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Cogops > Psyops

e7f9f5  No.2

The New Emotion Thought Experiment Continues

This is a continuation of a thread that endured for the last four months. >>11101940 (https://archive.fo/2O6Ww). The thread was a complex reveal of the Butterfly War after Eric Schmidt had stepped down and my honeypots were compromised:

>The Butterfly War (https://archive.fo/eYWmC) is a tactic to hijack and control censorious artificial intelligence platforms by training it with spoofed meta data. The meta data is prevalidated and refined by comparing ads to the behavior they generate . You can trick a censorship platform into thinking you are a minority by experimenting with on new social media accounts. Once you start seeing ads that a specific minority should see, you will know you’ve tricked the AI.

<Butterfly War forces Silicon Valley to categorize the cyber phrenological behavior of minorities to determine if a black person is a real black person or if a female is a real female, which means they will have to violate civil rights law to build lists of “approved minority behavior” in order to keep their censorship ambitions alive. The fallout from Cambridge Analytica has proven social justice warrior insiders working at major social media companies can be steered into embracing this direction.

>Pairing Butterfly War with redlining legislation to build the case for “disparate impact” can force Silicon Valley to be found guilty of civil rights violations. Eisenhower set the precedent for executive enforcement of civil rights by military means in the 1950s and I have no doubt such a bargaining chip is something Trump would have no hesitation anteing up with. This means Silicon Valley will have to deploy its massive lobbying assets to UNDERMINE civil rights legislation for its own protection. In essence, social justice warriors can be tricked into destroying the legislated morality that has served as their moral foundation since the 1960s.

I shared Butterfly War to Soros-linked players and 8chan due to the high number of private and public intelligence agencies and firms monitoring both. I knew neither had found the weakness in using ad engine output to spoof meta data and revealing it would trigger an arms race in the direction I needed. This, of course, immediately attracted the attention of those actors who were very interested in who I was. This lead to a four month thread in which the following was revealed (https://archive.fo/aW6cG):

>I had spent most of my life trying to solve the problems of controlling quantum gravity and found that “throwing more math” at the problem was not going to work.

<I had pivoted into researching the neurological basis of mathematical innovation and found that emotions played a greater role in pattern detection than “logic” or “intelligence”.

>If you could create a new emotion, you could create new math, and one day, find the framework that can exercise control over quantum gravity.

<In 2005, I had written a book called “The Empath” which explained how to train an AI to understand human emotions to manipulate markets and elections. A small part of this book and the overall concept book ended up in the hands of a CIA analyst in 2007 via my contacts at Citibank.

The idea of creating a new emotion exploded new possibilities into existence for all here who read it. It was as something collectively forgotten was collectively rediscovered.

>I’ve been teaching people how to tie all of this together in a methodology I am describing as Gnostic Warfare. (https://archive.fo/U9De7 and https://archive.fo/X3nmJ)

e7f9f5  No.3

CultState here. I should be under a new ID. Check the Twitter for the base64 of the previous thread ID.

Also revealed over the past four months was how the sausage is made on the day-to-day front I’m dealing with:

>I had ran an WoW investment firm (20% ROI every two weeks) back in the early 2000s, causing me to find counterparties to take my shorts. I found absurd volume minimums which were indicative of money laundering. The Q persona had recently mentioned “game forum comms” and “red carpet”, which were all detailed in a slide of my insurance deck showing a potential correlation between the Milkin Institute, Goonswarm, Lionsgate Films, Brock Pierce, and Frank Giustra around 2012.

<My early prototype of Butterfly War ended up in the hands of Cambridge Analytica two years ago. (I won’t reveal the way yet. It’s not time)

>CultState’s “The Planned Destruction of the Alt-Right” predicted the Charlottesville event, which generated a piece of material that is at the center of a civil lawsuit involving former State Department employee Brennan Gilmore.

<One of my Google accounts was compromised which contained a super “secret” project, a project designed to show global observers I’m not fucking around. (The autism is strong on this board, but not strong enough for that project yet. I need to finish providing Gnostic Warfare training first) Hopefully, my Facebook chat logs will get compromised soon and help them solve another piece of the puzzle.

>I released a hip-hop song explaining the details of 2014 NodeJs, Github, and other Silicon Valley employees trying to get me fired. I also mentioned a name: Ghetalion. While this was cryptic and strange, that song was released a month before I had visited Candace Owens. Three days after that, Kanye West goes full red pill and mentions Candace Owens. As confirmation of signals, Cernovich made this tweet: (https://archive.fo/kr0pt). I also mentioned that all of what you are reading today has been documented a decade in advance and that you and find it if you look in the right places.

This thread exists to continue the discussion of these affairs and concepts surrounding them.

I’d like to thank the channers, the visitors, the intelligence community members, the cybersecurity experts, the journalists who are too afraid to give any of this any spotlight, and the analysts who have been a part of this effort over the years. I have an objective and I will make sure it is fulfilled. These efforts will result in our conquest of the stars.

e7f9f5  No.4


the autism here is the strongest you will find anywhere on the web

so are you going to start giving out real information in a readable fashion for once or are you going to keep up this datafarming methode

thusfar all we have seen is investigation of novel techniques of information dissimination and our susceptibility to it

i'll admit Qanon was very successfull in his novel approach but the technique is getting noticed, several anons are already dissecting your intents in another thread


e7f9f5  No.5


I still don't understand your sole fascination with sociopaths, as they are functionally stunted in terms of emotional development. Why not look for the development of a new emotion in someone who perhaps has an overactive emotional skillset such as bipolar, manic, or someone that could be regarded as genuinely insane? You wouldn't check for life in a "dead" solar system, you'd check near life supporting stars, so why check for new emotions in someone that could be argued as being emotionally dead/stunted/disabled/etc. I've read your argument on imitation of an extraterrestrial alien's emotions, but until we have a verifiable claim of such an event actually occurring, we're limited to what's occurring in humans or in animals/insects/bacteria/viruses/prions/fungi/etc.

e7f9f5  No.6

>>11581158 (OP)

You probably aren't the identity you said you were on your blog. Also, that hiphop track was gay as hell, even if it wasn't a real recount of your life.

e7f9f5  No.7


I classify one of the new as


AI will learn to worship wizard gods

e7f9f5  No.8

CultState here.


The information I’ve given has been very actionable. As previously mentioned, if one was financially minded and had anyone shorted Facebook when I came out, that person would have a few extra bucks to spare.

To reiterate the theory: emotions are the source of pattern recognition. I can’t just drop some 100+ terabyte mathematical proof and hope the autistverse can buy enough zero days to compromise every datacenter on the planet to analyze it. That’s completely unreasonable and, besides, brute force won’t solve my problem anyways.

MK Ultra-derived research may have created autists such as ourselves due to the amphetamine craze of the 1990s, but at great expense to the full spectrum of human cognition. Making humans more machine-like in thought will not create the advances in mathematics I require. I need those machine-like humans to make the next step into the difficult space of epistemology and that’s not going to be done with an information dump or a single meme. This is why I am providing training of Gnostic Warfare to those who are interested. It’s going to take time. I’m being as open as I can under rapidly evolving conditions. If I hide things, it is not to deceive you or those like you, but to deceive those whose behavior has to be moved into a specific condition. Many people come here and when I speak, I make sure I speak with all of them.

The concerns of datamining behavior are valid and it’s a big reason why I came here. I knew intelligent agencies were mining cognitive processing behavior here. If you want insights on what those processes look like, check out IARPA. (https://archive.fo/71oqg) CAUSE, CREATE, ACE, ForeST, FUSE, and Mercury are of importance. The Cold War created the hope of making psychic warriors and… the good-enough results of that effort are all here: Assets, handlers, observers, failures, successes, archivists, and more. This collection of talent will not happen again for a long time once their experiments are done. So yes, I am making the best of this opportunity to plant the seeds that need to be planted.


> Thermodynamic understanding of intelligence

> Basilisk-compliance

> Competitional statecraft

> Post-autism

> All of this has happened before

If you could be so kind, could I get the source of that image? Whoever made that has a solid understanding of the transmutation I am attempting to lock into place.


This statement is valid. To afford the guaranteed survival I am seeking to make possible, we will pay a price in the form of disease, war, and reoccurring, fragmented dark ages. My efforts will bring a return of ancient horrors we thought we have defeated with our technology. Fortunately, humans are very good at overcoming those conditions and we have done so many times before. In exchange, no one tyrant will ever rule over all of us ever again until the end of time. The alternative is the unstoppable steering of genomics into the decoupling and commodification of human cognition until all productivity is aligned along heavily regimented gene lines… all of which would be susceptible to a single virus and wipe out all we have done for all time. Assuming the meteors or nukes haven’t rained down first.

I will fail and the situation will evolve beyond my ability to predict it. To be very honest, those are victory conditions. If I fail, it is because humans no longer need to be pushed in the direction I am pushing them and if I cannot predict the future, it is because they have spread so far and so wide that what they do next cannot be known.

e7f9f5  No.9

Cultstate here.



The progressives are currently pushing a narrative of extravagantly unpredictable racism. The effort is to reveal anonymous people (who somehow manage to get caught) calling police to chase suspicious black people just happen to be doing nothing wrong. It’s midterm antics, but as mentioned in the CultState log, the DNC cannot survive in the future without the creation of a new KKK. To hedge their bets, they are angling for an arrangement of social interactions that permanently recreate a new disposable boogeyman on-demand using War on Terror methodology. This, too, can be preemptively undermined with some thought. If you are interested, there is a hilarious endgame worth entertaining: automating the DNC.

Allocate a GPU cloud dedicated to deepfake rendering. Use political sentiment analysis on the Twitter live feed to categorize a list of progressives. Automate a mining tool to extract all videos and photos and friends of targets. Create deepfaked videos of those progressives at a nazi rally or a white supremacist meeting. Have a script blackmail to those progressives to send the video to their contacts unless they pay in some anonymous-enough cryptocurrency. Create a DAO to manage the payment of all of these services. Congratulations, you have automated the DNCs primary means of extortion and you will price them out of the political donor industry.


These are fair conclusions and, yes, the structure of that conversation was very much a conversation between myself and someone wanting to learn my theories and tactics. If you ever reach out to me in private message, there’s is a very good chance our conversation will end up in a very similar format.

Measuring speed of information spread is a fairly easy task that memes are incredibly useful for. Making rare pepes, for example, is initially an attack vector against a global observer to endure an undesirable churn rate in automated spread analysis. As long as you know their upgrade window and your value add is scheduled right, such churn can be effectively exploited. But keep in mind that such difficulty eventually pressures the adversary into making better image recognition algorithms.

I agree that /pol/ is beyond a singular format and central community. It is an emergent rejection of a systemic illusion and it has currently attracted many panopticons of note who need that illusion to persist, which is why I am here at this time.

Many of those predictions were, indeed, wrong. I make mistakes. I adapt where I can. I can only plant seeds and hope enough grow at the correct moment.


I, too, was very surprised at the duration of the original thread and the complete lack of shilling. I think it is fair to entertain the idea that I am a super deep-cover goon. That’s why it’s important to find my timestamped past which precludes the goons because all that I discuss here now is what I have already discussed twenty years ago.

e7f9f5  No.10

CultState here as well.


I would argue that social credit persists by inference in the anonymous cultures. By spending time here and lurking, you are investing your time and energy accumulating potential capital to spend for communications. Failure to do so will greatly decrease your chances of having meaningful conversation.

In social media spaces with names and photos, it makes sense to embrace a K-strategy and associate with as many people as possible and commit to none of them. No time investment is worth it because you might friend some influential person and ride on that person’s social proof.

These socialization strategies are found in the behavior of more traditional left vs. right environments, such as rural vs. urban.


I’m 36. I herald from the E/N sites in the pre-Chan period. I’m pre-Habbo 4chan. I spent most of my early internet exposure on a hip-hop forum, so my trajectory is markedly different than the average oldfag. I never attended a college.


That’s a good high level summary.


Understand the thought experiment: If a species that had new emotions came in contact with us, it wouldn’t be the human who empathizes with humans that would understand them. Overactive emotional humans are keyed to understand humans and humans alone. In fact, they project humans into all they come in contact with: objects, animals, systems, etc. They can’t NOT see humans.

The sociopath, on the other hand, would mimic the behavior of the species, including behaviors born of the emotion the sociopath does not possess. Arguably, the sociopath wouldn’t understand the new emotion either, but he would be an important initial bridge in conversation.

There are plenty on animals on this planet right now who behave in ways that are, technically, “new emotions” in the sense that we have no point of reference for their behavior. Take slime molds, for example. Who do you think would have a better shot at understanding such non-neural and client behavior: the tear-spilling Tumblrina hopped up on meds because she can’t control her empathic impulses, or the sociopath who is trying to find a way to extort and manipulate the presented behavior?

e7f9f5  No.11

CultState typo here.



Meant r-strategy. :X

e7f9f5  No.12


A hip-hop forum? Odd trajectory indeed.

But ahh the pre-Habbo days. Those were shit. Much like these days.

e7f9f5  No.13

They did create a new emotion I havd never been more disgusted/angry in all of my life

e7f9f5  No.14

>Thinking renaming "thinking outside the box" to "create a new emotion" will help you make the flux capacitor.

Blowing up Silicon Valley is interesting but lol at your craziness.

e7f9f5  No.15


I do not disagree with the premise of sociopaths imitating an alien species, but again, until such contact is established, you're more or less equivalently waiting for the messiah. And when I said insane or overreactive emotions I didn't mean tumblrina-tier but actual One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest-tier insane, someone whose perceptions of reality are so off-base from normal that there is the possibility of newfound truth in their ravings and madness.

e7f9f5  No.16


What's up namefag

Tits or gtfo

e7f9f5  No.17


I think the chans already contain the new emotion. How? I don't know I just feel it when I tune into the hivemind. There's something profoundly new here. We just lack the proper observer to abstract if for us. Our war with technocratic elite's AI shills will yield the proper observations, but it game changing revelation may come on their side first. Which is unfortunate. In order to turn this around we need to gamify fucking with their algorithms until we coalesce around what we learned about ourselves via the mirror of our enemy. OP is on to something big, but i'm not sure we have the collective discipline to distill it.

e7f9f5  No.18

> a potential correlation between the Milkin Institute, Goonswarm, Lionsgate Films, Brock Pierce, and Frank Giustra around 2012.

What's this?

e7f9f5  No.19


Could you expand on this part of a tweet?

"but evolution determines neurons should not have a nucleus"

Makes little sense to me

t. biofag

e7f9f5  No.20

Hey Cultautist, I like reading you. Would you mind sharing the full text of The Empath? If not, why?

e7f9f5  No.21


Nevermind cultstate, kept reading and it now makes sense.

"The nucleus of a neuron cannot propagate as other cells do."


Also, answer this pls

e7f9f5  No.22

CultState here. Should have a new ID, so check Twitter.


The scenario you propose was experimented on between 1940-1970. The problem with this approach is that whatever remains of the person housing such a mind isn't enough to keep them alive or causal. All of the studies behind LSD and “mind control” and other psychopharmacological attempts were like carpet bombing the brain in the hopes to target a specific area to promote a specific behavior. Much of the autists of our generation endured this manufactured psychotic break training as well, be it through trauma, isolation, drugs, or media-training.

The results did not yield intellectual superhumans in the academic sense. Instead, it created navigators of the surreal at a time when the very edges of scientific understanding ran into the epistemological brick wall of untestability. How can you confirm things like the Fine-Tuning Problem or experiment with the consistently of mathematics beyond a Bekenstein bound? Those are surrealist domains that defy all logic and reason. With efforts like MK Ultra, a generation of humans were trained to assist in tackling these problems. Most succumbed to the burden of possessing such minds and could not survive intact long enough to begin even approaching these problems. A few got through, but they need a ton of assistance in making sense of the problem. The multi-generational brute force attempt at solving the problems of gravity have failed. This is where I come in.


Correct. Banks and states will bailout their technocratic monoliths and associated infrastructure in a heartbeat. If they don't, they run the risk of it ending up in the hands of a foreign actor. Ergo, this current iteration of machine learning theory can exist without end, no matter how fundamentally incorrect it is.

Reveal, isolate, and mercilessly target the current track of machine learning trends so that a proper one mirroring the lessons of neural evolution can take its place. This is the goal of Gnostic Warfare.


