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File: 3260762ef725d56⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 2100x2310, 10:11, e556e0b317a8e9bfe8bb5f633d….jpg)



We now have new era engine in development by a cunt that's going to break everything, and it'll be great. The source code is actually in a human-readable format! RAM usage is estimated to hover around 100mb instead of 3gb and load times reduced to milliseconds! When it's finished, that is. Repo here: https://gitgud.io/Bepsi/NTERA

We're always looking for new translators, come to the discord and ask for help. You don't need to know Japanese, just have a basic understanding of grammar rules, or failing that, the ability to google.

The admins still can't do basic math, more at 11.


Era Games Git: https://gitgud.io/era-games

There still is no public account, and probably never will be again. If you want to download every single revision you'll need to make your own account. Otherwise, you can download from the wiki.

Era Games Wiki: https://wiki.eragames.rip/index.php?title=Main_Page

The homepage has a fuckhuge table near the bottom that contains a prepackaged download for every game. Make sure you look at the dates to see how up to date they are compared with the git.

Wiki is quite WIP, feel free to contribute.

Discord server: https://discord.gg/7MAArwP

Come here to keep up to date on development and translation progress or just to shitpost. Fag95 still not allowed.

Translation Tools: https://wiki.eragames.rip/index.php?title=Contributing

Tools for translating the game are found here, in the Translation Tools section. They can also be found in the discord server.


eratohoTW: https://gitgud.io/era-games/eratohoTW

Touhou dating sim with timestop. Has a lot of character dialogue.

eratohoK: https://gitgud.io/era-games/eraTohoK

Rance-style Touhou war game. Conquer Gensokyo and tenderly love/rape all the Touhous, from PC-98 all the way up to Antimony of Common Flowers. Is the most translated game.

eraMegaten: https://gitgud.io/era-games/eraMegaten

SMT game with a lot of characters from the SMT and Persona series, as well as a lot of demons. There isn't much translation progress, but that's because the game was coded by like thirty different japs with very questionable coding skills and no uniformity. It's a shitshow.

eratohoPM: https://gitgud.io/era-games/eratohoPM

A princess maker styled game where you raise a young Houraisan Kaguya.

eraSumireTeru: https://gitgud.io/era-games/eraSumireTeru

A VN-type era game with original art and a progressing story. Set in the Saki universe.

eraSQN: https://mega.nz/#!gs0A0YbY!tEt32WXmrpZjV8avsMgkl4Fd09QU5y71SeMubkRjLZE

Slave trainer with lots of options and character dialogue. Translated and very heavily modified by Pedolord. Not up to date, his repo is locked down and he's too autistic to open it up before it's totally done. Leaked to the public after the old discord was shoah'd.


-Before reporting a bug, make sure you're using the most recent version of the game.

-Also, make sure that you DO NOT update by dragging and dropping on top of the old installation. You MUST either use a git client, or create a new folder for the new updated version. You can transfer saves by moving the "sav" or "saves" folder to the new directory.

-Once you've done that, go to https://wiki.eragames.rip/bugreport.php and fill out the forum. "Log" just constitutes the error message the game spits out and the text around it. Please give context. You can also post similar information in the #bug-reports channel in the discord if you're too retarded to use a simple forum.


First for K has the best sex system but is so heavily instanced, you'll never play that game and feel content.

TW does better in that regard, but sadly, the sex system just isn't as good and more importantly - isn't as responsive. It's also less translated.

Q1 2019 for TW-LiG alpha(?)


File: 2aedae708457fba⋯.jpg (10.14 KB, 225x225, 1:1, question.jpg)

Much better new OP here.

Why are people commenting on the other one ?

PS : Thanks for the SQN leak! Can we get Reverse translated too, at least interface ?



Probably because it was posted first and people just have that one open. As for Reverse, no one's currently working on it, and I remember people mentioning that it's particularly difficult to translate compared to the other games for some reason.



Ok, but why not keep old translated version (2018/02) available, at least till new one sees the light (if ever) ? I should still have it somewhere if needed.



It would seem that the thing that fetches downloads from the git didn't quite work properly on Reverse. The translated version is still up on the git, will be working on getting it up to the wiki shortly.




Here it is (not taking credits for it, obviously, thank you to whoever the awesome translator was) :





Scratch my message, posted at the same time. Version with official support is better.

Thanks again to the team and for not discarding Reverse.



File: 9e905d4acd68acd⋯.gif (864.75 KB, 400x225, 16:9, tumblr_mocxoucTKW1s4dyyio1….gif)


>Random anon starts a new thread to talk about games

>Discord autists lose their shit, accuse dead people of making it, report the thread, and make a second one




>random anon makes a new thread with the most barebones OP in the history of /egg/

>discord autists report the thread to get it taken down and replaced with a version of a much more robust OP


File: 3797ff0787b1378⋯.png (41.94 KB, 900x113, 900:113, 7Rb92mwrLYZEUP8ZZ1R3lYpO6C….png)

File: d4dd3e062287494⋯.png (38.27 KB, 900x112, 225:28, 42wRNgXZDPk5SBj8t9pCGpK2AX….png)


Nice revisionism but that wasn't their concern. It would be nice if they'd spend as much effort translating as they do cracking down on non kosher threads.



they're schizo NEETs what do you expect


File: c0e9cec5142a8bc⋯.jpg (25.75 KB, 500x378, 250:189, Joyous_Giggling.jpg)





Worth it.

t. Anon who made first thread


in eratohotw how do you get fairies pregnant if they have the childlike talent? ive never been able to figure it out



Continuously cum inside, they'll get first menstruation eventually and then they're fertile. Doesn't take long, only about a month for Daiyousei



>Doesn't take long

>only about a month

I ain't got all night for this shit


Is there a way to create a character without that stupid questionnaire in Reverse?


Now Loading…

Unexpected error occured:Emuera-Anchor

System.ArgumentException:Illegal characters in path.



Is there interesting gameplay in reverse? No??? Gee, it's almost like reverse rape as a fetish is antithetical to real gameplay. What a shame.


Anyone save a copy of chiitrans 1 from >>52378

Old thread: https://archive.is/1K1YE




Then leave the fairies alone and fuck someone with a fully functional baby maker. Fuck.


era-inSchool is severely underrated by this general



Mostly wanted it for archival purposes but would be cool to try out the feature that anon was describing.

>because it's the only one out of 1, 2 and lite that lets you highlight words, display their translation and infer meaning from them, especially since erospeak sometimes gets a wrong meaning in translation(hambones ahoy).



What's good about it?

Both versions being updated are

shallow slave trainer/dating sim.

Only good thing about the version with schools in various animes is that you can cuck Rito.



it has the animes instead of the 2hus


Translate more of reverse please

And tw

But especially reverse


How translated is the SQN leak anyway.

And speaking of leaks, is anyone working on boatsluts anymore?


What contributes to political rating strength for diplomacy in eratohok?


File: cede959dc38b87b⋯.jpg (25.68 KB, 915x129, 305:43, bullying rabbit.jpg)

Why do all of our sessions end like this?

and why is it so much fun!



Total politics of your officers or something

It's silly at best



Daiyousei and Clownpiece don't need first menstruation to get pregnant. So focus on them if you don't want to grind for it. Also, this is something I copied from another thread explaining the math behind it, not sure if it's right though since I never checked it. Just keep cumming in them.

>obviously has to have [Infant Regression] or [Childlike], at the end of the day has to have over 200 V Orgasm Exp and semen in vag, and if all these requirements are met you'll roll 1/10 chance of her getting first menstruation

>(also it'll check for impregnation chances right after)



>Muh barebones OP

Who the fuck cares


So is there events or ways to change your race in eratohoK and eratohoTW?




It would have to be added as some extra event.




Well, there is an event where you find a cursed book that gives you animal ears and tail, but it doesn't actually change your race.



I am sure as fuck it isn't what >>280339 wanted.


File: 8ae23c083cfc465⋯.jpg (22.99 KB, 312x123, 104:41, 20180916014044_1.jpg)



I wouldn't mind if someone changed succubi transformation event to actually make them into succubi

Event where Eirin loves you and sneaks her powdered liver into tea would be nice too



Honestly, Kaguya seems more likely to do that than Eirin.

Also I was thinking about few events:

>executed PC returns to life as vengeful ghost if he had forbidden magic and magic skill higher than 35 or 50.

>Human PC changes into hermit after being trained by one for some time.


eratohoK needs more tentacle content tbh fam


File: 72f9d3eaa912204⋯.jpg (109.7 KB, 355x369, 355:369, __fujiwara_no_mokou_touhou….jpg)


>there's no all the way through tentacles


How do I get sex in ERA TW?

I can't time stop for long enough to ejaculate, though that can of course be trained.

I can't rape people in their sleep without them waking up.

I can't seem to get the girls to fall in love with me even with hundreds of Reliability and thousands of Favor.

What am I missing? It's not hard in ERATohok, so I'm guessing there's a mechanic I'm overlooking or something.


roundscape 4.0 anyone?



Original characters would be preferable to both.



>What am I missing?

Grind more and buy sleeping pills then actually use them.



Sexual Harassment -> Push Down

High favour/reliability, high mood, low composure and non-hate marks all help.



Just activate cheat mode and change their trait to include first period or somethingiscalled, simply edit the character traits and add it in, done, they can get preggo now



Why the hell do you even ask here? Go wait till somebody on fag95 uploads it or hunt on cuckchan /weg/


File: 3f841c82e3670e5⋯.png (8.46 KB, 961x122, 961:122, wordswordswords.PNG)

Yup, that sure is some Japanese.



Hmm. I see. Thanks


Does eratohoPM have cheats


Have you tried getting them to fall in love with you before attacking them in their sleep?

Also, TW's character pages have a tab that tells you exactly what stats they need at what levels to fall in love. Most likely what you're missing is Intimacy. As for how to improve it, try doing exactly what you would think might improve it dates, headpats, helping with chores, sex if you can get it but if you can't then just get them aroused and do minor sexual harassment.

Or just train your timestop powers a bunch and rape the shit out of them in the frozen time until they've got at least one start in pleasure and time stop marks. That will get you easier sex but also pretty much guarantees you're going to get Lust instead of Love (the practical difference being girls with Love but no Lust (I don't think they're mutually exclusive) care more about you having multiple relationships, and you can't become a Couple without first having Love).


After testing most era games my decision is SQN has the most robust sex system



But every era game has the same sex system.



They have the same framework, not the same system.




I'm surprised you can't fuck yourself with your tentacles. Or have some double bondage tentacles where the tentacles tie you and your 2hu up and make you fuck each other.



Thanks for providing all that context so we can find that particular event and translate it. And the game too.



No problem.



No one's touched tohok in 2 weeks anyway. I'm not getting my hopes up.



If we're going down that route;

human characters becoming youkai if they reach 15 or so magic also makes sense.

It wouldn't be too hard to make a becoming a "god" event either, just have an event where a character swallows a random spirit and gets random outcomes like;

>due to eating a god of strategy you inherent its power of strategy

>due to eating a spirit of poor strength you inherent its weakness

Its not very hard, maybe give the event a ambition limitation or something since in canon its not actually possible for people with ambition to absorb gods.




It's TW anyway. You had a wetdream, soiled your pants, Mamizou (random npc that shares the map) appears and doesn't want it washed with everyone else's laundry and takes it away (+1000 lust gems, which in TW doesn't actually do much)



Time stop is really easy to level, just use your entire point pool for travel every day and you'll have it maxed in no time


How the fuck many days of kiss-caress-titgrope-repeat does it take before SQN characters finally let you actually do literally ANYTHING without getting a goddamn hatemark?


Once I get a character to love me in TW is that pretty much it for new dialogue and other such things?

By the way, do sadists ever actually peg you? Yuuka's dialogue seems to suggest she wants to but it never happens when you're pushed down.


Oh, someone is translating Clownpiece? Excellent


File: aa0662bc13e9137⋯.jpg (64.99 KB, 517x518, 517:518, 1458599191464.jpg)


>someone is translating Clownpiece



Now if only someone would do Seija.


Could someone upload their atlas dictionary?




Thank you.


How do you get rid of "denial gems" in SQN?


File: 1ddbd18cf6d3a9f⋯.png (9.99 KB, 947x181, 947:181, tewi stares down the bore.png)

Tewi's timing is impeccable.



You are playing eng-release, I translated that over a month ago. It's been in eng-dev since.


There is a setting in the option to allow lust to turn into love, but love cannot turn into lust afaik. Also, sleep rape without first drugging them is borderline impossible.


No? Well, it depends on the characters.

Generally the progression is just normal, yearning, love. Some have lover (i.e. after confession) text. I know Ruukoto has stuff related to her having sex friend or slut.


I know there's futa/male on player dialog and actions. But I don't know if pegging is possible.

Yuuka is most likely referring to anal caress and such she can do to you even as a woman.


Is the sex system still fucked in tohok's english branch?



>You are playing eng-release, I translated that over a month ago. It's been in eng-dev since.

Have you considered either using your release system properly or removing eng-release entirely? This is the second time in a week that someone has made the logical assumption that eng-release would be a stable and fairly up to date (but not bleeding edge) version of the game, only to discover that it is archaic crap and no more or less stable than the eng-dev branch.





Cheers for the info, Satan.



Why does it give lust gems? Do they just sniff your cum-encrusted underwear every now and again after taking it?



Anyone? This is really pissing me off - 2 weeks and they're still crippling my progress.



As far as I can tell pegging doesn't exist. Even just getting a futa NPC to fuck you as a female/futa PC is nearly goddamn impossible.

Personally, I suspect the AI has all the options but is just too catastrophically retarded to actually use them



Stop raising the negative stats so much during training, assuming there isn't something different about SQN I don't know about.



>human characters becoming youkai if they reach 15 or so magic also makes sense.

But then how humans will change into magicians in that case?


>How do you get rid of "denial gems" in SQN?

Get any "positive gems" and "denial gems" will vanish. Just avoid getting more denial gems. Do that by stopping before you get "hate/discomfort/whatever it's called in SQN lvl 3".



