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File: da2a64d661c340b⋯.jpg (68.66 KB, 640x480, 4:3, JZDYr7.jpg)


Post your progress, updates, blogposts, and just (not-counter)circlejerk with other anons.

Since the other thread isn't bumping, might as well make a new thread so you all can shame me for breaking.

>Be OP

>Take nofap to get a healthy sex drive again

>Who knows how many weeks in

>GF keeps rescheduling dates because workaholic (I have reasons to swing by where she works so she needs to really try to think of an excuse if she starts cheating)

>Constantly see personal kink (pantyhose) everywhere

>3:00am no sleep because stress

>"Fuck it, might as well litmus test for how well nofap is going!"

>Look up decent vids for kink, intending to see if my willpower reached the point where I can last for one hour without fapping

>Figure accomplishment will help me sleep

>Last for 45 minutes before going for lotion

>Mfw don't even produce that much cum or joy after failing my streak


>"Fuck it, might as well litmus test for how well nofap is going!"

>Look up decent vids for kink, intending to see if my willpower reached the point where I can last for one hour without fapping

>Figure accomplishment will help me sleep



day 52

suck it nerds


Day 3, going fairly well, I feel confident. The only difficult time is in bed and right whenever I wake up with a major hard-on.

I really do feel way better right now than I do when I jerk it 3 times a day and just feel wasted and gross.


File: 5e3f3d7b43a31cc⋯.gif (2.91 MB, 391x220, 391:220, 1472500471509.gif)

Day 44

Still going strong with NoFap 2017.

The same mentality that causes someone to shoot himself with .22 bullets, too become resistent against 9mm. Is the mentality that makes some people think that you can desensitize yourself against porn, by watching porn.

That it works that way with poision is one thin, but addictions and lust are more of a mental thing. And willpower is not formed by indulgence, it is made by abstinence. It is trained by maintaining standard, and tested by your own weakness and random encounters. Yes, one day, someone with a high resistance can watch porn and be unfazed, but that is something only for those who have already attained high willpower, at this point the person in question would not have any desire left to want to watch porn or indulge.





File: 23f5504c6c286cd⋯.jpg (43.86 KB, 548x367, 548:367, Brick Wall.jpg)

I'll join this thread as well. I'm continuing my nickname for this thread because fuck you, I'm having fun.

Doin' good. Got a bunch of work done today, and now I'm waiting on dinner to finish cooking. The coming week looks interesting with a few exams and visiting my parents for the weekend. Can't wait….


File: 2209b4f5b9f3ab6⋯.jpg (53.43 KB, 700x700, 1:1, le-desert-de-l-amour-de-fr….jpg)

File: 4f26f1c096763bb⋯.gif (1.43 MB, 500x281, 500:281, 1464327565025.gif)

Guess who failed first? This guy. My weakness is my inability to truly prevent myself from fucking up. I go through a few measures to not look at anything stimulating, I find a loop hole, and I abuse it.

I failed because I used my phone at a wrong time alone in my apartment. I went to a site I didn't mean to go to, and instead of having any self discipline, I fucked myself. I seriously consider just reverting back to a flip-phone, or removing my phone altogether. Sadly the latter, more preferable option isn't viable for me – I do need some communication with something other than a computer screen, even if it is only my mother. Disappointment is all I can describe it as. I had been doing pretty good, but just a moment of weakness brought me to square one, fucking everything up. I hope to see this as a way of improvement, and get better.

Aside from that, it was a decent day. Got out of bed later than I would have liked, got lazy in-between classes and did not get much done. I did go to the store today, and was that a trip. I met a homeless man on the street, but it didn't describe himself as homeless, instead he called himself a traveler, where he is travelling to, or from is none of my concern, but he was a traveler none the less. He talked to me a bunch about French, which I would have never assumed from anyone in a dirty, old coat. He told me he was reading pic-related, which he showed me. It seems interesting enough, my French isn't that great, so I'd only be able to pick out a few words, and not get much from it. He also talked about how he was waiting for a concert at the Cathedral, and the beautiful sounds that come from the organ. Again, I would have never imagined talking to anyone, especially someone without a home about the angelic sounds of an organ. The only homeless guy I've ever felt bad about lying that I don't carry cash.

What a surprisingly complex day, full of oddities.


>fapping every once in a while for years

>often go weeks, then get horny and fap like 5 times in 2-3 days

>feel drained

>for several months feel bored of it, not getting much joy, it feels mechanical

>just… stop

>didn't make any decision to start /nofap/ or anything, I just followed my "rule" to only fap when I was horny enough

>then before I knew it a month passed

>then two

>then four

>have gone through several mega-randy periods where I wanted to fap so bad, but after noticing I had walked into the cult of /nofap/ without making any conscious decision to do, I decided to keep the course that was "decided for me"

>last time I decided not to fap, I lasted 3 months; I told myself once I had a wet dream I'd fap again

>this time I had a wet dream, but have yet to fap weeks later

>dream was of me watching porn and saying "no, no, no, I haven't fapped in so long, no, no, don't, don't do it!" then waking up in a puddle of my jizz

>still not fapped

>feel "pure"

>more energetic

>more talkative with girls, and they are more talkative with me for no apparent reason


File: 564e8932730e504⋯.jpg (39.23 KB, 274x406, 137:203, 1442105512651.jpg)


Day 46

Still going.

The energy i have feels great, i should use it and go to the gym tomorrow.

Something else i noticed is a chance in the way i think about work. For the first time in too long, just thinking about all the things i need and want to do, don't feel so heavy anymore. It used to be, that i would get tired at just the thought of, for example, going to shool and the gym on the same day. This, obviously, made training very difficult, and it feels great to not have those thoughts as much anymore. I'm hoping this keeps up, and that i will get rit of this mentality for ever.

Of course, that is something i need to do myself, and tomorrow i will take that next step.

That i why i post that i'm going, so i can be held on my words.

Best of luck to all of you.



>more talkative with girls

Hey Normo leave girls for the black guys would ya' ?

>they are more talkative with me for no apparent reason

Ahem, this is a board for 5'6" feet tall persons and under.


File: ddda71edd8e02c7⋯.png (868.97 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20170118-011603.png)

>Day after making thread

>Feel like absolute shit because life

>Relapse again just because the day sucked and I didn't value a streak of one day

>Realize how pathetic that is

>Pour rest of lotion all over body and slip around in bathtub like a big retarded walrus

>With no more lotion and can't do dry rub, absolutely no way to impulse fap without setting up failure consciously at the store


>Meet friends after mall

>Find single qt

>Paint the town red with spaghetti sauce

>Get home

>Cringe and wring at myself for 45 minutes

I think I might cook a pizza only instead of cheese I'll use rat poison.


Day 16

Going well. In the first week I'd occasionally look at escorts and fantasise about going to them. Their pictures would be soft porn I guess. I'd also read erotic fiction and fap while doing both of these things, however never being hard for more than an hour or getting too close to the edge.

The temptation to look at these things has really subsided in the last week. I think they helped wean me off porn and cumming because they're stimulating but not AS stimulating.

Now most days I fap a little to my imagination for 10 minutes or so, without getting very close. It's really easy now to just work out my dick a bit without wanting to cum. Side effects are that I'm feeling really fucking good and productive, energetic and confident. I think this would be evidence that semen retention is the real factor in play here.

Walking around today I've been catching girls smiling/glancing at me a lot. Must be the change in my facial expression or posture, maybe my bearing. I feel a lot more dominant so that must be shining through somehow.

Feeling pretty confident that I'll keep this up to day 42 (6 weeks). That's my goal, then I intend to do another 6 weeks to bring me up to day 84, then its only another week til I'm over 90. Breaking it up is helping it feel like less of a mountain, and as it takes 6 weeks to form a habit I figure after that it'll be plain sailing.


Day 0.


5:25 PM

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


File: c4e2fa4d356a856⋯.jpg (96.05 KB, 670x748, 335:374, c4e2fa4d356a8564396fc53c78….jpg)


Day 0/47

I had both a good and bad day.

The good thing: I went to the gym and i'm starting to notice some chances in how my body looks, nothing major, but my muscles are becoming more visible.

Very nice indeed.

The bad: The last couple of day's my discipline softend. I would think more often about the porn i had deleted, and i would not stop myself from visiting boards in which lust is the norm, and did not stop myself from viewing lewd and porn images. The night of yesterday i had a dream in which i was jerking off to some girl mastrubating. In the dream i came, and when i woke up, i noticed i had cum physically to, i had a wet dream.

This does not break NoFap, but it does show that i have not broken through my addiction yet and i have lost semen as a resuld. I will need to dubble my effort to distance myself from any material that could activate my old addicted dopamine receptors, and fead the addiction.

I'm not happy about this, not at all.

Still, it's great to see that other people from the old thread and new people are stil trying, even if they failed before. The best of luck to you all.

Capcha: fygid


apologize for my bad english, here's my life story so far

>almost wizard

>beta as fuck

>dropout college

>never have girlfriend

>girls I like either dead or married

>have remote job

>shut in myself like neet

>almost 20 hours in front of computer

>only leave my room for eat and shit

>got anxious when in the crowded place

>my recreation only playing wow and fapping

>lurking 8ch

>found nofap

>begin nofap challenge, i need to change myself

>it have been 40 days

>my lifestyle still dont change

>except im not fapping anymore

>awake,work,play wow, then sleep again

>always have wild idea when horny

>rent prostitute and fuck her all night

>then I realize

>im ugly, fat, 5 ' 3 tall, with little small dick

im not confidence with myself,

help me anon


Day 11. Nearly off to bed. Trying to get my sleep tamed but I end up having more time on my hands. No burst of energy/productivity yet, so no real drive to exercise, go out for a run, try something new etc.

At what point would one really feel the benefits of No Fap? I almost feels its an outlook rather than something physical. 2015 I went 19 days, but felt pretty damn good towards the end. Last year went 20 but felt no different. Difference between the two was 2015 had a lot more optimism and positivity.


File: ce53cd7cc7369e7⋯.jpg (202.14 KB, 800x1069, 800:1069, 800px-Mao_Zedong_rice_fiel….jpg)

Well I guess todays as goood of a time as any to get back on nofap. It's been about a week of just energy drinks, schoolwork, fapping and doing whatever keeps me from sleeping in class. I know I should get bacf to nofap cause I made it pretty far into a streak but I fell off the horse a week ago. That and I guess theres a qt who either thinks I'm gay or has a thing for me or thinks I'm gay so I might as well start getting myself in order physically and mentally. so its day 0. Lets go


Curious notion, what's you're guys' response to the large amount of articles out there that basically explain that if you completely opt-out of any form of sexual use of your penis it can actually cause the same types of damage that y'all are trying to avoid by over-use?



>get the app "C25K"

>start running

>realise after 4 weeks that you can run further and longer than you imagined

>use that confidence to go into the gym and start lifting

>built up strenght and confidence

>lose shitload of weight while improving yourself way more than you ever thought possible


Do you have any of those said articles to actually show us?


File: 89ddefdfec31ce9⋯.gif (46.55 KB, 255x232, 255:232, Rotary Internal-Combustion….gif)

Well, it seems I forgot a day or two. The first day, I'm blaming server issues – I got a 502 multiple times throughout the day, and yesterday I simply forgot, homework was more important at the time. Whatever the case, I think I'm on day 2, and continuing with that.

I can't wait for an exam tomorrow for calculus. I think it'll be fun, it's just basic derivatives, nothing really strange. Then, I'll have a six-hour road trip. I simply can't wait.


File: 17e294e6c05b6bf⋯.png (200.91 KB, 589x497, 589:497, 17e294e6c05b6bf94d7b5fee44….png)

5 days no fap and today i fapped 5 times

not gonna lie, i'm feeling anxious and depressed already (and i was feeling fine before)



Day 57



File: 1d0528210e958c4⋯.png (135.03 KB, 800x850, 16:17, 1d0528210e958c4959dd5c5371….png)


Day 49

Haven't had any wet dreams since then, avoiding going to boards like /b/ and /pol/ has helped in getting things back in order. It's good that things have being going so smoothly.

There is, however, one thing that has annoyed me this past time. This doesn't really have anything to do with the diary and NoFap, so i'll spoiler it.

