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File: 19257ba2696088c⋯.jpg (126.71 KB, 768x1200, 16:25, DI3ykCpVAAAyIU5.jpg)


There has been a noticeable, growing trend of manga with a romance interest who is either over 30 or with a much heavier bodytype. Why do you think that is?

The meme that always comes up is "NHK wants millenials to fuck and stop the japanese race going extinct" but this many this often?

What if its from a source of sexual frustration and this is actually what japanese men desire after decades of influence from western media? What if the typical japanese woman is no longer attractive to the average japanese man because he desires something "girthier" and its reflected in their art?

Traditionally an older, chunkier romance interest has connotations of maturity, stability and fertility -though of course someone will always show up and let you know how angry they are about that last one nowadays- and it seems now more than ever manga has made a shift not only to older, chubbier romance interests but more interestingly the romances actually initiate.

Not just the usual "will they, wont they" forever but now mangas are often having the characters pair up into an actual romantic couple and increasingly often not at the end of the story but midway or earlier and their dating experience is part of the story rather than some hazy epilogue to be waved away after the metaphorical blue balls.

Do you think it can all be just NHK influence to drive birth rates up? or have japanese tastes changed where pic related is now the new romantic interest archetype?


more women in general are going "oh shit I'm 30 and not married" all around the world all for the different reasons

>went into career, no time for family

>unreasonable standards

>no effort put into matchmaking

>fucked around way too much

>unstable relationships, possibly cheated

mangoos are supposed to be inspired by the real world, but you don't want to read about another tale of Angelica McCockslut in a japanese cartoon comic book because that's not what you're here for unless it's a 18+ doujin, so you end up making a good story that's unlikely in our environment so that people would like it

basically derive stuff from the real world and fill in the blanks from your imagination, the formula worked for a long time and with japanese birthrates tanking there's way more christmas cakes than usual so it's not that surprising that those trends are reflected here



Who are you quoting?



ur mom lmao


File: 6f60c771b9eb57b⋯.jpg (24.42 KB, 704x396, 16:9, christmas-cake-2.jpg)


I wonder how the actual jp christmas cakes feel about it?

Imagine a culture so alien to ours they look at overweight women and think its an 'unrealistic representation of beauty' you cant' reach?

jp cakes must live a life of suffering.





is this a joke



jp not /jp/ nerd.


File: dd66a1f156af98c⋯.png (144.96 KB, 512x288, 16:9, btfo.png)


I can't really say having not read these but I have a feeling they are not fat in the normal way but are curvy(legitimately so, not what fat chicks say to try and make them seem less disgusting), if so it may just be changing tastes, the audience could want something new.



Some are "thicc" as in toned but under a thick layer of soft fat but there are a fair few on the rise about straight up fat girls. Even shoujo has a growing number of 'chubby chasing bishie lusts for short hogger' series now.


It's okay as long as it 2D.

Real women are gross no matter their bodytype



Reported for misusing the quoting function.



>muh greentext

reported for announcing reports



Hah, you forgot the moot's "announcing reports" rule does not exist on this site!

PS. reported again


But why? Breeding with over weight over 30 women will drastically increase the number of birth defects being born. This will saddle Japan with another lazy unworking generation and, unlike the post war generation, these won't be dying any time soon.

Japan needs to remove all females from school, drop the age of consent to thirteen. This will ensure that young men who can actually perform a task and not fuck up before blaming it on sexism get jobs. Further more it will ensure Japanese wombs get put to proper use before they start to rot.


File: 8c4937a385cd1de⋯.jpg (149.19 KB, 858x1200, 143:200, DEOv4S6UMAA1iMe.jpg)


The meat isn't just pushing the mature meme though bro.

It's everywhere now.



Who are you quoting?



>But why? Breeding with over weight over 30 women will drastically increase the number of birth defects being born.

You go to war with the army you have.


nothing can prevent the rise of アラ


File: 374580bb9371b60⋯.png (5.21 MB, 1692x2048, 423:512, ClipboardImage.png)

What's wrong with the japs not getting hooked up, really? Are their 3D's that bad? I take it they haven't seen the world outside their country?



Relationships are a huge hassle and not worth it. Maybe they just managed to resist the social conditioning



She has nice tits and draws nice tits.



Wouldn't having a partner be easier for work since you'd both have jobs and better income, on top of having someone to come home to to sway you from committing sudoku?



No, because having a partner is basicly an extra job sucking even more of your lifeforce away. That wouldn't be so much of a problem if japanese people weren't so spineless and would stop working 80 hours a week for grorious company, but sadly the japs are retarded.



I suppose. But it's weird though.

They could just make role models out of animu & mango characters and strive to be as good a partner to their SO as them and just go with the traditional nuclear family lifestyle. That of course if said people do wish they had a partner and aren't antisocial, just lonely. Is it their neoteny stopping them or are their jobs that much enslaving?



Where's the growing interest in fit girls?



Right here, on the gay stack. Enjoy your Orcs.



They do work long hours. It's hard for people to have romantic relationships in any situation though. Men and women can barely communicate properly in the best circumstances. And in a country where 2D freely roams the streets, I'm surprised anyone fucks at all over there.



Social conditioning is very strong and very hard to break free from, especially since asian cultures in general are very obsessed with family honour and all that stuff.. But it's nice to see that more people are managing to disregard it, makes me feel like theres still some hope left. I do of course realize that these numbers are pretty meaningless in the grand scheme of things and that a great global revolution might never come, but it's interesting to see that we humans don't have to be this way.


>or have japanese tastes changed where pic related is now the new romantic interest archetype?

I don't think they have changed that much, it's just easier to find things that belong to an exceptional genre now since we have so many informations floating around


When you really think about it then fat women can satisfy a certain predatory instinct inside a man. You've got yourself sexual prey which can't run away from you and at the same time that women is also completly dependant on you to function in daily life.. And also since her looks are so undesireable to the average male she won't even want to leave you. It seems like such an easy way to get rid of potential competitors.

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