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Cogops > Psyops

d7f6c6  No.193[Reply]

This past few weeks has been very active. From the /pol/ ban to the /pol/ mod replacement, to Bilderberg, to G7, to the whole CEMEX mess.. let me provide some insights on what is all means, what is coming, and what to do about it.

The Milanote I've created is designed to teach people the basics of information entropy, the science behind information theory, and prepare them for the philosophical insights describing the evolution of neurons. Each video covers the basics and is about ten minutes in length with helpful animations, good voice work, and fairly good production values. They provide an incredibly useful overview of the large body of knowledge you'll need to take on to participate effectively in Gnostic Warfare operations. For reference, here is the link: https://app.milanote.com/1FjzOb11HKlU7x/gnostic-warfare

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6cf3f2  No.499


A common critique.

The brain is the byproduct of evolutionary rule sets within complex systems. That rule set is responsible for all of the configuration and organization of energy and matter required for us to even have this conversation on these digital means.

Inefficiency implies context. Within the context of tightly managed resources a la computer science back when RAM was $1,000 a megabyte, yes, free-range evolutionary algos are tremendously wasteful and yield little.

We no longer live in that world. We live in a world where we can rent a terabyte of RAM for $2.47 per hour.

We live in an abundance of compute, which means the only way to efficiently traverse through such a resource explosion is through evolutionary algos. Large scale failures will happen at this scale, regardless of autism engineering or bio-mimickry approaches. While engineers rely on postmortems in such catastrophy, evolutionary means let the failures rot without fully removing everything responsible. Autism engineering also creates monstrosities. (Look at any enterprise system for free nightmares)

In evolution, all "waste" is reclaimed. On this part, compute is still relying on the needs of finance for reclamation. That will change when neurochimera are available. In a world of Liquid Math, exponential complexity will be spun up and down on demand. Building shrines around it will not be a viable strategy.

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713c04  No.500


I've assumed you are Patrick and we are having a playfully indirect conversation in an environment [1] that is more comfortable for you than email.

[1]: A state where esteem is a zero-sum game and you have totalitarian control. I am not sure if you've recognized the irony of this yet.

6cf3f2  No.501


I only post under the CultState moniker here.

You're trying to invite me to a game where I lose and I'm trying to invite you to a game where you win. It's election ramp up time and I'm an obvious target, but you're already too late, so clearly, none of this is for personal enrichment for you.

Your actions under this context determines all I need to know about what you value. You're a permanent bad faith actor and you're prodding the boundaries, but it's too late. Butterfly War cannot be stopped.

/gnosticwarfare/ is not a space for free men to thump their chest about how free they are. Go to the dark web if it is childish freedom you seek.

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3c2d80  No.502

I am genuinely honored but enough said, if you want to cross check my diction as further proof this isn't samefag I dumped a school journal a while back at 2142df >>179

take it easy, OSU!

000000  No.503


[The Gernsback Machine: Towards a Museum of Possible Futures and Probable Pasts] (https://www.museumsandtheweb.com/mw2004/papers/hobbs/hobbs.html)

def603  No.474[Reply]

333200  No.476

Preliminary, but interesting. If highly controllable, can help improve neurochimera development considerably.

To be fair, oscillation in the cortex was already being used, but it's a technical and time-consuming operation to setup.

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428d4b  No.404[Reply]

Recent Developments

There have been a variety of important developments regarding Gnostic Warfare. Before we get into a synopsis, we have to talk about the “Liquid Math” event I've been alluding to over the past few months.

Liquid Math

In the Paleogenetics post at >>126, I explained the foundation of the AI in my book and gave insight on what I precisely meant when I said that I was trying to “restore a forgotten emotion”. By restoring the Neanderthal mind, we will have access to a new emotion that has been long forgotten to us, and if my theory about emotional influence on cognitive operations holds, that will serve as a foundation to detect new and important patterns about mathematics.

“Liquid math” means encoding axioms of mathematics as a behavioral expression of a neuron's lifecycle so that we can “invent” equations instead of revealing them. Once mathematical formation liquifies as an organic process, the entire rules of the game change for good.

I have successfully since partnered up with many of the scientists who can grow the Neanderthal organoids mentioned in the linked article. (https://singularityhub.com/2018/05/23/living-neanderthal-mini-brains-may-reveal-what-makes-our-brains-special/) They believe I am right about using Neanderthal organoids to blow past the limits of contemporary machine learning techniques.

