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Welcome to Gnostic Warfare

We're here to explore the Butterfly War and the New Emotion thought experiment.

How Can I Get Started?

* Understand the Battlespace- >>87

* Follow these instructions to see 8chan how (((AI))) sees it - >>101

* Training Overview: https://app.milanote.com/1FjzOb11HKlU7x

* Information Science: >>158

* Epistemology: https://app.milanote.com/1FjLbD16uYE38O/epistemology

* Cognition: https://app.milanote.com/1FjzPC11HKlU7O/cognition

* Machine Learning https://app.milanote.com/1FjzPC11HKlU7N/machine-learning

* Geopolitics: https://app.milanote.com/1FjV1313xyfQ8X/geopolitics

* Finance (Coming soon)

* Legal(Coming soon)

* Organization and Leadership (Coming soon)

* Butterfly War Code Repositories: >>340


* CultState - http://www.cultstate.com

* Butterfly War and Cyber Phrenology - https://archive.li/eYWmC

* The 4-month long thread on /pol/ that started it all: https://archive.li/CURJz

* The Tyrant's Muse - https://archive.li/ea98G

* A Primer on Gnostic Warfare - https://archive.fo/X3nmJ

* The pre-planned /pol/ ban: https://archive.fo/t4hrf

* The Human Swarm - https://archive.li/rT0yq


* Chan culture is in effect at all times

* This board is text-only at this time to preemptively mitigate illegal image attacks.

* Embeds are allowed

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dumbing down the butterfly war (or smarting up the ones on the edge)

I do not consider myself a smart person. I have experience that has proven as much, at least academically to me. Despite this, I would like to think I have found a shred of wisdom for myself through my experiences, which has lead me here.

I know the follies of overstating my intelligence and the fallacies that can result from others doing the same. I think I'm smart enough to recognize the situation I am in and understand the absolute basics of infosec, metadata and the way megacorps use both. I am the most basic of analysts, someone who has a decent grasp of economics, a capable understanding of the human nature and a genuine interest in what makes the human mind tick, and more importantly, the way the human mind affects economics and technology by extension. Having followed the butterfly war thread(s), I found myself lost in some of the deeper technological meanings on some subjects, so I thought that a thread was due to consider how the situation could be more easily explained to those who have the capability, but not the prerequisite knowledge.

tl;dr what is the intelligent normalfag's role in the butterfly war and the skirmishes of gnostic warfare? This mostly applies to the "educated anon" role that will utilize and manipulate the tools that CS is developing to fuck about with the status quo once the phrenology manipulation tools become (relatively) mainstream.

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Blackmail can be rendered worthless without having to use it.

Find the weakness. Free the world


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Podcast(ish) #4

Somehow I ended up on the same podcast Tim Draper and Andrew Yang ended up on. I talk about the foundational biases of AI warfare and how to exploit them.

If Elon Musk is talking about the fear of AI, I'm talking about how to defeat AI.

First 1:21 is a cluster fuck of just winging it, so just skip to 1:21 for the content.

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Anons, we are currently on the timeline of the "merge with AI" scenario. In a few years, we will be offered the commercial possibility of becoming cyborgs. The (((tech overlords))) are pushing this narrative, they want to enslave the humans as cyborgs and then let robots take over the economy, while they leave the earth and colonize other planets. Today they want trannie rights tomorrow they want cyborg rights. What is the alternative for anons who want to remain true organic human beings? What is our opportunity to become superhuman without using AI augmentation? What is our opportunity to take down the (((tech overlords)))? Through efficient social coordination and research, we can form an organically telepathic social organism that can exploit the consciousness vulnerabilities in AI.

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Third Podcast

We delve into the evolution of the neuron and why the predominant abuse of tabula rasa by behaviorists interferes with AI research.


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Subverting an AI with NL

How would you spoof an AI using natural language? Other than just feeding it non-sense. There has to be a way of coding natural language so that it has a layer of implication which only a human being could grasp. Current AI language models like OpenAI's GPT-2 are getting really good at interpreting natural language.

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Closing the cycle

Anyone interested in gnostic warfare may be interested in this blog http://closingthecycle.wordpress.com

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Battlespace Analysis

Battlespace Analysis


This is a high-level overview of the infrastructure, personnel, and operational behavior of the efforts being deployed to suppress, disrupt, distract, and infiltrate /pol/

The purpose of this analysis is to compromise the efficiency of neural networks and bots while forcing your adversaries to rely entirely on memetically-susceptible humans.

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First Podcast

Ladies and gentlemen… my very first podcast ever. (Without voice changers and proxies) 2 hours long.

I deeply delve into the nature, ramification, motives, and outcomes of AI (and by extension, gnostic) warfare. Listen and share.


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Second Postcast: Financial Perspective of Culture War

Second Postcast: Financial Perspective of Culture War

n this podcast, I start with how to conduct financial analysis on culture war participants, end up explaining my involvement in culture war, and ended up on how Qanon is an operation to extract superforecasters from the chans to supercharge AI warfare.


