbasket.


It's hard to tell in a situation as fucked up as that, honestly. For all we know it could just be plain old loneliness and her being forced to express it in ways that won't get her in trouble.


>i really miss pre-election imageboards

Yeah, getting the fucking horrible /pol/ influx really wrecked 8chan. So many idiots suddenly joining, and trying to shitpost all the boards into being 4chan all over again and screeching at anyone who calls them out on their generally awful behavior. Seems to be getting a bit better these days, but only a bit.

689dbf  No.19037

I'm lonely :(

000000  No.19038


Then go outside and meet people. Fucking go to gyms (and work out for real, working out always helps when you're down >>>/fit/ for tips), parks, libraries, bars, and just randomly meet people. Don't be afraid to just walk up to someone, introduce yourself, just say hello, nice to meet you, "what brings you here" (you can say "just walking around" or "just meeting people" casually for lack of a better reason if you get asked) and start shooting the shit about whatever. Don't focus on qualifying yourself, just talk about whatever. If you act relaxed, people will be relaxed around you.

1138ea  No.19149

File: b96dbac8ec960d2⋯.jpg (68.26 KB, 600x316, 150:79, LauraPalmer.jpg)

What are some warning signs one should look out for in women?

e0d502  No.19150


Her politics tbh. Even girls who come from rough homes and have tattoos and shit can have hearts of gold and spend their lives trying to be better. But dating a girl who is super liberal or a hardcore feminist is like putting ur dick in a garbage disposal and hoping she doesn't flip the switch.

1138ea  No.19152


For sure, but I mean more subtle stuff. For example, in my last relationship it turned out my gf was with another guy, but was unhappy and looking to jump his ship to skip onto my ship instead. This girl was a trad qt type of girl, but turned out she wasn't sincere and just tried to appear the way she thought I wanted her to be. I guess what I'm really asking is how do I sort out who's genuine and who isn't? I've experienced a lack of genuinity more than once.

be78f5  No.19154


You have to ask her the right questions and subtley test her, it's what women also do to you all the time. You have to know exactly what you want from them and try to find out if they have it so that you can reject them before you get too deeply invested into the relationship.

For example, what I want from a girl is for her to be a virgin, submissive, and loyal, so something like that isn't always immediately obvious, so I will try to find it out as quickly as possible, so that in case she isn't, I wouldn't waste any more time with her and move on to the next candidate.

1138ea  No.19155


I know what I want, which is similar to what you want, but I really should be more subtle. The last few women I've dated or been with have been far too eager to appear as things which they are not.

9f9553  No.19156

File: 8d6b11189d1ffaa⋯.jpg (88.89 KB, 765x576, 85:64, mpv-shot0002.jpg)

I wonder what the female version of prison gay is.

Even in a prison environment, it seems reasonable to assume the majority of inmates would want a dominant sexual partner. What if there are almost no dominant inmates? Coercing a weaker person into submission makes sense, but a submissive person or persons coercing someone into being dominant seems a bit absurd.

e0d502  No.19159


Some women are really good at playing the role you want until they are bored, get what they want from you and/or you turn out not to be what they wanted at all. There's no sure fire way to determine if this is the case tbh. Often other trusted women are your best bet for determining these things as we judge each other constantly and already know the tricks. Otherwise you have to just hone your discernment skills. Don't give too much in the beginning, see how she reacts. Is she clingy? Is she overly secretive? Does she pry into your private affairs as if she has a right to do so? Does she always want to know where you are (this could be because SHE is the one that is cheating while pretending she doesn't trust YOU to throw you off) These are just some things you can actively look for that are potential red flags.

1138ea  No.19161


Thanks, seems like good things to look out for. And yeah, I've learned that there are no guarantees in life. Don't know any women I'd trust to do that for me. I've tried, but there's been ulterior motives. Never fell for it.

4a6571  No.19237

File: 578e3dcc87b4056⋯.jpg (46.97 KB, 416x388, 104:97, qtsisterbattle.jpg)

This sounds really weird, but I think overall the internet has caused a massive decline in gender relations in general. It may just be my subjective experience but from what I recall when I was younger things weren't as bad as this. There weren't 'incels' or 'thots' or all this stupid name calling. I feel like a fucking boomer right now, but somewhere inside I feel compassion, for these dudes/girls.

I am at a point where I have to unlearn/deprogram all the pick-up/other bullshit I've picked up since getting on the wired.


The real good women are the ones who don't doubt your dreams and goals but say "when

4a6571  No.19238


I am either retarded or being on here at 4am isn't a good idea, but anyways >>19161 dude just be aware that some girls will have an agenda. But there are very good girls out there just be patient, it'll work out eventually.

e0d502  No.19254

File: 230d461b411e18e⋯.jpg (99.74 KB, 640x427, 640:427, bitchy.jpg)



I can't say this is the case 100% of the time but in my own experience it's been other girls who actively encouraged all kinds of shitty behavior. In a group setting, with all the girls egging you on, it's makes doing really shitty things to men seem trivial. Might wanna avoid women who have large groups of single friends. I know that sounds weird but trust me, it makes it much easier to justify playing games with you when she's got like 5 buddies telling her she did nothing wrong. Women WILL sabotage each others relationships this way if they can. And most women fall for it.

