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Ocasio-Cortez Stalking Picture Controversy Backfires


f you are a political spin doctor and the political landscape exists of two parties only, then in order to arouse your base, you seek known enemies.

During the Midterm election campaign, Nancy Pelosi was the ultimate target for Republicans. Every Democratic candidate was associated with Pelosi to deter voters. If Donald Trump was on the campaign trail in recent months and he said Pelosi’s name, a loud roar went through the room.

Related coverage: 2020 - Pelosi Orders Shock Arrests Leftwing Ocasio-Cortez Protesters (Video).

A "radical", a "socialist" as she was invariably described. The Republican Party launched a video in which pictures of her were combined with police images of murderous MS-13 gang members and a closing sentence that read "according to Nancy Pelosi, they are not that bad."

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Dem. Eric Swalwell - Force Gun Owners to Comply With Gun Ban Or Government Could Nuke You

Eric Swalwell, D-California has proposed outlawing “military-style semiautomatic assault weapons” and forcing existing owners to sell their weapons or face prosecution.

Swalwell proposes that the government should offer “up to $1,000” for every weapon covered by a new ban, estimating $15 billion of taxpayers money to buy back roughly 15 million taxpayers guns— and “criminally prosecute any who choose to defy [the buyback] by keeping their weapons.”


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1000 People Missing amidst California’s “Camp Fire”


Bodies were seen charred in footage filmed by survivors that leaked to the internet, and some are suggesting that the damages are the deadliest in California history.

Catastrophic losses put the estimated homes destroyed in the fire to 9,700 now, with 290 buildings destroyed and 26,000 people now homeless.

This level of damage is unseen even in California, at a catastrophic scale of costs being burdened by the state and local authorities.

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France - Nationwide Protests Start ‘President Macron Is Stealing Our Money’

The first protests of the ‘gilets jaunes’ (yellow jackets) have started across France, meaning blocked roads and fuel pumps. A culmination is expected tomorrow when activists predict that the country will come to a complete standstill.

more here: https://thegoldwater.com/news/42458-France-Nationwide-Protests-Start-President-Macron-Is-Stealing-Our-Money

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CA – Avenatti Law Firm Evicted For Skipping Rent

The lawyer of Stormy Daniels should now prepare his staff and their stuff and get ready to leave their offices following a judge’s order for their eviction.

Michael Avenatti just lost his last-ditch appeal on Friday to block the eviction of his law offices in California.


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Boom: Chuck Grassley Steps Down As Senate Judiciary Committee - Lindsey Graham Set To Take Over

Republican Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley said Friday he will be leaving the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Grassley will become chairman of the Senate Finance Committee.

“The economy is better than it’s been in years and there’s a sense of optimism about the future of our country that people haven’t felt in a long time thanks to the pro-growth policies of a Republican President and a Republican majority in Congress,” Grassley said.


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Facebook Scandals - Millions Log Off Permanently, Stock At 21-Month Low


Facebook is taking a hit both in terms of its stock value and its user base. The string of 2018 scandals has seen millions of users in the US and Western Europe log off permanently. Although the site keeps growing worldwide, advertisers are more interested in seeing the richer west rather than the poorer east grow, and thus the stock is also taking severe hits.

The company lost around 2.8 million US users under 25 last year and 2018 won't be much better. The company’s own official figures show that the number of Europeans logging onto the site every day dropped from 279 to 278 million, while monthly European users fell from 376 to 375m.

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Brexit – Tories Are ‘Stuck In The Middle’ With EU

UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s ‘bataan death march’ this week was an excruciating watch for anyone on the European continent.

The whole of Europe has been glued to their favorite newspaper updating them about the absolute mess coming out of London as most political commentators try to make sense of what has happened in the UK Parliament after the Brexit agreement (a 585-page shocker) was presented.


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France – Car Drives Into Fuel Price Protesters, 1 Dead (Video)


In the Savoie region, a woman drove into a group of yellow jacket protesters who had blocked the road towards the city center and hit a female protester with her car. The woman, unfortunately, died on her way to the hospital.

Sick child

According to Interior Minister Christophe Castaner, the accident occurred near the city of Pont-de-Beauvoisin. The woman at the wheel of the car was on her way to the doctor with her daughter, who was visibly sick.

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Holland - Saint Nicholas Season Start Sees 'Black Pete' Demonstrations


Children in Holland, Belgium and Germany grew up with the figure of Saint Nicholas instead of the US’s Santa Claus. And instead of being helped by elves and reindeer to deliver toys to children like Santa, Saint Nicholas was helped by ‘Black Pete’ and came ‘by steamboat from Spain.’

As the tradition grew and people started having more financial means in the 1950s, toy makers and candy producers started getting into the tradition as well. It became a goldmine for toy makers when the introduction of Santa Claus meant that children in the richer countries of Western Europe received 2 gifts at the end of the year from their well-off parents.

One on 6 December for Saint Nicholas and one on 25 December for Christmas to help them pass winter more easily.

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CIA Blames Saudi Crown Prince For WaPo Journalist Murder

According to the CIA, Saudi crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman ordered the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. That is the conclusion of Mr Khashoggi’s employer in the US, the Washington Post.

more here: https://thegoldwater.com/news/42531-CIA-Blames-Saudi-Crown-Prince-For-WaPo-Journalist-Murder

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Protest held after teenage girl's underwear considered as evidence against her in rape trial

>'These lines of character accusation and victim blaming are unfortunately a common tactic used in cases before the courts relating to sexual violence,' say activists

A rally is being held in Cork city centre in protest over a teenage girl’s underwear being used as evidence against her in an alleged rape case.

The barrister representing a man acquitted of raping a teenager in the city in southwest Ireland suggested the jury in the case should reflect on the underwear worn by the 17-year-old girl.

The 27-year-old man – who had denied raping the woman in a lane in Cork – was found not guilty by the jury of eight men and four women at the Central Criminal Court.


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Study: US has spent nearly $6T on war since 9/11

The United States is on track to have spent nearly $6 trillion on war since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, according to a report released Wednesday.

The annual analysis from the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs at Brown University far exceeds Pentagon estimates because it looks at all war-related costs — including the Pentagon’s war fund, related spending at the State Department, veterans care and interest payments — for military operations in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and elsewhere.


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YouTube is pushing back against a new EU copyright law, which it says will massively restrict

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki wrote an op-ed in the Financial Times on Monday arguing against tough new online copyright laws the European Parliament is trying to push through.

Wojcicki specifically takes issue with article 13 of the EU's Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market, which would force platforms like YouTube or Reddit to monitor for content that breaches copyright and take it down, or else face financial penalties. When it was first drafted, article 13 became famous as some thought it might pose an existential threat to memes.


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Man said he yelled ‘Heil Hitler, Heil Trump’ during ‘Fiddler on the Roof’

The man who yelled “Heil Hitler, Heil Trump,” during a theater performance of "Fiddler on the Roof" this week reportedly said he made the statements because the production reminded him of his hatred of President Trump.

Anthony M. Derlunas II, 58, told Baltimore Police that he yelled the slogans because the final scene before intermission reminded him of how much he despises the president, according to The New York Times.


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John Kerry Predicts African Mass Migration Will Crush Europe

Speaking at an international conference in London yesterday, the former Secretary of State of the previous White House Administration landed some remarkable quotes with regards to Iran, climate change, the future of Europe and Brexit.

more here: https://thegoldwater.com/news/42460-John-Kerry-Predicts-African-Mass-Migration-Will-Crush-Europe

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Woman who was raped worries about man's sexsomnia defence

>WARNING: This story contains graphic descriptions some readers may find disturbing

Seven years after she was raped by a stranger, an Ottawa-area woman is still seeking closure and waiting in trepidation for what justice could mete out.

Her attacker, Ryan Hartman, 38, was found guilty of sexual assault in 2012 and sentenced to 14 months in jail. He appealed and lost.

He appealed again. This time he admitted to the crime, but presented evidence that he was suffering from sexsomnia and argued that he was sleeping when he raped the woman.

The Ontario Court of Appeal granted him a new trial, which began in April 2017.


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Verizon Now Lets You Buy Multiple Phone Numbers for $15/mo

Verizon introduced a new service today called Verizon My Numbers. The whole idea of this monthly add-on is to let you add up to 4 extra phone numbers to your phone without actually needing an entirely separate line, like you would in the past. Let me try to explain that.

With Verizon My Numbers, you have your normal phone number that’s attached to your account, but what if you want a separate business line or for that “side hustle,” yet don’t want to pay for a separate line that could cost $30 or $50? My Numbers is an app that lets you pay $15/mo per number to have access to another phone number or 4 on your phone.

Verizon says that the messages and calls to those other numbers are all synced across up to 5 smartphones that have the My Numbers app, plus you can customize the name, icon, notification and ringtones for each number. You can setup auto-reply on them and mute calls during do not disturb hours, as well.

more here:


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NYPD Re-Assigns Division Chief Leading Harvey Weinstein Investigation


Harvey Weinstein is facing prosecution in New York over alleged sex crimes, but now the New York Police Department has announced they have re-assigned the chief of New York City's special victims division. The re-assignment was the result of months of efforts by a watchdog group who found the unit was stretched too thin to be able to properly investigate sexual assault claims such as those against the former Hollywood mogul.

Deputy Chief Michael Osgood was replaced this week which coincided with allegations that a top detective had compromised the Weinstein case. Osgood will now take on a leadership position in Staten Island. The replacement who is now the lead Deputy Chief presiding over the Weinstein case is a woman named Judith Harrison. "We are thoroughly committed to investigating these heinous crimes," Harrison said in a press conference Friday. "If we can get better, we will get better."

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Sony Pulls Out Of E3 For The First Time In 25 Years


Gaming has grown from a children's toy that if you played with you were deemed a nerd, but today the meaning of gamer has changed completely. Companies like Microsoft and Sony now rival the film industry in growth and gaming technology is expanding at a rapid pace. The technology improves so quickly that each year a gaming convention is held which showcases what game developers have in store for the future.

It often includes new console system announcements and nearly every major triple-A game gets a reveal at E3. Each of the leading companies including Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony have faithfully prepared enormous presentations for consumers each year, but 2019's E3 will be missing a huge portion of its appeal. The reason for this is that Sony has announced it has pulled out of E3 and will not be appearing at the world's largest gaming convention.

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MI – St Louis Teacher Fired Over Pledge Of Allegiance


A substitute teacher has been banned from working at Parkway South High School by school administrators after he thanked students for saying the Pledge of Allegiance. A student complained about substitute teacher Jim Furkin thanking students for saying the Pledge of Allegiance resulting in his immediate termination.

Furkin appeared before the Parkway School Board to tell his side of the story Wednesday night and asked them to investigate the credence of his story. "I'd like to know what happened," Furkin said. A video recording of the meeting can be seen here between school officials and Furkin.

By the next day, the video of his comments had gone viral and was shared over 150 times and racked up over 7,000 views on Facebook. Many of the comments were angry and directed their anger at the school district.

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Trump ‘Very Easily’ Answers Mueller’s Russia Questions


US President Donald Trump has answered all questions posed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is leading the investigation over alleged Russian collusion into the 2016 Presidential Election.

"I'm sure they're tricked-up because, you know, they like to catch people," Mr. Trump said, after making it clear he had written the answers to the questions, a task he had found ‘very easy.’

"I was asked a series of questions. I've answered them very easily … I haven't submitted them yet, I just finished them"

The American President also stressed the questions ‘weren’t very difficult’ and that he himself, and not his lawyers, had drafted the answers. ‘I haven’t sent them yet because, as you know, I’ve been very busy.’

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Caravan – Over 1,500 Migrants Amass Near San Diego Border, Ready To Cross


By now, more than 1,500 migrants who were part of one of the multiple migrant caravans (which has been traveling from Latin America to the United States for the past few weeks) arrived in the Mexican city Tijuana, on the border with San Diego.

Part of the caravan decided during the trip not to continue on foot any longer, but instead to get on buses to the US. On Thursday morning, some 22 buses with about fifty migrants arrived in Tijuana. They joined the 800 migrants who have been seeping into the city in small groups ever since Sunday (see our related coverage).

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PA - Principal Calms Kids Stuck In Traffic By Reading to Them Via Facetime

Students on school buses going home were affected as well by the terrible traffic jams on Thursday in Philadelphia brought by the snow, sleet and train.

more here: https://thegoldwater.com/news/42532-PA-Principal-Calms-Kids-Stuck-In-Traffic-By-Reading-to-Them-Via-Facetime

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CA – 65 Dead, 630 Missing, Fires Deadliest In State’s History


The forest fires that have been ravaging California this month became the deadliest in the state’s history. The number of missing doubled to 631, after authorities earlier put the number closer to 300 and the death toll also rose to 65 after the remains of seven more people were found. Out of the victims, some 53 have been identified. Several people who were listed as missing have been located, bring the total of people found alive to 227.

Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea explained that the shifting total numbers were because investigators had thoroughly cross-checked their information, including emergency calls made since the Camp Fire started on 8 November.

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FL - Senate Raced Headed For Manual Recount

The ‘long march’ which the Florida recount battle seems to have turned into added another unfortunate chapter as the machine recount passed a deadline and thus a judge ordered that a manual recount would now be needed to decide the Senate race.

more here: https://thegoldwater.com/news/42446-FL-Senate-Raced-Headed-For-Manual-Recount

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Acosta - Did Infowars Doctor Video White House Published?

US President Donald Trump and his unending slugging match with CNN was made a whole lot more interesting this week when the network’s White House correspondent, Mr Jim Acosta, lost his privileges to set foot in the Presidential offices ever again.


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Facebook Fake News - Zuckerberg, Sandberg Deny Soros Conspiracy Claims


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg have both strongly denied the claim that the social media site paid a lobbying firm to write ‘fake news’ articles against Democratic donor Mr …

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Acosta White House Pass Reinstated By Federal Judge


There's disturbing news coming out of Connecticut where a well-known and influential business owner and driver in Vernon and Manchester has been arrested for what law enforcement say was a …

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Connecticut Pedo Arrested for Child-Sex Trafficking Dungeon with Cages and Whips


There's disturbing news coming out of Connecticut where a well-known and influential business owner and driver in Vernon and Manchester has been arrested for what law enforcement say was a …

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Huawei exec: We’ll dethrone Samsung to be the global smartphone leader by 2020

The smartphone handset device business has of course been dominated by two names for years now, but a Chinese device maker most American consumers probably haven’t heard of is nevertheless suiting up to eventually topple Samsung on its way to becoming the number 1 global smartphone player. That’s the plan, at any rate, which Huawei has set out for itself, after already overtaking Apple earlier this year to become the second-largest smartphone player as ranked by global market share. And now, the CEO of Huawei’s consumer division Richard Yu has told CNBC in a new interview that the company’s timetable is to get almost even next year with Samsung, which has been suffering a decline in handset shipments, and then to overtake Samsung in 2020.

“Maybe we have a chance (to be number one in) the year 2020,” Yu said during the interview, which also touched on the company’s history in recent years, dating back to it not evening having a smartphone of its own until 2010.

That, of course, was three years after Apple’s debut of the iPhone. Per CNBC, Huawei “became one of China’s biggest technology firms thanks to the growth of mobile networking equipment, and is now one of the largest suppliers in the world for that market. It was also an original design manufacturer (ODM), which meant it designed and made devices for other firms.

more here:


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North Carolina State Adds ‘Social Justice Education’ to Ph.D. Program

North Carolina State University announced this week that it will be adding a Ph.D. program specializing in Social Justice Education.

The new Ph.D. program will be launched at North Carolina State University (NCSU) in the fall semester of 2019, and will seek to “prepare scholar-activists to lead in matters of social justice.”

“The goal of the program is to help educators recognize and disrupt systems of oppression by helping to foster and create equitable learning environments,” said Professor Jessica DeCuir-Gunby, according to the university’s news release.

DeCuir-Gunby is a Director of Graduate Programs for the Teacher Education and Learning Sciences Department, where the Ph.D. program will be housed.

more here:


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Microsoft is said to be building an Xbox with no disc drive

When Microsoft launched the Xbox One, it banked hard on the idea that gamers would favor digital content over physical discs – a gamble it had to backtrack on almost immediately after the console was announced. Now, according to a new report from Thurrott, the company may be revisiting the idea of a digital-focused game console.

Specifically, Thurrott claims that people familiar with Microsoft plans say that the company is planning to release an Xbox console without a disc drive.

Thurott's Brad Sams says that the console is basically an Xbox One S with the optical drive removed – a change designed to bring the Xbox One hardware's price to the lowest point possible. The final unit is expected to cost $200 or less.

more here:


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Steve Wozniak has some advice for Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook: Stop putting money before morals

Steve Wozniak doesn't mince words when it comes to Facebook.

During interviews earlier this week with CNBC and at the CME Group's Global Financial Leadership Conference in Naples, Florida, the Apple cofounder outlined some advice for Facebook and its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

He made the comments a few days before Wednesday's bombshell New York Times report that detailed how Facebook has tried to combat criticism and negative coverage in the past.

In a tweet, the NBC News reporter Dylan Byers described Wozniak as saying Facebook needed to "remember that people matter more than technology and stop putting money before morals."

more here:


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FCC lets U.S. phones access EU satellites for 3-foot location accuracy

Until now, consumer devices sold in the United States have relied on imprecise data from U.S.-developed GPS and Russian GLONASS satellites for location-tracking services, but that’s about to change for the better. The FCC has voted to allow U.S. consumers to access more precise data from European Galileo satellites, improving location accuracy in some cases from prior 10- to 15-foot distances down to as close as three feet.

Historically, U.S. officials hesitated to offer civilians access to the best location data available, reserving the most precise satellite information for military and intelligence agencies. But technology innovations, such as ubiquitous smartphones and map-equipped vehicles, have sparked increased consumer demand for better data, and the European Union established Galileo as a superior alternative to GPS and GLONASS. Galileo promises civilians up to 1-meter location precision, while reserving 1-centimeter precision for military purposes.

more here:


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Nintendo: Don’t Expect an N64 Classic Edition

Nintendo feigned surprise in 2016 when people flooded the internet with complaints about the limited supply of NES Classic consoles. The company ended production after giving everyone a taste of retro goodness, and it didn’t sit well. Nintendo came back with more NES units and the SNES Classic Edition. The stage seemed set for the Nintendo 64 classic, but don’t hold your breath. Nintendo of America CEO Reggie Fils-Aimé says the company has no plans to release that device.

more here:


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Final Fantasy VII Remake 'Misinformation' Addressed By Director

There's always going to be cynicism surrounding the development of Final Fantasy VII Remake, but director Tetsuya Nomura seems keen to keep people optimistic. Speaking to Famitsu at a recent Dissidia Final Fantasy event in Japan, he attempts to set the record straight.

According to Nomura, the current speculation that development hasn't even begun is incorrect. Previously, he had said that Final Fantasy VII Remake will be the "focus" once Kingdom Hearts III is released, which lead to a lot of people wondering if Remake's development was on hold.

more here:


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Microsoft finally announces Sunset Overdrive for PC meaning we can hopefully stop reporting on it

Sunset Overdrive has finally been announced for PC. That’s right; the Korean Ratings Board, ESRB, SteamDB and Amazon leaks were all completely accurate. It’s coming, and that means we can (hopefully) stop reporting on it.

The news was announced today by Xbox’s Major Nelson on Twitter. The game will appear on the upcoming episode of This Week at Xbox.

more here:


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Nintendo Switch GameCube Adapter Delayed In The UK Until May 2019

Nintendo has reportedly delayed the UK release of its GameCube adapter for the Switch until May 2019.

Delays happen all the time, obviously, but this one is a bit tough to swallow considering the main use of the GameCube pad is for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. That game is out early next month, which means it'll be six months until you can use the adapter for it. Ouch.

more here:


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85 percent of companies permit BYOD but security remains a concern

While a large majority of companies now permit employees to use their own devices for work, they have concerns over security and privacy.

Organizations are making BYOD available to employees (76 percent), contractors (27 percent), partners (25 percent), customers (22 percent), and suppliers (19 percent).

