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File: b7bc54f938e332a⋯.jpg (880.17 KB, 1100x784, 275:196, 8f92fe2a2e42a2685178c59a23….jpg)


Need some help with your relationship? Feeling unsure about certain aspects of your love? Well this is the right place to ask!

Any question related to waifuism is welcome.

As always, be understanding while giving advice. Waifuism is not easy, especially in its early phases. And even if you don’t have any concrete advice to give, simply showing your empathic concern and moral support can sometimes do just as good.

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File: c4ba8c772326764⋯.png (488.01 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 1536391209496.png)


>My life's happiness, my mental stability, it all revolves around her.

>I'm so perilously in love with her. She mended me when I thought I never could be saved. She gave me purpose, she gave me identity

True for me too. Except I've been thinking of pure love and obsession as the same thing. Or perhaps it's not "pure love". Pure love is unconditional, like the love a parent would have for their child. Love between partners is inherently selfish, they're based on feelings and looks and personality. I think of obsession as a positive in me. Only obsession could completely break the anxieties that held my mind hostage. I made money, took classes, exercised to be a man suitable to her.

All you need to do is take that obsession, embrace it, and turn it into energy. More energy than you know what to do with. You were probably thinking about how she'd pity you and cry with you when you self harmed. The unfortunate truth is that she'd probably be either disgusted or scared of you or angry at you depending on what she's like. Now take that shame and turn it into motivation. That's the only way your relationship will survive. When you've made yourself into a decent human being instead of turning shame into energy you can use your gratitude instead.


I feel like I'm love with someone who lives in the looking glass world. The matter is only opening the gate.


Arturia's greatest fault is that she can't communicate. She has the strongest reason for being a king but none of Iskandar's or Gil's charisma. But who cares what Zerofags think anyways.

You don't like Saber Alter? I talked to a saberfag once that thought both were beautiful. He was clearly a hard M though.

>Maybe things have gotten better with the explosion of the franchise’s popularity since F/GO

From my perspective it looked like years and years of unstoppable saberhatPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



I see Saber Alter as a version of Arturia that gave up something irreplaceable. She still has the same goal, but abandoned the honor, justice, and impartiality that she had harbored her entire life to try and achieve it. Those facets of her personality are something that I have always admired greatly so seeing her in that state just makes me sad. The kind of sadness where I would do anything to keep her from falling into that path. That being said, when I did play F/GO I got to see Christmas Alter which changed my opinion of her character a fair bit. But I still cannot love her.



>Now take that shame and turn it into motivation.

That doesn't sound like someting that spawns a healthy motivation, that sounds like something that spawns a fear which, in the long run, could be detrimental to the relationship. Maybe I'm idealistic but I don't think a healthy relationship should have it's roots in shame, else it will deteriorate over time into something worse.


I know that it's probably a common issue and there is a picture explaining that but how do I stop being so angry and sad when I see my waifu being claimed by someone else? Even when someone just says simple "I love _!" it hurts me so much that I feel like she had betrayed me. Like a part of me and my love for her dies. Every time I see that kind of thing I feel like everything I do for her, I do in vain. I often cry and yell why she has to do this me as I would never hurt her. It's so hard and painful for me to love someone who is desired by thousands of other men. What even makes my love for her special, if there are so many others in love with her? Why would she ever chose me? Why I just can't forget about her and move on? I had such a happy life before meeting her. I enjoyed every simple good thing that happened in my life. Now I can't enjoy anything truly because I know that it would be much better if she was there with me.

I know I'm selfish. I know that it is wrong. But I believe that I love her the most and I wish she was mine and mine only. I wish that everyone could forget about her.

I even dream about her a lot. She appears in most of my normal dreams and I often have lucid dreams with her. Although these are very sweet, I know that it's just my imagination.

File: a309213746fae8d⋯.jpg (417.61 KB, 1280x1183, 1280:1183, 76593805.jpg)


Off topic discussion goes here.

