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File: a998be2bef3a43e⋯.jpg (294.45 KB, 1203x1600, 1203:1600, Uinptdh.jpg)


I thought/kind/would be a little more busy after it was dead for a week cuz of that hack.

But it's as dead or deader than before.

Role call maybe? Post a random image.

What's new?

How are you?


File: 6a3abe6c461154d⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 6a3abe6c461154d4c87a8d2e6c….png)


Pretty good, just recently discovered this place.

I've been trying my best to be a nicer person for the last couple of months but some people are really driving my patience.

I just want to live a comfy stress free life.


File: eeb982598d7e91f⋯.png (142.2 KB, 600x593, 600:593, tumblr_omgwokhR6n1w7uw8fo1….png)

It seems like the inspiration for new threads has run dry, huh? I know some people are unhappy with the way serious topics kind of devolve into /unkind/ conversations, even going to far as to leave the board because of it. Personally, I think that's a little drama-queenish when you can just not look at a thread. The key to reviving the board, though, is threads like this one, where we just have fun and socialize. If you touch a serious topic, it will always devolve into moping.

Anyway, what's new? I am finally making the diet and exercise changes I really should, and feeling more optimistic about things! Previously I would kind of half-ass change and not stick with it, but I feel motivated and less anxious.

At the moment I feel annoyed because I have to go get something from ikea.



What are you getting from Ikea, Friend?

Are you moving, or is it just a change of decor?


File: 363bc8943c03838⋯.jpg (52.63 KB, 550x309, 550:309, warehouse-ikea-self-servic….jpg)


I got a new bed and curtains, thank you for asking! Also helped mom get stuff that she wanted, so it wasn't complete drudgery.

Maybe this will sound weird, but I get a nostalgic feeling when I'm in one of their warehouses. Reminds me of when I was a little kid, and they seemed so alien.


File: 1e8b0e09c3ba0ce⋯.jpg (33.81 KB, 500x343, 500:343, 1465021481806.jpg)

I usually just lurk but sod it, I'm doing okay. Hope all is well with you all.


File: 952793e8a9cc434⋯.webm (10.09 MB, 480x270, 16:9, A Red Apple Fell from the….webm)

Sorta lurker here, I post here now and again, but more of an active person on other boards. Trying to get the hang of making good looking vidya webms, but got bored

Life's been kinda lonely, but it could always be worse I suppose.


File: 63ed5603ef2b961⋯.webm (4.46 MB, 480x360, 4:3, AdolfKatchem.webm)

I have spent the last day marathoning Harhui. I'm currently in the middle of endless 8 and its making me want to break my NEET status.


File: 750a8d5fb08cd7e⋯.jpeg (220.84 KB, 900x1275, 12:17, 1453352007761.jpeg)


I hope it gets better than okay for you, anon!


Is there anything you can do to make it less lonely?


Why does it make you want to break your NEETdom? Is it making you afraid of boredom?


File: d389648aa35813a⋯.gif (687.6 KB, 1052x800, 263:200, d38.gif)


Kyon-kun denwa!!!!!


infinity 8 will make most people want to kill themselves. Especially if they are a dedicated animu enthusiast who sees it their duty to not skip episodes, and to watch out to completion, any series that he may have started.


File: 7467c7184fc5a70⋯.jpg (149.05 KB, 951x500, 951:500, __erufuda_san_elf_san_wa_y….jpg)

Dropping in to say hello, it's gotten too quiet around here.



A lot of what >>35736 said, but also one of the main themes is the monotony of not getting anything done.


File: 0efcc087e779604⋯.jpg (27.73 KB, 500x403, 500:403, 1477838966517.jpg)





File: e764f28a9b0086d⋯.webm (10 MB, 530x298, 265:149, You're Not Here.webm)


>Is there anything you can do to make it less lonely?

Not much aside from getting out and socializing I suppose. I make for a terrible internet friend, so I'll probably have to start making some real life friends again.


File: 717ae17993e2603⋯.jpg (47.64 KB, 700x525, 4:3, 1155222082_homyak_04.jpg)


>diet and exercise

Same, feels good. For me the toughest part is not to lose spirit once weights stop showing progress every day and not to give in to temptations once you've broken the BMI boundary.


File: bf86404aba04e5e⋯.png (613.66 KB, 1084x1501, 1084:1501, b0aef272f54ce7b45ac0577afe….png)

Hello friends. I have not been to this place in a few months, so it felt like this would be the best place for me to post in, since I haven't caught up on all of the threads yet.