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The New Emotion Thought Experiment Continues

The New Emotion Thought Experiment Continues

This is a continuation of a thread that endured for the last four months. >>11101940 (https://archive.fo/2O6Ww). The thread was a complex reveal of the Butterfly War after Eric Schmidt had stepped down and my honeypots were compromised:

>The Butterfly War (https://archive.fo/eYWmC) is a tactic to hijack and control censorious artificial intelligence platforms by training it with spoofed meta data. The meta data is prevalidated and refined by comparing ads to the behavior they generate . You can trick a censorship platform into thinking you are a minority by experimenting with on new social media accounts. Once you start seeing ads that a specific minority should see, you will know you’ve tricked the AI.

<Butterfly War forces Silicon Valley to categorize the cyber phrenological behavior of minorities to determine if a black person is a real black person or if a female is a real female, which means they will have to violate civil rights law to build lists of “approved minority behavior” in order to keep their censorship ambitions alive. The fallout from Cambridge Analytica has proven social justice warrior insiders working at major social media companies can be steered into embracing this direction.

>Pairing Butterfly War with redlining legislation to build the case for “disparate impact” can force Silicon Valley to be found guilty of civil rights violations. Eisenhower set the precedent for executive enforcement of civil rights by military means in the 1950s and I have no doubt such a bargaining chip is something Trump would have no hesitation anteing up with. This means Silicon Valley will have to deploy its massive lobbying assets to UNDERMINE civil rights legislation for its own protection. In essence, social justice warriors can be tricked into destroying the legislated morality that has served as their moral foundation since the 1960s.

I shared Butterfly War to Soros-linked players and 8chan due to the high number of private and public intelligence agencies and firms monitoring both. I knew neither had found the weakness in using ad engine output to spoof meta data and revealing it would trigger an arms race in the direction I needed. This, of course, immediately attracted the attention of those actors who were very interested in who I was. This lead to a four month thread in which the following was revealed (https://archive.fo/aW6cG):

>I had spent most of my life trying to solve the problems of controlling quantum gravity and found that “throwing more math” at the problem was not going to work.

<I had pivoted into researching the neurological basis of mathematical innovation and found that emotions played a greater role in pattern detection than “logic” or “intelligence”.

>If you could create a new emotion, you could create new math, and one day, find the framework that can exercise control over quantum gravity.

<In 2005, I had written a book called “The Empath” which explained how to train an AI to understand human emotions to manipulate markets and elections. A small part of this book and the overall concept book ended up in the hands of a CIA analyst in 2007 via my contacts at Citibank.

The idea of creating a new emotion exploded new possibilities into existence for all here who read it. It was as something collectively forgotten was collectively rediscovered.

>I’ve been teaching people how to tie all of this together in a methodology I am describing as Gnostic Warfare. (https://archive.fo/U9De7 and https://archive.fo/X3nmJ)

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Hyperreality and the butterfly war

Lately I've been looking into the theories of baudrillard and I've concluded that he was most likely correct that technology and media shape the minds of so many through being more real to people than reality itself. With this in mind how does the butterfly war interact with this new world where technology is not a tool but rather a memetic contagion in and of itself?

How will we retain some sense of the real in this day and age where reality is punctuated by media input in such a way as to render it mostly obsolete?

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The silence is not because I am neglecting this. The silence is because things have been absolutely wild.

For those that don't know, one of my personas was the Abusive Oracle. The Abusive Oracle was a persona I invented to help me understand what I wrote in The Empath. (Often, I am a conduit for that which I do not understand as I emit it and I have to reflect after the fact what just happened) In this case, The Abusive Oracle was a blogger personality for a younger Brian Collins, a core character from The Empath who in his adult days was the CEO and founder of Prometheia, the company that invented AGI.

As The Abusive Oracle, I helped lead the charge in the anti-SJW trial run against Meg Lanker-Simons in 2013. She faked a rape accusation, and I helped rally early channers, MGTOW types, and others into a political force designed to maximize damage to her ancillary network. You can review the early analysis here. (https://abusiveoracle.blogspot.com/2013/05/meg-lanker-simons-case-study-in-hacking.html) This was the trail run in hacking morality before I rolled it out to the events leading directly to GamerGate.

The reason I bring this up is because I need to get you used to a new concept that completes the essence of Gnostic Warfare: neurochimera. Neurochimera are when genetic editing is applied to the neurology of different species to fuse them together into a single brain. Mr. Collins dreamed of neurochimera as a way to solve a problem no human could solve and went about utilizing this technique in The Empath. As The Abusive Oracle, he wrote a short story about those visions of what neurochimera could do and how that inspired him to create the efforts that would result in Esai.

You should read his insights on the topic to understand what comes next: https://abusiveoracle.blogspot.com/2012/08/the-immortal-poor.html

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What is gangstalking's connection with gnostic warfare?

