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Cogops > Psyops

29b560  No.87

Silicon Valley (The Butterfly War)

- The workforce that makes Silicon Valley possible is heavily influenced by the ideology of material humanism. (Commonly known as left-wing progressivism)

- The institutions, actors, investors, and believers of material humanism will pull out every stop and call every favor they have to retain their influence over civilization.

- Because of this hubris, these entities willfully sacrifice material, social, political, technological, and legal advantages to continually demonstrate fealty to the ideology. (Virtual-signaling)

- The moment they stop demonstrating fealty, their peers can be cajoled into attacking them, so reliable pressure mechanism exists to enforce the previously mentioned behavior.

- Silicon Valley makes its money via ad revenue. Meaning, Facebook and Google sells user information to robots attending 60-200ms auctions. The robots analyze the user data and bid for the right to show that person an ad for a product.

- That user data is also being analyzed by those ad platforms to censor the skeptics of material humanism. “Psychographic” signatures can be detected via machine learning, data science, and AI to flag certain persons from social media. (“nazis”, “alt-right”, anyone to the right of Stalin, etc.)

- By proxy, certain psychographic signatures are immune to this AI-driven censorship, such as women, blacks, and jews, granting them full influence over social media.

- With some effort and development, a pipeline can be made which creates accounts on social media and spoofs meta data. (Finger/mouse motion, keyboard typing timing, content engagement, sentiment analysis, posting time, etc) Because the auction bots have already keyed themselves to associate certain psychographic signatures with certain people, you can confirm the validity of a meta data generation technique based on the ads it sees. If your meta data generates an ad that a bot would serve to a black person, then you’ve successfully tricked the AI ecosystem into thinking that account is an authentic black person, thus, creating a political asset that is immune to automated censorship.

- The workforce of Silicon Valley will be enraged by this possibility and refine their censorship AIs to create a list of “preauthorized behaviors” to determine if a black person is a a real black person or if a female is a real female. Silicon Valley is then forced to openly engaging in cyber phrenology. As this process grows, more and more Silicon Valley workers will realize they are burning down the village to save it, which dramatically increases the likelihood of abandonment (See Google’s Maven) or leaking damning information. (See Cambridge Analytica) This process has already begun and I have personally accelerated it.

- This path will begin openly accumulating enough civil rights violations to justify a “disparate impact” case against Silicon Valley, which will attract the funding and influence of telecoms and regulatory bodies. This process has already begun and I have personally accelerated it.

- The Silicon Valley titans that fund and enable core parts of material humanist infrastructure will be destroyed by the very same civil rights they worship, barring them from official political influence and driving core talent away from them. The only way to save themselves will be to channel their massive influence into dismantling the efficacy of civil rights legislation to protect themselves.

- Once this is all complete, the federal decrees of material humanism become effectively nullified.

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29b560  No.88

Cognition (Gnostic Warfare)

- AI development waxes and wanes. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AI_winter) We are currently in an AI Summer.

- Two major breakthroughs occurred during this AI Summer: Deep Belief Networks in 2007 and ImageNet in 2009

- All of you have been affected by ImageNet. The reason the selfie fad even exists is to train massive ImageNet methodologies in which social networks act as fronts for. Before selfies, people mostly uploaded photos of what they were experiencing, not close ups of themselves with their face intentionally stretched out to easily categorizable features.

- Deep Belief Networks enabled effective deep learning algorithms by conquering the vanishing gradient problem. (Basically, Deep Belief Network layers play telephone with each other)

- ImageNet enables cyber phrenology, enhancing the feasibility of the Butterfly War.

- Deep Belief Networks enable epistemological exploits, enhancing the the feasibility of Gnostic Warfare.

- All major improvements in machine learning since 2007 have been derivative of these two milestones.

- The economics surrounding AI development favor those who can commoditize data to the cheapest price. (Silicon Valley, militaries, and finance have AND MUST MAINTAIN their influence over this commoditization) This commoditization requirement was once previously thought as irreversible, allowing dumb money to buy into the idea that “data is the new oil”, but Butterfly War shows how to unexpectedly drive up the liability of a mass accumulation of data commodities.

- Foreign actors and short sellers can now use derivations of the Butterfly War to become market makers of the data economy, forcing the theory of “AI Winters” to be replaced with a more predictive “AI Business Cycle”. (Do you now understand why I went to Soros-influenced actors first?)

- This undesirable pressure, when paired with the institutional dependencies of established AI infrastructure, will force a deeper consolidation of Silicon Valley, military, and financial “cognitive assets”, which in turn will skew the funding and purposes behind additional AI development to be more risk-averse and conservative (from an power preservation standpoint).

- The pressures to embrace “cognitive mercantilism” become irreversible. Nations will aggressively retain talent and technologies for themselves to improve their collective bargaining power on the international stage. /pol/-tier nationalism finally has the footing to stifle their material humanist opposition.

- AI development will enter an artificially induced “deep freeze” period, similar to what happened to space exploration after the Space Race.

- The doctrine of Gnostic Warfare we develop today dominates in this period, focusing primarily on the epistemological limitations of Deep Belief Networks and, more precisely, how these cognitive assets define emotion.

29b560  No.89

Gravity (New Emotion)

- Exploiting how cognitive assets model human emotion becomes a matter of national security practiced by all nations. I’ll probably be dead by this point.

- The only way to develop sufficient defenses in this space is to begin to incorporate the lessons of neural evolution into the now closed AI development cycle.

- The only way to communicate securely in this panopticon-rich world is the development of a new emotion.

- I’m not ready to reveal how to develop that new emotion in this environment because that’s the key to everything (and, honestly, it’s a bridge so far and so impossible to believe, people just aren’t ready for that last step), but I’ve left enough clues for the intrepid anons to figure out… and there’s a chance I might be dead wrong on this part, so I’d rather let discussions about the concept continue to evolve from perspectives that aren’t mine.

- Once the new emotion is developed, the new math will be invented to finally discover the way to conquer quantum gravity and, finally, the stars will be ours in a way that can never be reversed or controlled by a single player ever again.

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