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There's no discharge in the war!

File: 0a48e43c77814ab⋯.jpeg (26.67 KB, 450x450, 1:1, walmart-pistol-brace.jpeg)

7b373a  No.636927

I didn't see any kind of AR General thread so I figured I'd make one. Also wasn't aware of a copypasta info either.

I'm making this thread to discuss configuration, accessories, paint, ballistics, brands and whatever else relates to the assembly, use, and culture of Stoner's magnificent rifle.

AR-10 discussion also welcome.

>Pic from a YouTube video

7b373a  No.636929


So, Brownells has a deal going for Aero Precision M4E1 uppers and lowers. So I grabbed a set because I loved them on my first rifle build. Convinced 2 other friends to grab em too. Lots of useful features.

Anyways. Since I found myself doing another build and don't want to wait for SBR, I'm gonna build a pistol.

It seems like if I go with a 7.5" barrel, I'll get about 2000-2100fps and around 1-4moa at 100yds assuming I got a decent barrel.

They say 1:9 twist rate is best for 55gr bullets, but would a shorter barrel affect this? Would I be better getting a 1:7 since it won't be travelling the full distance? I have a 1:7 18" KAK barrel on my rifle and I get sub MOA with it using 55gr in 5.56 and .223.

Additionally, going to a 7.5" barrel, do I need to worry about gas Port diameter or would I be fine with just grabbing a decent adjustable block and tune as usual?

7b373a  No.636930


Also, pic is not from a YouTube video. Post was getting all fucked

aa4b89  No.636940

Is it just popular because media makes it out to be evil? Don't see the point of this gun over others.

d0fa07  No.636941



Rifle is fine.

029116  No.636944


Veterans enjoyed the M16 and M4, so they get to have one minus the fun switch when they get out.

But yeah a lot of people unironically got into ARs because the media shits on them all the time, no joke. Take a noguns shooting and hand them all sorts of gimmicky goofy shit, yet they enjoy the AR most of all.

6c4b9c  No.636952

Didn't Washington state just ban "semi-automatic assault rifles", hence banning every single semi-automatic rifle including shitty .22 plinkers?

6c4b9c  No.636956


Ridiculous. You're old enough to be executed by the government, put in jail or die in the army at 18 but you can't drink or own guns before 21 in some American states.

51814b  No.636957


I will never understand the retarded concept of each state having different laws.

6c4b9c  No.636958


The nature of having a federal government instead of a unitary one. It's a better system for very large countries like America, Brazil or Russia. For small European nations it's pointless and divisive.

7bbf8b  No.636959


Because North Carolina and California are different countries.

7eb2ba  No.636962

What's the point of painting? Is it something that csgo players do when they get their guns? Or is it actual camo? If it is, I'd say it's not very smart unless you're actually in the jungle in full camo yourself. If not, the eye has more difficulty to perceive darker and neutral colors because of the light absorption or some shit like that. On urban environments or even in a forest having a darker weapon (which is the pattern I found to be the most common in modern rifles) would be more advantageous, don't you think?

52caae  No.636969


Same reason you don't want some faggot in Brussels telling you what to do.

2e226f  No.636971


Because each state is basically a different country.

6caa5b  No.637015


A solid black rifle's outline is a lot easier to spot than a rattlecanned rifle's outline. No matter what environment you're in.

e735fb  No.637033

File: 225dca675252c43⋯.jpg (2.59 MB, 4288x3216, 4:3, robinsegg.JPG)


It's かわいい


The media demonizes it BECAUSE it's the most popular firearm in the US. If they can ban it, they're a big step toward banning all guns.

cb44f3  No.637035

File: 5153953c44cb3b3⋯.jpg (33.59 KB, 390x296, 195:148, 1.jpg)


>that AR

81c4af  No.637103


>7.5" barrel

Shorter than 10" for 5.56 is shit. So much unburned powder. If your goal is to shoot big fireballs though, by all means.

>They say 1:9 twist rate is best for 55gr bullets, but would a shorter barrel affect this?

Barrel length has no discernable effect on bullet stabilization.

3cf716  No.637104


>7.5" barrel

Yeah, unburned powder and low velocity yeah yeah I addressed this, though. I understand I'll be at about the same velocity or a little lower than 762x39 sitting in the area of 2100fps. But my accuracy seems to be fine up to 150 yards which is far more than I'll ever use it for. Like I said it will be a home defense rifle and target shooting 100 yards an under, and if I can get into this club, USPSA shooting.

>Twist rate barrel length

Do you have more information on your claim? If I have 1 twist every 9 inches then my bullet won't even undergo a full revolution by the time it leaves the barrel versus 1 twist every 7 inches. To me this seems like it would have an effect on stabilization consider your average barrel will have 2 full revolution before it leaves the barrel.

3cf716  No.637105




I agree with this concept highly. Nobody else i too agrees with me that prior to many of these large superstates, you had city states and nation states that are all relatively small in size.

It's literally in our countries name. The United STATES of (north) America. The USA is a conglomeration of countries. Hence why the federal government was only intended to serve as a defensive structure and leave laws entirely to each state.

52caae  No.637106


If you're insistent on a shorty barrel just go for .300 memeout, don't bother with 5.56 in anything less than an 18" barrel.

3cf716  No.637108


Confirmed for retard.

>80c a bullet

>Not sold in any major stores in the area forcing you to buy online

>Not fun to shoot because of cost

>Not really useful without planning to go suppressed

Just no.

>Believing 5.56 is useless without 18"


I bet you carry a 5.7 handgun, nerd.

81c4af  No.637109


>being the virgin factory ammo shooter

>not the chad handloader


The number of rotations the bullet makes as it travels the barrel is irrelevant, it is rotating at a constant rate: the twist rate. It continues at the same rate as it exits the barrel. Its why handgun barrels stabilize their bullets just fine, too.

3be02b  No.637111


strongly disagree.

I hated the A2 I had when I was in. jam-o-matic.

resisted the AR for years. finally broke down and did a super low budget build.

love it. eats everything I feed it, accurate (depending on what I feed it) and fun to shoot.

planning on building more.

52caae  No.637112

File: a4519e6e9d1f816⋯.png (44.98 KB, 630x740, 63:74, ClipboardImage.png)


>80c a round

When's the last time you checked ammo prices There's AKMs in 7.62 if you're still kvetching that much about price, but this is the AR thread, not the AK thread.

<Believing 5.56 is useless without 18"

It really is if you look at the fragmentation threshold. A 7.5" AR is a glorified fire-breathing SMG, you're better off picking either memeout or one of the more potent pistol calibers for a compact gun. Unless you don't care about effectiveness and you just want a compact range toy.

42878b  No.637116


But I'm not gonna just take your word for it when stabilization and barrel length very clearly affect accuracy at range. I'll be happy to take any evidence you'd like to point out directly refuting my reasoning. But pistols aren't accurate either. They spread out like a motherfucker after 30 yards. And long boy revolvers with fixed barrels seem to do good up to 100 yards maybe a bit more but these are some mufucking smg size barrels talking about a 6" fixed neck.


I check them yesterday when trying to decide what caliber I wanted the gun to be in. No store in my area sells affordable memeout. I usually go to Walmart for my ammo because they're by far the cheapest. And they don't have it at all.

762 has been raising in prices and I keep hearing that the supplies are draining since it's not a mainstream bullet anymore. So I don't really want to go through the hassle of building an AR47 and figuring out all of the gas and feeding issues it's probably gonna have just to see rising prices past what I expect.

I'm building it short specifically for home defense and 3 gun style shooting. Quick fire, light, short and maneuverable. If fragmentation is your main concern, the chances that this will be used past 15 yards on a human are incredibly slim. And 7.5" doesn't seem to have any tumbling issues or real negative affects besides velocity at long range so it will be more than fun to bring to a range where I'll be shooting 25-50 and occasionally 100 yards.

I have an 18" 1:7 AR that I built already. Pic related. I also built a friend a 16 inch. Not small enough for what I want it's essentially the same size. I'm looking for extreme tiny-ness.

5.56 out of a 7.5" barrel is indefinitely better than a 45 acp. And it costs the same or less to shoot. Besides I already bought the lower and upper on sale so whatever I chamber it in has to be plausible with those. And those little adapters suck dick for pistol cartridges

42878b  No.637117

File: 87f3761f61de402⋯.jpg (550.45 KB, 1052x2280, 263:570, Snapchat-1699589531.jpg)

af93b3  No.637119

Anybody have any experience with the .223 Wylde modified chamber? It's supposed to run 5.56 and 2.23 equally well but all I've got to go on is hearsay.

42878b  No.637121


The difference is the lead angle on .223 Wylde. There's a slight pressure difference between 223 and 5.56. The chamber on a 5.56 has a different lead angle because the throat is longer.

.223 Wylde was created supposedly to have the accuracy of the .223 chamber and not compromise the function or reliability of the popular AR-15 platform according to wiki. But my .223 rifles are just as accurate as my 5.56 Chambers. The big difference I see is when you go to bolt guns/single action. Which when we're talking about average 0.15-3" tighter average groups it's really not a huge advantage over volume of fire.

I've never looked at Wylde prices but if they're significantly more expensive than 5.56 then don't bother.

5a383d  No.637131


>that paint job

>video games

>assorted gaymershit

>racing gaymer chair


bait or cringe

42878b  No.637133


>Don't care. I'm not military I don't need to try hard with shitty camo in the middle of the city

>Kys I spent 4 hours or less a week playing video games

>A controller is the only thing you spot related to video games besides WoT

>Very comfortable, affordable, and hella durable

>Literally nothing wrong with marvel besides Jews

Cringe all you want, FAGGOT. I could most likely outshoot you and whoop your ass in a fight.

>Training for over 10 years now

>Law Enforcement

5a383d  No.637135


You'd be begging Batman to save your lardass after getting sniped kiddo.

42878b  No.637136


I know we're on /k/ but what a pussy. As if you even knew the lay of my land enough to snipe me let alone camouflage yourself effectively. The only way to snipe me would be an over 300 yard shot through one of my windows because of an elevated house.

You're probably noguns and norange either. I'll fucking eat your soul tomorrow morning for breakfast

f60112  No.637142


Dont do 7.5. I almost do but I got a chance to shoot one beforehand, I went with 10.5 because it was much cheaper than the 11.5, but if you can that would be my recommendation.

It is not so much accuracy, its just the general usability of the gun. If you use a 7.5 for home defense your ears will be fucked. I know it sounds rad to have a super short barrel, but in reality it sucks. So far I love my 10.5. Would reccomend you go for a linear comp. When I move I am going to grab an 8.5 300 aac barrel and a can.

Sorry if this is hard to read, a few drinks in atm.

Just don't go lower than 10.5. also the SBA3 is fantastic.

5a383d  No.637143


The only thing you'll be eating is doritos and mountain dew, lardass.

42878b  No.637144


I was planning on buying a can in late Feb so that by the time my birthday comes around my stamp would be in. There's no need to have a 23" AR so I'm not putting a can on my 18" rifle. But I figured I could have a 7.5" tinyrifle for now and later on it would end up being roughly 12" after I put a can on it. Plus super cool aesthetics and increased velocity. I also autistically keep my range bag open in my closet which is next to my bed which my firearms are all located here as well. Depending on the spook in the night I can appropriately grab a gun and ear pro and be on the move.

I just feel like 10.5 won't be small enough as a base for what I'm trying to get. I'm going for as legitimately small as I can get it, light as I can get it, while having nearly full control of it's functionality IE I can choose my triggers buffer weights gas system grip angles rails optics etc… Without buying some shitty gun in a caliber that's too expensive or ineffective.


>Projecting this hard using the same insults

You just outted yourself buddy. I'm 6'3" 220lbs lean.

59c77b  No.637145


Bruh, pls don't, 6" 556 equals 6" 9mm+p in energy, just don't. Get yourself the memest pistol caliber carbine and use it instead if you want compact so much. It'll save you money, weight and ears. Or at least pick 300 memeout or 7.62x39.

f60112  No.637148


So I am getting the noguns vibe from saying you are gunna get a can for a 7.5 .223, but whatever dude. People are recommending against it for a reason, if you want to go shorter than 10.5 get 300 aac.

At least shoot it first. Or don't and be bummed. I was 100% sure on that same setup, glad a buddy talked me out of it.

f60112  No.637151



if you want super short get an ar9, still a meme gun but theoretically useful.

This sounds more 4chan than 8chan, if you want an "le aesthetic reddit upboat gun" go for it. I assume this is your first gun, and if so plan on being bummed later and wishing you would of not wasted your money. It will be useful for being internet tacticool, or pissing off fudds at a range, that's about it.

029116  No.637158


>But I figured I could have a 7.5" tinyrifle for now and later on it would end up being roughly 12" after I put a can on it

>for now

Learn from the mistakes of others, don't jump in a hole trying to prove you can climb out.

e6a845  No.637172


Not true at all your numbers have no backing. 9mm muzzle energy is sub 320 once it hits it's target in a decent range.


