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File: fd66e15e7d746c1⋯.jpg (240.32 KB, 918x718, 459:359, fd66e15e7d746c1ba05fef8a8a….jpg)

775089  No.27250

Building a website to air all of Sam's dirty laundry. He's a peice of shit faggot who deserves it and he's also positioned himself as a sort of celeb so legally its allowed. Please send any submissions you have to channing.creager@gmail.com and pass the word along if you would please thanks.

43cfa6  No.27265


emailing you

9c59cd  No.27275


I just donated $50 to Sam👌🏻

9c59cd  No.27277

File: de97e5e59a84839⋯.jpg (31.69 KB, 320x213, 320:213, 819ee98f-789a-458f-a4f8-e2….jpg)


Do you still live in Brooklyn btw?

19587c  No.27278


No I live in Texas

19587c  No.27280


Cool he probably needs it for a new ass toy

9c59cd  No.27281

File: 22b74e51e4d5708⋯.jpg (32.4 KB, 320x213, 320:213, 31da4f40-b5ec-4c9e-b9fa-56….jpg)


You sure about that?

19587c  No.27282


Yeah good job using Google bro those pictures are like 5 years old lmao

4a6db1  No.27283


You need to post this on twitter or instagram. People need to see this. Especially his so called friends.

19587c  No.27285


Working on it can someone else maybe do it to tho?

c8e4eb  No.27288

you're on it, it's called 8chan, gj

9c59cd  No.27290


Your current address is still listed in New York

19587c  No.27293


OK well it's wrong lmao I live in Dallas faggot

9c59cd  No.27294


No. You live in New York.

19587c  No.27295


LOL OK then go to 237 argyle and knock on the side basement if you want retard

9c59cd  No.27298


Can I call you at 214-762-7311

19587c  No.27299


Do you think you are some kind of hacker for putting my email address with my full unique name in google?

19587c  No.27300


Go ahead retard I'm on an airplane lmaao

9c59cd  No.27309


Wanna play a fun game?

18207b  No.27313


Bring it on lil bitch

9c59cd  No.27316

9c59cd  No.27322


I have your info girl. We'll be in touch Channing


1bb594  No.27323


Yeh plz go to my old address retard. I bet ur at 789 Atwells Ave 2nd floor providence ri academy Ave.entrance. Also doesn't your retarded ass know I posted my own email with my name that I'm already aware was tied to my number because I was doxx ed by Joe like 3 years ago rite? I want Sam to know it's me who's gonna completely ruin him.

9c59cd  No.27325


Yea. I'm sure you'll ruin him. Good luck with that girl. See ya soon. 😚

1bb594  No.27326


LOL how Beta are you.

9c59cd  No.27327

File: c8f7fdd6a7ecaba⋯.jpg (41.56 KB, 1480x538, 740:269, djdjdndndnd.jpg)

1bb594  No.27329


Whyd you blank it out? I'm the one who told you I live in Dallas stupid. Also I carry a gun so you might not want to come fuck with me. But I'm sure your just some fat loser who doesn't leave the office and wants to suck off Sam.

9c59cd  No.27331

File: dfe18b8977061d7⋯.jpg (518.55 KB, 1326x823, 1326:823, Screenshot_20190619-114405.jpg)

File: b57d5d74c461f3c⋯.jpg (179.18 KB, 1219x463, 1219:463, Screenshot_20190619-114347.jpg)


See ya soon babe

1bb594  No.27335


Good luck finding mee in Grand prairie lmao

9c59cd  No.27336

File: 7af73499a96ef5a⋯.jpg (809.08 KB, 1418x1500, 709:750, Screenshot_20190619-114505.jpg)

File: bcf6b81bc889780⋯.jpg (1.52 MB, 1879x1214, 1879:1214, Screenshot_20190619-114811.jpg)

Nice little neighborhood

c641f8  No.27337


lmao this nigga gone go all the way to texas from New England cuz she doesn't like Sam. Sad! Loser!

1bb594  No.27338


LOL not where I live but plz go there. They almost certainly have a gun in their home and are authorized to kill you if you try to go inside.

288f64  No.27339



Pls livestream lmao

1bb594  No.27340


Honestly id give this guy my address if he was rly gonna try to come fuck with me just so I could stand my ground but he won't. Too bad he's off by like 14 miles lmao

9c59cd  No.27341


Do have any condems? I'm gonna need some when I come over

1bb594  No.27344


Good luck buddy this isn't faggy new England. Have fun trying to break into a strangers house in fucking Dallas lmao especially in highland Park or Grand prairie.

9c59cd  No.27346


I already know exactly where you are. Now do you have any condoms or should I bring my own?

1bb594  No.27348


Yeh OK bro. I'm at work rn. How many hours it gonna take you to get here lmao

9c59cd  No.27349

File: bb2fd8dde4de294⋯.jpg (760.66 KB, 1301x929, 1301:929, Screenshot_20190619-115818.jpg)

9c59cd  No.27351


Thought you were on a airplane??? 🤔🤔🤔

Doesn't matter. I'll see ya soon babe. Keep that thang wet for me.

1bb594  No.27352


My mom's house that was sold 5 years ago? Good job using Google bro lmao.

1bb594  No.27353


All your doing rn is legitimizing all the "rumors" that I "made up" you retard

9c59cd  No.27356


We can talk more when I visit you. After I've had my fun. I'll be there in a couple hours babe 😚

c641f8  No.27357


why do you need to go after her? is she hiding sensitive information that you need kept quiet? weird! lmao

1bb594  No.27359


Yeh I bet it will take you a couple of hours to get here from new England… Sounds legit funny tho you are insinuating you'd spend a shit ton on a plane ticket just to come go to some strangers house who isn't me. Also it would take atleast 5 hours even if you bought a ticket for in a couple of hours stupid

ba963e  No.27361

File: da6d6b2e4dffa05⋯.jpg (75.21 KB, 600x600, 1:1, yougonget.jpg)


I'm not in New England. I'm closer than you think babe.

1bb594  No.27363


Yeh sure you are. What kind of loser do you have to be to care enough to try to scare me for some faggot pedo lmao

ba963e  No.27367


I dont want to scare you. We're gonna have fun Channing. We'll I'll be having fun. You might not like it so much

1bb594  No.27370


LOL this nigga. You aren't scary bro lmao and also my house doesn't have windows so idk how you plan on getting in lmao

ba963e  No.27376


I can't talk as much cause I'm driving. We'll talk plenty soon when I'm done having my fun. See ya soon babe😚

1bb594  No.27377


Right bro have fun. While your in town get some BBQ.

ba963e  No.27378


I'm sure you have something in your fridge I can eat

1bb594  No.27381


Oooo soo scary! LmAo

ba963e  No.27383

File: f5bb32b7c30815c⋯.jpg (70.95 KB, 1073x149, 1073:149, djdjdjdjkdd.jpg)

1bb594  No.27385


Woah dude you put my name in pipl.com? Damn I'm scared plz go to my dad's house so he can shoot your head of retard lmao.