It does have something to do with NoFap, since it is about sex, and the attitude of most people in real life and on the chans, on the topic of sex. It is as if for most people sex is something absolute. You are not allowed to criticise the modern sex culture, exept from a feminist standpoint ofcourse, you are "weird" if you think sex is for reproduction and it is certanly not allowed to try and convince people to think otherwise. And all things that hamper this pursued of sex, are most definitely bad. Thats why the age of consent needs to get lower and lower, and these people are not talking about the age at which girls and boys are to marry and get children. They are talking about the increasingly younger age at which these boys and girls in question. Are to be subjugated and enrolled into this sex culture of theirs, it is an example of pure ego centric moral, the AoC needs to be lower, so i can fuck them without repercussion.

Even here on NoFap, i have seen people with the cognitive dissonance, that the negative effects of male orgasm, are only a problem if it is done in mastrubation. That when you spill your semen during sex, it magically isn't harmfull anymore. Which is a load of bull, sex addicts show the same symptoms as fap addicts, the pheromones that are released during sex don't make you immune to the ill effects of dopamine overdosing.

An example of why i think this modern sex culture is bad, can be found on /v/, in the thread "What vidya horrors keep you up at night?"


In which multiple anons are proud of their sexual attraction and even exploitation of 15 year old girls, proclaiming "I fingerd her ass for two hours, and the week after i fucked her too". This story is, hopefully, false, but that, that person even thought that it would be a good idea to type out his fantasy, and that things like this happen all the time, shows what i mean.

I'm more than done with this shit, it is disgusting, it makes you weak and addicted, and the fact most people alive today will defend this behavior like their existence depends on it tells me everything i need to know, to be sure it is bad.


I'm sorry for the off topic, but i don''t realy have any other place i can talk about this topic.


File: 07f22a67f3b6fa8⋯.png (203.51 KB, 509x284, 509:284, Screenshot 2016-10-11 at 7….png)

well I guess its day 2? I made it through day one and I fell asleep too early to avoid relapsing and I missed two deadlines which sucks but I can recover one. I know I'm gonna make a long streak on this one I just gotta make it out of the first twoo weeks.


File: 18fb658803c5f9b⋯.png (580.85 KB, 698x840, 349:420, 18fb658803c5f9b3d3330a896b….png)


Correction, today is day 49, the seventeenth it was day 48.

Day 49

Today was touch, i opend a spoiler i shouldn't have opend on /v9k/ and had the strongest ureg to relapse since the first ten day's since i started. I'm happy i didn't, as i have said before, i have come too far to fall now and the pic it self was of a disgusting fetish i had hoped i would be done with by now. Day 47 clearly showed me that i still got a long way to go, so i could have known this wasn't done.

The rest of the day was good, and i have lans for tomorrow.

As Always, the best of luck.





File: 4db836861a8ed04⋯.png (26.42 KB, 197x197, 1:1, 07c660fa0e460c33d6d31b4cee….png)


Day 51

Nothing special. The strong urges have subsided thankfully, and lewd pics haven't been much of a problem the past few day's.

Just noticed i'm almost at the two month mark which is pretty cool. Hope the rest is doing fine too.


File: b0a12481bd4d090⋯.jpg (75.27 KB, 561x440, 51:40, 1467764132967.jpg)

Day Whatever * 0

I consciously made a decision to break due to having had a few changes in my diet and vitamin intake for curiosity's sake of how it was affecting my sperm output. Joke's on me: now I need to dance around doing happy-funtime for about two weeks with my woman so she doesn't feel like getting sprayed with a squirt bottle full of milk and end up agree with my reflection on how much I'm a weak little manlet.

It wasn't worth it. I'm a faglord.


>Spoiler'd rant

People give me similar looks all the time when I tell them that I don't watch TV. It's actually surprisingly effective to rework both into reminding the other party that there's more to life than chasing it relentlessly like a hungry dog and leaves a metric fuckton of time for other things.


File: a1a964a5edfc4fc⋯.png (57.26 KB, 399x321, 133:107, 60ac6fdcac8d9b870206a92368….png)



Day 0


It doesn't even feel good, NoFap 2017 down the drain, 53 days of hard work wasted. Fuck, i feel horrible, why did i have to give in.


>it wasn't worth it.

I know that feel anon.

>People give me similar looks all the time when I tell them that I don't watch TV. It's actually surprisingly effective to rework both into reminding the other party that there's more to life than chasing it relentlessly like a hungry dog and leaves a metric fuckton of time for other things.

I tell people that too, but i usually get the "its my life" or simulair non argument in responce. Still, i'm glad there are others who think so too.


File: 7ef1faaab7c09cf⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1869x933, 623:311, 163e17a3296195bb31ef6d168b….png)


It's gotten even worse, my head hurts like i have a headache and i feel drained. Like i have just chopped down two trees.

PMO isn't a meme, dont fap, dont think "its the porn thats realy bad". It's the dopamine high you get from orgasm that realy fucks you up.



File: 0ebaa993e99b4b1⋯.jpg (641.28 KB, 2560x1600, 8:5, 0ebaa993e99b4b153f39983940….jpg)

*day six*

this is my new record and so far i'm good


File: eb348da3eae6ef2⋯.png (285.72 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, patriotism.png)

>get into traditionalism heavily after disgust with modern world

>disgust with world intensifies to the point where I feel I must meet special forces strength requirements and refine my /k/ skills to act on a dime if necessary

>realize fapping is another addiction and sign of weakness that I must tame

>start going few days at a time, notice increased decisiveness and will to workout (after my labor intensive job which is leading into a career)

>enjoy hobbies again, actually feel the urge to do things again

I'm 5 days clean after three segments of 3 days. I found this board after one of the initial segments and now refuse whole heartedly to fall for the trap that is "modern sexuality"





(((modern sexuality)))



Get the FUCK out of your house, man! The same stuff that made you get into no fap is the same stuff you need to get you out of the house and be active. This isn't just about not jerking or watching porn but about getting your life back.

If you never felt like your life belonged to you and is precious then it's time that you did.


File: e3901c7e9d231a6⋯.jpg (190.06 KB, 1600x1000, 8:5, e3901c7e9d231a63d40cd6d49a….jpg)


>dubs for the new Reich


File: bbba84b197cc87e⋯.png (243.59 KB, 375x384, 125:128, 1354405197092.png)

55 days here.

>tfw you don't want to play video games

>tfw you don't want to watch movies

>tfw you don't want to watch tv/anime

>tfw you don't want to read books

>tfw you don't want to read comics/manga

>tfw you don't want to watch youtube videos

>tfw you don't want to listen to music

>tfw you don't want to listen to podcasts

>tfw you don't want to browse chans

>tfw you don't want to hang out with anyone

>tfw you don't want to go for a walk or exercise

>tfw you don't want to eat

>tfw you don't want to sleep


>tfw you do want to fap

How does removing one activity create such a void in my life? Fapping was always the go-to thing when I was bored… Now when I'm bored I just laze around my apartment in a slightly irritated mood. Is this anhedonia? Depression? How long will it take for me to get interested in normal pastimes? This doesn't happen to me all the time, but there's been at least 3 weekends this year where I've just been in a funk of not doing anything but lying down and staring at the ceiling for 1-3 days. This weekend has been one of them.

any advice would be helpful tbh lads



That isn't you "wanting to fap". Your body wants to reproduce. Every time you fap you are lying to your body, it believes you just mated. Go redpilled gf hunting



>Is this anhedonia?


Do intense exercise and get 2 hours of sun on your skin a day



It's called withdrawal; you're doing it anon, keep strong!


File: 9a860c7abb17e0b⋯.gif (2.43 MB, 250x188, 125:94, urge to live rising.gif)


Still day fucking 1

I could have been on day 58 by now, that relapse realy fucked me up. Not just in the aftermath, but also in the feeling of failure i have now. But the best way to fix this, is to go pick up where i left off, and finish the rest of NoFap 2017, there are still more that enough days left this year, 308 counting this one if i'm correct. and 308 days of NoFap is more than enough to redeem failure.

I will try to post every day for now, since i have noticed keeping a dairy realy helps in preventing a relapse.



In such a scenario, maybe you should do something you dont feel like doing. Even if it is just to keep your mind of fapping and boredom. The eventual goal is, that you have structured your life in such a way that the fapping hole has being pached up with usefull things to do.


File: 048092a2ba48700⋯.png (20.04 KB, 235x235, 1:1, 1472868877095.png)

I haven't been around in a while, doing lots of work, I was too busy to masturbate, and was at around day 7. But then I fucked up yesterday, then did it today as well. This is just pathetic.

I need a new approach. I've noticed I only ruin my streaks when I'm alone and with my phone. What are some good blockers for Android, besides just getting rid of the phone?


File: a79028f89d199c8⋯.jpg (41.07 KB, 283x323, 283:323, 1462909904822.jpg)


Day 6

One day after breaking streak she told me that she needed a bit of time to heal from her last relationship. Haven't been updating because I haven't been online much (I needed a couple days to "unplug" from everything and try to figure out where I went wrong (besides the relapse, but that didn't have anything to do with anything)). Mix one cup vulnerability with one cup disappointment in just about everything and a little bit of tit spoils the recipe.

Lord knows I want nothing more right now than to go drive to her house to try to win her back with a bittersweet serenade or just go shitfaced and find the quickest rebound I can. Yet, my inner child is advising that if I just start doing pushups and intensify my normal routine while feeling so helplessly pathetic, I'll turn into a fucking Super Saiyan.

I'm dramatic. So is romance. So is shouting to increase your power level.

Four days afterwards, and the new lightbulbs in my bathroom make my hair look lighter.


File: f3505145ccbcafa⋯.jpg (42.76 KB, 530x530, 1:1, 1476798743469.jpg)


Day 2

Feels weird writing day 2, i had become used to writing day more than ten. But weird is a far beter feeling than the utter feeling of failure i had the previous day's.

Day 2 is almost complete and i am happy i'm on the right track again. Let's go make it day 308.


>Day 6.

Nice anon.

>she needed a bit of time to heal from her last relationship.

I'm not trying to be a ass, but why did you accept that as a valid reason for breaking up?

To me atleast, it's a clear bs excuse to break up without personal responsibility.

My advice would be to continue on with your life like it's the best time of said life. Make yourself into the best you possible can be you should do that regardless, and find a beter girl than her.



I fell today really hard. If you don't mind taking about it, do you remember what made you to break your streak?

I'm trying to make sense out of all of this and hearing what other or people get set off by is helpful.

Day 0 for me after 10 solid days of nofap. I'm just excited to get to that feeling of invincibility that I got from withholding those urges. The power is real.



>why did you accept that as a valid reason for breaking up?

>it's the best time of said life.

You answered yourself. Running back to try to swoon her won't do anything, and this all sucks, but that doesn't mean I can't do something else with my time instead of moping for something that, evidently, was going to lead to problems in about a week. Maybe there's a chance down the road. Maybe not. Probably not.

Day 7

I'm going to grill some shit.


File: 7fef1644e00e16a⋯.jpg (16.02 KB, 370x370, 1:1, 1488296647826.jpg)

day 110.

no female has asked me to fornicate with her.

What am I doing wrong?


Day 10

It's easy mode



Are you lifting?



Also, eating well+exercising?


File: 5d9942d4352f642⋯.jpg (169.68 KB, 549x720, 61:80, 5d9942d4352f642d99627c8612….jpg)

File: fa233b8df6b2484⋯.jpg (19.35 KB, 332x285, 332:285, Check em.jpg)

File: 3629a0b41760500⋯.gif (5.48 MB, 1056x558, 176:93, Artsy Dubs man.gif)


>do you remember what made you to break your streak?

I think it where three things.

First: It was a period of resurgence all porn had an increased impact, even some stuff i wasn't attracted to when is still fapped. 53 Day's is a respecable amount for NoFap, but not long enough to cure an addiction that i had been struggling with for a large part of my life. As such, the withdrawal was still ongoing including the periods of increased sensitivity. Normally i wouldn't have fallen for that, i already knew how to deal with day's like that, leading to my second point.

Second: I felt over confident, i had lasted for 53 day's already, surely i wouldn't fall now. As such i weakend my discipline, i didn't resist when i began placing my hand next or on my dick. And since i was already doing that, surely it wouldn't hurt to stroke it sometimes. That led into edging and before i knew it i had cum. It actualy happend accidentally, i was trying to edge but went too far.

Third: Rationalisation, it wasn't that i didn't think about wat i was doing, but all those rationalisations you read on the chans and elsewhere silenced, or rather i allowed to silence, my own objections.