If she's jumping on the phone with a single girlfriend after a fight or something, 9 times out of 10 that girl is telling her she deserves better and to pump you for all you're worth before leaving your ass out in the cold.

9e0dc3  No.19255

File: 4d6d2da49a5ab16⋯.png (158.51 KB, 340x340, 1:1, Hmm, Pointy.PNG)


>the most ideal company for lonely men are lonely women

This is strangely enough rather sound advice, anon. Thank you.

1138ea  No.19290



Yeah, I'm hopeful, just asking to learn about the female mind and see if my suspicions about this or that are correct.


That's good advice. What's behind it? Envy is probably going to be an answer, but I'd guess a lot of it is women who have frail egos and don't handle being contradicted well. They create friendships and groups where everyone walls each other's egos off. Breach of the social contract results in ostracization and banishment from cat island. It's an environment where only the bad behaviour gets rewarded (and the women make it so). Also sounds a lot like modern culture.

e0d502  No.19294


>What's behind it?

It's complicated and yes envy can be and usually is a factor. I mean it's not unlike any group of people who get together really. When mob mentality kicks in you can justify all kinds of horrible shit as long as others are backing you up. It's usually the eternally "single and loving it" types that will do this in my own experience. There might be girls out there who do love it, but imo most are lonely and hyper sensitive about it. To be fair, I think they actually believe their own bullshit. I mean they have to or else they'd crack. It's sad imo and the reasons they end up that way are certainly up for debate, but don't underestimate how much influence these types have on other girls especially since society generally condones it. They are sort of like the Instagram thots who show you all these glamorous photos in exotic locations and make you wish you could be like them, when in reality Prince Abdul Mohammed Derkaderka and his buddies are pissing and shitting on her chest behind the scenes so she can fund her "wanderlust". That's my take on it anyway, for what it's worth.

1138ea  No.19296


Almost all people believe their own bullshit, that's how they get by. This is from what I understand also how narcissism works. Sadly I know even men who are like this. My take it's a very deep, narcissistic insecurity. Anyway, thanks.

f3600f  No.19304

Lets face it, this board is overrun by dudes.

I'll confess I'm one that comes here just to see how bad it's being shit up from time to time. You can't have anything nice on 8ch.

e0d502  No.19325

File: 3f6830d513d0933⋯.jpg (28.08 KB, 567x319, 567:319, 05c99952bb45d5b2c8bb729098….jpg)


>is mad that dudes post here

>is a dude and posts here


4b0e2f  No.19345


>implying you are a girl

>implying "he" isn't a tranny

>implying "he" isn't right given the board's name

db380b  No.19346

File: 2409517fe832be1⋯.jpg (103.64 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1406318693070.jpg)


Let me intervene for a second here.

As i've agreed upon with BunnyGirl, there is no effective, clear, and organic way to get a board with no males, specifically in a website that is mostly male populated to begin with.

This board is thus meant as a hotspot, a place that is most welcome to females and less so to their XY counterpart.

My job as a board owner is to grant that, despite how many actual women there might be.

But even tho you may not believe me, there's way more women than you think there are. You have no monopoly to your close minded worldview, depression, and not even to your self percieved intelligence, and so isn't your whole gender. All the traits that may bring you to an imageboard are spread across both genders.

But since you did so much effort and have managed to read this far, i'll give you what you truly came here for: (you)

929cb4  No.19347

File: 1f91e50b0d33690⋯.png (34.2 KB, 809x808, 809:808, sad pepe.png)

I had a LDR for a year with someone I really cared about. I wanted to make her so happy. I got a well paying office job for her, moved and got an apartment ready for her because her mom was going to throw her on the street. We talked every night. Except for a month where she left. Then she came back.

Then when it comes time to meet this Christmas she lets me know she fucked someone else for a week straight. The one time she left the house for almost a month, she talked to someone randomly on the street, and she spent a week with him.

What the fuck do I even feel in this situation, except despair?

I already bought the plane ticket so I'm going to fly out and leave the presents in her mailbox and just go on vacation for a week.

I wish I could find someone who actually loves me.

e0d502  No.19352


I am a girl. Why do you faggots do this all the time? Maybe you're the fucking tranny who's jealous of my natural vagene, hmm? I think I'll start calling this type of posting "vagina-envy" posting. The sad projection of a transmale who desperately wants to be the closest thing to a female on 8ch. Seems about right to me since there's no other logical explanation for all this "hurrrrr you aren't a girl" posting.


