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File: efb3981fe8b332c⋯.png (1.03 MB, 913x1080, 913:1080, Sam_Hyde,_Charls_Caroll_an….png)

c9f01e  No.25334

Redpill me on Sam and Charles they seem like they no longer acknowledge each other existence.

1a9f21  No.25335

charls got on teevee but sam ruined it and condemned charls to a life of twitch streaming and jacking off all day

c9f01e  No.25339


Sam Hyde never really ruined anything Joe Bernstein was going to make that article regardless of the interview.

342d87  No.25353


forget everything else, i want these faggots to ask themselves how long the content of world peace was going to remain acceptable on the talmudvision before the usual homos starting complaining about the usual waycism/toxicity/etc

d428a4  No.25354

File: a7057c2e4979961⋯.png (661.62 KB, 803x539, 73:49, D6_Eq81XkAAktbr.png)


lmao'ing @ yall fr fr

FUCK nick

FUCK charles

2019 we out hea niggaaa

new krew in the hous nigga talk shit get hitt

c87649  No.25356


Now that's a group of real winners

1a9f21  No.25358


people that look miserable on purpose when you take a picture of them

kill 'em all

b83c0e  No.25359


holy christ was a group of untermensch

c9f01e  No.25360


That's why I don't think Charls is mad at Sam for the cancellation of World Peace I think there's something else that happened.

or maybe it's just plain and simple charls is "not fucking interested in sketch comedy" whatever that means.

8d31d2  No.25362


one on the left is super jewy

2a08b8  No.25377


Nah nick is the man

befdae  No.25382


ayyyy u kno how it b…. cant ridee wit da HYDE cant hanng wit da krew u nom'sayin…

fuck dem week ass puzzies fr doe… 2019 NEW SKKWAD bitchesss

we run dis fukkin sheitt,,,, we run da streets of providence NIQQA

get back in yo place… no ragrats

f7d343  No.25385


that was pretty cringe dude

4f8d23  No.25387

nick is the only man among them and has a life outside of caring what you faggots think. sammy and charls are boys. they need to grow the fuck up and stop wearing jnco jeans.

swag is for boys class is for men

a4aeb8  No.25394

sam jewd charls out of like 20k

a07f4d  No.25411


solid 10+ year age gap so sam never has to jostle for alpha male status in his circle of friends, pretty cool

9cec64  No.25417


So that's it, it's about the sharing of sales from how to bomb?

3ec2cd  No.25418


If you came to the realization that you were no longer equally collaborating with a friend, but in reality being entirely dependent on him by playing second fiddle and being subservient to his vision (and by extension, a victim to all his fuckups/whims), then you'd snap too. The book money was the straw that broke the camel's back, going back to losing his chance at a TV career.

c9f01e  No.25421


Elaborate on that nigga with some references and sources.

9392eb  No.25424




Why is nick still there? Was he not apart of the book/merch sales to begin with?

39895a  No.25430


Nick films with Sam like once a year in the past 3. I wouldn't say that makes them friends exactly and all the content you've seen recently is old af. Nick probably misses the glory of being "famous" as well

f6b659  No.25434


nick said he'll never work in tv again because the fags involved with the business disgust him.

e76055  No.25438


that’s like saying you’ll never play basketball again after getting kicked from the team. it’s not like he wasn’t aware of what the entertainment industry was like while he was fighting to get into it.

i agree with him anyways, it’s no secret the industry is cancer and fake as fuck

342d87  No.25448


after getting kicked from the team when you averaged a solid 14ppg with 5 rebounds and 5 assists but you mouthed off to the gay refs too much

60c9f3  No.25450


after getting kicked from the team because you were drawing swastikas on the lockers and there were three better kids on the B team

342d87  No.25453


there were better shows on adult swim? lol no

d5053e  No.25457


sure but they are still friends. if sam cheated nick, why would he still interact with at ALL? gtfo you fucking larper. jesus christ.

9392eb  No.25461


In the new hydewars, nick talks about losing his antique store which happened recently. That's not old.

479559  No.25462


it was filmed in april 2018 my man

9392eb  No.25464


How do you know?

d5053e  No.25465


nick still talks with sam over instagram, ergo still friends.

39895a  No.25469


Never said he cheated Nick. Sociopaths stick together.

77ebd5  No.25604


strrong cope

342d87  No.25615


with what, the fact that they still talk

dc8d3d  No.25622


mde is sam hyde, let's be honest


thank you so i don't have to say it. Chuck probably knew it the whole time though so it was like a simmer pushing close to boil.

honestly oh well though. thing is he has himself to blame, so as a man almost 40 yeras old he should start acting like that. to his credit he never directly started shit and made statements, but he has been making indirect obvious insults and rage rants at Sam for the past 6 months and it/s just pathetic to see. his current fanbase are literally runoff from Sam's work, making his CURRENT situation possibly more pathetic.

e712c0  No.25655




You have to realize that the difference between Nick and Charls is that Nick has a fallback, he has a well-off wife and business opportunities that aren't connected to showbiz/entertainment at all.

Think about the power dynamics between Sam and someone like that, and Sam and Charls (who for all intents and purposes had nothing and dropped everything (like being a drummer) for MDE).

e89077  No.25742



Who's the fat bam margera on the right?

Cammy, Sammy, _

It obviously isn't the bartender looking guy in the fedora that interrogated the crime-busting cum-lusting dude portrayed by Cam from Theatre Of The Aire, I forgot what that other dude's name is.

Side note: Did you guys see Anti+[+]Bulyying PSA on Ruse's channel? Did Charls do the narration for the "I'll never forgot what they did to me in the boys room" segment? It's the one with Fredrick Brennan.

0fa29d  No.25767


It’s Adam Plymale some beta orbiter who works for sam

e89077  No.25776


The name's Tartan, and I don't work for pedophiles.

( ◉ ʖ ◉)

e89077  No.25777

File: 67149d079200e72⋯.jpg (444.9 KB, 1288x1288, 1:1, thuleanperspective.jpg)

People on this board found my Facebook through watermarks in my webms, and now I'm about to become Internet Famous.

0fa29d  No.25802

Your social media profiles are full of MDE images/pics of Sam so I assumed you did

e89077  No.25810


This is all because I said "dxdiag" isn't it? That's like the N word around here.

What's the word on the street? Am I InternetFamous™ now?

000000  No.25830


did you watch the latest hydewars? their friendship is as shallow as his sex life



nobody knows you and nobody ever will

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