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f2f7d1 No.1[Reply]

Welcome to Gnostic Warfare

We're here to explore the Butterfly War and the New Emotion thought experiment.

How Can I Get Started?

* Understand the Battlespace- >>87

* Follow these instructions to see 8chan how (((AI))) sees it - >>101

* Train yourself in various domains - https://app.milanote.com/1FjzOb11HKlU7x


* CultState - http://www.cultstate.com

* Butterfly War and Cyber Phrenology - https://archive.li/eYWmC

* The 4-month long thread on /pol/ that started it all: https://archive.li/CURJz

* The Tyrant's Muse - https://archive.li/ea98G

* A Primer on Gnostic Warfare - https://archive.fo/X3nmJ

* The pre-planned /pol/ ban: https://archive.fo/t4hrf

* The Human Swarm - https://archive.li/rT0yq


* Chan culture is in effect at all times


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ea7eff No.126[Reply]

In 2005, I wrote The Empath, a book about an AI platform that understands human emotions and then manipulates them to predict and control elections and markets. Two weeks ago, I dropped a hint about how to build such a machine on /pol/.

In the book, a company named Promethia engineers people with significant alterations to their brains. The vast majority of such experiments end in complete failures because the link between DNA and neurology is incredibly complex. Eventually, a good-enough technique is discovered.

The company engineeers two children, Sen and Cari. Sen is a child who has no capacity for human emotion other than experiencing perpetual, sheer terror. His ability to comprehend mathematical complexity, however, is unrivaled in all of human history. He develops new techniques to reduce decoherence problems of quantum computing, allowing the development of the primary AI in the story, Esai. His twin sister, Cari, exists for the sole purpose of providing emotional comfort and support to Sen.

Trying to develop such mathematical prowess in a single human proved to be extremely difficult, so they settled for twins: one with a mind that is barely stable enough to endure on a day-to-day basis and another with a deep emotional bond to keep him stable. The key to getting to this point was a legal innovation.

Creating human clones is mostly illegal. Experimenting on humans, clone or not, is incredibly illegal. So Promethia leverages paleogenetics to create Neanderthal brains. They aren't human legally, so there's no prohibition on experimentation, and they are similar enough to humans to help improve research.

Today, the world has caught up to my idea:


For those who remember, I posted this pic on the now deleted /pol/ thread. It was a brief timPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

feeeac No.127

Goddamn, if this was what you were hinting at coming out… And if your "vision" of the future is really just the logically deduced fate of where the status quo must lead like you claim it is…

I'k fascinated by these interactions with you but I fear they are wasted on someone of such little consequence. I hope men of greater means are paying attention as closely as I am.

771abb No.128


We are paying attention, investing some money and building hybrid team. Can't fund OP directly yet for much numerous reasons.

My bet ? We are not the only ones, would pay money to see how much traffic this small board get and probably would surprise everyone.

feeeac No.129


If there's one positive to the /pol/ ban it's that culstate has access to the mod tools here. Now he can see the data formerly hidden behind the scenes and I bet it would surprise us.

789ae6 No.130


Sadly /Pol/ is not only compromised, but is virtually dead, whoever shifted the Gestalt on the board through whatever means, made a terrific job. It's still useful bunch of autists but I can't feel the pulse anymore and don't have the psychological strength to help the fixing.

But yes, data would surprise us.

I wonder if the future is filled with male bald emotionless guys…

e7f9f5 No.2[Reply]

The New Emotion Thought Experiment Continues

This is a continuation of a thread that endured for the last four months. >>11101940 (https://archive.fo/2O6Ww). The thread was a complex reveal of the Butterfly War after Eric Schmidt had stepped down and my honeypots were compromised:

>The Butterfly War (https://archive.fo/eYWmC) is a tactic to hijack and control censorious artificial intelligence platforms by training it with spoofed meta data. The meta data is prevalidated and refined by comparing ads to the behavior they generate . You can trick a censorship platform into thinking you are a minority by experimenting with on new social media accounts. Once you start seeing ads that a specific minority should see, you will know you’ve tricked the AI.

