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File: 6787fce1006ded1⋯.jpeg (211.91 KB, 635x645, 127:129, E9245862-E495-4CA6-B9E4-0….jpeg)

d2e06a  No.16534

Cam here. I’m really drunk and high and I just want to come clean with you guys. I lurk on this board all the time and I don’t reallt give a fuck about you guys. I know Marky fucked Sam. Sam never talks about it with me personally, but I’m sure he did it. You know what, can you blame him? She was a manipulative girl who was extremely mature for her age. He wasn’t just a 16 year old. She was almost a smart woman. A fuckable one at that. She has the perfection of a loli. She is like no other, it’s no shit Sam probably took that piece’s virginity. You would too you faggots. Don’t lie to yourself.

Oh yeah, and for those sluts and that heroin addict that hates Sam for not giving you drug money, you are the most pathetic bunch I’ve seen on any image board. You still dwell on Sam and are determined on “screwing him over” after his show already got cancelled. You haven’t done shit lol. You’re just a dumb hoe that got what was coming.

>here’s the picture of marky. You guys are in denial if you wouldn’t use those lips.

1f6fe6  No.16536


fccd9d  No.16538

do you jerk off the thought of sam fucking her? do you steal sam's underpants and sniff them imagining what his grundle smells like?

why do you pretend you're "high up" enough that anyone familiar with MDE cares what your opinion of them is?

where is le proof of heroin use?

are you resentful of the girls sam fucked because you'll never be one of them?

do you think following sam around enough like a little puppy his dwindling e-fame might rub off on you? do you hope one day he's gonna ask you to felch the tranny cum from his ass?

why do you hang around him?

95836c  No.16539

File: 6cedcb01345129d⋯.jpg (33.86 KB, 640x640, 1:1, photo_2018-12-10_21-09-23.jpg)

Dude I love anal sex too cause I'm a faggot. Did you make this post so Sam with anal you too?

5023bd  No.16540


lol k

95836c  No.16544

File: 3930491d9b8bfab⋯.jpg (65.22 KB, 657x778, 657:778, photo_2018-12-08_14-26-16.jpg)

enjoy being part of nu-mde post-mde faggotry bro

you will never be a part of what happened no matter how hard you suck sams dick

go harass people with jobs that are not fat fucks in grocery stores more and maybe one day Sam will ask you to fuck him

936e47  No.16547


Sam Hyde attracted mentally deranged miserable trannies that still obsess over him. Its pitiful and they gave free rent to Sam Hyde to be inside their heads it shows how far Sam made ripples in his short run.

95836c  No.16548


go to bed Cam. You need to also empty all those piss jugs in your room

95836c  No.16549


have you tried diaper play yet? I heard Sam was really into being a big and you can be his little and get your dirty shitty diaper changed by him at some point you just need to shill harder for him on chans

1f6fe6  No.16550


Sam seems more like a little who would ask his diaper to be changed

Just my two cents

95836c  No.16551


its disgusting degenerate shit either way

95836c  No.16552


imagine your fetish is pretending to fuck babies

1f6fe6  No.16553


Of course. Try to imagine anyone you respect being into scat and baby fucking. Subhuman

7abba6  No.16555

cam, don't spend all your sam shekels on sugary sodas

e7a849  No.16557


>You would too you faggots. Don’t lie to yourself.

So then why is sam producing a show to "expose" people who did the exact same thing as he did, and apparently as every man wants to do? Could it be that he's just a faggot with no integrity? And the story with marky was that she was used goods before even meeting Sam, don't suck him off too much you fat bumbling retard.

2c987b  No.16560

File: 723284a60fed215⋯.gif (3.23 MB, 720x404, 180:101, 1548378295770.gif)

>people actually think OP is cam

you should all be ashamed of yourselves

0f7d54  No.16561


go back to /agatha2 freak . where you belong

00904f  No.16599

here;s a redpill: marky is continuing to meet up with guys via slutting herself out on Instagram. she's traveling the world meeting guys she met online from posing her body, the travel photos are on there for any of you to look at.

she's not seeming like a victim so much as a user. your narrative is going to shit.