At the end of the day i allowed myself to slip, i had and can rebute every rationalisation for porn and fapping i had read so far, but i allowed them to distract me.

And now i need to start all over again. But i have faith i'm gonne make it this time, with the same kind of strenth i managed 53 day's i can manage 308 day's.


Thats the right attitude my man.


Checking those seven's.


day zero

i already want to die


File: 0826caae4a11840⋯.png (126.36 KB, 343x351, 343:351, hg.png)


lol this is what i saw before i clicked the thread


File: 475c399f2f42cd4⋯.gif (994.61 KB, 468x312, 3:2, 1473567772658.gif)

It appears that I'm doing pretty good, surviving the two days I usually screw myself. I've found that reading is helping me quite a bit, and I'm also going to attend a club meeting at my university. It's kinda nice to get out of the house, and do something that isn't video games or masturbation.

However, after going through my personal library, I have realized I need more books besides "Flowers for Algernon" and various textbooks. Any recommendations? I'm thinking about going through various /lit/ infographs, and just reading some I'm familiar with, and ones that interest me.


File: 94e74eb5ef5de6d⋯.jpg (13.3 KB, 250x100, 5:2, 0000040440.jpg)


How about some of PKD's stuff, like Ubik? It'd be similar in length and (I think) pacing to Flowers For Algernon, plus it's sci-fi.

Attending clubs sounds like a good move, they're probably one of the bonuses of going to uni.


File: 10adfbc4a5fb327⋯.jpg (257.91 KB, 1273x1280, 1273:1280, 2aa233a2a478478062fdceb327….jpg)


Day 3 and 4

Forgot to write for day 3, but is passed it. So that's that.

Day 4 has been shit. Not because i want to fap, but because i have had difficulty sleeping the last couple of day's, and today i was woken pretty early in the morning by noice from outside.

To summarise: I'm very tired.

Not much else for the rest, school and life are going fine for the rest, i'll just have to catch up sleep in the weekend.


Bump because hentai spammer



Just finished Flowers for Algernon. Can't say I've heard of PKD, but Ubik sounds interesting. Thank you, my dude.

I forgot how emotional that book was for me.


File: 14e87d7de3fad43⋯.jpg (484.76 KB, 2100x3100, 21:31, 1476389555209.jpg)


Day 5

Still tired, but it is weekend now, so i can catch up on some sleep.

Not much else, school is a pressing mater since the end of the year is drawing near, but i am on schedule for now. I'm gonne need too do my best to keep it that way.


File: 31d84b7bc56faf2⋯.jpg (17.29 KB, 255x186, 85:62, 39938f34f0da9c0a6d73b8a409….jpg)


got to protect your sleep from those electric devices.



Day 35 or so, fuck me if I know. I have zero desire to fap because there is a girl I like in my uni, whenever I get the urge to fap she comes to my mind and I get disgusted by my own kinky thoughts. I get the feeling that I won't achieve anything if I don't ask her out.


File: 3e046407eb47b61⋯.jpg (94.48 KB, 545x604, 545:604, 1e57a2f604d05074bcfccab54d….jpg)


Day 6

I slept well, and i have almost past the day, tho is is very difficult.


File: 64668f471894244⋯.jpg (17.78 KB, 460x460, 1:1, 16603021_10211820799816850….jpg)

Day 16, I think

Started to hit a flat line pretty hard, combined with all of the other shit recently. I recently dug up my old suicide note from when I was younger and considered revising it. Realized what I was doing and put it away, then stopped later to go to the local vitamin shop and picked up some ashwagandha and, for extra shifts and gigs, zinc.

Fast forward two days, tonight, and go to sleep. The dream started out nice, until before I knew it I was slamming some blonde from behind in the rear while she's the whole time sensually shouting "Where is King Julian?" I ended up waking up with no less than a whole tablespoon of spunk on my legs. Since there wasn't any lotion involved and it was relatively fresh (couldn't have been more than a few seconds old), I rubbed it for texture and gave it a little taste. I don't know what semen is supposed to taste like, but when how fucking autistic that all was hit me, I realized that this batch of manglaze probably wouldn't taste that bad on a Belgian waffle.

A few hours officially begins Day 0 again. Just kill me.


just broke no fap after 2 weeks

i woke up in the middle of the night


File: 4041e0208611301⋯.png (573.09 KB, 621x672, 207:224, UNSEASONED.png)

Finally broke a week, and fighting lust hard. I saw some lewd material Saturday when I was out of town, and it has been bothering me for two days now. I can keep going, but I must remain vigilant.

I wasn't able to find Ubik at my library – it was already checked out, along with Catch-22, The Naked Lunch, and a few others I was interested in, so I've settled with Soseki's I Am a Cat because they had it, and I am enjoying it much more than I thought I would. When they translated it, I can see just how different moon-rune is from my familiar alphabet.

I've got my car back from my parents, so one of these days I plan to go to our storage unit, and collect some of my old books I didn't get to, along with my bow, and test out the archery club at my university. Hopefully it won't be too bad. There just has to be something to do in this city that's fun.


File: c10b1976d9f8ee5⋯.png (64.59 KB, 316x456, 79:114, 1477659554904.png)


Day 0

Kill me, it was just getting beter.


File: 5d8b6feabc04976⋯.png (5.76 KB, 958x660, 479:330, 5d8b6feabc049765e1717bebe8….png)


Day 1

Feeling beter.

It's going good so far, i'll just have to keep this up. I managed 53 day's before, i can do it again.


File: 60c41f1a63d4571⋯.jpg (90.39 KB, 798x599, 798:599, 1487392484225.jpg)

One month and something

I haven't fapped, but this morning I waked up with cum all over my leg, fucking hell I didn't even had a sexy, sexy dream, does that count as a relapse?


File: e724dd870958504⋯.jpg (245.8 KB, 846x750, 141:125, 1468735821690.jpg)


Day 2

Let's keep this going.


It doesn't count as a relapse, but it does works against semen retainment.


File: 9a21c454fee8560⋯.jpg (25.39 KB, 500x412, 125:103, allrighty.jpg)


stay strong



polish your game and start to pick up women


File: 7d869e2b4d95d7f⋯.png (180.65 KB, 366x455, 366:455, 7d869e2b4d95d7ffe24668a502….png)


Thank you Dio, you truly are my greatest ally.


I failed

I started seriously nofap 62 days ago

While stopping masturbating, I also stopped smoking and drinking

Few weeks ago I got a job after being unemployed for a long time

I moved to another city, and the work is quite tiring physically and psychologically

Last week at a party I failed on my streak and smoke two cigarets

And after that two days ago two again and today one

When going to the toilets today I sat and felt my balls and started masturbating

Tried to stop because it felt like nothing

Then I left and started again on my couch and finally came, felt great for 3 seconds

Now I'm here not even feeling bad about it while feeling horrible, just mixed feelings

This whole new work situation and new city shaked me but for the worse when it comes to this

I just felt like sharing because I had to take this off my chest

I don't want to be a victim of cigarets nor masturbation, I guess I weakened my attention and the general stress from work did not help

After two months I had lost the meaning to this promise I made to myself

How do I keep being strong instead of going back to these habits that are detrimental to my life

I can already feel the stress release from masturbating but also the laziness and weakness coming from it

This is bad and I should feel bad

Keep it real anons, going back to it is not worth it


I failed

I started seriously nofap 62 days ago

While stopping masturbating, I also stopped smoking and drinking

Few weeks ago I got a job after being unemployed for a long time

I moved to another city, and the work is quite tiring physically and psychologically

Last week at a party I failed on my streak and smoke two cigarets at a party

And after that two days ago two again and today one

When going to the toilets I sat and felt my balls an started masturbating

Tried to stop because it felt like nothing

Then I left and started again on my couch and finally came, felt great for 3 seconds

Now I'm here not even feeling bad about it while feeling horrible, just mixed feelings

This whole new work situation and new city shaked me but for the worse when it comes to this

I just felt like sharing because I had to take this off my chest

I don't want to be a victim of cigarets nor masturbation, I guess I weakened my attention and the general stress from work did not help

After two months I had lost the meaning to this promise I made to myself

How do I keep being strong instead of going back to these habits that are detrimental to my life

I can already feel the stress release from masturbating but also the laziness and weakness coming from it

This is bad and I should feel bad

Keep it real anons, going back to it is not worth it




62 days is impressive, you should be proud of yourself. Most fags here can't even go one week. Plus it wasn't like you watched pron or something.


just failed, day 11 my new record

i dreamed i were fucking a woman and for this entire day my dick was asking for it, i couldn't hold it this night and even watched porn

can't say i'm feeling sad, but i'm not feeling good either…


File: 06e3abb7111c6b7⋯.jpg (573.97 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 9d7e6cf3ad488aa2b76c8b738c….jpg)


Day 3 and 4

Still going.


Failed last night, and again this morning. I can feel the damage being done to my brain as I fap. Really needs to stop this time.


File: 3181c0393b8823a⋯.jpg (209.45 KB, 1500x1167, 500:389, 1468041147201.jpg)

Made it ten days before relapsing. I have a huge project at work coming up, and a bunch of personal shit going on that will make me plan on killing myself if I take it during another low.

How the fuck do you people deal with flatlining?


File: 4bb306c7f9c99b3⋯.png (129.98 KB, 310x346, 155:173, SPEEDY SPEED DOLL.png)


Day 5 and i'm still going


I focus my mind on the future and the way i want to reach that desired future. Taking it one step at a time, and focusing on completing these steps. Every finished step brings a smal victory my way.

The trick is to just not give up.

But then again, i'm on day 5 and i failed last time because i am going trough a stresfull period, take my advice as you will.


File: a11cdacece54d1f⋯.jpg (66.48 KB, 640x637, 640:637, 1470916361999.jpg)


Day 9

Still going.

I dont have time to fap. I have a lot of thing i need to do for school and things i want to do in terms of self improvement. My time can and has been beter spend doing those things.

Good luck to all the people still going.

Also, where did a the users go? Whe used to be in the top 50, and now where barely in the 25+ user range. The quality of the threads dropped too.



>Where did all the users go?

I'd like to think they've succeeded and no longer need this forum, but I imagine most have relapsed and haven't returned.


File: 746b80fe784a078⋯.jpg (836.96 KB, 1000x3507, 1000:3507, daedric princes.jpg)


Sadly, i think so too.

The hype has died and so many people are less motivated to pick up where they left of. I hope at least some of them will return and commit themselfs to NoFap and self improvement.


File: d6718e0ee4e131c⋯.jpg (132.27 KB, 428x492, 107:123, 1389413775301.jpg)

Day 3

Not much of an accomplishment but at least it's something. With all due hope I'll be able to master this within this year. I made a new years resolution to do such, God help me.


File: 9171a39aca1ded8⋯.jpg (163.39 KB, 1772x952, 443:238, 1473986902717.jpg)


Day 0

I was finaly getting back on track. But the best thing is to pick up the pieces and restard. Small streches withoud fapping are beter then to give up and not bother.

Of course the goal is still to stop fapping, but that is proving to be more trouble than it should be. Gotte get some self control. After all, completing nofap is as simple as not touching your dick.





YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yep, relapsed just an hour ago. Here the strugling begins once again. I felt that I could defeat the lust, I HAD enough power in myself. But from now on I HAVE TO avoid every single thing that leads me to sin.

Also while the day before I had thoughts that I have no any philosphical system or religion I could stick to. I'am a christian but as I do believe in all the things, I am not able to truly listen to priest without doubt. Yes I try to be good in catolic way, but something deep down in me blocks me from it.

I start to believe, that i might have mental ilness. Sometimes I would just think about comiting suicide, and feel realy energized without any reason. I think it might be better to wait for longer streak of NoFap to exclude it.

What's more I have my finals on 40 days. So it's my priority to get posibly biggest mindpower. I feel I'm going to fail completly, and all of my family members including me will be disapointed. I dream about finaly ending school, and going for a hitchhike trip, but if I'm going to fap,maybe I'll be able to pass, but not going to a good college. I'm so doomed guys.




I'm returning, just haven't posted anything in some time. Away from my main machine at home, I'm stuck with my 6 year old laptop, and I just didn't feel like booting it up and working on Spring Break. Sadly in this time I have crept to my old habits of procrastination , and excessive snacks, along with masturbation. It's pretty disappointing. I had gone nearly half a month, but being completely alone for over six hours each day got the best of me. I don't have the discipline I thought I had, and I have no one to blame but myself. I thought about not even returning to /nofap/, but I really do feel better when I'm not giving in to mindless temptations and meaningless arousal.