Security concerns are the main barrier to BYOD for 30 percent of respondents. Their main worry is data leakage, followed by unauthorized access to data and an inability to control uploads and downloads.

more here:


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Birth control has minor risks, but it won't kill you

Apparently Tuesday was #ThxBirthControl Day. Some would have you believe that birth control, primarily oral contraceptives, are a wonder drug that saves hundreds of thousands of lives a year. Others called it " poison," saying that it triples the risk of suicide.

As with most things, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

In the most literal way, birth control does save the lives of the unborn. Unless we're debating the technical functions of a specific sort of hormonal intrauterine device which may allow an egg to be fertilized before the uterus rejects its implantation, forms of birth control such as oral contraceptives, the pill, the patch, Depo-Provera, and copper IUDs prevent fertilization, period. The mass proliferation of birth control, in tandem with better health education, has been a significant factor in reducing the nation's abortion rate to its lowest levels since before Roe v. Wade.


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Rare microbes lead scientists to discover new branch on the tree of life

Epimastigotes are more different from all other living things than animals are from fungi

Canadian researchers have discovered a new kind of organism that's so different from other living things that it doesn't fit into the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, or any other kingdom used to classify known organisms.

Two species of the microscopic organisms, called hemimastigotes, were found in dirt collected on a whim during a hike in Nova Scotia by Dalhousie University graduate student Yana Eglit.

A genetic analysis shows they're more different from other organisms than animals and fungi (which are in different kingdoms) are from each other, representing a completely new part of the tree of life, Eglit and her colleagues report this week in the journal Nature.


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NY - Snow Brings Big Apple To Standstill

The massive winter storm has made the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York so crowded as a large number of commuters flock to the station waiting for buses. Since the terminal is already bursting at the seams, so to speak, the agency has decided to disallow more people from entering as officials closed the doors to the facility at about 5:15 p.m.

more here: https://thegoldwater.com/news/42452-NY-Snow-Brings-Big-Apple-To-Standstill

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South Africa - Parliament Votes On ‘Land Expropriation Without Compensation’ (Video)

The votes of the leftwing EFF of Julius Malema helped the ruling centre-left ANC (African National Congress) party to adopt an amendment moving forward the dreaded ‘land expropriation without compensation’ which could mean that many ‘white farmers’ will now lose their farms.

more here: https://thegoldwater.com/news/42450-South-Africa-Parliament-Votes-On-Land-Expropriation-Without-Compensation-Video

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Denmark withholds aid to Tanzania after anti-gay comments

Denmark is withholding 65m krone (£7.5m; $9.8m) in aid to Tanzania after "unacceptable homophobic comments" from a senior politician, a minister says.

Development minister Ulla Tornaes did not name the official but said she was "very concerned" by the comments.

Last month, Paul Makonda, commissioner for the commercial capital Dar es Salaam, called on the public to report suspected gay men to the police.

He said he would set up a surveillance squad to track down gay people.

The government said at the time that Mr. Makonda was expressing his personal opinion, not government policy.


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NC - Salmonella Outbreak Worries Thanksgiving Shoppers

It’s hard to imagine an American Thanksgiving table without the popular and ubiquitous turkey in the middle of all the dishes and other food. But shoppers in North Carolina are having apprehensions about the favorite Thanksgiving meal due to the salmonella outbreak and are wondering if turkey would be safe to eat for the holidays.

more here: https://thegoldwater.com/news/42444-NC-Salmonella-Outbreak-Worries-Thanksgiving-Shoppers

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FL - FBI Investigates Shock ‘Love Boat’ Death

The FBI, in close cooperation with the Aruba justice department, is set to investigate the death of a 52-year-old female American passenger on a cruise ship. The woman fell several meters from the deck on Tuesday and landed on a lifeboat. She died of her wounds hours later. The investigation must show whether or not it was intentional.

more here: https://thegoldwater.com/news/42441-FL-FBI-Investigates-Shock-Love-Boat-Death

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Woman ticketed for not holding escalator handrail to be heard by Supreme Court

She replied that she did not consider the image, which also featured the word “Careful,” to be an obligation. She refused to hold the handrail, and tensions mounted after she also refused to identity herself.

She was “taken by force” by the officer and another who had arrived as backup, according to court documents.

The officers detained Kosoian for about 30 minutes before letting her go with two tickets — one for $100 for disobeying a pictogram and another for $320 for having obstructed the work of an inspector.


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Early data suggests no spike in pot-impaired driving after legalization in Canada, police say

Canadian police have not seen a spike in cannabis-impaired driving one month since legalization, but there needs to be more awareness of laws around storing marijuana in vehicles and passengers smoking weed, law enforcement officials say.

The Canadian Press canvassed police forces and provincial and territorial Crowns across the country and while some said it was too early to provide data, others said initial numbers and anecdotal impressions suggest stoned driving isn’t on the rise.


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Asia shares absorb Nvidia blow, sterling licks its wounds

>Asian share markets turned mixed on Friday as hopes for a thaw in the Sino-U.S. trade standoff were tempered by disappointing results from U.S. chipmaker Nvidia Corp which slugged the tech sector.

The British pound also lay battered and bruised after a bout of political turmoil fanned fears the country could crash out of the European Union without a divorce deal.

Asian shares had started firm after reports the United States might pause on further China tariffs gave Wall Street a fillip, but a near 17 percent plunge in Nvidia’s stock tempered the mood.


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Alleged DOJ Unsealed Indictments Leaked via 8ch


Moderation is limited to board owners, and anonymous posters can quickly leak information to the public prior to the media's reporting at speeds that tend to break news before even social media.

That said, the below screenshots from /pol/ deserve a graphic content warning.

The endless hype on social media since the beginning of the Trump Presidency has surrounded the alleged unsealed indictments.

On 8ch.net's /qresearch/ board the “QAnon” crowd believed in the existence of said despite the mainstream media mocking such claims.

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Democrat Porter flips GOP House seat in Southern California

Democrat Katie Porter captured a Republican-held U.S. House seat Thursday in the heart of what once was Southern California’s Reagan country, extending a rout of the state’s GOP House delegation that might not be over.

Porter’s upset in Orange County is a sign of changing times in a region once known nationally as a GOP fortress. The coastal county southeast of Los Angeles was home to President Richard Nixon, and President Ronald Reagan once likened it to a Republican heaven.


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Navy SEALs and Marines charged with murdering Green Beret in horrific hazing incident: Prosecutors

Two SEALs from the Navy's elite Seal Team Six and two Marines have been charged with murder and involuntary manslaughter in the death of Army Green Beret Staff Sgt. Logan Melgar in Mali in June 2017. If the case moves to a court-martial, the four members of some of the U.S. military's most elite units face the possibility of life in prison without parole.

"Charges were preferred yesterday against two Sailors and two Marines in the death of Army Staff Sergeant Logan Melgar, who died June 4, 2017, while serving in Bamako, Mali," said a Navy statement.


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Irish Woman's Racist Rant Against Flight Staff Gets Her Arrested Upon Landing


Have you ever seen an unruly passenger that you wish would just sit down so you could sleep on the flight home? Well, passengers who were forced to share a flight with this Irish woman got more than an earful. It turns out, the Irish woman ranting at Air India staff is an international lawyer who was refused alcohol. Her outburst left other business class passengers clasping each other's hands in fear.

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GoFundMe Campaign To Help Homeless Vet Was All A Lie


The story seemed like a "heartwarming tale" of a New Jersey couple who decided to help a homeless veteran who was addicted to drugs. It turns out the entire thing was a scam, and even the homeless man Bobbitt was in on it. Prosecutors say the $400,000 raised on GoFundMe was "predicated on a lie" intended to trick thousands of people into contributing to a GoFundMe campaign for Bobbitt.

Kate McClure and her boyfriend Mark D'Amico even gave Bobbitt a new truck at one point with proceeds from the campaign, but where is the other $400,000? Investigators documented the couple's travel habits and found several expensive purchases in the time following the campaign.

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Facebook Slammed Over Soros Conspiracy Smear Campaign

Of all the places where you think you wouldn’t find it, Mr Zuckerberg’s platform Facebook has been slammed for apparently participating in a smear and conspiracy campaign against liberal Democratic donor Mr George Soros.

more here: https://thegoldwater.com/news/42361-Facebook-Slammed-Over-Soros-Conspiracy-Smear-Campaign

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Comedian Says Politics Is Replacing Comedy on Campus

Comedian David Deeble says that progressive politics is replacing comedy on college campuses.

Deeble wrote a column for Ricochet.com detailing his experiences doing stand-up on college campuses. Deeble echoed sentiments expressed by comedians like Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock, who have both said that they will no longer play college campuses because of heightened political correctness.

Deeble argues that many students are no longer able to hear jokes in the manner in which they were intended. Now, students driven by social justice politics are more likely to opt for the least charitable interpretation of a comedian’s joke. Or even worse, they will insist that an innocent joke had an unintended yet harmful impact on the community.

more here:


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New Zealand launches balls checking booth for testicular cancer

Ever thought of getting a health check but worried about having to, well, drop your pants? Meet the Testimatic.

That's a booth to allow New Zealand men to have their testicles checked without having to face a doctor.

Testicular cancer is the number one cancer in young men in Western nations and the booth is being rolled out with fanfare at a big expo in Auckland.

How does it work? Into the booth, down with the pants and a doctor will check you anonymously through a little hole.


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Camp Fire wildfire death toll rises to 63, sheriff says

Investigators in California revealed Thursday night that another seven sets of human remains have been found in the northern part of the state’s Camp Fire, bringing the total number of people killed to 63.

Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea said that of those found dead, 53 have been positively identified. Three of the bodies were found in Paradise – a town of 27,000 that has been destroyed by the inferno. Another three were found in Magalia and one was discovered in Concow.

The number of people who remain unaccounted for in the Northern California area increased to 631, by more than 500 people, officials said.



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After massacre, Parkland shooter asked to hitch a ride with victim’s brother

Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz slid into a booth at McDonald’s right after the attack, coming face to face with a student whose sister he had just shot.

In a pushy manner, Cruz asked to hitch a ride with Maddy Wilford’s brother, John, who was waiting for his mother to pick him up after the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High on Feb. 14.

It was sheer coincidence that Cruz came upon Wilford’s brother, Pinellas County Sheriff’s Sgt. John Suess said Thursday in a presentation to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission. “It’s my belief this is pure happenstance that he sits at a table with the brother of one of his victims,” Suess said.

Maddy Wilford was among the 17 who were shot and survived on Feb. 14, while 17 others died.

more here:


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Rick Scott Campaign Announces That They Have Gained in Their Victory Margin After Recount

The Florida recount results have been pouring in after allegations on both sides of illegality and voter fraud.

The initial numbers are not looking good for Democrats in the high-profile races. The critical Florida U.S. Senate seat and governorship, both initially won by Republicans, are looking like the GOP has actually gained numbers in their recount tallies.

After the recount tallies are in, Republican Ron DeSantis leads his Democratic opponent Andrew Gillum by 33,683 votes for the Florida Governor’s race, which has now all but been decided in favor of the Republican candidate

For the U.S. Senate seat, Scott leads Nelson by 12,603 — that race now goes to a manual recount.

more here:


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Telltale Games is closing, liquidation underway and some games being removed from Steam

The story is ending, and the process to close up shop began in early October.

Telltale Games is going through assignment proceedings, a process similar to bankruptcy, but designed to move quickly and settle the company's affairs. The writing has been on the wall for some time, but a company by the name of Sherwood Partners is expected to handle the process of winding Telltale Games down completely. Sherwood has initiated contact with anyone who might have a claim on Telltale's assets.

GameDaily spoke on the phone with Sherwood Partners co-founder Martin Pichinson. During the call, he confirmed that Sherwood will be handling Telltale’s liquidation.

“It’s just that someone doesn’t make it to the finish line,” he says. “Is it sad? Yes. It’s a whole new world.”

Assignment is a different mechanism for closing a company than bankruptcy. "A company can go out of business without going bankrupt," says attorney and Odin Law & Media founder Brandon Huffman. "All that means is that they were able to find someone to give them enough money for assets to pay any creditors or they had the money on hand."

more here:


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Two men burned to death by mob over WhatsApp rumour

>Two innocent men have been burned alive by a massive lynch mob after WhatsApp rumors branded them child abductors.

A MOB dragged two men out of a police station, savagely beat them and then set them on fire, killing them, after a false rumour was spread on WhatsApp about the pair being child kidnappers.

The mother of one of the men made a desperate plea for the crowd to stop as she watched the lynching unfold on a Facebook live stream, it was reported.


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Netflix’s She-ra Is Hated by Viewers, but Critics and SJWs Rush to Defend the Show

The divide between what people actually enjoy and what the Leftist orthodoxy is trying to force people to enjoy has become ever so apparent with the release of She-Ra And The Princesses of Power on Netflix. The cartoon reboot of the popular 1980’s spin-off of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, managed to score a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes from critics while barely scoring 40% from normal viewers.

If you visit the Rotten Tomatoes page you’ll see that the show currently has a 40% rating from users while 100% of the critics have given it a high score.

If you click through to read the critics’ review, you’ll see a bunch of familiar outlets; IGN, The Daily Dot, The Mary Sue, Den of Geek, Entertainment Weekly.

more here:


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Cliff Bleszinski Claims He’s Done With Video Games

In a tweet posted earlier today, self-proclaimed “washed up dudebro” game developer CLIFF BLESZINSKI shared that he wasn’t ever planning on making another video game. This comes in response to a Twitter account who decided to call out Cliffy B in his first tweet.

Stating that his LawBreakers purchase “waisted” [sic] his money, Twitter user HeitzJoshua demanded a refund. Cliff clarified that he himself didn’t take money for two years during the game’s development before stating that he was out of the industry.

more here:


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PlayStation Skipping E3 for First Time in Show’s 24-Year History

Sony Interactive Entertainment, currently riding high on record sales of its PlayStation 4 gaming console, won’t be hosting its annual press conference or showing up at all during next year’s massive E3 expo.

The news was buried inside the Entertainment Software Association’s announcement of the 2019 show that quoted competitors Nintendo and Microsoft. Sony confirmed their absence in a statement to Variety.

“As the industry evolves, Sony Interactive Entertainment continues to look for inventive opportunities to engage the community,” according to the statement. “PlayStation fans mean the world to us and we always want to innovate, think differently and experiment with new ways to delight gamers. As a result, we have decided not to participate in E3 in 2019. We are exploring new and familiar ways to engage our community in 2019 and can’t wait to share our plans with you.”

This will be the first time in E3’s 24-year history that PlayStation will not be attending the event, it is also the second major PlayStation event canceled by the company in recent months.

more here:


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Apple pursues Qualcomm chip engineers as modem legal battle deepens

Locked in an increasingly dangerous legal battle with Qualcomm over modem patents and trade secrets, Apple is upping the ante by aggressively seeking to lure employees from its one-time chip supplier. According to a new Bloomberg report, Apple is now seeking chip engineers located in Qualcomm’s home city of San Diego, California, territory the company has not previously targeted in its recruiting efforts.

While Apple’s own chip development efforts have long been known to be both strong and growing, the company has concentrated its California hiring on Northern California — close to its own Cupertino headquarters — with satellite offices in at least three other states and four other countries where key chipmaking rivals are located. By expanding its hiring to San Diego, Apple appears to be gearing up to poach engineers from California’s only other chipmaking hub, one that has gained considerable importance over the past decade, thanks to the growing popularity of wireless devices.

more here:


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AirPods 2 Seen In Leaked Photos, Apparently, Claimed Definitely Coming This Year

AirPods 2 are almost here, multiple sources have been telling us recently, with big upgrades predicted especially in health features. And now there have been more leaks in the last couple of days that seem to bring them even closer.

Even if you weren't sold on the look of the AirPods when they launched, they've certainly been an incredibly popular product. Many doubters found their reservations vaporize when they tried them for size, heard the great audio, experienced the superbly simple pairing and connection procedure, and enjoyed the features like strong audio quality in phone calls. Not to mention the convenience of being able to pause music playback just by taking one of the buds out of your ear.

The new version, AirPods 2, is rumored to have a more powerful chip to facilitate hands-free "Hey,Siri" interactions, improved, more recent version of Bluetooth and perhaps improved battery life as a result.

more here:


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Lost Disney 'Oswald' film found in Japan

One of Walt Disney's earliest films has been discovered in Japan.

An anime historian had the cartoon for 70 years before he realised it was one of seven lost films.

The two-minute short features Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, a precursor to Mickey Mouse.

Yasushi Watanabe, 84, bought the film from a toy wholesaler in Osaka when he was a teenager, paying only ¥500 (£3.45 at current exchange rates).

Originally called Neck & Neck, the 16mm cartoon was tagged with the name Mickey Manga Spide (Mickey Cartoon Speedy), and remained in Mr. Watanabe's personal collection for 70 years.


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Saskatoon widow has her husband's tattoos — and the skin they're on — preserved Facebook Twitter Red

'>We've never had a request like this,' said a local funeral director

Some people put a photo of their departed loved ones above the living room fireplace. Others spread the deceased's ashes.

Saskatoon tattoo shop owner Cheryl Wenzel's late husband and business partner Chris left her with far more unconventional instructions.

"He wanted to have his tattoos removed and displayed to the whole world," said the 40-year-old widow. "He would always say, 'Why get all these hours of tattoos put into me [and] nobody can see them? Why get buried with them?'"


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Italy’s olive crisis intensifies as deadly tree disease spreads

>Containment measures meant to stop a rampant bacterium have been frequently delayed.

A vicious bacterium that is devastating southern Italy’s valuable olive groves is still spreading years after it was identified, because of opposition to measures meant to contain the pathogen.

After months of inaction, authorities in the Puglia region have now resumed efforts to track the spread of the bacterium, Xylella fastidiosa, which causes a disease called olive quick decline syndrome (OQDS) that cannot be cured or eradicated.


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Morocco inaugurates Africa's fastest train

' Morocco inaugurated on Thursday Africa’s fastest train which will halve traveling time between the commercial and industrial hubs of Casablanca and Tangier.

After seven years of work on the high-speed railway line, King Mohammed VI and French President Emmanuel Macron boarded the train for the inaugural trip from Tangier to the capital Rabat.

The train, which was tested at a speed of 357 km (222 miles)per hour and is planned to run at 320 km (198 miles) per hour, will more than halve the 200 km (124 miles)Casablanca-Tangier journey to around two hours. It is about twice as fast as South Africa’s high-speed Gautrain linking Johannesburg’s international airport to the city’s financial district Sandton.


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Facebook defends Russia response, updates plan to curb misbehavior

>Facebook Inc (FB.O) Chairman and Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday defended his response to Russian election meddling on the world’s largest social media network and issued a new plan aimed at stifling misbehavior while maintaining a vibrant hub for online speech.

His comments in a conference call with journalists and in a Facebook post followed a New York Times report on Wednesday that contended that he and other executives tried to deflect criticism internally and in Congress about Russian propaganda spreading through Facebook during the last three years.


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Saudi women in 'inside-out abaya' protest

Some Saudi women have launched a protest against the abaya - a long loose-fitting robe used to cover their bodies in public - by saying that they will wear it inside out.

Under the hashtag "inside-out abaya" they have posted pictures of the robe, which they feel under pressure to wear.

In March Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said the garment was not a legal requirement.

About 5,000 tweets using the hashtag have been sent, mostly from Saudi Arabia.


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TX - Houston Astros' Alex Bregman Drops A $500 Tip To Waitress In Need


Bregman recently started his own YouTube channel dedicated to giving back to those in his community. One of the first clips that Bergman updated to the channel included he and his friends planning to help a waitress in need. They call the restaurant, The Moonshiners, and ask if any of the servers have recently had any hard times. The 24-year-old MLB star was told by the manager that a waitress named Jordan Thompson had her car burglarized that very day and a large amount of money was stolen.

