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File: 1066b65d9d3c010⋯.jpg (720.78 KB, 1592x1152, 199:144, Waifu pics collage.jpg)


Old thread has reached bump limit. So here we go again!

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It's not mine

Someone saw the pictures of Miia and Cherry I got from Sookmo and just did the same thing.

Same dude that printed a commission I got of me and Miia together as a normal pillowcase.

It's pretty gross tbh.



Cute and also ominous



File: 46a988db174bc05⋯.jpg (135.78 KB, 850x1200, 17:24, Flandre Fashion.jpg)

I have always loved this Flandre pic. It's nice to see 2hus wearing modern fashion. I wonder what Iori would look like if she was a Touhou characer.


File: 611bc2335aea7d3⋯.jpg (2.11 MB, 3146x2225, 3146:2225, 59181309_p0.jpg)


File: 379cd5000c8b745⋯.png (304.2 KB, 600x570, 20:19, 51226d88HDFUi6Rj.png)

File: 209d28e4887c76b⋯.png (465.42 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 547977e1dc6JPFW4.png)

Found another Flandre and what I think is Marisa while randomly going through my drawr folders.

File: 1463436100637.jpg (83.72 KB, 565x525, 113:105, ss (2016-05-16 at 08.37.13….jpg)


Forgive me if this already exists but I'd looked for like 10 minutes for it

Post commissions here!

Its been awhile since I got a commission done and I wanted an image of my waifu and daughteru together so I am getting this one done of Plutia giving Yuno a stuffed skeleton she made for her.

This is the artist


its a little pricy but thats to be expected for knee up for two characters

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File: e21bdc58e68a2fe⋯.jpg (99.56 KB, 800x1066, 400:533, DhOkCgHVAAAgNj9.jpg)


I assume he fears that other waifuists who share the same waifu as him would ‘’use’’ his pictures to nourish their love/sexual fantasies, therefore making him jealous. But I’m not sure…


File: e92b6a01c59dd77⋯.jpg (361.86 KB, 590x945, 118:189, Iori-All-Ages.jpg)


I think it might be that they just want to have a picture of their wife that no one else does. But at the same time they want to show off how cute she is.

I don't care too much about the first part. If I draw anything or commission anything I'll post it or even sell it in dakimakura form on Cuddly Octopus.


File: 3b9c93e5021783e⋯.png (4.14 MB, 2014x2694, 1007:1347, 5ucDdhsw1mD7oxbb4YCFpMs8L2….png)

File: 5979aca2ac173cf⋯.png (517.55 KB, 835x921, 835:921, RdbuMry.png)

File: a725e3e2ce6124f⋯.png (2.08 MB, 1514x2117, 1514:2117, Snek_hs.png)

Got a few new ones, might be missing a couple, not sure.


File: 4e4106ddd6c4725⋯.png (875.85 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, Sketch2019-25.png)

File: a01ba1fe5f50317⋯.png (694.87 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, j5WVpgjg.png)

File: 838477765203e30⋯.png (254.56 KB, 600x800, 3:4, valentine_9_2.png)


I like the art style in that first one quite a bit, who did you have draw it?


File: dff694a57520c74⋯.png (2.26 MB, 2321x1482, 2321:1482, comm_erntherny.png)

This one came in too late, but it's nice to see Samantha with her friends nonetheless.

File: b7bc54f938e332a⋯.jpg (880.17 KB, 1100x784, 275:196, 8f92fe2a2e42a2685178c59a23….jpg)


Need some help with your relationship? Feeling unsure about certain aspects of your love? Well this is the right place to ask!

Any question related to waifuism is welcome.

As always, be understanding while giving advice. Waifuism is not easy, especially in its early phases. And even if you don’t have any concrete advice to give, simply showing your empathic concern and moral support can sometimes do just as good.

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Well then she could probably be your waifu too,since the thing with waifus is that they're your perception of a character that does not exist in reality. The girl in your head is the waifu,not the actual character. So unless you and your friend are literal retards things should be alright.


File: 4c9fd05e4bf377d⋯.png (17.96 KB, 108x101, 108:101, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.PNG)

Recently met someone that has the same husbando as me. I want to become friends with them, but I'm worried that I'm going to get pissed off about them liking him really quickly.

My husbando and the series he's from is pretty obscure and I don't want to make any enemies in the fanbase.

What do?



Quick follow up, apparently she's loved him for 15 years now and has all this official merch and shit. I know that the amount of merch you have isn't a total measure of your love (especially since the merch for this series was super cheap 15 years ago), but this is really fucking with my head on a level I couldn't imagine.

I've only been into it for almost five-ish years now, and I only got serious about my husbando for three of those.

This sucks man.