I've just got to try again, learning my mistakes and doing better again. However, I'm getting sick of this 'again' and 'next time' part. This shit really is an addiction, and I have to overcome it.

On good news, I have been trying to get out more, I've met a pretty cool dude that shares my interests, and he even invited me to play DnD with him. I've never played a tabletop RPG before, but I have been interested. I'm not used to this whole friend thing. Last friend I had committed suicide, and I've always been more reclusive than I should be. I'm just going to try to be a reasonable person, and hope I don't screw everything up.

This whole self-improvement shit is like crawling up Everest, with a giant rock slide occurring.


File: 704d3c457cfeb55⋯.jpg (50.08 KB, 600x429, 200:143, 704d3c457cfeb55e46122930c7….jpg)

I swear I was doing so fucking well, I was really pulling my shit together, I wasnt even thinking about fapping anymore.

But then, because of a single moment of weakness and self-induced curiosity I clicked where I shouldnt have… I wasnt EVEN CLICKING degenerate sites I used to visit like /abdl/ and /hypno/… I managed to achieve NoFap for 28 days and NoPorn for 22 days.

However, in that moment of weakness I just gave in a little bit and without realizing it I GAVE IN COMPLETELY. I didnt just start browsing, that old stupid "rush" came back the eagerness for new and enticing material, videos, stories, pics, whatever it was. I actually started playing with myself before even finding anything remotely sexualy arousing. When I found new videos I downloaded all of them and started fapping to AR shit, really crappy bad acting of a fat ugly chick acting like a regressed little girl just simply DISGUSTING, I started masturbating but all those videos really werent doing it for me. Like it always went down spent a lot of time going over new threads in /abdl/ realized there was no new arousing material for me to "enjoy" so I turned to /hypno/ fully aware that the only thing there that could possibly cause any kind of sexual arousal would be feminization/sissy shit, I keep tricking myself into that same fucking sick loop, I clicked into the threads and started looking for new material on that shit, luckily that was nothing new that could remotely provide any temporary satisfaction so I just pulled it together in the last moment and using some deep seated memories from terrible pictures from the Anti-Fap Material Thread (which I consider gold right now) I managed to stop myself from going down even further to the usual sissy/fem shitty places I would go looking for material… I was close, TOO DAMN CLOSE. I have an addiction, and an addiction is something you have to deal with your entire life, a real problem and I can not allow myself to let my guard down EVER again, this is serious and I'm taking control over my life once and for all. I have never been in such a good mood, more confident and with such willingness to embark on several ambitious and interesting projects in my life and I can honestly tell its because I'm leaving behind this nasty habit of mine.

I trully believe the problem is not fapping but rather porn, for me at least, if you dont have any kind of input whatsoever you WONT have any desire to fap at all so you simply wont fap, do not think that you can trick yourselves into watching porn and enjoying it without fapping you will eventually relapse or at least be very close to do so, like it happened to me, I was right on the verge point of giving in to my desire and just cumming but then I simply started to think about sick-shemale-hairy-disgusting-monsters and it practically killed my boner immediately.

I feel like I have relapsed actually in a way, I didnt cum but still… I fapped to porn, good thing is, I had this MASSIVE ache in my testicles for 2 hours reminding me of what I had done to teach me a GOOD LESSON, I think my body is starting to stabilize somehow since I used to fap DAILY and I would NEVER get this kind of pain.

I apologize for the caps but really I feel scared and excited altogether that this wasnt a 100% relapse.


Day 0

I was resting my eyes while laying in bed and came. I wasn't touching anything or even thinking about anything erotic. I simply messed my pants without any control over it. Now I have a terrible hangover coupled with the feeling of hopelessness that I can never get past 1 month without ejaculating.



Hmm, if it was a wet dream it doesn't count as relapse. If you were unconscious, you can't really blame yourself, so you might as well keep going


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


DAY 02

I promised to myself ,that I’ll write his journal everyday, and I’ll do so. I consider this as a great form of doing something, here even creative. I feel that everyone is able to create art throughout the daily things we do. Art is showing up our feelings. That is we as human should nobly do.

So here I’am. Waked up at decent time. Well one of the first thing was checking out the internet. I feel that it’s one of the things that’s making me anxious, so it might be a good idea to reduce it. I don’t feel I’m only an fap addict. We are addicted from hedonistic lifestyle promoted in the media.

Kinda nice day. Managed to do some work to school, and change my attitude. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.


File: 2c6684d48e17a15⋯.jpg (76.56 KB, 770x437, 770:437, 2c6684d48e17a152b2a7ec384e….jpg)


Day 1

Lets make that number go up higher. Till tomorrow.

well done and good luck to the rest of you.



Emm I mean

DAY 01


File: 7dbad6cdb410ea2⋯.jpg (18.82 KB, 272x272, 1:1, 1488421678308.jpg)

Day 4.

>spent 2 hours fighting the urge, literally rolling in my bed from mental pain.

>constantly rationalize why I should/should not fap.

>installed /etc/hosts file to block out all social + porn sites and I know I'm too lazy to uninstall it

>i burn


idk where to post this

day <1 week, and for the first time in years I started to see everything as sexual. what do I do


File: 153b58df7a26a78⋯.webm (3.86 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1485334422779.webm)



Back to "'DAY 1"'

I don't know if it matters how i did it. Let's just forget about it and keep going


File: 76add33ae394aef⋯.jpg (36.32 KB, 480x362, 240:181, 1488344597908.jpg)


Day 5.

Random boners at work, no concentration.

Rationalizations for and against fap.

Sexual thoughts.

More talking and joking around at work.


File: 29b3f13d7e6754b⋯.png (503.02 KB, 680x694, 340:347, 7ae.png)

Finally back from Spring Break, and I fucked up even yesterday. What the hell is wrong with me? I couldn't even do a single day yesterday.

I really need to be more careful when I am alone, like I am now. I even thought about fapping just a bit ago, but instead decided to make something to eat and report back here.

It appears I should set a goal. Something tangible I can grasp, like start with a week. No masturbation for seven days, and build up from there.

The plan:

No cellphone use unless I'm out in public, even phone calls. I don't have to worry much about that, there's only about two or three people that ever contact me telephonically.

Getting out more. I've been slacking off on trying to be more social, and recessing back to my reclusive nature. To fix that, I must be out of the house doing something at least twice a week. I've got a club meeting later tonight, so that is a start.

If I need to add more rules to the plan, I'll adjust accordingly.



You can do it, Anons. We all can, we just have to persevere.


File: 1b679bc7621a913⋯.jpg (17.23 KB, 480x313, 480:313, 1484589114723.jpg)


At night I had maniac episode.

>basically i split my body/mind

>i pretend body is not mine and i gave it orders

>i pretend arguing between my body and my mind

>whenever logic kicked in, to tell me „lol body and mind is me" i pretended this is body's trick.

>i told to my body, it's weak, subhuman and it should shut up (I identified body/mind thoughts with different signature and it felt like 2 beings)

Did this to comprehend severe mental acrobatics between fap/nofap.

>it actually worked

Day 6.

Rationalization's a bitch.

>more sexual thoughts.

>imagining me masturbating.

>rationalizating „wew i will feel no different at all after wank/so many people do it and still achieve many things in life/you have a well-paid job, money's enough, why the fuck you just keep torturing yourself with diets, cold showers and now nofap? You're objectively insane, just fucking enjoy your life d00de/go for tactical fap, one a week, you will still have benefits of npfap"

>significant confidence boost

>got sick


Thanks d00de

>more social

Don't force it, just make some smalltalk with strangers, it's enough to keep your gears going for now. Start small or you will not meet your expectations and return to day 0.

>I should set a goal

gym, book, small talk


File: 526ad64e4a960c7⋯.webm (3.17 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, never give up.webm)


>>more sexual thoughts.

>>rationalizating „wew i will feel no different at all after wank/so many people do it and still achieve many things in life/you have a well-paid job, money's enough, why the fuck you just keep torturing yourself with diets, cold showers and now nofap? You're objectively insane, just fucking enjoy your life d00de/go for tactical fap, one a week, you will still have benefits of npfap"

Day 6 here as well. I looked at porn for a few minutes but stopped before I fapped. The lewd dreams aren't helping me.


File: 6c66036d78ca844⋯.jpg (21.34 KB, 236x523, 236:523, 1472254278998.jpg)


Stil day 1

Fucked up again, gotte power through it. It isn't that i am forced to fap or else i'll die. It is that i allow myself to fail. Just like the streeks befor, i need to resist that urge and get going. It's only going to get easier the longer you deny the addiction.


power through it. Blazes on this degenerate world, i wont fall to it's temptations.

At least, that is what i think.


Jezus anon, are you trying to create a tulpa?

Because this is how you get tulpa's.

Self reflection is good. Being able to put yourself above your body is also not a bad thing to be able to do. But watch out that you don't take it to far, d00de.


File: 10f34e157502dbe⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1920x2914, 960:1457, Wolverine v1 003-021.jpg)

File: 459644afb5d8f68⋯.jpg (1.16 MB, 1920x2914, 960:1457, Wolverine v1 003-022.jpg)


I wouldn't say I'm forcing conversation, rather I'm trying to get out of the house more, even if it is homework in the library, where my only chances of talking to someone are slim to none (usually someone lost looking for a book, or someone going around for donations of some poor children or something.) I don't know about you guys, but I've never masturbated outside of home, and I never get the urge to. Along with that, I've noticed I generally feel better when I'm outside and not sheltering myself to imageboards, pornographic material, and video games.

It also looks like you've nailed my three goals too. When I go to the gym, how do I not make an autistic ass of myself? This is the soul reason I haven't gone to the gym yet.

For books, I've been reading much more this year than most of my years in high school with mandatory reading. I've currently checked out American Psycho, but I haven't opened it yet, school projects, and video games have had more priority, but I plan to read some tonight.

Today has been pretty good. Nothing fancy. I had breakfast with my step-father, which is great because living up near campus causes me to only see him maybe once every two weeks. We talked about the usual shit, model aircraft, video games, building computers, and the crazy shit happening in our worlds. I had my Wednesday classes, and was assigned some new homework due next week. I haven't started it as of this moment, but I plan to at least look them over. Currently in my room contemplating on heading to the library today to just crank out my homework for a relaxing weekend.

What's strange is I've talked more about Pokémon today with random people than I have in months, and it was for no particular reason. The first time was when I mentioned building my gaming PC, and now all it does is run MATLAB and LibreOffice with a friend, had someone near me chuckle, and we started talking about PCs and games. Somehow it got to Pokémon, with him talking about Go, and me talking about my old team. Later I heard other people talking about Pokémon Go, and the 2nd gen and how to get them. I never got into it, but I was curious if they introduced trading, better battling mechanics, and how hard it was to catch for some of my favorites. I still do not get the appeal of it.

d00des, you're doing good, keep working on it.


I'm on day 3, that is my PB but I dont really count it since im on heavy doses of AD pills


File: b7a8e7ae85aa4d1⋯.jpg (153.12 KB, 1096x729, 1096:729, G88xA.jpg)


Day 7.

>dick is ded

>hit the flatline

>no sexual thoughts

>soft 2sec boners

>much confidence, stopped going out of a way of other people, so they have to avoid me or bounce off my arm. I reasoned „why I have to go out of a way if I'm bigger?"

>testosterone surges

>caught cold, but handle it surprisingly well


keep it up m'm8 also listen to this fag


In my case porn/nude imagery or songs sang by girl about feels is insta-trigger for me.

>i get depressed because i don't have these pretty girls (products) therefore i re-compensate with dopamine shot (pretending i have them). If condition not met, i compare myself to people who have 'em so feeling more depressed


>i allow myself to fail


you want to fap, because you purely enjoy it

„nothing that comes without effort is good for (you)" -me

find a reason why you want to sacrifice your pleasure


i know much about this topic. Tulpa not gonna happen, this just simple trick to distance yourself from your problems and feels, you observe yourself from far away and you see that your problems are very little


>how do I not make an autistic ass of myself?

acknowledge that no one knows everything, everybody makes mistakes, nobody cares about you + stop pretending to be perfect for your surrounding. Exposure to social situations will buildup tolerance just like everything else. You're afraid you will fuck up something and everybody will think god forbidden what or you're scared of new/unknown situation. Not giving a fuck and treating strangers like a fucking animals is the final solution.

