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Cogops > Psyops

ea7eff  No.126

In 2005, I wrote The Empath, a book about an AI platform that understands human emotions and then manipulates them to predict and control elections and markets. Two weeks ago, I dropped a hint about how to build such a machine on /pol/.

In the book, a company named Promethia engineers people with significant alterations to their brains. The vast majority of such experiments end in complete failures because the link between DNA and neurology is incredibly complex. Eventually, a good-enough technique is discovered.

The company engineeers two children, Sen and Cari. Sen is a child who has no capacity for human emotion other than experiencing perpetual, sheer terror. His ability to comprehend mathematical complexity, however, is unrivaled in all of human history. He develops new techniques to reduce decoherence problems of quantum computing, allowing the development of the primary AI in the story, Esai. His twin sister, Cari, exists for the sole purpose of providing emotional comfort and support to Sen.

Trying to develop such mathematical prowess in a single human proved to be extremely difficult, so they settled for twins: one with a mind that is barely stable enough to endure on a day-to-day basis and another with a deep emotional bond to keep him stable. The key to getting to this point was a legal innovation.

Creating human clones is mostly illegal. Experimenting on humans, clone or not, is incredibly illegal. So Promethia leverages paleogenetics to create Neanderthal brains. They aren't human legally, so there's no prohibition on experimentation, and they are similar enough to humans to help improve research.

Today, the world has caught up to my idea:


For those who remember, I posted this pic on the now deleted /pol/ thread. It was a brief timeline of major scientists who contributed to the technologies that made the AI possible in my book.


I mention Emile Zuckerandl, Linus Carl Pauling, and Kary Mullis by name.

The future will not be what you think it will be.

feeeac  No.127

Goddamn, if this was what you were hinting at coming out… And if your "vision" of the future is really just the logically deduced fate of where the status quo must lead like you claim it is…

I'k fascinated by these interactions with you but I fear they are wasted on someone of such little consequence. I hope men of greater means are paying attention as closely as I am.

771abb  No.128


We are paying attention, investing some money and building hybrid team. Can't fund OP directly yet for much numerous reasons.

My bet ? We are not the only ones, would pay money to see how much traffic this small board get and probably would surprise everyone.

feeeac  No.129


If there's one positive to the /pol/ ban it's that culstate has access to the mod tools here. Now he can see the data formerly hidden behind the scenes and I bet it would surprise us.

789ae6  No.130


Sadly /Pol/ is not only compromised, but is virtually dead, whoever shifted the Gestalt on the board through whatever means, made a terrific job. It's still useful bunch of autists but I can't feel the pulse anymore and don't have the psychological strength to help the fixing.

But yes, data would surprise us.

I wonder if the future is filled with male bald emotionless guys…

088ba0  No.131


The highest quality minds from /pol/ with the most agency surfaced to IRL activism. Our war is stepping up gears and so the abyss is a bit drained of talent. We have our eyes on this.

ea7eff  No.132


When I said that the new emotion was not for humans and I knew how to invent it… I wasn't kidding. :D

The "new emotion" thought experiment is a conclusion of several high level assumptions:

- Emotions are encoded into the signals we emit and operate just like encryption.

- Cognition is bound to the rules of entropy with symbols being the proxy for heat.

- Mathematical truths are invented, not discovered.

Each of these propositions, if true, are explosively controversial. The full might of established scientists, science advocates, political ambitions regarding the alignment of economic energy into high-level research, and Reddit-tier IYIs will fight-to-the-death on each and every one of these points. To them, science ought to be a modular progressive trajectory that can be represented as continual investment growth. Sadly, those people fell in love with their symbols. They refuse to envision a future where the priestly logicians are thwarted and the esoteric magicians return after their long slumber.

Humans no longer have a monopoly on truth and these control freaks refuse to comprehend the ramifications of a non-homocentric methodology of science. To contort Nietzche: math is dead, and we have killed it.

Now that paleogenetics has finally delivered on the neurology front, I'm afraid such defenders of the scientific faith no longer have a choice in the matter. For the foreseeable future, it's going to be those people intentionally refusing to get the memo until they are all cleaned out.

If you're engaging with this and understanding it, then it's not a waste. Being a part of these conversations will give you a big window of opportunity to try your hand at.


I appreciate the encouragement. I'm building out the prerequisites in Milanote to mass train people and finally turn this board into a think tank. There are indeed other monied parties interested in various snippets of these efforts in their own way. I would prefer working on this full-time with a team and have the bills paid for everyone involved, but I know that would change the context of the research…

I'm toying with DAO and smart contract concepts to get contributors some tangible value for their time. Money forces contexts into a narrow corridor, however, and opens up the whole process for being gamed, so I have to be careful. An incorruptible DAO would be ideal so not even I could be tempted with avarice.