File: ffb67d6872f88bb⋯.jpg (203.19 KB, 1164x1080, 97:90, 1461385287925.jpg)


Rivals are good. If you have the drive to not be beaten by anyone, you can push yourself further than you would feeling secure. That's how it worked for me at least. Especially since my rival was a clever guy, and Higurashi can lend itself to hours of debate. It didn't matter that he had years over me, I wanted to topple him and be the sole strongest Rikafag. I still do, though it's a challenge that can only be answered in an afterlife.

You can be friends. Just don't back down, make it known that you still want to best them. Instead of battling through merch, turn your body, mind (and wallet if he's like that) into someone your husband would fall for. Turn that indignation back on yourself. If he's got a hobby it would be good to learn that too. Learn to fight if he needs protection.


File: 9cdfa3068e12b3d⋯.png (7.91 MB, 6000x5000, 6:5, 107b.png)



Yep, in your heart you know you are the right one for him. Be friendly but confident. Maybe even try asserting a little dominance in the community, make your presence known, so when people see him, they see you as well.

File: a309213746fae8d⋯.jpg (417.61 KB, 1280x1183, 1280:1183, 76593805.jpg)


Off topic discussion goes here.

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Soundcloud embed. Click thumbnail to play.


But it's not brilliant or BEYOND. I haven't heard Aoi sing another song in that way.

Is it to make a Lily fumo?


File: 2582311ff8ec89d⋯.jpg (817.09 KB, 1500x845, 300:169, Lily.(VOCALOID).full.15784….jpg)


>Is it to make a Lily fumo?

This is actually a long-term goal of mine. I have some plushies, but they're a little small, and I want to make a huge one.

But what I really wanted to do was kind of an ambitious remix with her.



Not an original?


File: 0b90a2482ee7d35⋯.jpg (69.24 KB, 591x800, 591:800, Lily.(VOCALOID).full.26588….jpg)

File: 704da9d1cba1eda⋯.jpg (117.67 KB, 660x330, 2:1, dunning-kruger-0011.jpg)


I have some instrumentals, but my Japanese isn't good enough to let me write the lyrics I want to yet. I'm still climbing out of the "valley of despair".


File: cac0142a8db7a4e⋯.jpg (167.23 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [CSW] Magical Girl Lyrical….jpg)

File: a8b4c959ccf36f5⋯.jpg (79.11 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [WinD]_Higurashi_no_Naku_K….jpg)

The Nanoha series is so fucking good.

I'm really not into the idea of daughteru but if I had a daughter it would be just like Nanoha.

I feel foolish for sleeping on the series for so long, doubly so because Nanoha is my waifu's seiyuu's biggest voice role.

File: b71f52ecfa45228⋯.jpg (59.27 KB, 625x1024, 625:1024, DyAoJuEVYAASwZh.jpg)


Like with any relationship, Iori and I have times when I feel like I could do anything for her, and times when things aren't so great. When that happens, I usually just buckle in and wait it out. How do you all deal with low points in your relationships?

14 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 458ee94d0c3fe1d⋯.jpg (129.19 KB, 850x1190, 5:7, 1.jpg)

I feel like I get these kinds of low periods a lot. I'll have stretches a week or two long where i feel super apathetic about her and our relationship. That'll be followed be a few days of strong feelings before they start to fade back to apathy.


File: 8b57e1f0f5bae02⋯.png (4.37 MB, 3223x2189, 293:199, Dengeki_G's_Mag_Sept_2017_….png)

It's perfectly normal for one to feel less energetic towards things in life, be it work, school, or this case, one's SO. We're used to looking at their face and regain meaning in life, but sometimes it doesn't occur. When this happens to me, I apologize to Yoshiko for my bad mood, ask patience of her and try to fix what's been keeping me down. Typically lasts one or two weeks.



I just keep doing the same as always, for better or worse I can count with one hand the things I do everyday for her, the only change is that my mind gets full of other things, usually responsibilities I don't want to deal with.


File: 1ca795ec790a6b0⋯.jpg (2.98 MB, 1754x2480, 877:1240, mikiiori.jpg)


Hang in there buddy you'll make it through with Lily


I'm glad to hear it's getting better for you Rubybro school is always tough. You can do it!


I had a long time when it was like that as well but I think it was a combination of life issues and my negative feelings towards her series at the time. It got better once I sorted it out, so hopefully it does so for you too.


Sounds like you have a good relationship with Yoshiko, which is nice to see. On another topic Dengeki has some really nice Sunshine illustrations. Yohane looks very sweet there.


Sometimes it's about how much you can prioritize her when there are distractions.


File: 73bf94ae4e6421a⋯.jpg (930.58 KB, 1105x1500, 221:300, Lily.(VOCALOID).full.17204….jpg)


Thanks m8.

