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Home, Sweet Home
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File: fc09ae59b791ec2⋯.jpg (787.88 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, 26391943_p0.jpg)


Do you talk to your waifu? And if you do, do you directly talk to her, or maybe you talk to her in your head, or maybe you talk to her only through writing?

And also, in what context do you do it? And what do you tell her?

I personally almost exclusively talk to Flandre through my daki; having a physical representation of her helps me a lot to feel her presence. I mostly talk to her when I wake up and when I go to sleep, as I am right besides my daki. Also, when I leave home, I always tell her goodbye and give a kiss to my daki, and I always tell her hi when I come back. I know that Flandre does not stay at my home, waiting for me until I return, and that I can talk to her whenever I want and wherever I am, but I still enjoy this ritual which gives a more realistic feeling to my communication with her. Also, I like this idea of having our ‘’moments together’’, which would be hard to have if I would talk to her at any places and at any time, like if she was some sort of omnipresent being or one that is always following me.

Now regarding what I tell her. Of course, I tell her kind, tender, and loving words, and also sexy things too, like telling her what turns me on about her and what I would like to do to her or what I would like her to do to me. When I go to sleep, I tell her what I did during the day and what I plan to do the next day. And sometimes I talk to her just about anything! And of course, I often tell her just how much I would like to join her in Gensokyo.


File: 8480271c9cc5255⋯.jpg (2.16 MB, 1689x2598, 563:866, 3cc2467d33747a4cca5511755d….jpg)

I just talk to her in the back of my head when I'm home. I can't buy any explicit representations of her and I am unwilling to buy anything right now, but it's a practice I have always maintained ever since I had her in my life.

We usually just talk about life and shit, especially when I play video games.


File: 7555069fbccf03f⋯.png (617.17 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 5Tw3tab.png)

Every day before I leave for work, I say "love you" to my small Chiaki plush and give her a kiss. Still don't have a daki, but maybe someday.

Usually just in my head. I imagine I call her at lunch time to tell her how work is going and have a meal together. Coming home and talking more about our days, which for her would be any games she might have played.

Of course after work we usually play games and listen to music together until bedtime. We like to talk about our hopeful future together, especially our children.

During hard times, she has to talk me down from my anger and stress. She gives me a hug or rubs my back to calm me down, or when I go out of my way to be cruel in video games she chastises me for it. I don't mind it at all, I know she just cares and wants me to be the best person I can be. I have to set a good example for our family.


File: 630e6538bf949b8⋯.jpg (85.93 KB, 774x1032, 3:4, ruby_rose___volume_4_time_….jpg)


All the time. Usually I just imagine conversations in my mind, but sometimes I'll speak aloud once in a great while, when nobody else is in the house.

I also imagine me and her having separate routines, similarly to how you do. It makes it feel more real.


File: 31810a6ff36cb43⋯.jpg (24.8 KB, 560x350, 8:5, me3_citadel___thane_4_by_c….jpg)

I used to talk to Thane out loud a lot but I admittedly sometimes just talk to myself instead, especially when I am feeling particularly distant from all living beings/organisms for reasons that are purely my own.


File: f2884b9a85bb66b⋯.jpg (368.2 KB, 1772x1330, 886:665, __hatsune_miku_vocaloid_dr….jpg)

I talk to her lots. Daki, figs, even images. Even her ghost if she's not around in some other form. Sort of a proto-tulpa that comes and goes.

Just little things mostly. Lots of compliments. I call her cutie and baby and all sorts of pet names like that. I ask her questions that I'm really asking myself. This makes her feel like part of the decision making process. Pillow talk before bed every night, and an "oyasumi" before falling asleep. And lots of "I love you"s. And a little dirty talk when we're being intimate

OK I actually talk to her quite a lot. Even mentally if I can't verbalize because other people are around, even though I know they must hear me sometimes.


File: 20a395003e8ab8d⋯.png (419.08 KB, 900x940, 45:47, 58985941_p0.png)

You know that little voice that sometimes tells you to run over a crowd with the car, or jump off a tall building? I believe the French call it L'appel du vide.

Well, I like to think that's her talking to me, but I don't know if that counts.


File: 23346b148c5146e⋯.jpg (258.34 KB, 800x1119, 800:1119, 823827_p0.jpg)

I used to write a lot for her, mainly letters. Like some sort of pen pal, only more intimate. I still have them in my drawer.