In the video, Bregman explains his plan to his friends. "We all came up with this idea to do a YouTube channel and we wanted to do some funny stuff, we wanted to do some stuff like a behind-the-scenes look at our lives during the off-season, but we also wanted to do some things that help people out, especially here in the Houston community – a community that’s done so much for me. We thought this would be a good idea, help a waitress who is struggling right now."

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Indigenous women kept from seeing their newborn babies until agreeing to sterilization, says lawyer

>Sterilizations happened as recently as 2017, Saskatchewan lawsuit alleges

As a senator calls for a nationwide review of the forced sterilization of Indigenous women, a lawyer representing a proposed class action detailed the women's accounts of being sterilized without proper and informed consent.

"In the throes of labor… they would be approached, harassed, coerced into signing these consent forms," said Alisa Lombard, an associate with Maurice Law, the first Indigenous-owned national law firm in Canada.


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Russia domestic abuse: 'My husband chopped off my hands'

In December 2017, Margarita Gracheva's husband took her into a forest and cut her hands off with an axe.

Her case has highlighted activists' fears that the softening of Russia's laws applying to domestic violence may be emboldening abusers.

First offences where the victim is not hospitalised are no longer treated as criminal offences and penalties have been reduced, under legal changes brought in in February 2017.

Her now ex-husband Dmitry Grachev has been convicted and sentenced to 14 years in prison.


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Jacob Rees-Mogg submits letter of no confidence in Theresa May in a Eurosceptic rallying call

>His letter was followed by fellow Eurosceptic Steve Baker MP calling for a new Conservative leader

Chief backbench Eurosceptic Jacob Rees-Mogg has submitted a letter of no confidence in the prime minister, taking Theresa May’s leadership closer to the brink of collapse.

Mr Rees-Mogg, who chairs the Brexit backing European Research Group (ERG), said he was specifically choosing to make his letter public in a sign that he wants other colleagues to consider following his lead.


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Telford cricket bat murder: Boy, 16, convicted

A 16-year-old boy who fractured a man's skull with a cricket bat has been found guilty of murder.

The teenager is said to have crept up behind Derek Whyteside in Telford, Shropshire, as he searched for two stolen children's bikes in June.

Mr. Whyteside, 42, collapsed on the ground and died two days later.

The teenager had claimed he acted in self-defense, but he was found guilty by a jury at Stafford Crown Court by a unanimous verdict.


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'Many British politicians have been liars' on Brexit, French finance minister says

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire slammed pro-Brexit politicians in the U.K., claiming they lied to the public in the run-up to the 2016 referendum.

Speaking to CNBC's Karen Tso at the Women's Forum in Paris on Thursday, Le Maire said that Brexit was a "historical mistake."

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire slammed pro-Brexit politicians in the U.K., claiming they lied to the public in the run-up to the 2016 referendum.


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Lion Air crash: Boeing sued by victim's family over aircraft design

The family of a passenger killed when a Lion Air flight crashed into the sea near Indonesia are suing Boeing over an alleged fault with the jet's design.

The lawsuit accuses the US aircraft manufacturer of failing to inform pilots and airlines of a feature with its new 737 Max plane system that could "push the nose down unexpectedly".

Investigators have been looking into reported technical issues.

Boeing maintains that it is "confident in the safety of the 737 Max".

Lion Air flight JT 610 was carrying 189 people when it crashed on 29 October.

It plummeted into the Java Sea following a request from the pilot for permission to turn back to the airport just moments after taking off from Jakarta.


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Paris mayor plans to pedestrianise city centre

The Mayor of Paris has plans to pedestrianise the centre of the French capital, which includes landmarks such as Notre Dame Cathedral, reports say.

The plans would severely restrict traffic in the city's first four districts, known as arrondissements, with electric shuttles brought in as an alternative, AFP reported.

It would happen in Mayor Anne Hidalgo's next term, assuming she is re-elected.

She has made reducing pollution a central part of her policy.

Last month the European Environment Agency warned that air pollution caused 500,000 premature deaths in Europe every year.


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Border Force ups patrols after 'unprecedented' surge in migrants crossing Channel

The UK Border Force has increased patrols along the south coast, after an "unprecedented" surge in migrants attempting to reach the UK.

Vessels have been redirected to the English Channel after 48 migrants - including a four-year-old boy - were rescued in five separate incidents over two days.

Officials are concerned that the number of Iranian migrants indicates criminal gangs have opened new smuggling networks from the country.


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Prince William accuses social media giants of failing to protect children from 'bile and hate'

The Duke of Cambridge has accused the world’s technology giants of failing to protect children from the hate and bile of social media, as he warns they are out of their depth in tackling the negative side of their platforms.

The Duke, who has spent months working with web companies to try to tackle cyberbullying, condemned the “defensive” attitude of social media firms in refusing to accept their role in the spread of hate speech, fake news and the torment of young people in their own homes.


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International Olympic Committee running out of cities that will throw its parties

Call this payback for the International Olympic Committee’s decades of greed and deceit.

Once a prize that cities on every continent fought over, so blinded were they by the promise of civic and infrastructure improvements, the Olympics are now being recognized for the economy-busting boondoggle they are. Calgary on Tuesday joined Sapporo, Japan; Sion, Switzerland; and Graz, Austria, in saying “thanks, but no thanks” for the right to throw the IOC a lavish party in February 2026, and there’s a good possibility bids in Italy and Stockholm could soon follow.

This isn’t a 2026 oddity, either. More cities (eight) dropped out of the bidding for the 2022 and 2024 Olympics than stayed in (four). Several others took themselves out of the running before the official process began.


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A growing number of people seeking asylum in Canada are Americans, statistics show

As Canada grapples with an influx of irregular asylum seekers, statistics show a growing number of people seeking refugee protection in Canada are Americans.

In 2017, people whose country of origin was identified as the United States made up the third largest cohort of asylum seekers. A total of 2,550 asylum claims were made by United States citizens in 2017.

Partial statistics for this year show this trend continued at border and inland entry points, where 1,215 Americans sought asylum between January and August, according to government statistics.


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Facebook is being accused of hiring a PR firm to smear its opponents

Facebook hired a PR firm to deflect attention from its own failings, according to an investigation by The New York Times.

The background: The Cambridge Analytica data debacle, the tsunami of fake news from Russian trolls, and the use of its platform to incite violence in Myanmar are just a few of the blows to its reputation that Facebook has had to manage over the past couple of years. In response, it launched an aggressive PR and lobbying campaign, some of whose details have just been published by the Times.

The highlights: Which are really “lowlights.” These include claims that:


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Jeff Bezos to employees: 'One day, Amazon will fail' but our job is to delay it as long as possible

Just days before Amazon announced the big winners of its HQ2 sweepstakes, CEO Jeff Bezos had to address a separate but related concern among employees: Where is all this headed?

At an all-hands meeting last Thursday in Seattle, an employee asked Bezos about Amazon's future. Specifically, the questioner wanted to know what lessons Bezos has learned from the recent bankruptcies of Sears and other big retailers.


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Ocasio-Cortez is using Instagram stories to bring you behind the curtain of the Washington, DC

Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — the Bronx-born Democratic giant-slayer — built her grassroots-powered, shoe-string campaign off of social media. And now that she's in Washington, she doesn't seem to be changing that.

Since arriving in the nation's capital for congressional orientation this week, the 29-year-old democratic socialist has posted a series of Instagram posts and stories that have generated a big response. The youngest woman ever elected to Congress, Ocasio-Cortez played to her millennial following by comparing her first days in DC to high school orientation and the Capitol building to Hogwarts.


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Batkid five years later: Miles Scott is cancer free, Make-A-Wish Foundation says

>Miles Scott still has to visit his doctor once a year, but the organization said he's "doing great."

Five years ago to the day, Miles Scott, who was battling leukemia, became a real-life superhero when he got to dress up as Batman and take down Penguin and Riddler in San Francisco as part of a touching request he made through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The city's police and fire departments, the San Francisco Giants and the late San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, granted 5-year-old Miles' wish by turning the city into Gotham allowing the brave little boy to fight crime and rescue the Giants’ mascot, Lou Seal. Miles affectionately became known as "Batkid" following his special day.


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FDA restricts sales of most flavored e-cigarettes to curb 'astonishing' surge in teen vaping, pursue

The Food and Drug Administration will restrict sales of most flavored e-cigarettes to age-restricted stores and pursue bans on menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars as it tries to control what Commissioner Scott Gottlieb describes as an "astonishing" surge in teen e-cigarette use that is reversing years of progress in fighting youth tobacco addiction.

Gottlieb in a statement Thursday outlined a slew of policies and essentially threatened to pull products from the market if manufacturers do not follow them. He cited data from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention's National Youth Tobacco Survey, expected to be released in its entirety later Thursday, showing that 3.6 million middle and high school students currently use e-cigarettes.


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The research firm Facebook hired to smear its critics has been pushing an anti-Apple campaign

Facebook is facing a firestorm on Thursday after a bombshell New York Times report said that it had contracted with a public affairs firm to spread negative information about its critics to reporters.

Facebook said on Thursday that it had ended the relationship with Definers Public Affairs, a Republican-linked firm.

But Facebook is not the only technology company that has contracted with them to spread political-style, so-called "opposition research" to reporters. There is another tech company that has contracted with Definers — only this time, the target is Apple.


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Homeless man and N.J. couple concocted story for GoFundMe fundraiser, prosecutor says

>It started as a heartwarming tale. But in a "too good to be true" twist, prosecutors say, Mark D'Amico, Kate McClure and Johnny Bobbitt Jr. now face charges.

A "feel-good story" that grabbed national attention when a New Jersey couple raised more than $400,000 to help a homeless good Samaritan was built on greed and deception — and all three were in on the scam, prosecutors said Thursday.

The couple — Mark D'Amico, 39, and Kate McClure, 28 — and homeless man Johnny Bobbitt Jr., 35, were charged with second-degree theft by deception and conspiracy to commit theft by deception for cooking up a ploy to dupe people out of their donations, authorities said. If found guilty, they could serve up to five to 10 years in prison.


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Facebook hired a research firm that tried to discredit its critics by linking them to George Soros

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told reporters he didn't know his company hired a opposition research firm that tried to discredit critics of Facebook by linking them to billionaire financier George Soros.

The work performed by Definers Public Affairs — exposed in a bombshell New York Times report on Thursday — has come under extreme criticism, with many arguing it feeds into anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about Soros, who is Jewish, and Jews more generally.


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The City of London reacts to the chaos of Theresa May's crumbling Brexit deal

Brexit entered a chaotic new chapter on Thursday as some government ministers — including Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab — resigned in protest of the deal secured by Prime Minister Theresa May.

Raab's resignation triggered a major fall in the pound, with UK-focused stocks following closely behind. Traders are bracing for a turbulent next few days, even weeks, in financial markets.


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To ease Turkish pressure on Saudis over killing, White House weighs expelling Erdogan foe

>"Once they realized it was a serious request, the career guys were furious," a U.S. official said of request tied to Khashoggi killing.

The White House is looking for ways to remove an enemy of Turkish President Recep Erdogan from the U.S. in order to placate Turkey over the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, according to two senior U.S. officials and two other people briefed on the requests.

Trump administration officials last month asked federal law enforcement agencies to examine legal ways of removing exiled Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen in an attempt to persuade Erdogan to ease pressure on the Saudi government, the four sources said.


R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Trump administration's reported effort to 'barter' a US resident to convince Turkey

Foreign-policy veterans were floored Thursday following a bombshell report that the White House considered extraditing one of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's top enemies to get Ankara to back off the investigation into the murder of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

NBC News reported that the White House was looking for legal ways to boot out Fethullah Gulen — an exiled Turkish cleric whom Erdogan accuses of orchestrating a failed coup against him in 2016 — in exchange for Turkey easing pressure on the Saudi government, which is responsible for Khashoggi's killing.


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Abortion: NI women to be provided access to Republic services

Women and girls from Northern Ireland will be able to access abortion services in the Republic of Ireland next year.

The Irish health minister made the commitment on Thursday morning.

Abortion is illegal in Northern Ireland unless there is a serious risk to a woman's life or health.

In May, the Republic of Ireland voted overwhelmingly to overturn its abortion ban.

Ireland's Health Minister Simon Harris met pro-choice activists from Northern Ireland on Thursday afternoon.


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Russia's arrests of opposition leader Alexei Navalny 'politically motivated', European Court

The Kremlin was yesterday ordered to pay Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny €63,000 (£56,000) after the European Court of Human Rights found it had arrested him on political pretexts.

Authorities acted to “suppress political pluralism” in seven arrests of Mr Navalny, Thursday’s court ruling read.

The politician declared the result a “triumph of justice” and a “great victory”.


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Seven UN peacekeepers killed in eastern DR Congo fighting

Seven United Nations peacekeepers were killed in an operation against a rebel militia in the Democratic Republic of Congo's restive east, the UN said on Thursday.

Ten other peacekeeping troops were wounded, and another is missing, UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said in New York.

Several Congolese were also killed or wounded in the joint operation, he said.

The deaths mark the biggest loss by the large UN force in DR Congo since the rebels killed 15 troops nearly a year ago.


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Chinese community taps WeChat to fight Paris muggings

In early October, a video shared on Facebook showing the assault of a Chinese couple in Paris caused an outcry in a community that is increasingly prey to violent muggings. To confront the problem, support groups have emerged on WeChat, a Chinese instant messaging app.

The assault took place on October 1, in an apartment building in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, home to a large Chinese population. It was filmed by a security camera and the recording was posted on Facebook on October 7 by Sécurité pour Tous (Security for all), a committee of Chinese organizations in France.


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UK PM May Could Be Gone Within Weeks Rather Than Months


A change of leadership could be coming sooner than later in Britain, according to eurosceptic lawmaker Jacob Rees-Mogg. The lawmaker said Thursday, "I think it can be done quite quickly. I think the parliamentary processes can be sped up," he told reporters, adding "not months, but I think weeks."

The lawmaker Rees-Mogg suggested the name Boris Johnson as a potential replacement. He also mentioned David Davis, Esther McVey, and Dominic Raab, all members who quit May's political cabinet int he last year sort of like rats fleeing a sinking ship. Penny Mordaunt has also widely been rumored to be a replacement as well.

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 7 [R] [G] [-]

Trump Weighing A Ban On All Reporters At White House?


After the drama between the White House and CNN's Jim Acosta who shoved an intern and refused to give up the microphone, President Trump is seeking to land a blow that could smash his long-time opponents, the media. Attorneys for the administration asserted in court that the president could bar "all reporters" from the White House complex for any reason he wants.

The claim was made at the first public hearing over CNN's lawsuit to restore correspondent Jim Acosta's White House credentials. The outcome could have a dramatic effect on news organizations access to government officials if it is upheld in court. CNN filed the lawsuit Tuesday and claimed the White House infringed on Acosta's First Amendment rights by revoking his access.

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France sets out plan to end 'imported deforestation'

France set out plans on Wednesday to tackle deforestation around the world, saying it would look to curb imports of products such as palm oil, soy and beef that contribute to the destruction of forest areas.

In a joint statement, five French ministries proposed 17 measures aimed at putting a halt by 2030 to deforestation caused by imports of non-sustainable forest or agricultural products.

Palm oil, a type of vegetable oil used in confectionery and other goods, is controversial because of the environmental impact of clearing forests to make way for plantations.

The majority of the world's palm oil comes from Malaysia and Indonesia, where deforestation has threatened orangutan populations.


R: 15 / I: 3 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

'Thongs can't talk' - hundreds take to the streets in protest over underwear comments in rape trial

Protests take place in Cork and Dublin following rape trial comments

ALMOST 400 women staged a march to Cork Courthouse where underwear was symbolically laid on the court steps in protest at comments passed at a rape trial over the fact a female teenage complainant was wearing a lace thong.

Protesters marched from Cork city centre to the Anglesea Courthouse to demand judicial reform over sexual assault cases as well as better training for barristers to avoid potential 'victim blaming'.


R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Amazon Introduces A Microwave That Can Be Told to Cook, No Buttons Needed


A smart microwave that can be told to cook? It’s either a testament to how advanced technology has become, or how lazy humans have turned into. Take your pick.

Amazon has introduced a microwave that users can talk to with Amazon Alexa. While an Amazon Echo speaker is needed nearby, once everything’s set up, users can instruct the appliance piece to defrost meat, reheat coffee, among other simple tasks without having to press buttons as the conventional case is.

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Monkey kills baby boy in India's Agra

A 12-day-old boy has died after he was snatched from his mother and bitten by a monkey in northern India.

The infant's mother was breastfeeding him at their home in the city of Agra when the animal entered the house and grabbed him, the family said.

The monkey dropped the badly bitten child on a neighbour's roof after locals gave chase to the animal.

The baby died of his injuries in hospital. Locals say monkey attacks in the area are growing more frequent.

The baby's uncle, Dhirendra Kumar, told the BBC that the family was heartbroken.


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Sports Desk: Zisser Crushes 66 McNuggets in 5 Minutes! (Video)


Those who are in-the-know about competitive eating may have recently doubted Nela Zisser's commitment to the sport.Hailing from Christchurch, New Zealand and weighing in at 105 pounds, this …

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Italy - Migrants Rescued At Sea Refuse To Go Ashore In Libya

After a few weeks of budget discussions, the Italian government of populist parties Lega Nord (Matteo Salvini) and Five Star Movement (Luigi Di Maio) is once again focusing on immigration.

more here: https://thegoldwater.com/news/42365-Italy-Migrants-Rescued-At-Sea-Refuse-To-Go-Ashore-In-Libya

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France - Macron Faces Humiliation As Citizens Vow To Block Country

An anti-political movement in France has swept the country as some 700,000 people have organized via social media and vowed to block the roads and gas stations this weekend. As from tomorrow, President Macron (who has seen his popularity ratings fall to ever further lows), will have to explain why France is coming to a standstill over the rising fuel prices which consist mainly of state taxes.

more here: https://thegoldwater.com/news/42369-France-Macron-Faces-Humiliation-As-Citizens-Vow-To-Block-Country

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>Mysterious issue with social network leaves many people without access to the website or app

Facebook has stopped working for users across large parts of America amid a major outage.

Visitors to the website were greeted with the message: "Sorry, something went wrong. We're working on it and we'll get it fixed as soon as we can."

Down Detector, a service that monitors website outages, received more than 700 reports of the social network being down on Monday, 12 November.


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Oreo cookie maker targeted by Greenpeace to save Orangutans

The maker of Oreo cookies has become the latest target by Greenpeace in its campaign to stop the destruction of rainforests for palm oil.

The environmental group accused palm oil suppliers to snack giant Mondelez International Inc, which makes the famous black and white cookie as well as Cadbury chocolate bars, of deforestation and destroying orangutan habitats in Indonesia. In response, Illinois-based Mondelez told Bloomberg News it is actively working with suppliers to ensure palm oil is fully traceable and does not lead to deforestation, and is excluding 12 companies from its supply chain as a result of breaches.


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China's 'artificial sun' reaches 100 million degrees Celsius marking milestone for nuclear fusion

Chinese nuclear scientists have reached an important milestone in the global quest to harness energy from nuclear fusion, a process that occurs naturally in the sun.

Chinese nuclear scientists have reached an important milestone in the global quest to harness energy from nuclear fusion, a process that occurs naturally in the sun.


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Uber loss tops $1bn loss ahead of planned IPO next year

Uber posted a loss of $1.07bn (£821m) in the three months to September, as the ride-sharing firm prepares for a public stock offering next year.

The US company's net losses widened sharply on a quarterly basis as revenues rose only slightly.

Uber was recently valued at $72bn, making it one of the most valuable privately held firms in the world.

But it is under pressure to become more profitable for a planned offering of its shares to the public next year.

Net losses widened sharply to $1.07bn from $891m, figures from Uber showed, as revenues and bookings rose only slightly.


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Dominic Raab and Esther McVey among ministers to quit over EU agreement

Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab has resigned saying he "cannot in good conscience support" the UK's draft Brexit agreement with the EU.

He was swiftly followed out of the door by Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey and junior Brexit minister Suella Braverman.

It comes hours after Theresa May announced that she had secured the backing of her cabinet for the deal.

