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File: e8babf9bc8e281d⋯.jpg (934.39 KB, 5000x5000, 1:1, madotsuki barf.jpg)


>expect women getting hypnotized into fucktoys

>it's nothing more but faggots wanting to be sodomized by women

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>Check your email

Shit, thanks

File: 8657a6e877d3d45⋯.jpeg (11.12 KB, 300x168, 25:14, hypno.jpeg)


Hey guys, I'm /hypno/'s new BO.

>Who are you and where is the previous BO?

I haven't settled on a name yet. The previous BO has been absent for over two and a half months. This is why spam has piled up, and no reports have been answered. The 8chan administration did try to contact him prior to giving the board to me. The last day he logged in was 2017-07-17, the day this "Please post more often" sticky was made. I guess we didn't post often enough.

>pls fix [problem].

For the time being, I do not intend to make any significant changes, aside from deleting spam and handling reports, at least until I am sure that things are running smoothly. However, I am open to making changes. I will create a meta thread, or possibly repurpose this one, to be a sounding board between myself and users. I myself am a user, and would rather not fuck up one of the last decent internet hypno bastions by acting hastily and without input.

>What now?

The same as always, probably. The way I see it, the ideal is that nothing should discernibly change from this, unless there's a consensus that something should be changed. I expect to be very hands-off, and probably won't often show my face outside of the meta thread unless there's a special circumstance.

I hope to keep /hypno/ healthy, and I'll do my best to that end. Thanks.

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Post last edited at


Might want to take a look at >>>hypno/res/50200.html

Some people spamming begs for re-uploads

File: 1411538944819.jpg (12.05 KB, 720x480, 3:2, Real-hypnosis-stories.jpg)


Follow the rules, and the literally Hitler mod (me) won't remove your posts/ban you. We promise.

1) No real life Child Porn please. For the time being, hentai, such as lolicon and shota are okay. The global 8chan rule applies. See: https://8ch.net/faq.html#are-there-any-global-rules-regarding-content

2) OP posts must be primarily about hypnosis. There are currently no limits on what hypnosis content may be posted here unless otherwise forbidden by the previous rule. Copyrighted content is currently allowed. Torrents, download links, gifs, videos, mp3s, photos, stories, games, etc. are all allowed.

3) One thread per topic. Duplicate threads are not allowed and will be deleted. If you want to make a new thread, first check the catalog to see if there is already a thread for what you want to post about. If so, use it, and if not, make one. If an existing thread has reached page 13, or is within 20 posts of its post limit, a replacement thread may be created. Content must be posted in its appropriate thread. Content which falls under multiple categories may go in any thread that it is appropriate for, but is encouraged to be posted in the thread designated for its primary focus, if it has one. Please use discretion in doing so.

4) This board enforces the normal imageboard rules of anonymity. Names and emails are not to be used unless they are directly relevant to the topic of the specific thread or post which they are being used in. Examples would be a content creator discussing their own content, or two individuals exchanging contact information. As there is no hard and fast method to determine relevance, this rule has a degree of leniency. However, persistently using identities in circumstances where they are in no way relevant will likely result in moderator action. No leaking or posting personal information of other people. You may post information of your own, but only when it is relevant. When it is relevant, it is recommended that you only share what is absolutely necessary, for safety reasons.

5) Names of hypnotistPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Post last edited at


Also, friendly reminder, please report any rule breaking post. It's easy!

File: d022b7157cf50d5⋯.jpg (199.7 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Magegirl.jpg)


Volashare: https://volafile.org/r/jxwmn0cg

Website: https://K31smindwarp.com

K31's Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/K31Hypno

tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/K31-light

Twitter: https://twitter.com/K31sMindWarp

This thread is for discussing and sharing K31 files.

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Mind Eraser Special Edition added, too.


Thx to whoever :)



demon girl baby crazy description sounds fucking hot! anyone tried/has this?


can we get a reup of those special files. k3i also has a new file f@iry cr0wn if anyone has that



Looking closer that was unfortunately the wrong file. What you upped was "Deep Mind Bubble: Male to Female Hypnosis" which is probably an mp3rip from the old youtube. Hence "K31 light" in the meta.

