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There's no discharge in the war!

File: 80a6988becbdc7e⋯.jpeg (10.76 KB, 306x165, 102:55, images.jpeg)

File: ba5c4237abc1501⋯.jpg (22.12 KB, 300x300, 1:1, s-l300.jpg)

e64ae2  No.621025

Alright boys, the world is watching and sitting by while good people are being butchered by their government. They have virtually zero assistance from any outside forces, no media coverage, anything. South Afri/k/a anon could chime in here but you get the gist. I recall frequent threads back in the old days about joining in active combat zones and staking our claim, making a difference. I unironically think this could be our chance.

>apply as PMC firm

>market ourselves exclusively to white Africans

>do our jobs at extremely low rate in exchange for housing/ammunition

>eventually gain enough capital to buy land

>create /k/ompound, train locals in self defense and covert operations

>become militarie sans frontiers

Fucking foolproof plan, we just have to figure out how to actually get there.

9b4743  No.621026

The nigger government also allows chinks (who are NOT naturalized citizens/foreigners) to have their own police force. Really makes ya think.

a37304  No.621031

I'll make the logo.

On a more serious note, what's the legality of PMCs?

cd2d83  No.621038

File: f40bb45caf59127⋯.jpg (12.73 KB, 207x164, 207:164, Outer Heaven.jpg)


>I'll make the logo

Pic related, we already got one.

>what's the legality of PMCs

very legal


I will only join if we don't accept any niggers in our ranks.

653f94  No.621041

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I will only join if we don't accept any niggers in our ranks.

The hafu Japanon must be 2nd in command though.

Kazuhira "If You're Not White, You're Not Alright" Miller

Kazuhira "Whiter Heaven" Miller

Kazuhira "KKK Kazuhira Killing Koons Every Day" Miller

Kazuhira "The Death Of All Coons Will Come Very Soon" Miller

Kazuhira "Not White Race? Fulton Them Off To Space" Miller

Kazuhira "One Fultoned Black Means Another Skull To Crack" Miller

Kazuhira "Niggers On Dope are Headed To the Rope" Miller

Kazuhira "Working on My Ranch or Hanging From a Branch" Miller

Kazuhira "Killing Coons at Half Past Noon" Miller

Kazuhira "Feed the Crack Babies to the Wolfdog With Rabies" Miller

Kazuhira "If You Aren't White, Shoot On Sight" Miller

Kazuhira "A Non-White Race Will Not Set Foot On Mother Base" Miller

Kazuhira "If You Fulton A Nig, I'm Throwing Him In The Brig" Miller

Kazuhira "If You Fulton A Black, Don't Bother Coming Back" Miller

Kazuhira "Digging A Grave For Every Slave" Miller

Kazuhira "Apartheid States Get Discount Rates" Miller

Kazuhira "Keeping Jiggaboos In The Zoo" Miller

Kazuhira "Turning Bix Noods Into D-Dog's food" Miller

Kazuhira "Dropping Nukes On The Spooks" Miller

Kazuhira "Killing Nigger Kids For The Highest Bid" Miller

Kazuhira "Make A Lagoon From The Blood Of Coons" Miller

Kazuhira "Beat On Those Congos Like A Pair Of Bongos" Miller

Kazuhira "Their Tears Are Superb When I Make Them Bite The Curb" Miller

Kazuhira "Killing Spree In KFC" Miller

Kazuhira "Kill Them Off Base And Don't Leave A Trace" Miller

Kazuhira "Mass Graves For When Niggers Misbehave" Miller

Kazuhira "Nigger's Have No Brains So Keep Them In Chains" Miller

Kazuhira "If You Speak A Nigger Tongue I'll Have You Hung" Miller

Kazuhira "Niggers Are Vile And Don't Deserve A Trial" Miller

Kazuhira "Don't Speak Ebonics Or I'll Go Demonic" Miller

Kazuhira "Empty My Tac-9 On The Welfare Line" Miller

Kazuhira "See A Nigger, Pull The Trigger" Miller

Kazuhira "The Nigger Grave Digger" Miller

Kazuhira "For Every Nigger I Murder, Code Talker Gets Another Burger" Miller

Kazuhira "When You Build A Nation Don't Forget The Cotton Plantation" Miller

Kazuhira “If You Fulton A Coon, I'll Pop The Balloon” Miller

Kazuhira "Only One Pigment In My Fulton Shipments" Miller

Kazuhira “Bring A Nigger On Board And I’ll Cut The Cord” Miller

Kazuhira “Wiping Out All Baboons In One Afternoon” Miller

Kazuhira "Don't Mix Races Or You Won't Have My Graces" Miller

Kazuhira "If It's Not My race, Shoot It In The Face" Miller

Kazuhira "We're Diamond Dogs, Not Welfare Hogs" Mille

Kazuhira "Nihongo > Kikongo" Miller

Kazuhira "Racial Pain Hurricane" Miller

Kazuhira "The Number One Authority On Killing Minorities" Miller

Kazuhira "Load Rap Music Into Your Hind, I'm Putting An RPG On Your Behind" Miller

Kazuhira "On Motherbase I Discriminate By Race" Miller

Kazuhira "If You Made Your Avatar Black, I Want The Real Big Boss Back" Miller

Kazuhira "Blacks Bend The Knee Or Get Tossed In The Sea" Miller

Kazuhira "Don't Let a Nig On My Oil Rig" Miller

Kazuhira "One Two Three Four I Declare A Race War" Miller

Kazuhira "If Your Skin Is Dark I'll Feed You To A Shark" Miller

Kazuhira "Fulton A Gook And They Get Another Nuke" Miller

Kazuhira "Race Traitor Hater, Fulton Evaluator" Miller

Kazuhira "Don't Need Eyes To See That Niggers Hang From Trees" Miller

Kazuhira "No Room For Nignogs In Diamond Dogs" Miller

Kazuhira "It's Far Too Black, Send It Back" Miller

cd2d83  No.621046

File: 157693f5dd0e715⋯.jpg (63.61 KB, 247x566, 247:566, Kojimaaaaa.jpg)


No problem, we'll make him XO

527a26  No.621050

I call dibs on MRE management

527a26  No.621076

File: 2708a6bf97779ab⋯.png (34.26 KB, 604x736, 151:184, menus.png)

Alright lads I think I've got the menus down

9bcd54  No.621078

File: e185d1811b2fd65⋯.jpeg (119.67 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, this kills the kommando.jpeg)

And exactly how the fuck you were going to compete with the chinese that established market dominance and basically drove off virtually all the western competition years ago?

cd2d83  No.621079


We kill the chinks

e8df78  No.621080


>No pervitin

>No scho-ka-kola

9de55c  No.621081


by not having the reputation of an entire nation state to maintain? also, suggesting that china has or even can obtain such an overwhelming market dominance in the corrupt shitpit that is africa is a fucking joke. there are still western companies all over that part of africa precisely because corruption works both ways, not all niggers think infrastructure is a good enough form of bribery and you can only bribe a village or town with a road every decade or so. its also important to remember that china bribes at the government level, do you think the president of zampoco land cares who actually runs the diamond mine so long as he gets his mercedez and the chinks who buy his drinks get their diamonds?

cd2d83  No.621085

File: 97301dbbd9beea9⋯.png (1.15 MB, 762x800, 381:400, rhodesia.png)


We would

20e612  No.621086

File: ea66b7658f92fbf⋯.webm (3.96 MB, 480x360, 4:3, a_country_denied.webm)

I'll accept, on the condition that we solicit veterans of the RSF to act as officers and NCOs for us.

653f94  No.621087

File: f827a5f77780fd9⋯.jpg (35.48 KB, 240x331, 240:331, wielka-ksiega-specjalow-si….jpg)


>Literally E rank Mess hall team


The question is who'll get a higher score in killing niggers.

735a02  No.621105

File: 0ecda1f1c9c092c⋯.jpg (98.26 KB, 800x469, 800:469, 1540065717041.jpg)

File: 793b9d2220e0081⋯.jpg (54.56 KB, 645x768, 215:256, 793b9d2220e0081e3ba31909b5….jpg)


>Fucking foolproof plan, we just have to figure out how to actually get there.

Boats? We could just buy some cross continental capable fishing boats and bring all the firearms over there. Should have plenty of room for ammunition and guns and we can leave the nets on board if we need food. Fish profits could also help us buy land.

cd2d83  No.621106


There are 3 options:

1. We get from Europe to Africa with boats and then travel on foot/horseback/trucks all the way to south africa

2. We simply get there with a plane

3. We board a merchant ship and once near the shore, we have them get us to land with their rescue boats

735a02  No.621110


How close to south africa could we get on boat from Europe? Also would we bring our own weapons or grease a slav's hands for them?

527a26  No.621112



According to boats.com and boattrader it looks like a transatlantic trawler would run somewhere from $300,000 to $500,000. Unless you can get 100+ people all willing to spent 30k+ that's probably not a viable option. And since we'd have people from all over the globe, there's no way that'd work anyways. It'd probably be better to gather a bunch of kommandos up in their various countries & then as respective groups buy passage on a merchant vessel going near to where we want to go.

These larp scenarios are always kinda neat.

cd2d83  No.621113


>How close to south africa could we get on boat from Europe?

Not close at all mate. We could simply cross the Mediterranean. Once we land, it's up to us finding a truck or bikes to reach south Africa. A long and dangerous journey.

A plane would be the ideal option. Problem with plane is you guys getting your guns through. Most likely impossible.


This. A merchant vessel is the most realistic option. Board the ship and once you're near the shore, have them lower a rescue boat and get you on land. However, once again, how do you burgers get your guns on these ships? They are not allowed, and getting them on a merchant vessel is next to impossible unless the crew and captain were also involved.

We would most likely have to buy all equipment in some african market and make do with their chink AKs until we can get our hands on something better.

cd2d83  No.621116

File: b91f817974d8db4⋯.png (96.21 KB, 382x382, 1:1, MGS-PW_MSF_drill_instructo….png)


and we will also need a translator. Anyone of you speaks Shona?

527a26  No.621118


What is viable however, is a Cessna 172. I could picture everybody chipping in a few thousand bucks to buy one. You can fit prob. a full tank of fuel, the pilot and 2 guys along with all their gear. About a day long journey to one end of africa, another day back. Problems then would be finding airports nearby on both sides, getting the plane over the ocean in the first place, and finding a certified pilot & mechanic. Guns-wise, afaik there's no legal way to get firearms across the atlantic unless you're some registered company, so yeah they'd have to be bought at our destination.

c6ce55  No.621126


You could get a few guys to go on ahead and prepare a makeshift airstrip somewhere in Namibia near the border.

2ffad4  No.621132


What you just described is filibustering, OP.

3e7956  No.621144


implying there wouldn't be veterans of all rank from the RSF and SADF. By the way, a communist namibian newsarticle stated that they don't want to give veterans status to former koevoet and swatf/sadf because they are 'traitors', but in the same breathe, stated that they are afraid of these old soldiers because of their training. I assume they refer especially to 32Battalion. Imagine having swathes of protected villages that are inherently hostile to the ANC and by extension the chinks.


No one in SA speaks shona, you tard, that's in communist occupied rhodesia and mozambique. Zulu, xhosa, bushman, sotho, north ndebele are acceptable as well as english and afrikaans. Rule of thumb, everyone speaks english there, they only speak something else if they don't want to communicate with you.


/pol/tards have been kicking around the idea of going on safari from namibia and then permanently staying in SA. Since SA is a failed state and can't keep foreign blacks from Occupied Rhodesia, Mozambique and Botswana away, I think you won't have a problem.

search for either majority white or coloured areas of the Cape like Oudtshoorn or Cape Town. You should be safe there.

cd2d83  No.621150


> that's in communist occupied rhodesia and mozambique

That's exactly where we need to go, you tard



This is your home

3e7956  No.621155


No, nigger. The action is in SA, not terr-occupied Rhodesia. Explain why we need to go to somewhere that is landlocked and will have zero access to a supply line? Explain yourself faggot.

d2e6cf  No.621156


The principle of Rhodesia. But we should cross that bridge when we come to it. SA first.

cd2d83  No.621157


>Explain why

But to conquer land of course. Just like our ancestors did. We search for new lands and we conquer them. And Rhodesia isn't just any kind of land. It was conquered by Europeans, and it is our mission to take it back.


>zero access to a supply line

Do you seriously think a bunch of nignogs can keep watch on an entire jungle. And that it will be impossible to slowly break through? Guerrilla tactics will be excellent at wearing them down.