I actually didn't remember that there was a magician tag, but yeah it makes for sense to get both the magican+youkai tag;

my implication for the transformation was always of the magician one, i just forgot the tag existed.

I actually forgot that another easy transformation exists for fairies which are meant to become youkai once they become too strong;

you could probably just make it happen once a specific star rating is reached(probably 7 or so).



Fairies becoming youkai would also allow for that mod someone made to make fairies immortal to be added.


File: fca981100a46a14⋯.webm (3.18 MB, 640x360, 16:9, epic yokey genocide.webm)


Magician+youkai is redundant. A magician is a youkai, whether born or developed, but a youkai is not necessarily a magician. Both tags would imply they were a youkai, by all rights, that later became a magician.

Unless you're Marisa. She's a thief with high Use Magic Item larping as a magician


But, fairies that become youkai lose their immortality.



>But, fairies that become youkai lose their immortality.

That's the point

they would lose immortality upon becoming strong


How do I activate cheat mode in teratohok? Essentially where you can set your stats and money to max on your starting character. I remember an older version had it as an option in the menu.



Click the Stars in the settings menu



eratohoK update never ever ;_;



If you write up an event for Hourai immortal feeding you their liver I can try coding it in


I'm convinced that none of these games were translated by people who understand Japanese. If any of these "translations" weren't machine translated you should probably kill yourself, I could do better drunk.



Prove it faggit







You took this long to actually notice that?



I'm sure more help would always be appreciated.


File: 1c93cdc0942dd1a⋯.png (185.73 KB, 390x462, 65:77, 43453543543.png)


Wow, another Japanese speaker coming by to tell us that our free translations are shoddy, and that they'd do better, except there's no way in fuck they'd ever waste their skills for free.

What a puzzle to unravel here. Why do all the people translating these games rely on machines? I just can't figure out why we suck so much. Oh well, thanks for weighing in.



I'm convinced that none of this comment were translated by anon who understand English. If any of this "post" weren't machine translated you should probably kill yourself, I could do better drunk.



I understand that, it's difficult for me to understand why anyone would waste time machine translating for free.


Machine translation and machine assisted translation aren't the same.



Computer Assisted Translation is meant to be used by people who know both languages.



Tons of people work on games for free. I'd even say it was the norm before Patreon made most h-game devs into Jews.

Why is a good question, it's completely thankless work. I just like my game. I think it's a unique gem in a sea of garbage and I want to make people play it and see what I saw in it. Once they do then I've left an impact on something I have some passion for.



To masturbate of course.



But the original content is way more fap worthy than the translated content. Just learn japanese dude it only takes 4 years.



>it's completely thankless work

Thanks, man. This shit's great and I never would've bothered with it if not for you guys.



>Just learn japanese dude it only takes 4 years.




I cant read shit in your chinkrunes



Mokou asking the right questions.



Everything went downhill after they opened their patreon and embedded the bitcoin miner in the new emuera.



Well they gotta pay for the artist commissions somehow so i cant really blame them



Because of hobby? Have you ever heard of open source projects that people work on for free for years?


Everyone in the discord is talking about Pokémon and Pokémon porn.

What a time to be alive.



To be fair, they do need to fill the 24 hour time slot that they aren't working on the games with something.



No shit, most of the translations are in fact touched up machine translations.



In game the magicians use both the magician and youkai tag though.

Its redundent sure, but thats how the game does it.



Characters have all tags that apply

Youmu has Human, Non-human and Phantom tags

But honestly she should probably have only Human one since Myon is a separate character for some reason


File: 3c92e1a64f8316a⋯.png (114.73 KB, 636x658, 318:329, 3c92e1a64f8316af5a83c43856….png)


My point is that both tags would be applicable, so it makes sense for a "transformation to magician" to give both(and change human to non-human obviously).

There's no reason for such a transformation to give one tag, especially since humans shouldn't have many tags in the first place.

>since Myon is a separate character for some reason

Wait what the fuck? I never even noticed.



Bunch of dolls, Unzan, generic moon guard and Satsuki are also in the game as characters



Yep, she's basically just Youmu without the useful skills or any events, effectively making her a filler character.

There's no relation between her and Youmu sadly so you can't even get them hooked on what basically amounts to selfcest.



Unzan is a lot more separate to Ichirin than Myon is Youmu;

Myon is literally just Youmu.

Shanghai is popularish, Goliath is a final boss and Hourai tends to thrown in with Shanghai.

I don't even remember what Ooedo doll is, if i ever knew what it was.

Satsuki isn't that much odder than stuff like Fortune Teller or VIVIT really.

Moon guard is just blatant male filler.



>4 years of language practice to beat off to a text game

Somehow this just doesn't quite seem like a worthwhile investment



I talk a lot of shit but I also play tohoTW and tohoK more than 418 of the 420 games I have on Steam, so thanks.


what is the latest english release of eratohoTW?

Does the wiki download have the latest version?

I dont have a git account



read the date


So is there any event that affects race tags?

I want to improve that succubus conversion event and the code is mostly in Chinese so I need template



CALL ADD_TAG(char, tag)


CALL REMOVE_TAG(char, tag)

with tags found in variable.erh




Now since succubi lack any tags themselves I will go with non-human, youkai and devil


File: 406b4080695ecfb⋯.png (1.72 KB, 470x41, 470:41, well that was hard.png)

File: bb1d17eb798c12a⋯.swf (1.85 KB, SUCCUBUS_TRAIN_FUNCTIONS.swf)

Removes human and adds non-human, youkai and devil

I have felling it won't be particularly canonical for Hourai immortals but it could easily be fixed by messing with their revival function

Change file extension to .ERB and put it into \ERB\SYSTEM\SP_COUNTRY\SUCCUBUS


File: 00e5dd77f5737e6⋯.png (1.74 KB, 467x38, 467:38, welp.png)

File: 61b0bdf0ec3cb73⋯.swf (8.19 KB, SUCCUBUS_FUNCTIONS.swf)

File: 3f875c1044db1ee⋯.swf (4.08 KB, REV_TRAIN_SUCCUBUS.swf)


Now with player recruitment added!

The same location and file extensions



>learning a second language isn't a worthwhile investment

EOPs are literally retarded. You don't have to learn it just to beat it to anime.



Not everyone has a use for a second language. Sure, it could theoretically be useful, but the day to day workings of average people will not be enhanced by that knowledge, and not everyone has a big life goal that necessitates having said knowledge.

The benefits may theoretically be massive, but in practice, learning japanese won't be helpful enough to justify the several years of hard work needed to learn it.



Where exactly can you live these days and have no use for a second language? If English isn't your native language, learning it opens such a ridiculous number of opportunities that it would idiotic to dismiss. The US needs to learn Spanish before it becomes the primary language, and half of Europe might as well learn arabic before they're all murdered.



We're not talking about Spanish or Arabic, though; We're talking about Japanese. And Japanese isn't anywhere near relevant enough of a language to justify that kind of investment unless you already have a number of uses for it; which relatively few people do.


TeraTW with Teratohok sex system when




You already know the answer neverever



Is all the sex content in TeraTW essentially everything in the filter command options




File: 4b50934197bdd22⋯.jpg (23.87 KB, 291x381, 97:127, sadweeb.jpg)


sorry for >>281323 it's late as fuck and my brain is fried so I didn't attach the image







I'll have to concur with at least one of these.

EratohoTW is something most of us have heard of, but what in the hell is TeraTW?



>The US needs to learn Spanish before it becomes the primary language

Go back to mexico you filthy spic. Anyone who speaks spanish outside of Spain deserves to be gassed.




this is the first time im hearing about this. eratohok has a patreon-esque thing now? bitcoin mining? what the hell is going on




sorry i was post fap delirium



You got memed on by faggots on shitscord, anon.


File: 5b31ad58a6e2b9e⋯.png (27.24 KB, 261x194, 261:194, 5b31ad58a6e2b9e02bba940bda….png)


yes, tohoK has a miner integrated, so please stop playing it, and browsing this thread… and breathing.



Didn't you hear? In order to fund the translation efforts, bitcoin miners are in every program hosted on the git. Thanks for the 30% CPU :)


So what characters are translated in TW?



the ones listed in the menu of character translations


File: bc359b355ba77c4⋯.png (95.89 KB, 398x237, 398:237, bc359b355ba77c436adf1a32a8….png)


What stats do you think Mana would have in tohoK? I want to try recreating her and have her conquer Gensokyo with her charms. Also have my other character repeatedly pump her womb full of cum.


So what's the turnaround for an update to eng-translated to make it to eng-development? need that .003 version increment.



eng translated is abandoned. Use english dev.



eng-translated is more recently updated than eng-dev.

It's been like 17 hours since they updated it with changes that aren't in eng-dev.



The discord faggots need to make up their mind on which one they are using then.



Maybe they're actually using branches properly?



Using branches properly would mean one of the two would be the stable branch and the other would be the dev branch. As they are now they just leap frog from branch to branch.







translated is just for translating, development has all the stuff like cheats and other modifications. new game content, translations, edits get pushed to translated first and then to eng-dev whenever someone feels like it, it's not that complicated




>being stable


anyone got that ERAtohok Jumpscare image of that girl? I been looking for it and the old threads I unearthed didn't have it.



It's in TW's image folder



You know you can see it in-game, right? Just go to abilities and sort by dialog status or whatever it's called.


It's coming. The way TW's translation works is that there's only one translation branch, meaning if someone posts something in there it will end up in eng-dev, meaning I actually have to check it. It's impossible to just let it sit in a contributor branch and go "ehh I'll merge it later".

I had like, 2 days worth of work unpushed before the update came, and because I want the commit history in TW to allow me to see the original japanese lines, I first had to merge the update, commit, then translate parts of it.

After that, I had to merge that into the third-person branch which also serves as QC.

That's done though. There are still a few things left in the other branches though. Larva got a new house, so I've got to update the QoL branch and add a line in a place to make it print her house's name when navigating. How talents print also changed so I've got to go through that too.

Hopefully done within 12 hours. I'll post a changelog as well.


How do you make your own house in TW?


What's the most efficient Desire booster in SQN? I can only seem to get about 2500 per session max… rather irritating when working toward a trait that costs 45000



You don't. That's from a different game.



>they have time to meme but not to translate

This has gone on long enough.



Exactly, I'm fed up with these memes. I'm canceling my monthly Patreon donation and requesting a refund on the project's Kickstarter.


Can anybody tell me hows TentaclePalace and ReverseTentaclePalace are?

I see both of them on wiki but both are really really untranslated, whats the content in them?


EratohoTW is now 4.633.

No new amazing update like the stone of Mirada this time, just polish basically.

Clothes have been changed, hopefully avoiding that "bra and bra" problem.

Larva now has a house in the bamboo forest.

You can now toggle first kiss - "Kiss only/fellatio too" and "conscious/unconscious too". So it's not like K where you have someone lick your foot and whoops there went the first kiss.

Talent printing is different, and it now prints species.

There is code that allows you to have multiple lovers (i.e. confess to multiple) but it's only half-done. Like it used to go "you can only have one", now it goes "you can only have {how many you can have} lovers". No way to increase {how many you can have} right now though.

Danmaku achievements. Danmaku rework. You can even become a Luna Shooter by beating Hecatia and Yorihime.

Tooltips/descriptions for species talents were written, to varying degree of success. Updated species to properly show how difficult they are to impregnate.

Trying to impregnate an inanimate object like a robot is 150 times more difficult than a human.

Hourai is at 200 times, somehow.

Tsukumogami are easier to impregnate if you use tools a lot, pretty neat tbh.


Oh, Clownpiece is now 48% translated. I went through Kagerou and polished that. Shinmyoumaru too. Patchouli is something I'll have to deal with another day.

Link to the game:



The release is like, due to obligation. Eng-dev can be bugged to hell right now, I haven't had the time to check it, but eng-release is as buggy as eng-dev was like, 4 days ago or whenever it was last updated.

If you encounter bugs, please go here and report them.





I found it, it was that pic for the "Be careful when time is stopped, a chupacabra can appear and kill you" event that was removed



Why was it removed?


File: aa6301482524c5f⋯.jpg (52.75 KB, 564x804, 47:67, DableA-V4AAlcb2.jpg)


>prefering memeclown over Patchouli

thats some serious bad taste there, anon.


File: c6d74d6a7acd086⋯.jpg (84.43 KB, 800x750, 16:15, jumpscare.jpg)


I assume because people don't want scary pictures when they are wanking.

Warning scary image:



I think this was also a instant game over event, which can be frustrating when you haven't saved in a while.



When did it appeared?



There was a small chance of this happening whenever you stop time and maybe a roll for that event every time you make a move in the frozen time.



Does the pic acompany other effects too?

It doesnt look too scaring by itself



I don't really know. I found this game after the event was removed. I only got bit and pieces from the old threads. I imagine that it depends on you having your guard down and looking at picture of cute girl and this picture popping out of nowhere.

It's a jumpscare after all.



Clownpiece was more broken than Patchouli, sorry.

I'm not the one- well okay the translation was a "collaborative" effort, let's call it that.

Thing is that Clownpiece's files were mostly just spoken dialog, not a lot of "adjective noun verb"-type sentences, meaning it wasn't that hard.

Patchouli is just kind of broken. It pains me to see and read. I would say "I'm sorry" again but that would probably make me start delaying shit and adding NTR.



i woulda loved to see that. I never got the RNG to be buttfucked by a chupacabra before it was removed.


File: 70c4de008b0b57b⋯.png (262.83 KB, 293x454, 293:454, Tupai.PNG)


That's clearly a spooky Rumia, not Tupai.

THIS is a 2hu chupacabra.

It's not a cute magic girl because it's treated more like a rare critter than a demon in 2hu lore.



Would Tupai make for a cute girl? Also when's Mimi-chan getting in?


File: 0ba245decdd4d88⋯.png (978.72 KB, 640x992, 20:31, Namazu.PNG)


Depends if you consider it okay for a certain catfish to have a fan-made cute girl form.



That's fine, though I'd expect her to be a bit more mermaid/fish-like.


File: 78748ee5f60a34c⋯.jpg (491.23 KB, 2158x2000, 1079:1000, lewd clown.jpg)


>which can be frustrating when you haven't saved in a while.