I have multiple rifles and handguns. This is -not- my first gun. This is a project I want to do since I got a lower/upper set real cheap.


I don't want a let aesthetic upboat gun. I specifically want a hypershort rifle that is bookbagable and maneuverable in a standard American home unlikely the 18" monster I have now.

I wanted a suppressor originally but decided I didn't want a suppressor on my already long rifle. But now that I'm interested in a short rifle I'm reinterested in getting a suppressor.

If I put a big ole can on a 10.5 inch barrel, it's gonna end up being nearly 16 inches long which is too long for me to maneuver in my house.

However, at 7.5 inches I could add as big of a can as I want without worrying about going past 11-13 inches so we'd be in a comfy zone of length. In additional to ballistically proven of increase in velocity this would give me extra oomph. Just more carbon buildup as shit isn't ejected.

It would be useful for 3 gun and home defense over a handgun, and would be much more unique than everybody else's over the counter rifle.


>For now

Are you insinuating I'm not a man of my word? As if I would just say I was gonna do something and then not do it? I'm perfectly capable of making loud bangs for 6 months or so until the suppressor comes in. I'd have tons of fun, and increased velocities and major buckets of cums from fags at the range.

You'd tell me to suppress a 7.5" aac so why not 223

e6a845  No.637179


Point me to where I can reliably buy .300 blackout for less than 75c a round. Because as it stands spending 80$ on 100 rounds is ridiculously when 100 rounds of federal 55gr .223 is 29.80 and 200 rounds 55gr Remington 5.56 is 58$.

We're talking well over double the price of what I currently shoot. And I shoot minimum once a week. Cost a big factor here when I put down range 600-1500 rounds a month.

59c77b  No.637186


>9mm muzzle energy is sub 320 once it hits it's target in a decent range.

>muzzle energy

>once it hits it's target in a decent range

Lel, and i wasn't even talking about 9mm but 9mm+p(insert 40sw/45 in here)

>You'd tell me to suppress a 7.5" aac so why not 223

Try to think about it

e6a845  No.637193


Yeah yeah typing to fast fkoff



I've seen numerous cases where a muzzle break and suppressor combo for sub 10" rifles are operating just fine and cycling just fine.

59c77b  No.637198


>typing to fast

Weren't you talking about home defense and how you couldn't handle a firearm in your corridors? Or have they become 50 meters long now?

f60112  No.637200

>You'd tell me to suppress a 7.5" aac so why not 223

>when I put down range 600-1500 rounds a month.

This is the gayest thread I've seen in a few months. Next time Google it, or use reddit/4chan.

Just buy it op, I'm sure it's everything you think it will be, and is in no way a stupid idea. Everyone here is just jealous of your expendable cash and range time, clearly you oper8 on the reg.

5a383d  No.637211

File: 53038773fa862ed⋯.png (91.41 KB, 7000x6318, 3500:3159, 1509204724634.png)


>typing to fast on a board with 12 posts per hour

60f559  No.637291


>But I'm not gonna just take your word for it when stabilization and barrel length very clearly affect accuracy at range.

Stabilization != accuracy. It is only about rotating a bullet and the proper rate to prevent a round tumbling through the air, or keyholing on target. Will a shorter barrel affect accuracy? Yes, as far as velocity is concerned but that wasn't the original question. As long as the barrel has an appropriate twist rate for a given bullet, it will stabilize it properly. There are infinite articles, forum posts, and jewtube videos on the subject if you want further information. Just don't conflate stability and accuracy together, they are not the same thing.

>But pistols aren't accurate either.

wew, your pistol is more accurate than you are, unless you have a proper bench rest rig for one.

>They spread out like a motherfucker after 30 yards.

get gud

52caae  No.637317


Like the other anon said, the advantage of 223 Wylde is to give you a slight boost in accuracy when firing 5.56. But there are so many other factors that influence accuracy to a much greater degree than the chamber (not least of which is the shooter, ie you) that you're not going to see a noticeable change from switching chambers.


Capeshit is trash and Agents of Shield is pretty bad even compared to other capeshit. Don't try to defend yourself, just accept that you have poor taste and leave it be, you'll get bullied less for it.


>Not true at all your numbers have no backing.

I dunno about +P 9mm but 10mm surpasses 5.56 in muzzle energy out of 10" barrels, and the divide only gets sharper the shorter you go.

>I don't want a let aesthetic upboat gun

You type like you do.

>You'd tell me to suppress a 7.5" aac so why not 223

You seriously don't see the difference between memeout out of a short barrel and 5.56 out of a short barrel? Especially subsonic? If you really aren't noguns you would kill yourself right now.

>Point me to where I can reliably buy .300 blackout for less than 75c a round

Just check ammoseek you doublenigger, it's 40 cents a round new and 30 cents a round reloaded. If you can afford faggy gaming chairs and a cerakote paint job you can afford to shoot memeout.

5dcf37  No.637344

>the AR-15 thread is full of unrepentant faggots and try-hards

What a shock. You girls unironically need to go back to cuckchan.

52caae  No.637348


>I put on to watch in the background. I couldn't even give you a synopsis on most things I watch.

>I can't actually enjoy or appreciate the media I consume, I'm just an ADHD nigger that needs constant stimulation to fill my empty life

For the second time: you're only digging yourself deeper into this hole, just stop before you embarass yourself further. You have shit taste in some things, it's okay, everyone has a guilty pleasure. Just calm down your micropenis and accept that with the bit of grace you have remaining to you.

>But this shit is twice as expensive to shoot is my main concern here.

Then just be honest about that instead of trying to convince yourself that 5.56 is better out of short barrels than it really is. And if your concern is just ammo cost then go for 7.62x39, there's a fair few AR-style guns out there that take AK magazines. Or hell, just get a PSA AKM.

12f248  No.637351


>shooting large volume

>worrying about cost of factory ammo

>not reloading


I'll call you a nigger

f60112  No.637412


This should be a pasta

52caae  No.637413


>Taste is subjective and fantasy shit is entertaining.

Taste is subjective. Quality isn't. So long as you recognize that distinction.

f60112  No.637415


>I said this to begin with fuckstick. You're all acting like shooting 5.56 out of a short barrels is the equivalent to spitballs when it still has beyond enough killing power and accuracy.

No it just sucks to shoot, the blast is huge, it's unstably loud. 5.56 is just not designed for short barrels. people build them as range toys for that reason. For home defense you will be blind and deaf for a good bit after your first shot. That is the major problem here imo. you feel the need to mention how often you go to the range over and over, so finding one to shoot should not be a problem.

The answer is obvious, you say you want to get a can in the future, get a 10.5 223. When you get your can, buy it for 300 aac, and throw that barrel and can under the 10.5 in handguard you would already have.

you wont find anyone here agreeing with what you think the reality of your meme gun will be.

c29fb3  No.637420

File: 436910838068cef⋯.jpeg (60.6 KB, 514x549, 514:549, 6BF96A43-9BA4-4AEC-A0A0-D….jpeg)


>Law Enforcement

Kill yourself you scum.

dc6de5  No.637475

File: 7a24d5196a0dccb⋯.png (573.03 KB, 804x864, 67:72, 1510612039.png)



>literally nothing wrong with Israel besides Jews

>come at me bro insecurities

>ZOG bot

What a colossal faggot you are.

dc91fa  No.637502


>Protect people


>Shut up, leaf. The 4 videos a year of cops doing genuinely bad things don't speak for all of us.

Kill. Yourself. Scum. Only a faggot would trust some powerhungry manlet, with his life, now shoo, shoo, go take away more guns because your pay check told you to. Go protect niggers and illegal spics because you just do what you are told. You’ll be the first to oppose a proper nationalist group and the first to die for the (((status quo))). Hey

dc91fa  No.637503


>forgot to take off my vpn

Anyways am the leaf you replied to. Pardon.

e1ca1b  No.637506


>Da cops r goin 2 protec us guyse!

Don't know if you're stupid or just some bootlicker

They're the pawns of (((the state))) and thusly should not be trusted

They WILL shoot you for being a gun owner

They WILL take away your guns

085c97  No.637511


I try and switch it up when I go shooting and use other popular rifles all the time. Even if they perform as well, I always go back to my bone stock bushmaster. I don't even get it completely. AR's are just excellent rifles and cheap as hell.

586081  No.637512


>>80c a bullet

Incorrect, even when purchasing factory ammo.

>>Not sold in any major stores in the area forcing you to buy online

Incorrect, not that I buy single boxes of ammo at local retailers rather than buying in bulk online.

>>Not fun to shoot because of cost

Even if it were 80 cents a round, that would really be an impediment to your fun? Sad.

>>Not really useful without planning to go suppressed

I use it in a suppressed SBR for home defense, and, yes, for fun at the range.

ff9f93  No.637513


>of at least 75%

Anything below 90 is too low. What's your ethnicity?

085c97  No.637515


I have many plain jane 556/223 chambered rifles shooting sub moa. 223 wylde may not be useless, but it is not necessary by any means.

80c098  No.637521


Don't get me wrong I'd love to see 90%. But that is an unreachable goal. You won't find anybody to rally to achieve this unless you annex another country. I'm mostly polish and Russian, with a small bit of spaghetti. I had very blonde hair until I was 14 until it started turning light brown. Blue eyes that occasionally have some green in there.

I know you didn't (((yet))), but

>DNA meme

There are no nonmutts on Earth anymore. The glory days are over and whites are a limited species if we keep our current path of complacency.

586081  No.637537


>I actively encourage people to buy and hide firearms when they get banned.

I think the adage applies that the time you would start burying guns is the time you should be digging them up.

>I would refuse any order of confiscation if it was unconstitutional.

Why did you qualify that? Who do you think decides what is (((constitutional)))? The constitution was pilpul'd beyond recognition in the 20th century. Is the ex post facto Lautenberg amendment constitutional? The courts have said it is, and it remains the law. Would you refuse an order of confiscation based on it?

Honestly, I hope more civilians refuse confiscation. Ideally this would happen nonviolently. The Bundy confrontation ended without violence, with the feds backing down, so there is hope.

42878b  No.637544


As much as I'd like to tell you I'd fire on some dude demanding me to hand over my guns, I wouldn't and most people wouldn't.

The best course of action is to hide your shit for the inevitable "rebellion". You will not win the first wave. Millions would die over pride and ego and we would lose a lot of brave people with a stupid tactic. The best course would be to hide it all, report it stolen, and wait for connections and anti government groups to rise up and join those in secret and subvert the state after the fact. You just won't win and there will be too many losses if you go for the first chance.


Basically to sum up my views if I was a cop in commifornia I would have quit my job a long time ago and moved elsewhere because I wouldn't put up with their laws. That's fucking illegal.

I would take guns away from domestic abusers and mentally adjudicated because freedom comes with responsibilities. But there's a fine line between restriction of rights and loss of rights.

I hope people don't die during a confiscation though they inevitably will. I just hope the smart and brave ones are really thinking about how to go about their shit the right way so that a rebellion has a chance at least, even if it won't last. Well either go down in history or be snuffed. Either way, dying a warrior for what you believe in is the most important thing in my opinion.

dc6de5  No.637569

File: 1f93ebd41e33ebe⋯.jpg (114.16 KB, 950x620, 95:62, goodcop.jpg)


>took my job to protect people

It has just been proven in court you're legally not supposed to, as per (((shool shooting))) where you zogbots ran away from gunman

You're literally the first piece of shit in line to take my funz. Kill yourself spic.

42878b  No.637570


Those (((absolute faggot cowards))) ran. I've had close friends even before being a cop who have died from guns. I would gladly get fatally injured stopping or attempting to stop some fuck from shooting children or anybody for that matter.


Nice try

The only fun I'd take away from you is pulling you over for driving your piece of shit Honda too fast because you think 2 years of driving with hondata makes you a professional driver immune to mistakes.

>Proven in court youre legally not supposed to [protect people]

Which court, and what was the case? This sentence doesn't make any justifiable sense. Receiving orders as a patrolman not to enter an active shooter scene isn't a court order to not protect people.

Patrolmen ARENT special response units. As somebody who does patrolling and special response and narcotics as well as been into shooting most of his teenage and adult life, I can tell you without a doubt that your average officer is a fucking loon with a gun. They qualify in academy and a few times a year and that's it. Few of them regularly shoot or train for anything other than a quick draw sub 7 yards. The gun on your hip as an officer is strictly for self defense in an emergency situation. Because firing pistols under stress at any distance larger than 7 yards is extremely difficult for anybody to do. This is why rifles exist and why special response units exist. Because we and they train for high stress offensive tactics.

Patrolmen do not. At all. They're best features are close quarters hand to hand where a lot of them come from wrestling and BJJ backgrounds or none at all. But department roughhousing happens regularly and no-weapon altercations are like 85+% of all encounters.

dc6de5  No.637574


>Which court, and what was the case?