I'm sorry anon. You may not feel it now but count yourself among the lucky that she even told you this shit so you could stay clear of her. It might not be the case, but that's addict behavior imo. I knew girls who would just shack up with any guy they could get their fix with… for a night, a week, a month, whatever. If that's the case then don't take it too personally. You improved your own life in the hopes she would work out. She didn't but you're doing a lot better now I bet, despite the heartbreak, and are a stronger person. Discernment is something you learn, and it necessitates some fuck ups before you get it right. Next time, you'll know the warning signs right away.

23fb11  No.19355

File: e93d99b08149c76⋯.jpg (4.21 MB, 2120x3140, 106:157, fdsfs342.jpg)


I'm really sorry to hear this happened to you, anon. But I can say without a doubt that not all women are whores. Unfortunately, the majority of women in my country (United States) are extremely impressionable and due to the poisoning of most media that women consume, they've been swayed to believe things like sleeping around and race-mixing are what you should strive for as a woman. I'd go into more detail about this but I don't want to spread my insane antisemitic ideas here, at least.

Some women need time to mature and think for themselves, some of them stayed strong in their morals from the start, and some of them may never mature at all and will continue to act disgustingly and have little sympathy for men like you who simply want to make her happy and strive for a romantic relationship.

I'm sorry again for what has happened to you. She didn't deserve you and I'm sorry she played with your emotions in this way. I hope you meet a girl who you deserve and who truly loves you unwaveringly. :)

54d6d8  No.19359



>I already bought the plane ticket so I'm going to fly out and leave the presents in her mailbox and just go on vacation for a week.


You could do yourself a favor, and go there on vacation and give the presents out to people who might actually deserve/need them.

Maybe it's gonna be hard for you to forget her that quick, but you shouldn't be dragging yourself down.

Make the best of the situation and try to enjoy by yourself on that vacation and maybe actually meet someone new.

59220b  No.19360

File: 48a2d079dd05ea2⋯.png (170.36 KB, 800x413, 800:413, 48a2d079dd05ea2f9d347c1164….png)


Dude there's this thing called availability which plays a large part in attraction. Which means that even if you are Chad, once you become unavailable for too long, then even lower-quality guys would begin competing for her love, not because they are in any way objectively better than you, but simply because they are there, and you aren't.

Also, if she was the one who'd have invested in you (eg: if she was the one who got YOU a job, a car, an apartment, and went through some effort to try to win you over) and not the other way round, she would be too protective of her investment to just dump it all for the first passer-by. So move fast with girls, don't keep them waiting, get them to invest in you, and avoid LDRs like a curse.


This. American women are already a red flag, but if you do find a decent girl, just move away to some comfy country with her before she gets corrupted, and don't repeat the mistake of going first and preparing anything for her next time, just go with her together and treat it like a fun, risky adventure.


>give the presents out to people who might actually deserve/need them.

Also this, or you can throw them in the trash, you'll feel better that way. I also hope you're going on vacation to meet new girls and not to mope in some bar while contemplating suicide.

b18d19  No.19365

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.



You know better, anon.

3a2006  No.19585

I'm a gay sub dude and I see women and other submissive/femlike gay dudes as competition.

am I a woman?

2ac9a0  No.19586

File: 60d590467be0416⋯.jpg (46.11 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1452948815810.jpg)

6f2b1b  No.19587

Hoping you guys can give me some insight and feedback. I plan on leaving my relationship of three years. This will happen just before my 33rd birthday. I have a good job, I workout and am in decent shape, and I’d like to think I have a decent enough personality.

What worries me is that I’ll be 33 and single. I’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing. I don’t want to come off as too old, or as the guy that got left behind. Then again, I’ve also heard that men peak in attractiveness in our early thirties.

My question is, what are my demographics as a single man at 33? Will women in their 20’s be interested? Also if you have any advice on my future dating life please give it. I’d really like to meet a good girl and sweep her off her feet and do this next one right this time. Thanks in advance.

4ec47b  No.19588


Boyim here. I assume you are leaving the relationship with good reason? Having tried to communciate/work out differences? Or just trying to "get someone hotter"? Honesty helps.

334804  No.19591


Here’s what happened:

I became friends with this girl while in school. She’s five years older than me, has a kid (14), really sweet and kind personality that I love, but is a bit pudgy. I helped her through her classes and we stayed in touch only as friends.

Some months later she got herself into a financial bind and asked me for help and to see if she could move in with me until she got on her feet. I said yes. In hindsight this was a bad idea…

I paid off her debt and was supporting her through this phase. She openly admitted to liking me and wanting to be with me, I was hesitant. One night while we were both drinking she asked me out and I said yes. When we were sober I told her (in the nicest way I know how) that she has to work and lose the weight. This becomes a problem as she proceeds to try to get a job with her degree(software, same as me). What she doesn’t understand is that sometimes the big cushy office job doesn’t land in your lap and you have to do something part time. I worked at a gas station while I was in college before I have the good paying job I have now.