Bruh, do you even autosave?



>Fellatio first kiss is a thing now


I was heartbroken after grinding and grinding and GRINDING to finally get a girl to blow me having never kissed and WHOOPS IT DOESN'T EVEN FUCKING COUNT AHAHAH

kill me



Oh i got that before actually, but it was on start up on the main screen when i booted it up from what i remember.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Can you actually rape in EraTW? Do restraints serve a practical purpose?


File: a786c616a37ff37⋯.png (1.75 KB, 752x24, 94:3, RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE.png)

File: 82861290b591b90⋯.jpg (55.1 KB, 720x540, 4:3, What's this shadow of the ….jpg)




File: 7d589b741a51fec⋯.jpg (1.27 MB, 1500x4795, 300:959, dan schneider.jpg)



Go home Dan. You're drunk.




There's no like, "hold them down", but there are other means.

When you try "push down", it shows some "reasoning barrier" and then shit that affects it, primarily favorability.

If you have used the stone of Mirada on her it gets easier. There are also other things, like timestop rape marks, them being in heat etc. that also helps.

In any case, going from "no" to "yes" with one of those, that's what that thing is about I think.

But it doesn't work if it's alcohol.



>There's no like, "hold them down", but there are other means.

There absolutely is. If you start consensual sex, you can bind them with rope. When you go start penetration, they'll ask you to put on a condom because it's not safe. If she's bound, you can basically tell her to fuck off and shove it inside. She'll start crying and hate you, but it's still rape.


What the hell is Capturing Skill for in TW?



Is dev the most updated one?





>release is like, due to obligation

To who, Spaghetti Code? Just make your git organization match reality so people don't have to ask this question every twenty minutes.


File: 9e52b35fbf6669c⋯.png (77.7 KB, 979x509, 979:509, Emuera-Anchor_2018-11-17_1….png)



Is anyone else getting this weird issue with dev when leading the girls around on dates or whatever where there seems to be reverse [Pushed Down] dialogue for whatever reason? Like, I'm just holding their hands but the game is acting like we're fucking. And, no, the actions aren't changing or anything. I can keep going on the date as usual.



I've been getting that with just talking to people when they're somewhat fond of me.

It starts out at around 5 hearts for mood, but the more they like you, the quicker it shows up. Doesn't seem to stop once you are pushed down, either.


File: f5ac87335cb791e⋯.png (11.11 KB, 655x183, 655:183, It's a misunderstanding, o….png)


On a related note, I got pushed down for like an entire day's worth of snu snu and now the game thinks I'm a rapist. Is this intentional?


File: 219b386821c42f9⋯.png (114.82 KB, 1200x1317, 400:439, Emuera-Anchor_2018-11-17_1….png)


>I've been getting that with just talking to people when they're somewhat fond of me.

Uh, sure, but while on a date? While holding hands? And does the same exact line play over and over again? She keeps laughing and removing her kimono over and over. Typically this sort of line only plays when the girl pushes you down.

This wasn't a thing until the recent patch, so I'm guessing it's a bug.



Might be intended to be that way and mistranslated, being the rapist wouldn't be much of an achievement considering time powers and such rather than making girls like you so much they want to rape you without YOUR consent.



Haven't actually been on a date yet. Just hanging out at the shrine, spamming 'conversation' with the occasional tea break, and suddenly everyone's disrobing repeatedly. Must be some damn good tea.



The girl doesn't actually gain [Consent] if she pushes you down.

So, technically, I mean, it fulfills the requirements…



I don't know, man.

I translate doujin before and just stopped 4-5 years ago, I think. At least it improve my knowledge in photoshop/GIMP. I don't know why I did that, man. I guess it started about 15 years ago when I tried translating Detective Conan to barely passable English. All those time could have been used to master other shits that would be useful today.

It's a stupid thankless work. There were 2 groups of translator when it comes to money, from what I can remember. Those who do it for free, and those who do it for money. If you do it for free, people would hate you and you'd receive nothing. If you do it for money, people would hate you and you'd get a nice meal at the end of the month. I did it for free.

I'm not a Jap, by the way. Just a Chink.



I don't hate you translator anon-kun. You're a real human bean and a real hero. Thank you.

Unless you are responsible for translating all the futa-shit floating around in which case: disregard the first part, fuck you, kys.


File: e9229227eeae120⋯.png (9.67 KB, 785x117, 785:117, Error 1.png)

Tried using [Whereabouts Sense] and [Check Other Areas] and got this error.





>removes clothes problem

Fixed, I'll push that one later today though, once I'm done going through Patchouli and other things.


File: 9bbc373d23ff8a6⋯.jpg (48.74 KB, 640x960, 2:3, 0517329c4a1a1e4589744ade52….jpg)


>I did it for free.

we really should have a "thank a veteran translator" day


File: 130a23c4e32f059⋯.jpg (122.07 KB, 571x570, 571:570, 1541956420766.jpg)

Clownpiece main translator here. Just happen to translate because I kinda have so much free time, or actually I'm a quite the procrastinator.

Maybe I'd like to translate another character for next month. Who you guys prefer for the next one?



Reimu would be nice, if you don't mind.



Whoever's got the fewest untranslated lines left, honestly.



Reimu's files pretty big there. Also non-dialogue sentences are kinda my weakness, could take pretty long time for me. But I'll consider it for later.


Like Meiling and Momiji? I guess I can take a look at it first.



what a beautiful duwang



>Clownpiece main translator here.

Great, can you tell me whats up with this retarded name? I mean clownpiece? What the hell whats the reason for it, also while im at it what up with other wacky names like "Eternity Larva" who came up with this shit?



Mate, you better ask ZUN the drunken fuck instead for an explanation, not me.




I agree

There's no way an OC could establish itself as much as the already established characters from any popular media in any eragame. It would simply be a generic OC considering the fact that era projects are usually started by a single person and such single persons driven by lust wouldn't be able to compete with characters that were thought throughly and made popular by another medium.


File: 4f23739f28f1ad7⋯.png (1.63 KB, 436x23, 436:23, brave_2018-11-18_19-57-29.png)

Thank you!



remilia pls



Remilia doesn't even have dialogue though



A small part of me has been spitballing the idea of making a Neptunia version of Eratohok or something, but its hard to complement the sheer number of 2hus compared to the paltry number of neps. Perhaps something like EraTW would be better with a smaller number of characters.

But on the flip side I could indulge in some minor OC and make ZUN a maker.



>A small part of me has been spitballing the idea of making a Neptunia version of Eratohok or something, but its hard to complement the sheer number of 2hus compared to the paltry number of neps.

It seems like it would be better idea to implement them in some extra scenario with small map and make Neps with very high IDs to avoid any conflicts with already existing characters.

>Perhaps something like EraTW would be better with a smaller number of characters.

It's still needs to have another map.

>But on the flip side I could indulge in some minor OC and make ZUN a maker.

Animu grill which can drink absurd amount of beer. Sounds good.


File: 6f4f41cd4856ef6⋯.jpg (56.6 KB, 720x718, 360:359, Huge fuckin anime tits.jpg)




I think a few characters with fully translated dialogues is better than several half (or likely less) translated.

And hey, thanks for your work.

You're an all star.



Maybe so not much about ONLY neps, but about IF/CH/NIS characters from across all their games?



>NIS characters and neps

finally, Valvatorez/fenerich yaoi can happen with Vert furiously shicking to it.


File: 58241e8490c7b7a⋯.jpg (66.98 KB, 960x540, 16:9, DISGUST.jpg)


>including male characters



Fair enough. How about just feeding Fuka to the tentacles?

Cant stand that bitch.



Feed her to Desco.



It occurs to me that Fuka could easily be a 2hu- she "dies" if her hat is removed.

Also yes, I agree.



I know.

How about someone translates Akyuu’s fucking monstrous stuff?



>Akyuu's monstrous stuff

monstrous as in "there is a shitload of SHIT to translate" or the contents are monstrous?


File: 2e8a54724da2354⋯.jpg (116.8 KB, 609x562, 609:562, A very good girl.jpg)



I vigorously support this idea. Conquest Route will be reborn, now with 100% more depravity.



She has some truly fuckhuge events.

Try cheating her into qualifying for a falling state sometime, just to get an idea.


File: e94e60332fecf0b⋯.gif (124.05 KB, 540x300, 9:5, 1517678502396.gif)

>Go check out the Era Wiki

>Check out if any new era games have been made

>Era FGO-K

>Toho-K but with Fate waifus

Not sure if this has as much content as Toho-K but im super excited nonetheless



>Not knowing that FGO-K has been in development for years and still has no content

Next you'll be excited about eraMadoka too.




Wow, sounds neat! What is it?



It's like FGO-K: tohoK with characters that have no content and no events.


OK, is impregnation even a thing in eratohoTW? I'm trying to knock up Yuki and it's probably been a month now. Every single day, this bitch is getting filled with literally 5 liters of splooge. I don't even know where it's coming from, I assume your character has a prostate the size of a horse's head, but it's clearly not enough, cause it's not doing jack shit.


File: 2d0876907f78268⋯.gif (49.37 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 1147641141_eslaughter.gif)



Just use 10x or 100x cum multiplier in options.


At least they are trying.

Did anybody on /hgg/ side tried/attempted to make one anyway?



Shit, I'll take it even if it's malnourished. Assuming it's even remotely translated, anyway.



I think when he said no content he meant "No" content. As in nothing.


>download a game from the wiki that says it's 'eng-release'

>literally not one single word is translated

Getting really fucking sick of this shit.


>The 'Latest Builds' downloads on the wiki are sorted alphabetically instead of by date

Very useful. I also like how some use the eng-dev/release system, but others are just 'master.'



Which game?



All of them.



Something tells me that's a falsehood



If you don't have Emuera-Anchor.exe in your game directory, copy it from some other game and it should work with some of these.

Amount of text translated will vary a lot though.


>I also like how some use the eng-dev/release system, but others are just 'master.'

eng-dev versions have more content, but are more prone to breaking

eng-release versions are reverse of above

master versions vary on game basis, for example eratohok which has cleanest codebase from all games(It's still shit.) so it only needs one version, eramegaten very likely to not be translated by anybody ever again and games which have three versions for reasons unknown to me.

I recommend getting eng-dev or master versions though.



I downloaded five at random and none had anything more than single word of english, which I'm pretty sure wasn't translated from anything anyway, anywhere on the first half a dozen menus.


>If you don't have Emuera-Anchor.exe in your game directory, copy it from some other game and it should work with some of these.

If it's a 'release' why the fuck doesn't it have every file it needs to work out of the box?


File: dfd0728e9f108b7⋯.jpg (414.05 KB, 781x948, 781:948, __zilvern_busou_shinki_dra….jpg)


It should, but the people managing the git are retarded niggers.



Because of passion?? because they love it and want to share it with the rest of us?

not everything is about earning money you greedy autist


So dumb question, where is there any documentation for emuera- for the sake of working with it? I find little that is not either in japaneese or russian.



You mean of the syntax? Click on translation tools in the OP and scroll down until you find the link.


File: 8cda175b97f460b⋯.png (253.75 KB, 680x581, 680:581, c59.png)




File: 36b377f2c003456⋯.jpg (277.87 KB, 708x1000, 177:250, 3c9fa4aef493aa6cc554b9d351….jpg)


Yuuka's Reverse Rape scene pls.



It really is, I'm not sure why though.


File: d5e33dc321f33a3⋯.jpg (99.91 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, 2b7a67a4b0c1a8abc02b8ee063….jpg)

Anyone care to give me an idea how much of TouhouReverse is actually translated? I've downloaded multiple versions but it seams like it's just the menus and a few of the sex dialogues



Looks like you found out how much is translated.


Can you share a room with your wife in eratohoTW? I remember doing it with Chiyuri in another save but I can not do it with Yuuka


So is there some sort of beginner guide for TW?

Any tips for it?



Download Translation Aggregator from this page :


Use Bing and Yandex in TA. Google is fine too, but bans you after some time for the spam.

Last, set your Emuera_Anchor to "ignore <> tags" in "Help/Settings/Clipboard".



Although you can live in Yuuka's house it doesn't look like living in her room is an option. You can always just go to her bedroom after she turns in for the night and manually choose to sleep with her. Kind of a pain in the ass, but is your waifu worth it to you?


File: 940b796f779d726⋯.png (200.59 KB, 1525x984, 1525:984, eraTW basic gameplay guide.png)


I made this six million years ago. It might be a little out of date, but it should be enough to get you going. If you have any questions, go ahead and ask.


How do I get the [Insatiable] trait in ERATohoK?



If I remember correctly, it's one of the rewards for seducing a number of characters. Can't remember how many it is exactly, but it isn't that difficult. You'll get a choice between it and a few other things.


I haven't updated in forever. What git branch of TW do I download?

Change the Readme's; all branches have the same

>This is the pure translation branch of eratohoTW.

All translation of normal lines go here. They will then be ported over to the Game/Master branch, meaning the Game/Master branch has to be written and coded to conform to Game/Translation.

I'm just going to download eng-dev


File: c6339b324ff2af8⋯.png (717.56 KB, 1000x1414, 500:707, ed4a7c111e8d1168f1a97764e8….png)


It works, thank you very much Anon


File: 9754117aca7bde3⋯.png (1.82 MB, 1400x1980, 70:99, 8714d58aed8c09b7e9940714dc….png)


Akyuu is being translated and almost finished. Will release it all at once.


File: 42157e9aeab8e15⋯.png (13.98 KB, 662x448, 331:224, Capture.PNG)


I've done it, forgot how though.

I believe you need enough favorability and service to have them love you and change room in Home Settings at the beginning of a day



What makes you think it's translated at all? If it's not tohoK or TW, it's got zero to minimal translation.



I played around 6 months back and it had some bare bones translations, enough to sorta play even if I ended a few times.





Chargen, stats, traits, menus, action recap, etc. are translated. Anchor can filter out all the "graphical enhancements" so that text hookers don't get spammed. TA limits size of text sent to translation services, to avoid getting banned. What else do you lazy fucks need ?

Reverse is very playable with machine translation now. It hasn't always be so. And I'm not the translator btw.