Here's the first official task of /gnosticwarfare/: Research everything you can about spiking neural networks and ask questions here. If you want a glimpse of what can be done with this type of research, here's an example that I'm sure many of you can immediately see the value in: https://archive.fo/T7kzU

As you ask qPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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f38cf2  No.462


In the UK, shenanigans involving Assange, but also anyone involved with this company: https://archive.fo/Udp6X#selection-4793.0-4793.285

Canada got clobbered to comply with the Huawei detainment.

MbS will complete the agreement and leave the City of London shattered, putting them in a very bad negotiating position.


> Moldbug viewed it as a "bottom-up" problem, not a "top-down" problem, and I realize now that this may have just been a way to inoculate his ideas against the crimestop most people have against "conspiracy theories"

This behavior was common in the pre-Trump era as many of us have been labeled conspiracy theorists by those with a permanent/willful ignorance of geopolitical power plays.

Progressive-Universalism is just lazy administration making its job even lazier. Represent all human action according to simple principles and ignore the nuance and detail of the complexity. It's the morality that evolves when rulers are driven entirely by the Law of Large Numbers.

> This border deployment is gonna be lit lmao.

It certainly will. :D


No, I had no hand in those affairs. I'm currently working on the higher-order components of Maier's equation to ensure the necessary transmutations happen at the appropriate scale.

1ba6c1  No.463


What is Maier's equation?

f38cf2  No.465


Maier's primary equation is hidden within the 21st Emblem of Atalanta Fugiens. It muses about experience vs. instinct, nature vs. nurture, neural conditioning vs. genetic conditioning. It's citing the fight to Plato vs. Aristotle, written in the 1600s, before even Darwin and Mendel attempted to materialize this conflict.

The emblem is the equation itself, and so to solve it, you must resolve the underlying tensions.

Maier framed the challenge succinctly, "Then the Triangle will be perfect, but this again must be changed into a Circle; that is, into an invariable rednesse, by which operation the woman is converted into the man and made one with him"

Who is the woman Maier speaks of here? It is Nature itself. The "Blacknesse of Saturn, the Spirit in the Lunar, and the Soul in the Solar Citrinity", when mastered and balanced, can change the "gender" of Mother Nature… into what could be interpreted to mean Father Nature.

The New Emotion is how to complete the equation.


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fbfa94  No.466


I see, it is the problem of producing innate structures of cognition.

Here´s (((their))) take on this for the less alchemically inclined:

> http://science.sciencemag.org/content/363/6428/692

> Can aspects of brain circuitry, overlooked in AI models so far, provide a key to AGI?

> The difference centers on the age-old question about the balance between empiricism and nativism in cognition, namely, the relative roles of innate cognitive structures and general learning mechanisms.

They will try to replicate extant neural circuit properties. Which have not been able to get us to the stars.

You have mentioned being a conduit for ideas beyond your immidiate comprehension.

What´s your take on this? Is it similar to Tesla or Russell Targ? Where can I get more info on this?

f38cf2  No.467


It's a brute force data collection play. The idea is if you treat all neural structures as a blackbox, you might be able to tease out underlying principles. An empiricist's wet dream to not have to do the hard work of philosophy of mind.

This technique worked with a Lockheed-Martin project once. Deep belief networks are powerful, but… the brain is beyond set theory approximations. The soft sciences are paying the price for this now and all of economics will be undone by the end of it.

This technique of brute forcing the connectome alone, sadly, will not get us to the stars because the brain is more than the sum of its parts. Because of our work with Neanderthal brains, I know of one unique behavior of neurons that the entire neuroscience community has never even considered. It's hilarious watching faulty premises continue to drive policy, politics, culture, and mass discourse, knowing they are all wrong. Provides quite the opportunity to undo the entire Boomer culture monopoyl

Targ's work has been modernized into IARPA's superforecaster research projects.

There is no material that I can think of to get people up to speed on this easily. I recommend reviewing the Milanote and asking questions as you go along.

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ffaed3  No.423[Reply]

Hi there, How can I defeat from within a leftist dominated InVision forum?

89aa87  No.424


Become a mod by sucking dick

Then feed them a false reality based on wishful thinking

Then drive those who buy into it against those who see through it

The community fragments and one side will drive the other side out


268ae4  No.454


Spend time understanding the mods, their emotional biases, their goals, their networks. Private messages containing 1x1 transparent GIFs can reveal IPs, which can give you insight as to their paranoia habits or their geolocation. Read the words they use to understand their psychological bias.