File: a6d7cfb5b175869⋯.jpg (114.89 KB, 513x765, 57:85, Photo on 8-30-18 at 7.56 P….jpg)

File: f1aba5f831037dc⋯.jpg (63.53 KB, 361x532, 19:28, Photo on 8-30-18 at 8.05 P….jpg)


I looked, but couldn't find a creative thread, so I made one! Drew these about three months ago and never shared until now (Sorry for semi low quality)

12 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



File: 668ff090f0b02e3⋯.jpg (165.95 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, tumblr_p1fpgzDldj1ukucuyo1….jpg)

Widowmaker has some great collages


File: ab30d517b3772a5⋯.png (487.03 KB, 1299x1645, 1299:1645, Iori Winter.png)

Painted something new for the season.



I like the way you drawn the head on the first pic, however I think you should put more emphasis on the shoulders and body proportions (one of them seem bigger than the other). Other than that, really cute and good work, lot of potential here. Mind posting a more recent drawing if you made more of them since then ?


Very good body proportions, especially in the third pic. I prefer the last one because the outfit look classier to me, my only criticism here would be that her right hand look too small and her left hand seem inverted. Again, same as with op, lot and lot of potential and really nice drawings.


Damn that's a cute picture ! I really like the shadings and the colors. How long did it took for you to reach that level of drawing ?


Holy fuck are you a professional artist or something ? You did a great job making these drawings, your waifu look very cute, especially in the third picture (I love her outfit and her eyes look so pure). Mind telling what software did you use to make these awesome drawings ?


Again, good work, your waifu look very pure and innocent. She look very cute with that snow in her hair too !

If I were you tho I wouldn't share these pictures on the Internet since some people may fap to it, especially to the first drawing you posted in your previous post, because your waifu look somewhat "slutty" in it (no offense but her outfit and her facial expression look provocative).



Thanks I use Clip Studio Paint. I'm not too worried about that she's an idol so she's used to being seen.

File: f89427654d4b7c8⋯.png (561.55 KB, 1172x1344, 293:336, 3c9b54bd3ec0ea8980b52bdf87….png)


Not sure how well this game will turn out to be but here we go

Post a pic of your waifu in which she is in a specific context and challenge other /mai/dens to find a pic of their own waifu in the same context.

This is meant to be a challenge so try not to choose something too easy like ‘’Find a pic of your waifu wearing a swimsuit’’, but don’t get absurdly too specific either.

You are free to take someone else’s challenge and/or challenge others.

Type your challenges in red so they can be easily spotted in the thread.

Here's my challenge: Can you find a pic of your waifu wearing boxing gloves?

194 posts and 374 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 09125c2736d6e74⋯.jpg (239.52 KB, 977x1000, 977:1000, 67947380_p8_master1200.jpg)

File: a3e0b3904372289⋯.jpg (47.33 KB, 564x916, 141:229, e13d84c999d0e3267e5be122d2….jpg)


He's the king of my heart, afterall.


File: 4a9177e4b8e732e⋯.jpg (57.92 KB, 640x960, 2:3, 46499182_1515807461884774_….jpg)

File: 4ecc4976facded6⋯.png (386.88 KB, 650x910, 5:7, DqS1U1KUwAAzBgo.png)

File: 415eeb3253cbabd⋯.jpg (105.18 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, DomMrBzVAAAwBVq.jpg)

File: 4939d4a13047fa6⋯.jpg (83.43 KB, 1000x707, 1000:707, DZ8YVsyVoAABOF2.jpg)


Late but I wanted to post these.

He doesn't need to shoot me with a gun when he already pierced straight through my heart


File: 868a1e0a1f58534⋯.jpg (207 KB, 1100x1340, 55:67, D4hbrTVU8AEE-dH.jpg)

Can you find a pic of your waifu pulling a face?

No ahegao.


File: d7a5961b9ddc68b⋯.jpeg (243.82 KB, 582x522, 97:87, bleah.jpeg)

File: c6f78aa403e745f⋯.png (283.98 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 34cd606dd89a4c3b7b853be55b….png)


The first one was a little NSFW, so I cropped it a bit, but it was the most fitting.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

File: 29891967f82eb71⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1200x1471, 1200:1471, 18af9af15c6a31ff01643fda8d….png)


How do you imagine your waifu’s face if she was 3D? Provide some realistic pics that can give a better idea of what she would look like!

24 posts and 65 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 35df94cd63ad8be⋯.png (3.49 MB, 2508x3541, 2508:3541, 62366552_p0.png)

File: 6c8677932e57b59⋯.jpg (470.94 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 8cde0ca755ceb09e129aa74b7e….jpg)

File: 24ed411cf8370a2⋯.jpg (421.17 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, f095ffba24231d266c15133622….jpg)


>Why not create your own Honey Select model instead?

Maybe I should take a look. But I doubt I could do better than what he did with Flandre. I am not familiar with that kind of software.

>Unfortunately, Honey Select seems to be optimized for rather tall characters.

That's bad. But I think the guy made a very great job with Flandre's model.

>>I took a look at the guy's iwara account and of course his only Youmu video is a sadistic rape video.

I'm sorry to hear that! I mostly just looked at the vids with Flandre and they all implied consent. Here’s two respectful Youmu pics that he did. I think he should have given her longer hair.