Anyone got "Deep Mind Bubble: Male to Female Transformation"?



Nah, it was the right one. You probably are searching for Female Transformation. Check the vola.

File: 5c4ab5bc0f49e6d⋯.jpeg (108.18 KB, 989x537, 989:537, 1E50291A-1C0B-4E2E-B024-3….jpeg)


I noticed the old thread has pretty much reached its limit so here is the new one. Any new vola links? Or rather also new files that haven’t previously been uploaded?

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Any chance to Retroshare p1nk 1st n3e black or upload it somewhere?


Can we put these up at a mega or something? I still can’t figure out retro share. Or something like sendspace.

I’ve also been looking for m@l3 to f3m@l3 tr@n$f0rm@ti0n


Can anyone share pen1s 3nl4rgem3nt, l34ding l4dy and l4p d4nc3?

I can only find short versions of them and I would like to try them.





can someone share the sex tourist files? Nobody seems to have those..

File: 8d15c1b1120836d⋯.jpg (45.94 KB, 333x500, 333:500, 51kNi9kx lL.jpg)


old thread


>B4mb1 Bimbodoll Conditiong


>B4mb1 Training Loops


>B4mb1 Fuckdoll Brainwash


>B4mb1 Fucktoy Submission


>B4mb1 Fuckpuppet Freedom


>B4mb1 Enforcement


>B4mb1 Enforcement pt2


>B4mb1 Cult Discord Group


>B4mb1 on Patreon


>B4mb1 is a franchise now

httPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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He did it for free though. I mean if you feel the need to increase your consumption costs on w/e after listening to BS, part of you will love to do so.



> I mean I do like exploring the concept of reality and am not risk averse, but you guys here seem to be taking unknown risks for a short time of intense gain.

I'm slowly working on a different project (see >>42837 for its start) with unknown risks (including that it might not work at all) for lifetime gain for both myself and others. It's really how you approach it that matters.

Why am I itt then?

Lulz, man, lulz. B4mb1 has been a most entertaining ongoing train wreck.


> Especially the triggers are worrisome,

> as such mechanisms are ususally the source of problems with relations with other people, what determines your place in society and ultimately your freedom.

Triggers can be set responsibly or irresponsibly - and yes, the B4mb1 files set them irresponsibly.

The "bimbo doll" trigger from the induction is completely open, as was the original intent of the file it was taken from, while a token effort is made to limit "B4mb1 sleep" to only apply while wearing sexy clothes, but this restriction is not repeated when the trigger is reinforced. Neither is limited to the files in any way - anyone can use them on you. The name "B4mb1" is itself also set as a trigger with no restrictions. If someone actually internalizes the B4mb1 Sleep suggestions, rapid-firing triggers at them will probably be effective.

> Since you don't know the author of the playlists, you do not know what subliminal shit they added there.

See >>56109 for my view on this - tldr: subliminals don't work.

> Feminization? Well, it does repel me, but I'm biased. But why there is only 'disempowePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Seems, like I'm derailing the thread. Hope you won't mind, guys. I can fuck off if kindly requested to do so.


Train wreck. LoL, I rememer when I was cornering my motorcycle and was almost touching tarmac with my knee at 140 mph. The closeness of death felt refreshing. But then you go home and it's over. Fuck, acid flashbacks while driving are fun too, but there are some limits, are there?

I don't want to read a paper and have my mind drift away on a subconscious trigger, while I'm trying to make sth meaningful. Thank you porn!

> subliminals don't work.

I almost dont disagree with that.

We don't even know ourselves, do we? I know it's a bit Jungian, JB Peterson-like, but, there is just too many things to keep track of what's in your head.

So whille it probably doesn't work, I'll pretend it does.

> Feminization? Well, it does repel me, but I'm biased. But why there is only 'disempowering' content. Why no emasculating hypno?

>I'm sure that you meant to say something else. Please try again.

No, that's what I mean. Feminization souds gay to me. But I have my reasons.

MKUltra is just one piece of it. A veeery tiny one.

I come from a country where 90% of top government officials bewtween 1945-1990 were prepositioned russian sleeper agents with made up life histories.