So then it becomes her not working for months at a time and me getting frustrated over her not paying her bills. When I try to talk to her it’s always the “economy”. When I suggest getting a part time job it’s not “in my field”. Plus she didn’t lose any weight.

So I finally decide that it’s the last straw and try a break up. It’s a nightmare because she doesn’t have the money to move out, I’ve spent all my money supporting me, her and her kid, so I have nothing saved up to move out with myself. So now I’m stuck with living with my ex while paying for her and her kid….


Anywho, I get back with her since it’s slightly better than being in the previous living situation. She did eventually get a house cleaning job for 10 an hour that lasted about 2 months and then quit for another four. These cycles of her working for two months and not working for 4-5 have been going on for the better part of 2 years….

I really like this girl, but I don’t like what she did. Just coming into my life and dropping all the problems on me. Who wants to commit to that?

I wouldn’t do that to her… and I want a partner that won’t do it to me.

Honestly anon, I would really like to fall in love and be with a great person by being a great person myself. It would be great if she was hot but she doesn’t have to be a super model just don’t get fat.

I know that to win that kind of girl I have to be that kind of man. So I go on boards like this, read different kinds of books and try different things in real life. I’m trying to become the perfect man to get the perfect girl. I’ll have enough to leave her soon and get my own house without leaving her and the kid in a bad spot. I just wonder what the dating scene will be like at 33.

I really hope some females read this story and make it a point to never treat anyone like that. Because if you do, your man will be trying to leave you.

4ec47b  No.19593


That's certainly a disfunctional relationship, then.

I'm guessing that the equation isn't as simple (as much as we would like it to be) as "I'm a great guy, so I get a great girl." If not only because of the luck factor involved. As someone who has been single for a long time, what I often say is, "All the good ones are taken."

The dating scene at 33 is going to depend heavily on your area - in mine, for someone your age, it would be full of women who are like yours - recently dumped, with kids, shitloads of baggage, and a heaping spoonful of entitlement. I think the right thing to do is focus on first-things-first. Get out of that situation, recover emotionally, so that this experience doesn't negatively bleed into your next relationship, then see where you're at from there. There's nothing we can do about the dating scene individually, it just is what it is, but you have to get out of there, so first thing's first, in my book.

Take it with a grain of salt, though. I've been single for 8 years or so while on my own quest to become a "great guy." Still working on it…at any rate, that's my two cents.

4ec47b  No.19594


>As someone who has been single for a long time, what I often say is, "All the good ones are taken."

just for clarification, I'm including myself in the "all the good ones are taken" comment, not being taken myself.

000000  No.19595


>I really hope some females read this story and make it a point to never treat anyone like that. Because if you do, your man will be trying to leave you.

Not quite what I got from that. I got that you are one crazy motherfucker who cucked himself. You might even end up paying child support, depending on the state. You fucked up royally, and show no sign of improvement in your thinking or even remorse for wasting your own time, and hers, and wasting your funds on someone you don't love and their kid.

6ae241  No.19597


>partner being a bad partner is me failing

>talk about me improving

>but show no sign of improving

1/10 weak ass troll


This. That’s my focus.

008257  No.19603

File: 14595ce82629762⋯.jpg (115.93 KB, 1400x990, 140:99, Strawbs_01_coloredlines.jpg)

(I really like the strawberry flag, I've actually got a dragon character named Strawbs! Here's a picture of him.)

Hey girls. I'm a guy and I've been wondering if this place might help me.

I live in a tiny tax haven in the middle of Europe with a population smaller than most cities. This creates a unique environment on it's own, but in conjunction with trouble I have dealing with anxiety and negative feelings in general, I don't really feel properly integrated into a society that's quite judgmental and prioritizes being like everyone else. I've tried making friends, but it's quite hard and I always end up somehow coming across as a little closed up or even weird if they don't understand someone shy. Now, after a while people usually like me and I often hear the phrase "I thought you were weird at first, but now I like you.". Obviously, I'm not the epitome of normality, but I'm still decent looking (I guess?) and sociable.

This obviously makes finding friends a hard task for me and especially any significant others. I've made my last friendships solely through college and one through halfchan's car board weirdly enough. I've even had girls hit on me, though in both instances just froze up and walked off. I'm not sure if this makes any sense, it's 4AM and I need some sleep.

Basically, I was wondering if you had any advice for me that would help me find someone to love in some slow way.

dd602d  No.19606


Put yourself out in the playing field, -look- avaible to date and romance (through conversation, or attitude or both).

If you do that enough someone will pick you up lol.

30ff45  No.19669

File: 1648e53056caab6⋯.jpg (674.35 KB, 752x1191, 752:1191, PLANET PISS.jpg)

Hey gals, how's it going?