This is true! While we all have ability to funnel board data into machine learning pipelines to connect and detect behavior, mods do get additional identifiers that can help classification.

/pol/'s gestalt has indeed shifted. I am loathe to admit it, but I am seeing parts of Left Twitter successfully fusing memetic warfare and nostalgia together, but this shouldn't be a surprise since the entire culture of progressive ideology is to mimic innovation via criticism. The autists always manage to find each other in times of duress… I want to believe we will find each other again in the next battlespace.

6e50f2  No.149


oldfag here. I'm feeling the pulse, it sort of reminds me a bit of 2013-2014 /pol/, but it's too early to say for sure yet. out of the chaos is emerging new OC threads, this is the bread and butter of /pol/ culture. the shills, trolls and other foreigner invaders to the board will make the true /pol/ack stronger, for he will be reminded he is constantly under assault.

ca7695  No.150


Posting wihtou a VPN, because fuck there is no use to try and hide my traffick anymore. Yes I'm also an oldfag and am feeling the pulse getting stronger, I was too hasty to come to that conclusion, for over a year the board was dead to me, but it was useful because shills, specially 3 letter ones and bots are fucking dumb and we were tracking all of it… Still I got reliable Intel, but wished it stayed dead just a little longer. I just gotta get used to it again, but as far as my efforts on board analysis goes, there is 4x times the amount of shills as before.


I am just being sincere. While I do have interest in parts of your work for my own plans, you are changing how I view the world, enlarging the scope of my big picture… One that clearly was not as big as I thought. As I stated a couple of times what I'm doing is a solid plan B or C. I need to put more work on your CogOps as in mine.

If only we could measure how loyal anons were trough Chan's without piercing anonymity, we could set up a mutual crypto fund, one everyone had access and took as needed to keep his ops running. But right now this would back fire monumentally. Just to be clear by no means I operate at the same level as you, I'm a firm believer you are the one of a kind, at some point in time I thought someone like you gonne Galt.

On your second reply, this is a normal biological response from leftists, like cells trying to mimic others so the body ignores you while you damage it, but I came to the conclusion autists evolve too fast, and this " loss " is needed to usher new, more powerful memes. I will try to write some OC this weekend and post it and see what it breads, will try to introduce aspects of the GW/BW into it. One of my OCs was the first post on why /pol/ don't have its own land, and did little intervention on its evolutionary process. I did others, few more impactful but I still not meddle with it. An necessary evil as you might know.

As fag as it's sound, you inspired me to use my brain again Emblemanon. Thank you.

ea7eff  No.152


Agreed. The only true state of /pol/ is of tumult. Newfags need to go through the ringer like we did and develop their own immunities and conclusions. But we should assist where we can: our initial exposure wasn't embroiled in gnostic combat with the Council on Foreign Relations. They will need our guidance.


Loyalty is always liquid and it tends to move where pressure forces it. I'd be interested in a Proof of Stake so research contributions are properly cited. Sort of a blockchain to accumulate, track, and reward think tank participation.

People would post their wallet address in the subject and if the contribution is useful, a small but transparent council would recognize the contribution and attach it to a new block based on a smart contract vote. Mining profits derived from the block would be awarded to the contributor. While such a system would make this board one of the most active on 8chan, it would also open up a torrent of content I'm not prepared to sift through.

Looking forward to your contributions. Your brain is what we need to make this work and I'm glad you're reviving it for this. :D

I'd have to look into it.

62697a  No.204



Humans create or manifest in a synergy between mind and emotions, but the source is in the inner body. Its our link to "god."

You cannot get a machine to "create" like we create. At best, you can have an AI brain, with a human attached somehow, with them synergistic-ally working together.

bb945a  No.343


What if the intelligence is instantiated at the quantum level with true quantum computing? If that is possible, then it is technically not AI at that point, but man-made quantum intelligence.

07a709  No.416

Recent presentation by Svante Pääbo on paleogenetics:


>Neanderthal sequences less frequent in gene promoter regions.

>About 30,000 SNPs and 87 proteins unique for modern humans, 3 genes related to cell division and neurodevelopment.

ea7eff  No.417


Liquid Math updates: We can now connect Neanderthal organoids to robots


a23243  No.418

Thank you for all your work!

I just fell upon your Twitter yesterday and have been diving into everything you've written since.

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