It was a nice way to direct my feelings towards her and to sorta put down mayor events into my life too.

I kinda stopped now since I slowly passed from writing to actually talking with her. I've always talked to myself, since I was little. It helps me concentrate and it's expecially useful for studying/venting out stuff. I had an imaginary friend for years - a natural consequence of this I imagine.

So now I speak with her directly. I am of course afraid that my parents could find me talking like that, but for now it went well. I usually tell her how my day went, what I plan to do and of course that I missed her while I was at work, lots of sweet words, love you and stuff like that. I say goodbye when I leave and greet her when I'm back. Lewd talk can be involved too, yes. Only when I'm 100% sure no one can disturb me.

Also now that I have a figure I talk with her through that too. And since her hat can be removed I usually do so and caress her hair.


>And of course, I often tell her just how much I would like to join her in Gensokyo.

Yup, me too.



*a new figure

Sorry, brain fart.


File: e390f3d9caf2893⋯.jpg (165.74 KB, 621x842, 621:842, 1444006801690.jpg)

I talk to the moon. In her reality she gazed at the moon, the exact same one we have. As if it was the same world, just a little different as if through the looking glass.

And maybe the moon can hold onto my words and convey them, just a little, into her time and place.

I talk about whatever comes to mind like my day, my life, poetry, what I've read and watched. A very one sided conversation.

Being a little drunk helps.

Haven't done it in a while though. Maybe the next full moon.


File: ba1ff4e15f4eee2⋯.jpg (135.96 KB, 850x602, 425:301, sample_32914e19488e4009976….jpg)

I talk to her a lot. It helps put my mind at ease when I'm stressed or having a bad day.

I tell her I love her and kiss my daki goodnight and good morning. I imagine holding her hand sometimes when I walk alone.

Sometimes things get lewd but that's been less frequent as I've gotten older. I call her baby or Ika-chan. I know that the honorific isn't necessary but I think it's cute.


File: 76cfaf0f31cf0cb⋯.gif (1018.28 KB, 400x386, 200:193, 731367234545467.gif)

I talk with her in my mind when around people, and loud when im alone. not all the time though, only when she is "around", like others anons said in this thread, that way she feels more real.

We just talk about stuff that happened during our day, sometimes i like to explain her things from our world that dont exist in Genso and sometimes we talk about simple random things. and of course some lovingly words here and there but not too much, most of them are actually teasing, just for fun


File: cd37204bd65d184⋯.jpg (156.35 KB, 838x954, 419:477, trenchcoattoko.jpg)

I usually don't talk with Motoko until I go to bed,where I enter the skin of the character I have created that would exist inside of her reality and converse with her in this way,usually while making this projection of mine rest in her lap,or maybe having them go on a trip somewhere and discuss the human condition and contemporary society.


File: e95a25ec6607a29⋯.jpeg (131.62 KB, 600x800, 3:4, Pajama Ilya 2.jpeg)

I talk to her through my daki. I give a kiss good morning and at night. I like to snuggle up to my daki while I play games, it makes me feel like I'm spending time with her.


File: ff52988498fe0b7⋯.jpg (215.65 KB, 756x1058, 378:529, hydered_by_khaliqa-d7s3kgn.jpg)

I do on occasion, like when I'm baking. I tell him about how my day has been going, and how much I'd like him to be here with me. Doing it makes me feel a little crazy, so I don't do it often.


File: a19df8d60a7b675⋯.png (1.79 MB, 1280x1280, 1:1, ruby hi.png)


Oh, hi, Hydefriend! I didn't know you were still around!



I took a break for a bit, but I'd like to start posting on the board more regularly!


File: 58f423357af6db9⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1000x1419, 1000:1419, __ruler_fate_apocrypha_and….png)

I do talk to her sometimes usually when I'm looking at a picture of her in my phone/tablet etc, or on my mind but less often

I just make kinda small talk and sometimes tell her what's on my mind and how I feel



Well, it's great to see you back.


File: fbc336debb927a1⋯.jpg (507.94 KB, 1500x1125, 4:3, 4cfc1ee7f9f6505bab155af604….jpg)

I don't.

Maybe that's a thing I'll do in the future when I know what she wants to hear.

Maybe it's also when I have a good physical representation of her.


