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Cogops > Psyops

f2f7d1  No.1[Reply]

Welcome to Gnostic Warfare

We're here to explore the Butterfly War and the New Emotion thought experiment.

How Can I Get Started?

* Understand the Battlespace- >>87

* Follow these instructions to see 8chan how (((AI))) sees it - >>101

* Training Overview: https://app.milanote.com/1FjzOb11HKlU7x

* Information Science: >>158

* Epistemology: https://app.milanote.com/1FjLbD16uYE38O/epistemology

* Cognition: https://app.milanote.com/1FjzPC11HKlU7O/cognition

* Machine Learning https://app.milanote.com/1FjzPC11HKlU7N/machine-learning

* Geopolitics: https://app.milanote.com/1FjV1313xyfQ8X/geopolitics

* Finance (Coming soon)

* Legal(Coming soon)

* Organization and Leadership (Coming soon)

* Butterfly War Code Repositories: >>340


* CultState - http://www.cultstate.com

* ButterflyPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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000000  No.614[Reply]

404d83  No.615

Super interesting, thanks for posting. Not famiar with the guy, does he have a good track record?

a74eb8  No.620

A most excellent development.

AI Conflict can now finally begin.

690f20  No.616[Reply]

The link that's intended to contain what is I assume a description of context-aware steganography in detail has failed, as the website certificate has expired and (at the very least) I can't access it anymore even with a security exception.


Unrelated, thank you for all of this, it's such a fantastic collection of information. I feel sometimes that I should've started working on this instead of studying Japanese. I just hope that this hell ends soon.

7d0e30  No.617

This is the whole book:

> https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-3-540-74124-4

You can use sci-hub.tw to download it.

The chapter and book can be obatained by a simple google search of its title.

> http://richard.bergmair.eu/pub/hipstego-proc-fki25205.pdf&sa=U&ved=2ahUKEwik-4nttoHjAhVLY6wKHWZ7DVgQFjAAegQIBxAB&usg=AOvVaw269JHQrrz5-ZGUhgdzk9Xu

> I just hope that this hell ends soon.

Totaler krieg kurzester krieg.

e4a1aa  No.619


Good recovery, anon.

3eb071  No.563[Reply]

Ladies and gentlemen… my very first podcast ever. (Without voice changers and proxies) 2 hours long.

I deeply delve into the nature, ramification, motives, and outcomes of AI (and by extension, gnostic) warfare. Listen and share.


4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

3eb071  No.570


Glad to do my part in getting people to connecting things together.

AI making a memeplex to acquire resources for itself is the start, and arguably, well underway (The selection mechanism are more abstract and run along bureaucracy pressures)

AI memeplexes competing against one another will get you the result you are describing, since the poorly guarded frontier outposts of Progressive-Universalism are ripe for conquest. Having one dragon content against it will rally UniProgs together, but having two dragons fight each other using UniProgs as the battlespace… UniProgs will have no chance.


Skipping to the end, are we? :D

The hardwiring is already there. Girard described that hardwiring perfectly and I believe his conclusion is intrinsic to epistemology itself.

7518de  No.585

You mentioned westpoint as where your cyber manipulators come from. I promise you westpoint graduates are not the effective cyber manipulators you think they are. The Army, is not where this threat is coming from, I imagine more 3 letter agencies (or possibly air force). Loved the podcast though, great way to break down your ideas.

3eb071  No.586


For clarification and context, I painted the picture that West Point begins the officer culture of accepting scale and industrial anti-attrition tactics as core parts of the strategic toolbox.

Then I connected this to a bad idea when dealing with things like gnostic warfare, where scale exclusively means carry cost with little benefit.

Post last edited at

7518de  No.588


Appreciate the clarification, that makes sense.

2ad0c6  No.618


If AI uses our human communication, thus interpreting the language into words, thus "learning", does it also dumb down in the same manner?

Avid Twitter, messenger, text users "code" to communicate with a complete understanding of the non-word words. Logic would conclude this "coding" requires the AI to relearn the same information in the user's code.

Also, our brain seems to "forget" simple facts learned in life because we "Google".

Using the Wargames tick-tack-toe mindset and the "noise" issue discussed being a potential limitation, are there noise producing programs that act as a data gathering deterrent? Encryption technology can be reversed using it's own code where the human brain constantly develops new code that humans understand even if they never experienced that form of coding in the past.

