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Cogops > Psyops

08c398  No.516

#YangGang meme hacking days before NZ takes hold and gives the chans an easy out for when NZ kicks off.

Oldfags, NatSoc, and affiliates hold firm after NZ.

From a data science opposition research perspective, they now have an A/B psychographic to measure (Fair-weather and hardcore) and they will use that data to diminish /pol/ further.

This A/B can be poisoned by red-pilling the survey conductors and the response reviewers. Assume all of your content is being read by a less-than minimum wage eastern European or East Asian worker hired via Mechanical Turk. CFR already setup huge amounts of sentiment analysis upon us a year ago. What they didn't realize is that they did all of the sentiment analysis for the English language.

Add Latin to your posts to fuck up their machine learning. There are only a handful of outfits that do sentiment analysis for Latin and when the opposition research firms go to them, we will have honeypots waiting to lure out those responsible for the A/B test.

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