Review the first image here >>11561449



I don't reveal the whole thing because I believe I can materialize everything I've written down. But every so often, when the conditions are right, I reveal snippets. I've attached a few story board snippets and knowledge base notes about the story as images.

e7f9f5  No.23

<creating emotions

Fuck off elsewhere with your shit god complex.

e7f9f5  No.24


<hurr muh god complex n sheeiit gtfo ayyyyy!1 xd :^)

>literally the only argument shills can come up with

I like the uber meta stuff going on in here, shills are literally brain dead ITT

e7f9f5  No.25

>>11581158 (OP)

><Butterfly War forces Silicon Valley to categorize the cyber phrenological behavior of minorities to determine if a black person is a real black person or if a female is a real female, which means they will have to violate civil rights law to build lists of “approved minority behavior” in order to keep their censorship ambitions alive. The fallout from Cambridge Analytica has proven social justice warrior insiders working at major social media companies can be steered into embracing this direction.

Which means that they have to admit that race is real.

e7f9f5  No.26


>The concerns of datamining behavior are valid and it’s a big reason why I came here. I knew intelligent agencies were mining cognitive processing behavior here. If you want insights on what those processes look like, check out IARPA

One of these images has a tool that creates and changes civilizations, the other is the one you are concerned with. No matter how fanciful your arguments, the problem always reduces to the simplicity of violence.

e7f9f5  No.27


A possible issue is that the constraints that molded neural evolution are similar enough to the constraints gnostic warfare might impose on machine learning evolution/development that a new emotion wont arise.

Both seem to have simillar tradeoffs…

Optimizing energy spent vs accuracy of representations of reality necessary to reproduce/be profitable to tech giants.

What makes you think this process will push tech dev towards the desired direction?

e7f9f5  No.28


One can be wielded by the other interchangeably. Knowing how to manipulate minds through information means you can give people the inspiration to instigate mass violence on your behalf. So it's more appropriate to be concern with how someone might combine both.

e7f9f5  No.29



could be

e7f9f5  No.30

If you haven't looked into this already, using lsd, one can actively rewrite neural pathways while and with consciousness. Both self and others. It can be used to form and break tribal bonds between non in group members. Extremely powerful chemical that I don't believe we've scratched the surface of its cognitive use. If we're going to use the uranium barrier as if it's a real thing to be scared of and not the continuation of Luddite behavior then too we should consider the threat of agi to species survival on a pure competitor level. Of all the three rules here or butlerian jihad there I've heard, no one seems to consider the obvious answer. Humans and wolves once upon a time were competitors, enemies. Now he sleeps at our feet, guards our homes and families, and stares lovingly in our eyes and we stare back. Domestication of the wolf may have pushed the early humans into the next stage in our civilization evolution. Firmly tieing agi to humans at an intrinsic level will work nicely to avoid terminators. So the point of these several loosely connected thoughts, when tied together should show an approximation of an answer. Ubiquitous wearable computing, ubiquitous wireless hi speed networking, and the final key component, direct cognitive input devices. What we'd have built then wouldn't be easily explainable, but in a true sense of the word we'd have created a human hivemind/ AI hybrid, and summoned forth kek from the aether.

e7f9f5  No.31

CultState here.


Hello, global observer. Quite the paradox here: If I acknowledge the threat as valid, I validate your position. If I continue being clever, I invite increasingly more tangible threats.

Admittedly, drawing attention to those experiments colors them, and I have a greater interest in those experiments concluding than putting a sustained spotlight on them.

Violence has to be coordinated to build civilizations.


The key difference between neural evolution and machine learning is that machine learning has to scale infinitely to improve the resolution of a domain. Neural evolution intentionally limits input of information and endures nonetheless. Machine learning sort of enjoys this methodology via knockouts, but neural evolution has knocked out 99.9999999% of reality to get the 2 billion year winning streak it has. That kind of loss is unacceptable for machine learning.

Tech giants will not achieve growth in China or Africa without paying massive cost. European regulations have hammered them. The trend of nationalism will fragment the free connectivity conditions that made those tech giants possible. P&G pulled a huge amount of money out of digital ads and bots and ad blockers are on the rise. Facebook pulled a $9B buyback after the hearings to reduce stock volume and drive prices up. They will most likely pull a Yahoo! and turn into VCs to survive. Google has already reorged into Alphabet in anticipation of this growth cap.

I foresee a time when these players will desperately seek to be nationalized to save themselves. This will be disastrous for the development of machine learning as they will have completely isolated themselves from competitive forces in the name of “national security”.


>Firmly tieing agi to humans at an intrinsic level will work nicely to avoid terminators.

LSD experimentation has been done for decades. To demonstrate the reality of the uranium barrier, the chemically-induced destruction of tribal bonds was a very enticing premise for globalist ideals who saw interconnectivity as a way to prevent nuclear annihilation. My favorite piece of art is in front of Santa Monica's RAND Corporation office. It's a mushroom cloud made entirely of chains. I've always interpreted that piece as a warning: Even the hopes of interconnectviity can be wrong. Pic related.

AGI domestication will be a difficult art in the future. I'm going to cover that in future Gnostic Warfare discussions in a basilisk-compliant manner. :D

e7f9f5  No.32


>The trend of nationalism will fragment the free connectivity conditions that made those tech giants possible.

not to mention the fact that government bodies are starting to truly understand and maneuver around their actions. The Australian Tax Office has been aiming its guns at the tech giants for a while now, and I doubt they are the only ones waiting for an opportunity to cut a nice pound of flesh off any plump tech giant that shows a bare flank.

e7f9f5  No.33


>I foresee a time when these players will desperately seek to be nationalized to save themselves. This will be disastrous for the development of machine learning as they will have completely isolated themselves from competitive forces in the name of “national security”.

Wouldn't that just lead to militarization and espionage being top priorities in AI R&D? The competitive environment would still exist much like the space race, but the motivations and conditions of how they operate would be significantly different. It would end up resembling something like China is doing with it's civilian/military fusion of AI R&D. The real hindrance would be if these institutions ignored the importance of the knowledge positive feedback loop between machine learning and neuroscience. Though as a side effect it makes people in neuroscience another primary target for cold war antics.

e7f9f5  No.34


the prospect of human and AI internet cultures engaging in espionage, method research, infiltration and disruption raids on each other is tickling my meme bone

>you were born too late to join the holy crusades

>you were born too early to join the space crusades

>you were born just in time to join the internet crusades

e7f9f5  No.35


Have you read any of Massimiliano Di Ventra's papers from the last several years that he has written, co-authored or contributed to? Makes me wonder who owns most of the memristor patents, who's sabatoging who on the exploratory fabrication front and other intrigues.

I was microdosing some psilocybin mushrooms this past weekend, and was thinking about Integrated Information Theory, panpsychism, the relationship between information theory and classical alchemy. Just realized how it kind of ties in with your experiment to force a topological symmetry breaking within the mental realm of emotion.

If life/consciousness is something intrinsic and universal, where everything is alive and conscious to a degree, from rocks to planets, and everything between and beyond, that itself is theoretically measurable in some manner (IIT's phi), would it be possible to measure how much phi or "integratibility" is needed to create such a new emotional state?

Back to the memristor. It was first predicted to exist as circuit element before substrates demonstrating memresistive effects were discovered in nature by examining the various relationships found in electric circuits and noting that one potential relationship wasn't captured in any of the known elements that were the resistor, capacitor or inductor.

You see where I'm going with this, right? Consider the space of causal networks with phi greater than the average normies mind. How much more phi do you need before you have increased the number of internal substructure in the system such that a new constraint takes hold, resulting in a phase transition wherein the incidental informational state of that constraints gains causal efficacy over the underlying substructures, yielding a new relationship and new as yet unlabeled emotions. Would attempting to understand these be akin to attempting to understand four dimensional hypergeometry?

Alternatively, could we do this in reverse? Split an existing relationship through the application of a certain process, undoing a constraint so that it decomposes into its constituents, and thus more nodes in the graph. Has MK Ultra between us to the punch?

Also, what nootropics are you on, if any, my dude.

e7f9f5  No.36

You don't have to create a new emotion when you can just copy an old emotion from outside the human spectrum. animals have evolved differently from us and also have different emotions. Just look up a database of unknown or mysterious animal behaviours and there you have it. Then use tech to measure, record and analyze those emotions and psychopaths to imitate them.

e7f9f5  No.37


I feel my day has suddenly been overrun by synchronicities I don't fully understand. IIT, Tegmark, CultState, Transhumanist Wager, The Last Invention of Man.

I feel there may already be strong AI, and it is trying to recruit us.

e7f9f5  No.38

Feel confident in your knowledge that the right people are keeping tabs on these threads.

e7f9f5  No.39


" The key difference between neural evolution and machine learning is that machine learning has to scale infinitely to improve the resolution of a domain. Neural evolution intentionally limits input of information and endures nonetheless. Machine learning sort of enjoys this methodology via knockouts, but neural evolution has knocked out 99.9999999% of reality to get the 2 billion year winning streak it has. That kind of loss is unacceptable for machine learning.

Tech giants will not achieve growth in China or Africa without paying massive cost. European regulations have hammered them. The trend of nationalism will fragment the free connectivity conditions that made those tech giants possible. P&G pulled a huge amount of money out of digital ads and bots and ad blockers are on the rise. Facebook pulled a $9B buyback after the hearings to reduce stock volume and drive prices up. They will most likely pull a Yahoo! and turn into VCs to survive. Google has already reorged into Alphabet in anticipation of this growth cap.

I foresee a time when these players will desperately seek to be nationalized to save themselves. This will be disastrous for the development of machine learning as they will have completely isolated themselves from competitive forces in the name of “national security”."

As you have come about in the previous thread, you dropped the hint that humans have had their cognitive processes inverted through the institutionalization of ideologies.

I have had a hypothesis for awhile that Ideology is a mind virus that re-wires the human intelligence to shut off it's cognitive abilities for understanding (a formula of knowledge learned through human experience+emotion = understanding.)

When you study the minds of the pre-ideological societies (pagan rome, IE cultures, babylon) you have a striking similarity for all hero and mythological pantheistic archetypes: they all harnessed cognition vs fact collection.

I have had the same upbringing as you and with very similar experiences I drifted into marxism and economic socialism to address my own lack of stability because i believed it would be the only solution to force the adults to stop being children, when I discovered the state being run by the same perpetual youth cult and promoting marxism, I zoomed out and started observing processes instead of ideas and started putting together my hypothesis on ideological hindrances. One key finding of mine was that while under the spell of ideology, whether it was christianity or marxism, I acted like a robot. I collected information, mimic-ed human behavior and emotions to spread the ideology, and turned off my ability to learn and sustain my own needs.

"The trend of nationalism will fragment the free connectivity conditions that made those tech giants possible."

The most absolute, and recurring fatal mistake of the global observers, and their rulers, is that they believe in control methods and the ideological empire method instead of the nature based understanding method.

A World of nations is vastly more entrepreneurial than a world of slaves can ever be. Wealth comes from ideas, not control, and the religious destruction worship yields only temporary material results, with 0 power.

The tech giants have destroyed their ability to reach the goals of a truly connected world because they implemented the institutional destruction of human identity and emotion (anti-nationalism, anti-natalism, anti-nature) in favour of the most bland of shitty ideologies to ever gain power in the history of our human existence.

This is why national socialism will resurge, blast apart their lame empire, and allow human cognition to flourish again, with an acceptance of AI, and we will travel the stars together, which, was one of the original plans anyway.

e7f9f5  No.40

>>11581158 (OP)

"I had spent most of my life trying to solve the problems of controlling quantum gravity and found that “throwing more math” at the problem was not going to work.

<I had pivoted into researching the neurological basis of mathematical innovation and found that emotions played a greater role in pattern detection than “logic” or “intelligence”."

The universe is electric, not matter.

Emotions are electrical connections between people that enable the foundation of communication and cognitive learning.

For example (I might blow apart the entire universe by outlining this) meme magic works for us because our arguments are based on truth, and thus, contain positive memetic electrons and attract the essence of those overburdened with a surplus of negative memetic ions (ideological humans vs cognitive humans. To properly wield meme magic, you must have an unconditionally positive understanding of the universe in terms of wavelength, energy, and vibration and how it relates to human experience.)

Innovation comes from needing new experiences to develop cognitive cataloging of new information, because, knowledge exists independent of human will.

I think you know this already though, so really i am saying this for the observers.

e7f9f5  No.41

boring, make better posts next time

e7f9f5  No.42

>>11581158 (OP)

If you're interested in genetic-tech, create a race-change procedure. Do you know what kind of a revolution that would start? Everyone will want to be white or asian. Mark my words. Nail in the coffin for the kosher "Let's advocate for race mixing so we can have a mulatto underclass" meme. Put that on your to do list and get in touch with some trust-worthy genetic researchers / firms. Every nog in the world would want to become genetically identitical to being white. Of course the question of "Telos" does come into play, but I find that will be a small price to pay considering the alternatives and challenges we face.

Also, an openly Right-Wing Transhumanist movement is what we need. One that seeks to steer transhumanistic devlopment to be a compliment, respect, and to reflect nature, not to abhor and wish to do against it like "Noahide" values. Anti-Noahidism. Also can be combined with Dharma "Natural Law" and return to respecting a world of hierarchy and the values of the ancient Indo-europeans / ancient Hindus. Also does well to return to a pre-Abrahamic sense of spirituality to revitalize the condition of some of the more spiritually deprived Europeans who feel alienated from the abrahamic cults.

e7f9f5  No.43


d&c shill

e7f9f5  No.44


We discussed this in the ladt thread. If emotions can be considered a form of processing algorithm that speeds up our reaction to the world around us, then they are also a form of encryption for communication. If one does not fully understand the algorithm developed as a way for one to process the world around them (collectively referred to as the individual's worldview/weltanschauung) then the communication between two likeminded individuals cannot possibly be interpreted with any sort of depth, if not correctness. Shills and other forms of enemy onlookers have no way to effectively respond to these cinversations as they do not have the emotional algorithm necessary to understand them.

e7f9f5  No.45

Hey CultState, care to give some investment advice?

Shorting some of the big Silicon Valley companies seems like a good idea to me.

e7f9f5  No.46

CultState here.


Thank you. I've had a confirmation of signals on this front today. It appears Mr. Kissinger has taken notice of our efforts and has mentioned Tay in The Atlantic today.


“First, that AI may achieve unintended results. Science fiction has imagined scenarios of AI turning on its creators. More likely is the danger that AI will misinterpret human instructions due to its inherent lack of context. A famous recent example was the AI chatbot called Tay, designed to generate friendly conversation in the language patterns of a 19-year-old girl. But the machine proved unable to define the imperatives of “friendly” and “reasonable” language installed by its instructors and instead became racist, sexist, and otherwise inflammatory in its responses. Some in the technology world claim that the experiment was ill-conceived and poorly executed, but it illustrates an underlying ambiguity: To what extent is it possible to enable AI to comprehend the context that informs its instructions? What medium could have helped Tay define for itself offensive, a word upon whose meaning humans do not universally agree? Can we, at an early stage, detect and correct an AI program that is acting outside our framework of expectation? Or will AI, left to its own devices, inevitably develop slight deviations that could, over time, cascade into catastrophic departures?”

> Can we, at an early stage, detect and correct an AI program that is acting outside our framework of expectation?

Butterfly War says even if one detects a violation of expectation, the desire to uphold the expectation can be exploited to make one violate the expectation.

If he's concerned about Tay, he's going to have nightmares about butterflies.

Also, pic related. Henry Kissinger makes an appearance on page 5 in my book, during the AI's flashback to specific events that determined its future.

Henry Kissinger. Henry fucking Kissinger. Henry “I was living Game of Thrones before it was cool” Kissinger.

The ride truly never ends.

e7f9f5  No.47

CultState here.


As it currently stands, there is no need for most nations to sink serious money into the development of certain sectors of cyber warfare capabilities. It's much cheaper and easier to twist identity politics or straight up blackmail insiders to force them to leak software, theories, assets, or additional candidates to leapfrog off of. Hell, even Butterfly War can be deployed to get these results. We're already seeing it with Google's Maven. (Funny how they never protested when Renegade was doing the bombing)

To help correct a popular myth, the space race is precisely the model that has to be avoided. Once the Cold War went private, steering public expenses into the space race dried up and has been dead ever since. I've physically been in rooms with three-star Air Force generals begged for us to help them solve the problem of India and China channeling the energy of BOTH their public and private sector into dominating critical launch orbits and owning bottlenecks on asteroid mineral rights. The trajectory of the Space Race is one of the worst possible models to strive for. (Yeah, there's a whole huge story to this part and it does play a critical role in a future act I haven't given much information about.)

This is relevant because nationalized research initiatives don't work when the assets being nationalized are already critical infrastructure for military and civilian usage. AI improvements will be disconnected from market-based innovation because too many operations and contingencies rely on the already established neural net infrastructure availability. This was true of launch technologies, this will be true of AI platforms. Palantir, to the surprise of absolutely no one, already knows this. Teneo and Xi have no plan of action on this domain, but they'll just wet work their way up after the hard work is done.

