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Cogops > Psyops

1e9d68  No.470

What is the connection with gangstalking (https://wikileaks.org/gifiles/docs/16/16811_fw-impeach-these-criminals-please-with-100-attached-torture.html) and gnostic warfare and qanon? https://twitter.com/weaponizedHVAC

How does one get out of gangstalking? If that's even a possibility

f3e260  No.472

I was not involved in LulzSec as I intelligently backed out of black hat operations when the Obama administration came to power. I saw FBI involvement in the Chans and informant-creating techniques being deployed and kept out of all of them. Instead, I focused on social engineering instead of zero day hunting. (First seen with Abusive Oracle)

Wesley James Earl Bailey, the greatest ambulance chaser of our times, is not given enough credit for being such a blatantly and absurdly obvious honeypot. Sometimes, it takes the deployment of a bad plea deal to get the rest of a community to realize how completely compromised they are.

The Stratfor leaks were useful, as they showed how miserably unprepared state-of-the-art praetorians were in the face of the subsequent conflict domains.

The only way "out" of organized targeting is to act as the lure. Having eyes and energy on you means you control their flow and their resource allocation, too. Have people you don't like? Create stories and weave the perception about their intimidate involvement with your secret projects and the gangstalkers will go after your enemies free of charge.

You can't live in paranoia in the era of omnisurveillance. Foes targeting you means foes don't have all the information they need, which means you control what info they need to focus on, which controls their actions, which turns them into your servants.

Good luck.

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ec60d0  No.473


Any insight into what Game of Thrones is programming for?

And have you dealt with icycalm?


f3e260  No.475


Now now, I've been used to global observers ever since 2015, that's just silly, sir.

But message received. Things are going to get a bit wild now that Trump signed the AI executive order. The New Emotion is the key to that fight.

I have not encountered icycalm. Looks like a fun collection of quips and axioms.

ec60d0  No.477


Just thought it interesting that the Fire & Blood book that was released this year is full of a fantasy version of chimera bioengineering going horribly wrong.

And this 2011 sequence seems quite a bit ahead of what went down with Wikileaks in 2016:


That Solo Star Wars movie had a female lead that ends up with a NXIVM-like mark and stuff like that is showing up more, but after the fact.

More interesting than that scene, I suppose, is that audiences of Game of Thrones, even more so the books, develop skills in theorizing about conspiracies and realizing as many conclusions as possible from incomplete information, using gaps as much as what is actually there, which is what CIA training emphasizes as fundamental. Tolkien's writing doesn't prompt this kind of thinking at all, and I haven't seen any fiction writer that encourages this kind of thinking by readers as much as GRRM.

f3e260  No.483


The CIA have been continuing the Volkisch obsession with mystics for quite some time. Certainly explains their involvement in Hollywood and decades of LSD trials. The continental idea of the "ubermesch", a "quickening of the way"

Too bad they were all behaviorists. If they weren't, they would have seen the absurdity of their schemes. The presumed Kwisatz Haderach did, after all, thoroughly exterminate the order which made him and made them bend to the future he saw fit.

IARPA is much, much farther ahead than they ever were.

c8b6c4  No.506


735. The theory of milieu, which Nietzsche called "a real neurotic's theory". Why? It is the theory that we are shaped by our environment, and consequently, that all events are ultimately caused by it, since even when we seem to cause them, the environment has caused us first, and therefore it ultimately caused them. And since events cause the environment, the environment is shaping the environment and we have nothing to do with any of it lol. Indeed only a neurotic would see the world this way!

And how do we see the world? There is no environment at all; what the casual observer sees as "the environment" is merely other lifeforms and their effects, ergo it is not the environment that shapes us, but the other way around — or at least that's how things are in the general, healthy case. In the unhealthy case we are indeed being shaped by our environment (i.e. by the other lifeforms around us and their effects), and the result, at the level of psychology, is indeed neurosis.

In short, the theory of milieu is indeed appropriate for those who are being shaped by their environment, but for the rest of us, who shape our environment and the neurotics with it, what is appropriate is the theory of will. So let's continue elaborating that.

good stuff

beb0f8  No.574

Gangstalking mirrors exactly the symptoms of suffering from paranoid schizophrenia.

Ive lost someone to it and can only plead to you that a healthy suspicion is needed against conspiracy or character assasination being an option if you hear of affected persons or believe to experience it yourself.

70c2fe  No.575


That's the beauty of the technique. A semi-isolated individual can be completely isolated by being made to appear insane, then be convinced they themselves are insane. That being said most gangstalking reports are just paranoid schizophrenia but there are plenty of reports of independently verified cases of organized stalking and electronic harassment. Voice-to-skull EM and hypersound tech is decades old by now. High end PI firms, ex and current spooks are the main employers of this technique. You basically have to piss off someone rich and spiteful to become a target though.

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