Sure thing, anyone displaying fine taste and interest in the game deserves support.



Fuck yeah. Dialogue translations! Godspeed


What's a good git program?




program that is not git nor kraken.



program that is git or kraken


File: 0bb9a87cfbc7747⋯.png (29.81 KB, 789x396, 263:132, Emuera-Anchor_2018-11-21.png)

Just for some context, for those of you who don't know how big a deal it is that Akyuu's getting translated.

This isn't some special event or anything. This is just cunnilingus.



So how much of this is obscure facts about some tongue youkai?



I am gonna laugh if most of her text turns out to be comparing you to lovers from her previous lives and how much you suck at what you are doing.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I looked her up.

>Into synth music

>Is now my favorite 2hu





in the human village


Can someone, please, explain to me where/how I can brand a character in eratohok?



take them prisoner

'punish' them

break their will (but not their mind)

click 'demand loyalty' or whatever it is on the 'special actions' page


Anyway to keep the miracle mallet effect on your dick? I find the effect funny but losing is makes me deflate faster than a anime fan on prom night.






Not seeing a cum multiplier option in Options or the Secret Menu in EratohoTW. Only see the pregnancy multiplier chance. Am I blind?





File: c7174647aa66d76⋯.gif (791.04 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 1522908579497.gif)


Real talk though, a cum multiplier sounds like a fun addition. Being able to pump 1000ml of man milk into your 2hu of choice seems like a blast.



It would if touhous reacted to it otherwise it's just a number.



Apparently I named it wrong.

But you still found it, so whatever.


File: 898523d4c7f19cd⋯.png (139.41 KB, 500x516, 125:129, visible-confusion-visible-….png)


So how long does a pregnancy run in eratohoTW?

I realise it's a slow paced game, but it couldn't possibly be 9 in-game months, right…?



I think thats the case unless you speed it up.




Fuck me, but that's a long wait.

270 days?



Yeah. Just speed it up, by x2 at least


What actions can reveal yout time-stop ability to characters?


do any of the games have any undead?



eraMegaten. Sick fuck.



Yoshika in the 2hu games is undead.



Ghosts, zombies, vampires, take your pick.





Speeding it up makes events fuck up.

If someone could send a "day 1 pregnancy" save I could have a look at setting it so that you basically get one event per day, i.e. max speed without skipping events.

>inb4 "events don't work anyway"

Well, I wouldn't know, I barely have time to play the game…


Speaking of fucking up events, any idea why Eirin stopped doing her job in my save even though the calendar says she should he working?



It's not really 365 day years. Every season is 30 days, so it should be 90 days. But I'm not certain, I usually play pregnancy off.


File: 4525b41ad80998a⋯.png (8.59 KB, 538x266, 269:133, Capture.PNG)

For some reason, doing the danmaku training request resets combat experience to 0 on latest dev



>Sports drinks

No wonder. Just throwing your gainz away like that.


Do you call 'day 1 pregnancy' as 'during dayroll, the pregnancy checker reported a higher than required preggo number' or do you define it as 'they are now officially pregnant'?


What is the era game you guys would recommend?

I've been playing eraSQN for a while but most of the text still in japanese

Also, I can't access the git



eratohok is fun


File: f4c12b2f0b32436⋯.jpg (318.33 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1517310036565.jpg)


Thank you, anon, I've found a link in the fag95 site



I hope illiterate fucks like you die before you can breed.



Normally I'd call you out for downloading an outdated build but The latest version of k in the git isn't enough of an improvement to justify it.



>Implying abortion punches aren't worth it

But yeah, removing 2hu names from generic lists isn't really improvement by any definition of the word



The sex system is still completely fucked thanks to the rework some retard tried to do, isn't it? That's reason enough to use an old version.



95% of the H-dialogue isn't translated in both versions so there's not much difference since the only shit that matters is the same.



>the only shit that matter is the same

>new versions fuck up the actions you can select

>not mattering

Fuck off nigger.


So I've been doing some translations of era games solo for a while now, I thought about releasing them but they didn't fit the rules at the time(Mainly the third person at all times rule.), Anyway something that drove me crazy is that Sakuya Izayoi never had any dialogue in TW, At least I could never find it and I looked, So it's been 6 months since I've downloaded an era game and now my main question is this. It appears that she does have translated dialogue in the newest release of TW, but in the translation for dialogue file she never shows up, is this a fanmade thing or did someone forget?

Anyway just some questions, I might go back and try my hand at doing it again since I have a lot of free time again, but don't expect anything.

Also one last thing, Emuera now has a bitcoin miner attached to it? Is that all of them or is that only certain ones?



>Emuera now has a bitcoin miner attached to it? Is that all of them or is that only certain ones?

I think it's just faggots from dickscord shitposting loudly.


>It's still broken

Some people should learn ancient rule for fixing things:

"If it ain't broken, don't fix it."



>didn't fit the rules at the time

I mean, it was just TW, and in hindsight it was a sort of weird choice, but come on, it was the first game I worked on.

>Sakuya's dialog

This is original content. The branch system in TW works so that the translated branch only contains translated stuff, and stuff to make translations work. Because of this, Sakuya's dialog is in a separate branch.

>Bitcoin miner

There is no bitcoin miner.



Actually I thought those was the rules everywhere, most of my translated work was actually done in ErotohoK, I think I finished 3 characters, Sakuya, Reimu, and Marisa. I translated everything I could without breaking the game, although I think I could never figure out where part of Sakuya's random comments came from… Well I lost all progress so it doesn't really matter.



Only thing I'm interested is making custom chars related, that fixed yet?


How would I go about adding a custom sex command in Eratohok? I can program but having difficulty understanding the file structure. I was hoping someone understood it could share.



The last time someone messed with that stuff the broke it.



I don't plan to open source my perverse fetishes.



Then kindly fuck off



Enjoy your handholding you degenerate.




What do you want then?



In EraTW?

You will need to copy some character CSV file, tweak it a little in Notepad and change file name to make new character (Just give them high numbers, so they will have compatibility, when new 2hus will be added.)


>despite all the weird random characters like Myouren we don't have Tenma in TohoK

I just realized how odd this is.



It's probably because he'd have to be the leader of Aya's faction, and that's mondo gay yo. I ain't sexual diplomacy-ing with a dude.



Nothing confirms anything about Tenma expect that its the boss of the Tengus;

and the argument of origin doesn't work because its not like Suika or any other "male" origin characters are automatically male in 2hu.



Just use unisex image and give him randomized gender


File: 29b0061c9671e94⋯.png (2.48 KB, 541x81, 541:81, Capture2.PNG)



File: 0e715d1847203e1⋯.png (184.22 KB, 640x434, 320:217, 0e715d1847203e1489ae6cb6c9….png)


What a small limit, it needs to be increased.



No, in K. Should've been specific.



I could have sworn K has a custom character feature built in.


File: afec827b490cac1⋯.jpg (34.4 KB, 626x619, 626:619, 23432423423423432.jpg)

Is Chiitrans lite with Atlas the best translator to use? Is anything else better or more accurate? No idea what the fuck these 2hu's are saying half the time with it



Google translate is more accurate but sometimes blocks you. There was also some microsoft translator that someone posted half a year ago that worked off of machine learning and gave good results but is not an option in chiitrans or TA.



It does but you can't make them related anymore.




>Chiitrans vs google

They give completely different result.

If you take a couple of hours to to read up on the basics of japanese grammar, you'll find that chiitrans often gives better results, because it's a dictionary.

Google can fuck things up so horribly. But, it seems to be that when one works, the other doesn't. Simple phrases in chiitrans are translated literally, while google just gets their meaning.

Like, 失礼, shitsurei, google says "excuse me", chiitrans says "discourtesy; impoliteness/excuse me; goodbye". While the latter is technically more true, the former is right 99% of the time.

But sometimes google can fuck up horrible. A character says "(小声で) [more jap]", google says "in a loud voice", but atlas and lec say "in the whisper" and "in a low voice" respectively. Chiitrans says "low voice; whisper" along with the explanation of the で particle.

The most important thing to note is that you don't need to specify who's doing what in Japanese. Like, "let [him] go". Google just auto-assumes who it is, making it fuck up.

"Isn't it time to go to bed?" and "Are you going to bed now?".



I think you need to create relations in cheat mode then.


File: be14212d01f1107⋯.png (114.22 KB, 400x240, 5:3, 1482358646823.png)

newfag here, what is the status on the eraMegaten translation and how much of the game is translated?



I think most, if not all, of the menus and ui are translated, but apparently its a huge mess code wise so nobody is bothering to do the rest.


Anyway of cheating the proclivities menu in Eratohok or do I need to grind?



cheat engine


So what are assistants in TW and how do I get one?


So does forbidden knowledge even do anything in TW outside of letting you buy futa drug?


What is evaluation used for in eratohoPM?



Can't make them family that way.



This is caused by Yuyuko coming over when you cook I believe. The code there goes like "set the 55th bit for flag:50", which is old stuff, the new "how many lovers you can have"-flag is also 50, I guess they just forgot.


No such thing. It's a leftover from the normal era system. It's the same as video stuff, there are remnants left in the code but that's it.


It lets you do inchling onahole, for one. Also sleeping pill, having sex with people smaller than you without first getting a bunch of V exp (stretching them sort of).


The grand TohoK question:



>Third position

Where do you guys stand?




2hu are good girls, i want them to be married and happy



Favour for my waifu and favourite girls

Submission for shit-tier girls (Youmu, Reimu etc)

No idea what you mean with 3rd position


File: 7658182443427ac⋯.png (574.16 KB, 914x693, 914:693, 7658182443427acbcd07ef4bf6….png)


Same as this


Seriously whats the third position? Is it doing neither? both?



>No idea what you mean with 3rd position

Dominance or "doesn't care about relationship, just rapes" was what I had in mind.



I think you got the examples wrong. Those are the favorite girls.



But indiscriminate raping is submission ain't it?


That doesn't mean they aren't shit, the average man cannot be expected to have good taste.



favor or submission for wife

simply befriend for others



>But indiscriminate raping is submission ain't it

It tends to lead to it, yeah. But if you don't care about "training" the girls then they won't get Submitted or Slave.


File: 9ae6ceaa1413889⋯.jpg (42.01 KB, 363x207, 121:69, 9ae6ceaa14138894fa3efef086….jpg)


I was about to say that nobody is ever gonna do that; but it would be an easy method to make the game harder(if you deliberately made sure to get neither).

I'm actually tempted to try that. Still i doubt anyone actually plays like that normally.

It would require a very deliberate play-style, as there is basically nothing promoting switching rape targets before they become a slave(sex content is pretty sparse, few characters would give "a new experience").

I expect 0 people to actually be third position.




It raises itself by stats training and I am usually too rough to not make 2hus into potatos in submission route.



I didn't expect there to be many, but I wouldn't exclude the option completely, because then I'd just get a

>I don't care about that shit

>I'm just here for sexing 2hus, if I wanted to grind relationships I'd play TW



Favor for ones I want to marry this run

Submission for everyone else since I can do it in bulk with tentacles

But honestly, enslaving enemy leader and bleeding them dry of officers during peace time is the best



Rape, break and use everyone

Keep 1 of your daughters - preferably born from your character with tentacles or one of the animals - and raise her with love and affection

Romance her while you keep raping everyone else



While it would possibly be harder it probably wouldn't be as fun as playing as human only faction that executes every youkai it captures


File: 9304b64e8cd39f1⋯.gif (163.69 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 9304b64e8cd39f1b33d20df65c….gif)


>being a human nigger

The youkai are clearly superior, its better to teach the humans their place.

Youkai only faction is superior.



Have fun killing all six humans of which only two are dangerous in any way

I will meantime have fun fighting against everyone else on the map while outnumbered in every single possible way



Youkai only =/= All the Youkai. You can still fight against other Youkai factions, just keep the humans out.


Looking at them, some of the tags are really weird;

>Mokou is non-human+human

>Tsukumogami aren't youkai

>Byakuren is human

>Kasen isn't a youkai


Youkai only make up at most half of the cast in the first place.

Faries, Lunarians, Phantoms and Gods aren't Youkai; also only six humans eh?

There's Myouren, Satono, Mai, Satsuki, Rikako, Rika, Kotohime, Meira, Yumeni, Chiyuri, Sumireko, Kosuzu, Akyuu, Renko, Maribel, Sanae, Mokou, Keine(kinda), Youmu, Sakuya, Marisa and Reimu.

Even if you exclude cases like Keine and Youmu, the list of humans is still massive and easy to substain.




Why is she human anyway?

Her profile implies her to be magician



She’s from a magician family but she personally doesn’t like magic and so will likely not become a true magician.


File: 83d79a94c2f438f⋯.png (8.99 KB, 192x191, 192:191, Th03Rikako.png)


She's not meant to look like a magician;

she's meant to be a scientist.




She knows magic, and is apparently really good at it, but she greatly dislikes it and prefers science. Pretty much the opposite of Yumemi.



>Purple hair

>Formidable magical skills

Totally a human



Reimu had purple hair at the time too. And Akyuu does too, for that matter. That's just a thing in Gensokyo.


So what does magic stat in K represent anyway since it's sure as hell isn't just magic skills in general

Is it how good they are at using tentacles in combat or something?



This got me wondering, could someone post the full battle mechanics? I can understand bigger number = better, but I have no idea what actually goes on under the hood.


File: 264e82fac2753bc⋯.png (139.22 KB, 2247x1249, 2247:1249, 4SP3rgUNA9O8GaZRnFZ9CQLDYv….png)



You people are illiterate fucking retards, constantly asking for shit that's either included in the game itself or the guides folder; I have met niggers more functional than you. That people lacking basic reading comprehension would spend so much time on a text based game is astounding, but it's not surprising that the Japanese equivalent of Steven Universe attracts complete idiots.



"Increases army attack power" Doesn't tell me how exactly the battle result is produced from these values. I don't need a description of the stats, what I want is the mechanics of how they're used.



if you want the formulas, you have a copy of the source code



Which isn't exactly the most legible thing ever. Variable names are in nip, as are comments where they exist at all. If you get past that you find things like what should be enums or strings just handled as integers. That's all provided you manage to locate the file the code you're interested in is in in the first place.

