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d2aa4a  No.226

To help prepare for the shit that is about to hit the fan, I am implementing a dual canary scheme. This is NOT LIVE and is currently EXPERIMENTAL ONLY.

When this is made live, this thread will be deleted and a new one will be created with the final rules.

Experimental: Proof of Consistency

With the aggressive removal of the blackmail network that kept South Korea in line with globalist agendas, the sixty-five year war between the Koreas is starting to come to a close. This means the nullification of future loans (and interest) to pay for defense spending and post-war construction loans… and the internationalist banking elite are not happy. They will be preparing a worldwide multi-domain counterattack and Chan culture is in the cross hairs.

Chan culture is a vital part of the pro-national Trump infrastructure. Since Henry Kissinger, the Council on Foreign Relations, and Bilderberg have made media appearances in the wake of the Butterfly War problem, We’ve already seen an uptick in bot spamming and poor Markov mirroring on /pol/. These bots were trained on poster data in which, ironically, came from well-meaning /pol/ users themselves. As they labeled clearly disruptive posters as “shills”. This phrase is a special and organic classifier that flags the offending post as containing content as an accurate disruptor of Chan community. Those flagged posts have been used to train an anti-/pol/ neural network which is now being unleashed upon us and being fine-tuned for maximum efficiency. In addition to this, you’re going to see enhanced isolation and virality disruption campaigns. All of these tactics work in concert to ensure your next wave of meme war fails. If you haven’t been engaging in Butterfly War by now, this is a good time to start. It’s a surefire way to spread your memes under these incredible restrictions.

This also means targeting influencers. My honeypots are on fire these days and I’ve had to put Icarus on a kill switch. I suspect these attackers are not global observers because global observers knew I had a MAC whitelist on my routers. This means the parties attempting to connect to my router with unapproved MAC addresses didn't know they would be rejected, which means they are third-parties actors with an incomplete context. I have compensated for their presence well in advance.

To help combat against device compromise, I will be implementing a Proof of Consistency dual canary scheme in the event my devices, passwords, networks, or person becomes compromised.

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d2aa4a  No.228

Weekly Proofs

I will start by releasing 1 weekly proof and 1 monthly proof. The weekly proof will look like this

17.56839385 e28d1ea5dd2707933b38ebdde8ad2a98104f6e125cbe077d38e96ee33a4f60eaa0c50b1a1b8ca415d3b70eb7e2d6200244de6f40e5537f0a85d95137c33b4a56

The target is the left-most decimal number.

The hash will contain character data and an equation that, when evaluated, will result in the target. A reveal of the weekly proof will look like this:

echo "test sha512 | (17 + 0.56839385)" | sha512sum

Because there are an uncountable infinity of numbers between any number (Between 1 and 2 are 1.01, 1.001, 1.0001, etc.) and there are an uncountable infinity of equations that can result in the target, baking an equation in the hash, while reducing the character distribution where that equation exists, provides enhanced rainbow table defiance and collision immunity in a world where tens of thousands of massive cryptocurrency mining operations can churn through hundreds of billions of hashes per second. The additional non-equation characters compensate for the lost character distribution. If non-variable non-mathematical characters exist within an equation, they should be ignored during evaluations.

At the beginning of each week, I will reveal the contents of the hash and provide a new weekly hash. The target of the hash should be remembered for the monthly hash.

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d2aa4a  No.229

Monthly Proofs

After 4 weekly hashes are revealed, the monthly proof will be revealed. A monthly hash looks like this:

8521154.771503326 82f26e63772d5d142dd639a85f470fe213761749ff464c5395872f390d4857c2768979f73b5e48f6cf91ab586fe201091a2d7350b56714485e1de6fcaa2e5cb0

The target is the left-most decimal number.

The hash will contain character data and an equation with a variable (indicated by x). The sum of the previous 4 weekly hashes should be put into the variable and when the

equation is evaluated, the result should be the target.