„Only by leaving comfort zone, one step by another will move it's border" -me

me really scared of gym as well, but I'm going this monday after work in big city


It's been a pretty darn good day. I got a homework assignment due next Thursday completed, which really boosts my moral. It's absolutely wonderful to feel success in a class, and understand what is happening. I had another club meeting, so I'd say I'm accomplishing my goal of getting out of the house twice a week pretty well. Talked to some other classmates on which classes I should take for the following semesters, and which professors are good. I've got the rest of this week and next week planned well. Just a fantastic week I've had. Just have to prepare myself for a test tomorrow, and I've got this week made.

Keep at it gentlemen, you're doing it.


File: 045243ae79bfe87⋯.gif (343.37 KB, 500x348, 125:87, 1485557612825-0.gif)


DAY 04

Still going on

I didn't write for two days because I went for a small manly trip with a buddy. Maybe not the best one, but made me rest a bit from computer and school.

CrapI feel, that urges are araising. But I also feel that, my discipline is improwing. Today surely is going to be hard. Should do some hard work.


Aww thanks!

I believe that You can do it!

Yea free time is most dangerous, try to keep yourself busy


File: 509140712c4762c⋯.jpeg (41.92 KB, 645x773, 645:773, 1fdaa10659972d55256585b40….jpeg)


Day 8.

>just a flatline


File: 714ea7081fb15bf⋯.jpg (23.38 KB, 500x358, 250:179, IamNotNice.jpg)

It's still happening guys, you're doing it. Even if you fucked up, you've returned here showing you care, so continue working hard, you can make it.

It's been an average day so far. Nothing amazing to report, but it was still a good day. I've got something planned out tomorrow, so I'd say tomorrow should also be a decent day. For homework, all I have to do is format a few assignments, scan them, and turn them in, so this weekend is going to be great with no stress of homework, which has been so rare these last few semesters.

I feel as though nofap has helped a bit with this. With less time wasted browsing boards with my hands occupied, and having more self control, I've been working on all of my projects earlier, and with an emphasis on quality work. I haven't been locked away in my room anxious about how poorly I had done on my exams. My mood has generally been more balanced and cheerful, with even a bit of optimism, which is different for me. I don't have long streaks yet, but my current habits are so different from my habits just six months ago, right before I learned of nofap, that I'm just amazed I sometimes just lied in bed all day worried about everything. The shit's wack, yo.


File: 90f490446ec161e⋯.mp4 (1.65 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, GONDOLA PL.mp4)


DAY 05

Just waked up. Had couple of lewd thoughts in the morning but still going. Let's see what can I do today. Day is propablly going to be a bit boring but it's okay.

NoFap helped me to realise how hopeless I am. I mean it makes me feel a bit depressed but also a bit motivated to keep going forward. But i feel a lot more vulnerable to my emotions, what is both good and bad.



Hang in there guys!

Remember that feeling bad is still better than not feeling anything. And in the future You'll surely feel great.


File: 44ed74e0ec821ce⋯.png (88.68 KB, 796x1060, 199:265, acf3c0a924d8c183407e4bd33f….png)


Day 9 - Trip to my ego.

It's rough ride at flatline.

>scatter brain, emotions, soul

Even if it's flatline and I don't have lewd thoughts, when I stumble at any picture of qt girl I get hard as fuck, depression floods me and I regret living.

>It appears I need to have a gf to get rid of this bad feel.

I feel so weak I cry.

I compare myself to my schoolm8s and coworkers, they have a happy social life and happy life in general. They don't care about anything except having a good time and making friends.

>Why I can't be like them?

>Why my life never satisfy me and I want so much more?

>Why interaction with other people is such a pain? I have plenty of interests and hobbies, but they're not normie-tier.

Sometimes I just want it to be just a dream.

>pls wake up



> blocked fb;

> better concentration at work;

> sensory deprivation for physical pain;

> partially stopped carrying about other people thoughts as I went back home with rolled up sleeves with exterior temperature below 0C while being still sick. My weak body deserved it. I give myself cold showers, but I feel like it's not enough as I'm already resistant to ice-cold temp.


> aggression, I mistreated my pet for some small thing and yelling at my grandfather;

> i want to rip people apart;

> 0sec fuse for bullshit;

> easily annoyed;

> craving for adrenaline;

> zero (0) motivation for anything;

> justified soft mental self-harm;

> watched rekt threads for hours;

> depression;

> rapid mood changing;

> i want to get into verbal fights with strangers;

Before writing all this, I was about to fap and justifying why I shouldn't hit the gym.


>NoFap helped me to realise how hopeless I am

same thing here d00de

>vulnerable to my emotions

it's absolute havoc at my side

>trzym się stary


we all gonna make it


File: 0cb1b7d727567cb⋯.webm (3.9 MB, 700x525, 4:3, gondola katawa.webm)


I cucked

> home alone.

>started to feel lust

> fap a bit and stop

>Take a cold bath and watch couple of motivational videos


>back to computer

>started to watch "scientific" videos about jerking

>sucked my dick using vacuum cleaner, but still no orgasm

>feel as shit


Do faping without orgasm count as a relapse?

Anyway, will not surrender. Planing to go to a second hand shop to find some nice clothes

And to anyone that is there, hang on!

'"DAY 0'"


File: 4180c15d0794d1a⋯.jpg (145.9 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 1471554677138.jpg)

Day 0

I broke a three week long spree after sitting down and re-evaluating my life. I have a job that entails me to offer absolutely nothing to society, which would probably be better off without it, but for how long I've been there the methodologies we used were too aboriginal to just leave. Every relationship I've had never makes it past a couple months, and this held true even when I was doing nofap.My family views me in the same regards as a pet, and I have no friends who I can actually open up to.

The one saving grace right now for me is that I've quelled my fetishes and can get off to "normal" women again, and my memory is strong enough that I don't need porn, so with caution to not spiral into kinks too deeply again, I'm giving up nofap in leu of two week intervals.

I'm at a point where if I flatline, I'll have the willpower only to kill myself.



step 1) graduate school and get a job.

2) become self sustaining and get your own place and means of transportation

3) you are now in control of the social interactions you have for leisure, instead of being stuck at school

This is what life is all about, and once you become a man for yourself, you can start being a man for others and feel good about it.


File: 6d5122e1e8230b1⋯.jpg (31.81 KB, 507x425, 507:425, BLEHzz6CAAANYHA.jpg)

I don't have much to report on this fine day. I stayed home, got some homework done, and stayed pretty comfy in my robe. I tried playing some vidya today, but it seems I just can't stay focused on games right now, they're boring to me. Maybe I just can't play most modern games anymore? I'll sit and play Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Metroid, all the main Zelda games up to Majora's Mask, and Star Fox 64 without stopping but to pee. I've always been drawn to more /vr/ games, but it just seems most new games can't keep me playing for more than an hour. Nearly all the games on my Steam library have less than five hours played, and many of them never booted on at all. I guess I'll just have to go dig up my old consoles or just stick to emulation and have some fun with those instead.

Lad's, keep doing good.


File: 2339ebfeac46d59⋯.jpg (30 KB, 640x426, 320:213, 1483534589743.jpg)

>>8586 (who dis whine bitch?)

Day 10.

>spent whole day at getting shit done (wew)

>read a lot about neural networks

>wrote a few scripts in webgl

>read a shit ton about MGTOW/TRP

>watched old documentaries I stashed on my disk for months

>made a small talk with female cashier, it was about nothing, but she laughed (wew)

>getting my voice dominant in every discussed case


>Do faping without orgasm count as a relapse?

it depends what your goals are. Fapping without orgasm is called „edging". It will make cure process significantly longer as you enforce old habits


>Every relationship I've had never makes it past a couple months

read about MGTOW and TheRedPill and thank me later :^)

>quelled my fetishes

you will get back to them


>someone your age is fucking a qt girl RIGHT NOW

>someone your age is earning money RIGHT NOW

>someone your age is killin' at gym RIGHT NOW

>someone is gonna regret later every second of time spent on playing vidya


i already got a job, but I don't earn much yet

thanks for help, you're right


File: 08a172ab167733c⋯.png (47.19 KB, 480x446, 240:223, 1-xY1STXD.png)


Most new games suck dick. I'm replaying FF5 and just like the last time I played it I'm hooked because it's dope as fuck


File: a298741f5b823c7⋯.gif (1.7 MB, 206x189, 206:189, impreza.gif)



Checking in

Pretty nice day. Woked up quite late but still managed to do everything planed.

Today is gonna be a hard monday guys



Mah nigga. Old school JRPGs are where it's at. New western RPGs are meh at best. New JRPGs are just terrible. Have you seen FF15? Literally fukkbois rolling around in a sports car. The franchise is officially kill.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The franchise was officially kill when 13 dropped, now they're just digging up the body and raw dogging the corpse lubeless

The new Dissidia looks mindblowingly incredible though


File: fa63340e0cb850d⋯.jpg (106.03 KB, 480x320, 3:2, som2.jpg)


If they made a 3D Secret of Mana I'd be all over that shit. You don't see a lot of co-op offline JRPGs


File: 1a8da4da12e8d15⋯.jpg (193.52 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, 1468894554889-0.jpg)


Day 1

I said it myself some day's ago, even if you fail you need to pick yourself up again and continue. I made a 53 day long streek this year, i can and have proven i can do NoFap.

Not if i allow myself to fail any longer, i haven't gone to the gym in 3 weeks and i still have a ton of school work waiting for me. It's about time i beging taking this seriously again.

As allway's, good luck to all the other anon's.


File: 0d165ca4992f8ac⋯.jpg (172.48 KB, 411x687, 137:229, Best Tifa.jpg)





Mah niggas. I love those old Square games. I'm just debating which one to start up once I get more time. I haven't played Secret of Mana yet, not for any reason, just haven't gotten to it yet, but it looks great.

Today has been pretty good. I finished a project a little early for CS, and I'm glad I did since it has been giving me troubles. Now all I really need to do is study for an upcoming exam. I can't wait.

This week is your's. You can do it.



>I'm just debating which one to start up once I get more time

Can't go wrong with FF6

>I haven't played Secret of Mana yet, not for any reason, just haven't gotten to it yet, but it looks great

Let's all party up and power through that shit

>This week is your's. You can do it

Day 94


File: d58eec0eaac6264⋯.png (7.67 MB, 3366x2100, 561:350, 1350822046524.png)


Yeah, I was interested in the first Dissidia when it dropped. Couldn't justify buying a handheld to play a fighting game though.


Yeah, for real. Secret of Mana is one of my all time favorites; I did a play through with a friend a few years ago. Good times. Sieken Densetsu 3 is also quite good.


Classic JRPGs from Square and Enix are pretty much my childhood condensed. It's funny how both companies put out such amazing content independently; but as soon as they fused it all went to hell.


FF6 is the best in the franchise, hands down, bar none.



>Couldn't justify buying a handheld to play a fighting game though

I'm putting in work with emperor in duodecim on ppsspp emulator as we speak

>Sieken Densetsu 3

Never heard of it, I'll check it out

>FF6 is the best in the franchise, hands down, bar none

FF4 and FF6 are neck-and-neck for me


File: 96ea80437554b20⋯.jpg (14.61 KB, 319x331, 319:331, 1487280354820.jpg)


Day 11.

>refused to hit the gym as my friend recommended me a book about training in home, using your own body weight. I have no time after work, to fall for the gymjew meme anyway

>couldn't stop talking at workplace

>today I wish'd to be dead (again)

>feeling bad and socially retarded


File: c3ca0cb718a5577⋯.png (6.51 MB, 3366x2100, 561:350, 1350816194214.png)


Fair enough, FF4 is also a great game. It was actually the first FF game I played; but 6 was my first love as far as RPGs go.

Seiken Densetsu 3 is, as far as I know, the sequel to Secret of Mana. I don't think an official English version exists, but there's a great fan-made one for Emulator. Well worth a play through- it's got a nice class system and you get to choose different characters which all have different story lines. Quite good!


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


No shit, and here I thought Legend of Mana was the sequel. They call Secret of Mana Seiken Densetsu 2 in Japan so it is actually the sequel

This game looks fucking awesome. Now, where do I find friends to play it with me lol



I'm here with you. Keep it up. Notice the balls drop lower. Notice the urges growing means your body has more resources for PWNing life.