Chief whip Julian Smith said the PM "will not be bullied".


R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

France responds to Trump’s wild Twitter tirade: ‘Common decency would have been appropriate’

>US president goads Emmanuel Macron over ‘very low’ approval ratings

France has accused Donald Trump of a lack of “common decency” after the US president taunted Emmanuel Macron about his call for a European army.

In a flurry of early morning tweets on Tuesday, Mr Trump said the US saved Parisians from “learning German” during the Second World War, blasted “not fair” French tariffs on American wines, and goaded Mr. Macron over his “very low” approval ratings.


R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 8 [R] [G] [-]

Khashoggi's killers carried syringes, electro-shock devices and cutting tools as they left Istanbul

>Foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt becomes highest-ranking UK official to meet with Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman since killing of Washington Post journalist

Syringes, electro-shock devices and a blade similar to a scalpel were among the tools carried by Jamal Khashoggi’s alleged killers as they departed Istanbul after murdering the Washington Post journalist inside a Saudi consulate last month.

But there was not yet any evidence of a bone saw that would have been required to dismember his body, according to a new report published on Tuesday.

The Turkish pro-government daily newspaper Sabah published photos purportedly showing tools carried by the 15-man Saudi hit squad as they left Istanbul aboard a private jet after allegedly murdering the Washington Post columnist.


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Three South Korean firms to plead guilty to rigging price of U.S. military base fuel

Three South Korean firms to plead guilty to rigging price of U.S. military base fuel: Justice Department

SK Energy Co Ltd [SKENGG.UL]; GS Caltex Corp [GSCAL.UL], 50 percent owned by Chevron; and Hanjin Transportation Co Ltd agreed to pay $154 million in civil damages to the United States and $82 million in criminal fines, the department said.

The settlement was part of a larger investigation involving other companies, the head of the Justice Department’s antitrust division, Assistant Attorney General Makan Delrahim, told reporters.


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Albert Einstein letter warning of pre-Nazi nationalism sells at auction

A handwritten letter written by Albert Einstein warning of the dangers of growing nationalism and anti-Semitism years before the Nazis rose to power has been sold for nearly $40,000. The Kedem Auction House says the previously unknown letter, brought forward by an anonymous collector, fetched $39,360 in bidding in Jerusalem on Tuesday night.

Einstein wrote the letter to his sister after going into hiding in 1922 following the assassination of Germany's Jewish foreign minister by right-wing extremists. Police had warned the Jewish scientist that his life could be in danger too.

"Here are brewing economically and politically dark times, so I'm happy to be able to get away from everything," he wrote.


R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Turkey calls for international investigation into Khashoggi murder

An international investigation into the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi is essential, Turkey’s foreign minister said on Wednesday, and reiterated Turkish decisiveness to solve the murder.

“We will do whatever it takes to bring the murder to light. We have shown the evidence to all those who wanted to see,” Mevlut Cavusoglu told the parliament.

Turkey previously said it would cooperate in an international investigation, and had called for a UN probe.


R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Extinction mystery deepens after discovery of bird fossil from age of dinosaurs

Analysis of perfectly intact Mirarce eatoni reveals that it was just as well adapted to flight as modern birds, prompting questions about why it was wiped out

The skeleton of a vulture-sized bird from 75 million years ago has reignited a long-standing mystery about extinctions and the bird family tree.

Dubbed Mirarce eatoni, the unusual creature would have lived alongside dinosaurs in what is now Utah.

Analysis of the perfectly intact fossil specimen has revealed it was fully feathered and appears to have been just as well adapted to flight like modern birds.


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Viral video of Taliban teacher ‘punished in grave’ debunked

A very strange video has gone viral on social media in Afghanistan. It purports to show a clip from a Pakistani television station, which itself features an amateur-looking video of what we are told is a gravesite. Ghoulish sounds are heard. The text on screen claims that the sounds are coming from the tomb of Maualan Sami ul-Haq, a Pakistani cleric, the “Father of the Taliban”, who was killed on November 1.

Sami ul-Haq, a former senator, was a prominent cleric who taught some of Taliban’s leaders. He was stabbed to death by attackers at his home in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

The text in the video says that the footage shows Sami ul-Haq’s “punishment of the grave”. This is an Islamic concept whereby souls of sinners are punished as soon as they enter their graves.


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Migrants fill Tijuana shelters, more on way to US border

The first members of a caravan of Central Americans to reach the U.S. border slept in overcrowded shelters and in tents with a view of armed U.S. Border Patrol agents, with many saying they will wait for other migrants to join them before making their next moves.

Hundreds of migrants have arrived by bus in Tijuana since Tuesday, occupying the little space still available in the city's shelters and spilling onto an oceanfront plaza sandwiched between an old bullring and a border fence topped with recently installed concertina wire.


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Northern California fire death toll at 56; 130 missing

As the scope of a deadly Northern California wildfire set in, the sheriff said more than 450 people had now been assigned to comb through the charred remains in search for more bodies. The blaze has killed at least 56 people and authorities say 130 are unaccounted for.

Many of the missing are elderly and from Magalia, a forested town of about 11,000 to the north of Paradise.


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California, New Jersey Republicans concede, Utah representative sues

A Republican U.S. representative of Utah who is trailing her Democratic challenger filed a lawsuit on Wednesday seeking to halt vote counting while two incumbent Republican congressmen in California and New Jersey conceded, more than a week after the U.S. midterm elections.

The races are among about a dozen high-profile contests that remained unresolved. But the outstanding races will not tip the balance in Congress after Democrats took control of the U.S. House of Representatives and Republicans extended their majority in the U.S. Senate in the Nov. 6 vote.


R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Australia - Liberal Party Candidate In Anti-Muslim Video Scandal

Meralyn Klein has lost her endorsements following an anti-Muslim comment in a video that showed up online just days prior to the election. Klein was running as Victorian state opposition as a Liberal party candidate who can be seen in a video calling for a ban on Muslim immigration.

more here: https://thegoldwater.com/news/42355-Australia-Liberal-Party-Candidate-In-Anti-Muslim-Video-Scandal

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USA vs Norway - World Chess Championship Caught In ‘Videogate’ Scandal

Two twenty-year-olds are battling each other for the World Champion title of Chess in London.

more here: https://thegoldwater.com/news/42357-USA-vs-Norway-World-Chess-Championship-Caught-In-Videogate-Scandal

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'Super Earth' discovered in orbit around a nearby star

A "Super Earth" – a planet much bigger and colder than our world – was discovered in orbit around a nearby star, scientists announced in a study published Wednesday.

How big? More than three times the mass of the Earth. How cold? A chilly temperature of about 238 degrees below zero.

Super-Earths are planets with masses larger than the Earth but not as big as the ice giants in our solar system, such as Neptune and Uranus.


R: 3 / I: 2 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]

Toyota offers to give Camp Fire hero nurse a new truck

Toyota is coming to the rescue of a nurse who has been heralded for risking his life to aid others during the Camp Fire Paradise, Calif., fire last week.

Allyn Pierce was profiled in a New York Times story that recounted how he and some colleagues were stuck while trying to escape the fire surrounding the Adventist Health Feather River hospital, where he manages the intensive care unit, but when they had the opportunity to get clear, turned around and headed back to the hospital instead.


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FL - Broward County Elections Officials Admit “We Are In Prayer Mode” As Disaster Looms

You know you’re an election official in trouble when both President Trump and the evening talk show hosts are trash talking about you.

more here: https://thegoldwater.com/news/42354-FL-Broward-County-Elections-Officials-Admit-We-Are-In-Prayer-Mode-As-Disaster-Looms

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Trump's written answers for Mueller fire up speculation of a secret subpoena fight

President Trump’s legal team is preparing to give written answers on Russia questions to special counsel Robert Mueller, according to news reports — adding fuel to speculation that Trump is secretly fighting a subpoena to compel his testimony.

The theory that Trump is appealing an order requiring in-person testimony is guesswork, largely based on a journalist overhearing a conversation that connected a mysterious court fight to Mueller's investigation — and the latest reports arguably support either side of the debate.

Attorney John Dowd, who left Trump’s legal team in March, told the Washington Examiner that preparation of written answers indicates there's no secret subpoena requiring the president to appear before a grand jury.


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Most women now see retirement as the 'most liberating phase' of their lives

American women aren't buying into the doom-and-gloom retirement narrative any longer.

They increasingly are viewing their retirement years with optimism, referring to the aging process as a "liberating phase" of their lives, a time to pursue fresh goals, experience new things and pursue meaningful work, according to a new survey from TD Ameritrade that USA TODAY obtained exclusively.

"Women are so enthusiastic when it comes to aging, and that is a different message than what is out there," says Christine Russell, senior manager of retirement and annuities at TD Ameritrade, a discount brokerage firm, referring to female savings shortfalls and other retirement obstacles.


R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 9 [R] [G] [-]


United Nations officials and experts condemned the Communist government of China in a letter on Monday for the internment of many from the nation’s Uighur minority, according to a Tuesday New York Times report.

This letter is the latest in a string of U.N. condemnations of what China calls “re-education centers” in the Xinjiang region, in a law legalizing their existence. China maintains internment camps for 2 million citizens for re-education and indoctrination, according to an August Reuters report citing expert Gay McDougall, a member of the U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.


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Online Merchant Company Offers Lego-Style Border Wall Christmas Toy Set

A conservative online merchant company Keep and Bear has a Christmas “treat” for its supporters and patrons- it is in the thick of preparations to sell a Lego-style toy set portraying the Trump administration’s controversial border wall plan.

more here: https://thegoldwater.com/news/42353-Online-Merchant-Company-Offers-Lego-Style-Border-Wall-Christmas-Toy-Set

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Baby delivered after pregnant mother shot dead with crossbow in her home

A pregnant woman reportedly shot with a crossbow in front of her five other children managed to have her premature baby boy safely delivered via an emergency procedure before she died Monday.

Devi Unmathallegadoo, 35, was eight-months pregnant when she was wounded in the abdomen during the attack at her home in London, the Metropolitan Police force said. She later died at a local hospital, where medics delivered her son. She was known to neighbors as Sana Muhammad, having changed her name after she got married, Sky News reported.


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Florida counties working to meet recount deadline

With time running out, Florida's election recount drama lurched forward Wednesday amid a maelstrom of courtroom arguments, broken machines, allegations of irregularities and President Trump's criticism. Broward's Supervisor of Elections Dr. Brenda Snipes insisted Wednesday her county had "never missed a deadline," CBS Miami reports.

Many counties have wrapped up their machine recount ahead of a Thursday deadline to complete reviews of the U.S. Senate and governor races, but larger Democratic strongholds are still racing to meet the deadline.


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Twins separated by surgery are healing, sticking together

Medical staff says that conjoined twins from Bhutan who were separated at an Australian hospital last week have been healing well, showing their cheeky side, and have become impossible to keep apart.

Joe Crameri, the head of pediatric surgery at Melbourne's Royal Children's Hospital, told reporters Thursday there have been a few bumps along the road but that the 15-month-old girls, Nima and Dawa, are making good progress.

The girls were joined from the lower chest to just above the pelvis and shared a liver. They were separated during a delicate operation that lasted almost six hours. A major challenge had been to reconstruct their abdomens.


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Israel - Will Lieberman Departure Topple PM Netanyahu?


Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman announced his resignation from the conservative coalition government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He does so in protest against the ceasefire in Gaza.

The survival of the Israeli government, therefore, becomes very precarious.

The rightwing Mr. Lieberman said: "500 rockets were fired on Israel's south and the response was not sufficient and not appropriate. We’re buying short-term quiet, with the price being severe long-term damage to national security."

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

NASA wants Canadian boots on the moon as first step in deep space exploration

>The U.S. is seeking support for its next-generation space station launching in 2021

The head of the U.S. space agency said today he wants to see Canadian astronauts walking on the moon before long — part of a first step toward the farther reaches of space.

Jim Bridenstine, administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, said he wants Canada's decades-long space partnership with the U.S. to continue as NASA embarks on the creation of its new Lunar Gateway.

The U.S. is seeking broad international support for the next-generation space station it is planning to send into orbit around the moon starting in 2021.


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Mexico Looks To Be Next To Legalize Marijuana

Mexico may soon join a growing number of countries, along with many U.S. states, and legalize marijuana. The Mexican president-elect's leftist party, which now has a majority in Congress, has introduced legislation that would allow citizens to grow and sell pot.

But Mexicans are divided over whether legalizing marijuana will help curb organized crime's hold on the country or create more drug users.

Newly elected Sen. Olga Sánchez Cordero, of the left-wing National Regeneration Movement (MORENA) party, told lawmakers that since 2006, Mexico's war on drugs has killed about 235,000 people and left 40,000 more disappeared.


R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

Iceland's president admits he went 'too far' with threat to ban pineapple pizza

>Gudni Johannesson reflects on 2017 topping scandal that divided the internet and drew a rebuke from Canada

Nearly two years after the president of Iceland drew Canada's ire with his disparaging comments about pineapple pizza, Gudni Johannesson says he regrets his off-the-cuff remarks.

During a visit to a local high school in February 2017, Johannesson responded to a student's question about pizza by saying he was fundamentally opposed to the fruit topping and that he would like to ban it.


R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

Michael Avenatti, Stormy Daniels' Lawyer, Arrested On Allegations Of Domestic Violence

Michael Avenatti, the attorney for adult film star Stormy Daniels in her legal battles with President Trump, was arrested Wednesday following allegations of domestic violence, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Avenatti, who has denied the allegations, was booked Wednesday afternoon for a felony domestic violence charge, after police took a report on Tuesday of the alleged incident. He was released on $50,000 bail.


R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

'Build the wall' toy says Trump's wall would protect against 'mob' of migrants

Conservative gift retailer Keep and Bear will soon begin shipping a "build the wall" toy which resembles a LEGO product and extols the virtues of President Donald Trump's proposed border wall along the United States' southern border with Mexico.

The Keep and Bear website markets the building blocks toy as "a great Christmas gift for your kids and grandkids," and says the 101-piece toy allows children age "5+" to build a miniature border wall. However, an executive for the website's parent company says the toy is primarily intended as a novelty item for adults.


R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

Philip Hammond in DESPERATE BID to sell plan to the city

>PHILIP HAMMOND has convened a conference call with more than 100 senior business leaders only a few hours after the release of the Brexit transition deal, in a bid to convince them to get behind and support Theresa May’s proposals.

The Chancellor briefed senior figures from finance and industry the proposals would protect the economy from the “horrific” impact of a no deal Brexit. Alongside business secretary Greg Clark, Mr Hammond insisted there could be no other deal as it would be impossible to renegotiate with the EU. He pointed out it was crucial to hear them being supportive of Theresa May in the incoming days.


R: 36 / I: 7 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

Macron calls nationalism a 'betrayal of patriotism' during Armistice Day remarks

French President Emmanuel Macron tore into “nationalism” in an apparent jab at President Trump during his Armistice Day remarks in Paris.

Speaking Sunday at the Arc de Triomphe beside Trump and other world leaders, Macron decried nationalism as “a betrayal of patriotism.”

“Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism,” Macron said. “Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism. By saying our interests first … we erase what a nation holds dearest, what gives it life, what gives it grace, and what is essential: its moral values."


R: 17 / I: 4 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

Poor iPhone Sales Forcing Apple Into More Dangerous Decisions

As the vital festive sales period approaches, are consumers falling out of love with expensive iPhones? Has the growth in iPhone sales finally forced Apple into a new course of action? And can Tim Cook’s Apple change the story around its business from a story of popular hardware to one of software and services?


R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

Brexit emergency summit set for 25th November in Brussels to confirm Theresa May's deal

>Irish PM says summit would be held later this month if UK Cabinet agrees to draft

EU leaders would gather in Brussels later this month to confirm Theresa May’s Brexit deal if her Cabinet approves the latest draft, Ireland’s prime minister has said.

Leo Varadkar told the Irish parliament that the date of the planned summit was now 25 November, a Sunday.

He also revealed that a draft text on the 500-page agreement could be made public on Wednesday evening if discussions in the UK cabinet go smoothly.


R: 2 / I: 0 / P: 10 [R] [G] [-]

Warren Buffett's firm invests in JP Morgan Chase, exits Walmart after 20 years

>Investors follow what Berkshire buys and sells closely because of Buffett's successful track record

Investor Warren Buffett's company picked up nearly 36 million shares of JP Morgan Chase stock in the third quarter and eliminated its stake in Walmart as part of a number of changes in its portfolio.

Berkshire Hathaway filed a quarterly update on its stocks with the Securities and Exchange Commission on November 14. Buffett's Omaha, the Nebraska-based company also revealed a new stake in software maker Oracle of 41.4 million shares.


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NASA reveals new findings about 'Oumuamua, the 'alien probe' asteroid

>The Spitzer telescope looked for 'Oumuamua and couldn't find it – but that doesn't mean it was sent by an alien civilization.

The Spitzer telescope looked for 'Oumuamua and couldn't find it – but that doesn't mean it was sent by an alien civilization.


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Donald Trump argues in court he can ban CNN's Jim Acosta from the White House

Donald Trump's administration has argued in legal documents that it does have a constitutional right to ban CNN reporter Jim Acosta from the White House.

Lawyers for the US justice department contended that the administration has "broad discretion" to regulate press access to the White House complex.

It was a response to CNN's legal request for a temporary restraining order restoring Acosta's access.


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Facebook executives ignored warnings, deflected blame as scandals mounted

>CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg "stumbled" as they grappled with a growing number of scandals, according to The New York Times.

From Russian election meddling to a massive data privacy scandal, Facebook has faced a seemingly endless list of troubles. Now, a new report suggests the social network's leadership may be among its biggest challenges.


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Up to 100 peers expected to try and block Lord Lester’s suspension for sexual harassment

As many as 100 peers are expected to try and block Lord Lester’s suspension for sexual harassment, as the peer’s allies claimed his accuser may have a “malign motive”.

Lord Pannick QC has led the calls to reverse the standards watchdog’s decision to ban Lord Lester from the House of Lords until 2022.

The former Lib Dem peer and human rights lawyer are facing suspension after he allegedly told Jasvinder Sanghera, a women's rights campaigner, "sleep with me and I will make you a baroness".


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Prince Charles is 'infatuated' with squirrels, keeps 'nuts in his pockets'

>He’s nuts for them!

Prince William has revealed that his father, Prince Charles, is absolutely obsessed with a certain type of squirrel.

“He is completely infatuated by the red squirrels that live around the [Birkhall] estate in Scotland,” Prince William told Country Life in a special edition of the British weekly guest-edited by Prince Charles himself.


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Giraffes at risk of extinction as they are given 'critically endangered' status for first time

Giraffes are at risk of extinction with some subspecies now listed as ‘critically endangered’ for the first time.

The latest International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species has placed the Kordofan and Nubian giraffes just one stage from extinct in the wild, with fewer than 4,650 animals left.

The Reticulated, Thornicroft’s, and West African giraffes and are also listed as endangered or vulnerable.


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Pope Francis says 'to gossip is to kill,' compares it to form of 'terrorism'

Pope Francis implored his faithful followers on Wednesday to refrain from gossiping, as he believes it's a form of "terrorism" and "to gossip is to kill."

"Gossipers are terrorists because with their tongues they drop a bomb and then leave, and the bomb they drop destroys reputations everywhere," Francis said during his weekly general audience.


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Eastern Washington's Sky Glows Purple Astounding Locals


Everyone has seen a beautiful sunset at least once in their lives, and when someone tries to tell you about how the sky was "so colorful" it is easy to brush off as an exaggeration. But when residents in Finley, Washington began reporting the sky had turned purple and had the photographs to prove it, the strange phenomenon began to draw some national attention.

Local news describes the sight as something out of "The X-Files" and used words like "pink and purple glow" to describe the night sky near Tri-Cities near Washington state's eastern border. When they said purple, they meant it. This is no blend of orange and yellow and red that most typical sunsets emit, this was a pure royal purple illuminating the sky as if it were the sky itself that had changed color.