3e7956  No.621159


There's either a moron or a shill stating that Rhodesia should be taken back instead of SA, which has more whites and are likely to be more sympathetic as well as easier access to supplies via the sea. Surely you see where I'm coming from.


terr-occupied Rhodesia is still a police state under Emmerson Mngangagwa unlike SA, which is a failed-state therefore, it would be easier to hold an insurgency in SA, than Rhodesia. Careful you don't accidentally kill yourself, shithead.

653f94  No.621167

File: 420498634d43c45⋯.jpg (123.97 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, 1409983701686.jpg)

Are there any old oil platforms off the coast of South Africa for sale? Asking for a business associate

cd2d83  No.621169

File: f4d21fab204ca0b⋯.jpg (230.19 KB, 750x978, 125:163, 5.jpg)


Then the plan is quite simple. We seize control of both SA and Rhodesia, you spineless faggot.

3e7956  No.621171


Tell us how you plan going about that. You act as if it'll happen over night, you shithead.


There's rumoured to be some a few miles off of the atlantic, but I would say that it's pure speculation. The NP and the ANC regimes never explored much depth. NOTE: Australia was a main exporter of crude oil to SA, where it was refined.

910887  No.621244


>Tell us how you plan going about that.

We leaflet drop mandatory employment forms, all negroes will vacate the nation shortly afterwards.

37794c  No.621264


They had nuclear weapons and were on the cusp of a military industrial revolution, and were acquiring the technical capacity to build ICBMs. They had their chance, they could have kept Apartheid and kept going, they were outnumbered but they had a massive edge in fire power and organization, all they had to do was buckle down on racial, non class lines. And wait for the niggers to go completely out of control and wipe them out while point nukes at American cities.

They had their chance. They blew it. They *allowed* a govt full of worthless traitors and richfags to sell them all out instead of killing them all.

37794c  No.621266


Rhodesia was in a worse spot than South Africa ever was, outnumber far worse and outgunned to the point it was a ticking timebomb until the niggers gathered some extra braincells, or balls, and wiped them out.

Retreating from Rhodesian soil into South Africa was the strategically correct move. And would have left opportunity to take it back had South Africa held the line.

94af9d  No.621350

File: 2b0caf007ffe1e0⋯.png (177.53 KB, 653x420, 653:420, 2d6c8f21df761cce11960e3430….png)


>leaving the niggers alive

>not putting a sign saying free gibs on an old pick up

>not rolling the pick up into the ocean

35e37e  No.621356

File: f288b8dd84e67f9⋯.gif (42.01 KB, 632x758, 316:379, solidus wojak.gif)

8d17d0  No.621357

File: baa0787796db4ae⋯.png (495.46 KB, 953x1282, 953:1282, pathetic.png)


>not towing some boats filled with watermelon and chicken to the coast

>not letting the niggers get on one of the boats

>not towing the boat back into the Ocean while the nogs are high on KFC

>not remotely filling the ballast tanks with water

>not helping endangered species of carnivorous fish

>not resurfacing the boat after all is said and done

e64ae2  No.621359


The Chinks may be our biggest problem in all of this. They have an active police presence in the area and enough funding to maintain it.


No way would I allow a single one of those savages onboard. MGSV went faggot with "muh nigger child soldiers". We won't make that mistake.


The Changs are not assisting the White's. Their only motivation is keeping the niggers away from Chinese business interests and nothing more. We care about the fate of South Africa and the native Afrikaners. That is how we compete.




I was thinking this problem over, this is what I had in mind:

>few wealthy-ish /k/omrades go over, get established as PMC

>gradually overtime other streloks would make their way over through normal civilian modes of transit, plane/bus etc.

>once here, the original streloks would arm the new arrivals and incorporate them into /motherbase/

>continue to trickle accumulate /k/onscripts this way

It should be much cheaper than all of us pooling together at once and going, if we trickle down at our own pace it would make the trip easier on those hoping to go without having to coordinate some grand meetup or boat to ship us all over.

cd2d83  No.621362

File: 474f76b4a2c5e1e⋯.jpg (630.2 KB, 978x1265, 978:1265, Kaz.jpg)


Sounds good. So, who's gonna be the one to first get there?

e64ae2  No.621363


I'd love to, however I am 18 and thus i'm unable to participate as a legal PMC I was hoping an anon with military or PMC experience would be the first one planting roots, I'd follow soon after, and then the rest would come.

653f94  No.621364


>muh nigger child soldiers

I like how after the unfinished plot point you could farm niglets for good boy points and easy heroism (which is actually fucking worthless) and never see them again.

Also, MGSV is literally non-canon.

>every mainline game uses an arabic number

>every mainline game has camera item

There were no negroid soldiers in MSF and the supposed "wandering motherbase soldiers" are non-white.

cd2d83  No.621367

File: d87e470deb72943⋯.png (101.1 KB, 250x252, 125:126, 97_Kojima.png)


>which is actually fucking worthless

High heroism gives you higher-ranking volunteers. Also, with enough heroism you can attack players' FOBs that are armed with nukes.

>MGSV is literally non-canon

It is canon if Kojima says so.

>here were no negroid soldiers in MSF and the supposed "wandering motherbase soldiers" are non-white

MSF did have niggers, and most wandering-soldiers are random. You might get them all white,or half of them niggers or chinks. It is randomized.

e64ae2  No.621368



I thought the darker skin on the wandering soldiers was because of the parasite shit or whatever they were affected with to render them into bumbling autists.

653f94  No.621371


>MSF did have niggers

Having an afro on an otherwise caucasian face isn't a nigger.

look through the character portraits, or if you're particularly autistic pick every soldier you have on a mission in swim trunks and report back their skin color


>gives you higher-ranking volunteers

S ranks are worthless compared to S+ and S++

>attack nuclear FOB's

the threshold is so low they shouldn't have bothered.

c985ba  No.621374


>Anyone of you speaks Shona?

Why bother when we can just shoot them?

527a26  No.621375


Someone needs to negotiate surrender terms with them, and they're too stupid to learn english.

653f94  No.621376


>Someone needs to negotiate surrender terms with them, and they're too stupid to learn english.

Why bother when we can just shoot them?

c985ba  No.621379


Or we can just shoot them.

527a26  No.621381



If we shoot them then we won't have any slave labor.

c985ba  No.621383


Slave labor is ineffective, shooting them is much more practical.

37794c  No.621384


This. It also undercuts the white working class citizenry.

c76b50  No.621385








>micromanaging starts


Once you guys land in SA i'll stop laughing

93ee57  No.621393


It's ketchup you monster.

cd2d83  No.621398

File: d471ae5bfca9847⋯.png (603.72 KB, 1016x668, 254:167, Balkanwave.png)


Αν οι τρελάρες όντως πηγαίνανε και ξεκινούσαν δικιά τους εταιρία, θα τα παρατούσα όλα εδώ και θα πήγαινα μαζί τους. Η ζωή είναι βαρετή εδώ. Σπίτι, γραφείο, σπίτι, γραφείο, και ξανά πάλι σπίτι. Δεν κάνω τίποτα σπουδαίο. Αν πέθαινα αύριο η ιστορία δεν θα με θυμότανε. Καλύτερα οπότε να σκοτωθώ στα 30 μου στην ζούγκλα προστατεύοντας λευκούς παρά να ζήσω μέχρι τα 80 και να μην έχω καταφέρει απολύτως τίποτα σημαντικό.

4bc215  No.621477


Welp, time to change my name to Miller Kazuhira san

3eba79  No.621496

File: b682a3fc386568c⋯.jpg (56.45 KB, 500x473, 500:473, absolutely disgusting 2.jpg)


>Banana Gerber Babyfood

653f94  No.621532


>Benedict McDonnel "Master" "Race" Kazuhira Miller.

In Poland since recently you could actually be "Kazuhira McDonnel Benedict Miller" in this particular order since now it's legal to both change to foreign names and name your kids using non-Polish names, for Benedict you'd have to take the sacrament of Confirmation though.

124143  No.621628

File: be101281ac652be⋯.jpg (70.07 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 6261_201809291591201_5baf1….jpg)

File: 6c514a4041ac34b⋯.jpg (72.36 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 6261_201809291591143_5baf1….jpg)



Trawler/Fishing ship with displacement of 115 tonnes for the equivalent of $35,000USD


I think you could buy ships cheaper here than in the US, just because we have so few fishermen.

124143  No.621640

File: 971171319a30e39⋯.jpg (39.74 KB, 540x405, 4:3, mainimg_5b45cdc2087da.jpg)

File: af5e6d933fd4336⋯.jpg (100.42 KB, 540x720, 3:4, subimg1_5b45cdc221652.jpg)

$550000 USD for a 1065 DWtonne cargo ship;


a37304  No.621669

File: 3d0f74eaf01dd2a⋯.png (510.43 KB, 700x450, 14:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1675f6b07a94b5c⋯.png (347.95 KB, 800x450, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



>not wanting to steal ships from kraut commies

527a26  No.621670

File: 9acf251625ccd0f⋯.png (266.33 KB, 552x543, 184:181, 9acf251625ccd0f8091268c637….png)


>You can buy a 115 tonne seafaring ship in nipland for the same price as a consumer car

539110  No.621680

File: 91fc5f0978b5510⋯.jpg (63.12 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 1536944651943.jpg)


How do armor fish boat from angsty Somali teens with rpg?

124143  No.621686

File: d50efce42fa80eb⋯.jpg (39.95 KB, 604x377, 604:377, serveimage.jpg)


We become the angsty somali rhodesian teens

aab2d1  No.630341

as a 20 year old /k/unt with little ambition other than guns and fighting this sounds very appealing. I would leave my life behind and take my guns with me if this was made a reality.

cd2d83  No.630348


>Implying we wouldn't shoot on sight any boat with shitskins that attempted to approach us

8a3197  No.630353


The best defense is a good offense, Strelok. We'll launch a missile or two, and if they're close-range, we'll use Greek fire and a few AGLs to eliminate the Somali shitskins. If their ship is still functional, we'll take it for ourselves.

And that's how the /k/ommando Armada will be formed

4ff472  No.630354

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>because we have so few fishermen.

Don't you have like the highest per-capita fish and seafood consumption in the world?

1a245c  No.630363


Too bad that any serious mercenary/volunteer unit worth a damn only accepts those who previously served in an army before. But that is understandable. Who the hell would want to hire and lead an armed team full of newfags with no previous military experience? Thats just my opinion.

t. another 20 year old weapons autist

653f94  No.630366


Those few fishermen are really good.

a8d322  No.630373


Are you the same Magyar with the political science degree? Did you start studying at 16?

d3d5fc  No.630374


Serious mercenaries won't support the Boers anyway because all the big money supports the ANC.

4ff472  No.630377

File: f04ef424f6fdeea⋯.jpg (157.65 KB, 319x480, 319:480, shamefurdispray2.jpg)


As demonstrated even professional athletes have to compliment them from time to time.


>Don't you have like the highest per-capita fish

>mfw googled it and are being surpassed by worst gooks


Last hope that they rectified this travesti within these last 5 years or I'll stop buying animus and commit sudoku.

1a245c  No.630429


No, I'm another Magyar studying history.

5c756d  No.630431



We don't eat fish as much as we used to; probably something to do with westernisation and eating more meat to catch up with whites in physicality and fitness.

Also Worst Koreans don't care about quality fish, they overfish and eat all sorts of weird, they're fucked man.

4421af  No.630449

File: 246e476b2bbdf4d⋯.jpg (208.21 KB, 1348x898, 674:449, outtatheway.jpg)


>not simply raping them

4ff472  No.630452


I totally get you. We were always big red meat eaters but fish used to be more staple that vegan green shit.

>Also Worst Koreans don't care about quality fish, they overfish and eat all sorts of weird

Yeap, I know you are more picky in the good sense with the exception of cetaceans, thankfully for us everything the Mediterranean has to offer is either at least very agreeable or completely inedible, with the exception of sea cucumbers that Romans used to eat but look like turdworms. "Trashiest" fish you can find around here is mackerel, salema porgy and frigate tuna and they are honestly pretty decent, "trashiest" seafood here is considered to be スルメイカ, which I presume is popular there, and shortfin squid just because they are compared to real calamari.

fc0c84  No.630464


>sticking your dick anywhere near walking STD farms

Man,the age of rape has long since ended.

458a96  No.630490

Is there any serious talk of this or just a bunch of larping? I would go.

cd2d83  No.630496

File: 3585c04faaa4382⋯.png (597.23 KB, 683x743, 683:743, 3585c04faaa43825b154c11ae6….png)

File: 7ae57cdd5bc87a9⋯.gif (207 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 19114488_477560702594226_1….gif)

File: 029602d0901822b⋯.jpg (82.39 KB, 700x530, 70:53, 1498349671629.jpg)

File: a94f40e9d3a62c0⋯.jpg (199.37 KB, 798x1137, 266:379, wew.jpg)


They're stupid, incompetent, have diseases, have weak upper body strength and they need to be wiped out

124143  No.630514

File: 9ccd26ae47e77a4⋯.jpg (104.48 KB, 836x1512, 209:378, IMG_20181204_023909.jpg)


I'm pretty serious but then again, I don't have supplies nor the required skillset to be useful.