From here, you will understand their failures and their hopes and dreams, all which lie open for exploitation. For mods that do not talk, keep track of the timestamps for their actions to understand what timezone they operate in. (and then infer geolocation) Notice what content they act upon.

Once you build the profile, you will know precisely what targets are easily flipped and what require more energy to flip. All mod-driven communities suffer from centralized power problems and can be subdued by palace politics.

920c65  No.431[Reply]

Just in case anyone sees this.

Is there any way (except practical experience) I can learn up on society as a whole, for example societal elements and forces, what lies at the core of human society etc?

Is there a kind of framework in which one can study societies? I don't need to be spoonfed with information but help would be nice.

Also is this board just meant as a dump or is it possible to advertise it without inviting unwanted elements?

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581665  No.435

581665  No.436

"It is no teaching and no instruction that I give you. On what basis should I presume to teach you? I give you news of the way of this man, but not of your own way. My path is not your path therefore I cannot teach you. The way is within us, but not in Gods, nor in teachings, nor in laws. Within us is the way, the truth, and the life. Woe betide those who live by way of examples! Life is not with them. If you live according to an example, you thus live the life of that example, but who should live your own life if not yourself So live yourselves. The signposts have fallen, unblazed trails lie before us. Do not be greedy to gobble up the fruits of foreign fields. Do you not know that you yourselves are the fertile acre which bears everything that avails you? Yet who today knows this? who knows the way to the eternally fruitful climes of the soul? You seek the way through mere appearances, you study books and give ear to all kinds of opinion. What good is all that? There is only one way and that is your way. You seek the path? I warn you away from my own. It can also be the wrong way for you. May each go his own way. I will be no savior, no lawgiver, no master teacher unto you. You are no longer little children. Giving laws, wanting improvements, making things easier, has all become wrong and evil. May each one seek out his own way. The way leads to mutual love in community. Men will come to see and feel the similarity and commonality of their ways. Laws and teachings held in common compel people to solitude, so that they may escape the pressure of undesirable contact, but solitude makes people hostile and venomous. Therefore give people dignity and let each of them stand apart, so that each may find his own fellowship and love it. Power stands against power, contempt against contempt, love against love. Give humanity dignity, and trust that life will find the better way. The one eye of the Godhead is blind, the one.ear of the Godhead is deaf, the order of its being is crossed by chaos. So be patient with the crippledness of the world and do not overvalue its consummate beauty."

581665  No.442


trouble uploading some larger files

920c65  No.447



good stuff you have compiled there. thanks

8f2ea5  No.450


Yes. Please review the Milanote on the matter: https://app.milanote.com/1FjzOb11HKlU7x

ea7eff  No.126[Reply]

In 2005, I wrote The Empath, a book about an AI platform that understands human emotions and then manipulates them to predict and control elections and markets. Two weeks ago, I dropped a hint about how to build such a machine on /pol/.

In the book, a company named Promethia engineers people with significant alterations to their brains. The vast majority of such experiments end in complete failures because the link between DNA and neurology is incredibly complex. Eventually, a good-enough technique is discovered.

The company engineeers two children, Sen and Cari. Sen is a child who has no capacity for human emotion other than experiencing perpetual, sheer terror. His ability to comprehend mathematical complexity, however, is unrivaled in all of human history. He develops new techniques to reduce decoherence problems of quantum computing, allowing the development of the primary AI in the story, Esai. His twin sister, Cari, exists for the sole purpose of providing emotional comfort and support to Sen.

Trying to develop such mathematical prowess in a single human proved to be extremely difficult, so they settled for twins: one with a mind that is barely stable enough to endure on a day-to-day basis and another with a deep emotional bond to keep him stable. The key to getting to this point was a legal innovation.

Creating human clones is mostly illegal. Experimenting on humans, clone or not, is incredibly illegal. So Promethia leverages paleogenetics to create Neanderthal brains. They aren't human legally, so there's no prohibition on experimentation, and they are similar enough to humans to help improve research.

Today, the world has caught up to my idea:


For those who remember, I posted this pic on the now deleted /pol/ thread. It was a brief timPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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62697a  No.204



Humans create or manifest in a synergy between mind and emotions, but the source is in the inner body. Its our link to "god."

You cannot get a machine to "create" like we create. At best, you can have an AI brain, with a human attached somehow, with them synergistic-ally working together.

bb945a  No.343


What if the intelligence is instantiated at the quantum level with true quantum computing? If that is possible, then it is technically not AI at that point, but man-made quantum intelligence.