You fucks are really bottom of the barrel in IQ aren't you? I gotta spoon feed you current events related to your job?

link: https://theweek.com/speedreads/813356/judge-rules-police-did-not-have-duty-protect-students-parkland-shooting

archive: http://archive.vn/6k48b

Your badge that says "to serve and protect" is literally fake news. You have no constitutional duty to do either. You ensure (((law))) is enforced. That's it.

I'm not gonna read your long-winded explanation as to why you or your fellow zogbots are not pieces of shit. Again, you're first in line to take guns from citizens and you're trying to rationalize it on /k/. Know your audience and just lurk, filthy mudskin.

e6a866  No.637577

File: dbdbf0a08023c05⋯.png (988.34 KB, 1769x787, 1769:787, dualwield.png)


>>Pic from a YouTube video

I went the extra step and finished the build.

42878b  No.637579


It says to protect and serve you fucking imbecile nice meme though.

>Conflating duty with mandate to not protect

Brainlet. Not having a duty to go in is NOT the same thing as being told to not go in.

I ensure PEOPLE are safe by ensuring the law is followed.

You're just spouting off irrational cophate that everybody else spouts off with no justification whatsoever you mudmonkey.

2fa96c  No.637591

File: ee4048fe650ac72⋯.jpg (10.28 KB, 207x243, 23:27, ee4048fe650ac7279dabb461d6….jpg)





>grr im beefy boy and ill fuckin own you irl dude

>cops aren't pit bull retards though, please make sure to trust us when we oops a no knock raid into your house

fb4532  No.637592



>Actually nope still insecure that you have to follows laws and think you shouldn't

OOPS. Go live in the middle East if you want no laws. Or Brazil or some other shit hole where laws aren't existent or enforced. You want a modern civilized society you NEED rules and you NEED order. And occasionally people need to be made an example out of. This is how you keep people safe. I'm not a politician. I'm a Frontliner who just wants people to stop assaulting their wives and robbing randos and stores and shiet. I did 4 years in security and then 2 in mental health before I even joined the force.

You literally know NOTHING about what goes on outside of your basement. Just high profile shit you see while scrolling jewbook that happens a handful of times a year.

deab46  No.637594


Calm down dude. It's okay, there are so many edgy retards on imageboard.

fb4532  No.637596


I didn't tolerate people throwing shit at me in s mental Ward and I won't tolerate it on an imageboard. Turdflingers deserve nothing but eternal prison. And I don't mean by the state

deab46  No.637597


Really? Mental ward?

Peace dude.

dc6de5  No.637598

File: 214b9f92c447025⋯.jpg (54.72 KB, 625x774, 625:774, f514bac531597d4c40bbbfa491….jpg)


>being this buttblasted about people seeing your (((profession))) as scum.

Just lurk you faggot. You're embarrassing yourself.


>keeps on being assblasted

lolol what are you gonna do about it fuckface?

fb4532  No.637599


Peec bruv.


I'm not

>This assblasted

I'm killing time while I'm on light duty

Your taxpayers dollar pays me to shitpost for a quarter of my shift btw

>What are you gonna do about it fuckface

I'm gonna find your location using the ISP I just captured while watching for traffic on the site and use it to fucking gangrape you, you little twat.

>Police code for keep replying while I have time

e6a866  No.637601


lmfao getting this butthurt because your faggot lego rifle was called out

fb4532  No.637602


>Consistently using insults

This is what you do when you lose whatever made up argument you had in your head. My points were made yesterday dude and everything anybody has called me out on was settled and was never argued once to begin with. It was a bunch of people spewing opinions irrelevant to the question I asked.

Kys faggot.

dc6de5  No.637603

File: 3eb6d67e8586670⋯.png (81.92 KB, 680x766, 340:383, leaf.png)


I'm a leaf. My taxpayer dollars don't feed your Dwayne Johnson looking mudskin family. Of course you'd realize that if you had white IQ.

OF COURSE you're on light doody. You're a faggot gamer with gay gun mods who's a (((marvel))) fan. Job got too stressful huh?


>lego rifle


e6a866  No.637604


i didn't insult you i insulted your faggot rifle

2fa96c  No.637606

File: 385ce98a9bd72af⋯.jpg (21.2 KB, 317x267, 317:267, 385ce98a9bd72af619c12062de….jpg)


>i keep you safe

>also i'm a government leech lol

>and i'll beat you up irl using my sick hacker tech @ anon who's 99/100 on a VPN in canada

>trained in dealing with stressful situations

>loses head over people shitposting and making fun of bad taste in guns and furniture

Thank you for your service. Thank you for your service. Sacrifice. Wounded warrior. Thank you. Sacrifice. Wounded warrior. Service.

fb4532  No.637607


>He doesn't realize it's night time America

Wew lad. I bet you think night vision super stealth ops happen often in America.


You've been insulting me this entire time, nigger. And now you're beating around the bush because I called you out on it.

You can dislike my rifle all you want, it gets used more in a week than yours likely sees in a year. And you can dislike my opinions on short barrel 5.56 but the ballistics show that it can do it's job. It was never questioned whether it was worse or better than another caliber. The question was regarding twist rates and gas Port size. Quit being a stupid fucking nigger for upvotes on a a caribbean film forum.


>Can't see sarcasm

>Believes I'm losing my head over an anonymous imageboard fight.

>Knows nothing about police culture

It's literally one giant fight in between coworkers all the time. It's literally how you consistently deal with being treated like shit. But treating others and being treated like shit regularly. If you think this is me losing my head I genuinely feel bad for you.

deab46  No.637608

e6a866  No.637609


you're exremely r*cist about the black people you swear to protect tbh

fb4532  No.637610


Niggers aren't black people. Empirically.

dc6de5  No.637611

File: a352786a99458d2⋯.jpg (54.07 KB, 345x336, 115:112, 1530958038.jpg)


oh is it night time? See, in Canada, it's daytime and summer season. How stupid can you pigs be?

>you can dislike my rifle all you want, except I'm gonna get buttblasted about it and tell you how much I can kick your ass as per >>637133

Who you trying to kid piggie

f60112  No.637613


Can you doubleniggers fuck off?

Why are you here if all you manage to accomplish in every thread is to look like an absolute faggot to everyone here.

fb4532  No.637615


We really don't care what you think. We get berated and yelled at constantly while getting coffee or even at stoplights. I knew a guy a couple cities over that was shot in the head while sitting in his patrol car.

You know what he gets? Laughed at and ridiculous. His family gets to see hundreds of thousands of people say he deserved it just for being a cop and nothing to do with his actions.

That's disgusting. And you sit behind your computers acting hard and aggressive but in reality you're a meek, feeble spineless coward who truly wouldn't even confront a cashier over skipping you out on 2$.


I made one comment about it and wasn't challenged and now you're attaching one statement to another made 24 hours apart

f60112  No.637619


I don't give a fuck what you do offline, just don't bring this shit here. You two fuck wads are reddit incarnate, and deserve all the shit you've been getting, and will continue to get because you insisted on not lurking long enough. You are getting shit because you post like faggots

fb4532  No.637624


I'm literally the only person involved in the argument. There one singular person here (((me))) constantly switching ID's because of WiFi and LTE connections changing.

586081  No.637632


>The best course would be to hide it all, report it stolen, and wait for connections and anti government groups to rise up and join those in secret and subvert the state after the fact.

Just like all the Australians are waiting for the "right time" to dig up their buried, now-illegal guns, despite at this point in CY+4 close to an entire generation having grown up with zero exposure to that freedom? I would say the enemy permanently won there because everyone was waiting for someone else to go first.

>I would take guns away from domestic abusers

I am specifically speaking about the ex post facto part. When the (((Lautenberg amendment))) passed in 1996, people who took a misdemeanor plea deal in the past, even decades prior, suddenly found themselves retroactively denied their RKBA. The courts decided this additional new punishment for a crime committed prior to the law's passage was (((constitutional))). "The constitution means what we say it means, goyim."

d425f0  No.637653

File: e3c742470372e61⋯.gif (1.05 MB, 267x219, 89:73, 1445725184803.gif)


>lego rifle


32403b  No.637654


>We really don't care what you think

You're pretty pooper peeved, if that's true

>We get berated and yelled at constantly while getting coffee or even at stoplights

dude thats super sad omg

>I knew a guy a couple cities over that was shot in the head while sitting in his patrol car

So he's a good cop now?

>You know what he gets? Laughed at and ridiculous

To be fair, I didn't mean to laugh. It was more like a reflex

>His family gets to see hundreds of thousands of people say he deserved it just for being a cop and nothing to do with his actions

Aw dude that sucks. I bet his wife's instagram is full of angsty black and white landscape pictures because of it.

>And you sit behind your computers acting hard and aggressive but in reality you're a meek, feeble spineless coward who truly wouldn't even confront a cashier over skipping you out on 2$.

lel says the piggy on light duty

78be6d  No.637658

File: a212b2e0bccda0c⋯.jpg (41.3 KB, 750x600, 5:4, ARTYOM.jpg)



If I felt insecure, I would post a picture of my black, and not kool-aid blue spraypainted rifle, to make you look even more like a faggot.

78be6d  No.637662

File: 5ce70eb432ac46c⋯.jpg (189.08 KB, 1462x1462, 1:1, 5ce70eb432ac46cde05d9845a5….jpg)


>Oh you have a blue and silver rifle? Cool. Not even the department has those.

>Blue and silver rifles are fucking retarded and the entire community outside of no experienced fags like you agree. Blue and silver are instantly visible in all environments.

>Literally a big blimp of preschooler macaroni art and glitter slapped together cuz myself has a blue and silver M16.

>Genuinely die.

God, I wish /cow/ could find you. You're a treasure chest of impotent rage.

78be6d  No.637665


It's whatever I tell you it is, piggy bitch. And I say it's silver.

dc6de5  No.637666

File: 0de08e4823d3b87⋯.jpg (59.57 KB, 991x902, 991:902, laughsfordays.jpg)


>on clover

>being this much of a newfaggot who doesn't belong

holy shit

Best part about your garbage picture here >>637117 is that if you took it to /v/ they would make fun of your shit taste in World of Tanks, and if you took it to /tv/ they would make fun of your shit taste in (((Marvel))). Not to mention your zogbot job would get laughed at on /pol/

Your garbage taste in career, AR, vidya and shows literally spans 4 boards. All in one picture. Holy fuck this is hilarious.

c29fb3  No.637669


Maybe if you weren’t a zog enforcer and such an obvious newfaggot, you wouldn’t be shit on. You can preach all you want about how you’ll back down from “unconstitutional” orders but when it comes down to it you expect us to think you’ll drop your pay check, pension, and livelihood just because you said you would on a Polynesian sail embroidery forum, lots of people drop their morals because they’re not popular let alone for a sheckel or two. In the end you’ll justify it to yourself and follow Senator Lügenberg’s plan to save uppity niggers from getting shot in home break-ins while also claiming to be consitutionman.

6e926a  No.637670

File: b91861edcf5ca9b⋯.webm (121.55 KB, 720x400, 9:5, pfffffff.webm)


>I didn't tolerate people throwing shit at me in s mental Ward and I won't tolerate it on an imageboard

You can't be real. You must be a cartoon character, or something

5646ca  No.637676


As said, peace out dude.

/k/ has a lot of Nazi LARPers and cucks trying to sound tough.

fe1d10  No.637682


I said peace out but I don't think you are at peace, bruda.

c29fb3  No.637683


>Again. Stop watching Facebook videos you spergmeister.

Wew you must have lurked for two whole weeks to fit in this much.

>posts Facebook meme


>reddit spaces

>spergs our when someone makes fun of his job as a Jewish bodyguard

>admits he sits on his lazy ass for at 1/4 of his work day doing nothing

>still defend himself as hardworking and muh defender of writes

>can’t take insults and threatens to track someone down in a less funny navy seal pasta way

>you said mean things about me?

>literally fight me bro, come on I can take you!

>so new he doesn’t know how to filter

>so new he’ll claim that he won’t filter because he wants to waste more time defending his (((career))) to show those image board autists the truth

>muh democracy

>muh freedumbs

Go back to the donut operator comment section, faggot. No one here is scared of you or jealous of your job.

fe1d10  No.637684


Can you LARP as a Nazi any harder?

Hitler respected freedom too.

dc6de5  No.637686

File: 7573f77dd4ef6f1⋯.jpg (56.17 KB, 1022x547, 1022:547, 1545100627.jpg)



>Nazi LARPers

Did you guys come over from reddit together or something? Holy shit you're clowns.


Even your butt buddy knows your jimmies are still rattled :^)

566717  No.637689

Fucking newfags shitting up my board with generals and it's the exact same thing as cuckchan generals.

2e2eab  No.637690


You're going to reply to this post. If you don't it's because you've got a cock in each hand and can't type.

7997b7  No.637692

>a perfectly good thread was ruined by one spergcop and a bunch of anons dogpiling his retardation

I know it was a general, but no thread deserves to go out like this.

fdb7e1  No.637694


Doesn't take leddit to see Nazi LARPers.

They are all common over 8chan now.

Talk big, do nothing.


