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File: a073d327dae1dfd⋯.jpg (98.41 KB, 751x696, 751:696, chicken.jpg)


what happened to the NEET blogging thread

I cleaned my room a week ago and it's still clean, I've got a place to put dirty clothes that isn't the floor and I put a trash can in here so hopefully it'll stay clean, once my motivation level recovers I'll do the rest of my apartment. I'll also start going to work out again once it gets warm, going to the 24 hour gym late at night when no one is there is really comfy.

also, where does /jp/ download western music from, I have plenty of sources for jap shit but I don't want to download from TPB and what.cd died or something I think


fuck YOU reenable threadposting with out an image you fucking goober retard with butts in your hat

Post last edited at


Some packages I ordered cam in today. One was a Youmu mouse pad. It's really small and flimsy, I don't recommend it.

They have these things called rubber mats, I might get one of those.


File: 59526ce06cf2e8c⋯.jpg (1.49 MB, 1500x1500, 1:1, 70674645d5cb1b9b8697c6cf3d….jpg)

Today I managed to program a bit for my game.

The instanced-rendering came along quite well, and I could nearly draw everything with only a single drawcall, but then I found out that gl_baseInstance is only available from opengl 4.6 on, which isn't in my drivers.

Now I need to update that shit, which is annoying. I wrote the packagemaintainer a mail, but he isn't responding.

Manually installing the driver seems bothersome.

Now I will just drink some beer.


I haven't listened to much western music in ages. I don't even remember where I used to download music from in the past.

You might just find it by googling for it possibly.

Asking on /mu/ could be an idea as well, but I don't know how this place is like anymore nowadays.


Try rutracker. They have all kinds of western music, even the most obscure.


I guess my strength blog will now take place here.



tenko can you also change the subject so the thread is more visible


I pray for a better tomorrow.



Alright. What should I put there?



Anything using the word blog. I can't remember what the last thread's subject was, it feels like such a long time ago.





For the first time in my life I showed genuine interest towards my moms religion and its practices(Buddhism).

She showed me an instructional video on how to meditate and translated it for me. It was interesting



Can you eat rice now???


Apropos, what do you eat, /jp/? How are your diets?



Rye, potatos and pork, pretty much every meal every single day because I buy it four months worth at a time. There's an apple tree in my yard so I've usually got a bunch of those around at any given time as well, but that's more of a snack type thing for me.

Sometimes I think about eating better.



I add some kind of meat to every meal, usually I have pasta, lasagne, hamburgers or some other kind of carb and meat combination. I use to regularly eat sweet thing like chesecakes and brownies but I am cutting so I have stopped for now.



>but I am cutting

How edgy. Do you listen to linken parque too?


I'm moving soon but I don't like having all these strangers come in and look at my house, mostly because I don't want them stealing my stuff.


File: 5f97e441cba4bd8⋯.jpg (19.96 KB, 330x330, 1:1, ed47ad2659f4dd1d33145423a0….jpg)


I see things that aren't real.


I looked at myself in the mirror for a bit. I was shocked to see a tall and somewhat fit guy with broad shoulders. It's funny how I look like that yet I have trouble being able to talk to others without stuttering and am helplessly clueless in almost every situation I find myself in.


I will be strong.



It's a body building term... I'm cutting down my body fat percentage.


Everything hurts so much. I just want to win.


File: 90182742c3fc4f1⋯.jpg (247.02 KB, 807x560, 807:560, 1444336689834.jpg)

I got a draw today, I wasn't expecting it because the first half went so poorly for me. But then I pulled a play out of my ass and scored with 4 players left on the pitch. Unfortunately my Looney got his ass blasted and lost 1 ST. Picking goblins was a mistake.


I really liked a song, until I looked up it's lyrics.

It was so sad that it made me cry and now I can't enjoy this song the same way anymore


I tried making my own mayonnaise. It didn't come out good. Maybe I never loved mayonnaise in the first place. I guess I'm incapable of loving. Do I even love Yukari? I doubt it.



You want to give Yukari your mayonnaise?




Why not? I'd give Yukari my mayonnaise



because it tasted awful and didn't even look like mayo


What is it like to have friends? The closest I've ever had to friends were the guy who shared my name and that tomboy I talked about in the dream thread. The guy who shared my name only served to make me feel like I was a inferior version of him and the tomboy made me feel as though I was even inferior to girls. Those two, along with my highly talented brother, who I spent most of my life in the shadow of, are likely the main causes for why I constantly feel inferior and unworthy.



It's alot of work and obligations, you will have these people who want all kinds of things from you and have expectations in you to keep them entertained/happy.

If you don't fullfill these expectations then they will guilttrip you and maybe eventually abandon you.

Sometimes they provide these same services for you in return, but oftentimes not




I do not consider Americans as valid persons. Could please someone answer this question that actually is a person? Thanks in advance



I'm not american buddy.

I forgot to mention something else: Sometimes in life you need to assume a responsibility(like being someones friend) and this responsibility will make you stronger.

I can safely say that that being the emotional sandbag for multiple people has given me more patience and mental fortitude




Now you're speaking my language. To become strong is my desire. I do not like relying on others, but if acquiring friends makes a person strong then I will do it. I will see them more as "followers" than anything though. I will not rely on such people even if my life depended on it. Such people will only be my "friends" so that I become stronger. I will become strong after all. I don't want to be weak. I hate being weak. I want to stop being weak.


What's wrong with me. I feel like I'm actually two different people. We even refer to each other by different names. >>37556 is a self-loathing coward who hates everything and has my first name while >>37560 is a huge chuuni who wants to be strong and uses my last name as his own. This might be the core of all of my issues. No wonder I tend to be so indecisive.



Isn't that natural?

I was assuming that every human has a constant struggle between desires and the true self inside of them, like you and me.

The "dual mind" theory is also pretty common in literature.

I've tried to sort of explicitly split my personality in an attempt to get more self control and understand myself better.

One side was really gloomy all the time but also pragmatic which enabled him to be powerful, cool and collected at critical times.

The other side was a huge chuuni, always cheerful, always charging into things headfirst and drawing imaginary weapons.

I still have these 2 sides inside of me, but I don't make a distinction between anymore. They are both aspects of my self


I'm not sure if you can truly assume responsibility for someone if you treat people as an asset rather than caring deeply for them. But that just might be me, do whatever works for you.

I'm looking for someone I can grow stronger with, would you like to be friends?



To me it isn't natural. Nothing about this feels natural. I will win. I will survive. The one who possesses my first name (which is the same one that the guy who used to sort of be my friend) needs to die. I want to eliminate him and make sure that he never comes back. I will be strong. He has no redeeming qualities while I have at least some good ones. He's the more dominant one but I don't care. There can be only one winner in this battle. While he cries about not being the main character, I will become one.

And no, I don't want to care for anyone and I don't want to be friends with anyone. I will become strong.



That's too bad, I'm sure there would be mutual benefit.

I've also had phases where I was thinking about killing off an undesireable part of myself.

But I came to the conclusion that this would nothing but selfdestruction.

Instead I'm going to work together with all components of myself to become the person I want to be.

This will take alot of willpower though, and I really wish I had someone I could share my experiences with on a daily basis.

Best of luck to you anyways.



>I was assuming that every human has a constant struggle between desires and the true self inside of them

I suffer a lot from this. Mostly because when it's weekend I enjoy being home, playing VNs, videogame, reading manga and watching anime. But it feels like the week is suffering, having to work. I hate working and waking up early. It feels everyone's friend of everyone in my job and I am the only one who's isolated from people. I don't like my family except for my grandma, the only one I have contact with, but she lives kinda far and I can only visit her during holidays. I have no idea what to expect from my life, life is mostly boring and during the week my life consists of hoping and waiting for the weekend, so I can enjoy myself a little. I have been isolated since high school so making friends is basically a no-no for me, I have no idea how to approach people and I don't even know if I would have interest in them. I think in the end I am just jealous of the people who look like they are happy. I wish I could travel to Japan.



They are boring and take work to maintain. When I finished high school I didn't even try to keep in contact with them.

They are also quite attuned to the norms of society. Back then it was not as much of an issue but I don't think I could make friends now even if I tried, I would have no common ground with them.


File: 4dcbbc2725bc4be⋯.gif (61.42 KB, 318x285, 106:95, frightenedpublicspeakingar….gif)

File: b5f58ea02477228⋯.jpg (57.61 KB, 947x698, 947:698, 0abf01c349573749952b2786d2….jpg)


>The "dual mind" theory is also pretty common in literature.

Yup and also "How the world sees you vs. How you see yourself"


File: 651fb8a3e776bc9⋯.png (199.86 KB, 486x329, 486:329, aya.png)


>But I came to the conclusion that this would nothing but selfdestruction.

Think of it this way. Pleasing as many people as possible is a fruitless effort and once you've already changed that "Undesirable" self, someone else will say you're a faggot for not sticking to your own guns since you are changeable at the drop of a hat or they don't like your change and demand you fulfill their vision of you.


If you do not mind answering, why would you like to go to Japan?



I believe that in order to grow and become stronger one also has to be able to listen to the darkest depths of their soul, because no matter how much suffering this part might be causing you, it's ultimately a part of you. Running away from the responsibility by seperating yourself from it is foolish



I am a fool. Every decision I make is the wrong one. Even when I listen to others, their words never truly reach me. How can you run away if you don't even know what you're supposed to be running from? I don't even know how to run. All I know is that I want to be strong.



The way I see it you are running away all the time because you fear failure.

It's easy to suffer.

But it's hard to put in the work to stop suffering.



A bird without wings cannot fly. Therefore, I can't run.



All you need in order to become stronger has been given to you now you just need to use it.

But I'm guessing you'd rather keep living a life of comfortable suffering.

It's so easy to pity oneself all the time



I don't want to be comfortable. I hate comfort. This feeling drives me crazy. At the same time I don't know how to become stronger. I can't understand how to make it work. If the tools are right in front of me than I guess I just can't see them. I feel like I'm blind.




I think I might be insane. Do others also see the monsters that I see? I hate their smug smiles and the way that they can be so happy. I hate happiness. I wish that they would just die already. I want to be strong. I want to win. God probably doesn't want me to win which makes me sad.


File: e5e611f21716d61⋯.jpg (73.84 KB, 540x603, 60:67, e5e611f21716d61235ac52457a….jpg)



Go back there


There was a giant pale humanoid who's lower half was composed of various insects. It didn't try to kill my or anything, it simply accused my love of large breasts being the cause for me being so weak and then laughed. Instead of crying, running away or trying to ignore this delusion of mine, I talked back to it. After giving a speech about how I love large breasts and how this love is actually helping me become strong, all of the illusions returned to illusions. The humanoid waved to me before disappearing. I'm fine now.


I moved out of the relative's house that I was staying in for the past two years, without accomplishing anything. Now I'm living in a hotel living off university loans and savings. So far I've only left the room I've booked to get food or to book another room or to read and watch video game streamers in the local library.



What's your plan?

Being homeless sounds scary, but I think it might be not that bad



Get a job.



In that case the jews win. Do you want the jews to win? Hmmm?



You can't beat the Jews without first playing by their rules. A warrior who can adapt to any situation to defeat his opponent is the best kind.



who cares




>You can't beat the Jews without first playing by their rules.

How does this make any sense?




fuck off teenbro


Wait this isn't the JEWS thread.



A hotel sounds expensive, You should find somewhere cheaper.


If you play by their rules you have already lost.


Jewish rule 1: Jews win.

Jewish rule 2: Gotta jew fast.

How are you supposed to win this?


File: 241746a50cdcccc⋯.jpg (51.31 KB, 680x383, 680:383, 1429467278367.jpg)


You can't even take a few seconds to analyze what you like? Earlier on you've said

>when it's weekend I enjoy being home, playing VNs, videogame, reading manga and watching anime.

Two critical questions I would like an answer to.

>do you consume Japanese content raw or translated?

>why would you like to go to Japan? What draws you there that other countries do not?



I can only consume raw material like some mangas and VNs that are not too advanced since I'm still learning Japanese.

The main reason I can't go to Japan is money.



Oh, and I don't know why you are asking me why I would like to go to Japan. Isn't it obvious, considering where we are?


File: 2a838ba7c428744⋯.jpg (311.88 KB, 800x735, 160:147, 1470431281491.jpg)


>I can only consume raw material like some mangas and VNs that are not too advanced since I'm still learning Japanese.

Well that's at least fantastic! So what if some dumbfucks are happy? You know how many people keep parroting "Japanese is hard to learn, therefore you will never be fluent?" Too god damn many! Oh but English is totally easy, right? "I'll go with a hamburger!", "Let's go to the fix shop to get our car working again!"

>Oh, and I don't know why you are asking me why I would like to go to Japan. Isn't it obvious, considering where we are?

Not really. While we're on a imageboard, I wouldn't think some anons are actually interested in going there or if they are they might have a different reason. For me, asking you "Why" you want to go there would at the very least get an idea of what's the goal to achieve.



You can't learn Japanese though.



Why can't you learn Japanese?



You can't learn Japanese because I'll kill you if you do! Don't mess with me!



How are you going to kill me?



Are you underestimating me???


File: e0e69e3cdd755d9⋯.jpg (698.13 KB, 950x1275, 38:51, e0e69e3cdd755d9e532ebb245d….jpg)


You are right. It's something I'm proud of since it's not easy.

Well, there are many things I would like to do in Japan. First of all, I've never gone travelling, not even outside of my state/region. Japan just seems like a different world to me; it looks very beautiful in pictures and videos by what I have seen from some youtubers who recorded themselves in Japan. I would really love to see Tokyo at night, eat ramen in one of their restaurants. Or really anything. I kinda like sushi! I don't know if that's expensive there, though. Travelling would probably make me forget about my boring life for a bit; discovering a new world, new people, see how it is out there. I have never used the metro or flied. Nor have I visited a big city like Tokyo. Of course it's not only Tokyo I want to go to, but I'm taking it as an example as it's one of the cities I will visit first. I would want to bring some otaku merchandise, and I really want to go to the 3rd Aqours Love Live, but I suppose it's too late for that now. I would like to go to the Comiket too. And I thought of losing my virginity to a classy Japanese hooker, or maybe try to hit on a cute Japanese girl? I have never approached a woman and I don't know if Japanese girls like foreigners. I am tall and huge (not fat) but I'm not one of these blonde European guys; I would compare myself to an Italian. Well, losing my virginity is not important at all, but I don't plan on ever losing it if not to a Japanese. Life here is boring and tiring and I believe an activity like this would be good for me overall.


File: 045d9dd49066be2⋯.jpg (63.78 KB, 579x900, 193:300, 045d9dd49066be26a8b0bf60e0….jpg)


File: 86d68449c7d4a2e⋯.jpg (16.66 KB, 246x221, 246:221, 1465399834195.jpg)


You're cute.


>You are right. It's something I'm proud of since it's not easy.

Great! I want you to remember that. You've put in your time to learn what others don't see as practical as Spanish, so keep in mind that was a path you decided to take, a path you feel has all the treasures and rewards that others are considered bling and fake jewelry for peasants.

>Japan just seems like a different world to me; it looks very beautiful in pictures and videos by what I have seen from some youtubers who recorded themselves in Japan.