Can Americans take guns onto personally owned sea faring boats? I'm sure it depends on the laws of the state in which the port is located, but if Americans can take guns, it could be entirely possible to take said boat to transport supplies to another boat in International waters.

I think it was past the 24nm territorial and contiguous waters that laws start to get fuzzy.

fc0c84  No.630521


Boats are just vehicles man. Even greenpeace faggots had an actual arsenal when they bothered random fishers in the event some actually decided to board and fuck them seven ways to sunday I will admit several mossbergs isn't much of an arsenal.

d3d5fc  No.630530


>I don't have supplies nor the required skillset to be useful.

Skills and equipment are 20% /k/ and 80% /out/

cd2d83  No.630536


I would unironically join you fags for a nigger genocide in South Africa but I got no good guns and no money

6285da  No.630541

would a /k/ommando with sub-par non-correctable vision be accepted into your shitty company?

6285da  No.630542


I can bring extra guns if you've got a way to transport them across the big blue.\

I've two extra AR-15s

a Mosin Nagant

an SKS

a .22 henry lever action

and a few handguns

cd2d83  No.630550


Yes, executioners and flamethrower carriers don't need great eyesight

cd2d83  No.630552

File: 4ec689a539e9073⋯.png (127.99 KB, 1018x919, 1018:919, just to suffer.png)


And who knows, if your lust for revenge is high enough, you might even become XO

6285da  No.630557



well fuck, someone rev up the crowdfunding campaign. We can promise combat footage and journals in return for small repeating payments from people who don't want to go themselves.

653f94  No.630560


>lust for revenge

>the most asshurt man in a 500m radius gets to control psycho retcon mantis

>somehow KKKazuhira "Master" "Race" McDonnel "Apartheid states get discount rates" Miller never does.

39ab7e  No.630575


I would love to do something like this, especially for the Boers. But I'm an absolute poorfag, so there's no much I can contribute, except for a gun and fanaticism.

fc0c84  No.630581


All we have to do is wait for things to go hot.

962796  No.630583


Things are already cooking, Anglo oppressor of my kin.

aa0c63  No.630587

File: 8b4959dfcea6240⋯.jpg (337.16 KB, 2723x2042, 2723:2042, This.jpg)

File: 2d0bb66f18230a4⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 3120x2004, 260:167, Could.jpg)

File: dcf5325e7549ea7⋯.jpg (502.97 KB, 3200x1680, 40:21, Be.jpg)

File: f4b1542a7fb4509⋯.jpg (238.75 KB, 1500x998, 750:499, You.jpg)

Why not just start a law-abiding political movement advocating for an independent microstate in a western country that we can all safely get to? Makes a lot more sense to me. Boers might be up shit creek without a paddle, but we're about to be in the same situation. You don't even need many entirely legal firearms to start a law-abiding political movement advocating for an independent microstate in a country. Hell, you could manufacture what you need if you really had to if it's legal, of course, just like the Vietminh and Viet Cong used to (until they seized so much materiel from the ARVN that it became unnecessary). Failing that, you can just politely but firmly ask for them at police stations and depots, like every peaceful and law-abiding political movement has done since the dawn of time.

fc0c84  No.630589


You think like me. Just to let you know they seized the Lugansk ammo plant which really helped them not to mention they raided the shit out of all the military installations in the area despite what Ukraine likes to claim. Had a friend who got stuck fighting over there. Aside from that don't give away my plans, its not like there is an army to actually stop me anyway.


Ain't no leaf. Don't think I've seen a injun frog this far west.

124143  No.630593

File: 07973436a8da8ef⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1280x1158, 640:579, chinky poo.png)


Weapons ferry service when?

I found this surprisingly practical article on Fagginton Post

Firearms on the Boat: The Legal Issues Surrounding Carrying Weapons for Defense in International Waters

04/15/2014 01:09 pm ET Updated Jun 15, 2014

https://www.huffingtonpost. com/craig-agranoff/firearms-on-the-boat-the-_b_5148704.html

(couldn't get an archive)

>Recent news items and an everyday question asked by Florida residents to law enforcement regards the carrying of self-defense weapons, specifically firearms, on sailboats, yachts and other seaworthy craft capable of entering international waters. Legal authorities are regularly asked what the legal implications are and what laws and accepted rules are in place for this.


>Maritime Law

>On the open ocean, in international waters (defined as anything beyond 12 miles from the nearest coastal point of a nation, but more clearly as anything beyond 24 miles of the nearest coast) the law to be enforced on the boat is the law of the boat’s flag of origin. In other words, a vessel flying a United States flag of stars and stripes or other recognized U.S. maritime flag (e.g. the Yacht ensign) are subject to the laws of the United States. Legally this means that the ship is registered to the country whose flag it flies and carries paperwork to that effect. So merely flying the flag of a nation on a boat is not necessarily indicative of that ship’s true nation of origin or registration (if any).

>Thus a vessel flying the American flag (legally) in international waters may carry any firearm allowed by U.S. federal law as well as legal ammunition to go with it. This, however, is only true in international waters. Obviously, a ship must go to port sometime.

>International Law

>The short of it is that a vessel entering the protected waters (coast) of a nation becomes subject to the laws of that nation once it does so. By law, the protected (or “owned”) coastline of the nation begins at 12 miles from the nearest coastal point. In practice, it can extend as far as 24 miles from that nearest land point, with the interim 12 miles being a sort of contended zone that may or may not be upheld by international court. Most captains operate on the 24-mile rule of thumb.

>So for an American vessel entering the coastal waters of Mexico, the vessel, despite the U.S. flag, is now subject to the laws of Mexico. Currently, those laws prohibit firearms except by special permit and with some exemptions (such as the ship’s emergency flare gun).

>National Law

>At this point, obviously, knowledge of the laws of the areas you’ll be sailing to and from as well as all points between is important and is what makes things so very complex. A firearm may be legal in one area, but you may pass through other areas where it’s illegal in order to get there. A good example is on our other coast up north, where travelers from the U.S. mainland to Alaska pass through Canadian jurisdiction and thus must declare weapons on board or face harsh consequences if caught.

>In some places, all that is required is a registry of the firearms and ammunition on board and certification (subject to inspection) that those weapons are safely locked away. In other places, no provision is given for the carriage of firearms at all. In still others, only specific types of arms are allowed.


I wonder how guarded African coasts are.


In that case, I do cook a good curry outdoors, and got /out/ gear for hiking and camping so I'm pretty set then.



>Why not just start a law-abiding political movement advocating for an independent microstate in a western country

So kind of like foreign legions for a separatist movement? In that case wouldn't it be easier in, say Africa or South America, where there aren't super powers on either side vying for more influence?

And I want to kill Chinks; fuck chinks 六四天安門事件

fc0c84  No.630596

File: c5ee5bd550d005f⋯.jpg (143.21 KB, 874x789, 874:789, 怠惰な外国人を排除.jpg)


>I wonder how guarded African coasts are.

If I recall Nigeria actually has a functioning navy, dunno if the zulus actually have by chance let whatever they stole rot to Argentine levels.

And I want to kill Chinks; fuck chinks 六四天安門事件

Don't we all? I mean I'd love to make a Nanking actually happen except no survivors.

a20fd2  No.630600

File: afa827248884c64⋯.png (567.16 KB, 960x696, 40:29, cogdig1.png)

ITT people who drink the dissinfo cool aid

Public notice from a white South African

Yes there are farm murders, but it's not just whites being targeted

Crime in SA is at a terrible level but if you think it's just whites being targeted you're very wrong, everyone is fed up.

SA is banned from posting on image boards like 4chan furthering this dissinfo bullshit

There's dissinfo campaigns going both ways and the lack of communication coming out of SA is just worsening your perception of things because you believe everything you read on the internet.

This race war shit is typical of American thinking and troll farm provocation.

Most black and white South Africans live together peacefully, crime is a symptom of SA being THE MOST UNEQUAL COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.

Stop believing everything you read on the internet, actually traveling here 1st will open your mind even if it just confirms your fucked up world view, no military minded individual would take intel from 3rd hand sources that's clearly open to counter intelligence operations, the absolute state of echo chambering here is terrible.

I'm not going to stick around this thread cos honestly it makes me sick to read this this shit, yes my country is fucked up but yours is just as fucked, just look at how prepared you faggots are prepared to kill people based on skin colour. Do you even know how many different ethnic groups there are here? Do you think that somehow all blacks just default want to kill whitey? Do you know that some hate the current gov more than the old one?

Just please stop believing everything you read on the internet, you should all know better.

And stop thinking that just cos you're white you have the right to act on the behalf of others.

I came here to look at weapons but the fact that this is was the 1st thread I saw has ruined my mood. I thought military minded people would have been more meticulous about their intel gathering.

Idk who is responsible for this dissinfo, maybe Israel or Russia and whoever is dividing Americans. It's being underreported in SA too, but most crime goes underreported cos the gov doesn't what to look bad.

Man is conflicts because he is conflicted. Stop being women gossiping about the your shitty race war fantasy. Be human, be more than white you shitty faggots.

aa0c63  No.630601

File: a316f46985fb51f⋯.jpg (34.71 KB, 650x366, 325:183, 28cf66905e7c58779caa23fdb3….jpg)


Fun fact: Lesotho is 99.7% Bantu. I wonder who could be behind this post.

124143  No.630603

File: 4d86f8f600ba894⋯.png (648.63 KB, 977x1195, 977:1195, smug.png)


>Public notice from a white South African

>actually traveling here 1st will open your mind even if it just confirms your fucked up world view

<Hey guys I7m totally yuor fren!11!!!!

<YOU GUYS ARE STUpiD if you don'T believe in what I'M SAYING and I know you're NOT STOPPID so believen ME!!



God you're unbearable; go back to cuckchan nigger lover.

cd2d83  No.630607

File: 0c4c1f9512c11e5⋯.jpg (208.07 KB, 1024x700, 256:175, 1498349594540.jpg)


I know someone who lives in SA and in his own words: "No matter how much you teach blacks, how much you try to care for them, at the end of the day, they're still black".

Therefore yes, I am indeed prepared to genocide based on skin color.

As for the crimes, I couldn't care less if 1000 niggers were murdered in a week over there. They're subhumans. But the moment you start attacking your superiors, you're gonna get lynched, faggot.

527a26  No.630608

File: 6b81e67df908513⋯.png (1.76 MB, 1280x1659, 1280:1659, detailed think.png)



What's the chance you're actually south african and not a larping commie

a20fd2  No.630612


>Cunt telling me about a country I'm already in.

No shit, it was never colonised. And is literally a 3rd world country. But they never went through apartheid so racial tensions are so much less, even if it's 99% Basotho they don't want to share in SAs fucked up history

I'm staying at a naturalised Pakistani/Mostho owned guesthouse, that's like 60% of the GDP of the community and are now cowboy capitalists.

cd2d83  No.630615

File: 963dd86b045a706⋯.gif (2.48 MB, 173x267, 173:267, ahahahah.gif)


>staying at a naturalised Pakistani/Mostho owned guesthouse

>Pakistani/Mostho owned guesthouse


Opinions discarded

3bde82  No.630618


Come so SA or actually leave your bedroom. Or don't, I really couldn't care less about what a Japanese shut in could think about a country that he'll never visit and only jerk off to the fantasy of killing people he deems inhuman.


>This post

Country getting fucked by migrants

What's to cross borders to kill thousands of innocent people who you only know from others account.

No shit they'll still be black, and you will still be a Turk or whatever you've been socialised into believing that you are.

3bde82  No.630620


Interesting guy actually he was 3rd gen South African.

He hopped the border to Lesotho during apartheid cos he was making bombs with some terrorist/freedom fighter cell and ended up on a wanted list, and is now a cowboy capitalist, growing marijuana and exporting shit to SA and Europe.

More /k/ than any of us faggots will ever be that's for sure.

124143  No.630628

File: a2754d8255dfe6c⋯.jpg (60.2 KB, 905x603, 905:603, 28954665_2173368126023459_….jpg)





>it'S not RACE its Inequalty!

>heh fucking shut in get on my level

>Hurrr I've got an AWESOME PAKI FRIEND


>he's so baste!!!1!