Okay, bro, I don't think you are at peace at all.


It's never gonna change.

A bunch of Nazi LARPers will dogpile on you every fucking times. And I fight them every times.

c43f03  No.637697

File: c5fc31a8920c94b⋯.gif (992.8 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1452180550897.gif)


>Literally a big blimp of preschooler macaroni art and glitter slapped together cuz myself has a blue and silver M16

fdb7e1  No.637698


If you say that you are chill, that's all I need.

Chilling, don't get mad over the stupid edgy faggots over here. They want to make you feel bad for existing.

dc6de5  No.637699

File: 1a327cc8937a585⋯.png (59.68 KB, 213x226, 213:226, LURK 2 MORE YEARS.png)

File: 2806a4357c95123⋯.png (1.26 MB, 517x1800, 517:1800, AR.png)


>I still don't know what that means

Holy fuck faggot, this is why you need to lurk.

Maybe look that up next, you mouth breathing Jew whisperer.


Here buddy, a little redemption with second pic


>they are all common over 8chan now

you dumb kike, 8ch and 4ch(before Moot sold it to the kikes) was literally 2 active boards - /pol/ and /v/. Where the fuck do you think you are?

fdb7e1  No.637700


8chan was founded upon the principle of freedom of speech, not Nazi LARPers trying to sound tough.

You scare nobody and everybody hate you.

c29fb3  No.637704


>implying that’s even remotely what I meant


>I -still- don't know what this means.

It means you double space randomly and make everything harder to read.

>The closest I can figure out is double entering to separate paragraphs

Except it not paragraphs that you space because a paragraph is a group of sentences that are all of similar topic. Reddit spacing is when you space out sentences of the same topic because the person doing it is a triple nigger. >>637694 This black hole of faggotry is what reddit spacing looks like. Looking back I appear to have mixed you two up since you’re mobile posting and constantly switching ID’s. You can see that there are three short sentences that are all on the same topic yet the redditor’s Brain is too impulsive to not hit the enter key after every period. There is no need for spacing like that, it takes up space and adds gaps that imply a pause and change of topic to anyone who has read a book past 2nd grade level.

So I apologize, only, for the reddit spacing comment as I mistook you for the newerfag, everything else stands.

>>637700 (undeserved double dubs)

>8chan was founded upon the principle of freedom of speech

Implying you were here for the founding of 8chan. Regardless free speech is good and all but even the Jew.S.A. doesn’t allow all speech, and rightly so. Though they are wrong on what to not consider free speech. Any communist or Jewish ideology falls under threats to individuals and the nation and shouldn’t be legal. Yet you can have rainbow armpit haired women yelling about Marx on your campus with no repercussions, but call a kike a rat and you better watch out for prison time.

fdb7e1  No.637706


leddit spacing is a 8chan meme to derail thread.

Someone's making good argument with clean speaking lines? Call him leddit spacing. Instant come back with no substance.

It makes you look like an absolute tool.

>Any communist or Jewish ideology falls under threats to individuals and the nation and shouldn’t be legal. Yet you can have rainbow armpit haired women yelling about Marx on your campus with no repercussions, but call a kike a rat and you better watch out for prison time.

That I agree. Marxists have no respect for free speech, and thus they should have no right for free speech.

dc6de5  No.637707

File: a0dddc8cd369e61⋯.jpg (50.68 KB, 620x310, 2:1, 8ch.jpg)

File: a85c418f6d91f7e⋯.png (77.29 KB, 1387x586, 1387:586, wew.png)


>8chan was founded upon the principle of freedom of speech

You're absolutely right

gas the kikes & cops

race & cop war now!


>thinks the 4chink he crawled out of is the same 4ch I speak of.

I know you pigs are stupid, but please try and understand what "pre Moot kiking out" means, you jew newfaggot. Not spoonfeeding you again.

>thinks /pol/ is a minority


a09ee1  No.637708


I recommend getting a Krinkov break for a pistol AR. Something like the Barking Spider to help with backpressure cycling.

fdb7e1  No.637709


Cops are not all bad. They are basically the kikes' grunts.

c52854  No.637712


This. Denigrating them and alienating them is about as useful as doing it to the troops. Yes, some of them will never come around and will gladly shoot you, but we need the ones who won't. Otherwise, they may not join the globalists, but they will sit out the fight.

c29fb3  No.637713

File: a100df5804e6ce1⋯.jpeg (3.12 MB, 3022x4032, 1511:2016, A6A00C2F-20BF-43E0-9346-A….jpeg)


>leddit spacing is a 8chan meme to derail thread.

This same argument has been had a trillion times before you came here yesterday but, no it’s not. It’s shitty formatting and adding spaces between everything for no reason is not clean. Try to read a book that spaces it’s self out like you space your posts. The only time reddit spacing would be useful is for a speech you’re reading out loud so you can more easily find your place when you glance back down at your page. To just read it is much easier to not add in huge gaps after every sentence because it impairs fluid reading.

>It makes you look like an absolute tool.

And it makes you look like someone who is much too autistic to read a set of sentences in a row without needing a space so you can find your place after you glance away from your screen 8 times per minute due to said autism.


>I'm typing quickly and incoherently. Not really writing a book or essay. But I see what you're saying.

Doesn’t matter; you can make your text more fluid and easier to read regardless if you’re sending a text or writing an essay.

dc6de5  No.637716

File: dfdc5bfc5729d25⋯.png (131.59 KB, 680x680, 1:1, cannotbereal.png)


>Which mind you 8chan was 8chan before it was 8ch you dumb cunt.

This level of stupidity can't be real.


Nice helmet and shovel bud

96a1a4  No.637724

i bought some blemished lowers from PSA and got a few basic LPKs. i bought assembled uppers from model 1 rifles because i live in a no-fun state and this was easier than trying to comply.

i went with the picatinny rail on top (a2, i think?), but with a detachable carry handle and a triangle hand grip with the short barrel.

i like it. its got the look of a vietnam m16, but with the length of a civilian m4.

how should i configure my 2nd lower reciver? i was thinking about going with a gisselle trigger, and maybe doing a longer barrel made more for bench shooting, but im not sold.

74a3b3  No.637727

File: 3954e0c3a676be5⋯.jpeg (2.44 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, 0375AEFC-CF55-4F61-BBAE-2….jpeg)


>Nice helmet and shovel bud

Thanks, bud.


>told not to do something and explained why not to do it

>take it to illogical extreme just because told not to

Are you an actual child?

dc6de5  No.637730


I'm looking into getting a k98, any store suggestion?

98ec59  No.637733


Wew, Satan. Checking those trips.

96a1a4  No.637734


the blemishes as far as i can see are non existent. PSA ensures that they're still all to spec and can be used without any flaws, the blems are cosmetic. the only thing i can tell from an inspection is that their stamp/insignia is alittle deeper on one side compared to the other side.

im not picky about triggers since most of what i learned on was surplus stuff. i thought about buying one of PSAs lower parts kits that come with a giesselle trigger instead of a milspec trigger. it was only $150 compared to the usual $50.

i was looking at either the SSA or the g2s trigger, wihch i believe is also a 2 stage trigger. one was more money than the other though.

i dont remember my barrel length, but i remember it was the legal minimum for an ar15. i cant remember what twist i got, but i think i went with the one thats better for 5.56 since thats what i intend to shoot.


i want to know this too. i want a real nazi one and trying to find one for a reasonable price has become unicorn shopping.

96a1a4  No.637738


yea, i remember getting into all that, but for my skill set the differences are so negligable. i just went for "whats the most common milsurp round" then looked up the best twist for that. i dont even remember what i got... i think 1:9 but im only like 60% sure.

dc6de5  No.637741


post a pic of your car.

I bet you have shit taste in that too :^)

8ee6bf  No.637742


You’ll probably be stuck with a RC like me, they can be okay but you need to know what you’re looking for. I got mine at a Canadian Tire because they’re hard to find online. If I were you I’d check your local gun shows, I can’t speak for other provinces but here there are lots of small gun shows with gems. Anything from a carcano to a Hakim, though I don’t think I’be ever seen a K98K before, but lots of other Mausers.


No I don’t think I have the authority, doesn’t mean I won’t tell you to not post like I retard despite me having no way to enforce you to not post like a retard. Furthermore I never said I though I had authority. Which is all besides the point becuse I already apologized for mistaking you with the other anon.

96a1a4  No.637746

File: 9c1684298dac123⋯.jpg (71.5 KB, 669x696, 223:232, 9c1684298dac1236b6595c53f1….jpg)



dc6de5  No.637748

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




You're the Guy Fieri of 8ch when it comes to taste.

96a1a4  No.637749


my car is from 2003, and i dont want to get rid of it until it dies because it feels like home to me, and im now physically attached to the car.

6a625e  No.637753


>I will never understand the retarded concept of each state having different laws.

Maybe because the law should reflect the will of the people and not whims of some oligarchs hundreds of miles away.

This is your mind on EU

96a1a4  No.637754

File: 72c76cdbe4d24a4⋯.jpg (15.82 KB, 300x282, 50:47, index.jpg)


i drive around listening to my mp3 player hooked into one of these.

my mp3 player is a 2006 flip phone that accepts a microsd card that i have a car charger for.

im not a hipster i swear, i just dont fix things that arent broken

96a1a4  No.637756


because if we let niggers have unrestricted access to firearms, more people would start openly advocating for niggers having their rights restricted.

6a625e  No.637757

I'm a complete noob. Any recommendations on a parts kit? I'm looking for 1/7 twist barrel, mid-length, I'd also prefer chrome over nitride. I'm basically looking for something milspec that's reliable and under 900 bucks, never built or owned an AR before. Palmetto any good? How about Bravo?

96a1a4  No.637758


ive used palmetto, and have always had luck. theyre very easy to get in touch with and very helpful over the phone. if you cant find what youre looking for you can call them up and check.

wait for sales on their site, they have great deals sometimes.

e6a866  No.637769


You won't be building anything BCM under 900 dollars. It's overpriced as fuck and people only buy it because they advertise as 'le epib gunfighter' and send a bunch of free stickers with all their crap. Don't forget an optic. Expect to spend 3-400 on something decent.

586081  No.637777


>Did Australians ever know freedom to begin with?

I would say the rural people did. As far as I know that's where the preponderance of the buried semiautomatic guns are.

>The whole 60% of the country agreed with gun control is a skewed meme. 60% of the country agreed with background checks for all new firearms and firearm transfers IE I can't just sell me AR to my neighbor without him getting a background check.

Look, they are just playing the long game here. They already got us to give up the right to own fully fully automatics (as opposed to their current designation of "fully semiautomatic"), suppressors, handgun purchases in other states, design capacity magazines, mail order firearms, the right to own destructive devices, "non sporting firearms" made in other countries, "evil looking rifles", etc, and that's just at the federal level. (NFA counts as a ban as it was intended to make exercising one's rights completely unaffordable, and the Clinton AWB ban counts because it remained law and was never overturned). Now you're saying that "reasonable people" believe it's okay to require federal background checks for permission to engage in private intrastate commerce? NJ banned all mags over 10 rounds, in a "turn them in" ban with no grandfathering. Trump implemented an unconstitutional bump stock ban by applying pilpul to language such that the same rationale can be applied to any semiautomatic.

Where's the line?

>Once America loses its guns, it would be genuinely the biggest deal ever.

Canada grandfathered machine guns when banning them but made it so that said weapons cannot be passed down. (((They))) shift the overton window over generations. I've never known what it's like to buy a new manufacture machine gun. My parents never knew what it was like to buy a mail order gun. My grandparents never knew what it was like to own a short barreled shotgun.

Their ultimate goal is to redefine RKBA as the right to possess a deactivated 18th century musket (with metal filled barrel) that you can "bear" in reenactments.

>Yeah I disagree with the law being retroactive though I understand why it was made as such.

It doesn't matter what (((rationale))) is used. This is the very definition of an ex post facto law (assigning a penalty for an action committed prior to the law going into force). Ex post facto laws are explicitly unconstitutional. The people who got into a fist fight with their dad in the 60's and took a misdemeanor plea deal to make the issue go away weren't able to consider that doing so would mean loss of RKBA 30 years hence.

>That being said though, I've seen a lot of very serious hospitalizations due to domestic abuse.

And I have taken care of such patients. Anyway, now (((they))) have established a precedent that they can pass ex post facto laws regarding guns simply because they say "it's not ex post facto because we say so, goyim".

I hope they never decide that having speeding tickets on your record are proof that you are too reckless to have the Privilege to Keep and Bear Arms.

f60112  No.637797


OK, then you are the singular faggot. My point still stands.

2dfb05  No.637811


Quads chkd

>I hope they never decide that having speeding tickets on your record are proof that you are too reckless to have the Privilege to Keep and Bear Arms.

Too late:


9ceef5  No.637838


I ride a motorcycle that was produced in the late 70's by some enslaved russian peasant in the Soviet Union.