Example- Kids forming letters/words to other kids using cooked spaghetti. Another human, no matter the age, can read it as a word not just see spaghetti. Would AI eventually learn this style of communication? Is this a tick-tack-toe situation?

I apologize for all the " " but here again, every word has many meanings and you can't see my air quotes.

93243e  No.156[Reply]

I do not consider myself a smart person. I have experience that has proven as much, at least academically to me. Despite this, I would like to think I have found a shred of wisdom for myself through my experiences, which has lead me here.

I know the follies of overstating my intelligence and the fallacies that can result from others doing the same. I think I'm smart enough to recognize the situation I am in and understand the absolute basics of infosec, metadata and the way megacorps use both. I am the most basic of analysts, someone who has a decent grasp of economics, a capable understanding of the human nature and a genuine interest in what makes the human mind tick, and more importantly, the way the human mind affects economics and technology by extension. Having followed the butterfly war thread(s), I found myself lost in some of the deeper technological meanings on some subjects, so I thought that a thread was due to consider how the situation could be more easily explained to those who have the capability, but not the prerequisite knowledge.

tl;dr what is the intelligent normalfag's role in the butterfly war and the skirmishes of gnostic warfare? This mostly applies to the "educated anon" role that will utilize and manipulate the tools that CS is developing to fuck about with the status quo once the phrenology manipulation tools become (relatively) mainstream.

7 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

90f67a  No.576


This post is more of a whitepill than I think is intended or immediately understood.

Anyway, I've noticed in my personal life that, if you play your cards right, leftist are closer to Ally's than Conservatives are. Personally I've had a great deal of success turning leftists in favor of eugenics by appealing to their love of nature. Global Warming alarmism has an easily exploited overpopulation aspect to it. It helps that India and China pollute more than the rest of the world combined. You can also use India's constant immigration to the US as a point because the West is "stealing" their brightest people who could help India stop it's pollution problems.

Also they're already primed to accept ethnostates via safe-space mentality and the notion of a society structured for whites. Tell them that white people have no business involving themselves in structuring a system for blacks and black people are better off constructing a whites-free society in their ancient homelands. Only a racist would object to that notion, because it implies Blacks are incapable of building their own country.

276f7f  No.610


Reading into the world of finance, I've quickly come to notice that CS's considered "values of gamers" (ability to spontaneously form action groups, innate knowledge of digital information flows, erroneous indomitable paranoia enforcing a culture of evidence and truth due to anonymous paranoia, (imageboard-specific languages and associated abilities to transfer information with no (traditional) accountable methods of tracking)) strike some (but not all) parallels between the personalities populating the unspoken worlds of illicit money movements in the less-than-legal worlds of finance. More specifically, I'm talking about the culture of secrecy surrounding the many tax havens around the world.

I don't think that any individual one of the (assumed to be) motley crew gathered here could hope to penetrate the excessively complex and secretive network of unregulated finance bodies around the world, but CS's considerations of AI and computer emotional learning strike a specific chord within me and make me think that the most dangerous thing in the modern world would be a trusted and integral personality in this network suddenly breaking rank and crowing the mechanisms of these money networks to the public world. But considering so much of this international network is so trust-based (with long-term vetting methods) while not actually being personal (in most cases), what if a sufficiently advanced AI could take the place of a trusted central person in an offshore finance network? Once they're sufficiently nested in and have collected enough information, a switch could be flipped and the secrecy (of which is often protected by the threat of the ending of careers or lives, both useless to an AI) could be turned off in an instant, unrestricted by a single person's notion of self-preservation. I also can't help but feel the analytical powers of AI could be used to determine a most efficient path of money through countries to determine the most tax-effective method, ensuring a comparatively powerful spot in a world where trust is established by secrecy and proven by profits.

Shit, even the prospect of an actor like this existing would introduce a level ofPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

8dd4fc  No.611


A singular sleeper agent wouldn't be needed, but the risk of one is a good vector to explore.

As AIs dominate more and more of the linguistic space, it will consume legal, contractual, conversational, and social/emotional space. When done correctly, it can make a move on the C-suite space.

As deepfakes introduce unique risks to human chiefs, humanless organizations will be sought after. There is a DAO right now worth $150M without a single human in it. DAOs are immune to deepfake reputation attacks.