>and He SMOKES weed ;))) 420 if you know what I mean hehe

>I wish I was as big and strong and tough as him

By god, do you sound like an unbearable cuckold. I think we just found Karl's long lost African cousin.

653f94  No.630637

File: a5e39d27aea8c4f⋯.mp4 (6.65 MB, 410x360, 41:36, Can't swim.mp4)

File: 58dc57bed9fe4a5⋯.jpg (323 KB, 1024x728, 128:91, d30041127a254b8995fae5da67….jpg)


>I wonder how guarded African coasts are.

see attached mp4.


we really need to get pic related out of Jail.

>tfw Polish speaking government won't extradite him, because they know they'll be next to have their heads ventillated in a self-defense situation.


I think it's just Karl, on a Lesotho proxy.

He's learning.

15f526  No.630638


Lel you sound touched

You know if you leave your room and talk to real people you meet interesting individuals from time to time.

SA is full of really cool people black and white. Just before I came here I stayed with this eccentric white dude who worked with the old gov, who now owned this huge property with multiple ethnicities in like an aging hippie community. It was cool, and yes they had guns, like all sensible people in this country.

Besides the fact that you spend your time fantasising about a race war, people are working together here trying to make the best of things.

Also almost everyone smokes weed in SA idk why you think that's a bad thing.

Calling me a cuckold won't change the fact that you sound like an incel, and yeah I'd love to have a setup like him, he has land guns and money to do things with.

But by all means come and liberate my poor cucked white ass, please I'd love to see you autists sailing into Cape Town harbour.

7406df  No.630639


>bitches about people being racist

>tries to insult a man by calling him a turk

This is proof positive that you're a nigger. if you are as much of a non ideological neutral /k/ user as you claim, why do you give a shit where people choose to do their operating faggot? i smell the 4cancer on you, your post structure is fucked too.

1ecf55  No.630651


Look, I'll be the 1st to admit that I'm butt flustered to hear about your level of dissinfo cool aid consumption, and if you're defending that Greek guys opinion then I'm just as mad at you. And me being "racist" shouldn't bother you at all, or you could discard my opinion simply cos I'm staying under the roof of someone with Pakistani heritage.

Tbh if I had land and money in SA I'd gladly invite you all to come stay for a few weeks just so you could see what we South Africans are really dealing with.

I used to use 4cancer, but you can't post from SA for the last year or so, and this South African farm murder white genocide posts just continue without any input from anyone from the country so I stopped using all together.

Call me whatever you want but if you think SA is like DRC or whatever hell hole you may think it is then you need to go geography class or something.

War would not improve this place, things are bad but not that bad.

I care about where people choose to do their operating because there's false intel that you /k/ users are clearly being fed.

This post has been delayed cos the power went out, because of lightning and that shit happens here. Guess I'll keep writing.

SA is expecting rolling blackouts for the next couple of months due to our former president selling the country out to some Indian billionaires the same who were connected to the British owned Bell Potinger PR company that was found to be supplying face news about SA and market info that lead to the same mafia family buying out huge industries during the capital flight. Make no mistake about the level of political divide Zuma caused, before you think SA is just divided on race.

Look up the Gupta's

Look up Bell Potinger

Look up state capture in SA

Do some intel gathering like a good /k/ommando

Your echo chamber is working just as well as every other liberal Facebook page if you don't stop think and re evaluate. I don't want to keep posting but I care about the few who will read this. Call me a shill and yes I'm genuinely trying to change some opinions here, but this shit is important, maybe not to you, but to me and those I care about, as well as for my rainbow nation.

I like weapons guys, but it's become clear that these forums are a battlefield in their own right. IDK whose behind all of this and where it's heading but be safe guys.

373195  No.630652


sure thing, jewpig.

cd2d83  No.630653


Kill all the niggers and the race traitors

5aed88  No.630655


looks like you have one guy here who actually cares about what is happening in SA I just hope it gets better and not worse. I also think a rainbow nation is a fairy tail dream and SA should not intermix but how to do that and do it efficiently is another question entirely. opinions?

467cb0  No.630663


It's a larp'ing commie lad, his posts are far too smug to be anything else.

e4a46e  No.630668

File: 4ca3ba993e62cd0⋯.jpg (356.07 KB, 2656x1620, 664:405, 4ca3ba993e62cd0b464767174a….jpg)


>you sound touched

>you know if you leave your room and talk to real people

>everyone smokes weed in SA idk why you think that's a bad thing.


Either reddit or very intriguing bait.

006653  No.630673

File: 44b39707308f4c8⋯.jpg (20.19 KB, 508x493, 508:493, 44b39707308f4c82bb6b58abea….jpg)

Post >yfw you're not a literal reddit nigger.

ce8cf3  No.630675


LOL bye faggot. I hope you don't get necklaced, and I also hope you aren't burnt alive. It would also be a super big downer if you got your head sawn off by a pack of niggers with rusty knives. That would suck and we would all feel poopy.

cd2d83  No.630700

File: f417545f85a76ee⋯.jpg (68.67 KB, 510x477, 170:159, 6.jpg)

653f94  No.630725

File: fc33fc15df6f76a⋯.jpg (85.47 KB, 750x501, 250:167, mfw communists.jpg)

7406df  No.630749


Get a VPN and fuck off back to 4chan you nigger. they've gone out of their way to make it a humist shithole just the way you like it. also, you expect us to believe you only care about bad intel? you're sitting here telling us we should automatically agree with your humanist mono-racial bullshit and the south africas problems are magically caused by economic factors. it's so obvious you have ideological skin in the game, why do you even waste your time hiding it? pro-tip, don't come to an image board (not a forum you twit) and attempt to change it's opinions and cultures when you are:

a) not from here.

b) from a website that most users of this site left in protest due to mod enforced culture changes

c) failing to have lurked this board, let alone the whole website, long enough to understand or have any connection with the user base

d) obviously arguing from a disingenuous, manipulative position.

My advice? stop acting like we're your friends, we don't know you and you clearly don't know us. i don't give a shit about your rainbow nation, black and brown dont belong on a rainbow ayway, kindly fuck off back to 4chan, you can use a free proxy to access something that basic if you only lurk.

124143  No.630772

File: 20c92e24778e9b4⋯.jpg (26.06 KB, 481x631, 481:631, otoyan.jpg)

fc0c84  No.630777

File: fc3db927a3842ae⋯.jpg (186.37 KB, 600x751, 600:751, vinning.jpg)


Far as I'm concerned all the saffas I've ever met and worked with have explicitly stated that an outright genocide of kaffirs is the only way to fix anything.


Thus you outed yourself.


124143  No.630784

File: 743e5034ff36538⋯.jpg (46.97 KB, 600x619, 600:619, 578925_med.jpg)


>trips checked

>vining checked


271048  No.630795

File: b9d664bbf7e4398⋯.png (11.49 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 1deeed3058478f1c617e601a7a….png)


> cos I'm staying under the roof of someone with Pakistani heritage.

>is getting raped by a mud daily

>calls other people turks

271048  No.630796

File: 886fc933a354c6f⋯.jpg (20.99 KB, 650x400, 13:8, mfw muslims left me no dic….jpg)


>hangs out with literal wahhabi terrorists

>claims he's a "one heart, one love" hippie

271048  No.630797


>you sound like an incel

How does he sound like wearing hijab?

6285da  No.630798

Something that a lot of you aren't considering is how much ammo it is going to take to cleanse the country. Either some of you have a lot more ammo that expected or this is a very drastic oversight. What are you fuckers going to do about the millions and millions of blacks not covered by your small collection of rounds at home (even if it is in the thousands of rounds)? Are there ammo production factories in SA? And if there are these of course should be our priority as ammo, more than every other resource will run dry. Food and water figures into my calculations of course but that seems to be an easier problem to solve.

6285da  No.630800


I have a lust for revenge that will weigh on my soul for the rest of my life if it is not quenched.

d8f835  No.630880


What about the inevitable blockade? The South profited from slavery immensely because they weren't as industrialized.

4421af  No.630896


Make it like Mao did, let them starve and then burry them all, even when still alive.

d64845  No.630897


Good on you mate don't worry about half these retards who just sit on here to bitch.

d3d5fc  No.630921

File: ff9e6301f8a103d⋯.jpg (82.76 KB, 800x600, 4:3, CW_Arty_M1857_Napoleon_fro….jpg)

File: c3c8988f111d3b2⋯.jpg (337.94 KB, 1270x953, 1270:953, martini henry.jpg)


If it worked 100 years ago it'll work today.

8ff8ef  No.630936

File: c4c57eb9bf8e261⋯.png (163.95 KB, 640x640, 1:1, received_1407882499282890.png)


>Most black and white South Africans live together peacefully, crime is a symptom of SA being THE MOST UNEQUAL COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.

How did one of my countrymen get a lesotho flag?

653f94  No.630951


If you run out you can always switch to medieval melee weaponry and have a technological advantage anyways.

51f762  No.632684


Come over as a tourist. Advertise yourself as a PSC rather than a PMC. Don't trust anybody, not even the police. Try and find a reputable PSC to back or assist in terms of capital (if you have military training). If not, just pop over as a tourist. It's not as hot yet. It's too grey for now. But I appreciate this and all the ameribros that agree with us and strive to just be left alone and live in peace and safety.

51f762  No.632686



What are you doing in Lesotho anyways? You're a fucking idiot commie if you think this war is based on race, wake the fuck up and see the line in the sand. You act as if things are black and white but yet you sit in Lesotho and talk kak. Fuck you!

2a9df4  No.632688

Put Spergook on R&D, he just discovered 40k so with any luck we’ll have Bolters and power swords by 2020!

bae387  No.632691


>it'S not RACE its Inequalty!

That's exactly what commies believe btw. They are sure nationalism has been invented by capitalists to distract masses from the class struggle. I'm not even kidding.

d73877  No.632703


I would do it to give my life some actual meaning, but I'm a young poorfag and I don't have much to bring to the table.

d73877  No.632709



Literally cut off supply routes and be done with it

1fcee7  No.633250

File: 27bb71a46063e84⋯.jpg (52.59 KB, 500x463, 500:463, 77ae065dd4f6d30799a4fc6ef4….jpg)


Ask me how I know youve never planned an invasion before. Africans arent smart enough to sustain themselves to all we have to do is cause noise to distract the rainbow nation's pozzed army and keep a few /k/ommandos to defend farms.


Pretty much this tbh.

aa0c63  No.633264

File: d9e07dd88111daa⋯.jpg (282.08 KB, 1841x1227, 1841:1227, mighty chinese paper drago….jpg)


>Literally cut off supply routes and be done with it

Honestly, that will just leave them open to unrestricted exploitation by the Chinese, which is a worse fate than death. We've all seen how they treat their own people, so you can just imagine how they'll treat people they have no respect or attachment for whatsoever. I'm all for it.

786ca8  No.633312

File: 25b850de17a780c⋯.jpg (51.51 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 1452562660651.jpg)


Unironically this. I'm a bomb waiting to go off.

in minecraft

77833e  No.633329


The Chinese are segregating Chinese workers from niggers.

Not only that, but hundreds of millions of single bugmen are ready to go to Africa, to get themselves some qt 3.14 nubian princess. Black bois can't compete.

c65a22  No.633376





















b53e6b  No.633378


>you can buy a fishing vessel for the price of a midsize sedan

What the fuck is the red tape like for that to be possible? And how hard is it for a non-niplander to get in, sounds like a fucking dream job right there.

7406df  No.633391


most countries with historically large navies have next to nothing in regards to the licensing of a private vessel or its captain. i know the US has no educational proof requirements for boat ownership at all, same in the UK. the prices are usually good on old clapped out boats in areas with a downturn in the fishing industry, the people who know how to keep it running cant find enough fishies to pay the fuel and maint. and so they sell low.

8b8b19  No.646000


OP here. Thanks for popping in. I'll admit, I know little about laws and customs for operating in SA. The tourist route seems like an easy way for unorganized /k/ommandos to slip in without much notice.

>Former Military/LEO /k/ommandos set up security contractor org

>unexperienced /k/unts slip in as tourists, "accidentally" stay and train

I've heard that the only real restriction on firearms is mag capacity, and I assume foreigners can't into weapons. Would it be possible to naturalize and gain citizenship, or would the safer bet be sourcing weapons from a citizen sympathetic to us?

8b8b19  No.646001


Drink cum elsewhere, nerd.

>it's a class issue not a race issue, you meanie :(

Oh so you're living amongst your pet apes?

acef44  No.646007

Isn't the government of occupied Rhodesia trying to get whites back to farm? Go there, maliciously comply, and use the farm as a cover for gathering bomb making material. Use the explosives to cause chaos and liberate military supplies during said chaos because the nigs can't maintain that shit anyway. Throw in signal jammers or some shit. Smuggle that shit south. Blame it all on the chinks if possible.

