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File: b351d7ebc7d3860⋯.jpeg (168.05 KB, 450x600, 3:4, f009e54f18eccfd76035c01c6….jpeg)


someone forgot to pay the bill


I wonder if tenko follows football and has anything to say about the recent spike in Ultras activity.

Also I forgot to pay my bills.



Also that is a top tier image.


How do I stop being dead on the inside?

Oh well, time to play more videogames on my phone



Make friends, drink with them, laugh and fight and be free.

Living as an oni is satisfying. Eventually your friends all break and you are alone again. But you can always come to the Jay and discuss whatever you like with your other friends.



Try to find meaning.


I want to talk more about my dreams. Maybe I should explain key themes that keep coming back in my dreams.


Use the dream thread then.


this is some good chikcne


Do people like it when horrible things happen in shows and the like? I don't. It feels like I'm the unusual one for feeling this way. It's a weird feel



Some people enjoy it. In some contexts and situations I do as well. Sometimes it just really fucking bothers me. Some Garo anime adaptation a couple of years back openned with a monologue about the persacution of witches and then went straight to the guards raping an imprisoned one.

Other times shit like the lesbian anal rape of doom in Cross Ange or the GOOSH GOOSH scene are so over the top and laughable that it doesn't feel like the characters are real so you don't feel bad for chuckling about how ridiculous it is.


Kado is pretty interesting, but the exposition is tedious. I appreciate that it was thought out somewhat more throughly than standard scifi cuckime but dudes, seriously?



Rape nags at me, it's something I really hate. Even in fiction I find it difficult to bear. Though with how "popular" it is in fiction and out of it, I feel like I'm the odd one out for not liking it.

Maybe I'm just kind of a pussy. I just think the world is bad enough as it is without things like that



It isn't the rape that bothers me in particular. I can objectively distance myself and recognize that it is a shit thing to do to another human being. It's like getting jumped. Sucks and a sign of a sick society.

What bothered me about the first scene mentioned was the abuse of power and authority by those entrusted with them by society. I would feel just as incensed if the inmate was a man getting beat and tortured.

Although the second scene mentioned was also about abuse of power the comical nature of it depersonnalized it.



My life is extremely shitty.

I bought a Sakuya fumo with money I don't have.

I wish /jp/ was significantly better.



I am sorry but I am just a man, with a man's courage. Nothing but a man, but I can never fail. No-one but the pure at heart may find the Golden Grail.



I do that all the time, but its the moments where my friends aren't there where I feel lonely and lost and eventually do stupid regretful things like playing videogames.


I know things that have meaning to me, I'm just too lazy to do them


File: f8ce890c43eff0e⋯.jpg (1.42 MB, 1811x2245, 1811:2245, manual typewriter.jpg)

I wonder how drugs are even otaku culture.

Do you think faeries get high in Gensokyo?


based blogposting drug teens


I miss being a kid playing Runescape. Casting Wind Strike on Goblins was actually pretty fun at the time.



I see that you are also bioluminescent under tenebrous environmental conditions, my fellow aspiring fantabulist.



More than likely everyone just gets drunk occasionally.


>The student representative and everyone’s big brother finally threw an iron fist of love toward the depraved board chairman (ha), but Aleister Crowley-chan made no attempt to dodge or defend, took the blow right to the face, and flew backwards.

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index vol. 19 Prologue: An Oracle from a Holy Guardian Angel – the_Angel_“A”.

Kamachi Kazuma

Translation courtesy of www.baka-tsuki.org

Glad you are still having fun, Dengeki editors.


File: 23527b51c15e50c⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1227x1400, 1227:1400, downloadfile.png)

Christian marriage vows ate pretty slick. Promising to love, honor, and respect someone leaves a lot of doors open. You can love your wife, honor her as the matriarch of your household and, immensely respect her as the bearer of your bloodline and still have a harem of Ashigaoka Branch School students as your Harem.



4-ch is in trouble? Bad, bad news


Bad hangover.



>and still have a harem of Ashigaoka Branch School students as your Harem.



Well you call a group of crows a murder, a group of dogs a pack, what else are you supposed to call a group of little girls but a harem?


When you wake up and the spaces between your ears feels like an echo chamber it is best to fill it with alcohol.

Doodling around with ideas for Reflux and Fractioning stills is fun. Countertop kettle distillation was fun but size constraints and quality issues means it is going to be relegated to brandy duty since it is just about the perfect tool for quick and fast apple wines. I am going to try an experiment with the big glass jars of apple juice. If I can ferment them too a high enough abv without adding additional sugar, I will have everything I need for 3burgerbux liters of brandy. Find the right yeast, see how long it takes and it could be as easy as letting the jar reach room temp and adding yeast. Super cheap, super convienent, and optimized to maintain a minimum low level buzz 24/7.

Sometime when I read somethingI wrote I realize how disjointed my thought process is and it takes me a minute to rearrange my sentence structure hoping to make it readable.

If it is still incomprehensible I apologize. I will try harder in the future.


Ball slapping sex with Suika


Nibbling on oni horn while you spoon and lazy sex.

This thread is just going to serve to tally how many times a 45 year old shitskin jerks it to best girl a day, isn't it?



Doing that wakamezake thing with Suika


Nothing wrong with that ojisan



I will behead you takfiri



Sooks has no pubes. How can she serve "seawees sake" when there is no "weed" to make the visual metaphore complete?


Thinking of Sooks again and my left eye hurts because the load blew through three layers of 4 ply TP and arced into my eye



I have oni-flavoured sake, metaphors are not needed



Isn't all sake oni flavored? When I lick my oni it taste like booze.


Wondering if the drama I prepared last night at the bar will ever actualize.


may favorit t2huo is yuckcurry yuckumo



Hags not welcome


God, I hate jews


File: 1aade62eb1a32a8⋯.jpg (62.7 KB, 736x622, 368:311, final-fantasy-lightning.jpg)

she is commonly known as the saviour, she does all these amazing things, her hair is amazing too I wish I was like her she's my wife claire san.. claire san you are the best my number 1


File: d8a781c74f7f439⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1834x2364, 917:1182, ClipboardImage.png)

he's commonly known as the ultimate life form, he does all these amazing things, his spines are amazing too I wish I was like him he's the ultimate life form shadow san.. shadow san you are the best my number 1


Telling a German he is a degenerate a faggot to his face and watching him get pissed only to follow up with, "as a jew," and watch him struggle to contain his rage so he isn't accused of being a nazi is pretty fun.



