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File: 8657a6e877d3d45⋯.jpeg (11.12 KB, 300x168, 25:14, hypno.jpeg)


Hey guys, I'm /hypno/'s new BO.

>Who are you and where is the previous BO?

I haven't settled on a name yet. The previous BO has been absent for over two and a half months. This is why spam has piled up, and no reports have been answered. The 8chan administration did try to contact him prior to giving the board to me. The last day he logged in was 2017-07-17, the day this "Please post more often" sticky was made. I guess we didn't post often enough.

>pls fix [problem].

For the time being, I do not intend to make any significant changes, aside from deleting spam and handling reports, at least until I am sure that things are running smoothly. However, I am open to making changes. I will create a meta thread, or possibly repurpose this one, to be a sounding board between myself and users. I myself am a user, and would rather not fuck up one of the last decent internet hypno bastions by acting hastily and without input.

>What now?

The same as always, probably. The way I see it, the ideal is that nothing should discernibly change from this, unless there's a consensus that something should be changed. I expect to be very hands-off, and probably won't often show my face outside of the meta thread unless there's a special circumstance.

I hope to keep /hypno/ healthy, and I'll do my best to that end. Thanks.

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Fair enough, I'll just filter his dumb ass. Some of his spam is off topic for individual threads too but I guess that's not the end of the world.

File: 1411538944819.jpg (12.05 KB, 720x480, 3:2, Real-hypnosis-stories.jpg)


Follow the rules, and the literally Hitler mod (me) won't remove your posts/ban you. We promise.

1) No real life Child Porn please. For the time being, hentai, such as lolicon and shota are okay. The global 8chan rule applies. See: https://8ch.net/faq.html#are-there-any-global-rules-regarding-content

2) OP posts must be primarily about hypnosis. There are currently no limits on what hypnosis content may be posted here unless otherwise forbidden by the previous rule. Copyrighted content is currently allowed. Torrents, download links, gifs, videos, mp3s, photos, stories, games, etc. are all allowed.

3) One thread per topic. Duplicate threads are not allowed and will be deleted. If you want to make a new thread, first check the catalog to see if there is already a thread for what you want to post about. If so, use it, and if not, make one. If an existing thread has reached page 13, or is within 20 posts of its post limit, a replacement thread may be created. Content must be posted in its appropriate thread. Content which falls under multiple categories may go in any thread that it is appropriate for, but is encouraged to be posted in the thread designated for its primary focus, if it has one. Please use discretion in doing so.

4) This board enforces the normal imageboard rules of anonymity. Names and emails are not to be used unless they are directly relevant to the topic of the specific thread or post which they are being used in. Examples would be a content creator discussing their own content, or two individuals exchanging contact information. As there is no hard and fast method to determine relevance, this rule has a degree of leniency. However, persistently using identities in circumstances where they are in no way relevant will likely result in moderator action. No leaking or posting personal information of other people. You may post information of your own, but only when it is relevant. When it is relevant, it is recommended that you only share what is absolutely necessary, for safety reasons.

5) Names of hypnotistPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Also, friendly reminder, please report any rule breaking post. It's easy!

File: 4b21fa58dffbb62⋯.jpg (3.26 KB, 88x88, 1:1, sam.jpg)


Anyone have any of her files?

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For whatever reason, SB's files don't affect me to the same extent that most people report. As a result while I feel like I'm trancing I can actually hear everything that is being said and remember it after the fact without going to sleep or blanking the session.

The thing you have to realize about SB is that they mainly use other various psychological tricks to lead listeners around rather than simply through only reinforcement - although there's that too.

Let me give you an example from one specific file… SB would start off a video file by reinforcing that you want to look good all the while telling you to watch the sexy girls. After a while SB doubles up a comment about looking good by saying that you will look sexy. Then a few minutes later will again use the word sexy only this time its instead of the word good. Eventually SB only uses the word sexy regarding your own body and is getting you to agree that you want to be sexy but only after having spent ages separating the word sexy and reinforcing it as a word for the female form. Simultaneously SB also will start you off with a need to be popular with girls it begins with reinforcing that you're listening to help with getting dates with them, meanders into just talking with them, then slowly goes from there with understanding them, before eventually reinforcing being friends with them. Meanwhile SB might include something like how girls are dangerous and change their minds, girls can be deceptive and it is hard to know what they are thinking, how it would be so much easier to understand and date them if they said what they meant like a guy would, and then would creep in a comment that it would be so much easier if you were dating a guy instead. And proceeds from there. Before closing the file and blanking the session SB reverts to reinforcing something that without knowing what you've had repeating for the last few minutes seems neutral. The thing most listeners hear as they come out of trance is, "You will feel more confident now about dating. You are sexy and attractive to the people you want. You will be able to talk with girls about dating and be popular with the guys." making the file sePost too long. Click here to view the full text.