So excuse me for hoping some one here who'd already gone through it would give me the lowdown on it instead.



Bigger numbers = better numbers is good enough for exactly the reasons you outlined. Autism has its limits, it seems, before going full non-communicative potato.


In eratohoTW how exactly do you raise desire without increasing intimacy?



molest them in time stop

make them cum in time stop





Doesn't [lust] also require more conscious orgasms than unconscious ones or something like that?



That's why I'm a bit confused, i usually perform cunnilingus on them and when they cum it still sometimes raises intimacy. Should i be just touching them?



well no one said anything about progressing towards a sex friend



You can use time stop and make them ALMOST cum. This raises their sensitivity in the early stages. You'll have to avoid actions that give Reliability and focus on those that gives the most desire. Once you can start using 'Embrace' you should start hugging the shit out of 'em. Should raise their desire and Favorability without raising Reliability. Sooner or later you'll start fucking and then you just fuck 'em until brain shuts down.



Stone of mirada.

You'll still get intimacy but it will kind of plateau around lvl 5. Once you get them 1000+ you should be able to do a push down with max hearts and high frustration. If not give them some rape marks and try again.




>Mokou is non-human+human

Hourai elixir will fuck you up.

>Tsukumogami aren't youkai

This one's kinda 50/50.

>Byakuren is human

Well, she is.

>Kasen isn't a youkai

Well, she isn't.



>Well, she isn't.

Oni are youkai



If you're gonna go by that logic literally every character that isn't pure human should have the youkai tag.



It's trivial to find the file with grep or something similar. The code quality in K is actually surprisingly decent for an era game. So you only have to know Japanese, which is a pretty minor obstacle for an inquisitive mind like yours.



No, you just need 100 or 500 conscious orgasms (unless there are some weird patches in the translation). That's calculated as Orgasm EXP - Unaware Cum EXP. When cumming in time stop they get both. The translation is wrong there.

Anyway, there is no point in trying to raise desire only, because a single quintuple orgasm sets desire to 9 or 10. That's pretty much guaranteed to be more than intimacy, unless you went out of your way to raise intimacy with dates, etc.



Not characters like Tenshi, the Lunarians, various gods, maybe the fairies, etc.



Byakuren isn't a human anymore, though. She became a Magician (as in the species, like Alice) in order to escape the death she feared.


File: 01e1c3e330e8ca4⋯.png (460.75 KB, 998x1000, 499:500, 01e1c3e330e8ca40c1a1df3d87….png)


>calling a youkai a youkai is the same as calling fairies, gods, robots and demons youkai



So it's best battle stat, got it

But that's utterly irrelevant to my question of what it represents



It does nothing not stated in the help page unless it's checked specifically by events.



Its magic its not lying, its just distributed weirdly;

some characters get magic for abilities(Clownpiece, Yukari) but otherwise its characters that have reasonable magic mostly(Alice/Mima don't have a magic stats for some reason though).

Marisa is reasonable because magic-wise she's actually meant to be garbage.

Satori getting a magic stat while Koishi doesn't makes no sense if thats the case though as their abilities should be a similar magic tier.

If this is the case its very weirdly done.

>Junko has less magic than Clownpiece



>Suwako has highest magic stat in the game

>Myouren and Yumemi have magic

>Shinki has less magic than Patchouli

>Gengetsu is tied for lowest magic with Sagume



>Suwako has highest magic stat in the game

Clearly curses are the greatest magic or something, beating stuff like the reality warping gap-hag.

>Myouren and Yumemi have magic

Myouren makes sense, he's the one who taught Byakuren after all; makes no sense for him to have so much though considering the human thing.

Yumemi's artificial magic really shouldn't count though yeah, or at-least be really weak and not at the average.

>Gengetsu is tied for lowest magic with Sagume

To be fair, Gengetsu basically has no confirmed abilities; Sagume is silly though, her ability feels like it shouldn't be that low.


So is everyone in K having low magic stat a balance thing or something?

Because Patchouli having total of 20 magic seems wrong



Myouren didn't teach Byakuren anything more than Buddhism though, right? She only resorted to her evil magics after he died and she started to fear death.



Myouren used a form of magic, its just that Byakuren switched from it to become a youkai.

Since buddism based magic probably isn't very good for becoming a youkai.


In eratohoK, how do you convert girls without mindbreaking them?



House arrest or by not being a brute; its possible to make them slaves without mindbreak you know?

But if you want to go through the favor route, use house arrest.



Try to avoid emptying the bar multiple times in a round or letting it stay empty

If they get mindbroken just train them until the bar fills up, I am pretty sure mindbreak gets fixed by then

One time I even had character get mindborken and fixed in a single session



Branding also gives consent, which will ease their will drain. I've found kissing also helps. So try to do those as soon as possible, do nothing for a few actions if their will goes into negative and they won't get mindbroken.


>No option to mindbreak 2hus with tentacles in TW

Man, this is gay



I still want to know what the fuck Capturing Skill is for. It sounds like we should be able to use that to kidnap people and keep them somewhere discreet, but no such options seem available, and there's no sign of it being used for anything else.



>2hu are good girls, i want them to be married and happy

Man of culture.png

Except for a few of them like Tewi who aren't good girls at all.

I've not gotten around to bothering with the newer fighting game but Joon doesn't seem particularly nice either.


File: b4af8d27e6836bd⋯.jpg (390.05 KB, 712x1000, 89:125, 360f483aa0f66b28fd43938810….jpg)


>like Tewi

Tewi is a good girl! Attempts to slander Tewi are the work of the Lunarians!


Which 2hu is best for being a pain toilet? I tend to default to Nue because Ive nearly lost due to her revolting at the worst possible time.



Tenshi, she would enjoy it. Otherwise any lunarian or Seiga.






2hus are not for hurting.


Man, Gengetsu in K sure is something

Shame that actually building up economy is mostly worthless when compared to conquest


File: 2f4ca7c3b265942⋯.webm (3.39 MB, 800x400, 2:1, LINDEMANN - Praise Abort.webm)

>my face when i commit mass abortion via tentacles in EraTohoK


Is there some kind of in depth guide I can read for eratohok besides the quick start guide included in the download? I've dumped plenty of hours into Free Cities but it's way too autistic for me. If there's nothing like that can someone at least tell me how to reinforce units and garrison towns?



You can freely add/remove troops to an units when it's in your territory and not under siege. Simplest way to remove tiredness is to disband the unit, the troops get moved back to your pool. Note that officers removed from an unit will be unavailable for the rest of the turn. There's buttons to station troops/officers when you have a city chosen but I prefer to park units in cities I need to defend because you can only garrison 2 officers but you can assign 3 to an unit.



Eratohok isn't that hard.

>If there's nothing like that can someone at least tell me how to reinforce units and garrison towns?

To reinforce units or garrison towns click on your territories and then {set garrison} or {edit} on territories where your armies are (these are written like this).


What exactly do you need to do to get someone to have their first menstruation in eratohoTW, is it a random event or is there something your supposed to do to help start it?


>there's been one commit to any game in the last 5 days

Thanks for all your work guys



we're busy translating protoSDMntr



Great news. I'll see if the guys at Fag95 want to submit ntr events.



Shouldn't the answer to this be in a FAQ or something by now?

IIRC the req. was 200 V exp. and cum in vag for a chance to have the event at end of day. Prepare for this to take a long time.



Probably, but either I'm an idiot or there isn't one because i haven't managed to find one.


Holy shit eratohoK is great, but its making me crave a proper follow up to the rotk RPG games like rotk 8 and 10.

eratohok is fun, but pretty broken and not a whole lot to do as an officer. Big thanks to the translation team though, fun game.



This weekend Yuuka will be finished in TW.

Please wait warmly.



Whats really important is when EraTohoK gets updated tho

because i dont know if i should download it now and fap or wait for the next update/translation



I remember someone doing playthrough of proper 2hu game in this vein in Soku threads

It was untranslated obviously but still


File: 2d327fe73c47625⋯.jpg (215.73 KB, 996x748, 249:187, 1343241309664.jpg)


>soku thread


I'm fairly sure it was whatever game this was, but google only takes me so far as 'title TBD' and that it was released at Comiket 81.


File: 151040d1a273d72⋯.jpg (92.94 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, yabou.jpg)



Actually I found it, it's Yabou No Gensokyo


File: 40f611319b33df9⋯.png (37.63 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, 40f611319b33df964cc61d9733….png)


>the only download of it i can find is a google drive one


File: aee91a067378871⋯.png (249.26 KB, 294x474, 49:79, 1F.png)

File: f6da8e0d2bebd2b⋯.png (172.66 KB, 258x440, 129:220, 2F.png)

File: 5e264458f33ca3e⋯.png (151.99 KB, 218x454, 109:227, 3F.png)


>these designs



>This weekend Yuuka will be finished

The sadistic rapist? Great job appealing to bottom feeder subs. This is how you get actual cucks in these threads.



>Not dominating her into being your own personal fuckpuppet

Seems like the only cuck here is you.


File: 23d842c25f160f8⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 35.12 KB, 480x360, 4:3, cursed image do not open.jpg)

What happened to the cheat menu in TW? Last time I updated was in mid-June 2017



click on the stars in the option menu



I still can’t get her to rape me.

Child age, childlike penis, childlike body, try to bet virginity, she just goes “eh, that’s….”

Is there a Favour gate? Is it some trait I missed somewhere in character creation?

“Just make a child character” doesn’t seem to be working, so what simple obvious thing am I fucking up?



>so what simple obvious thing am I fucking up?

Fire up your text editor and find out. You have the source code.






Fuck you too, buddy.



I remember you asking this stupid question before. Several people tried to help you and it evidently didn't lead to a satisfactory result back then either. Someone is going to have to open those files and dig through the conditional logic to get you an answer. Is your time inherently worth more than everyone else's, that doing your own work is somehow beneath you? The files are written in a derivative of fucking Basic, not Haskell. If you can understand the concept of 'If X then Y', you're more than capable of answering your own god damn question. The code comments being in Japanese is no more of a hindrance than having to play an eragame with TA is. But instead you'll sit there and expect everyone else to do the work for you, either because you're too lazy to do it yourself or because the thought of having to encounter something foreign to you is terrifying enough that it should be someone else's responsibility to do it for you.

Subs are too pathetic to even take charge of procreation, much less the daily tasks before them.



You forgot to train danmaku.


What does the video camera do in eratohok?



It, along with film, allows you to record porn videos when you sex someone. The camera stays with you, but film is an expendable resource like Lotion and such.


File: 31e65893af70ceb⋯.jpg (38.9 KB, 720x576, 5:4, 1543360204013.jpg)


holy shit pour one out for the nigga you just murdered at least



hey anon, I have the base game and the expansion, i remember last year we where talking about this game, kinda fun


Is there a way to make custom images for eratohok characters? I want an army of fully customized waifus and having a picture for my PC would be nice too.



>Is there a way to make custom images for eratohok characters?


You need to get your images, set number in files to ID of that character you want images for (for example 420_Face.png) and then copy few lines in Face.csv, so game can actually use them.



Copy what lines?



cool how can i get the current version?



Read the OP you fucking dolt. If you want something newer than what's available, wait.



You stupid fuck. That was me, not him, and you were just as stupid and useless then as you are now. So shut the actual fuck right the hell up.



dude can you not be a fucking asshole? the git repo for that game has not been updated in 1 year. you could just give me the actual answer like "we're huge fucking faggots and wont publish until its 100% done"



>So shut the actual fuck right the hell up.

Hang on while I go recover my sides from the next town over.


>the git repo for that game has not been updated in 1 year.

It's almost like that means there's nothing to give you. I'll forgive you for not realizing that though, since you're completely oblivious to their shitposting. To seriously think they'd be working on ProtoNTR, are you even room temperature?



no i just thought maybe the idiots around here finally realized it's one of the best ones if you turn off the NTR content



How do you figure out what the PC and custom character numbers are?



Post it anon


File: ca982cd54ad149b⋯.png (190.5 KB, 300x350, 6:7, I'm going to die.png)


I used to play some fan games in the 2hu threads long before the exodus. I was terrible at them but it was fun.


Huh, apparently even characters you married or enslaved in K can rebel if they hate you really hard



You think maybe people don't know a game with NTR in the title might even HAVE content if you turn off the NTR?


File: 63be5de3e2fb23d⋯.jpg (314.35 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, bully rangers.jpg)


>oblivious to their shitposting

>are you even room temperature?

Judging by those responses I believe more bullying of newfags is in order.



There's an expansion? If so gibs

The google drive one doesn't seem like a virus or bitcoin miner; however i can't fully tell about the latter because Unity games run like shit on average.



>Face_Normal_Clothed, Face_Normal_Nude, Face_Smile_Clothed, Face_Angry_Clothed, Face_Smile_Nude, Face_Angry_Nude and Face_Blush

Change these in all paragraphs you have images for. For example

>Face_Normal_Nude_{change number to your character ID here},{–//–}_Face.png,0,0,180,180

If you don't have image for any of these just write ; sign before that line so that one will be just ignored.


It's written in character table accessible during map phase.

Correct ID for image is equation {ID in that chartable - 100}


Nice to know, but how the fuck did you even managed to do that?



Playing very slowly combined with utterly ignoring characters after maxing out their relationship

The part where I threw around third of my officers into tentacle pits and executed my own child probably didn't help

I think raping my officers in arena may have affected it as well



>Playing very slowly combined with utterly ignoring characters after maxing out their relationship

How many turns it were - 30?

>The part where I threw around third of my officers into tentacle pits and executed my own child probably didn't help

>I think raping my officers in arena may have affected it as well

After doing all that shit, I am not surprised that they actually revolted.



I think I saw some code about the tentacles making a character forget their submission or something, so odds are they lost the talent before revolting?


I think you meant to direct that first part to >>285840 ?



I downloaded it for the NTR and was pleasantly surprised by the rest of the game.



>I think you meant to direct that first part to >>285840 ?

Yes, I did.



I think that game would be legit good if you could play as the "visitor".