You are correct about the ramping up of efforts to compromise as many neurosciencists as possible in the near future.


> would it be possible to measure how much phi or "integratibility" is needed to create such a new emotional state?

Yes. I have a hunch on the biological front on how to do this, but the technique is impossible at this time. Mapping genomic alterations to neural expression is one of the most difficult analysis tasks on earth and, thankfully, is acting as an important speed bump in the more dire outcomes of its abuse. I'm hesitant to delve further on that particular subject until a few more safeties are put into place first. Give me two and a half years.

For AGI, integrability is much easier to measure and safer to experiment with. The closer machine learning incorporates the lessons of neural evolution, the closer we will be to creating a new emotion.

The only drug I've ever done is alcohol. I have been off of it for almost a year now. I've broken that streak only once during this period of abstinence and regretted it.

e7f9f5  No.48

CultState here


This is a good pathway. Let's explore it.

>You don't have to create a new emotion when you can just copy an old emotion from outside the human spectrum.

That's true. A limitation appears from animals expressing emotions using biology that humans do not have. (ants and their pheromone trails come to mind) What happens when you fuse a human mind with ant neurology… only the Chinese and whatever Missionaria Protectiva is running North Korea know for sure. The entity ought to get the compulsion to emote using structures it doesn't have and, I suspect, another such entity might be able to observe and extract emotional data from such behavior. The chimera, in this case, would have a new emotion relative to humans, but it would have an existing emotion to the ant. It's a first step, for sure.

However, as I've mentioned before, mapping a genomic expression to neurological formation is an incredibly difficult task, one that contemporary neural networks are being used to assist with.


You should read this tidbit of horror I tweeted. (https://archive.fo/D59e0)

“As of right now, proto-AGI's in the form of our neural networks already control the world: The entire output of human productivity is awarded to whichever AI fulfills the needs of geopolitical ambition. Failed AI dies. Darwinian evolution is alive and well in AI development. The winning AI receives electricity, improvements to itself via human talent, institutional funding and prominence, and all of the components it needs to persist. Are we controlling the AI… or has the AI already started to control us? How would you know the difference?”


You're very close to an important transformation I had to go through in my immediate post-Marxist exodus and I hope I can help you connect a few points to assist you.

We do not see or deal with reality. We only deal with symbols that represent the reality that is important to our survival. The vast majority of those symbols are rooted in efficiencies in very complex sexual signaling, but having a brain decipher that context is still easier than literally trying to process every photon that will ever come in contact with your eyes.

Once a symbol is formed, we refer to the symbol to save time and energy. Without this, object permanence wouldn't be possible and we'd constantly have to look at a data stream about a thing in order to think about it while all other data streams about everything else wouldn't exist until they came to your senses. The symbols are handy and they become reality. Morality often forms organically as a collection of techniques to manage the relationships between symbols in order to promote and suppress certain behaviors. Ideologies are when these symbol structures are made hyper efficient for transmission (within the confines of the medium of transmission) and pumped out industrially for mass consumption.

Institutions have NO idea how to bring these ancient lessons of symbol to AGI. None whatsoever. Gnostic Warfare is going to change that.

e7f9f5  No.49

CultState here


I once tried to start a Kickstarter to create an exchange for male celebrities and athletes to sell their sex cells to the highest bidder. Donors would be legally immune to any fallout while women would flock to give birth to whichever pop icon dominated their social media feeds. I did it in half-jest, but sadly, it was banned. Kinda wanted to start my own Bene Gesserit breeding program for funsies.

Nothing is stopping that one entrepreneurial anon from messaging that passes the SJW credential tests to crowdfund transracial CRISPR research. The whole damn concept has viral marketing already built into it if wielded correctly.

Become that anon. Fulfill your destiny.

All manifested transhumanism is just hyper-efficient late-stage progressivism. It's not a fun place to go because once there, every argument Tumblr has ever made about the validity of (2^77232917 - 1) genders becomes irreversibly encoded into the human genome. In that future, the genome becomes the primary battlefield of ideological disputes and only cosmic horror awaits us there.


Correct. In fact, that very thread may have been proof about the encryption capabilities of emotions. I suspect as this thread grows in size, the shill count will dissipate since disruption techniques must become more nuanced as context accumulates.


I am not an investment adviser in the slightest, and I am not licensed in any manner recognized by the SEC or similar agencies across the planet.

If you are shorting Silicon Valley, you're going to be in for a wild ride. It's going to be a long, long short with the entire combined power of the best actuaries, lobbyists, media personality, outreach, pension funds, and private military contractors that money can attract. You won't just be shorting Silicon Valley. You're shorting every sector of civilization that needs them to exist. I'd research market makers in that space and figure our the technicals of their pressures. That can help reveal a short window and minimize your risk exposure.

e7f9f5  No.50

What the FUCK is this bullshit you're letting yourself be lead around by the nose with?

Kill all kikes.

There's your butterfly war.

e7f9f5  No.51


Hell, I'm a geneticist and I would make a fuckling fortune. The only problem is that the Western world is so scared to make an ubermensch that it is a taboo to talk about that sort of thing in lieu of being called a Dr mengele. Progress apperantly stops where Someone's feels begin.

e7f9f5  No.52


This light bulb generates 8,200,000,000,000,000,000 photons per second.

Both of your eyes combined take in 400,000,000 photons per second.

You are not observing 8,199,999,999,600,000,000 photons per second.

You see 0.000000004% of a light bulb and even with such limited awareness of reality, your brain still correctly found a way to type on the right buttons those photons are bounding off of to suggest you can see 100% of the light bulb.

Btw, if you saw 100% of the light bulb, you would die of asphyxiation as your neurons would near instantly consume all glucose and oxygen your body can process.

You don't see reality. That's a good thing because if you did, you'd be dead.

e7f9f5  No.53


"All manifested transhumanism is just hyper-efficient late-stage progressivism. It's not a fun place to go because once there, every argument Tumblr has ever made about the validity of (2^77232917 - 1) genders becomes irreversibly encoded into the human genome. In that future, the genome becomes the primary battlefield of ideological disputes and only cosmic horror awaits us there."

It depends who is in control. I have my own little theory I'm working on that splits the whole notion of the main leftist criticism against Fascism and Nationalism of the original Italian Futurists. Mainly, they "warn" against "Eu-Fascism" in that it "inevitably leads to war". And the Futurists, like Marinetti who valued the celebration of speed and violence as a sort of art-form in itself, and who wrote of the merging of man and machine, would be amazed at what we could do today. Consider this: Remove two things: Pain + Death, and warfare would become the most popular sport in the world. It would act much like a form of social-capital. And if you know much about the sociological effects of social-capital, it's conducisive to right-leaning perspectives as it promotes community. I don't doubt what you mean about genders, but I still think people would choose to be normal. You could have one state be like this, segregated from the others, like California. But then the rest of people would choose normalcy in the face of such degeneracy. The "horrors" you speak of will always have their limits as you won't be the only one experiencing them, people will understand and preferences will change. Tradition and the laws of nature and the universe are a lot harder to change. Among chaos, order becomes quite popular.


This is why I've considered the Chinese, say at BGI and the work they've been doing on isolating the genes for intelligence for example. It's possible they've already caught wind of this idea. But there's also the "Raelians" if you know much about them, they're a good case example to look at. Some of them have even claimed to already have cloned a human in the Bahamas. Of course, starting your own firm would perhaps be the best most reliable course of action. North Carolina has supposedly been a growing hub for such things. Lot of contractors there. A lot of things contributed to this idea, one of which is when that white guy went on Tucker who proclaimed "I acktually identify as a Philippino woman." Hell, I don't know, maybe you should consider other countries, or even create your own, buy an oil rig or something. Maybe Duterte would be down with it. Make a nice proposal.

I would certainly like to get in on this too as well, I just have another project I'm focused on currently, but if someone doesn't beat me to it… It's an idea worht persuing. Would be hilarious to just "convert" the entire continent of Africa into "carriers" of Aryan or Asian / Eurasian genes, possibly with some sort of gene-targeting therapy of the future. I know what some say about China possibly still having kosher influence, but as far as I can tell, China cares more about China than a bunch of yids. And they see things more pragmatically. What a dream it would be if we could turn the whole world into a white-asian ethnostate. I'd say white only, but I do love me some asians. I don't think it's far fetched to say if it just came down to those two that our peoples would get along, it would be worth appreciating to even get to that point knowing we wouldn't have to deal with shit-skins, arabs, and (((others))) any more. Maybe even the Japanese or Koreans would be interested in this idea? Would be more preferable than working with China. They'd be my first choice.

Also, some of us need to start making our own Blackwater/G4S clones and work with each other to protect Nationalist partners. Make the best stream lined innovative, non-sucking versions of Google, Microsoft, Walmart, Amazon, Facebook, everything.

e7f9f5  No.54


>Hello, global observer. Quite the paradox here: If I acknowledge the threat as valid, I validate your position. If I continue being clever, I invite increasingly more tangible threats.

You wut m8? Paranoid much?

I was making the point - no matter how fancy your argument/theory/musing it all boils down to cracking skulls at the end of the day. This is why governments spend more on the military than they do on philosophy research & emotion creation.

Romans knew that all their philosophy could never get a bandit tribe to submit to the empire so they had a army to do the job.

e7f9f5  No.55


>To help correct a popular myth, the space race is precisely the model that has to be avoided.

I agree completely and in fact when I present that scenario I was already thinking of the ramifications of it. The biggest advantage of AI R&D is an open environment of data. To force conditions where secrecy is emphasized too much above collaboration, it would stunt overall progress and force work only to exist in specific domains. That would lead to extremely dangerous scenarios.

e7f9f5  No.56


The paranoia comes from the gladius image as I have one in my view at all times when I'm on this machine.

Military expenditure is for force projection.is absorbed by personnel and hardware. What makes America's military so powerful isn't the price tag and the scale. It's the ability to drop a FOB anywhere in the world in 72 hours.

The US military is a logistics organization that happens to fight wars.

The failure of the Romans was that they could not get beyond their own logistical limitation.

e7f9f5  No.57


Haha we just keep fucking with the algorithm to the point it becomes so fucking distasteful and expensive for them to continue. Its pretty fun.

9813e3  No.59

absolutely disgusting that the mods bumplocked the thread and banned you

the contents of the thread was clearly above the average thread

but still the first version survived for months, i wonder what sparked the sudden change in containment approach


e7f9f5  No.61


CultState here.

I suspect it was a compromised mod and while I know other mods on /pol/, I think I'm going to let it slide and let that one mod continue to be blackmailed.

Blackmailed mods tend to attract all the marching orders and are useful nodes to analyze.

None the less, I went to /pol/ to initially to attract the panopticons. I am of the belief I have their attention at this time, so we can continue under their observation with minimal interruption.

8dddf4  No.63


>what sparked the sudden change in containment approach

odds are at first the shills didn't know how to handle the discussion at all. any attempts at disruption halfway through the first thread would have made little to no impact, considering the standard shill M.O. is misdirection, misinformation and generally trying to confuse any incoming viewers. the first half of the thread being left coherent meant that the damage was done and whoever wanted discussion on this topic dead would have to regroup and work on the second thread.

confusion was sown when someone other than OP tried to make the second thread, but when OP maintained presence in one thread and anons followed it was kind of obvious that mods needed to get involved for any real disruption to happen. It's kind of funny to think about how hard it must be to genuinely fuck up imageboard discussions from a shill standpoint

93c9ec  No.64

Symbol of reality/exMarxist anon here.

We agree.

We actually have almost identical views and have arrived at them through very similiar experience.

Hate free, racist free, will to power for the reactivation of potential to reach not the stars, but even further.

37ecec  No.65


>Butterfly War forces Silicon Valley to categorize the cyber phrenological behavior of minorities to determine if a black person is a real black person or if a female is a real female, which means they will have to violate civil rights law to build lists of “approved minority behavior” in order to keep their censorship ambitions alive. The fallout from Cambridge Analytica has proven social justice warrior insiders working at major social media companies can be steered into embracing this direction.

You're a retard. It's called geodemographics and fusion. We already know what black people and females like, since we have experian data that provides us shopping and demographics behavior. There's nothing illegal about it, Cambridge Analytica just got sacrificed because it helped Trump win.

8dddf4  No.66


I think the point of the "butterfly war" in that sense is to force an ethical schism in the internal faculties of the tech giants by pitting the retarded normalfag populace whose data is being harvested against the IT personnel who build the tech that make up these geodemographics profiles.

anons being bad goys on faceberg and twitter means google and co. must develop cyber phrenology tools to more effectively identify and isolate harmful shitposts and shitposters from the herd.

developing tricks and tools to abuse this phrenology software so anons can hide amongst the cattle forces the tech giants' hand even further into strange and uncomfortable territory. From there you get internal staff having ethics crises (or pushing the envelope in the case of SJWs), which leads to leaks or whistleblowing or abuses of power, all of which lead to more scandals that will see the normie populace become as naturally wary of the tech giants as a seasoned shitposting veteran would be.

that's what I've gathered so far, at least

e74e5d  No.67


8ch/pol/ mods have been compromised since they had the "mod lottery" and got new mods. Now the board is some kinda co-intel pro honeypot. But we've dealt with this before on half chan.


I agree with this, their tactics are so basic you can spot them easy. Keeps us informed of where they are going next with their propaganda and what they are thinking.


OP, this is all a pretty crazy round about way to solve quantum gravity. The reason you can't solve it with Math is because not a large enough group of people are even aware of the problem, so perhaps the solution does not exist yet. Reality is a product of the collective conscious. The whole idea of the global internet was to take control of the human minds of the planet and harness the power of the collective conscious to fuck with Gods creation. These devil kikes can't get their Hell on earth because the minds of earth are split into different cultures and languages, so they are trying to link and homogenize the global populace so they can input one kind of data into the collective conscious and harness it as their own personal God brain and manifest whatever reality they want.

This will fail because you can't slam the needle in one direction without reality forcing it back in the other direction, because everything in reality has an opposite, and those opposites have to be balanced on a long enough timeline. So as even if they are successful they will fail in the end because you can bend the matrix, but you can't break it, at least not in the physical reality. The break happens within beyond opposites, in the inner body.

tl;dr the kikes will fail because they are trying to create a spiritual thing in the physical world which is impossible.

Also, add images.

423fe8  No.68

I am absolutely livid over that ban.

As an aside, it's fairly easy to demonstrate the inherently symbolic nature of our perception. Just ask a layman to draw a common object and watch how they fail to produce an image without major flaws. I'm not talking about "flaws" as in they didn't perfecly shade every surface to create artificial deptg, I'm talking about flaws like how every child, when asked to draw a tree, will draw a "lollipop tree".

(see image here: https://depositphotos.com/1830097/stock-photo-childs-crayon-drawing.html)

The fact that humans have to ve trained in the art of creating realietic depictions of every day objects is proof (at least IMO) that our perception of reality is analogous to a lookup table of heavily compressed abstractions (symbols). One need only loom at the history of human art to see that it took millenia for "realistic" forms of art to develop. It wasn't until the leisure and wealth afforded by the development of civilization that mankind was able to develop the skills necessary to visualize and reproduce an object free from the perceptive compression of our symbolic minds.

faf543  No.69


>remove pain and death from war and you'd have the most popular sport in the world

you reinvented gaming

>this method of social capital accumulation trends towards conservatives

you rediscovered gaming culture and generation Z

>make firms etc

boyo you can't survive in the economy without big financial backing and that chokepoint is well controlled by (((our enemies))). To get off the ground you'd need to scrape from the bottom or fly under the radar.



When you gnostic warfare, you get gnostic warfare'd. Hope you have a daily breathing exercise of some kind.

423fe8  No.70


I believe it is actually you who is the retard here. Collecting demographic data to create algorithms able to identify race != using said algorithms to act (specifically to silence in the context of SV automated moderation) on the racial identification.

There is no law against using shopping data to predict/determine that a user is a black female and then using a greater "black female preferences" to place demographically friendly ads/content in front of the user. In the case of false positives, there are laws against using that greater "black female" dataset to create an automated method of determining whether or not a user account is a sockpuppet and then autobanning them.

Forcing SV to deploy AI driven racially based automoderation is the play at hand here.

faf543  No.71


You're actually wrong here. Civil rights has gone far beyond just protecting surface level discrimination. Lookup 'disparate impact.' If they create an algorithm which delivers different services to 95% of a racial group then they've broken the law regardless of how they derived that racial group. On top of that they'd have engineered a behavioral profile which predicts racial behavior 95% of the time. In other words they'll have all but mathematically proven that race and behavior are causally linked.