Either sleepers or pressures will drive money into DAOs as mass producible reputation attacks disrupt trust networks.

000000  No.612


>trust networks

I can't help but feel that this is a key factor in the offshore system that if broken down via the deconstruction of MAD agreements and de-significance of blackmail via deepfake technology then a lot of personally honest people would really feel comfortable to talk about the illegal activity happening under their watch. However, I think that ultimately the internal objectors would still feel hesitant to rat out a system that they know is filthy but can't expose without exposing themselves in the process. Do you think that these actors would drive business into DAOs in order to rout out the weak-willed offshore parties?

Would centralizing the risk into the most illegal territory potentially centralize the most vulnerable targets? It sounds jucier the more I consider it.

000000  No.613

To add to the previous and to keep exploring the vector, in this new realm of DAOs ultimately acting as the major financial bodies in these offshore networks (since traditional methods of secrecy don't work as effectively these days) what would you consider the informational vulnerabilities of DAOs? Could the previously mentioned aspects of the butterfly war come into traditional play? Or would a new AI manipulation methodology need to be employed in these business networks, as there are different required inputs and different results required (to my knowledge, "traditional" butterfly war involves attacking SV entities via manipulation of user metadata to spoof the protected users in order to manipulate the actual protected users which ultimately manipulates the SV corporation's adstreams, whereas attacks on these trust networks would possibly involve manipulating said metadata to penetrate the trust network by creating and validating a spoofed user in the network who would then destabilize the network, forcing business activity off this traditional trust network and onto DAOs where potentially, control is held by non-insider players, depending on capital flows)? If the established parties were aware enough of such a ploy, could they– god forbid– recreate the secrecy methodologies of old where regulation is enforced through hidden language, subtlety and redirection of jurisdiction but acting on a metadata level as opposed to a social/legal level? How would such a network be disassembled?

To my best knowledge, your idea in the butterfly war is to make socially impactful sleeper anons who can sit idly until times of needed action, unaffected by big data oversights (or excessively effected by the same bodies, violating common law and driving political action). My question is that despite the obviously higher level of complication in metadata manipulation that it would entail, what if you could make a spoofed DAO, or a spoofed banker, or a spoofed business to do the same as the sleeper anon? A trap shell bank nested within "trusted" legitimate offshore banks to catch and record illicit business data for the purpose of catching multinationals in the act of tax arbitrage? Could this data possibly become another method of blackmail should the traditional methods fail? Moreover, could a sleeper agent impact the effectiveness of tax law inPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

7c803c  No.590[Reply]

f46fa7  No.606


So what does this mean with Kappy dead? Keep spreading the word of the blackmail idea?

7c803c  No.609


Look at the times.

80f7f1  No.544[Reply]

Blackmail can be rendered worthless without having to use it.

Find the weakness. Free the world


18 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

80f7f1  No.595


What if the dead man switch wasn't a thing, but an technique.


d043a6  No.597


Seems productive if one knows pedo network members to feed this info to.

Seems like a needle in a haystack if not.

Try and force meme Icarus?

80f7f1  No.604

Someone reading the writing on the wall? :D

I wonder where China hides its blackmail on American politicians.


78233b  No.607


The thing I don't understand about this CS, is if their entire power structure is maintained by this blackmail, why would they want to normalize pedophilia if it would render their blackmail inert on purpose?

I mean I guess killing is still taboo enough, so maybe they are just sick fucks who would rather do it in the open.

As for using Icarus as a forced meme, am I understanding that because there are people who are forced at gunpoint to "make" the blackmail, that if Deepfakes are known well enough in common parlance they'll come out into the open/act independently/seek revenge on the basis of "Pfft it's just a deepfake!" being a strong enough defense to render the blackmail inert?

80f7f1  No.608


Homosexuality has been successfully normalized, yet, blackmail of homosexual behavior on most people would still inflict significant damage to their positions within their respective inner circles.

Any holder of that homosexual blackmail would still hold it, even if some parts of legal and pop moral systems are more forgiving. Those who are on the blackmail would be wary of tempting the holder since the holder would be forced to escalate with more violent measures to establish new leverage on the target.

Normalizing pedophilia, then, isn't a protection strategy. It's just more of the same demoralizing strategy. Even in the event that San Francisco fuckery manages to go national and Civil Rights ambulance chasers in the DNC decide to pivot entirely to bring holy equality to child fuckers, blackmail on pedo activities are still from the past back when it was illegal. Blackmail holders still win, even when normalized to pop morality.