124143  No.646028

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Wait 7 years and I'll be able to go. By then I'll have mastered the art of yodeling.

aaa375  No.646041

5 years and I'm ready to go.

90c1ca  No.646106

File: d264783e7eaed1a⋯.png (658.18 KB, 750x743, 750:743, cnb3asje87921.png)

5b9b29  No.646132

>ez pz

>ctrl + f "dengue fever" "malaria" etc… 0 results

Should be a piece of cake, have fun.

aaa375  No.646140

File: ccbde9f8f6adfcd⋯.jpeg (124.96 KB, 800x800, 1:1, absolutely magyar.jpeg)


>dengue fever


That is what paprika pálinka is good for.

3425dc  No.646154

Gents. The entirety of this thread’s proposed success is based off of fighting primal blind firing ghettochimps. Do you not think that when word gets out an evil nazi right wing death squad is raping and murdering/genociding the vibrant diverse population, that an international ((((peacekeeping)))) force of actual first world military won’t be unanimously dispatched posthaste to tomahawk missile it’s AO into dust?

I could suggest this larp needs a level 45 bard to manage information/disinformation, but all it would take is one faggot like the coexistcommie already itt to whistleblow it on his highly established reddit account to drum up social support which will snowball to The War on NewTerrorism

aaa375  No.646156


I think everybody here with half a braincell knows that already. This thread is only good as a think tank. The actual plans should be discussed on more secured communication channels although I have to admit, I'm not really an expert of things like this.

73d6ad  No.646186


Die at 18 a hero and a martyr or at 100 having made no mark on the world at all. I agree. The lot of us have nothing to live for, a real chance to give it meaning would be wonderful. The problem is a single individual lacks the means to do much. This is why, a third party to fund and organize it is required. The US Revolutionary War was heavily funded and supplied by France. It wasn't just a bunch of freedom loving farmers and mountain men that fought and beat the redcoats, it was French gunpowder fired by those same men that did it. Unless there are SA elements supporting this another government, it has no hope of going anywhere.

I suggest getting the Chinks to support it since they already have a presence, give them stupid awesome contracts in exchange for arms and supplies. Then, after the war's over nationalize it all.

d3d5fc  No.646208


If it's that simple, why haven't they done it in Syria?

3f1936  No.646217


>japan joins the axis.webm


clearly the answer is to wear skins of slain niggers, this effective cammo will allow us to not be noticable at night and to be ignored by international community. just another nigger gang, carry on.

f55c9b  No.646220


Problem is, the chinks need to trust you. I'm afraid if we showed up out of nowhere they wouldn't bother. They would ask "and who the fuck are you and what do you have to convince me you can do this job?" and we wouldn't have anything to show.

6160a9  No.646348

File: 3503ee37f55210f⋯.png (849.1 KB, 1290x1600, 129:160, babyfood diet k.png)

288e92  No.646349


wow bro include me in the screencap that youre gonna post to reddit later as well hahaha epic! upvoted!!

288e92  No.646352

File: c40b3594ccbf9f9⋯.jpg (34.56 KB, 431x540, 431:540, 13321fc611d4602532e24be061….jpg)



cfa3f4  No.647032


We could use Matrix or something like that, but it'll be difficult to keep it secure while still advertising.

7607b1  No.647746

File: 7d51dea771abd10⋯.jpg (763.41 KB, 1244x2880, 311:720, africaa.jpg)

File: c16dd0bb6f42df1⋯.png (73.5 KB, 1562x590, 781:295, africa weather.png)

File: 91345774992e140⋯.png (2.17 MB, 1809x4531, 1809:4531, Africa.png)

File: d5cc6fe7f876875⋯.jpg (874.2 KB, 1557x1200, 519:400, africa2.jpg)

File: 9212d46d660cd22⋯.jpg (257.95 KB, 1551x805, 1551:805, africa3.jpg)

7607b1  No.647747

File: 4eeaecca20c5db9⋯.png (473.26 KB, 1197x863, 1197:863, boer1.PNG)

File: edcd161e6ae9ffc⋯.jpg (66.6 KB, 750x705, 50:47, bush war.jpg)

File: c98844b56b4476a⋯.jpg (1.27 MB, 1280x4079, 1280:4079, african para.jpg)

File: 74fa4a18bcde768⋯.png (967.1 KB, 1280x3687, 1280:3687, African PMC.png)

File: 038557e8362a4c1⋯.png (189.65 KB, 1482x2369, 1482:2369, boer_number.png)

7607b1  No.647751

File: 3607eae1a6b0d19⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1475x3167, 1475:3167, boers2.png)

File: 1bc4b06913438d8⋯.png (404.7 KB, 1560x1415, 312:283, boer3.png)

File: cbdfe1cd7fffc44⋯.png (1.67 MB, 1896x3504, 79:146, boer4.png)

File: f0b5f1bbc42ea4e⋯.png (388.56 KB, 1548x2458, 774:1229, War in South Africa.png)

File: 36ef59bff28acd6⋯.png (185.8 KB, 1562x624, 781:312, The hunt.png)

767a23  No.647878


>some grand meetup or boat to ship us all over

Don't forget that certain groups do exist who could covertly blow a hole in the ship and kill everyone onboard without anyone ever knowing what the fuck happened other than "splosion"

So that would always be a risk of getting fucko'd by actual wet workers

767a23  No.647880






Has anyone considered asking various regimes in northern Africa for support in the form of various arms and technicals? it would be a much simpler affair to go there under the guise of tourism to another nearby non-blacklisted country and then make transit to the supportive nation, then once enough strelo/k/s have accumulated make the long haul to the horn and let the fun begin.

767a23  No.647882


> crime is a symptom of SA being THE MOST UNEQUAL COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.

You mean like how crime in every western country is a result of "inequality"?

>, just look at how prepared you faggots are prepared to kill people based on skin colour.

Skeen cola is a primary indicator of predisposition, or did you not know?

>Do you think that somehow all blacks just default want to kill whitey?

They have made it amply clear that they in fact do.

>And stop thinking that just cos you're white you have the right to act on the behalf of others.

>t. nigger loving jew faggot "acting" on behalf of (((others)))

>I came here to look at weapons but the fact that this is was the 1st thread I saw has ruined my mood.

No you didn't, if you came here to "look at weapons" then your stupid ass would have looked at weapons, NOT clicked on this thread instead.

>Idk who is responsible for this dissinfo, maybe Israel or Russia and whoever is dividing Americans.

If only we knew (((who))) :^)

>only americans are being D&C'd

>. Stop being women gossiping about the your shitty race war fantasy. Be human, be more than white you shitty faggots.

>stop discussing things that will someday have effect on you goy!

>stop being women! >implying insults work here

<be human!

Now this here pisses me right off, your stupid faggot ass is trying to tell ME to be human?, as if a nigger ever knew what that mean't, as if a nigger could ever actually comprehend what a human even fucking is. why should I "be human" when those stupid faggots go around butchering whites because " lol whitey ". fuck that.


767a23  No.647888


Good, more guns and gear to go around. Besides, if and when they do show up, just use deception, make it seem like you've left the country for a short time, if not commence going inna bush like a true wild man and becoming an vietcong, give them a peace conference they can't refuse.

47998b  No.647903

Really big question are there any native africans that are opposed to the ANC? I remember somewhere that the khoisan hate the ANC.

fc0c84  No.647906


Anyone who isn't bantu or xhosa is on the ANC shit list. The san people are seen as evil oppressors much like all the other white saffas.

7ba2d2  No.647911

File: 26b13c8ed39d713⋯.jpg (46.53 KB, 426x640, 213:320, khoisan.jpg)

File: ed91624398d9dfd⋯.jpg (124.98 KB, 634x702, 317:351, khoisan2.jpg)

File: b22f9e86b38624d⋯.jpg (213.39 KB, 1024x680, 128:85, khoisan3.jpg)


The Khoikhoi and San are the baddies because they don't want Bantu niggerfaggots genociding them.

They were isolated for hundred thousand years and developed epicanthic folds.

fc0c84  No.647912


What I was getting at is the San always had good relations with the Dutch and later English where nogs just acted like nogs.

7ba2d2  No.647914


Just wanted to add something, I fully agree with you.

e8213f  No.647940

File: cc0753e39fd1731⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1092x811, 1092:811, a.PNG)

File: 50be7603584f1d7⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1083x782, 1083:782, b.PNG)


>Anyone who isn't bantu or xhosa is on the ANC shit list.

Do we know what are the relations between various black tribes in South Africa currently? Surely there are some whites who know their languages, we could do the Cortez and forge hostility between kaffer tribes when the day arrives.

767a23  No.648003

Here is a random thought.

Would trench warfare or similar defensive methods be effective in defending an african country?

For example, what if the Rhodies had dozens of bulldozers clear a mile wide buffer along all of it's borders/rivers?

This would serve several purposes,

1. you can see the floppies a mile away, literally.

2. with the heavy african rains it would all be mud and impede their movement into Rhodesian territory

3. the mud is also dual purpose as if any floppie fucks do make it past that, all it takes to find them is a scout helicopter looking for trails in the mud.

4. MG entrenchments would tear apart any faggot brave enough to cross the muddy field of death.

5. even if a horde of tens of thousands of spooky boogas were to cross at once using commie zerg tacics AND shooting towards the line the whole time, defenders would take minimal casualties due to only exposing the upper bodies, which would be negated by making dirt pillars with a port hole for guns.

6.Helicopters with mounted guns could rape any niggers trying to pull a sneaky, Nam style.

7.Fields could be planted with short grains to provide agricultural benefits.

8.Dozers could be outfitted as defacto WW1 tanks and crush all who stand against them.

Biggest issues with this would be obvious environmental concerns, but think how much worse of the wildlife would be were niggers to stake claim?

Also trench warfare tends to be incredibly muddy and disease filled, which with all the additional mud puddles there would be biblical numbers of faggoto's buzzing around (this can be dealt with, with high percent DDT lotion/spray)

Sourcing enough dozers + fuel to clear that much land in a reasonable strategic time may be difficult, especially with older technology.

I think this would be an incredibly sound strategy and would see immediate defensive benefits that could potentially turn the war into a war of attrition, a war that the attacking commies would get their tender asses beat in.


046824  No.648038


>very legal

Maybe for the burgers, but in our beloved Evropa you'll be treated as a terrorist.

f55c9b  No.648039


>but in our beloved Evropa you'll be treated as a terrorist

Even we have PMCs, anon

124143  No.648091



Don't they have PMC training camps in CZ?

9d28e6  No.648096


For official (((government)))-sanctioned PMC who would never ever support the evil white racists in South Africa terrorising the peaceful (((democratic))) government.

bd5380  No.648097

File: a7030077a12d620⋯.jpg (73.39 KB, 752x960, 47:60, in our every act we must f….jpg)


Let me poke some holes in that.

Soil erosion is a problem if you scorch it of life and salt the earth. If you don't – the bush will regrow. I am not sure how fast and how much of the bush is sufficient for cover – might be just one rain season. You'd have to bulldoze at regular intervals, a maintenance cost.

You suggest the entire perimeter be manned at all times? The more time-consuming a barrier is to breach, the sparcer of a patrol you could get away with. Same with helos.

Static barriers are best, but nature has a way of fucking you.

A rebar-concrete wall is still probably the most cost-efficient way of doing this. And I'm going on a limb here but the borders of Free Rhodie would probably fall along natural barriers (say Zambezi river wide) like every other country, which would cut down on the length of exposed borderland.

Which brings up the issue of border autism. We need to take a look at where Boers are concentrated, where Boer organizations and militias have their bugout fallback points (should be on their websites), and what kind of territory could we take and hold. Plus the general >strats of immediate action.

bd5380  No.648107

Is military force concentrated around Pretoria and Jburg? How is the military base distribution in terms of what areas of the country they could get to in what time? Are there any landmarks or areas that would make for good fortification?

Khoisan are the next in line for naked macheteing after Boers, Afrikaners, and "Anglicaners", and judging by anti-ANC protest talking points, they know that full well. They could be potential allies. How feasible would it be to drive Boer refugees one community at a time over to the Cape and hide out in Khoi lands? I find the risks of that to be prohibitive. It is farther, would take more resources than regrouping at any wilderness location of our choosing, said location would be more easily defensible, and we would be at the whims of another group with their own problems wants and political goals. I think that we should abandon this "outreach program" before we waste any resources on it.