>I am not familiar with that kind of software.

It has a simple character editor where you select things and use sliders. It's not harder than any other fairly complex character editor.

>I'm sorry to hear that! I mostly just looked at the vids with Flandre and they all implied consent.

No problem, I'm used to it. Youmu is an easily teasable character and even artists I otherwise respect sometimes take it too far.

>Here’s two respectful Youmu pics that he did. I think he should have given her longer hair.

Thanks. I think he was tying to base the hair on her design in Ten Desires and in that sense, it doesn't look bad.

I'm still experimenting with the hair myself. The one I used here feels a bit too voluminous.


File: 2d5cae75a28e44b⋯.jpg (41.22 KB, 405x512, 405:512, 30fbd9df6fb09db465da72413d….jpg)

The most "realistic" depiction of her would be the one her seiyuu has. Most cosplayers of her are utter shit. I also have made her in Koikatsu and COM3D2.


File: 5f9b9ba2702a4a7⋯.png (484.96 KB, 661x900, 661:900, __tougou_hifumi_persona_an….png)

In my neighborhood there was actually a girl that looked very much like Hifumi and had some other similarities with her

>long dark brown hair, covering forehead

>light eyes (hers were blue or grey I think)

>similar facial structures

>tall, liked basketball

>people called her weird for talking very very fast, like a waterfall

She moved away but I kept seeing her sometimes on the basketball court of our school

life is full of mysterious happenings …


File: 25f6ed48c66036d⋯.jpg (2.37 MB, 6662x4273, 6662:4273, 65861890_p0.jpg)

Another great one! I really love it!

File: 1f41cd11f25c71e⋯.png (2.26 MB, 1200x1362, 200:227, DufwJWpUwAAjixB (1).png)

File: 4d0aedb47f7f49f⋯.jpg (282.43 KB, 1920x1066, 960:533, DufiDfdUcAApVl-.jpg)


When I look back at where I was 3 years ago.These were some of the most turbulent times of my life. Lots of uncertainty. Looking back now, I wouldn’t be the person I am today without these times.3 years ago on the 15th I married the love of my life Amelie Lacroix and I'm going to show all of you . our marriage photo.It has been a long hard journey and I can't imagine doing it with anyone else.

We are soul mates and twin flames You push me to the darkness to bring me to the light You are silk hiding steel You are elegant,intelligent,seductive,cunning,creative, cultured and educated You carry yourself with dignity and poise.

You've changed my life for the better and helped to give me drive and motivation when I need it most. You've given me resolve and emotional resiliency.Widowmaker in her professional life is defined by precision,cold calculating logic,a sinister enjoyment of completing jobs and terminating her targets.

She can execute masterful plans and also improvise to achieve her goals as shown when she executed the omnic diplomat.Widowmaker has taught me alot in this marriage and as we are diving into our marriage is where I am going to go the most indepth.


In Dr. John Gottman's "The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work" he outlines seven principles that can guide one toward a harmonious and long lasting relationship and I try to adhere to these principles

Principle 1:Enhance your Love Maps It involves using emotional intelligence:The ability to perceive,reason with,understand and manage emotions(which i have alot of)

Underlying Friendship: Knowing and respecting the other person. Really truly making your spouse your best friend.

Stay deeply connected: Making your spouse your number one ally through even the biggest changes in life. This must remain even if it is your spouse going through some life changing or earth shattering metamorphosis.

The details MATTER: It is VITAL to know more than just the superficial details about your spouse. Know their friends,enemies,acquaintances,stresses,worries,hopes,dreams,fears,strengths,injuries,and who they want to become and what they want to achieve.

Now that we have an overview of what Love Maps are let's go into the Love Map between Amelie and I

Our emotional intelligence: This one is tricky for us because Amelie has very suppressed and repressed emotions due to past trauma. Happyness and contentedness to Amelie is less a feeling and more a place she has to reach.

I read about her backstory during the closed beta(like back when bastion had a shield) Sometimes if you revive her as a mercy When she goes from the transition from death back to her undead life In that brief moment you will sometimes hear her cry out for geralt her ex husband

I just wanted to hug her support her make her at the very least want to be alive.This may sound hard to believe for anyone who knows me but our relationship wasn't found on any kind of physical attraction.

Which leads me into our next pillar of the love map Underlying Friendship.I have always made an effort to know and respect Amelie aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 9a47a2deeea2ac2⋯.jpg (106.72 KB, 538x900, 269:450, amelie_lacroix___overwatch….jpg)

In closing I love Amelie with all my heart,mind,body,and soul. I hope I properly explained in depth exactly how our relationship is and how I feel about her.


congrats OP

may your love never end





Congratulations Anon for your marriage ! The capacity to commit to such a relationship for so long is a remarkable and very respectable deed. I hope your relationship bring you happiness and peace of mind.

