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File: 1427841492743.jpg (28.51 KB, 660x330, 2:1, GG.jpg)


GK - Uncle /pol/ (SILVER)
RB - Adam Baldwin
CB - Mark Kern
CB - Oliver Campbell
LB - Running With Scissors
CDM - Vivian James (C) (GOLD)
CDM - Niche Gamer
CAM - Milo
CAM - Usher (SILVER)
ST - /v/ (GOLD)

GK - Acid Man
RB - Raina Punjabi
CB - Ethics
CB - David Draiman
LB - Tech Raptor
CDM - Based Mom
CAM - Lo Ping
LW - Sea Lion
RW - Cernovich
CAM - Twitter Fags
ST - Piccolo
ST - Ice T

Green and Purple stripe kit

The GamerGate controller as a badge.


File: 1427842047384.png (476.69 KB, 500x708, 125:177, 1423634377391.png)

>Uncle /pol/

We got your back, gamergoyim


We love you /pol/ you've always had our backs.


File: 1427843261215.png (40.37 KB, 309x433, 309:433, 1424800388159.png)

Just don't come to us for stupid shit, okay?
First exodus /pol/ understands. /pol/ harbor cuckold refugee are faggots who want you to have leaders and don't have your noble goal in sight.

You're doing good.



Roster update

GK - Uncle /pol/ (SILVER)
RB - Adam Baldwin
CB - Mark Kern
CB - Oliver Campbell
LB - Running With Scissors
CDM - Vivian James (C) (GOLD)
CDM - Niche Gamer
CAM - Milo
CAM - Usher (SILVER)
ST - Punished /v/ (GOLD)

GK - Acid Man
RB - Raina Punjabi
CB - Ethics
CB - David Draiman
LB - Tech Raptor
CDM - Based Mom
CAM - Lo Ping
LW - Sea Lion
RW - Cernovich
CAM - Twitter Fags
ST - Piccolo
ST - Le Respectful Nodding Man


1. GKs can't be medals
2. It's DMF, CMF, AMF, LMF, RMF. get it right.


GK - Uncle /pol/
RB - Adam Baldwin
CB - Mark Kern
CB - Oliver Campbell (SILVER)
LB - Running With Scissors
DMF - Vivian James (C) (GOLD)
DMF - Niche Gamer
AMF - Milo
AMF - Usher (SILVER)
ST - Punished /v/ (GOLD)

GK - Acid Man
RB - Raina Punjabi
CB - Ethics
CB - David Draiman
LB - Tech Raptor
DMF - Based Mom
AMF - Lo Ping
LMF - Sea Lion
RMF - Cernovich
AMF - Twitter Fags
ST - Piccolo
ST - Le Respectful Nodding Man

Thanks Canadabro, apologies for the amount of errors in there


File: 1427852414386.jpg (81.63 KB, 800x571, 800:571, 1423881095817.jpg)

>GK can't be medals

You sure about that or are you just trying to shut uncle down?


didn't we all agree back then that no real people should've entered the gg team?


Can we not do e-celebs? I like to put forth the motion to replace Lo Ping with Lewd Gamer


File: 1427922499388.gif (1.01 MB, 172x162, 86:81, 1378662370209.gif)

>Silver CB
>Gold DMF
>2 non-medal AMFs in the starting XI

As someone who actually has experience managing in the 4cc and PES15, that is a really lousy setup.


File: 1427922637882.png (302.56 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Postal fight the patriarch….png)

>Running With Scissors
That's fantastic, they're pretty based.


Vivian should be a gold AMF, Milo should be silver AMF, Punished /v/ should be a SS instead of CF.

Switch the positions of the bench to match the non-medal starting XI so you can make subs without fucking up your formation. Also, there is no need for having subs for medal players.


P.S. You'll need 2 GK subs on the bench in case of bad condition.


File: 1427929101523.gif (10.6 KB, 188x188, 1:1, 1413192853027.gif)


GK - Uncle /pol/
RB - Adam Baldwin
CB - Mark Kern
CB - Oliver Campbell
LB - Running With Scissors
DMF - Niche Gamer
AMF - Vivian James (GOLD)
AMF - Usher (SILVER)
SS - Punished /v/ (GOLD)

GK - Acid Man
RB - Raina Punjabi
CB - Ethics
CB - David Draiman
LB - Tech Raptor
DMF - Based Mom
DMF - Lo Ping
GK - Sea Lion
CB - Cernovich
LB - Twitter Fags
RB - Piccolo
DMF - Le Respectful Nodding Man

How is this?


