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File: f1c31c39913fbca⋯.jpg (18.13 KB, 318x308, 159:154, man-in-despair.jpg)


I envy you weebs. You still have comfy imageboard communities. The rest of us cant enjoy anything anymore after 2014.


File: 5acb05f4903b0a7⋯.jpg (3.29 MB, 2100x1600, 21:16, miku vita.jpg)

What do you mean "Can't enjoy anything anymore?"


File: 1c5fc2bc395dd46⋯.jpg (12.83 KB, 252x255, 84:85, 1448761259736.jpg)

just become weeb, its not as hard as it sounds. if you "envy" us so much why not just start watching some anime and start posting here? we need the extra anons.



Ever since the great spergout of 2014 i feel that non-weeb imageboards have been plagued by a toxic mentality. A mentality of constantly looking for things to be outraged at, forced conformity that prohibits you from posting anything that goes against the hivemind and thinking critically. This all started to take over everything after 2014. Weebs were spared since their boards werent overrun by newfriends to the same magnitudes as the others, hence why anime boards actually nice places to post at.


>Weebs were spared since their boards werent overrun by newfriends to the same magnitudes as the others

kidding me? anime is mainstream now, every board was overrun by newfaggots and teenbros who started browsing because they watched kill la kill and it was totes epic, the more I try to withdraw into the japanese language only side of the weebshitsphere the more it gets infiltrated by teenagers and brazilians and other beaners posting garbage in their disgusting third world tongues


File: 3aca7eb9da678de⋯.jpg (254.48 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1411945674465.jpg)


>Ever since the great spergout of 2014 i feel that non-weeb imageboards have been plagued by a toxic mentality. A mentality of constantly looking for things to be outraged at, forced conformity that prohibits you from posting anything that goes against the hivemind and thinking critically.

I can definitely see that influence of mentality. What I imagine the reason being the case is because of few reasons.

<everything on the internet is becoming centralized to Facebook, Twitter, Discord, and other social media sites where just about everyone has an account there & no bills have to be paid to the server hosters

<because of the above reason, many sites struggle to stay alive when alternatives exist. For instance, sites dedicated to anime are competing against Crunchyroll

>Weebs were spared since their boards werent overrun by newfriends to the same magnitudes as the others, hence why anime boards actually nice places to post at.

I don't know, for all the cool games & shit the weebs buy to put up for download, they sometimes have the same problems as other boards too.

Like you mentioned with the mentality of constantly looking for things to be outraged at, there's a fair share of them who still go "LOLOLO Japan is so weird, amirite?" & then there's weebs who can't stand the thought that some people consume explicit content like lolicon or adores cute girls doing cute girly things.

Personally, unless the sites are like /jp/, then I wouldn't bother talking with people about what you like and would instead rely on yourself, it would be less taxxing & it would save you from the inevitable depression that people are more focused on flinging shit & proving themselves as not being "That guy."



ufufufu tenko desperate for new users. Maybe if you post nudes we will have more traffic


File: 204b2f6361117ec⋯.png (315.1 KB, 533x762, 533:762, just fuck my site up.png)


Please, slutty Italians will do anything but attract new users. Are you trying to kill my /jp/?



if she has good tits it might work



I wonder if it's harmful or beneficial to continue this mindset to a diametric outrage. I've practically become a lolicon just to spite the people that freak out when loli gets posted, but it's hard to tell if it's worth it to stir shit in order to chase off bad posters. The past few years it's been feeling like the internet is a burning house, and we're in the only room that hasn't quite filled with smoke yet; it's a very bleak "best".



What's the alternative?

Abandon our lifestyle and integrate into society?

Escape to the deepweb where the feds won't find us easily?

I don't want to give up /jp/ yet, I care too much about it

It has given me many great things and shaped my life in great ways.

I've been taught what it really means to have a meaningful conversation thanks to talking to a bunch of strangers on the internet. For this experience I want to stay loyal to the end



>Abandon our lifestyle and integrate into society?

I'm an Arab refugee you can't demand this!


File: 8fbceb06dcd3844⋯.png (755.42 KB, 900x1257, 300:419, 4d853bc705621ddaf5d9823fd8….png)


>I wonder if it's harmful or beneficial to continue this mindset to a diametric outrage.

I think it's a waste of time now because you can only get outraged so many times before it becomes grating, especially when people start looking for shit to fling at you for what you like.

On top of outrage, I've seen companies in the west now trying to thrive off this manipulation where many of them will pretend to pick a side & then they tell people to vote for them because they encourage you to buy their shit to spite those you dislike.

