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File: 8657a6e877d3d45⋯.jpeg (11.12 KB, 300x168, 25:14, hypno.jpeg)


Hey guys, I'm /hypno/'s new BO.

>Who are you and where is the previous BO?

I haven't settled on a name yet. The previous BO has been absent for over two and a half months. This is why spam has piled up, and no reports have been answered. The 8chan administration did try to contact him prior to giving the board to me. The last day he logged in was 2017-07-17, the day this "Please post more often" sticky was made. I guess we didn't post often enough.

>pls fix [problem].

For the time being, I do not intend to make any significant changes, aside from deleting spam and handling reports, at least until I am sure that things are running smoothly. However, I am open to making changes. I will create a meta thread, or possibly repurpose this one, to be a sounding board between myself and users. I myself am a user, and would rather not fuck up one of the last decent internet hypno bastions by acting hastily and without input.

>What now?

The same as always, probably. The way I see it, the ideal is that nothing should discernibly change from this, unless there's a consensus that something should be changed. I expect to be very hands-off, and probably won't often show my face outside of the meta thread unless there's a special circumstance.

I hope to keep /hypno/ healthy, and I'll do my best to that end. Thanks.

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Thank you for the thread anon. It's helpful.

File: 1411538944819.jpg (12.05 KB, 720x480, 3:2, Real-hypnosis-stories.jpg)


Follow the rules, and the literally Hitler mod (me) won't remove your posts/ban you. We promise.

1) No real life Child Porn please. For the time being, hentai, such as lolicon and shota are okay. The global 8chan rule applies. See: https://8ch.net/faq.html#are-there-any-global-rules-regarding-content

2) OP posts must be primarily about hypnosis. There are currently no limits on what hypnosis content may be posted here unless otherwise forbidden by the previous rule. Copyrighted content is currently allowed. Torrents, download links, gifs, videos, mp3s, photos, stories, games, etc. are all allowed.

3) One thread per topic. Duplicate threads are not allowed and will be deleted. If you want to make a new thread, first check the catalog to see if there is already a thread for what you want to post about. If so, use it, and if not, make one. If an existing thread has reached page 13, or is within 20 posts of its post limit, a replacement thread may be created. Content must be posted in its appropriate thread. Content which falls under multiple categories may go in any thread that it is appropriate for, but is encouraged to be posted in the thread designated for its primary focus, if it has one. Please use discretion in doing so.

4) This board enforces the normal imageboard rules of anonymity. Names and emails are not to be used unless they are directly relevant to the topic of the specific thread or post which they are being used in. Examples would be a content creator discussing their own content, or two individuals exchanging contact information. As there is no hard and fast method to determine relevance, this rule has a degree of leniency. However, persistently using identities in circumstances where they are in no way relevant will likely result in moderator action. No leaking or posting personal information of other people. You may post information of your own, but only when it is relevant. When it is relevant, it is recommended that you only share what is absolutely necessary, for safety reasons.

5) Names of hypnotistPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Also, friendly reminder, please report any rule breaking post. It's easy!

File: d022b7157cf50d5⋯.jpg (199.7 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Magegirl.jpg)


Volashare: https://volafile.org/r/jxwmn0cg

Website: https://K31smindwarp.com

K31's Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/K31Hypno

tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/K31-light

Twitter: https://twitter.com/K31sMindWarp

This thread is for discussing and sharing K31 files.

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thx for sharing!

anyone happen to have the other demon girl + sissy girl files?

Demon Girl's Sex Portal

Demon Girl: Fuck Toy Slut

Demon Girl: Horny Mind

Demon Girl: Magic Cock Growth Spell

Demon Girl: Mind Control

Demon Girl: Mind Melt

Demon Girl: Pink Feminizing Bubble

Sissy Dreams: Pussy Training

Sissy Girl: Cocksucker Curse

Sissy Girl: Cumslut Cocksucker

Sissy Slave Girl: Past Life Memories



some what you want is in this active thread




only partially, like Horny Mind only has Day 4, Pink Feminizing Bubble only has 1 file out of the 2 (MP3 & Body)


anyone have any recommendations on a K31 listening schedule similar to what B4mb1 Sleep has?


Looks like she took down most of the files on her website

File: d99be901140bedf⋯.png (49.71 KB, 768x768, 1:1, telegram.png)


So, on the time I have been on this board, I noticed the biggest problem we have: File sharing, MEGA files can be taken down, giga can be cumbersome, retroshare can be unreliable due to P2P and volafile automatically takes files down after only two days.

