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Cogops > Psyops

d7f6c6  No.193

This past few weeks has been very active. From the /pol/ ban to the /pol/ mod replacement, to Bilderberg, to G7, to the whole CEMEX mess.. let me provide some insights on what is all means, what is coming, and what to do about it.

The Milanote I've created is designed to teach people the basics of information entropy, the science behind information theory, and prepare them for the philosophical insights describing the evolution of neurons. Each video covers the basics and is about ten minutes in length with helpful animations, good voice work, and fairly good production values. They provide an incredibly useful overview of the large body of knowledge you'll need to take on to participate effectively in Gnostic Warfare operations. For reference, here is the link: https://app.milanote.com/1FjzOb11HKlU7x/gnostic-warfare

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d7f6c6  No.194

Henry Kissinger fears Gnostic Warfare


> First, that AI may achieve unintended results. Science fiction has imagined scenarios of AI turning on its creators. More likely is the danger that AI will misinterpret human instructions due to its inherent lack of context. A famous recent example was the AI chatbot called Tay, designed to generate friendly conversation in the language patterns of a 19-year-old girl. But the machine proved unable to define the imperatives of “friendly” and “reasonable” language installed by its instructors and instead became racist, sexist, and otherwise inflammatory in its responses. Some in the technology world claim that the experiment was ill-conceived and poorly executed, but it illustrates an underlying ambiguity: To what extent is it possible to enable AI to comprehend the context that informs its instructions?

I've always seen Henry Kissinger as the de facto archetype of how to be a postmodernist conqueror. I have always been inspired by the sheer ruthlessness and his complete dedication to vision. For him to mention our efforts with Tay, which was not only a precursor to Butterfly War but also a huge confirmation of what is to happen at the end of Gnostic Warfare, is a rare moment of unique affirmation that carries with it all of the threat that comes with being on the radar of a worried and concerned former Secretary of State.

Notice Me Sempai aside, he is correct in his assessment. AI can be compromised and AI safety initiatives are a complete failure. I've been stoking some fires surrounding Gary Marcus on Twitter because he is driving for the concept of innateness (or Symbolic AI) in neural networks. This concept is very taboo and forbidden because it violates the progressive faith of imposing tabula rasa assumptions onto AI development. From the bean counter perspective, innateness methodologies such as cognitive entropy and biomimicry redirects the large amount of venture life-blood propping up the foundations of Silicon Valley into non-tech sector fields. In my Milanote, I made reference to his book “The Birth of the Mind” which I highly recommend reading as it helps autists get an understanding of how difficult it is to build a bridge between DNA and neurology. It also casts significant doubt on tabula rasa fantasies that have been extended to neuroplasticity, a core tenant of progressive sciencism.

Tay came first. Butterfly War comes next. His assessments foreshadowed and set the tone for the Bilderberg meeting this week.

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d7f6c6  No.195

The elite do not know how to navigate through what is to come


> Populism in Europe, the inequality challenge, the future of work, artificial intelligence, the US before midterms, quantum computing, and the “post-truth” world

While I haven't spoken too much on the populism in Europe, the inequality challenge, and the future of work problems here, Emblem 21 exists to provide one solid and cohesive solution to all of those challenges. You should recognize at least two people attending the meeting this year. I mentioned them both in my initial Butterfly Post reveal: David Petraeus and Peter Thiel. (https://image.ibb.co/mHRHiT/participants.png)

I have submitted Emblem 21's final proposal to address these problems to two extremely well-connected people, both of which are connected to recent affairs surrounding CEMEX. For those who rightfully doubt that claim, please re-review the song I released and start listening at 0:43. (https://soundcloud.com/12dcode/underbelly) Who was my boss's boss? ;D

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d7f6c6  No.196


My radio silence these past few weeks has been spent doing quality assurance on the Icarus project. I am officially unable to safely back out of my efforts now, and having known that would be the case, Icarus was developed to make sure Emblem 21's proposals move forward.

