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The heartbeat of 8chan is strong

File: 2641ee10831c302⋯.png (458.71 KB, 868x462, 62:33, school.png)


>Parents of elementary school students with autism in Florida are demanding accountability after teachers were recorded cursing and screaming at their children.

The special education class at Pasadena Lake Elementary was empty Thursday. All of the students, who are on the autism spectrum, stayed home because their parents say they're too afraid to send their children to school.


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File: c95e46b4f628e5f⋯.jpg (158.09 KB, 704x904, 88:113, c95e46b4f628e5fe24e4258b2a….jpg)


Good. Let the parents raise and teach their defective children. It shouldn't be expected that everyone else be responsible for taking care of your failed abortion.


>Waah muh money

Deal with it. Society got along fine for thousands of years with only one parent working. Have mom and the autist turn tricks on the side to make up the difference if moneys so goddamn important to you.



Video of full recorded audio clip with transcript is on youtube!

Here is the video!



I have the solution. Raise your own potato.




<the teachers dindu nuffin

good goys



>it's a nigger

Of course it is…

File: f5f4747a9eec034⋯.png (555.12 KB, 787x541, 787:541, theresa.png)


Theresa May was served a deadline of 24 hours by senior Tory MPs today to clarify when she will leave office, or risk being forced out by a rebellion of MPs and activists.

Members of the 1922 Committee executive, the party heavyweights who represent Tory backbenchers, said they were not satisfied with the Prime Minister’s latest attempt to delay her departure too late July so she can have another try at getting MPs to pass her thrice-rejected Brexit deal.



Wait a minute, they don't like the deal, but if she leaves they'll like the deal? What a joke


Scotland independence from England!



>Theresa May = Communist Cunt.

This is amazing news.

The Communist E.U. Empire is going to do everything it can to continue to enslave the Great Britain.

I'm concerned that this really isn't going to end without an actual violent conflict.

File: 87263739877ef2b⋯.png (327.36 KB, 645x341, 645:341, man.png)


Three county lines drug dealers who used vulnerable teenagers as runners in a coastal city have been jailed in a "landmark case".

Glodi Wabelua, Dean Alford and Michael Karemera, all 25, recruited six youths to traffic crack cocaine and heroin to Portsmouth in 2013 and 2014.

The victims were used to carry drugs to Hampshire and money back to London.

It is believed the three are the first to be charged under the Modern Slavery Act in relation to county lines.



Good work! 👍


What religion is this family,, you don't have to answer if you don't want to,

File: 171d3838ebf7e88⋯.png (381.04 KB, 897x454, 897:454, plane.png)


>Takeover price of $13 a share is a 22% premium to where Air Transat was valued yesterday

Air Canada is in exclusive negotiations to buy the company that owns Air Transat, the two companies say.

The proposed deal would value Transat at $13 per share, a 22 per cent premium from the $10.58 a share the company was valued at on Wednesday. At $13, Transat is being valued at roughly $520 million.

Shares in Transat A.T. Inc., the corporate entity that owns Air Transat, were briefly halted on the news, but when trading began, they jumped about 16 percent to just over $12. That's below the level Air Canada is offering, which could be a sign investors aren't convinced it's a done deal.



Sunwing turned them down years ago.


Sunwing couldn't buy Transat?



>exclusive negotiations

Because no one else wants it.

File: 0eb972b3d52d8bd⋯.png (773.89 KB, 765x488, 765:488, opioids.png)


Opioid use has reached crisis proportions not only in the United States but also in Canada and some European countries, as prescription opioid painkillers have become much more common, the OECD club of wealthy nations said on Thursday.

So far the opioid epidemic has focused largely on the United States, where the OECD said nearly 400,000 people died of overdoses between 1999 and 2017, resulting in the lowering of overall life expectancy for the first in more than 60 years.



Wow, talk about old news lol

File: 119e0ab93983d22⋯.png (576.1 KB, 781x416, 781:416, walmart.png)


Prices are about to climb at America's biggest retailer in response to the recent increase in tariffs on Chinese goods put in place by the Trump administration, Walmart's CFO told press on Thursday.

Brett Biggs, the chief financial officer of Walmart, did not specify which products would be sold at a higher price point, but he did assure consumers that Walmart's merchant teams have been working alongside its suppliers to keep costs as low as possible.



File: 0adbfc3b16e68b9⋯.jpg (241.26 KB, 1440x1518, 240:253, 4df873dd2b9c586c16babaa053….jpg)

This wouldn't be an issue if said products weren't made in China now would it?



No, if they were made in the US they would already be many times more expensive. That's why companies will pay the new taxes instead of buying American because it is STILL cheaper and the average American consumer only gives a shit about the final price

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This was an impromptu Interview with Joseph Sitar who was visiting my office today. I cut short my pen review because this guy is so awesome. He is a former child soldier from Sudan. He grew up in the Nubu Mountain region of Sudan and had to carry grenades to walk to school. His book Resilience in a Child of War is a must read for anyone that wants a real serious look at what it is really like to grow up with a gun in your hand. It is a story of Hope, Courage and Faith.

His story of hope is something that reminds me of the hope that I got when I read "Fragments of Isabela" about an Auschwitz survivor.



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>had to carry grenades to walk to school

Interesting choice of defensive weapon. Also was he a child soldier or a schoolboy?



He was selling grenades at school to buy his schoolbooks


Child of war is actually what Vice did in a documentary as seen o this video on youtube.




>his book is a must read

Post it on >>>/pdfs/ then or else we ain't reading shit.



>had to carry grenades to walk to school.