Not a bad reason if it looks to suit your taste.

>I would really love to see Tokyo at night, eat ramen in one of their restaurants. Or really anything. I kinda like sushi! I don't know if that's expensive there, though.

Price on sushi depends on where you're eating. Those conveyor belt places that are also present in the United States are probably the cheapest, but since you mentioned Tokyo, I would imagine it's not quite generous.

>Travelling would probably make me forget about my boring life for a bit; discovering a new world, new people, see how it is out there.

It probably would. Sometimes one should consider taking a break from the place they've stayed at too long.

>Of course it's not only Tokyo I want to go to, but I'm taking it as an example as it's one of the cities I will visit first.

Fair enough for a first-timer.

>I don't know if Japanese girls like foreigners.

I can't speak for consistency, but I would say there's likely some who want to be in bed with a foreigner right now while others will not consider the foreigner worth their time. But this isn't exclusive to Japan despite cries of "Xenophobia!!" because you'll find other parts of the world where women are like that. Some want a foreigner husband, others want you to fuck off.

>I am tall and huge (not fat) but I'm not one of these blonde European guys; I would compare myself to an Italian.

So what if you're not blonde-hair & blue eyes? Doesn't mean your chances of finding somebody are skewered. I personally think the whole thing is exaggerated anyway. I'm sure if you looked like Shrek, you'll still find girls who like that type.

>Life here is boring and tiring and I believe an activity like this would be good for me overall.

Now this is very good on your part. You believe that the activity would be great for you overall, you are giving yourself some faith.


File: 1573782473006bd⋯.png (727.32 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 1518691193766.png)


Thank you, kind friend. I've been tight on expenses for that trip, but now with the Olympics coming I am not very sure. Will it be next year or 2020? If it's 2020 I might be able to go before it. I really don't want to go to Japan to see a lot of foreigners.

Have you ever been to Japan? What could you tell me? I believe I will have to start planning things soon, though I want to be able to spend money on whatever I want when I go there.



>I've been tight on expenses for that trip, but now with the Olympics coming I am not very sure. Will it be next year or 2020?

The Olympics will be in 2020.

>I really don't want to go to Japan to see a lot of foreigners.

That's OK. Have you considered immersion such as turning your room Japanese? Japan is wherever you are by doing it!

>Have you ever been to Japan?

Yes I have.

>What could you tell me?

If you can at least speak a little bit of their tongue, it'll make your time easier than having them speak broken English, mainly if you ask for directions.



Why are you so sarcastic?


File: 63192b3d291bd92⋯.jpg (261.96 KB, 579x1778, 579:1778, 045d9dd49066be26a8b0bf60e0….jpg)


Fixed that.


Because the alternative would be taking a page from textbooks, very respected material!



Homuhomu is best girl. She reminds me of myself.



In what way?



She's trapped in a timeloop. It reminds me of how I feel trapped all of the time.



>Oh but English is totally easy, right?

English is a degenerated language of mouth breathing retards. Niggers can speak English. It is easy.


>what others don't see as practical as Spanish,




Niggers would be able to speak Japanese too if they were in born in Japan. What's your point?

Now please go back there and don't come back. Maybe /a/ or /pol/ is more your speed.



>Niggers can speak English. It is easy.

Ebonics is not English.



>Niggers would be able to speak Japanese too if they were in born in Japan.

Keep telling yourself that yankee.

>Now please go back there and don't come back

no u


File: 512de6a5c4041f5⋯.jpg (26.54 KB, 302x400, 151:200, watering-plant.jpg)


>It's so easy to pity oneself all the time

On the other hand, maintenance is demanded to keep it going. It's like a plant, if it doesn't get any water in the form of maintenance, then it will eventually wilt.



Is this a wireless showerhead?



How would I do that though?



That would not be a good environment for a plant and I don't think he could hold it there that long anyway.



Maintain your selfpity?

Easy, just browse imageboards all day.


File: 46fdafbacf1891f⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, f7e8a4aaa0e81c3e8c7d3356af….jpg)


Find another plant that's worth maintaining like Japanese. Even if you only learned a single kanji or word, it's always better than 0 where you haven't gone anywhere.

Don't feed the selfpity plant with water, deprave of it as if it's a weed that sucks out nutrition from your other plants (After all, that's not giving faith to yourself to overcome obstacles, that's draining yourself to become weak which in your words is something you want to avoid.)

A new idea or something you haven't done is a seed planted in the garden.



I'm always crying so it gets water. I don't know how to go anywhere. My lucky number is zero either way.



All right so if you can't completely deprave it of water, then at the very least you can try to minimalize it.

>I don't know how to go anywhere.

By going anywhere do you mean finding something to do?



I don't how to do anything useful and I'm always crying.



Did the need to do anything useful arise from somebody telling you that what you're doing was a waste of time and that you should do something else that was "Practical"?



No, I came to the conclusion that I'm useless on my own.


File: 349d1b480674692⋯.png (65.38 KB, 350x407, 350:407, 仕方が無い.png)


This is an interesting conundrum because earlier on you said that you do not like relying on others but you would not object to friendship if it benefited your interests in getting strong, even if in your view you see them as "followers". Then you said you don't want to care for anyone nor be friends, but that didn't stop you from referring to anon as a "Kind friend", you even asked about Japan and talked about your goals of going there!

Also going by your earlier post how you feel inferior and not worthy because of the guy, the tomboy, and the highly talented brother, my advice is that if you feel in the shadow of someone who is "More talented", remember that you said on your Japanese that "It's something I'm proud of since it's not easy." I bring that up because you have something others don't have, so in a way, you have your own talent and the path is already there, made by you



>but that didn't stop you from referring to anon as a "Kind friend", you even asked about Japan and talked about your goals of going there!

I never said this.



Scratch that particular part then, I assumed you were the same anon. My main point I was trying to get across anyway was that each people have their own different talents & skills, some could do things that others could not, and if one has found their's, then as long as it was maintained, it would eventually grow into a beautiful flower.

I should've added in the highly-talented brother part that if he was older, then he would logically have a lot more to show for himself and he might even have his days of misery and disappointment just as anyone else can even when it feels like it's smooth sailing.



I'm currently as old as he was when he was playing at concerts in the big city (which I was forced to go to), contributing to a local radio station and helping others be healthy and fit. On the other hand, I'm a shut-in who can't say simple sentences without stuttering and might even forget what I was supposed to say halfway through. I couldn't stand going to concerts or having others wonder why I don't know how to play at least three different musical instruments because I actually hate music and am horrible with anything that involves rhythm. It's not like he was perfect, seeing as unlike me he would get into fights with our parents a lot, but such things were often because he wanted to do what he believed was right.



>I actually hate music

Could you explain in greater detail? Do you dislike music regardless of genres or moreso orchestra/band performances?



Music is loud and makes it hard for me to think straight. It makes me angry.



All right. So what keeps your spirits happy? I'm assuming based on your previous post (Loud music bothering you, not like the brother who was more willing to fight for what he believed was right) that you are the introvert type who would enjoy the quietness of reading books. Something that doesn't create a lot of noise or causes distractions to your thoughts.



Nothing makes me happy. I'm always unhappy. I hardly ever change my facial expression from my standard blank and uninterested expression.



Do you still prefer being in a quiet place or does it not matter to you?



It doesn't really matter that much. I would want to believe that things would be better if I were all alone, but when I'm alone I see things that aren't real.



Turn the volume down then...


File: 6c7439e2fd65256⋯.png (738.37 KB, 1666x648, 833:324, IMG_0531.PNG)

i forgot about 8ch's /jp/, at least neet threads are allowed

ive been a neet for 9 months. ive got ssi so i use that to pay my parent rent.

all i really do all day is draw and go visit my neet friend on the weekend.

it sucks but im not good at anything else.



Early on it feels worse but you get used to it and can no longer go back to a normal working life after a while.

Post some of your art.



Living the dream.

But all dreams end


I just watched the first episode of show called Garo. It was pretty entertaining. Chuuni MCs who wear trench coats and dated special effects resonate with me on a personal level.



Are you proud of being a failure?


I will be strong. I know that I can do it.



Can you teach me how to draw?


File: c45784996fe5677⋯.jpg (267.06 KB, 850x602, 425:301, f0b1a0a03e7d6f2e4cd9a0a051….jpg)


After all I didn't need to update my drivers, there is an extension, which does the same.

The maintainer seems dead anyway, or just isn't interested.

Now I am looking at physics engine to chose from, and it's quite a hassle.

There are just too many factors to consider, and writing my own is just too much work.

At least there is always progress, and I am learning a shitton of stuff.

Also drinking beer, as usual.



Just draw. Then draw more. I've been in a terrible drawing slump and have not touched my tablet or pencil in about two years. Now it's been so long that im terrifed of picking up the pen because if how bad I probably am. It's an existential kind of hell.


I've been searching through my old bookmarks and found a link to a song I really liked, but it's gone now.

I feel regret now. I wish I could find it again



I guess the problem is that you don't remember the song's title.

Try to see if there is an archive of the page to read it: https://archive.org/web/



Thanks for the try, but no luck with that.

I actually do know the song, it's "Heartcore Youkai Girl"(at least judging by the URL) but I wasn't able to figure out the artist or the circle or anything.

I think way back then I would listen to it through the website of the artist, but that's gone now


This is the link in question


I can feel it. I'm on the path to become stronger. I will win.



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


With some digging, I think I've found it.

Using the Archive I've found the song's page: https://web.archive.org/web/20090304223150/http://caress.ethereal-wind.net:80/?page_id=28

Then I searched the jap title with the author (zalas) and I've found this one.



Ah or this yes. Apparently the site is still up, it has just changed the url.




Yeah that's the one.

Thank you very much. Looks like I still have much to learn when it comes to finding things.

How come you got a result from the webarchive with that URL while I didn't?

Where did I go wrong?



I searched for the homepage on the archive. Just http://caress.ethereal-wind.net/ . Then I browsed using the site's links.

I was lucky that the song page was archived.



I see.

Thank you again.


I tried making my own mayonnaise. It came out great. I can really taste the difference between it and the store-bought stuff. I technically "won" for the first time in a long time. It makes me feel kind of happy.



I'm happy for you anon



Make sure to eat it quickly.

It doesn't stay good for as long as store bought mayo.


File: 6e830bdf44e2fc4⋯.pdf (182.21 KB, j.1365-2672.1999.00473.x.pdf)



If the eggs are not pasteurized it's actually advised to let the mayonnaise stay at 22°C for a few days before consuming it. If the mayonnaise is acidic enough this should help against salmonella that my be present. This will increase the rate of spoilage due to mold though and it will likely spoil after 6 days.

Read this if you want to know more.

I also read that lemon juice is better than vinegar for the sake of disabling salmonella.



I assume you're not the one I was responding to then, since he said he draws all day.

It would be nice if there was a way to share the struggle.


File: e781e7d281d69bd⋯.png (372.67 KB, 501x510, 167:170, Screenshot from 2018-02-26….png)



even if you don't feel like drawing, you've got to work at it at least once a day. even for 20 minutes. you'll naturally see yourself improve over time.

it won't happen overnight, but one day you'll look back at your older art and be like "gross what the hell even is this i'm so glad i've improved"

usually drawing boards like /ic/ on 4chan will shill loomis and other art books but i find it easier to just look at stock images or looking in a mirror for learning proper anatomy.



Ohh, you are a typical degenerate western 'artist'...






*creator of degenerated filth



Do you draw large breasts. This is a very important question because large breasts are very important to me.



What if he did?


>i find it easier to just look at stock images or looking in a mirror for learning proper anatomy.

I hope your ears aren't that low.



I am not the jewish Korean spreading filth, I am the noble nipponese(american) calling him out. I do not draw, but you should only enjoy wholesome art dedicated to beauty. Not pornography



nah its an older pic from last year, didnt know what else to post


I watched a bit more of Garo. I decided to watch it at a slow pace. I just got introduced to the MC's rival and watched the two of them duke it out while falling alongside a skyscraper. That scene was very fun. It's nice to be watching something which I know absolutely nothing about, it feels magical in a way.


made in abyss is good, the fantastic(as in fantasy-like, not just "great") scenery combined with a tinge of buddhist fatalism reminds me a lot of mushishi, plus the main loli and shota are both really cute


I hate being so uncertain about everything. Sometimes I doubt that I even exist.



I hope you keep fighting communism my man. We all need to. Damn bolshevik bastards.


I am studying for hadoop for a job interview. I can't afford to be poor anymore.



Good luck.

What's a hadoop?



It's a barely working jewish ritual. You summon Java classes and hope your inefficient, buggy shit code generates profits.



Well said.



not much, what's hadoop with you?


I cleaned my room. Parts of it haven't been cleaned since I was 12. I'm not such a fan of things being clean, but I figure that a strong person is someone who can go past "not being a fan" of something for the sake of what he truly believes is right. I want to walk a path of righteousness after all.



Good job anon.

You are winning one battle after another



Nice work. It is important to get all the filth (like marxist propaganda materials) out of your vicinity. Otherwise bolshevism will win.



I'm not such a political person, but I still don't like communism. The idea of everyone being equal makes me sick. I'd rather remain a minus than become an equal. You can't walk a path of righteousness if you have to walk in line with everyone else.



Out of curiosity, was cleaning the parts untouched since then nostalgic?



I studied hadoop and I agree with this statement. They interviewed me and it was Object Orientation basics instead of hadoop. I feel cheated. Plus I fucked up the white board programming test.


Piss in nigger nostrils drown them


I should probably get a job but working is hard and boring...



Why do you want to get a job then?



I need money to finance the rwds



To move out of home.



So that I can buy manga.



To pay the big evil government back the money I idiotically borrowed to get a degree in underwater computer science. And to buy more fumos.


I wrote on a piece of paper "I will become strong" 64 times without being distracted by anything. I simply did it.



Instead of posting here about becoming strong all the time or writing on a piece of paper, just actually fucking do it.


I ended up doing 100 of various different exercises and ran for 20 minutes. I sadly couldn't figure out any other ways to become stronger. So much for the advice of a hallucination. That piece of paper ended up doing nothing, even though I really believed in it. I'm sort of sad about it. It's refreshing to be sad about something that isn't my own incompetence. I hope that one day I'll be able to be happy about something, though.

If Yukari were real, she would be laughing at me right now. As a person who hates laughter, such a thought makes me angry.


File: a71839931ca3199⋯.png (706.41 KB, 725x1050, 29:42, 32e9e16ce2ad2bb084fa045e87….png)


I feel great lately! It feels like I've become stronger and grown as a person. For the first time since my childhood I managed to not get overwhelmed by desires such as lust and gluttony for 12 days in a row now. It feels so refreshing and liberating, almost like I'm a new person. However, right now I'm scared of the fall. A part of me is expecting it to happen any day now, but I want to prevent it for as long as possible. And even if it does happen, that's fine! I'm not going to become sad about it, I'm going to look back at what I've achieved and continue to walk the right path. It feels good knowing that my mental training is paying off.



Good. I hope that one day I'll catch up to you. But then again, even in my childhood I was weak.



So was I, it's just that I never masturbated until the the age of 18, and I've been regretting it ever since.

It's safe to say that I have a disturbed sexuality.