1bb594  No.27387


Who even is Susan L Ross lmao

1bb594  No.27393


Dude all of this is so easy to find do you actually think you are impressive right now? Also thought you were driving kind of weird your screen shots aren't from responsive phone sites

1bb594  No.27394


My mom? Sam could have told you that lmao.

1bb594  No.27397


You realize shit like this just makes me want to post more and find more dirt for my website right? You know this behavior is a sign that what I'm doing is pissing off Sam and his loser friends(you)? Or are you so reddit that you don't understand what triggering is?

1bb594  No.27399


Sure you are. She lives here BTW. New address not listed online. Good luck finding it retard.

1bb594  No.27407



She's staying at my place tonight so you can see us both if you can find it buddy!

1bb594  No.27415


Pays my bills? I've been on a family plan for my whole life it's cheaper and pretty common lmao

1bb594  No.27420


She's like 50ft from me rn bro

1bb594  No.27424


Where do you think you are "driving" rn lmao I want to laugh at you more

1bb594  No.27427


Thanks for bumping my thread BTW already got about 4 emails

1bb594  No.27434


Naw I won't stop til he's finished sorry bud

1bb594  No.27437


Pretty uronic because Sam's parents were supporting him until very recently

1bb594  No.27441


I thought you were driving. You know texting and driving isn't safe right.

1bb594  No.27452

Hmm prty weird like someone trying to slide my thread

802f82  No.27457

yoo this shit is wild wooorldstaaarr! toastin in an epic bread. also i swear ive dealt with this guy before because the aggressive "SAGE!" thing.

1bb594  No.27463


Hes a shill who works for sam

1bb594  No.27478

This is fun lol

1bb594  No.27487

Ur a fag Sam lmao

1bb594  No.27492

Sam gay

1bb594  No.27501


1bb594  No.27509

Thought you had programmers Sam but your resorting to obvious sliding lmao

f0396a  No.27519

damn channing i feel for u ur gettin slid. dirty democrat tactic

1bb594  No.27534

As we say in Texas, Sam ain't got no 'tegrity

1bb594  No.27545


Sam scurrd lmao

1b654a  No.27558

File: 68c6338590c007a⋯.jpg (398.12 KB, 1080x598, 540:299, SamThinks.jpg)

Whatever you put together on the website channing (just make sure you idiot-proof it and don't bombard people that visit it with 0-context walls of text, assume they barely know who Hyde is), make sure it SEO's high to be one of the first things people see if they google him.

The encyclopedia dramatica page on him already hits like the top 3 results and it talks about the Marky pedo shit.

Since it already does that (and people might not take it seriously since they could easily think its purely a joke site) I would focus on Sam being a shitty person to do any sort of business/collaboration with, and that anyone that does will ultimately get scammed out of their investment in time and money.

e28733  No.27563


Yeh I got a friend from my old job who can make that shit the first hit

e28733  No.27587

Looks like I hit a nerve didn't I. Thanks for signing me up for tinder BTW.

2a107e  No.27589

Yall are some keyboard warrior pussy niggas, none of you would even touch another. White americans are cringe as hell. Pull up on a nigga already and tape it

e3f959  No.27590


Lol Cringey larp white boy.

bac10e  No.27598


Soo... I thought you were going to kill my mom or something. She's on my couch where are you?

bac10e  No.27614


Hey cam you still driving from Atlanta? What's taking so long bud?

bac10e  No.27643

Sam remember how mad you got at me for saying stuff was gay around you LMAO

a05bdc  No.27656


>im gonna make a website

seeing how you cant even fake a convo right i sincerely doubt it.

b8100d  No.27661


Where did I fake anything?

a05bdc  No.27680

File: 98c92b1c2ab25b2⋯.png (282.99 KB, 550x461, 550:461, use your imagination.png)


>where did i fake anything

6db0d9  No.27685


great argument have there, way to prove her point

13ab5a  No.27688

This thread is sad. Literally just talking to herself. Imagine being this obsessed with Sam 24/7. That can't be healthy

bac10e  No.27690

File: aef0494c767995d⋯.png (27.4 KB, 676x109, 676:109, Screenshot_20190620-150148….png)


Oh no some anonymous shill has opinions about me! I'm really upset! I'm here to trigger Sam not to care what fags like you think of me or how many followers I have in the normie sphere.

9c59cd  No.27691


I doubt Sam gives a shit. Get over it.

13ab5a  No.27692


At least charge him rent for living in your head 24/7. You seem like a sad pathetic ex who's obsessed over someone who doesn't even remember that you exist.

bac10e  No.27694


He does lol

bac10e  No.27696


Yeh I'm a crazy ex that's it. He didn't even know me right? I'm just a woman blah blah. What's gonna happen when guys start stepping out of the shadows though? Already had 3 of them contact me for my site :)

13ab5a  No.27698


Do what you want. Nobody cares about your site. It's just sad seeing you obsess 24/7 over someone who doesn't even think or care about you.

bac10e  No.27701


Hes gone insane since I left lmao 3 ppl there told me so

a05bdc  No.27702


>Oh no some anonymous shill has opinions about me! I'm really upset! I'm here to trigger Sam not to care what fags like you think of me or how many followers I have in the normie sphere.

>replace "Sam" with "retarded fruitcakes"

sounds alot like what sam would say if he saw this.

but >>27688 does make a point. youre seriously mentally ill. the fact that you spend so much time obsessing over something as insignificant as a minor internet personality, and going to great lenghts to ruin his life, really shows you need help.

its not even sad, its just disappointing to see that a societry and parents can neglect someone to the point where that person does things you do.

13ab5a  No.27703


Whatever you have to tell yourself. Maybe look into professional help. This kind of obsession is not healthy. I had no idea Sam had this kind of effect on his groupies.

a05bdc  No.27704

File: 1e6a79a60aef2e0⋯.jpg (29.19 KB, 430x276, 215:138, depressing.jpg)


>Hes gone insane since I left lmao 3 ppl there told me so

>unironically saying this and expecting people to take it seriously

bac10e  No.27705


Why do you care so much about defending him? Seems kinda obsessive for someone who never even knew him

a05bdc  No.27706


>why are you defending mde on an /mde/ board

are you serious?

13ab5a  No.27707

Sam if you're reading this please choose the groupies you fuck more carefully. This poor girl is obsessed and actually thinks you remember her name.

a05bdc  No.27709


are you having a breakdown?

ab45ce  No.27710


Sam != MDE

MDE was a group effort

But you're basically admitting to being an eceleb cock sucker, which is pretty sad

bac10e  No.27711


Sam's been having a break down for over a year now lol

cbd7a7  No.27715


Damn girl you're sad. I can't imagine living my life letting some guy who doesn't even care about me drive me crazy everyday. I hope you get help or something. I wish the best for you.

bac10e  No.27716



Sam doesn't care about anyone lmao. That's not my concern.

a05bdc  No.27717


do you know how to type?

a05bdc  No.27723





hey schizo see >>27702 and tell us why havent you sought professional help yet

bac10e  No.27724


Your welcome to start your own threads where you discuss mde but as it appears mde is dead and Sam killed it. You are even allowed to start your own Fandom threads but for some reason no one ever rly does that unless it's transparent shilling. Really make me think.