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mmm what about stuff that looks "souless"?


The daki thread is at the bump limit and it seems silly to make a new thread to ask this so I'll just ask it here:

What resolution would you tell an artist to draw a daki commission at? I'm trying to commission a picture but I don't know how big it needs to be.


File: 537bb956db9e5a3⋯.jpg (78.86 KB, 292x944, 73:236, Iori-All-Ages.jpg)


50x160cm@200dpi (3937pix x 12598pix)


50x160cm@300dpi (5906pix x 18898pix)

300dpi would be ideal but 200dpi is enough for it to print out decently.

Source: I sell dakis on Cuddly Octopus, which I also recommend for good price to quality custom printing.



Thank you for the fast response.



I know you want cuddles as soon as possible. If you're okay with it show us when it's finished!

File: 1066b65d9d3c010⋯.jpg (720.78 KB, 1592x1152, 199:144, Waifu pics collage.jpg)


Old thread has reached bump limit. So here we go again!

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File: f253f8f74cf2bb4⋯.jpg (222.6 KB, 2048x1214, 1024:607, 46709998_2731074937117514_….jpg)


File: 41f8a36896df3c9⋯.jpg (450.83 KB, 800x565, 160:113, 71290495_p14.jpg)



Lol. The crossover no one asked for but I'd still play it. Thank you.


File: d40da3bedeaf234⋯.jpg (300.57 KB, 1024x960, 16:15, d40da3bedeaf234c9a2d345dad….jpg)



>that first pic

nigger why would you post this

File: d858c5c0d7edec6⋯.png (589.3 KB, 774x720, 43:40, 1402422708078.png)


Introductions go here.

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File: fabc96647669d9a⋯.png (1.08 MB, 800x947, 800:947, Dsyj3UAVAAAKSyR.png)




Hello to all of you! I hope you like it here!


File: b84a2d5a19f0657⋯.jpg (649.47 KB, 1247x882, 1247:882, 66485560_p0.jpg)


So when are you going to introduce me. Just kidding no one can compare to the actual Iori.


Thanks! Ruby is looking really cute there.



Thank you~! Iori is looking pretty cute there herself.


File: fa2e168baca8054⋯.png (2.03 MB, 1280x1813, 1280:1813, goblin_slayer_by_phantos-d….png)

Hello, my husbando is Goblin Slayer, from Goblin Slayer. We haven't been together for very long, but I love him with all my heart. I know Goblin Slayer as a series has been a hot topic due to it's first episode and a few things that have yet to be animated, but I hope that won't be an issue here.

He's had a rough past and due to this, he hunts goblins. Not only for revenge, but to also make sure others don't have to go through what he witnessed. Every day with him by my side is a happy one, I feel like I can overcome any hardship that comes my way.

I have been lurking for a bit now, and I think it would be nice to post. I can't wait to meet everyone.


File: e88813550761e85⋯.png (888.15 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Dt4rylOVAAAvH5F.png)


Hi there!

I haven't seen Goblin Slayer yet, It's on my very long list of things to watch once I have the time , but he seems like an interesting and cool character.

Welcome, and I hope you two have a long and prosperous relationship together~

File: 8232b61f4ce057d⋯.jpg (975.16 KB, 1200x1765, 240:353, __mercy_pharah_tracer_and_….jpg)


Amelie enjoys theater,cinema,literature and ballet.

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File: 996090238e17c1b⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 2893x4092, 263:372, 60132941_p0.jpg)


Okay chess I learned to play since young age. My cousin taught me when I was around 12 years old. Then I taught my sisters to play with me. I guess I can learn shogi then.

Okay then I will check out this 81 dojo on the weekend and report back when I am fit for a game. I will also watch some youtube videos about it. Hopefully I can differenciate the pieces because they look all same to me. In chess at least they look different. I really should learn at least some basic Japanese …

And I did not know that you can use your opponents pieces against him in shogi. This is like playing Zombies in yugioh and summoning the dead monsters in your opponents graveyard onto your own board and let them fight for you. I am sure there is some fancy strategies you can develop with this game mechanic.