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15-minute scan diagnose brain damage in newborns

A 15-minute scan could diagnose brain damage in babies up to two years earlier.

In a study of over 200 babies at seven hospitals across the UK and the US, researchers found the new method could predict damage in 98 per cent of cases.

Presently doctors use MRI scans after birth to give parents an estimation of the extent of the damage, and the possible long-term disabilities their child may face but it is only between 60-85 percent accurate and relies heavily on the radiologist’s judgment.


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Super - Earth Discovered just Six Light Years from Our Home


Earth to… Earthlings? An international team of more than 60 astronomers and exoplanet researchers from around the world have discovered a planet that's being called a “Super Earth” just six light years from our homeworld near Barnard’s Star.

For now, there's no catastrophic worry, as humans couldn't reach the planet with known technology. It doesn't mean we can't dream.

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Baby death review into scandal-hit NHS trust widens after allegations from more than 200 families

A scandal-hit NHS trust where dozens of deaths are being investigated in order to protect mothers and babies has seen the number of cases of alleged poor care more than double to 215.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) review into the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital Trust was initially launched in 2017 and was focused on 23 cases.

By August, this figure had almost doubled to 40 before it was widened again in September to include 104 cases.


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Stormy Daniels' Attorney Michael Avenatti Arrested For Domestic Violence


The LAPD public information officer said the man's ID will be released after booking and as of Wednesday afternoon, Avenatti still does not show in the jail roster. It is unclear if he already bonded out or if he is yet to be formally put through the lengthy booking process which will then need to be updated on the LAPD website.

The 47-year-old scumbag represented porn star Storm Daniels in her legal battle against Trump once he became president because she wanted more money. The initial $130,000 she was paid was not enough to keep her silent and when the money ran out her lips loosed quickly. Daniels was legally obligated not to speak of the encounter with Trump due to an agreement which included a $130,000 payoff.

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This Taiwanese grandpa plays Pokémon GO with 15 phones mounted to his bike

Do you love Pokémon GO? Do you really, really love it? If you answered yes, you may need to rethink your passion to the game when you see how far ahead of you this Taiwanese grandpa is. If catching 'em all is possible, I bet he'd be the one to do it and we'll all be just standing here applauding.

After learning about the game from his grandson, the 70-year-old man went ahead and rigged his bicycle with fifteen smartphones, mounts, cables, and power banks to last him an entire night — $4800 worth of gear overall. The setup looks mighty impressive, and allows him to catch any and all Pokémon he comes across while moving across the city and meeting fans of the game.


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'AI is very, very stupid,' says Google's AI leader, at least compared to humans

>Be aware of the limits of artificial intelligence, not just the hype.

The hype over artificial intelligence is getting pretty hot, so here's a splash of cold water from none other than the leader of AI for Google's cloud division.

"AI is currently very, very stupid," said Andrew Moore, a Google vice president. "It is really good at doing certain things which our brains can't handle, but it's not something we could press to do general-purpose reasoning involving things like analogies or creative thinking or jumping outside the box."


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Uber posts $1B loss in third quarter as growth in bookings slows

Ride-sharing company Uber on Wednesday announced losses of $1.07 billion for the third quarter of 2018 as the company faced a third financial quarter in a row of single-digit gains in bookings and deliveries.

Reuters reports that the company posted a 20 percent increase from the second quarter, but was down 27 percent from the year before.

the company's gross bookings totaled $12.7 billion, up 6 percent from Q2 and an increase of 41 percent from this time last year.

“We had another strong quarter for a business of our size and global scope,” the Uber Chief Financial Officer Nelson Chai said, according to the news service.


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St. Louis ballet dancer mysteriously found dead in lake in rural Missouri

A St. Louis ballet dancer was mysteriously found dead in a rural Missouri lake after police spotted her car abandoned nearby, authorities said.

The body of Raffaella Stroik, 23, was found Wednesday morning in Mark Twain Lake by a private pilot who was circling the area to help search for her, the Missouri State Highway Patrol said.

The state park, in rural Monroe County, is about 130 miles away from St. Louis.


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DEA Urged To Ban Kratom By Dept. Of Health & Human Services

It seems that the war for kratom has been suddenly and with little warning been kicked into overdrive. The Department of Health and Human Services has recommended a ban on two of the natural components found within kratom that would effectively ban all uses for kratom, possession and of course ingestion in a similar way as how industrial uses of hemp were illegal for decades after marijuana was placed on schedule I.


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Indonesian woman who lost fiance on Lion Air flight has wedding pictures alonev

An Indonesian woman whose fiance died on a Lion Air flight that plunged into the sea was photographed in her wedding dress and professed her love for him on the day they were to have been married.

Intan Syari's fiance, Dr. Rio Nanda Pratama, was among 189 people who were killed when the Boeing 737 crashed Oct. 29 shortly after taking off from Jakarta.

Ms. Syari and Dr. Pratama, both 26, had planned to get married Sunday. Dr. Pratama, who had attended a seminar in Jakarta, was on his way home to Pangkal Pinang for the wedding.


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One in 10 countries have adequate protection against a 'catastrophic' biological event

Fewer than one-in-10 countries have met global standards for securing killer germs, increasing risks of an accidental disease outbreak or bioterrorism, a campaign group has warned.

Just 19 countries completing a United Nations safety check have built or shown strong biosecurity safeguards. No countries meet the highest standard for biosecurity.

The lack of robust controls increases the chances of a “catastrophic” biological event, according to NTI, a campaign group tracking nuclear, biological and chemical threats.


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As Thanksgiving nears, mystery of a drug-resistant Salmonella strain in turkey persists

>As with all raw meat, thorough cooking is the only way to safeguard against Salmonella, regulators said.

With Thanksgiving and turkey dinners just around the corner, food-safety investigators are still trying to pinpoint the source of drug-resistant Salmonella that has shown up in some raw turkey around the country over the past year.

While more than 1 million Americans get sick from Salmonella each year, this particular outbreak of drug-resistant Salmonella has vexed experts because it is so diffuse, appearing in a variety of products and in most of the country.


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Minneapolis police kill dog, wound a second while executing arrest warrant at St. Paul home

>The shooting occurred early Tuesday while they were executing an arrest warrant in St. Paul.

Victoria LaQuier was in her aunt’s basement when Minneapolis police kicked open the front door Tuesday morning and fired three shots in quick succession.

When police escorted her upstairs what she saw shocked her: one of the family’s dogs was dead, slumped on the floor as blood pooled around him. A second family dog tracked bloody paw prints up the nearby stairs.


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Man, 24, charged with rape and murder of schoolgirl Lucy McHugh

A 24-year-old man has been charged with the murder of schoolgirl Lucy McHugh.

The body of the 13-year-old was found in woodland at Southampton Sports Centre on July 26. She had been stabbed to death.

Stephen-Alan Nicholson, of no fixed abode, has been charged with murder, rape of a child under 13 and two counts of sexual activity with a child under 16.

One of the counts of sexual activity with a child dates back to 2012 and involves a 14-year-old girl.


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Police on lookout for McDonald's brawler who allegedly battered manager over condiment

Police in California are seeking the public’s assistance to find a woman accused of attacking a McDonald’s manager in Santa Ana – allegedly over a dearth

The attacker entered the McDonald’s restaurant from an employee back door on Oct. 27 at about 11 p.m. and asked for ketchup, according to a statement from Santa Ana police.

“When the store manager said she could not be in the building, the suspect became combative,” a police official said in a statement. “The suspect pushed, punched, and choked the victim.”


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Flake Pledges To Block Committee Votes On Judges — Until Mueller Bill On Senate Floor

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., is blocking a bipartisan effort to protect special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of the Russia attack on the 2016 presidential election — prompting retiring Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., to pledge he will block progress on confirming judicial nominees.

"Why are we so sanguine about this?" Flake said in a speech on the Senate floor Wednesday. "Why? Why do we do this, to protect a man who seemingly is so incurious about what Russia did during the 2016 elections? Why do we do that?"


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Trump ally McCarthy to lead House GOP, work to win majority

Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy easily won an internal party election Wednesday to take over the shrunken House GOP caucus, handing the seven-term Californian a familiar role of building the party back to a majority as well as protecting President Donald Trump's agenda.

With current speaker Paul Ryan retiring and the House majority gone, the race for minority leader was McCarthy's to lose. But rarely has a leader of a party that suffered a major defeat — Democrats wiped out Republicans in GOP-held suburban districts from New York to McCarthy's own backyard — been so handily rewarded.


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Macron hits back at Trump criticism: 'To be an ally is not to be a vassal'

Emmanuel Macron, the French president, on Wednesday hit back at Donald Trump's fierce Twitter attack on his call for a "real European army" by saying: "To be an ally is not to be a vassal".

But he denied there was any tension between France and America.

"At every moment in our history, we have been allies," the 40-year old leader said in an interview from France's nuclear aircraft carrier, Charles de Gaulle.

"Between allies, we owe each other respect and I don't want to hear the rest.”


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Skulls reveal Neanderthals, humans had similarly harsh lives

Life as a Neanderthal was no picnic, but a new analysis says it was no more dangerous than what our own species faced in ancient times.

That challenges what the authors call the prevailing view of our evolutionary cousins, that they lived risky, stressful lives. Some studies have suggested they had high injury rates, which have been blamed on things like social violence, attacks by carnivores, a hunting style that required getting close to the large prey, and the hazards of extensive travel in environments full of snow and ice.


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A Toy Monkey That Escaped Nazi Germany And Reunited A Family

The monkey's fur is worn away. It's nearly a century old. A well-loved toy, it is barely 4 inches tall. It was packed away for long voyages, on an escape from Nazi Germany, to Sweden and America. And now, it's the key to a discovery that transformed my family.

The monkey belonged to my father, Gert Berliner, who as a boy in Berlin in the 1930s rode his bicycle around the city. Clipped to the handlebars was the toy monkey.

"I liked him," recalls my dad, who is now 94. "He was like a good luck piece."


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Incentives to Amazon could top $2.8 billion in NYC

The total value of the incentive package New York is using to lure Amazon could top $2.8 billion.

Amazon announced Tuesday that it would build new headquarters in New York City and Washington D.C.'s Virginia suburbs, each of which would host around 25,000 workers.

The New York City headquarters, built on the East River waterfront in Queens, would vault Amazon into the ranks of the city's top private-sector employers while transforming a site now mostly occupied by industrial buildings and parking lots.

Snagging the online retailer, though, comes at a cost.


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Top Pence aide Nick Ayers, 36, resurfaces as leading candidate to replace White House Chief of Staff

After the departure of a cabinet official and senior policy aide, the 36-year top aide to Vice President Pence has emerged as the leading candidate to be the next White House Chief of Staff.

Nick Ayers earned a reputation for successfully guiding Pence as he sought to position himself as Trump's ultimate successor while simultaneously assuring the president of his loyalty.


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McConnell pours cold water over Mueller protection bill

A bipartisan effort to provide legal protections for special counsel Robert Mueller and his Russia investigation failed on the Senate floor Wednesday.

Republican Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona and Democratic Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware attempted to force a vote on a bill that would prevent Mueller from being fired without “good cause.”

Their efforts came in light of Jeff Sessions being forced out of his post as attorney general last week and the subsequent appointment of Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general.


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California firefighters rescue burned cat as Camp Fire continues to burn

Firefighters from California's Foster City Fire Department on Monday came to the rescue of a cat who was burned in the Camp Fire, which has left at least 48 people dead and over 100 missing.

The cat — named "Foster" — was meowing while hiding in the bushes of a property that firefighters were checking, the department wrote on Facebook.


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With a majority in the House, Democrats are seeking to examine whether President Donald Trump’s preponderance of tweets adversely affected the Department of Justice and FBI.

As Reuters reports, the New Democratic chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, New York Democratic Rep. Jerrold Nadler, is seeking a potential probe into the president’s Twitter activity vis-a-vis the DOJ.


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Flake Pledges To Block Committee Votes On Judges — Until Mueller Bill On Senate Floor

enate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., is blocking a bipartisan effort to protect special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of the Russia attack on the 2016 presidential election — prompting retiring Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., to pledge he will block progress on confirming judicial nominees.

"Why are we so sanguine about this?" Flake said in a speech on the Senate floor Wednesday. "Why? Why do we do this, to protect a man who seemingly is so incurious about what Russia did during the 2016 elections. Why do we do that?"


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Ruth Bader Ginsburg, recovering from injury, to return to workout routine next week

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg plans to continue her workout routine next week after recently injuring herself in a fall, her trainer reportedly said.

“With three cracked ribs, I won’t have her on the elliptical right away," Ginsburg's trainer, Bryant Johnson, told Vox in an article published Tuesday. "My warm up will be gentler — and then we’ll adjust accordingly. When she gets stronger, we’ll resume the regular workouts.”


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Avenatti arrested over alleged domestic violence

Michael Avenatti, the lawyer representing adult-film actress Stormy Daniels in her lawsuit against President Trump, was arrested on suspicion of felony domestic violence on Wednesday, according to Los Angeles police.

Bail was set at $50,000, according to the LAPD.

Avenatti denied the allegations in a statement to The Hill.

"I wish to thank the hard working men and woman of the LAPD for their professionalism they were only doing their jobs in light of the completely bogus allegations against me," he said in the statement released by his office. "I have never been physically abusive in my life nor was I last night. Any accusations to the contrary are fabricated and meant to do harm to my reputation. I look forward to being fully exonerated.”


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Brexit - Farage Slams Draft Agreement “Worst Deal In History”

British Prime Minister Theresa May happily announced yesterday afternoon that her government and the EU Commission had agreed on a draft Brexit agreement allowing the UK to exit the EU. Her opponents, both within her own Tory party and the major political opposition party Labour, quickly dismissed the agreement as ‘very bad’ though. According to original Brexiteer Mr Nigel Farage, it is simply the “Worst Deal In History.”

more here: https://thegoldwater.com/news/42266-Brexit-Farage-Slams-Draft-Agreement-Worst-Deal-In-History

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||| Twitter @thrmljrn ||| 2020 - Pelosi Orders Shock Arrests Leftwing Ocasio-Cortez Protesters (Vide

Infighting anyone? The Democrats were very glad that their progressive far-left side fell in line during the Midterms, but now that all has been done and settled, they pretty much need their youngsters to play nice and rollover for the next two years.

more here: https://thegoldwater.com/news/42277-2020-Pelosi-Orders-Shock-Arrests-Leftwing-Ocasio-Cortez-Protesters-Vide

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Caravan - Second Migrant Group (350) Arrives Near San Diego, Climbs Fence (Video)

Wait, that’s so odd. Didn’t the mainstream media last week say that all these migrants were thousands of miles away and that the Republican Party was just airing television spots to scare you.


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E-cigarette flavors are good for public health. Why is the FDA cracking down on them?

Next week, the Food and Drug Administration will announce a ban on the sale of most e-cigarette flavors in tens of thousands of convenience stores and gas stations, according to the Washington Post.

It will be one of a series of measures to tackle the alleged "epidemic" levels of youth vaping in America's high schools. Groups like Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and now apparently the FDA have singled out so-called "kid-appealing" e-cigarette flavors like fruits, sweets, and desserts as one of the leading causes of a spike in teen vaping over the past year.

According to e-cigarette industry critics, these flavors are explicitly targeting kids, recruiting a new generation of nicotine addicts, and are of little interest or help to adult smokers looking to kick their habit by switching to vaping.


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The prospect of UK firms implanting their staff with microchips in order to improve security and efficiency has raised concerns among trade unions.

Several legal and financial firms in the UK are reportedly in discussions with a company responsible for fitting thousands of people with chips in Scandinavia.

The chips, which are about the size of a grain of rice, are usually implanted beneath the skin between the thumb and forefinger and use radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology to allow people to replace physical key cards, IDs and even train tickets.


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Huge white truffle sells for €85,000 at Italian auction

he annual auction held in the region near Turin saw the unusually large white truffle sold at a price that would value it at €100 per gramme.

"The price of this exceptional truffle does not correspond to the market price, which this year is around €350 for 100 grammes," the event's spokeswoman told AFP.

"What explains this high bid is the fact that the sale is for charity and also the rarity of an 850-gram truffle because the bigger the truffle the more valuable it is."


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Owners of ROM sites ordered to pay Nintendo more than $12 million

Back in July, news broke that Nintendo had filed lawsuits against Jacob Mathias, the owner of the ROM-hosting sites LoveROMs.com and LoveRetro.co, as those sites had been hosting unauthorized Nintendo games for others to download and play through an emulator. Now, Mathias and his wife have been ordered to pay the gaming giant more than $12 million in damages.

A final judgment by United States District Court Judge Jennifer G. Zipps in a federal district court in Arizona has awarded Nintendo $12.23 million, with both parties responsible for paying their own legal fees.

According to TorrentFreak, Jacob Mathias and wife Cristian Mathias admitted that hosting the two websites “constituted direct and indirect copyright and trademark infringement, which caused Nintendo irreparable injury.” Furthermore, the two must relinquish all emulators and Nintendo games in their possession, and as requested in Nintendo’s original lawsuit filing, the rights to both websites will be transferred to Nintendo as well.

more here:


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White House - Unleashed FLOTUS Orders Shock Staff Dismissal


The ‘long knives are out’ inside the current White House administration apparently. Though many believe that Melania Trump is silent and kind, do not mistake for a minute that she is anything unlike Nancy Reagan or Hillary Clinton during their respective stints as First Lady when it comes to staffing.

In a surprise move, the current First Lady has made it known via her spokesperson that she believes Ms. Mira Ricardel, a consultant working for National Security Adviser Mr. John Bolton, should be dismissed.

"It is the position of the Office of the First Lady that (Ricardel) no longer deserves the honor of serving in this White House," the first lady's communications director Stephanie Grisham said in a statement.

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OH - Wagner Family Arrested For Rhoden Family Massacre

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine offered an update in one of the worst massacres in the state's history Tuesday at a news conference. "There was an obsession with control of the children," DeWine said of the massacre of the entire Pike County family. Authorities announced the arrest of those responsible for the killings, 48-year-old Angela Wagner, and her husband 47-year-old George "Billy" Wagner.

more here: https://thegoldwater.com/news/42265-OH-Wagner-Family-Arrested-For-Rhoden-Family-Massacre

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FL - Parkland Shooter Registers To Vote From Jail Drawing Rage From Victim's Father


The start of 2018 was marred by the tragic school shooting which claimed the lives of 17 Florida students and staff at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland. The shooting was carried out by a former student of the high school, 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz on February 14, 2018. Reports from students said Cruz had been bullied and had once been turned down by a girl who embarrassed him prior to his killing spree.

The shooting injured 17 others and Cruz is currently sitting in Broward County jail while he is tried for 17 counts of premeditated murder and 17 counts of attempted murder. After the shooting, Cruz fled the scene but was arrested by deputies without incident two hours later. The tragic attack became the deadliest high school shooting in the history of the United States.

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Facebook Live Used To Auction Child Bride (16) In Sudan

500 cows, three luxury cars and $10,000. That is how much a wealthy businessman in Sudan paid for a 16-year-old child bride auctioned on Facebook. Rumors on social media say the traders used Facebook live to conduct the auction with multiple bidders. For anyone that has seen the movie Taken (the first one) with Liam Neeson and believes that the (attention spoiler) girl auction at the end is fiction, think again.

more here: https://thegoldwater.com/news/42262-Facebook-Live-Used-To-Auction-Child-Bride-16-In-Sudan

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El Chapo - Mexican President Nieto Denies Sinaloa Cartel Bribery

In order to immediately point out the importance of his New York trial, Mexican drug kingpin Joaquín Guzmán, ‘El Chapo’ immediately accused two Mexican presidents of involvement with his Sinaloa cartel. Talk about a remarkable entry for the first day of his long-awaited court case.

more here: https://thegoldwater.com/news/42261-El-Chapo-Mexican-President-Nieto-Denies-Sinaloa-Cartel-Bribery

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Wall Street Journal: "Hillary Clinton Will Run Again In 2020"

The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board is quite certain. The 2020 Presidential election will be a copy of the 2016 vote: Trump versus Clinton.