>I've practically become a lolicon just to spite the people that freak out when loli gets posted, but it's hard to tell if it's worth it to stir shit in order to chase off bad posters.

Do you genuinely love lolis?

>The past few years it's been feeling like the internet is a burning house, and we're in the only room that hasn't quite filled with smoke yet;

Pretty much. Doesn't help that those big sites & other prominent guys in tech believe anonymity is something nobody should have the right to have.


File: f1ffbe1dd3e257b⋯.png (348.94 KB, 1783x759, 1783:759, Finnish_Ice_Fairy.png)

Just take the drunk pill. Stop caring about anything and revel in the rage and hate of those around you.



>Stop caring about anything

Even the things you like?


*Especially* the things you like. That's how you achieve satori.


god damn it how do i italic



I won't stop caring. I will become strong.


File: 137b364a07cf5eb⋯.png (3.35 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, vlcsnap-2012-01-29-00h54m0….png)

None of you know the pain of Bakunyuu fetishists... well, except for the lolis on the opposite end of the fandom. So few shows cater to you specifically without a japanese male insert protag getting in the way of girls. Every time you post a goddess of oppai people do nothing but yell udders or fat cow at you. Your best girls are constantly berated as vacuous and sexist by the pop-corn eating normie masses. It is rough.



I can understand not allowing pleasures to become a vice, but why stop caring about the things one likes?



I understand that pain because I'm a boob lover myself.



what's with autistic people and mistaking people for other, less autistic people


File: c1fd94473135a92⋯.jpg (327.04 KB, 800x600, 4:3, c2af4ddbb72e4243c72d5cedb3….jpg)

I think any kind of boobs are ok as long as they're attached to the person you love


I warn you to beware of the sneaky agenda threads. They will try to destroy your community just like they have done with others. First thing you see lots of people complaining about Netflix getting involved with anime next thing you cant stand the board you once called home anymore.

I used to love /g/. It was a terrific place. They deployed the same methods to destroy our board, endless shitposting about women and feminism in tech and the open source scene. Now no one discusses technology there anymore. There is not even a whiff of board culture since everyone who actually cared left. 'Install Gentoo' used to not be a complete meme, people actually used linux. The generals use discord instead of irc, nobody gives a shit anymore about FOSS, if you even suggest using firefox as an ethical choice you get overrun by people spouting identity politics and straw men. I hate the place so much, i wish the site would just shut down for good at this point.



Stop being communist trash kike-kun. The 14 words are our parole here.



That's just entropy in action. Nothing lasts forever you know


File: dc3294871e010bd⋯.jpg (120.43 KB, 730x1100, 73:110, ykk vol6.jpg)


Sometimes I wish it could, or at least that I could be suspended in a moment before it escapes my grasp all too soon.



With how the human brain usually seems to work, you'd probably just grow incredibly tired of that moment.

It seems hell bent on forcing change and progress, becoming excited in their presence and absurdly depressed in their absence.


File: 734a9052fae59f2⋯.jpg (273.8 KB, 1065x1659, 355:553, Captureyokkkkkkkko.JPG)




File: 9fe01a356935e80⋯.png (51.61 KB, 652x480, 163:120, 4chan board names.png)

It affects us to a point as well, OP, but you're mostly right.



The wapanese were the first and Jap otaku, of course; speaking of Internet culture as a whole, you know.


File: 8444affc7d9694e⋯.jpeg (12.11 KB, 173x256, 173:256, spengler.jpeg)


They're still legitimate concerns. Vast majority of 8/a/ still talks about anime, even if we occasionally talk about Netflix.


Everything is change. Everything ends.

Applying Spenglerian thought to Internet culture is interesting; try it.



*everything changes

Tired desu~



>Spenglerian thought

To consider every culture as an individual superorganism with its own limited lifespan? Sure, that's reasonable.

I consider every living thing to be its own organism on a different level of observation.

Even individual personal goals are, themselves, organisms. With differing inputs, differing actions, a set of emotional feedback, and certainly a lifespan.

It is incredibly difficult to extend the lifespan of, or exactly clone, any complex organism.

So what is often done instead, is the creation of the next generation. Which may or may not be similar enough to actually replace its parent.

The chance at dissimilarity, and inherent loss that implies, is what people often find so depressing.



It also seems to fear change and unfamiliarity so I'm cursed to suffer either way.



In either extreme, absolutely. And with life in general yeah, it's suffering by default.