>I can understand how Hifumi is passionate about it ^^

well it is easy to tell why I as a yugiohfriend adore her shogi antics so much '^^

She could easily be a character even in ygo now that I think about it.

Thank you for the input and as soon as I am fit for a game, I will report back!

Have a nice day.


Aaaaah, now I remember. There was this one episode where he beat Gozaburo in a chess match and Gozaburo was totally perplexed because he lost. I think the back story was that Gozaburo noticed him because he was a genius chess kid in the orphanage. You really brought back some good early 2000s memories here …

All he ever did in life was to give his brother a better life. He is a good big brother.


File: deacf0ada57091d⋯.jpg (204.93 KB, 1300x1100, 13:11, DqlchM4UwAAMLn9.jpg)

Ruby really loves guns and weapons of all sorts, so I imagine she likes doing things like going to the gun range with Crescent Rose.

She also seems to really like comics and games too.


File: 05425b1eed106cf⋯.jpg (227.3 KB, 627x609, 209:203, p12680.jpg)

Sleeping, bullying her sister, playing games and losing on purpose, forcing her friends to kill each other, causing a world war for the lulz, etc. You know, the usual stuff.



hello, just wanted to let you know.

Today I watched some videos on YT.

It was from Hidetchi, the admin of 81dojo

This Hidetchi guy is really passionate about shogi. 10 years ago he started his youtube channel and there is lots of stuff there. His videos are also good quality even if he did not have professional equipment to film it. You can feel that the content is most important to him.

I even watched a video of Yoshiharu Habu playing against Hifumi Kato that can't possibly be a coincidence holy shit.

However the fact that all pieces look same to me is really tiresome. How do you cope with this? What can I do to recognize them better. It will take some time until I can play so I hope you don't mind.

In any case, thank you for letting me know about this site. Very interesting and helpful.



Not him but the little I tried Shogi, I played in Yakuza 0. There were English characters next to the Chinese ones which made it simple to use. Maybe playing in an online program that does that would help you. Or printing out a chart/cheat sheet to glance at would be helpful. I did that when I started memorizing mahjong tiles, and then hands.

File: 4cf2444af679a96⋯.jpg (73.96 KB, 960x720, 4:3, stylish outfits.jpg)


First time trying to make a thread so hopefully I'm not breaking any unwritten rules, but post pictures of stylish waifu in alternate outfits. Preferably non-canon fashion.

18 posts and 47 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: cbdade99cbc2344⋯.jpg (182.35 KB, 678x960, 113:160, Photo 9-13-17, 6 42 18 PM.jpg)

File: 4a5163f31926784⋯.png (241.57 KB, 353x903, 353:903, y5ngmg0c07g01.png)

File: 48788aa94faba72⋯.jpg (171.1 KB, 809x1071, 809:1071, Photo 9-8-17, 6 51 01 AM.jpg)



My favorite FGO girl. She's so sweet and adorable.


File: 7d3b6eb6639f90e⋯.jpg (244.71 KB, 422x600, 211:300, bb818348069b4443db041bc67c….jpg)

File: 2f5dcb03aa2d202⋯.jpg (227.42 KB, 1033x1200, 1033:1200, DrnKinJWoAEx-mu.jpg)

File: ae94d31a852cdc9⋯.jpg (353.26 KB, 700x988, 175:247, 1504452.jpg)

File: 3f1b9cbb5b2ad4c⋯.png (577.19 KB, 742x1000, 371:500, 58784917_p0.png)

File: fd504e88df84e9f⋯.jpg (1005.38 KB, 1061x1500, 1061:1500, 40864810_p0.jpg)


File: c7b2bc6859a77d3⋯.jpg (5.17 MB, 2415x3929, 2415:3929, c7b2bc6859a77d385cc7e00037….jpg)