I have been using the Telegram app for a few years, and recently, started using it to listen to hypno.

What is Telegram: Telegram is a messaging app available for mobile devices and computer alike, in it, you can create groups, and most interestingly, channels, in a channel, you can post anything you want, images, videos, and, of course, audio files, and people can subscribe to that channel to receive this content.

Telegram is free, safe, and has no risk of files being taken down and is much easier to use than Retroshare for example, you can send files to a Telegram channel and easily access them from your cellphone.

So, that's my suggestion, what do ya all think?

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That’s sad, sorry to hear that.



It's so weird to do stuff and see people commenting about it on a board


You can use your cell phone to post as well


I think I know what the problem is, but the fix is not that easy - fontconfig is screwed up in Ubuntu 18.10. I hope I will be able to reV1v3 the channel.




lel fix this board mods



File: 73035d750cfc695⋯.jpeg (23.2 KB, 400x400, 1:1, DOMINA STERN.jpeg)


Two files here, enjoy!


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File: 4b350bcffd6a77b⋯.jpg (14.62 KB, 204x260, 51:65, 1468865534650.jpg)



That's the way they were described when they were originally offered for sale. I don't think they can actually make someone gay, so my take on them was that they were more about making gay guys who were closeted more comfortable with being gay.



Well… You admit that you like stroking a hard cock, amirite???



Whatever, dude.



No one realized OP low key called everyone a fag

File: 8cc00fe3e296e61⋯.jpg (131.89 KB, 800x533, 800:533, 011.jpg)


Has anyone ever had any sucess with conditioning / long lasting effects with hypno files made yourself, or that you understand completely how it works?

I've made a few and I have no problem trancing or anything while under, but I'm wondering whether knowing all of the intricacies within a file would hamper that or not; and thus whether I'd be able to test files myself or not.

Also, any tips on how to better edit audio files? I've mostly been inspired with what I saw on another thread in here, so as of now I'm:

Using audacity;

Noise removal, de-clicker, de-esser, low pass filter(7200;12)

Add two copies of the main track, one offset at 0.01s with a 4% higher pitch, both with echo(0.5;0.1) and reverb (75;25;75;50;100;100;2;-3;100) at ~20 lower decibels than the main track

Throwing in some L/R panning on some parts

Up to now I've only worked with TTS and it didn't need much work but for my most recent file I comissioned an independent net seiyuu so spacing all the lines properly and not having them clip was a fucking nightmare, I spent over 10 hours editting getting everything nice and smooth.

What's the best to get rid of "clicks" from shitty edditing? Right now I'm mostly relying on "limiter" or just tinkering, making the problem part quieter and adding a ~18 decibel lower paulstretched higher pitched echoed reverbed track so the lack of echo from quieting doesn't ruin everything. It's a bit hacky and there's probably a better way, so if anybody could chime in that'd be great!

The main problem is that I might have normalised a bit too much so on shitty earphone it's quite "in your face" instead of having a neat soundstage.

Right now I'm waiting for the artist to finish the jacket so I'm not releasing the full file but here's a sample https://fantia.jp/posts/117376/download/155307

It's in jap tho so I doubt you'd care much for it, but any tips is welcome!

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Well, I fiddled around with reaper, ardour and adobe audition. Frankly, ardour and reaper are so oriented towards music that they didn't really feel worth the trouble.

Adobe audition has a shitload of feature and looks like it might take time to get used to it but it looks worthwhile. Gotta try ableton next though.

Honestly, audacity is acceptable, but it does require a more hands-on approach, as opposed to an automated one. And geting used to all the fucking plug-ins.

If there's one thing I would change my mind for that would be easy as fuck, retard level, 5.1 panning.


What do you even mean by "make"?



What exactly did you have difficulty with that you say they're too music-focused? Ableton is also very music-focused, but I suggested it because a lot of beginners consider it to be intuitive and easy to use.



What's intuitive for one is a nightmare for another. It's like Android vs iOS…



The way different effects are arranged both in audacity and adobe audition is way simpler than going through them with reaper.

Navigating is also a pain, since the interface is arranged for song-making, this is especially true for ardour with the grids and shit by default.

It's simply impractical, and kinda bloated with knobs and shit everywhere.


File: 5dc83ac99d9b5b3⋯.png (32.67 KB, 1358x506, 679:253, Capture.PNG)


If you end up not liking ableton either the only other program I can recommend is acoustica (premium edition). It's more similar to audacity in terms of appearance and workflow but it has better functionality and nicer sounding effects. It also supports vst plugins which is great.

