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Cogops > Psyops

021a21 No.79

I've enjoyed reading what you're putting out there for the past few months, and I find myself in a place where I would like to contribute in some way.

Any suggestions? I don't do Facebook, Twitter or YouTube and pretty averse to IRL activism but would be open to spreading the word online somehow if that would help.

3436b8 No.85

Nature is the Demiurge.

000000 No.86

As best as I can understand it, it seems to be, "Make SJWs fight themselves" by pretending to be a nigger and attacking feminism, or being a feminist that attacks kikes or whatever.

So, go pretend you're a BLM nigger on twitter.

The whole "new emotion" is…it sounds like something out of Deepak Chopra tbh.

705239 No.90

Greetings and thanks.

You can help out by helping yourself. I'm going to assemble a list of easy-to-understand articles that help teach people how basic neural networks and artificial intelligence works.

If you are a programmer, I have an immediate task at hand. If you are feeling particularly brave and experimental, try out the sentiment and Bayesian analysis script in >>1

The easiest way to help is to ask questions about things you don't understand. Once you experience enough knowledge transfer, you'll find ways to help on your own.

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ef60a2 No.91

Option 1

Go make a new google account and facebook account. Make sure to be logged into these when browsing. Try to be a black person browsing the internet. Keep trying until you see black ads.

Record what you did, what was an was not effect. Share.

Option 2

help me expand pic related a bot that can crawl the web based on memory from reading webpages (The Root)


367779 No.96


>I'm going to assemble a list of easy-to-understand articles that help teach people how basic neural networks and artificial intelligence works.

This is key. Many visiting this forum see the potential but seek a path to productively contribute. Assume you have smart & willing participants - What would be our boot-camp training? Go to AWS or Azure and take Machine Learning training courses? Follow MIT online lectures for AI? The battle started long ago, the enemy line is at our gates. We don't have the luxury of wasting time ramping on the wrong items.

CultState, you see the potential to package and scale your concepts through crowdsourcing. Write the recipe and we will follow it.

705239 No.100


I'll be spending the rest of this evening and the weekend building out those materials.

I appreciate the call to action and I will deliver.

705239 No.102





Here's a first pass at a Milanote board of ways you can train yourselves and get ready for future research operations.

This board will be rapidly changing over the weekend, so be sure to check it again on Monday.


ef60a2 No.107


Question about information deletion via blackholes. How can information never be created or destroyed if causal paths can intersect? If two separate pasts can converge into one present then you'd lose information about which past you came from. This is possible because at quantum level two alternate paths can, under the right random chance, produce completely equivalent presents. This means information being indestructible only is true if Newtonian determinism is true which we already know is not the case.

This would mean time flow is knitting together multiple paths and multiple futures. A surprising way to guide this process is already proven possible: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Princeton_Engineering_Anomalies_Research_Lab

This makes attention the ultimate resources in the universe. I'm tapped out at this point but I know this has relevance to solving the information entropy problem.

1fa125 No.108

2014 California's 33rd District. We went to capture them in action, but bit off more we can chew. We've been running them in circles and working up and down the chain.

DNC has come after candidates before. Seth Rich was the culmination.

Help me, if you see it's wise. Check out my 8chan and YouTube and other sites. Codes are spread around on purpose.

Much of what was there is now deleted, but not gone.

I'm not a techy, a clueless fall guy from Hollywood. We were going after those elite, but it turned into something bigger. Again, this started before 2014.


1fa125 No.109

My bad… Name is You Know… Derrick Ferree for real. Can search for candidacy verification.

ef60a2 No.110

705239 No.112


You raise an important question that I've glossed over. I forgot to mention the importance of the No-Hiding Theorem on Milanote. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No-hiding_theorem)

Basically, No-Hiding means unitarity is preserved through all interactions. Otherwise, if information is lost, then the sum of all statistical outcomes of a quantum system can be biased away from equaling 1, and thus, the third law of thermodynamics would no longer be a law and Kelvin would have done all of his work for nothing. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unitarity_(physics))

This is going to sound very odd, but the information that you believe is missing in your scenario still exists and it is encoded into the subspace of Hilbert space. Also because of this, information gets its own classification of composition along side of matter and energy. Thank you for raising this point, I'll have to bring No-Hiding into the training.