<Butterfly War forces Silicon Valley to categorize the cyber phrenological behavior of minorities to determine if a black person is a real black person or if a female is a real female, which means they will have to violate civil rights law to build lists of “approved minority behavior” in order to keep their censorship ambitions alive. The fallout from Cambridge Analytica has proven social justice warrior insiders working at major social media companies can be steered into embracing this direction.

>Pairing Butterfly War with redlining legislation to build the case for “disparate impact” can force Silicon Valley to be found guilty of civil rights violations. Eisenhower set the precedent for executive enforcement of civil rights by military means in the 1950s and I have no doubt such a bargaining chip is something Trump would have no hesitation anteing up with. This means Silicon Valley will have to deploy its massive lobbying assets to UNDERMINE civil rights legislation for its own protection. In essence, social justice warriors can be tricked into destroying the legislated morality that has served as their moral foundation since the 1960s.

I shared Butterfly War to Soros-linked playePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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7b0f23 No.106


>born just in time for the great AI Meme war


5015cd No.121

Been noticing elevated levels of phishing attempts in the past two days. Thought it was just me at first, but after bringing it up, confirmed it will some connections I know at a couple of places. It's not isolated. Then today, another provider I'm with sent out a warning to subscribers informing us about it. Attacking everyone at common providers, and less common as well.

Something is happening.

e7f9f5 No.123


Assume you've been compromised. Assume you've been phished. Always assume these things have happened and act and plan with those assumptions in place.

For Fortune 100 companies, it takes an average of 200 days to detect if infrastructure has been compromised. That means for 2/3rd of a year, a malicious party has varying degree of access and control over global corporate information infrastructure… and that's the industry standard. This should be assumed to be true of military and civic information infrastructure as well.

Preventing compromise is no longer possible. Between global observers, highly funded blackhats, and an endless parade of backdoors all the way down to the RAM and CPU, even experienced security experts tell clients to assume they've already been compromised.

Here's a quarterly breakdown of threat statistics and seasonal trends worth getting familiar with.


1de220 No.124

It appears the wind of the butterfly's wings has caused yet another accidental civil right's ramification for Silicon Valley.

What are your thoughts on the "Trump Twitter Block" ruling handed down by that federal judge in NY? The logic behind that decision based on the 1st Amendment could cause enormous headaches for those in SV who wish to censor outside views. That's assuming the 2nd Circuit doesn't overturn it of course.

Article: ht tps://nypost.com/2018/05/23/trump-ordered-to-stop-blocking-people-on-twitter/ (I see no point in archiving such an innocuous story)

e7f9f5 No.125



It's a fun play worth taking as far as possible.


It's a fantastic example of how to make the progressives cheer for their own noose.


The ruling comes from the fairly influential U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York

The ruling relies on a contorted interpretation of a designated public forum by saying certain parts of Trump's account qualifies as a public form in which banning is not possible.

The Left has poisoned the public perception of the First Amendment regarding speech very effectively over the past 16 years, and I suspect that any genuine threats to the SV throne will be sufficiently stomped long before it reaches the Supreme Court. If not stopped, then at least mutated to make the ruling even more specific. The veracity of first amendment violations are fairly easy to defang via politicized media, as we've seen during GamerGate.

This is precisely why I focused directly on race-based civil rights for the Butterfly War. Those are much more uncomfortable to tweak and alter.

021a21 No.79[Reply]

I've enjoyed reading what you're putting out there for the past few months, and I find myself in a place where I would like to contribute in some way.

Any suggestions? I don't do Facebook, Twitter or YouTube and pretty averse to IRL activism but would be open to spreading the word online somehow if that would help.

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705239 No.117


I'm currently finishing out the last of the basic training materials to bring current and future assets on the same page.

Since this is all going to be public, I also have to prepare these materials in a way that, when they are stolen and turned against me by the impulsive, they further the desired goal nonetheless. It's going to be autocatalytic synthesis all the way to the finish line.