As a child I was so weak that I practically never did my homework at home. If I did them I'd copy them on the busride to school from someone else or just write down a bunch of nonsense since our teachers never really properly controlled if we got the assigned tasks right. Only now at the age of 26 I'm starting to learn how to study.


File: ffecf9f70f5b2ad⋯.png (777.18 KB, 840x900, 14:15, ffecf9f70f5b2ad1e8d66ec741….png)

I think I will never be able to refrain from drinking, or even wanting to drink.

But it's fun for now, so while I know I shouldn't I can't help it.

I am basically like one of those older women you see in Anime that drink beer nearly every day (except I am not a woman nor am I 2D)

At least I manage to be somehow a bit productive during these days.


Ever since I successfully made my own mayonnaise that one time, I have be constantly trying to make it again. Unfortunately, it never comes out good at all. I'm in the process of making it again right now.



Are you a black lesbian woman?







Please do not use the Red Truth in vain, Anonymous.


What are some Japanese desserts that I should make? Being depressed has given me an affinity for things that taste sweet. I am already pretty good at making my own Anko too. Should I just make a Cooking Otaku thread?



>What are some Japanese desserts that I should make?




That's not a Japanese dessert, but I'm making it anyways. My last batch failed, in case you were wondering.



How did it go? Usually the problem is adding too much oil or adding it too quickly. You have to be especially careful when you ad the first bit of oil.




Oh I guess you answered my question. You can always fix bad batches depending on what went wrong. What exactly was the result?


File: d9eca05e444b2be⋯.png (719.37 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, ZZY 0064.png)


I wish I was an older alcoholic 2d woman, they look so happy but alcohol does not do anything for me.



I'd like an older alcoholic 2d woman


I found a piece of paper that was involved in a demonic ritual I tried to do a few years back. I'm surprised that it didn't pop up when I cleaned my room. It fills me with nostalgia.



Did the ritual work?



He's alive so I'd guess no.



On the internet no one knows you're a demon.



No. Even back then I was a person who always fails.


I hate feeling like I'm two different people who hate each other.


I hate being a loser. I hate crying. I hate this. I can't stand it. I just want to win. If an otherworldly being showed up and told me that it could make me a winner, I would tell it that I don't want it. Relying on others is a sign of weakness. I don't want to be weak. I want to be strong. I will be strong. I will win. I hate this. I hate this. I hate being stuck in one place. I want to move forward. I want to move forward but I feel like I keep going backwards. Everything I do is halfhearted, because both halves of me desire to do the opposite of what the other is doing. I feel blind. I can't see what's right in front of me. I don't want to blame things anymore, I know exactly who my real enemy is. I see him whenever I look in the mirror. I hate him so much. He's not the real me. I'm the real me. Regardless of how much I remind myself of a third-rate Shounen manga antagonist, I will not lose hope. My left arm just punched me in the face. Why would it do that?


Move. Move. Move. Please move. I can't move anything except my fingers. I just want to make mayonnaise that tastes nice and do what I think is right. Why am I just sitting down? It's like I'm stuck in a giant robot which refuses to move, even when the monsters that it's supposed to fight against attacks it.




I think I understand how you feel.

I was on a high, but now I've fallen again, and all attempts at getting back to where I was are blocked by something that feels like a lack of energy. I've been thinking that maybe I should incorperate some kind of recovery into my schedule, after all if I constantly give 120% I will eventually have a bad day succumb to lust or gluttony very easily.



>and all attempts at getting back to where I was are blocked by something that feels like a lack of energy.

But is it really a lack of energy? Is what you're trying to do to hard to do physically or are you unable to stay mentally focused? Do you mind sharing what exactly your plan was to get back to where you were?


File: 1260e0257134c75⋯.jpg (602.58 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, hieronymous borscht.jpg)

how do people make it past 30 without killing themselves

I'm 24, NEET for 6 years, it already feels like I've wasted my entire life, 6 more years seems surreal to think about

"the time I used to be happy" shrinks further and further into the past every day

also I can't click and drag to expand the text box in the reply field, fix this shit tenko



Good question, similar situation to you currently, but I'm failing my second studies after being NEET and yet I cant be arsed to do anything but PC all day.

I have no idea how I can motivate myself to do something in my mind I already accepted that I failed I guess.



>But is it really a lack of energy? Is what you're trying to do to hard to do physically or are you unable to stay mentally focused?

It certainly feels like a lack of mental energy, you could also call it motivation. Deep down I want to do productive things, but the sad truth is that I'm not an unrelenting machine ready to perform at full power.

I'm a slob who has been spoiled by hedonism for his entire life and now has to slowly and painfully learn how to build desireable habits.

My plan was to have enough awareness to perform willfull restoration. One of my number 1 motivation killers is that I've had an exhausting week or day and fall into the mental trap of "it's fine if I slack off today, this way I can recover and perform better tomorrow". This almost always happens on weekends, even though I'd much rather be productive there. The sad thing about this whole state is that slacking off doesn't help me at all.

It's not really a meaninful way of recovery, I'm just falling back into my old habits of browsing the internet all day, looking for some novelty to make me smile for a moment until I start loathing myself and feel depressed.

That's why I was thinking that instead of doing the things my hedonistic self perceives as fun I should instead come to rest, distance myself from my PC and lay down in bed to read a book, nap or just reflect upon my inner self. Well, but doing this kind of restoration requires some awareness by myself and the willpower to remove myself from the PC so I'm not sure if I'll be able to pull that off.



>"the time I used to be happy" shrinks further and further into the past every day

I believe that's what people mean when they say "becoming an adult"


I should start watching Bakemonogatari from the beginning again. I never finished it back then and the last thing I remember was some edgy crap about how red lights mean that you're safer than when the light is green. I still think about those words to this day.


File: 7b9e962472886e9⋯.jpg (52.86 KB, 720x540, 4:3, cat_oppai.jpg)

Lately most kinds of media just make the feelings of inferiority even worse. I can't even read manga or watch anime without imagining the reactions of disgust and second hand embarrassment that all the cute girls and cool people doing interesting things would feel about a useless NEET retard like me reading about their lives and all I want to do is put it away and stare at the ceiling until I fall asleep.


File: d00b21e2321eebb⋯.gif (68.53 KB, 250x250, 1:1, laughing tanya.gif)


I had a giggle.


File: 572587ea6c6dd74⋯.jpg (618.05 KB, 750x600, 5:4, 9a486f998e632765d2c56cc594….jpg)


I'm in the exact same same situation as you as I am 24 as well.

After being a Neet for so long I got used to it and even started to enjoy the privileges it offers, I cannot even see myself working a regular 5 day job now as it would waste so much time that could otherwise be spent doing things I enjoy.


File: ed83664f0f1e2c7⋯.jpg (266.29 KB, 608x632, 76:79, e3ce8e7f556188623609f92fbc….jpg)


>I can't even read manga or watch anime without imagining the reactions of disgust and second hand embarrassment that all the cute girls and cool people doing interesting things would feel about a useless NEET retard like me reading about their lives

Tough shit for them, they have no choice or say in the matter of who gets to read their life in the age of readily-available information obtainable with just a few clicks.



>also I can't click and drag to expand the text box in the reply field, fix this shit tenko

There's nothing that I can do, at least that I know. The drag thing is blocked because otherwise the theme fucks up, badly (buttons go all over the place).

Still searching for a fix, blame the clusterfuck that is our code.


This is like the sixth time I've tried to make mochi. I kept thinking how cool it would be to actually succeed in making it. But then again, I'm a loser. I actually have a few tears in my eyes. This won't make me give up though. I might be a loser and a coward, but I'M NOT A QUITTER.

I have a container full of homemade anko yet it's not being put to use. Because I never end up doing anything special with the anko I make, I just end up smearing it on bread and eating it because I like how it tastes.

As for mayonnaise, it's tasty but tastes very different from the mayonnaise I'm used to. I'm not sure if what I made classifies as mayonnaise but I like it anyways.


It's sad that my personal daily goals are things like "play touhou for an hour today" or "watch at least 2 episodes of that one anime" but that's how you dig out of depression, just do something, ANYTHING, as long as it isn't just laying in bed wallowing in self-pity.



My goals are "talk to at least one person about how the holocaust never happened" and "name the jew in front of one person who is not in the know". This battles my personal problems and the problems of my society as a whole.


I recently started setting myself alarms to wake me up at 6:00 and also started taking really cold showers. I actually hate getting up early and cold showers. I think these things might be making me sick, seeing as my head hurts all the time and I constantly feel dizzy. Despite all of this, I continue to do these things. I feel as though I'm fighting against my own nature.



I believe in you, you'll get a bit stronger every day


The whole school shooter media frenzy lately made me remember a weird thing that happened to me once in high school. It was in year 11 or 12. I was sitting in the cafeteria, alone as usual, eating lunch and reading a book about Napoleon or something. These two kinda cute underclassman girls come up to me and ask "Are you the one that left a Death Note in one of the desks in Mr. Soandso's class?"

I told them no, I don't have any classes in Mr. Soandso's room and furthermore I don't even know what a Death Note is. Which was true, at that point I hadn't really gotten into anime or weeaboo shit yet. They sat down on either side of me and one of the girls said "I know you're lying but it's ok. We care for you. Do you mind if we pray for you?" I told them to do what they had to do, and they each put a hand on one of my knees and bowed their heads and started praying, beseeching Jesus to "help me find the light again" and such. It lasted about a minute or so and then they said "amen," thanked me for my time, got up and left.

Come to think if it, that was the closest I've been to a female in the 8 or 9 years since.



I've had a similar experience, back then some school shooter incident happened in my country. Someone in class mentioned that I also played violent videogames, like the person who performed the school shooting. Which is funny, I wasn't even playing Counter Strike at that point in my life. From then on people would occasionally ask me if I had a "kill list" and jokingly beseech me to not put their name on it and act nice towards me.

It's a weird feeling when normal people shun you, but at the same time don't bully you because they fear you.



Reminds me of that one time when I was in middle school when a girl asked me something along the lines of "You don't believe in supernatural nonsense, right Anonymous?"in an extremely judging manner and she also said something about how I never talk to others and don't have friends. I was scared out of my mind for a second, because I wondered if she somehow knew about the demonic rituals I tried to do. The constant stuttering in my voice became twice as intense, but I managed to say "N-no!". She accepted my answer and went back to talking to her friends or something. I've never been good at lying, but I'm thankful I didn't screw up at that time.


I dreamed that I opened the refrigerator and saw it packed with salmon, prepared in all shapes and sizes. Reminds me of that one time my brother asked me what I think my "spirit animal" is and I answered salmon for some reason. While I can't relate to a dog, a cat or even a dragon, I find myself able to connect to this specific type of fish.



File: 4bb7ab7e98bf273⋯.jpg (532.84 KB, 630x624, 105:104, The-Salmon-of-Knowledge.jpg)


Legends in Ireland foretell of salmon who ate nuts of the magical hazel tree and gained knowledge of all the world.

Are you in general knowledgeable of subjects?



The opposite. I always feel like I don't understand anything and feel helpless as a result.


50 push ups

100 of an exercise I remember from school but don't remember the name of

100 squats

200 sit ups

That's my daily exercise routine. Slowly but surely, I increase the amounts I do of each. I remember a time when I could only do 30 sit ups. I also go for a run at least once a week.

Are there any other types of exercise that I should be doing? And no, I'm not going to the gym.


File: c73521352867cb6⋯.png (1009.87 KB, 1078x698, 539:349, ClipboardImage.png)

I recently started this VN about Nazis. After years of telling myself to buy stuff I just end up pirating (mainly anime and manga), I think I'm finally going to do it. The free portion of the VN is almost up to my knowledge, and I won't continue reading until I get a job and pay for it. I have wanted to read this VN about Nazis for a while now, seeing as I'm a closet chuuni, but I always felt too weak to push myself to start reading. I'm going to use my secret chuuni nature like a third-rate anime protagonist's "superpowered dark side" in order to overcome weakness and continue reading this VN about Nazis. So far this VN about Nazis has not disappointed me at all. The fight scenes are really fun and the philosophical garbage speaks to me on a personal level.

On another note, even though her breasts aren't the largest, I think that Sakurai (not pictured) is best girl. But then again, I won't know for sure until I obtain my own money to buy her route.


File: c4a29c68d3d3c8d⋯.png (13.53 KB, 800x473, 800:473, 1520980793290.png)

I sleep twelve hours a day read manga or browse internet eat one meal. Getting bored of this routine.





Today I reheated pizza in a toaster oven and the cheese dripped. I am retarded.



Fold tinfoil into a tray shape and put the pizza on that next time.


A strong person shouldn't cry. Why do I always cry? It's such an unmanly thing to do. I hate it. I hate it so much. I guess if I were crying over someone close to me dying or something then it would be okay, but I'm crying over my own weakness. It's not like there's anyone who I can consider to be close to me at all anyways. I just want to win. I want to be a main character who can cry in a cool way.



During the Soviet invasion of Manchuria, Puyi had to bless Japanese soldiers going to perform suicide attack and they were all crying, the Japanese officer there said they were crying manly Japanese tears of happiness.



I never cry.

Only when I failed my college degree I started crying after so long.

It felt pathetic, but there was a feeling of relieve too.

I don't want to think about it too much.



Do you have a game console?



How did you go on afterwards?

I may have to think of my options soon.



Not anymore. I'm not interested in video games so much like I used to. I remember spending a lot of time using a Gamecube when I was younger.



If it's genuinely a lack of energy then the best thing to do is improve your diet. Even just starting the day with a bowl of cereal can do wonders.

Then do some stretches to help circulation. Exercise can help more than that alone, but it's not immediately necessary and definitely hard work.

Then you could fix your circadian rhythm. Try and keep eating and sleeping consistent every day, stop eating and staring at bright things just before bed, etc.

Those are the biggest things for physical energy.

If it's more a lack of drive or motivation then there's no absolute fix to that. Especially if you don't want responsibility.

Motivation itself naturally has its own lifespan. It dies off easily and often doesn't leave any replacement.

Responsibility constantly spawns motivation, whether people like it or not, but it's also draining. People both crave it and deathly fear it. But again, it's draining, difficult to deal with. Some take that as a challenge though.

Other options are exploration and discipline. Either genuinely look for things constantly and let the feeling of the search spawn motivation, or force yourself to start things without motivation to start with and trudge through them.

Don't bother with drugs either. Absolutely none of them give fundamental motivation itself. And most of them have some form of crash or side effects. You don't seem the type to try them, just saying to note it. They're fun, but NOT a reliable answer to life's problems.

It's also important to think of things in two classes, as the brain naturally does. Production and consumption.

Production isn't necessarily making things, though that is the most surefire way to feel it, but rather anything productive. Organizing things into a usable state and working on skills also count. Productive things are more likely to spawn motivation. Even if it's productivity for someone else's sake, such as employment. Dopamine cycles and all that.

See what you can do to keep active in that way.

Consumption alone generally doesn't provide or drive any motivation beyond physiological need. But it is certainly necessary for nutrition and comfort. Even when outputting as much as you can, don't forget to input as well. That includes entertainment.

If you neglect to consume, you will feel bad. It will drive you to sloth and motivate gluttony.



Since then I am a NEET living at his parents, but want to get a job soon though with my programming skills.