And what about religions? How can this shit mess with people's midns so much? And by religions I mean any belief structure including 'MAGA' or Chinese Communist Party.

>'computaitonal sociology'

Nah, not like Tay. I don't see any future in what they call 'AI', apart from manipulating people.

I am trying to make humans cooperate with autonomoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



> Seems, like I'm derailing the thread.

It's B4mb1, I doubt anyone will care.

> Hope you won't mind, guys.

B4mb1s won't mind, for sure.

If you do decide to make another thread, link it here and I'll follow, but for now we can post here.

> The closeness of death felt refreshing. But then you go home and it's over.

I prefer to watch from a safe distance, personally, but to each his own.

> I don't want to read a paper and have my mind drift away on a subconscious trigger, while I'm trying to make sth meaningful. Thank you porn!


> > subliminals don't work.

> I almost dont disagree with that.

The "classic" subliminal message techniques, the quiet voices or the flashed messages, don't work. Generally, and this is the argument in the post I linked, a message not perceptible to the conscious mind is not perceptible at all and may as well not exist.

There are some ways to "smuggle" a hidden message inside another message, where both messages are right there and you try to use one message to distract from the other message. These are generally known as "embedded commands" and have some chance to work if the person doesn't pay close attention and doesn't reflect on what they've seen and heard. Once you've noticed the patterns, you see both messages instantly and the trick doesn't work on you anymore.

> We don't even know ourselves, do we? I know it's a bit Jungian, JB Peterson-like, but, there is just too many things to keep track of what's in your head.

There's a theorem in computer science that a machine cannot simulate itself. This probably applies to information processors in general, including the brain.

>Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



>B4mb1s won't mind, for sure.

I don't know or you are all so lobotomized or such masters at taking life as it comes.

>I prefer to watch from a safe distance, personally, but to each his own.

Yes, to each his own.

> I don't want to read a paper and have my mind drift away on a subconscious trigger, while I'm trying to make sth meaningful. Thank you porn!

I did watch some porn in the past and I realized the damage when I couldn't control my arousal to memories as I was trying to focus working, which at that time was mostly reading research papers.

>subliminals don't work

>Careful - that's the only way classic subliminals can work. If you "fake it" enough, you'll eventually "make it" work.

I think I get it now. Thank you. It's good that, at the end, it's down to our own Free Will.

>Sissy feminization is gay-as-fuck cancer. But you asked why there is only disempowering content and then asked why there is none of a particular type of disempowering content. "Emasculating" does not mean making stronger men - quite the opposite.

I associate masculinity with self-agency, and femininity with submissiveness. But, e.g. LGBT is advertised so hardly, as it feminizes men, supressing their self-agenc,

but yes, correct, I guess any sexualisation is driving us away frou using our brains.

>You must be from Ea5t3rn Europe and English is not your first language.

Yes, that's correct, although I did use English for quite some time already. I thought 'MK' is some codename, but 'Ultra' is a word. Each language has some grammar differences, I guess, thanks.

>Which is enough for the very evil people pulling those particuPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 69c11c11e08fb22⋯.jpg (395.13 KB, 700x875, 4:5, gdds.jpg)


Anyone have any GL files they can share?

11 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



Different person here. Go to her website and read the descriptions. Many of the hypno files sound like really hot mind-fucks. But then when you listen to them, they try to do too much in too little time, and thus are ineffective, if not preposterous.



Thanks but humiliation's not my "kink".



So, uh … any files?



ill get the party started. literally one file all i got



please reup more.

File: 7ebd1c988a5c325⋯.jpg (80.71 KB, 584x527, 584:527, 1493503760130.jpg)


This thread is for helpful hypnos.

Recommend or share anything that promotes physical/mental/spiritual well-being. Guided meditations are welcome.

I tried out Strong Boy by N1kk1 and I got good results. It wasn't wholesome but it was helpful and effective. I would like to find more content like that.

13 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



Confidence boosting hypnosis isn't really discussed here because it's easily available through YouTube and a plethora of apps and websites covering mindfulness and meditation for free and otherwise.

You can find it by searching for the first three words in this post and maybe adding "meditation" in your search engine of choice.

This board, while not limited to it, is mostly dealing with erotic hypnosis.