On another note why are there so God damned many gay nazis?


They're just gays acting as nazis


Please don't bully my people..





I like Heca's shirt



I also do. I would buy one if I had a use for it.


File: f26321b9f2102ad⋯.jpg (68.6 KB, 480x557, 480:557, Who.jpg)



File: 89c90b3899b6303⋯.jpg (655.59 KB, 1433x1013, 1433:1013, me on right.jpg)

Normalfags are a virus. They infect hobbies and institutions from the top down. By insinuating themselves into positions with authority or platform that don't actually require expertise or participation in the subject the space is about; journalists, moderators, critics, they become the de facto gatekeepers of a space they aren't truly part of. That's phase 1 and it usually happens before anybody even realizes that they're there.

Phase 2 is the systematic weeding out of dissent, aggressive promotion of fellow clique members and narrative-compliant material. This is couple with ignoring content that isn't produced by their own people or echoing their views. Another major component of this is silencing of content creators who dissent from their narrative by painting their work as "shit". Occasionally they also act through baseless accusations about the creators in real life, particularly of autism, being repeated and "memed" as fact.

2pting this thought because Tenko is a nigger and I also just realized that it needs some editting.



Finally they begin pruning the community at ground level. They ban or otherwise eject posters who hold the "wrong" views or speak out against the clique, shaming them until they leave voluntarily. Usually this begins with the shaming and removal of a few obvious shitposters or bad actors. Their presence is used to justify a "no shitposting" policy of ever-increasing strictness, as they slowly move the goal posts of what constitutes the policy's nebulously defined "shitposting" or similar clause. All the while they engage in mass-gaslighting of the community by using moral panic and convincing as many people as they can that the dissenters are outsiders and marginalizing them within the community and they should be afraid of them. This makes random posters feel dependent on the normalfags to "maintain board order" and converting a portion of the community into failed normans themselves. The infiltrators slowly introducing their rhetoric and newspeak as phase 2 progresses. They teach the community to speak and think in their prescribed terminology as they take control of the conversation by hijacking the very language that it uses. Thiz is usually widely discovered by the community at some point in phase 2 and how early or late this happens can determine whether or not it's held back and the community survives. If it progresses to phase 3, the end stage of normitis is usually terminal this is the restructuring of the infected space from its original purpose into a tool for indoctrination and propaganda.

Phase 3 infected hosts are highly contagious, anyone who attempts to enter the community or consume its content now risks indoctrination. The original infiltrators will probably feel their job is done and be looking to move on to new communities and repeat the process by phase 3. Active dissent has been silenced within the community, all remaining members are either SJWs or neutral participants either too afraid to speak up or sufficiently out of touch that they haven't noticed the change at this point. Next the normals begin witch hunting among both the neutrals and their own ranks to weed out the ideologically impure. The mob next begins instituting progressively more extreme and overt requirements for members to prove their dedication and fanaticism towards the cause or be shamed and removed. Shameless blogposting gets fully underway as the nameniggers and tripfags fight among themselves to establish a hierarchy within the new order. The post count rises while ip's start rapidly dropping. The community's hostility to new people and new ideas, obvious radicalism and sharp decline in quality of posts mean far too few new people are entering the community to keep up with its rapid purging of existing users. The remaining posters become so busying avowing their loyalty to social trends to prove their cred or malign their rivals and jockeying for popularity points that the original purpose and focus of the board is forgotten. The Norms declare victory and many lose interest or move on to repeat the cycle in other communities. All that's left is a hugbox to die either of disinterest, irrelevance or drama unless drastic action is taken to save the patient in the form of a massive last-minute pushback by exiled dissenters and neutrals who suddenly wake up en masse exiled members of infected communities may attempt to resurrect their lost space in the form of a walled garden community that has developed strong antibodies and is now usually immune to further infection but the normalfags now controlling the original space will label any such competitor as a troll group comprised of shitposting nutjobs and throw all their resources into preventing the new community from gaining traction or mainstream acceptance, whether such new communities thrive or die can often depend on whether, in their efforts to immunize themselves against reinfection, members become insular and paranoid, preventing the new community from growing and becoming a mirror of the intolerance that drove them from their original home or are able to learn from the old community's failure while remaining openminded and welcoming.

Except for gays, they must be slain.




I like reading long posts like these. Keep up the good work.


File: 65a58432c2a639b⋯.jpg (337.98 KB, 1000x700, 10:7, this basically.jpg)


Never mind



Replace normalfags with jews




Based wizchan/r9k/mgtowbro pwning the normies.

Beta uprising when?



That's the joke, desu~


File: 67467d41ca0ffa0⋯.jpg (339.2 KB, 2150x3357, 2150:3357, 40fe76d006e80ffa260776b588….jpg)

OLs are life


I fear I will die without ever becoming a man of high purpose.



I felt this way too for but then I gave up. I will never do anything of worth and it doesn't bother me that much anymore. I would rather have people forget about me than have them remember me for all eternity. What is your high purpose?



To have a statue commissioned of me surrounded by lolis with a three foot erection so that when humanity combs over the wreckage of our civilization thousands of years in the future some anthropologist equvilent will believe I was worshiped at a fertility God and entire papers will be written on the meaning of my giant dick and the lolis fascination with it.

Definitely Rumia and Lily White. Gotta have LO. Komari, and Sinobu.



is it you with the three foot erection or the lolis?





So I had a heart attack this morning. I didn't know if I was going to talk about it, but I can't stop thinking about it so here I am.

Yeah so I guess I am an old man and to be honest it is scary as fuck realizing how close to death I was.

/jp/ I could die tomorrow and in the real world no one would know or care. So please, my friends, if I die try to remember me as long as you can and work to build my monument. Make sure the lolis are futa and the sight of my three foot erection is causing their boners to lift their skirts.



>/jp/ I could die tomorrow and in the real world no one would know or care

But that's the case every single day.

It's so silly that you need a near death experience to remember your mortality. Unless you are immortal


Now I am questioning my immortality.