I'm a 20-something guy and I'm a bit overweight. In part this is due to a thyroid condition, but if I'm completely honest I don't really exercise that much either.

My question is, is being overweight (obviously not morbidly) a dealbreaker for some of you?

I've always been self-conscious about my weight and I've never been able to lose that much of it when I do actually put the effort in.

I always try and carry myself with a pleasant & thoughtful attitude and I'm not horribly boring (I hope!), but I'm worried that might not be enough. It is important to be attracted to your partner after all.

Thoughts? (Not gonna post a pic of myself because god knows I don't need that out there and besides, I'm sure none of you want to see it anyway)

e0d502  No.19671


Big guys are fine. Big, lazy/unmotivated guys are another thing all together, even if they are funny and likeable. What do you want in a partner? Are you just looking to settle with whomever settles for you? That's sort of the vibe I'm getting. Which is fine if you've resigned yourself to that. Attraction certainly is important but it'd be unrealistic for you to ask more of someone else than you ask of yourself.

30ff45  No.19672


>Are you just looking to settle with whomever settles for you?

God, no.


I'm not going to argue against the fact that I'm lazy, always have been, probably always will be. I just take things a bit slower.

Unmotivated, however, I certainly am not. I try to eat healthily, which I stick to 80% of the time, but it's not getting rid of the weight I've kept on me since childhood. I fucking suck at running, but every couple of months I try to pick it up again. Been trying to have my friend join me, but he won't because he's thin as a rake without any exercise at all.

Honestly at this point I'm considering giving up on losing weight and focusing on gaining muscle instead. Bear route, y'know?

521c5c  No.19673


The more muscle you have the more energy your body is able to spend at once, so that's not a stupid idea.

d4558f  No.19675


What is attractive to a man is not the same as for a woman. A man sees an attractive body and gets turned on. A woman is attracted to a man because of how he treats her. A woman worshipped up on a pedestal is not attractive. A woman wants to feel special. If you show that you're desperate for any woman, she won't want you. Women (who aren't just looking for money) would much rather have a plump, good natured, confident man than a thin good-looking beta male who bends to her every whim.

However, if finding a fit woman is important to you, remember that if your diet and excercize are poor, a woman who starts out fit and attractive may join you and end up fat as well. It might help to start a sport together to keep you both motivated and in good shape.

7aae2f  No.19679


Girls couldn't give a shit if you're a fat ass. If you're fine with it then they will be fine with it, but if you're insecure, they will feel it and get turned off by how you feel about yourself.


Now this is unattractive as fuck. They want a guy who lives a cool life that they can be a part of.

>I fucking suck at running

Why not go swimming? You could meet a cute girl at the swimming pool.

b40fec  No.19702


>A man sees an attractive body and gets turned on. A woman is attracted to a man because of how he treats her.

but there's different levels of attraction too, isn't there? Like I can hook up with a girl, and if I wake up and she's doing makeup - okay, who cares? If she's making breakfast, then my attraction goes from, "I'm willing to buy you a few drinks and make you laugh" to, "I'm willing to work a hard job 50 hours a week for the next 30 years to keep you out of the workforce, slightly chubby, and happy as the center of a fruitful household." I know it doesn't seem like a big deal, but there's definitely a different feeling based on how the woman treats the man, too.

41e724  No.19703


Yes, that's what the whole dating game is basically. It's your job to have sex with women, and it's their job to get you to commit to them.

e6e2a3  No.19705

Since when did this become a self-help box? Anyway to the overweight dude, it's always a mixture of personality and appearance. I've seen dudes twice my weight (bit of a doughboy myself) that managed to have a wife and a kid, but he had an endearing personality. Bear in mind endearing doesn't mean nice, he can honestly be a piece of shit most of the time, but he has his moments.

And I guess since we're sharing our gripes and issues: I'm about to be 20, in college, and am of average height (though a bit pudgy). I've been developing some "incellish" tendencies and it ends up making me feel like shit overall, but I can't stop acting this way. Like it's some kind of weird satisfaction of complaining about woman as though they're a homogenous group (usually it's more directed at SJW types) and taking potshots at girls when someone brings up an issue. Also kind of ties into submissive guys too, where I end up despising them almost as much as women. I just need some advice on how to stop doing this shit.

f18e1e  No.19707


>Like it's some kind of weird satisfaction of complaining

It's called being a psychic vampire. It's when some depressed asshole plays the victim to get you as depressed as he is so that you will be able relate to him about his shitty life and pity him. Then when you're left feeling like shit with all the negativity you were given, you also try to get rid of it by complaining and spreading it to somebody else to feel a bit better, leading them to do the same and continue the chain reaction.

>I just need some advice on how to stop doing this shit.