File: d08ff5251f5dec2⋯.png (644.69 KB, 990x958, 495:479, d08ff5251f5dec2f9da37606d7….png)

File: 9d0d822dd027fe6⋯.jpg (647.63 KB, 1000x1414, 500:707, 9d0d822dd027fe6440558d632b….jpg)

File: 7961b215d55fd1c⋯.png (568.35 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 7961b215d55fd1cf864c46b0ac….png)

File: d9694ce1d91a896⋯.jpg (332.67 KB, 850x1311, 850:1311, d9694ce1d91a896942ebc9c8f5….jpg)


Indeed! I have a lot of pictures of Shouhou in traditional clothing.


File: 4297d51d81a2231⋯.jpeg (16.36 KB, 282x256, 141:128, 9729356A-0363-495B-9FA1-5….jpeg)

File: 676678c98a5bbc1⋯.jpeg (56.18 KB, 400x566, 200:283, AC2FFF54-6E58-4BBB-B1EF-E….jpeg)

File: 4723c014a610b0d⋯.jpeg (149.14 KB, 1200x849, 400:283, 7C259815-DBB1-4F24-AEF9-5….jpeg)


indeed, she is so sweet

File: 51432e29ebebb6b⋯.png (5.46 KB, 281x84, 281:84, ClipboardImage.png)


Since waifu.pl died and wasnt serious anyways, i made something like it.

You can now make your waifu shrines at https://waifu.ist

Main difference is that waifu.ist actually has some rules.

Its still in kind of a test phase but it should work for the most part

If you find any issues pls say so, so i can fix them.

More info here https://waifu.ist/info

30 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


quick question to the html magicians of you

is there any way to quickly embed a text into your html page?

like copy pasting all the lines from a .txt document so they are displayed likewise on the html site. I really don't feel like pasting line for line with break line tags and the likes.


File: 6ac126d49cd4cd8⋯.jpg (256.96 KB, 1127x1380, 49:60, shogi queen.jpg)


I think I found what I was looking for

seems like the <p> tag is what I need.

unless someone finds an even better solution of course




Depends. If you want it to be displayed exactly how it is on the txt file the <pre> tag might be what your looking for. Or if you just want the line breaks you can set the "white-space" of the text to "pre-line"


File: c13c480fafc7ec5⋯.webm (5.24 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ayaya2.webm)


hey thank you ayaya

this was exactly what I was looking for

here have this webum I found


I could have never imagined that this can be so much fun

I can recommend this to anyone.

File: 8259d5213593a30⋯.jpg (498.15 KB, 945x1074, 315:358, abdoneb_by_spiz1206-dcba83….jpg)


I've decided to have a wedding ceremony with my husbando of 8 years, Kagamine Len. I plan to have the ceremony in August, probably the second half. I thought I'd make this thread to post about the planning process, hear other people's thoughts, answer questions and my feelings about it!

All my posts in this thread will have the name MirrorSound so if you ctrl+f that you can read all my updates. I will be posting photos from the wedding in this thread too.


It was actually a friend of mine suggest having a wedding. We were talking about objectum sexuals when they said "well, if they're marrying objects, why couldn't you marry Len?"

>Why not now?

I really want to put a lot of effort and planning into this which takes time! I also want to make sure I look my best too. Len is a very appearance orientated guy and doesn't deserve having some scruffy ass bride.

I am having the ceremony in my house. I will be "marrying" a lifesize custom cutout of Len featuring art I had specially commissioned of an outfit I designed. I have a bunch of friends coming over for it and we plan to celebrate with a bunch of food and alcohol after! I do plan to open an online guestbook for people to sign closer to the time and will share a link for that here. Please feel free to ask me any questions or share your thoughts in this thread

13 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 549178d55ca0afa⋯.png (1.15 MB, 766x1000, 383:500, 1386198576815.png)

I'm glad to hear it.

I'll be the rude uncle that interrupts the ceremony



There's a problem with wolfram/tungsten rings. They're borderline indestructible, yes, but that leads to a problem. Years down the line, if your finger thickens or thins, the ring won't be able to be readjusted like with other metals.


