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File: fddde102a2d24fe⋯.jpg (36.66 KB, 476x492, 119:123, cbfb83592574c1d1e5888c04cd….jpg)


By popular demand. Topic see title. Are koreans a tool of the jewish conspiracy or an equal partner to international jewry. Will Abe manage to free Japan of pacifist constitution/the jews keeping the Jap down etc


Besides the obvious cultural push for coreans to embrace JEWS as seen by the recent spike in sales of the Talmud and the openning of many hebrew school what solid connections are there? I believe the architect of the Tsunami shaped building the coreans errected next to the Japanese embassy was a Dutch jew.

What I want to know is the connection between zainichi corean yak scum and israeli organized crime.


Koreans, like all goyim, are tools at best as far as the kikes are concerned. Never trust a kike.


I got suspicious when the k's abolished kanji. Why would you do that? How much do you need to hate yourself for doing that? Are a few shekels really worth sacrificing so much of your culture and uniqueness? In that way they are like the jews who were chameleons within Europe till the 19th century. There must be more to this. We know for a fact that jews are controlling Japan from the east coast (scientifically proven) and preventing it from rising again. Why is the north communist? Coincidence? Or rather COHENcidence?




If only we could summon the netto uyoku to explain how the coreans are using the US as a puppet state to occupy Nipon.


i used to have a friend who lived in japan who was really redpilled on this. let me try to remember what it is he said.

-koreans scream and cry about massacre of nanking to this day. it is their version of the holocaust

-koreans demanded to be given entire islands in japan as reparation for the massacre (israel)

-koreans own every broadcast station, including the news media obviously. he never watched TV so he never made any claims that they put up degenerate shit on there but it's probably safe to assume, given everything else they do.

-every single bad thing can be traced back to koreans.

-they own every gambling den, they sell all the cigarettes, they put the narcotics into the streets, they own every pachinko parlor, they control the police, and the police control the yakuza, and the police station the yakuza outside of the pachinko parlors to act as lowly miscellaneous errand boys, typically beating people up for various reasons, all for the pachinko parlor management

can't really remember anything else desu

im not friends with him anymore, japanese people are secretive and get frustrated cause they want to tell you how they feel but can't so they hold it in till they have a big outburst a month later. dont recommend



> japanese people are secretive and get frustrated cause they want to tell you how they feel but can't so they hold it in till they have a big outburst a month later. dont recommend

That sounds neat actually. How do I get japonese friends?



Who are you quoting?



It's an actual quote of the post number above my quote and the correct way to use the quote function. Fuck off retarded namefag



Are you a fucking retard?


Cam someone give me a quick rundown on what actually happened in the South Korean government crisis with their last president pls



Femenist blood sacrifice cult members were outed.

Look up that boat full of schoolkids that sank as a sacrifice.



The president was controlled by a woman who claimed she could speak to the president's dead father.


Everyone, please don't mind my brother >>35937 and not to hold his post against him. He is very daft, but I love him all the same


File: c5ad6617197533d⋯.jpg (148.89 KB, 565x575, 113:115, 1457187960415-0.jpg)


Look everyone his brother is retarded. I bet he is retarded as well. wwww


File: 7bb9a4aff27554c⋯.png (79.03 KB, 750x584, 375:292, gook00001.png)

File: 924bf3af8969782⋯.png (69.45 KB, 750x422, 375:211, gook00002.png)

File: c427898cf7a6ce4⋯.png (76.49 KB, 750x571, 750:571, gook00003.png)

Bump for awareness of the gook threat within.


File: a381a68523fe94c⋯.png (81.74 KB, 750x635, 150:127, gook00004.png)

File: fe4d1976c0f9beb⋯.png (67.13 KB, 750x431, 750:431, gook00005.png)

File: d2f0cb55a028825⋯.png (106.95 KB, 750x923, 750:923, gook00006.png)


File: 0d3f99f2e8e9f7a⋯.png (80.35 KB, 750x640, 75:64, gook00007.png)


>>42638 >>42639 >>42640

Was North Corea best all along? What you usually hear is that the North is the fascist state, and the South the more free one.

Well, they're both Korea though.


File: 4adbcce54d269e8⋯.png (1.45 MB, 941x4544, 941:4544, S_korea_is_saturated_with_….png)

File: 24593416a5053fc⋯.jpg (130.26 KB, 1279x634, 1279:634, Worst_Korea_is_wothy_of_it….jpg)


Best memes are memes based in truth.


File: d18f0206a2dec84⋯.png (170.46 KB, 995x480, 199:96, Untitled.png)

File: 967b030d22303e0⋯.png (251.29 KB, 400x600, 2:3, ゴキブリ.png)

File: 0b307aae08269ac⋯.jpg (134.87 KB, 643x625, 643:625, nida.jpg)


Consider this: A pack of zainichi Koreans.

Starcraft-playing, 2ch-DDoSing Koreans nearing your Japanese home. Trampling your Japanese lawn. Demanding apologies for ww2 from your Japanese daughter.

And you can't do shit since they smell of Korean cuisine | Feces. The Korean leader grabs your wife and fucks her with his plastic surgery enhanced penis.

The loudmouthed Koreans finally dominate your household. They watch their K-dramas on FujiTV and you are forced to be their slave.

Such is the downfall of Japanese Man.


What advice can you offer us so that we can defeat the korean menace?


Most of the yakuza post-WW2 are Korean, all land lease papers got singed away during the war from Japs who were fighting leading them to claim it all for themselves, the screencap is somewhere on my computer detailed by a Jap.



shit i know this is a dead board but if you're still here anon please post that cap



>mfw erodoll was a gook

well that makes sense his art always felt pretty western


File: b934ebffb73f0da⋯.png (995.4 KB, 647x1045, 647:1045, cringed.png)

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