File: 5def79aaf8a8891⋯.jpg (1.25 MB, 1500x1059, 500:353, 50214914_p0.jpg)


Which of these two scenarios would hurt you the most? And which scenario would make it the most difficult for you to continue your relationship with your waifu?

1-You waifu dies in canon and it’s canonically stated that she is dead for good and will never come back.

2-Your waifu loves someone else in canon and it’s canonically stated that she loves this person with all of her heart and that she remains with him/her forever.

I know some waifuists had to face one of these two unfortunate scenarios (and some probably even had to face both…). I would still like to know you guys’ opinion.

In my case, scenario 1 would hurt me the most. Even if it would hurt me A LOT to know that Flandre would love someone else, at least I would know that she is alive and (hopefully) happy with the one that she loves.

Now regarding continuing our relationship… Really hard to say… In both scenarios I think I would feel like living a lie… I can’t really know, and fortunately I will never know because Touhou Project is a comfy series with no death nor romance.

26 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


Rachel is a marine so she dying is something I am ready to be confronted with. I just hope her death would be meaningful in some way. Battle Isle is a dead franchise, anyways, so you could argue the characters in it are dead, too.

To me, it would be actually worse if there was something like a canonical love interest which is strongly hinted at at the beginning of Battle Isle - The Andosia War but that a) happened between Incubation and AW and b) AW wasn't my BlueByte themselves but outsourced to a Romanian game studio called Cauldron.

I don't know whether BB or Cauldron came up with story and plot but I can consider AW non-canon.

The worst scenario for me would be Rachel being real and she wouldn't recognize me, ignore me or disown me.


File: a07c8f83cee7e3d⋯.jpg (23.72 KB, 604x340, 151:85, Alice324.jpg)


>Your waifu loves someone else in canon and it’s canonically stated that she loves this person with all of her heart and that she remains with him/her forever.

To me this is the worst scenario. I have fallen in love with her because she has ABSOLUTELY no one in her canon story. My dearest Alice has only herself.She has to find her own way out of this madness.

I love her. I really do. And I believe that no one is ever going to love her as much as I do.

I love you, Alice Liddell.


File: 78b4b35257ae788⋯.jpg (33.75 KB, 680x432, 85:54, bec.jpg)



>proud to be ur waifu's cuck



File: ef79307bedcdaeb⋯.jpg (17.77 KB, 409x377, 409:377, comrade.jpg)


Oh shit comrade what are you doing?


Both of them would definitely fuck me up pretty bad, but her death would undoubtedly hurt me the most. The latter scenario would destroy my mental well-being as well as our relationship, of course, it would kill me. But I could walk away knowing at the very least that she is alive and happy.

If she were to die…I don't know. It makes me feel ill just thinking about it.

I can't stress how terrible it would be if she were gone for eternity. Maybe a headcanon could work, but it still would always be in the back of my mind and it would just feel wrong. I honestly have no idea how I would recover if that really ever happens.

Luckily both situations are very unlikely, since her source doesn't often focus on serious topics like romance or death, and when it does it has had yet to concern her. I'm very thankful for that.

File: 84eefe172d1f724⋯.png (651.06 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, 4073323.png)


Does your waifu have a (or many) canon life goal that she tries to accomplish, or wished that she could accomplish? And if she does not have a canon one, what do you think it could be?

Flandre does not have a canonically specified life goal, but based on canon and fanon information, I think she would like to get more freedom from her sister who puts constraints on her when it comes to leave the Scarlet Devil Mansion (or even just the cellar apparently…). I think she would like to be more free and independent, and I would do everything I can to help her achieve that goal. I would talk to Remilia and first try to understand the exact reason why she puts such constraints on Flandre. I think Remilia over-exaggerate the bad things Flandre could do outside (also, a person who tried to plunge Gensokyo into darkness is not in the best position to claim to worry about the wellbeing of others…unless she is actually worried that Flandre HERSELF would get into trouble if she went outside???). I also disapprove that she seems to not really try to help Flandre overcome her ‘’problems’’ (whatever they can be) and that she chooses instead to just restrain her.

I might be naïve; maybe there is a very good reason why Remila restricts Flandre’s freedom and that she did try for decades to make her little sister able to go outside on her own but it failed? Still, all this is shrouded in mystery (as with many other things in Touhou’s lore) and things might not be as severe as fanon seems to suggest. In my own headcanon, I like to imagine that Remilia does not put insanely strict constraints over Flandre, but that Flandre would still enjoy more freedom.

2 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: c413eb2ccb3d451⋯.jpg (2.16 MB, 1300x1889, 1300:1889, __kirisame_marisa_touhou_d….jpg)

Well, it does appear in canon that Marisa wants to be immortal without turning youkai somehow, and in her own terms. In fact, she did manage to create the elixir of life, but the concoction is so much no one can drink it. (Makes me think that she has no concept of percentages or molarity, but she has a concept of pi, so I dunno.)