>I had a heart attack this morning

How are you still alive then



People survive heart attacks all the time, my dad survived his 3rd this year



>my dad survived his 3rd this year

How is he still alive



Because he still has the mask



Get well soon


File: 29e723fc895b485⋯.png (764.81 KB, 744x1052, 186:263, __yarizakura_hime_yozakura….png)

I want to throatfuck Hime



The surgeons opened him up and put these plastic tubes inside his arteries so that the fat keeps flowing instead of getting stuck

they also used some kind of miniature device to scrape the fat from his arteries from the inside, we paid 50k for the procedure

despite all this he keeps running off to have lunch at Mcds when mom isn't looking


File: 4b2d50c50135834⋯.jpg (39.45 KB, 550x327, 550:327, 'merica.jpg)


The world feels dark sometimes


File: 733fdb7f93e8b73⋯.png (855.27 KB, 916x485, 916:485, 4-ch died.png)

>>36041 kita.


Please don't mind the reading order, it's one of those stupid old scanlations where they mirrored things


File: 3883e64ada6379a⋯.webm (9.01 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Club Ibuki in Break all.webm)

I am super duper drunk right now and alone and have been thinking to myself while reading this Hyperion book.

White people you are really awesome but you need to get your shit together. Out of all the shitty people that are almost the entire world you are the only people who have made "Don't be a dick" into your cultural policy. Everyone else has a fuck everyone else look your for fam policy, or don't get caught, or some other nonsense. You people seem to treat other people's problems like they happened to you and try and to understand and help that person.

That makes the most amazing world ever.

But now you are taking that to retarded extremes and trying to shoulder everyone faults as your own and kicking yourselves in the dick in this weird masochistic show of one upsmanship.


Continued in the next post because holy shit Tenko how can you be this fucking shit at BOwnership that you make posting a problem. Seriously here is a throwaway email. Send me the BO pass and nick and I will take over again. This is just fucking embarassing.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



The only way you can do that is because the world you live in is built by you under your rules. Unfortunately that is not going to last and unless you nut up and tell people to shut up your beautiful history; all it's art, music, logic, and philosophy will die and be forgotten actively destroyed by the shitskin hordes. I understand if you don't take that kind of thought seriously but believe you me it can happen. I am a member of a certain confederate tribe. It is one tribe out of many that used to rule tens of thousands of acres of land. Now I am the last pure blooded male of my tribe, and considering I am not going to fuck my nieces, my tribe will end and we will only be able to identify as the confederate tribe name. My tribe never suffered under white rule. The only conflict we had was over currency because the copper buttons you traded with us we ended up hording and casting into our own, extremely cut, currency and over an economic tradition involving gifts and slaves that you outlawed as barbaric(which I agree with). We had no bad times with the English and Scots that colonized here and the reason we are almost extinct is we liked you so much we interbred with you.

Now we are almost gone and you are trying your damnedest to join us. Hai hai hai I know we are so cool you want to be just like us, but dang it we like you for being you. Not those savage mexicun't rape baby monsters. I tried hard to fight for you people for 20 years. It was way to late when my dumb feather nigger brains finally parsed that I was fighting for Israel and not White people.

I like White people. I like your law, where every man is equal in the eyes of justice if not in reality. I like your open mindedness. I like your fairness. I like BEER and BOOZE and all the songs you sing and your funny dances and how you just want to smile and have a good time without causing problems.

I don't like pretty much any other people in the world outside of Japs and I only like them because they are so repressed and polite it is laughable and fun when they finally break all. Not talking to you kikes or shitskins on here. Talking to the real paleskins. The ones that can mock me for shitty latin but still make me laugh when they do it. The ones who are self aware. The ones that see the suicidal path their culture is taking and trying real f'ing hard to meme enough to make the others know it. I don't want to lose you guys because shit is going to get incredible bad for my grandchildren when you are gone. Also I like national socialism and the ghettoization of America. The Rez is pretty much a ghetto already, but the bad elements of our society are dependent on the bad elements of yours. I like stay with my own and talking to you all only at the bar or online. Good fences make good neighbors and all that.

Since the more liberal of you all seem to have this pathological need to have shitskined people validate your actions I am here to give it to you.


Here is a 1598x1064 wallpaper of a cat I found mildly amusing. I am going to set it on the background of my computer so when my family comes over for Jesusbro's birthday they will see it on my big screen's background between movies and have a sensible chuckle. And yes it will sound like that one episode of South Park where they go to the casino and listen to the feathernigger standup comic.

>HA HA ha ha HA HA ha ha HA HA

Oh and there is the email


File: 2f805e7529f0914⋯.jpg (249.88 KB, 1598x1064, 799:532, 1409227703403.jpg)

File: dbac6bf11d37d5f⋯.jpg (87.72 KB, 960x816, 20:17, 1444002863686.jpg)

File: 690b202da40760c⋯.jpg (517.04 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 1424990325476-3.jpg)


Christ I fucked that up hard. Here is that cat I promised you with bonus cats to compensate for my tardfuckery.

Also killing the jews is kinda caveat.




humans perspective of the world is short, warped, and mistaken. the world as you see it is everything within the last 200 years so that's the entire world to you and a lot of other people. that kind of view is wrong. 200 years is nothing. 2000 years is nothing. nobody is entitled to anything and advances in the last 200 years don't change this. the middle east and asia have been the cradle of civilization, but people don't think the world will stop spinning because they're not at the forefront currently. it's the exact same with white europeans. yes, they've done fantastic things over the last 200 years, but a lot of it was opportunistic and at the expense of others. civilization and societies have birth and death just like humans do. they peak and fall. western civilization did a lot, but it's not the end all be all of human civilization. it just seems that way because so much has changed in the last 200 years, but nobody is irreplaceable including the entire western world.

if white europeans didn't exist maybe it takes 500 or 1000 years to progress to this sort of explosive point we're at now, but we would and so what? even if it takes a bit long it doesn't matter. we're just stuck on the human time scale of thinking 80 years is the world. it isn't. humans took millions of years to get here so 200 years of western european domination isn't everything.

what's most important to humans?