07a709  No.416

Recent presentation by Svante Pääbo on paleogenetics:


>Neanderthal sequences less frequent in gene promoter regions.

>About 30,000 SNPs and 87 proteins unique for modern humans, 3 genes related to cell division and neurodevelopment.

ea7eff  No.417


Liquid Math updates: We can now connect Neanderthal organoids to robots


a23243  No.418

Thank you for all your work!

I just fell upon your Twitter yesterday and have been diving into everything you've written since.

7937a4  No.375[Reply]


> Moore’s Law states the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles about every two years. By doubling the transistor density, the time to perform information labor halves. This results in the reduction of price for media creation, data analysis, and data collection while simultaneously increasing its distribution potential. This also drives an increase of the volume of domestic and foreign signal analysis competition against bloated, unaccountable centralized state-backed intelligence agencies. As Moore’s Law makes information processing cheaper, the blackmail network that keeps the nuclear paradigm stable can be discovered, evaluated, and captured in part or in whole by any upcoming competiton. Deterring this outcome has become increasingly difficult for state actors as processors, data centers, and data science techniques become cheaper and more abundant. The Hapsburg-dominated Church once experienced this same exact problem within the context of the printing press, and in a way, the transistor is the American printing press, but that’s an analysis for another day.

> The insurance file for Julian Assange is a massive collection of encrypted data. The unencrypted contents of that file have kept him alive through two administrations. This has made him a difficult person to make an example out of because I suspect within that insurance file is a significant number of video footage, images, and information about the blackmail network. Upon Assange’s death, his deadman switch will activate, and the key to unlock those files will be available to all who have downloaded the file. What options do central intelligence agencies have to thwart this trend?

5848fe  No.395


> Canadian beatings will continue until the appropriate parties flip on each other.

> #thirdTempleDown

It's his 666th tweet


043ee6  No.384[Reply]

79ca40  No.387


There will come a time when my OTHER proximity to this situation will be revealed.

There's a whole backstory here that is fairly unbelievable. It's just not time to reveal it yet. :(

9cece6  No.392


Do tell.

d2aa4a  No.226[Reply]

To help prepare for the shit that is about to hit the fan, I am implementing a dual canary scheme. This is NOT LIVE and is currently EXPERIMENTAL ONLY.

When this is made live, this thread will be deleted and a new one will be created with the final rules.

Experimental: Proof of Consistency

With the aggressive removal of the blackmail network that kept South Korea in line with globalist agendas, the sixty-five year war between the Koreas is starting to come to a close. This means the nullification of future loans (and interest) to pay for defense spending and post-war construction loans… and the internationalist banking elite are not happy. They will be preparing a worldwide multi-domain counterattack and Chan culture is in the cross hairs.

Chan culture is a vital part of the pro-national Trump infrastructure. Since Henry Kissinger, the Council on Foreign Relations, and Bilderberg have made media appearances in the wake of the Butterfly War problem, We’ve already seen an uptick in bot spamming and poor Markov mirroring on /pol/. These bots were trained on poster data in which, ironically, came from well-meaning /pol/ users themselves. As they labeled clearly disruptive posters as “shills”. This phrase is a special and organic classifier that flags the offending post as containing content as an accurate disruptor of Chan community. Those flagged posts have been used to train an anti-/pol/ neural network which is now being unleashed upon us and being fine-tuned for maximum efficiency. In addition to this, you’re going to see enhanced isolation and virality disruption campaigns. All of these tactics work in concert to ensure your next wave of meme war fails. If you haven’t been engaging in Butterfly War by now, this is a good time to start. It’s a surefire way to spread your memes under these incredible restrictions.

This also means targeting influencers. My honeypots are on fire these days and I’ve had to put Icarus on a kill switch. I suspect these attackers are not global observers because global observers knew I had a MAC whitelist on my routers. This means the partiesPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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d2aa4a  No.370


come on bruh

there's no data there


d2aa4a  No.371


disregard that, i suck cocks

header was bad, fixed it

d2aa4a  No.372



hrmmmm maybe the board mangled some characters?

d2aa4a  No.373



oh i see

you're a windows user, okay

lemme see what I can do

99616a  No.374


>muh proof of life

No one is going to murder you for writing javascript helper utilities and larping as a hacker.

d276a9  No.340[Reply]

Butterfly War Code Repository


This thread is for the discussion of the new Butterfly War code project. I have broken down all of the domains of work into individual projects, complete with milestones and high-level issues. Discussions about individual issues should take place at the issue. General discussions can take place here.