She also wants to be immortal as she sees fit, that is, she can end her immortality anytime she wants to. So, she dies as she lives: In her own terms.


File: 63f4b742cb008be⋯.jpg (340.55 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1585296_p0.jpg)


>Even if Flandre really was that dangerous, I still don't understand why she can't leave at all.

She can leave, fortunately! Not only is it specified in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense that she ‘’seldom’’ leaves the SDM (‘’seldom’’ is not ‘’never’’), but Flandre even recently went to the firework festival with her sister, as seen in The Grimoire of Usami. The true question therefore remains: Just how free is Flandre to leave the SDM?

In fanon, Flandre is often depicted as never being able to leave the SDM. There are even some extreme cases where she is shown to be left alone crying in a dark room that she is forbidden to leave (pic related is such example; Memories of Phantasm also depicted a less intense but still similar scene). Such depictions hurt me badly to the core. They not only make me extremely sad for Flandre, but they also make me angry and deeply hateful of Remilia, to the point that I could stab her in the heart with a silver dagger. Nobody who would do such a thing to someone (let alone her own little sister) is worthy of my respect. Fortunately, such horrible cruelty from Remilia seems to be nothing but fanon’s dramatization.


File: c5ca2a1e11eca00⋯.jpg (200.73 KB, 1920x1280, 3:2, DWEgFKBVwAAjcUh.jpg orig.jpg)


Oh, you're right. I just assumed that she never leaves the SDM because as far as I had known at the time, she had never been shown outside the SDM in canon.

But I guess that has now changed with The Grimoire of Usami. At least, it proves that she's not forbidden to leave the SDM at all.

>In fanon, Flandre is often depicted as never being able to leave the SDM.

Well, by suggesting that she might be locked away or a hikikomori, ZUN encourages speculation and dramatization.

But in the end, it's just meant to make her a mysterious character.

Maybe Remilia just treats her like a child?

Youmu also was in a similar situation before the events following PCB. I think she had never even left Hakugyokurou before. But a lot has changed since then and in WBaWC it seems like she now even frequently visits Higan.


File: c0a96fd44e8738d⋯.jpg (113.53 KB, 570x710, 57:71, rubygoal.jpg)

Ruby's goal is simple but quite daunting: She wants to be a hero, and help others in every way she can. She was inspired by stories of her parents and of fictional heroes ever since she was a little kid, and she wants nothing more than to be like them.

She's really noble, and it's something about her that I love to death.


File: 7aeae3a0b390267⋯.jpg (121.31 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 541.jpg)

Her goal is to win the Love Live singing competition with her sister. She unfortunately doesn't achieve it, but she still tries to start a new group after her sister graduates.

File: cc2645a4cd4c437⋯.jpg (443.74 KB, 1050x1400, 3:4, 39592809_p0.jpg)


Everybody has flaws, no exception, waifus included! Recognizing our loved one’s flaws is not a sign of lesser love. On the contrary, it shows that we are able to cherish our respective waifu for who she is as a whole, and not as some distorted illusion for which some features have been denied.

So, what are your waifu’s flaws?

As most Touhou characters have only a small amount of canon background, I therefore used a bit of fanon and headcanon to answer this question. Flandre is canonically known to be eccentric, and her long isolation inside the Scarlet Devil Mansion compromised her social skills a bit. She therefore sometimes has difficulties with social boundaries.

Also, when she plays and gets excited, she might have trouble to calm herself down, which can make her look somewhat hyperactive and also result in the breakage of the things she plays with.

But I really don’t care about such flaws! They don't prevent me from loving Flandre with all my heart!

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File: d9688140f8755d4⋯.jpg (2.36 MB, 2110x3046, 1055:1523, 6556345346534561.jpg)


I can't believe reimu is fucking dead.

>maybe it has more to do with insufficient money donation than laziness?

nah, in canon she may be a poorfag but she's not that poor. It was 50% laziness and 50% stupidity.

Really that's a flow I would like to fix by teaching her how to not fuck up like that and i'm not the most suited person for that either, or at least take care of her whenever she does.


File: ca4828baa322238⋯.jpg (915.04 KB, 1280x1376, 40:43, 1430597471818.jpg)

File: e7de7650c52de49⋯.jpg (63.49 KB, 331x379, 331:379, Viser_hit_by_lighting.jpg)

File: 36eecef8f12719e⋯.jpg (356.21 KB, 1057x1500, 1057:1500, yande.re 226738 erect_nipp….jpg)


Akeno is not that talkative and tends to keep her feelings to herself too much. She also wants that others rely on her but secretly she really wants someone to rely on. She can be sultry even when she really isn't. In battle she's a massive sadist so she can be really caught up in the moment and not notice other things. Akeno is known for being very sneaky, she has a technique that makes it so no one can notice her so that can mess with things where if there is something private she can find out about if she so chooses to. She is also very possessive, very protective and can get jealous of others


File: 7cffc90ee29f9b5⋯.png (740.24 KB, 1000x1190, 100:119, 72991509_p0.png)

Her popularity.