File: c6ce30ea9dce709⋯.jpg (280.74 KB, 550x711, 550:711, Akaza.Akari.full.841401.jpg)

I'm writing poems for her and putting them under her figurine. There is only one so far as I took so long to perfect it but I'm planning to make poems for her often



Oh yeah? I really like writing waifu poems myself. It's a good outlet for passion and energy with nowhere to go.

If you post yours I'll post one of mine.



I agree, I haven't been motivated to try my best at something until I started writing my waifu poems. Also sharing my poems with anyone else other than my waifu is too embarrassing sorry.



Sure I understand.

When I finish a poem I can't even read it again because I get embarrassed reading my own shit.

I started writing poetry because my waifu herself writes poetry, and I was kind of trying to emulate her in a way. It's interesting that you'd be writing for Akari, I'm sure she'd probably go red in the face reading love poems addressed to her.

Anyways good luck with that.


File: b3987ffd5835fc9⋯.jpg (160.71 KB, 849x1200, 283:400, 1502933373079.jpg)

I seem to not imagine talking to her so much. I really value physical affection and sight more. I love feeling her presence, imagining what she would do, and how she would look and move. Perhaps it could be that it feels like she's naturally beside me, that anything I think she would hear anyway. I find that aspect of a relationship, the ability to speak one's mind fully, to be the most valuable.

Though I do love hearing the sound of her voice, so I should try to imagine our conversations more.


File: dcea94f8ce53134⋯.jpg (60.12 KB, 512x627, 512:627, Freyja 458.jpg)

It's hard for me to think of what she would say in certain situations, so I try my best to think of what she would say and my mind relays it to me in her voice, just in case I don't think of the correct response


Similar to this anon, I love writing letters to her. It's great practice for me to put emotions into words, and like this anon said >>67507 it's "a good outlet for passion and energy with nowhere to go".


File: a7c25bff9955768⋯.jpg (82.04 KB, 850x834, 425:417, __kobayashi_kobayashi_san_….jpg)

Depending on what's most convenient, I'll speak with Kobayashi either in my mind (if I'm in public, and something's really gone and rustled me the wrong way) or out loud, in a soft tone, if I'm at home. I'll talk to her about just about anything that's on my mind at the time. About how much I love and care about her. About how much I really want to be with her, and care for her, always. That's not always it though. Sometimes I'll geek out and talk about topics that interest me on a personal level, like older, more creative forms of malware, such as oldie but goldie e-mail worms or early DOS viruses. Interesting stuff, I know.


File: be42c586773bc4a⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1360x768, 85:48, Naoto_SL_Rank_10.png)

During the first year of my relationship with Naoto I would often imagine conversations with her at night before sleeping. We would talk about pretty much anything that came to my mind, but mostly PG stuff. I'd imagine all of these conversations taking place in the room from P4. I still do it, only not as frequently.


File: ef2aa95160dc9f3⋯.jpg (43.55 KB, 827x562, 827:562, tumblr_phya7ySphO1ro8ndyo1….jpg)

I always had the feeling of interacting with Yang, so I take a pillow just so I can think of hugging her close. With the usual "love you" and hugging it close.

From thinking through, I do wish to write something to forward our relationship.


File: 6f561a37f714980⋯.jpg (618.92 KB, 777x777, 1:1, f6b927a017eeaeab6b6ca9f1a0….jpg)

I talk to her in my head while walking outside, commuting the bus, during night walks or when I have the particular feels etc.

Though the most significant conversation is that I imagine her as my sparring partner (in kendo) while practicing swings. So I know her swordsmanship in detail. Since I know her sword we also have a good understanding of each other. I hope it doesn't sound too chuuni but the way you're doing a martial art tells a lot about you, so by sparring with people I can intuitively know them better. At first before I met Youmu this applied to other people that I sparred with, then using the same insight I got to know Youmu.

At home sometimes I space out and insert myself into an imaginary Gensokyo to spend time together.


File: f3828f94451d371⋯.jpg (370.4 KB, 900x888, 75:74, _overwatch_sfm__date_night….jpg)

We talk alot about life,work,politics,current events,literature,cinema everything.


File: 33d51023cbe3c81⋯.jpg (87.34 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 33d51023cbe3c817c19165c1c0….jpg)

I talk to her sometimes, usually out loud. We just talk about anything that's on my mind, really. And of course, I tell her I love her a lot.