R: 15 / I: 2 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

Israel Violence Flares Up As Hamas Fires 300 Rockets (Video)

Palestinian Terrorist organization Hamas fired some 300 rockets into Israel in the past few hours in reaction to a covert operation in the Gaza strip by the Israeli Defense Forces which left 7 dead and shut down the official TV station operated by the terrorist group.

more here: https://thegoldwater.com/news/42186-Israel-Violence-Flares-Up-As-Hamas-Fires-300-Rockets-Video

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Boeing Failed To Disclose Dangerous Feature Suspected Of Being Behind Fatal Lion Air Crash


Investigators say the problem lies with the automated stall-prevention system Boeing added to its 737 MAX 8 and MAX 9. The system is supposed to help the flight's pilots avoid mistakenly stalling the aircraft by raising the nose too quickly. The problem lies when the system malfunctions and forces the nose downward unexpectedly so strongly that the flight goes into an unrecoverable nosedive.

R: 12 / I: 1 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

Missouri - Five Black Males Indicted for Stealing 650 Firearms from a UPS Freight Facility ​

According to the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF), five black males have now been Indicted for the theft of 650 firearms from a UPS freight facility in Missouri.


R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 14 [R] [G] [-]

Goldman Sachs cuts Apple iPhone estimates on negative supplier outlook

Goldman Sachs estimates Apple will produce 6 percent fewer iPhones next year than previously expected, after key supplier Lumentum reduced its shipment outlook, according to a report Tuesday.

"We are concerned that end demand for new iPhone models is deteriorating," Goldman said in the note. "We note this could easily right itself given the bulk of demand comes in late December but we feel more prudent sell through forecasts are warranted due to the timing and magnitude of this warning."

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Georgia Police Receive Letter Thanking Them For Their Service From Inmates


A police officer in Georgia was gunned down while in the line of duty and a manhunt is underway for his killer. In an unusual move, inmates at the local jail sent a "heartfelt" letter to the sheriff supporting and thanking the officers for their service. The officer who lost his life is Gwinnett County Police Officer Antwan Toney.

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Twitter Pelts Trump With Photos Of Obama In The Rain After He Ditches Cemetery Visit

President dodges trip to honor U.S. war dead in France due to weather. Critics show how another leader behaved.

Critics were stunned that President Donald Trump skipped a visit Saturday to the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery in France – where U.S. war dead were being honored – because of rain. They zapped him with a a series of tweets showing Barack Obama in downpours honoring those who fought in wars in what was bound to be particularly galling to the president.

As many as 1,800 American soldiers killed in the World War I battle of Belleau Wood are buried in the French cemetery. But Trump ditched his planned visit and stayed in his hotel room because of unspecified “scheduling and logistical difficulties caused by the weather,” according to a White House statement. Instead, a delegation led by Chief of Staff John Kelly traveled to the cemetery 50 miles outside of Paris by car. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron were among the world leaders who made the trip.


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AMC Is Running Into the Same Problems as MoviePass

AMC is raising the price of Stubs A-List, its ticket subscription service, by up to $4 a month in the 15 states where it is most popular. It's an indication the theater operator has discovered, just like MoviePass before it, that the more moviegoers use the service the less sustainable the concept is.

AMC says it won't whipsaw subscribers the way its rival did by changing the terms and benefits seemingly every few days, but AMC's decision to increase A-List's price suggests that, although moviegoers like these deals and they're having an impact on the way tickets are sold, they may not be best for the long-term health of the provider.

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President Trump Says Secret Service Wouldn't Allow Him To Attend WW1 Ceremony


The celebration included massive shows and performances including loudspeaker music and thousands of poppies and night lights. Sadly, President Trump was forced to cancel his visit to the wondrous ceremony that marked a century since the "War to end all wars". He tweeted about the fault of the cancellation landing upon the Secret Service but the tweet was quickly deleted. "By the way, when the helicopter couldn’t fly to the first cemetery in France because of almost zero visibility, I suggested driving. Secret Service said NO, too far from airport & big Paris shutdown. Speech next day at American Cemetary in the pouring rain! Little reported-Fake News!" Trump Tweeted.

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Valve rewards man $20,000 for discovering unlimited free game codes bug

Valve has rewarded a man with $20,000 after he discovered a bug which let people generate thousands of free codes at once for any game.

The flaw was rooted out by security researcher Artem Moskowsky who reported it to Valve on August 7.

Valve fixed the issue weeks ago and it has since been made public via HackerOne.

By changing a single parameter, any person with a developer account on the portal could generate thousands of activation keys simultaneously for any other game hosted by Steam.

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Phil Spencer Says Streaming Is Further Out for Mass Market; Game Pass Has Millions of Subscribers

After talking on the X018 live stream about the ongoing effort to improve Windows Store and tailor it towards gamers, Phil Spencer, Executive VP of Gaming at Microsoft, had the usual round of interviews with the local Mexican press.

LevelUp posted a rather long video interview with him on YouTube. Among various talking points, Spencer highlighted that while Game Pass is a focus for Microsoft and there are ‘millions’ of subscribers, it’s ultimately just another option to get a game in addition to the traditional purchase, which won’t be replaced.

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Intel's 5G modem will land in the second half of 2019

We're on the cusp of the 5G revolution, as big players like Qualcomm and Huawei would like us to believe. Not to be left out in the cold, Intel has sped up the timeline for the release of its 5G modem, which it calls the XMM 8160. According to the company, partners can expect to get their hands on the 8160 in the second half of next year.

Intel claims that the multi-mode XMM 8160 will support up to 6Gbps — including millimeter wave (mmWave) and FDD/TDD bands that span from 600Mhz to 6Ghz. That 6Gbps number puts the 8160 at "three to six times faster than the latest LTE modems available today." And being multi-mode, it will support both standalone and non-standalone 5G, 4G, 3G, and even legacy 2G.

Consumers won't see devices with the XMM 8160 until 2020 at the earliest, since it launches to partners in H2 2019.



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Nvidia Launches Quadro RTX 4000 GPU With 2,304 CUDA Cores

Nvidia's Quadro RTX series continued growing today with the addition of the Quadro RTX 4000 professional graphics card powered by the company's most recent Turing architecture.

The Quadro RTX 4000 serves as the midrange model in Nvidia's Quadro RTX family, which is currently comprised of the Quadro RTX 8000, RTX 6000 and RTX 5000. Similar to the GeForce GTX 2080 and the Quadro RTX 5000, the new Quadro RTX 4000 is built around Nvidia's Turing TU104 silicon that's produced under TSMC's 12nm FinFET manufacturing process. However, Nvidia has disabled a couple of Streaming Multiprocessors to meet the target shader count.

The Quadro RTX 4000 comes equipped with 2,304 CUDA cores, 288 dedicated Tensor cores for AI and 26 RT cores for real-time ray tracing applications. Unfortunately, Nvidia hasn't yet revealed the graphics card's operating frequency. The chipmaker also outfitted the Quadro RTX 4000 with 8GB of GDDR6 memory on a 256-bit memory bus. Nvidia says the Quadro RTX 4000 can deliver up to 7.1 TFLOPS of single precision (FP32) performance, 6 GigaRays/sec of ray tracing performance and 43 Tera RTX-OPS.

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Galaxy S10 May Skip the Notch for an Infinity-O Display

We’re still months away from Samsung announcing the Galaxy S10, but our first batch of rumors from a reliable source are here. Leaker @evleaks provided a “few preliminary” details about the S10’s display, cameras, fingerprint reader, and Android status.

For display news, the rumor states that the Galaxy S10 will feature a “punch hole,” which could be in reference to one of the prototype display designs that Samsung showed off last week. Remember this post, where we showed you Samsung’s first notch displays? One of the prototypes was called Infinity-O based on the fact that it included a “O” cutout to the left side of the display, rather than a notch. A “punch hole” description sure does match up to that styling, rather than a drop down notch like we have seen from others.

In addition to the possibly-huge display news, Blass says to expect an ultrasonic, in-display fingerprint reader, three rear cameras (standard, wide, and telephoto lenses), and Android Pie underneath Samsung’s new One UI.

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IL - Police Fatally Shoot Black Security Guard Who Was Detaining Bar Shooting Suspect

A police officer is accused of fatally shooting an armed, black security guard who was said to be only doing his job at that time by detaining a suspect who opened fire with several people being shot at a suburban bar in Illinois early Sunday morning.

more here: https://thegoldwater.com/news/42179-IL-Police-Fatally-Shoot-Black-Security-Guard-Who-Was-Detaining-Bar-Shooting-Suspect

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Gaza Freedom Fighters Announce Ceasefire Amidst Israeli Oppression

The botched-Israeli commando operation which murdered children and took the lives of the innocent spawned a near-war scenario in Gaza, and now Gaza Freedom Fighters are announcing a cease-fire deal to prevent more bloodshed.


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Australia - Imam Slams ‘Bloody PM’ Morrison Comments, Claim Melbourne Terrorist Was ‘Mentally Ill’

In the past few years, Australian Prime Ministers labeled any terrorist attack on home soil by Muslim culprits mostly as ‘people being mentally ill.’

more here: https://thegoldwater.com/news/42176-Australia-Imam-Slams-Bloody-PM-Morrison-Comments-Claim-Melbourne-Terrorist-Was-Mentally-Ill

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France - 101-Year-Old Asks Merkel: “Are You Ms Macron?” (Video)


A heartwarming moment emerged from the Remembrance festivities which quickly went viral on French television. When French President Emmanuel Macron greeted several veterans, one of them had brought his mother with him, who is turning 101 tomorrow.

She was clearly star-struck at getting to meet the French President and said: “Mr. Macron, this is impossible. To see you and to shake the hand of the President of the Republic, an old lady like me, this is fantastic. You’re gonna make me cry.”

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OH - Off-Duty Police Officer Involved in Break-In To Face Criminal Charges


The statement also said that an active administrative probe is being carried out by the Dayton Police Department’s Professional Standards Bureau aside from the criminal case progresses.

A homeowner accused Laprath, then off-duty of breaking into his house located on Strathaven Drive early Sunday.

The homeowner called 911 and narrated: “He kicked my front door wide open. My wife and daughter are freaked out and so am I. He came right after me and tried to tackle me, but I got away and got on top of him and I’m sitting on top of him now.”

Both the homeowner and arresting officers felt that Laprath was intoxicated at that time and may have just gone into the said home by mistake.

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FL - Trump Claims “Honest Vote Count Is No Longer Possible”


Just as many conservative voices on social media, US President Donald Trump has now also lambasted the Florida recount as being ‘unfair.’

The US President called Florida ballots from the midterm election “massively infected” and said recounts should end in races for governor and US Senate. According to the White House, Republican Rick Scott, the governor who campaigned to unseat Democratic Senator Bill Nelson, and Republican Ron DeSantis, the House member running for governor against Democrat Andrew Gillum, should each be declared the winner in their races.

“An honest vote count is no longer possible-ballots massively infected.” Trump tweeted.

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CA - Trump Signs Major Disaster Declaration, Neil Young Blames Climate Change

Despite previously clashing with Governor Jerry Brown, US President Trump signaled he had agreed to sign a Major Disaster Declaration for the state, releasing additional funds.

more here: https://thegoldwater.com/news/42173-CA-Trump-Signs-Major-Disaster-Declaration-Neil-Young-Blames-Climate-Change

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Gun Review: Outlaw Billy The kid's Favorite Firearms

Almost every young boy between now and the last 100 years used to pretend to be "Billy the kid", the outlaw with one of the youngest and best shots in the entire United States. The outlaw was known to get out of a hot temper if anyone crossed his path and Billy wasn't afraid to duel with anyone. He was 5'8'' and weighed in at 140 pounds with clear blue eyes and light brown hair.


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Conservative operative Roger Stone believes journalist Jerome Corsi is being unfairly targeted by special counsel Robert Mueller, he told The Daily Caller in a statement.

“Where is the Russian collusion? Where is the Wikileaks collaboration? Where is proof that I knew about the theft or content of John Podesta’s emails or the content or the source of any of the allegedly hacked or stolen e-mails published by Wikileaks?” Stone asked.


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AZ - Democrats Take Flake Senate Seat, First Time Since 1988

Almost one week after the Congressional elections took place, the Democrats won the battle for the senate seat in the state of Arizona.

more here: https://thegoldwater.com/news/42172-AZ-Democrats-Take-Flake-Senate-Seat-First-Time-Since-1988

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Ireland - Multiple Aircraft Sightings of “UFO” Trigger An Aviation Probe


Pilots reported seeing what appears to be a UFO off the coast of Ireland, and because of such possible sighting, the Irish Aviation Authority is investigating the incident.

Shannon Air Traffic Control first got a call from a British Airways pilot flying from Montreal to Heathrow over County Kerry at around 6:47 a.m. on November 9.

The pilot said that the object on question came up alongside the plane before disappearing at “a very high speed.” The pilot also said that the object came up on the aircraft’s left-hand side and then quickly veered to the north.

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Thousands rally in Rome over Italy's 'anti-migrant' decree

Several thousand protesters rallied in Rome on Saturday to protest against what they criticised as unfair anti-migrant policies promoted by far-right Interior Minister Matteo Salvini.

Waving banners with slogans "Black lives matter" and "Welcome for all; Open the borders", leftists joined anti-racism activists who organisers said came from 50 cities to defend migrants and protest a recent decree on asylum rights.

Italy's Senate, backed by Salvini's Northern League party and the anti-establishment Five Star Movement, voted to clear the way for a decree that makes it easier to expel migrants and strip some of them of Italian citizenship.


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Incoming N.J. Dem lawmaker says she won't vote for Pelosi as Speaker

Rep.-elect Mikie Sherrill (D-N.J.) said Monday that she will not be voting for current House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to serve as Speaker.

"I have been talking about how important it is we have new leadership in Congress right now," Sherrill told MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Monday. "And so I won’t be voting for Nancy Pelosi."

"But she has been a very effective Speaker to this point," she added.

"I do think it is important we move forward with new leadership."

There has been some opposition against Pelosi among Democrats, threatening to undercut her run for Speaker.

However, Democratic House leadership has supported Pelosi and on Sunday, the top three Democrats on the House's investigative committees came out in support of her.


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3 civilians killed in attack on UN contractor in Mali

At least three Malian civilians were killed and four foreigners working for a UN-contracted mine-clearing operation wounded in a suicide attack Monday in the country's violence-hit north, the security ministry and other official sources said.

The attack, claimed by a group linked to Al-Qaeda, took place in the city of Gao at around 8:00 pm (2000 GMT), according to a ministry statement.

"A loaded 4x4 vehicle exploded in the vicinity of a residential complex," the ministry said, adding that two others were wounded in the blast, which also damaged surrounding homes.


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Bump Stock Buyback in Delaware as Felony Possession Law Limits Second Amendment


The Department of Safety and Homeland Security Secretary Robert Coupe said that “the program recognizes the devices were legal when they purchased,” and residents would avoid prosecution for turning them in.

“However, this law improves the safety of our state by removing these dangerous weapon add-on devices from our communities and we are grateful to the citizens of Delaware that are taking the opportunity to turn in their trigger cranks and bump stocks,” he said.

Governor John Carney said, “I'm pleased with the gun control measures he signed into law this year.”

Carney signed House Bill 300 into law making the possession of a bump stock or trigger crank illegal.

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Climate change protests leads to '22 arrests' over blockade

Environment activists who have blockaded the UK's energy department in London say 22 people have been arrested during the protest.

The Met Police confirmed at least eight protestors have been detained.

The UK is seen as a leader in policies to reduce greenhouse gases and will soon be considering tougher targets.

But the protesters say research suggests the chance of keeping the global temperature rise under a 2C danger threshold is just one in 20.

The demonstrators blocked entry to the offices by lying chained together on the pavement, while some glued themselves to the doors of the department building.


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Stan Lee, Legendary Marvel Comic Creator Dies At 95


The man who made it a point to appear in as many Marvel superhero films he could whether it was as an extra in the background or as a small character with a one-liner, has finally passed away at the age of 95. Stan Lee was born December 28, 1922, and made his career as an American comic-book writer, editor, and publisher. Lee also held the esteemed position of editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics and had amassed a fortune for himself through decades of influential work in the comics and film industry.

Stan Lee is largely considered the father of the contemporary comic book and is credited with nearly single-handedly reviving the comics industry in the 1960s by offering the costumes and action heroes young readers wanted. He was even the mind behind Spider-Man, the Hulk, and X-Men to name a few. In 2008, Lee won the National Medal of Arts in 2008.

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Topless protesters held in bid to 'welcome' Trump to Paris

French police on Sunday arrested three topless rights protesters who approached the motorcade of US President Donald Trump on the Champs-Elysees in Paris heading to a ceremony marking 100 years since the end of World War I.

One of the protesters, who had slogans including "fake peacemakers" and "hypocrisy parade" written on their chests, got within metres of the rear of the motorcade after jumping over a barricade.

She was grabbed by a police officer, while a second woman could be seen being hauled away by security services on the edge of the famous thoroughfare. A third woman, who was positioned a little higher up the avenue, also managed to breach the security cordon and run towards Trump's convoy with her arms raised.


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French army mocks Trump for skipping visit to First World War cemetery in Paris due to rain

>‘There’s rain but it’s not serious,’ army tweets alongside a photo of a soldier crawling on the ground

The French army has joined the outpouring of criticism over Donald Trump’s decision to cancel a visit to a First World War cemetery because of “poor weather”, after posting a tweet mocking the president.

A post on the army’s official Twitter account shows a soldier crawling on the ground in the rain, accompanied by the caption: “#MondayMotivation. There’s rain but it’s not serious. We’re staying motivated.”

In response to the tweet, many users added to the ridicule of Mr Trump.


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Brexit vote prompts New Zealand to open embassy in Ireland

>Traditional Maori blessing for the opening of NZ office in Dublin

New Zealand opened its first ever embassy in Ireland with a traditional Maori blessing and a visit by the country’s deputy prime minister on Monday.

The embassy, on Merrion Row in Dublin city centre, will help cement existing ties with the Pacific and benefit future trade relationships between Ireland and New Zealand, officials said.

The new ambassador, Brad Burgess, was joined by government officials and deputy prime minister and minister of foreign affairs Winston Peters for the ceremony. Mr Peters said the opening of the embassy was triggered by Britain’s vote to leave the European Union two years ago.


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UFOs spotted off Irish coast under investigation

The Irish Aviation Authority is investigating reports of bright lights and UFOs off the south-west coast of Ireland.

It began at 06:47 local time on Friday 9 November when a British Airways pilot contacted Shannon air traffic control.

She wanted to know if there were military exercises in the area because there was something "moving so fast".

The air traffic controller said there were no such exercises.

The pilot, flying from the Canadian city of Montreal to Heathrow, said there was a "very bright light" and the object had come up along the left side of the aircraft before it "rapidly veered to the north".


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Rob Ager Asks "Who Is More Enslaved" On 30th Anniversary Of They Live

It is the 30th anniversary of John Carpenter's classic film They Live this month. They Live is a paranoia-tinged, Lovecraftian tale with a grave warning regarding groupthink and perception. The old phrase to see through rose-colored glasses is turned on its ear when the main character discovers a box of sunglasses that allow him to see beyond the facade, what Situationists would call "the Spectacle" that overlays reality.


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Cat Mummies and Wooden Cat Statues Discovered at Ancient Egyptian Burial Complex

About 100 wooden cat statues gilded with gold have been discovered in a complex at Saqqara in Egypt. This image shows one of the best-preserved statues


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Kenya arrests 2,000 in public transport safety crackdown

>Almost 2,000 minibus taxi drivers and conductors as well as passengers were arrested in Kenya on Monday, authorities said, as police began enforcing long-ignored road safety rules. The crackdown against the minibus taxis and buses resulted in long queues and unusually traffic-free streets as many drivers stayed at home rather than risk arrest, and owners grounded their fleets.


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Far-right parents who named son after Hitler jailed in Britain

>A couple who named their child after Adolf Hitler were convicted in Britain on Monday for being members of the banned far-right group National Action.