What do we think about cards for the team?

I am unsure of the 'Autumn 14 height rules' but the cards stuff looks pretty simple to get sorted


I dunno about Mark Kern. He's neutral and Draiman pulled a Blade/Niko today so he's out of GG. He even said he'd be our fierce enemy for not being his personal army against a 6 year old jokes from a comedian.


Good point about Draiman. I think Kern is fair enough though as he has done a lot with GG, with the AMA and defending devs from the SJW bullshit

GK - Uncle /pol/
RB - Adam Baldwin
CB - Mark Kern
CB - Oliver Campbell
LB - Running With Scissors
DMF - Niche Gamer
AMF - Vivian James (GOLD)
AMF - Usher (SILVER)
SS - Punished /v/ (GOLD)

GK - Acid Man
RB - Raina Punjabi
CB - Ethics
CB - Lewd Gamer
LB - Tech Raptor
DMF - Based Mom
DMF - Lo Ping
GK - Sea Lion
CB - Cernovich
LB - Twitter Fags
RB - Piccolo
DMF - Le Respectful Nodding Man


First, it doesn't make sense for one team (/pol/) to also be a player in another team's roster.

Second, AFAIK /pol/ has hardly got the back of #GG, but what do I know.

Thirdly, there should be a single #GG team representing all the #GG boards (or whichever is biggest at the time): /gg/, /gamergate/ and /gamergatehq/. Remember that this is one community that moves board occasionally, so the boards can't be thought of as fully separate.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
>No Based Tyrone


Would smug pepe be gg or not?

What about dead gamer or isis gamer?

Gilda Mars or whatever reddit named her should probably be in there as well.

Also, seconding >>682


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Actually, name him Leader of Gamergate but make the model look like Tyrone


File: 1428337936029-0.png (2.69 MB, 2400x3200, 3:4, 1419464788710.png)

File: 1428337936029-1.png (12.71 KB, 150x150, 1:1, Upslash!.png)

File: 1428337936029-2.png (223.22 KB, 880x640, 11:8, Ultrakawaii.png)



Although probably not Erica, that's /pol/'s thing


It's not the team but the character: uncle /pol/. The board gave refuge to GG when the censoring at 4chan began, TFYC was their idea and they've been a great help to GG from the beggining and even now on ocassion.

They are an essential part ofGG's history and that's why we wanted to include "Uncle /pol/" in our roster.

Besides, GG is not an identity in itself, we are several boards, sites and platforms under one banner.


File: 1428469056432.png (10.74 KB, 349x322, 349:322, Head Mod of V.png)

There has been debate on both /v/ and /gghq/ over Punished /v/ being on our roster. A strawpoll was made 16 hours ago. As of this post, it is 24-7 in favor of us not using Punished /v/.
The Head Mod of /V/ was suggested as a replacement.

>wanting reddit mascot in a chan cup
Do you want to get us thrown out? No reddit, no way. Hopefully /pol/ doesn't mind if we use Erica. I'd rather have her over uncle /pol/.


>medal keepers

Go fuck yourself


bumping irreverent bullshit off the main page


File: 1430360079737-0.png (484.5 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, gg logo 1.png)

File: 1430360079738-1.png (399.52 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, gg logo 2.png)

submitted for your approval



I like the idea for the middle one.

Maybe put Viv on top of the controller and gamer and gate at the sides of the main emblem.

Also please get a better looking ball picture to use, those pixels dog.



middle? theres only two. the ball is supposed to be 8bit but i fucked it up trying to remove the watermark. should i just use a real ball?



Yeah use a cleaner ball in general


File: 1430364751209.png (545.94 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, gg logo 21.png)


File: 1430365122102.png (524.01 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, gg logo 22.png)


final attempt


File: 1433565293755.jpg (621.93 KB, 1994x2922, 997:1461, 1433095562219.jpg)

So now there are 2 /gg/ boards?