> I want to hypnotize my gf so she can feel more open with her feeling(she's very shy) I don't know with what should I start

Aww, but shy girls are cute.

There's also a line to be drawn between erotic hypno-playtime and hypnothreapy, and this seems to be on the wrong side of that line. The classic example is an incident where a woman wanted to lose weight, got her partner to hypnotize her accordingly, and ended up with an eating disorder when the hypnosis worked too well. You'll need to really know what you're doing, and your posts so far itt don't indicate that.

If you just want her to be more open, forget it - there is no way that will end well.

If she's complaining that she wants to be more open with you but just can't do it, regular hypnosis might be good as a trust-building exercise between the two of you - make absolutely certain that you never abuse that trust - and may eventually help her to be more open with you. Do not rush the process, that will never end well either.



Fair enough. As far as femdom files go, it's very true that they are about as far from everyday life as you can get- even sexually, in which men will always be adopting the dominant role whether they like it or not. I don't think I'd call these files self-destructive, though, so long as they don't form any habits in one's day to day life.


File: 527f8da13a324f2⋯.png (96.93 KB, 400x401, 400:401, 6.png)


>even sexually, in which men will always be adopting the dominant role whether they like it or not

I've met women exclusively into topping, but they're rare compared to femsubs and switches.


Nice thread. There is so little helpful hypnosis files around. I personally have some motivation and discipline issues in my life. There's a lot of things I want to do and can do but ultimately don't because of the for mentioned issues.

Does anyone here know some files that help with motivation and discipline?

File: a45d350ebb9e865⋯.jpeg (202.8 KB, 800x1100, 8:11, 7e60aff0e00df7754b9e8c187….jpeg)


So along with other fetishes of mine, i always wanted to basicaly have a hair trigger where i can come easily, but not srop at a single orgasm but nearly constantly cum, preferably hfoing while getting fucked. Pic related

7 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



Agreed - I mean it means I keep coming back every 2 days, but I am still just scanning



easy and you can stay anon,i hate it too



Freebies are for "locals", the community of people who come here often and participate. You want free stuff??? Then come here at least every two days. I think you'll find it's worth the effort.



That's unrealistic. This board hell, this site already has pitiful user activity. Most regulars don't check every day because the chance someone posts in a thread they follow is slim.

I'm with >>56806, vola only serves to clutter boards and encourage begging.



Unrealistic??? How many times a day do you check your email, Facebook or other social media account(s)?

File: 470a1bd2fee0354⋯.jpg (14.62 KB, 474x474, 1:1, .jpg)


hi can You upload stalkerbee files? Its all gone. THx

74 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 73148fe534f8c1b⋯.jpg (403.43 KB, 1280x1919, 1280:1919, tumblr_oy0xvm2wAR1wzw1hao1….jpg)




🔑 RXdZSjNCTkxCeVNDemhsMlo0el9hUlU3REluNDk4TnlnWWdmVm9rQmZvYw==









>those titles

This shit is so generic you could make convincing Stalkerbee titles by pulling words from a hat.



how does one open those links?



thanks for the upload, any chance you have goddess mother



What site? I tried mega, vola & base…

File: 10aa9e08e4a55c3⋯.jpg (114.55 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


This is a thread to share and discuss all about Girls Gone Hypnotized videos. Since last thread was archived I wanted to see a new one. Please post and share as many videos as possible so that everyone can increase their collections.

19 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Nah man, I’m not a GGH guy. Just want this one cause it’s a hot girl doing the hypnotizing, but that part would be small so I didn’t want to pay for it.

However I have a big network on giga and they upload GGH videos there constantly. I’ll keep a lookout for you if you want



that sounds really cool, tell me later if there's any Victoria videos that I mentioned there if you can. I have a big collection if you want other from her, and I can offer you a video in which Victoria hypnotizes another girl if that's what you're into



Alright I’ll keep my eyes open for any of the ones you mentioned. No chance anyone uploads GGS vids but others, yeah, might happen

I actually did buy a couple of those with femdom themes so I probably already have that one


hoping anyone might be able to share love potion 7, ive wanted it for a while but can never find it anywhere



used to have it untl I formatted my pc, didn't bothe me since it was on www.girlshypnotized.com, now I hope they restore all the links they used to have.