What is the connection with gangstalking (https://wikileaks.org/gifiles/docs/16/16811_fw-impeach-these-criminals-please-with-100-attached-torture.html) and gnostic warfare and qanon? https://twitter.com/weaponizedHVAC

How does one get out of gangstalking? If that's even a possibility

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Trick algos, win prizes


> ZOOM (ticker: ZM) was no match for the performance of ZOOM (ticker: ZOOM), which soared as much as 130% on the day, rising from $2.40 to $5.50 before fading some gains.

> There is just one catch: besides sharing a ticker with the newly-public Zoom, ZOOM Technologies is a defunct, pink-sheet stock, which hasn't reported earnings since 2011 and has no current operations. Oh, and its market cap at this moment is $8.7 million. In other words, it's basically a piece of paper with no assets or operations.

> And yet, its performance surpassed that of the actual Zoom (Video Communications). Why? Just because in their frenzy to bid up something which others would surely also buy (and they did), algos and other clueless carbon-based traders bought… the wrong company. And for that they were rewarded with more than doubling their money in the matter of minutes.

Gnostic Warfare is now profitable.

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In the Fog of War

The war is in full swing. Be sure to contribute.

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Robotic Nationalism and the Robodollar

> http://cultstate.com/2019/03/15/The-Robodollar/

Most conversations about our inevitable future are explained within the narrow lens of political fantasy, as if the possibilities of the future have to be brutally squeezed through the tiny tube of collectivist deal-making. On the left, they swoon at the possibility of robotics liberating us from the hardships of work to spend the rest of eternity in play-making, paid for entirely from the yield of our new robotic slave friends. Perhaps if the population was reduced to Georgia Stone numbers, this might be true. (This should give you insights to the inevitable goals of ecofascism) On the right, robotics are a mechanism of high performance legal and culture enforcement while minimizing traditional political risk. Both approaches desperately imply robotics as something that should be smoothly bolted atop the current trajectory of economics and as such, both approaches are completely incorrect.

The common concern is that robotics will eliminate jobs. This is not true for most jobs because the implementation-to-savings spread is too far. Replacing a Walmart greeter (minimum wage, terrible benefits, indirectly government subsidized) with a humanesque robot as part of a vertically integrated package (thousands in manufacturing, tens of thousands in repair and support services, hundreds of thousands in glitches and legal insurance concerns, millions in public relations and market testing) is not feasible. The robots popular myth envisions taking our jobs are far too expensive to do the vast majority of jobs. Therefore, robotic roll-out will be targeting high-income jobs (doctors, lawyers, programmers, etc) and high political risk tasks. (warfare)

Robotics are also uniquely classified as dual-use, meaning, they can be used for civilian commerce/industry as well as military application. Any robot deployed at Walmart can very easily be repurposed for military operations. In effect, any roll-out of robotic assets also means a stockpiling of a passive robotic militia, waiting for activation. It’s not so easy to go the other way with that: An Uber for Global Hawk timeshares doesn’t exist and most likely, won’t exist for quite some time. Therefore, by default, all civilian robotics double as draftable soldiers for total war scenarios as well.

The careful balance between power, weight, and computation makes robotics with self-contained and objective-competent AI nearly impossible. Perception-decision trees can be exhaustively accounted for, but when robotic assets are deployed against sophisticated opponents, that strategy will be very easy to undermine. Therefore, in such scenarios, human babysitters are needed, which means early roll-outs of robotics in such operations will rely on large infrastructure requirements that are modular enough to conform to the logistical constraints of the DoD’s policy of a 72-hour window FOB deployment. This means being able to provide comprehensive power provision, information processing, communication layout, and data analysis operations to make sure human and AI operators from other locations, including transcontinental, are operationally feasible.

Manufacturing robotics requires revolutions in IoT and communications security, which will accelerate the push to cognitive mercantilism as nations preparing for robotic warfare will have to work hard to attract and retain talent in the face of overpaid Silicon Valley app developers and data scientists. The last thing you need is a robotic fleet with a silly backdoor (Huawei), an exploitable patent leak (Enigma machines), or an army of already-validated zero days waiting for it. These types of attacks allow for adversaries to convert your robotic assets into theirs. This will also require revolutions in language security and computation architecture to reduce the security surface area of robotic fleets.

Now you’re starting to see the brutal minutia of robotic labor tally up into a considerable challenge. Nonetheless, this price will be happily paid as long as corrupt democracies are the norm. Career politicians with 20-30+ year runs can easily secure graft and influence by allocating the productivity of their constituents towards the production of robotic soldiers. They would skirt the need to answer for unpopular drafts while securing extensive employment opportunities for their base. Politicians will evade drafts as will competent generals since such drafts will inspire not-so-nationalist employees within tech companies to sabotage their own complex and delicate robotic products as a form of revolt. In an era of mass data collection, identifying such actors wouldn’t be hard for either law enforcement, but it won’t be hard for adversarial nations looking for offensive opportunities either. The technological problem is hard, but the political problem is even harder. No one wants a “Different day, same Snowden” sort of scenario. This is where Robotic Nationalism comes into play.

