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Cogops > Psyops

93243e No.156

I do not consider myself a smart person. I have experience that has proven as much, at least academically to me. Despite this, I would like to think I have found a shred of wisdom for myself through my experiences, which has lead me here.

I know the follies of overstating my intelligence and the fallacies that can result from others doing the same. I think I'm smart enough to recognize the situation I am in and understand the absolute basics of infosec, metadata and the way megacorps use both. I am the most basic of analysts, someone who has a decent grasp of economics, a capable understanding of the human nature and a genuine interest in what makes the human mind tick, and more importantly, the way the human mind affects economics and technology by extension. Having followed the butterfly war thread(s), I found myself lost in some of the deeper technological meanings on some subjects, so I thought that a thread was due to consider how the situation could be more easily explained to those who have the capability, but not the prerequisite knowledge.

tl;dr what is the intelligent normalfag's role in the butterfly war and the skirmishes of gnostic warfare? This mostly applies to the "educated anon" role that will utilize and manipulate the tools that CS is developing to fuck about with the status quo once the phrenology manipulation tools become (relatively) mainstream.

deb2cb No.168


I agree. I'll be breaking Butterfly War down into digestible chunks over the next month.

Regarding immediate action you can take on Butterfly War, You'll want to start with meta data collection to get a baseline. One enterprising anon mentioned buying old Obama phones from eBay. Those things are packed with meta data which, if properly extracted, can deliver tremendous training material for future automated operations.

A second plan would be to put out nets of your own. Create mobile apps that appeal to specific demographics and collect the meta data as you go. Sell it for a few bucks and see if you can convert the app to something monetizable to help justify continual operation.

You'll want to collect accelerometer and gyro data fro motion analysis, app usage time for employment analysis, battery life statistics to evaluate a users capacity for planning, GPS and network data to get location trends, messages for sentiment analysis, contacts for social analysis, heatmaps for touch behavior, image sensors for facial recognition, etc.

Build an app that requires all of this (a game, for example) and market it to the desired demographic then collect all the data. Your data will be a useful training set in the future.

36be35 No.270


I think I'm getting it, but what can possibly be done against total political control, total monetary control, and the Samson Option?

Kittens and Rainbows

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7f4d1a No.277


This is the new brown pill?

36be35 No.282


No, I'm just the most content person you'll ever meet. Continue to do whatever you're going to do, just know that it's probably being counteracted as soon as you do it. That's the nature of Fate.

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36be35 No.328



He's editing my posts because I am a bad faith actor who wants to spread demoralization instead of engaging in conversation.

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