1. agriculture "borrowed" by rome and learned by europeans

2. various technical achievements and the large leaps in science in the last 200 years from europe

3. immortality, cures to all diseases, and the ability to colonize other planets using "borrowed" european technology say asians?

people aren't honest when answering this. nobody is entitled to anything in life that includes civilizations and races. the west controlled the world but threw it all away. since they manage to mess up that badly then it's fatally flawed and humanity can do better. you can't blame others for succeeding and you failing. you can only blame yourself for failing.

tl;dr: the west and europeans aren't entitled to a future or hegemony. the second people think so is when you lose it all and that's a positive thing. hubris and entitlements are a disease that kills.

i deleted the post so i could fix it, but reading it in this tiny scroll box is too annoying. i don't care about further mistakes


I can't believe that sakebug isn't white


File: e222682dfa29c67⋯.webm (13.21 MB, 640x358, 320:179, Lies and Lamentation.webm)


Why? I have been very clear since the day I took over that I was a salmonnigger. I am also very much a national socialist and think that segregation is the greatest way to preserve culture and tradition. This should come as no surprise to any of the anons that saw my pic the one time I got drunk and posted it.

Also the apple wine/brandy tutorial won't happen this weekend since the family that came over ended up starting a bonfire and we sang and danced and got really fucked up in a pre-Christmas celebration that is probably more awesome than what actual Christmas will be.


File: 6a0435e1df548ec⋯.webm (15.92 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Yurara Kamishibai.webm)


And literally none of your post matters. I read it, reread it, and rereread it just to double check. Nothing you said matters two tugs of a dead dogs cock to me. I don't care about history or your interpretation of it. I care about me and mine. I like white people because they don't just care about them and theirs. History can suck my uncut red cock. White people done right by us. I don't see it being better under any other circumstances and (even though by my people's standard I am incredibly intelligent by reality) I am just smart enough to realize how DUCKING dumb I am. Your post is nothing. You addressed none of my points and instead you just went on some random screed about why it doesn't matter who is in charge despite the fact you didn't even bother to address a single point I made about why it does. very specifically and extremely emphatically, does matter to me. Stop trying to type like you have an agenda and type at me.

I am a dumb as fuck, alcoholic, brain damaged(literally the last time I got blowed up by a IED I ended up having some brain death from blood loss), savage. It should take exactly 10% of a normal person's effort to outwit me and destroy any argument I made. Instead you just ignored my posts while responding to them so you could post your generic and boring as fuck outsourced overly emotionally invested anti-white screed.

Come at me bro. I just had the son of the Siletz chief bring his daughter over and gently told him she was way to young for a middle aged man like me despite how much I wanted to run my tongue all over her body. My oats are up, I had a great evening, and arguing is like fighting but no one goes to the hospital with a broken beer bottle shoved up their ass, their eyebrows shaved off, and giant cock and balls drawn on the side of their faces where mutton chops should be.

I have no power here any longer. I can't ban you and if I asked to Tenko should(and I hope would) rightfully laugh my ass off the Jay so hard I would get a new job and start a family like a neurotypical.


File: 5e3e8fd4c30691c⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1200x750, 8:5, __saigyouji_yuyuko_and_yak….png)

Christmas will soon be here!



>I like white people because they don't just care about them and theirs.

you don't understand what scarcity is and have zero awareness of history. there's been more multicultural societies all over the middle east and asia while white western europeans were still savages without even their own real culture yet. the biggest impetus for all this charity you're talking about is christianity that religion about the dead jew and is judaism sm for the gentile. it's awesome how you credit white europeans with a middle eastern jewish religion.

white people care about people other than themselves? white people have had the most brutal wars in history against themselves. you're just roleplaying they're some avatar of peace. the only reason why they can pretend to be so liberal and caring is because there's no scarcity issues thanks to technological progression. they simply have the leisure to do so. when people have the ability to pretend to be egalitarian do-gooders they will since it brings social advantages. once there's no ability to so do it will all go away instantly. greed is the only truth and white people aren't any exception.

you said you're drunk and brain damaged, but it's more you just want to feel right even when you have zero understanding of the world. the pettiness of stupid peoples ego is limitless.

fuck i hate typing in this little box that won't seize so i'm finished



scalp yourself you dumb chug


File: ac810010e0ccf19⋯.webm (2.91 MB, 540x360, 3:2, Memories of Phantasm Sook….webm)


>You don't because this that and the other.

WORDS WORDS WORDS nerd. White people=Awesome shit, free expression, good laws. Somehow your word salad is supposed to make me not like demonstrably good things because reasons. I literally do not give a fuck about ideas or history. I give a fuck about what I see myself right here and now. Did you forget I am a short sighted savage rednigger? White people have literally saved my people from themselves. They bend over backwards to help my confederated tribes out. Even when we brave like retards and get caught by the 50 they slap us on the wrists and tell the chiefs to give us out real punishment. Your theory and prejudice is absolute bullshit in the face of my reality. You still haven't given me a single reason not to be the biggest cheerleader of white people ever. You keep projecting a bunch of nonsensical book shit that is loaded with prejudice at me and it is laughable. Who gives a shit if white people fight white people. In the entire history of my people interacting with non native Americans, white folk are the only non shit tier ones. I will anecdote this shit until crow drinks with bear. You know why I will? Because my world that you are so quick to dismiss is my world. Every thing outside of myself and my immediate family does not matter to me. I like white folk enough to be willing to brave up and fight their wars for them, but I honestly don't care what the war is. Neither do my folk. We do the military thing very hard because in our culture that is paying tax to our ruler. We are probably one of the most Europeanized tribal groups in the world outside of the Gurka(holy shit those dudes are bad ass. A merchant people like mine will never be real braves like the Gurka). We were offered an incredible deal and other than a few very minor rough spots we milk for shekels and sympathy points, our integration to European rule was flawless. We are not savage plainsniggers or rampaging mountain coons. We were fishers and merchants that ran all the way from modern day southern Alaska to the tip of Baja Commiefornia. Whites gave us a fair deal in exchange for certain concessions. We tested the limits of those laws out at the beginning and it didn't work out for us so we just went with the word. Even after we completely submitted white folk kept giving us more to the point where nowadays you can choose to be a NEET from cradle to the grave and white taxes will pay for it. Funny thing though I am the closest person I know in my confederation to a NEET and I am only that way because working 20 years in service to America earned me the same pension anyone could get with the same sacrifice. I don't pay taxes on my land because my land is not America but considered my ancestral and scared forest. We lost a lot of land yes, but we were too weak to defend it and if you can't do that it was never yours to begin with.