Things have been generally middling as usual. Christmas and easter were nice. On christmas I received a mechanical keyboard, and on easter I had chocolate hot cross buns!


File: 4485ea27aa3922c⋯.jpg (92.93 KB, 570x760, 3:4, 1457069438505.jpg)


>For me the toughest part is not to lose spirit once weights stop showing progress every day and not to give in to temptations once you've broken the BMI boundary.

Sounds like you'd be throwing a heck of an achievement down the drain, anon! From what I hear, the best thing to do is to repeat to yourself that there is no "going back" or "giving in" because you made a permanent change. Nothing wrong with giving your body a break for a for a little while, or a meal, either.


File: 034a9962a1b392a⋯.jpg (42.88 KB, 381x560, 381:560, 3c1346c252b7b05836efb5e181….jpg)


>chocolate hot cross buns

Had to look that up. Absolutely decadent. Hopefully I'll try those some time this year.


>Sounds like you'd be throwing a heck of an achievement down the drain, anon!

You vastly underestimate my willpower, friend. I've lost approximately 15 kilos in about nine weeks and still going at almost same rate. In b4 that's unhealthy: I know, but so far no adverse effects and I'm even gaining muscle size from exercising.

And now I've been prescribed a diet that's even harsher than my self-made one was so I'm starting to worry about keeping/gaining weight in several months, actually.

>From what I hear, the best thing to do is to repeat to yourself that there is no "going back" or "giving in" because you made a permanent change.

Yeah, but it still takes self-restraint if something you really like is right in front of you, within arm's reach. For me "you only like the taste but eating it will screw you over big time" works better. Also "I eat to live, not live to eat", but that's a timeless classic.

>Nothing wrong with giving your body a break for a for a little while, or a meal, either.

Breaks are absolutely a thing, yes. And they get less unhealthy and frequent each time.

As for meals, I wasn't starving myself, merely eating just enough and replacing junk/unhealthy stuff with fruits, vegs, better fats, better proteins etc. as well as getting enough liquid each day.


File: 8bb698a43ef4767⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 597.5 KB, 500x480, 25:24, 8bb698a43ef4767ebb2cd3901a….gif)


Did you deliberately choose an image that resembles the OP pic?



Nope. I just thought it was cute.



It is cute!



It is cute.


File: da140a9b4ca5987⋯.png (199.1 KB, 500x530, 50:53, 1492648089991.png)

What is your very honest opinion on mopey posts? Like, if someone who saw this thread replied something in the lines of:

">How are you?"

"I'm tired blablabla suicide blablabla I hate myself and my life blablabla disease bad family no job etc"


I think it's alright to do it, but I suppose most people who make those posts don't really want help and are doing just for the sake of at least letting it out.

What do you think, /kind/?



I think it's okay. For one, the board might be more lively. Sometimes just talking to someone else or typing your problems out might help. Its also a nice feel to know someone read it and even a better feel if someone offered advice.

It gets bad tho when someone wallows in self pity, is ungrateful for the replies and then even lashes out at other anons. I see this a lot on /r9k/.

My family is disintegrated and I have no job but I keep applying and I exercise. I have an internet connection. I've applied to around 300 jobs by my estimation and have had 2 interviews. Nothing to do but to keep trying.

And to someone who posts about their problems, my response is often the same, fighto



I'm glad we have a containment thread so I can hide all of them.


File: 5aecfee6818997e⋯.png (113.81 KB, 373x317, 373:317, GiantScreamingFrog.PNG)


I agree with >>35790

>It gets bad tho when someone wallows in self pity, is ungrateful for the replies and then even lashes out at other anons. I see this a lot on /r9k/.

You don't have to force yourself to be happy just because this is /kind/ especially if the thread is literally asking how you are doing. I made a thread that was actually about listing the things you're optimistic about and the first thing anyone did was mope. That's not nice. Try not to bring people down, okay?

I hope one of these days you will love yourself, anon. Did you ever? Maybe you can try to put yourself on track to get there again, since you're still here.


That is impressive, anon! I know you will get there with that attitude. Can you teach yourself some extra skills, maybe? I know over here there's always a shortage of people who can do basic computer stuff like image editing and simple code.



I think it should be definitely contained in that thread, but I think even if the poster is not ready to work his way out of his situation, just talking about it eases the burden.


Impressive, keep the good work anon.