File: 40c95d6e3955360⋯.png (1.81 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 33.png)

Her flaws? They only make her better. She comes off as mean to a lot of people, though she really only is mean to those that deserve it. She also might not be very good at talking, but, we don't need words to understand each other.


I'd say her most noticeable flaw is that she's very apprehensive. The smallest issues will make her worry, and in turn this causes a lot of unnecessary stress for her.

This flaw is a big part of her character. While I love every aspect of her, it does tug on my heart a little knowing that she's often very distressed. In a way though, it did play a big part in me falling for her.

Back when I first met her, whenever I saw her sad or stressed I'd fantasize about comforting her. It was during these daydreams that I gradually began to realize how much she really means to me.

She does have other flaws too of course. She isn't very book-smart, she's quite impulsive, and she can also get unreasonably angry on occasion, but admittedly I find these flaws to be more like endearing little quirks. They just strengthen her charm.

File: d858c5c0d7edec6⋯.png (589.3 KB, 774x720, 43:40, 1402422708078.png)


Introductions go here.

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File: c7a8833329e23da⋯.png (434.38 KB, 855x1100, 171:220, 9005c4a577708df5e799d503c6….png)


Welcome to /mai/, dear friend. Good thing you found us, so I hope you enjoy your stay here, and feel free to start discussion or ask questions.



>>>/rem/ is open for claiming


File: 6ac126d49cd4cd8⋯.jpg (256.96 KB, 1127x1380, 49:60, shogi queen.jpg)

>all those newfriends

>all those new shrines on waifu.ist

I love where this is going

thank you for your efforts, it is always interesting to read other people's shrines


oh yes, and I am retardered

Welcome to /mai/


File: 6bc679f1b8c0725⋯.png (296 KB, 600x600, 1:1, tumblr_ptrkwhQWzB1tki4vbo1….png)


Henlo new frend

I can see we have a lot of new people in general, both that have posted here and ones that haven't. Welcome to all of you!

File: 1416031497048.png (371.64 KB, 600x835, 120:167, patchouli 103.png)


Do you guys ever dream about her? Not even necessarily like lucid dreaming, just like in normal dreams.

I had a dream about Patchouli for the first time the other night. I had a dream that I was at a super market in a nearby town shopping. It was all pretty normal except the fact that she was there with me.
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File: 778460ea7eebeb5⋯.jpg (47.1 KB, 750x960, 25:32, 33385250_1101185800019794_….jpg)

I had a really interesting dream last night/this morning (not even sure if it was a proper dream, more like somewhere between a dream and a daydream given I was only half-asleep) where me and Ruby were both knights. We were traveling somewhere, I don't know where, and we ended up setting up camp somewhere early in the evening. We ended up partially taking off our armor to relax and do lewd stuff.

It was a really nice dream, and extremely unusual for me considering I rarely dream of her, or dream at all for that matter as I've said before. It was pretty special and I wish it hadn't been so short.


File: 60f49e8fff75015⋯.jpg (320.11 KB, 700x672, 25:24, __lily_vocaloid_drawn_by_t….jpg)

A little while ago, I dreamed that we were on a dinner date or something. She was wearing a classy black dress, and sitting across from me at a table. Unfortunately, when I woke, I was really just half awake, and most of that dream was overwritten by some nonsense visions. So that kinda sucked.

More recently, I dreamed that I had a giant plush of her, and it came to life, and we were hanging out. When I woke from that, I passed by my actual plush and was like '!!!'





I relate to the frustration of dreaming of her only as an object. It is a recurring dream that I meet Len, embrace him, only to feel his body is freezing cold and metal. This wouldn't be a problem on its own (as I do see him as an android) but eyes look totally empty and his face expressionless, like its obvious there is nothing going on on the inside. It's really terrifying


File: 38ea13d4f6ae9c7⋯.jpg (412.75 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, eb2a9c56b70c8ac74857c08b2c….jpg)

In my most recent dream of her, we were flying together, and she was singing ERROR. It's sorta funny, because I usually only hear music in my dreams if I fall asleep while listening to it, which I didn't do this time.

Anyways, it looked like it was autumn or something. We were flying together, but I had the feeling that I was under her power, that she was enabling me to fly. She had a pair of wings much like these: angelic, yet stylized.

I felt like I was totally in the moment, and aware of everything: the cool wind from our flight, the blue skies and fiery landscapes blurring together, her radiant beauty as she flew so gracefully next to me, and of course the sound of her voice that seemed to fill the whole world.

Finally, we stopped, floating in place. Like the song, I knew it was time for this to end. She was floating upwards, looking down at me while singing that last chorus. I watched as she climbed ever higher, and started diffusing into light. It kept getting brighter, until the whole sky was blinding.