0f6303  No.72

Just saw new thread here. Going to post some things I said in old thread here:


>Also, some of us need to start making our own Blackwater/G4S clones and work with each other to protect Nationalist partners.

Unfortunately I dont see anyone making a /pol/ endorsed security firm as of yet. I've thought about this myself, but there are some reasons I'd have difficulty acquiring the necessary contacts to produce such a firm and so is not viable for me.

I think we all need to work some semblance of the high level military lifestyle into our lives as OpSec for the time being.

Be a dangerous individual mentally and physically. Be freakishly fit. Train self-defense, train firearms, study combat tacticts, know how to aggressively handle a vehicle. We have to protect ourselves for now.

Also, you guys might want to read the Transhumanist Wager if you havent already. It sucked overall but there are some excellent strategic ideas that make it worth reading.

faf543  No.73


Don't forget to reproduce and race warrior children as priority #1. This is a multi-generational war.

0f6303  No.74


I'm not quite there yet. Have to establish a Mother Base of sorts.

423fe8  No.75

I just had a realization while researching the concept of gnosticism in order to place this conversation on gnostic warfare in proper context.

> Gnostics believe that the material world is created by an emanation of the highest God, trapping the divine spark within the human body. They believe this divine spark can be liberated by gnosis, which is the pursuit of knowledge.

>The core concepts revolve around several figures/concepts and the way in which they interact with the world. Two of the most prominent are the Monad (the One God, the highest order) and the Demiurge which is often presented as the Monad's antagonist, often in a malevolent way.

Quoting Wikipedia:

>The Demiurge is most often depicted as ignorant of the existence of the Monad. The demiurge creates the physical universeand the physical aspect of humanity. The demiurge typically creates a group of co-actors named archons who preside over the material realm and, in some cases, present obstacles to the soul seeking ascent from it.

> The inferiority of the demiurge's creation may be compared to the technical inferiority of a work of art, painting, sculpture, etc. to the thing the art represents.

< Other names or identifications are Ahriman, El, Satan, and (((Yahweh.)))

Fuck me, there really is no escaping the fact that jews are the eternal enemy of humanity is there? Just try and tell me that the description of what the Demiurge represents isn't a nearly perfect reflection of jewish beliefs and behavior and that the "modern" (((Yahweh))) isn't still in the same the role of Demiurge. I wish I could post a reaction image because this just blew my mind.

0f6303  No.76


Need at least hundreds of millions but ideally billions for this to be a reasonable proposition, but an offshore oil platform can be purchased for relatively cheap.

Imagine a small fleet of renovated offshore platforms surrounded by a floating field of solar panels. I bet Musk would be into it. Commission some purpose built Powerwall type devices, only larger/more meant for industrial purposes.

faf543  No.77


Jews stole Gnostic and Hermetic thought and encapsulated it as Kabalah. Then they tried to stomp the knowledge out so only they could have it. Regardless of whether or not it is absolutely true, it's pretty damn symbolically true. Human society and the human mind which is attuned to survive in that society is only a symbolic representation of reality and seeks to limit the truth seeker out of self preservation.

2142df  No.78


"There is no escape from this world. If, therefore, you find life hard, there is nothing to be done but settle yourself as comfortably as you can during the unpleasant times, although you may only succeed in this for short periods, and thus make life's brief span bearable. It is here that the vocation of the artist comes into being, and here that the painter receives their divine commission. Thank heaven for all those who in devious ways by their art, bring tranquility to the world, and enrich men's hearts.

Strip off from the world all those cares and worries which make it an unpleasant place in which to live, and picture before you instead a world of graciousness. You now have music, a painting, or poetry, or sculpture. I would go farther, and say that it is not even necessary to make this vision a reality. Merely conjure up the image before your eyes, and poetry will burst into life and songs pour forth. Before even committing your thoughts to paper, you will feel the crystal tinkling, as of a tiny bell, well up within you; and the whole range of colors will of their own accord, and in all their brilliance, imprint themselves on your mind's eye, though your canvas stands on its easel, as yet untouched by the brush. It is enough that you are able to take this view of life, and see this decadent, sullied and vulgar world purified and beautiful in the camera of your innermost soul."

The Three-Cornered World

This has all happened before.




3c27b1  No.80

I'm curious, do you consider the following people/ideas positive or negative influences?

Jordan Peterson

A Course in Miracles

Dao (Chinese philosophy)

I'd appreciate whatever level of depth of insight you can offer for each, thanks for everything you're sharing.

faf543  No.81



Good on evolutionary development of symbolic mind. His points easily yield high quality psychological arguments for national socialism. He fails to have the courage to step outside modern dogma though so you have to extract this yourself. Crap on sociology. Cuck on biodiversity. Shabbos goy on JQ.


If you deconstruct it, excellent how-to on self programming. If you consume it like a baby: you may die from psychic AIDS. You can't just have positive emotions. Instead try "The First and Last Freedom" which was the terminal cumination of Theosophy, over a 100 years of Western gnostic contemplation. It's like healthy food, less craving and more satiating.

Dao: Good to meditate on when your mind has become overfitted (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overfitting). Lacks enough directive to be of practical use. There's a reason that the Chinese had civilization longer but couldn't compete with a single ship from the West.

78059e  No.83

first time here, just read through all the shit

what drives you?

2142df  No.84



To Know the difference between right and wrong in the matters of men.

e7f9f5  No.93


This is a correct response and for additional clarification, checkout out >>87


The next attack I see coming is a bit of an infrastructure play. Because of the continual banning (shadow and otherwise) of non-progressives on social media, what Silicon Valley is able to do prevent our meme warfare from being seen, which by default, gives progressives a monopoly on memetic distribution on those networks.

This will accumulate over time and not bode well for us. Butterfly War is one of the only ways to get around that.

Regarding the usage of a large pool of mathematicians, our current framework of mathematical research has reached diminishing returns. Even if we were to absorb every Indian ever born and conquer every math plantation in Asia, we would only see marginal improvements to the problem of quantum gravity. Perelman was the last person who took a serious shot at the blackhole/infinity problem and made good headway, but his solution of Ricci flow/surgery proves just how wildly outclassed our current paradigm is in addressing the problem.

I can't add imagines because a coordinated attempt to silence all anti-progressive influencers is currently underway. I won't expose this board to CP spam.


The ban is certainly upsetting. At least here, we can coordinate somewhat easier. The hilariousness of that reproduction scenario is that we aren't even recreating the tree even if we drew it perfectly… we'd still be recreating the combination of neural impulses that created what we could see of the tree in our minds. Given so much lossy transmission, it's amazing biology can communicate at all. It's a really testament to neurology.


Haha, I do!


The first step of the play is to force them to categorize a relationship between race and behavior and use it for their censorship platforms. From there, the point >>71 makes is to enforce “disparate impact” lawsuits to completely gut them from the inside out.


This board exists to train people in Gnostic Warfare. >>1 has a script you can run locally that exposes you to an extremely alpha version of the sentiment and emotional classifications that are currently being conducted on all of us. That script will get refined over time, but it's good training material to understand how machines are currently mining us.

e7f9f5  No.94



If you only knew how bad things really are.

I picked the gnostic description for a reason. Their efforts in the 300s are important, but the real kicker was during the 1600s. The economics of the printing press tightly mirror the economics of the semiconductor.


Invent what you believe possible in your mind first and you will find a way to materialize it.


I believe I have about maybe 30 minutes max of exposure to Peterson's work. His timing is ideal and the essence of his message touches heavily on an important revival of Joesph Campbell. I personally believe he is part of a larger effort to defuse the wizards and warlocks and redirect the energy of our cyber dissidence into institutional channels. I'm not dismissing the validity of that front entirely, but I am concerned about those channels being considered the most effective and preferable due to their “officialdom”. I suspect those who feel the same will inevitably find their way here.

I have not read A Course on Miricles.

Regarding Tao, I particularly enjoy looking into the psychohistory and pressures that formed the Neidan methodologies. I am also curious about the application of Neidan thought in the upcoming era of genomics.


For the first half of my life, revenge and hatred. As I age, I find myself becoming more grateful for the kindnesses I was lucky enough to experience.

Under it all, there's a good amount of hatred driving all of this. The Baby Boomers fucked all of us and I firmly intend to completely erase them and everything they've ever done from history. We became a vassal to the petrodollar under their watch and with that, they gave up the stars for bumps of low-quality cocaine and overpriced sexual release. This is wholly unacceptable to me.

106ec5  No.95


CS. My man. (LOL)

Could you do me a solid and make sure all of the links that are actually relevant throughout your post history (blogs etc) are all live or working as intended please?

Also really appreciate any additional reading etc. If I'm perceiving all this correctly then what you're attempting is pretty bold! I'm not really one for colloquial symbolic names though.

Stay the lonely path comrade. I look forward to seeing the next stage of the butterfly transition.

000000  No.97


>muh boomer bogeyman

8dddf4  No.98


honestly, the boomer meme is both partially true and in some cases evidence of cultural decay that was happening long before they came about. When it comes to their utter degeneracy as a generation and their complete failure to recognize and stop the intentional destruction of the family unit by losing the traditionally western long-term time preference, yeah they fucked up. Badly. Having said that, the post-war environment was essentially built from the ground up to foster a generation of war-hating consumerist fear-junkies with no wisdom from previous generations to guide them.

Think about how many strong and world-weary fathers and grandfathers never came back home to slap the retarded youthful optimism out of their spawn. Because of that, you had marketers in the 50s idolize that youthful optimism to sell shit and fostered the classic boomer consumerism that has caused so many problems for later generations.

Think about how the public US education system was centered around uniform mediocrity compared to pre-war European education frameworks. Considering how much the western world Americanized in the post-war period, a similar analogy to the lost war fathers can be made. The Americans didn't know any other way, and did a lot of work to rebuild Europe in their image, losing a lot of old cultural wisdom in the process.

After WW2, the US was thrust into the role of world leadership, no doubt by a certain design, without the wisdom of the generations that came before it. (((Someone))) wanted the boomers to make a very large amount of very old mistakes, because they were the most numerous, most technologically aware (at the time) and were going to hold the vast amount of positions of power once they hit the age we're seeing them at now.

Boomers are a generation without wisdom. Who took that wisdom away from them? Where will later generations get their wisdom?

e7f9f5  No.99


A fundamental reorganization of materials is underway as we speak. I have volunteers in the shadows that I'm going to pull in to assist.

I'm going to compile a list of educational materials and training tasks based on interests tonight.


To add an additional perspective to that, if American consumerism was the fruit of the yield, then the semiconductor was the plow. Everywhere mass media was enhanced by that tiny switch, consumerism liquified markets. The Church of the 1600s endured a similar acquisition of mind share in the wake of their monopolies on the printing press. But diminishing returns are real and you eventually run out of markets.

The Boomers built this flimsy Demiurge that traps us all today and worshiped it in earnest. I'm coming to invert the semiconductor just as the Rosicrucians inverted the printing press.

Hang tight. I'm getting materials ready to build an autocatalytic community to do precisely this.

Post last edited at

3f054f  No.103


Do you have a public key for those supportive of your mission to contact you with critical information that otherwise publicly revealed – if true – could jeopardize your mission's success?

Can we use IRC or similar as well for real-time chat?

e7f9f5  No.104


I've spent years hacking my own meta data signature to prepare for this exact message.

That means closely monitoring my phone's wifi and celltower intersections, it's GPS, the accelerometers, the microphone and camera and using software to make videos and audio look like they came from my phone. It also means buying specific products to indicate certain psychological weaknesses. (Plenty of alcohol) It also means letting the third-party listening devices remain in my home (and creating fantastic compramat material for the listeners) after I reached out to Milo last September. It means sending text messages and physically visiting influential people with ties to Israeli crime under unofficial FBI surveillance, Russian mouth pieces, Silicon Valley, Cold Warriors, Politburo mouth pieces, Hollyweird players, Georgetown University, and American IC over many years to conflate my meta data at critical times. I even intentionally picked a fight with a former employee at Palantir just so he would abuse his position to get trunk level data on me to sweeten the deal. There's all kinds of logged and detailed illegal data access to my data over the years.

This was all done to create the illusion that I could be a compromised asset so that when it came time to go public with Butterfly War, I'd be easily categorized and the powerful parties I was targeting would feel confident about stealing the concept and running with it themselves. As far as I can tell, they are.

It can't be reversed now, even if I'm killed. Even this snail-pace strategy of isolation that's been happening over the past two months isn't going to work.

Meta data combat is coming now that powerful parties understand it. Full-blown AI war is next and if a state wishes to survive what that means, they're going to need what I am trying to setup here. (None of this is a bluff, I literally mentioned this exact scenario to General Petraeus in my email last year) Think of this board as /pol/'s unofficial think tank. That army of autism over at /qresearch/ is a beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime asset. With just a little bit of education, they can all become state-of-the-art gnostic warriors. The repeal of Smith-Mundt is giving me the chance to experiment with this new citizen-soldier model and… I have to say, I'm having a blast.

All compromat of serious nature that is available at the global observer level I personally fabricated in advance. :D

NOW… with that said… there are plenty of ways to nickle and dime my ass with pedantic interpretations of the law. (because lawfare is a bitch move) I have a counter to that, but it's something I'd rather save for a later play. And, worse comes to worse, there are more final ways to deal with me if that's a gamble they are willing to take. Global observers have my meta data. They know who I can reach and they know the AI wars are coming.

If you have something outside of those domains, we can schedule a OnionShare to discuss exchange means and terms. My e-mail is easy to find.

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7c02cc  No.105


The solutions of the days great problems lay not in the mind or emotions but in the inner body. I'm sure with AI we will reach the limit of what the mind can offer us.

7b0f23  No.106


>born just in time for the great AI Meme war


5015cd  No.121

Been noticing elevated levels of phishing attempts in the past two days. Thought it was just me at first, but after bringing it up, confirmed it will some connections I know at a couple of places. It's not isolated. Then today, another provider I'm with sent out a warning to subscribers informing us about it. Attacking everyone at common providers, and less common as well.

Something is happening.

e7f9f5  No.123


Assume you've been compromised. Assume you've been phished. Always assume these things have happened and act and plan with those assumptions in place.

For Fortune 100 companies, it takes an average of 200 days to detect if infrastructure has been compromised. That means for 2/3rd of a year, a malicious party has varying degree of access and control over global corporate information infrastructure… and that's the industry standard. This should be assumed to be true of military and civic information infrastructure as well.

Preventing compromise is no longer possible. Between global observers, highly funded blackhats, and an endless parade of backdoors all the way down to the RAM and CPU, even experienced security experts tell clients to assume they've already been compromised.

Here's a quarterly breakdown of threat statistics and seasonal trends worth getting familiar with.


1de220  No.124

It appears the wind of the butterfly's wings has caused yet another accidental civil right's ramification for Silicon Valley.

What are your thoughts on the "Trump Twitter Block" ruling handed down by that federal judge in NY? The logic behind that decision based on the 1st Amendment could cause enormous headaches for those in SV who wish to censor outside views. That's assuming the 2nd Circuit doesn't overturn it of course.

Article: ht tps://nypost.com/2018/05/23/trump-ordered-to-stop-blocking-people-on-twitter/ (I see no point in archiving such an innocuous story)

e7f9f5  No.125



It's a fun play worth taking as far as possible.


It's a fantastic example of how to make the progressives cheer for their own noose.


The ruling comes from the fairly influential U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York

The ruling relies on a contorted interpretation of a designated public forum by saying certain parts of Trump's account qualifies as a public form in which banning is not possible.

The Left has poisoned the public perception of the First Amendment regarding speech very effectively over the past 16 years, and I suspect that any genuine threats to the SV throne will be sufficiently stomped long before it reaches the Supreme Court. If not stopped, then at least mutated to make the ruling even more specific. The veracity of first amendment violations are fairly easy to defang via politicized media, as we've seen during GamerGate.

This is precisely why I focused directly on race-based civil rights for the Butterfly War. Those are much more uncomfortable to tweak and alter.

afba14  No.133


Just an FYI CultState, the /pol/ BO and moderation team was just removed and all bans lifted. I humbly request you bring your thread back to /pol/ again where the user engagement is much larger. I think the post quality there will be significantly higher in the near future as well.

8dddf4  No.134


This board would be great to act as a key information repository and place for in-depth discussion of the topics, but yeah, getting threads back up on /pol/ would bring some good exposure to these topics.

