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The heartbeat of 8chan is strong

File: a71c75bf6db074d⋯.jpg (3.71 MB, 2738x1825, 2738:1825, powerplants.jpg)


The Plain Dealer of Cleveland: It’s hard to parse what Ohio legislative leaders were thinking when they exposed their “Ohio Clean Air” nuclear bailout bill for what it really is – a blatant giveaway to nuclear and coal interests.

A House committee recently discarded green-energy provisions from House Bill 6. That doubled down on the Ohio ratepayer energy subsidies that would go primarily to benefit the Perry and Davis-Besse nuclear plants.

And lawmakers then added a new section that could obligate many Ohio ratepayers to subsidize two coal-fired plants, as well.




Nuclear is far cleaner than coal. We should be investing in it.


File: c2fc1b70d8d8f93⋯.jpg (23.15 KB, 243x188, 243:188, 7a4b230d.jpg)


We should prosecute anti-nuclear activists who drive up the cost of Nuclear by BILLIONS of dollars.

Niggers get thrown in prison for breaking a window that costs 50$ to repair.

Whitey activists cost the nuclear industry, and tax payers, BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, and… no one has been prosecuted.




>Niggers get thrown in prison

They even get thrown in jail for playing around with Glittery Horse Lubricant.

We live in a shitty world.



True but right now both need a boost.

Im not a big fan of government bailouts, but at least if you fund energy companies that will translate in to lower electricity bills for the ordinary person.



>True but right now both need a boost.

And these kinds of excuses will always be made, instead of providing more serious funding for nuclear research. Nuclear is the future. But people are absolute retards about it, because of coal-paid smear campaigns.

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