Rape/Corrupt the Touhou universe, with a faster pace than TW.

With the visitor disabled it's a bit dry.

You can also play as a female character and get raped yourself if you're into that.


what does is mean that the sex in eratohoK is fucked bois? like how playable it is rn



Some people don't like how you can't suck nipples, kiss, give rimjob and cunnilingus at once now



not that bad then



it seems like most people havent caught on to this trend somehow but there are tons of NTR games where you can avoid the NTR and the rest of the game is amazing. The best examples being all of the AliceSoft games that have NTR content.



Well I don't like how I have to stop fucking her entirely just to change positions and no longer can get cleaning blowjobs. Or when playing a girl I can't do oral urination even though they're eating me out.



>I don't like how I have to stop fucking her entirely just to change positions and no longer can get cleaning blowjobs

There's a branch on the git with a toggle that enables cancelling for every action. It's a major hack so it needs a lot of playtesting before it goes in the main game. Nobody's complained about anything since the last major bug I fixed, but I have no idea if that means it works perfectly or just that almost nobody's playing it.

>Or when playing a girl I can't do oral urination even though they're eating me out

Thanks for the report. Fixed.



I can agree with this. ProtoNTR has a lot of cool mechanics outside the NTR that none of the other era games do very well. I suppose it's most closely tied to SQN but even then it's very different. I just want a game like that- NTR off is fine. I know it's also still being worked on by the JP branch but it shouldn't be forgotten or treated like there's nothing but NTR to it. I'm surprised EraTW has such a following with how shallow that game seems tbh.



>ProtoNTR has a lot of cool mechanics outside the NTR

Like what?



NPC hierarchy and interactions is what comes to mind. It does also have functional pregnancy and children.


Is there any way to stop custom characters parents from being dogs? The only way to access the family screen is through info and I cannot edit form there.



this is in tohok btw



When you load into the game, their parents go from saying dog to Unknown, like pretty much all of the other characters.



Thanks for elaborating. What happens if you keep the film for your personal collection after taping a session? Is there a "fuck and record 'em all" minigame? Just curious



Honestly haven't toyed with it much, so I'm not sure. One way to find out, though, right?



keeping for yourself slightly raises your stats iirc



Not a fan of Ctrl-F, I see.


eratohok question: how do I make girls stop crying and running away during a fuck session? I have love and consent but they keep flipping a tit about it halfway through. They have a lot of qt traits like devoted, quiet shy and all that and I think that must be it but I don't know how to work around it so i can keep at it homie dont play with no thots



You might be being too rough out the gate. Buy lotion.



Bind them with tentacles and then belly punch while choking until they get crazy mood

Unless it's one of tough ones like Yuuka, then you just make them orgasm early on with caress actions on both sides



The same way you prevent them from running away in a social setting: be nicer and less rough. Even somebody in love can only take so much abuse. I find that taking them on a date beforehand and kissing them a lot during the act can also help if you're struggling with keeping somebody calm.

Also, if you're doing group stuff, you should also avoid neglecting any of the girls.


So how do you guys treat your prisoners in K?

I usually start off with using tentacle to rob their virginities and asking them to submit which works sometimes and then moving on to punching/massaging with foot and if it still doesn't work then I just make them lick my feet and beg for more

It works on nearly every 2hu and ones it doesn't work on I just molest them for way too long time until they actually end up with submitted state without even being branded first



What rance does to his girls

>let them go if they don't want to join my harem

>just save them later then fuck t he shit out of them



If they are a girl I like I treat them gently Otherwise it's filmed tentacle abortions and belly punches until they break.



Generic females get a healthy dose of correctional rape


File: 0c99d76c30a40f0⋯.png (71.34 KB, 931x808, 931:808, dsada.png)

>Got tied up so hard the game crashes

Is there a fix for this?. Or im gona have to go back to an older save file



Are you using a recent version? When the discordnigger decided to break the sex system they introduced tons of bugs too.



Yeah i downloaded it last friday from the op.

>When the discordnigger decided to break the sex system they introduced tons of bugs too.

Damn it i was looking forward to get bullied a little.



>i was looking forward to get bullied a little.

Reverse sex has been broken for quite awhile. There's a lot that the NPCs just won't do anymore unless you walk them through it.



The retarded niggers can't even into proper forking. They slam out all their retarded code into the main fork for tohok. Your only hope is if someone happens to have a prefuckup version and uploads it for you. It will have less translated but it will at least work.


Are descriptions in eraMAOU more translated yet? I got tired of using machine translation to guess what exactly my traps were doing or what was happening.



Grinding my magic stat higher, unless it's someone I care about.


>bandits have 400k troops, four times my amount

I-is it a lost cause? Could I join them and not have them gangbang my waifu and child?



I break them, knock them up and send them back to their home country after they have given birth to my child



>Could I join them and not have them gangbang my waifu and child?

Not only will they gangrape your waifu and child into public cumdumps but they will make you watch.



Being cattle and getting milked is all most of them are good for.



>Playing with extra-factions on

Your own mistake



You can disable special faction rape in settings, but I don't think its 100% perfect, I tried it for like 5 turns and got two outsider events, but no other ones.



>not playing with extra factions on

Nothing is better than conquering almost whole map just for the tentacles to appear, crush your whole army and make you watch how they slowly capture your wife, lovers and children and mind break them only for you to make a last stand in your capital and get defeated and captured



>Only four times

So what's the problem there?





This one is from.. the 14th of October. Perhaps that's old enough. Hope this is of help.



You do know that you can check out specific commits, right? If something is broken, just get an earlier commit.

It's all there in the repo and one of the neat things about git.



>losing to NPCs

>either losing on purpose or bad

ok cuck-scrub


File: dfbc4da32177875⋯.jpg (100.7 KB, 1000x686, 500:343, I just spend 3 and a half ….jpg)


>losing to NPCs

Unless you are playing in Lunatic or Nightmare, there is no reason to be that much of a shitter.



To be fair it's pretty hard to survive the mid game if you go out of your way to piss everyone off



Ever considered that i want to lose?



it's always fun when a faction you never fucked with shows up at your door with 20000 troops while all your officers are busy attacking other territories



Were you surprised that someone you were at war with attacked you?



>what is the exploitation of a vulnerability

>what are strategies



>not keeping a reserve

>not engaging in diplomacy with nations you are not actively fighting




FWIW how much they like you doesn't seem to matter at all. They can be at maxed diplomatic opinion and lover or slave and they'll still throw armies at you if you don't have a ceasefire or alliance.



So make alliances or ceasefires faggot. That's part of diplomacy too.



I bet you don't even force them to give you troops and officers



Thanks, fixed on git



It's a mistake in the translation of standing sex, it would still exist if I never touched the logic.

Going back to an ancient version and hoping the game is forwards compatible enough that saves don't end up fucked is never a fix for anything. There's no reason to give retarded advice to my players as a vehicle to air grievances with me. If there are bugs and problems with the game just post about them directly so I can solve them.


File: 9e74df4233fa7cc⋯.jpg (88.94 KB, 502x814, 251:407, smt3 why wont you die.jpg)


>my players

Holy shit anon, we are not your anything. Get your head out of your ass.


File: 8f7ca5d2ff9cf74⋯.png (120.61 KB, 233x226, 233:226, 1319890301088.png)


My retard



I'm pretty sure the diplomatic opinion only affects the length of ceasefires/alliances, the chances they will give you stuff, and whether they will let you annex them.


>not managing and limiting the number of factions you border

>not entering ceasefires with the neighboring factions you aren't attacking while in a war

>expecting other factions to just not take advantage of your vulnerabilities

>not keeping your faction completely bordered by relay points so you never get surprise-attacked

I could go on.


File: 88a3ce641017a24⋯.png (533.11 KB, 459x612, 3:4, 88a3ce641017a24917c761b482….png)


My fuccboi


File: 1dde1b4919b2957⋯.png (15.92 KB, 200x300, 2:3, 1394079014211.png)


You know it!



>not entering ceasefires with the neighboring factions you aren't attacking while in a war

Even if you make a ceasefire or alliance their other allies can still attack you through their territory.


So what is best way to get money in TW?

Also how do you sing in it?



Helping with work, the best route is the jobs that rely on Education. Help Chiyuri and Yumemi at first and then eventually you can help Eirin for a shitload of money.

I don't know if you can sing, all I've seen is performing using purchased instruments like a violin or guitar. You can do it anywhere once you have the item.



cheat menu



Charisma market. Gamble to upgrade your capacity and lower transaction fee. Buy low, sell high. Income isn't steady, but it's low effort.



They got numbers but their commanders (like all special faction commanders) are garbage. Just send out your best and skullfuck the bandits to death.


File: 963c0049e3ef418⋯.jpg (518.94 KB, 1000x375, 8:3, 4c30510c9a1f5e55506b71eb9c….jpg)

Is there an era game that uses the OC 2hus from Cookie☆?



No, there isn't any.


File: d3ac516d5456b06⋯.png (98.66 KB, 1173x1686, 391:562, Snap 2018-12-06 at 03.29.5….png)


I guess you weren't kidding on it being monstrous…



>tfw unsure if it's just about size of content or she turned into yandere in it


Is there an android version of these era games?


>Decide to rape some random pedestrian in TW

>Now se's walking around the map

It wouldn't even be that bad if she didn't have her name in moon runes

But seriously, shouldn't names be translated?



It used to be she'd disappear at the end of the day, but it was a requested feature to have her stick around until you found another pedestrian. I do also believe it's a bit more problematic to translate "her" name because I believe there are in fact MANY names that the game pulls from and the ERA engine is known for being pissy about certain translations. It might just be that the translators haven't been arsed to do it yet, but it could also be that translating it would actually break code.



It's just amusing how a random villager can end up hanging out on the moon and heaven like it's nothing strange without having even single point in nearly anything and being pure human



Oh wait she actually has a highly powerful ability that explains it very well


Why, with it even I could kick Yuuka's ass



"strong enough to not cry even if she falls over"?



Isn't it an amazing skill?


What is it with touhou and weird headwear on girls?



Removing a Toehoes headwear is sacrilege. It would kill them!





Unless they didn't have one at all.


File: 04422f9175f37f9⋯.jpg (302.09 KB, 891x677, 891:677, eratohoK.jpg)

What am I doing wrong?


So for Era-Type-Moon, what's the quickest ways to make a servant submissive? Is it better to focus on making them a masochist, or something else first?



No idea, is this newly installed or did it suddenly stop working? Maybe you deleted or changed a line in a file.



Geez, haven't seen error messages that long since one of the builds last year.


Are there any events for traps and futas in tohok yet or are they still just window dressing?



I remember there were few, but their number didn't increase.


Focus on obedience first. Then fuck them until they like it.


Download it one more time and unzip it in new directory.

Don't forget to copy your saves from old directory before you erase it.






Its newly installed and its from all the new releases, from the wiki and from the git. I've had this problem for awhile, I thought everyone else did too so I thought I'd wait for it to be fixed but it seems its just me.


File: 70906685ff0733e⋯.jpg (126.09 KB, 905x652, 905:652, eratohoK_2.jpg)

File: 68733f0bf65b273⋯.swf (53.71 KB, emuera.swf)

Here's my emuera.log pls don't dox me.



>showing your cursor

That was your final mistake, kiddo. I'm hacking your IP address as we speak.



pls no cursor-chan is innocent in all this.


File: 7a9480ea308de18⋯.png (6.51 KB, 288x192, 3:2, Your Move, Kid.png)



please tell me that is not a cursor with vibs/rotors on it



It's not.

It is.



This has happened to people before but I'm struggling to remember why or how we solved it.

Using windows? Jap locale? Do other games work?



>This has happened to people before but I'm struggling to remember why or how we solved it.

It seems like anchor just doesn't see .erb files or something is wrong with that file.



Look at his error messages, the game is clearly loading erb files and more than one file has problems.

This exact thing has happened before and the solution is something we've worked out before. With luck somebody just remembers but worse case it's in one of the archived threads.



Unfortunately OP forgot to include link to pastebin with all archives of old threads.


File: cfc200faf73e585⋯.png (3.15 KB, 715x65, 11:1, Untitled.png)

Is this supposed to happen?




yeah reimu is canonically bipolar



Right now its happening for eraTohoK and eraTW. I've played era games in the past and this problem I first noticed happening with releases off the wiki soon after the great purge, but its also happening with the copies I get off the git. I'm using Jap locale.

Also I noticed that the builds being put out now contain hundreds of redundant readmes and folders from the japanese-side patching process.



The translators have lost their way and everything is fucked



I think it might just need japanese locale. SQN lets you click on those errors to open the files it's trying to use (others might too) and in mine they're full of error symbols instead of a lot of the japanese characters.


Man, training hypnosis in K is pretty easy once you can do group sex with a whole bunch of people

Shame that by the time you get hypnosis you pretty much won the game



Don't you have the option to start with it? Or did they change that?



You can always cheat yourself item 217 but I don't think you can start with it

Maybe with custom character but it's an item so probably not



It used to be one of the starting bonuses. The discordnigger probably fucked that up when he fucked up the sex system.



Did you extract the .ZIP with the Windows built-in zip extractor? The Windows extractor fucks up the encoding of filenames even if your locale is set to Japanese.

Try re-extracting it with 7zip.

On an unrelated note I wanted to help out with Reverse… but formatting text tables made me want to puke, and I have no idea how to make HTML_PRINT work with the "variable" referencing curly-brackets thing. I have no idea what I'm doing, so I'll just sit on my hands.



Oddly enough, this fixed it. Seems the old releases were in .7z or .rar and I used 7zip for those naturally. I might as well just uninstall winzip.


also I certainly won't be the last person to run into this problem so you might as well make all public releases in .rar or .7z because right now its just a massive noob trap.



Stuff in {} means "print this number as letters".

Sort of like %% which means "print this string as letters".


Alright, I don't get it.

I've been playing eraSumireTeru, and I just cannot get this damned Affection event to trigger. I meet all the requirements, and the fortunetelling hint lady is saying something should happen on a date, but not I'm not getting anything.



Are all of these full of non-translated japanese characters and shit? Downloaded something, but its hard to get into when you cant read and remember character names.