097e25  No.27728


LMAO the COPE from this post.

>im not obsessed even though I troll the internet to constantly talk shit on Sam 24/7

>I am now going to create a website dedicated to talking shit on sam

sure thing dude, not obsessed

bac10e  No.27729


Never said I wasn't obsessed with letting ppl know the kind of person Sam rly is and humiliating him like he does to so many people. Im also obsessed with getting revenge for all the people who are being blackmailed by him or are just afraid to speak out about it.

a05bdc  No.27732


>Your welcome to start your own threads

that youre just gonna spam? no, id rather see you kill yourself so we can have a nice board again.


>Never said I wasn't obsessed

>literally admitting being an obsessive autistic fuck

why dont you start a kickstarter for your first psychiatrist therapy? id love to se the garnd KSTV finale with that shit.

>are just afraid to speak out about it.

you know how easy it is to file an individual or even class-action lawsuit in the US right?

i mean sure you are, you even said you would a year ago, but then again you didnt.

fucking skank.

bac10e  No.27738


Stay mad cock sucker lmao

ed1d99  No.27741

File: 8c3cad2b020aafb⋯.jpg (86.67 KB, 566x508, 283:254, Untitled - 1 178.jpg)


>Stay mad cock sucker lmao

2671cd  No.27744

Chan ing post your boobs

5b9cd2  No.27752


Here you go

( o y 0)

Yeah that's right one of my nipples is a pepperoni and one is a salami

Don't salivate too hard bois

f2c35e  No.27763


Knock it off thats not what i meant

f62f7c  No.27765


I promise to donate to your anti sam site if you post boobs

5b9cd2  No.27766


I'm not accepting donations lol. I'm not some scammer who needs ppls pennies to survive like Sam.

e92b6d  No.27770


What happened to the colossusisland tumblr? Was that yours or someone else's?

5b9cd2  No.27771

5b9cd2  No.27772


Wasn't mine

2671cd  No.27812


One tit pic dont even post face…

2671cd  No.27813


Sam has your nudes, probably showed them to all the guys…fat john pelech probably jacked it to you. Post one and i promise to never give sam a dollar

26e9f7  No.27814


Ha, fuckken epic

1b469b  No.27820


sounds illegal to me

271d22  No.27821

God damn. If you read this thread all at once you honestly come off like a bipolar in a full blown manic episode. I'm a very casual mde/Sam fan but give absolutely zero fucks about allegations of him banging young things or shemales or ripping ppl off. Don't care. At all. Your relentless obsession on this board is fucking depressing.

You remind me of that NASA chick who wore the diaper and drove across the country.

It's obviously killing you he is on the upswing. You really truly need to move on. Jeeeeez.

89fded  No.27822


cool lisa nowak reference. got any references u didnt steal from sam? (he made a lisa nowak joke in one of the recent emails so im assuming ur just copying that) otherwise just look forward to the hyde channing cage match coming to a providence venue near you

5518ce  No.27824


You sound like a pussy whipped loser

413b78  No.27825


im not mad, im more slightly disappointed to see how neglectful parenting and abuse can make a person become an obnoxious attentionwhore

413b78  No.27826



f73528  No.27833



No one cares what you think newfag

e013ec  No.27836

File: 20dc58fd69a1c9b⋯.png (5.55 KB, 1517x50, 1517:50, vivaldi_2019-06-22_10-27-5….png)

File: ed08c4d0f22fcf1⋯.png (3.85 KB, 1131x40, 1131:40, hahaha.png)

2671cd  No.27837

Chan i’m gonna sign up for sam’s gumroad if you don’t post them tits

e013ec  No.27838

File: aaf400340af2366⋯.png (8.04 KB, 436x149, 436:149, ps.png)

e013ec  No.27839

File: ea3d0ef05e0e15d⋯.png (3.66 KB, 1062x33, 354:11, jjj.png)

271d22  No.27840

File: 5207b72905eed89⋯.jpg (35.29 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 079.jpg)


had no clue sam even made that reference- not that it would matter. the level of autistic cataloging of all of sams material you have is frightening


wut lol


yikes… being this defensive of mde and sam as a super secret club

this place is the most mentally ill circlejerk echo chamber on the internet. I will continue to come here to cringe and smh at the absolute state of the haters and losers. I am going to sign up for the gumroad. Not so much to even support Sam (tho that's part of it) but just knowing that every dollar given to him makes all of you complete psycho niggers lose your minds. I also hope that one of my dollars is promised to a worker and then the check gets cancelled.

288f64  No.27866


There’s an archive link of it that was posted recently on the /snow/ thread

d6da3c  No.27928

File: ede66d11fb0eebe⋯.jpg (77.62 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, wow2.jpg)


my n00d

a1ceef  No.27929


lets see what else Don has to say

81171e  No.27931

File: dff7ce15e4e4257⋯.jpeg (206.12 KB, 640x627, 640:627, dff7ce15e4e4257fd5fdcd3de….jpeg)


>Implying anyone's mad here but you

26d187  No.27941


how do we know that's don

a8ee74  No.27946


when is this going up? I cant wait

ce63d8  No.27949

OP comes off as an obsessed psycho. I can't imagine letting someone living in head rent free like that

a05bdc  No.27967


back at you, you conspiracy theory mentally ill attentionwhore

4b0ce2  No.27994

File: 861fe80b06b3e3c⋯.jpg (46.48 KB, 457x341, 457:341, 861fe80b06b3e3c35d68677cdb….jpg)

d70e6b  No.28058


a05bdc  No.28094


oh yeah


1c0918  No.28111


How bad do you want Sam's broken dick?

7efeb3  No.28146

File: bd8de961cd72055⋯.png (2 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, Screenshot_20190624-190153.png)

No wonder Sam turned Channing down. Look at this thing. Yuk

a1ceef  No.28149


he told me

26f3dc  No.28151


at least shes actually white, unlike Sam :/

7efeb3  No.28153

File: f99ad5c4b0c493a⋯.png (853.09 KB, 666x666, 1:1, 1527880541985.png)

32a566  No.28155


You dont have to use photoshop to make Sam not white. Hes already a kike.

32a566  No.28156

File: 80aabba278d570c⋯.png (9.62 KB, 1533x78, 511:26, yeh.png)

a1ceef  No.28157


post the whole thing

a1ceef  No.28158


Does that name start with an E or an H?

32a566  No.28159

32a566  No.28160


its both

26d187  No.28161


then why bother putting gay little snippets

32a566  No.28163


why do you care. and i didnt say who said it. WHY do you care so much?