I think the team should just be renamed GG in anticipation that the /gg/ boards have half lives of about 3 months.

It doesn't change the fact its still going to be managed by the same fag migration after migration.


>All these e-celebs

>No Diverse Hair Color

>No Five Guys

>No King of Pasta

>No Problematic

>No Ugh


>No #Triggered

>No Full McIntosh

>No Redchanit

>No Level Up

>No Ayytism

>No Clericfag

>No Skype Cabal

>No Darknet

>No Chanology 2.0

>No Muh Boycotts

>No Problem Glasses

>No 4Bs

>No Nuke San Fran When?

>No Chunabomber

>No -$10

>No Pedo Dan

>No Movieblob

Way to completely miss the fucking point



So many possibilities wasted.



GGHQ's been so sanitized and the /v/ thread's become such a hugbox that I'm really not surprised. Saddened, but not surprised.


Motion to change the names so it's not just e-celebs and we actually get some memes on this team.

GK - Nods Respectfully (SILVER)

RB - Rainbow-Haired She Twink

CB - Four Bs


LB - King of Pasta

CDM - Vivian James (C) (GOLD)

CDM - Negative Ten Dollars

CAM - It Ends Tonight


CAM - Full McIntosh (SILVER)

ST - Five Guys (GOLD)

GK - Problem Glasses

RB - Acid Rain

CB - >San Francisco

CB - Electrocuted Fuck

LB - Secret Skype Cabal

CDM - Sensitive Joss Whedon

CAM - Problematic

LW - Sea Lion

RW - Gilda Mars

CAM - Betanodder

ST - And N

ST - Redchanit



Give silver to Four Bs or It Ends Tonight instead of the keeper



Start a poll on the board if you wanna get some roster changes that would be more acceptable, although I agree 100% for less ecelebs. Milo should stay on, too many Law and Order memes tbh



I agree with the Law and Order memes. Who would you swap out, and for what? I tried to keep it lighthearted, so shit that offends their delicate sensibilities like "Triangle Mafia" and "Ayytism" didn't make the cut.



RIP in pepperoni


File: 1440512267708-0.png (28.15 KB, 228x344, 57:86, 1439822453124-0.png)

File: 1440512267709-1.png (13.59 KB, 600x700, 6:7, 1433285793925-0.png)

File: 1440512267709-2.png (189.65 KB, 745x331, 745:331, 1432445471489.png)

>21 PPH

>469 UIDs




Any /gghq/ people around who are okay with this roster and moving silver medal to one of the AMFs or Strikers?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

How about using this for the music?



>The Head Mod of /V

Hly Fuck I forgot about that. So many memes have come out of GG.



Satanic trips confirm



Nice bait /sjw/


Is there a manager/representative for ICUP III for this team?



Not at the moment.



I posted in the thread on HQ. It appears no one is willing to take charge either.

I would be interested in the position.


File: 1463015642077.png (78.97 KB, 671x873, 671:873, Shield.png)

Yay? Nay?



Yay. Activate it.



i do not believe so, unless acid wants to take the reigns or something



I'll get in touch with him but I doubt he's interested.

How bad is the situation for the Infinity cup looking? I feel like this could really be good for the userbase if we can get some committed anons :/



it's not as bad as it could be, given that 8chan is a fucking dumpster fire. certainly not great; we don't have any real committed streamers right now besides cotton (at least that know of), and currently only like five teams are done, but it's something to go off of.



I can cook up a roster and make it six teams if you give me 15/20 minutes.

Is there a rulebook for heights, weights, abilities, etc?



this is our rulebook as far as i'm aware.


relevant snippits to what you're asking:

5. For player heights, each team can have 1 player of 200-205cm height, 1x(195-199cm), 2x(190-194cm), 6x(185-189cm), 7x(180-184cm), 3x(175-179cm), 2x(170-174cm) and 1x(165-169cm) players.

6. Players are described as either 99 gold, 88 silver, 77 non-medals and 70 gks. Each team gets 2 gold players, 2 silver players and the remainder non-medal all 77 ability stat players. Teams also must keep a minimum of 2 GKs on their squad.