Run the emuera-anchor exe, not the emuera.exe.

The guy who makes TW is incredibly lonely and likes being asked questions every 45 minutes so everything is like that.



pls help.



It's been a while since I played and successfully finished the game, but I remember outside events being conditioned by RNG. Might just want keep scumming.



Absolute sorrow, but I am glad to have confirmation on the RNG aspect and that I'm not just chasing my own tail here.



Yeah, I didn't get it working with HTML_PRINT.

I was working on ReverseTentaclePalace, and it has a bunch of tables that line up real nice in moonrunes because each entry has like six characters. I was going to see if changing the PRINTFORM to HTML_PRINT would work, using the title='shit' argument to get mouseovers for translations instead of trying to line up all the damn text. That didn't work good, so I gave up and just have a few cheatsheets now. The original Japanese emuera docs aren't enlightening, either.

ReverseTentaclePalace has a bunch of untranslated interface garbage that actually matters, so I threw it at Google until it made sense. If I can get my tiny walnut brain around how a git works, I'll see if I can help out over there. It's actually sorta fun trying to figure out what the hell "Equipment for captured intruder's horse nucleus" means. I'm afraid of Discord, though, so fuck talking to people in real time.



To hell with it. I've played through the game twice now, one in which I cheated to get the requirements early on because I want to see this scene, and it still hasn't happened. Either the RNG in this game is absurd, or there is some hidden requirement that I have no way of knowing about. I've dug though the code to find what triggers this scene, and I still didn't find anything that should be preventing it.



Did you find the blonde girl outside enough times that she became suspicious?



If you've looked at the code, can't you find out how likely it is to happen? Surely somewhere the probability of the event being picked has to be in the code? And can't you just bump that number up?

Hell, if you can uniquely identify the event somehow, I'll go looking around. No guarantees. Maybe a snippet of text from the scene would be enough.


So what's going on with Tentacle Palace (not the Reverse version), did the translation of that just get borked or was I just remembering its translation status wrong?


in eratohok, i let yukari fuck okina several times and had my relationship with okina go into negatives but i didnt lose the relationship

how does this work?



You got cucked.



You're a cuck.



You don't lose relation you made.

They will just revolt after they finally get tired of your shit.



>Tentacle palace

>Reverse version

Wait, what?

As to the main version, last I played all the menus were translated but pretty much none of the fucking was.

The auto translator did a decent enough job to understand what was happening though.

The game did feel like it had a ton of depth that was either hard to get to or unfinished tough.

E.g. I think you're supposed to be able to become a parasite host and infest the others but I always ran into hard game overs when I tried.



Sounds good, if only it was translated


So, I haven't played any ERA games in 5/6 months or so.

Aside from the big ones like TW, Tohok and Megaten are there any projects with enough progress to be worth checking out?

Sorting by last update on GitGud doesn't seem to work.



No, and Megaten is dead.


File: 899c9c78d96a2a3⋯.png (428.39 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, Kagarou_Imaizumi.png)

File: 9f914221bd10a7d⋯.jpg (62.41 KB, 718x1024, 359:512, f2cbe8f2982bfbb360825bf618….jpg)




wew this thread is slow



It was always like this


Any word on the SQN translation? I'm looking forward to it.




Did it explode?




All active translations move slower then a snail's pace here buddy.



Ive been here for a few years. Since SQN isnt on the git, and I dont want my discord ID associated with weird porn, I had to ask directly.



There's a separate link for SQN. It's hosted on one of the translator's personal git accounts, but he's since left the discord and hasn't touched SQN in months. I assume it's dead.


For discord though, if you just open the website in an incognito window, you can click Open Discord, type in a username, and then paste the invite url. Takes you to whatever server you want to go to without having to setup a new account.



Ah, shit. I'll keep that discord trick in mind. It's a shame SQN got dropped.



There is only some activity when a update drops and right now we haven't had anything in a while


File: 3bf3a5f33bc46e4⋯.jpg (584.13 KB, 1380x900, 23:15, Izayoi.Sakuya.full.1504856.jpg)

File: d35e0ceda6d33cb⋯.jpg (794.57 KB, 1500x917, 1500:917, remelia sailor moon.jpg)

File: a2a847ec57edafd⋯.jpg (167.65 KB, 1600x1000, 8:5, flandre.jpg)

File: 890b24033bedc64⋯.jpg (398.99 KB, 850x739, 850:739, Patchouli Koakuma.jpg)


Kagerou a shit

SDM gang gang>>290564



SDM a shit

Makai is better


File: 1dc21371a407e31⋯.jpg (59.31 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 6448d12a25969740b08d293e12….jpg)




The only bad touhous are the lunarians.


File: d14c11a256fcece⋯.png (586.23 KB, 800x640, 5:4, 25562643770.PNG)

File: 128f071972e1364⋯.png (358.98 KB, 720x480, 3:2, Smug anime Remy with longe….PNG)

File: 7443e8d2d9facb5⋯.png (247.9 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Smug Remy2.PNG)

File: 083b769fa3eff6f⋯.png (439.31 KB, 500x723, 500:723, 25562643925.PNG)

File: 61d2f7005c54203⋯.png (148.22 KB, 600x500, 6:5, Patchy3.PNG)



Kagerou isn't shit, and she and the SDMs are top-tier girls.

I often wonder if there's any special interactions between werewolf and vampire in Gensokyo.


Sooks is great too.


File: d3b5ea17ad37d9f⋯.png (247.2 KB, 574x656, 7:8, 241108ecaab023db084242e66d….png)

>not appreciating the one true best girl

Ya'll need better tastes.



>Generic blue-eyed blonde girl

>better taste



File: ff4403c5989d8cf⋯.png (402.39 KB, 523x649, 523:649, the hate of one thousands ….png)


>implying 2hus arent all generic looking



They aren't generic, if they were done in Touhou first. :^)


File: 00d39094579811e⋯.png (778.51 KB, 714x1000, 357:500, 90% of Mystia fan-art drop….png)


Sure thing.



And a ballgag and blindfold.



thank you for feeling the need to hammer one more nail into the coffin of my sanity.


EraMeiQGaiden has this entire roguelike built into it, aside from being an Etrian Odyssey training game. Also it has bestiality. Where do these people find the time for this?



Autistic hikkineets have lots a free time.


Was playing the TohoK game, and started out as an old dirty bastard makai animal monster man.

Who I was, is not important.

Played the game, and then pissed off the bandits.

And then they kidnapped Shion, and raped the fucking shit out of her.

Angered the fucking shit out of me.

So. Retaliated by beating the campaign, and then raping the shit out of all the bandit officers

And then, once they were mindbroken, flipped their genders, and bred them into pregnancy with Shion's help with the futa candy.

And now I occasionally leave them out for the town after they've given me children.

All in all, a fitting punishment.



People actually continue playing after conquering the map?

What's the point



raping/sexing all your collected tohous and finishing off the training of the others in your prison.



>EraMeiQGaiden has this entire roguelike built into it, aside from being an Etrian Odyssey training game. Also it has bestiality.

It will also never be translated



Shhhh let them have this….


File: 8dcc94ed1a21253⋯.png (109.51 KB, 623x401, 623:401, nothingtoeheheabout.png)


>not wanting to live quietly and peacefully with your Touhou waifu, raise your kids, and keep having more kids

You must love being miserable and hate comfort.



You forgot having kids with your kids but otherwise I agree.



does that game have any way to keep and raise your children?


TW is now version 4.634

Explanation of branches: Eng-release is the latest, but, might be buggy as fuck. If you want the most stable, play the release version.

Eng-development: https://wiki.eragames.rip/zips/eratohoTW-eng-dev.zip

Japanese stuff from the update:

Added checks all over for status of clothes.

If you have too many lovers it'll ask you to pick one for now to fix a bug.Removing clothes has altered text.

The game now reflects that you cum at the same time, going "together with you", also works as a multiplier.

Bugfix with getting Musical Knowledge and Perfect Pitch.

Ejaculation text now reflects it being thick semen.

Semen addiction improved/expanded, now prints stuff.

Special text for if they have > 300 semen drinking exp or something.

Lewd Breasts text in abilities.

They have started adding support for creating random characters in locations other than the human village.

Getting a good evaluation on cooking increases mood.

Fixed bug with combat training request that set master's combat exp at 1 + target's combat level, now it increases by that much instead.

Slightly easier impregnation, sort of, focus "child making" doesn't disappear completely after first child, but goes from +100% to +10%.

Band-aid bra replaced with tube top bra.

6 new tips.

More clothings fix stuff.

Warning text about Youkai Mountain (Foot and Summit) being new and buggy is gone.

New job for Shinki, Okina, Yukari, Kanako, Mima, Byakuren, Yuyuko, and Eirin called "[young] girl's club" where they go get wasted at the liquor store, second sunday of each month.


Translated only one lover fix. New undressing stuff. Addiction printing.

Semen addiction text. Lewd Breasts text. Max level vagina with unknown virginity loss text.

Random character names are now translated, probably.

Jobs fixed up so it's more standardized and makes sense and is easier to read.

Translated the 6 new tips. Move hips V when taking. Insert A taking doggy style.

Insert A taking normal. Giving irrumatio. Ask player for permission to anal.

Move hips A. Sitting A insert. Hugging taking. Smelling taking. Tickling taking.

Lap pillow taking. Talking taking. Neck-licking taking. Buttjob(?) taking. Doggy V taking.

Reverse rape. Translated job descriptions for girl's club.

Fixed bug where third person-second person printing function caused unexpected changes in the code.

Eng-release https://wiki.eragames.rip/zips/eratohoTW-eng-release.zip

Stuff since last release - from 29 days ago:

Yuuka done. First kiss improved. Timestop sex. Anal stuff.

Alternate insertion, general sex (mainly timestop).

Breast spanking. Spanking. Footjob. Sumata.

Paizuri. Fellatio. Handjob. Doggy style. Missionary. Spread anus.

Spread labua. Breast caress. Anal caress. Analingus. Fingering.

Surrender. Move waist V. Stop Patchouli from moaning during timestop.

Clownpiece done. Patchouli proofread. Instruments. People will stop taking off their clothes.

Fortune-Teller nail-clipping. Bondage. Line counts for all characters' dialog, speech and non-speech.

Disable timestop text for Hina. Prevent "remove your and .". Also "no underwear".

Kagerou proofread.

Tooltips added to the abilities page, you can now see progress of skills.

Background resets to black when returning to title.

TSP when moving fixed. "Select someone to dispel" fixed.

The "you can only have 2^55+1 partners" fixed.



>"[young] girl's club"

Weren't they supposed to be called Old Maids Club or something like that?


can one text hoon unanchored games somehow that wont copy text to clipboard themselves? all i had to use so far was TA with ithvnr when translating jap shit



I take it's a joke on that.



What is this garbled nonsense you've sent me?


File: efbc41aac3a92f7⋯.swf (838 KB, Emuera-Anchor-Proto.swf)


Depending on the game, you might be able to ust copy over the anchor.exe from another game.

Our latest anchor should be up-to-date with the latest emuera and there is a compiled version floating around the discord but it isn't really uploaded on the wiki or similar.

Rename attached to .exe for the latest(or at least latest-ish) anchor.



Shit how do you get Yuuka's reverse rape scene again? I remember it involved challenging her to danmaku and betting your virginity with child traits but I can't get the option to danmaku to appear?



Still can't get faggot?



Nope I don't need to learn from danmaku from anyone right? I mean I can just practice it in the shrine courtyard after all.



Is there a guide or something for eratohotw? I don't know what to do. I just start there and the only thing that I can do is talk and serve tea like a fucking maid. Also how do I get money?



>I just start there and the only thing that I can do is talk and serve tea like a fucking maid

You can always stop time and rape em

Not that they react to it

>Also how do I get money?

Clean shit up

Or if you want sensible timescale help Yumemi and Chiyuri study/work


So how do I raise ENE and STA permanently in TW?



For girls they go up a bit each time they orgasm, for yourself you get some increases as achievement rewards. Cheat.


TW could really use extra combat exp for beating stronger opponents


File: e0bf0e799f8648d⋯.jpg (53.54 KB, 770x336, 55:24, TWcapture.JPG)


First, you should have a "clean room" interaction that raise both favorability and reliability.

You can also study with them, train combat then danmaku (no penalty for losing), cook then eat with them (you need rice from the human village and either vegetables from the field or a fish from a pond).

Talk to them often, it gets easier with training.

Don't forget to make sake by bringing water to the sake jar and waiting a few days, then you can drink with them and abuse the ones who can't hold their liquor.

Then you can always work with them. Chiyuri and Yumeni work from 9 to 15 in the back of the Hakurei Shrine most weekdays. They give you the most bucks (more as you train)


You mostly can't, achievements raise both from the starting 2500 to just over 3000 but it takes time. However, you can buy a portable pool to…Nitori I think? It allows you to bath anywhere in your town and recover both ene and sta.

You can't use the pool as often as you want because of the file ERB/コマンstuff/COMF/日常系/COMF431 at line 16 that says "IF (some maths) < (min time between uses of pool)

The pool only restores a certain amount of stamina and energy, up an amount stated in file COMF432 in the same folder, lines ~310. Any change to those numbers would take effect upon relaunching the game.

Do what you want with this information.


When making your character in TW you can boost your ENE and STA by 500 each.



I didn't think too much of it when encountering her over and over lead to a repeating scene with no differences. I'll try again and specifically try to get her to come up.


Weirdly enough, that was the one variable I couldn't find. It looked to be a simple 'IF ELSE' set up with a specific set of conditions. It looked as though it was just supposed to happen once all the conditions are fulfilled, but I must have been missing something.

Maybe following what >>290117 said will get me somewhere.



Yoo it worked, truly the age of technology is upon us


>eramegaten version on the wiki is broken

>can't even get into the git and see if there's a fixed version because you can't even sign in

absolutely based



That's only because gitgud itself is broken from after their recent-ish software update.


Is there a way to keep the effects of the miracle mallet in eratohotw?



>eramegaten version on the wiki is broken

Broken how?



game crashes if you try to use magic in a dungeon



Found the issue, think I fixed it. Looks like an error that was carried over from the jap side of things.