30a68c  No.28165

File: ad3d94ab6b64203⋯.png (1.98 KB, 177x63, 59:21, gay.png)

big things coming

52fec1  No.28166

File: fd9e3f63eb5139d⋯.jpeg (274.69 KB, 1017x1808, 9:16, 1526731809087.jpeg)

File: 5a78f3d49c9b630⋯.jpg (123.77 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 1511667019585.jpg)

File: 077a4bb695dada1⋯.jpeg (51.25 KB, 966x540, 161:90, 1526731784162.jpeg)

File: 36013594815a191⋯.jpeg (18.46 KB, 388x440, 97:110, 1526731775464.jpeg)

File: 54d9116677b12d3⋯.jpeg (135.58 KB, 1296x729, 16:9, 1526731768091.jpeg)


dis gonna be epic

30a68c  No.28168

File: b0dbe86a191a915⋯.png (13.24 KB, 241x289, 241:289, heh.png)

30a68c  No.28169


rly good for my banners. thanls

9131fb  No.28171


she’s obviously attractive if you watch videos and see pics. i have a theory that sam got pissed at her which led to his ultimate spergout last spring because he was jealous she was seeing other people and wouldn’t fuck him.

he likes to keep contact with a lot of exes as “friends” and keep them in his vicinity so he can still have easy access to them. they’ve actually done studies thatve shown psychopaths are significantly more likely to do that than other group but i didn’t post because the study was picked up in a bunch of popsci articles

68e9f0  No.28179


Hi channing

85cde1  No.28180


Ain't me homo

8e5a4a  No.28181


Hi channing

8e5a4a  No.28182

File: 002b097d64b519f⋯.png (2 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, Screenshot_20190625-091044.png)


Fuck ya sista

9a3aa7  No.28184

File: 4610aafe6fc9d71⋯.jpg (12.67 KB, 191x255, 191:255, 8ec47adbbffcc9a5d3575cb542….jpg)

85cde1  No.28186


Woah why is this female not trying to be hot and show off her ass n tits. I don't understand when women are ugly but also hot women are all roasties!

7efeb3  No.28188

File: 7bb833c10094f0d⋯.png (2.14 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, Screenshot_20190625-091030.png)


I'd smash


Lemme smash

465ce0  No.28189


Woah woah woah. Why is she not wearing makeup with her hair done up and some skimpy clothing? I DON'T LIKE THIS. SHE LOOKS UGLY.

a05bdc  No.28199


>if you dont beleive this shitpost i made youre gay

i tought you were the sexually demented fag here?

sage thread

a05bdc  No.28200


hello skank

85cde1  No.28201


Yeah it's me who's mentally I'll. Not the guy who's never had a job and preys on teenagers to have anal sex. It's totally normal to put keyloggers on your friends computers too so that you can see everything they might say about you. I bet people who do illegal/terrible shit all the time to people around them don't do that.

a05bdc  No.28202

File: 3363b34b5b8c097⋯.jpg (17.38 KB, 240x320, 3:4, disgusting.jpg)

a05bdc  No.28203


>Yeah it's me who's mentally I'll

i said sexually demented, but yeah its the same thing with you fruitcake

> Not the guy who's never had a job

and yet you claim youve known sam for years?

> It's totally normal to put keyloggers on your friends computers too so that you can see everything they might say about you

he hacked the white house too right?

> I bet people who do illegal/terrible shit all the time to people around them don't do that.

well seeing how you cant even fake a proper facebook conversation id say not always

cfcb8e  No.28209


Oh, wow, it's the underage European retard back again to suck Sam's dick.

>No u fruitccake

a05bdc  No.28212


>Oh, wow, it's the underage European retard

>you like sam hyde??? you must be european

honestly i dont think youre wrong, those people always claim how they have a bit more sophisticated taste for comedy.

anyhow adress the arguments

cfcb8e  No.28220

cfcb8e  No.28221


I'm not who you were arguing with earlier. The way you type and "argue" is instantly recognizable and it's funny. I hope everyone knows better than to engage your ass.

85cde1  No.28222


It's also just boring and gay

a1ceef  No.28227

did don tell you about when someone walked in on him giving a prostitute head

a1ceef  No.28228



bcf245  No.28229


The prostitute was a male or you’re a male? I’ve heard similar stories (from last fall) from former people who’ve been there after I ditched Sam but they’re not mine to tell

a1ceef  No.28230


the prostie was a male

bcf245  No.28231


It’s hard to imagine he would invite a male prostitute to his own place and not do it somewhere else but ok

a1ceef  No.28232

File: a00f4428572c53a⋯.jpg (1.47 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_4965.JPG)

File: aa2c66b87f41a55⋯.jpg (1.47 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_4966.JPG)


he loved fucking in his trash mansion

bcf245  No.28233


That the Fall River place? Lolol. I don’t remember it being in that bad of a state

bcf245  No.28234


There’s a bowl for weed next to the computer and Sam doesn’t smoke so idk. Anyways…

a1ceef  No.28235


thats dons place

a1ceef  No.28236

don was giving a male prostitute head

7eb6a3  No.28237


Bet Sam has done it plenty of times.

7eb6a3  No.28238


why did you take these pics and did you take any of the diaper dungeon upstairs or Sam's ass toy collection?

bcf245  No.28239


I dont think it’s the Fall River place. I think it’s another place in Providence close to “the office”

7eb6a3  No.28240


Lol Cam you're a fat homo

bcf245  No.28241


Yeah it’s probably Cam trying to do Sam’s bidding by slandering Don on here. Saying this as nicely as possible— Sam will never want to be your friend. He probably knows you will cling to him and he can get away with paying you very little while having you happily do his dirty work for him.

a1ceef  No.28242

don sucked off a prostitute

7eb6a3  No.28243


>imagine being cam


7eb6a3  No.28244


Just like how James is a pedophile? You're so transparent. My real question is how many times have you sucked Sam off.

7eb6a3  No.28245



You are the most pathetic person I have ever encountered by a longshot.

a1ceef  No.28246

don does a lot of gay stuff

7eb6a3  No.28247


Even if that were true he'll never be as gay as you. You're also cringe personified.

a1ceef  No.28248

when can we post channings shit covered pussy in this thread

b82a9d  No.28249


You'd be pretty retarded to post some stolen nude pictures. That's something I'd actually make sure to go to court over. Also a precedent has already been set. Many actually. It's a felony.

b82a9d  No.28250


Also why would Sam have to steal nudes of me if I was trying to get with him. I have text proof that he did it too.

f3ad9e  No.28251

File: 624c9b54b77893a⋯.gif (669.94 KB, 300x340, 15:17, nude shill.gif)


the thought of shill* nudes

[allegedly "Channing"/someone scamming to be this person; gey op person; delusional poster]

dfe6ed  No.28252

File: 99e25af2702997e⋯.png (229.81 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Screenshot_20190625-152050.png)