We must make ourselves useful to the people we're trying to help. We must bring useful skills and equipment with us. First aid and general medical skills and equipment. Water purification, agricultural knowledge, tools and car repair skills. We'll need to put a rifle in the hands of every able man. Where do we get the rifles, how do we bring them into the country? Do we manufacture them in-situ? What's the design, where do we get the tooling and materials? Where can we get ammunition, etc.

25e785  No.648123


>vet has comfort dog assistant that helps sick patients

But not one VA hospital has a comfort woman for sick patients.

f55c9b  No.648125


what do we do about the UN? And how do we make sure we won't get bombarded by mortars a week after setting up our mother base?

b63fbd  No.648129


Hire a former mossad interrogator, worked as a deterrent in another video game (^:

a08379  No.648137


Because Syria is strategically important to big, scary Russia. South Africa is not.

046824  No.648150


The last time I read about a conational PMC they were all sent to jail once got back.

>The group is accused, with various charges, of militating to the service of a foreign country: they were in fact paid to fight along with filo-russian rebels from Donbass against the Ucranian gov.


Even the commies that join YPG get the same treatment.

767a23  No.648229


>video gayme

unrealistic anon,most likely, he would be the one calling in the strikes

remember the golden rule: never trust a jew

17b10b  No.648249

File: 70df7c221418ee5⋯.jpg (6.82 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1523754327978.jpg)

File: 6b5a03b15a1f565⋯.jpg (51.78 KB, 641x578, 641:578, 6b5a03b15a1f565554860aaf2c….jpg)


Imagine how many mass shootings (among youth) and suicides (among veterans) could have been prevented by access to moderately priced whorehouses, /k/. Imagine how many idiot soldiers wouldn't have married that whore right before enlisting and become sadcunts when she cheated on him if they had consistent and cheap(ish) access to relatively confirmed clean pootang. Imagine all the people we lost to lack of comfort women, /k/.

f0e755  No.648286


All women are comfort women in current year.

f4a6cc  No.648287


Canadian post of truth. But as everything comfortable nowadays, they come at a price too…

019340  No.650189

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1f35c1  No.650478

File: e3f04cc2f22bb28⋯.jpg (44.17 KB, 594x402, 99:67, e3f04cc2f22bb2867e8cbd764c….jpg)


>race is just skin color

1c573f  No.650483


>you will still be a Turk or whatever you've been socialised into believing that you are.

No one but an idiot believes race is a social construct. Race is biology, nothing more and nothing less. It doesn't matter what your genetic group is called, it just matters.

4a70d2  No.650513



You know I've been hearing this shitty esxcuse since I was a kid

>some druktard rapes a girl

>muh inequality

>some lynching occurs

>muh inequality

>some dude murders an old man in cold blood.

>muh inequality

>women don't display the same fighting capabilities as men

>muh inequality, muh oppression

at this point is better to embrace inequality than keep following the fairy tale of equality.

a310f3  No.650520


Even if that excuse was legitimate, what about all the poor, "underprivileged", "unequal" who get by without rape, theft and murder?

1c573f  No.650523


What about the underprivileged who are themselves the targets of these crimes?

a310f3  No.650525


Even better question

99da19  No.650532

File: 3e640884af6bf95⋯.jpg (34.31 KB, 468x416, 9:8, 3e640884af6bf95875410cfec6….jpg)

979581  No.650749


These type of plans are so stupid and dangerous that it makes you want to do it. I would be amazing to just go to Africa and conquer your own land. It would be the most based thing you can do.


We barely need to be supplied. As long as the enemy has weapons we would. Usually I don't like to larp like this, but Africans have shown to be incompetent enough that being an average white is enough to conquer them. You are right about SA though. We would need to help defend the whites there be defended by them. Your average white may be worth 10x himself in blacks, but this is africa we are talking about.


The only way /k/ will ever do any of this shit is if they start killing the whites. Then the whites would be desperate enough to allow this. This is a pretty likely event.


I disagree in general, but in the case of Africa.


Just save some money up. You only need to pay for some guns, a big stash of ammunition, and a shady boat ticket to Africa. Once you are there you just take everything.


That's the point


They have to have ammo. We just take it from them.

Who all is thinking about doing this shit. We might as well take a look not an actual look yet at the people we have to see if their is a reason to keep on talking.

979581  No.650813

A boer has a stream going on right now. They are donating food to poor whites.


d5c957  No.650889

File: 83a4aa96550c3e4⋯.png (62.19 KB, 506x663, 506:663, boer4.PNG)

File: 497939848cb9528⋯.png (69.47 KB, 593x644, 593:644, boer.PNG)

File: 4baa37d66438bb3⋯.png (80.18 KB, 522x806, 261:403, boer2.PNG)

File: b83947a96cf404c⋯.png (64.07 KB, 515x703, 515:703, boer3.PNG)


>The only way /k/ will ever do any of this shit is if they start killing the whites.

They have started killing whites a long time ago. Read "Kill the Boer" by Ernst Roets, this is fucking terrifying. I'm generally in the subject but had no idea it's THAT bad.

Also, it's important to spread awareness about it. Anti-white speech in South Africa is tolerated and nobody in foreign media gives a fuck, but white people can get years in prison for saying the word "kaffer".

d5c957  No.650891

File: ce5dacc76266b8f⋯.pdf (6.59 MB, Kill The Boer - Ernst Roet….pdf)

979581  No.650955


Random blacks are attacking whites now and the government allows it. There is not much you can do in a situation like that but prepare. Once they try to take the land it is go time.

ac8b41  No.652410

File: 4462204b672e864⋯.jpg (88.55 KB, 787x699, 787:699, Dwkpr8IU0AAJCS.jpg)

Does anyone have that screencap about two Ruskies visiting Johannesburg?

81239f  No.652452

File: d9ee5f9fb39b0b8⋯.jpg (1.4 MB, 1238x2513, 1238:2513, Ruskis in SA.jpg)

File: 2a40c3565c31d3b⋯.png (214.73 KB, 630x396, 35:22, On Laying Mines.PNG)

File: b58db1922306b5d⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1995x3683, 1995:3683, Anon's Skinny on the Situa….png)

File: 2798fbf56ee9e7a⋯.png (230.26 KB, 1392x627, 464:209, Anon's Skinny on the Situa….PNG)


Here you are, my dude.

Also, a couple of other relevant caps.

d3d5fc  No.657885


>I disagree in general, but in the case of Africa.

Cholera doen't care how tactical you are.

514a89  No.659803






















If you guys arent just LARPing and mentally masturbating here’s what you need to do

1. Set up a voice or private message comms channel telegram, honeypot, WhatsApp, Skype (or ideally something more secure, I know telegram is really good)

2. Join the military, I’m sorry but if you want to conquer a foreign nation or start an ethnic cleansing PMC group in another continent you need military experience and your going to need to do a lot of reasearch, if you don’t have that your probably going to get arrested before you even get on the boat and if you get on the boat your probably going to get fucked by intelligence on the way there and if you make it there you’ll probably get fucked as soon as you get there and if you get off the boat your going to get fucked as soon as you try to set a FOB up and if you somehow manage to set up a FOB you will absolutely get fucked as soon as your in combat. None of you have any practical experience and short of a nihilistic rampage you won’t get far trying to do operations in a foreign nation it’s just not going to happen even for an incredibly experienced military group what your trying to do is just extremely hard. What if the UN gets involved or even the SA military, you think a bunch of untrained keyboard warriors can defeat a trained millitary? Nigger or not? Please….

If you want to make this happen join the military if your in the US I’d say Rangers or marines are your best option and if you think you can do it SEALS but you’ll probably wash out and end up in the general navy.

I’m assuming a lot of you don’t have a lot going on, your in dead end jobs or you don’t want to live boring lives which I can understand and I think what you guys are planing is definitely possible. If you really have no direction and you want to make this happen go military and in 5 years we can talk.

If your serious I’d love to see the discussion in a chat that one of you makes.

135bde  No.660021

File: a24f5691ba9b862⋯.jpg (18.02 KB, 354x286, 177:143, 1540941489317.jpg)


Awesome song.

f1de99  No.660560

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>1. Set up a voice or private message comms channel (…) honeypot

How do I know that you're a shill…?

>you will absolutely get fucked as soon as your in combat

In history, many insurgent movements were done by people without military training and were successful in confrontation with regular army. Remember that regulars lose if they don't win, and partisans win if they don't lose.

>None of you have any practical experience and short of a nihilistic rampage

>a bunch of untrained keyboard warriors

</k/ is one person

Amazing projection.

>can defeat a trained millitary? Nigger or not? Please

Vid related. The fact that you're judging everyone with your own pathetic standards doesn't mean that there's any sense in being so blackpilled and cucked as you. There are a lot of Boers with military or paramilitary training, SADF veterans capable of training others, local PMC's, survivalists and gun enthusiasts etc. It's their country, and it's them who will be the backbone of the cause - we're only volunteers, coming there to aid them not asking for anything in return. I agree that experience comes a long way and army experience can come a long way, but there are plenty of people who have never enlisted and are capable of handling a gun and know a bit about survival. Actually most of US army aren't training long-term survival and are reliant on logistics for the most part.

c2c146  No.661752


Military training isnt necessary. Maybe rifle proficiency, and the ability to 1,2,3,4 pl8. That will already put you ahead of 99% of sa's military physically.

5dbee0  No.661922


You’re reminding me about how much I am going to miss you and the aussies when the shitposting goes the way of rhodesia

db0f44  No.661926


OP here. I see where you're coming from, but I wouldn't discredit >>659803 entirely. A lot of what he says is valid, a lot of his concerns are shared by me. What we most definitely need is military training, if not all of us than a majority. While yes, it'd be entirely possible to wage an effective insurgency without military training, we don't have the homefield advantage. We'd be going into foreign lands against a foreign power with, realistically, better arms than we have. Knowledge of how to operate in such an evironment that many of us have never been to would be invaluable. You're right, there's a fair few that are very competent without having training of any kind, however having a consistant standard of experience from a military past would ensure that somebody naturally intuitive with survival is also well versed in the other skills required for this endevour.

8c4970  No.662906


Zud Afrika South Africa


low murder rate

low electricity price

Black rule

Highest murder rate in the world

highest electricity price in the world

Income inequality increased under black rule meaning there was more greed, cronyism and corruption under black rule.

Blacks inherited a first world country and turned it into a dangerous, impoverished shit hole.

24 years after black take over, whites are still leaving in large numbers.

a84471  No.672285

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

70d215  No.672473

File: a88f878a2fae8d4⋯.webm (3.78 MB, 400x300, 4:3, a88f878a2fae8d4b2be948fef….webm)


Op is dumb then.

You don't need military training. All the military does is let you take rifle courses and practice drills on a budget exponentially larger than any single person's. If you are /fit/and if you are considering fighting in a foreign land you should be then all the military can only offer you basic knowledge and tactics and all the range time you'll need.

Webm related. Blackwater training.

34f9bd  No.672477


Not to overly confident, but I'very heard of people sailing catamarans across the ocean before. The hard part is not getting intercepted by any given coast guard which will happen in the Mediterranean. The problem with landing a boat in Namibia is that it's coastline is deadly for sailors.

312323  No.672495



>doing anything but LARPing


Also, none of the things you named are actually that important. The actual thing you need to pull an invasion off is numbers, which /k/ really doesn't have. Once you have, say, 2000 people actually there, and have arms to give them, you can get even the most inept among them combat-ready in a month or two and have a shot at actually capturing some clay. You can have a group of 100 Rambos and it won't matter for shit – there will simply be too many enemies.

14c1cd  No.672498

File: fce432136398dfc⋯.jpg (31.96 KB, 642x361, 642:361, 1460748808745.jpg)


>Public notice from a white South African

And it was white South Africans that freed the nigger, you're just another cuckold who has enough money to not deal with niggers.

>SA is banned from posting on image boards like 4chan furthering this dissinfo bullshit

Not because they don't want the chance of whites living there that haven't drank the Kool Aid or beheaded to realize something is wrong with their country.


Blaming lower races' or individuals' behavior on inequality lets and encourages their shitty crime-ridden behavior. What about the underprivileged who still get by or are the victims of these animals themselves. This land is mine go home white man oops we don't know how to care for farms white man please come back. Oops I traded all my prescription pills for alcohol now I'll die of AIDS fuck you whitey why didn't you save me. Oops some guy bumped into me on the street guess I'll put him in winnie necklace.

>yes my country is fucked up but yours is just as fucked, just look at how prepared you faggots are prepared to kill people based on skin colour.

<why you guys wanna kill race that has produced nothing but rapists and murderers

Race is deeper than skin color, and your equality has run South Africa into the ground and turned into a nigger haven. Most of the blacks in South Africa were imported from other countries to work in the mines anyway, the Zulu and San people are the real inhabitants along with the Dutch and British. Fuck you and damn you nigger lover.