Self defense grenades?

File: cd631c46b96df3c⋯.png (513.71 KB, 979x554, 979:554, anti salvini.png)


The removal of a protest banner against Italian far-right leader and Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini has sparked hundreds of copycat protests around the country.

The explosion in the number of banners being hung from balconies comes as the social-media obsessed anti-immigrant leader is frantically campaigning ahead of next week's European parliamentary elections.




Like when this happened last year and it was all of 9 people protesting?

Where are the pictures? If this is sweeping Italy there must be hundreds of pictures and videos.



This is just another example of surprisingly well-funded grassroot (((movements))), fighting against whoever would attempt to stop Europe from getting overrun by fanatic savages.

File: 80c01ba44b7ec0e⋯.png (274.12 KB, 594x359, 594:359, french doctor.png)


A criminal investigation has been launched against a French doctor over the poisoning of 17 people in France.

Frédéric Péchier, an anaesthesiologist, has already been investigated for seven other cases of poisoning, in total leading to nine deaths.

Prosecutors allege he deliberately tampered with his colleagues' anaesthesia pouches to create an emergency and show off his talents.

Mr Péchier denies all allegations, and faces a life sentence if found guilty.

His lawyer, Jean-Yves Le Borgne, told AFP news agency that the investigation proved nothing.


File: 63076d3cceae64d⋯.png (192.5 KB, 535x362, 535:362, may.png)


Theresa May has promised to set a timetable for the election of her successor after the next Brexit vote in the first week of June.

The agreement follows a meeting between the prime minister and senior Tory MPs who are demanding a date for her departure from Downing Street.

If she loses the vote on her Brexit plan, already rejected three times, sources told the BBC she would resign.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson has said he will run for leader once Mrs May goes.

The prime minister survived a confidence vote by Conservative MPs at the end of last year and party rules mean she cannot formally be challenged again until December.


File: 31d0e7246b8cadd⋯.png (287.34 KB, 604x359, 604:359, huawei.png)


After months in detention, China has formally arrested two Canadians accused of espionage.

Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor were taken into custody last December, shortly after Canada arrested Huawei chief Meng Wanzhou on behalf of the US.

They have been accused of harming national security, but were not formally arrested until Thursday.

Their official arrest comes a day after the US imposed additional security measures targeting Huawei.

Ms. Wanzhou is currently fighting her extradition to the US in Canada's courts. The US has charged her with fraud linked to an alleged violation of sanctions on Iran.


File: b949969290ff016⋯.png (465.69 KB, 642x413, 642:413, venezuela.png)


Norway has attempted to facilitate high-level talks between Venezuela's government and political opposition, both sides have said.

The government and the opposition have been engaged in a bitter power struggle since January.

Reports of a meeting between the two sides in Norway's capital Oslo first emerged on Thursday.

They were later confirmed by Juan Jorge Valero, Venezuela's ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva.


File: 322df1828e1f1fc⋯.png (481.53 KB, 630x406, 45:29, chicken.png)


>Workers given extra training after secret cameras record ‘harrowing shots of painful abuse’

Workers on chicken farms supplying Nando’s, Asda and Lidl have been filmed leaving a bird convulsing after breaking its neck, stepping on the animals necks and throwing sick ones onto piles, footage from an animal rights group shows.

In a grisly video taken by secret cameras, dead birds appeared to be left among the living, leading to cannibalism, while workers stepped on and kicked flocks in sheds.


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It’s stuff like this that makes me reconsider going vegetarian.

Not vegan because I still love me some eggs, milk and cheese from time to time.




We need to treat Jews this way



Please kill yourself

File: 6b2d27d187d8254⋯.png (806.28 KB, 860x578, 430:289, president xi.png)


>In the latest sign that the confrontation between China and the United States is escalating, Chinese President Xi Jinping warned that one civilization forcing itself on another would be “stupid” and “disastrous."

Xi’s remarks, delivered at the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations, where Beijing demonstrated its soft power, did not mention the U.S. but were regarded as the highest level response yet too tough rhetoric from Washington.


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File: c4065598cefb7d2⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 448x252, 16:9, c4065598cefb7d2829291be410….gif)


This is ironic considering this is the same retard that wants the South China sea for no other reason besides it having the word China in the name causing clashes with numerous South East Asian countries


They are literally colonizing africa right now. Is he retarded?



Xi is a Jew puppet like all the rest. They're just given a script to read. They're pretty much nothing more than akin to being news anchors.


So hes calling himself stupid?



>Xi Jinping warned that one civilization forcing itself on another would be “stupid” and “disastrous."

this man speaks from experience

he know very well what he is talking about

after all, he was there to see what happened to Tibet and currently happening to Hong Kong when the CCP got their filthy claws on them

stay strong Taiwan you're all that's left of China

File: b5d3ebfbc4c31aa⋯.png (395.5 KB, 510x404, 255:202, broken heart.png)


>Light-activated glue repairs cuts in a pig heart and stops it bleeding within 30 seconds

A light activated bio-glue could repair a broken heart after surgery or trauma by reducing uncontrolled bleeding, which is currently a major cause of death.

Sealing heart and artery wounds is difficult because the adhesive must be strong enough to resist high blood pressure and the movement of a beating heart. Very few non-toxic materials meet these criteria.


2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


Let's see if I understand this right? Scientists are in laboratories massaging their worms until they spew out some kind of biological goo? (haha… no further questions)


It can fix a heart that is broken, but can it fix a broken heart? Good news anyway.



fuck off incel



Eat shit, kike.



fake and gay

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