I dare you

7efeb3  No.28254


Lol do it

7efeb3  No.28255

File: 3e96e705c6684c6⋯.png (2.19 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, Screenshot_20190625-091008.png)


Just post your titty Channing. Just one titty. Come on

26d187  No.28258

File: 889268b30d6374b⋯.png (499.44 KB, 706x778, 353:389, 889268b30d6374be4fbf99fb58….png)


she'd do it if she got paid

a1ceef  No.28266

the popsicle princess

b82a9d  No.28267


Wonder what kind of dirt Sam has on you to make you this big of an obsessed faggot still shilling when he already fucked you over

b82a9d  No.28268


If you post any of it both you and Sam will be fucked legally. Something to think about. Either way I win.

f3ad9e  No.28269


FCS, stalkerific!

d82b0b  No.28310

File: 4041e3ba6db3490⋯.gif (1.83 MB, 300x309, 100:103, M96l.gif)

d574c5  No.28350

File: c3f36e8464e0f4d⋯.png (16.18 KB, 512x505, 512:505, bump.png)

2671cd  No.28352


Post them somewhere *cough*

2671cd  No.28354


Ew, shit covered? Really?

52fec1  No.28360


You didn't know? Sam's really into getting his dick covered in shit and his diaper play isn't complete unless they go all the way with those diapers, if you know what I mean..

a1ceef  No.28363


She doesn’t wipe her ass, you can see shit flakes all over it.

dfe6ed  No.28367


Cam. Go away. Sam doesn't even like you bud. Your a fag.

dfe6ed  No.28368


Why you here shilling for some dude that doesn't even like you? He fucked you over bro take a hint already. And lol you think I care what some obese virgin thinks of my nudes. Good one bro.

9b2aed  No.28369

File: b1eb164ff0a036d⋯.jpg (97.83 KB, 900x900, 1:1, b1eb164ff0a036d524cd48f089….jpg)


>And lol you think I care what some obese virgin thinks of my nudes. Good one bro.

Yes we do, and you just proved us right. How's your shitgina, anyway? Still as repulsive as ever I presume; disgostan. Get a grip.

dfe6ed  No.28370


There are no pictures of that. Don't expect a bunch of beta Sam followers to care about the truth though.

7efeb3  No.28373


She wipes from back to front.

dd7087  No.28374


Cam probably just thinks an asshole is a vagina since hes never seen one irl.

8d96eb  No.28376

She doesn’t wipe her ass, it’s got poopy all over it. Trust me, it’s nasty.

5290f6  No.28377

why should anyone trust you.

7efeb3  No.28378

File: 85f94b79ee7b65e⋯.jpg (16.22 KB, 275x203, 275:203, Choco_taco.jpg)

5672c8  No.28381

Chan they can’t threaten to post your nudes if you do it before them

58d1ba  No.28383


I'm not retarded. Never had any nudes of Sam. Never wanted any nudes of Sam. Good bait though jackass.

2671cd  No.28384


I meant posting your own nudes before them lol

181117  No.28425

File: 6ea2e929b5424dc⋯.jpg (37.14 KB, 680x637, 680:637, photo_2019-05-06_05-58-09.jpg)

where did the cam theread go wtf

a1ceef  No.28484

anyone notice that she never denied that her pussy has doo doo on it??

6810df  No.28485


cam check your reddit inbox lol

6c3b9c  No.28547


Wannabe alpha. Kek

824f00  No.28549


yeah he never showed up. big surprise there

7efeb3  No.28556


He probably heard about your poopy vagina and got grossed out

7d8e74  No.28557

Nice chan, just make sure it's water tight cuz otherwise ppl think ur retard. Most ppl already know he's got issues. It's not hard to tell.

Kinda like Jordan says, when ppl do shitty stuff, theyre actually asking for discipline. Crime and Punishment style ya know. It's just sad cuz he learned to lie by trying to appease his mom and lying is the first step towards moral oblivion. Obviously everyone loves him cuz if we didn't, we wouldn't care to post this shit.

Thing is, he's too smart to do anything illegal, so there's no way to really discipline him cuz he learned a long time ago how to keep out of real trouble. He's slidden into cult leader behavior and you can't ever stop cult leaders. They'll always find new followers who need what they have, and they'll try to do good stuff to make up for the bad stuff. He already knows he did terrible shit, no matter what he says.

So if I could give advice, I'd say make sure you make the website only for fans who are naive and just don't know. You're not going to convince anyone who needs what Sam gives that Sam's bad. He's providing them with something they genuinely need. You just can't rip people from that kind of attachment. They have to learn on their own. Just don't make this about a personal vendetta cuz that movie is lame af. Teehee.

Anyways, peace dude.

And everyone reading this, remember, were all fucked up and messed up, and sometimes u want to bring justice on somebody but it's impossible. Don't pull a tarintino.

5001f8  No.28558

>You'd be pretty retarded to post some stolen nude pictures. That's something I'd actually make sure to go to court over. Also a precedent has already been set. Many actually. It's a felony.

am I going to be deported to US? wtf

dfe6ed  No.28559


Your giving him too much credit. He's done tons of illegal stuff already and he will slip up eventually again.

c0a51b  No.28562


Nope, he's literally never going to get in trouble and it will eat you up for the rest of your life. Welcome to hell. >:)

9a2ff0  No.28563


he knows hes washed up

even if that is true watching his health and quality of shit he makes/fanbase decline is enough to keep me in heaven 0:-)

01cf94  No.28564


He's been looking healthier as of late imo, he packed in the cigar smoking. He always said he never cared for his appearance anyway, wouldn't be a funny if he were a lean spray tanned greek god looking guy, just wouldn't fit right. Also looks like on an upwards swing in terms of fanbase, more engagements on twitter, uptick in reviews on gumroad, stuff like that. He's been higher before of course but as an outsider it looks like things are getting better not worse. He's stacking cheese and working hard!

dfe6ed  No.28565


>as an outsider

Opinions discarded

4293f6  No.28569


woah Sam's been tweeting? HES FUCKING BACK.

bro social media is for faggots and sam just does it to get the upvote dopamine rush the same as any thot posting on instagram

its degenerate. let me know when he makes anything that stacks up to the old content. until then ill be waiting and watching the decline

c0a51b  No.28571


Except he's currently putting out stuff that many people outside of this dumb trash board greatly enjoy. KTSV2 is easily up there with season 1, yt era stuff so far. My friends irl have all watched it multiple times.

4293f6  No.28572

File: 0e1f22584aa22eb⋯.jpg (237.04 KB, 918x608, 459:304, literally you.jpg)

c0a51b  No.28577



dfe6ed  No.28580


Zoomer detected

01cf94  No.28583


? Even if you were actually channing and not a larper you haven't even seen sams face in like a year, let alone talked to him. How would you know how he's currently doing anymore than me?