Deepfakes equalize -everyone- and -everything- at the same time. Past videos, current videos, future videos… all now masked in a shroud of plausible deniability. Assets become free, and holders become panicked. They have to rotate their assets into something more tangible at a time when everyone is trying to offload their goods at the same time… worldwide.

Consider deepfakes as a run on the CIA.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

970995  No.605[Reply]

Somehow I ended up on the same podcast Tim Draper and Andrew Yang ended up on. I talk about the foundational biases of AI warfare and how to exploit them.

If Elon Musk is talking about the fear of AI, I'm talking about how to defeat AI.

First 1:21 is a cluster fuck of just winging it, so just skip to 1:21 for the content.

90bccf  No.599[Reply]

Anons, we are currently on the timeline of the "merge with AI" scenario. In a few years, we will be offered the commercial possibility of becoming cyborgs. The (((tech overlords))) are pushing this narrative, they want to enslave the humans as cyborgs and then let robots take over the economy, while they leave the earth and colonize other planets. Today they want trannie rights tomorrow they want cyborg rights. What is the alternative for anons who want to remain true organic human beings? What is our opportunity to become superhuman without using AI augmentation? What is our opportunity to take down the (((tech overlords)))? Through efficient social coordination and research, we can form an organically telepathic social organism that can exploit the consciousness vulnerabilities in AI.

6f913d  No.602


Only way to take down a Titan is to steer another Titan into it.

Read the Milanote, learn the ins and outs of their operations and their technical limitations, their financial ranges, their geopolitical angles, etc.


90bccf  No.603

We can shift to the right timeline, trust in God and the Angels.

information about Monarch, secret space programs, etc.:


Interviews with super soldiers:


Information about military transhumanist projects:


Energetic Protection:


Open Source Intelligence:



Deep Geopolitical Analysis:


Satan will be destroyed.

da35a0  No.598[Reply]

We delve into the evolution of the neuron and why the predominant abuse of tabula rasa by behaviorists interferes with AI research.


96fe18  No.600

Do you have sources that we can read in regards to academics of the 1960 - 1970s talking about genetically modifying human beings for more effective advertising? Is there any public information about the flesh-eating army robot?

da35a0  No.601


>sources that we can read in regards to academics of the 1960 - 1970s talking about genetically modifying human beings for more effective advertising


> Another early transhumanist was F.M. Esfandiary, who later changed his name to FM-2030.

> One of the first professors of future studies, FM taught at the New School for Social Research in New York in the 1960s and formed a group of optimistic futurists known as the UpWingers.

> Who are the new revolutionaries of our time? They are the geneticists, biologists, physicists, cryonologists, biotechnologists,

> nuclear scientists, cosmologists, radio astronomers, cosmonauts, social scientists, youth corps volunteers, internationalists,

> humanists, science fiction writers, normative thinkers, inventors… They and others are revolutionizing the human condition

> in a fundamental way. Their achievements and goals go far beyond the most radical ideologies of the Old Order.


For a deeper dive into the origins of many of the utopianist tropes about technology we embrace today, FM-2030 wrote this in 1973:


It's all about turning humans into transhuman permanent consumers to cope with the trend towards unemployment.

> Is therPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

6d1be7  No.593[Reply]

How would you spoof an AI using natural language? Other than just feeding it non-sense. There has to be a way of coding natural language so that it has a layer of implication which only a human being could grasp. Current AI language models like OpenAI's GPT-2 are getting really good at interpreting natural language.

b0355f  No.596


Context-Aware Stenography gives an example of showing how to use language in a way only humans can make sense of and AIs are blind to.


50b1fb  No.592[Reply]

Anyone interested in gnostic warfare may be interested in this blog http://closingthecycle.wordpress.com

307a60  No.247[Reply]

Battlespace Analysis


This is a high-level overview of the infrastructure, personnel, and operational behavior of the efforts being deployed to suppress, disrupt, distract, and infiltrate /pol/

The purpose of this analysis is to compromise the efficiency of neural networks and bots while forcing your adversaries to rely entirely on memetically-susceptible humans.

35 posts omitted. Click reply to view.
Post last edited at

d3c459  No.577


Let me see if I'm understanding you, essentially we're talking about the human propensity for tunnel vision?