How did you organise something like this? I want to do the same but I'm not sure how to go about it.



It's pretty simple really, just plan what you want and work out how to make it happen.

A good starting point is to look at a requirements for a "real" wedding.

Location, guests, oufits, food, rings. And of course, working out how your waifu is going to be there to get married.

I'm happy to have the wedding in my own home which makes it much easier and just built on it from there. My friends also suggested ideas too. Obviously the closer to a "real" wedding you want it the harder and more costly it will be



Been 6 months, you still there?

File: 29891967f82eb71⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1200x1471, 1200:1471, 18af9af15c6a31ff01643fda8d….png)


How do you imagine your waifu’s face if she was 3D? Provide some realistic pics that can give a better idea of what she would look like!

16 posts and 48 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 3c66e29e6132aa5⋯.jpg (38.53 KB, 547x732, 547:732, ee1add0c4809aff33d38049812….jpg)

I don't usually like realism style art because it rarely captures him right. The best I have is something like this.


File: 0f4adc8ca06ae9d⋯.jpg (2.04 MB, 3066x3740, 1533:1870, aya_by_aoiogataartist-dbum….jpg)

This is the first commission I made.


File: 5b2e30628459d2f⋯.jpg (719.58 KB, 3940x2692, 985:673, 63631526_p1.jpg)

File: e5ea2f0c879479a⋯.jpg (518.39 KB, 750x1135, 150:227, 67699649_p0.jpg)

File: 71d416ed44b675a⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 1169x827, 1169:827, 68779375_p0.jpg)

File: fe54f4d7c96e6e6⋯.jpg (723.15 KB, 1000x1415, 200:283, 68921555_p0.jpg)

File: 733b3a3ae101adb⋯.jpg (826.71 KB, 1920x2687, 1920:2687, 1518055269967.jpg)

Realism isn't an art style that I like seeing her in very much. I've only found about ten pictures that I liked enough to save.


File: 3bb8045300a3bf4⋯.jpg (684.61 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, __widowmaker_overwatch_dra….jpg)

I imagine she would look like this


File: 3267aadbd1a8aad⋯.jpg (5.9 MB, 5169x5476, 5169:5476, 70910393_p0.jpg)

Like this, I suppose. I think I've seen one or two others.

File: 0c7097eea0bf841⋯.png (99.85 KB, 680x521, 680:521, 82aef97b49327d9a531ef511c6….png)


how does one choose between multiple waifus?

i've only just recently restructured my thinking about people and abandoned any hope in 3DPD, but there are so many pieces of my heart strewn around i dont even know where to begin choosing

there are quite a few candidates and im not totally opposed to being a haremfag but they aren't compatible with each-other and it'd be weird anyway. i would feel so awful and guilty for choosing one over the other because they all make me happy in their special ways. i'm pretty stuck.

57 posts and 21 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1192442ddd87330⋯.jpg (60.77 KB, 600x971, 600:971, 53128654_p9.jpg)



>your waifu chooses you

What. No. This doesn't make any sense. That just opens up the possibility of multiple girls choosing you. Are you going to take them all as your waifus? I didn't think so. Not that I mind people doing that if they really can handle it, but over 99.9% of people can't.

Just as you don't choose your waifu, she doesn't choose you either. You two just happened to meet. And you two just happened to fall in love. That's what happens.


It took me many years after I learned of the concept to meet her in a somewhat obscure game, and over a year after that to learn that she'd already become my waifu for months. Your waifu will likely be in a place you wouldn't expect to look. And don't force it either. It may be counterintuitive, but the best way to "find" your waifu is not to try finding her at all.

Though from >>68052 I get this feeling that your eventual waifu will be OC and hence disallowed here, it might very well not be the case too. In any case, just be patient and you'll eventually find the one.