To be continued.

Tenko these line limits are retarded. A shitpost is a shitpost no matter the length. It can be deleted. A post follows specific tonal and forensic logic. Forcing users to break up their posts detracts from the debate. Stop fucking up you dumb wop.


File: 721cb213e27f3e6⋯.webm (7.48 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Missing power remix.webm)

Actually I have a dream where I win the megafucks lottery and I buy back my tribe's land. Then I build apartment buildings and tax white folk to live there. Where else in the world would a minor tribal nigger even begin to contemplate such an idea other than in a white ruled nation? White people are incredible. You are not pushovers like the media is trying to make you out to be. You tamed the world at the dual edges of a bayonet point and a rock hard cock. You didn't act like savages(for the most part) but were willing to allow the conquered people to have a voice unlike pretty much every none white civilization in the history of the world.

So Mr.. self loathing white person. When are you going to stop posting contextless emotional trash at me and give me a legit reason to not mock you? Right now Me+My Tribe(which is essentially me and my twin nieces) have nothing but positive things to say about Whites and your autist screeching comes across as exactly that.

By the way, judging from your impotency and inability to create a cogent argument when I refuse to make concessions to your nonsensical points I am going to hazard a guess and (in an act extreme generosity) chalk your posts up to shitposts by a larping faggot so I don't have to mock you for your shallow as fuck non arguments and expose you as an intellectual midget who is somehow so stupid that a brain damaged shitskin who dropped out of high school is somehow less dumberer than you.

DUCKING HECK you stupid prole. If your posts have done anything it was make me, who used to have a vague but generally positive outlook, dig deeper into the relations with my tribe and settlers. Sure we are still going to pretend there was the great injunocaust because your tax BUX are tasty as fuck and pretending to cry is a great racket. Pepa was here for the bonfire and talking with him while I dicked around on my phone really hammered home how great White people are. This is a man who was raised in a household with no English. This is a man who dropped out of school in the third grade. This is a man who after fighting in WWII and Korea, said during the conflict in Indochina, surprise boardthis is a huge anecdote in our family and something we now traditionally say at the party the night before someone leaves for bootcamp "I don't know who those bug people are, but they pissed off our friends and the [TRIBE NAME REDACTED] never abandons a friend."

Like look. I don't really get the empathy and justice thing. It seems stupid to me when if you had enough power you could gig everything in your favor. But on the other hand I am not so completely stupid to not understand what would happen to my extremely small, nearly dead, tribal bloodline. I may not understand the difference between guilt and shamed based societies. I can recognize that guilt is the European survival strategy and for countless millennia it has colored your art, philosophy, and literature. You would have to be retarded to claim European identity politcs is trash when it has a prove track record of TAKING OVER THE FRICKING WORLD AND NOBLY AND JUSTLY GOVERNING IT while communism itself has never been tried except every time it has and has inevitably failed. Or you may not be a commie. You can be one of a billion different social strategies that all tried and failed because your ideology matters more than the people you want to force to live it. White people have successful strategies because they care about what the people want to live under. Doesn't work to hot when you have a literal nation of merchants spending 24/7 trying to destroy your culture, pride, and identity and still fail at it no matter how many billions of dollars of manpower they sink into it.

Continued yet again because holy shit Tenko am I going to have to jump up to the heavens and beat you all shitless and make it my new time share?


File: 9fe13ddf9876b87⋯.webm (6.55 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Symphonic Onigashima in F….webm)



That's nice. Do you have an argument I can season with all that salt? This isn't /tv/. This is my country. You can't get banned for being a dickhead and posting unless your spam makes it so others can't contribute to the conversation. You can say anything and post anything that is legal under federal law in the United States of America. You can chose any words or arguments to blow me the fuck out without worrying about moderation or people interfering.

But you can't. All you can do is make vague implications of what board you are from and then impotently ask your opponent to cut their own nose. Protip for you here champ: I am not white. You can't guilt, shame, or intimidate me into not speaking my perceived truth. The closest you could get would to try and physically intimidate me. Granted I used to be hungry skelington supreme before during and when I got out of the military. However after the surgery and during chemo I was too exhausted/in pain to do my daily cardio and I gained weight. So now I am only 6'7" and weigh 216 lbs. On top of 20 years of military service and growing up on the rez where if you can read a book with over 100 pages you are an apple and need to get beat the fuck up. So yeah, tell me to do shit with vague shameful language don't fly to good.

And that right there is how you do a proper internet toughguy routine. I left enough info that if someone genuinely wants to fight me they can find me. I didn't use hyperbole but stated the facts and my imagined results. So stop arguing like an angry 12 year old and come at me bro. Don't you at least have enough intellect to forensically castrate me? I mean this is the equivalent of me being Michel Phelps and having the special Olympics freestyle champion waddle up and challenge me to a fight. Sure, I know I am going to win, you know I am going to win, the whole DUCKING world knows I am going to win. The problem is even if I am still in the special Olympics and that makes me a retard for even addressing it.


What's going on?


File: 80ae7b8d6a06f4c⋯.webm (10.33 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Heaven and Hell Can Can.webm)



Plus moonshine.

Also a little bit of cocaine ninjitsu is afoot. Also having to turn down a marriage offer to a delicious looking 15 year old girl because holy fuck you are way too old and her family just wants to control your tiny dying tribe. So you get all horny and angry and want to fight with people but you don't want to go to jail or hurt some random who doesn't know what is going on.

Mostly cocaine ninjutsu and moonshine though. Dancing around a bonfire to a bunch of family trying to recreate the Talking Heads with a fiddle and acoustic guitar while everyone drunkenly sings "PSYCHO KILLER [8MOD THE SECONDS NAME REDACTED] NANANA NA NA" because they think it is hilarious that you got placed in a ward for a week after you rotated back from your third deployment because the way you dealt with mudslime bullshit was by being the hardest cunt in the desert gets the blood angered up and makes you want to be crazy too.



they should have put a bullet in the back of your drunken indian ass



Can I marry one of your twin nieces if I'm a nice white NEET?



>I care about me and mine.

Only the jews and the koreans talk like that



They aren't, people are just degenerate.


20 niggys


thread was too short


I don't want to lose. I want to win.