I'll try to get the archive updated asap.




The wiki version should work now(at least as far as this bug goes).

For future reference, a bug report is much more helpfull that just stating "it's brocken".



i didn't make a bug report because i was intending to check if the git version had been fixed first

which, as aforementioned, turned out to be impossible



Fair enough.

If you already have a sapphire/gitgud account you could check-out the games you want with a git-client, since direct git authentification still work.

Only the sapphire login(and maybe something from the gitgud webcode?) seems to broken.


File: 42efce997e2645b⋯.jpg (14.6 KB, 397x398, 397:398, 42efce997e2645ba878c9db5d3….jpg)

>progressing Teru too far can lock her out of the masturbation event needed to get affection


File: 06f49fe694b7d23⋯.png (18.6 KB, 775x127, 775:127, era.png)

Dear anon, I was wondering if there were another game like eratohoReverse in which the player is on the receiving end. Or a game outside of the era engine.

eratohoReverse being poorly translated, it's hard to understand what is going on. For instance, what is the meaning of the green boxes in the attached screenshot?



A hollow box is the universal sign for "character not found". Your font is wrong, which also means it doesn't line up properly.

Are you on linux?



Yeah, it's alright though. Those are "bars". The clipboard content is:

Resist the pleasure[ 14] ( 28) ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄
Endure the pain[ 30] ( 67) ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄
Insult their technique[ 12] ( 147) ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄
Scream[ 31] ( 201) ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄
Embarrassed reaction[ 10] ( 294) ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄
Dauntless laugh[ 13] ( 309) ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄

History display[800]Dirtiness display[801]Ability display[802]Parameter display[803]





To be clear, I'm asking what the bars represent. What does it means?



It's not a question that anybody with a working UI has ever had to ask. Why are you more interested what one random bar means than unfucking your game?

It just shows you the fraction of your willpower that the action will take. It's nothing the numbers don't tell you.



Well, I had no idea what the hell those number were either. Now I do, thanks.

The "bar" character not showing up isn't a big deal, everything else works fine.



The actions are ordered by their willpower cost and also categorized from in-character (white words) to out-of-character (dark grey). I can't guarantee it, but I have convinced myself that picking the light/dark grey options periodically will help bring them (and similar actions) closer to in-character. Either that or it changes naturally as the days go by but I don't think so.



>Either that or it changes naturally as the days go by but I don't think so.

It's purely based on you favorability


File: 01223740f185a38⋯.png (816.33 KB, 1000x810, 100:81, EV027.png)

In SumireTeru I'm a few days from day 50 and I'm yet to get 3 abnormal experience points. I got two of them, one form filming Teru while she masturbated and one from filming her while she peed. I know I can get the last one from taking her virginity with a dildo, but that's something that I don't want to do as I want her to be "pure". Does anyone of you know of an alternative to it, or is that what I must do?



Shove some mahjong up her butt.

the dildo thing is bugged by the way, it keeps on giving abnormal experience even after she's no longer a virgin.


Can someone explain the basics of eratohoReverse to me?

I think I am missing something since the game feels even slower than eratohoTW


Is there anything coming for tohok this year or should i just wait till next year



Me. Geddit? :^)



While we're at it.

How to acquire piercing? I remember there was art for it, but no option.



Do you know what the requirement for that action is by any chance?



I actually have no clue, whenever i've gotten the mahjong set it was available to me.



I'm salty about SumireTeru. I cant stand games with time limit, let alone porn ones.



Just needed to be a bit more mad, thanks.


You should totally give it another try. The time limit is there for a reason, and its not a hard-ending of you don't complete it.



Pretty easy to extend the time limit through modding the files.



How exactly do you do that? I've got horrible management skills and wanna play this game for a long ass time without getting ending [at least for a long time]



There isn't a forced time limit from what I recall apart from the first 50 days and for that you only need to reach at least one of the conditions to keep playing infinitely, or if you're not interested in the story at all take her virginity on the first few days to unlock a kinda cheat/skip/sandbox mode



Well shit, I guess I'm just awful at it then, gotta start on that shit then



You can also just mod the current day value with cheat engine.



Now see, I am almost 100% sure that stuff like trauma marks and the trauma cause affect it too.


The game is very slow. You should get an ending of some kind at the end of day 30. You normally need to pass a favorability threshold (I think the standard is 2.5k) by then. The best characters have multiple endings based on whether you met the threshold and on the choices you made with them during events that happen. Most characters are incomplete in some way (ranges from missing endings to being abandoned after being barely started). For the more complete ones, their dialogue should change some when you reach certain thresholds of favorability (I think 500 & 1500, not sure). Because of the ridiculous time investment, you should either search through the notes left by the characters' creators in the game files or finding someone who can tell you how complete the characters are before you start them. I can't remember who but there were at least two characters I gave up on because they clearly weren't going to have an ending. Orange is pretty much 100% done. Flandre was mostly done but the love ending wasn't written so you get directed to the bad one. Can't remember Reimu or Ran ending, but I know Suwako had one.

As for the basics, keep trying to raise favorability while conserving your Wil and try to avoid trauma marks (through save-scumming) or at least avoid getting trauma due to common actions.

When [14] appears pick that until [15] starts appearing. When the tuhu wants you to do something pick reluctant until passive appears and passive until active appears. It turns into a huge repetitive grind at some point so listen to some music.

Final tip: get mixing knowledge early since it gives the tuhu a low chance of giving you medicine to replenish your energy during training.


Is EraMeiQGaiden still being developed on the jp end? Searching the labyrinth seemed kind of wonky when I got to that point.



How complete is Tenshi's story? I'm in day 16 already



>Now see, I am almost 100% sure that stuff like trauma marks and the trauma cause affect it too.

probably but its easy to cheat your favo and you get the KIMOCHI options directly



Looked at all my saves, never tried her. All I can go off of is the author's readme. Go to readme>口上類>天子口上 to take a look yourself. What it sounds like from the machine translation is that the character was mostly done but then the game was updated which added some stuff that the author never got to. He also says the ending was incomplete, but that could mean a few different things for you.


So against my better judgement I tried out SDMprotoNTR to see the "great mechanics" some anons were talking about. Sure enough there was some NPC on NPC interaction logged which was interesting, but what else? Nothing. Not even the visitor seemed to work.

I thought I could trigger something else if I found the debug/cheat section, but there wasn't one so I was left cleaning and making rice balls while Alice sucked Marisa's clit, and the visitor kept awkwardly greeting everyone. If I wanted a housekeeping sim I'd play tohoTW.

3/10 ntrfags could even code their fetish to work.



I know what your problem is anon, the game had me frustrated for a bit too, before I figured it out. The visitor only starts NTR actions after a girl has fallen in love with you. Once they have the love status then the visitor will start molesting them, stealing their panties, kidnapping them, and fucking them.


>wait several days to be able to log in to gitgud

>see they say they've fixed the issue

>go to login

>now can't login to sapphire



There's a setting where even that isnt necessary, and the visitor will fuck everyone

its under Options > NTR patch options


File: 4647ed9bdb3e5fd⋯.png (2.25 MB, 1200x897, 400:299, Steven Crowder PROVES PIZZ….png)


File: fc6b5b1887a8837⋯.png (5.72 MB, 3508x2480, 877:620, 42fc56986e4e0c71a0542f71dd….png)

Finished the translation for Akyuu in TW. Should be available on the eng-translation branch now. I'll be play testing it more in the days to come.


Akyuu's dialogue is very pure and vanilla.

Includes content such as handholding and kissing so, not for the lighthearted.

Also includes fun themes such as her inevitable short lifespan and the hardships that she has because of that.

Maybe I'll do Kosuzu one day, no guarantees or time frame.

Merry Christmas, /egg/



You are a saint anon, thank you, and Merry Christmas.



Thanks and Merry Christmas to you too, fag.


Are danmaku battles best way to gain favor in TW?



Is the gain more than helping with work? Because that is my go-to to gain favor.


File: 73ddbf692a62752⋯.png (4.04 KB, 377x276, 377:276, favor.png)


You can only do it once a day sadly



Still, a good introduction for the girls.

Go up and beat them into submission and they'll love you. Just like the Middle-East.



Best xmas ever I have gotten in years.



Toyohime has lvl 5 combat, though. It takes thousands of exp to train that high.



Thanks dude.



I get that I'm a month late on this, but it's cool to see Reverse being worked on, even a little. It seems like one of the more interesting of the era games.


File: 56e339d067dcb93⋯.png (3.86 KB, 642x60, 107:10, thingy.png)

Wouldn't Purifciation or something similar to it be better way of translating that?



Something like "Purlfication" would make more sense sound-wise, while making it obvious which is fake under observation

Otherwise swapping the ending "Tag" for a misleading "Tab" to maintain a proper spelling but masking which is real




The only important thing is to keep the difficulty balanced. It seems like it's supposed to be pretty sneaky, but still detectable by anyone who follows the advice and examines it in their inventory. Purifciation is way too hard. Tab might be too easy,


File: 1984a61c5ce0230⋯.png (36.22 KB, 987x684, 329:228, 2018-12-22-155048_987x684_….png)

Jesus christ, what is this shit? I haven't been able to log on for over a week.



Read >>291839

Don't ask me when they will finally fix that shit though.



I cleared my cookies but still couldn't log in. I was able to log in to my phone though, so I guess I'll just use that.


I don't remember what game it was I wanted to check out though now.



dunno what the fucks managing the site are doing over there


Is hypnosis still removed from the custom start on K?


so, how one can get pregnant as a crossdresser in eraMegaten?



Only via special events(specific dungeon events, dungeon mufufu and sex negotions; the latter two need to be enabled in options).

The main problem is that crossdressers don't have the female bits and the only thing checked for pregancy during normal training are vaginal shots(and crossdressers are implied to get apreg I guess? Or maybe the feature was never fully implemented).



its because ejaculating in the ass doesnt give creampieEXP which is what determines pregnancy. The special events ignore this and just give the experience.



So it's just a bug or coders oversight.



Not technically correct. It is actually handled via a character flag that gets set when a character gains creampieEXP. Meaning that flag could be set without the exp and exp could be gained without the flag.

That said, I'm not sure what's not working, the code for pregancy generation is pretty convoluted. There are multiple(~6?) different flags that are set for the type of pregancy that could occor, which are then all checked in turn. But the flags are sometimes refered to by number and sometimes by name and the places they get set differ based on the excuted action(COM), who has initiative and maybe other things as well…

Is it possible to get other crossdressers pregnant and it's only broken for the player? For some reason I can't even access a actions to a cross partner…



>a action

This should have been A(nal)-action on a crossressing partner


Is there any auto translator tool for these games my dudes, I dont care if the translation is shitty

Sucks alt-tabbing and pasting stuff on yandex translate



as far as i could test, no, not even partners can get pregnant if you do it through training, they can by the same means as you can tho.



If the particular game you're playing supports auto-clipboard functions, Translation Aggregaotr works pretty good.

I use it for protoNTR



Hmmm I see

I got to try it out TW, K, and SQN, but the strategy one may be a little too complex for me rn

I'll look up about this tool



You have to go back.


File: 2d0876907f78268⋯.gif (49.37 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 1147641141_eslaughter.gif)


But the strategy one might be too complex for me


File: 520396a20f119e5⋯.jpg (13.06 KB, 319x396, 29:36, Dgj6NpvUcAAR6Zi.jpg)


>leddit spacing

>too dumb for the easiest era games

it checks out





I just want some quick degeneracy fellas

not rome total war



Are you actually retarded? Holy shit.



It is quite literally the easiest era game to ever exist. It's by far easier to get laid in than any other game



If you just want degeneracy, that's even easier because you don't need to focus on winning. Just pick a defensible spot and put units on defense. Buff their numbers occasionally and you'll collect prisoners as the others attack you. You don't need to do anything with the strategy part of the game and can just fuck around.

Also, that's the easiest eragame. In others, there are characters that can be difficult to get to do what you want without them hating you unless you know how the mechanics work. The mechanics can be total bullshit where touching them causes hate marks but cunnilingus is just fine, and you'll just have to memorize what works and what doesn't. But you can basically do whatever you want in tohoK and have a huge buffer if the girls don't like it.



you could cheat is you just want degenerates. GIve yourself max stats, hug a corner of the map and kidnap 2hus and pump them full of horse semen till they love you.



Play eraTohoK and turn on special factions for maximum degeneracy.



>tfw when Mokou wife gets fed to bandits and you marry Kaguya


Does Eramegaten have a cheat menu for adjusting stats/orbs/traits like eratohok or does it all have to be done through cheat engine ?



are the newest ones translated?



I don't think so, but you can edit the save file if you can find the number you want to change. Only works for super obvious ones though.



It bugs me just a little that you can only have one "wife" in tohoK and everyone after that is a concubine.



Either start as a muslim or reform a pagan religion with the holy fury DLC. Either way you only get the stat bonus from the first wife so who cares.



are you by any chance a games journalist



Go into SHOP_LIFE65_婚姻の儀.ERB

Change every instance of IF HAS_WIFE() to IF 0

This makes the marriage code think you have no previous wives, so everything will work like the first marriage and you'll get a wife talent.



Can someone recommend something that has been translated and you can be submissive?

Tried playing eraSQN but its not properly translated yet, otherwise it seemed pretty good.



In TW grind a relationship up and get their arousal high enough and they'll pounce you. In K either be captured or choose the reverse option during normal sex. Those are the most translated.



>Needing translations

>Wanting to be a sub



Last I checked the reverse option was still all fucked up in K.



Only in the sense that people think the AI chooses too many boring commands in some cases. You can do things to improve that like using a relatively sadistic character with max assertiveness.

But having to lick feet for an hour before getting any action is apparently what subs want anyway, see eraReverse.


New Thread



Better Thread





Here we go again.



Just because mommy and daddy are fighting doesn't mean we don't love you.

They'll delete one or the other, but the second one has a slightly more updated OP.


really page 8? guys…seriously

Any place I can read some guides on the rotk era game? I cant find shit and while I am decent I want to know a few things and see what I missed

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