Get rid of any victim mentality you might have, don't be caught being a whiney bitch, avoid negative people and emotional parasites, it might seem like they're clever or "being realistic" or something at first, but they're all dead inside and trying to take everyone else with them, "realism" has nothing to do with anything, because while looking at life for what it is, you can still choose to focus on the parts that are either good or bad.

e6e2a3  No.19708


>It's called being a psychic vampire

Well I mean when ya put it that way. I mean I don't think anyone has really changed because of me, but the "wanting others to hurt" fits.

>Get rid of any victim mentality you might have

I'm trying, it's just people post shit, and I can't help but opine on it. It's like a kneejerk reaction idk.

f18e1e  No.19713

File: 3fc34b76930a45f⋯.png (74.48 KB, 840x543, 280:181, The-Slight-Edge_life-paths….png)


>I don't think anyone has really changed because of me

That's what everyone thinks, but then you get boards like /doomer/ or /r9k/ where normal people with some chance at living a happy life throw it away after hanging out with losers who convince them everything is fucked and it's impossible.

>I'm trying, it's just people post shit, and I can't help but opine on it. It's like a kneejerk reaction idk.

Well getting people to relate to us when we complain about shit is just a way of seeking pity indirectly, it's worse than openly talking about our problems and seeking pity, because in this case people are too cowardly to admit it. Just remember that it's a weakness, it's like being one of those submissive guys you despise.

6e8120  No.19714


>That's what everyone thinks

I meant like in my limited scope, I honestly avoid cesspools like those boards. I haven't lost all hope, it's just I'm soured on modern women in general.

>just a way of seeking pity indirectly

Oh no I don't expect anyone to agree, I just screech about it regardless.

>it's like being one of those submissive guys you despise

But they answer to someone else, usually a domineering female figure. I just spew vitriol indiscriminately

e0d502  No.19716

File: dd38cb0818a7508⋯.jpg (90.55 KB, 758x519, 758:519, 5648913256.jpg)


>I'm soured on modern women in general.

I always see this being said but you're a modern man no? What does it even mean? Why shouldn't we be modern in the modern world?

Are you talking about sluts? Is that what it means? There's always been sluts and attention whores and cheaters and backstabbers. Regardless, the vast majority of women aren't Instagram thots and don't even consider themselves feminists. Why get soured about that shit? Just talk to people like they are human beings and maybe you'll meet someone you like and who likes you back.

e1d0cf  No.19717


>What does it even mean?

The main gripe is usually with the whores. My personal gripe is with women having developed a strong tendency to overvalue themselves and try to make themselves as independent as possible, regardless of their stance on feminism.

Overvaluing themselves from how much attention there is so easily available for them - not everyone is an instagram thot, but sure enough a lot of women use at least one social network, and sure enough they will be getting the upboats en masse purely for being female, and constantly be hit on if they are even remotely attractive.

Independence is generally unattractive in women, especially when paired with big fat superficial unwarranted confidence and underlying severe insecurities, which again seems to describe a good chunk of them. Then the same stronk independent women refuse to settle down and have children at a reasonable age, keep studying, building their careers, optionally ride lots of dicks, then have children at thirty-something and act surprised when they have assburgers.

e6e2a3  No.19718


>There's always been sluts and attention whores and cheaters and backstabbers

Law of averages, seems like there are a higher concentration of them now than before. Or at least they feel less insecure about doing stuff like that.

>Regardless, the vast majority of women aren't Instagram thots

They still sleep around, no? Just because they don't consider themselves whores, doesn't mean they aren't.

>and don't even consider themselves feminists

Depends on how you word it, really. I've met a lot of women that act like "misogyny" is alive and kicking.

>Just talk to people like they are human beings and maybe you'll meet someone you like and who likes you back

Considering current standards, I probably wouldn't make the cut. And even if I did manage to find someone, I'd be paranoid as fuck about if she's doing shit behind my back. Guess what, whores look like everyone else.

e0d502  No.19719



Ok well I guess don't go out and meet people. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Have you both just given up and accepted you'll be alone forever then? Do you believe there's non "modern women" out there churning butter in a country kitchen just dreaming of being swept away to trad land? How will you get her? What do you have to offer her? And I mean in the here and now, not in a fantasy land where someday you'll be /fit/ and /biz/. I'm genuinely curious. Because in the past men had financial security, careers, land, inheritance, etc. to offer a virgin bride. Men highly value virginity, so what does the trad virgin get of high value in return from the modern man if he no longer has those things? A Steam library with 1000+ games? Rare Pepes?

I'm being somewhat cheeky but am genuinely curious. Usually paired with the /pol/esque talking points you raise is a conversation about how women largely follow the lead of men (I don't disagree tbh). What does that say about how women act today then? From where I stand men largely reinforce and encourage all the things you criticize about women. What's the solution then? One doesn't exist without the other in some vacuum. Men and women are inexorably linked and act upon each other with varying degrees of influence and have throughout history, like tipping scales from side to side. I have more questions but I don't want to overload the conversation.

