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Cogops > Psyops

0d59c8  No.145

Saw this on /pol/ but I believe it will be extremely useful.


>How have humans been turned into snowflakes where emotions are in control and learning has been suppressed? This article explains it. When reward is uncertain (even if 90% likely), learning in the medial prefrontal cortex is enabled by the dopaminergic reward seeking system. But if reward is certain, the learning circuits of the medial prefrontal cortex are disabled.

>It makes perfect sense from an evolutionary point of view; if you already know enough to get the reward with certainty, there is no point in wasting further effort to learn more.

>What pertaining to rewards has critically changed over the past couple of generations? Everyone now receives a reward for participating! Not just the winner of the race. Not just the smart student who studied hard and aced the test. Everybody gets an unconditional hence certain reward.

>These unconditional rewards have turned off learning. The younger generation is broadly liberal and progressive because their ability to learn has been systematically shut off since childhood. No wonder they act like spoiled children. They have never learned to grow up!

>We have a very big and very serious generational problem. Those unconditional rewards aren’t just silly; they are literally mentally crippling.

f7b883  No.153

I saw this thread too and I'm glad to brought it here. This sort of reward.activation system compliments Friston's Bayesian surprise model.


The dopamine rewards which social media can create also provides inoculation to learning, which inhibits our ability to teach. Worse, that reward mechanism traps behavior in a loop similar to a Skinner Box. The game creates many losers, but the thrill of victory is so exciting, they compulsively continue. To a degree, even we are infected by this.

Our Chan cultures have slowly collected and restored life into those who are broken by that game.

To break that kind of mass conditioning, you have to fundamentally break mass reality. That's another way of saying you have to hack their morality, their ideology, and the symbols they consider reality. Once the symbols no longer mean what was previously true, the behavior will seek the next reward. If you have the trap laying in wait at the next likely symbol they will flock to, you can steer the behavior in a desired direction.

To progressives, social media is not only the biggest MMORPG in town, it's a total reality substitution. I should incorporate economic warfare training into the curriculum and experiment on MMO economies to show you how to steer the dopamine reward cycles of large numbers of people.

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