Get PWN'd


File: 4c07bfae6ba9d7b⋯.jpg (59.44 KB, 387x520, 387:520, hell yeah motherfucker.jpg)

FF6 is also probably my favorite of the bunch, but they're all pretty good.

Did the usual today. Now I've got a few minutes to do whatever I want. If it wasn't raining, I'd go outside and get groceries or even a haircut, but I'm tired of getting cold and wet. Guess I'll just have to brave to rain and get stuff done.

Onto other news, I'm finally at day 7, one week. This is when I've noticed things start to get hard for me… No pun intended. I just have to push forward. We can all do this, gentlemen.



what is poncho and umbrella alex


File: 7e4253624ae4a8d⋯.png (75.15 KB, 321x308, 321:308, bro grabs.png)

>>8688 (Heil'd )

Good for you! One week is nothing to scoff at. I find the first two are always the most difficult. Keep busy, check back here every day and try not to think lewd thoughts. You can do this my bru.


File: fb248d2ee9142ff⋯.jpg (58.81 KB, 500x493, 500:493, fb248d2ee9142ff883a74f05a4….jpg)


Day 12.

>was curious/wanna see what's new on porn site. Type instantly domain into url bar without thinking

>request blocked by filter. Lucky me

>random boners

>sexual thoughts/daydreaming

>wanna rape even 3/10 girls (in pre-nofap scale)

>made 2 small talks with strangers that were initiated by them

>one guy ask'd about train route, so I answered, then asked where he travels etc. We were talking for almost 30 minutes

>second guy was begging for money, I told him excuses why I won't give him money. I should told him to simply fuck off

>initiated conversation with ((attractive)) female coworker (never happened before) while eating dinner. I was a bit of an asshole for her. Talking 5 minutes about normie shit. She laughed at the end and I didn't fall in love

>people were overly interested in talking with me today. I was working today only for about 3 hours, because people kept interrupting me and talking about normie shit

>wtf i'm extrovert now

today I feel max chill and void also a bit more confident


>>8703 (Me)


Thanks for the input


File: 29ef7cb3f3c57b6⋯.jpg (57.74 KB, 720x960, 3:4, Jon Bovi.jpg)

My day is going pretty good. When I woke up, I was having a dream of masturbating. Weirdest shit ever. I don't usually remember my dreams, but this was an exception. I was in my bed, just going at it. I woke up in a panic, checked myself, and found I hadn't done a thing.

I did go outside yesterday, and I had a great time. Went to the store to pick up a couple of things and had a conversation on the phone with my mom. Kinda nice to talk to her. When I left the store a few hours later, I realized I didn't get printer ink or an umbrella, the two things I had wanted at the store. I then went into a local Asian supermarket I had been wanting to go into for some time. I love those smelly places. I got some sencha and a melon ramu soda. I was thinking about getting some other things, but I just don't have use for some of it. Yesterday was pretty fun.

I have a good gap in between my classes today, so I also went outside and talked to some people. I visited this tea store to find some good tea, just to compare it to the sencha I picked up earlier, and I don't know what got into me, but getting words out of my mouth was surprisingly hard. I was completely out of my element in a completely alien space. That doesn't happen to me usually. I don't really know why I was so nervous, I just was. I did order some tea, and it's pretty good.

What's really funny about that, is when I'm on the opposite side of the counter, I'm extremely confident, and several coworkers and customers have complemented me on my service.

I also finally picked up the printer ink I needed.



Thanks, bro. You can do this!


File: 7bc82b3ce2269c3⋯.jpg (25.66 KB, 600x765, 40:51, 7bc82b3ce2269c318df1a0cf5b….jpg)


Day 2 finally

Finally passed day 1, now to get that number back up to 53 and more.

Maybe i'll be able to spell Enlish correctly on that day too.


relapse is one thing but to do a 20 on that day is something I fight with really long


File: 306dc1a5018a460⋯.jpeg (51.55 KB, 600x334, 300:167, 9c7170c69c5aaf7720858fa98….jpeg)


Day 13.

>urges are killing me as we speak

>did a small talk with a qt girl and some old hoe in train about trains. qt girl smiled and laughed a bit, whole time she looked straight into my eyes. Her body language indicated that she felt comfortable. I was in love and thinking obsessively about her for about one hour. (Conversation was initiated by old hoe)

>couldn't concentrate at work due to impulsive extrovert behavior, ironically insulting coworkers or telling mean things. I punched my weak-ass coworker in the arm to get his attention

>my hair looks more shiny

>clear face, acne-free zone

>felt energetic at work, now exhausted, depressed

>started to do prostate exercises to avoid nonbacterial prostatitis and wet dreams. Basically you can't control pee or taking a shit after day 18, because you lose control of your prostate. (It's rare, but it happens to people)

>i keep thinking about successful situations about approaching girls with funny texts, but I'm not confident enough


keep it up, remember to exercise your prostate before sleep in order to avoid wet dreams!


File: 8e4da8dac3f34ee⋯.jpg (39.74 KB, 780x722, 390:361, High-Five.jpg)

A bit of a long day, but a good day none the less. I had some urges I've fought through. Feels good that I was able to rationalize myself out of it. Talked to a few friends, and I just got an opportunity to talk with someone at the IT department at my university. I wrote up a resume, exchanged emails, and now I'm waiting on what the response is. It's all pretty exciting.


I'm glad you're getting back in the swing of things. I've also noticed that as soon as I screw up a streak, I find it incredibly hard to get back on track, to where it will even take a week to get past a day or two. You're doing it!



> when you realize autism.

Yeah we've all had those moments of retardation, me especially.

Don't give up. Also your story made me happy and I would have been laughing at myself in delight for how fucked sleep made me, if I were you. Your steak may be back to day 1, but you didn't consciously do anything wrong (unless you're hiding something), you just had bad dreams. With time, your perseverance will rid you of such dreams, and real women will come to your pleasure, pun intended.

For balls, for glory!

For comparison, a girl that looked boyish got me jerking to gay furry porn and by association it fucked me up in the head. D: . Took weeks to remove the gay from me. That's way more autism than dick girls and tasting personal sea men.



Dio checked



Good job :) God is here for you



Nice mirror quads!

Faith, Hope, and Love remain the three most important things, but the most of these is Love.

Also you don't have a mental illness keeping you from faith. Truly, I think if you saw the world people live in, in other country's, you would probably start feeling the meanings of God's words. It seems to me like you've got a pandering priest… Try another Catholic church, and start reading your _catechism_ for yourself, to know the faith. I think modern priests can tend to gloss over the teachings of the church and they say homilies without as much faith and morality concern as they used to. I remember actually learning the faith as a kid from mass, and now I feel like there are big portions of teachings getting left out in mass. At least it seems that way.

God's Love,



I meant to reply this one :s


File: 4c1e1574780fe8e⋯.jpg (67.76 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 4c1e1574780fe8ef33c7062373….jpg)


Day 14.

>today urges were strong at work

>had soft boner for almost full day

>got into argument with businessman about spare place to sit in train full of people. I occupied 2.

>he asked why he can't sit next to me

>i explain in very detailed, autistic way

>got humiliated by him and everybody saw it, he sit next to me anyway

>lesson learned: don't act edgy in public transport

today is my worst day, I felt so bad next to a business man. I'm kid compared to him. Right now I wish to fade away

>pls wake up


File: 403db0663ecdd96⋯.jpg (27.09 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 403db0663ecdd962e445b907f8….jpg)


Day 3

It's easy, even if it isn't i have to believe it. Its easy, just dont touch your penis.

Luckily for me it was a easy day, feeling great man.

For the rest, some major school related stresses have have been finished. Its smooth sailing till the exams from here i think.

I also got chivalry on the day it was free, and i'm liking it. This is the first new game i have acquired since 2013. I hope it doesn't reawaken my gaming addiction, i'm having "fun" enough with the regulers.



Thanks for the encouragements, although i'm wondering wat you mean with,

>exercise your prostate.


File: 1f2f06d981425aa⋯.gif (1.94 MB, 235x180, 47:36, whaaAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAHA….gif)

Pretty good day today. Pretty long though, seeing how I have spent nearly seven hours studying. Feels good though, I really do feel ready for an exam tomorrow.

I just came back from the store. Glad my roommate was going, so I could just tag along and get a few things.

Not a really exciting day by any measure. However, I did get some dreams like the other day of me just sitting there masturbating. I think it's really neat to have dreams, but these ones are really the scariest nightmares I've ever had. I don't want to screw up my streak, I've come so far.


I do not know what he means by "exercise your prostate," so I do not advocate it.


File: 10e5fdcf053f03c⋯.jpg (8.5 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 1487399726949.jpg)


Day 15 - BIG DAY

So it's already half of a month.

I asked a girl for a music name she was currently listening to on her headphones in non-autistic way.

>mfw she was 9/10

>mfw she didn't kill me

>mfw she didn't laughed at me

>mfw she simply answered my question

>mfw mood boosted like 500%

>mfw all girls that heard my request, changed their body language towards me


This is big for me, because I have a severe fear against any initialization of conversation with a normie

I committed few mistakes regarding TRP's cold approach technique, but that's ok. First step had been made.

My hands were literally shaking just to think about it. I was „planning" it for 20 minutes (we were in train) with each minute I was drowning deeper in my fears and thoughts, but I escaped it. My voice was higher pitched than normal and my whole body was shaking for a few minutes. I feel so great right now.

>mfw i didn't fall in love thankfully and I think even less about her than the previous girl I was talking to


>>8778 (Me)



Google „prostate exercise".

I do 100 reps of prostate squeezes each morning and night, it's beneficial for curing premature ejaculation, prevents prostate cancer wet dreams and non-bacterial prostalitis

>how do I use my prostate muscle?

some people are so weak-ass that they're too weak to do it.

>When you pee try to stop the stream of your yellowish fluid of yours

>Do this few times

>Then do without peeing



You mean Kegel exercises? Your prostate isn't a muscle.


File: de3251b7b7fd1ce⋯.jpg (127.72 KB, 439x526, 439:526, 1487871799436.jpg)


Day 4

I just managed to pull myself away from edging a moment ago to write this. Like i wrote in one of my day 1 post's, i would allow myself to fail. I have found that thinking about what i'm doing at the moment helps a lot in making the urge go away. after all, the reasons not to fap are far more convincing than the urge to fap is.

But even edging is bad, so i shouldn't let it come that far.




Check em

No it isn't your fault


I've had a really good day. I took an exam, am I'm really confident with it. I was talking to a friend afterwards practically explaining the exam and how to do it. It felt great.

I later made plans with that friend, and I'm going to go out tomorrow with him and do stuff. I haven't hung out with a friend in a little over two years now, so that sounds fun.

Other than that, nothing special. I just plan to work on homework this weekend.

Hopefully I can post now.


File: cabb8806ab06fa2⋯.webm (6.77 MB, 640x360, 16:9, cabb8806ab06fa2bc4573a823….webm)

Because of obvious reasons, I haven't been able to post here, and suffice to say, I've continued on my journey. Here's a summary of the past few days:

Day 12 – Ramen

I went with a friend to a ramen shop. I had a great time. We both ordered a bowl of ramen and a roll of sushi. I usually get an unagi roll of some sort because I don't know where else to get eel, so I got my eel roll, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. My friend got the hottest roll one could get, and asked for it to be as hot as possible. He took a bite out of it, and for the rest of the evening, he was wiping his nose and eyes with his napkin. Out of curiosity, I tried one. It was hot, but not nearly what he was making it out to be. I thought it was actually quite tasty as well

Day 13 – Sunday

I didn't get much done today, little homework, but it was a relaxing day.

Day 14 – Monday

Again, not much done. Some schoolwork. Another day.

Day 15 – The Eventful Tuesday

Today was quite interesting. I had my first class, and once again, my stepdad was coming through town, so we met at a hobby shop, and had sandwiches for lunch. Like last time I said it, I enjoy when he comes through town. It gives us a chance to shoot the shit and talk about RC aircraft, video games, and the like.

After my last class, my roommate and I went to the gym. He showed me how to perform some of the exercises correctly, and helped me just get out of the house. Felt great to exercise, but now I know just how weak I've gotten over the years.

Onto other news, I've now reached the half-month mark,and I can say this is my personal best on a no-fap streak. I know I've gone about a month before, but today I've reached the half-month, something I haven't been able to do yet.

