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File: 519b624de429a4e⋯.png (30.72 KB, 272x364, 68:91, ClipboardImage.png)


What's /jp/'s thoughts on Undertale? Sure, it might be fading out of relevance but it's the closest we'll ever get to a western equivalent to Touhou.

Hell, they both even have evil flower characters in them that talk of genocide.


how is this otaku culture




The closest thing to 2hu in the west is MLP. This is not a good thing.





A mistake


Haven't played the game because I was put off by its fans but the music is really fucking good.

Also >>30482.



The correct form is 「del」, not that Facebook-tier trash!


File: 6c685b1fb63a175⋯.jpg (448.72 KB, 519x876, 173:292, 1455419917507.jpg)


have some more bait for the road


File: 4049956284f7b98⋯.jpg (240.28 KB, 700x600, 7:6, 56135323_p2_master1200.jpg)

Best game of 2015 and overall a very fun experience.

However, anything that becomes popular turns to shit and should not be discussed outside of designated places and it doesn't belong here in the first place.




I remember the week or two after the game was released but before the game became ultra-popular, so it could be discussed on imageboards.



Yes, but that was back then. Now it's associated with many undesireable people and if you wanna talk about it you have to go to places where you know that the people there aren't shit.

I mean, you wouldn't discuss touhou outside of /jp/ right?

The chance of meeting a secondary or fanfiction writer would be way too high, and just the thought of talking to such people gives me a headache



i've never played a touhou game before and ive been posting on /jp/ since 2010



I've associated it with undesirables long before release because I KNEW that shit was going to turn into katawa shoujo 2.0 fast. It doesn't even have good gameplay for any of the genres it shoehorns in.

Sometimes I wish I wasn't always right.



>It doesn't even have good gameplay for any of the genres it shoehorns in

I disagree, you might view the fightingsystem as a ripoff from shmups and earthbound, but I think it made for a very nice and refreshing experience.

I've always been a huge fan of turnbased RPG with more interactive battles, like Paper Mario and M&L Superstar Saga.

Then there was also the fact that I felt like I actually have influence on the events unfolding in the game with my choices, even to the point where said choices would have consequences far beyond the current savestate. Most modern videogames lack meaningful choices and Undertale did something that I've been long waiting for.

I'm not saying that Undertale is the most amazing game ever, but if you if you compare it to all the other modern games being released nowadays then it definetly stands out.

It's a little throwback to the times where developers actually tried to make their games special.

You can easily apply the "if it becomes popular it turns to shit" rule to the entire medium of videogames.



I played EoSD but I wasnt very good...



I don't think you understand, I assumed it was going to be cancerous shit before it became popular. Then after playing it I realized it to be true. The gameplay is trash because of the complete lack of difficulty during the shmup sections and punishment for progression of which there isn't very much of for an rpg. The rhythm game portion felt extremely barebones to me, and we know for a fact the platforming was added specifically to annoy the player. Not meant to actually challenge them in any way but just force you to memorize shit to finish it.

As for those meaningful choices you are going on about, only 1 choice actually changes the ending. The decision to kill anything, anything and everything, or nothing (twice). Sure it makes more of a difference than your average Telltale Games experience, but don't kid yourself into thinking that there are many branching paths here.



Take the easy mode meme seriously and practice on normal, but crank up the starting lives so you can actually make it somewhere on your first 1cc attempt. You'll probably want to play with either ReimuA or MarisaB. I personally went with ReimuA my first time through because I needed her slow speed when I was just starting out so I could actually think about where I was moving.



How is hard gameplay equal to good gameplay?

I understand that you prefer a certain degree of difficulty, but just because that degree isn't met doesn't mean that the entire gameplay is bad. It's better to judge the quality of gameplay independantly from difficulty. Even easy gameplay can be good if presented in an enticing and fun way

>As for those meaningful choices you are going on about, only 1 choice actually changes the ending.

That's not true, you can also do mixed runs where you get different endings based on which charaters live. It might seem like a minor difference but it does convey the feeling of the decisions having impact



I could be bitter from all of the time I spent playing stgs and listening to people laud this game as a hardcore bullet hell, but I genuinely think that the shmup aspect is poorly designed. For one thing, you can't SHOOT, and the playing area is very small. Each attack only lasts for a few seconds, and each enemy only has a couple of types of attacks. The shot patterns aren't very creative or elaborate either. Couple this with the health bar, healing items, and infinite continues, and you don't have a very fun game. It's simple, and while simple games can be fun, this one just falls flat for me.



I guess you mainly see this game as a shump, while I see it as a turnbased RPG. I agree, if this was a fullblown shmup then the bulletpatterns wouldn't be very impressive. I have to say though that at some points they become pretty creative and there is a variety of different mechanics being applied to you, so it didn't get boring for me.

But as I explained earlier, to me this is a turnbased RPG, and hence this system brought me a lot of fun and challenge that you don't usually expect in these kind of games


"monster girl quest" "is" "the only" "legitimately fun" "RPG" "around"



It's okay as long as you only play the game and do not touch anything the western fandom has produced, its darker parts remind me of OFF. Also the only way to play the game in a meaningful way is Neutral -> Pacifist -> Genocide -> maybe Pacifist again if you feel like it, otherwise it's ``Gook child's big gay adventure in monsterland'', which is also fine, but kind of shallow compared to what the game has to offer


please stop the discussion



By this logic Super Meat Boy would be a good game.



You're not the boss of me.



being this undesirable



>being this gullible

ps you forgot your green arrow!!



but it is


File: ffdf2fdd2b97d95⋯.jpg (4.81 MB, 9999x9999, 1:1, 1404951931739.jpg)

holy shit





I'm fine with a del at this point, I don't know how people can keep defending this shit.


File: d57e02aa2442d66⋯.png (226.37 KB, 416x431, 416:431, Yall_niggas_postin_in_a_tr….png)



Who are you quoting?


File: 71601661dee3aea⋯.jpg (344.24 KB, 780x520, 3:2, 1455657847231.jpg)


is this the irony thread ?


File: f33ca0efe7bc53d⋯.webm (482.71 KB, 512x384, 4:3, jp2.webm)


It has been quite a while since I saw that image.




what did you have to gain by bumping this?

do you want to have a bad time?

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