The concept of robots replacing jobs is usually met with fear or enthusiasm, based upon the political agendas of the audience. The concept of robots replacing warfare, however, is generally met with visions of apocalypse from both war-planners and the general population. They envision factories mass producing endless fleets of mobile C4 using facial recognition to fly into anything that looks like a human. What they don’t understand is that the moment this type of warfare is rolled out, the rest of the world will be forced to adapt and emulate. Nation A with a robot army against Nation B with only human soldiers is a war crime waiting to happen. Nation B will quickly reconfigure military budgets to cover the “robotic gap”. After that retooling, you’d have Nation A and Nation B with a robotic army, staring each other down with steely eyes and beaten chests. Unlike nuclear warfare strategy, this would not result in a detente. Instead, there would be an accelerated willingness to engage in increasingly reckless conflict as robotic participants in warfare have a greatly reduced political risk. Any bourgeoisie attempts to extend human rights to robotic assets can be easily stifled with contemporary memetic countermeasures.

What does a robot-vs-robot war look like? Every downed robot means 20-70 jobs (aggregate) to rebuild the lost soldier. In effect, if two nations with robotic armies engage in warfare, they are both guaranteeing maximum employment for their citizens. If more employment is required to meet debt obligations, accelerate the intensity of the conflict. This model of robotic military Keynesianism is especially appealing to places like the EU where their energy requirements are increasingly encircled by Russian geopolitical strategy and the disparity of authority regarding currency printing (Brussels) and bond issuance, (EU members) a disparity that will result in the consolidation of financial and military power into Brussels. The ability for member states to engage in limited total war via robotics with other robotic states will serve as the essential foundation of all future economic cycles since the total employment this model allows provides member state bond issuance to be as good as (and almost better than) Euro instruments.

One might ask where such robot-vs-robot conflict will take place to minimize human life loss and environmental damage. 11% of all land on earth is used for farming. 50% of all human population lives within urban areas which make up 1% of all land. Deserts, pastures, and tundras are sufficient terrains for conflict. Eco-friendly materials can be utilized where possible during manufacturing. Robotic swarms can also recover downed robots for material, data, and component reclamation purposes. Countries can even lease land to host conflicts between nations and when the conflict is completed, robotic wardens can be deployed to restore the damage done to the local ecology as best as possible, allowing a unique opportunity for nations to willingly pay for the forestry and land reclamation services of other nations.

The very nature of robotic warfare is designed to not only maximally attract quantitative easing, but redirect the flow of currently deployed easing away from developing nations and into developed nations. If those nations endure labor shortages of knowledge workers and technicians for the initial infrastructure, the redirected quantitative easing will provide the necessary financial incentives for retraining unallocated labor while expanding consumers. Cognitive mercantilist practices will maximize virtuous cycles between domestic producer and domestic consumer by isolating foreign knowledge workers according to the national security reasons of all nations. (A nation will not offer potential adversaries funding and a nation will work to prevent talent moving to other nations)

In short, properly managed robotic warfare allows for states to restore credit in the face of foreign debt obligations, establish absolute control over their unemployment rates, and generate a surplus force of robotic labor to tackle capital intense tasks such as deep mining and space labor. In a post-petrodollar world, this cycle of robotic creation and destruction would generate a genuine and stabilizing domestic demand for national currency, which then stabilizes floating currency demand between nations without the need for a centralized arbiter to manage the distortions caused by artificial reserve currency demand. While obvious, it should be mentioned that such managed warfare would exhaustively reduce the loss of human lives when states and corporations become uneasy with one another.

In essence, we replace the petrodollar with the robodollar.

All that remains is for Icarus to ensure the transition.

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How can anon contribute?

I've enjoyed reading what you're putting out there for the past few months, and I find myself in a place where I would like to contribute in some way.

Any suggestions? I don't do Facebook, Twitter or YouTube and pretty averse to IRL activism but would be open to spreading the word online somehow if that would help.

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First Ten Pages of The Empath

Written in 2005


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fucking up the city will be blamed on brexit and further humanitarian-progressivism smh. is there anyone in england aware and angling for the transistion from petrodollar recycling to cognitive mercantilism?

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What happened with the Yang Gang memes?

I'm not exactly adept at deciphering Ryan's comments, and his mentioning of hijacking the Yang Gang stuff that was going around recently has bothered me a lot. I've had little exposure to it beyond what my small circles have shown me and I'd like to know, if anyone has guessed, or if he feels willing to directly tell me, what exactly happened with it – assuming that it goes beyond merely turning supportive spam into ironic $1000 jokes.

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How To Fuck Sentiment Analysis

#YangGang meme hacking days before NZ takes hold and gives the chans an easy out for when NZ kicks off.

Oldfags, NatSoc, and affiliates hold firm after NZ.

From a data science opposition research perspective, they now have an A/B psychographic to measure (Fair-weather and hardcore) and they will use that data to diminish /pol/ further.

