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Cogops > Psyops

ffaed3  No.423

Hi there, How can I defeat from within a leftist dominated InVision forum?

89aa87  No.424


Become a mod by sucking dick

Then feed them a false reality based on wishful thinking

Then drive those who buy into it against those who see through it

The community fragments and one side will drive the other side out


268ae4  No.454


Spend time understanding the mods, their emotional biases, their goals, their networks. Private messages containing 1x1 transparent GIFs can reveal IPs, which can give you insight as to their paranoia habits or their geolocation. Read the words they use to understand their psychological bias.

From here, you will understand their failures and their hopes and dreams, all which lie open for exploitation. For mods that do not talk, keep track of the timestamps for their actions to understand what timezone they operate in. (and then infer geolocation) Notice what content they act upon.

Once you build the profile, you will know precisely what targets are easily flipped and what require more energy to flip. All mod-driven communities suffer from centralized power problems and can be subdued by palace politics.

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