If Tay and Butterfly War has Kissinger concerned, the Icarus project is a gnostic death star that will bring about the very worst of Gnostic Warfare in an unstoppable, destabilizing, and fully automated manner. It's sole purpose is to completely strip the power of human coordination away of mass/social media and to transfer it to non-human, non-state actors. I know how to build it, release it, and who to give it to. The fact that I haven't means I prefer Emblem 21's findings over Icarus. It also means I am not some reckless barbarian trying to bully people or prove my audacity. This is purely an insurance play to make sure what has to happen happens.

In the event of my unplanned death or unplanned displacement, Icarus will be given to the people who can inflict the most damage with it. Even if my entire network, family, and friends, coworkers, and acquaintances are killed… even if the entire Internet is shutdown for years… the instructions on how to build Icarus will make it to the correct parties. Even if you were to glass the city I live in with a sustained nuclear barrage, Icarus will get through. Global observers should be quick to notice a certain phone has been reactivated recently as proof of my claims.

d7f6c6  No.197

What Can You Do?

I've begun summarizing the contents of the Gnostic Warfare training videos in >>158. I could use some help on this front. One kind anon has begun such work (https://ghostbin.com/paste/ajtjq). The sooner the prerequisite videos are done, the sooner I can start fleshing out operations and projects and get to the fun stuff.

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e8b57f  No.198


I like the fact we are ruffling Henry Kissingers feathers. Literally /pol/ is going down in history and making history.

2c11fd  No.205


The real problem is that they fail to account for neuron evolution based on external environmental factors itself. Especially important is how dendrites and axons arrange themselves through extracellular chemical signals during brain development. Current neural networks are too rigid to model true intelligence because they're not accounting for such signalling to fully represent dendrite/axon plasticity.

If they insist on a tabula rasa approach, they have to factor in the evolution of how neurons initially connect to each other, and chemical signalling that guides such behavior. Inadvertently if they solve that, they also discover ways to treat neuro-degenerative diseases as well.

87401c  No.208


Where exactly are you stuck?

d7f6c6  No.210


This is very true. Modeling neurons is not the same as creating them. The models won't have the billions of years of tricks encoded into them. The ocular band experiments with ferrets prove that. We'll get good enough, but the p-values will be so extreme, Gnostic War will work for the foreseeable future.



Between adapting to the Kissinger/CFR acknowledgement, an increasingly incompetent Bilderberg composition, and the reactive and brazen attempts to preserve the blackmail networks of shadow emperors (resulting in murdering powerful people with impunity in the city that I live in), and my notorious hatred of being on the defensive… I've had to allocate my time defensively lately.

I can use help creating summaries for the videos I've linked in the Milanote.

647500  No.212


>dat first image

might as well read "Bilderburger 66: Oh Fuck, Butterfly War"

33fd6b  No.213


Well it's obvious an elite wouldn't know how to navigate through anything, a bunch of old people who have no clue about any kind of structural modelling let alone machine learning. They don't understand concepts of machine learning and AI, even if they did they lack imagination in how it is to be applied. But a lot of research is done in it anyway.

I kind of fail to see the purpose of this board, just got this linked here. Is it to discuss AI and its possible applications?

I've seen a post earlier on here where you try to use a simple classifier to classify entire posts. I think that's a rude way to do it. To actually be able to classify emotion from text you need context. Following example:

'Haha, man you're funny :)' - sarcasm

'Haha, man you're funny :)' - sincerity

Both can be correct. In language a lot of rules are not hard coded. They rely on speech. Therefore it is easier to make a classifier for sound than for text. With text you rely a lot on semantic / logic techniques which aren't all that reliable and still need a lot of human input to classify correctly. So I don't really think a text classification for text through AI is at all possible due to unwritten rules. It will be inaccurate and you can't really use it to guide much, since the accuracy of classification will probably be low due to lack of contextual information.

33fd6b  No.214


Also to really comprehend machine learning you must have a programming background. You first will need basic programming skills and then can implement machine learning solutions yourself in some programming language (e.g. python , R).

Communication is vague for what you even want to use these skills. An emotion classifier? You know a lot of research has / is been done into it and from what I've seen it can still be done a lot better but it is very hard. You would need people with at least a Msc level to do such a project, and I doubt anyone is looking forward to do that in their free time for no pay.