>Just as you don't choose your waifu, she doesn't choose you either. You two just happened to meet. And you two just happened to fall in love. That's what happens.

That makes it a mutual choice. Your waifu chooses you, but you choose her back. It should always be mutual.



Technically it does constitute a choice, but it has to be one that's made unconsciously. And you're right, it's mutual. If you say your waifu chooses her, you must choose her too. If you say you don't choose your waifu, she cannot choose you either.



If you say your waifu chooses you*

I derped out for a second there.


I think a lot of people get the wrong idea that you "choose" a waifu but it's not true, it's not like picking your favourite anime girl. It's not even the same as having a crush. It's a unique feeling.

File: 1458439712402.png (2.27 MB, 1710x2550, 57:85, 55813876_p0.png)


Try and go for more than it's pretty and such. Elaborate on the composition, what she's doing and what just makes you adore it.

Don't focus on doing several here, just do one every once in a while.

72 posts and 114 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: ded369f742277eb⋯.png (101.19 KB, 894x894, 1:1, ruby 12.png)

this is one of my all-time favorites. when she gives me this look my heart just melts. i can see it in her eyes: she loves me. and i love her.


File: ba2a03d3d366092⋯.jpeg (96.16 KB, 1000x1103, 1000:1103, DbFjPAgV4AARu18.jpg:large.jpeg)

I am not sure what exactly it is but this image has some soothing and wholesome effect on me.


File: 7dd827610be5498⋯.jpg (133.49 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 7dd827610be5498af56e48f261….jpg)

A relatively recent favourite. I love the overall comfiness here. That casual, relaxed pose. The little smile on her face. The muted and soothing colours. Her outfit is simple, yet effective. Even the picture being 'messy' helps give it that nonchalant feel.


File: 8c459ac3cb493cc⋯.jpg (58.78 KB, 772x960, 193:240, 18952697_1087687551363436_….jpg)

It's certainly hard to pick a favourite but there is one special image that comes to mind. This one has a fond place in my heart, I remember looking at it a lot when I was figuring out and understanding my feelings and every time I saw it I would be overwhelmed with knowing I just had to be with him. I don't know why it was this image in particular. Maybe it was just the way I felt him looking at me, or the fact that the picture felt very real and candid.


File: 8232b61f4ce057d⋯.jpg (975.16 KB, 1200x1765, 240:353, __mercy_pharah_tracer_and_….jpg)

I love it because it's casual and comfy and she looks like she's in some sick 70's spy thriller or something. She is silk hiding steel.

File: f89427654d4b7c8⋯.png (561.55 KB, 1172x1344, 293:336, 3c9b54bd3ec0ea8980b52bdf87….png)


Not sure how well this game will turn out to be but here we go

Post a pic of your waifu in which she is in a specific context and challenge other /mai/dens to find a pic of their own waifu in the same context.

This is meant to be a challenge so try not to choose something too easy like ‘’Find a pic of your waifu wearing a swimsuit’’, but don’t get absurdly too specific either.

You are free to take someone else’s challenge and/or challenge others.

Type your challenges in red so they can be easily spotted in the thread.

Here's my challenge: Can you find a pic of your waifu wearing boxing gloves?

191 posts and 371 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: d428d6f9ff454f8⋯.png (282.78 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 7e0da3c179dc703c1430437eb1….png)


I found more, but this is the only one I can post.


File: 883c04b2148c9ec⋯.jpg (229.87 KB, 880x1302, 440:651, __konpaku_youmu_princess_k….jpg)


Bowsette cosplay~


File: f866016c2a43c45⋯.png (420.88 KB, 379x581, 379:581, dead meme.PNG)


I think I have a proper artwork on my phone somewhere but for now this old meme will have to do.


File: 09125c2736d6e74⋯.jpg (239.52 KB, 977x1000, 977:1000, 67947380_p8_master1200.jpg)

File: a3e0b3904372289⋯.jpg (47.33 KB, 564x916, 141:229, e13d84c999d0e3267e5be122d2….jpg)


He's the king of my heart, afterall.