5 5 5

Standing by




Rape is for niggers


I've been feeling stronger recently


God damn it why do I keep doing this to myself


File: 5f8a9c0c4f3a3d1⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1980x1080, 11:6, its shit.png)

I was thinking about how would a bar fight between John and Ramiro be like. Imagine they're in a night club, they bump into each other, exchange insults and the crowd starts singing ``Fight! Fight! Fight!". How would it go?



My money is on John.



John with Aniki as an assist is pretty much unbeatable.




Is "edgy" good? Is it good for something to be edgy?



Yes it is good, if you are a sword



Edginess is like hot sauce. Most people can agree that a bit of it can add, but only some people can enjoy a lot of it at once. Whether or not "edgy" is good is subjective. If you ask me specifically, I'm one of those people who likes excessive edge (along with pouring lots of hot sauce on the food I eat).



Is there a legitimate complaint to be made about edge or does it just out someone as a pussy?



Most of the time it comes across as being pretentious or posturing.


Do you ever get the feeling that life's completely passed you by? I find it impossible to shake and it's incredibly demotivating.



Doesn't that just mean that you are dissatisfied with how your life is right now?

Nobodys life is easy or 100% fullfilling all the time. I don't know anyone whos going to say "yeah my life is perfect the way it is".

I think that's the whole point of life, to continously struggle for better living conditions, and what you are feeling is a result of not struggling hard enough.



Yeah, I feel as though I'm not the main character. People like my brother or that one guy who shares my first name always seemed to be more like main characters in my eyes. That being said, I won't give up.



>side character in your own life

I know the feeling. It's almost like I think of life as a game like how a child does.




how the fuck is 8ch/a/ even more of a rulecucked shithole than 4ch/a/ lol



Is it really?

I never checked out /a/ back on 4chan.

What I do notice nowadays is that all the threads on the popular boards of 4chan (I've checked out /a/ and /v/ yesterday) are just really bad one-liners which serve as nothing but bait.

Really makes you think when appearently most threads are made with the sole intend of getting a certain response out of people.

Also, I tried to browse /animu/ yesterday and it made me feel depressed



I stopped browsing 4/a/ around 2013 so I don't know what it's like now except through hearsay from acquaintances that still browse it. Sakurafish is permabanned. They've gotten the /jp/ treatment and had any kind of "board culture" threads forcibly removed by mods whose only goal is to sterilize the board of any kind of culture so they can rule it as their own little fiefdom of blind asslickers and remove any thread they want, all while the average cargo-culting modern /a/ user cheers them because they heard somewhere that "old /a/ was elitist," and obviously elitism means allowing naruto threads and frogposters but banning people for not ending a sentence with a period.

8/a/ somehow manages to be even worse, they were one of the first boards made here during the first 4->8 exodus and they claim to allow "/jp/ content"(because there wasn't an 8/jp/ yet) in the rules, but what that really means is that only moderator approved "off-topic" is allowed. I remember it from back in those days when they were trying to be more like pre-split /a/ and then they completely missed the point by being neo-4/a/ but with a VN thread and even more rules and pointless misplaced elitism.


File: a8cc8b8f428d041⋯.png (467.08 KB, 720x1080, 2:3, f455b127d732805616bca27c88….png)

I like the contrast in TH08 between the way Youmu and Yuyuko interact and the way the other player character teams interact. Their relationship is obviously much more rigidly hierarchical master-and-servant than the others, even than Sakuya and Remilia. Plus the way she talks to Yuyuko mostly in keigo but is blunt almost to the point of rudeness to most everyone else. There's a kind of romantic (as in sentimentally nostalgic of a bygone era, not as in related to love and sex) chivalry in the desire to simply devote one's life to serving their lord as best they can. Yuyuko says "be my shield" and she just does it, knowing that if she does what she's told everything will turn out the way it should. That kind of relationship is sorely missing from the modern world.

tl;dr youmu is cool and cute and i hate kikes because



i love you


File: a4d881ca88605fb⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1250x1764, 625:882, 625625702fe9283a40eb7b6f1d….png)

Having trouble turning what I'm thinking into words, maybe because it's 8 am or maybe I'm just autistic. But Youmu is seriously cool and is my favorite character. Something about her reaches right past my clammy, useless NEET exterior and strikes me right in the deepest reaches of my heart, the part that fancies itself a knight-errant, a ronin who's simply searching for the right master. I just want to be useful to someone, even if it's only by serving as their shield. Being a sword fighter in a world of danmaku fights takes a certain stubborn, quixotic spirit. I empathize with her a lot. I really hope all the secondaries and niwakas don't ruin her like they did with Mokou and Momiji.


File: fa9e00b1012624c⋯.png (866.07 KB, 858x1122, 13:17, __yakumo_yukari_touhou_dra….png)

I like Yukari because she's like the LVL 255 Demon Lord to my LVL 1 human commoner. Thinking about her makes me want to grind EXP so that I can defeat her one day. Yukari is so powerful that she can make reality bend to her will, while I'm so weak that I sometimes forget that my arms work. Yukari seemingly knows of everything at once, while I am helplessly clueless. Yukari has a powerful Shikigami to do all her work for her, while I have an imaginary girlfriend who does nothing but cheer me on from the sidelines (since she's not actually real). Yukari smiles a lot, while I don't know how to smile. Yukari can sleep for months, while I deprive myself of sleep because I believe in the possibility that it will make me stronger.



She is one of my favourites too, I really like her sincerity and general samurai spirit.

I don't actually care much what secondaries do to her or any other character because I never visit places where I see them anyway, I still like Cirno and nothing they are going to do will change that.





9001% yes


It's those two fucking katanas man. No design can beat a half-ghost gardener with two bigass fucking swords.


When I was younger I randomly picked up The Odyssey and read it. Even though I wasn't one who normally reads a lot, I was really invested in it and ended up enjoying it quite a bit. I think I told myself to read more books like it, but I forgot about it. I just saw that same copy of The Odyssey again and thought about it. I should start reading various ancient epics.



Read the prequel, the Iliad, and the Roman fanfiction sequel, the Aeneid.



I actually did. I forgot to mention that.


I really like that Japanese red bean paste.


Do you "self insert" as the protagonist of eroge and doujin?