9131fb  No.28584


Not that person but a lot of the pictures and videos he posts are months or over a year old. I’m genuinely getting bored of all his content (even hate-watching it, which I don’t even do anymore) and it’s becoming harder for him to cover up how much he needs mental treatment

01cf94  No.28585


>woah Sam's been tweeting? HES FUCKING BACK.

Wasn't talking about the volume of tweets rather the amount of engagements per tweet, you seem pretty tightly coiled idk.

>bro social media is for faggots and sam just does it to get the upvote dopamine rush the same as any thot posting on instagram

for a lot of people its pretty destructive and toxic but if you don't take it too seriously and browse in moderation it can be fun.

>let me know when he makes anything that stacks up to the old content. until then ill be waiting and watching the decline

takes a pretty sad and bitter person to sit around watching and waiting for someone's decline, especially some1 you've never met and doesn't know who you are. Bit weird imo.

01cf94  No.28586


oh so you're an outsider too, why should I listen to anything you just typed if that's the case? You're opinion means just as little as mine by your own logic.

9131fb  No.28587


Sounds like you’re making assumptions that might not be true

Anyways I really don’t care to be in a heated argument about how an ex-YouTuber looks. Embarrassing how seriously you seem to take this


01cf94  No.28588


huh? when I asked if you were an outsider the only measurement you could give to substantiate your opinion on sams supposed decline in health were public video/ pictures/ content. So I assumed you were confirming that you did not know Sam personally and were an outsider like me. Am I crazy for doing that or..?

01cf94  No.28589


also by definition an assumption might not be true, not sure what you're getting at with that one, all your comments were assumptions also. Difference is I at least attempted to substantiate my assumptions whereas you just tweaked out and started ranting about how much you dislike sam.

b5e052  No.28594

File: cc02d61c1f68d3f⋯.png (1.51 MB, 996x1248, 83:104, mygf.png)

this thread is some real schizo shit

get a life, do something else

9131fb  No.28595


Get that disgusting gook off my screen

“Go do something else” -person also posting in the same thread, on the same board

32a566  No.28611

File: f5c3c9da601597c⋯.gif (879.72 KB, 420x236, 105:59, tumblr_n8vfwy3wRW1r04zqro1….gif)


9131fb  No.28617


Nah I actually don’t dislike Asians but adults pretending to be babies is always so off-putting

6883d8  No.28629

File: fc2b00c7df753f1⋯.jpg (17.09 KB, 297x792, 3:8, photo_2019-05-31_02-08-47.jpg)

d6fa4f  No.28632

File: b111565c9c625e2⋯.jpg (23.07 KB, 266x485, 266:485, powerstance.jpg)

Okay OP but have you been practicing your P O W E R S T A N C E ???

2671cd  No.28633

Can we get back on topic of seeing channing’s tits

52bf83  No.28703

File: c0a8e7558fc1834⋯.png (627.83 KB, 680x561, 40:33, 1555900143361.png)

8b53fb  No.28723

Channing has a shit covered vagina

52bf83  No.28727


Kys like Don told you you should do faggot. Then spend a week sad about it.

32a566  No.28728



hey cam whats this? you were gonna kys? not a terrible idea

32a566  No.28729


Sam can't work for a week cause his gf get sad she hears someone telling someone to kill themself. Damn sounds like a super productive work environment no wonder Sam is putting out such great stuff so frequently.

0d0dcf  No.28734


what is this?

32a566  No.28735


tiny snipit of a convo sam recorded of himself talking to don jolly when he was firing him

0d0dcf  No.28737


why would sam release that?

32a566  No.28738


idk maybe he didn't

0d0dcf  No.28739


how did it get out if sam was the one who recorded it

32a566  No.28740


no idea but it did

e32d58  No.28743


That’s almost definitely a lie to make Don feel bad about himself… Sam jokes or is sarcastic about suicide in his recent videos which that gf watches/edits.

If Sam really cares about his girlfriend’s well-being he wouldn’t cheat on her with multiple other girls at a time

e32d58  No.28744

Most people don’t realize that some people (like Sam) can lie about little things *all the time*, sometimes for no reason, without thinking twice.

Like Sam records this conversation but would be paranoid I’d be recording *him* and say stuff like “I hate all that spy shit” lmao

b59a6a  No.28745

I saw Channing's nudes. Her vagina was covered in poop cause she never wipes.

e32d58  No.28746


Yeah I heard she’s also a hardcore heroin addict. Sam told me that so it must be true

ed9337  No.28747


This is true. I've seen them. And multiple people have cut contact with her cause the smell was so bad

073a69  No.28748

I used to date Channing but I broke up with her cause she refused to wipe and her vagina was always covered in shit. She was always obsessing about Sam. The guy lives in her head 24/7 rent free. And the smell from not wiping was terrible.

e04f02  No.28749



32a566  No.28750


stuhlgangsgenuss :-)

e32d58  No.28751

Sam and his beta sidekicks are not happy rn

I’m going to walk down to the beach again but i hope they’re having a fun time in providence

Why doesn’t Sam drive an F250? Can he only handle the F150?

Don’t listen to this https://vocaroo.com/i/s0rCZ5973atU by the way.

e04f02  No.28752


Make sure to wash the poop off your vagina

32a566  No.28753

File: cc0c1792469f717⋯.jpg (164.87 KB, 800x420, 40:21, poopmmm.jpg)


maybe I like the smell ok? ever think about that?

bbaa86  No.28754

You guys should see sams nudes lol

52fec1  No.28755


I bet his beard matches his pubes and it's a nasty, sweaty forrest down there

5154b8  No.28758


I like when guys don’t shave too much but his are projared-esque except more revealing

I’m not a sicko or an awful person though so I would never hack someone for nudes, share them around, or use them as blackmail (like Sam did with his employee)

3d7539  No.28812


Sounds illegal

a1ceef  No.28813


it sounds to me like theyre saying dons threatening to kill himself

e32d58  No.28814


Well you were there, Cameron, so why don’t you tell us

e32d58  No.28815


Sam records convos like he thinks he’s in the mob lol when he’s really just exiling Don from his adult playroom

e32d58  No.28816

Sam uses weird manipulation and guilt tactics to get people to accept blame for things they’re not responsible for. Like Sam hacked Don’s computer and made Cam spy on him but somehow convinced Don that it wasn’t right to be paranoid in that environment. Also the “I couldn’t work for a week because muh delicate little gf” is such a stupid guilt play.

If you show the slightest bit of resistance to Sam and call out his bullshit he’ll break down immediately but unfortunately that wasn’t the case here.

Why was Sam so anxious that he decided to record the conversation?

52bf83  No.28817


Sam will only surround himself by people who don't question his shitty behavior. This is a huge reason he's lost all his friends and collaboraters and is forced to slum it with people like Cam.

e32d58  No.28818

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The Sam-Cam dynamic is explained perfectly here

I’ll watch some of JP’s lectures but I don’t pay attention to his involvement in/opinions on politics

834c1a  No.28829


cam is big gay

ce647b  No.28873


this is could actually be a facinating dichotomy of pinnacle hypocrisy or hiding in plain sight

8a6a6e  No.28874


Lol, he fired Don jolly? I didn't even know he was working for Sam.