This A/B can be poisoned by red-pilling the survey conductors and the response reviewers. Assume all of your content is being read by a less-than minimum wage eastern European or East Asian worker hired via Mechanical Turk. CFR already setup huge amounts of sentiment analysis upon us a year ago. What they didn't realize is that they did all of the sentiment analysis for the English language.

Add Latin to your posts to fuck up their machine learning. There are only a handful of outfits that do sentiment analysis for Latin and when the opposition research firms go to them, we will have honeypots waiting to lure out those responsible for the A/B test.

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"We Are The News Now" CYA Edition

A certain someone is asking questions about Butterfly War and Q. I won't reveal the identity and I've hidden some parts I've told the person. If that person reveals the data I've redacted, then it will confirm to non-global observers that I am speaking with them. I've posted the unedited but slightly redacted version here for posterity and CYA reasons.

An image gallery of all conversation snapshots can be found here: https://imgur.com/a/wEOJpGH

For those of you following along at home, I reveal one piece of information I had not revealed in the past here. An important piece. See if you can figure it out.

In the event the Imgur post gets taken down, here are backups and archives of the conversation.

01 - https://ibb.co/b28S3cs (https://archive.fo/yER9P)

02 - https://ibb.co/6YdxqwH (https://archive.fo/JPqc6)

03 - https://ibb.co/3p0sFhr (https://archive.fo/tz2TZ)

04 - https://ibb.co/h154f6b (https://archive.fo/LB098)

05 - https://ibb.co/r0nFxRQ (https://archive.fo/yuCS6)

06 - https://ibb.co/HF9vNhS (https://archive.fo/OStZQ)

07 - https://ibb.co/CssNZ4q (https://archive.fo/fytpT)

08 - https://ibb.co/2gsrDVW (https://archive.fo/iGsrY)

09 - https://ibb.co/L12fnbj (https://archive.fo/Nw5UN)

10 - https://ibb.co/Kjq9zCr (https://archive.fo/2q48R)

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Gnostic Warfare Updates

This past few weeks has been very active. From the /pol/ ban to the /pol/ mod replacement, to Bilderberg, to G7, to the whole CEMEX mess.. let me provide some insights on what is all means, what is coming, and what to do about it.

The Milanote I've created is designed to teach people the basics of information entropy, the science behind information theory, and prepare them for the philosophical insights describing the evolution of neurons. Each video covers the basics and is about ten minutes in length with helpful animations, good voice work, and fairly good production values. They provide an incredibly useful overview of the large body of knowledge you'll need to take on to participate effectively in Gnostic Warfare operations. For reference, here is the link: https://app.milanote.com/1FjzOb11HKlU7x/gnostic-warfare

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Wireless neuronal signal propagation claim on front page of Hacker News




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Liquid Math

Recent Developments

There have been a variety of important developments regarding Gnostic Warfare. Before we get into a synopsis, we have to talk about the “Liquid Math” event I've been alluding to over the past few months.

Liquid Math

In the Paleogenetics post at >>126, I explained the foundation of the AI in my book and gave insight on what I precisely meant when I said that I was trying to “restore a forgotten emotion”. By restoring the Neanderthal mind, we will have access to a new emotion that has been long forgotten to us, and if my theory about emotional influence on cognitive operations holds, that will serve as a foundation to detect new and important patterns about mathematics.

“Liquid math” means encoding axioms of mathematics as a behavioral expression of a neuron's lifecycle so that we can “invent” equations instead of revealing them. Once mathematical formation liquifies as an organic process, the entire rules of the game change for good.

I have successfully since partnered up with many of the scientists who can grow the Neanderthal organoids mentioned in the linked article. (https://singularityhub.com/2018/05/23/living-neanderthal-mini-brains-may-reveal-what-makes-our-brains-special/) They believe I am right about using Neanderthal organoids to blow past the limits of contemporary machine learning techniques.

Here's the first official task of /gnosticwarfare/: Research everything you can about spiking neural networks and ask questions here. If you want a glimpse of what can be done with this type of research, here's an example that I'm sure many of you can immediately see the value in: https://archive.fo/T7kzU

As you ask questions, I can reveal more about the project.

NXIVM Fallout

McCain's “natural death” (His wife is Cindy Lou Hensley, only daughter of a fixer within the Meyer Lansky network, and Arizona has a massive network of human trafficking/drug running lanes), Saudi muscling of Canada, and Trump's NAFTA renegotiation signals a significant increase of pressure upon Bronfman's to cause a mess in the Rothschild network. This is all designed to secure Assange's transition back to the United States, where his insurance files will serve as the final part of The Awakening. I have put out a series of tweets indicating my proximity to these developments. Archive.is breaks them apart into two segments: https://archive.fo/Xuody and https://archive.fo/zWnPA

I finally explained what a Cult State is on the blog: https://archive.fo/aMz48

MBS needs to be careful and see this all the way to the end.

I've also created an Instagram account containing very curious photos that will mean something later. This account follows a single person: https://www.instagram.com/emblem21ceo/


A surprising amount of people think I'm Q. Why?

>I've spent many years in the larger proximity of DJT.