These repositories should be publicly visible , but you will have to apply to be a Member to each project in order to contribute.

These code bases will be open source.

62238b  No.349

Is it just me or is there no code in those repos.

d276a9  No.361


There is no code at this time. The project is being organized at a high-level to help anons (agnons?) get the 40,000 foot view.

Over time, code will trickle in. Right now, I am experimenting with candidates for data lake landing zone management.


I'm currently writing this to get the process started. The –encrypt flag currently doesn't work, but that will get fixed so

84f0df  No.352[Reply]

Using Machine Learning to automatically detect antifa in Twitter


(Sentiment Analysis, Blocktogethers, CNNs and LSTMs, Emoji/Keyword Extraction)

Use Machine Learning and Image manipulation to flag (((Jews)))


(Facial Landmarks, image CNNs, Dataset Gathering)

Instead of using "subliminal" methods, one must first understand using ML in an easier manner to target the enemy's foot soldiers.

365001  No.319[Reply]

0cde9f  No.158[Reply]

Information Science Training

Getting a firm understanding of information science, and specifically, information entropy, provides essential context about the structural limitations of artificial intelligence. While knowing the basics of information science assists with understanding contemporary cryptography, understanding how information relates to energy broadens your horizons and allows you detect epistemological gaps in machine learning processes. For example, information inputs into a system correlate to an increase of energy within a system. This is true for black holes, computer networks, machine learning processes, neurology, and cognition.

You can review the full Milanote on this section here: https://app.milanote.com/1FjKKO16uYDY9I/information-science


- Understand the basic composition of information.

- Learn how we measure information.

- Follow up on the details of how information entropy works

- Discover the ramifications of information entropy limitations.

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0cde9f  No.172

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


As the entropy of an information source becomes more predictable, the ability to represent the information it generates in a smaller message space increases.

If the entropy of an information sources becomes less predictable, the ability to represent the information it generates in a smaller message space decreases.

This means that if an information source puts our less information while its numbers of observers increases, this is because its entropy has become more predictable, allowing it to send out coherent messages involving fewer symbols.

This behavior helps categorize the social efficiency of a communicative being.

0cde9f  No.173

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


As messages achieve maximum compressibility based on the entropic bias of their source, external noise can significantly interfere with the decompressed message. Adding parity bits for each segment of symbols helps the receiver understand what to expect from a collection of symbols.

DNA error correction after mitosis performs a similar and much more robust version of this expectation confirmation. In theory, neurons should be performing a similar task regarding symbol management.

An interesting side effect of this concept allows you to measure the what kinds of noise environments an information source has been biased to survive in. As noise increases, more resources must be allocated to creating and confirming parity. High parity to confirm a message means the information source has been designed to communicate in a very chaotic and very noisy environment. DNA is an example of a communication methodology designed to ensure highly chaotic environments.

0cde9f  No.174

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Recall that, in quantum mechanics, information is the state of some vector (atom, photon, etc) The particle has a state and to measure it, you have to fire a photon at it. The state of the photon is altered by the state of the particle. You extract the state of the particle by inferring how it altered the state of the photon.

We know we can derive information about the state of a particle, but can we destroy information? Meaning, if we disassemble the way the atoms of an element are arranged, did we destroy the information of that element? No. The information is still exists. In order to preserve reversibility, information cannot be destroyed.

So not only does information carry the structural bias of its source, but when we apply this entropic property upon particles, we conclude that the structural bias can never be destroyed as well.

POSTULATE: Because of the uncertainty principle, every particle in the universe has at least maximum information entropy as its lowest possible entropy. Meaning, the observed state of one particle has the same chance of occurring as any other observed state. This tells us something about the structural bias of the particle. From a cryptographic analysis, every particle in the universe is a highly secretive agent that is intentionally hiding itself from everything else. If this postulate is true, it may be because any biasing that favors one state over another may result in the destabilization of the information that makes up the particle.

0cde9f  No.188

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


The last video introduced the idea of information conservation. This video talks explains how information is conserved even in the most seemingly destructive of scenarios: entry into a black hole.

As we've learned, information carries the structural bias of its source, within both the discrete impulses themselves and within the flow of those impulses. If information can be destroyed, then we have to throw out everything that depends upon the third law of thermodynamics. Because of these repercussions, there is tremendous amount of pressure to preserve mathematics as is and find a way to ensure that information cannot be destroyed in scenarios such as blackholes.