It keeps happening, too. I can't keep my knees when I get into the shower. I'm also always laughing and smiling when it happens.

I'm pretty impressed, I don't remember any kind of trigger like that. Maybe I should comission her for a file that makes me want to earn money for retirement or eat salads or something.



What files do you listen to most often?


what are some other good files apart from trigger happy? I have listened trigger happy for 3 days in a row and still dont remember any of it. Idk if it is working.



Spooky for sure. I don't think a hypnosis file can really push you that far over the edge though. And if it does you probably had the urges to begin with. Sounds like sb uses a lot of NLP. I'm engaging in an experiment with her files. Kind of want to see how powerful the compulsions can get without conscious awareness.

File: c68a95bceb4c116⋯.png (990.47 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, FA288C6D-6F3F-4386-8F8C-A9….png)


Can you recommend a very good hypno file, which:

- turns into female for limited time, i.e for a day,

- let the hypnotee to decide about the look of the female he wants to become (i.e I’m more into pear-shaped girls),

- allows not only feeling like a female, but also seeing himself as the female he imaginated.

- is available anywhere for free


File: fad22afd69abbb2⋯.jpg (1.69 MB, 1680x2304, 35:48, from_weak_to_brawny_tf_by_….jpg)


Looking for the all the masculinization files

Alpha, rude, hairy, testosterone, self steem, deeper voice, confidence, seduce women, manly gestures, masculinity, beard, body hair, turn straight a gay man

Every file that are like those are welcome


File: 302fcc019c06501⋯.jpg (174.67 KB, 750x900, 5:6, haggar_piledriving_a_shark….jpg)


I want to get even manlier!

I want to be like Schwarzenegger or Stallone!

Mike Haggar, or Senator Armstrong!

(Too bad nobody on here knows any good files for that since this board is all sissy and B4mb1 feces unless you want to sift through the garbage that is warp my mind for some good masculinization files)

File: ddec7ee4f0025d7⋯.jpeg (55.78 KB, 370x460, 37:46, image.jpeg)


Hey All,

I found a file by L0k4 - Performing Puppet - Acknowledgement (https://www.warpmymind.com/index.php?gadget=HFiles&mitem=files-authors#eyJoT2Zmc2V0IjoiMCIsInNlbFNvcnQiOlsiNCJdLCJ0eHRTZWFyY2giOiIiLCJzZWxBdXRob3JzIjpbIjE4NDg5OCJdfQ==). I loved the whole file and really i was not able to control my body. The humiliation part was so intense and kinky and amazing. I was really following what i was being programmed in the file. Amazing experience. Do you know any other hypnotis who is into loss of control, performing humiliation and degradation acts in order to get free and orgasm? So much appreciate it in the advance.

p.s. i am into the sissy things, so if there is an artist that is doing sissy hypno with loss of body control and acting humiliating things, please write them down

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I see, thank you for the clarification:)

In regards i Isa and bel and la and Val and ent and ine - i have listened lots of her files and they are not doing much to me:(

I will try some from eSu and ccu and bus:)

you are more then welcome to bring more suggestions:) Thank you for this ones too



Personally I suggest looking up N1mj@ (Nim and ja). Best of all most of his stuff is available freely. You can get it either at his youtube channel or at his website. I'd link both but I'm told that is a no-no. He has files that include things such as puppetry, pet play, exhibitionism, and even some files designed to be played while you are busy with work or whatever to induce arousal and even orgasms without actually going into trance. His stuff requires you to be able to respond to a male partner though so it is not for everyone.

Also since you stated acceptance with sissy stuff then you may want to look up SB which has a lot of hypno files currently up on Vola in another thread. (SB = $@m@nth@ Bandl3r - Sam and ant and ha and Band and ler - aka $@m@nth@ $3z.) But again there is an issue as SB can and will cause permanent mental changes and can be both indescribably subtle and yet also hammer with all the force of a raiding party of giants. And by mental changes I mean things sometimes you wouldn't expect… sometimes SB throws in IQ dropper changes, or inability to feel pleasure / orgasm unless exact conditions are met, or dozens of other things you wouldn't expect to find in the file you find them in - such as another example would be a weird trigger hidden in one track which is designed to make you stop and ask for directions when driving even if you normally know the way which is just bizarre and I can find no explanation as to why it was added in unless as proof that he or she could sneak it in.