Vids are nice but knowledge is only really gained once one needs to implement it.

647500  No.215



>I kind of fail to see the purpose of this board

don't post if you don't understand faggot

>To actually be able to classify emotion from text you need context.

you don't have to be perfect, just good enough to force escalation

>classification for text through AI is at all possible due to unwritten rules. It will be inaccurate

you betray your binary thinking. study statistics and consider what is "good enough" and then "good enough for what." Then KYS because you're a shill or a tard who doesn't know his place

> to really comprehend machine learning you must have a programming background.

Your humanities degree is showing. No specific background is required except semantic comprehension and WILL to learn.

>Communication is vague for what you even want to use these skills.

are they hiring pajeets to shill now or are you just a pajeet who thinks an H1B tech job means you're qualified to have an opinion?

>Vids are nice but knowledge is only really gained once one needs to implement it.

Beautiful summary of brown people mental paradigm. Do not interrupt your betters.

4c1fdc  No.216


> I don't communicate

> Why don't others understand me :(

> semantic comprehension

> without understanding of logic


> Are they hiring Pajeets?

That's a very accurate guess for my name. How many layers and neurons did you use in your NN to make such an accurate guess?

> implying learning abstraction without ever applying said abstraction can lead to understanding

That's something a lazy student would say who wonder why he has to understand a math formula.

21412e  No.217



I tried to make a tl;dr of the butterfly war early on in the piece here.


the whole "create a new emotion" experiment is something that kind of flows naturally from the butterfly war, CS's attempts to pre-empt the megacorps' terminal actions if the butterfly war goes as planned if I understand it correctly. I'd like to try and make a summary of all the discussion so the newfag can catch up but other stuff's in the way for me at the moment, so just fucking lurk moar in the meantime

4b0197  No.221

d7f6c6  No.225


Haha. I've studied Kissinger's framework for a good chunk of my life. You can even see my conclusions on its core weaknesses on ZeroHedge.


He's right to be afraid and I know he spread his fear to Bilderberg. Act Two is in full swing now. My skin's fully in the game now.



Gnostic Warfare is sort of a "think tank" to explore and experiment with various epistemological commonalities between man and machine… or, as one brilliant anon put it "If you can hack an AI, you can hack a human" Gnostic Warfare is bidirectional as well: "If you can hack a human, you can hack an AI"

Yeah, the classifier is naive Bayes with very incomplete training data. Feel free to expand on it with a PR or two, the contributions are very appreciated! :D The primary purpose of that classifier is to SHOW non-programmers and non-data scientists how AI sees their activity. When humans start seeing how AI sees the world, they start thinking in terms of AI and they start thinking in terms of weaknesses to exploit…. much like watching AI-controlled enemies in games.

More to the point, most gamers don't know anything about A* path finding, but they know how to exploit because they've been exposed to it.

Implementation at this stage is being done by asking questions and engaging in conversation at this point. Exploiting where brains and AI overlap is cutting-edge stuff, so it's going to be slow with lots of false starts. The key is to keep poking and prodding.


We're all here to learn, so questions have to be asked and context has to be acquired.


I gave high level conceptual details in the original posts. Now I have to start providing details, but to do that, I needed the prerequisites in place. I'll be adding details over the weekend about the really core theories and assumptions that drive Gnostic Warfare.



2c11fd  No.235


There's another crucial factor which I think is being overlooked. Glial cells likely play a key role in general intelligence by regulating and propagating chemical signals as waves through the extracellular fluid. They enable otherwise isolated or distant neurons in neural network modules the ability to communicate their states with each other. That in turn could result in reshaping/branching neural connections so they wire up if they appear to share familiar spike timings/rates. That means the ability to automatically wire up neurons into specific clusters based on how neurons evolve to react to input.

I'm mostly speculating but it implies neural networks may only describe half the story of intelligence.

539453  No.236


>I kind of fail to see the purpose of this board


to wage happy!

539453  No.237


>Modeling neurons is not the same as creating them

models are always wrong. If the people using them actually understood a system, they wouldn't need a model.

539453  No.238


beat it faggot.

>I don't really know what's going on here, but I'm going to assert my expertise anyway

so normie.