>I know all about the Saudi/UK/Israel petrodollar recycling mechanism.

>I know that when you fuck with the mob, they never forgive and they never forget.

>Q and I did expose ourselves to the Chans at nearly the exact same time.

>We've independently utilized “The Awakening” in our narratives.

>I explained how to take down Eric Schmidt, an essential action for the retrieval of “hidden” email servers. (Parallel construction?)

>My long-term profile picture is holding a pocket watch, which is the map for Q's clock cipher.

>My email to Gizmodo after the Playboy article came out heavily hinted to an IARPA project coming down the pipes.

For the record, I am not Q. I'm just a humble alchemist, completing an equation. I did figure out Q's “Morning Sun” riddle and was rewarded with four fireworks going off out my window the morning McCain died at 5:15AM PST. Yeah. Five in the morning. Fireworks.

Last I checked, the Morning Sun had shoved off as of early this week. I've been watching a certain committee ever since: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Defense_Innovation_Advisory_Board

Robotic Nationalism

I am still putting together the materials to introduce Robotic Nationalism to the world. The entire purpose of Emblem 21 was to explore the economic, political, and social foundations of nations when their local capital can leverage robotic fleets to solve labor shortages for wealth generation. The results are promising and fulfill multiple mandates across civilization emergence: employment, civil stability, cultural preservation, restoration of growth, bargaining power within international markets, and most important of all, immunity to manufactured crises rooted in identity exploitation.

I will be building bridges with nascent and growing nationalist movements to build a bridge between them and the financial and political credibility they'll need to promise jobs in Europe and America. I've released my overview of Robotic Nationalism to the State Department, several European defense companies, and Bronfman-related parties to seed the soil for future operations.

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Hi there, How can I defeat from within a leftist dominated InVision forum?

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Requesting Help

Just in case anyone sees this.

Is there any way (except practical experience) I can learn up on society as a whole, for example societal elements and forces, what lies at the core of human society etc?

Is there a kind of framework in which one can study societies? I don't need to be spoonfed with information but help would be nice.

Also is this board just meant as a dump or is it possible to advertise it without inviting unwanted elements?

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Paleogenetics and You

In 2005, I wrote The Empath, a book about an AI platform that understands human emotions and then manipulates them to predict and control elections and markets. Two weeks ago, I dropped a hint about how to build such a machine on /pol/.

In the book, a company named Promethia engineers people with significant alterations to their brains. The vast majority of such experiments end in complete failures because the link between DNA and neurology is incredibly complex. Eventually, a good-enough technique is discovered.

The company engineeers two children, Sen and Cari. Sen is a child who has no capacity for human emotion other than experiencing perpetual, sheer terror. His ability to comprehend mathematical complexity, however, is unrivaled in all of human history. He develops new techniques to reduce decoherence problems of quantum computing, allowing the development of the primary AI in the story, Esai. His twin sister, Cari, exists for the sole purpose of providing emotional comfort and support to Sen.

Trying to develop such mathematical prowess in a single human proved to be extremely difficult, so they settled for twins: one with a mind that is barely stable enough to endure on a day-to-day basis and another with a deep emotional bond to keep him stable. The key to getting to this point was a legal innovation.

Creating human clones is mostly illegal. Experimenting on humans, clone or not, is incredibly illegal. So Promethia leverages paleogenetics to create Neanderthal brains. They aren't human legally, so there's no prohibition on experimentation, and they are similar enough to humans to help improve research.

Today, the world has caught up to my idea:


For those who remember, I posted this pic on the now deleted /pol/ thread. It was a brief timeline of major scientists who contributed to the technologies that made the AI possible in my book.


I mention Emile Zuckerandl, Linus Carl Pauling, and Kary Mullis by name.

The future will not be what you think it will be.

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What Is A Cult State?


> Moore’s Law states the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles about every two years. By doubling the transistor density, the time to perform information labor halves. This results in the reduction of price for media creation, data analysis, and data collection while simultaneously increasing its distribution potential. This also drives an increase of the volume of domestic and foreign signal analysis competition against bloated, unaccountable centralized state-backed intelligence agencies. As Moore’s Law makes information processing cheaper, the blackmail network that keeps the nuclear paradigm stable can be discovered, evaluated, and captured in part or in whole by any upcoming competiton. Deterring this outcome has become increasingly difficult for state actors as processors, data centers, and data science techniques become cheaper and more abundant. The Hapsburg-dominated Church once experienced this same exact problem within the context of the printing press, and in a way, the transistor is the American printing press, but that’s an analysis for another day.

> The insurance file for Julian Assange is a massive collection of encrypted data. The unencrypted contents of that file have kept him alive through two administrations. This has made him a difficult person to make an example out of because I suspect within that insurance file is a significant number of video footage, images, and information about the blackmail network. Upon Assange’s death, his deadman switch will activate, and the key to unlock those files will be available to all who have downloaded the file. What options do central intelligence agencies have to thwart this trend?