Wow, thanks for the description and all the info. As you can see i am quite new to all of this stuff. But i want to learn more:) I will definetelly give a try Nim and ja. REgarding Sam and ant and ha and Band and ler - definetely not looking for any permanent mental changes. I still have my normal life which i do not want to be influenced by listening to erotic hypnosis. Its all for fun, right? But if you have more suggestions, or e.g. kik account, would love to chat more:) Thank you


The B4mb1 sleep files have a lot of puppet play and puppet themes, particularly in the uniform-related files and puppet/doll control loops.



I thought B4mb1 files are causing permanent physical and mental changes? I definitely not looking for that, but thanks for the suggestion

File: b0be51e131f2dfe⋯.gif (5.07 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, output_kQFEFq.gif)


I couldn't find a thread but it's entirely possible there already is one. There's a lot of free videos of this chick floating around and I like her recent style. Does Anon have any opinions?






She's given me the only successful HFO I've gotten from a video and she's pretty damn hot when she's all made-up, despite her age. Definitely a favorite.



Which video was that?



One of her free youtube ones, actually. Don't remember which.

File: 7d7a169d91304f6⋯.jpg (70.82 KB, 651x402, 217:134, SR.jpg)


So, the last thread of 5h3ll3 r1v3r5 seems to have died.

Her voice is something of an acquired taste, but over time I actually grew to like it quite much. Plus I'm a sucker for multi-part series and she's putting out quite a bit of those. So… I'd be grateful if someone could maybe share the Brainwashed phase (I - III) series I'd be grateful.

Not to be a complete leech I dropped The Experiment and Journey to Enslavement at vola; /r/cmqcqe0w

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If Tr1gg3r3d H@rd or any of the edging tracks are available that'd be keen.

Dropping the H@nd5 Fr33 set in there for ya.


Added some one shot files to the room.





Thank you guys. By any chance… has someone some files of her sl4ve g1rl L4dy |-|?


Thank you for creathing this thread. Unfortunatelly, all the files I have have already been uploaded by someone else, so unable to contribute with something new. I am specifically looking for this file Sh3ll3 R1v3rs _ @dd1ction th3r@py or any other f00t/nyl0n f3tish files.


Anyone have her HFO training series files? She seems like a pretty solid tist, would be interesting to hear her take on the fabled HFO. Anyone tried them?

File: 04c2006817b1916⋯.png (2.21 MB, 1280x1494, 640:747, be88ca3462d58f1dedc1f630f1….png)


I've been searching through my collection for a file I know I heard and I just can't find it. Can you help me remember the name of the file?

It's female voice but it might be TTS.

The file is very much lulling you into a false sense of security before the Mistress takes over your mind.

She talks you through a process of going deeper and convinces you it would be best to get as deep as possible

then she talks about your guardian creature in your mind and has you make it become her servant.

Then she takes you deeper to the center of your mind

Your true self is a glowing being of light sitting on a throne and she has you help her by convincing it to let itself be cocooned by her spiders

when it's too late she talks about how your essence will be drained and consumed by her and you will be her slave with no will.

This is just what I remember and I think it's mostly correct. If anyone knows who this is and/or the file name, I'd be super grateful!

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Re-up please





I gotchu bro





This does look interesting…any possibility of one more re-up, please?

File: 52aad24e0028417⋯.jpeg (14.73 KB, 263x192, 263:192, jackpot.jpeg)



I'm looking for the perfect HFO with ejaculation. I already tried IV J4ckp0t 1. But this ist strong, but didn't work completly also after I've heard it many times. Is it a good idea to hear other Jackp0t files from her? And which are the best? What are the J4ckp0t files every HFO-naut should have been heard? Or is there anything with much more power?

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Start at JP 1 or 2

I would recommend Eve, I find her files work great everytime. Her HFO files are free.


*replace ++ with tt

You can find her other hfo by searching her tags.




If you can ignore the bit of findom in the middle, JP 10 is amazing.




i did from mp4 after 2 months

Madam V10|3t - Succumb to the Succubus


Can somebody reup JP10 please?


Can we please use a service that doesn't delete everything after two days?

File: 0ceee6c4d1c145c⋯.jpg (369.59 KB, 844x656, 211:164, whore reaching.jpg)


Looking for the best hands free orgasm file you have. Don't tell me who its from, what its called, or what its about. I want that to be a mystery. Just post an mp3.

24 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 086bfaa4c5908c0⋯.png (444.36 KB, 795x596, 795:596, ceaac77288b2b3f82a5bd6258f….png)




I think it's just some conspiracy autist, but I believe the bit about all his posts being about S4mB4n. I doubt she'd accuse herself of making a fucking sissy spy ring kek



You have a very heavy conspiracy theory level there in that post, but I wouldn't be surprised that it hasn't been done at some point or another so I won't belittle you for the theory.