Day 16 – See Subject

Good day, still a bit sore from yesterday. I mostly just worked on homework today. Nothing special to report. I'm glad this board is finally back online. Hope everyone has made it with their plans.



>We both ordered a bowl of ramen and a roll of sushi

I'm making sushi right now. Once you realize it costs 6 bucks to buy 12 rolls of sushi from the store and 6 bucks to buy all the ingredients to make all the sushi you want you'll never buy sushi again



How do you make it, and where would one get eel?


File: 6236e6ae8b7dd77⋯.jpg (38.76 KB, 484x512, 121:128, 1426977858461.jpg)


You can probably pick up eel at an oriental market. I don't fuck with animal products so I can keep my prices down. Using exotic animals in your sushi would probably cost you a pretty penny. I'm perfectly happy with my vegetable rolls. You'd probably still get a better deal buying your own eel than you would buying sushi because store sushi is the biggest scam on the market

To make sushi you need to get sushi rice from a publix or a whole foods, a sushi mat, some rice vinegar, and some sheets of nori. Ill drop a link on how to make sushi rice at the end. Wrap the sushi mat in some plastic wrap, cut a nori sheet in half, put a moderate amount of rice on top of the sheet. I like to put some gomasio on top of the rice at this point. Carefully flip the riced sheet over so that the rice is facing down and the sheet is facing up. Gently press down on the sheet to make the rice stick better. Put a thin layer of rice on top of the new side of the sheet and add very thin cut versions of ingredients like avocado, carrot, or cucumber. It's very easy to overdo the ingredients and less easy to underdo it. Overdo it and your rolls will fall apart

Once you got all your ingredients ready grab the sushi mat and the nori sheet and start turning it inwards. I'll drop a link on how to do this. Once you've got a full roll use a sharp knife to cut individual rolls. Soy sauce gives me stomach acid fuckery so I use braggs liquid aminos on the sushi when it's ready

Sushi rice prep: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEkSoYKhX2o

How to use rice vinegar and gomasio with the rice:


How to roll:




Thanks, anon. I didn't expect get spoonfeed so well. You're a god among simple men. I'll probably start without animal products as well, and just practice with that.


File: 16095cc478c8ce6⋯.jpeg (102.3 KB, 960x939, 320:313, e6a96dfda1671637b962d2d4b….jpeg)


>when the flatline hits

I fucked up at day 20


File: 2339ebfeac46d59⋯.jpg (30 KB, 640x426, 320:213, 1483534589743.jpg)


I already fapped few times till dry.

>voice got significantly higher pitched

>feeling socially retarded

>rash is back on hands

>acne on face appears

>brain fog


You see how much you had, after you lost it. There is no excuse for me, I'm responsible for my failure.

*sigh* here we go agaaain.



Don't beat yourself up if your rolls fall apart at first. Just be sure to not overfill the rolls, do the rolling carefully, and use a little bit of water on the end of the nori to seal the roll


Did a solid 30+ days, binge fapped the next month, undid all the change. Back at it again day 2, this time its for real. Im done.

Probably been doing nofap longer than anyone on this board tbh. Yes, bragging on /nofap/ fuck niggers and jews



whats ur longest streak?


I was inspired to make my own sushi, so much so that after I completed my homework, I headed to the store and got almost everything. Sadly I couldn't get a few things because the Asian supermarket near me was closed by the time I got there. I plan to go there tomorrow and get the last few things I need like the mat and nori.

I'm going to the gym again tomorrow, and I'm excited.

I got 100% on my exam last Friday, which just makes me ecstatic. I worked hard to understand the material, and now I'm practically guaranteed to pass the class with a good grade.


I don't plan on beating myself up, I plan to enjoy sushi, even if it is just the rice and cucumber all over the place, or even in a bowl. Thanks again, you magnificent bastard.


File: cea5e9a5254c9e5⋯.jpg (249 KB, 2048x1360, 128:85, sushiburritoPokeBurrito.0.jpg)


worse comes to worse you can use a full sheet of nori and make a sushi burrito


File: 1ea722e283c2743⋯.gif (1.63 MB, 320x180, 16:9, Oct.gif)


Did my classes, went to the store, and headed to the gym. I'm pretty tired, but feeling good. I made my initial attempt at making sushi, and while I couldn't quite get a roll made correctly, I'm not really disappointed. After a couple of attempts, the nori was becoming a little over-powering, and I'm still tasting it now. The rice was okay. I followed some directions, and while it was good, I'm definitely reducing the amount of vinegar to add next time. All in all, not too bad. I found it to be somewhat time consuming, but it was still enjoyable to try to make something new.



>I'm definitely reducing the amount of vinegar to add next time

I actually like the vinegar, it gives the rice a really savory taste especially when you throw the soy sauce on it

>the nori was becoming a little over-powering, and I'm still tasting it now

If you're making the sushi uramaki style you probably need to add more rice. If you're not making it uramaki style you'd better learn to love the taste of nori cause it's gonna hit you like a truck lol

>I found it to be somewhat time consuming

The key is to do fun stuff while you prepare your food. Put on some youtube videos on your phone and plug it into your ears. You can cut all the vegetables and ingredients while your rice is cooking, then you just gotta put the rice on the roll, flip it, and put the ingredients in. If you do this by your sink you can just get the sushi rice off your hands quick with the sink water. Rolling and cutting should be a quick process, the slow part is cutting the vegetables


File: de2011b48c332c2⋯.png (74.89 KB, 1041x441, 347:147, 47a.png)

Last month I was up to 32 days of zero orgasms while awake, with little fapping or porn.

Three weeks ago, I edged for seven consecutive hours without release.

Two weeks ago, I did a hands-free orgasm, with no porn of any kind. It took 15 minutes of concentration and was somewhat painful.

Last Friday, I fapped to orgasm during an ice-cold shower, facing the water. It was one of the most energizing things I've ever done.


File: d683c5cf5765af2⋯.jpg (80.4 KB, 625x415, 125:83, tmp-name-2-18549-148819434….jpg)


>Three weeks ago, I edged for seven consecutive hours without release


File: 0a2f24db2b16c27⋯.jpg (341.84 KB, 827x1103, 827:1103, Fish.jpg)

I didn't do shit today. I made plans, but ultimately, I did not follow through with them. I'm also just barely putting this in at the last minute. All I can say is I'm a bit disappointed in myself for my behavior these past few days. Tomorrow must be different, and I'll make it that way.


File: 90ba216a3571609⋯.jpg (38.6 KB, 536x596, 134:149, 1483269514949.jpg)


Guess wat?

Day 1

Fucked up yesterday, i could have been on day 9 now. Well, lets go at this again, it's not like i can go back to being a habit fapper. Got to far, to fall back to that level.

Congratulations to the people who are still busy and going.


File: b61b7436d2f8ba5⋯.png (997 B, 30x30, 1:1, Rwing_mini.png)

Today has been a good day. I accomplished one assignment for CS I had been procrastinating on, and I just turned it in. I finished all of the programming for it about eight or seven hours ago, and most of the time spent since then has been spent trying to work on art assets. By no means is it required, but I thought it sounded fun to try and do more than I usually do, especially since this is going to become the final project for the class. After all the time I spent, I feel kinda good, even though all I really have is pic related and another image I'm keeping for myself.

I've finally reached my twentieth day on this. In all honesty, I didn't even think this was possible. Looking back on the last two or even three months. It really is true that the first two weeks are easily the hardest. I think I'm now understanding what everyone meant by flatline. I just gotta keep myself busy, and keep pushing until this semester is over.


File: 2ea20f179f04e67⋯.jpg (60.6 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 1483101294800.jpg)


Day 2 people

THe ball's rolling again.

My Original goal was to never fap again, starting with NoFap 2017. This lasted 53 day's and the struggle to get back on it has been almost daily since then. I hope and am trying to make it last this time, i need to stop wanting it. There is nothing in mastrubation, nothing in porn, in eroticism that could make me stronger and improve my life. ==or others for that mather== It's time i start taking this seriously again, and damn me if i fail again, i'm sick of failing, i'm gonne succceed and if i don't i will keep trying till i make it.

Onwards to day 3


Good job on getting to day 20 anon, but dont get overconfident, there will be periods that the urge regrows. Even on day 200 these periods can make you fall. You've got to remember, 200 day's isn't such a long time in comparison to an addiction you've strugled with for a big part of your live. But i do believe it can be beaten, and grows easier over time.



fucked up my spoiler, and it's matter and succeed.



That's still not how you spoilerWat am i doing?



nofap causes permanent brain damage and this is the proofstuff


File: 4a43fd8c6570431⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 1278x1022, 639:511, Mouse attack.jpg)

It's been a pretty decent day. Again, just the usual of class and homework, nothing really to write about. Tomorrow should be interesting in that I have more work to do, but other than that, things are going as planned.

I'm thinking I need to find a new book or something to keep me occupied, I just have to browse my library and see what hasn't been taken off the shelves already.


File: 76cf21c20544c69⋯.jpg (271.84 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, unnamed (4).jpg)


Check out these beauties anon. These rolls are 80% avocado 20% cucumber, it's like they melt in your mouth. They genuinely taste better than any meat I've ever had


File: cced2628604a78f⋯.jpg (102.36 KB, 736x723, 736:723, cced2628604a78f2f62bb06107….jpg)



Feeling great, let's keep this up.



Those look legitimately amazing. Did you make them? If so, can I get a recipe?


File: 4688245dfcdbcc4⋯.png (133.69 KB, 740x952, 185:238, 4688245dfcdbcc43e92898d0dc….png)

It has been a day, and not one entirely worth mentioning. The day has been spent working on homework and preparing for a few upcoming exams. Hooray. The first one is this Friday, the next one is on the following Tuesday. I'm not horribly worried about either one, but I always hate knowing that a solid chunk of my grade rides on my performance during them. Regardless, I am inclined to do my best.

I also contacted some people about my previously mentioned job opportunity, and am just waiting for a response. In addition to that, I've contacted my dad to see if he'd be interested in helping me construct one of my final projects. It'll be pretty simple, just connecting wires in ICs, but it will get me to go see him, seeing how I haven't seen him in a few months now.

I wish I could talk about some more interesting things, but at this second, I'm more concerned about doing my best in school. Those final projects do have a way of compiling themselves all at once. However, I do have plans this Saturday for an honor society I have been inducted in. It will be the first party I've gone to in years, or maybe ever, I'm not really sure what to expect. I really just plan to get my certificate and junk, appear somewhat sane, and head out. If I see a reason to stay and socialize, I'll do that, but I have my reservations that anyone will want to talk to some EE student about computers, old video games, or anything related to imageboards. I could be completely wrong, which would be exciting.


They look pretty damn good, anon. I've got to try my hand at it again soon.


You're doing good, man, keep it up. You made it past fifty days, you can do it again, and then some!



Yea. Check out my post on how to make sushi >>8806


File: f46d86e9523cb77⋯.jpg (31.88 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1490559622268.jpg)


Day 4

Got trough that pretty easy.

Onwarts to day 5!

I also got more bird




Thanks for the encouragement.


I've spent nearly all day just preparing for exams.


File: ea36a2c5280baa6⋯.jpg (24.63 KB, 320x354, 160:177, fucking_really.jpg)

Well I just failed, yet again. In a moment of boredom, I decided to ruin my streak. Fuck. Let's try this shit again.

Sad part is, I don't even feel that well after having done it. Regardless, I'll analyze why I failed. This time I was alone, recently out of the shower, and on my phone. Old habits were brought up, and I tried to stop my behavior, but this time I failed myself.


File: 4db836861a8ed04⋯.png (26.42 KB, 197x197, 1:1, 07c660fa0e460c33d6d31b4cee….png)

File: 0350a518fea7d31⋯.jpg (53.11 KB, 854x480, 427:240, 0350a518fea7d31d66cdbb6a68….jpg)


Day 5

i'm on a roll, i guess the problem really was that before i still wanted to fap more than i wanted to get better, since it has been going pretty easy the past couple of day's. But i shouldn't get to over confident, i'm not out of danger yet. Let's first see to it, that i make it past 50 day's.

But i'm feeling pretty good right now.


I know that feel all to wel. Don't let it discourige you from trying again. The only true failure is to give up. Try again and make it to atleast 46 day's.