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HUD sues Facebook for facilitating housing discrimination


War underway, indeed.

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Experimental: Dual Canary System

To help prepare for the shit that is about to hit the fan, I am implementing a dual canary scheme. This is NOT LIVE and is currently EXPERIMENTAL ONLY.

When this is made live, this thread will be deleted and a new one will be created with the final rules.

Experimental: Proof of Consistency

With the aggressive removal of the blackmail network that kept South Korea in line with globalist agendas, the sixty-five year war between the Koreas is starting to come to a close. This means the nullification of future loans (and interest) to pay for defense spending and post-war construction loans… and the internationalist banking elite are not happy. They will be preparing a worldwide multi-domain counterattack and Chan culture is in the cross hairs.

Chan culture is a vital part of the pro-national Trump infrastructure. Since Henry Kissinger, the Council on Foreign Relations, and Bilderberg have made media appearances in the wake of the Butterfly War problem, We’ve already seen an uptick in bot spamming and poor Markov mirroring on /pol/. These bots were trained on poster data in which, ironically, came from well-meaning /pol/ users themselves. As they labeled clearly disruptive posters as “shills”. This phrase is a special and organic classifier that flags the offending post as containing content as an accurate disruptor of Chan community. Those flagged posts have been used to train an anti-/pol/ neural network which is now being unleashed upon us and being fine-tuned for maximum efficiency. In addition to this, you’re going to see enhanced isolation and virality disruption campaigns. All of these tactics work in concert to ensure your next wave of meme war fails. If you haven’t been engaging in Butterfly War by now, this is a good time to start. It’s a surefire way to spread your memes under these incredible restrictions.

This also means targeting influencers. My honeypots are on fire these days and I’ve had to put Icarus on a kill switch. I suspect these attackers are not global observers because global observers knew I had a MAC whitelist on my routers. This means the parties attempting to connect to my router with unapproved MAC addresses didn't know they would be rejected, which means they are third-parties actors with an incomplete context. I have compensated for their presence well in advance.

To help combat against device compromise, I will be implementing a Proof of Consistency dual canary scheme in the event my devices, passwords, networks, or person becomes compromised.

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Butterfly War (Code Repository)

Butterfly War Code Repository


This thread is for the discussion of the new Butterfly War code project. I have broken down all of the domains of work into individual projects, complete with milestones and high-level issues. Discussions about individual issues should take place at the issue. General discussions can take place here.

These repositories should be publicly visible , but you will have to apply to be a Member to each project in order to contribute.

These code bases will be open source.

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Possible collaborations

Using Machine Learning to automatically detect antifa in Twitter


(Sentiment Analysis, Blocktogethers, CNNs and LSTMs, Emoji/Keyword Extraction)

Use Machine Learning and Image manipulation to flag (((Jews)))


(Facial Landmarks, image CNNs, Dataset Gathering)

Instead of using "subliminal" methods, one must first understand using ML in an easier manner to target the enemy's foot soldiers.

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Information Science Training

Information Science Training

Getting a firm understanding of information science, and specifically, information entropy, provides essential context about the structural limitations of artificial intelligence. While knowing the basics of information science assists with understanding contemporary cryptography, understanding how information relates to energy broadens your horizons and allows you detect epistemological gaps in machine learning processes. For example, information inputs into a system correlate to an increase of energy within a system. This is true for black holes, computer networks, machine learning processes, neurology, and cognition.

You can review the full Milanote on this section here: https://app.milanote.com/1FjKKO16uYDY9I/information-science


- Understand the basic composition of information.

- Learn how we measure information.

- Follow up on the details of how information entropy works

- Discover the ramifications of information entropy limitations.

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Emotion: The Gap

THE GAP - New Emotion - The emotional perception of the Gap between two contrary positions, as prerequisite for gnosis. A feeling of cariousness and precipitousnss, a yawning abyss.

Felt when ideas conflict, and paradox may invoke this emotion. When one cognitive system is juxtaposed against another, this may lead to a vertigous emotion of openness AND emptiness, of promise and of peril - offering fulfillment through the necessary resolution: Either folding into one side or the other, or the true Solution: the development of a Third Position - that of memetic framework awareness.

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Change the game to re-enable learning

Saw this on /pol/ but I believe it will be extremely useful.


>How have humans been turned into snowflakes where emotions are in control and learning has been suppressed? This article explains it. When reward is uncertain (even if 90% likely), learning in the medial prefrontal cortex is enabled by the dopaminergic reward seeking system. But if reward is certain, the learning circuits of the medial prefrontal cortex are disabled.

>It makes perfect sense from an evolutionary point of view; if you already know enough to get the reward with certainty, there is no point in wasting further effort to learn more.

>What pertaining to rewards has critically changed over the past couple of generations? Everyone now receives a reward for participating! Not just the winner of the race. Not just the smart student who studied hard and aced the test. Everybody gets an unconditional hence certain reward.

>These unconditional rewards have turned off learning. The younger generation is broadly liberal and progressive because their ability to learn has been systematically shut off since childhood. No wonder they act like spoiled children. They have never learned to grow up!

