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All things Butterfly War, New Emotion, and Gnostic Warfare
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Cogops > Psyops

428d4b  No.404

Recent Developments

There have been a variety of important developments regarding Gnostic Warfare. Before we get into a synopsis, we have to talk about the “Liquid Math” event I've been alluding to over the past few months.

Liquid Math

In the Paleogenetics post at >>126, I explained the foundation of the AI in my book and gave insight on what I precisely meant when I said that I was trying to “restore a forgotten emotion”. By restoring the Neanderthal mind, we will have access to a new emotion that has been long forgotten to us, and if my theory about emotional influence on cognitive operations holds, that will serve as a foundation to detect new and important patterns about mathematics.

“Liquid math” means encoding axioms of mathematics as a behavioral expression of a neuron's lifecycle so that we can “invent” equations instead of revealing them. Once mathematical formation liquifies as an organic process, the entire rules of the game change for good.

I have successfully since partnered up with many of the scientists who can grow the Neanderthal organoids mentioned in the linked article. (https://singularityhub.com/2018/05/23/living-neanderthal-mini-brains-may-reveal-what-makes-our-brains-special/) They believe I am right about using Neanderthal organoids to blow past the limits of contemporary machine learning techniques.

Here's the first official task of /gnosticwarfare/: Research everything you can about spiking neural networks and ask questions here. If you want a glimpse of what can be done with this type of research, here's an example that I'm sure many of you can immediately see the value in: https://archive.fo/T7kzU

As you ask questions, I can reveal more about the project.

NXIVM Fallout

McCain's “natural death” (His wife is Cindy Lou Hensley, only daughter of a fixer within the Meyer Lansky network, and Arizona has a massive network of human trafficking/drug running lanes), Saudi muscling of Canada, and Trump's NAFTA renegotiation signals a significant increase of pressure upon Bronfman's to cause a mess in the Rothschild network. This is all designed to secure Assange's transition back to the United States, where his insurance files will serve as the final part of The Awakening. I have put out a series of tweets indicating my proximity to these developments. Archive.is breaks them apart into two segments: https://archive.fo/Xuody and https://archive.fo/zWnPA

I finally explained what a Cult State is on the blog: https://archive.fo/aMz48

MBS needs to be careful and see this all the way to the end.

I've also created an Instagram account containing very curious photos that will mean something later. This account follows a single person: https://www.instagram.com/emblem21ceo/


A surprising amount of people think I'm Q. Why?

>I've spent many years in the larger proximity of DJT.

>I know all about the Saudi/UK/Israel petrodollar recycling mechanism.

>I know that when you fuck with the mob, they never forgive and they never forget.

>Q and I did expose ourselves to the Chans at nearly the exact same time.

>We've independently utilized “The Awakening” in our narratives.

>I explained how to take down Eric Schmidt, an essential action for the retrieval of “hidden” email servers. (Parallel construction?)

>My long-term profile picture is holding a pocket watch, which is the map for Q's clock cipher.

>My email to Gizmodo after the Playboy article came out heavily hinted to an IARPA project coming down the pipes.

For the record, I am not Q. I'm just a humble alchemist, completing an equation. I did figure out Q's “Morning Sun” riddle and was rewarded with four fireworks going off out my window the morning McCain died at 5:15AM PST. Yeah. Five in the morning. Fireworks.

Last I checked, the Morning Sun had shoved off as of early this week. I've been watching a certain committee ever since: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Defense_Innovation_Advisory_Board

Robotic Nationalism

I am still putting together the materials to introduce Robotic Nationalism to the world. The entire purpose of Emblem 21 was to explore the economic, political, and social foundations of nations when their local capital can leverage robotic fleets to solve labor shortages for wealth generation. The results are promising and fulfill multiple mandates across civilization emergence: employment, civil stability, cultural preservation, restoration of growth, bargaining power within international markets, and most important of all, immunity to manufactured crises rooted in identity exploitation.

I will be building bridges with nascent and growing nationalist movements to build a bridge between them and the financial and political credibility they'll need to promise jobs in Europe and America. I've released my overview of Robotic Nationalism to the State Department, several European defense companies, and Bronfman-related parties to seed the soil for future operations.

Post last edited at

a52b24  No.405

Everything is revealed to all men as they desire it to be revealed to them, by their own definitions alone.

anything is anything, then everything is everything.

e0978c  No.406

Thanks for the update.

>By restoring the Neanderthal mind, we will have access to a new emotion that has been long forgotten to us

When you say 'restore' the neanderthal mind, do you mean recreating organisms capable of neurologic function using neanderthal DNA? If so, by what mechanism can emotions from such an organism be transferred to us? If we have remnants of neanderthal DNA, I assume we are capable of feeling this 'foreign' emotion, but what process could we employ to receive it?

>I explained how to take down Eric Schmidt, an essential action for the retrieval of “hidden” email servers. (Parallel construction?)

It doesn't seem to concern you at all that Eric Schmidt is now the chairman of the Defense Innovation Advisory Board. I don't see the CEO of a corrupt multinational corporation having a positive impact on the Pentagon or any other branch of government. You can take the CEO out of Silicon Valley, but you can't take the Silicon Valley out of the CEO. I feel only a little at ease because, as a DoD function, the board reports to James Mattis.

> I've released my overview of Robotic Nationalism to the State Department, several European defense companies, and Bronfman-related parties to seed the soil for future operations.

This is the first I'm hearing of the Bronfmans. A la Wik;



I have no reason to believe these people are worth trusting. What do you see in them that I'm missing?

923cd3  No.407


>What do you see in them that I'm missing?


Under the subheading "NXIVM".

e0978c  No.408


>Bronfman Jr. left in January of 2012, six months after I was let go, and sacked a huge swath of the company. You can learn a lot about people’s secrets when that kind of mass expulsion affects that many people. I certainly learned a lot.

Ah, so they're not 'trusted', just 'pwned'. Interesting.

6c2f08  No.409


This is all incredibly fascinating. I can only hope you succeed, I've not had much faith in the world's continued survival in the face of these technologies for a long time.

86ddfa  No.410

Mathematical axioms are to be mapped into biological neurons? or computational models of them? the second option seems faster, but the words lifecycle and organic suggest the first one.

776b6b  No.411

776b6b  No.412

776b6b  No.413

776b6b  No.414


"At the least these conflicts reveal an underlying tension that was never resolved within the SI. This underlying tension between the sociological and the personal, between the idea of a collective or social revolutionary project and a revolution of everyday life, still remains the central unresolved problem of the libertarian social revolutionary milieu to this day. (The impossibility of including and incorporating any critique of everyday life in the authoritarian, bureaucratic and inevitably unimaginative mainstream left is one major reason for its own steady decline.) The unfinished synthesis and critique of the SI is just one of many unfinished syntheses and critiques which litter radical history from 1793 to 1848, from 1871 to the great revolutionary assaults of the 20th century in Mexico, Russia, Germany, Italy, China and Spain. Certainly, as Vaneigem argues in his Treatise, there has to have always been "an energy…locked up in everyday life which can move mountains and abolish distances." Because it is never from purely sociological forces that revolutions spring. These forces themselves are mere abstract, symbolic formulations concealing the everyday realities, choices and activities of millions of unique individual persons in all their complexity and interwoven relationships."

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