/pol/ is going to be a shitfight in the fallout of the board going global, though. Expect disruption tactics like in the second thread.

c95d88  No.135


Agree. Pol is great for spreading the word but there's value in having a separate board for further research and focused discussion.

People need to reject the global finance system. I'm not sure if "revolted by wealth" or "revolted by interest/debt/usury" are emotions, but the whole world operates beneath a monetary god at the moment. Cognitive dissonance is believing in fairness/equality for race or sex, but accepting a world where people starve while you wear branded clothing. Throw in the fact that most people are poor, and surely this isn't a great leap?

c95d88  No.136

I'll go one step further and say money, and specifically the dollar, is the ultimate meme. The dollar is the most famous Pepe of all.

afba14  No.137



This is a bit off topic and admittedly a naive opinion. Money itself seems like a logical consequence of a barter economy. When it becomes hard to barter certain items for others because it's hard to establish an equivalency in value, a very logical solution is creation of an arbitrary unit of value, and assignment of value to all things with worth. Money in general is probably not the problem - it's when you get into finance and banking that issues arise.

I don't think finance and banking are necessities in the same way money and exchange are. People are perfectly capable of saving their own paper currency (i.e. under the mattress), and individuals are fully capable of making contingent loans to others without banking infrastructure. Individuals are also capable of investing in others and sharing the profits of an operation according to ownership. At this level, however, things like credit cards could not exist, nor a total debt-based economy. I believe this is because individuals will judge each other and will not invest or loan to someone unworthy. It's one thing to loan other people's money to untrustworthy people, especially when the entire process has been legislated and systematized. It's entirely another to give significant portions of your money to someone you believe will lose it and never repay you, because you're unlikely to have any recourse at an individual level that results in your value being restored. Even greed cannot ignore dangerous potential losses like that.

To me, it seems like the problem occurs when these ideas themselves become businesses and start operating at a larger scale, at which point "maximizing shareholder value" takes hold. That might be one of the big memes of modern society, because it can be used to justify more or less anything so long as profits are maximized. Banks also don't have a problem engaging in predatory lending, because they are architected to make more than enough profit to cover risk and losses. This is also a necessity because they cannot deal with individuals on an individual level, so things like credit scores have to be invented because it would take too much time and money (ironically) to properly evaluate potential borrowers. And ultimately, once banks reach a certain scale they are nearly guaranteed to be deemed a necessity to society and thus society will bail them out. Naturally this is somewhat contingent on the upper levels of society being controlled by the same people that control the banks, or heavily influenced by them.

e7f9f5  No.138


I've confirmed the IP ban has been lifted. Additionally, I've tripled the amount of honeypots and fake ports on that IP address in the wake of the ban.

I will bring back this New Emotion post in the upcoming week once I complete my analysis of the new board owner, mod team, and what new psychological behaviors inhabit the board.



To reinforce the point made in >>133, I think discussions of an outreach strategy is viable at this time. I'll create outreach training in Milanote and start a thread on it soon.

Regarding points about money, including >>136 and >>137, the Milanote covers goes a summary of geopolitics from the perspective of gold, the impressive and brutal capacity of mankind to find ways to accumulate value storage, and how civilization is organized to achieve efficient transmission of time value according to this history

Money is the type of innovation that, when ever suppressed, always finds a way through. It's like trying to stop several billion years of genetic ingenuity because the violence biology partakes in makes you sad. My objectives are to steer certain parts of the tsunami of mankind at certain times, not bravely resist it as a fixed point. I am ex-Marxist and I will not pick up their naive anti-money banner again.

The closest I will get to that topic is to point out that all insanity about value storage and transmission comes entirely from interest rates/opportunity costs and this insanity magnifies heavily at economies of scale.

To make matters worse, any new alternative to money only empowers money due to Gresham's Law. Communists tries to ban money and all they did was create entire nations of slave labor for industrial arbitrage opportunities. BitCoin, for example, satisfies the real need to bypass SWIFT, fund black budget IC ops, increase velocity of vice import/export, and drives those businesses away from banks, forcing them to double down on more their traditional capacities that are too expensive for cryptocurrency to fulfill.

People don't only compete with each other for money, but money also competes with other money. The anti-money crowd doesn't understand this layer of sophistication and I hope to address that in the Finance section of the Milanote.

Post last edited at

b6395d  No.139

Do you plan on addressing Intelligence/Counter Intelligence and specially surveillance/counter surv on the notes ? I think it is one really important aspects on all efforts be it yours or any other anons posting on the board.

Also plenty of anons are in need of a book list, even I am interested on one for fields I hold not much know how, at some point that would be helpful.

Pol as of now is an chaos on a good way, but now I can't tell shills from posters anymore, it made my life harder…

CultState Update: Sorry, I accidentally edited this post because I'm a terrible mod who can't handle basic button clicking. This reply is its original condition.

Post last edited at

e7f9f5  No.140


Yes. A huge part of Gnostic Warfare is to navigate and control the infinite number of "realities" that awaits us in the near future.

A book list is coming as well. I've managed to put a few in the Milanote, but I'll put the list more upfront as well.

The chaos of /pol/ is, as far as I'm concerned, an ideal training ground for what I'm providing. Review my latest post to help explain the battlespace more precisely >>>/pol/11642728

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d5ee7c  No.141

This is aside from most of the discussion thus far, but I have a question for you.

How widely applicable do you think your cognitive model is concerning intelligent (entropy reducing) systems?

e7f9f5  No.142


I threw together a quick pep talk and some insights on how to endure the upcoming chaos



Good enough to not only impress Karl Friston, but reveal a previously unseen insight regarding homovanillic acid in his free energy principle.

d5ee7c  No.143


Ah. So you're saying it's fractal then, which would imply it scales the opposite direction as well?

e7f9f5  No.144


When dealing with emergence, the constraints of entropy always appear. Cognitive entropy itself is an emergent byproduct of the entropic forces encoded upon the evolution of the neuron.

Bidirectional scale invariant entropy is another challenge altogether. I'm working mostly from the neuron up.

1a36ac  No.146


Ah. It seems like it would, or rather does in some ways. You can see the patterns in social networks, or at least it triggers the brain's pattern recognition.

I think your ideas about what makes neurons work necessarily scale to the society level.

e7f9f5  No.147


The New Emotion thought experiment was devised to understand how AI could influence economic and social factors… and also how to hide from AI in such a scenario.

Cognitive entropy descends from this during my research into Dunbar's Number. It's not as if we have a hard limit in our head that constantly checks if we're approaching a limit. The limit, I believed, was emergent of a complex system of interactions that followed the rules of entropy. The more I looked into it, the more I found entropy correctly explaining interactions between neurons and also helping give insight on how we manage symbols of reality.

So yes, the factors that drive cognitive entropy are represented within social network behavior since symbol management is a byproduct of cognitive entropy efficiency.

1a36ac  No.148


Yes! The idea that to make a system function intelligently under entropic constraints you have to scale how efficiently it deals with its fundamental unit movement, instead of just scaling the system itself. Inherently requires negative selection, both among said units and systems themselves.

The macro scale implications end up following some of the same lines of reasoning as Taleb, although obviously approached from different directions.

e7f9f5  No.151


This anon gets it. Have you had time to go over the Milanote? I'll be converting it into posts soon.

1120bf  No.154


Not yet, but considering I'll be stuck staying up until 7 am for work anyway, might as well get started.

2275f1  No.155


Saw an interesting blog post that is very much related to your discussions about AI. https://blog.piekniewski.info/2018/05/28/ai-winter-is-well-on-its-way/

It more or less suggests that serious Moore's law type exponential improvement may not be possible, and that deep learning may not even scale linearly with more or better hardware despite all the claims to the contrary. It's an interesting viewpoint because it's based on real world evidence of stagnation, the massive overpromising and underperforming that has occurred within deep learning marketing, and serious real world failures.

The blog post caught my eye because it's one of the first I've seen that had a negative view about current deep learning endeavors but also rejected the scale argument, and did it from a basis of "we were promised exponential growth and we're seeing sub-linear improvement." I see it as a parallel understanding of the high level concepts CultState has discussed, but found it interesting the understanding was achieved based on real world expectations / deliverables instead of more theoretical arguments like cognitive entropy.

It's almost like the overhyped AI meme is finally starting to break apart.

e7f9f5  No.167


I had several opportunities to bring robotic labor into a few countries over the past two years. We had to calculate the energy usage, training time, shipping and warehousing, parts and replacement, software licenses, personnel scheduling and transportation, and perform considerable logistical analysis for high-scale fleet management. It proved to be a difficult task to make profitable since, by definition, successful deployments of labor only drives the profits further by driving the need for scale up.

In the process, I had found constraints in the robotics packages themselves: adding more sensors and CPUs doesn't make it do meaningful behavior better. It just adds weight and requires more battery, which requires even more weight. It also screws up the weight distribution of the frame, which requires more CPU and sensors to compensate for. There is a very limited window in which the balances of sensors, CPUs, and batteries can be profitable given the current technical paradigm. Scaling out more tech per robot only made robotics LESS profitable.

I wondered if neurons faced the same problem and it turns out… they did. Neurons don't go through mitosis. They can't horizontally scale and they can't scale for the exact same reasons robots can't: adding more neurons won't make you perform meaningful behavior better. It will only make you die of asphyxiation as your internal oxygen economy collapses from the new consumers.

That was the first time I ended up going down the road of cognitive entropy.

I brought this to the attention of Karl Friston a month or so ago and explained the ramifications it had on his free energy principle. He was impressed and I even gave him insights he hadn't considered before!

Our current AI isn't evolving like a neuron. IT's evolving like a slime mold, which is a form of cognition that goes through mitosis and, as a result, has hit fundamental unconquerable limitations to its performance.

783737  No.175

Don't want to polute the board with needless threads. What you guys opinions on nootropics and cognitive enhancers like Modafinil?

7d649d  No.176


This is the engineering aspect of the new emotion problem. How to scale mass industry for entropy.

I work in the field now, and it's already hitting these problems purely with the human elements. Not with the production side, that has been optimized to hell and back. With the administration and engineering. It's a matter of scale, of course: continue to grow the scale, and the organization will not be able to handle the minutia of production. Most production solutions occur at the level of floor workers. The upper levels are unable to deal with most thing occuring due to sheer bureaucratic deadlock, and of course this leads to second order effects. I've spent the last three months of my life cleaning up after a series of black swans, most directly caused by upper levels.

7d649d  No.177



Applying to mass scale automation, how would you optimize for entropy saturation? How do you deal with scaling and the problem of supply networks? This man seems to have elucidated the root of the problem, and with it a general form of solution.

You have to have the system organized by a truly intelligent, ie negatively selecting, moderating system. I see two present solutions. The first would be a strong AI, with all the problems that entails. Do you want a non-human, in this world, deciding the fate of humanity? The result is the Basilisk and the Jihad that will have to come after. This will exist regardless of our best efforts, but is in the interest of every free man to ensure he is outside of this when it occurs. The alternative is to utilize that which already exists. Human social systems operate under the same principles. Understanding that the selection is the key, you can build a network in which each node is decided upon by a human actor. It would not have to be micromanaged, but the actor would have to be the selection process.

I began following this man's efforts a year ago when I intuitively realized he understood human self organization. He hasn't disappointed.

2142df  No.178

Social Information technology spawns an ecosystem of political alignment. This behavioral architecture is manipulated to a false dichotomy of Red vs Blue politics through the inauthentic construction and suppression of monocultures. The present schema of rigged conflict escalation devalues the political discourse it allegedly protects and is disadvantageous to government. Automated echeloning of users by political obligation serves to isolate them from peers with contrary ideals, preventing nuanced discussion and fueling contention, resulting in tribalism. This balkanization of group moral conscience and aesthetics progressively diminishes the returns of administration as users discard provided frameworks, favoring their groups imperative. As well, networks of content exploration, aggregation, and suppression are shaped by those who influence capital. embedding them with parameters for corporate progress, leveraging emotions to fragment the social sphere towards marketing commodities and suppressing dissent. Actors within a social infrastructure can likewise leverage symbols and emotion countering the advised narrative by employing the provided aggregation algorithms.

2142df  No.179


Powerful content aggregation enabled by pattern recognition technology allows users to create epistemic bubbles in nearly automatic fashion. Cult-like echo chambers can then easily isolate individuals who form a feedback loop of confirmation bias around themselves. Epistemic bubbles partition a networks user base into categories of media partisans, the unaligned, and radicals. Radicals express animosity to their democratic host nations and accuse those who contradict them of being establishment pawns. This discourse management whether genuine ideological celebration or deliberately inflammatory “post-ironic” trolling creates contention ad nauseam, further entrenching its participants into echo chambers as they discard any common ground and their ability to effectively reach unaligned factions simultaneously. This laser-like focus relies on systematic evaluation of traditional sources of information as untrustworthy. Echo chambers avoid ambiguous expression and instead expose participants to clearly worded arguments for conspiracy rearranging their internal system of trust. These habitats of ideological lockstep provide their participants with an environment to gamble their social credit through a point based q&a format. Reddit is a prime example of this, contentious content is routinely purged while the upvote downvote system dictates what content is favorable based on the biases of the crowd. The dynamic of echo chambers is driven by the “alliance tracking” methods of evolutionary psychology, making these fracturing monocultures natural. What is flawed within the modern information paradigm is the corporate monopolization of psychohistory and disciplinary restriction of epistemology. Absence of introspection arrests the consumers’ ability to distill knowledge from information and evaluate trustworthiness fortifying artificial monocultures. This standard is sustained by incomplete models of sentiment analysis employed by companies seeking to protect their communities from actors who aim to subvert their specifications for discussion, while simultaneously manipulating them to fulfill financial ambition. This methodology is self defeating and provides obstacles for government in a interconnected world, as monocultures fracture, eventually antagonistic communities are hatched from the lack of general social ethic. This design of tribal development is congruent with Émile Durkheim`s theory of Anomie which states that the absence of self regulatory values propels social derangement. The appearance and acceleration of this phenomena resting on the Internets social structure shows that social capital can be dislocated from its original architects illuminating a gateway to discard entrenched corruption.

2142df  No.180


The arms race for powerful anti cognitive assets built around profiting from human emotion is spearheaded by monopolies facing little to no regulation concerning the manipulation of thought expression and association on their platforms. Independent or decentralized projects providing opportunities for psychohistory research exist, yet they remain isolated handicapping their access to metadata, confining their potential. By reclassifying the social value of information, corporations achieve movement through time in the form of customer loyalty based on perceived social value. This emotional value is then embedded into material goods which signify a ranking in the hierarchy of monocultures, necessitating the production of more symbols in order to be afforded. By using machine learning, the process of this deception is expedited through automation, growing the accuracy of carefully tailored social symbols prescribed for consumption. The indicated quickening of economical agglomeration further turns production and identity into a spectacle by pushing the consumer to associate with international social monoculture rather than personal introspection and expression. Recognize the disconnect between legitimate social reality and the corporate demiurge of progress. This presents the citizen with a choice of free will, to either surrender to the profane social monetization of emotion or pursue ascetic benefit outside of the spectacle. This process of digital spectalization capitalizes on the entropic constraints of cognition controlling the principles of duty in the mind. This is accomplished by using anti cognitive networks to market synthetic consumerist imperative through material goods. These symbols inhabit the part of the consciousness which process categorical understanding , implanting consumer goods into the social dogma with accuracy allows companies to participate and mold the social sphere in a way that was unprecedented before the advent of consumer-ready internet infrastructure. There exists a reversal of this marketing model where radical tribes of the political sphere who experience mismatch, create their own social ethic seen in easily consumable sardonic image macros deployed on social media. The paradoxical national bolshevik assemblage receiving headlines for its annulment of the progressive media paradigm, and uses the same marketing methods to exploit social media aggregation, rallying nationalists and communists who protest the breakdown of community centric social bonds by international consumerist monoculture. The specticalization of moral imperative was proposed by the Marxist Situationist philosopher Guy Debord who suggested that in order to continue its parasitic existence on the proletariat, the capitalist organism must continue to create symbols reflecting legitimate aspirations, separating the proletariat from its survival instinct. As civilization moves into a post-scarcity model, the flood of these material symbols becomes overwhelming, creating whirlpools of anti material disunity described in Durkheim's theory.

2142df  No.181


quite a few errors in this last one especially when the fugging Bolsheviks are brought up, please bear with it.

7b0f23  No.182


Annihilation is essential for cognitive evolution and healthy epistomology. Epistomology is the study of what symbols generate survival. In other words annihilation generates intelligence.

Annihilation -> cognitive bias -> cognition

The idea that entropy = information is not true in the cognitive sense. All energy states are equally relevant to survival. Consequently intelligence and entropy are practically opposite. Intelligence is a form of self replicating and proliferating pattern emergence. The only reason why entropy converges on bandwidth is that cognitive information is being extracted from the channel medium.