00904f  No.16600


yup. I don't think there's anyone or thing I hate to the degree i see these people hating him. it's whacked but impressive that he impacted them so much. he already owns like a cubic centimeter of neuron space inside their head wired just for memories asnd emotions about him. Pretty owned tbh

41a6b5  No.16601


she isn't traveling the world fucking dudes. she lives with her boyfriend in brazil.

00904f  No.16603

41a6b5  No.16604



must be a true scholar on 2013 /b/ girls

820ddf  No.16611

File: 3a832669d066df8⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1148x1043, 164:149, 1534819710521.png)

2c987b  No.16613

File: f5789d8fa2d593a⋯.jpg (35.45 KB, 938x316, 469:158, TOTALLY OBSESSED.JPG)


it's the worst case of "rent free" i've ever seen. Sam literally lives RENT FREE in these peoples' heads. Sam doesn't even make much content anymore and yet these people are still absolutely OBSESSED with him. even if you try to make a drama-free thread about MDE, they'll try to twist it into some weird orbiting thread about Sam or Cam or something. every time Charls says literally anything on Twitch or Twitter they'll just """read between the lines""" and see how it's """actually""" about how much he hates Sam. like i said, these people are essentially orbiters just hate-orbiting Sam and it's just bizarre

eeafb9  No.16614


>I lurk on this board all the time and I don’t reallt give a fuck about you guys

tsundere af

eeafb9  No.16615


what a whore

a6ce54  No.16617


>implying the people who watch and pick apart charls’ streams arent just charls cult members who disavow Sam

>implying there’s no other reason to criticize Sam besides personal vendettas

95836c  No.16623


howd she get like that? Poor Sam amirite??

fccd9d  No.16624


you admit his career is over then and he doesnt make content anymore? you're concerned that a fanbase are sad to see a once good content creator devolve and kill everything it once was?

2c987b  No.16626


what you people do is beyond criticizing Sam. you stalk him online like a bunch of orbiters


so people orbit Sam and harass him on twitter because they're "sad to see a once good content creator devolve"? lol

what Sam has done in the past isn't the point… there are plenty of bad people out there. the weird thing is that you people chose to orbit him online and i'm trying to figure out what the motivation is. what makes it weirder is that you're trying to say shit like "oh we're just sad that MDE is dead so we barrage Sam with pedophilia accusations"… like what? what is with this leap of logic???

df33e2  No.16627


who harasses him on twitter? maybe a few haters sprinkled in a sea of sycophants but i doubt the former group even knows about his board or regularly frequents it.

and no one's barraging him with pedo accusations because they're "sad mde is dead." sodomizers of children are literally the lowest form of human. sam isn't just another "bad person."

he's an internet personality (where he got started, where his fanbase lives, where he conducts business) so of course people are going to attack him online for trying to project the image of a redpilled sage/well-intentioned role model while being an immoral abusive person in reality.

3e5d12  No.16631

>tfw when you're one of the sad individuals in 2019 that visit this god forsaken corner of the web.

*raises glasses…* brothers…

891752  No.16637


Lol I don't even give a shit he fucked her. I also don't give two fucks about Sam,I just want good mde shit again lol.

00904f  No.16645


>so people orbit Sam and harass him on twitter because they're "sad to see a once good content creator devolve"? lol

straight up the most ufcked up, deluded mental pretzel. The people who say this are seriously emotionally whacked out individuals and I feel for anyone who has to deal with such freaks. I wonder how many of them are women.

9be468  No.16661


literally have only seen dicksuckers on sam's twitter. take your meds!

00904f  No.16668


thats becaues theres like 5-30 hate orbiters who talk/think about him on a daily basis and tens of thousands of fans. outside of places like this you get called out quick

9f077c  No.16715

no one gives a shit dawg we just want more MDE content

d2e06a  No.16790


K back to you.


I bet you want to suck sams dick so bad huh? You’ll never get to meet Sam and you’re projecting your gay shit on me because your butthurt. Unless you are one of those roastie druggies


I knew about Sam for a while. We started talking back in 2016 when he had the show, but it was through discord. We met up irl when we started making all the new content you guys complain about. You guys are lucky to be even getting content, MDE has the most toxic fan base ever.


Lol yeah right. She knew what she was doing; she wasn’t vulnerable.


That’s was my point. She is a little manipulative slut that wants to fuck random dudes. Marky is a sexually deviant bitch.