I am quite a good programmer, but I don't know if anyone wants someone who failed his bachelors because of depression (even though my grades were pretty good until the end).

I'm not depressed anymore though, so maybe there is someone out there with a kind heart who will give me money in exchange for work.

That or I will become a gardener.

Basically I just want to save up money so that I can live a year in Japan.



That's around the start of Monogatari Series Second Season. Either Neko Shiro or Kabuki.

I absolutely do enjoy the series. It is great for pre-digested philosophy portrayed in an enjoyable setting.

There are way too many references in its dialogue though. Referential humor is the lowest tier of humor. But I get it really, it's somewhat natural dialogue between characters. It does make sense to share experience, to 'know that feeling'.

Yeah, watch it. Marathoning from the start is my favorite.


File: 2117373e3a31626⋯.jpg (361.48 KB, 940x788, 235:197, shower1.jpg)

File: e67b79117292956⋯.jpg (128.6 KB, 721x1023, 721:1023, shower2.jpg)


Waking up early is good only if you go to sleep early. Timing it with the sun is pretty neat.

Taking cold showers is so so.

What I prefer personally is to start the shower somewhat hot, take it up to max heat slowly so as to not scald myself, then slowly drop it over the course of the shower until it's freezing cold. That way I get the benefits of both, and it's not so disruptive and unpleasant.


I recently came back from my weekly run. Something extremely weird happened. As I was around 3/4th of the way, I felt something "change". I suddenly felt extremely light and instinctively started running at lot faster, but at the same time my legs felt at ease and I was breathing at a nice and consistent rate. The wind was rushing past me and I wasn't really thinking about anything. When I finished running, I didn't feel overly tired and instead I was making a pleasant smile. I don't know why, but part of me wants to believe that I broke some sort of "limiter" that was holding me back, even though I know that stuff like "limiters" likely only exist in the minds of chuunis.



You probably just got a runner's high which led you to be more comfortable and practice proper form by not tensing your body as hard, which makes the entire thing less tiring.



Did you go to theraphy or something? I am also severely depressed and don't know how to deal with it.

Have considered theraphy few times but I somehow doubt these people would understand me.



>That or I will become a gardener.

You should garden anyway for yourself. It's good for the body and soul.


File: 952bd871b910f2a⋯.jpg (244.82 KB, 560x560, 1:1, 952bd871b910f2aa545eca6053….jpg)


>I remember spending a lot of time using a Gamecube when I was younger.

I would've suggested to get your hands on a Nintendo Wii because it would be in your best interest for Japanese games as it can with the help of tinkering play games region-free & emulate many platforms normally not supported like the Bandai Wonderswan, MSX, PC-98, SEGA CD, Sega Gamegear, Sega Mark-III, and Sony Playstation (I was personally surprised how the Gamecube controller can function as dualshock.)

It's very cheap in price & you wouldn't have to worry about firmware because all the Wiis that have Gamecube controller ports are compatible.

If you're still not interested in games like you used to, that's completely understandable as so much has changed. I also put this out there for those who want to expand their Japanese language usage.



You can do all that on PC though. Emulation is a thing there too.

I think you can even text hook PC98 with Anex or NP2. Though that's arguably harder to learn with due to making search for unknown words easier and whatnot.


File: c1a74f6a77a5f7d⋯.jpg (797.74 KB, 799x839, 799:839, 1519161650373.jpg)


I didn't go to therapy, and I don't know if it can help.

If it doesn't cost much I would go in your place though, since they can maybe help you better than you can help yourself.

Just don't take any pills.

What made me stop being depressed was realizing where I want to be and what to do now.

Or maybe that is what I like to tell myself, I don't really know.

Apart from that, taking long walks really helps. Just breathing the fresh air, contemplating, listening to music.


Just got a reply for the job. Apparently they want to talk to me.

Maybe I will become a gardener for a few months.

Even though the pay is shit I can at least roleplay as Youmu in my head.

Gardening, and helping out for a hotel doesn't sound too bad either.

I just hope I don't have to be very social.



Of course it can be done on PC, but doing it on the console is more convenient in my opinion, especially when graphics cards are stupidly expensive because fags keep mining coins.

Another best option if one already has a PC or doesn't want to get a console would be to look for an old Nintendo 3DS. While it's no Wii, it can still emulate many games off the Nintendo pre-N64, Sega pre-Saturn, & PC-Engine library. Since it can be played on the go, it would be a lot better than trying to play them on cell phones.



>listening to music.

Not him but if I'm ever depressed enough to need any real amount of fresh air and contemplation then all music is going to do is piss me off. At most I'd want incredibly low volume simple beats, probably binaural. Unless the goal is actually to get mad itself as a distraction, but even then some good noise like Merzbow is better for that.



It's not really more convenient when you already need a PC or something else to get the files for use on it, and then need to transfer files over. Just booting programs on a PC is easier, with better controller support. I prefer Dualshock 4, but Gamecube connects fine with an adapter if you want.

The only real reason to use a Wii over a PC for emulation in particular is for component out 240p/480i to a CRT TV. Real emulation otaku stuff.

You don't really need a dedicated graphics card for most emulation. Outside of fancy enhanced high resolution graphics and very picky games (Driver support) in few emulators, integrated graphics work fine.

Even an old used PC/laptop should work better than a Wii. I mean if you want Wii games too that's going to take a little more power, but still.

I love my N3DS. It's great for 3DS games. For emulation it's kind of so so. It can at least reach fullspeed SNES on most games, unlike the PSP. So you're right there.

GPD Win is technically better, but costly. GPD Win 2 even moreso. Not sure if I'll even get 2 because it's priced silly high and they'll probably have another revision in a year.




Old model or new?



One of the first Japanese New3DSs, non-XL and black.

Still on a9lh/Luma 6.something and 11.3.

Also got my brother a Black Friday one like a year ago. Should probably play something multiplayer with him sometime.


File: 48f57f755d5d7f1⋯.png (71.18 KB, 422x250, 211:125, 48f57f755d5d7f13f4d738fc3c….png)


>Japanese New 3DS

All right now you got me curious. Since you managed to successfully tinker yours, do you exactly remember what firmware it was on? I'm planning on getting a Japanese New 3DS, but I'm paranoid of getting one that is on later firmware.



Mine was on 9.2. Came with 8.1 or something and updated to that. Then used Cubic Ninja, because despite its $100 price tag at the time it was the only viable way for N3DS besides OoT+save which costed the same for JP. Sounds totally dumb looking back but was totally worth it.

Pretty sure any firmware can technically be hacked with the right stuff. Last I heard it was like a weak magnet and DS flash cart or something.

Up to 11.3 can be hacked with just files on the internal microSD.

Check 4ch/vg/hbg, they usually have a guide in their OP. Though it is kind of dauntingly long and certainly possible to fuck up if you fail to read.

You can even switch the region by installing another, I think.


File: ff1b0c04560c91b⋯.jpg (507.5 KB, 849x1202, 849:1202, mariari.jpg)


So I guess I'm safe as long as I buy it in new condition? Only reference I have is Wikipedia saying that Version 8.1 is pre-installed on Japanese launch New 3DS.



Pretty much. You might need a DS flash cart and magnet or some other entry point if it's too high of firmware, that's all.

You could also buy a local 3DS if that's cheaper. Region locking is bypassed. Even for updates and DLC, supposedly, as long as regions match.

Pretty sure more modern CFWs than what I have even have a language switcher for international releases that detect language by firmware. I haven't messed with any of that in ages.

Another great thing is that some games have furigana. Like 真・女神転生4 definitely does. I think some 牧場物語 and Zelda games do too.

The resolution is just high enough to make it work.



File: 980bc861a26359a⋯.jpg (15.4 KB, 171x159, 57:53, new 3ds-k-3.jpg)

File: f51627898320b2c⋯.jpg (21.05 KB, 161x158, 161:158, original.jpg)


Very well.

>You could also buy a local 3DS if that's cheaper.

muh Famicom buttons though



Some genki anime music always helps to lift my spirits.

Listening to a few songs on and off can get you in a good mood and enjoy your lifetime.



That's the same for all regions though. XLs are on the right, regular on the left.

It's just that USA didn't get any non-XL for quite some time. Note sure about PAL.



It's my opinion that if it's weak enough that just music fixes it, it is not depression. Being down every now and then is absolutely normal and hardly worth grouping with the mental disorder.


For a long time now, throwing punches has been a hobby of mine. I'm not sure if throwing punches counts as exercise, but I throw them anyways. I just timed myself while throwing 300 punches. I did it in a little over 3 minutes. That means that I was throwing around 1.6 punches a second. I'm not sure if that's good, but knowing that fact makes me perceive myself as slightly cooler than before.

I also built up the courage to go to the local library. I remember that library being extremely small, but I still want to see if I find some sort of ancient epic there. I was last there a few years ago, so it could be that it's bigger now.


My brain is melting from shitty sleep, I think it's been in the process for many years



I've decided to stop being hard on myself.

Up until now whenever I had a undesireable thought I'd get angry, feel a burst of rage and violently push it away. I guess what I've been hoping to accomplish was to protect my morals by reacting very strongly towards immoral thoughts. I was afraid that if I can't vanquish immoral things in my head with righteous fury that they would take over me completly someday.

But I've been doing this for years now, and it never got me anywhere.They'd just came back over and over but they haven't taken over. From now on I'll instead disect these sort of things, analyse them and think about why these things pop into my mind. It feels like I'm taking away their power that way.



Yeah, deal with that the Jungian way. Every single person has a shadow, an evil side, malevolent as can be. You have to accept that, because just ignoring it or forcing it away will allow it control over you when not thinking about it.

Don't get me wrong. Holding true to your morals and reacting to other things with anger is completely fair and valid. But it needs balance, some side to genuinely argue with. Or else you'll just be a ball of rage incapable of dealing with anything.



Not him, but having two sides isn't doing me any good. We hate each other. We want the other one dead. Saying that I don't like my brother doesn't even begin to compare to the hatred I feel towards the other me. We both want to be the main character and are not willing to compromise. Since neither of us can claim that title, no one wins, meaning that I can only ever lose. I feel like anything I try to do is done halfheartedly, since the other half will never cooperate. One wants to live an ordinary life while the other desperately wants to revive those abnormal dreamlike days. "Acceptance" isn't a word in either of our dictionaries.

I'd argue that without certain things like a love for Yukari and a desire to never give up, we'd be completely different people. It's funny how the youkai of boundaries manages to be in the boundary between us.



Yeah that's exactly the problem.

If neither side is willing to genuinely argue and concede, to bounce ideas off one another and accept some final outcome of either the winner or some compromise, then it's not going to work well, if at all.

The whole point is to blend the two back into one with proper internal dialogue for the sake of organized thought.

You can still hate one another, but do realize that each other's input is important. Not only for dealing with yourself but for dealing with others.

It helps you internalize, predict, and react to the potential malevolence that others (and you yourself) may inflict upon you, then limit that reaction to rational bounds so that you're not constantly paranoid beyond reason.

If you want a fairly digested, end user media form of the Jungian perspective, I believe Persona 3 and 4 handle it quite well. They don't exactly articulate the issue itself as a psychology teacher should, but they do portray what could be considered the correct response to the issue.


File: bf67ab0682c1ac6⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1214x1720, 607:860, 230af99bbc8d3b285594372b49….png)

Today just isn't my day.

The seller that had the new Japanese 3ds cancelled the order because the shipping package was lost.

I noticed how introverted I was at a small restaurant because I wanted to get out from the lunch hour crowd & intentionally avoided eye contact. My soul reminded me that I was not the type who liked to hang out in public. To be honest though, I'm sick of going out because I keep changing my diet which limits the places I go to & I'd rather make my own dish than to pay a little more for a good meal.

A few days ago when I was reading a Touhou visual novel, I felt my heart race when Saigyouji talked, as if I was meant for her. Despite that feeling of positivity, I denied myself of the crush.


>Jungian perspective


I see what you did there.



>I wanted to get out

Big mistake. Postmates everything that you crave that you can't make at home. The outside world doesn't matter.


I recently doubled my daily meditation time, originally for the fun of it, but after that it became the norm for me. My meditation has always been plagued with uncertainties and fear, so I was surprised that I managed to concentrate so well once I knew that I was doing double the usual time.

I'm not sure why I meditate. I just do it for fun, I guess.


File: 6a3f5b493d23335⋯.jpg (67.39 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, (ー∀ー;).jpg)




>I see what you did there.

More like what they did there. It's not exactly secret the games are designed around it.


File: 4265da696b7087e⋯.jpg (119.85 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, IHADA.jpg)





That doesn't sound very ~NEET~ to me. Unless it's possible to be talking about a meeting of multiple new working adults, both/all outside of the train.

Also, does spray on allergy screen actually work whatsoever? I know antihistamines do by just blocking the reaction, and I know a lot of them have the problems of crossing the BBB as well as being anticholinergics. But at least they do work.


I suddenly started trying to juggle things. I'm extremely clumsy and bad with most things that involve coordination, so I was having a very tough time. I settled for two rolled-up socks as the objects for me to juggle and got to work. I stopped doing everything else, I didn't eat, I didn't drink and I didn't browse the internet, I simply kept trying to juggle those two socks. My entire existence became centered on those two socks and I wouldn't change that fact until I could juggle them 30 times in a row. I progressively became more angry, which is okay since it meant that I wasn't filling my time by crying instead. I kept doing it over and over until I finally succeeded. It felt nice. Even though what I did can't be considered as productive or useful, I still consider that to be a victory. I managed to win.

I'll say that I'm lvl 1 at juggling now, which I can put alongside my lvl 3 in cooking and meditation and my lvl 2 in exercise.



Fuck juggling, doing it is just way too dangerous for me. What if I toss it too hard and made it hard to reach? maybe I could incidentally swing my arm over fragile stuff such as laptop and breaks it or even hurt myself while trying to catch but then hitting my hand into something hard. I remember when I tried to juggle once then an incident happened. I couldn't remember what was the incident but things were really bad, then I realized how stupid I felt doing it. Juggling is a waste of energy and time, certainly not worth it.



Juggling is a valid skill. Largely useless on its own, but good to practice. It helps coordination and spacial awareness, also helps you learn how to teach your muscle memory through repetition.


It's alright once you go where nothing fragile is in the immediate area. TPO is a point whoever scolded you should have pushed much harder, rather than knocking juggling itself.

And sure, it could be considered a waste of time and energy compared to other actions, even video games of course. But it's a valid action to begin with, and million times better than crying or obsessing over mantras.


File: e37bbfb7f07d533⋯.png (88.22 KB, 1280x549, 1280:549, 1506885529972.png)


File: 22b701ada1a2ae6⋯.png (93.19 KB, 1280x549, 1280:549, ClipboardImage.png)


My version



more like.... my VIRGIN lol



I think that's not quite true. You're on the internet, there is more than just empty space around you.

It's certainly easier to blind yourself to it, and ignore it all. Simple, safer, less chaotic. But it won't ever give you strength.

What I'm confused by is what you mean specifically by strength. There are countless types of strength, but in context I believe you just mean capability.

And if that's the case then the first step is to study what can be done to increase your capabilities.

Given you have time on your hands and access to the vast internet of information, the only obstacle to gain this 'strength' is your own will. Which is a massive obstacle, sure, but not as painfully impossible as it seems.

