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File: a46f6d7e4c6e698⋯.gif (7.23 KB, 348x100, 87:25, 2chan.gif)


Is it good or bad? Is it the current home of most of the refugees of the old 2ch from before hiroshima ruined it?


If you're a Yoshinoya Pro you know the answer to this question.


2ch still exists it's just called 5ch for some reason. futaba is and always was just a shit version of 2ch with pretty pictures.


File: cb314d08da3a49c⋯.jpg (108.61 KB, 400x400, 1:1, whoa_cirno.jpg)

File: f97ce81e164982a⋯.png (1.92 MB, 1402x3892, 701:1946, hiroyuki_nishimura.png)

File: 98e70c41ae05d98⋯.swf (1.98 MB, unix.swf)


How did a nuke from 60 years ago destroy it?

In all seriousness, how did he ruin 5ch exactly? All I know is picture related, unless that's all there is to it.


Well, don't mind it, >>43893. It means that it has nothing to do with this thread.

Yesterday I went to my neighborhood Yoshinoya. Yoshinoya.

Then somebody can't sit down in a mess.

Well, if you look closely, something hangs down and you are writing 150 yen off.

Well, you're stupid. Idiot.

You've come to the Yoshinoya, who is usually 150 yen off, and you're out of the blue.

It is 150 yen, 150 yen.

It seems some parents have brought their kids along too. It is a Yoshino family with four members. Thank you.

I'm telling you, yeah, daddy, you're asking me. I have not seen it anymore.

I'll give you 150 yen for your seat.

The Yoshino family is supposed to kill more.

With the guy sitting opposite the U-shaped table, it doesn't matter if the fight starts any time,

Is it stabbed or stabbed, that kind of atmosphere is good? A girl and a child are sloppy.

Then, when I finally thought I could sit down, the guy next to me said something like it was a big success.

Then I got really mad again.

You know, that's not going to happen. Bokeh.

I'm proud of you, what's up, it's hot and cold.

I would like to ask if you really want to eat soup. I want to ask. I would like to ask for a small one hour.

You just want to say Tsuyudaku.

The latest fashion among Yoshino family members is, after all, if you tell me from Yoshino family members,

Negida, this is it.

A large amount of green onion gyoky. This is how to ask.

There is a lot of green onions. Instead I have less meat. this.

Well, it's a large oyster dumpling (egg). This is the strongest.

However, the double-edged sword also carries the danger that it will be marked by the next clerk when asking for this.

I can not recommend it to an amateur.

Well, you guys have eaten even with a beef bowl set meal.

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