95c5ec  No.29008


don jolly was "employed" by sam? doing what?

52fec1  No.29009


Apparently he wrote and was responsible for filming that shitty Theater of the Aire vid and Sam fired him for taking too long on it.

7759ef  No.29010



Why did Sam fire Don?

c184fd  No.29012

File: e4a4e4f7864c014⋯.jpg (360.39 KB, 1489x1570, 1489:1570, Kantbot.jpg)

So how many people is Sam gonna fuck over before people stop putting up with his shit? Don, can you clarify what actually happened? Because if you wasted a year or more of your life trying to help him out, and you put Dagger on the back burner because of it, the least you deserve is a little bit of retribution.

ebd705  No.29015


>implying Don didn't deserve to be fired for being unfunny

dc61cd  No.29016

This entire board is just five or six people with BPD collectively shrieking at each other. How did it even come to this?

61dbe5  No.29017


Did he deserve to be spied on and stalked? Kind of weird. Why is Sam so paranoid? Is it the roids or is it because he does terrible shit all the time.

bda243  No.29019


By that logic Sam should have fired himself as well.

bda243  No.29020


>People continue to post photos, emails, and snippets of audio that don't exist anywhere else online

<"lol, what a bunch of loony toons! My good buddy S Hyde who I have never met would never do these awful things. Fuck w*men!

2fbaf2  No.29032


im with you man. im signing up to gum road now.

bda243  No.29035


>Bankrolling sodomites to own the /mde/libs

Based and Redpilled, fellow pede!

2fa4aa  No.29036

I just donated $50 in bitcoin to Sam

7759ef  No.29039


lmao, what a waste

2fa4aa  No.29040


I will donate $100 more next week

26d187  No.29044


"pedes" are not 'based' nor 'redpilled' though. your attribution made in jest is ill directed

9131fb  No.29047


Donated my entire savings and all my other money to Sam because I’m ghey

8db0a6  No.29080

042b0a  No.29111


You think Sam or someone working for him leaked this? I can see one of them doing that thinking it reflects favorably on him/them.

c0a886  No.29112


Whenever Don is about to say something substantial (or that may reflect negatively on Sam), Sam cuts him off by raising his voice or shifting the conversation. Sam is conscious of the potential value of what he’s recording so he frames certain questions for Don to answer knowing Don’s polite and not an aggressive guy (see the above Peterson video about people’s proclivity to be polite in this kind of situation to their own detriment).


“I know for a fact I’m a very cool guy to work for and to work with. And I don’t do weird manipulative shit with money at all.”

“[I’m giving you $4,000] basically because I feel bad for you. YOU fucked it up.”

(Then Don concedes to the gaslighting, calling himself paranoid and crazy— you’re not Don, Sam is, he hacked your computer and you’re not the first one that has happened to)

“I just wanted to set the record straight for you in case you were under the illusion that I had somehow screwed your over.”


Don tries to stand up for himself:

“I feel like I did bust my ass in a number of ways-“

Cut off

Then Sam tells him what he wants him to say

“I mean, I think I did bust my ass in terms of performance-“

Cut off again

Same thing

“I never fucking told him that I-“


“I basically just told him like-“

Cut off again


It’s a whole charade and pity play for Sam. Demeaning pompous son of a bitch.

Sam goes into full actor mode, pretending to be some benevolent but maligned dude.

At least it was clear in the Heidecker call what a beta he is.


It sounds like Don was saying to Cam that “if you kill yourself, it’s your own fault”

Which, I mean… maybe you shouldn’t work where you live if that kind of comment will knock off your work flow for a whole week. Not exactly Don’s fault

I really do think Sam leaked this himself

2fbaf2  No.29113

who is the guy in the OP image

61dbe5  No.29116


Probably because those screenshots from emails were posted. I still think it's telling he records shit like this.

52fec1  No.29120


The thing is, despite how calculating and Patrick Bateman-like Sam is in doing this, the recordings don't seem to actually do anything positive for Sam, unless releasing them is somekind of veiled threat? Implying he has more salacious stuff he recorded with Don and he put this recording out as a warning?

I dunno it seems like maybe someone internally leaked this who had access to Sam's stuff. I hope more comes down the line.

61dbe5  No.29121


I'm sure it will. People are catching on and you can't hide the bad shit you do if it just keeps piling up forever.

c6160d  No.29123


just picked up a box of foreskins from my local temple, sending them to sams po box

c6160d  No.29125



that don is suicidal? ofc he is, look at him. only thing it showed is how much of a cold cunt sam is and that he treats his cohorts like cattle if he can. been waiting for don to be fired since i saw him though. i dare sam to "hire" someone who isnt an ugly beta, just anyone that doesnt make sam look good by default.

if it was a threat i doubt don wouldnt have anything worse vs sam. though don might have been too good of a puppy to get any dirt

64f0af  No.29127


Don is 90x smarter than Sam is

26d187  No.29147

File: 103529e4a317553⋯.jpg (25.55 KB, 214x206, 107:103, IMG_-pmsn68.jpg)



well he must be pretty dumb, deciding to work for a dumb guy

9131fb  No.29149


Maybe it’s possible to be smart and still get ripped off by someone you think is your friend

Maybe it’s possible that Sam spends most of his time scheming on how to manipulate people (friends/employees/fans)

52fec1  No.29153


Im pretty sure Cam is the suicidal one and Don said something to set him off and gave Sam an excuse not to work for a week (and something to blame him for when he fired Cam).

What I mean by threat is that perhaps Sam and Don had some conversations that had Sam prod him and admit/go along with saying embarrassing shit, and by releasing the recording of him firing Don was a signal that he might have recorded Don saying something he wouldn't want aired, an indirect and super passive aggressive way to try to get Don to shut up basically.

32a566  No.29154


Sounds super feminine. Why does Sam prey on women and beta white boys? Sounds like a jew to me.

458aa4  No.29158


What what? This transcript is not in the vocaroo posted. What are you talking about you fucking schizo?

52fec1  No.29159


there is a 40s clip and a full 16min recording

14c6e4  No.29160


Retard IQ euro spotted

9131fb  No.29161


Didn’t realize what was posted was different my bad

b35d85  No.29162

File: e8e1c2e7bf3cecb⋯.jpg (3.47 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20190711_003316.jpg)

b35d85  No.29163


Woah this looks satanic to me as a yid

15b724  No.29169



458aa4  No.29170



52fec1  No.29171

40cbea  No.29172


this is eye-opening. sam is truly an enormous faggot.

sam if you're reading this, here's a fact: the existence of this recording guarantees that no one of substance is ever going to work for you ever again. you really showed your true colors here and they aren't pretty.

