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File: cf484fa9eb6779e⋯.jpg (78.79 KB, 550x343, 550:343, 159492749724.jpg)


I want to study programming so I can move to japan and create video games

how hard would it be to achieve this?


Hard because japs don't need coders, they need English teachers. Just become the next namasensei and you'll get into Japan easily.



but is it impossibly hard? teaching doesn't interest me since I get nervous very easily, and I also just find programming to be fascinating.



I wouldn't know about that, I just know that it's infinitely easier if you teach. The Japanese government has programs specifically created for teachers to come over.



they also have a program for japan's art industry.

I forgot what it was called but it was made for

>animators to work in anime

>programmers to work in video games

>chefs to work in restaurants

and I forgot what the other one was



Hard piggu is only meant to teach English.



>Hard because japs don't need coders,

This is far from being true. Western programmers are actually sought after in Japan, because Japanese programmers suck and it's a good thing to have one guy fluent in English in the office. There are plenty of opportunities Western programmers can seize in Japan, but not everyone knows how to seize them. More often than normal, as a gaijin you'll rely on networking to get a programming job. That means attending tech seminars in Japan, including the socializing coffee breaks, to befriend the right people, and I doubt a true /jp/sie could handle this kind of social intelligence demanding task. Another way to get a programming job in Japan is to work as a programmer in the West, and, after 5 years, getting a transfer to their office in Japan. That's not exactly the best thing you can do, because, after you have spent years in your company and you finally ask your boss for a transfer, he could just answer ``no and instantly afterwards, the feeling of having wasted 5 years of your life hits you like a train. With that said, I think the best way for a /jp/sie to get a programming job in Japan is to attend a Japanese university. This is both the hardest and easiest method. It's the hardest, because you'll be competing with dozens of thousands of Asians who have been studying since birth to get into the university, and the exam is in academic Japanese, not English, but also the easiest because if you manage to get in, you're guaranteed to get a job as soon as you graduate, and University life in Japan is very easy going, Note, I'm talking about universities that have certain prestige in Japan, like the Imperial Universities, and I'm talking about Computer Science courses in Japanese, not English courses because those are only good if you want to join the overly-overly-saturated language teaching market. Someone might tell you, ``you just need to work for 5 years in the West, and apply over the internet, but no company will hire you from job websites, even the ones that say ``gaijin welcome''. Those websites are pure datamining. You only have chances to get a job in Japan, if you are already in Japan, even if on the three month tourist visa. You should preferably be there on a working visa, there's a new point system that gives you points depending on factors like your education, work experience and things like that. With enough points, you can get a temporary work visa or even a permanent work visa. Once in Japan, it's much, MUCH easier to get a job in Japan. And once you get a job in Japan, you are set to live the /jp/ dream. Programmers in Japan don't have the six figure salary that American programmers do, but they don't earn little, either. You're not earning less than 5 million yen a year, even if it's your first programming job ever. You should try to join medium-sized companies. Big companies might get you prestige, but you'll be just another cog in the machine. Small companies like startups hire a lot, but they'll pay little and you might end up unemployed. Statistically speaking, you're more likely to earn big bucks if you are a Java and/or Python programmer. I haven't mentioned the word videogames for one second by the way, because it is just unrealistic to get a job in the videogame industry. Anime and videogames are like no go zones for foreign workers. Some of the jobs get outsourced to SEA countries, yes, but within Japan, only Japanese work with anime and videogames. Although you could, in theory, get an investor visa and start your own company in Japan. But good lucjk filling all requirements. Oh and by the way, if you're learning programming now, just remember there are thousands, maybe millions, of Indian guys who have been programming since they were 8 and they will work twice as much as you for half the pay. It's 3 AM or something here, I haven't slept and I feel like dying, so take that as an excuse for any typos or stupid shit I might have said.



Wow I royally fucked up with formatting here. I think it's something to do with the faggot quotes/ At least I told you I haven't slept.



But Indians are not even white. Long term it is unwise for companies to hire subhumans like that.



This may be hard for you /pol/crossies to understand, but, for most people, race and ancestry isn't the most important thing in the Universe.



I'm just going to contemplate the layers of irony in this post



They are cheaper and make the company look more PC.




They are by nature less qualified to execute tasks requiring high mental capacity. I'd be all on your side if this was about construction workers and not programmers. It is sensible and cheaper to hire 10 Indian construction workers and one white person to supervise them than hiring 11 overqualified white people. But what's the point of hiring an Indian developer when I will need a white or nip guy to observe his every step anyway and make sure he doesn't mess everything up?

Companies who value PC over quality will stand no chance long time. OP programming is a work that's beyond national borders so your best shot is becoming and independent programmer and just living in Japan. You can go there with a 4 year degree. That's it.



>They are cheaper and make the company look more PC.

I'd argue it's better to hire a woman if you want to gain Silicon Valley diversity points, at least you know she's useless right away w


I wonder if this person managed to achieve his dream


please leave japan for the japanese and stay home


File: fb971659eac2f94⋯.png (683.83 KB, 800x944, 50:59, aewaf.png)


Race is essential to consider when you're dealing with groups of people and people you haven't met yet. There are exceptional people in any group, so you can only get so far by generalizing, but it's still a very useful tool. And everyone does it.



Me too. Wish I wasn't so lazy and set in my ways. Damn inertia. I want to do this, too.



Wow, this could have used some of that "reddit spacing" I've heard so much about lately.


live in japan now.

your best bet for programming is to invest in a startup, or start your own.

this will exclude you to tokyo and fukuoka until about april.

right now i'm on a business manager visa i got via sole proprietorship. it's fairly easy to get if you already have clients and/or are wealthy.

also if getting a gf is part of your dream i hate to crush it - the only girls who date with foreigners are sluts, liberal, or just kind of crazy. if you know japanese you can probably find a normal girl though.



>if you know japanese you can probably find a normal girl though.

Why aim to live in the country if you can't speak the language? That's sandnigger-behavior. By "normal girl", do you mean a virgin? I remember reading some article that said that most millennial nip women were virgins. Is getting a cutie virgin feasable for a white guy that knows the language and has average looks/money?

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