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File: 1ca233023fd93b5⋯.png (277.56 KB, 622x413, 622:413, Credit - Twitter @@ASCOAMe….png)



During a speech this week in the Gulf of Mexico port of Veracruz, he stated that: “Without being disrespectful, we’re going to put him in his place,” mostly in reaction to Trump’s tweet of earlier that day claiming that Mexico was “rated the number one most dangerous country in the world.”

Most political analysts agree that the presence of a hard right President Trump in neighboring US in the White House will only make Mexico lean more left, thus favoring Mr. Obrador.

Mr. Heriberto Galindo, an ex-consul general of Mexico in Chicago, claimed that: “I‘m not saying we’re heading for war with the United States because Mexico is a pacifist.”

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The thing is, if you actually had an athorative leader who actually had the balls to crack down on crime and improve the standard of living in mexico enough so the states became less desireable to illegal and legal spic alike, trump would have lost one of his main focal points. But that will never happen.




Beannigger, do you have any modicum of comprehension how bad an idea that would be? America's primary problem in force projection is that it has to get across oceans. If you open a war with the US at their own borders, you are going to be within single-flight bombing range of every airbase in the south as well as a day's drive for every tank operator in Texas. You might as well stick your dick in a powder keg and piss fire.



>Looks up mexican airforce

>Sees literal propellers on their best planes



File: 956f6774d58b64c⋯.jpg (85.6 KB, 1366x906, 683:453, V-22-Osprey-starts-US-airc….jpg)


Nothing wrong with propellers tbh



<We're going to put him in his place.

Mexico still thinks Trump wants Mexico to pay for a wall by asking for a paycheck lol. Nah. It's as easy as withholding money already in the US that normally goes to Mexico, among other things, I'm sure, such as renegotiating trade deals.


>Shitholes endlessly complain about the world-tier cunning and ruthlessness of whites.

>Shitholes still think it's a good idea to mess with uncucked white men.

I think I know why history repeats itself.

File: 34d0ae8cec5a5d8⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1209x780, 31:20, Credit - Twitter @WithinWr….png)



As was widely expected, China and South Korea did not wait long to react to the ‘America First’ tariffs the Trump administration announced today, with many foreseeing it will become a main point of discussion during the World Economic Forum in Davos which the US President will be attending later this week.


Translated directly from the original Chinese: "WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"


You use slave labor to crash our economy. You cheat every single deal instead of working honestly. You backbite. You scheme. You refuse to be forthright and fair.

To hell with you and all those like you.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Thread Theme

File: 343dc8d987212a1⋯.png (2.1 MB, 1682x936, 841:468, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at ….png)



>New CanCode program targets students, underrepresented groups

The Liberal government is following up on a 2017 budget promise to spend $50 million to help children learn to code as soon as they start school.

Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains announced the government's new CanCode program, which hopes to train about one million students from kindergarten to Grade 12 coding and other digital skills, during a stop at Microsoft Canada in Mississauga, Ont. on Monday.

The Liberals are putting $50 million into CanCode over two years, starting in the 2017-2018 fiscal year.

The government says they also want to train students, including traditionally underrepresented groups, in coding to prepare them for the future workforce.

The funding also includes training for 63,000 teachers to learn how to incorporate new technology in the classroom.

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>All those fucking spics in the background.



I hope she's safe.


50M on teaching turbopascal and cobol.



>traditionally underrepresented groups

So basically they want blacks to be as tech savvy as whites so they can be a presence in cyber space like we are?


Teach them math and chemistry and make physicist out of them





Pick one. You get the code you pay for.

File: 0706e90c574cd00⋯.png (1.49 MB, 1325x923, 1325:923, Credit - Twitter @PressTV ….png)



As happened earlier already on Western European soil, where many countries have both Kurdish and Turkish immigrants, once again supporters of the two groups could be seen duking out their political differences in another country. This time in the Hannover ( Germany) airport hall where Kurds were protesting and ran into a group of Turks trying to board a plane for Ankara.


Moderate protesters


Part and parcel

File: e55f7d090231435⋯.png (84.07 KB, 413x287, 59:41, br.png)



A man from Michigan who threatened to shoot employees of CNN at its headquarters in Atlanta was arrested.


File: 39df96ce9b95b74⋯.mp4 (4.49 MB, 952x708, 238:177, fake news pwned.mp4)


This is why you don't make threats

File: 42f17b69a6496f4⋯.jpg (2.54 MB, 2123x1413, 2123:1413, dreamstime_m_71157265.jpg)



The Democratic leader in the Senate, Mr. Chuck Schumer stated in retaliation that: "the great deal-making president sat on the sidelines."

However, "Democrats CAVED" was trending on social media Monday evening, meaning most of the public gave this win to President Trump.

Meanwhile, as already stated in our covering of the shutdown yesterday, the presumed Democratic presidential frontrunners all swung to the far left in their voting with senators Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand, Cory Booker, Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris all voting against the agreement afterwards.