Give me proof of these disgusting claims schizo. Stop projecting a narrative, you’re obviously talking to yourself.


>Why doesn’t Sam have any integrity.

Lol you can’t be serious. You want integrity from a guy who makes your content, which isn’t even supposed to be full-on life advice content? All he does is talk about life sometimes and we go around acting niggerish every once and while. Who cares, why do you look to Sam as your Jordan Peterson, Fag?


Good we are pumping out some content soon, stay subscribed to gumroad and stop being a faggot like most of the guys on this board.


K. Schizo.


Tell me about it.


If you are angry about the content, you have I wait. We just need to edit a lot of our film. We showed you the demo for Christ sake, the content is real and will be hilarious when we release it on gumroad. All you have to do is wait my dude.

a1d540  No.16791


Sam is super busy toggling between factorio and finding sound effects for his video game that's never coming out but I'm sure he'll get to the new content when the time is right. For now, girly gossip IS the new MDE content. No content is the new content.

560989  No.16792


I assumed this was a troll but lmao if this guy is really working with Sam, holy shit. Just from the way you talk gives me 0 hope for mde's future if literal brainlets like this are steering the ship

b05cd0  No.16793


pay no attention to these liberal discord communist cucks, my fellow neckbeard. I for one see the value in teasing a christmas video for next year's christmas season.

and obviously these discord trannys made up marky and the tranny story and the diapers and everything else that collapses my sense of self that's entirely based on sam hyde. you made the right choice in life my dude.

everyone else please stay subscribed to gumroad so sam can keep paying this guy who was in one teaser video. he's a genius if you couldn't tell already.

mde never dies!

9be468  No.16794

just wait another six months for new content paypigs, it'll be worth it…. sam and his nu-crew go around harassing random ppl, so LITTY like the pranks i watch on youtube! thats definitely what mde was best known for, its bum fights tier slapstick humor. simply epic stuff brewing up, hand over the shekels to sammy the projecting pedo or you're a dumb libtard.

58a858  No.16795

Used to have all of Marky's youtube videos but deleted them because of hard drive space. It was some seriously weird shit. I remember she made a slideshow of her childhood family photos along with a recording of some creepy Indian/Paki guy talking about how he wants to marry her. Pretty disturbing; she clearly has BPD or something.

Kinda mad I don't have that stuff anymore.>>16793

9be468  No.16796


you're telling me sam not only takes advantage of young girls, but young MENTALLY TROUBLED girls??

lol of course he doesnt, btw eric wareheim is such a creep, he brought a 19 year old girl into his hotel room… lets call in to adult swim and get his shit cancelled, it'll be LIT!

3e5d12  No.16798

File: 8c228962adf4158⋯.jpg (77.17 KB, 430x262, 215:131, 9t8t9.jpg)

tfw spending super bowl sunday checking this cursed corner of the internet for new posts

167920  No.16802


Take your shitty LARP somewhere else faggot.

f1a479  No.16803


LARPing doesn't make the marky stuff less true

be824d  No.16841



At least you dick suckers are finally stepping out of your denial about the whole thing and starting to see the obvious truth.

Lol at all the idiots saying the whole thing was fake/made up/etc.

b6c557  No.16845


what the fucks this

9be468  No.16847


do you root for the pedos who show up to fuck 15 year olds on to catch a predator? are they the victims because the "girls" acted like "sexually deviant bitches"? just curious.

b05cd0  No.16848


>tired of hearing about these fucking losers whenever I want to see new Sam content

maybe if there was new content... keep paying him though

7ebc90  No.16998


Are you Cam with the purple frog pfp from Skype?

80b4ac  No.16999


>the content is real and will be hilarious when we release it on gumroad

Major league damage control.

3fee0f  No.17000


Cam king of the fat i ncels who will never reproduce or amount to anything XD low iq fag

7abba6  No.17005

i know cam looks like a famous fat jollyman, i just can't remember the fat and famous jollyman in question. i'll keep you all updated.

b23427  No.17027


On her curiouscat on Insta she’d discuss BPD and therapy for it. Didn’t register to me it was from self experience.

ceb1d0  No.17053


Damn she really victimized Sam. Poor guy. I bet he had pure intentions for her outside of being a godless sodomite. I wonder how girls like Markey get bpd in the first place? I bet it doesn't have anything to do with being exploited by perverts who corrupt your idea of what relationships are. Damn I feel so bad for Sam.