If so, maybe I can be mildly useful. Humans can train their object recognition as well as memory by playing what is called a Kims Game. Snipers and people in intelligence often train with this method, the primary function of the kims game is memory, but it also heightens perception of specific things.

You cover an object with a sheet, or usually several objects so that your biological RAM is pretty much at capacity, and then you have to describe all the items under the sheet, bonus points if you have to specifically point at where under the sheet they are.

The recognition part of the Kims Game that is actually useful is that you begin to recognize the shapes very easily using context, even though they are malformed a little bit under the sheet. It's like being able to instinctually know that someone is "printing" a concealed handgun that is in a holster that is not visible. You're so familiar with the shape, that you can extrapolate what it looks like even when altered or concealed. Imagery Analysts learn to do similar things.

Just a thought, I'm new here, and will read more material before spouting off more.

fd2e89  No.580


You're wise to point out "errors" in vision.

Machines "see" the world in terms of statistics. A camera looks at a a table and is 80% confident of the bottle of beer on it. The other 20% is for the hedge that perhaps the bottle of bear is really a shoe.

The visual cortex of biology, however, does not operate within hedges. It assumes what it sees is real and selects and behaves under such constraints. It doesn't see percentages of a thing. It either sees the thing or it doesn't. Assuming human vision is flawed because it can be tricked is dismissing two billion years of violent evolution because a cat chases a laser pointer. Don't let the technological supremacy of the current times convince you that biology is dumb meat. It is powerful and endlessly more robust than your ability to model it.

989dd7  No.584


Another way to say it that the sub behavioral activation is the hedge. The neuron operates on a spiking model because the existential feedback is all or nothing. There is no half eaten. There ia no half alive. Thus the neuron hedges with sub activation potentials. Thinking is the hedge. Doing is the commitment.

994c46  No.589

Are the chans the world's prototypes for an open-source secret society?

88f463  No.591


I prefer hacker aristocracy. image-boards create personas a la Manfred Macx and Henry Case.

7f2037  No.583[Reply]

Second Postcast: Financial Perspective of Culture War

n this podcast, I start with how to conduct financial analysis on culture war participants, end up explaining my involvement in culture war, and ended up on how Qanon is an operation to extract superforecasters from the chans to supercharge AI warfare.


7f2037  No.587

e7f9f5  No.2[Reply]

The New Emotion Thought Experiment Continues

This is a continuation of a thread that endured for the last four months. >>11101940 (https://archive.fo/2O6Ww). The thread was a complex reveal of the Butterfly War after Eric Schmidt had stepped down and my honeypots were compromised:

>The Butterfly War (https://archive.fo/eYWmC) is a tactic to hijack and control censorious artificial intelligence platforms by training it with spoofed meta data. The meta data is prevalidated and refined by comparing ads to the behavior they generate . You can trick a censorship platform into thinking you are a minority by experimenting with on new social media accounts. Once you start seeing ads that a specific minority should see, you will know you’ve tricked the AI.

<Butterfly War forces Silicon Valley to categorize the cyber phrenological behavior of minorities to determine if a black person is a real black person or if a female is a real female, which means they will have to violate civil rights law to build lists of “approved minority behavior” in order to keep their censorship ambitions alive. The fallout from Cambridge Analytica has proven social justice warrior insiders working at major social media companies can be steered into embracing this direction.

>Pairing Butterfly War with redlining legislation to build the case for “disparate impact” can force Silicon Valley to be found guilty of civil rights violations. Eisenhower set the precedent for executive enforcement of civil rights by military means in the 1950s and I have no doubt such a bargaining chip is something Trump would have no hesitation anteing up with. This means Silicon Valley will have to deploy its massive lobbying assets to UNDERMINE civil rights legislation for its own protection. In essence, social justice warriors can be tricked into destroying the legislated morality that has served as their moral foundation since the 1960s.

I shared Butterfly War to Soros-linked playePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

204 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

963a11  No.368


>I find content


Mind the changing IP.

6643c4  No.444


what is a butterfly war?

3bf8cc  No.445

6643c4  No.446


sounds very interesting

so example of a battle of the butterfly war is pretending to be women and accusing silicon valley white males of sexual misconduct?

561b46  No.582

New emotion encription:


Funposting ALLOWED.

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