A video giving a brief synopsis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BU1Y0OrXTxE


And speaking of no hiding…

I will address this after some research. For the record, the praetorians are exceptionally talented at self preservation and trying to "taken them down" cannot be done from a position of no power.

The only way to take down a praetorian is via the synthesis of another praetorian. History confirms this repeatedly.

efce80 No.113



We are now keeping track of your request via a research task. People should treat these research tasks as epistemological training to learn the skills to discover that which cannot be seen.


354440 No.115


>THE subspace of Hilbert space.

Apparently there is one Hilbert space, and it only has one subspace?

d27284 No.116

Happy Monday! Let me know if you need help.

There are people watching and waiting for you to make moves :)

705239 No.117


I'm currently finishing out the last of the basic training materials to bring current and future assets on the same page.

Since this is all going to be public, I also have to prepare these materials in a way that, when they are stolen and turned against me by the impulsive, they further the desired goal nonetheless. It's going to be autocatalytic synthesis all the way to the finish line.

By next week, I can flesh out the research tasks associated with Butterfly War and Gnostic Warfare.

I'm also pulling contacts out of deep (entangled) freeze and getting them online for these efforts. If I can secure a trip to the City proper, then the next act is ready to go.

Thanks for checking in, I'll have more very soon.

d27284 No.118


You bet, man. Giving you a positive nudge because I know I would benefit from the same.

I've been toying with simpatico ideas. Do you remember your initial thread? I was the one who brought up your 'uranium barrier' infographic, not realizing it was your OC. (I brought up Liebniz and Gödel as well).

d27284 No.119


Lunch is on Me if you secure a trip to the City proper.

6c08f3 No.120


I'm not sure if this is the question I mean to ask, but out of curiosity, how long did it take for you to attain the means to visit the City?

705239 No.122



Yes, I remember you. Good to see you're still sticking around and following this Icarian drive into the sun. :D

I've been focusing on training material. Today, I've assembled the Epistemology branch of Gnostic Warfare. It focuses mostly on the ability of philosophy to describe parts of the mind that psychology hints to. The purpose of this is not to show trainees that ancients had insights on the mind, but that through all of history, we've always had the ability to foreshadow how the mind works before we could physically prove it.

By showing them this, I can propose an absurdity that will become reality: What happens when mankind enters a reality where newly developed epistemological weaponry significantly outpaces all means to comprehend it in advance? Philosophy has always outpaced psychology, but in the future, because of the broad attack surface of AI platforms, epistemology will significantly outpace philosophy, logic, math, and science. In such a world, you might as well describe natural phenomenon as magic and you'd be no better off than using the precision of science.

Even in the early days of Internet-centric information warfare, there were historical models a savvy observer could find as analogs. Such an analogless place is the primary domain for Gnostic Warfare training… and is why I choose the moniker “gnostic”


Such a lunch will be of simple fare. :D


I avoided the fast track to the City for my entire life. That means no college, no making childhood friends with blue-bloods, no putting myself on the radar until I was good and ready. I've rejected four Freemason invitations on the way here. That tremendous concentration of power has many ways to take a soul as broken as mine was and irreversibly mold it into their weapon… and I would have become a fantastic weapon.

By the nature of what I intend to do, my personal destiny had no choice but to enter the City. (It's even in written in the business plan of Emblem 21: Learn propaganda (LA), invent robotic economics (NYC), influence politics (DC), siege the City until they capitulate (London)) You only get to set the initial conditions for such a thing once, and I hope I have done my homework and gotten my timing right. It'll be down to the micromanagement of self and sheer luck from here on out. We will see.

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