7abba6  No.17136


sam gave her BPD with his dirty disease-infested dick

8e2113  No.17137


You forgot the broken part

1bc980  No.17143


all women have bpd especially if they date art nerds like sam

8e2113  No.17150


Sam is a bigger him I degenerate then any leftist I know XD

8e2113  No.17151


Homo degenerate my bad

ad3703  No.17152


I HATE librals to

9be468  No.17153


or they're right wingers who found out sam doesnt practice the conservative values he preaches :^)

7abba6  No.17216


this nigga really suckin cam's dick

7abba6  No.17223


never said she was, pedo man

5eec16  No.17232

File: 7a8814605b908c8⋯.jpg (67.18 KB, 592x594, 296:297, BpoUoagCEAAtBnn.jpg)

what did he mean by this

86b3a1  No.17247


well if eleven of the biggest degenerates to walk this earth did it, i guess it's ok

63bdfd  No.17285

Imagine having thousands of people backing you and still failing this bad . Sad!

baa959  No.17286


this wtf

dd92d2  No.17288


Did you watch that Christmas advertisement vid Sam put out? Cam is the fat guy in it (the one that isn't Sam) I believe.

He's the guy that does Sam's dirty work like posting daily mde threads on halfchans /tv/, spamming shill posts, issuing dmca takedowns, and doing damage control for Sam online while he's out banging groupies or playing factorio.

7abba6  No.17289


who's the skinny cigarette cringeman?

1bc980  No.17293


banging groupies and playing factorio sounds pretty good

124f47  No.17294

File: 00e4f06f37747a0⋯.jpg (17.07 KB, 231x262, 231:262, 1549779326738.jpg)


Not if you're one of his paypig fans expecting to get something from the monetary exchange.

1bc980  No.17297


i would pay for factorio letsplay hydewars

f9ac2e  No.17299


Jan, who was deeply involved in Ideas Man, 2070 Paradigm Shift and World Peace. He's cool.

d5e89c  No.17323

what'd cam do

de4f0a  No.17325


be fat and cringey

1f6fe6  No.17328


Be cool and awesome and a great runner

cedee8  No.17343


Parkourdude91 / deagle nation

a33af7  No.17345


We know that you don't really care about these "innocent" girls, you just want to destroy him because he owes you money, if it wasn't for that I'd also say your actions also stem from you being an old hag with no children and are just jealous you're not young and attractive anymore, that's a legitimate mindset for most old hags.

ed870f  No.17351


That's not even me dude and lol I'm 30 which might be old to autistic dudes who don't go outside and fap to lolis but this isn't the 1600s and people live longer than 40 years now. I think the alpha widow shit is the most hilarious thing ever who wouldn't want to have kids with a guy who said he wants to fuck his own teenage daughters and smell their underwear. Yeh that's normal/healthy behavior Im just jealous I didn't get sodomized by the biggest sexual deviant I've ever met or heard of. Sounds like an amazing father figure XD.

ed870f  No.17352


Literally why would anyone be jealous of Markey. Sam is just some ugly fat failure who cant even get his dick up and has no friends.

ed870f  No.17368


There is no more mde you retard. Its not my fault your hero gay daddy figure fucked that up either. Maybe if he just made some content but he hates his fans ans shits on people like you for fun.

7bc00f  No.17372


>so people like you are relegated to your own areas

Not sure if you've noticed yet, genius, but this board is 95% "people like her". If this board didn't allow shit-talking about Sam there would be nothing here. You guys who still love MDE and want to suck daddy's dick are free to make positive threads. No one is stopping you. This isn't reddit where you get downvoted for going against the hive. There's even a few positive threads in the catalog right now. You could create even more of them to combat the anti-Sam threads. So why don't you? That's right, because there's nothing to fucking talk about because MDE is dead and Sam has mutated into something so grotesque there's nothing to say about him except how fucking gross he is. Quit acting like if the mods banned threads like this it would be an improvement in the board. It would just kill the place and you'd leave here too.

ccb6fb  No.23797


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