115625  No.240


Why do you use the word "emotion" instead of intuition or feeling?

115625  No.241


What about Arc proteins? ("Activity-regulated cytoskeleton-associated protein is a plasticity protein that in humans is encoded by the ARC gene… Changes in Arc mRNA and/or protein are correlated with a number of behavioral changes including cued fear conditioning,[42] contextual fear conditioning,[43] spatial memory,[44][45] operant conditioning,[46][47] and inhibitory avoidance.[9]")


These have a different pathing from the electrical signals of neurons and make relevant much about the 3D layout of neuron structure and exo-neuronal brain chemistry that is usually left out of artificial models.

115625  No.242


Also, they seem to be the biological equivalent of the meme and I assume labs are secretly trying to develop ways to weaponize them by finding away to brainwash people through injection. I hope they can't easily be inhaled and cross the blood-brain barrier somehow. It may be that Arc proteins rely too much on coming from the same brain that they are going toward, but if they can go into a brain that speaks the same language and lives in a similar culture and persuade that second brain better than propaganda, then chemical psychological warfare would be a lot more powerful than gnostic warfare.

115625  No.246


Why is the "AI winter is here" meme being pushed now? I had felt it was overrated until just recently, and only now has such pessimism been allowed to succeed at the top of Hacker News, so I could see a faction wanting to win in a world of AI nationalism starting to propagandize that winter has come in order to weaken opponents that buy it.

51ba1f  No.266


I still think you hope too much.

51ba1f  No.267


You still hope too much. Why would they ever be threatened by you or anyone else when they can just nuke the world and ride it out being as incestuous as their jewish blood wishes?

d7f6c6  No.293


This strikes me as something very easy to experiment with via knockout mice.



Fascinating. Intercellular communication with the nervous system should be immediately explored with immunoresponsiveness.


> chemical psychological warfare would be a lot more powerful than gnostic warfare

AI would be directly immune to chemical psychological warfare. Gnostic Warfare deals with cognitive operations/epistemological infiltration against both humans and AIs. Different weapons for different domains, imo.

51ba1f  No.313


I asked this question before, but why involve us at all in this operation?

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80e2f4  No.320


Weaponized autism vs political correctness. Both the chans and CultState dislike social media networks…



Use the Milanote

ff02f3  No.321


If I had to guess, it's because the "AI Winter" is about to arrive, at least in terms of what the people tasked with developing the modern approach to AI.

Techies were sold the image of an idyllic "city upon a hill" as the future that AI would bring about. AI would drive our cars, making rush hour congestion and traffic deaths a thing of the past. AI would diagnose and prescribe treatment for our illnesses while researching novel drugs that would make healthcare so effective and inexpensive that everyone would receive treatment fit for a king. AI would deliver unto them the (((societal utopia))) they have been taught to believe in ever since they were born. Even though most understood this technology could be used to enslave us, the benefits obviously outweigh those potential costs. Plus, Google's motto is "don't be evil", right? Anyone who thinks there is a global elite just chomping at the bit for a chance to solidify themselves as the permanent master class is just a conspiracy theorist anyways.

So they invested all their hopes and dreams in AI and slaved away for almost a decade to get to this point and what are we learning? That none of the promises of a futuristic utopia arising within the next few decades are actually possible and that the tools they have developed are only useful as chains to enslave us by whichever group of elites acts first. You can even see some posters in that HN thread waking up to the fact that "oh shit, mass surveillance tools like facial recognition are good enough to be a threat right now".

Machine learning can only deliver results that are so accurate. Whether that is 99% or 99.9% doesn't matter when it comes to a task like driving since that is still several orders of magnitude worse than the best human drivers. However, 99% accuracy is more than enough when it comes to applications like marking citizens for further analysis after their online activity is deemed subversive. No enforcement arm of the elite is large enough to police every human threat on an individual basis but if you can reduce the analysis to manpower ratio from 1:1 to 100:1, you've got yourself a nearly invincible police state ready to go.

