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File: 3483cf0f8e038bb⋯.jpg (110.04 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Strong-Boy.jpg)

File: 09c8a27949c3f74⋯.jpg (387.78 KB, 850x1185, 170:237, NF Flowchart.jpg)

081a84  No.58579

RIP the old thread. Here's that one torrent with her stuff and approximately six million other files from other well-known hypnotists, and a volafile I'll upload some of her missing files to.



76d738  No.58606

Can someone upload strawberry jam to vola?

508cf5  No.58607


Someone made an additional, update-torrent (which is outdated nowadays, too). Here, from https://yuki.la/t/777399 (only the mzD0m1n1ca mega-links are alive)

Remember Jackpot - No hands? This torrent has about every erotic hypnosis tape that is commonly available.


For those who don't know Jackpot.

> erotic hypnosis

> listen with headphones

> go into trance

> orgasm at the end

> may need several listens

For the archivists among you: many of the hypnotists have since shuttered their websites and have pursued different careers (e.g. therapeutic hypnosis). So save these tracks while you still can.

Great (and safe) stuff for beginners:

>N1kk1 F4t4|3

>Isabelle Valentina (e.g. Jackpot series)

>Mistress C4r0|

>3||3ch3my (all of her files are free on her website)

It also contains some video hypnosis and motivational/regular stuff:

>Brain training

>Weight loss

>Life success

This is a compilation made by anon of three big torrents on tpb. A fourth one that was added later is:


Report back with results or ask for suggestions!

ea01ed  No.58612

Glad people are still enjoying all those "pack" torrents I did years ago!

fcfbc7  No.58874

Ok, so I downloaded the torrent at the end of the OP. And O.M.G. I have been a part of this fetish for about seven years now, and Girl Play by Mistress Candice has by far been the BEST experience I've had yet. It's so sexual and erotic, and its perfectly worded. I have never been good at going into trance, or visualization, but none of that mattered. It was amazing. Definitely worth the listen if you havent heard it before. Def gonna try more of Candice's stuff now!!! Tysm for the upload!

c3e9de  No.58876

>>58606 Link is good for a few days https://www56.zippyshare.com/v/50ziXA18/file.html

c3e9de  No.58877

Link: https://www56.zippyshare.com/v/50ziXA18/file.html

6dea3b  No.58901


Thank you for this, just had my first HFO to this file. This really was great

56e5d3  No.58972

File: 85573a59b1c3126⋯.jpg (106.09 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, hypnosismistresses.jpg)

You should check out this collection also. 3 = e


e32400  No.59149

Hi everyone!

I just downloaded N|kk|’s files and am very excited to begin my training!

However, I do have several questions for those of you that are a bit more experienced with N|kk|’s material:

I want to start a two week long training program that culminates with an 8-10 hour LSD fueled hypno session.

With this in mind, what are the files and triggers that I should listen to every day?


What series of files would you recommend for the big finale?

Thanks guys!

09adc3  No.59152


you did not mention what you're looking for ?

081a84  No.59159

File: fd663af8a1c2e90⋯.png (726.26 KB, 2047x4223, 2047:4223, 00_Dependency-Chart.png)


Thanks anon, that's very helpful.


Start off with her Because series, maybe Satin Angels too. From there you'll have freedom to try whatever you want.

d61406  No.59207

Has anyone got Confidence with Women by N|kk| F4t413?

I have searched a long time for it, but can’t find it anywhere. I have even bought it from the Hypnofantasy store, but that version is corrupted, can’t unzip that file.

I would be very grateful to anyone who could upload it?

Thanks in advance!

1b23eb  No.59219


Do you mean confident seduction? If so that is here: r/wk70hcu4 Otherwise I have never heard of that file.

Does anyone have weight loss? Would really like that file and can't find it anywhere.

1b23eb  No.59229


Thanks for the weight loss file! Not exactly this board's forte, but hopefully it will make exercise a little more fun.

dbb8ec  No.59231

I tried a few files from N|kk| and $h1bby since both seem to be good for beginners or people who aren't into sissystuff.

Only tried a few "standalone" files and right now I'm not sure if I should just listen to one for a few weeks/months, like N|kk|'s Because series or that Orgasmic Denial/HFO series ($h1bby).

I assume I'll get somewhat biased answers in a N|kk| thread but still

636c6a  No.59248


I've tried a lot of tists, but N|kk| is the most satisfying and Because series is great.

Her smooth, silky, caring voice and attitude, the way she establishes a D/s dynamic, the lack of bullshit (*snap* and you're gazillion times deeper now etc.) in her files makes her great. In N|kk|'s world, you are in trance/bliss because read it in N|kk|'s voice lol you and she want to be in that state, not because some shitty binaural waves or any other shitty sci-fi movie techniques.

Just give Because series a chance, you won't be disappointed.

d61406  No.59260


No, I meant Confidence with Women. Here’s the link to the file on the Hypnofantasy site:


I have that one in a zip version, but unfortunately it’s corrupted when you try to open it.

Thanks for trying though.

733e54  No.59263


>No, I meant Confidence with Women. Here’s the link to the file on the Hypnofantasy site

I see this name in RS: Ava L0ngh4rd EdgeWork Hypnofantasy Confidence with Women (76.2 MB)

d61406  No.59265


Yes, I think it’s from the same script. Just performed by Ava L0ngh4rd this time.

The N|kk| F4t413 version is around 56/57 MB.

I can upload the zip version if you think you can open it.

733e54  No.59276


>I can upload the zip version if you think you can open it.

Yes, please! Retroshare is also fine!

d61406  No.59277


There you go!

723a09  No.59279


please don't compare apples and oranges. n1kk| makes hypno the other one porn.

k4$h@m, @m€th3ty§t, 3mb&|^, but $h1bby no please don't listen that shit.

f3aa3b  No.59280


what's the trick on this one?

d61406  No.59281


I have no idea.

All I can say is that I can’t open it. It gives an error every time I try to unzip it.

I hope anyone here can extract the file and upload it for us all to enjoy.

733e54  No.59282

Where did you upload the zip?

f3aa3b  No.59283


f3aa3b  No.59284

7zip opens the archive but the un-zip fails at 99%

a8597d  No.59387


>For the archivists among you: many of the hypnotists have since shuttered their websites and have pursued different careers (e.g. therapeutic hypnosis).

Lol. Has anyone walked into their office and came instantly when hearing their voice?

>these captchas are fucking retarded.

722b53  No.59389


They're better than getting spammed to death.

85336b  No.60109

Does anybody have Dreamstate and possibly In the zone, as well? I have most of Nlkkls files but haven't been able to find these two. Thanks in advance!

f3aa3b  No.60128

there you go

85336b  No.60129

>>60128 What do you mean with "there you go"? It sounds like you linked something but I don't see any links at all. Only those words.

d61406  No.60139

it's here: /r/wk70hcu4

85336b  No.60143

>>60139 Thank you very much.

f4ffd1  No.60146


do you by chance have d0nkey d1ck subliminal

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