(Install the free ReaPlugs VST FX plugin bundle from reaper. They're great https://www.reaper.fm/reaplugs/)


Just listened to the file and I didn't hear notice any clicks in it, so any further de-clicking is just a result of you being needlessly obsessive. Sounds really nice and clean, good job man. Wish I could understand what that woman's saying though. Hot. Last thing- pic related is your file. You didn't "normalize a bit too much" at all. In fact the opposite. You need to make it louder

File: af65782c5ce4e6f⋯.png (827.04 KB, 1402x931, 1402:931, sb-01.png)


The previous thread has reached the bump limit. Let's continue here.







101 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



>Someone just needs to set up a server then

Pffff…. It's already created: https://www.likera.com/forum/mybb/showthread.php?tid=2334


There is even a chat, if you want only chat :D https://www.likera.com/chat/



I've been contributing to it :P



>There is even a chat, if you want only chat :D https://www.likera.com/chat/

Yep, it works. Pick a name then type /join SB



I'd be willing to visit and chat!

File: c2f9f33604330bd⋯.jpg (109.1 KB, 256x360, 32:45, LeeAllure.jpg)


Been interested in her for a while, just caught a seminar with her at Charmed in Baltimore and now interested in more. Love her style, and in person she was quite awesome to be around and see in action, great voice too, very playful and upbeat.

If anyone has anything - aside from the free content she offers at her site - I'd be very interested in checking it out if anyone is willing to share.

Happy trancing…

15 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



Sorry, i'm dumb. Advertising benefits me? I don't get it.


If you geniuses think, she and her fans are here, how about you post her recordings, you apparently have laying around.

That way her attempts to shill will result in the exact opposite of what she wants (more revenue), and she should stay away form /hypno in the future.



>screeches about "how chans work"

>calls imageboards chans

Congratulations, you've outed yourself as a newfag too.



I know this is unlikely to convince you. But I've liked erotic/femdom hypnosis recordings for many years. I'm familiar with many women who make those recordings because I'm interested in what they're doing.

I check this site a couple of times a day because of that same interest.


So what happened at the Charmed conference?

File: 944c21b5092e2d5⋯.jpg (308.67 KB, 722x454, 361:227, Monster_succubus_nightmare….jpg)


Since the hack the old one is down. I decided to make a new one.

Anyone have Recission?

150 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Bump for Suction2


And… for Suction 3 :)


Here's the stud stuff that I have, I think I uploaded it right :3 /r/tbpzgb94



Any chance of a re up? Just missed it



Sure, here are a few at same v o l a.

File: 94f0cfcddd63e97⋯.png (8.57 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, germany_flag_by_think0-d9n….png)


cont. >>>11892

The old thread is closed

Bitte nutzt für Anfragen einen Encode

41 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



der link von 51842 ist eine sammlung die im august 2016 gepackt wurde.

also, nur alte files. hab das gleich wieder gelöscht, weil für mich nichts neues dabei ist.


62 Files von Lady Tara zum einzeln laden https://filecrypt.cc/Container/1B7D301EE2.html


Hi Leute wollte auch mal was schreiben. Na ja, bin auch auf der such nach dem ultimativen HFO, hat halt nur noch nicht geklappt! Jetzt wird wahrscheinlich jemand schreiben wie es geht, und er hätte es so oder so hingekriegt, vielleicht im Kopfstand oder was weiß ich, aber ich hab das alles schon gelesen, ich Versuche es schon ziemlich lange.

Hab auch schon eine menge Geld in eine so genante Hypnose Domina investiert und na ja wurde mir zu teuer, hab dann RetroShare benutzt und weil einem wird ja immer ein schlechtes Gewissen eingeredet (Urheberrecht). Darum habe ich mir überlegt ich kaufe von der Hypnose Domina alle Files die mich zu meinem HFO gebracht haben, aber erst hinterher!!!

Ich probiere grade C0m13ßße Chr|s1|ne die Aufnahmequalität ist nicht so gut, aber wollte ihr eine Chance geben. Ich habe ein paar Files von ihr gefunden hat natürlich nicht geklappt

wäre also an ihrer Obediente Serie interessiert um es dann nochmal zu versuchen.

Wenn die jemand hat das wäre eicht nett!!














rbWoaCdPIZzLauqrIogv1Paj1TcF5xnAtcFGaSnua4DiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



kann ich nicht dekodieren. welcher input charset ist das?


neu aHR0cHM6Ly9yZWxpbmsudG8vdmlldy5waHA/aWQ9NThkM2E5YzExMmM5ZjRiYmQ3YTFiODQ2OGRjNTUz

File: 441aa886bafeaf5⋯.jpg (122.78 KB, 640x1138, 320:569, ahego.jpg)


Hi, first post here after enjoying reading all your discussions and sharing I finally decided to also share something.