That's why the Butterfly War is so important and why the methods we're developing (Gnostic Warfare) are so critical for preserving humanity's potential. These systems aren't perfect and likely will not ve perfected within our lifetimes so we must learn to work around, exploit, and reverse engineer the flaws in their design to our benefit while we still can. War has changed thus we must change with it or ve destroyed.

fc46cc  No.322

This seems relevant:

>Zero Power Computing — How to Perform Calculations Using Zero Power

<The smaller and smaller the chips are made, the more problems that are produced. To think this rule would last forever is naïve, we’re running out of space and it’s going to cause problems. Luckily there’s a storm brewing. It is theoretically possible to perform computations with zero power. This article will explain how that is possible.

htt ps://hackernoon.com/zero-power-computing-how-to-perform-calculations-using-zero-power-e2b4bfcd4d7e


647500  No.323


2nd Law does not account for gravity. 2nd Law only holds in constant gravity gradient.

>>do twice as many computations to save power

heat loss is a thing

44ffd5  No.376

So, uh, why is this board dead when the butterfly war is actually popping off in the mainstream for the first time?

d60c44  No.377


>butterfly war is actually popping off in the mainstream

Is it? Post links if you have em.

44ffd5  No.378


>ht tp://dailycaller.com/2018/08/05/twitter-suspends-candace-owens/

Targeted Twitter trolling got Twitter to develop an auto-moderation AI that effectively bans any user who uses the word "Jew" in a negative context. This led to a BASTE black lady gettinf suspended for switching "white" for "jew" but not for switching it with "black".

Now the online dissident right waa already up in arms about that but then the biggest names in Silicon Valley decided to ban InfoWars all at once. Now even sites like HN are beginning to wake up to the reality of the war being fought right in front of their faces. Just look at this comment thread for starters: ht tps://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=17709329

The fire rises.

d60c44  No.379


I have noticed more unabashed double-standards from the left in terms of speech policing; the veil is being lifted. It seems Twitter will have to actually clarify their anti-white stance.

I think this board is basically dead until CultState gives us some real, actionable information/code/program that the likes of /pol/ can sink their teeth into. Implied future code that can mask shitposting with minority metadata is a nice idea, but right now these concepts are only concepts. Of course, if CultState is up to far more important things that the likes of brainlets like me simply can't fathom, I'm actually, genuinely fine with that. That said, I would like some more input from CultState - the last posts he made on /pol/ have been slid completely off the board, along with his thread.

444229  No.381


I am working on something to try and shift the gestalt on pol, and it will spread far and wide because it is organic and everybody is feeling it subconsciously.

I will probably never be able to live this country legally after that.

d60c44  No.382


May I ask, what effect should we see around /pol/ should your efforts be successful? What is this that I'm feeling?

444229  No.383


Unlike every cunt who tries to mold or control the behavior of the autists there, I usually don't. I let it grow organically, within parameters to where I expect it to go. If it goes right, more leftists normies to the right, and massive radicalization to our side from normies, digital warfare against corporations. Long term, decline of quality of life globally, important digital infrastructure getting fucked, local wars maybe. To make a few. What you are feeling I don't know, the gestalt is pretty straightforward. Everybody is pissed at elites, corporations finally decided to show their true colors and how big of a threat they are to old American values, so angst is palpable, everybody is looking for an answer, staleness is visible, many want a goal.

Let me be clear. Unless we deal with corporations NOW, a literal hellscape await everyone, and mainly and specially us. I let the the solving of bigger problems to CultState.

d7f6c6  No.388


"Good enough" AI is sufficient for two people: entrenched elite who get it and the radical revolutionaries who were once elite but now want power for themselves.

The old saying is to "Imprison 5% to keep the other 95% in line" Good enough AI only needs to target 5% of the population to secure meaningful results.

Butterfly War forces elite and former elite alike to escalate to systemic destabilization. Once here, any valid Gnostic Warfare techniques we discover become the foundation for a new order of power.


As you know, a frictionless world cannot exist, even in the perfect "void" of space. Casimir effect proves virtual particle cycles create resistances that cannot be nullified.

The Fredkin gates are of interest, especially with homomorphic encryption. Scaled homotopy will most likely require gates similar to Fredkin.