4737f4  No.19720

File: 3a6bd3a6298d324⋯.png (233.92 KB, 500x769, 500:769, need-feminism-tired-becaus….png)


>Have you both just given up and accepted you'll be alone forever then?

Not really, I'm open for something happening.

>Do you believe there's non "modern women" out there churning butter in a country kitchen just dreaming of being swept away to trad land?

As much as a questing beast or unicorn leaning down to drink by a brook where people could see it.

>How will you get her?

Wouldn't know, was never taught how. Was always encouraged to get an education first, and they expected me to learn normally.

>What do you have to offer her?

Companionship, something that any spineless welp could offer up.

>Men highly value virginity, so what does the trad virgin get of high value in return from the modern man if he no longer has those things?

<not sleeping around is worth a fortune

Get off your high horse. Now

>What does that say about how women act today then?

Socially castrated men encouraging women to take more masculine roles in their stead.

>From where I stand men largely reinforce and encourage all the things you criticize about women.

And I chastise them for it. What did I say about pathetic little betas who are so fucking starved for attention they'll get with a living piece of fuckmeat for a minute chance at companionship. I legit hope they never reproduce, less contamination.

>What's the solution then? One doesn't exist without the other in some vacuum.

I think you answered your own question.

>Men and women are inexorably linked and act upon each other with varying degrees of influence and have throughout history, like tipping scales from side to side

Like I said, I blame those sub-male creatures for idolizing women, regardless of their political leanings. You don't get to be an equal and a goddess at the same time.

4737f4  No.19722

And a friendly reminder that nu-males are just gal-pals with dicks. Women want success, not submission.

e0d502  No.19723


>not sleeping around is worth a fortune

Yeah I didn't say that nor do I believe that. I'm posing questions pertaining to the idea that women should shirk modernity for tradition. Then again didn't some woman sell her virginity for 2 million in an online auction last year or something? My point was that marriage was mainly transactional no? Virginity and youth for stability. Children/heirs for shelter and security. There's lots of reasons why this isn't the case anymore in the West and those can be debated forever in their own right. But why should women, and men for that matter, be expected to uphold the old order when the foundation for those things (morally, legally, socially, etc.) barely exist anymore? You can argue for their merits but you'd still be swimming against the tide of never ending change.

Just to be clear here, I'm not arguing in favor of any of this shit. But I see this "modern woman" debate all over the boards and it usually ends with "Yeah soyboy cucks and thots are the worst am I right?." I suppose acknowledgement is the first step but I'm curious what is beyond that, if anything.

In my own opinion these things rubber band throughout history. Return to traditionalism and cultural homogenization is inevitable but another round of radical individualism and progressive change will follow and there will be periods of a bit of both in between the cycles. I think we're entering that stage now. The in-between bit I mean ;). Transgenderism taking hold is literally the death knell of a decadent, self absorbed society (which no doubt we are), so it's coming and probably within our lifetimes for sure. Usually accompanied by war. But I digress. Point is, trad qt 3.14's coming to a village near you after the nuclear firestorm subsides.

e6e2a3  No.19724


I'm really not sure if it's "traditional," now that I think about it, it's just "not a complete whore." I think it stems from a lot of insecurities they developed throughout their lives relating to dating and such, and greentexts only make it worse.

And for those that really wanna go back to tradition, just want the societal rot to cease, or at least slow down enough to let people savor their time before shit changes again.

<have to endure a nuclear firestorm to get a decent wife

63c035  No.19727


I am fit and successful in business and with money.

I plan on getting a south east asian, eastern european, or even middle eastern wife (i am starting to become Muslim).

I dont consider western "women" to be women anynore, since they actively try to not be women!

Cooking, cleaning, laundry, raising children, getting married etc

They are all postmodern feminists. They are going against nature and have no idea why they are miserable.

The desire to reproduce drives men and so we work hard on ourselves so we end up fit/health and with a future/success.

But women dont want that. Women would rather go for an alcoholic/heroin addict who drives a motorcycle and is unemployed. Women only want to stop being sluts once they hit the wall and realise their looks are fading. Then its like musical chairs where they quickly try to grab any relatively successful man they can so they can start a family (thus not appearing like failures to their friends and family). However the good men have already settled down or they do not want some old slut. The only men left are losers. The women who marries them will never be attracted to them, she is just settling, and so she will eventually cheat. The guy will find out and then ether he will divorce her or she will resent him more for not leaving (confirmation he is a complete loser, embarrassing to her status that that is who she has ended up with). She will thus keep cheating until he does divorce.

I want a family more than anything else now. But western "women" dont. So i will get a wife from an eastern country who is traditional.

I dont even know what western women bring to the table anymore.

I know what i bring, i am successful with a future, confident and attractive.

What does a western women do?

They only settle down when their looks fade. They refuse to cook, clean and do laundry etc (plus we have or will have robots soon to do that).