Today I was bored and wanted to discover some new very kinky and quality files, and I found this "core is all programming", I am into hypnosis stuff for a long time and I can safely say I know when a file is just a shitty hypnosis related thing and when the hypnotist actually know what he is doing. From what I've seen none has already posted something about it here, it looks a bit unknown and underground.

I still have not listened to it but will tonight for sure and I'm so excited about it, don't hesitate to share your thoughts about it with me… it's even better when it's free :eyes:

(sry for potential mistakes english isn't my first language and sorry for the not-related pic, it was to get your attention <3)



11 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



you lost me when I saw "a kinky hypno enjoyer" as your name. I respect the hustle but this place isn't the best place to start this.



Reeeeeeeee! Obvious shill alert!


File: a3b7096232ec6a4⋯.png (307.13 KB, 500x465, 100:93, 1433860135028.png)


>you have no clue how imagination and picturing work

Nigger he's just saying your metaphor is retarded.


Actually, core is all about situps and crunches.


Boris and Natasha k_ll moose and squirrel

File: 39813b5c66a657b⋯.png (1.91 MB, 1080x1064, 135:133, Screenshot_2017-07-18-18-0….png)


What are your recommendations for the most intense / vivid hypno files. Dont care if they are dangerous or not. Im just looking for a vivd experience no matter what.

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



Did this with B4mb1 sleep felt like a had huge breasts and everything shit was intense I also proceed to tear my asshole well trying to fist it so don't do this lol



That's my plan for tonight, a tab of acid and some DXM.

Hopefully I'll break something



DXM plus having someone you love hypnotize you.


Do you really trance for 8-10 hours straight?


I'm really tempted to do this… I have 220µg tabs of L plus a fair amount of shrooms, DXM and Ket, and I think listening to B4mb1 on one/a combination of them would be wonderful, but at the same time very scary…

File: 2f82a9b8c595502⋯.jpeg (5.93 KB, 296x170, 148:85, images.jpeg)


Is…that a thing? If so would you say that its effective in anyway? Or would you need a file thats meant only for said purpose?

I was curious about it after reading a comment here. If its not very effective please explain your 2 cents.

To be honest i havent been able to go under for the longest, and so trying to find different opinions from others.

I will admit this post might seem weird, but then again… lol.

Random image i chose just because it was semi relevant and couldnt pick out a generic spiral jpeg. ( ° ʖ °) 

3 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



Personally I find it a limiting distraction to have to keep my eyes open when I trance, but everyone is an individual and what limits me won't necessarily limit other peoples ability to trance… If I were going to try it I would carefully choose a porn clip that fitted as closely as possible the theme of the hypnosis file I was listening to… perhaps you could post some updates on how you got on?



I like to lay on a bed with my eyes closed i cant trance watching a vid or sitting up



unless its very specific fantasy where the intention is to close your eyes and dream. The usual hypno I just keep my eyes own while trancing.



What anime is that image from?



Sorry for late reply, OP here, its a hentai called "Eroge! H-Game mo zettai"

Lmao coming through with the sauce.

File: 38a80b27f0a58c9⋯.gif (500.75 KB, 616x362, 308:181, hypno-girl-08-bondage.gif)


Does anybody know if there are any Russian hypno files, besides the 5 MsJ LMS ones?

Есть ли у кого-нибудь русские гипно-файлы, кроме MsJ LMS ремикса (5 файлов)?

6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



Там есть упоминание госпожи Мари. Кроме неё на русском ничего особо не видел.




Will these files turn me into a Russian sleeper agent?



No, but into a Russian propaganda drone, which is way less deadly.



Тут еще есть её старые ролики https://www.youtube.com/user/HypnoRus1/videos



>Тут еще есть её старые ролики

Только демо, да и то ужас…

File: 774082442793039⋯.jpg (37.86 KB, 564x857, 564:857, d8bddcf915691f1a6084e11275….jpg)


Does anyone have any Msj audio files? like little miss squidgy.

Personally i was looking for the more recent ones like Edge for Real Men , Christmas Cuckold

141 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.
Post last edited at



any chance you can reupload?



Uploaded all the lullabies I have and some other files you might want to listen to later



Thanks, didnt had the housewife 2 that you posted. Appreciated.



yes cum sissy please your daddy :)



No problem, always happy to help the sissies out there !

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