>It's being underreported in SA too, but most crime goes underreported cos the gov doesn't what to look bad.

Obviously, especially since they don't want the world to know they ordered the police to discriminate and target whites even though the STF are the only ones getting shit done in the country.

>Stop being women

>Be human

You're the only woman here for believing we're all one human race and use hollow fluff descriptions and insults like they're arguments let alone intimidation.

I guess this doesn't matter since you've been gutted by your based black brothers or raped top death by your Paki bull commando.

ce5ae6  No.672690



>more than White

There is no such thing as a "human" and every snowflake identifying as one should be killed.

>whoever is dividing """Americans"""

Gods, you're dumb.

ce5ae6  No.672710


If you're too much of a faggot to do a regular enlistment in a military, why would you be serious enough to be a revolutionary? You wouldn't.


>muh /fit/

>years of real training don't matter, living the life doesn't matter

Lel, enjoy dying.

269b92  No.672737


I didnt say don't train retard. I didnt even say don't enlist. I just said a similar level of skill can be achieved over a longer period of time at your own expense if You aren't willing to enlist. I just said enlisting isn't necessary to being a competent warfighter.

You can take rifle courses and compete. You should practice in adverse conditions with your rifle. You should hunt often so you can have experience with moving targets. You should participate in training like the webm with a friend to condition yourself to fire accurately under stress. You don't need official military training to be an effective soldier.

a7b45b  No.672744


>You don't need official military training to be an effective soldier.

Military training is a good thing to have on paper, if you're trying to join private security or something like this. To gain skills, there are better ways to learn, the downside is that you have to fork over the dough, and most of the time it's not a small amount.

aba970  No.673195


This kaaplander is very opinionated and often wrong or misguided. As much as I love the guy's work, he often oversteps his opinions and it is clear that his life experiences lack a tad. If you don't vote for the lesser evil, then you're simply throwing your vote away to smaller parties. It's all good and well but a lot of these YT channels are proving to be super optimistic which tends to be aloof in regards to a wider international audience. The dude should stop trying to become a YT whore and stick to his own principles. We'll see what happens from hereon but this channel appears to be going into areas which remind us of attention whores and opinionated "truths" while forgetting factual events.

92a48c  No.673210

File: b7639a046297b68⋯.jpg (272.5 KB, 960x882, 160:147, uwu.jpg)


I think he's aware of what you're saying, watch one of his previous videos where he says there's a small chance things will improve through voting, but it's a chance nonetheless; and you've got to prepare for SHTF anyway.

>The dude should stop trying to become a YT whore and stick to his own principles

I don't think how one thing goes against the other, he won't become big because he's a bad goy and youtube won't promote him, but he can get some fan following, raise awareness and get extra buck for preparation. I doubt there's much to lose.

>he often oversteps his opinions and it is clear that his life experiences lack a tad.

You've got to gain the experience one way or another.

6285da  No.673216


Because the military won't accept me for health reasons, just because I don't have perfect vision means I either have to wait for war at home or fantasize about joining unofficial war abroad.

767a23  No.673234


>relying on others for training

Self sufficiency is a core value of the /k/ommando corps


493e77  No.673235


I've always seen things as the /k/ommando has the knowledge to turn rabble into something scary. Its not going to be groups of /k/ommandos, its going to be more like loosely associated groups lead by /k/ommandos. Why throw all your eggs into one basket?

767a23  No.673244


/k/ommandos are just off brand green berets.

520ca1  No.673250


The reason you havn't seen a suitable land claim plan to establish a ethnically European state here in SA is simply because there isn't one. The only way you could engage in a profitable war with the profit being land to live on for our people, would be to genocide blacks in the millions(& the coloreds because they are such a small step up from blacks they are basically the same)… Reflect on the fact that there hasnt been a plan drawn up by any of our radical right wingers to claim a piece of land in SA.

Without an objective, there is no battle or war or insurrection and if there was we would have America and China to deal with because they need a stable SA for Africa's economy and the trade route passing our entire coast line(atleast until the Sueze is upgraded)

Let SA fall, come dance on the ashes of a once great Nation but know that there is no long term plan to stake claim onto this land and their hasnt been since Verwoed proposed a Europe like mapping for the different ethnic groups.

520ca1  No.673252


I'd say use SA as a practice ground for insurrection in the USA, we have almost no police presence, our military is shit(SOoo shit) that you could really achieve total chaos uninhibited by nothing but your own capability and courage. Could practice recon/mapping/working in occupied territory(ie camping on the mountains here, with roaming hyper aggresive kaffers), large open spaces to train without worrying about surveillance. You could be the ones surveying the enemy, instead of what will be the other way around. Could practice any and all kinds of maneuvers likely infront of the blacks and they will think you are just a bunch of autistic white boys(do not wear idintifying colors or uniforms obv).

Figure out cover identity's utilizing a skill that has duel application to your real life cover and your abilities in your actual life as a enemy of the state. They don't teach you how to become a spy or EOD expert in the army while your doing grunt work and getting blowed up for ZOG so don't listen to the boomers or actual feds telling you to sit on it and tuck that dick between your legs. ZOG is stretched thin atm, now is a good time to use your time before this goes really bad and form cells, command structures, long term battle plans and everything in between. Now is not the time to go die for ZOG and OIL. Come to SA covertly if you can, not explicitly stating to anyone that you want to kill kaffers and take Rhodesia etc use this country as a practice room essentially.

d66027  No.673277

File: 6f85f6a822e6d1f⋯.jpg (98.7 KB, 900x900, 1:1, dooknookem1.jpg)

767a23  No.673279


Aren't you forgetting something? There are still millions of whites there who will be butchered if it is left behind. Men, women, and children, all dismembered, cooked alive, disemboweled, literally ripped apart. The most hellish things imaginable. Is that really something your willing to concede, just because "ah humbug, it's basically already kinda lost anyways".

Remember anon, there is no surrender, and there is no retreat.

92a48c  No.673287

File: a5d7c3fc108cae3⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 229.97 KB, 1562x624, 781:312, chasing the gemsbok across….png)


>Come to SA covertly if you can, not explicitly stating to anyone that you want to kill kaffers and take Rhodesia etc use this country as a practice room essentially.

could any of you saffers write up a guide or something similar? What are the perspectives of a white man coming to ZA in the current year? Any job openings, professions you could take up and keep yourself afloat in between playing minecraft with the other boys? At the moment I feel bad I don't have a farmer background; with how dangerous it is now some capable white people are probably welcome, but what can I do. I do realize that the private security route is open, but it requires extensive experience both in skill and on paper, which I sadly lack. We all muse about visiting on tourist visas and then meeting up to play minecraft, but you have to live somehow in between sessions, and ZA is really, really far away, and really, really dangerous.

36fa50  No.673292

Why can’t white Saffas move to Papua New Guinea and take over the corrupted government? The military in Papua New Guinea is incredibly shit despite they were given many gifts from Australia and Chink.

da67d1  No.673294


Probably because you would get dunked on by Indonesia.

Howabout you singachinks give it a shot?

36fa50  No.673297


Indonesians don’t give a shit about the Papuans.

36fa50  No.673298

I am not singchink.

20220b  No.673300

File: c8433aaeb0e5ee1⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1250, 108:125, Japanese_warcrimes_expandi….png)



Why don't we just end this clown world and let Japan reestablish the 大東亜共栄圏?

da67d1  No.673314


True, but they would still want to take the land, as it’s connected to their shit.

f9b1db  No.673321


I would certainly like to know if some SA streloks could create something like >>673287 said. An instruction guide for meets to find work to keep us afloat in South Africa. How we could get weapons to train with there?

767a23  No.673384


Simple, go in through northern africa, grab a good truck (your gonna need it for the long haul) along with several weapons of your choice + ammo. Ensure you have enough fuel to travel at least 600 miles through african back country. Be sure to top up on food, water, fuel, whenever possible. It may take you upwards of a month to actually reach SA, but when you do, you will have ample arms and a vehicle to move with. And since most african countries are shit fests, if they give you any shit while passing through just shoot them, lol. It may be good to know a little bit of durka speak and scripture when to go too, so that they cut you a deal and dont try to kill the infidel whitey.

This will likely cost you 10k, if not more for everything, most of that will be spent on weapons, the other half on truck and fuel, food is cheap in africa if your a white guy with USD/can hunt your own game

34f9bd  No.673385




Fun fact: Even coloureds (mixed race) are on the ANC shitlist. They're even pushing Capexit (West Cape equivalent of Brexit) all because the job quota system hands jobs to blacks from all around the country, leaving coloureds pissed off that all cops, and low paying jobs are held by Bantus from Johannesburg. Some claim they're part boer part Khoi, but I have no clue if that's true. The reason I mention it is because they have a lot bigger vote and demographic than Khoisan do.

4bf91f  No.673482


Age is nothing in the conquest for Rhodesia, all are welcome

5d9a86  No.673497


South Africa and Occupied Rhodesia's governments are just a continuation of bantu expansion

dd3fba  No.673505

If you guys end up needing a network/security guy in the future, ill be available in a year

da67d1  No.673544


You suggest driving from top to bottom of the entire continent of Africa, with a shitpile truck loaded with illegal weapons, as a white man. This is suicidal, especially solo.

Here’s a better suggestion: fly to Cape Town on a fucking plane ticket. Have someone local to coordinate with. Set up shop in the boonies, manufacturing Sten guns, C4, throwables, thermite, civilian tier drones etc. Then start distributing this gear to colleagues. No special skills required, just a good white brain. Eventually you use this shit to burglarize soft military targets and load their trucks up with their shit, which is now your shit. Rinse and repeat. Ethnostate in no time (unless China pays a visit- they were the ones planning to buy all the land stolen from whites)

767a23  No.673551


Fair point, although trying to "coordinate" with other white men runs the risk be being monitored and detained if you ever try to cross the pond into the badlands. That is of course un-substantited, but I think that anyone who posts here is already on some kind of "list" citation needed so that would kind of nullify the going there undetected thing. But then again, tourism isn't illegal, although "overstaying" your visit may warrant a visit.

A bigger need, more than guns, will be ammunition. Each gun built will require at minimum 1000 rounds until something either breaks, it is lost, or the guy holding it gets smoked. So aim for 500+ rounds for each weapon, ideally 1000+.

581350  No.673553

It may seem absurd by why not canada? It already has a massive white supremacist movement.

c4fb93  No.673584


Why not Australia?

41c020  No.673585


Why not Brazil?

258a81  No.673591

File: 5fd24073b84f409⋯.gif (92.28 KB, 425x300, 17:12, Maria Orsic.gif)


Why not Antarctis?

7ac166  No.673596


Pretty fucking honestly we should just invade Germany and reform it into a white ethnostate. It's not like they will defend themselfes, right?

db9393  No.673602


Only if your southern Brasília become a nation. Northern Brazil is a mega mess that need the apartheid laws to control the wild animals.

258a81  No.673605


>white ethnostate


But if you wanted to throw a wrench into the inner workings of current year Europe, then the Carpathian Basin is a good staging point.

>roll in into Vienna, install a puppet gorvernment of Austrian nazis

>now you have access to the Po Valley and to Southern Germany

>roll into Italy through the Alps, make an independent Northern Italy with a fascist puppet government

>now you have access to the Mediterranean and can threaten France to the south not that threatening a nuclear power is a good idea, especially because a conventional attack through the Alps is a bad idea if they hold the high ground

>infiltrate Bavaria, install a puppet government of angry Bavarian peastants

>threaten the rest of Germany

You can even stop at this point and let your puppet governments reign free, because now the EU is dead and all the genocidal maniacs of the continent will pour into these states to join their foreign legions and Freikorps.

7693d6  No.673608


>sends me to some furfag board

What would you do on those territories? A black "ethnostate"?

db9393  No.673610


I went there and now I wish I didn’t.

db9393  No.673611


There are numerous islands across the entire world so why not turn it into pro-gun safe haven?

593926  No.673616


Hey nip link is dead. Think you could find a cheaper cargo ship? It really only needs to carry one of these https://tanks-alot.co.uk/product/chieftain-tank/


If some euro streloks could board with what ever cucked guns they could probably take the ship and moving carefully could get to North America to reinforce their numbers and get their hands on a parger selection of firearms and ammunition.

258a81  No.673620

File: 72d11edd9b983c4⋯.mp4 (11.55 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Opus 246 - Ewiger Krieg.mp4)


A "huwite ethnostate" would be just a second Burgeristan. If you want to genocide the Germans that much, then just say it.

4af4b2  No.673623


>A "huwite ethnostate" would be just a second Burgeristan.