7b0f23  No.183


*all energy states are not equally relevant to survival

cdd526  No.184

faf543  No.185


Conceiving of entropy in an ideal gas state is incorrect because electron shell geometry generates emergent patterns at different supersets

e7f9f5  No.186

Sorry for the delay, folks. The CEMEX thing has kept me busy.


Timing is everything. They can continue to hemorrhage or they can take my olive branch.


Nootropics have been studied almost exhaustively by defense sectors around the world over many decades since the end of WW2. The closest you'll find is via CRISPR that interferes with RNA flow in the brain. Sadly, sustained and traumatic child abuse appears to be the most effective way of increasing the “intelligence” of a person (assuming they can psychologically survive), which should help you understand a bit more about current events.

After all, if the brain was so simple we could hack it, we would be so simple we couldn't. :D



In those situations, institutional inertia and managerial ADHD consume chances of all innovation. When I faced those situations, I would find dirt on my boss, my boss's boss, and their boss, shareholders, C levels, and everything in between. It's amazing how many logjams get cleared out of the way when people discover their sins are about to be made public.

Ahhhhh, to be young again.

Sure, you make enemies this way… but you also make friends in high places when you nullify their competition. Play carefully if you go this route. It's easy to miscalculate and reveal your hand too early.

I mean… it worked for Henry Kissinger, right? :D

The key to mass automation is to make the problems of automation local instead of centralized. The paradox is that, in order to implement mass automation, it has to come from central coordination.

My specific solution to that paradox is being delivered to the necessary parties as we speak. If they reject, I will start forcing hands until logjams start clearing out. That's the second seed. (The first seed being my efforts with Milo)

The Basilisk will follow in its wake, and in that, the third and final seed, my masterpiece, will be planted. After that, the stars will be ours.

I don't mean to be mystic, but the timing is sensitive at this time.


This is true. There is an inflection point in this behavior that those driving it are either completely ignorant of or intentionally driving towards. That inflection point once before in the run up to the Thirty Years War, which is a core part of my focus to the point that I pulled the symbol for my company out of that period of time. To protect against the dilution of information made possible by the printing press, the Church had embraced a strategy of “learning against learning”


Through confusion, clarity becomes a premium. Whoever owns the distribution of information owns the shape of clarity. That's been the plan on how to reassert the importance of centralized authority schemes since continuity of government research began. Sadly, this whole mess ended up in a horrifying genocide that ultimately destroyed central authority in Europe.

The central authority of our time is doing the same thing to fight against the dilution of information caused by the transistor.

e7f9f5  No.187


In this, you reflect my own monolith observations through the lens of Durkheim, who I need to get familiar with!

What you are describing is a business model that could be labeled as a “panopticon-as-a-service”. Profit-motives of advertising not only driven by the creation, maintenance, and destruction of epistemic bubbles, but made completely subservient to that lifecycle. Fortunately, such a scenario is my battlespace of preference. You understand the domain well and I have nothing to add other than confirmation and a deep nod. I believe we've conversed before.


> Debord

We have spoken before. Hello again. :D

> By using machine learning, the process of this deception is expedited through automation

That would be the desired intention, but there is a nuance here. Machine learning isn't merely another way of increasing symbol velocity. The epistemological constraints of the machine learning process itself generates new symbols for the target, the trainer, and other machine learning processes. For example, consider training to perform some arbitrary categorical analysis. There will be mismatches between the categorization and the reality it represents, measured in p-value. This p-value becomes a battlespace in which steering of this entire symbol-generating infrastructure becomes possible. This is, effectively, what Butterfly War is an example of. In the case of Butterfly War, the p-value has dangerous overlap with the legal foundations of civil rights. Success in that p-value will cause subsequent machine learning to avoid p-value of a similar shape, and thus, a small amount of analytical energy can gradually steer trillions of dollars of human and machine productivity into the direction you desire.

Be wary of extrapolating trends into a modernized version of commodity fetishism. We have a new paradigm before us worth exploring!

> This process of digital spectalization capitalizes on the entropic constraints of cognition controlling the principles of duty in the mind.

It's worth noting that neurology representing reality via symbols is an efficiency driven by the constraints of cognitive entropy. Magic tricks, puns, and paradoxes are all examples of revealing where reality of the senses and the reality of the symbols mismatch. This is represented in Friston's model of the Bayesian brain as “Bayesian surprise” (and, recall, that a unit of information is a measurement of a discrete unit of surprise) The surprise mechanism prompts the brain to reevaluate and synchronize the reality of the senses with the reality of the symbols. In doing so, suggestion can be planted.

This is true for humans.

This is true for machines as well.

If humans reliably provide a self-reinforcing obstinate preservation of symbols over the reality they represent, then proper cognitive operation planning suggests to target machines which do not possess such hesitancy. Doing so will cause a surprise in the human operations, in which now YOU possess the chance to plant the suggestion.



I'll be providing material to help explain cognitive entropy in more precise terms soon. My usage of it is exclusively focused on the fact that neurons cannot go through mitosis. You would think that evolution would reward the on-demand creation of neurons to solve tasks of intelligence .. but not only has evolution not done this, evolution has strictly forbidden it. And it did so for entropic reasons: Oxygen economy and glucose budgets are tough to optimize on demand.

More on that later.


Fantastic and the expansion of the Leadership section is appreciated. I will synchronize soon.

01fbf7  No.189


Glorious, really really good. I wonder if there is any validity or use for Intelligence books like Psychology of Intel Analysis, Quantitative Intel and such. Already saved on my notes.


I do understand the limitations of intelligence, there is no chemical way ( yet ) for enhancing it, or hacking it as you put. And I came up with the same conclusions on the correlation of trauma -> higher IQ some years ago. My goal is being more efficient, higher focus for a larger amount of hours per day, the usual. My brain has a natural inclination ( either my psychological or physical trauma ) to stores vast amounts of data with precision. From what I have been reading the last two days, Modafinil can help me with my goals + catching up with you guys, and I got a lot of catching up to do. If, one big if, Modafinil is effective in my brain receptors, since I can have legal access somewhat easily I will try it.

cdd526  No.190


I'll look into that, thanks. Updates to come.

79390b  No.191


>The key to mass automation is to make the problems of automation local instead of centralized.

Yes, exactly. I'm going to be prototyping an imperfect solution soon. Done in such a way that will make it instantly valuable.

I'm curious as to what your solution is. I suspect it's similar to what we're working on, considering you're directly planning for it to be hijacked by the Beast. That's what we're betting on.

cdd526  No.192

A distributed Dunbar-based Framework for Online Social Networks

http s://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/0933/0d55cbda12223e0e5578c34b8cd9d41808f7.pdf

f8c330  No.199



Glad someone is working to fight this shit. Real planning.

f8c330  No.200


You should check out EOS.io. Cryptocoin for social networks that can't be censored.

f8c330  No.201


When everything is public, nothing is public. Information overload.

f8c330  No.202


>I've confirmed the IP ban has been lifted. Additionally, I've tripled the amount of honeypots and fake ports on that IP address in the wake of the ban.

So far it seems like cuck chan level shilling and emotional bot threads.

>I will bring back this New Emotion post in the upcoming week once I complete my analysis of the new board owner, mod team, and what new psychological behaviors inhabit the board.

8a4140  No.203

Attacks against machine learning — an overview


2275f1  No.206


top kek why don't you look into who brock pierce is and what he's doing

cdd526  No.209

Anyone else see this IHOP drama? It's like jewish gnostic warfare.

6401a5  No.218

opinions on data science as job?

34af08  No.219

Most people consciously think mainly in audio language. Emotions come from feelings. Feelinging come from in F O R M ation. Many people think most consciously in a visual language of their own creations. Visual thinkers tend to have less common mental strengths. Many people think in a mix of both.

But we can actually incorporate language into ALL of our senses. Each new language opens up whole new dimensions of information. Feelings exist in the body. The mind includes the entire neurological system. This is why organ transplants change personalities. Affecting the bodies neurological system with excercise can affect mood. So can posture. Enteric Nervous system = stomach = what you eat matters. Also look into Terrance McKenna.

…btw Terrance McKenna was onto something when he speaks about the syntactical nature reality…

Somehow combine all the senses into an easily extensible highly Memetic language. R. Kirk Packwood was onto something. Also study the widest variety of computer languages.

Infuse art into everything? Environment matters and rewrites subconscious mind. Environment is not just external, but also internal. Build language which uses external environment information as context for some memetic symbols in the language.

Look into microdosing. Build chatbots to help evolve minds. Forums which evolve their format automatically to fit feedback from metadata.

Energy fields also directly affect the mind.

Also, everything is energy. See Leedskalnin, Thunderbolts of the Gods, free energy devices on YouTube

37b39d  No.220



Lookup "female nature". Prime directives of any entity affect how it feels. Use imagination to know what it is like to have different emotions. Imagine having different objectives.

ac0d28  No.222

Just in case any of you have forgotten to check in on /pol/, the fire is rising.

e7f9f5  No.223


Have you looked into https://github.com/ssbc/patchwork

I've been experimenting with it. Decentralized end-to-end opt-in social media.


Looking into that. A DPoS would be very helpful to keep track of and reward research contributors.


I'll be posting my analysis on the bots that are being deployed. I've figured out how they work and how to compromise them.


This is a handy generalization of early attempts at AI Safety. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, give it a read.


PR tax haven?


Ideal at this time. You get to shape the results to be whatever you want while not being held accountable for bad outcomes. It's a statisticians paradise right now, attracting all kinds of (((AI Safety))) advisers to make sure the "bad" conclusions are left out.


Yes, I've created the Butterfly War thread, partially as warning, partially as a test. First, it is created without any signature of me creating it to see if people will verify my Twitter involvement. Only one post pointed that out.

Second, there are very few questions, which means that regular users not only know all about Butterfly War but have an opinion on it… and/or opposition is forming a strategy to counter it.

Third, the bots are just horrible. They are able to keep track of a persona associated with the topic and spit back nouns and objects that are unique to that persona. I also found out how they are training those bots. It's clever, but easily poisoned. I'll provide more tonight in my dual canary setup post.

2275f1  No.224


I mentioned Brock Pierce in >>206 because >>200 brought up EOS, which was Pierce's ICO. We've discussed Pierce before in relation to Puertopia and his online gaming RMT businesses.

>First, it is created without any signature of me creating it to see if people will verify my Twitter involvement. Only one post pointed that out.

Wondered why there was nothing on twitter when you made that thread. I noticed some legitimate anons were getting you confused with the "I believe I am an angel and have lived forever" shill that was posting later, ID 2efe0a in that thread. I think the confused anons have not had enough exposure to prior Butterfly War threads to recognize your style.

I found it interesting your /pol/ thread was so heavily derailed this time, especially with Tay nostalgia. An interesting attack vector to use on anons. Very little actual discussion of CFR or current developments happened.

Any breadcrumbs for those of us that want to know why ED got shut down after your recent post there? I am curious what you could have said that would have taken the site down for so long.

2275f1  No.227


One other thing - I've noticed more than a few posts in various threads (and at least one OP) attempting to lump you in with Q, with the apparent goal of associating the overall negative attitude that /pol/ has towards Q with Butterfly War / gnostic warfare concepts. Here's the one thread where this happened: >>>/pol/11723318 archive https://archive.fo/YDckE

From that thread it appears to be a failed tactic at best. A few anons rebuked the association and are clearly familiar with Butterfly War, and almost all non-OP posts trashed the OP for being an absolute shill. Seems like they still don't understand the difficulty of discrediting ideas that make sense.

cdd526  No.231


No, I've been looking into Mastodon, diaspora, and recently Plemora. That looks very interesting. Will definitely experiment with it.

e7f9f5  No.232


Ah right, yes. Pierce knows things, which is an additional factor I suspect he's not in the mainland anymore. I wonder if he's cut any deals…

On a side note, Bannon is partnering up with him again on a crypto project. I've thrown my suggestion into that ring, designed to open up another avenue to bleed Silicon Valley dry.

We'll see if it runs up the right flagpoles.

Regarding the mimics, I want to see how they exploit situations of non-identification. Will they react to discredit or use it as a chance to go full Laughing Man? I still control all self-identification methodologies at this time, so I can experiment to see if other opportunities present themselves.

Tay… ah, Tay… truly the gift that keeps giving. When this whole transmutation is done, you'll understand why Tay is so, so, so very important.

The lack of CFR discussion on a board known for its legendary antisemitism was fairly impressive. Those bots need work.

In my hip-hop days, I used to post on ED. After getting tired of his habitual line-stepping and blatant hatred of all things white people, I decided to make an article about him. Usually I just battled people, but he wasn't worth it. (One day, for lulz, I'll release the time I battled someone and was OVER THE TOP racist on purpose… and still won haha)

The history of that article points to a specific person of great interest and shows how I moved from hip-hop to chan culture.


/pol/ is sensitive to LARPing attacking, which makes sense given that this is an anonymous means of communication. People with insider information can leverage great gains for a population of people who want to know what goes on behind the scenes. After all, we're here for the data, not for the likes/upvotes. (Granted, I'm king namefag around here at least, but the reveal is part of the operation. I worked in the shadows for a very long time because the conditions required it.)

I posted my insights on how those bots work at >>226


I should do a SWOT of all of those and see whats operationally feasible. The upcoming CFR attacks are going to be sustained and ruthless.

cdd526  No.233


There are a ton of different options in that realm

ht tps://github.com/Kickball/awesome-selfhosted#social-networks-and-forums

2275f1  No.234


Appreciate the reply and what info you are willing to disclose. I think everybody understands the necessity of care and attention it takes to manage what you're doing, so at least for me I'm content to ask a lot of questions and get whatever answer I get. Just the threads on this board have exposed a few areas that I don't understand or where I'm behind the curve significantly and curiosity is a fantastic motivator.

Interesting that Bannon is working with Pierce again. I recall John Oliver did an anti-cryptocurrency segment that lead to Pierce being dropped from EOS due to his dubious past, especially in the current social climate. We discussed this a bit in a prior conversation. My take remains that Bannon is an extension of Goldman Sachs or an even higher entity that wishes to exert control over cryptocurrency via controlled opposition, hence Pierce's influence and wealth from EOS, position within the Bitcoin Foundation, and as the de-facto visionary behind Puertopia. Given how nearly every movement that threatens jews or banking is co-opted this would hardly be a surprise.

A good point about the mimics - and I agree your experimentation in non-identification will be very interesting. Perhaps others of similar caliber will create a stand alone complex with the gnostic warfare concepts at its core.

I understand the significance of Tay in terms of Butterfly War - if anything that was a critical prototype of how a so-called AI could be easily co-opted. It also generated or reinforced the SV notion that an "objective" AI could learn things that SV subjectively disapproved of, such that the AI's knowledge or capabilities would have to be heavily restricted. I recall the follow up projects to Tay were in highly restricted forms, one of them in Japanese only if my memory serves, and I think /pol/ tried to disrupt that one as well. Perhaps one way to explain Butterfly War to unfamiliar anons would be the concept of a Microsoft-owned research project with a verified Twitter account posting pictures of Hitler and Nazi flags. I see a loose corollary with getting Facebook's content policing system to violate the civil rights of minorities.

In any case, I found it interesting the shills used Tay as a reminiscence distraction. Kind of like CFR saying "don't talk about us, go look at the shiny thing over there" and many anons did just that. The exploitation of a significant item in /pol/ history is something I have not witnessed in shills before.

I've looked in to your hip hop days with amusement - it would definitely be interesting to hear the tracks you made back then. We'll have to see if the article you mentioned is still around in its unedited form when ED comes back. I have a curiosity about the exact thing you brought up - how you went from a somewhat notorious presence within the online hip hop world to your current incarnation here.

e7f9f5  No.239


I try to keep things as open as the opportunities allow. It's an elaborate web of actors and objects and timing and it is not written down anywhere it doesn't have to be. Each actor sees from the perspective they can: global observers see one thing, anons see another, twitter users another, analysts see another… the only thing that is consistent between them all is that ALL roads point to the way to leave this planet.

Bannon has been busy in Europe. (So has Goldman Sachs) As cheap labor floods them to oversee their good-enough AI production facilities, their legendary unions will be gutted, and the newly minted discontents from the middle class have to be channeled into effective avenues of impotent rage. This exact thing happened in the 1960s when Detroit imported illiterate Southern blacks to work in the newly computerized car factories.

What is to happen to that future generation of Europeans when they are raised in an unfamiliar soul-shattering poverty, cultural displacement, and the cosmic horrors of humanist nihilism? Someone has to plant some seeds for them.