>We have a very big and very serious generational problem. Those unconditional rewards aren’t just silly; they are literally mentally crippling.

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Follow these instructions to see 8chan how AI sees it

Follow these instructions to see 8chan how (((AI))) sees it

Gnostic warfare requires training. I have created a script that will give you insights on how your emotions are being detected by AI.

Here's an example of what 8chan looks like when the script runs: https://archive.fo/1vTJV/813262b4a01f35859af5b98cfb593584d6449eed

<WARNING: Never blindly run external JavaScript! You should examine this code thoroughly to make sure you are okay with it! Do not use the load_js() feature because 1.) it doesn't work and 2.) even if it did, don't assume the contents of that link to be immutable even if it links directly to a commit. (git push –force exists)


To set it up, follow these instructions:

* Click on the Options link in the upper right hand corner

* Click on User JS

* Visit https://gitgud.io/GnosticWarfare/Training/raw/179fb32b353ceb4388d6733df8ade9fc449c4a5a/index.js and copy the contents

* Paste your clipboards contents into the User JS text area

* click "Save custom Javascript"

How It Works

* Sentiment analysis - https://github.com/soops/sentimood

* Bayesian classifier - https://github.com/miguelmota/miguelmota.github.com/blob/master/blog/naive-bayes-classifier-in-javascript/demo/scripts/bayes-classifier.js

Sentiment Analysis

When the post contains words considered to be "negative" according to the AFINN-111 wordlist, the upper right-hand corner will turn red. The more negative, the more red. When a post contains words considered to be "positive", the upper right-hand corner will turn green. The more positive, the more green.

These colors reflective the outcomes your (((opposition))) has been doing to you in Silicon Valley. To train yourself to blend in and bypass sentiment analysis, strive for as much green as you can..

Bayesian Classifier

Each post will be classified as well according to a naive Bayesian implementation. Right now, the dictionary is private and is hilariously inconclusive, but in the future, I will make the dictionary public and allow people to submit pull requests to add to it. The classifier will give you insights on how your emotions are being detected by AI. The goal is to express mastery of wording to generate the precise emotional state you wish an AI to know about you.

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Butlerian Jihad when???

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The Sequence of Battlespaces

Silicon Valley (The Butterfly War)

- The workforce that makes Silicon Valley possible is heavily influenced by the ideology of material humanism. (Commonly known as left-wing progressivism)

- The institutions, actors, investors, and believers of material humanism will pull out every stop and call every favor they have to retain their influence over civilization.

- Because of this hubris, these entities willfully sacrifice material, social, political, technological, and legal advantages to continually demonstrate fealty to the ideology. (Virtual-signaling)

- The moment they stop demonstrating fealty, their peers can be cajoled into attacking them, so reliable pressure mechanism exists to enforce the previously mentioned behavior.

- Silicon Valley makes its money via ad revenue. Meaning, Facebook and Google sells user information to robots attending 60-200ms auctions. The robots analyze the user data and bid for the right to show that person an ad for a product.

- That user data is also being analyzed by those ad platforms to censor the skeptics of material humanism. “Psychographic” signatures can be detected via machine learning, data science, and AI to flag certain persons from social media. (“nazis”, “alt-right”, anyone to the right of Stalin, etc.)

- By proxy, certain psychographic signatures are immune to this AI-driven censorship, such as women, blacks, and jews, granting them full influence over social media.

- With some effort and development, a pipeline can be made which creates accounts on social media and spoofs meta data. (Finger/mouse motion, keyboard typing timing, content engagement, sentiment analysis, posting time, etc) Because the auction bots have already keyed themselves to associate certain psychographic signatures with certain people, you can confirm the validity of a meta data generation technique based on the ads it sees. If your meta data generates an ad that a bot would serve to a black person, then you’ve successfully tricked the AI ecosystem into thinking that account is an authentic black person, thus, creating a political asset that is immune to automated censorship.

- The workforce of Silicon Valley will be enraged by this possibility and refine their censorship AIs to create a list of “preauthorized behaviors” to determine if a black person is a a real black person or if a female is a real female. Silicon Valley is then forced to openly engaging in cyber phrenology. As this process grows, more and more Silicon Valley workers will realize they are burning down the village to save it, which dramatically increases the likelihood of abandonment (See Google’s Maven) or leaking damning information. (See Cambridge Analytica) This process has already begun and I have personally accelerated it.

- This path will begin openly accumulating enough civil rights violations to justify a “disparate impact” case against Silicon Valley, which will attract the funding and influence of telecoms and regulatory bodies. This process has already begun and I have personally accelerated it.

- The Silicon Valley titans that fund and enable core parts of material humanist infrastructure will be destroyed by the very same civil rights they worship, barring them from official political influence and driving core talent away from them. The only way to save themselves will be to channel their massive influence into dismantling the efficacy of civil rights legislation to protect themselves.

- Once this is all complete, the federal decrees of material humanism become effectively nullified.