Adam Thomas, 22, and Claudia Patatas, 38, were convicted along with Daniel Bogunovic, 27, of being members of the organization, after they shared messages praising Hitler as well as images of them dressed as members of the white supremacist Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and giving Nazi salutes.


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In Memoriam Of Cyril Brown: A Veteran's Passing Veteran's Day Weekend

The last time I had a beer on shift was when I heard Harlan Ellison had just died. I just picked up a couple bottles of San Miguel on the job again. That time I wasn't choking back tears though. Here we are just past Veteran's day and I've learned that my great-second cousin Cyril Murray Brown Sr. has passed away. It's ironic, but so much is.


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4 men to be sentenced for Hannah Cornelius murder

The four men involved in the kidnap and murder of Hannah Cornelius and the brutal attack on her friend Cheslin Marsh will be sentenced in the Western Cape High Court on Monday.

Proceedings to seal their fate are expected to begin at 14:00.

During pre-sentencing proceedings last week Prosecutor Lenro Badenhorst argued for life sentences to protect society from men such as them.

"The accused have no respect for human rights. They showed no mercy," Badenhorst said during sentencing proceedings against Eben van Niekerk, Geraldo Parsons, Vernon Witbooi and Nashville Julius.


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Pneumonia to kill nearly 11 million children by 2030, study warns

>In developing nations it is children who bear the brunt of lung infections, with experts warning that pneumonia will kill nearly 11 million children under five by 2030.

Pneumonia will kill nearly 11 million children under five by 2030, experts warned on Monday on a global day aimed at raising awareness of the biggest infectious killer of infants worldwide.

While in the developed world the severe lung infection mainly affects the elderly, in developing nations it is children who bear the brunt, with hundreds of thousands dying each year from the easily preventable disease.


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U.K. couple who named their son after Hitler jailed over membership in far-right group

>National Action is a 1st organization to be banned in Britain in decades

A couple who named their child after Adolf Hitler were convicted in Britain on Monday for being members of the banned far-right group National Action.

Adam Thomas, 22, and Claudia Patatas, 38, were convicted along with Daniel Bogunovic, 27, of being members of the organization, after they shared messages praising Hitler as well as images of them dressed as members of the white supremacist Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and giving Nazi salutes.

Three others had already pleaded guilty to membership in National Action, which was banned by the government after members of the group praised the murder of lawmaker Jo Cox by a Nazi-obsessed loner in 2016.


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Medical cannabis: Death sentence prompts Malaysia to re-think harsh laws

A death sentence given to a young man selling cannabis oil to the ill has stirred debate in Muslim-majority Malaysia about its ultra-tough drug laws. The case has prompted calls for the country to become the first in Asia to legalise medical marijuana - but long-held stigma and a mostly conservative population means change could come slowly.

Yuki describes smoking her first joint as a turning point in her life.

She is willing to risk being thrown in jail rather than give up a drug that she says has worked for her unlike any other.


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Death Toll in Jordan Flood Rises to 13 After Girl's Body Found

>The girl was found a day after her father and four of her sisters — also flood victims — were buried, state news agency reports

Jordanian search teams have found the body of a five-year-old girl, bringing the death toll from last week's flash floods in the kingdom to 13.

The state news agency Petra says the girl was found Monday, a day after her father and four of her sisters — also flood victims — were buried.


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Stan Lee, creator of legendary Marvel comic book superheroes, dies at 95

>Stan Lee, the creator of legendary Marvel comic book superheroes, dies at 95

Stan Lee, the godfather of Marvel Comics whose cast of characters such as Spider-Man, the Hulk and the X-Men were beloved by millions of readers for decades before becoming a multibillion-dollar movie empire that dominated box offices in the 21st century, has died. He was 95.

Lee's representative, Dawn Miller, confirmed he died Monday in Los Angeles.


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An injured Yemeni child's image went viral. Then she disappeared to Saudi Arabia.

After a Saudi airstrike hit a residential apartment building in Sanaa in August 2017, 5-year old Buthaina Muhammad Mansour al-Raimi quickly became the public face of the humanitarian disaster unfolding in Yemen.

While at the hospital, pictures of her struggling to open her right eye, which was swollen shut from her injuries, went viral as social media users posted their own pictures imitating Buthaina. CNN covered her story, as did news outlets around the world.


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France Asked Trump And Putin To Stay Away From Each Other At Paris Commemoration

As the entire world continues to talk about World War I commemorations that have been taking place in Paris over the weekend, the spotlight seems to be pointed at two world leaders: U.S. President Donald Trump and Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

Accused of coordinating with Kremlin to win the 2016 presidential election, Trump appeared, as detailed by a previous Inquisitr report, ecstatic to meet with his Russian counterpart, beamingly and enthusiastically smiling at the leader.


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Iran honoring nuclear deal as new sanctions hit, IAEA report shows

>Iran has continued to implement the main nuclear restrictions set by its 2015 deal with major powers even as the United States reimposed sanctions against Tehran, a U.N. atomic watchdog report showed on Monday.

Iran has kept its stock of low-enriched uranium as well as the level to which it refines uranium within the limits set by the landmark deal, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency report to IAEA member states, obtained by Reuters.


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MoviePass competitor Sinemia is being sued by angry customers who say it ripped them off

When MoviePass was forced to drastically change its business model in the face of mounting losses in August, competitor Sinemia stepped into the spotlight.

The movie-ticket subscription startup was founded in Turkey in 2015 and had operated overseas, but in early 2018 it capitalized on the hype around MoviePass to launch in the US. Despite their similarities, Sinemia CEO Rifat Oguz positioned his company as the anti-MoviePass, focused on "profit" and "sustainability" where MoviePass was focused on hypergrowth.


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Roger Stone associate hints he may be indicted in the Russia probe

Jerome Corsi, a far-right political commentator and longtime associate of Roger Stone, says he will be indicted for perjury as part of special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation.

"I fully anticipate that the next few days I will be indicted by Mueller for some form rather [sic] of giving false information to the special counsel … or [however] they want to do the indictment," Corsi said on a YouTube live stream. "But I'm going to be criminally charged."


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Apple's head designer has made a $250,000 ring out of a single chunk of diamond

If you like the way that Apple products look and feel, you're admiring Jony Ive's work.

As Apple's chief design officer, he's responsible for the materials and form enclosing your iPhone, MacBook, and iPad.

Increasingly, he's also designing things that aren't computers. For his latest creation, he teamed up with his buddy, the famous designer Marc Newson, and designed a diamond ring — made entirely out of diamond.

Yes, there are ton of chamfered edges.

more here:


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Samsung’s foldable smartphone reportedly costs $1,770, launches in March

Samsung intrigued the world with the announcement last week that it would launch a smartphone with a folding display sometime early next year. Now a report from South Korea's Yonhap News Agency adds a few more details to Samsung's secretive tease.

First is an actual name; according to Yonhap's sources, the phone will be called the "Galaxy F"—presumably that's "F" for "Foldable." The second big claim in the article is a price: $1,770 (₩2,000,000) for Samsung's cutting-edge smartphone. That's a big increase from the ~$1,000 flagships of today, but if this rumor pans out, the Galaxy F wouldn't even be Samsung's most expensive phone. That honor goes to the $2,700 Samsung W2019, which, believe it or not, is a dual-screen flip phone with flagship specs and some ultra-luxury add-ons like a Samsung concierge service.

According to the report, Samsung fully expects the nearly $1,800 price tag of the Galaxy F to limit sales. The company's mainstream flagship play will still be the Galaxy S10, and apparently Samsung is planning a one-two punch of the S10 in February and the Galaxy F in March.

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Tim Tebow To Host CBS Competition Series ‘Million Dollar Mile’ From LeBron James

Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow has landed a new gig as host of the forthcoming CBS physical competition series Million Dollar Mile from executive producers Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan with Fly on the Wall Entertainment and LeBron James and Maverick Carter with SpringHill Entertainment, as well as Warner Horizon Unscripted & Alternative Television.

Matt “Money” Smith and Maria Taylor will join Tebow as sports commentators in the 10-episode high-stakes physical competition series where contestants will have the chance to win $1 million every time they run the Million Dollar Mile. Standing in their way is the most challenging course ever designed and a group of elite athletes with one mission – to stop the contestants from winning the money at all costs. The series is in production in Los Angeles for broadcast on the CBS Television Network.

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Finland’s first sex doll brothel opens in Helsinki

FINLAND will be opening its first sex doll BROTHEL later this week as demand for silicone companions blows up all over the world.

Russian-owned Unique Dolls will open its doors in Helsinki on Thursday - charging frisky Finns €100 an hour with its demimonde dolls.

The silicone brothel is located in a discrete location behind a shopping centre in the Finnish capital.

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Training kids to kill at Ukrainian nationalist camp

The campers, some clad in combat fatigues, carefully aim their assault rifles. Their instructor offers advice: Don’t think of your target as a human being.

So when these boys and girls shoot, they will shoot to kill.

Most are in their teens, but some are as young as 8 years old. They are at a summer camp created by one of Ukraine’s radical nationalist groups, hidden in a forest in the west of the country, that was visited by The Associated Press. The camp has two purposes: to train children to defend their country from Russians and their sympathizers — and to spread nationalist ideology.

“We never aim guns at people,” instructor Yuri “Chornota” Cherkashin tells them. “But we don’t count separatists, little green men, occupiers from Moscow, as people. So we can and should aim at them.”

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Uncle Sam wants you — to play video games for the US Army

The Army is putting together a team of video gamers from within its ranks to try to reach young Americans in the digital worlds where they spend much of their time.

More than 15 years after launching “America’s Army,” a first-person shooter game aimed at enlisting real world soldiers, the Army is calling for active duty troops and reservists to compete in video gaming tournaments, or esports, in one of its latest recruiting efforts.

The move follows the Army’s failure this year, for the first time in more than a decade, to meet the fiscal year target for bringing in new soldiers as it seeks to expand its ranks to more than 500,000 in the next four years.

The Army is also creating a “functional fitness” team to compete in CrossFit athletic events and is reportedly looking to spruce up recruiting efforts with more bonuses, more recruiters, better furniture and a new slogan to replace “Army Strong.”

The service plans to hold tryouts for a variety of electronic games, said Staff Sgt. Ryan Meaux, an Army recruiter, in a Facebook video on Wednesday.

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Step right up: The recount circus has come back to Florida

Inside, a man in a suit argued for the merits of a paper clip over staples. Outside, a man in a Hillary Clinton mask held signs arguing for the former Democratic presidential nominee to be sent to prison along with local election officials.

Florida's statewide recounts got underway Sunday morning with lawsuits, protests and some high-stakes paper jams as both parties dug in for a prolonged legal battle over critical Senate and gubernatorial races in one of the largest states in the country.

"The whole world is watching this," Judge Betsy Benson said inside the Broward County Election office, which has been newly fortified by layers of police and private security forces to protect vote-counters from the protests raging outside.

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US analysts locate secret North Korean missile sites

U.S. analysts said Monday they have located 13 secret North Korean missile development sites, underscoring the challenge that the Trump administration faces in trying to reach its promised broad arms control agreement with Pyongyang.

The administration has said it is hopeful about eventually reaching an agreement with North Korea. President Donald Trump declared after his historic summit in June that with President Kim Jong Un there was "no longer a nuclear threat from North Korea." But a report based on satellite imagery shows the complexity posed by an extensive network of weapons facilities that the U.S. wants to neutralize.

A report from the Center for Strategic and International Studies has identified 13 secret facilities used to produce missiles and related technology. Although the sites are not launch facilities and in some cases are rudimentary, the authors of the report say they are hidden and illustrate the scope of the North's weapons program and the country's determination to conceal its military might.

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Trump called him 'stone cold crazy.' Now Richard Ojeda is running for president in 2020

Democrat Richard Ojeda may have lost his bid for Congress in West Virginia's 3rd Congressional District but the man who's been called "JFK with tattoos and a bench press" still has plans to run – for president.

Fresh off his defeat last week, Ojeda made the news official Monday morning.

"In the last 19 months while running for office in southern West Virginia, we received countless phone calls, e-mails, and messages from people all across the United States of America that educated me that the problems we have in southern West Virginia are the same problems that we have in the Southside of Chicago, in Flint, Michigan, in the Bronx, New York, the Rio Grande Valley and believe it not even places like Silicon Valley," Ojeda, who has the tattooed the names of his fellow service members who died in action on his body, said while announcing his presidential plans live on the Veterans Day holiday standing in front of the Korean War Veterans Memorial.

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Vatican orders U.S. bishops to delay vote on sex abuse scandal

>Bishops meeting in Baltimore had been set to vote on steps to combat abuse

At the Vatican's insistence, U.S. Catholic bishops abruptly postponed plans Monday to vote on proposed new steps to address the clergy sex abuse crisis roiling the church.

Cardinal Daniel DiNardo of Galveston-Houston, the president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, said he was told on the eve of the bishop's national meeting to delay action until after a Vatican-convened global meeting on sex abuse in February.

"We are not ourselves happy about this," DiNardo told reporters in an unusual public display of frustration at a Vatican pronouncement.


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Briton dies from rabies after being bitten by cat on holiday in Morocco

>Public Health England issues warning after UK resident's death

A British citizen has died from rabies after being bitten by a cat while visiting Morocco.

Public Health England (PHE) issued a warning to travellers on Monday following the UK resident’s death.

It said there was “no risk to the wider public in relation to this case” but health workers and close family and friends were being assessed and offered vaccination “as a precautionary measure”.


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Scientists are redefining the kilogram

>Friday vote is expected to make 1 kg relative to the Planck constant instead of a hunk of metal

Scientists are updating the definition of the kilogram, after years of nursing a sometimes dusty cylinder of metal in a vault outside Paris as the global reference for modern mass.

Just as the redefinition of the second in 1967 helped to ease communication across the world via technologies like GPS and the internet, experts say the change in the kilogram will be better for technology, retail and health — though it probably won't change the price of fish much.

The kilogram has been defined since 1889 by a shiny piece of platinum-iridium held in Paris. All modern mass measurements are traceable back to it — from micrograms of pharmaceutical medicines to kilos of apples and pears and tonnes of steel or cement.


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Indigenous women coerced into sterilizations across Canada: senator

Indigenous women coerced into sterilizations across Canada: senator


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'I was beginning to lose hope': Woman battles bank for 2 years for information on her own account

>'I was beginning to lose hope': Woman battles bank for 2 years for information on her own account

An Edmonton woman who spent two years battling her bank for information about her own account is defying a confidentiality agreement to go public about what happened, in a bid to shed light on a highly secretive system she says is stacked against the customer.

"Numerous phone calls, numerous emails. I documented everything," Rhonda McMillan told Go Public during an interview at her home where she showed us boxes of paperwork — the result of her long fight with CIBC for a document she believed would confirm unauthorized activity on her account.


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Trump torches allies, threatens NATO pullout after tense WWI memorial trip to Paris

President Donald Trump on Monday unloaded on the US's European allies, and appeared to threaten to pull out of NATO, upon returning home from a World War I memorial event in Paris, where French President Emmanuel Macron openly rebuked Trump's political philosophy in a speech on Sunday.

Trump returned to his old talking points— that the US is treated unfairly within NATO while maintaining trade deficits with those countries — as Macron talked up the idea of a European army that would in part serve to protect the continent from the US.


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Wisconsin Police "Investigating" Photo of High School Class "Seig Heil," Where Is The Crime?


The assault on free speech rages as the Baraboo, Wisconsin Police Department has announced that they're “investigating” a photograph of a White high school class giving a “Sieg Heil,” which went viral on social media.

While some are quick to condemn the photograph as being tasteless, we're left to ask what crime these upstanding and law-abiding citizens are guilty of committing?

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Big Oil claims it's doing its part to combat climate change. A new study finds it's not even close

Despite years of claims and commitments about clean investment and alleviating climate change, the world's largest oil companies have contributed just 1% of their spending budgets to green energy in 2018.

Companies like Royal Dutch Shell, Total, and BP, have all accelerated efforts into renewables and battery technology in recent years. But many efforts have been overshadowed by the oil industry's efforts to block or overturn environmental regulations.


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Clown World: White Man Identifying as Black Wins Minority-Only Grant

In today's society, there's a frivolous desire to be someone other than what God intended, proven again with news that a White theater director identified as being a Black male in order to win a minority grant.

No, I'm serious.

Anthony Ekundayo Lennon is your average working class entrepreneur-hopeful, a White male employed as the Associate Director at Talawa Theatre in Great Britain.

Except for the fact that Anthony Ekundayo Lennon identifies as being Black.


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Stan Lee, Marvel Comics' Real-Life Superhero, Dies at 95

The feisty writer, editor and publisher was responsible for such iconic characters as Spider-Man, X-Men, Thor, Iron Man, Black Panther and The Fantastic Four — 'nuff said.

Stan Lee, the legendary writer, editor and publisher of Marvel Comics whose fantabulous but flawed creations made him a real-life superhero to comic-book lovers everywhere, has died. He was 95.

Lee, who began in the business in 1939 and created or co-created Black Panther, Spider-Man, X-Men, The Mighty Thor, Iron Man, The Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk, Daredevil, Ant-Man and other characters, died early Monday morning at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, a source told The Hollywood Reporter.

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Caravan - LGBTQ Honduras Migrant Group Arrives In Tijuana, Ready To Cross (Video)

There are by now multiple caravans on their way to the US border. Amongst them was a group of about 80 LGBTQ Hondurans who felt discriminated within the largest caravan and therefore decided last week to take the bus directly to Tijuana. They have arrived there yesterday and are ready to cross the border.


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CT - Professor Put On Leave for Giving Nazi Salute During Meeting

A professor at a community college in Connecticut was accused of giving a controversial Nazi salute during a meeting earlier this month. Now, university officials have confirmed that they have responded to the matter by placing the professor on paid administrative leave.


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Walmart ramps up self-checkout, scales down 'scan and go' shopping

>Retailers are racing to innovate but customers won't always buy in

In the race to woo customers with a seamless shopping experience, Walmart Canada is adding more self-checkout kiosks and revamping its "scan and go" system where shoppers scan their items while they shop.

It appears "scan and go," in its current form, wasn't a "go" for many customers.

Physical retailers are scrambling to make shopping more convenient while also trying to keep costs down in an era where almost anything can be bought online. But it's a game of trial and error where customers won't always buy in.


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Briton dies from rabies after cat bite in Morocco

A Briton has died after contracting rabies while on holiday in Morocco, health officials have said.

Public Health England said the victim became infected after being bitten by a cat.

PHE issued a reminder to travellers to avoid coming into contact with animals when in rabies-affected countries.

Rabies is not found in wild or domestic animals in the UK, but five Britons became infected between 2000 and 2017 after "animal exposures abroad".

Some species of bats in the UK can carry a rabies-like virus.


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Death Toll In California Wildfires Climbs To At Least 31

Wildfires continued to tear through Northern and Southern California on Monday, where firefighters were at the mercy of dry air and whipping winds fanning the deadly blazes. At least 31 people have died statewide; more than 200 remain unaccounted for.

Authorities in Northern California said six more bodies were found in the scorched path of the what officials call the Camp Fire, which earlier was blamed for 23 deaths. Two people have been reported dead in a fire zone of Southern California.


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Jewish human rights group blasts K-pop band BTS over A-bomb T-shirt and hats with Nazi logo

A leading Jewish human rights group has denounced popular K-pop band BTS, whose live performance on Japanese TV was canceled last week, over a T-shirt mocking victims of the atomic bombing of Japan while also claiming that a photo shoot had shown them wearing hats with a Nazi logo.

The Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center blasted BTS in a statement released Sunday.

“Wearing a T-shirt in Japan mocking the victims of the Nagasaki A-bomb, is just the latest incident of this band mocking the past,” Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean and director of global social action with the center, said in a statement.


