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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Mayor Brown announced the opening of cooling centers Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to aid city residents suffering from the heat and don’t have access to air conditioning.

The mayor says this comes the National Weather Service called for “oppressively warm and humid” conditions.

“With the season’s hottest weather expected to settle over Buffalo this weekend, we’re asking residents to protect themselves and other from the potential effects of extreme heat,” said Mayor Brown.

Several of the centers will open Friday and continue to operate throughout the weekend.

City pools and splash pads will also be open.

more here:


File: 3548c948c6ebb5d⋯.png (522.93 KB, 760x430, 76:43, SOUTH CAROLINA.png)


All of it was caught on Deputy William Kimbro's body cam.

"Let me have the baby let me have the baby," Kimbro said to the mother.

"What's your baby's name?" Kimbro said.

"Riley," the mother said.

The 12 day old girl was unresponsive. Her mom tells Kimbro she stopped breathing after drinking a bottle

"I'm gonna put her on your lap," Kimbro says. "I'm gonna check for a pulse. OK I got a pulse."

He never stops talking to the newborn as he calls for help and makes sure she is breathing.

Finally a cry.

"There you go. As long as she's crying like that she is breathing," Kimbro says.

Eventually paramedics arrived to check on the baby.



Inb4 lawsuit alleging cop prevented post-natal abortion of fetus (not baby) thus infringing on muh women's rights.



lol i just shake my head and laugh that this is the current state of murrica?

lol. what a lard country.


I would have made it look like an accident and crushed the niglett's ribcage zaying i was in a panic. Fuck niggers.


Am I the only one to find kinda weird that such an unlikely event happen at the same time the other article about another cop getting shot? It's seems to me that the Jews are smelling the heat and are trying to buy good karma credit.



millions of good and bad things happen every day. they control what you see and when you see it, not whether or not it happens, at least for minor shit like this.

you're mostly correct though

File: 74cce830079d2d4⋯.jpg (33.95 KB, 690x388, 345:194, Trump at rally 800.jpg)

File: 549721bc4f77683⋯.png (303.84 KB, 563x306, 563:306, Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at ….png)


The president took the stage around 7:25 p.m. ahead of remarks by Vice President Mike Pence. He finished just before 9:00 p.m.

Before a packed Minges Colesium, Trump thanked his supporters for allowing him to carry North Carolina in 2016 and asked them to do the same in next year's election.

The president called a vote in the House this afternoon to derail an impeachment effort "a slaughter".

The House killed by a 332-95 vote a proposal by Texas Congressman Al Green to impeach Trump over his racial insults against four congresswomen of color.



File: e9593598fb31648⋯.jpg (41.04 KB, 800x600, 4:3, skynews-trump-epstein_4721….jpg)

Video starts at 3:13

"Newly found footage from NBC News' archives shows Donald Trump apparently talking about women with Jeffrey Epstein, now a registered sex offender, at a party at Mar-a-Lago in November 1992. The party was a decade before Epstein's plea deal in Florida."




wtf I hate Drumpf now



I'm sure NBC lost some footage of clinton and trump


>Texas Congressman Al Green

Why is a nigger from Louisiana representing me, and doing the opposite of what most Texans want? Most of us, even the Mexicans, love Trump. The only ones who don't are the soygoys and crazed hambeasts in cities like Austin and illegals.



Voter participation midterms.

File: 57e8cd137f377f7⋯.jpg (7.7 MB, 2742x1822, 1371:911, methagator.jpg)


By Ashley Curtis


They say ducks, geese and alligators could ingest meth through waterways

A police department in Tennessee posted on Facebook about a person attempting to flush drugs down the toilet, and they're pointing out some far-reaching consequences it could create.

>They're warning people about "meth-gators".

They say when people flush drugs down the toilet, it goes through processing but eventually will be sent back to streams and creeks, which means animals like ducks, geese, and yes, even gators, could get meth in their systems.


10 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



Water treatment is designed to eliminate the bacterial and chemical hazards in waste. People don’t normally shit out bricks of meth and coke.


File: aaee6d0209582c2⋯.jpg (18.34 KB, 474x474, 1:1, th.jpg)

I'm the one who crocs




Like Crocadilly, if you kill them and drink their blood.




I was expecting Florida.



Complete fucking nonsense. There is literally zero evidence of this. People have been flushing drugs down the toilet for a long fucking time. There is not a chance this would've gone by for 30+ years if there was any evidence backing this up. She made clickbait and you fell for it

File: f3da96d05830ea7⋯.jpg (37.22 KB, 810x455, 162:91, sheriff badge generic mgn ….jpg)


A North Carolina sheriff has developed a new policy for handing police chases.