I have tried loving women, it doesnt work and so i gave up on that. Women only respond to the "power and control domestoc abuse circle". I dont want to treat women that way, but its what they want.

I want a normal, traditional women.

I will find marriage maybe in south east asia. Or i will go to Afghanistan and buy some goats and trade them for a women.

And not so she can become some sex slave that feminists think happenes. But that so i can have a wife, a normal relationship. A relationship where i dont have to "game" her with push/pull everyday like im in a club and worry she might wonder off an fuck some guy who is "in a band" (unemployed) with tattoos and sells weed or something.

I just want a wife and children.

I have given up completely on western women, i dont even look at them anymore (this unfortunately makes them attracted to me, pathetic)

f18e1e  No.19728


Too much bait for this board.

e6e2a3  No.19729

File: fb05a486e97f4f2⋯.jpeg (31.76 KB, 657x439, 657:439, DzU-iuJUYAAp-QZ.jpeg)


>(i am starting to become Muslim).

Good luck

63c035  No.19731


>women must wear a burka (cant go around exposing themselves)

>women cant leave the house unless a male relatove walks them (like a dog, so that they dont go around fucking everything)

>whores are stoned to death

>get to slaughter filthy normies (kufr)

I love Islam

e0d502  No.19732


Indeed lol. Try not to cut yourself on his edge.

f18e1e  No.19733

File: 2b710a0c0a5c173⋯.png (106.54 KB, 500x481, 500:481, overweight-german-man-who-….png)


Oh I'm bleeding to death over here.

a2c190  No.19734

File: f064eec64f7f085⋯.jpg (119.05 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, f064eec64f7f085921b33d1ddd….jpg)


>Do you believe there's non "modern women" out there

I don't live in the first world, but I study with many first worlders at my uni, that's where all the negative experiences come from. The local girls aren't great, but they're a lot better.

>How will you get her? What do you have to offer her?

I'm from a well-off family, finishing university in a very good field, effectively guaranteed to not have money issues in the future. So financial security, career, land, inheritance are checked. I don't have any mental or physical disorders. On the downside, introvert, not particularly /fit/, dislike spontaneity, and don't like bothering random women I barely know by trying to pick them up, hence virgin. Plus I don't particularly like conservative traditional women, which just makes it harder.

The nips have the right idea, even if their execution is lackluster. A competent, strong woman who has no issues being reliant or just pretending to be reliant on his man to humor him, that's the ideal. The shitty liberal modern women are the absolute polar opposite, traditional women are a bit closer to the ideal, but still quite a way off.

>From where I stand men largely reinforce and encourage all the things you criticize about women.

They do, men are obviously at fault too, it just wasn't in the scope of my other post. Hell, the way women act is almost entirely the fault of men at its roots, but on this level things start to get really complicated. It just boils down to people always painting with wide brushes - some men abused some women > society reacts by trying to protect women by laws and a shift in acceptable behavior > produces weak pussywhipped men and trashy women. The problem was caused by a too non-specific, one-sided approach to solving a problem, and now present-day politics is even more like that, people are even more likely to try to solve problems by one-sided approaches, dismissing or outright banning discussion of many of the details of the problem, see trannies.

5a3d22  No.19735


>I'm from a well-off family, finishing university in a very good field, effectively guaranteed to not have money issues in the future.

Congrats, so are most women nowadays. Seriously, it's like they want the sexes to bicker

d48e76  No.19749


I mean, I really don't believe in leagues. This may sound like virtue signalling but I really mean it when I say I don't care too much how someone looks if they are sweet to me and loyal and good hubby material I will marry them

d84432  No.19763


You're going to make someone very happy, anon.

3845c5  No.19959

File: c0f90ea0cec3b55⋯.png (345.85 KB, 800x1271, 800:1271, 1555106003843.png)


I wanted to reply to my original post and update the Situation. I don't know if anyone cares, but I kind of felt like it.

I've made some really good progress with everything, although not in ways I hoped I would back then. Nevertheless, I'm probably happier and less full of worry than I was before.

I've focused more on my friendships with people and tried to strengthen those friendships by spending more time with them and generally treating them to some nice things every now and then.

I've been on a date, but it didn't really work out well enough for a second time.

It doesn't seem to bother me as much as it used to though, I think mostly because of the amount of time I spend talking with people now. A lot of them are online but they're all close enough to visit generally, and the few IRL friends I have now like to invite me to things after I took a bit more initiative and didn't shy away from it all.

I started socialising a lot more on the Internet, forming friendships and meeting a surprising amount of people from Luxembourg online, on halfchan.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, things are going good and I've gotten my friendships to work better and don't feel the immediate need for a significant other anymore. I would still like one, but it's pretty low on my list now.

add545  No.19961


2e4364  No.19993

File: 2fc418fa3d33504⋯.jpg (613.04 KB, 1502x1972, 751:986, 20190410_231947.jpg)

Got some new books in, this one's some weird spec-evo manga

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