By next week, I can flesh out the research tasks associated with Butterfly War and Gnostic Warfare.

I'm also pulling contacts out of deep (entangled) freeze and getting them online for these efforts. If I can secure a trip to the City proper, then the next act is ready to go.

Thanks for checking in, I'll have more very soon.

d27284 No.118


You bet, man. Giving you a positive nudge because I know I would benefit from the same.

I've been toying with simpatico ideas. Do you remember your initial thread? I was the one who brought up your 'uranium barrier' infographic, not realizing it was your OC. (I brought up Liebniz and Gödel as well).

d27284 No.119


Lunch is on Me if you secure a trip to the City proper.

6c08f3 No.120


I'm not sure if this is the question I mean to ask, but out of curiosity, how long did it take for you to attain the means to visit the City?

705239 No.122



Yes, I remember you. Good to see you're still sticking around and following this Icarian drive into the sun. :D

I've been focusing on training material. Today, I've assembled the Epistemology branch of Gnostic Warfare. It focuses mostly on the ability of philosophy to describe parts of the mind that psychology hints to. The purpose of this is not to show trainees that ancients had insights on the mind, but that through all of history, we've always had the ability to foreshadow how the mind works before we could physically prove it.

By showing them this, I can propose an absurdity that will become reality: What happens when mankind enters a reality where newly developed epistemological weaponry significantly outpaces all means to comprehend it in advance? Philosophy has always outpaced psychology, but in the future, because of the broad attack surface of AI platforms, epistemology will significantly outpace philosophy, logic, math, and science. In such a world, you might as well describe natural phenomenon as magic and you'd be no better off than using the precision of science.

Even in the early days of Internet-centric information warfare, there were historical models a savvy observer could find as analogs. Such an analogless place is the primary domain for Gnostic Warfare training… and is why I choose the moniker “gnostic”


Such a lunch will be of simple fare. :D


I avoided the fast track to the City for my entire life. That means no college, no making childhood friends with blue-Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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c4464a No.111[Reply]

THE GAP - New Emotion - The emotional perception of the Gap between two contrary positions, as prerequisite for gnosis. A feeling of cariousness and precipitousnss, a yawning abyss.

Felt when ideas conflict, and paradox may invoke this emotion. When one cognitive system is juxtaposed against another, this may lead to a vertigous emotion of openness AND emptiness, of promise and of peril - offering fulfillment through the necessary resolution: Either folding into one side or the other, or the true Solution: the development of a Third Position - that of memetic framework awareness.

782f54 No.114


This is a gnostic void for a lot of people

7c5781 No.101[Reply]

Follow these instructions to see 8chan how (((AI))) sees it

Gnostic warfare requires training. I have created a script that will give you insights on how your emotions are being detected by AI.

Here's an example of what 8chan looks like when the script runs: https://archive.fo/1vTJV/813262b4a01f35859af5b98cfb593584d6449eed

<WARNING: Never blindly run external JavaScript! You should examine this code thoroughly to make sure you are okay with it! Do not use the load_js() feature because 1.) it doesn't work and 2.) even if it did, don't assume the contents of that link to be immutable even if it links directly to a commit. (git push –force exists)


To set it up, follow these instructions:

* Click on the Options link in the upper right hand corner

* Click on User JS

* Visit https://gitgud.io/GnosticWarfare/Training/raw/179fb32b353ceb4388d6733df8ade9fc449c4a5a/index.js and copy the contents

* Paste your clipboards contents into the User JS text area

* click "Save custom Javascript"

How It Works

* Sentiment analysis - https://github.com/soops/sentimood

* Bayesian classifier - https://githubPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

a54f7c No.82[Reply]

Butlerian Jihad when???

c37473 No.92

Consider reviewing >>87 :D

29b560 No.87[Reply]

Silicon Valley (The Butterfly War)

- The workforce that makes Silicon Valley possible is heavily influenced by the ideology of material humanism. (Commonly known as left-wing progressivism)

- The institutions, actors, investors, and believers of material humanism will pull out every stop and call every favor they have to retain their influence over civilization.