The trick is to introduce a small amount of change constantly such that the drive for exploration kicks in and the individual can voluntarily work to make more things 'familiar'. That way there's less to be afraid of, and they have something to progress and focus on, beyond the suffering in life.

That's how people used to raise kids before it became custom to protect them from absolutely everything possible.



Did you make that? It's scarily accurate.



I agree.

It's not off-topic, you know.


File: 2924f13212a59e7⋯.gif (920.41 KB, 264x320, 33:40, [SCREAMS EXTERNALLY].gif)



>reddit uses the term

>faggots around me use that term

>every time I hear it I remember them

Please anon, use "AIDS" instead, or something.



Who are you quoting?


File: 24d02933bb14609⋯.png (148.26 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Marisa_get_out_of_jp.png)


Refugees are not welcome here.



Your post is toxic.



Please do not roleplay as an unassimilated crossboarder. I find it very disruptive.

Understand that "toxic" is just a more commonly understood variant of "cancer". As dumb as it sounds it actually works sensibly. Much unlike feels as a noun, or larp as a verb for online roleplaying.



>Understand that "toxic" is just a more commonly understood variant of "cancer"

Sure thing soyboy. Why don't you just go to >>>>/2hu/ or where ever it is you fags hang out these days?






I'm not interested in roleplaying cutesy shit with other 2hu obsessed nerds. Don't think they have nearly enough META for my blood either.


/a/ needs to leave



What's wrong with /a/?

To be fair, the /ameta/ board is disgustingly mean-spirited, but /a/ itself is fun.


File: e595260cc152c5e⋯.png (5.06 KB, 470x457, 470:457, crying_Hitler.png)

This isn't >>38383 me >>38377 (You)



You're not implying I use reddit, are you? I had to get a job or I'd be kicked out of my house. It's not my fault my coworkers use reddit, and use that term constantly. "X is toxic"

The word hurts. I can't help it.



Go back there



I'm not implying that. I'm explicitly stating that you're roleplaying as a crossboarder. As no /jp/ user would genuinely misquote with some reaction face like that, and no one outside of /jp/ has any reason to come here, so you must be.

Also, that reddit does it doesn't make a darn difference. They supposedly post touhou and bitch about the rest of their site on certain boards as well. Whatever. They also double space everything, and people attack one another over it, but that could be traced to any implementation of markdown.

Pretty sure popular use in modern times spawned from politics anyway. That toxic white male patriarchal menace that is ruining everything or whatever.

Instead of arguing about who else does it and why they're bad, like politics usually does, how about you argue about why it's bad to begin with?

Does the word not work, both grammatically and to portray its meaning? Particularly in this context >>38242

>A [toxic] mentality of constantly looking for things to be outraged at, forced conformity [...]

Which quite honestly, you're doing a good job making an example of for all sides. In looking for words to be outraged at, giving me things to be outraged at, and trying to force some odd conformity while also breaking /jp/ standard conformity(wayq btw).



kys commie swine



kys commie swine



I hate commies too though. Such systems cannot work without slavery because they take away financial motivation for productivity.



I do not care if you identify as a european style socialist when you are a globalist marxist shill either way



Marxist class versus class 'let's blame everything ever on oppression' shit is all retarded no matter how you look at it.

And any socialism, by having the community as a whole regulate production, is also retarded. There needs to be management classes separate from other workers because workers cannot perform the task.

Where in the HECK did you get the idea I'm for any of that garbage?



go back there



go back there


File: 1ce8214a59734cc⋯.jpg (752.96 KB, 1000x729, 1000:729, OL stands for Oni Lushes.jpg)


I haven't liked anything other than booze in a long time. The world is shit and I just want to laugh at the people whose asses are on fire and their heads a catching.


Apathy is strength. If you can resist any sort of emotional involvement in seeing everything you once loved turned into a twisted and depraved mockery of what it once was you can have a nice heh and just enjoy the ride.



They lead to attachment, which still leads to suffering, even if the source of the emotion is "positive".



Isn't apathy just running away from things, hence a weakness?