Personally, if the previous assumptions resonate as true with you, I'd suggest you to start with some form of psychology to build defense mechanisms against existential dread and sorrow. That should alleviate, though not entirely prevent, a lot of negative forces against your will. Such as nihilism, or the fear of evil from others. As long as you have some way to deal with them they will not overwhelm.



I don't know what being strong means. Even if everything is right in front of me, it cannot help me if I can't understand it. I don't know how to approach things, I don't know how to learn things and I don't know how to remember them. I consider the fact that I managed to learn the basics of juggling in around an hour to be a miracle. I don't like this though. It feels wrong. It's like I'm not the one in control.



So what precisely do you want then? Clearly the ideal of being strong. But what pops to mind when you say that? Someone physically powerful, mentally capable, incredibly adaptable? You can't start working towards any goal without identifying it first.

I find strength in articulation. To say precisely what I know, including what I know I don't know.

>I don't know how to approach things

A lot of people have trouble just starting things they don't know. That's okay. It really does take discipline. You can find some comfort in searching for information first.

I generally look up just enough information on the topic beforehand that I feel safe enough to explore. But whatever you do, you'll have to jump right in at some point.

Just juggling straight away, for example, is technically progress there. You could go look up precisely how to juggle, get tips from others, and ensure the area you're juggling in is safe from harming things, but you would still need to actually juggle. Because the main point is actually juggling. That's how you learn, how you get something to correct and refine in the first place.

>I don't know how to learn things and I don't know how to remember them

To start there I'd read about, or listen to a lecture about Jean Piaget and his perspective on learning. There are several good examples on Youtube.

Basically, he believes everything is first learned through action. Long before you ever abstract and articulate things to rules and knowledge, you build behavior, reactions. It's how children play games naturally without reading or even being able to communicate all the rules.

Only once conflict arises is there a need to abstract and associate rules and labels to actions.

So that can all wait if you can safely act out what you want to learn, even just simulating it in your head.

>It's like I'm not the one in control.

Well that one's a lot tougher.

Do you lack willpower, or is someone else in control?

Is that someone else actually yourself? If so, what part?

And then, can you talk with that someone?

Form a dialogue to free both sides, argue against control you don't agree with, concede to whatever arguments actually makes sense, find some compromise.


うえええっ、スマホからの地震警報と激しい揺れで叩き起こされた_:(´ཀ`」∠): _



I don't know what it means to be strong at all. That's why I'm lost. I'm lost, which makes me incapable of doing anything but losing. My "inner world" is nothing more than a really big desert with nothing in it. When I was a kid, when I could have been adapting to my environment and making friends, I was walking in circles instead. That hasn't changed by much. I still walk in circles a lot. When I close my eyes I just see myself walking in circles in an endless desert. I'm too stubborn for my own good. The three things I know how to do are to cry, to dream and to struggle.

>Do you lack willpower, or is someone else in control?

I was talking mainly about the idea of fate. In other words, the idea that everything is predetermined and that the choices of the individual don't really matter. I hate fate so much. Overcoming fate might as well be my reason for existing. That aside, as I already mentioned I feel like two different people sharing the same body.

>Is that someone else actually yourself? If so, what part?

We're different in many different ways and are mostly only united by our hatred for the other. At any given time I feel as though I can only use up to 50% of my power to do anything, since the other me desires the opposite.

>And then, can you talk with that someone?



File: 2ae88cd7cb3f3cd⋯.jpg (573.76 KB, 1200x819, 400:273, Ass♂watch.jpg)


Is there a thing you believe in. A thing that gives you courage even in weakness? Something that can make you fight even when the outcome is decided. A hope, a dream, a belief that makes you stuggle against fate. That is strength.

Ask youself if you have ever been in a place where you gambled your life on an idea. Where you have ever placed yourself below something else and suffered to make a dream real. If you haven;t then you don't have the meteric to measure stength against.

I am sorry if this sound silly. I don't know the words in English to express this sense. Stength is found in the pit of despair and it is suffering that manifests it.



>Is there a thing you believe in. A thing that gives you courage even in weakness? Something that can make you fight even when the outcome is decided. A hope, a dream, a belief that makes you struggle against fate.

I have such a thing. It's the fact that I'm stubborn and virtually unable of giving up. To give up means to die in my eyes, so living my life as such a stubborn person is sort of like gambling it. I'm suffering because I believe in my dream. I'm always angry and always crying. I miss that creepy ghost girl being behind me in the mirror. Reuniting with such a person (who's likely no even real) is a major dream of mine.



That is strength. Now use that strength to make your body stronger. You have a goal no run towards it. Lift weights, run, exercise. The hero you dream of exists inside you. Make him become real. Be the Ace your need to be. The world is wicked and evil be the good and strong fights against that number one.








You know, that really really sucks. You could make use of your other personalit/ies. Forming a dialogue with them and learning how they think could give you strength against such thoughts.

The strength to play the devil's advocate, to simulate, see, and articulate the opponent's arguments, so that they can be argued with. Especially if the opponent is yourself to begin with.

I personally believe that's why such personalities exist to begin with. To simulate the things you don't like, to give you capability to fight against them before they attack. To put yourself a step ahead of evil, you have to think like the evil itself.

There's also the term 'keep your friends close and your enemies closer'. I think that too is relevant to such things.


In a way that is strength. Primarily in the context of pure immortality against constant negative change. Because then you have something to fight and a method to fight it.

But it is also weakness. Because everything has a lifespan and you're clinging to one iteration of being without adapting or reproducing it, so to speak.

To put that into perspective I'd like you to consider absolutely everything as an organism; with a goal, inputs, actions, and a lifespan. Personal motivations, skills, interests, society, culture. Absolutely everything.

Say, for example, juggling or making mayonnaise. You don't just do the exact same thing endlessly, right? The same thing that failed to succeed. You have to sacrifice it to refine it.

To do so, you have to kill the previous behavior to prevent that failure from re-occurring, remember what parts work, recreate it with some change, and judge whether it had a positive effect.

Consequently if you never ever kill and recreate a motive, such as learning Japanese for a common example, it will die out. Because motivations, like all organisms, have lifespans.

And this is natural.

All organisms that do not work well die. But they're often replaced with things that work better. It's your job as a stubborn person to remember as much of what works as possible, not to deny their death, but to hold onto them tightly and recreate them through iterations of change.

This is Darwinian strength.

You are suffering because life is suffering. Constantly dealing with a chaotic world around you, trying to make sense of it, knowing you'll never make sense of ALL of it.

You are always angry and always crying because you know something isn't working.

That something isn't producing results. But you're too stubborn to change it.

You want strength because that gives you a distraction from life's suffering, hope that there is a way around it.

Does any of this sound true?



> Even though what I did can't be considered as productive or useful, I still consider that to be a victory

According to who? Yourself, or what other people would consider producitve?



>To do so, you have to kill the previous behavior to prevent that failure from re-occurring, remember what parts work, recreate it with some change, and judge whether it had a positive effect.

I'll try to do that, even though it's hard for me to let go of things. I always have a sufficient amount of hope, so I'll be okay.


I never really thought about it. Maybe I should consider it to be productive on a certain level.



If I were to aquire some profency in juggling I would definetly consider it productive for myself. To me anything that has gained me something while putting my heart into it is productive. That even includes relaxing stuff like playing videogames or just laying in bed.After all I was able to gain energy from it that I can use on more difficult things.

I think everyone has to decide for themselves what they consider productive.To me societies definition of productivity is pretty worthless.



Resting is restorative. It just builds potential for productivity that you can use, rather than being productive itself.

Video games can be productive in their own context. Especially if you gain something from them. Even if that thing you gain is just skill with which to play the game.

They can also be quite unproductive. Like playing the same type of tetris or pac-man game a million times in a row without changing any methods, for example.


English is very hard. Langauge is silly rules.


File: a5c83bd83eac9c1⋯.png (34.36 KB, 650x500, 13:10, 1375831878897.png)


Yeah it's hard. A billion and a half rules and exceptions, countless synonyms with minor difference in nuance, endlessly evolving from its widespread use.

Worthwhile for the sake of communication though.

Practically everywhere related to technology and business makes some use of English.



German here, it's pretty easy.



>Theyey can also be quite unproductive. Like playing the same type of tetris or pac-man game a million times in a row without changing any methods, for example.

I disagree, if I'd do that and get a feeling of accomplishment instead of deepseated regret then I'd consider it productive



The feeling of accomplishment from doing the exact same thing over and over naturally weakens over time. Spending time desensitizing that sense of accomplishment could even be considered counterproductive.

Keep in mind I'm only referring to unchanging perseverance there, like the ever popular repetitively playing to top the score of gameboy tetris.

Actually refining how one plays to reach a better outcome can of course be productive.

Games with scaling difficulty, levels, or story are less subject to all that, as they have (saveable usually) progression in their own right independent of personal ability.

Learning mental gymnastics to make things seem productive is also somewhat productive. But putting them into use after learning them is technically not.

There is value and meaning beyond simple productivity of course. Not everything HAS to be productive to be desirable. It's just a category.



I will do my best!


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File: 08c2b1a0604c60b⋯.png (9.48 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, [Coalgirls]_Yuru_Yuri_Seas….png)


I just saw the episode this image is from and thought of this thread.


Still lost but still trying. Thinking about that warped Yukari-possessed arm I had in that dream gives me strength. It was weird, overly-edgy and a total ripoff of something from a VN about Nazis, but to me it's cool as hell. I want to be more true to myself, true to the chuuni I really am.


sakurako on the front page!


I haven't masturbated for a while. I think I'll keep it this way. I don't really care about any potential benefits that people keep talking about, I'm really just doing it because I see it as the right thing to do. I find the idea of resisting something so common to be really cool.



Sure, that's cool.

But also remember that masturbation itself isn't all bad. It's a good reliever of stress and tension, a small cardio and pelvic workout, keeps the imagination flowing, lowers the chance of prostate cancer, helps fight the common cold, blah blah.

Everything in moderation. Do let or make it happen every now and then.



I only feel human when I can "dehumanize" myself



Some time back, someone here told me to look into Left Hand Path occultism. I finally researched it a bit and I don't find myself so to connected to it. While I'm really interested in the "making your own path" and "separating yourself from the rest" aspects of it, I don't like how it's seen as the materialistic path and how the people who follow it are Satanists. While I always thought that the Devil is a really cool guy and I sometimes like a bit of edginess, I see the Satanistic aspect of the LHP to be self-contradictory, since worshiping Satan means that you're not following your own path. I don't connect to the Right Hand Path at all though. The idea of becoming one with everyone and being in eternal bliss is revolting to me. I've never been a person with "acceptance" in his dictionary. I believe that a person needs a reason to be happy, which is why I consider mindless pleasure to not be true happiness. I want to follow a righteous path, but that righteous path is one which is decided by me.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Kinda reminds me to this part of this video that I've watched 2 hours ago. Go to 2h52m30s



One should follow their own path but in doing so be careful that it actually is righteous and not just moulded to appear to be righteous to fit around your own poor habits.



When you distance yourself from natural emotion? I can agree with that.

Humans, in the case of being productive, are a race of problem solvers. That's where we stand higher than other creatures, with the ability to abstract and think rationally. Since natural emotional urges get in the way of that it feels like a step backwards from human civilization.



The way I see it it's within human nature to go against our nature. If we would truly give a shit about being natural we'd live in caves and club women on the head to rape them. But we don't do that, because we have the chance to go against this nature. Trying to embrace natural urges is hypocritical to me.



>because we have the chance to go against this nature.

No, you don't. Also you don't know the true "nature" of humans since nobody of us lives in a natural state.

Fapping isn't good for you anyway, especially to something as unnatural as porn, so don't do it.



I think that some natural urges need to be embraced, or else they'll eat through you and drive you mad.

The most prominent example being eating and drinking. Like, just try and stay rational while you're starving, it's guaranteed to be impossible past some point.

But also things such as the drive to discriminate between people for their regional origin, upbringing, race, or age. As that does give a perspective with which to start when facing the unknown (people).

Building up a resistance to the control of urges is useful. But so is having the urges to begin with. At the very least so that you can deal with other people who may also struggle(Or even fail) against them.

And that's just for urges people consider negative. There's also a whole slew of positive urges, such as the drive for exploration and progress, or the drive to enjoy stories. Without any of those you'd seriously have zero reason to do anything but die.

Sadly, some people spend all their time fighting such positive urges, or have already killed them off entirely.

The whole point is to strike a pragmatic balance so that you can still actually live while civilized.


Last night I felt like I couldn't sleep so I decided to throw 1000 punches (even though I typically only throw 300). I put on the BGM that plays in FSN when Shirou and Kotomine have a fist fight. It felt great. As I kept punching, I slowly started to adapt a specific way of throwing my punches which felt somewhat formal, if that makes any sense. My arms and shoulders felt painful, but I'm not one to ever give up. The way I continued made me perceive myself as somewhat of a hero. I've always wanted to be a hero. Around the time I got to 950 punches, the playlist switched to the next song, which happened to be All Evil of the World (the theme that plays in scenes that are related to Angra Mainyu) and that transition felt like it was the work of destiny. After finishing, I figured out that I've been throwing punches for a little under 15 minutes. Through some simple math, I came to the conclusion that I was throwing around 1.11... punches every second.





Good job, I'm proud of you anon



There are a few ways to punch but the key points are to try and hit with the larger knuckles and to keep everything inline, if your wrist is not inline you could damage it. Regardless I would be focusing on form and technique not speed, training speed all the time particularly if untrained can form bad habits.



Yeah, smells like cum alright.



>My arms and shoulders felt painful, but I'm not one to ever give up

When it starts to hurt is when you're supposed to give up for a bit. You don't want to actually damage anything farther than rest can repair it.

Not knowing when to rest is almost as weakening as resting all the time.

Not to freak out about a little pain, just making a point.

Also, I wish I could feel anything from BGM anymore. In the context of a story they're certainly enjoyable. But there's no real emotional force. Even silence is more empowering.


I'm glad when everyones life is starting to improve.

Maybe being a support player pays off after all


In that visual novel I'm reading, there's a thing called Foreknowledge. It's essentially what happens when a person, typically Mercurius or Shirou, know the outcome of a situation ahead of time. It denies the person who has it any sense of excitement or enjoyment that said situation might bring. Mercurius wanting to overcome Foreknowledge is his primary motivation in Dies Irae.

I'm the opposite though. I'm not a Nazi sorcerer. I'm constantly plagued by feelings of uncertainty. I feel as though I don't know anything at all. Sometimes I even doubt things that are 100% true, like the existence of the floor beneath me. Part of the reason why I have trouble interacting with others is because part of me perceives them as monsters wearing human skin. I have trouble shaking this feeling off of me. Is this even real or is this all just a dream that I'm having? Did I really throw 1000 punches or did I just throw 100 punches and accidentally added an extra zero? I can't prove such things. I can't prove anything. How could I possibly prove that I exist at all? I'm perpetually lost in this endless desert.