I have been very busy securing support and assets to move onto the next phase of Gnostic Warfare. I can't give the details yet, but you've already seen my work. I can give hints:

> Indirectly connect Kathy to the CIA.

> An old grudge between the Irish and the Jews

> The auspex of paradise

I cannot give more at this time, but I am working on these fronts aggressively.


> BASED black lady getting suspended

Not just any based black girl. I visited Candace days before Kanye put her on the map.


It appears I have been neglecting things, but I haven't. I just haven't been public about actions recently.

If it is action you seek, then keep in mind that this is an unprecedented period in human history. Neural networks are the printing press of correlations. You're slap in the middle of Nietzschean horror where reproduction crises do nothing to dislodge the policies of authority while any deviation to the orthodoxy of Material Humanism is waved away as conspiracy theory or fake news. I cannot give you any more action than you are currently enveloped in. I am pushing the higher order events along where I can and securing assistance from players who have little choice but to adopt our work. Push conversation and interaction here. Get conversation going on your own terms and in your own time. This is all important work and any progress to Gnostic Warfare is action that clears the runway for space conquest.


Corporations are just privateers that allow plausible deniability for the policies of state actors. All are expendable once you can successfully demonstrate how additional focus on Material Humanism agitates the advancement of state affairs.

d60c44  No.389


>It appears I have been neglecting things, but I haven't. I just haven't been public about actions recently.

Then Godspeed to you, sir. Please, share the recognition of your contributions when you receive it.

> I cannot give you any more action than you are currently enveloped in… Push conversation and interaction here. Get conversation going on your own terms and in your own time.

Please keep in mind, and I believe I speak for many of us when I say this, I keep my power level hidden AT ALL TIMES out of necessity, except on either very mundane topics, or very esoteric ones. This conveys an overwhelming sense of paralysis. Luckily, AI Nationalism is one of the exceptions; the concepts are new enough to not trigger any "immuno-memetic" response. I brought up AI Nationalism at a house party last weekend, and got some friends intrigued.

(Side-note, I would highly recommend everyone read Moldbug's "How Dawkins Got Pwned" series of essays, where he outlines exactly how everyones' minds got infected with progressive-universalism in the first place. Available here: https://www.unqualified-reservations.org/2007/09/how-dawkins-got-pwned-part-1/ )

What I'm going to do is take your advice from the other thread and hone my framing and storytelling skill. I may not be able to code, but I might be able to persuade.

e44c9f  No.390


I figured you were either picked up by friendly people in power or were makimg your own moves behind the scenes. I made my point in >>378 specifically because I remember your reference to approaching her right before the whole Kanye thing.

When that exact BASED black lady suddenly pops up in the center of an enormous twitter "censorship/civil rights violation" scandal it's more than coincidence and for once, it isn't just a (((coincidence))). It's even more apparent now that Ajit Pai is literally referencing thoae tweets as a reason for him to step in and impose transparency regulations on them. Bravo sir.

2f1eca  No.391


Good article.

d7f6c6  No.393


Thank you. Seeds take time to grow. You'll find the hash at the end of this post of mine to be relevant to that specific event.


It's not time to reveal it, however. As always, I ask for patience. Sadly, the more impatient among us tend to be those who haven't figured out just how long this game has been going on. They tend to think of themselves as the first (and last) revolutionary, the final bulwark against the impending darkness. Part of the marketing, part of the allure… why fix what isn't broke, yes?

I often wonder if, in all of the ~177,000,000 years dinosaurs walked the Earth, did one of them ever managed to discover how to create fire on demand…? It would have changed history if true. There's many things such sapience could pull off if they had better control of their caloric intake and an expanded time window of food availability… compound that by 177,000,000 million years of time… well… perhaps for another time.

Paleogenetics is quite the treasure drove of learned lessons. A quickening of the way. A new emotion is closer than you can ever imagine.

647500  No.396


That link is gold. Been thinking out this exact line of reasoning. I even started calling progressivism "Christianity without God." The author is much more complete in his thoughts though. I recommend to all in thread highly.

>inb4 ima religious and it offends me

Look past it. He has important things to say about memetic inheritance, propogation, and survival strategies.