I have tried to. I want to tell myself 2D girls really love me, but every time I read an I love you from a heroine, I think to myself there's no way a cute Japanese girl would ever like me. I hate myself, I have no self esteem and I believe I'm a subhuman. How can I love myself in spite of all my flaws? I just wanna pretend 2D girls love me for real but I always remind myself I'm dumb, poor and ugly. Ive thought about telling myself I'm beautiful and what matters is a big heart and other optimistic lies like that. Is that all there's to it?



Sort of. I don't need to be exactly like the protagonist to relate to him. For example, I can relate to Reimu and self-insert as her on some level. That's despite the fact that I'm not a cute girl that can fly around.

You should accept the possibility of a 2D girl saying "I love you" to you. It shouldn't be that hard to suspend your disbelief for a moment and keep in mind that the girl was programmed or written to always say "I love you" at that specific time. You should think about what led to that point, especially if the girl in question is from an eroge. It's quite rare for a character to say "I love you" without an explanation and it's far more likely that said girl only said "I love you" because of some sort of choice you made over the course of the eroge. If what the girl said is a result of your choice, then on some level she fell in love with YOU, even if you followed a walkthrough or something.

Simply telling yourself that you're beautiful and that you have all that you need is wrong. If you see yourself as undesirable then improve yourself. I started doing push-ups because I figured that Yukari would like me less if my arms were like twigs. At the same time you need to accept your flaws and either work to improve them or find ways to work around them. As for being a subhuman, keep in mind that many girls actually like dark-skinned foreigners.


File: a50849ddf015dca⋯.jpg (55.12 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 3e8e63295389576a1bee5d5b29….jpg)



I disagree with both of those. The metaposter is someone with great introspective power. He is a wise individual willing to sit down and think about his surroundings and himself rather than just chasing one hedonistic topic after another until he burns out and wondering "where did the good old times go?". Only through such such introspection and it's discussion a poster can grow. If that means that the only logical conclusion is to leave the board then so be it, it's all part of path on the journey to become a true meta-monk.



This is the only correct way of viewing it.


Please refrain from crossposting.


How many times do you think Trump pronounced 'Abe' like in 'Abe Lincoln" before someone corrected him


I want the world to end. Not just for me, killing myself would be easy if that was the case. I want the world to end so that there is a chance that something new and better would take it's place.


File: 9c53f9aa507b464⋯.jpg (98.27 KB, 700x988, 175:247, add_question_mark_CHEN.jpg)


Is the word "toxic" when used to describe something as it is done nowadays, for example, "reddit is toxic", cancer? Why is it wrong to find the word annoying because of its association with anything not left-wing politically? And what happened to AIDS?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

My hair hooks out like some kind of parasitic plant trying to strangle a tree.

That's just called bad hygiene, but I think it's pretty interesting. It could

also be a result from the fact that I have two crowns on my head.

Hey guys, do you wash your hair? Do you shower?



Communism killed 100mio people



Every day you pig..



I try to shower every day especially when I'm too lazy to get my hair cut and it grows really long.

Sometimes I go a day without showering if the weather didn't make me sweat too much, but then the area behind my ears starts to smell really weird and that's GROSS



Why are you telling me?



You can never say it too often. Expose the kikes where you can.


Today I realized I might have too much empathy.

I was in a room filled with people watching the soccer worldcup, while I was just minding my business and not even watching the tv since I don't care about soccer. But when germany lost everyone was really disappointed and sad, and when I realized that I suddenly felt my heart sink. It was like the collective bad mood was affecting me. I was thinking back to other events like this and realized that I'm in general very easily influenced by collective emotions. It reminded me for a moment to a character from the Twlight novels( I read the first few volumes back then out of curiosity) who had the power of SUPER EMPATHY. He could influence the emotions and mood of people in the same room.

Anyways, the schadenfreude I felt after getting over this was very nice.



You should have told your 'friends' that they should be glad that abomination created by the jews to brainwash Germany into multiculturalism has lost. Then you should have stormed the Reichstag together.



Not sure how that relates to what I said but okay, if that was what was on your mind.

Is this board hidden? I think so, it appears to be.


File: 50f06f31d3b77f8⋯.jpg (152.47 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, Db3grpwUwAEdJh8.jpg)

I've had this sense of forboding lately, like everything's about to collapse. I'm totally unprepared for an economic disaster, physical disaster, any kind of disaster. It's been affecting my sleep lately.


i have that feeling a lot also, i think it's just regular old paranoia


I want to die



What's wrong?



i just realized i'll never be a sexually aggressive JK bullying a cute easily embarrassed shota


Nignog Nignog GAY



This is your brain on /ss/ doujins



Spend some time in deep meditation; maybe in the next life you'll be able to do that.


Type-Mercury is really fucking cool. I wish Nasu would do something with it. Then again, maybe it is so cool because Nasu never did anything with it.






wow, three words, two fuckups. is this the power of american education?



What are you talking about?

I hope you are being ironic.




Die Deutsches Reich


Ich bin Deutsch by the way und es wird gesprochen "Die Deutschen Reisch"



Lies will only strengthen the jews



Auch I bin 56% deutsh mine Bruder


It's too bad 8chan doesn't have 4chan's global rule #3.


I was thinking about ロリ巨乳. They are the only type of loli which I get the appeal of. That being said, I still prefer completely well-developed women.


File: e271415e4cea5c8⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1012x1169, 1012:1169, e271415e4cea5c8d4f685eb9d8….png)


Are you trying to inspire some kind of movement? I've never seen somebody be so vocal for his love of large breasts.

Personally, I suspect you're exhibiting the kind of behaviour performed by infants when they become scared that their old teddy bears might not "do it" for them anymore, and have this rapid burst of attachment because they don't want to be proven wrong, so the illusion can last.



No, it's just for fun. I'm exaggerating my love for breasts so that it gives me something to talk about.



You don't have to be ashamed of loving oppai, I love them as well and I'd be happy to discuss this mutual interest with you



How does it feel knowing that you are attracted to the idea of being smugly dominated by weak little creatures?



Hang on, when did I say anything like that? This is defamation!


Do you think she will ever love me back?



Only if you make her like you.


File: 55c4eed8850d19b⋯.mp4 (10.28 MB, 640x360, 16:9, sm31109165.mp4)

otomads are so beautiful and pure, i love them so much



How do you make someone like you? I just want her to be happy.