I want to be a emotional and mental tank for all the people I care about. I want to soak up their suffering and enable them to be happy. I know this is a very chuuni thing to say, but I've remembered how much I liked to play a warrior in World of Warcraft and how much I enjoyed standing in front of big monsters and protecting my party members. In this game the resource that was used to enable warriors to use their ability was "rage". I like the idea of that in this analog. I'd like to use my inner fire to burn my enemys but also to provide warmth to the people I love. However, right now my mind is in no condition to shoulder everyones problems. I need to become stronger so that I can take care of my own and everyone elses problems.

To make it short, I have a saviour complex and I'm very well aware that this could ruin me, but I don't want to be any other way.



You are like my opposite in many ways. You want to accept and I want to reject. I don't trust people at all. The wizard was always my favorite class in various video games. Even though I like the class that contains the smart people, I can't understand anything. I want to become strong for myself, even though I don't know how to become strong or what being strong even means.


The hot showers I once loved have been replaced by uncomfortably cold ones. My precious sleep has been cut short, since I wake up at 06:00 every morning, regardless of whenever I fall asleep. I'm constantly doing exercise that brings me to exhaustion and I'm meditating so much that my legs are starting to hurt. I feel as though there's a war taking place in my head, with the weirdo me and the pussy me fighting each other for supremacy. I haven't given in. I don't even know how to give up. I just want to become strong. I want to be the main character. Even if I expect the worst, I always hope for the best. I don't even know if that makes sense.




Meditation is useless.

Learn to play an Instrument instead, its the better form of meditation.


File: a6198f27f8f5547⋯.png (446.13 KB, 800x900, 8:9, __aki_minoriko_touhou_draw….png)

I woke up from a dream of engaging in sexual activities with Minoriko. It reminded me that I have mostly overcome the sin of lust by not masturbating for a while, seeing as otherwise I wouldn't have such a dream. In the desert that should contain nothing, I found something that I dropped there. Picking up this metaphorical treasure instantly reminded me of one of my central goals, which is to rid myself of the seven sins. I have to defeat Sloth. It gets in the way of everything. I'm always holding back and I don't like that. I have to win. I know that I can win. >>38836 turned out to be an accurate prediction.

Thank Minoriko



How come?



There aren't many benefits in meditation, as in you are literally doing nothing with you limited time.

Being focused on playing an Instrument meanwhile relaxes your mind to a very deep level (I sometimes even drool when playing guitar), and you learn to play an instrument.

It has the beneficial meditative properties, while also being creative.

This level of playing is only achieved after some time though.

Basically you need to be proficient enough at it to completely forget the physical aspect of playing an instrument.




I cannot do this. I cannot play music. Playing music is the one thing that I will never do. My brother is extremely talented in music. He knows how to play several musical instruments, including guitar, bass, drums, piano and I think I once hear that he played the violin in front of a lot of people. I haven't even mentioned that he knows how to sing very well. I can't stand it. I hate music. When I was very young my parents made me take a piano class. Even though I spent over two years in it and had a very kind and smart teacher, I simply couldn't succeed. Deep down, I knew that I couldn't do it. I could never understand how rhythm works. I feel as though I never understand the "rhythm" of things. I hate rhythm. It confuses me. Whenever I think of music I think of my brother playing music very loudly to entertain everyone but unintentionally ends up hurting me, seeing as I can't stand loud noise. I HATE MUSIC SO MUCH. I WISH MUSIC DIDN'T EXIST.



I meditate because I can't do stuff like learning music in the first place. Years of hedonism has made me retarded, so to me meditation is a very useful thing that allows me to attain knowledge about myself and to fix myself. Meditation is perfect for retards like me and >>38851

/jp/ - Mental Alchemists



Sounds like you've got some issues with yourself.

Maybe if you could start liking Music, and stop comparing yourself with people around you, you might become not only happier, but also stronger.



Ditch completely cold showers in favor of starting hot and easing into cold slowly.

Try to fall asleep consistently as well. Just waking up at the same time won't help your sleep cycle much.

You don't need to position yourself so your legs hurt to meditate. I doubt you're even meditating anyway, with the way you describe it. There's countless types of meditation, and none of them I know of require hurting your legs at all.

One of the common goals of meditation is to calm that war through introspection, internal dialogue. Which requires you to give in to yourself.


That feelio when you are laying your head down on the pillow and you realize that you turned 40 and your life is so inconsequential that even you forgot it.



I hate music. As for my brother, wouldn't the Moon always think of the Sun? I don't want to be happy.


I can't give in. I have to fight. I have to win. I hate losing. I'm just not good at positioning my legs right.



If you compare yourself to others you have already lost.

The moment you do that you are weak. Your mind is weak for not just caring.

This is the purpose of meditation. Stop caring about that shit.

Only then you can get strong.

Until you realize this all your efforts are fruitless, and I will call you a faggot.

Because that is what you are. So stop caring already.



I will always care. I won't give up. I will become strong.



Like this you won't.

You are probably the weakest person.

No wonder you care so much about becoming strong.

For you its some unnatural fixation, but honestly its annoying for me to read about your stupid delusion in this thread.

So can you stop posting about it already?



Yes goyim, stop trying to improve and consume instead hehe



The hell are you talking about?

In this thread this idiot has constantly written about his "want to be strong".

When people give him tips, he rejects them stupidly.

When asked what this "strength" he wants to have even is, he can't say.

But instead of _actually_ improving he stays the same retard as always.

I am just annoyed by it at this point. He should stop posting.

He can "try to become strong" as much as he wants, but he shouldn't spam the thread with this vague as fuck teen shit.

The first step towards becoming strong is to stop being annoying. Or do you know anyone strong who is annoying people constantly?



You have to give in to yourself eventually. Otherwise ALL of you loses by being in constant conflict. Which only hinders you, wears you down, and makes you weak.

There is no winning if there is no conclusion, there is only an eternal series of losses. That is what you are doing.

You don't need to position your legs at all, dork. Meditation is mental, you could even do it standing up or lying down. The point is almost always to control your thoughts.

Again, I don't think you're meditating at all to begin with. Which would really explain the lack of progress evident from your numerous problems.





at first I thought it was just someone having a laugh by ironic chuuniposting and pretending to be retarded but holy fucking shit it's gone on for MONTHS in every fucking thread, it's obnoxious



Happy Birthday!!!


All this talk of strength, I already am strong, the strongest even. But it is meaningless, society has no use for people like me.



Strength is relative to its use. If society has no use for you, then you are functionally weak to society.

So I certainly hope that strength is useful to you personally. Or else you just lied, dude.

Of course being weak is technically okay. It's just not generally desirable.


File: e162fb44c638d33⋯.jpg (139.99 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, Cirno and Daiyousei 002.jpg)


Being strong is about being able to beat up others. Of course there are other kinds of strength like perseverance, discipline, wit and knowledge. All of this is arguing semantics anyway.



Semantics are my favorite type of argument.


How about this. I won't post on /jp/ until I become stronger. That way, if I never become stronger then you'll never have to hear from me again. But if I do become stronger then I'll have something to talk about and will be less annoying and obnoxious.



You could just sort your brain problems out through study and proper meditation. And hell, actually work out for physical strength.

Personally I'm only annoyed at your weak childish crap, perseverance in genuinely useless shit like mantras. Drop that and you're probably good.

No real need to stop posting all together.



He should stop posting about becoming strong, but he can still post about other things.

Basically he should just stop being annoying.


I don't mind him making these kind of posts. To me /jp/ has always been a place where I could be honest. A canvas for my true self so to speak, the me that could never express himself in the real world. He's speaking his mind, and even if his intentions may seem chilidish they are coming from his heart. I think that's really important



Okay. Jews did 9/11



Oh okay. Here I go.

My personal opinion is that there is no true Juden conspiracy. Because Jews don't even need to conspire. They automatically agree with one another as long as it fairly follows their rules, regardless of how twisted the interpretation is. And they will work to defend one another beyond all else, to the point where they've made organizations like the ADL for doing so.

If whites would take to similar ideology, foregoing the need to properly conspire for such race-wide race-specific positive outcome, they wouldn't be so weak to Jewish undermining.

And if people in general would also learn to play by these rules, including twisting them for personal benefit, they wouldn't suffer nearly as much.

Usury is also one of the worst evils to inflict upon a society.

Indebting that society endlessly to lenders simply because those lenders can manage money without pesky morals is just painful to think about.

The fact that there is more money currently flowing from loans than current printed money exists is absurd. It is absolutely impossible to pay off these debts in currency they accept.

Such loans should never become required just to access education and residence.

But societies have already set rules enabling this evil. There is no clear way out without massive wars, and loss of life and property.




I appreciate your honesty


With the power of love and peace I will banish the darkness!



If love and peace were enough to rid us of the Jews they would be long gone. What we need is blood and thunder.


I want to try focusing on my "inner fire" (area around my chest) while meditating. I feel like it's giving me power and it's making me happy. Maybe this is the path to my true self


I have become stronger.

NOTE: the following paragraph is complete chuuni nonsense. Just skip to the next one if you're not into that sort of stuff. Shortly after making the post in which I declared that I wasn't going to post on /jp/ until I became stronger, I put an end to the pointless war (the thing that was holding me back the most). As I stated in >>38844, I found a certain something I dropped in the desert. It's a huge fucking sword that I designed back in my early chuuni years because I was sick of punching imaginary demons to death. Anyways, I realized that "loser me"'s desire to live an ordinary life is total bullshit and goes against what I actually want, and said realization along with the fact that I was literally just fighting myself turned an ordinary sword slash into an attack with a 99.999999999999% instant kill rate that filled my entire inner world with a radiant light. As I executed my ultimate attack, I gave an over-the-top speech on how I don't believe in duality or something. My enemy, who is now no longer me, gives the first and only smile he'll ever give and ceased. I got the urge to draw a weird symbol in my old chuuni notebook after the climactic fight, and I did it as a way of honoring my enemy. In other words, I accepted the other me but at the same time accepted that his desires cannot coexist with mine. Therefore, now even if I lose I will not be a loser.

Now that my head was finally clear of all of that nonsense, I decided to do that thing that you guys kept telling me to do, but I would always respond with "I don't know". It looks like the real answer to what strength is to me is actually "4. All of the above". To me strength is having courage, but it's also being physically fit and it's even understanding how things work. To me strength is all of those things and likely many more. Because I no longer view myself as a loser, my daily workout has become really fun and my meditation sessions feel more like actual meditation. I've even taken an interest in eating healthy and can use my knowledge in cooking to complement it, but I'm doing it in moderation because I'm not giving up on my homemade sugary desserts.

My imaginary girlfriend, in spite of being basically an anime girl, does not speak Japanese. I know it sounds a bit strange, but this bugs the HELL out of me. That fact, along with the fact that the sequel to Dies Irae likely won't be translated in my next lifetime, have become my motivations to learn Japanese. I figured that my brother knows a few languages at this point so I gave him a call. Since I'm not a loser anymore, I have no reason to hate him. He gave me a few tips on learning languages along with explaining to me how he's on some random island in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of hippies. I already knew Hiragana, Katakana and some basic grammatical stuff before this, so I have a bit of a head start.



I'm proud of you anon.

Good luck on your continued journey.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


By the way, what do you think about Sukuna and Seija?



Seija is easily one of my favorite 2hus. I'd say that she's one of the most relatable 2hus in my eyes. I don't care much for Sukuna though. Nice song, by the way. I have no reason to hate music anymore.


After finally getting a 1cc on lunatic I've started to look for a job again. It's a pain in the ass.



Sorry to hear that.

What are you hoping to get and what are your qualifications?

Congrats on lunatic 1cc by the way, I died to Okina today on normal mode



Good luck.


After doing my daily exercise, I figured since I want to eat healthier then I should cook something for myself. I'm pretty sure that protein is important for becoming physically fit, so I cooked a piece of tuna. I took the tuna and partially-burnt cooked vegetables and threw them into a bowl of noodles. It looked as though it had just arrived from the darkest depths of Hell or something, but it tasted great.


File: 61abdccdbdd1340⋯.jpg (123.52 KB, 839x951, 839:951, 1524098959281.jpg)

an online friend told me he's been putting up with me for the past 6 months out of pity and that he can't do it anymore. he told me to kill myself and blocked me.



You still have /jp/.



Want me to be your new online friend? Of course that'd be out of pity too at least for the moment until I know you better. But I'd never delete you like this.



We can be friends. Unless you're gay or a nigger or a k*r*an



>he told me to kill myself

Well did you? Maybe he'll unblock you.




what does this mean?




'Kran' is the German word for crane.



Yes, I do


i appreciate the offer but it will probably take me a year or two to open up to someone again.



I wouldn't delete people like that either.

My approach is generally just to argue against the part of their very existence that annoys me, until they either fix it (When dealing with me at least) or don't want to talk to me any more at all. If anyone can stand me doing that then they're more than worth keeping in contact with for a myriad of reasons.

That fag 'friend' just gave up instead. What a fuckin' loser.



It's the name of a disloyal Japanese province.






File: 92d02950fdaa4c9⋯.png (144.99 KB, 1114x953, 1114:953, firefox_2018-04-23_14-51-0….png)


/jp/ blog thread = insanity thread.

By the way, I'd like to encourage anybody interested in being recognised over a series of posts to use a name, in this thread only though, of course. Especially our resident strongman, >>38895. Most people only seem to superficially give a shit about him, but I'd be curious to hear more of what he has to say, even if it is just chuuni nonsense, ESPECIALLY IF it's just chuuni nonsense.

As for me, something strange happened with one of my many mental tics*. One thought I usually have when I'm idle, standing around is "10 more minutes". I have no idea what I was waiting for when I came up with this, but I must've been getting very impatient. So anyway, as I was waiting for something today, I thought something like "oh God, eight minutes", and that filled me with so much shock that I just kind of stood there for a minute. Just a little anecdote, more to come next time around.

*My mind is an infested shithole, at times when I think about the thoughts I'm currently thinking, I get restless and obsessed over the fact that my "thought" is always one "layer" higher than I initially thought it was. Thinking about my thoughts thinking about my thoughts thinking about my thoughts thinking about my thoughts (thinking about the "rule of four", which I just coined- how repeating something four times is just enough to build up a rhythm and start annoying people) is enough to ruin a shower, and get me into this state where I need to limp to my bed and start listening to music in order to recover. Honestly Strongman, I'm envious that you were confident that you could see one you in your mind, let alone TWO.



I'm not such a big fan of names. If you see a post that features terms like "strength", "imaginary girlfriend" or talks about things that couldn't possibly exist, then it's almost certainly me anyways.


>>38944 Okay, but that'll make you Strongman 21 to me, as in the date of your last post. But won't plenty of people regularly mention imaginary girlfriends and non-existent things here? I doubt that even you could be persistent enough to mention strength in EVERY post you make



i'm op and also the one that keeps posting about depression and nihilism and /jp/ meta


>>38949 Honestly I can't make out much distinctive about you, but I'll still call you Monad, because you started this thread and I think it's a pretty rad name



It's me! I'm the guy who tries to be supportive towards everyone here on /jp/ while trying to maintain some cheerfullness for myself. Occasionally I post about my occult studies or the seven sins. Also whenever you see someone posting a cute kemomimi girl that's probably a post by me too



What do you think about the jews and their korean allies?



Pretty good.



You like them? ban pls



I can't even think of a reason that justifies your friends behavior. I'm glad when friends confide in me, so it's impossible for me to understand how someone could get fed up with it and even tell you to kill yourself. There must have been something wrong with him to begin with.