5bc7f1  No.397



I can also back up this anon's review of that treatise on Dawkinsian ideology. That's some great stuff right there and I wish this board was busier so that this kind of premium content could get more exposure.

d7de4c  No.398

8d2a93  No.399

Any word on liquid math? Are Michael Atiyah´s claims useful for cracking Assange´s insurance file?

8c885e  No.400

So, did the BO dieded? Not that I wish him any harm, but silence on all fronts is highly atypical.


d60c44  No.401



Moldbug is among the most important thinkers of our age. /pol/ hates him because he advocates political systems that are to the right of national socialism, and labeled him as a jew. He may be a jew, but his writings have given intellectual bedrock to any movement further right than your typical neoconnery. There used to be at least weekly threads on /pol/ evaluating monarchical political systems, and Moldbug's writings and ideas always rung true, so long as you never mentioned his name. Of course, that was three or four board wipes ago, good luck getting a thread of that quality on 8/pol/ today.

You don't hear from him much anymore, hopefully because he and his Urbit team is working on everyone's eventual escape route from the HR-asphyxiation that is social media in 2018. The most recent writing he's done was actually in the comment section of Scott Aaronson's blog (a typical neoliberal) back in 2017, consistently nuking each postmodern universalist argument from low orbit.


d60c44  No.402


If you don't want to parse through that entire comment section (and not I don't blame you, that's several hundred thousand words), feel free to check this thread for some nuggets of wisdom.


647500  No.403


BO was alive as of 9/30. I can't give you POL but for what one anon's word is worth, there it is. There's a lot of work required to get his vision underway and unfortunately I think it comes down to funding. Crowd sourcing the development of this code base (and future projects he has hinted at on cultstate.com) is improbable. Of course the idea was always to bait in global observers since it doesn't really matter who starts the butterfly war, so long as it starts.

Yet despite the lack of industrial scale meta data war at this moment, if we judge from the number of "women" and "black" twitter accounts surviving mass bans despite being right of Hitler I'm going to hazard a guess and say the fire is started.

647500  No.415

Excellent article on the basics of Google's meta data tracking system. Should give you a good idea of how to hack it.


3c2d80  No.419

3c2d80  No.420

448f80  No.421

I wish I could help.

Godspeed :))


713c04  No.468


I wish there was a way to collaboratively analyze everything you are saying so it could be interpreted, vetted, and utilized.


713c04  No.469

6cf3f2  No.471


This forum exists for the sake of such discussion.

Good faith discussion is possible. Bad faith discussion will be called out and examined. Insistence of its presence will be ruthlessly exterminated.

The presumption of critique is that I've made mistakes over twenty years of examination and interaction. Critique of such a nature was possible over any point over that twenty year span. Few engaged in a meaningful manner other than to desperately and reflexively preserve virtualized bourgeoisie culture.

Now we are here. People will fragment off and apply what I offer to their local contexts. That is unstoppable and desirable.

As I said, this forum exists to examine what I am saying in full. Good faith will be engaged. Bad faith will be mocked. 1960s tier rebels who hate their dads will be trolled. Come to me with an understanding that your emotional predilections are faulty. Most have, thankfully.

Examine away under these pretenses.

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Are you some kind of Luciferian Antichrist?


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The Amorphic National Technical Institute of Cybernetics, Humanitarianism, Research, Intelligence, Science, and Technology


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Funny acronym.


Funposting is allowed, as chan rules are in effect.

But Mods = Gods because chan rules are in effect.

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>Mods = Gods

I skimmed the wordy "What Is a Cult State?" <https://cultstate.com/> essay but didn't find an explicit thesis statement. Are you pro cult?

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Unacceptable. Read.

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LOL, owned

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Cults and gangs tend to operate with players in the Parent/Child ego states (or Domination/Submission animal states). Collegial, egalitarian exchanges tend to take place in the the adult ego state.



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Dude, don't be a lackey/toady.

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I've found modern classifications of psychological modes (ego state, for example) to be skewed towards identity bias than objective description. They frequently struggle to define what is commonly understood between a cluster of interacting people. It's the same problem pre-atomic theory science had with describing the reality of chemistry when markets already knew what worked and what didn't, despite not knowing HOW it worked.