The News & Record of Greensboro reports the new policy from Guilford County Sheriff Danny Rogers bars deputies from engaging in pursuits involving simple, nonviolent misdemeanors such as shoplifting. A deputy could initiate a chase if a person is considered violent.



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Stocks of Yakety Sax plummeted on this news.

File: 177c87066319e1d⋯.png (562.46 KB, 638x397, 638:397, bear.png)


Growing up in the densely forested Slovenian countryside, bear sightings were a rare treat for Simon Marolt. But Mr Marolt, a 37-year-old farmer, says he is now encountering them every day - bears lurking in the woods, bears raiding beehives, and bears grunting with annoyance as they blunder into electric fences protecting crops.



File: 90b3a09a7f03bb0⋯.jpg (101.86 KB, 500x624, 125:156, hands-bears.jpg)

This is good. Humans and animals can live together where they don't fuck with each other. When the animals get too ornery they get the bullet. Anyone who thinks this is fucked should be dropped out in the wild for a week. If you get back, tell me your nature conservationist point then.

File: ee370e9eea438f0⋯.png (457.61 KB, 813x454, 813:454, Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at ….png)


According to an Indian River County Sheriff’s Office case report, deputies responded to the intersection of N. Hwy. A1A and U.S. Hwy. 1 in Fort Pierce Monday afternoon after receiving a report of a road rage incident.

Todd Field told deputies he and his wife, Patricia Weinberger, were involved in the incident while they were driving home after shopping at Patrick Air Force Base.

Field said while they were in Indian River County traveling southbound along U.S.1 near Oslo Road, they were cut off by another driver.



Kill yourself op



Cut off?! Oh GOD.

File: b226945de0a8c3b⋯.jpg (28.04 KB, 760x428, 190:107, fit-760x428-000 (6).jpg)


Houston police said the owner of the business was checking surveillance cameras and noticed five men trying to break into a safe. Police arrived, the group fled and officers began searching for them.

Police said that during the search, officers discovered a man’s body in an abandoned warehouse. Police said it appeared the body had been there for at least a couple of days.

Investigators said the death does not appear to be suspicious and is not connected to the burglary.

"This is kind of a remote area, so there's no telling who's been back there," said Lt. Larry Crowson, of the Houston Police Department.


File: 2182706081c3df6⋯.png (478.25 KB, 764x594, 382:297, elchapo.png)


A federal judge in Brooklyn handed down the sentence Wednesday, five months after Guzman's conviction in an epic drug-trafficking case.

The 62-year-old drug lord, who had been protected in Mexico by an army of gangsters and an elaborate corruption operation, was brought to the U.S. to stand trial after he twice escaped from Mexican prisons.

Before he was sentenced, Guzman complained about the conditions of his confinement and told the judge

he was denied a fair trial



How many times does this one make?

Hell just be broken out again.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


CAPE CORAL, Fla. - A man in Cape Coral gets arrested after he’s found naked with drugs inside a Dollar Tree bathroom.

When police found him, he looked them in the face and said, “Oh man, I’m going to jail.”

Kacey Alan Dunleavy, 30, was arrested Sunday night for drug possession at the Dollar Tree

Busted Naked




File: fb7286abe7e8df9⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1706x904, 853:452, victoria-wresilo.png)



They let me out on bail.

File: 5475f0c99edd2c6⋯.png (604.38 KB, 842x472, 421:236, Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at ….png)


U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials said Monday that 62 current and eight former Border Patrol employees are under internal investigation following revelations of a secret Facebook group that mocked lawmakers and migrants.

Most are under investigation for posts that surfaced in a secret group called "I'm 10-15," where messages questioned the authenticity of images of a migrant father and child dead on the banks of the Rio Grande River, and depicted crude, doctored images of U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., purporting to perform a sex act on President Donald Trump.

There were posts in at least one other closed group under investigation, he said.

"Messages posted on a private page that are discriminatory or harassing are not protected and violate standards of conduct," said Matthew Klein, assistant commissioner of the agency's Office of Professional Responsibility.


32 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Look at this person, conserving literal corruption. Bet this one’s a pedofascist.

The border patrol interacts directly with immigrants. If they don’t respect immigrants, they’re unfit for that job, and demonstrating a substantial dishonesty. Furthermore, contrary to YOUR lies, it is VERY authoritarian to install into government broken liars who haven’t enough pride to live honestly.



Could you try to run that by me with less of a strawman the second time? Nothing that I said implied support of the government or any of its functions or actions, and the fact that you can't provide an example shows this. The claim made was that crimes were being committed, I refuted that claim. The concept of crime does not require a state or governance to exist at all. Crime is any unjustified action by a person that causes measurable harm to another. Is murder suddenly okay if there are no police around? No, and you'd have to be retarded to think that is somehow the case. Jokes are not a crime, and "boomer" is not an argument, you underage cuckchanneler.