- Because of this hubris, these entities willfully sacrifice material, social, political, technological, and legal advantages to continually demonstrate fealty to the ideology. (Virtual-signaling)

- The moment they stop demonstrating fealty, their peers can be cajoled into attacking them, so reliable pressure mechanism exists to enforce the previously mentioned behavior.

- Silicon Valley makes its money via ad revenue. Meaning, Facebook and Google sells user information to robots attending 60-200ms auctions. The robots analyze the user data and bid for the right to show that person an ad for a product.

- That user data is also being analyzed by those ad platforms to censor the skeptics of material humanism. “Psychographic” signatures can be detected via machine learning, data science, and AI to flag certain persons from social media. (“nazis”, “alt-right”, anyone to the right of Stalin, etc.)

- By proxy, certain psychographic signatures are immune to this AI-driven censorship, such as women, blacks, and jews, granting them full influence over social media.

- With some effort and development, a pipeline can be made which creates accounts on social media and spoofs meta data. (Finger/mouse motion, keyboard typing timing, content engagement, sentiment analysis, posting time, etc) Because the auction bots have already keyed themselves to associate certain psychographic signatures with certain people, you can confirm the validity of a meta data generation technique based on the ads it sees. If your meta data generates an ad that a bot would serve to a black person, then Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Post last edited at

29b560 No.88

Cognition (Gnostic Warfare)

- AI development waxes and wanes. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AI_winter) We are currently in an AI Summer.

- Two major breakthroughs occurred during this AI Summer: Deep Belief Networks in 2007 and ImageNet in 2009

- All of you have been affected by ImageNet. The reason the selfie fad even exists is to train massive ImageNet methodologies in which social networks act as fronts for. Before selfies, people mostly uploaded photos of what they were experiencing, not close ups of themselves with their face intentionally stretched out to easily categorizable features.

- Deep Belief Networks enabled effective deep learning algorithms by conquering the vanishing gradient problem. (Basically, Deep Belief Network layers play telephone with each other)

- ImageNet enables cyber phrenology, enhancing the feasibility of the Butterfly War.

- Deep Belief Networks enable epistemological exploits, enhancing the the feasibility of Gnostic Warfare.

- All major improvements in machine learning since 2007 have been derivative of these two milestones.

- The economics surrounding AI development favor those who can commoditize data to the cheapest price. (Silicon Valley, militaries, and finance have AND MUST MAINTAIN their influence over this commoditization) This commoditization requirement was once previously thought as irreversible, allowing dumb money to buy into the idea that “data is the new oil”, but Butterfly War shows how to unexpectedly drive up the liability of a mass accumulation of data commodities.

- Foreign actors and short sellers can now use derivations of the Butterfly War to become market makers of the data economy, forcing the theory of “AI Winters” to be replaced with a more predictive “AI Business Cycle”. (Do you now understand why I went to Soros-influPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

29b560 No.89

Gravity (New Emotion)

- Exploiting how cognitive assets model human emotion becomes a matter of national security practiced by all nations. I’ll probably be dead by this point.

- The only way to develop sufficient defenses in this space is to begin to incorporate the lessons of neural evolution into the now closed AI development cycle.

- The only way to communicate securely in this panopticon-rich world is the development of a new emotion.

- I’m not ready to reveal how to develop that new emotion in this environment because that’s the key to everything (and, honestly, it’s a bridge so far and so impossible to believe, people just aren’t ready for that last step), but I’ve left enough clues for the intrepid anons to figure out… and there’s a chance I might be dead wrong on this part, so I’d rather let discussions about the concept continue to evolve from perspectives that aren’t mine.

- Once the new emotion is developed, the new math will be invented to finally discover the way to conquer quantum gravity and, finally, the stars will be ours in a way that can never be reversed or controlled by a single player ever again.

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