586081  No.637858


At least I dodged that bullet. We will see if the democrats eventually retroactively define the existence of my lesser speeding tickets from a decade ago as a (((constitutional))) reason to revoke my 2nd amendment privileges.

My guess is they will first come for the "obviously irresponsible" people who ever blew 0.06 BAC — Utah has set the precedent for 0.05 to be the new DUI level, so expect it to be federally mandated in the other states within 15 years, like they did with 0.08. The additional ex post facto laws against guns will come later, once the dems lock their permanent majority after the amnesty of the illegals.

e32c22  No.637894

File: 881faddb5f85626⋯.jpg (49.05 KB, 600x554, 300:277, 6cf.jpg)

the fuck is there a copnigger here? have we been compromised, lads?

42878b  No.637898


This board has been compromised for years, lad

If you read the posts you'd see I'm on your side but also serving my community by taking criminals off the street and making sure narcotics dealers are getting rekt.

>He returns to 3rd shift because the holiday seasons are exhausting.

So much more relaxing than all the work we do around Thanksgiving through Christmas.

dc6de5  No.637904

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>narcotics dealers are getting rekt

you're such a colossal faggot.

I can tell you got bullied in school and thought a job in (((law enforcement))) would give you the power.

Little did you know that real life is just extension of school life. You were a faggot then and you're a faggot now. Shit taste in everything, low IQ to the point where jokes/insults have to be explained to you, and blurting out faggot shit like "rekt drug dealers/I'm on your side" thinking it's cool.

You will never NOT be a loser. Best thing for you to do is bite on the end of that lego rifle and see if it can find your brain.

f60112  No.637905


Idk man I feel like there is a small possibility this may be bait. This guy may be the most colossal faggot I've seen on this board, he's ticked every single newfag box, I doubt he's a cop with the lack of gun knowledge he's showcased. I just don't understand why people like him don't use halfChan or reddit. Why post this shit here of all places

fa6c04  No.637918


>I doubt he's a cop with the lack of gun knowledge he's showcased

That only serves as proof he is actually a cop. :^(

8a649a  No.637920


>making sure narcotics dealers are getting rekt.

Assuming you're not LARPing you're just removing the supply without affecting the demand.

42878b  No.637925


>Cops are people on power trips

Delusional. Making the case for a very select few and generalizing everybody else

>Something about bullies

You can't let this go can you? I can tell by how needlessly aggressive you are that YOU got bullied in school and are probably excluded from everything today still. You clearly have no personal skills and no relatability to modern or popular shit and are cynical as fuck about everything.

You have effectively 0 friends.


Don't worry, we book people for possession of hard drugs too unless they're OD'd. Then it's off to the hospital for admittance or medical clearance.

Contrary to popular belief most cops don't give a shit about marijuana. Well take it from you and smoke it later. Or at least some guys will. The shit we confiscate is usually garbage anyways because even though it's not expensive, people who buy good weed are usually smart enough to not get caught.

Like I said many posts earlier though, I enjoyed the work I did in the mental facility because I helped quite a lot of people change their lives around. We all did, really. Far from just me. But we affect a drop in the bucket. It takes a lot of people to fix what's broken.

ce2c50  No.637927

File: 1271dac8f9662c9⋯.jpg (17.54 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1271dac8f9662c9aef455cc0fd….jpg)


so say you weren't getting an AR for those reasons, what would be next 5.56 rifle in line?

asking for a non-mutant friend.

e32c22  No.637928


why not USCG to cut off the source, as well as gaining real life skills? Why not CBP or ICE to cut off the source of shitskins? A real nationalist understands that the outside rot must be stopped before the inside can be cleaned.

ce2c50  No.637930


should've mentioned I don't care enough to actually get a 5.56 since It would just be more funz that would just cut into time with my other funz. whole reason I never got anything in 5.56 in the past might as well be for "it's popular" hipster reasons.

6856b5  No.637931

File: eafe427fe04ad28⋯.jpg (119.64 KB, 1200x506, 600:253, BRONIR02-2.jpg)

File: 272b6ac29a24de7⋯.png (20.71 KB, 426x494, 213:247, 1425590429002.png)


>what would be next 5.56 rifle in line?

Archer AK

Please support polish economy

9c0c65  No.637935


I can get Saiga in the same price or less. Fuck F.B. Radom

6856b5  No.637940

File: dd4777830365f71⋯.png (193.73 KB, 420x480, 7:8, 1427317192002.png)


But saiga is made by those pesky russians that hacked usa elections you dont want to support them now do you?

Better buy original rifles made by based™ best allies™ poles

9c0c65  No.637947

Do I really need AK in 5.56? I have one in 7.62. I should get something in 5.45, AKS-74U preferably.

d95b10  No.637948


AK in 5.56 are unreliable. If you can buy 5.45, stick to 5.45.

6856b5  No.637949

File: dbf8e8043816817⋯.jpg (118.54 KB, 471x400, 471:400, 1544467334742-0.jpg)

File: 6748002970ee6f8⋯.jpg (65.42 KB, 532x523, 532:523, kuuuuuuurrrrwa.jpg)


Self-hate is integral part of polish identity, together with unnecessary self importance complex, martyr complex and messiah complex

9c0c65  No.637950


>AK in 5.56 are unreliable

How is so?

6856b5  No.637952


>AK in 5.56 are unreliable

Is it? I use Beryl in 5.56 all the time and it never failed me, only once i had failure to eject but that was because i crawled trough sand with it without a magazine. Other than that it never failed me.

6856b5  No.637955

File: 80ccbc8cd03e79b⋯.gif (1022.98 KB, 194x172, 97:86, 1514818505001.gif)


>you are just a special case of self-hating pole

Lol, you dont really know a lot of poles do you? Half of polish imageboard culture and ergo wider polish internet culture is compromised of self hate and attacking/making fun off polish moral authorities.

9c0c65  No.637962


>bulgarian rifle butchered becase import regulation

Just get good rifle and pick mags that work with it. Problem solved. Two of tree slabside mags I got with my type 1 dont feed correctly, but that does not mean that gun is unreliable

c29fb3  No.638074

File: 8997f72656ebbef⋯.png (31.69 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 64BE9530-311E-4600-9CB0-2B….png)


Wow, maybe I shouldn’t hate Poles so much. Especially if we have hating Poles in common.

e7ef6e  No.638076


Years of jewish brainwashing from school and media.

9ceef5  No.638302


Something to do with import bullshit and sloppy throw-togethers from previous point, though AR's in x39 tend to have bolt breakages.


VZ-58, yes they come in .223 and yes you can use AR mags if you fall for their marketing department.

7fcbb0  No.638768

File: 33528d297562164⋯.jpg (41.38 KB, 1200x453, 400:151, moefsb.jpg)

File: c729a01616ae319⋯.jpg (68.58 KB, 550x412, 275:206, 1430751364016.jpg)

>Order Palmetto State Armory rifle on Thursday

>Live an hour away so opt for in store pickup

>Figure it'll be ready for me to pick up on the weekend

>It's not

>Figure I might get called about it today

>I don't

>Check order today, four days since I placed it

>Still processing

I guess it'll be this week?

1b5d63  No.638774


That's only one business day. Unless you ordered it at midnight last Thursday.

5d74a0  No.638775


will it be your first AR? I've always been curious about getting a cheapie PSA AR just to have as a beater or lose in a tragic boating accident.

1b5d63  No.638779


I've had my eye on their AR10s for a while. Looks like the best bet for the money.

e332e4  No.638781


>carbine gas system

>16" barrel

>government profile

Why do people do this?

3b7ecc  No.638801


>government profile

That's an M4 profile. Never know when you're gonna find an M203 lying around I guess.

594d4b  No.638932


I checked, their stores are open on the weekends. I guess they just didn't have one in stock.


This'll be my first, probably only AR. What I really like are my old guns, and my next purchase will be some manner of black powder revolver. I just want to have an AR in case shtf.

Still processing. I hope I haven't been flagged as a bad goy or something.

2b1b24  No.639440


Are you me? I found an M4E1 upper I forgot I bought and now I'm making a 7.5 5.56 pistol too.

Interested in what shit you fuckers think I should put on it.

92a609  No.639454




the U.S. isn't one big country you know. The U.S. functions almost like a treaty, where each member country (state) gives up some of it's power to a federal government so that resources can be pooled for common defense and sending armies half way across the world to kill dumbasses like >>636957 .

86f434  No.639482



There have always been shitton of guns in Germany, especially back in the good old days. Guess what cucks did when the boys in brown duked it out with the Weimar state.

9ceef5  No.639686


If its out of spec get a new one.

d372a6  No.639687


>nail polish

Loctite 542 or any other thread sealant.

256a19  No.639709


It's a retarded concept that completely divides the population you dumb faggot. Countries and empires need to be ruled by a single king, with the same rules being applied everywhere. Different laws in every state result in shitholes like California existing. You want to get your guns to a different state but can't because their laws are retarded and have banned your child-killing high-capacity clip assault rifle. States can vote for faggot marriage, bestiality and even pedophilia. And you fucking idiot think it's okay

0eccc0  No.639710

Ah. The gayarr-15. Such a wonderful rifle. It needs frequent applications of semen to lube and clean it. It jams harder than a reggae band. The ammo is anemic and only serves to tickle your enemies to death. Also, it shit's where it eats. On top of that, it doesn't even come in full auto.

Such a marvel of firearm development.

0eccc0  No.639711


Have multiple states and just nuke faggot, tbh.

f5838a  No.639718



Wasn't that what the mutt civil war was about?

The whole thing came out kiked as fuck, just like WW1 and WW2, just way earlier

>Merica designed to be a voluntary experiment

>You know, freedumbz and all that shit

>Yanks decided to create mega states

>Started using bullshit excuses like how they loved niggers so much they almost put keeping slavery on the table as an option to preseve "the Union"

>Southern hicks smelled the bullshit and didn't accept any of it

>Fought a doomed war that failed due to logistic and lacking industries


>Kikes solidified control on the largest mass of livable land

History is so painful to revisit.

f5838a  No.639719


*megastate I mean

It is already too late here, shit…

369698  No.639836

File: d325d38b6fddee5⋯.jpg (12.04 KB, 346x416, 173:208, Bizzare Lewis.jpg)


California and New York would have banned all guns in the Union if they weren't kept separate like how the EU has done the same to you you fucking retard.


>the north was the jews and not the south which was lead by half Jewish and half black slave owners who wanted to act out being royalty in a land that rejected kings

I think you need to double check your history m8.

9ceef5  No.639838

File: 48c596b92e446f1⋯.png (1.03 MB, 901x1123, 901:1123, ha.png)


The fuck are you on about, the civil war was about the federal government flexing on states rights.


I don't think you understand how fucked things would be if you let shitholes like NJ, NY, CA or hell IL run the show.

af510d  No.639899



>Self-hate is integral part of polish identity, together with unnecessary self importance complex, martyr complex and messiah complex

This is what 50 years of communist occupation does to a nation. Every argument and attempt to discuss is reduced to

<lol christcuck

<lol cavalry charging tanks

<lol toilet cleaners

f5838a  No.639924


That is what I said, dumb dumb. The states were excercising their rights to leave a kiked union and the yanks decided they want a megastate instead.

>muttmericans still in charge of English


>who wanted to act out being royalty in a land that rejected kings

>There is anything wrong with your servants cooking your meal

Maybe we should stop all catering services too, considering the shitpay and how most of them treat the usually young workers. After all, if you are catered by a service you bought, you are monarch.

369698  No.640047

File: d3da2aa354b706e⋯.png (36.19 KB, 360x361, 360:361, 318.png)


>having a ruling class you can only be born into made up of 50% jews and 50% black slave owners is the same thing as having a pizza delivered to your house

8939b1  No.640058

File: f04d1b15f8b0c29⋯.jpg (369.18 KB, 1280x662, 640:331, 20190111_224459.jpg)


.300 Memeout is less than half what you claim, I even sorted for poorfag quantities for you.

8939b1  No.640060


>Try to read a book that spaces it’s self out

99% of fiction and non-fiction books would be called out for "reddit spacing" if they were written in the form of imageboard posts. As far as I'm concerned, the term only makes sense when describing formatting a line break in between individual sentences. This is likely a result of users interacting with a site exclusively through a phone and thinking a 20 word sentence looks long enough to be a paragraph because they view it in a pinched landscape setting.

8939b1  No.640061


First off, get on the zeemap SC bro.

Secondly, PSA's order processing and order fulfillment is so bad that I won't even call it dogshit as that comparison denegrates literal feces. I really like PSA and I spend a solid 4 figures a year buying amazingly cheap ammo and other firearms related goos from them each year but you have to accept the fact that they are operating like a ~2004 era e-commerce business. You will wait at least a week before any order ships, without fail. I've even had orders get hung up for a month at a time around the holiday shopping season.

That said, the prices are worth the wait. If you need something they manufacture right fucking now drive to the store and buy it. Otherwise, be patient and happy with your savings because it's not like THE HAPPENING is so close on the horizon that your order won't arrive in time.