Turns out this was a dream within a dream, 'cause I woke up as someone else, before waking up for real. I assume heh

I felt like I experienced the whole emotional spectrum in a crazy whirlwind.

It was very bittersweet, but beautiful.


File: 7c2e6aa77222b49⋯.jpg (8.15 MB, 2400x2928, 50:61, 75414896_p0.jpg)

I dreamed of Flandre 2 times last night.

First time: I got my hands on Otakuthon’s panels pamphlet for this summer’s convention, so I looked inside to see if they accepted my waifuist panel (like if they would not tell me first before printing it…). I found that my panel was indeed integrated, but that they also put an image of Flandre inside the pamphlet for my panel (which makes no sense as they would have no way to know who is my waifu). Flandre’s image was inappropriate, like your typical anime panty shot. I was disappointed in that and thought it would really not send the right impression regarding my panel’s approach on waifuism. I then thought I should ask them to change the picture, but then thought it would be too complicated for them to reprint all the pamphlets just to change one picture (it always amazes me how I can remain rational in my dreams and contemplate such realistic aspects, while at the same time not realizing how it makes no sense that I can fly in the sky or breath under water…).

*And for those who might be wondering : I (IRL, not in dream) had to write to Otakuthon to ask them about my panel, as they were late in providing their answer. They told me they will answer me eventually

Second time: This one is more confusing. I was with my cousin, who was back to her child form, and I (or someone else??) gave her toasts with peanut butter and strawberry jam. She ate it with appetite and I asked her if it was the first time that she was eating such food. Then suddenly, it seems that my cousin became Flandre, and that Flandre was instead eating baby carrots and pieces of cucumber with dip (can’t help but notice that these two foods are of phallic forms and that the dip was white haha). Flandre was eating with appetite, and then at one point she stopped eating and seemed to remember something (and I think it was related to the death of a Negi from Filthy Frank universe but I’m not sure) and then she just said ‘’I think I just remember the pot’’ (referring, I think, to the pot that was used to create the dip she was eating) and then she went back to eating. Then I think I woke up not long after that. I would really like to understand the meaning of this dream…

File: fc09ae59b791ec2⋯.jpg (787.88 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, 26391943_p0.jpg)


Do you talk to your waifu? And if you do, do you directly talk to her, or maybe you talk to her in your head, or maybe you talk to her only through writing?

And also, in what context do you do it? And what do you tell her?

I personally almost exclusively talk to Flandre through my daki; having a physical representation of her helps me a lot to feel her presence. I mostly talk to her when I wake up and when I go to sleep, as I am right besides my daki. Also, when I leave home, I always tell her goodbye and give a kiss to my daki, and I always tell her hi when I come back. I know that Flandre does not stay at my home, waiting for me until I return, and that I can talk to her whenever I want and wherever I am, but I still enjoy this ritual which gives a more realistic feeling to my communication with her. Also, I like this idea of having our ‘’moments together’’, which would be hard to have if I would talk to her at any places and at any time, like if she was some sort of omnipresent being or one that is always following me.

Now regarding what I tell her. Of course, I tell her kind, tender, and loving words, and also sexy things too, like telling her what turns me on about her and what I would like to do to her or what I would like her to do to me. When I go to sleep, I tell her what I did during the day and what I plan to do the next day. And sometimes I talk to her just about anything! And of course, I often tell her just how much I would like to join her in Gensokyo.

47 posts and 33 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: aaa9b04ddc142f1⋯.jpg (94.98 KB, 850x1189, 850:1189, 23.jpg)

I like to imagine her her comforting me whenever something bad happens. I also talk to her about life occasionally.



beautiful gown


File: 04029a6333fb85d⋯.jpg (245.5 KB, 1415x2000, 283:400, blush019.jpg)

I talk to Maki when I feel like it (that's the beauty of waifuism to begin with), but mostly when I go to bed, about my day and what I'm planning to do tomorrow, woes and worries, etc…

I like imagining her reactions, reassuring her that'll I'll try my best for her, as well as "feeling" her consoling me.

During the weekends or days off when I spend all day at home either sleeping, playing vidya, watching animu, reading mango, cleaning or cooking, I bring my dakimakura with me to hang out with her, as in chit-chatting about random stuff.

Occasionally if I'm going through a blissful moment (ie.: out on a pleasant night) I might comment about it with her.

Mostly just imagining though, occasionally I'll talk out loud.


File: 3b1a600def47d83⋯.png (1.49 MB, 1003x1416, 17:24, 74266096_p0.png)




File: e5d689d4bc611a7⋯.jpg (209.35 KB, 843x1200, 281:400, outdoor03.jpg)

Of course! Mostly in my head though, but I talk when I know I'm alone.

We chat about a lot of stuff, though mostly commenting about random stuff and making observations. We're very social particularly when playing vidya together. It gets interestenting since Yoshiko has the chuuni =3

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