>i appreciate the offer but it will probably take me a year or two to open up to someone again.

I'm not the guy you're responding to, but I wanted to say it's very admirable that you're planning to try again eventually. It's a pity you don't feel like it right now, but I'll be waiting.



Hahahaha, occultic studies? Seriously? I guess I gave that name to the wrong guy. But I don't really want to use another occultic name though, it might paint over my entire character. Why do I have to come up with the names anyway?

Anyway, that'll be the topic of this rant: "Names".

Have you ever wondered what it is about those media franchises were aspects of a character are objectively, infallibly dictated to them? For example, that earlier anime adaption show Accel World where the main character's psyche gets scanned by a machine, and his in-game isekai avatar is the perfect personalisation of everything that makes up "him", ESPECIALLY his weaknesses.

I think it's because people want to find themselves, but they don't want to go looking. They want a trustworthy, 100% reliable person or thing to tell them who they are, because it's impossible for them to look at themselves without bias, and with the same scrutiny they'd give the behaviour of a second person. Hell, the person wouldn't need to be that much of an authority, as long as the person who wants to know themselves trusts them, or pretends to trust them in their mind. In any case, it's always fun to see what other people think about you and your behaviour, so that you can verify their claims or correct them where you think they've failed, if nothing else.

Anyway, if that's what you, >>38951 were looking for, I'm going to have to apologise because it's a bit difficult not to come up with these things on a whim when you're on an anonymous messageboard. You'd surely be disappointed with anything I came up with.



As the one you called Strongman 21, I also think that names are a pretty interesting subject. If you ask me, names are like boundaries. God made the sky and the ocean by separating between them, or in other words, acknowledging the two as different. In my old chuunibyou notebook, I wrote a bit about what I thought of the idea of names at the time, and tried to apply it to some sort of exorcism technique which I had come up with. To me, "monsters" have no clear boundaries and as such can't be defeated through traditional means. Giving them names is sort of like sealing them, or at least restrains them. If we follow the belief that the universe was originally an endless sea of chaos, then God could've built this world just by naming a bunch of things. I'd say that calling Yukari the Youkai of Names makes sense because of my belief that names are boundaries. Ever since I had cast away the name "Loser" I've felt a lot strong than ever. It's almost as though that name which I would often use to describe myself was actually holding me back.

The name Strongman 21 makes me come off as some sort of superhero, so it's a bit weird but I guess I shouldn't complain since I can't think of anything better. In the shitty american adaptation of Kamen Rider Black RX, Kamen Rider Super-1 was renamed as "Strongman", and combined with the fact that S is sort of like a 2 and the word Super is followed by a 1 makes a connection between me and Kamen Rider Super-1, who I always thought was kind of cool for being a Kamen Rider who puts a large emphasis on martial arts.


>>38981 Yeah, I've been a little interested in social dynamics myself, and one thing people tend to look over is names. Your name is basically the earliest you can get when it comes to impressions, even impressions you give to yourself (in the case of a number of forums I've signed up to recently).

Something that tends to bug me though, is that no matter how many groups I pass through, and no matter which names I use, and no matter how I TRY to behave, I always tend to get outcast. I guess some other part of my personality else always leaks through.

By the way, were you the guy who posted about that extermination stuff in the other thread?



>By the way, were you the guy who posted about that extermination stuff in the other thread?

Likely, but I'm not sure what you're referring to.


>>38984 The magic thread mentioned earlier, this post I mean >>33069

It doesn't really seem like something written by you, but there's a simiar idea.



That was me.



Okay, I figured so. Doesn't mean much, but thanks for confirmingit anyway.



I listened to a guy rant about this recently.

Identity is a two way street. It is usually determined pragmatically between the individual and those that the individual interacts with.

This is usually learned, but not articulated, between the ages of 2 and 4. When the child gets socialized, learns to play games with others, and realizes there is a world beyond the egotistical self.

Many children do not get raised with this in mind, and they get stuck with the toddler's mindset that they decide their own identity and anyone else has to abide by that. Hence the whole gender identity crisis.

One other person identifying you isn't enough for an absolute belief. Usually people keep finding new people to interact with largely for the sake of expanding and verifying their identity.

Any new person can immediately make parts of the identity 'not true' if believed. Which can take a giant hit into how people see themselves.

It's quite painful and panic inducing to have something you know be broken, but absolutely necessary for the formation of identities. Or any other learning process really.

As for names on the internet, I usually go by some variation of Dotty. Not as a diminutive of Dorothy, but as an adjective of character. Enthusiastically off kilter, excited and strange, not quite crazy or mad.

I really like it when people actually put thought into their names. Like >>38981

Good job, dude.


Tried kimchi for the first time and it's actually pretty good. The cool spicy crunchiness goes really well with white rice and fresh hot stir-fried meat.

I'm sorry /jp/, I have failed you.



It's okay, I was just curious about your reaction to my post. I know full well who I am without someone giving me a whimsical name.


Have you ever tried making something like a "character profile" for yourself? I'm not saying that you should show it to anyone, but simply for the sake of possible self-realization.

Anyways, I just started making something like it. The first thing I figured I should do was write down what my name is. I gave several names, but none of them had my real first name. I didn't feel like it was "right", even though I wrote down "The Yukari-loving Demon Lord" as one of them. After writing down a few more things, I got to the "likes" section. Even though I once called myself a person who has no love or something along those lines, I'm still writing stuff down in this section. Sure, I might've written "not giving up" like four different times phrased differently at this point, but that's not the bulk of it. As I'm writing I keep discovering things that I actually like. I don't think I'd ever call myself a person who admires gods from various mythologies until I found myself writing "gods" on this ordinary piece of paper. It's crazy. I haven't even mentioned some of the key things that I like, such as Yukari and the main idea behind anonymous imageboards at this point.



>Have you ever tried making something like a "character profile" for yourself?

That shits gay, you embarrassing chuuni.



sounds like Jordan Peterson's self authoring program, which is very popular on imageboards. I guess anon downloaded his book.

Don't bully me please I just read a few threads about him that's how I know about this.



He popularized it in modern times, yeah. But such things have gone on for ages. I remember being made to do something similar in elementary school, and again in high school.

I'll certainly bully you for thinking it's anything new or specific to the individual.

But the guy himself is popular enough to notice by accident even if you avoid mainline imageboards or social media like the plague they generally are.



I made a bestiary of people archetypes, I was going to add myself but I thought I am too impartial to the subject for it to be accurate.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This video that tenko posted really made me think about something...

If stuff like meth is basicly an activator for the focus and energy that's already inside of our bodys, then shouldn't it be possible to get these kind of effects even without drugs?

I wonder if I can learn these kind of things. All I need is already right there inside of me after all



I'll watch that in a bit. But yeah, sort of.

Classic stimulants are usually Dopamine/Norepinephrine/Serotonin reuptake inhibitors.

The brain generally reuptakes classic monoamines (Dopamine/Norepinephrine/Serotonin) to prevent toxic stress on the system and save them for later. What stimulants generally do is prevent that. The system they inhibit is for getting rid of excitement when it is not needed.


Meth in particular is also a monoamine releaser, which forces the excitement stronger even without a perceived need or desire in the first place.

You can force your body into a panic without drugs, make use of it, and actually enjoy it. But it's not nearly as easy as forcing it through chemicals. And it's difficult to keep up since you'd generally get tired again whenever the need for such things seems non-immediate. That the brain does this is a GOOD thing.

The best advice here is simple. As much of a drug otaku I am, sadly it's unrelated. Straight out of my brother's mouth:

"An object in motion tends to stay in motion. And object at rest tends to stay at rest."

If you want such a rush, then you have to move yourself first. Tell your body directly "By golly I could sure use some ENERGY now" through action. Doesn't matter if it's physical or mental exercise.

You have to be the one to strain first.

The body simply reacts.

Hopefully you're stronger than your body alone, more complex and abstract than just reactions, and disciplined enough to bring actions into place to begin with. Otherwise you have plenty to work on.


File: d94be3fb23b9dea⋯.png (37.8 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, firefox_2018-04-28_10-55-5….png)


File: f0a6f1575e4e169⋯.png (6.25 MB, 3197x2399, 3197:2399, __inubashiri_momiji_mystia….png)



I would just download them from NND if I wanted the video and audio. That's a lot of unfamiliar Japanese for me to go through without subtitles.



Words of wisdom, but spurring my body into action is easier said than done. Like you said, I have plenty of stuff to work on. This video just made me realize for the first time in my life that meth could be a shortcut to glory and it's kind of tempting me. But of course I know that the consequences would not be worth it. However, I do understand now why people would take that kind of stuff. I guess it's no surprise then that most influential and powerful people take drugs.



I remember learning exactly the same thing as a kid. It certainly turned my world upside down. Like "Oh shit that 'wrong' thing actually makes sense" and "So there's that path too, huh". Really spurred on a passion that sticks with me even now.

It is a great feeling to at least have an idea of how others think. Especially others you don't want to copy, such as enemies and failures.

That's one of the many reasons I believe the Jungian shadow exists, as stated earlier in this thread; to simulate the things you don't like inside your own head, in preparation for knowledge and response. It's abstraction of negativity.

But tempting as meth may be, it's not all glory.

Even throwing addiction and crash aside for the moment, euphoria and anxiety come hand in hand. They're two sides of the same coin. If anything is euphorically pleasant it is likely going to be heavily anxiogenic as well. Especially if you don't feel you deserve that euphoria.

Not everyone responds positively, chances are you could be a paranoid panicking mess seeking calm with your entire soul from the get go, on the smallest dose ever. You don't even have to wait for the crash for shit to go south.

And even the glory itself isn't nearly as immensely useful as you'd think. Focus, drive, and energy are absolutely worthless without direction. Most people just tend to get lost in pornography or endlessly cleaning their house past the point of necessity. Not that that in itself isn't pleasant, getting lost in a task usually is, but yeah.

Of course I could sing praises too. But I don't think you want to read that if you want to avoid drug use.


I tried talking to God for the first time in a while. I don't think I've talked to him a single time since I truly began my journey to become strong. I wouldn't call myself especially religious, but it's just something that I like doing.



I've linked it once before, but I'm going to take another opportunity to link this: http://www.eudaemonist.com/biblion/characters/

More of a vice list or "List of those assholes I really hate, you guys know who you are" kind of thing though.



I honestly believe prayer in itself is useful. Not as much in modern times, but still. If nothing else it gives power of articulation to desires and problems.

The more precise you word prayers the better you feel about them, yeah?

Vague world peace and happiness never bring the closure of articulation. So people generally laugh it off when children do that, in joy of their innocence lacking in the need.



>[Such the speeches, such the doublings and retractions to which the Ironical man will resort. Disingenuous and designing characters are in truth to be shunned more carefully than vipers.]


I mean I know the terms ironic and unironic are widely misused nowadays in place of satire or lack of seriousness, but it still applies so strongly to them.


File: c79747f68d820ce⋯.png (436.69 KB, 640x480, 4:3, mpc-hc64_2018-04-29_20-50-….png)


How the hell do so many things fall apart at once? Back to vindication I guess, I'm probably leaving for real this time. Not you guys, not to worry. You can keep on enjoying my vague, self-serving posts.



Good, because I enjoy them.



What's wrong?



Things, and now everybody hates me again. I don't usually write this spitefully, but it's just so irritating that in any group I've ever been a part of, I've been the spurned outsider. EVEN that one group I co-founded years ago. The feeling isn't so uncomfortable in itself (I'm not generally a social person), but for all of my experience, I've never been able to identify the common factor between all of these that leads to this result. It must be some aspect of my personality I've never been able to change, but I hardly have the introspective capabilities to figure out what I'm even like, let alone which parts are undesirable. I've been making many shots at wildly different angles in a number of online communities, but it always turns out this way.


>>39040 Yeah, I always thought that opening was pretty killer.


Somebody told me I looked like I was 32 years old, on my second wife and paying child support today. I'm 22.

By the way, we're going to want to post a new thread soon, this one seems to be past the bumping limit




Is there a bumping limit on 8jp? I thought not.

Even then, there is no need to keep a thread up on any topic 24/7. Especially keeping one bumped to the first page, as would be the only reason to make a new one due to 8jp's massive thread limit.

That 'general thread' mentality is quite frustrating to deal with. SAGEd so hard.



You have actually procreated?

How does it feel? Do you not want to be with your child?



It's so you can keep up on any new activity, which is pretty helpful on a comfy little board like this.


I haven't, the guy was just so stunned when I told him how young I was.


We're on the second page now! We're in real deep shit!



hehehehhehehehehe you dumbasses, you fools, you just stood o my trap card


I'm going to become even stronger.


File: 1bcedd7a33af8c3⋯.png (748.67 KB, 960x720, 4:3, mpc-hc64_2018-01-08_01-20-….png)


at the rate of new thread creation this thread will still be around til like october anyway

alternatively we could make it cyclical, but that's not very 無常QUALITY


Decided to make an effort to use my left arm more than my right as a little game. I'm hoping that by holding my bag with my left arm rather than my right, I might:

1. Passively become ambidextrous

2. Give off a different look

3. Challenge my brain, giving me more kinesthetic awareness

I know that calling those objectives "optimistic" is understating just how stupid this is, but I think it's been pretty fun so far. Got a little piss on my pants though. So far, having my dominant hand free while my left arm carries out the minimal, effortless (though it starts to hurt very quickly, but if it's just a little pain, I can get through it) task of holding my bag has proven to be a lot more convenient than I thought it's be. I'll post more if I notice anything else.


Earlier today, I was trying to figure out why Existentialist thoughts drive some people into depression. While I was thinking about it, instead of figuring it out, I instead came up with the most amazing outlook on life: The universe is a big fucking place. Imagine the biggest pile of dung you can take and then double-- no, triple that shit and you still haven't come close to one octingentillionth of one of the universe's cornerstones. Yet out of all of that fucking space, all of the relatively less big gallstones and hot air balloons flying through all of that fucking space, I'M the most important thing, for the mere virtue that I happen to be the thing that I am. I could be some fucking brainless chieftan of an uncontacted African tribe and I'd STILL be the most important thing around. Anyway, all you losers miss out on being the most important thing in the universe, unless you're me. But don't worry, since the things in the universe which offer some benefit to me have some value to me, the person who decides what's valuable to me, you can still be somewhat important by either agreeing with my philosophy, or calling me an insecure shithead. Either will please me immensely, it's just the recognition I want really.


I gave myself a name. I don't really know much Japanese yet so I relied on Google Translate.


You might be important, but you aren't nearly as important as me in my eyes. I'm the main character of my story. I think that people should strive to become the main character of their own stories, in such a way that they would find such a story enjoyable.


I just googled this name and it brought up the title for some sort of LN that looks trashy. Fitting.



Sorry if you feel stupid now that nobody's posting. I just haven't happened to have any especially interesting developments lately.

Today, somebody took one look at me and asked if I'd seen The Blues Brothers. That's the first time somebody's commented on my appearance like that, it's normally about the F.B.I./M.I.B. or even a "hacker" injoke that went around.