File: 2b76e920a9a65c4⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1134x1600, 567:800, x7ndtjra9jh21.png)


Hi! was thinking this could be a megathread for hypno that is not being sold. For example, I've been trying to track down Doorbell Therapy but can't find it.

14 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



do i have to be jewish for this to work?



Gassing the Jews obviously didn't work: look at how many surV1v3d! That said, a good gassing can make anyone's pp hard so I wish you the best of luck.




oy vey the (((nasally german))) strikes again



Shut it dowwwwwn.


I think a lot of people would be interested in the limited edition files from Ch4rl0tte Gr4y and 3mb3r L4r1m4r.

File: 28e596079d5d14f⋯.png (324.3 KB, 1122x800, 561:400, NOTEXT-SS.png)


Well, i have this videos: Hardcore chatity, bad boy punishment,Accepting Your Femininity,Naughty Piggy Slut, and a lot more, but this ones aren't in any website. Leave a commentary with an email or something.

33 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


Anyone have Hot Spot? It was in the first batch of uploads but seems to have disappeared since. Would appreciate a re-up.


I lost it. Anyone can re-up??




Has anyone some videos?



File: 4a6ac04f0542f14⋯.jpg (209.94 KB, 949x800, 949:800, 2bZiSv-SJjE.jpg)


(I know everyone here hates torrents, but it is the best way for me to share files of this size) The files that will have to be their own torrents are: Goddess Gr4c13 154b3||4 V4|3nt1n3 K31 (Mistress) Love These are all several gb in size, so I need at least five people to want them before i will upload them.

I have over 20GB of sissy hypnosis and several more gigabytes that I will upload if people are interested in this. Here are the magnet URIs, you can check what they contain through your torrent program, but a rough run down follows

Part 1: 24.7, 4M3thy57 , Angel, Audio(Has bimbo virus and various other files), Cow(A selection of cow based files), Dark Fraya

Part 2: Part 2 has madame Y and Mind Mistress

Part 3: Part 3 Has Mistress St3||4 and various images

Part 4 is videos and various random files.

Part 5 has Drop, Mz D0m1n1ca and Neural Nets

Part 1: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:554C697C9E23F4232A9A68A4A87CA6974A1A466D&dn=part%201%20hypnosis&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.openbittorrent.com%3a80%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.opentrackr.org%3a1337%2fannounce

Part 2: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:DD7CF0A95A5BF8FE99A47F15BEC8462F3E711015&dn=part2%20hypnosis&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.openbittorrent.com%3a80%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.opentrackr.org%3a1337%2fannounce

Part 3: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:FF0791E2F0FEB62EC80F4BBDFD47AB907B25EB9B&dn=part%203%20hypnosis&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.openbittorrent.com%3a80%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.opentrackr.org%3a1337%2fannounce

Part 4: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:6D4A317982BC4A7D62BFFF99144D5297CB2CAFA4&dn=part%204%20hypnosis&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.openbittorrent.com%3a80%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.opentrackr.org%3a1337%2fannounce

Part 5: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:7B468E9F183CEE0AF1FE3972F83DECB99A8B7DD4&dnPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

7 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



I seeded the one I downloaded to a ratio of 2, but yeah who wants to get fucking copyright letters from their ISP over a hypnodomme?



Yeah, Retroshare…



Use Peerblock. I haven't gotten a nastygram from my ISP since 2012.


Hey OP I'd be interested in the Mistress Love files. You still got them?



>get fucking copyright letters from their ISP over a hypnodomme?

>he gets letters from his ISP


File: d3bd38148f8478b⋯.jpg (255.34 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, 1c234188.jpg)


Old thread is kill

I am looking for a bunch of her files which I can't find anywhere, especially the HFO stuff. Here's a vola with some of her files: https://volafile.org/r/u9qgd95g

Let's discuss her work. What is your favorite file, and which one was most effective for you ?

44 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Ok, The Teacher is upped.


Would someone be willing to share her older files that were shared before in the past? Thx.






File: 2f3f8697424145e⋯.gif (60.41 KB, 220x360, 11:18, 1553378179058.gif)


Arigato anon kun

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