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File: 6775655921b0d51⋯.jpg (187.47 KB, 576x768, 3:4, 2d97c0ea00269d88a3bed7a082….jpg)





Jokes on you, Repubs alteady pro chips before the shutdown. Democrat got jackshit from this pulling out.




<"How do you do, fellow channers?"





>shuts down the government

>for illegals that shouldn’t be here to begin with

>thinking people won’t see through this


Maybe if they cared about healthcare/education/veterans/a million other things as much as they do illegals they wouldn’t have to try so hard to boost their voting demographics

File: 0518d3addaacf03⋯.jpg (54.84 KB, 960x540, 16:9, vl.jpg)



The Philippines’ most active volcano located in its most populous region spewed fountains of red-hot lava and massive ash plumes anew on Tuesday. The view may appear dazzling in photos but the eruption is increasingly becoming more dangerous. 55,000 residents have left their homes and sought refuge in evacuation centers.

File: 9e85b1e815c84a9⋯.jpg (96.99 KB, 615x414, 205:138, amazon-go-store.jpg)


Today sees the opening of the first Amazon Go store. The online retailer is looking to change the face of real-world shopping with its AI-powered brick and mortar stores that are free from checkouts and time-consuming lines.

Anyone shopping in the new Seattle store will find that they are constantly monitored by cameras as they shop, with the camera monitoring which items they place in their baskets. Customers are automatically billed when they leave the store.

Amazon trialled the automated stores last year, testing them out with employees. It had been hoped that Amazon Go stores would open to the public rather sooner than today, but problems with the tracking of goods meant the launch had to be delayed.

more here:


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Hello again

Lets discuss shall we?

You want to know why whites don't have much networking? it's because ever since the 1960's Jew's started a race war on them. now they can't feel proud about their race anymore because they would be considered racist.

Why Is It okay for black people to scream black power and not okay for whites to scream white power?, simple! guilt and racism. You know very well why there are not many professional networking for Caucasians.It's because (((they))) made it that way. White people still network but just in a normal way.

My question is why would you even use google searches as credible sources to begin with?!

>Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.

/pol/ is a board on 8chan. 8chan is an american image board website not a social media website. And if you think censorship on certain social media website aren't worse than /pol/ then you're a complete liar.

Whats next? A tomato is the same as a mango?

Are you this dense?, What do you hope to accomplish by getting rid of the /pol/ mod?

Are you white? Do you know anyone fair unbiased enough to run /pol/ that is white? Can you run /pol/? better yet… Why can't you create your own /pol/ that's better than it instead of just bitching and moaning by jumping to different ip's to get that terrible message through. or maybe you just work for leftypol..

If you cant answer those questions then you're a fraud!!

Not only that but you failed to even show a google search for whites!!!!


Get the fuck out or create your own board

It''s his board not your's ! !.



Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



The roastie behind me at Target was buying a cumber, a tube of lube and a tin of gourmet cat food.



I would also like to know



>it's not Fagioli




>I'm guessing that they will only build these stores in white neighborhoods.

Well yeah. When your cops aren't busy with murders they can do important things like so shoplifters

File: d1d327a8a5ce2f5⋯.jpg (26.32 KB, 920x629, 920:629, serial killer thumbnail.jpg)



The former wrecker driver also admitted to two copycat assaults in the 1970's previously thought to have been committed by a Sacramento predator known as the East Area Rapist. This predator's sisters were on to him saying, "Everywhere we lived, there was a rapist."

The quadruple murderer confessed to authorities before his Thursday night execution. He even boasted of seducing strangers at bars, dosing them with Rohypnol, the date rape drug, and sexually assaulting them in the back of his van.

He didn't have any details such as the names or races of the victims, he only knew that he had raped them. A woman who knew Shore recalled many nights of drug-fueled parties, as well as blank spots in her memory.

"I know that he drugged and date-raped me," she said, asking to remain anonymous. The women went on to say it wasn't just her who she knew was raped, there were others.






Typical cum skin




File: aed985daca2a0db⋯.jpg (4.18 MB, 2121x1414, 3:2, dreamstime_m_66093288.jpg)



As the US government stands side by side with the Afghan government on this issue, Pakistan is on the defensive.

Earlier in the year, President Trump had already famously tweeted that “It's not only Pakistan that we pay billions of dollars to for nothing,” before he decided to cut back on US aid to the country.

Given the Pakistanis longstanding ties to the Taliban and its Haqqani network, which is responsible for several large-scale attacks on Afghan cities, many diplomats in Washington have long suspected them of playing a double game, as US diplomats believe the Pakistanis know full well that one day the US support would dry up and they would be left alone to face the Muslim extremists in their own country.


Pakistan is a shithole country so I'm wiling to bet the nukes don't even work



The shitskins should know better than to betray us after what we did to Iraq, Afghan, Libya, and Syria.