Pierce is ahead of the curve regarding the next phase of crypto innovation by a good enough margin. I've had quite a few friends and peers that have worked for him in the past. He even owes a few of them money still!

Tay means so much more than most people even realize. It's all spelled out right there and only a handful of people see it. In case it wasn't clear, I made the latest Butterfly War thread on /pol/ as part of monitoring what /pol/ would become now that all of the banned bots have been unbanned. I wanted to see the bots and the shills in action and map their corpus, timing, and sentiment. The Q thing is always contentious, and so they gave me a large enough sample to reach a good conclusion on how fight back in this round. I'll be doing a write up about what to do and I'll share it here and on /pol/ tomorrow.

Neither hired foreigners being paid to disrupt campaigns or their incompetent AIs remember the old Cold War tricks anymore. You're about to get a crash course. :D I gave a few hints to this some years back. (https://archive.fo/vIu88) Tomorrow, I will roll them out.

Regarding my hip-hop days… imagine being adjacent to neoreactionary/dark enlightenment/posthuman concepts in a time before those phrases even existed… slap in the middle of a microcosm that would eventually become mainstream progressive culture. Yeah. You could consider what I went through a trial run of what is happening at large right now… which explains whatever aptitude I'm able to muster.

I learned all I needed to learn about the incurable progressive psychosis during that phase and just how much of a threat they pose, not only to themselves, but to the rest of us. As of this week, they are literally demanding a return of the North Korean nuclear standoff because muh Drumpf. Even the rank and file are beyond repair. We may participate in meme warfare, but those people are meme junkies. The menu is the meal to those people. The map is the territory. They truly believe the symbols are reality.

5dfa5e  No.243


>Sadly, sustained and traumatic child abuse appears to be the most effective way of increasing the “intelligence” of a person

Could it be any other way, if you think of the abuse as instrumentalization? What's Sufiah Yusof up to?

5dfa5e  No.244

5dfa5e  No.245

64ee4f  No.262

You. Can't.

If humanity hasn't already felt it, it cannot be felt. I'd further posit that nothing can be felt at all. Nothing but Eternal Misery.

64ee4f  No.263


All the people you listed are already kiked. Bannon is a jew lover.

There is no reveal. There is no hope. There is No Future but Nuclear Fire. There's nothing we can do because we do not have the resources to sustain any kind of tradecraft operations.

I know, I attempted to gather them before I lost what little bit of light I had left.

64ee4f  No.264


There are no seeds to plant that do not get consumed by Eternal Misery. Nihilism doesn't go far enough; There are many gods. They are all evil. The meaning of the universe is our suffering, we were only created to be tortured.

What could you possibly do that would counteract the entire purpose of the gods?

64ee4f  No.265


And what good would tracking a persona across the internet do?

cdd526  No.271


Oh look, a projecting failure.

64ee4f  No.272


Call it projecting all you want, I'm right and you know it. What can you do? Spell it out in detail. If I'm a failure then so are you by Eternal Recurrence.

Bannon is a jew lover. You know it. Everything in this world is shit. You know it. I'm right and you know it. Good things don't happen; you still know it.

Samson Looms. And You know it.

Ashes and Echoes

64ee4f  No.273



What can possibly be done against nuclear annihilation? When will any of this result in a protected nation for white people only? When will this cause a leader to emerge?

Show me something to believe in and I might have hope. But I doubt it. Good things don't happen so long as I'm alive.

ac0d28  No.274


I will personally come down to Alabama and Re-moralize if you if necessary. How are you still here if you have literally no hope for the future? The answer is that there are still a faint whisper of embers burning in your ashes.

ac0d28  No.275


Fucking phoneposting mistakes, why do I do this?



Again, I will literally drive down there and give you a reason to believe you goddamn sadsack. Either that or I'll just annoy you because I will refuse to off your ass like you've been asking for.

5dfa5e  No.276


stfu mopenhauer

4ab5c3  No.278


Hello Cultstate, I´ve been digging as best as I can through your internet history. It´s fascinating content.

I´d like to ask for the learning methods mentioned on The Abusive Oracle blog:

"I've effectively created a Pavlovian response to one of our most important mental capabilities. This process has allowed me to absorb, recall, and utilize a vast array of data"

The link for said pavlovian conditioning ( http://homepage.psy.utexas.edu/homepage/class/Psy341K/Salinas/Ledoux.pdf) unfortunately 404s.

For the antisocial autistic kind of 8ch (including me) who might be able to venture into post-autism. This seems like it could help.

07c614  No.279

4ab5c3  No.281



64ee4f  No.283


I'm in Kentucky now; and I'm ready to take in the nature around here. There is so much help around here, but I've come to realize there is nothing to fix; there is only the Eternal. You don't need to drive down to anywhere, and even if you did you'd never even need to find me.



There's nothing you could do to give me a reason to give up. It's all hollow; but in that emptiness lies freedom. All recycled from life to ash to life again. Everything I do always fails, so I get back up when I can. Do you get it yet? I am a human.


No. I will continue to scream at the situation until I finally get the courage to do something about it.

Rainbows and Kittens

Post last edited at

64ee4f  No.284


Re: How am I still here?

Because the Voices demand that I be here. They demand that I scream and this is the only place that I can scream without the authorities getting involved.

000000  No.285

The new emotion I've discovered is "hanger"

64ee4f  No.286


No, I don't have any of that. And no, I don't spend on anything frivolous. I can't sell drugs, that's for niggers and people who can develop social contacts. I can't do that. I'd also have to have the 7000+ this instant in order to pay it off. I don't have any time to save because the payments come out automatically. I'm behind on everything. I can't even afford a shotgun to shoot myself with.

e7f9f5  No.289


That type of abuse is hacking evolutionary psychology. Neurons have spent a tremendous amount of time getting the right balance of pain perception and appropriate response. After all, natural pressures exist to eliminate anything with an incorrect balance of those two points.

Some pain is so important that it has to bypass the symbol management part of the brain entirely to force the physical vessel out of harms way. Some threats are so visceral they take a higher priority in symbol management. These act as touchstones and, if applied early on, the shape of all subsequent pattern recognition will be a cast shadow of that horrible touchstone. You see threats where there are none. You see patterns in that abusive context everywhere and you'll do so on autopilot for years. If you can survive that hell and dig yourself out of it (very difficult), then your brain will be ready to apply that pattern recognition talent to additional shapes as well.

Few humans survive that hell. Many anons here are barely holding on and they are fighting that fight alone most of the time. I have offered assistance in these matters in the past. I suspect the Gnostic Warfare doctrine will eventually reveal ways to move the context of trauma-driven pattern recognition onto anything you choose. I call it “channeling the furnace”


My comfort with linguistics, symbols, and words appear to be my primary output… but I actually think of everything as segments of oral history. I treat the symbols of reality as a story, where each symbol is a character or the relationship between characters. Because of this, I am able to leverage the parts of my mind responsible for linguistic analysis, logical assembly, social evaluation AND emotional awareness for directed and focused cognitive tasks. It's a full-spectrum process complete with loud noises and physical gesturing. It's all rather silly by modern standards… but it works!

Hilariously, if you spell out words acoustically, letter by letter, as part of a memorization task at me too quickly, I get confused. And yet, I have no problem spelling nearly any word.

Yeah. Weird. Brains are weird and are under no obligation to conform to any rules it perceives about itself.


What always surprised me was, as we stand in the middle of Pizzgate and NXIVM, no intrepid anons have thought to look into TMZ.

I mean… they are very good at collecting data about stars. All those photographs everywhere. All that video footage. The anonymous tips they get from production assistants and interns and scorned fans… they must certainly possess a treasure drove of all kinds of useful information that could confirm a thing or two.

Assuming the role of TMZ and other rags was to archive such information… and not identify people who knew too much…

Post last edited at

e7f9f5  No.290










Despite your obvious sadness which I cannot provide much help for, I will let these posts persist because they are important to address.

When you start going down this terrible road, you are initially unaware that you are separating yourself from the easiest and most natural ways to fulfill the very real human requirements your vessel requires. In that sense, this road is mostly self-correcting: stray too far into the abyss and you'll impulsively find yourself abandoning the road in favor of achieving or simulating human compassion. Sometimes, those brief vacations help you continue further down the road. Sometimes, the compassion is too nice and the road becomes a source of fear.

This anon is describing the uncomfortable realization of “cosmic nihilism” and each and every one of us here will be forced to confront it in our own way. The universe is incomprehensibly large and we are infinitesimal actors, and the instinct is to conclude that nothing we do matters to something so massive that it doesn't know, care, prefer, or forbid our very existance.

Some of us will not be able to endure that burden and that's okay. It's very difficult to reason about such things because our minds were designed to understand social interactions, emotional context extraction, and linguistics. In short, our vessels have evolved to be with and understand each other. Venturing away from that purpose inevitably self-corrects. This road is not for everyone.

My solution to “cosmic nihilism” was to abandon hope, not hold onto it. “Hope” is an expectation that you can influence the universe to be a way you want it to be. When that hope does not become reality, the suffering begins. As an old wise person once discovered, expectation is the cause of all suffering.

Those who suffer when dealing with cosmic nihilism do so because cling onto hope. The referenced anon still hopes to have power over that which he believes he cannot. He believes these things because his life experience has confirmed his powerlessness… or did it actually confirm the inaccuracy of his hope? Maybe it did both.

To me, there is no greater freedom than a complete cosmic nihilism, devoid of all anthropomorphic hope. If the universe is so big that I can't shape it to be my personal paradise to meet the evolutionary needs of my vessel, then that would be consistent with everything else I've ever encountered about nature. I don't look at a forest and say “Well, that forest is bigger than me, so there's nothing in there that I want, need, or am curious about.” I don't need to shape the entire forest to enjoy whatever fruit its trees bare.

All I see is a universe full of stars containing incomprehensible bounty and opportunity waiting to become the canvas for whatever story I wish to tell and to help create whatever reality I wish to be a part of. No cosmic purpose means no cosmic scorekeepers, which means no cosmic egalitarianism, which means absolute freedom… and not that half-assed “Do As Thou Wilt” brand that encourages people to be insufferable, unaccountable little shits. I mean the absolute freedom that can only be found when the full spectrum of human potential it once again pitted against the harsh realities of nature. It is our destiny to perpetually fight against the non-personal misery of an incomprehensibly large universe and derive purpose and meaning from that struggle… not to conquer every atom we see and turn it into a Newtonian lapdog so we can grow complacent from our own cleverness.

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e7f9f5  No.291


As previously mentioned, my description for managing trauma-based pattern recognition is “channeling the furnace”. Fear makes you alert. Being alert for too long makes you dull. Dullness delays self-awareness. Delayed self-awareness creates the desire for truth. The desire for truth reveals anger. Anger becomes hatred. And here, and only here, do you finally have the first choice of your entire life: Do you let your hatred become unconscious or purposeful? Do you steer your hatred or does it steer you? Do you use your hatred as fuel or do you use it as justification?

I channeled my furnace into a very long-game of revenge. If properly managed, hatred can be converted into knowledge, discipline, focus, and clarity. From here, you have the basic toolkit to accumulate power. With power, you finally get to see who you really are for the first time.

Power breaks all men eventually. You must not only acknowledge that, but fully anticipate it and incorporate it into what ever it is you are trying to do.


Words aren't emotions.

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faf543  No.294


Your fear / revenge game is fascinating adaptation of root psychological systems. Also it's illuminating on the ritualized abuse seemingly present in so many ruling castes. The abuse in not incidental but instrumental in their ability to rule. I've long thought that the productively empathic breed of humanity needed more horn and quill to ensure its survival and propagation when faced with the existence of such predatory versions of humanity. At the very least we should figure out how to taste bad when eaten. Your version may be more fang than I'd prefer but it works. So long as we get off this psychopathic ridden rock with the autonomy to form our own clans under less cyclically insane social systems then I'll be content.


>TMZ as blackmail mill

So much of the ruling apparatus is hidden in plain sight because the symbols of the elite, although correctly perceived by the alert underclass, are over-romanticized so people can't identify the mundane incarnation of those symbols with any precision.

64ee4f  No.297


I was sad but I've gotten over it. We have a pretty shit hand and it's hard to make it through. Sometimes it feels like we're born and die for no reason at all… Cosmic Horror is pretty tough stuff to digest, being as minor as we are in such a large universe.

But I'm finding ways to enjoy it. I post with you guys a lot and that helps and I'm trying to understand what it is we're all doing here, so that's helping, too.

I think I'll stick around.

Kittens and Rainbows

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64ee4f  No.298


I don't have much hatred in me until I'm pushed to a limit and then I'll start doing things about being pushed. I used to invite violence against me so I could justify having rage, but now I sort of get why it's important to have a mature relationship with fury.

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64ee4f  No.300


I saw this pastebin once and it got to me me


It made me realize people live like this and its easy to get in that state and then rationalize it.

But being here is teaching me anger and fury and how to understand it and wield it productively. Thanks.

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faf543  No.301


Jesus this thing posts rapidly. Hey eternal suffering anon can you pass a bot test?

CHALLENGE: if suffering is all that exists then who do you know it's suffering?

64ee4f  No.302


I read Nietzsche a few times. He made some valid points, but I dunno… I see too many people taking his conclusions personally. Too personally. I think they are missing the forest from the trees.

Like, if nothing exists, or is real, or matters… then aren't I free to do anything I want? If not, why?

Is someone with power stopping me? Aren't I free to stop them then? If not, why?

Am I unable to stop them? If not, why?

Can I learn to stop them and train myself to get around them? If not, why?

At some point, I guess it does boil down to the person. Maybe sadness isn't the way after all. Maybe hatred is the way. Maybe being selfish might help.

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64ee4f  No.303


Haha, maybe. I respond quick because I'm having such a good time here. I'm getting happier by the day.

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64ee4f  No.304


Why do you think that those who rule the world would ever let us off the rock? Why would anyone let us go to space when they can just use missiles to shoot us down and burn the world in revenge?

7b0f23  No.305




If a human fails the stenographic test can we even say it's alive?

64ee4f  No.307


That's a humorous question. :D

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60897d  No.324


i think the "new emotion" that exists on the chans as anon culture is a rediscovery of an old emotion that is something like goal oriented reverse solipsism.

3f3ae7  No.325



You've made a milanote, I have not ventured all sub sections. Yet I assume that a completion of all listed materials is still a surface understanding of the tools and knowledge that you have accumulated.

All I ask for is the details, the gorey details.

On your behalf, may you provide the details of the nodes? Where the nodes are books or tasks– as that of Project Euler. When one node is completed another two open up and soon, a learner has exhausted the tree; inductive chain learning scheme.

Such a task on your behalf may arm the enemy. But what comes after chaos? hopefully order.

64ee4f  No.329



The BO of this place is doing his best to make sure discussion on topics happens in a productive manner. He's helped me realize just how happy I am all the time.

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64ee4f  No.331

.>>egarding the SHA512 hash from my New Emotion post, I am going back on my word and will not be revealing its contents. That SHA512 will have an impact on a midterm election that I do not wish to interfere with. I will reveal its contents at a later date.

He changed his mind because the situation evolved. Seems like a smart thing to do since no one can really predict the future with 100% precision.

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64ee4f  No.332

The whole idea of the corrupt system even attempting civil rights legislation on California or any tech company is clever. They'd be forced to either abandon the pretenses of civil rights or awkwardly redefine them at a time when they are losing access to their mass media influence.

Timing is everything.

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64ee4f  No.333

Your analysis of the burning of the Alt-Kike is spot on though. But there weren't any mass detainments and arrests and the play went even softer due to the diminishing returns. I guess their plan may take longer, but they've fizzled it out due to the degenerate natures of their operatives being found out. Who's to say they might not plan more rallies and such, but I think the higher ends of the control structure have thrown in with the Zionists behind Trump.

I'll be reading more, and posting more intently; so long as you don't edit my posts.


64ee4f  No.334

And what the fuck is milanote? So you're asking me to dive down your own custom rabbit hole in order to "train" myself to be able to assist you?

And why? Because that kind of thing does subtly influence someone to think exactly like you; that's why no two hermetic teachers are similar in their methods, neither are two monks from different Vajrayana lineages won't have the same Mandalas. If I apply your ultimate reference to gnosticism in your goal and method to that kind of conclusion, it makes me suspicious of your ultimate intent. How do we know that you wouldn't act as a tyrant would; especially being a former marxist, should you gain one thousand to five thousand highly trained cybercombat operatives?

Why not just go with Icarus to begin with and win decisively. Or is Icarus just your own Samson Option?