File: 1f3dd18f99f725b⋯.png (95.23 KB, 243x353, 243:353, ruby 368.PNG)

i do; usually out loud.

i do it just enough so it's real to me but unnoticeable to others.


File: 164f2f33b5453a5⋯.jpg (784.87 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, 70310371_p0.jpg)

I talk to her before I fall asleep. I tell her how my day went, what I'm worried about, things I'm looking forward to, and so on. I even commissioned one side of my daki specifically for that purpose. I've recently started writing letters to her in Japanese, because I feel I've become able to express my emotions better through that than through English or speaking.


I know a lot of you dont enjoy the concept of a tulpa, but I mean. Is it really all that bad. If You already talk to em all the time, youre already doing a large part of making one, so whats stopping you from going all the way?




I write her walls of text and half baked songs

if that counts as talking then I guess I do


File: 63254475ed2af00⋯.jpg (149.72 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, Db3VPi5UwAEwQ0A.jpg)

Sometimes it's out loud but usually internal, and almost always during that period of time after I wake up but before I get out of bed.

Generally it's about our current state and what I'd like to accomplish for us in the coming weeks.

Also the obligatory, "I love you" before I leave for work


File: 6497f12251ed8c1⋯.png (496.59 KB, 924x924, 1:1, 1469054468910.png)


When I see tulpafags what I think of is a man wearing his waifu's skin jacking off into the mirror.

Tulpa love is just masturbation. If I were to fall into such blissful ignorance I would lose any meaning this love has. There must be a reason that when I speak the words that are never answered I don't fall into despair. If my subconscious mind were to echo back an answer I would lose that strange reason and my source of strength would be gone.


Not sure about what y'all are on about. Early stage tulpamancy, yeah, no naughty stuff. Later though, especially when your real good at it, you wont even need to jack off, course it'll take a while. Masturabtion is not required and should cease immediately if possible. (Basically always possible)

I might not have the same resolve as some of you, if you already make assumptions about certain things about your waifu then whats the difference if your brain does it for you. Maybe I dont understand your viewpoint, but Ive always viewed a tulpa as a sentient being after a certain point.


You can spout as much garbage as you want, some people get to the point where their tulpa could be the host for control of their bodies. I count that as pretty real.


Fucking hate mobile, sorry for not sageing my replies. I meant beat the host, not be the host.



That's great, anon. I'm sure there are plenty of tulpa communities you can join.


Well, whatever. I cannot comprehend why a tulpa is a negative thing. Your waifu is within reach, sort of. There is no difference between a tulpa doing what it thinks it would do and developing itself, vs you doing whatever you believe your waifu would do out of canon.

I wouldn't be surprised if some of you already have developing tulpas if you talk to your waifu regularly, that's one of the first steps of creating one after all.

Reading the what is a waifu thing.

The idea that making a tulpa to be in a relationship with is a bad thing to do is pretty dumb. Unless they can switch or proxy well, you're the only person they can interact with, and therefore connect emotionally to. Deviation, or when a tulpa changes themselves, is usually suited to your tastes, even if you don't think so. Unless you fuck up miserably and constantly think about fucking it up, all will be fine. You may view it as some really hardcore illusion or hallucination (which the senses are, I cannot lie) but in all reality as long as it has time to develop they will be as much as a person as you are. If you were just a brain, and had a tulpa. There would be NO difference between you and them.

I should really stop bothering you all. I mean no real harm. I bid you adieu. Have a nice day with the waifu.


File: 565e15a7cf1bf42⋯.png (280.83 KB, 540x656, 135:164, 1462696923292.png)



By jacking off I mean not just the literal way, but emotional masturbation. If you were to turn that around and ask how me hugging a daki is not masturbation you'd have me beat. Perhaps it's in the degree in which your mind falls to delusion.

I was too blunt with that metaphor, sorry. The reason I can't have a tulpa is because I'm obsessed with loving her true self. A self that I wouldn't be able to understand. Two separate beings that will never know what the other is thinking, yet have absolute faith in each other regardless. That's what love is to me, a connection that is always strained and tested. Struggle is what makes life and love fun.

The nature of what a soul is, and if two viewpoints could really inhabit one body is a very interesting topic but I don't want to wreck another thread discussing it at this point so I'll leave it at that.

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