15b724  No.29175

dunno, he sounds like a cool guy

f64514  No.29176


ok sam

458aa4  No.29178


woah sam is cool

ba0bb6  No.29181


It's not the banging 15 year olds that bothers me - besides, most larper fans will just argue that what he's doing isn't unethical and yadda yadda yadda - what bothers me is that he's still acting like a wannabe mafia don behind the scenes, trying to launder money through an "indie game"(lmao 10 years behind the curve on that one) and spinning 40 plates over his head, with his interpersonal schemes, while having zero self-discipline. This white nigger is resorting to trying to intimidate people into keeping quiet or pitting them against eachother.

It's childish, there is no alternative in his mind to acting like this. He thinks he's clever by putting out material that paints him as a crusader, but his personal circle is full of compromised people, drunks, sex addicts and misanthropes.

Hypocrisy is a stale attack vector, in that people shut off their brains when they hear the word, but he's operating on pure hypocrisy. A few paragraphs on a shitposting board won't change your mind, but a quick glance at the guy is all you need to figure out that he's utterly alienated and is concealing some mental/ego shit in that grey area surrounding him. Just because it's some ex of his, who decided to speak up, doesn't invalidate that he's always dragging vulnerable people to his side in order to use them. That's some gay shit my dude.

Propping him up for ideological/propaganda purposes is getting really sad, I'm sorry to say.

That's all I got

783df2  No.29182

the only people close to sam are nowhere near his level of status or money. this don guy sounds like he’s in poverty. who does sam hang out with regularly who’s not completely dependent on him and doesn’t idolize him? big fish in a kiddie pool.


it was never supposed to be a real conversation. i would tell sam to try his act in the real world but he already did at adult swim.

7759ef  No.29200


>sam thinks this makes him look good


7530e5  No.29203


finally listened to this

sam is pretty based tbh

e04f02  No.29204

File: 1e43fb5d704cb2e⋯.jpg (51.95 KB, 720x661, 720:661, 1557749755695.jpg)


Pretty based tbqh fam.

52d3db  No.29205


woah this is based

7759ef  No.29207




>bro, secretly recording my employees, gaslighting them, and then slandering them after I've fired them is based and redpilled!

Sam, it's over. You're a piece of shit and everyone knows it.

2fa4aa  No.29208

File: 886e642e407193f⋯.jpg (6.06 KB, 360x360, 1:1, 53405d500339988ad51b4045f7….jpg)


Seems like a cool guy actually. A $4k severance is nice.

7759ef  No.29209


Yeah, it's almost like he tried to paint himself positively in the audio he recorded and planned on posting to the internet. Almost like he cut Don off anytime Don started to defend himself and give his side of the story. Weird.

2fa4aa  No.29210


I actually think more highly of Sam after hearing that. I wish I could work for someone like him.

7530e5  No.29211


There was literally nothing wrong with that exchange unless you're a mental midget. I gained additional respect for Don for being so chill and honest. It must have been a complicated situation. Maybe he should stop smoking weed to see if that helps with the anxiety? Maybe lose weight too. It was nice to hear that they both want to collab again in the future under more ideal circumstances.

Also Don actually uses 8chan, I've seen him discuss and post his videos on a few other obscure board(s). He might probably even see this thread and have a laugh.

7759ef  No.29212


>It was nice to hear that they both want to collab again in the future under more ideal circumstances

Yeah, Dons definitely gonna wanna work with the guy who secretly recorded him and then posted the audio to the internet.

95c5ec  No.29213


weird and kinda shitty that this is being posted here. however, with the unbelievable shit talking Sam gets, like insane level shit people throw at him, it makes sense to record shit, don't fault him over this.

95c5ec  No.29214


>6 posts in this thread

Take a break. sounds like cam or whoever did so anyway

95c5ec  No.29215

oh god I just skimmed this thread never read the OP.

what a fucking nut job you are. if sam recorded you it would be amazing how much it contrasts from what you're claiming. what an incredible fucking nutj ob you are. move on with your life.

6883d8  No.29218


thanks for bumping idiot

2fa4aa  No.29219


Get help Channing.

294ebf  No.29229


He could have made more money working food service. What kind of world do you live in.

294ebf  No.29230


One day you will hear conversations like this and know why Sam is someone no self-respecting person should ever be involved with. If you’re lucky.

2fa4aa  No.29232


A kind of world that didn't give me a $4k severance when I was fired

7549d1  No.29234


its hush money

6d1307  No.29235


“Here’s some scraps I can hold over your head for the rest of your life and so I can feel good about myself. I’m terrified of another person coming out against me so you better not post anything.”

7530e5  No.29236

File: 776646f6c236e2e⋯.png (119.6 KB, 320x320, 1:1, Open_Eye_Laugh_Crying_Emoj….png)


>self-respecting person



6d1307  No.29237


I don’t work food service. Don was working for Sam for at least six months. $4k is nothing. I’ve seen his ebay page and he buys tons of random junk.

6d1307  No.29238


Don man you should file a lawsuit against this freak. He ripped you off. You fell for used car salesman tactics in that recording.

61dbe5  No.29239


Post it

6d1307  No.29240


He’s gonna make it private now

Google wiltonlaxrulz328

61dbe5  No.29241


How do I see what he bought

6d1307  No.29242

cd2732  No.29246


Nibba be buying Pokemon card n bioncles

9131fb  No.29247

File: aae7762439150ea⋯.png (766.11 KB, 1242x2087, 1242:2087, dees-dungeon.png)


nigga be droppin racks at dees-dungeon

how much does he spend on graphic tees per year got damn

cd2732  No.29248


Dam, that's embrassinv.

61dbe5  No.29256

a2ddfd  No.29258


100% jewish

0b7e10  No.29291


hurry up with the website already

f3ad9e  No.29292


dude, creepy much?

0a601a  No.29295


Some superfan posted it on the /snow/ thread months ago

6e8146  No.29348

>trying to hide this with spam threads

40cbea  No.29351


26d187  No.29354


jesus, do you actually talk like this

f3ad9e  No.29360



and I don't cyberstalk e-celebs

26d187  No.29365


the latter is less embarrassing

f3ad9e  No.29366


stalking where a man shops is creepy and gey

3d2cf4  No.29367


Less creepy and gay then buying dildos and asstoys

9131fb  No.29369

my only private audio with sam


4d712e  No.29371

so when's the hate site coming? it doesn't take this long to build a website. if we can't get good sam content, we want good anti-sam content. seems like you learned the wrong things from ol' sam "procrastinate and plug my own ass" hyde.

908495  No.29373


Holy shit lol how did you even manage to record that without him noticing?

599cd1  No.29375


when was this??

1268c3  No.29382


That's unbelievable. Sam really is a dishonest piece of shit

5518ce  No.29384


wow. did i just get Rick rolled

6ff6a3  No.29425

2fa4aa  No.29450

File: 9c5975310b6281a⋯.png (1.17 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, Screenshot_20190717-143358.png)


Wow I used to like Sam but after hearing this that asshole can go fuck himself

9131fb  No.29459

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


that's not my name

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