5c89e1  No.640062


Maybe with guns. But I ordered ammo from them and it was here in 3 days.

5c89e1  No.640064


>get on the z0eemap

This one?


Because that leads to…

>Maximum visits allowed for maps without a paid plan is 100 visits.

>This map is currently frozen. To unfreeze, please Upgrade the account that owns this map to one of our paid plans for more visits.

>In case the map is not owned by any account, Sign-Up for the service and claim the map with a paid account.

8939b1  No.640180


The URL should look likr this:https://www.zeemaps.com/frozen.jsp?group=2653404

Remove the "frozen.jsp?" and it will work.

c0046b  No.640199


>Law Enforcement

wew laddie, get out

5c89e1  No.640200


Thanks anon.

830c9a  No.645024

File: 424053a60b1247c⋯.png (427.93 KB, 750x600, 5:4, ClipboardImage.png)


>Cringe all you want, FAGGOT. I could most likely outshoot you and whoop your ass in a fight.

Yeah yeah nigger, and I'm a Navy SEAL trained in gorilla warfare.

42878b  No.645050


A lot of those are bulk order only or the cost of shipping greatly affects the price. Who would buy 4 or 5 boxes for 100$ and then pay 20$ To ship it. The absolute mad man

0dde60  No.645120

File: b0601a4cdd683ef⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 190x190, 1:1, 1427006499258.gif)


>Just make a thread with Getter in the subject and I'll show up.

Oh man I haven't laughed at something this hard on /k/ in a minute, hab an upboat friend.



c087b8  No.645152


>I knew a guy a couple cities over that was shot in the head while sitting in his patrol car.

S if true.

e70f3f  No.645211


>Or Brazil or some other shit hole where laws aren't existent or enforced.

Except they do and they are. Shoot some nigger trying to mug you in self defense and see what happens. You'll get arrested even if you're an 80 yo woman.

706805  No.646621


>nothing wrong with marvel besides jews


That is EVERYTHING that is wrong with Marvel you stupid fuckin faggot. I don't post here at all and only lurk. But I'm breaking my lurker status to call this poster a humongous fuckin cock goggling faggot.

I can't believe you're defending Marvel which is owned by Disney which is a pedophile ran fuckin service for faggots who want their kids to be pozzed. Marvel cucks out harder than you do and that's hard to do, anon.

Please never defend that trite ever again and reconsider your fucking hobbies. If you're gonna read a comic at least find a good third-party not beholden to faggotry like Disney or some other Jewish owned child fucking organization.

>law enforcement

At this point I think I have fallen for a troll, but, I don't care, because, fuck anyone who even trolls to say Marvel is OK.

Nothing is OK about it. NOTHING. The only worse thing in imagery designed by Jews is pornographic shit and that's saying alot.

Enjoy your nigger Spider boy and trans heroes you fuckin faggot

593f28  No.646627

File: 347fbc01b345050⋯.jpg (2.7 MB, 3072x1728, 16:9, 347fbc01b345050734c82db634….jpg)

File: 029903b549c574f⋯.png (738.62 KB, 958x539, 958:539, 029903b549c574f423b532c25b….png)

r8 my ar

3a60cd  No.646629

File: 82aff39742893d6⋯.jpg (177.72 KB, 680x794, 340:397, f45d53b7ac063c8a68baafff4c….jpg)

bd7d1d  No.646630



4ed293  No.646634

File: 2b9a001e325244b⋯.jpg (15.95 KB, 346x450, 173:225, 2b9a001e325244b0c0a5c81c5b….jpg)


Delet this

52b6bd  No.646685

File: ac33f25ad59d400⋯.jpg (89.16 KB, 713x713, 1:1, HnqcMEF.jpg)


But that tablecloth or whatever is 10/10.

723b82  No.646729


I understand where this question is coming from, but come one anon use your head…why is there such a large market for retro platforms? The same reason people get an M4 profile…nostalgia and individual taste. Personally I like the Mk.18 profile, but that's me.

55ef0c  No.646751


I've been trying to find a decent rifle for weeks now, but it seems that the firearms industry has been taken over by slackjawed faggots. I will admit its been a while since I was humpin through the desert but I aint that god damned old yet.. Im not sure where the fuck this new candy assed shit came from but Im going to need one of you fuckers to debrief me. First off what in the ever loving fuck is all this freefloat garbage? Reminds me of some hippy bullshit and it's all I see anywhere. It's like they barely make the classic quad rail drop in anymore?! I was looking for a solid A4 build and all the parts were in the fucking retro section? WHAT IN THE EVER LOVING FUCK IS GOING ON? And another thing. Why is it so hard to find a normal fucking front sight? WHY ARE THEY ALL PICATINNY FLIP SIGHTS? I was in the fucking UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS and if I learned fucking anything there it is two things 1) dont trust flips 2) the army are a bunch of sissies.

af03ce  No.646752


You already posted this

8f92ab  No.646755

File: 37e48f0cfd88bf4⋯.jpg (25.76 KB, 480x480, 1:1, don't let me stop you sugg….jpg)


>I ensure PEOPLE are safe by ensuring the law is followed.

<the law keeps people safe

KYS, no rly.

e5ab89  No.646761


I'm not a big AR guy, but I bought one because it might be required during a world war/civil war event. I went with a Windham 20 inch barrel standard, basically an M16A4 clone, Colt sells a semi auto version of the M16A4. Classic sight setup, although the handle is picitinny it's classic handle/iron sight, stock enough to shoot military style competition. I'm a bit ignorant on the rest of your question and not even the guy who knows, but it seems the market is all about selling new off the wall shit to people with casho. But it also seems that you can get yourself a stock rifle if you look hard enough, but that's a rifle guy who bought an M16, not an M4, or gives one fuck about extra parts and "upgrades".

723b82  No.646763


You're trying way too hard…you gave it away.

e5f2ab  No.646765


>First off what in the ever loving fuck is all this freefloat garbage?

If you're talking about a free floating barrel that's for accuracy since you don't have issue with the stock/forward grip touching/being connected to the barrel imparting a different bend to the barrel when firing the gun.

You'll notice how even incredibly solid looking guns wiggle around like a wet noodle in high speed photography.

Some examples of barrel flex/whip.





55ef0c  No.646766


>no fun allowed

My points still stand, what the fucks with all the free float faggotry and flip up sights? Why is it so fucking tedious to find a 20" hbar, I've been looking for 2 weeks and I've only found 1 in stock and its shit for the price, and a decent fixed front sight gas block same deal except the only one I can find is a cheap piece of shit? The only two options that Ive seen are as >>646761 pointed out, colt or windham, but if Im gonna pay top dollar for a rifle id rather buy the same shit for cheaper and build it myself. Only problem is the only parts available for builds are all for meme guns.

55ef0c  No.646767




fluted barrels are specifically designed to flex like that. No wonder there is nothing but meme parts available no one fucking knows shit.

4db14c  No.646769


This, stop being a faggot.

723b82  No.646771


You're shit at doing research.

>Armalite AR15A2 20in HBAR

>Stag Arms Model 4 HBAR

>BCM 20in Gov Profile Upper

>Bushmaster XM-15A2 20" Target Model

Delton Alpha H320 20in HBAR

BCM, Brownells, Spikes, Stag, Armalite, and a assload of other decent manufactures sell 20in HBAR barrels, A2/A4 style uppers, and everything else you need, so stop being a whiny ass faggot and either buy one or build one.

939cb7  No.646791



>20" HBAR barrel

add ballistic advantage to that list, probably the best cost to performance barrels on the market. I use their 20" dmr barrels in a target rifle setup, works great. best group so far is 5 shots in .42" at 100 yards, not sure if that is the upper limit of myself or the barrel

55ef0c  No.646884



jews always fund both sides every time.

e5f2ab  No.647386


>fluted barrels are specifically designed to flex like that.

No they aren't, though (giving your argument prosthetics here) even if they "did" they flex as much/little as a regular barrel.

5bb1eb  No.647632

File: fcf4383d3fe7d5d⋯.png (76.09 KB, 1836x394, 918:197, ClipboardImage.png)




55ef0c  No.647941


Ey so whats the deal with the A5 buffer shit? It seems like its 90% gear queer faggotry, Like, I get the impression its mostly about letting fags running around with their mall ninja'd up 16" mutt-16's be able to shoot something that is as reliable as an ar with a rifle gas system.

On a scale of 10-10 how entirely accurate am I on that assessment? Further, would it be fair to say that anyone who put an A5 on an ar with a rifle length gas system is basically a walking meme?

597dec  No.647995


I bought an PSA AR-10 for their black Friday sale last year. The fucking thing didn't ship on time, didn't arrive in the right amount of time, and the box with the receiver didnt have any identifiable information on it so every time that I called the store doing the FFL they said that they didnt have it yet. It was a real bitch and a half to get all the parts.

Rifle shoots just fine though.

4ab0a3  No.648022

Is it worth it to get an integrally suppressed .300 BLK upper to avoid the double tax stamp? There are a few and it seems like they're either more expensive than would be reasonable or one from Badger state that has to be too cheap to even be a real can.

also sub21 so I can't get a pistol, I hate the ATF


AR-10s always seemed way overpriced to me, I get the desire to have a similar platform as an AR but what makes it better than basically any other .308 semiauto on the market?

But I guess PSA is pretty affordable.

55ef0c  No.648088


To build on that question.. theres a lot of rumors about the A5 buffer system passing the shit out of the USMC's reliability tests and taking a massive dump on the standard rifle length buffer system. But, I've seen zero proof of this outside of a screenshot of a supposed 'top secret' USMC report on it, that doesnt exist anywhere aside from that screencap. In fact there is zero data available on it aside from that supposed usmc report, the closest you will get to finding actual data is "this thing was tested by an anonymous expert independent source".

Which, screams of bullshit to me.

Any of you guys put autism into the a5 buffer system?

542d1e  No.648307

File: 93cd9b4799062d8⋯.jpg (31.28 KB, 1200x277, 1200:277, 5165450747.jpg)

Bought the last one of these uppers from PSA. 1:7 twist and comes with a BCG and shit. Pretty stoked about it as it's my first free float handguard thing. Sold my old upper to buy this one.

2f7aba  No.648322


Well hey strelok at least yours has shown up, I'm still fucking waiting.

e290af  No.648385


>1/7 twist

1/8 is better

369698  No.648387

File: 6713c8f6b5de967⋯.jpg (27.99 KB, 492x409, 492:409, food for thought.jpg)


Why does 1/8 and 1/9 exist? Shouldn't it just be 1/12 for 55gr and then 1/7 for 62gr NATO standard? I feel like getting something in between is gimping performance with both projectile weights instead of just picking one or the other. And if that's not the case then why is 1/7 the NATO standard?

e290af  No.648389


>Shouldn't it just be 1/12 for 55gr and then 1/7 for 62gr NATO standard

If you want to change out your barrel every time you shoot a different ammo, yeah, sure. There is more out there than 55 and 62 gr.

>I feel like getting something in between is gimping performance

What you feel doesn't really matter. 1/8 Is optimal for the majority of 5.56 ammo for the ranges 5.56 was designed for. 1/12 Is limited to lighter loads, 1/7 is preferable to 1/12 as it provides you with a wider range of ammo you can shoot.

>And if that's not the case then why is 1/7 the NATO standard?

Why does it matter what the NATO standard is? NATO isn't known for making good decisions, not that their decisions would even apply to civilian shooters in the first place.

597dec  No.648400


Well, I always liked the idea of the .308 battle rifle and similar firearms, so I have a soft spot for the AR-10. I dont really think that its any better or worse than other, similar guns (mostly for lack of having shot a lot of them), that said, I picked up the parts for this one with an end price tag around $500 so it was substantially cheaper than other similar rifles.


My sympathies, dubs anon. How long have you been waiting?

6d72de  No.648412


1:8 and 1:9 exist because the only rounds long enough to need 1:7 for stable flight are NATO LMG tracer rounds. There's no reason a civilian would ever shoot NATO tracer rounds out of his rifle (even if you need tracer rounds for whatever reason, there are shorter tracers on the civilian market that work fine with 1:8), so there's no real benefit to having a 1:7 twist.

>I feel like getting something in between is gimping performance with both projectile weights

Not exactly, because the connection between twist rate and performance isn't linear. As long as the twist rate is fast enough that it stabilizes the bullet in flight, you don't get a relevant loss of performance from going faster in twist rate–except for some really tiny losses in accuracy that should only worry extreme-range precision shooters, 55gr out of a 1:7 barrel will shoot just as well as 55gr out of a 1:12. In extreme cases, where the bullet is much, much too short (light) or the twist rate much too fast, you will get over-stabilization, where the bullet spins so fast that it sheds its jacket and explodes midflight.

542d1e  No.648418


I actually wanted a 1:8 twist as it was what I had on my old upper and was the optimal twist for the surplus 5.56 i'd buy. Sold that old upper to a friend for good price though and decided to just buy a prebuilt. Still pretty happy with what I got.