File: d551bcd35cb0c75⋯.jpg (395.55 KB, 419x596, 419:596, twei and friend 028.jpg)


You are really caught up in your own weakness, aren't. Running away is caring enough to run away. apathy is just simply not caring because it is so fucking pointless. No matter how much you want to invest in pointless shit and make it a bigger deal than it actually is doesn't mean it's actually a big deal. Shit happens, people die, civilizations fall. Everything is trash and temporary as fuck but people stay stuck in this stupid shit because they keep treating it like it actually matters. Do you think elections actually matter? Do you think they will change anything? Do you think believing the right thing, following the right trends, caring about the right causes will matter in the slightest bit ever? People will never ever change and so none of those things will ever matter. This conversation, doesn't fucking matter. You hot shit gotcha comeback? Doesn't fucking matter. You don't matter. At most you are an obnoxious faggot taking the internet and himself much too seriously because you don't interact with things outside your bedroom enough to get perspective and so you are treating shit like it is a dumb as fuck anime and you are a protagonist.

You are not

You are a dumb nerd on the internet who has no friends because if you did you would have enough perspective to realize how embarassing your obsession with strength is. Most of all because you are fucking talking about it. If you truly gave a shit about something as pointless and tranistory as strength you would get your ass out of your bedroom and go running right now. And before you give me some copout neet excuse to justify your own laziness about how """""REAL STRENGTH""""""" has nothing to do with how much you can lift let me tell you to shut the fuck up you worthless piece of trash. If you ever dedicated yourself to your body before you would know that you can't do that without the willpower to deprive yourself, suffer, hurt and do it over and over and over again forever. You don't pick up some weights work out for a couple of week and then think to yourself how disciplined you are and how """"""strong""""""""" you are. you don't judge that shit, the world does. When you are dead and gone if you actually mattered enoug, which you don't, for another human being to give a fuck about your existence and end then they get to decide if you were strong.

So in closing this is me not giving a fuck and having a laugh at some loser on the internet that would rather talk about pointless shit instead of doing anything and believing that anything he has to say matters, which it doesn't. Kill yourself in a spectacular way and then someone might care about you and your worthless navel gazing bullshit, faggot.



You cared enough to make a lenghty rant post lol.

So you can take your bitterness and shove it up your ass, since I'm not the person you think you are replying to. You don't know 2 shits about me or my power.



I don't trust people who post images of the rabbit.



stfu leave and never come back you worthless faggot



tl;dr lol


taytay is ruined forever because of the fucking bunposter just like momiji is ruined forever by irony-poisoned maga retards

i fucking htae 2018



To be honest, Tewi always was the most evil touhou long before the bunnyposter. Pretty sure that's why he chose her as her avatar



Touhou has some of the worst western fandom. I just ignore anything they do.



Japanese fans are pretty disgusting too. Look at all these really weird and ugly MMD videos for example.



Even that is still not as bad though, and they are the worst.



The things I would do to this bunny.



I like that, but whats the endgame of all chans?





File: 3327f0ce09137de⋯.jpg (167.36 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1197511758498.jpg)


>comfy imageboard communities

You mean places desperately trying to relive the past with a forced as fuck posting style by half a dozen 30-year-old neurodivergent hikkiNEETs in each separate forum because they keep splitting over unfounded elitism on freaking anime?


File: 9042956376d6e0a⋯.jpg (178.94 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, angryidolotaku.jpg)


>A mentality of constantly looking for things to be outraged at

Oh, so just like ota ww


"Toxic personality" has been a term since way before Reddit even existed, you greentexting retard.



It's not unfounded, but yes.



/g/ is completely overrun by 12yo from plebbit, wccftech, you name it. Posts containing words in all caps, exclamation marks and ellipsis aren't even bait enymore, but made by legit retards.


File: 9e9e83eb098125d⋯.jpg (113.18 KB, 473x496, 473:496, prague.jpg)



Feels like /g/ is nothing but /pol/tards who use iPhones and don't actually code and are only there to shit on Firefox, Stallman, you name it, for being "SJW commies". I'm not kidding when I say they've shilled Chrome several times just because "Mozilla is SJW" (and admittedly Firefox does have its fair share of issues but from a security point of view).

I've only visited it a few times this past year, when something notable happens (like Terry's death or Linus retiring). It was fucking terrible each time. They praise Terry for saying nigger xD instead of all the amazing stuff he's done on his own.



Well the only reason Terry was popular was because of all the crazy shit he's done in the past, his code was impressive but barely had anything to do with his meme status. It's unfortunate but what can you do.



/tech/ users are very intelligent



Imagine having multiple figurines of yourself prominently on display and relaxing in front of them by playing a Vita game that's about you.



I think she's just crashing in Nanashi's room.


Crossies have made their normie bed, now go and lay in it. Leave us alone.





Your newfag stench is unbearable.



Not defending that guy but it’s not really convincing if you use newfag in the same sentence my dude

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