It embarrasses me a little, but I'm stubborn and I won't change my look, I already stand out in a crowd and it'd take less superficial changes than wearing new outfits to stop that. When I was young, I drew images of "cool" figures in suits with guns, because the extremely simple shape of a tie and jacket were the only clothes I could do. I can't even draw stars.


I figure I'll just post some of the weirder stuff here and make my usual posts in that other thread.

I fondled my imaginary girlfriend's boobs a lot earlier. I don't actually know what boobs feel like, so I just imagine that they're as soft as possible. All was going well until she slapped me for wasting my time instead of pursuing greatness. I thought about how cool it would be if my left hand was the dominant one a bit after that.


It's okay. I can tell if there's a new post by the post count in the catalog.

The fact that you dress in such a way is interesting to me, since I always wear extremely plain clothes.


Dear wageslave diary;

Today I talked to a customer from switzerland (which is nothing special).

His TV had to work some magic and he refused to hang up the phone until his problem was solved. So I had to cover 15 minutes of nothing with him. Luckily he was much better at smalltalk than me, so he started to tell me all about how he studied medicine in 1980-1986 in a town very close to mine. After that he went to japan and worked for a pharma company. Nowadays he's retired. He sounded like he was 40-50 years old, and based on his graduation date im estimating that he went into retirement in his mid 40s. During our conversation he suddenly got a call from japan on another line, so I had to sit there and listen to him go "hai hai wagata".

The moral of the story here is that if you study medicine you can go to japan and retire in your 40s. All this made me a little jealous of him, and part of me wished that he or anyone else would save me from this callcenter hell.

But it can't be helped, it's not good to sit around and wait for a miracle. I have to find a way to save myself out of my own strenght.



Interesting story.

>I have to find a way to save myself out of my own strenght.

I agree with this. A person should strive to create his own miracles.


I've been reading too many manga lately and it's been filling me with delusions about what the "ordinary" life is like. When you think about it, it's pretty abnormal for people to have friends worth a damn shit to them, isn't it? But if you'd just read manga, or even watch T.V. shows or even listen to peoples' inflated stories, you'd get the impression that it's abnormal to not have one good friend for a lifetime. I think it's just some kind of weird idealism. In any case, it's really making me feel like I've missed out on too much, and that's the worst kind of feeling


I was staring at a wall today and came to the sudden realisation that, out of nowhere, I'd started perceiving depth more extremely than usual. I don't know how quite to put it, either my senses have seriously changed, like somebody's turned the FOV rate up, or I've just started making a point about noticing how some objects are closer than others. Whatever it is, it's extremely disorienting and since then I've felt like vomiting. It's like looking into a panorama, or a 3DS whenever you turn the slider up more than a fingernail's height. It feels like, instead of just estimating distance by parallax like some kind of cyclops, distance now has real presence to me. 3D movies and shit are probably going to seem way less tacky to me from now on. Anyway, if I suddenly disappear, than that probably means I've found out a way to displace myself on the fourth dimension and isekai'd myself to build up a harem of 2D girls.

On another note, I've been feeling less insecure about little things like the way I walk, my deep voice which sounds very high when I hear it, and the position of my tongue/jaw in my mouth. Pretty weird since that seems to go against suddenly becoming more sensually aware.




I have been feeling something similar. I feel more "aware" of myself. I'm catching the "fake me" in the act of doing something I don't actually want to do, remove him and do what I actually wanted to do instead. The less I hold back, the stronger I become. Strength is very important to me. If you stop hearing from me, then it means that I've become a true sorcerer who's hopping through parallel realities like Lady Lambdadelta.






























Dear wageslave diary,

I'm employee of the month at my shitty wageslave job and recently lots of people have been praising me at work.

No matter what I do, I can't feel pride about this.

All I feel is sadness about several things

1) After 1 and a half year I still work at that shithole while most people quit after 1 month.

2) Everyone who works there is so incompetent and stupid that my halfassed, lazy and misantrophic attitude was good enough to make me the best employee

On the bright side, I'm going to get a 44€ voucher for purchases on Amazon, maybe I'll buy some books about occultism with that money. But it's probably gonna take a while before they hand it over since my superiors are like slow retarded children


File: 7579638db397e4a⋯.png (2.11 MB, 1737x1405, 1737:1405, __axis qt.png)


Good work!


I'd like to become a more vicious person. I believe that by becoming more selfish, and horrible for absolutely nobody's sake, I might become happier, more self confident, and, funnily enough, have a more agreeable, more presentable personality. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of reliable guides on this kind of thing, so I'll be largely playing by ear.



just stop caring about others

see them as tools at best and obstacles at worst



How do I go about that? As things stand, I'm a deeply sympathetic person.



I don't know. Maybe you should try to view your overly-sympathetic nature as something wrong, which hurts you more than it helps you.



You could try to strenghten your masculine side, that's typically associated with ruthlessness and dominance and will push away your feminine side. But then you are right brain imbalanced and have a whole new problem on your hand.

The best thing to do would be to bring feminine and masculine into balance.


I know what you must be thinking. What does a sorcerer do when he wakes up in the morning?

First I will tell you that when I used to get up in the morning I was highly grumpy. For some reason, no matter when I got up, I'd always be highly angry for no reason, and at the same time I had no appetite and couldn't think straight. Seeing as it was something "normal" which I didn't like, I fought against it until it eventually stopped. This lead to me developing my morning routine. I go through the following stages.

1. Wake up (obviously).

1 (2). Write down dream(s), if I dreamed of anything last night.

2. Exercise. 50 push-ups, 50 sit-ups and 50 squats are the minimum, but I often do more of them and add more type of exercise.

3. Meditate. Exercising first helps clear my head. I meditate according to breath instead of time, so it takes roughly 15-20 minutes to get through it.

4. Cook something for breakfast, typically oatmeal. While theoretically I could just eat slices of bread with stuff on it or something similarly simple, I think that the cooking aspect is important. Cooking requires some sort of effort, and the results tend to be tastier and hopefully healthier. I like oatmeal with peanut butter and a reasonable amount of sugar because it's tasty, healthy and filling. Effort is important because effort is like magic or something, dude.

5. Do two productive things. I'm not allowed to access my computer until I do. They can be almost anything, typically related to learning new skills or honing the ones I already have. The only rule is that it must serves some sort of purpose, even if said purpose isn't really all that important, like thinking of a new dress for my imaginary girlfriend to wear because I'm tired of the old one.

6. Lastly, I read the "to-do list" I prepare for myself the night before multiple times and try my best to follow it.

I'm a shut-in so it's not like I go to work or anything.


Just a thought I had recently, I hadn't really figured out it was a real thing until just now. All throughout my life I'd become severely pissed off whenever people would try to "soothe" a distressed person through cuddling, or kind words, or anything. Whenever people tried to do that for me, I felt like humouring them was just adding to my burden (maybe it helps you by distracting you with those people, rather than whatever's bothering you?, and I projected that onto other people, and I realised, that must not actually be the case for other people. The worried faces they'd make while doing this kind of stuff always looked painfully artificial to me, and I'd become convinced that the fact their faces looked that way was the result of a deliberate contortion of the facial muscles. Like a fake smile versus a genuine one. I'm a very emotive person myself, but my face never moves all that often, at least not that much that I'm aware of. People have told me that I'd have a very solid "poker face", some times. I'm the kind of person who generally cries randomly at some opportunity when they're alone for no real reason, rather than the kind who knows exactly what they're feeling for.

Anyway, I might've gone off track a little there, but I've just considered the possibility that that sort of compassion is real, whereas I always thought that you have "silent compassion" and "attention seeking", no real medium inbetween. Maybe the fact that I don't see that kind of situation often is what makes those kinds of expressions look alien to me? I don't really know, but anyway that kind of self-satisfying ""consolation"" still really bothers me, it's more humiliating than helpful to get treated like some retarded kid that way.



How do you feel about people on the internet trying to encourage you and cheer you up?


Until I get fired from this job, I have it, which means I can blogpost a bit about it. It's actually sort of interesting to see what people buy and I feel like it reflects a lot about their personality. But that's not what I want to talk about now. I've been a shut-in for such a long time that I forgot about how my face hardly ever changes from a semi-angry neutral look. Many people who passed by me took note of this fact. On multiple occasions, I was told that I looked "desperate" or something.

Seeing as I refer to myself as a "sorcerer", the thought of a sorcerer working at a normal supermarket comes off as quite funny to me.



It would be extremely painful.


I feel horrible, bored, and lonely. I sat outside on my balcony just earlier for a little while, and listened to the normally irritating sound of a party going on nearby. It made me feel a little better.


Oh, right, guess I should mention the "lonely" thing. I often feel this way lately, but recently, a group I'd been frequently just had its leader leave it. The members were dwindling down from 8 to an eventual head of 4 because of bullshit drama, which made me feel more and more obligated to post and keep the thing alive (that's how these things work, even more so when it's not some anonymous messageboard which you can generally trust to work automatically without you). The leader kind of left because of some old stuff with everyone, he's got this kind of persecution complex and he thinks some people are on the other "side" because they don't feel as strongly as him about these past events I and a couple of others happened to be totally uninvolved with. And eventually he left. I don't know, there's probably more I should say about it, I'm not representing it right. Maybe he just felt like it was futile to expect the group to keep "working", and since us last few would never work up the courage to leave or anything, he decided to bring it to an end himself? I can definitely understand his position, and I might've done exactly the same thing, but maybe people are right about him and his feeling victimised.

I'm not sure what kind of emotional impact this has had on me, but it's probably worth reporting. After all, it took away one of the ways I might help myself alleviate myself from this.


My right shoulder hurt. It wasn't anything serious, but it irritated me. I knew that it would go away eventually, but I wanted to try something. What sort of Sorcerer cannot heal things? (the answer is most of them because healing is more of a Cleric thing but whatever). So I tried out several words like "heal" but they didn't seem to click until I tried using the words "repair yourself". It was longer but not too long, sounded like a command and the word "repair" implied robotics, which I like. I chanted the phrase in a mythical way a bunch of times and added in some visualization for good measure. Now my right shoulder does not hurt.



Pass me some of that. I stretched my left arm too far again and now it feels like there's this fuzzy nerve damage all over, again. This lasted for days on end last time.


Agreed to go bowling today, I came purelu for the Daytona USA machine that had been there. It was replaced with a Despicable Me-themed claw machine and whack-a-mole machine, so I ended up crying. The fact I can cry over dumb shit like that is a sign that I've had an amazingly easy life, which is a little comforting to me, but there was a bit of a precedent.

I've lived in this town for all of my life, and as a part of a high school trip, we all went to that same bowling center. I hate bowling, I think it must be one of the most boring activities in the world, so I chose just to sit down and listen to my music instead. But a teacher started shouting at me to bowl, so I bowled instead. I think I was bawling my eyes out then too, thinking about how much I'd prefer doing something like playing the arcade machine there instead. This time was meant to be a kind of revenge I guess, I've never actually played Daytona, but I love the visuals and the soundtrack, except it was gone this time, so it was just a bit of a repeat of the last incident. Because there were no teachers or anything there though, I just drived home after going into the bathroom for a tissue, and seeing how red my eyes were, how obvious it was that I was crying. I got there before most other people, so it was fine.


The local arcade did not have Daytona. I played Wangan Night: Maximum Tune instead. I didn't have a banana card and didn't bother spending my money on one, so $2 worth of progress is now gone to the winds.


I created a small tree in my inner world. I deleted it soon after.



Plants are big, dumb, and only good for getting in the way. Pave the Earth! (But I'm not joking)


I happened to look down at my index finger, and there was a bunch of blood pooling around this bruised area. It didn't hurt at all, so I have no idea where it came from. That "bruise" though, I feel like that part of my finger has actually been a little gray for the past few days. I guess that they might each be different injuries, the first making my finger more susceptible to damage, and masking the pain. In that case, should I be worried about my finger rotting away?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Not a blogpost, just using this thread as a facet for my strange hobby of inpromptu short essay writing/rambling to nobody in particular.

A primary concern of those tree-woshipping cults which have been politely ignored for the better part of ancient society, and yelled at for their growing obnoxiousness just as of late, is the "health" of the Earth. Not the animals, or even so much the plants mind you- the EARTH. Now I get that they (generally) really do mean the animals or the plants, but this piece of rhetoric seems just so senseless to me that I have to rant about it. Putting aside the fact that we never collectively agreed to pay any debt back to it through any kind of covenant (we've had several self-elected "representatives" do this), how do these people think they can tell just what it is that the Earth wants? What gives them this privileged information?

I think, that, if I at least were the Earth, I'd much prefer that the funny looking prenatal apes should cover my surface than plants or beasts. And this isn't some kind of intelligence bias, or forced, uncontextualised admiration for humanity itself, based off of some cool passages from sci-fi novels, it's based off of a very basic principle.

The plant biomes are these dense, concentrated death orgies (an orgy of death, and an orgy with a lot of death going on in the background, some of this orgy happening on top of that death) where everyone can't think of anything to do other than making as many babies in as short a time as possible. The Earth might not even mind the fact that plants and animals screw on top of corpses of deceased ancestors who did the same their entire lives, it's not its own business- but one thing it'd never forgive is the way those plants just had to get IT involved. The Earth would just be fine with watching all of this havock going on, but then, unexpectedly, the plants have the gall to penetrate IT. But let's ignore that, on the off-chance that it likes that kind of thing, because say what you will about humans and their tendency to penetrate things that may or may not want it, but at least they have the courtesy to clean up after themselves, and NO PLANT has ever been so thoughtful.

Hell, we LOVE it! Histories of plant death sex parties have frozen theirselves in history, embedded theirselves into the Earth, and for some strange reason, we just can't seem to get enough of digging these up out of the ground, and then burning them. Until we decode the "bloop", we won't be able to tell the Earths' opinion for certain, but that big noise it made then ought to have been a whole-hearted "Thank you".


Note: Since it is explicitly biological matter that plants root into the Earth for, it may be sensible to assume that the original large plants had moss-like qualities, growing OVER Earth instead.


You know how I mentioned that I was using my left arm to do some things, the most consistent action being carrying my bag around?

Well, I could tell a little ways in that it was doing a toll on me, so I stopped until the bad feeling hurt before resuming again. Well, I didn't know the least of it.

For shits and giggles, I decided to punch the air a few times, as I'm really not all that used to hitting anything in any way at all, and thought that I may as well give it a try- I might enjoy it.

First I went with five swings of my right arm. Even if I added this little twist in, a little trick I got from some old martial arts instruction video a few months ago, I could tell that I wasn't doing it right at all. Whatever.

I tried my left arm, to see how well I could co-ordinate, and while the momentum propelled it from myself, I heard a very, very distinctive click. The shoulder joints in each of my arms have a bit of a hyper-extension issue, one which could probably be easily corrected with some kind of rudimentary muscle training (fapping is the most strenuous exercise I do at least once a month), but this one felt different. Whenever I threw my left arm, it'd consistently disconnect, and have to slide back into place as I returned it.

I gave up on the punches. I should probably give up on that habit of carrying my bag with my left arm too, lest it fall off entirely.


I keep finding random things buried in the sand in my inner world.


Recently I feel like people are copying my interests, it's really taking away my sense of uniqueness.. but maybe I'm just taking more note of these things after getting interested into them so it seems like that?




Stop copying my doubts you.

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