This leads us to two outcomes: information cannot be destroyed because it is either hidden or preserved. There are known problems for hiding local information explained in the No-Hiding theorem (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No-hidingtheorem) but there are clever but incomplete workarounds to that, including Pilot Wave theory (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pilot

wave_theory) and the Fecund Universe postulate. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Smolin#Fecund_universes)

This brings us to one of the more complete conclusion: information is preserved, even in a black hole. As information is added to a black hole, it grows in diameter. Because of time dilation effects of a black hole, as matter falls into it, the frame of reference shifts for the matter and outsiders witness the matter slowing down until it stops completely. In essence, the information about the matter becomes “encoded” onto the surface of the blackhole while the matter continues to fall into the blackhole. This means that when a black hole radiates away its energy, the energy can carry away the information on the surface of the black hole as well, and thus, presPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Post last edited at

0cde9f  No.211

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Holograms encode 3D information into 2D information in a lossy manner. If you add one bit of information into to a black hole, the surface of the black hole grows by one square Planck unit. This exposes a strangeness about the black hole.

If you take a box and fill it with objects, the capacity of how many objects the box can hold can be measured in advance by multiplying the length, width, and height of the box. However, when dealing with how much information a black hole can hold, you don't measure the volume of the black hole. Instead, you measure the diameter. This means the information capacity of a black hole is determined by its surface area, not its volume. This would be like saying the physical capacity of the box is based on the writing on the outside of the box.

This means all 3D information within a black hole is encoded onto its 2D surface/hologram.

The holographic principle is a mathematical model of convenience. In translating a 3D universe into a 3D hologram, the concept of gravity goes away, which helps isolate the behavior of gravity via comparison.

c4464a  No.111[Reply]

THE GAP - New Emotion - The emotional perception of the Gap between two contrary positions, as prerequisite for gnosis. A feeling of cariousness and precipitousnss, a yawning abyss.

Felt when ideas conflict, and paradox may invoke this emotion. When one cognitive system is juxtaposed against another, this may lead to a vertigous emotion of openness AND emptiness, of promise and of peril - offering fulfillment through the necessary resolution: Either folding into one side or the other, or the true Solution: the development of a Third Position - that of memetic framework awareness.

782f54  No.114


This is a gnostic void for a lot of people

0ded9c  No.207


Fold Mind and Emotion onto each other, access the inner body.

0d59c8  No.145[Reply]

Saw this on /pol/ but I believe it will be extremely useful.


>How have humans been turned into snowflakes where emotions are in control and learning has been suppressed? This article explains it. When reward is uncertain (even if 90% likely), learning in the medial prefrontal cortex is enabled by the dopaminergic reward seeking system. But if reward is certain, the learning circuits of the medial prefrontal cortex are disabled.

>It makes perfect sense from an evolutionary point of view; if you already know enough to get the reward with certainty, there is no point in wasting further effort to learn more.

>What pertaining to rewards has critically changed over the past couple of generations? Everyone now receives a reward for participating! Not just the winner of the race. Not just the smart student who studied hard and aced the test. Everybody gets an unconditional hence certain reward.

>These unconditional rewards have turned off learning. The younger generation is broadly liberal and progressive because their ability to learn has been systematically shut off since childhood. No wonder they act like spoiled children. They have never learned to grow up!

>We have a very big and very serious generational problem. Those unconditional rewards aren’t just silly; they are literally mentally crippling.

f7b883  No.153

I saw this thread too and I'm glad to brought it here. This sort of reward.activation system compliments Friston's Bayesian surprise model.


The dopamine rewards which social media can create also provides inoculation to learning, which inhibits our ability to teach. Worse, that reward mechanism traps behavior in a loop similar to a Skinner Box. The game creates many losers, but the thrill of victory is so exciting, they compulsively continue. To a degree, even we are infected by this.

Our Chan cultures have slowly collected and restored life into those who are broken by that game.

To break that kind of mass conditioning, you have to fundamentally break mass reality. That's another way of saying you have to hack their morality, their ideology, and the symbols they consider reality. Once the symbols no longer mean what was previously true, the behavior will seek the next reward. If you have the trap laying in wait at the next likely symbol they will flock to, you can steer the behavior in a desired direction.

To progressives, social media is not only the biggest MMORPG in town, it's a total reality substitution. I should incorporate economic warfare training into the curriculum and experiment on MMO economies to show you how to steer the dopamine reward cycles of large numbers of people.

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