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Cogops > Psyops

c63ed9  No.518

I'm not exactly adept at deciphering Ryan's comments, and his mentioning of hijacking the Yang Gang stuff that was going around recently has bothered me a lot. I've had little exposure to it beyond what my small circles have shown me and I'd like to know, if anyone has guessed, or if he feels willing to directly tell me, what exactly happened with it – assuming that it goes beyond merely turning supportive spam into ironic $1000 jokes.

bf2875  No.519

constructing nonsense to reveal meaninglessness

bf2875  No.520

expounding my perspective, the battle-space is held by rent seekers, identity gluttons. unprocessed trauma, guilt, regret, black envy masked through political meme making, jesters offering thousands of dollars, its turtles all the way down, every anon with a knotted heart, such is the way. It is increasingly tacit among the unaligned that they are being denied play and karmic release by identity blackmail. So we have a spectacle

9f6661  No.521


Disregard your jimmies, seek unrustlement, fren.

YangGang were shilling pol to turn the memesters who did not want to "be replaced legally" to vote and engage in memetic warfare for Yang 2020. After NZ YangGang shills stopped. Only posters left were pollacks who see some truth in Tarrant´s views.

Data analysis of posts before and after NZ reveal patterns of different posters, summerfags/alt-lite/fairweather vs Hardcore/NatSoc/True-believers.

To make the data analysis process more costly and reveal who´s behind the operation do as CultState said.

85cc42  No.522

Have you not seen the memes during the NZ/Brenton Tarrant situation? The ones heavily implying YangGang support it? I don't think I have any saved, but the meme is being coopted beautifully. What a time to be alive.

c63ed9  No.523



Thank you very much, makes it much clearer to me now. And, no, after the shooting I didn't see any memes featuring the Yang Gang at all; it felt very much like it dropped off the earth entirely, drowned out by a sea of jokes about mosques and murder. I think I might have closed off my perception of the internet too much lately.

7dff7f  No.524




A good recap. Thank you, anon.

For an expanded discourse regarding how to drive up machine learning costs for opposition research and CFR, please read >>247

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