7fcbb0  No.648630


I ordered my rifle on the third of January. Haven't heard a peep from them since.

I'm tempted to just drive to the PSA store to ask what the fuck's taking so long, since calling just puts me on hold for half an hour.

55ef0c  No.648744


>january 3rd

>ordering from psa

Thats your own fault. A simple internet search would have informed you that psa incurs a massive backorder every blackfriday because their whole business model is to basically run at a loss. Their parts are priced basically at cost for them so they wind up getting a fucking ton of orders because for those prices their product quality is off the charts, its the only way you are going to get an upper mid-tier AR for bottom low tier pricing. You shoulda knew there would be a massive back order after black friday, this is what you get for being a stupid fucking nigger.

b40c69  No.649488

File: 0651e21b0d1eb40⋯.jpg (21.11 KB, 800x199, 800:199, GOMX556TS_1.jpg)

File: 76ca5d6bcc2dc3d⋯.jpg (24.08 KB, 800x196, 200:49, GOMX556P3P_1.jpg)

Anybody here owned either of these?




This store is extremely convenient for me and I want to support my the vendor so there might be another better cheaper option.

of the two which should I get?

b40c69  No.649493


Out of these two I would care more about reliability, so should I go for the Hybrid?

e21604  No.655284


black gets very hot in sun fast.

e21604  No.655285

I got two stripped lowers (American Tactical "Mil Sport") I need to build out.

Hoping for cheap, simple standard lightweight DI.

I'm in CA so I guess I'll go with standard or Magpul fixed stock with booby-hatch butt.

Probably go with grip-fin.

Any suggestions on the rest of it first time builder, first time AR user?

I've never even field stripped an AR.

738dc2  No.655830

File: ad401007b0a1d78⋯.mp4 (750.5 KB, 384x288, 4:3, stop supporting disney.mp4)


>>Literally nothing wrong with marvel besides Jews

738dc2  No.655832

File: aad8960fad47696⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 1.34 MB, 288x360, 4:5, necked.mp4)


Damn, satan throttle down son

74c751  No.655851


nothing, AR-10's are heavy as hell but recoil like a mother fucker because the BCG is the size of your forearm. You need a 20" DMR barrel, adjustable gas block, and massive brake to make it recoil less than a 300 win mag, and then it weights a fuck ton.

go with a G3. I never understood people that bitch about G3 recoil. A G3 recoils far less than a AR-10, even with their shitty factory stocks. You'll want to get the Magpul aftermarket stock for your G3.

47070a  No.655852


If you're going to comply I'd just get a thordson stock and avoid the faggy fin grip. If not just get a rifle stock since you just snug the buffer tube on then slip the stock over it. Rifle stock/buffer length and weight is the best shit ever for an AR, fuck carbine. Otherwise youll need to buy a castle nut wrench to properly tighten it (you could try a strap wrench but I wouldn't trust it). Then you'll need to stake the castle nut or it will rattle loose.

Just buy a prebuilt upper preferably a 20 inch or anything that doesn't have a carbine length gas tube. Again fuck carbines, 16 inch barrels were nigger rigged with the regular M4 gas lengths so you get an over gassed rifle that smashes a bolt carrier all the way back causing you more felt recoil along with just abusing the internals. 16 or 18 inch barrels with mid length gas tube would be much better than a carbine gas tube.

Many people shill palmetto state armory and I would too especially since this is your first rifle. You should buy cheap so you can buy more ammo not just because it's cheap and by the time you get good you'll likely just build your own upper. If you have more cash aero precision is a solid choice that's still in the affordable range. If you want the least possible headaches just buy an upper that has a pinned gas block and two piece plastic handguards. I have seen both good and shit manufacturers have gas blocks rattle loose or frrefloat handguards come so loose that a screw goes missing, if you buy a free float style upper make sure you loctite the shit out of everything and stake your gas blocks set screws or clamp screws because it will come loose eventually.

Since you're in california I would try to buy an upper that has a muzzle brake already installed or just a non threaded barrel assuming of course you want to comply.

Pro tip: The people at california gun ranges don't give a shit assuming you're gun range isn't some kind of fudds only private range. Just don't look like an edgy faggot, twitchy nigger, or a space ranger. Besides most people who want to bring out all their fun or full fun shit go out into BLM land.

446533  No.655886

Any tests of the impact shift of non-Faxon pencil barrels? PSA and Ballistic Advantage both make some for cheaper and I'm wondering how they stock up.

74c751  No.656079


yeah: rifle length gas system, 18 inch barrel, and a good aftermarket single stage trigger.

ed1d4e  No.656597

File: 563215ea3de1c70⋯.png (199.37 KB, 267x742, 267:742, Capture.PNG)

Got a question:

Got this PWS piston upper in a trade to go with my PWS lower, coincidentally and just inspected the muzzle device; this mark on it is a pin, right? Most pin jobs I've seen never looked this clean, so I wasn't sure.

It's a 14.5" upper, so I'm guessing it was imported from the US with the requirement that it needs to be 16" as long as the device it pinned. I wanted to swap it out with a regular flash hider, but if it's pinned I don't really mind keeping it on; it's an FSC556.

830c9a  No.656668


It does look like a weld mark. Good workmanship if it is the case.

ed1d4e  No.656682

File: aab6a2cac059b9a⋯.png (184.98 KB, 441x384, 147:128, ACTS & PROVE.png)


Saved me a night of fruitless labor, thanks.

fe5c07  No.656739

Is there a way to remove gas block roll pins without a punch tool? I've tried some things that should work, not able to hammer it out though. Maybe i'm just not being tough enough.

e290af  No.657123


Take it to a local AR builder and ask.


>Is there anyway to remove pins without a punch

No you fucking retard, either use a punch or substitute something that acts as a punch.

e290af  No.657124


Just build an AR instead of cheaping out then upgrading it over time. It may cost more but you really shouldn't skimp on stuff like this.

a83029  No.659041

File: 6f2eaa4e9d1f28c⋯.jpg (2.23 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, 20170327_213044.jpg)


Here's my .308 and 5.56.

PS anyone who gets high quality parts on their weapon but a stock grip is dumb. Barrels and bullets determine performance. Everything else is personal preference. My point is, what's a 30-50 dollar grip, that's 300% better than stock, after you already dropped 1500-3000 dollars? I think Hogue is the best personally.

af03ce  No.659099


>that hook on the stock

Enjoy that getting caught on webbing and slings.

830c9a  No.659101

File: 973f6fc4ee30157⋯.png (381.14 KB, 680x860, 34:43, b3c.png)


>EGA on lower

3aae28  No.659284


>Bottom rifle

>MOE rail added ontop of handguard

Nigger you’re supposed to mount those on the sides or bottom only, not the top.

5403f3  No.667180

Anyone used gunstruction before?

Rate my baby in utero


5403f3  No.667181

File: 2d86e31f3a471e3⋯.png (401.11 KB, 1530x858, 255:143, 1.png)

File: 4a2c921e4561905⋯.png (537.17 KB, 1530x858, 255:143, 2.png)


as a side note, it works best in firefox based browsers. I'm currently using Brave and it seems to be fine. Vivaldi, however is another of my favorite browsers and often has problems loading and editing projects.

49ba9f  No.667555


It's popular because of they were banned in the 90s, I remember seeing pre ban AR-15s (flash hider, bayonet lug, and adjustable stock) going for $3,000. Once the ban lifted it brought a lot more interest and since the design was no longer patented anyone could do what they wanted with it.

3fd427  No.667590


>everything else is personal preference

>but you're not allowed to like the A2 grip because I said so

>random rail section slapped on the top of the handguard

>worries about grips before free-floating the handguard

92fd3d  No.667604


wow. this deserves more views.

e6b935  No.667608

File: 67fd9d5cb6391c5⋯.jpg (48.38 KB, 750x563, 750:563, dylann roof american flag.jpg)


>I will never understand the retarded concept of each state having different laws.

then you dont understand why the civil war was fought. the point of america was to limit the power of government. the federal government was to be small, and each state like a nation. they wisely wanted to limit the size of the area governed. it also allowed for more freedom of association. shitlibs can move to the west coast and White men can move to the country. the civil war was about state sovereignty vs big government. slavery is just the reason they tell niggers.

of course the federal government is a tyrannical empire specializing in slavery (citizenship), and they are currently owned by kikes in israel. so modern america is like a plantation where tax revenue generators and soldiers who fight the wars for greater israel are grown. its not a serious country anymore

on the ground level its weird brown tribes fighting turf wars over strip malls. dont get me started.

70ddec  No.667620


The AR15 is popular because it's the best rifle ever.


>super reliable

>cheap ammo

>most standard ammo doesn't overpenetrate

>good for home defense

>good for war

>good for hunting pigs and coyotes

>zillions of configurations

>enormous aftermarket

>ubiquitous parts

>extremely easy to clean and maintain

>you can and maintain it yourself with basic tools

>highly consistent

>common caliber with high availability ammo

>great terminal ballistics within fragmentation range

Do I need to keep going or is this a good enough explanation?

59101c  No.667624

File: 9890d08e691ecf9⋯.png (368.43 KB, 995x638, 995:638, never died.png)



>pic related

what an unexpected, but not unwelcome inclusion

9a616c  No.668972

File: 940ed9ba5b21eb6⋯.jpg (37.68 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1443764804062.jpg)


faee03  No.672483

File: 80ad66d68737f03⋯.jpg (56.4 KB, 762x331, 762:331, 5F4TFAh.jpg)

how accurate is this chart?

c9a0d3  No.672496


Fairly accurate for your generic 16", not so much for sbrs.

What matters is the muzzle velocity, not the barrel length though.

597dec  No.672597

File: ca90fbc51876412⋯.jpg (4.31 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20190507_205403[1].jpg)


This is the same anon you replied to. This is my current setup.

>Primary Arms SLx6 1-6x24mm FFP - Illuminated ACSS-RAPTOR

>9-13 in CVLife bipod

>Magpul Gen 2 Flip-up sights

>Old rag wrapped around handguard because it was cold while I was shooting and I had a rag in my car.

>Stock ad grip from a PSA AR-10 lower parts kit

I have slowly been adding stuff and changing things out as I get money to sink into the rifle. I want to get a less jank stock on it next because I really dont care for the el-cheapo PSA includes in the lower parts kit. Not sure what I want to switch it out with yet though.

I've been running PMAGs I bought at a local gun show, all the Gen 3 (2?) with the improved green follower. Been shooting some of that cheap but reliable Malaysian Surplus thats everywhere these days.

369698  No.672606


That chart can't be right. If things kept moving at that flat rate, 1:12, the original twist rate made for 55 grain wouldn't stabilize it. Also 1:7 was made for 62 grain specifically and according to this its not optimal?

1ce89c  No.672607


I'm a little confused at that chart too, 1:7 20" barrel and it groups everything fairly well except for some 45gr stuff I found dirt cheap.

4e46b4  No.672808


A real government wouldn't pass laws whose names were fucking contradictions.

4e46b4  No.672809


>using words and not knowing what they mean

>wasting dubs

>being a newfag

>posting many times

>IP hopping

>muh naht zeeeeees

Why do you idiots even come to places like this?

f92369  No.672829


>*snap!* Yep, this one's going in my quadriplegic collection

830c9a  No.674546

Should I build a MK18 wanna-be pistol clone or a 20 inch AR? The plan is to eventually have it as a suppressor host.

369698  No.674548

File: 41ffb02ad8e017b⋯.png (193.6 KB, 706x900, 353:450, really makes you thicc.png)


>should a make a louden powder flash boomer in .22lr or something the cartridge was actually designed for

Doesn't seem like a hard choice to me. Especially since everyone is making them shorter and shorter and shorter with no real reason besides "lol everyone else is doing it"

830c9a  No.674549

File: d31e3c39e966e59⋯.png (1.6 MB, 1200x900, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


Well they look cool

4ba598  No.674677

File: 10d8402915e16fe⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.55 MB, 1530x858, 255:143, gun1.png)

File: 573e42b8d397ea7⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.65 MB, 1530x858, 255:143, gun2.png)

File: b0e25ff157b1208⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.4 MB, 1530x858, 255:143, gun3.png)

Hey guys, me and a few friends were fucking around in gunstruction. Would Lockheed Martin approve of our design for the US space force?

9851cf  No.674679


Where do you put the bayonet?

369698  No.674680


I think the word you are looking for is chainsaw bayonet.

8a3d36  No.674682

File: 9b0bb22607a29e7⋯.jpg (18.12 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1549324185324.jpg)

124476  No.674683

File: 313ffa80302c075⋯.jpg (48.26 KB, 660x566, 330:283, picatinny_rail_bayonet_mou….jpg)

File: 2d9f97d5111b94a⋯.jpg (692.17 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, picatinny_rail_bayonet_mou….jpg)

File: 9d51676de5ff069⋯.jpg (69.58 KB, 1024x518, 512:259, picatinny_rail_bayonet_mou….jpg)


Always relevant.