The reveal of a monthly proof will look like this:

echo "monthly hash test | (58 + x)" | sha512sum

And last 4 weekly targets were:





You would sum them together (854.395543 + 8520235.25345 + 0.58794687455 + 6.53456345 = 8521096.771503326) and then plug that into the monthly proofs equation (58 + 8521096.771503326) to receive the monthly target. After that, a new monthly proof will be generated.

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d2aa4a  No.230


If for any reason the targets do not add up, I have been compromised. If I become compromised and am forced to continue keep the canaries alive, then this dual canary setup will buy me time to plan a counterattack. When I’m ready to strike, I will plant a bad bit into the monthly proof and that will indicate that I have been compromised.

Additionally, this dual canary setup buys me flexibility in negotiation options for more difficult situations involving hostage taking or extortion. This ultimately destabilizes the assurances of a purely remote compromise and forces an armed enforcer to be in my presence every week to make sure I'm not injecting a bad bit. This proximity requirement dramatically enhances my chances to overcome the compromised situation.

Remember, ANY mistake in the equation evaluations means I've been compromised. ANY. NO EXCEPTIONS. Follow these rules CAREFULLY.

If the contents of the hashes stop being revealed, then I’m dead and Icarus will be released.

The instructions for this system will be duplicated and archived in multiple locations in case malicious actors attempt to modify the rules.

The proofs and their reveals will be posted on CultState, /gnosticwarfare/, and Twitter for now. I will expand this distribution over time and notifications about those expansions will be baked into the proofs.

Messages within proofs that attempt to alter these rules are invalid. These rules are immutable. If these rules change or suggestions to change rules exist within the hashes, I have been compromised.

All hashes will be generated on a machine that has no access to any network.

The sources of the hash will not be stored on network-accessible mediums.

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eabf78  No.268


You know, I've been thinking… the blackmail network can't survive in a world where intelligence gathering is so cheap. Even the most carefully constructed plans can be hijacked by someone with a basic knowledge of SSH and phishing scams. It's almost like… anyone can hijack an elite's blackmail network…. hrmmm…

… possibilities…

I read your bit about emotional tagging via AI; would that mean an AI would understand exactly how incredibly happy I am, and would that in turn make the AI as happy as I am? Would I finally be able to get someone willing to enjoy all life has to offer?

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eabf78  No.269


Why not release Icarus from the get-go and let the entire thing crumble?

Kittens and Rainbows

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bbe5d1  No.280


You ever think about staggering the monthly releases, so that there's two sets that overlap ending up in monthly updates being released every two weeks? As in, every two weeks you do a monthly that consists of the numbers from the previous four weeks. Otherwise, you could be vulnerable in the few days between the end of the previous month's updates and the start of the next one's, unless I misunderstand.

000000  No.287



Version: GnuPG v1


































d2aa4a  No.288



I will address your concerns in the other threads.


Yes, as I posted this, I concluded the refreshing of the monthly proof would be weak point and that staggering is worth exploring. I'm glad you saw that, too.

I might also bake additional numbers into the weeklies hash and then require those to be part of the monthly sum. That would help reinforce consistency.


I'm not a formal code breaker. I know how to do all of that… I just choose not to on most occasions. Sadly, this would be one of those occasions. :(

Those domains try to extract truth from secrets and there are more than enough resources worldwide thrown into that challenge. I have little to offer to such a monumental effort.

Besides… the people who watch me now can break those codes. :D

eabf78  No.296


Address all you want, that won't change how blissful I am and how amazing life is. But, do what you wish.

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d2aa4a  No.370


come on bruh

there's no data there


d2aa4a  No.371


disregard that, i suck cocks

header was bad, fixed it

d2aa4a  No.372



hrmmmm maybe the board mangled some characters?

d2aa4a  No.373



oh i see

you're a windows user, okay

lemme see what I can do

99616a  No.374


>muh proof of life

No one is going to murder you for writing javascript helper utilities and larping as a hacker.

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