>implying the US is a white ethnostate

>If you want to genocide the Germans that much, then just say it.

When did I say that?

312323  No.673625



You are both autistic niggers that each understand something else under the term "white ethnostate".

82c5d2  No.673629


Namecalling is not an argument.

ad0e1c  No.673636



SA's economy is terrible, most white people living in SA are on the bread line in a bad way. The few lucky enough to have inherited wealth/property or deal in overseas trade or earn overseas and send money back are doing alright(similar level to wage slave able to support 2 child family in the states for ref)

SO, your job will be nothing more than a suitable cover. Something with likely part-time, low money trail(pref no electronic money trail), entry level blue color or shop management(quartermaster experience/familiarity). Someone else can add to the list. This means the budget will have to come from external sources(use imagination lads, this isn't a holiday).

In reality as it stands now, with no objective in ground to take there is no war to fight. I am a civilian with no combat experience but I know alot of you here are vets, so share with the class what definition a bunch of guys killing another bunch of other guys over tit for tat murders/slights/aggression's falls under. If it needs to be stated, SA will never be under the control of white people in our lifetimes however it may be possible to lay claim to a piece of land for whites and fucking coloreds because they live right ontop of us and work as underclass whatevers perpetually(this is a fact, you cannot remove them from their leech like position) So you will be fighting to protect them aswel as us whites from day one.

However, the silver lining to this thought experiment is that you will have realised that to fight the hordes of niggers and your case spics and jews you will have to start off underground, off the fucking radar by a thousand miles and you also don't have a lifetime to prepare. Likely we should be engaged in insurrection already, so learn how to do that not why we should potentially defend ourselves and our people(fuck learn HOW to NOW not WHY to).

312323  No.673637


I'm not trying to argue you dumb cunt, I'm trying to clear up an obvious fucking misunderstanding before the thread devolves into shitflinging over something both sides agree with.

7661a4  No.673639




>wanting a "ethnostate"

>not just every man for himself, kill 'em all until you're the only one left

ad0e1c  No.673640


Wherever this business starts, it will NOT start with military style conflict. It'll start with a public declaration of land we already live in to be claimed for ethnic European people to live in only safely, keep their traditions and not be breed out of existence by the Chosen people. Then lists will be made and names rubbed off, occupying law enforcement agencies at a national/state level will be engaged(3 letter agencies etc), local police get a pass(diversity hires however do not). Things will be stabbed, shot up close and from a distance, bombed, bodies booby trapped etc etc. You will be punching above your weight on a historic level, literally tip of the spear. If this carefully, strategically thought out and followed through and enough people are attracted to the thought that maybe they should claim their existence and their peoples as something worth protecting and fighting for then maybe MAYBE all this starts a war but untill then, if anything starts at all it will done with a very similar structure to the Cosa Nostra crime syndicate or the IRA. There is NO other recourse, so commit to this and learn fast.

db33db  No.673641


>lolberg doesn't see the benefits and advantages of gangs until he gets raided and spitroasted by one

dc841c  No.673645


>getting in a position to get raided by gangs

>not having IEDs all over the place as well as all over you to spite the gangs before you die

4af4b2  No.673646


It's an obvious shitpost, he can't be serious about wanting to PvP IRL…

68556c  No.673655


>not keeping a few pounds of RDX up your ass in case you're stripped of your explosives

Would be a hell of a case of explosive shits. :^)

db33db  No.673664


>Gangs wearing tribal/folk clothing for some reason (^: enslaved other lolbergs easily in the past

>they send them to clean out lolberg minefields


He has an american flag though


At least you'll never be constipated.

46f0f4  No.674061


what we need above all is money.

dd3fba  No.674068

File: 9db40e1986e1524⋯.jpg (129.33 KB, 919x869, 919:869, mark.jpg)

Does anybody here have any experience in an actual PMC?

493503  No.674069


OK you can have $15 per hour but bread costs $7 a loaf, games cost $150, cars cost $30,000, and houses cost $750,000.

I've never even heard of someone buying land here, but you can buy land in Bosnia for $100 a square meter. You can buy a fucking restaurant for $20k.


627030  No.674088

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

The boomerposting is getting intense, will the 50 year old border war vets be able to put up any fight or are they gonna get lolzerged?

6f45e4  No.674128

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b12bd1  No.674454


Reed International here. You niggers are late to the party.

af3ca1  No.674528

File: 5aa73702f23d22c⋯.png (437.37 KB, 1065x945, 71:63, 1535311901542.png)


A bullet sounds the same in every language.

000000  No.674541

I'm going to dump these links here since these are the best people to get in contact with if you intend to go to SA. Good luck.



Kommando Korps



The youtube link is a documentary about these guys, I think you should watch it if you want to get a feel for them.

I did a search in the thread and didn't see any mention of them but these are the two big force players in SA right now. Orania is white flight to a gated community, Suidlanders want to do a voluntary Armenian death march - they're also backed by kikes, and Afriforum is for gays.

These people also have emails on their websites if you want to get in contact with them, but Kommando Korps is more active on facebook. KK does a lot of work in farm security but you need to speak Afrikaans if you want to get in with these people. AWB is an old NatSoc group in SA but the leadership has been defunct for a while but they don't show any particularly large activity one way or another.

News24 is the main outlet of news in SA and if you look at land expropriation its pretty clear that this is going to be a more consensual Rhodesia with the Anglo-Kike keeping their giant farms and Chinks getting in at the minerals while the Boer farms are going to be handed out as party favors one by one.


South Africa Today keeps very good tabs on the farm murders. Can't say much else about them since SA is pretty simple news wise. Terrible drought caused by niggers, chinks and poos being asiatic vermin, niggers being savages, and kikes playing both sides.


81e547  No.674575


>Afriforum is for gays.

Could you elaborate? From what I read they do a lot of good for whites in ZA, also, they funded Ernst Roets' book about farm murders. Obviously they try to stay politically correct (as much as it's possible given the situation) to stay relevant in the international diplomacy, they can't just go 14/88 like it's no tomorrow if they want to fix anything.

627030  No.674710

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Isn't AWB one big honeypot? They never do anything and every Afrikaner I've spoken to thinks they're ((glowy)) as fuck.

A few on YT seem to know what they're talking about but they're just ecelebfags, these websites are nice and all but how haven't they been v&?


They're fucking boomers, but at least they aren't su*dl*nd*rs.

Founded and run by jews, they don't tell anyone what they're spending that donation money on and have no plan beyond some vague meme idea of building mini LMOE bunkers in everyone's basements which is fucking retarded.

767a23  No.674712


One of these would do any transport operations justice.


They even have a milsurp one for 250k burgerbucks.

As for actual tanks, you may want to consider the strategy for the area, likely not many heavily fortified positions, and probably not any armored vehicles that couldnt be dealt with via shoulder launched AT. A lot of open savannah lands down yonder, some buggys or even helicopters would be a better use of resources, probably a bit cheaper too. On one of these barges you could easily fit several small helis, hell, you could even have it as a ghetto heli carrier like in Nam and use it to send missions inland while putting about in open water.

47998b  No.674778


They posted a couple videos on the AWB YouTube channel a week or two ago. One of them was about a shooting competition. Seems pretty comfy, about 40-60 people. Also interested in how they don’t get v&.

Yea jewlanders is gay. Soon enough we will find out who is legit and who is fake.

47998b  No.674779

/boer/ and /boerchan/ are both defunct claimable boards that used to see decent activity back when the land grab shit was in the headlines. Got plenty of SA and USA flags.

Does anyone think either of these is worth trying to rehabilitate?

47998b  No.674780


Actually it’s /boers/, which is technically not correct in Afrikaans. The plural is boere.

767a23  No.674875


Another benefit of using a landing craft/transport barge is that you don't need to pull into a port with any heavy cranes to lift shit. You can just roll up to any vacant beach and unload your shit and be under way again in a matter of minutes, notwithstanding and coastal patrols, but being what it is, I doubt SA really gives a damn as they are run by niggers and there is also a lot of shipping traffic. Couldn't be that hard to buy some used hardware from whatever 3rd world country in the vicinity there is and then deliver it. Hell you could probably get it at a discount seeing as how it's a 3rd world shithole.

922ea8  No.675373


>>Why bother when we can just shoot them?

So we can tell'em we are gonna shoot them

922ea8  No.675374


Does it count if you were not in an actual combat zone, did not do anything, were not paid, and did not work for any actual company?

922ea8  No.675379


Pfft fuck that dude, we here in America will just build some really HUGE canoes..

The bantus are totally fucked now…

922ea8  No.675384


Naw, man it's you who are totally ignorant, and mis-informed.

See we are not just going to kill most of the bantus, but also a few whites too..

That way it's totally non-racist just like the unfortunate criminal activity in SA that also has some black victims, and a lot of whites totally by coincidence..

See - It's not racism if you kill white liberals too.

So there.. Now you're educated.

052527  No.675396

File: 812347c88175a50⋯.png (337.25 KB, 741x1145, 741:1145, Farm murder Anti farm atta….png)

b95794  No.675427

File: 2d79212ce31e99e⋯.jpg (64.62 KB, 1200x1007, 1200:1007, Need more smug post smug p….jpg)

052527  No.675458

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2c904f  No.677221

So, is this happening or not? I'm not convinced.

d3d5fc  No.677257


Probably not. No one will go if there isn't a war, and there won't be a war if the Boers don't start one.

a7c704  No.677355


If the world then are the white Saffas able to start the war? No one will stop them during the happenings.

ce64b8  No.677362

File: 9e2ac4e494d4fc3⋯.jpg (38.4 KB, 816x612, 4:3, 876867867kjhk.jpg)



Rome wasn't built in a day. Things are def happening. I don't think any details should appear in a public imageboard. The thread should be kept alive though, so the people are aware of the issue.

627030  No.677415

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


On that note here's that survivor talking about her TOTALLY RANDOM AND IN NO WAY TARGETED attack.

976b51  No.677418


>The thread should be kept alive though, so the people are aware of the issue.

Made it cycle, can handle 750 posts before it starts deleting stuff. Will sticky it if we need to.

d7ce92  No.678965

File: f0e6070367ba4e9⋯.png (668.51 KB, 693x2059, 693:2059, murders.png)

3e13b3  No.678992




They literally delist videos about the genocide there. Why would you use that shit website?

3c8337  No.679005

Love this idea, but will likely have to domestically manufacture guns and equipment at least initially. Smuggling, purchasing black market arms, or hoping the SA government would ever willingly let something like this acquire weaponry is risky, costly, and unlikely respectively. What sort of calibers are the most common in SA? Let me look through my cache of BPs.

382197  No.679099


For civilians it’s 7.62NATO and 9mm, according to my source. The military also uses 5.56. There are various hunting rounds used, but 7.62 & .308 are safe bets.

The government even regulates ammo possession quantities. I believe 200 rounds is the most you may purchase and possess at one time, including reloading brass or bullets. So even bulk quantities of reloading material is valuable.

Anyone have plans for a SMG in 9mm that can be churned out quickly and repeatedly? Maybe a sten gun.

382197  No.679105


Btw there are exceptions the gun and ammo quantity restriction if you are a registered dedicated hunter or security service.

9c5afc  No.679112


Is the Orania only safe haven or is there more than one safe haven?

382197  No.679115


There’s no safe haven.

93ee57  No.679117


Rebuilt parts kits is a great option, depending on what's available and what parts of the gun are regulated (receiver or pressure-bearing like Europe). Or you could go full Luty.

382197  No.679139

File: 77778cdc95abed0⋯.jpeg (59.59 KB, 300x370, 30:37, EAD235CA-C93C-4738-8554-5….jpeg)


Barrels, frames and receivers are all controlled.

>tfw full Luty

9e5d04  No.679290


You are not helpful.

5ce6f7  No.679297


Just look through some manuals and come up with/choose a simple as fuck design. If you could get a "fishing" vessel, then you needn't even worry about sa piggus, just make the shit on the water and then kayak it in. PPSH is incredibly simple iirc, only needing a couple small springs, detens, and bits. When it comes to production, copy the commies, they make a lot of shit and easily at that.

139523  No.679346


Am I wrong? Do you think ANC or EFF niggers are going to leave a place like Orania untouched? If so, maybe you’re better suited for a group like Suidlanders.

139523  No.679347

File: 576662053ec2f5f⋯.png (345.73 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 42B52523-D153-427F-A1FB-28….png)


What about adding a one-point sling and forward grip to this?

Also a threaded barrel, as suppressors are not controlled accessories in SA. Easy to stock up.

139523  No.679348

File: 83abef6528bed3d⋯.pdf (7.68 MB, 9mm Bullet Hose (Practical….pdf)

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