8c39b3  No.674692


I thought that was going to be a switch blade bayonet from the first picture, I got a bit of a chub. Then both me and muh dick were let down.

124476  No.674696

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


That's because you have terribly bad taste. With that mount you can have at least an actually useful knife. Vid related is just a bad joke.

10c672  No.674697

File: 91a44f55e01f96e⋯.jpg (23.88 KB, 288x252, 8:7, 1480198436347.jpg)


This shouldn't make muh dik hard, but it does.

7a060d  No.674698


How the fuck did this chump think that was in any way a good idea?

The point of a switchblade is concealment until you shank someone.

Is he going to say "Hey buddy, hold on a sec while I press my button on my fucking obvious switchblade so I can stick my knife in you."?

That's not even counting how bad of a bayonet the dumb thing is. A bayonet is used to stab people who get too close for comfort while you're using your gun.

8c39b3  No.674707

File: 1ec7375cd4fc5ab⋯.jpg (99.39 KB, 960x640, 3:2, Gunsticles-Tactical-Testic….jpg)


Same reason gun nuts are a thing

1af644  No.674721

110fca  No.674736

File: 5dc093231202654⋯.png (82.4 KB, 933x260, 933:260, SlimGun.png)


>legos with unbuyable parts

What have you done to me?

2fa96c  No.674768



7c96fa  No.675669

File: 41d27d68c6d552d⋯.jpg (5.78 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20190527_181142_HDR.jpg)

File: 5149bd6803357d7⋯.jpg (5.55 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20190527_181130.jpg)

The Ultimate Poor: rattle can job on a PSA upper on a poverty pony lower. For what it is I'm actually fairly pleased with how it looks.

7c96fa  No.675681


Seconded, guns fucking suck bro.

a4c631  No.675812


I beat together a PSA kit with a poverty pony lower using some screwdrivers and a hammer. It ran flawlessly the one time I took it out and was accurate enough. I can't recommend it enough tbh

0d4a82  No.675992

What's a decent red dot or holo sight that doesn't cost too much.

Don't want something that costs as much or more than the AR I built, so anything cheaper than $450.

e1474a  No.675993


Primary Arms advanced micro, usually 120-180 bucks.

1ce89c  No.675999


Holosun makes a pretty decent sight that can take some abuse, plus side is some models have a solar dick in them letting that battery last fucking forever.

38e91d  No.676104



>spends extra money to fill the handguard with extra covers

Come on dude.

eea979  No.676196


The M-LOK shit is too thin for my taste, I needed something to girth it up a little. Also, this is just my poorfag build that I've had since I was 19 and I wanted to see what the plastic would look like green. Plus those rail covers are only like $15 for all of them at Academy.

830c9a  No.676199

File: a36b02fd6aeb519⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1023x680, 1023:680, ClipboardImage.png)


You should rattle can the entire rifle.

dcc38f  No.676218


What length barrel?

eea979  No.676256


Honestly thought about it, once I get my nicer build I just might do one like that. I've always liked the look of guns done up like that.



110fca  No.676269

File: 18d02bfcde3fd40⋯.jpg (105.67 KB, 2592x615, 864:205, GrendelBuild.jpg)



Or cerakote it, which isn't ridiculously expensive if you do it yourself. Just don't do what I did, and use your cell phone to take a picture of it.

369698  No.676289

File: b475bf17f2145b2⋯.jpg (43.38 KB, 540x884, 135:221, air raider scared.jpg)


I hope that isn't the fallout my little pony abortion that one autist kept showing around and expected us to upboat.

b40c69  No.676295

File: 59b2aabce2a253a⋯.png (187.55 KB, 324x385, 324:385, Untitled.png)


I'm really worried about not only the fact that furries are growing massively in numbers, but also that some of them are taking up arms yet have yet to shoot up their own furry conventions.

110fca  No.676298

File: 5a33929469d727c⋯.jpg (139.48 KB, 3438x725, 3438:725, AR15-BalefirePhoenix.jpg)

File: 0b06383ee1767e4⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 94.47 KB, 736x1012, 8:11, FoE_CalamityLooksAskance.jpg)

File: ad399fc4588f471⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 96.52 KB, 666x720, 37:40, velvet01.png)

File: f96556d2cde9a37⋯.jpg (63.84 KB, 2324x524, 581:131, CalamitysColors.jpg)

File: e5f7ae0b8453feb⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 45.96 KB, 943x856, 943:856, Velvet Calamity.jpg)


>kept showing around

No, it's a different one. That was Velvet Remedy you're thinking of, this is Calamity. Hopefully you can tell the difference now.


Okay that's it. You can go back to reddit now.

Some things I don't like about the new rifle, is the painfully short LOP. That's the LuthAR-2, I think? No comb/LOP adjustable bits, so its much cheaper ($40 from JoeBob IIRC?) but I'm going to have to break down and buy the parts to extend the buttstock a bunch or my wrist is going to kill me.

Then there's the colors. They're good, just as a rifle, and now comparing the air-cure Vortex Bronze to the oven-cure Patriot Brown, I would probably have actually liked the middle-ground 'shinier' finish rather than making everything 'matte' (by using less hardener) which makes in turn the color less … colorful.

Also, as an homage to a particular character, I seem to be vastly at odds with my color choices. I understood Calamity to have a dark brown coat, and light brown, almost reddish mane/tail. But as you can see from the pictures here, he's more often depicted as having a light brown coat, and a golden/blonde mane and tail.

In case you're curious, I had the emblem of the ministry of wartime technologies etched into the 80% blank by a local shop. But it was much harder to see with the layer of cerakote so I borrowed an orange crayon from somewhere and filled in the etching, brushing the whole surface clean afterwords. Obviously the crayon will melt in strong sunlight but at least it's cheap to replace if that happens.


Maybe that's because we're saner than you faggots?

830c9a  No.676299

File: d25da8bd2ba6e09⋯.png (732.94 KB, 666x523, 666:523, 1502846941097.png)


Degenerate nigger

0d4a82  No.676303


You're a fucking disgrace to this board. Go rot in cuckchan with the rest of your misbegotten kind.

110fca  No.676310


Are you actually thinking childish tantrums will make me take poorer care of my firearm collection?

I hope for your sake you grow up soon.

0d4a82  No.676317


>I hope for your sake you grow up soon.

>Says the fag covering his guns in mlpfaggotry


26b275  No.676336


youre being ebin trold my fren

830c9a  No.676447

File: eeceb09d9965b48⋯.png (81.76 KB, 349x642, 349:642, ClipboardImage.png)

1b7595  No.678089


You're plastering fugly colors and mlp stickers on your guns, you couldn't be taking worse care of them.

91a049  No.678147

>using or caring about such a piece of shit gun

When you come home, I want you to take your gay-arr outside and beat it violently against some concrete while screaming "micropenis round" over and over until your gun is completely broken and unoperable. Then throw it in the trash where it belongs.

d6bc95  No.678168

If it was chambered in glorified .22 maybe. But who actually uses that round?

875b57  No.678181

What should I do with my current upper?

It's a 16" one chambered for 5.56. I haven't used it much. Only a hundred or so rounds through it. Should I sell it and get something else? Also got plenty of 5.56 sitting around. Would anyone even buy any of it or should I through both my current upper and ammo in the trash?

What's better to get while still being on a budget? Is a 20" 6.5 grendel from PSA decent? Can I stick 6.5 grendel in my pmags for 5.56 and have it work decently?

830c9a  No.678195

File: 1aa939ee8953057⋯.png (173.77 KB, 1800x1578, 300:263, ca182df28d4d0a248d81c69e6f….png)

74bc82  No.678672

File: 228e59f790c39f1⋯.jpg (42.12 KB, 695x511, 695:511, 1470262989462.jpg)

What's a better AR upper for a suppressor host than a PWS upper?

830c9a  No.678688

File: 02126e26d8ae984⋯.gif (612.32 KB, 498x498, 1:1, 9714df019f62e28bcd2eaceeb9….gif)


BRN 180?

19d242  No.678689


>What should I do with my current upper?

shoot it? is there a reason you're not?

>Also got plenty of 5.56 sitting around. Would anyone even buy any of it or should I through both my current upper and ammo in the trash?

Why would you trash perfectly good ammo? Or the upper for that matter?

>What's better to get while still being on a budget?

define budget

>Can I stick 6.5 grendel in my pmags for 5.56 and have it work decently?

No, the case body is fatter on Grendel than 5.56.

0d4a82  No.678697


Using the 16" I got from my build kit. Mainly having it as a home defense rifle.

It's just that I heard that 5.56 is absolute garbage and using less than a 20 inch barrel makes 5.56 more garbage. That applies to all cases, right? Therefore it should boil down to either sell my useless upper and ammo and mags or just trash them all if I can't sell.

What's a better round and barrsl length go get?

As for budget, I spent ~$450 for everything on my rifle. Don't want to get an upper that costs as much as my gun took to make the first time.

830c9a  No.678699


>It's just that I heard that 5.56 is absolute garbage

It's not, it's adequate for what it's used for.

>using less than a 20 inch barrel makes 5.56 more garbage.

Debatable but if the combat is in within 300 yd you'll be fine.

>That applies to all cases, right?

No, 77 grain bullets greatly increase the range of the 556 projectile

>Therefore it should boil down to either sell my useless upper and ammo and mags or just trash them all if I can't sell.

It's not useless though, but I won't debate you if you want to "trash them" I'll be more than happy to take your unwanted ammo, upper, or magazines if they're so trash to you.

19d242  No.678703


>It's just that I heard that 5.56 is absolute garbage and using less than a 20 inch barrel makes 5.56 more garbage

Yes, the AR-15 was originally intended to use a 20" barrel. But that was back in the fucking 60s. Powder/bullet advances as well as platform development over the last half century has more or less made the 20" ARs obsolete for anything but DMRs in the military (or marine corp holdovers) or target rifles. Your 16" AR is more than adequate for home defense, but as >>678699 notes 77gr ammo is the way to go. Is 5.56 the best intermediate round? No, probably not. But it is the most widespread in the US, and is more than capable for most applications.

>What's a better round and barrsl length go get?

5.56 is a good generalist cartridge, if you want something else you really need to decide on a specific use first. If home defense is all it is to you, consider 300 memeout in a pistol build, especially if you want to get a can someday. The price for memeout is finally beginning to drop to a reasonable CPR. As an added plus, you'll be able to use your 5.56 magazines.

dcfd95  No.678705

been looking for a scope for my ar-15. itll be nothing more for at the range, so i really dont want to spend more than $50 on it. im just kinda bored of my MBUS sights. any recs?

0d4a82  No.678758


What's a better barrel length for a 300 meme pistol? 8" or 10"?

Also, have an 80% lower, but have no experience at all with machining. Any tips for that?

0d4a82  No.678759

Also, any opinions on the vortex uh-1?

19d242  No.678764


>What's a better barrel length for a 300 meme pistol? 8" or 10"?

Either is fine, you have decide if you want slightly easier handling or slightly better velocity

>Also, have an 80% lower, but have no experience at all with machining. Any tips for that?

get a jig, and use a drill press if you can. They can be done with a hand drill usually, but you would have to be very careful.

>Also, any opinions on the vortex uh-1?

Its a not-eotech. Why not just get an eotech?

5cc1a9  No.678768


I think this makes the most sense, especially when you take into account that there are in fact differences between states.

For example, I can tell the difference between a Minnesotan and a Wisconsinite. One is obese and smells like cheese, and the other is Somalian and speaks Swedish.

0d4a82  No.678770


Aren't the two sights roughly the same, save for the uh-1 being cheaper?

As for the drill press and jig, seems like a lot of money to drop if I might make just one 80% lower.

Can I use a 300 pistol upper on my current AR or do I have to change out the buffer tube or something?

19d242  No.678774


>As for the drill press and jig, seems like a lot of money to drop if I might make just one 80% lower.

the jig is a must, many 80% lowers come with it. make sure you get the right one for your lower. the drill press is a very nice to have, if you don't have one perhaps a friend does?

>Can I use a 300 pistol upper on my current AR or do I have to change out the buffer tube or something?

the stock needs to be replaced with a pistol brace if you dont want to get ATF'd. the SBA3 is kind of the gold standard, they are very comfortable. shouldering the brace is currently 100% legal, and and you can tell any RSO that tells you differently to fuck off.

the alternate route is paying the ATF jew $200 for a SBR tax stamp, which would allow you to use any regular stock with any barrel length.

830c9a  No.678779


>he stock needs to be replaced with a pistol brace if you dont want to get ATF'd.

You might still get BATFE'd, you can't change a rifle into a pistol without legal paper work. It'd be hard for a glownigger to arrest you for it, but it can be used as evidence against you.

c9732d  No.678945


That's pretty neat, didn't know it existed. I like the PWS upper's ability to quickly change the gas setting though.

c9732d  No.678947

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Good review here

830c9a  No.678948


The pistol version has an adjustable gas block, might be a problem if you don't want to SBR or get an AR pistol.

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