File: 4a9177e4b8e732e⋯.jpg (57.92 KB, 640x960, 2:3, 46499182_1515807461884774_….jpg)

File: 4ecc4976facded6⋯.png (386.88 KB, 650x910, 5:7, DqS1U1KUwAAzBgo.png)

File: 415eeb3253cbabd⋯.jpg (105.18 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, DomMrBzVAAAwBVq.jpg)

File: 4939d4a13047fa6⋯.jpg (83.43 KB, 1000x707, 1000:707, DZ8YVsyVoAABOF2.jpg)


Late but I wanted to post these.

He doesn't need to shoot me with a gun when he already pierced straight through my heart

File: 0dd971a22a98c7c⋯.jpg (116.43 KB, 530x470, 53:47, lovely.jpg)


After three years, the previous thread has reached bump limit.


ITT post whatever comfy and loving things you want to say about/to your beloved.


1. Make sure to post here.

2. Make sure to post here a lot more.

3. Don't forget rules 1 & 2.

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File: a44c22c9fe22099⋯.png (724.59 KB, 700x817, 700:817, 1efe6cb32bb4346b165c7b02b2….png)


That is just amazing. Beautiful, honest words.

Happy Anniversary man.


File: c94d3039bea91d0⋯.jpg (680.97 KB, 1400x800, 7:4, widowmaker__ready_to_kill_….jpg)

We're coming up on our 2nd wedding anniversary and it's really making me think.



Any plan you have for that event? And of course hope it will go splendidly.



I'm not sure yet but I want it to be special.


File: 660e9244bf94de2⋯.png (600.05 KB, 870x630, 29:21, 3009811.png)

I at times feel down

But you are always here to cheer me up

You and that bright smile you have

That shines harder than the sun~

File: 1b025e8fe49cce1⋯.jpg (205.98 KB, 850x1201, 850:1201, __sakura_futaba_apple_inc_….jpg)


>ITT: Nightwear

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File: d5a9ec0db2143b3⋯.png (404.35 KB, 600x796, 150:199, 8e94f55647585c8516918ddb57….png)



File: a96e02c29000072⋯.png (456.9 KB, 645x1000, 129:200, ruby pj 9.png)

she usually wears something like this.


File: a93d77a9be3e600⋯.jpg (112 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, DcfzUt3UwAE1QfT.jpg)

Makes me wish my daki had her in nightwear and not sleeping with her hair still braided and her glasses still on


File: 41f6d7092fad171⋯.jpeg (19.99 KB, 400x300, 4:3, images (31).jpeg)

simply cute


File: 610fc7c3c11143a⋯.jpg (244.49 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 610fc7c3c11143a8039ad268ad….jpg)

Sleepy boat

File: 1465272892169.png (9.01 KB, 300x300, 1:1, unnamed.png)


We have a thread for pics, why not vids? Post vids of other people’s waifu!

I examined all my videos of Flandre (I downloaded more than I thought…) and made a list of the ones that involve other’s waifu, providing the links. There are no overlaps; every link is in only one category. I’ll have to make more than one post as my list excess the number of lines limit.

Some vids are more interesting than others…You’ll also notice that some vids are more focused on Flandre while others are not. Except for one single vid with Miku, all of them involve Touhou waifus…












Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 373079ee37283fc⋯.mp4 (3.35 MB, 1152x720, 8:5, FlanMagic.mp4)

Flandre does a magic trick!

Please note that being able to survive at said magical act is not guaranteed.


File: 3a2e8396ff5928a⋯.mp4 (8.96 MB, 512x384, 4:3, 美鈴でマンボ!- Meiling De Mambo!.mp4)

Since there is Flandre in it too, posting it here.

This is probably one of the dumbest AND one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. At the same time.

…it's 5 AM here and I can't stop listening to this, please send help.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

For Reimubro

and all Touhoubros to some extent



I saw that video a gorillon times already and it never gets old.


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