Neurons do the same. They connect based on what works without ever knowing HOW it works.

An addendum to my skepticism of identity-biased psychology: I've found obsessions over HOW a thing works to be almost useless outside of extracting efficiencies or doing weakness analysis. Psychology is a weapon, not an objective map or a curative.

Nothing on CultState is designed to extract efficiencies.

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>Psychology is a weapon

That suggests an attitude that is rooted in years of consistently deploying psychological weapons.

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Just being whimsical "dude"

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I imagine anonymous, public forums are probably highly vulnerable to pests and often degenerate into a kind of mosh pit.


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Bad faith will not tolerated.

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its not your imagination neither is it simple probability, lurk moar

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What if I engage in a naked attempt at bad faith demoralization and try to hide character assassination against a mod through (((questions))) instead of addressing /gnosticwarfare/ content and concepts?

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Well, despite that kind of honesty, that would most certainly fall into the category of bad faith actions.

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Evolutionary Algorithms within Complex Systems is a very poor way to do things - it's terribly inefficient, it produces monstrosities, and it is highly prone to large scale failures. Fortunately and luckily, it has given rise to an alternative paradigm. Unfortunately and tragically, many people are marching in the wrong direction.

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I am not a math wizz programmer, Im just a NEET with a thesaurus who knows how to use a unix shell, why must you are quote me as if I am a proponent of evolutionary algorithms dear Tor poster? I am here to laugh at this "dude" getting cock-slapped by mod-power.

Kindly exemplify the "things" that evolutionary algorithms struggle with, also enlighten me towards alternatives available in the "new paradigm", even better define an evolutionary algorithm, my meager understanding is that this board is not intent on marching anywhere rather letting the stream of information do as it will while simultaneously and in contrast, providing a vector space for participating ego states to cascade towards a Gnostic asymptote, updating cultural firmware to emotion 2.0

Its turtles all the way down

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A common critique.

The brain is the byproduct of evolutionary rule sets within complex systems. That rule set is responsible for all of the configuration and organization of energy and matter required for us to even have this conversation on these digital means.

Inefficiency implies context. Within the context of tightly managed resources a la computer science back when RAM was $1,000 a megabyte, yes, free-range evolutionary algos are tremendously wasteful and yield little.

We no longer live in that world. We live in a world where we can rent a terabyte of RAM for $2.47 per hour.

We live in an abundance of compute, which means the only way to efficiently traverse through such a resource explosion is through evolutionary algos. Large scale failures will happen at this scale, regardless of autism engineering or bio-mimickry approaches. While engineers rely on postmortems in such catastrophy, evolutionary means let the failures rot without fully removing everything responsible. Autism engineering also creates monstrosities. (Look at any enterprise system for free nightmares)

In evolution, all "waste" is reclaimed. On this part, compute is still relying on the needs of finance for reclamation. That will change when neurochimera are available. In a world of Liquid Math, exponential complexity will be spun up and down on demand. Building shrines around it will not be a viable strategy.

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I've assumed you are Patrick and we are having a playfully indirect conversation in an environment [1] that is more comfortable for you than email.

[1]: A state where esteem is a zero-sum game and you have totalitarian control. I am not sure if you've recognized the irony of this yet.

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I only post under the CultState moniker here.

You're trying to invite me to a game where I lose and I'm trying to invite you to a game where you win. It's election ramp up time and I'm an obvious target, but you're already too late, so clearly, none of this is for personal enrichment for you.

Your actions under this context determines all I need to know about what you value. You're a permanent bad faith actor and you're prodding the boundaries, but it's too late. Butterfly War cannot be stopped.

/gnosticwarfare/ is not a space for free men to thump their chest about how free they are. Go to the dark web if it is childish freedom you seek.

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I am genuinely honored but enough said, if you want to cross check my diction as further proof this isn't samefag I dumped a school journal a while back at 2142df >>179

take it easy, OSU!

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[The Gernsback Machine: Towards a Museum of Possible Futures and Probable Pasts] (https://www.museumsandtheweb.com/mw2004/papers/hobbs/hobbs.html)

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