7. Teams get unlimited cards (Player Skills and COM Playing Styles, 1 of either is 1 card), not counting position playing styles (Destroyer, Goal Poacher, etc.), GK long throw cards for GKs and a Captaincy card for your captain. However card limits exists for each player. Non-medals only get 2 cards max, silvers 3 max and golds 4 max. GKs are allowed 0 cards aside from the complimentary GK long throw card.

8. Each player also gets the following stats: 4 weak foot accuracy, 4 weak foot usage, 3 injury resistance and 5 form stats in ability settings except medals which have 8 for form and the same stats as non-medals for weak foot stats and injury resistance, which should be the maximum.



Alright. I should have it ready in 20.



as for teams you could do which would greatly help the cause right now, i'd say you should try whipping one up for >>>/furry/ since they're a major board which almost doesn't want to compete. other possibilities are the smaller boards like >>>/aus/ and >>>/homosuck/ since nobody's really reached out to them



I'll post up on those boards, see if I can dig up some memes for the roster and maybe even a rep. Will report back.


File: 1463089883954-0.png (975.2 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, furry2.png)

File: 1463089883955-1.png (1.21 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, furry.png)


/furry/ already has a roster you can draw from here



Got it. The mod tools here are still the ones to use or am I mistaken?







I'm getting a dickton of angry beeping from the team editor. I'll try and figure it out, see if my shitty laptop can handle it.

in the meantime, here's the potential roster I posted on HQ

#88: GK - Uncle /pol/

#99: LB - Anime Avatars

#10: CB - Ten Bux

#4 : CB - Danielle

#8 : RB - Full McIntosh

#69: DMF - Rape Colours

#29: DMF - 29 YEARS

#2 : CMF - Gilda Mars

#3 : AMF - Freya (Silver)

#1 : CF - Vivian James (Gold)

#0 : CF - Punished /v/ (Gold)


#14: GK - And N

#16: LB - Right Wing Harassment Campaign

#39: RB - Aposematism

#11: CB - >(1)

#12: CB - Digging Autist

#15: CMF - Localization Apologist

#28: AMF - Drawfag OC

#42: DMF - Betanodder

#19: CMF - Based Gamer Jesus

#5 : SS - Basement Misogynerd (Silver)

#6 : ST - SockPuppets



don't think medals can be subs (unless something has changed) but other than that looks fine



If there's an issue, toss the silver onto Gilda.

I can't figure out why the editor is angry at me.


File: 1463099814822-0.png (703.02 KB, 609x608, 609:608, miami BASED GAMER JESUS.png)

File: 1463099814823-1.png (236.9 KB, 600x429, 200:143, thank you based gamer jesu….png)


>Based Gamer Jesus

Holy shit people remembered


Mark will probably stream and copy it onto infinity.moe


File: 1463102179067-0.jpg (208.85 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, Kit2.jpg)

File: 1463102179067-1.jpg (264.15 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, Kit1.jpg)

Player editor remains angry as fuck at me and won't load anything.

Have some uni mockups instead.



just remembered we also have >>3403 which might help with some of the issues you appear to be having



I'm going to enlist some help. It's seems my shitty little comp can't figure this mess out for whatever reason. I'll update when I can get a solid yes.







File: 1464218542629.png (805.43 KB, 1280x600, 32:15, game 2 5 nil.png)

ARE YOU FAGGOTS READY????????????????



So what files do I need to prepare and shoot over to you guys?

Do I export the team, then send a cpk with the custom kits?

Also, do I need to make sure the edited team is in a European League? I haven't found a way to get the pre-game theatrics going outside of UEFA Champions League games, and that's obviously limited to teams in the "Europe" section of the game.



This should take take of things.



Cernokike has outed himself as a traitor, and he's only in it for himself. Get him out!

Potential replacements:

- Nick Flor @professorf (academic who has been very pro-gg from early on, especially against DiGRA)

- Generaal @generaalofgg (The faggot who did the legwork in the Netherlands all by himself, like dragging the (((MSM))) to the Ethics Council, causing them to drop their GG stories, and then fucking over the local corrupt SJW's)

- mombot @mombot (popular twitterfag)



>bumping an almost dead thread

anon, please.

still, it's true Cernosnitch needs to go. Mombot is eceleb faggotry, so I guess the General?



the last two need to get in. definitely. fuck cernokike

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