>Saying we should listen to authority simply becauseit is an authority, but only when you agree with it is by definition cherry picking.

1. But I never said that.

2. No, it isn't, that's not what that term means. To cherrypick is to omit data to a limited set in order to force statistics to support your position. It's a form of intellectual dishonesty, and intellectual dishonesty is the behaviour you've exhibited in every post since your first one.

>If we should respect authority because it is an authority then

We shouldn't and I didn't say we should. You're not even reading my posts, you're just talking past them.


Great! Now get back to sharing crude images of Trump and friends and leave AOC alone!





File: 73b33c91273660b⋯.png (53.76 KB, 488x693, 488:693, 150905.png)

If I'm being honest, there is not a job I've had where I haven't done this.

File: faa977e5fe0e8cb⋯.png (657.31 KB, 754x479, 754:479, democrats.png)


Donald Trump has been condemned by Congress for his "racist" tweets, with the House voting to admonish the president for his remarks about four minority Congresswomen.

Four Republicans and one Independent sided with the Democrats to pass the resolution.


5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



Can't he executive unorder that?

He should. It would be the first thing Tump's done that would be funny.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

He is a Macho Man!


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I don't have a racist bone in my body. – President Donald Trump




They all distanced themelves from him last election too, but the poepel voted for him because he has cofeve.

File: 09b7edea81016ad⋯.png (786.9 KB, 1530x640, 153:64, governor.png)


By Chad Arnold


With a stroke of a pen, Gov. Andrew Cuomo forever changed New York's farming industry on Wednesday.

The governor, during a Manhattan press conference, signed the Farm Laborers Fair Labor Practices Act, a long-sought piece of legislation that would give farmworkers the right to unionize and access to overtime pay among other things.

Democratic lawmakers and labor groups have pushed for the legislation — which has existed in Albany in some form for decades — arguing farmworkers have been denied basic labor rights that employees in other sectors have been entitled to

"Today the injustice ends,"

Cuomo said


File: 56649d27c46979e⋯.png (386.29 KB, 1890x686, 135:49, Chelsea Prince.png)

File: 11c54835cca9dd0⋯.jpg (3.99 MB, 2738x1825, 2738:1825, sheraton.jpg)


By Chelsea Prince


Three people who stayed at the Sheraton Atlanta on Courtland Street tested positive for Legionnaires’ disease

, which is contracted by breathing in mist or swallowing water containing bacteria. The Georgia Department of Health has not yet been able to confirm if the guests contracted the disease during their stay."The health and safety of our guests is our greatest priority,” general manager Ken Peduzzi said in a statement. “We are working closely with public health officials and outside experts to conduct testing to determine if Legionella is present at the hotel. As a result, out of an abundance of caution we have made the decision to close the hotel while we await the results.”



File: b51270404a2f033⋯.webm (5.62 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Downtown Atlanta investig….webm)

Legionnaires' disease is a serious type of pneumonia caused by bacteria known as Legionella.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Legionnaires' disease can cause pneumonia symptoms including cough, shortness of breath, muscle aches, headache and fever.

Doctors use chest x-rays or physical exams to check for pneumonia.



this disease is usually only acquired by ppl with a compromised immune system, so it's a little unfair to only blame the hotel



>this disease is usually only acquired by ppl with a compromised immune system

So basically every fat greasy Georgian?



I don't understand, has newsplus moved to blatantly copy pasting news articles from other (actual) news sites?



Like people with AIDs?

File: 217f817aceba5c1⋯.png (494.24 KB, 721x457, 721:457, republicans.png)


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Tuesday sought to dispel the uproar over President Trump’s controversial tweets targeting four nonwhite Democratic lawmakers, but also defended the president by declaring he is not a racist.

McConnell tried to quell the controversy that has raged since Sunday when Trump tweeted that four minority Democratic lawmakers should “go back” to their home countries — even though all of them are U.S. citizens — by calling for a broad ceasefire in Washington.


8 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


It's a hilarious conspiracy theory calling Trump racist.



This is fake news. Why is it here? The Republicans mostly just accepted the Tweet and stood behind Trump. There was only uproar among the dem commies. Republican support for Trump is still at 94% after those comments


File: 972e25a7d0d13a3⋯.jpg (40.51 KB, 402x600, 67:100, Family.jpg)

What fallout? Back in the day a fags opinion was the same as mines, not 100 times a regular dude.


me ok



fuck off back to >>>/trannypol/

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