Watch out Paki, freedom is coming your way.

File: e2ccde8cd0a8f1a⋯.jpg (46.21 KB, 703x388, 703:388, comedian thumbnail.jpg)



Comic Steve Brown was performing his act at the Comedy House when he was brutally assaulted and injured by an attacker who ran on stage.

The assault grew into more than a fist fight and became deadly when the drunk attacker grabbed a mic stand and swung it at Brown.

The bottom of the mic stand flew off nearly striking another audience member and turning the stand into a metal spear. At this point, Brown's life is in danger and security is nowhere to be seen.

The video starts with the attacker already on the stage and from the point that the video begins to the time help arrives is 30 seconds.

A large man with a six-foot metal pole can do some serious damage in 30 seconds. Brown handled the situation reasonably well but he may not have realized how much danger he was in.


Jim do you think im going to click your link to see a video you got from youtube? I dont go to your site simply because of all the user data you collect. You havent changed a bit form the 2ch days.



File: b3eb365b6562bc2⋯.jpg (1.71 MB, 2121x1414, 3:2, dreamstime_m_93458679.jpg)



The Ministry of Health says the latest case is the first since September 29, 2017.

The patient sought outpatient treatment and is doing well, according to the Ministry of Health. While they confirmed the case and status of the patient, they declined to comment on where the infection originated or any further details on the case.

Doctors cited patient confidentiality.

Not the most settling answer. The first case of Zika that was locally transmitted in Singapore was reported in August 2016 and by the end of the year, the number of victims would rise to 450 people.

File: 99d4182e95736b1⋯.png (2.04 MB, 1278x794, 639:397, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at ….png)



Shoplifting and muggings have increased across the UK, analysis of figures shows, amid claims police are ignoring low level crime because of funding cuts.

One area saw an increase of over 30 per cent in shoplifting offences and another over 70 per cent in mugging as forces across England and Wales prepare to publish their latest figures later this week.

Only five forces saw a fall in shoplifting crime in the year between 2016 - 2017, while many saw a rise hitting double figures.

The research was compiled using official crime statistics, comparing 12 sets of monthly data from 2015/16 to 12 sets of data from 2016/17 and taking an average percentage change for shoplifting and theft from a person.

17 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



take your meds


File: 3443b7eb4d3cb3d⋯.jpg (197.72 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, Imkampfy passport.jpg)


File: 7560db6260aa9ba⋯.jpg (4.75 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, P1080411.JPG)


Precursor to the new world order is global destabilization. Make it so bad people beg to be put in a cage for their own safety. Its going to be spun like this: "All the nations of the world have failed, the old model of governance no longer works in the modern day. Just look at all the incompetence of your leaders and how they've ruined your countries. We need a global government to keep the heads of nations in check."

Everyone will be okay with this. Give it 50 years and well all live in dedicated blocks according to where we work. Manually driven cars will be illegal, only shuttles that take your whole apartment block of people to work. Cash will be illegal so will precious metal and gems. Well earn credits. Well have the same type of surveillance china has just all over the world and with quantum computers keeping track of it all. If you do the same thing 99% of the time, the 1% when you do something different you'll get a visit from the police to ask what you were doing and why. etc



But I'm a senior citizen who would starve if I didn't steal food

Please don't judge me so harshly you nazi facist scum

I would like to poke my cane into yoour eyes and blind you and then shit in the sockets

This is the only way to treat nazi scum



Why are you a racist,Autie?

You will die alone and very afraid

File: 1c1327a6335ff96⋯.jpg (1.5 MB, 2121x1414, 3:2, dreamstime_m_21928226.jpg)



For imported solar cells and modules, the tax would amount to 30% in the first year.

Chinese government spokesman Mr Wang Hejun stated that "together with other WTO members, China will resolutely defend its legitimate interests" adding that the plans "not only aroused the concern of many trading partners but was also strongly opposed by many local governments and downstream enterprises in the US".



Chinese Solar Panels are bad for the enviroment


Chinese now complaining after all those long years of trade rip off?


wow tariffs are totally unprecedented and haven't been ever made before in all of history

t. gullible retard whi thinks the piss water is a legit source

File: 93cb7498ad725b1⋯.jpg (222.88 KB, 1328x882, 664:441, kidney-transplant-t-shirt ….jpg)



While on a vacation to the Magic Kingdom, a stranger took a photo of him and his shirt’s statement, posted it with a message on Facebook. The social media post about Leibowitz’s special handmade shirt became viral. More importantly, someone responded positively to help Leibowitz with his predicament. He got his donor.

Rocio Yanira Sandoval took the initiative of taking Leibowitz’s photo, with his “statement shirt” and posted it on popular social media platform Facebook. It got 90,000 Facebook shares in just a week. Richie Sully, 39, a father of two from Fort Wayne, Ind., saw the post and did not hesitate to offer his help.

The Good Samaritan said: “I have an extra kidney, it’s not like I need them both.”

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