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Creepy Porn Lawyers’ disgusting assault on Tucker Carlson and his 19 year old daughter (Video)

Days after ANTIFA targeted Fox News’ Tucker Carlson’s home, trying to intimidate and scare the TV host into curbing his free speech against totalitarian mob rule propagated by ANTIFA and their paymasters, it appears that the SJW establishment swamp is going after Tucker with everything they got…sending in the expendable, and always eager to get publicity, Creepy Porn Lawyer, Michael Avenatti, to try and ensnare Carlson in some sort of racist assault scandal.

The entire event appears to be a staged, purposefully hitting upon all the right identity politics buttons…so as to maximize full SJW pressure on Tucker and Fox News.


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Parents who gave their son the middle name 'Adolf' after Hitler and posed for pictures with Ku Klux

A mother and father who named their baby after Adolf Hitler have been convicted of being members of a neo-Nazi group.

Adam Thomas, 22, and his girlfriend, Claudia Patatas, 38, are facing up to 10 years in jail after being found guilty of being part of banned extreme right group National Action today.

A search of the couple's Oxfordshire home uncovered Nazi memorabilia, a Ku Klux Klan outfit and an arsenal of deadly weapons including crossbows, machetes and axes.

Pictures later emerged of Thomas, originally from the West Midlands, wearing the white hooded mask and cradling his child.


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Amazon asked to share Echo data in US murder case

A judge in the US has asked Amazon to hand over audio recordings from an Amazon Echo which was in a house where two women died.

Their bodies were found under the porch of a home in New Hampshire with multiple stab wounds.

The man accused of their murder has pleaded not guilty and is due to stand trial next year.

Amazon said it would not hand over any data about the device without a legally-binding instruction.

The judge had also requested any additional data, such as which devices were paired with it at the time the women were attacked in January 2017.


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Japanese man 'marries' a virtual reality singing hologram

A Japanese man has married his virtual reality hologram this month during a ceremony in Tokyo.

Akihiko Kondo, 35, spent ¥2 million (£13645.50) on a formal ceremony at a Tokyo hall to Hatsune Miku, an animated 16-year-old hologram with saucer eyes and lengthy aquamarine pigtails.

Mr. Kondo's mother, along with all of is relatives, refused an invitation to her only son's wedding.


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Serving British Army Afghan veteran was recruiter for neo-Nazi terrorists targeting active soldiers

A British Army Afghan battle veteran was at the heart of a neo-Nazi terrorist group which set its sights on recruiting within the armed forces.

White supremacist and self-confessed racist Corporal Mikko Vehvilainen, 34, believed in a coming "race war" and wanted to help establish an all-white stronghold in a Welsh village.

The Royal Anglian Regiment soldier was, it can now be reported, convicted after a trial in March of being a member of the neo-Nazi terrorist group National Action, and was jailed for eight years.


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Hillary Clinton will run for president again in 2020, former adviser says

Hillary Clinton will run for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020, according to a former adviser and a top Democrat in New York.

Mark Penn, a pollster and senior adviser to former President Bill Clinton and ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from 1995-2008, and Andrew Stein, a former Manhattan Democratic party figure and New York City Council president, wrote Sunday in a Wall Street Journal opinion piece that the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee would not let "two stunning defeats stand in the way of her claim to the White House."


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'We need a ditching': Pilots praised for wrestling with 'absolute flight from hell' Save

An Air Astana passenger jet spiralled out of control in the skies above Portugal on Sunday as its pilots attempted to wrestle the malfunctioning aircraft to the ground safely.

The flight crew confirmed to Air Traffic Control (ATC) that the Embraer ERJ 190 - capable of carrying 100 passengers - had become “completely uncontrollable” and asked for assistance as it jerked, soared and plunged above Lisbon.


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Faces of World War One service people etched on beaches Save

World War One service people were commemorated in a project by British filmmaker Danny Boyle to mark the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day.

Six beaches in Scotland were involved and portraits etched included that of suffragette and surgeon Dr Elsie Inglis, and Second Lieutenant Walter Tull who was the first black officer in the British Army.


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A convicted criminal awaiting deportation back to Burundi is suing the Canadian government for $65 million CAD ($49 million USD) because he alleges his Charter rights were violated while in a detention center.

As CBC News reports, Prosper Niyonzima came to Canada in 1995 as a refugee in the aftermath of the Rwandan civil war and genocide. But he was headed for deportation after a series of criminal convictions for breaking and entering, theft and drug trafficking. He had been in a detention center since 2012 but was let out on a temporary resident permit. He has been making full use of free legal aid available to anyone awaiting deportation.


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DC's proposed short-term rental ban would be costly, ruinous

Washington, D.C. welcomed 22.8 million visitors in 2017, a 3.6 percent increase from the previous year. District residents know that sharing the District – be it the sidewalk, a local restaurant, or directions to the Museum of Natural History – comes with the territory of living and working in the nation’s capital.

In a city that is so used to sharing its attractions, the City Council’s decision to tightly regulate alternative accommodations is jarringly incongruous.


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Everyone must prepare for possibility of hard Brexit - Germany

Everyone needs to make plans for a hard Brexit just in case, German Deputy Finance Minister Joerg Kukies said on Monday.

“(It’s) very, very clear that everyone must prepare for eventuality of a hard Brexit,” Kukies - who focuses on financial market policy and European issues - told a banking conference in Frankfurt.

A hard Brexit is generally understood to be an abrupt exit by Britain from the European Union without measures in place to safeguard the British and European Union economies.


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Sheffield crash: Brothers appear in court after four deaths

Two brothers have appeared in court after four people, including a one-year-old boy, died in a crash with a car involved in a police pursuit.

Adnan Ashraf Jarral, 35, and his son, Usman Adnan Jarral, died along with Miroslave Duna, 50, and Vlasta Dunova, 41, in Sheffield on Friday night.

All four were killed when their people carrier crashed with a VW Golf.

At Sheffield Magistrates' Court, the VW driver Elliott Bower, 18, and Declan Bower, 23, were remanded in custody.

No pleas were entered, with both men due to appear at Sheffield Crown Court on 10 December.


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US fighter jet crashes into sea off Japan

A US Navy fighter jet has crashed in the Philippine Sea, south of the Japanese island of Okinawa.

The F/A-18 Hornet was conducting routine operations when it "experienced a mechanical issue" that forced the two crew to eject, the US 7th Fleet said.

The pair were rescued from the water in good condition and were being evaluated on board the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier, it added.

Okinawa hosts US military bases and thousands of personnel.

Japan's coastguard sent an aircraft to check if there was "any debris or floating oil" as a result of the crash, a spokesperson told the AFP news agency.


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Oil gains after Saudi paves the way for an output cut

Oil rose by more than 1 percent on Monday, set for its largest one-day increase in a month after Saudi Arabia said OPEC and its partners believed demand was softening enough to warrant an output cut of 1 million barrels per day.

Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest oil exporter, said on Sunday it would cut its shipments by half a million barrels per day in December due to seasonally lower demand.


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North Korea has increased nuclear production at secret sites, say U.S. officials

"Work is ongoing to deceive us on the number of facilities, the number of weapons, the number of missiles," said one U.S. official.

U.S. intelligence agencies believe that North Korea has increased its production of fuel for nuclear weapons at multiple secret sites in recent months — and that Kim Jong Un may try to hide those facilities as he seeks more concessions in nuclear talks with the Trump administration, U.S. officials told NBC News.

The intelligence assessment, which has not previously been reported, seems to counter the sentiments expressed by President Donald Trump, who tweeted after his historic June 12 summit with Kim that "there was no longer a nuclear threat from North Korea."


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Tobacco shares hit on US menthol ban fear

Shares in two tobacco giants have been hit by reports that US regulators are planning to ban menthol cigarettes.

Shares in British American Tobacco fell 9% to their lowest level for nearly five years, while Imperial Brands shares fell 4%.

A report in the Wall Street Journal claimed the US Food and Drugs Administration would impose the ban.

Analysts said menthol cigarettes sales account for a quarter of BAT's earnings and a tenth of Imperial Brands'.


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Finland's GPS was disrupted during NATO war games and Russia could be responsible

Finland’s GPS signal was intentionally disrupted during NATO war games in the Nordic countries over the past few weeks and the culprit could be Russia, Prime Minster Juha Sipila said on Sunday.

Finland’s air navigation services on Tuesday issued a warning for air traffic due to a large-scale GPS interruption in the north of the country. Norway posted a similar warning about loss of GPS signals for pilots in its own airspace at the end of the October when the NATO exercise began.


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Burned to death because of a rumour on WhatsApp

>Rumors of child abductors spread through WhatsApp in a small town in Mexico. The rumors were fake, but a mob burned two men to death before anyone checked.

On August 29, a little after midday, Maura Cordero, the owner of an arts and crafts shop in the small town of Acatlán in the central Mexican state of Puebla, noticed an unusual number of people gathering outside the municipal police station next to her shop.

Cordero, 75, moved closer to the door and peered out. Dozens of people were outside the police station on Reforma Street, the town's main thoroughfare, and the crowd was swelling. Soon there would be more than a hundred people. Cordero could not remember seeing such a crowd in Acatlán except at a holiday celebration.


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St Mark's Basilica calls for help to save mosaic floor after Venice flood causes '20 years of damage

Venice's most famous cathedral is calling for urgent funding to save its precious marble and mosaic floor after surging floodwaters did decades of damage in a day.

St Mark’s Basilica, which attracts more than five million visitors a year, was filled with nearly three feet of water at the end of October in some of the worst flooding seen in the Lagoon City since 1872.

Carlo Alberto Tesserin, the basilica’s administrator, or procurator, said the church had “aged 20 years in a day” and estimates initial repairs will cost €2.7 million (£2.5 million).


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Twitter warns Pakistani rights activists over government criticism

Social network Twitter has warned two Pakistani rights activists against objectionable content, they said on Monday, a move that signals a continuing push by the south Asian nation to rein in free speech online.

The warnings come a week after Twitter suspended the account of an ultra-right Pakistani cleric who issued threats to the government and judiciary over the acquittal of a Christian woman accused of blasphemy.


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Macron, Merkel defend multilaterism as Trump avoids peace forum

The leaders of Germany and France called for a unified approach to fostering world peace at a forum in Paris on Sunday that was attended by dozens of heads of state and government with one notable exception: U.S. President Donald Trump.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the Paris Peace Forum, which followed a ceremony in the French capital to mark the centenary of the end of World War One, with a warning that “blinkered” nationalism was gaining ground in Europe and beyond.


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Woman goes on racist, homophobic rant on plane, reportedly threatens a flight attendant

An anonymous woman has made headlines across the internet for going on an expletive-filled tirade full of racist and homophobic slurs against her male seatmate.

The incident occurred on Nov. 2 on a domestic U.S. flight, and the woman began her rant soon before the aircraft landed at Los Angeles International Airport, according to the Mirror.

The identity of the passenger, and airline on which the event unfolded, remains unknown at this time. It also remains unclear what exactly triggered her outburst.


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FL - Governor Scott Files More Lawsuits, Leads Drops To 12,000

The Republican governor of Florida, Rick Scott, filed additional lawsuits against the electoral authorities of two districts. According to Mr Scott invalid votes are being counted.


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China shows J-20 jet's missiles for the first time at airshow: Global Times

China has shown the missiles in its advanced J-20 stealth fighter jet to the public for the first time at its largest airshow, the Global Times newspaper reported on Monday.

The newspaper said two J-20 fighter jets opened their missile bay doors during a flypast on Monday, revealing that each jet had four missiles in its fuselage and one on either side of the aircraft.

Citing Chinese experts, the newspaper said the demonstration, which came on the 69th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) Air Force, displayed the J-20’s superiority to the top U.S. fighter jets, the F-22 and F-35, as well as the PLA’s growing confidence.


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Australia - PM Morrison Slams ‘Radical, Violent, Extremist Islam’ (Video)

In a quite refreshing tone which was very different from his predecessors, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that explanations like ‘mental health’ as they’ve often been used in the past were ‘all good and well’ but then went on to describe radical Islamism as Australia's greatest threat in the wake of the Melbourne terrorist attack of last week.

more here: https://thegoldwater.com/news/42088-Australia-PM-Morrison-Slams-Radical-Violent-Extremist-Islam-Video

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Donations flow in for Melbourne attack's 'Trolley Man'

A homeless man who used a shopping trolley to fend off a knife-wielding attacker as he stabbed at police in Melbourne has been unexpectedly rewarded by grateful citizens who had donated more than A$50,000 ($36,000) by Sunday evening to help him.

Michael Rogers, nicknamed “Trolley Man” on social media, repeatedly tried to ram the attacker, Hassan Khalif Shire Ali, who was lunging at police and had earlier stabbed three people, one fatally, in Friday’s attack.


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Japan - Man Marries Hologram Of VR-Singer Hatsune Miku

The mother of 35-year-old Mr Akihiko Kondo refused to attend the wedding of her only son in the Japanese capital Tokyo as he prepared to marry Miss Hatsune Miku, or at least a hologram of the virtual reality singer.

More here: https://thegoldwater.com/news/42073-Japan-Man-Marries-Hologram-Of-VR-Singer-Hatsune-Miku

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Attacks on the media are a threat to democracy, Trudeau says

'>The very capacity for a citizen to engage with the truth is under attack,' PM tells press freedom event

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told a press freedom event in Paris Sunday that one of the bulwarks protecting democratic governments from being undermined is also an institution under stress — a free-thinking, robust media.

"If a democracy is to function you need an educated populace, and you need to have an informed populace, ready to make judicious decisions about who to grant power to and when to take it away," Trudeau said.


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Soy baby formula linked to severe menstrual cramps later in life

Feeding infant girls baby formula containing soy may set them up for more painful menstrual periods as young women, a new study suggests.

The research, which included information on more than 1,500 African American women, reinforces findings in earlier studies that included mostly Caucasian women.

“We observed that soy formula feeding during infancy was associated with several indicators of severe menstrual pain in reproductive age women,” said Kristen Upson, a postdoctoral fellow in the epidemiology branch at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.


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CA - Governor Brown Asks White House Additional Financial Aid Over Forest Fires

Less than a day after POTUS told his state to improve their forest management, California Governor Mr Jerry Brown asked the White House for additional funding to combat the forest fires.

more here: https://thegoldwater.com/news/42068-CA-Governor-Brown-Asks-White-House-Additional-Financial-Aid-Over-Forest-Fires

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Italy hosts Libya conference as December poll deadline appears unrealistic

Libya's key political players meet with global leaders in the southern Italian city of Palermo Monday in the latest bid by major powers to kickstart a long-stalled political process and trigger elections.

A summit in Paris in May had seen the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA) and eastern Libya strongman Khalifa Haftar agree to hold national polls on December 10, but that date has fallen by the wayside.

The Palermo conference is widely viewed as Italy’s bid to seize back the Libya initiative from France as the December election deadline looks increasingly unlikely.


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Six shot, two dead in possible gambling feud in Memphis, Tennessee

>"It's believed that this incident occurred as a result of a feud while gambling," the Shelby County Sheriff's Office tweeted.

Two people were killed and four others injured in a shooting in Memphis, Tennessee, that may have stemmed from a gambling feud, authorities said.

Shelby County sheriff's Lt. Anthony Buckner told reporters that deputies responded to a home in Memphis about 8:12 p.m. after receiving a report that five gunshot victims arrived at Methodist North Hospital.

Deputies determined the home was where the shooting occurred, and Buckner said he believed the attack took place indoors.


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Democrats To Investigate Trump’s ‘Abuse Of Power’ Towards CNN, The Washington Post

The Democrats, who form the new majority in the US House of Representatives, want to investigate whether President Trump abused his power “to punish the press” in his attacks on news channel CNN and the Washington Post newspaper.

Democrat Adam Schiff, incoming chairman of the House Intelligence Committee wants to see whether President Trump wanted to punish both media outlets via "instruments of state power."

With their newfound majority in the House, the Democrats are given options that they did not have before. They will be able to start investigations and request White House documents and e-mails. "It is our responsibility to investigate this already," Mr Schiff said


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Hong Kong - 52-Year-Old Woman Dies From Botox Surgery Gone Wrong


A botox surgery gone wrong led to the tragic death of a 52-year-old woman in Hong Kong.

The woman died on Monday morning local time after receiving botox injections at a cosmetic surgery clinic in Tsim Sha Tsui the day before. The woman was only identified by her surname Cheung.

Cheung was brought to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s intensive care unit on Sunday evening already in critical condition. Local police said they received a report at about 5 pm from Doctor Franklin Li Wang-pong’s clinic on Humphreys Avenue.

Cheung became unconscious after the 86-year-old Li gave her a botox injection.

Cheung was declared dead at 9:45 a.m. Hong Kong time. The police report says the victim received more than 10 shots of botox at the clinic.

Li at first attempted to administer first aid to the victim but only called the police after several failed attempts to revive Cheung.

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Yelp craters as much as 32% as advertisers abandon the site

Yelp cratered as much as 32 percent Friday, a day after releasing third-quarter earnings that revealed advertisers are abandoning the site and denting revenue.

Shares fell as low as $29.33, a new 52-week low, before paring some losses to close nearly 27 percent down at $31.92. The plunge makes for the stock's worst day of trading since going public in 2012.


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France – Tourists Expose Taxi Scam $300 For Airport Ride (Video)

Two tourists who visited Paris this week were scammed during a taxi ride. After they arrived from the Charles de Gaulle airport (north of the city), they took a taxi ride towards the centre of the capital. When the driver presented the bill, they could not believe their eyes.

The driver charged no less than €247 ($300), almost five times the normal amount for the trip. The police started an investigation.


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France to hunt for tax cheats on social media

France’s tax administrators will start searching through social media accounts in early 2019, a pilot project in the fight against tax avoidance, Budget Minister Gerald Darmanin told weekly business TV show Capital.

The idea is to identify potential frauds by analyzing publicly-available data on individuals’ social media accounts, Darmanin said, according to excerpts of the show to be broadcast on Sunday.


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EU can’t keep us tied to the bloc forever after Brexit or MPs WILL torpedo it, Andrea Leadsom warns

>The Brexiteer Cabinet minister said that the UK 'can not be held against its will in a customs arrangement' and there must be a way out that we can choose

THE EU cannot keep Britain tied to the bloc against its will after Brexit as MPs will torpedo the deal, a cabinet minister has warned.

Brexiteer Andrea Leadsom said that there must be a way that the UK can decide to leave any arrangement which keeps us linked to the EU's Customs Union.


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Multiple people injured at Jacksonville Fair after ride shuts down

Multiple people are injured at the Jacksonville Fair in Jacksonville, Fla. after an amusement ride shut down.

The Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department (JFRD) confirmed the injuries on Twitter, saying that multiple people have minor injuries “from a ride shutting down.”


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Jamal Khashoggi murder: Turkey 'shared tapes' with Saudi, US

Turkey says it has shared recordings related to the murder of the journalist and writer Jamal Khashoggi with the US, the UK, Saudi Arabia, and others.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan repeated his assertion that Saudi Arabia knew who had killed Khashoggi.

Khashoggi, a critic of Saudi rulers, was killed inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on 2 October.

Saudi Arabia has admitted he was murdered there, but denied suggestions its royal family was involved.

It had initially maintained the writer had left the consulate unharmed.


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California shooting: Gunman Ian Long died from self-inflicted gunshot, autopsy finds

>Long posted on Instagram during mass killing but police have not yet commented on a motive for the attack

The former marine who gunned down 12 people at a bar in southern California died from a self-inflicted gunshot, an autopsy has found.

Ian Long killed 11 civilians at the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, along with a police officer. More than 20 people were injured.

Police said the officer exchanged gunfire with the 28-year-old, who was found dead at the scene.


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FBI Investigated Fraudulent Miami Company Connected to Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker

The fraudulent Miami Beach company tied to acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker was being investigated by the FBI as recently as last summer — and might still be in the bureau's crosshairs, potentially creating a conflict of interest.

In a nine-paragraph July 10, 2017 letter obtained by New Times, FBI victim specialist Cinthia Sosa confirmed that the invention-promotion company World Patent Marketing, where Whitaker served on the advisory board, was being investigated as a possible criminal matter.