As it happens, a majority of my posts are indeed in some way related to that particular hypnotist, but not all of them.

As for my 'reasons' for posting that is where you have left reality and gone into guesswork based upon your own outlook in life rather than one I personally possess. But that might be simply because you do not know who I am as a person to judge why I do things.

When I was young three things in life defined my personal growth, one is that I had a very abusive grandfather and as a result have a personal goal in life of protecting others from harm, two was that I witnessed a schoolmate OD right before my eyes and as a result of that realize that a line should be drawn between harmless and harmful, and three was that I found out someone who I thought of as my best friend actually didn't like me at all - after finding out which fact I became obsessed with telling everyone the truth and making everyone else aware of truths hidden from them.

Those three life crises have led me to becoming the type of person that posts exactly like you see me posting here. No conspiracy, just pure desire to protect people from harm and from themselves. A psychologist friend even told me once its my need to protect others since I was not protected when I was younger. Regardless those are my driving reasons for posting, take of them what you will.


File: 3db69c1cb5b76a9⋯.jpg (61.1 KB, 479x483, 479:483, 3db69c1cb5b76a90d21d84b167….jpg)


Wast of dubs. No one gives a shit tbh, this isn't your blog.



Well you've officially fucking warned us so stop shitting on our parade. Some of us are here to get good and fucked up without knowing how, and you'll do a lot more good convincing people how shitty meth is or to lay off the xanax or something.

File: 8d3bac7d0dbd26e⋯.jpg (61.04 KB, 475x580, 95:116, cglilish101-en.jpg.pagespe….jpg)


Anyone else practice such a thing? What do you do for it? I've been pairing it with hypno for about as long as I've been into hypno at all, for about a decade.

Personally I find that being bound helps me give in to the hypnosis since I have to sit there and listen to it, and helps me when listening to long sessions or sets since I can't really squirm much.

Lately I've really been enjoying using plastic wrap for self-bondage. It feels snug, it's safe since with enough time I can work my way out of it, but unlike easily-undo knots and such I'm not tempted to undo it to fidget with every little thing. No one gives you weird looks when you buy plastic wrap, and it even makes cleanup easy!

Obviously you need to make sure beforehand that the files you'll be putting in your playlist don't require you to touch yourself or anything else active.

Despite my image, hogtie isn't great for hypno as a) it's uncomfortable for long periods of time, and hypno requires you to be comfortable, and b) I pretty much end up humping the ground and cumming right away if I'm face down.

File: f9d0540326a6f5e⋯.png (4.81 MB, 800x642, 400:321, jbplQqd.png)


Today's hypnosis filesharing systems are fragile and easily taken down by shekel-grubbing dommes. We have the technology to fix this and never worry about takedowns again, but first let's go over today's mainstream options and why they suck.

>filehosting sites die regularly and get DMCA'd easily

>Giga is only useful for people who already have files

>torrents expose IPs unless you buy a VPN and die as seeders disappear

>Volafile rooms are easily taken down if the wrong domme is pissed off

For the less DMCA-happy hypnotists, torrents and IPFS (torrents on steroids, will probably replace Bittorrent in the future) are a good enough solution. We still need something for handling the greedier dommes, an escape from the neverending game of "download this link before Madame Shekelberg notices."

252 posts and 20 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

































Tor Enabled:































Why do the forums show up as blank for me? I can see like 5 forums, but all are blank. (/hypno/, collections and requests, hypno, hypno, hyno)

Also, only like 6 people added me. >>31372 I'm sharing files, so please add me.

File: d083cb75d28f383⋯.jpg (21.54 KB, 600x600, 1:1, sku_325015_3.jpg)



Ho trovato questo video su yt, e non sono mai stato così vicino a un hfo prima. Se qualcun altro avesse materiale decente in italiano e lo condividesse sarebbe fantastico

11 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



Confermo i tuoi sospetti…fa cagare



ciao a tutte, tempo fa ho trovato questi



> groups.yahoo.com

Is Italy stuck in the 90s?



No wifi in cafes, so in a way, yes.


C4s 98455

l'avete riconosciuta? È una di youtube…

altri suoi canali



File: 4e31266c325dadc⋯.png (690.3 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 53236BE1-69FB-4FB4-ADC0-F1….png)


Anybody have St3||4’s new bimbo bundle?

8 posts omitted. Click reply to view.




Mega or Giga?

Also does that link above work for you?


Tried 3 times to link pu5sy fre3 4-ev3r, but it always gave me encryption key error. Sorry. Try again some other time.



That's a shame, tried anywhere else? Giga or Vola maybe?

Thanks anyway.




There you go.


Try here?



Any Luck Since?

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