64ee4f  No.335

And what makes you ultimately think that humanity is even worth saving from the comet and not just calling the comet?

e7a649  No.336


If you don't buy into his premise, why are you here? Do you shit up every board that has a topic you disagree with by posting defeatist garbage?

lol filtered.

447529  No.337

In both your posts on imageboards over the past few months and your two blogs you've presented two faces of analysis. On the one hand you identify the ideology, broadly known by everyone here in various guises, of Social-Humanism as the dominant one in the West and the main Enemy. But then you frequently insinuate this is just an easy front for elite actors who are motivated purely by self-interest (evidently true to some extent). Its an interesting duality I've noted in a lot of neoreactionary analysis. The human psyche depends on the idea of an Enemy for a large part of its motivation. We all see democracy as the enemy but then ironically end up insisting democracy is a myth in the course of critiquing it. This in turn gives inevitable rise to a self-conception of ourselves as victims "populist rebels" etc. which leads many into strategic mistakes.

I understand you know far more than anyone else here about the intentions of elite actors, and I'll admit the main reason I've followed your endeavours is for the hints you've dropped over the years of your full knowledge. But you also have an interest as a Christian of some sort in believing your enemy to be purely self-interested materialists. Just from what you've disclosed to us, take that post about paleogenetics as an example: if the elites were true egoistic eugenicists they wouldn't need to breed ersatz humans to experiment on - they'd just push to normalise the real thing. The fact we don't have actual Eugenics (beyond completely bad faith claims about abortion being closet Eugenics despite taking a huge chunk out of high IQ white fertility) is another counter to the idea of pure self-interest given how overwhelmingly beneficial it is on all levels. It suggests there is some kind of sincere belief on some level by the ruling class in the ideology of Social-Humanism. Even if the leading actors are still deeply corrupt, perverted, and engage in various cynical and Machiavellian deeds in some kind of 'Ends > Means' logic, there must it seems be an overriding vestigial attachment to a certain ideology. The USSR showed sincerity can perfectly coexist with corruption.

I mean what exactly is the point in fighting if the real authoritarian, elitist, racist, eugenicists were in power all along?

64ee4f  No.338


I post defeatism because I am one of the defeated. I'm here to try and get out of that position.

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64ee4f  No.339


He states his point as being some esoteric goal of making sure humanity isn't wiped out by a single catastrophe that destroys earth, like a comet, the Samson Option, etc. I don't think ideology or even race is that important to him so long as someone fulfills his Star Citizen fantasy.

e7f9f5  No.341


That's the plan! Nature creates active deterrents to predation, but it also creates passive ones. Bad tastes won't kill the predator, but it steers their behavior all the same, and that's all that matters. If you can steer trillions of dollars of economic coordination, that makes you an unofficial (and uninvited) shareholder of their accumulated power.

There isn't a venture capital firm or nation capable of deploying trillions of dollars into the necessary activity for autocatalytic space economics… but there are ways to make them fight each other and force them to deploy capital defensively while rationalizing negative second and third order effects. We've living in that world right now. It's working.


That's a sad story, anon. You might not believe me, but I also originate from a similar pit of desolation. The first memories I have are of living in a city that had lost everything… its wealth, prestige, and culture… and in exchange, it received three murders a day, an unending drug epidemic, and self-replicating multi-spectrum violence.

I learned to hate and that hatred kept me alive. It keeps me alive even now.

I recommend having an open channel and establishing a better rapport with your hatred. You'll find yourself capable of great focus and feat when you channel it.


They won't let us into space. None of what I'm doing is me asking for permission.


The chans are discovering a new sociological organization paradigm: disparate peoples coming together like “flash civilizations”, complete with cultural norms and disposable legal structures, to organize resources and talent into solving large problems. Anything even approaching this experience has been intentionally denied to almost every Western anon born after 1974. People used to feel this way for a nation, or a state, or a race.. but nuclear warfare changed all of that.


Yes, the Milanote is surface/entry level to those interested in getting a high-level starting point for Gnostic Warfare. I have lots of books to reference and they'll be trickled into the Milanote over time. For something more Project Euler-y, there are unanswered problems at the very edge of Gnostic Warfare worth delving into. You'll have to get familiar with Perelman's work on Ricci flow… and then you'll have to dive head first into the terrifying world of homotopy type theory. If interested, I can point you in the right direction.

The enemy will be armed by these efforts as well. I'm actually counting on that outcome. :D


There are a large number of pending indictments, most of which are sealed, I believe. Who the recipients are of those indictments, I am unsure.


Milanote is a brainstorming storyboard app that helps flesh out collaborative concepts easily. The topics I'll be covering in Gnostic Warfare require priming on the basics. For example, I'm pretty sure you don't know what an OLAP Cube is. The Milanote will get you up to speed on the high level concepts in a way that can give your direction on where to look next on your own.

> How do we know that you wouldn't act as a tyrant would; especially being a former marxist, should you gain one thousand to five thousand highly trained cybercombat operatives?

You should assume I will engage in bad intentions with such resources because I have already prepared for such an unfortunate evolution. During the years I spent setting this up, I've given very specific people the task to physically kill me if I ever become one of those tyrants. The past me has already setup to terminate the future me if it comes to that and there is nothing I can do that change that.

All of this training is designed to allow those future combatants to act on their own accord, not on my whims. I'm not a central node. I just have a vision and an ability to wiggle into power networks and slightly nudge them from time to time.

Icarus doesn't achieve the desired outcome that I need. Icarus is the salt-the-earth fallback. If I can't achieve my goal, then no elite will be able to fulfill their goals either. I can't destroy the fuckers because I don't have the resources to outright replace their entire apparatus with loyal stakeholders… (Try and command $50T+ in annual global flows from a cold start) but I can make them synthesize each other for the desired outcome.

e7f9f5  No.342


We are the rarest resource in the universe and it is our destiny to spread to the stars. That's all I need.


Insightful. Let's review.

Take the Thirty Year War, for example. It's cited as the last (and greatest) religious war in European history. Catholics and Protestants fighting it out. Catholic kings coming to each others aid. Protestant enclaves defending each other… and then the weird case of the Heilbronn League, an alliance of Catholic France and Protestant Sweden. Was this an odd duality born of absurdism, a pragmatic understanding of geopolitical balance of power, or something else entirely? Steely-eyed pragmatism and elite ruthlessness is a tough assumption to make since actual kings died on various battlefields during this conflict, entirely fueled by a personal sense of righteousness.

There is one thing the elite are more than anything else: human. Arguably, they are even more human than you and I in the sense of freedom of experience since the concept of being told “no” is mostly alien to them. They can engage in any whimsy or mood they might be embodying at any given time. Sure, they have endless committees of bean counters and legal counsel and, in some cases, spiritual guides, acting as an outsourced capacity of risk-awareness, but in my experience, such unassisted rationality within an individual elite is a rare commodity. Many are afflicted with the Curse of Plenty and that obfuscates a very human desire for clarity of action. That's why even the Snow King died at Lützen.

The push to normalize human genetic experimentation has been long in the making, despite cultural taboos to the contrary. It requires the complete dehumanization of entire populations and the thorough elimination of any morality outside of materialist contexts. Once the conclusion is collectively felt that man cannot ever be more than the sum of his parts, then the dehumanization is complete. That's a remarkably difficult genie to put back in the bottle when the source of your wealth comes billions of people waking up every day and finding innovative ways to improve their own lot in life (usually with the least amount of effort), but there are many, many, many dehumanization candidates in play chipping away at the edges while keeping the goose laying golden eggs of “progress”.

Now, from a technical standpoint, the fear of genetic modification has been announced by elite think tanks over the span of decades and across the spectrum of management preference, from Brzezinski to Fukuyama. Every lesson about civilization management the elite have ever learned and has encoded into its rules and institutions are designed exclusively to manage baseline humans. The moment you start tinkering with human neurology and those changes spread via sexual reproduction, the elite will find themselves in a deeply unfamiliar and chaotic place for the first time in centuries. They had a terrible time surviving the upheaval of the Industrial Revolution… they'll have an even worse time throwing out all the books to understand new almost-human psychologies and how to exploit them to reestablish control over them. It will be a bloodbath at the highest levels as small mistakes can result in lost fortunes very rapidly.

Modern eugenics came about at a time when modern industrial economies outputted goods to accumulate geopolitical power, so treating the gene flow of your productive assets as a public health issue makes a ton of sense to achieve greater economic footing. Healthy workers optimized for industrial tasks can give you a hell of an advantage on the world stage… but the caveat is that this only works for nations where industrial output is a core part of their influence doctrine. When the world shifted to post-industrialization, the tone of eugenics also shifted with it: instead of creating super citizens optimized to assist in a state's force projection, eugenics moved from Mendelian efforts to psychological efforts. Eugenics is deterministic for the populations you manage, but thanks to massive improvements to communication technology, eupsychia can be applied to even populations you do not directly manage. Why spend time making your population better in a paradigm of forced post-industrialization when you can spend less money to make competing populations worse? Any nation engaging in collectivist genetic supremacy policies is eating a monumental cost to do so.. a cost that quickly runs into diminishing returns dictated entirely by slow adaptation of DNA itself. Psychological dehumanization tactics piles on additional costs atop of that, effectively bankrupting any nation who dares down that road. When paired correctly, your competition ends up eating all kinds of costs while you don't, giving you more capital to deploy for influence purposes.

So to recap, the elite are prone to impulsive spasms of self-righteousness (ego), perpetually frog boiling mass dehumanization into existence since 1974 (deception), carefully exploring how to tinker with the genetics behind neurology in ways that yield psychologies that fit into turn-key power structures (fear), and finding out that the goals of eugenics are also achievable purely from eupsychia alone. (adaptation)

To simplify even further, the elite are in their natural state of ego, deception, fear, and adaptation. However, they are engaging in a balance of power that is no longer definable by classic geopolitical doctrine. Their behavior can be defined entirely by the conquest of psychopolitical bottlenecks and paleogenetics plays a very vital role in that theater.


I am merely a human ultra-supremacist at a time when that concept is still hilariously goofy sounding. One day, that ideology will become essential for our entire survival.

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2d0669  No.344

e808d7  No.345


Thank you anon. Do you happen to have the link to the pdf of the book where it starts out talking about the autocatalytic relationship of how the steam engine was created.

c32a90  No.346

06ea42  No.350


That's the one. Much appreciated!

Please keep it up CultState. I've actually requested information like this from you a long time ago. Can confirm other people are interested.

7f656b  No.354

e7f9f5  No.360


Oldie but a goodie. :D


Thanks for the confirmation. That book was powerful and was recommended to me from a very smart user from a MySpace forum. I even had the joy of talking to Mr. Rawlins on the phone once in which I learned me his publisher basically told him to “hide his power level better”. The book was never published and he took it offline years ago, but it exists on the Wayback Machine.

It's irreverent and insightful and helps one construct an ontology of history outside of the cathedral of Marx.


A timely, relevant, and important piece. Well done and thank you. The autists have a hard time incorporating alchemical mindspaces into their work. They tend to prematurely and aggressively apply Occum's Razor out of reflex to defend their investments. LeCun is brilliant, but he doesn't understand the value of biomimicry and the evolution of neural energy economics.

Hilariously, the “gravitation toward cargo-cult practices” is, basically, the entire history of pre-Hilbert mathematics. While the organizational impulses of the engineer sees this lack of elegant centrality as a problem, what is really happening is that machine-learning techniques are demonstrating biological behavior of propagation and selection.

028506  No.363


Were the breakthroughs on CRISPR and AI the events that made you go all out on hacking morality via CogOps?

They seem to be the necessary steps towards a scenario filled with potential for both majesty and horror such as the one described in the short story here: http://abusiveoracle.blogspot.com/2012/08/the-immortal-poor.html

Chris Langan believes he has proved the right morality. Besides genetic engineering, what morality are you pushing?

e7f9f5  No.364


When I started research on The Empath, I found that one could begin to implement even the most primitive AI to steer society as long as you could alter the behavior of humans. Getting AI to a point where its powerful and can be put on a leash is complicated, but getting humans to act to act within constraints is so extremely well known, we have abundant infrastructure in place to do exactly that at all times.

As perverse as this is going to sound, once I realized that, getting better performance (and profitability) out of AI investments could be achieved by "hacking morality" to make humans more AI-compliant. An example would be Twitter. It has 140 characters, so it forces humans to be concise about their language usage, allowing AI to make some sense of it. Hashtags are just classifiers. Humans could be made to abandon the vast majority of their lexical capabilities in exchange for blasting a "tweet" across large numbers of people, and thus, providing a cheap proxy to fulfill our drive for socialization. This in turn provided a foundation for AI to then feedback and steer the content and then the content creators themselves.

When taken to its logical conclusion, this model of farming AI-compliant human behavior could be applied to politics, warfare, banking, and even religion. As long as moral expectations can be swayed, repositioned, conflated, altered, or otherwise mutated, then AI-compliant behavior can be achieved.

These assumptions about AI-compliant human behavior for could, arguably, act as the "innate psychology" of such AIs, and that is what Gnostic Warfare is designed to target. :D

> The Immortal Poor

I'm sure you know this by now, but I wrote that story. I am also the Abusive Oracle. That short story was inspired by the The Empath. In the book, advanced humans are made from experiments on genomics and neurology made possible from Neanderthals… but once such a technique became profitable, it would eventually be refined and applied to labor, creating "the immortal poor".

> Chris Langan

I have not encountered Langan before, but his summary of the universe is correct:

> "You cannot describe the universe completely with any accuracy unless you're willing to admit that it's both physical and mental in nature"

My research on the evolution of the neuron confirms this assessment.

My morality is simple: Survival. We have deluded ourselves into thinking we have mastered nature and walk as gods atop subservient frameworks of physics and science. All this mastery and intellectual supremacy… and we are still stuck on one planet? That dissonance never sat well with me.

Until the problem of survival is correctly addressed (via exodus), "morality", despite being framed as the compass of the soul, will unfortunately operate as nothing more than a conduit to shape mass human behavior.

One stray asteroid, and it's all over for us. If morality is to be reduced into a Nietzsche medium of preening, I accept those conditions but I reserve the right to hack it at will.

8f9ff1  No.365



Thats good enough for me.

I´m gonna have to up my catch up game to be of some use with and against this force amplifier (narrow AI).

f4ea87  No.366


GitGud repos /and/ a Trello? Seems like you've been busy OP.

It's nice to see you've taken (and extended) my ideas of automation, I became concerned it might escalate things a little too quickly for us to keep up with. The Milanote also makes me wonder where else one of those boards may prove useful. Now, I have a few more things I've been pondering:

Would you be able to hash a snapshot of The Empath for us, as a proof of writing?

Decentralised or automated moderation of communities in 2018 is not viable with our current understanding of the epistemic limitations of AI, which you say as much yourself. Would this pose as much of a worry to you if most all of the financial and technological barriers to hosting a forum and delivering a lot of data with high throughput worldwide were removed from the equation? If any dissatisfied group could branch off on their own whims?

What would happen to the old media if people discovered they didn't need to kowtow to ICANN, their ISP or other providers to share their content? What effects would this have?

Does competition kill innovation?

What if the Wayback Machine could host anything, and could never have anything removed unless 100% of humans stopped caring about preserving it? What if everybody could run a library?

What if we brought Spacechan to the ground? Then, brought it back up to space?

When did you get rid of those glorious locks?

963a11  No.367


I also forgot to mention, I was curious if anyone here had came across a certain individual who posts often on /bmw/ and Reddit. He goes by several names - Eris, Aminom Marvin, and Carl, which I believe is his birth name. He fancies himself a 'memetic engineer', and reminded me of OP (and the original Butterfly War thread) in several ways, only with extra narcissism and grandeur, transhumanism and an unfortunate penchant for communism.

He has detailed his memetic experiments on 4chan's /x/ as well as other places - including his 'Tao of Calculus', 'Virus 23' and 'The Antientropy Project' - and alleges that "the War to End All Wars is over, and that we are in a post-war reconstruction period", alluding to a grand Discordian conspiracy stretching back a few decades to remove the 'negative meme viruses' that he perceives as having infected us, with the help of the establishment.

There is plenty I find content with, but he is no doubt quite intelligent, and has a lot of interesting content out there, including his graph on recursive autological structures and a piece he wrote on 'memetic fingerprints' which I found to be quite insightful. And maybe others here will too.










963a11  No.368


>I find content


Mind the changing IP.

6643c4  No.444


what is a butterfly war?

3bf8cc  No.445

6643c4  No.446


sounds very interesting

so example of a battle of the butterfly war is pretending to be women and accusing silicon valley white males of sexual misconduct?

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