File: 152c7cf6861bf63⋯.jpg (177.54 KB, 1000x1414, 500:707, 8a50e4549edd6ea5eb56138304….jpg)

I had hoped it wouldn't come to this, but I've been given no choice. Since the chinamans won't do it, the task falls to me, and although it's being forced onto my shoulders I'm going to do everything I can to rise to the challenge.

This won't end well /kind/, if you can spare the time wish me luck, I'll need it!

I'm going to make my own curtains!



Stress is an important part of life and without it you will know only depression.


File: 3b34b98cdcf5fce⋯.jpg (53.13 KB, 1016x568, 127:71, 3b34b98cdcf5fce388cf47de66….jpg)


Good luck, anon! I know you can do it


File: 846bd49c5a0f7b2⋯.jpg (763.21 KB, 1000x1414, 500:707, 48741390_p0.jpg)


It didn't work.

I'm going to have to rethink this.



I thought being a place to talk about that stuff to nice people was the whole point of this board.


File: d58409f6ae99bfd⋯.jpg (593.08 KB, 1065x1074, 355:358, nqsq0dhdzx601.jpg)

How's everyone doing on this 18th day of February 2018?


File: 7cb4125b54240f3⋯.jpg (1.54 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, Anime-nazi-Кавайный-фашизм….jpg)

I finally brought myself to post in the oekaki thread but now I'm drained. One thing I wondered earlier this week is why people like nazi anime girls. I have also wondered if that is something various people from different walks of life like or just people who browse /pol/ who happen to like anime. I don't really see the appeal besides a mutual hate for jewish people but I suppose understanding fetishes you don't have is always hard.

On a less possibly controversial note, I made an art request on /i/ at 4chan for some art of a character I like but I doubt the artist will get around to my request.



Your drawing was quite awesome famalam.

I think you are over thinking it. Actual Nazis are a tiny miniscule minority. Most people like it cuz it's cute. Other people will post that stuff cuz it's on the edge of acceptability. It's like being on the edge of unexplored territory. Nazism is completely taboo. Anime girls is tolerated and even accepted in some places. It's a cheeky freedom of expression shitpost.


File: 6b7877525d9659a⋯.png (336.24 KB, 467x560, 467:560, I'm broken.png)

The band Final Sign speaks to me.


File: 1a86b19d55da608⋯.png (825.73 KB, 800x806, 400:403, ac502e18ef5a8b124de097de5a….png)

How is everyone? I miss how comfy and lively this board used to be. What is everyone up to?



this image is so relatable


Is this the designated blog thread?

>in bathroom

<knock knock

>thinking it's my brother come for a surprise visit

>still have to go for a while

<knock-knocking intensifies

>finally get out

>look through peephole

>it's not my brother

>eyes widen for multiple reasons:

<apartment is still a giant mess

<I'm playing girly-girl animusic loud enough to wake the dead

>but these guys are the repair crew for my leaky ceiling

>let 'em in, trying to hide the shamefur dishpray on my face

>they go to work

>turn down music, shut off radio in the bedroom (I have several junk-tier radios from Goodwill in every room of my apartment that pick up sound from my computer via FM transmitter; cheaper than a bunch of bluetooth speakers or Chromecast something-or-others) where they're working, joking about not making them listen to fruity anime shit

>but still keep it playing everywhere else because, well, the jig was already up that I'm a girly-girl-music-loving candyass

>furthermore, far more importantly, this has lit a fire under my ass to finally pick up the empty remnants of at least $300 of junk food from my living room (pizza boxes, ice cream quarts, bags of chips and cookies and candy bars…)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

For the no one who cares, here's the kind of poppy "junk food for the ears" I was playing…


File: 309c145a160e0f9⋯.jpg (125.94 KB, 900x598, 450:299, 309c145a160e0f9a3e89cbb8e1….jpg)

Aaaand that's another liquid missile salvo fired out my chocolate starfish. I hope you're having a better day than I?


File: 5db8c8169634c24⋯.jpg (69.15 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 8ecc04ea2cb56551ad9c729e2b….jpg)


Sad. Very sad. So very sad. Major CC debt mostly from binge eating, binge eating to smother the sorrows for a little while, gained ~80lb in barely 2 months, lost life purpose, wageslavery, finally asked out That One Girl and turned down, antidepressants and mood stabilizers not doing their job, apartment a mess and while it bothers me terribly I CBF lifting a finger because why bother.


File: 9ecaa0bcb44f524⋯.png (682.67 KB, 643x643, 1:1, sinistersweetie.png)

>tfw beautiful celebrity musicians acknowledge your existence in live chat

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