>How do you make someone like you?


Does anybody else like the H scenarios where the guy kidnaps a chick, and makes some irreversible change to her which'll stop her from ever being accepted by society? Eventually the cage that holds her in disappears, but she can never go outside. Instead, all she has to do is seek the affection of the one who ruined her, lest she be abandoned by the entire world. It's hard to find things like this which don't just fit into futanari scenarios, which I generally dislike, but I guess I should just take what I get.



Then make her happy, duh.


I wished I knew how to be happy with her. She is amazing.



If you know who this person is then you could probably figure out what makes her happy. Use your head.

If all else fails, just guess. The possibility of making her happy at the price of being rejected by her is far better than simply watching her from a distance.



*at the price of possibly being rejected



I have to object to that principle. Though, I think our friend here is actually physically incapable of speaking to this person, anyway.


File: c92b095e8107e8e⋯.png (75.36 KB, 336x211, 336:211, c92b095e8107e8eff917e9eb90….png)

If you have German citizenship and are a negro you are German. If you have South African citizenship and are white you are NOT South African but a colonial oppressor and need to be exterminated. Really makes me think.


the three things on my mind are: power, large breasts and boundaries.



literal racism lol



sup gapkike


McCarthy was right all along


shota x nee-san is always great


It's shower day! Can't wait to take a shower. Now with the heat weave and everything circumstances have become more dire.


I remembered "unhappiness".



The spice of life



Good album. One of my favourites, in fact.


I wish we could afford chicken or pork for this barbecue sauce.


i wish we could afford food



Are you in danger of starvation?



no i still have ure mums pucci to eat LMOA


should i masturbate before my gf comes over and then be unable to finish during sex because I take forever after a nut to recharge?

should i blame it on the weed again?



Make her masturbate for you



Now I only really know about sexual things from my eromanga, but isn't greater "durability" meant to be a GOOD thing for the female party? Is she actually trying to get pregnant, or something?


File: 8548b72b1e55e27⋯.jpg (252.9 KB, 869x1200, 869:1200, 66929911_p6_master1200.jpg)

Lain is the combination of the two things all young boys love most: Computers, and cute girls.

Therefore, even taking her shy, nervous personality into account, I can only imagine her /ss/-ing a young shota with a totally dominant older sister-type attitude rather than going out with a creep like me or you. Lain waifuism is simply WRONG.


I'm so tired, but I don't want to sleep


File: f5ecb93b9697123⋯.png (1 MB, 1600x1586, 800:793, utsuho.png)

utsuho, but with bigger tits



That's really rude



wtf man



I really like this. Thank you, Anonymous.


With chinas recent movement against internet pornography I'm seriously starting to wonder how much longer it will be before I'm being prosecuted for something I said as a joke on an anonymous imageboard



I don't even jerk off anymore, but I still think that getting rid of porn is bad.


File: 70f524266ca803f⋯.png (13.34 MB, 8389x8316, 8389:8316, utsuho.png)


I wonder where stronger anon went. I miss him



I'm right here. For example, I made >>42801


I bent my thumb's nail backwards just the tiniest bit, and now I'm maybe starting to see why I shouldn't let them grow so long. Rather than try to figure out how I get into the habit of typing without that thumb, I'm just going to try avoiding the use of that hand altogether. I think that I'm doing a pretty good job so far.


File: 561d40a8ceff39c⋯.mp4 (3.35 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Untitled.mp4)


File: bbe6bb2b6cc77e0⋯.webm (15.83 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Díldò_Vu.webm)




Thank you for posting your unfunny crossie memes on the jay.


Bread is meant to be DRY. It's just wrong when it's all soggy and buttery like this.



Yeah I agree.Nothing makes me more angry than accidently making my bread wet as I prepare it.



Lain was never attractive to me, she is a character too complex (her feelings and thoughts are fleshed out enough to be autonomous compared to most anime characters who are archetypes) and high status to be rendered as someone's waifu.


File: 1f0bd22d1c88d2b⋯.png (792.36 KB, 768x956, 192:239, Untitled.png)



Are you saying shes too good for me?



How about you prove your worth? What do you have to offer to our Goddess? Do you feel entitled to marry a girl you've never met?



Why does marriage always have to be the ultimate goal with 2D girls? I never understood this about waifuism. If you really deeply love a 2D girl and deitify doesn't that mean that your imperfect 3D being should not be brought close in a romantic fashion to her? If I truly love a girl then I want to be her immortal loyal guardian. Eros is such a low form of love.


File: ee3ef06f83293c5⋯.jpg (109.64 KB, 1242x957, 414:319, bopit.jpg)

ben thingken about this alot


It sure is winter...


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Sorry for not making new posts



It's okay..


File: e1855ac3b11d6e2⋯.webm (5.24 MB, 850x934, 425:467, Yakui the Drug Maid - Far….webm)

Take your meds.



File: 37b7666b9e0b867⋯.webm (4.42 MB, 538x746, 269:373, Yakui the Drug Maid - Dru….webm)


Life can markedly improve with proper medication, exercise, and cessation of self-medication 生ける場所なき 欲望(the Man of Sorrows) 誓いの狂宴(うたげ)を



I don't get the point of taking medicine for my wellbeing. They only serve to trigger certain functions in my brain. Wouldn't it be much better if I would learn to trigger these functions all by myself?


File: 50a64b85c75dec9⋯.webm (3.63 MB, 850x530, 85:53, Yakui the Drug Maid - An….webm)


Well sometimes your brain triggers functions on it's own that it should not happen. Sometimes those functions trigger so often and so intensely that you lose your ability to form coherent thoughts and ideas leading to violent outburst and the destruction of your life.

Take your meds.


Can you stop that


This thread is fucking stupid.



I don't know what you expected from the contents of /jp/'s brain.


I attended a course called "conflict resolution" and was severly disappointed. We didn't learn about any mindcontrol techniques


File: 113e0fbb1cc91af⋯.png (815.23 KB, 1386x1842, 231:307, Untitled.png)


File: 6397d903f0207f4⋯.jpeg (38.72 KB, 596x414, 298:207, DyM7wH8X0AI33eh.jpg:orig.jpeg)

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