File: 086975d78297ef3⋯.jpg (24.38 KB, 540x386, 270:193, 1461479333589.jpg)


Day 6

Damn, i edged without thinking. Luckily i caught myself in time to stop, but this just show's you shouldn't relax even in a calm period.

captcha: noi pfa

I'm going fine for the rest, good luck to all of you still going. Don't fall for this soul and body destroying Jewish scheme.


File: c35eeb4d6e9e99e⋯.jpg (1.47 MB, 2700x3600, 3:4, 8a0ea8184a66ad9b47e83ada75….jpg)


Day 7

A stroll a day, takes the lust away.

I'm walking for about one and a half to two hours every one or two day's. I can say it has positive effects. Not sitting on your ass all day makes me more clear minded, it makes every day more eventful, and reduces my urge to fap. The exposure to the sun also helpes against pimpels and increases testosterone.

Going great, still, the streak i'm doing now isn't even my longest since the first relapse. I was on day 9 here.


I've gone this far before, just to fail again. Even something as measly as day 2 is good, but it's nothing in comparison to the great stretch ahead.

Still i'm confident in my ability to regain my streek of 9 day's, to regain my streek of 53 day's, and to eventually regain my freedom of mind. A mind without addiction, at the end of a road of self improvement greater in scope then just nofap, stronger than i was before.

On that day i will write my post's with good spelling and grammer.


Don't let it discourige you from trying again.


File: ad0aabbdd1c7c66⋯.gif (1.1 MB, 205x223, 205:223, 1483651236117.gif)


Day 8

I hit a bit of a bump in the road today. Memories and urges pulled me towards failling, but i resisted them since it is myself who must act upon impulse, and my will is stronger than decadent thought.

All went well for the rest of the day, i had a good easter day.

I hope others are still trying to beter themselfs.


File: 2ed3fb1fa55479b⋯.jpg (455.74 KB, 1074x1650, 179:275, The Unwritten 012 (2010) (….jpg)

I'm back, and I see that we've had company on this board, regardless, I'll do a recap of my adventures.

Friday – Had my exam, I'm hoping for the best.

Saturday – Had an induction ceremony for an honor society that was purely awful. The theme was "A night with Gatsby," which is in fact as gay as it sounds. The music wasn't even from The Twenties, the new Gatsby movie is even worse than the older movie(s?), and I've realized I can't stand The Great Gatsby in any incarnation. The people were boring, the games were silly, and the money I spent for entry was wasted. Fuck parties, and any social gathering.

Sunday – I did some stuff with my step-dad, and I have been working on homework. I needed to take a break, and here I am now. I've been failing again, but I'm starting to collect myself again.


Thanks for your support, Anon, we can do this.


File: ee469fc55e35c48⋯.jpg (86.93 KB, 680x448, 85:56, Mojżesz.jpg)


"'DAY 07"'

I'am baack

So I didn't hold on for long ( a bit over a week). Anoyed because of the raid.

Anyway I am on the most dangerous periods (at least for me ) of 7 days.

I don't know if it may be right because just made steps to fap ( i do it a bit ritually) I may have made a few strokes, but guess it's better not to count this. I don't feel like in "after fap" state.

The exams are getting closer so need to study quite hard. Another stress booster. Feeling like not doing enogh, because of my fight. Howewer I guess I need to stay optimistic.


>but this just show's you shouldn't relax even in a calm period.

True it almost got me today



Don't give up guys

Happy easter buddies


File: dd3fd985024c880⋯.jpg (111.18 KB, 1190x670, 119:67, 1429417013106.jpg)

Day 2

Met a qt while working a few days ago, and even though we didn't really talk, her face was strangely calming to me, almost felt like a religious experience. Since then I haven't fapped, and while I do get a bit of an urge to release down there, its not as strong as it used to be.

I've been doing it multiple times every day since I was maybe 12 and its been a very hard thing for me to stop, even after multiple tries. Longest I've been able to go was about a week, here's hoping this time will be the attempt that breaks the curse.



lol @ that image


File: 1cba7f5a08c79e8⋯.png (261.94 KB, 506x704, 23:32, 1cba7f5a08c79e84fb6839fe02….png)



Day 9

Not much, did a lot of thinking about wat i wanted to do in the future and how i want to get to that goal. I'm almost done with school and the question of further study and careers are now a pressing matter.

I'm still not sure wat to do.




Good to see others haven't given up yet, you are on the good track.



Day 08 ?

It's slowly geting harder and harder. I sort of edged a couple times today. Don't know if i should count this as relapse, gues that not, cause it feels better

It's raining so going out is kinda hard. Gues that I'll do it anyway.

So I wrote much longer post but deleted it because of a mistake, but now don't want to write it again and sort of forgot abou almost everything. Still hoping that urges will weaken about couple of days. So bad that it's spring time, time when our bodies naturally want to reproduce. It's definetlly not helping.


File: 9fa045face7c885⋯.png (6.41 KB, 274x242, 137:121, 1412822187428.png)


Day 10!

Feels good to be in the dubble diggits again.


I wouldn't cound it as a relapse, but is enforcement of the habbit.



Well eventually I relapsed so back to day 1


File: 8c831b1dce1f1bb⋯.jpg (73.8 KB, 607x768, 607:768, african_shaman.jpg)


Day 4

I seem to have developed a form of apathy towards getting off. Whenever I get an urge to fap, which have been surprisingly weak lately, I just kind if shrug it off, thinking "why" or "it doesn't matter".

While I'm kind of glad for this development, as it will make nofap easier, I also find myself wondering if I'm not just slipping into some new form of depression.


File: 67aa4d7a6798e2d⋯.jpg (21.38 KB, 371x335, 371:335, 1491503778215.jpg)


day 11

Check these dubbels.


F my dude. Good luck with your retry.


File: bb6c2e7cd2300e7⋯.jpg (210.58 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 1371283589282.jpg)

How the hell you guys do it. I keep going backwards as it seems and instead of at least taking a intensity down a notch I up it. FUK


File: 3c65999a1ed233e⋯.jpg (48.23 KB, 469x505, 469:505, 1446176444374.jpg)

""Day 00 – For Lack of a Better Title""

I haven't returned in some time, and by the looks of it, some things have changed. I can't include a subject, nor can I include a stupid name. I was having fun with that. Regardless, I'm returning yet again.

I need to get back onto my streak. I'm still disappointed I failed, but I can't be disappointed enough because I continue to screw up. Why is it that when you ruin a streak, it's much harder to get back on track?

These last few weeks have been eating at all my time. Final projects and exams continue to fill my days with intricate little pieces of bullshit. Only a few class sessions left. Scary.



It's simple: humans weren't made to not fap. Masturbation is actually a very healthy activity. You get exercise and keep your hormones in check. NoFap is pretty much moralist pseudoscience.



| Humans weren't made to fap either. Like all other sexually reproducing animals they were made to fuck, which is actual exercise as opposed to fapping which would really only be a form of exercise if you're 400 pounds

It is a great point that masturbating keeps hormones in check. The reality of the situation is that there are some that need and benefit from more sex hormone and others who need and benefit from less sex hormone; that's why some that try nofap just describe being really horny and aggressive all the time and others describe having their entire lives dramatically changed for the better. The evidence shows that fapping benefits some and detriments others


File: a863ed3e194d84c⋯.png (56.24 KB, 401x372, 401:372, The Only Thing I Feel Now.png)

Day 01 – Am I Bold Now? I Miss My Abused Subject Line.

Didn't get much done. Finished some homework that is due tomorrow, and that's about it. While in class, I was overhearing how the average for an exam was about 55%. I got a 92%, which may not be a true A, but I got the highest score in the exam. I heard people complaining about the score fucking with the curve. I wasn't aware that we had a curve, and I'm certain we didn't have one earlier, but because everyone is a failure, my professor is implementing one. Regardless, I'm the asshole who fucked the curve, and I was grinning pretty hard for quite some time.

I'm disappointed I'm surrounded by people who prefer that everyone should perform poorly, helping everyone in the class rather than everyone putting in effort to understand the material, and that their grades reflect that. They take no honor in their work, and only desire a decent grade while they pursue the noble degree of gender studies, or whatever worthless degree they're "working" for. I'm not a perfect student, but I take pride when I get an -A or a B. It means I worked damn hard for that grade, and that I struggled in the class. When I do poorly, I know why. I didn't understand the material or I didn't work hard enough to master it. I purposely choose harder classes so I can feel something for having accomplished it, while these worthless fucks bitch and moan that the world isn't revolving around them, and they constantly complain that everything isn't fair.

They have everything so incredibly easy, and they have such a wonderful opportunity to learn and become better people, yet they prefer to ramble about what's happening on their social media bullshit and waste these years consuming alcohol in their dorms, even though we are a dry campus. These toddlers I'm surrounded by are simply frustrating. The horror stories I've heard from these fuckers. They trash their dorm rooms, destroy school property, just fucking ruin everything for everyone, and how do they feel? They feel bliss. My condolences go out to all of the hard-working people who have to pick up their shit. I'm simply irritated that a good chunk of my expensive fucking tuition goes to cleaning up their mess.

However, I'm glad I only have to deal with their shit in only one class, and that I left the dorms a year ago. I'm also relieved knowing that my other classes are too hard for them, and that my next semester will be beyond their comprehension.


File: b0aa8ab37c9ecbe⋯.jpg (74.67 KB, 500x400, 5:4, 1492789551826.jpg)


Day 12 and 13

Wew, time flies when you're busy.

It feels good to be in the tens again, not to mention the increased clarity and energy i get from nofap. Gonne make it braw's.


I deal with my urges by reminding myself, that it is extremely weak to give in to baseless urges especially addiction. That there are actual effects on the mind and body that happen because of the loss of fital chemicals and the overload of dopamine you get from, among other things, fapping. And because i don't want to waste the effort i have already done to maintain a streek.

But that is the thinking part, maybe you need to do, rather than remind yourself all the time, and i get that. If i spend my day's thinking about nofap i would probaly fail every few day's or every week.Find something you like to do, need to do, or both and get busy with that. It's realy simple:

Nofap is something you don't do, if you fail it is because you lacked the self control to stop yourslef from fapping. In this case you can train your self control by completing tasks and starving your addictive impulses.

Good luck m8.


>The reproductive organs have not evolved to be used for reproducing.

>The rest is just blatenly false.

Weak bait.


I get what you mean, and that is indeed frustraiting, but i don't realy have a solution for you. Be glad you're not on that level at least and that the people you meet in the next level are made of beter fiber, people who do want to live life to the fullest.


File: c58eb80a3884073⋯.webm (2.95 MB, 320x246, 160:123, The Little Lad Dance.webm)

It's been a rather uneventful day, but definitely not a bad day. Did my classes, and during the class where my exam was the highest score, the professor went over every question. She would ask for certain information every once in a while, and for some reason the only one who engaged in that conversation was me. She would ask a few questions like "How do we know that?" and I'd respond with the appropriate theorem or definition. It was getting kinda sad how even after the exam, nearly everyone was clueless. I didn't even try to memorize any of the theorems, I used them during homework and thought about how they worked outside of class, and that was enough to do decently during the exam.

I'm tired of typing about that class. I'm changing my own subject. For dinner, my roommate picked up pizza, and I had a few slices. It was pretty damn good. It had a basil-pesto sauce, chicken, mushrooms, tomatoes, and garlic. I'm glad he shared it with me because he didn't have to. It easily beats what I usually cook for myself.

For the past few hours I've been working on my final programming assignment for the semester, and I've been stuck on how to rotate images. It's not necessary, but I'm trying to understand how to do it. I'll get it down soon, but I need to take a break, it's rather late.


I appreciate the concern, but I just wanted to vent my frustrations. I'm really glad I don't associate with any of them.


I'm not the best at giving advice since I fuck up constantly, but the best thing I've found I can do is focus on something that isn't at home on the computer or on the phone. Make anything that can connect to the internet solely for work or education, and keep the amount of time spent on it to a minimum.

Another thing that helps me is to pay attention to my behaviors and patterns. When you can recognize that you're on a dangerous path, you can get off of it much sooner. If you do fuck up, analyze why you fucked up. Some things I consider: time of day, what I was doing at that exact moment, how alone I was, how busy I was, how I felt before, during, and after; what I was looking at, and the exact path I took to get there. I use that information to prevent help me from fucking up.

Last thing that helps me is to write here daily. As you can see, I ramble on whatever is on my mind and engage in some form of conversation. I find it helps because I feel really guilty if I don't type a thing up for the day, and the more in-depth I make it, the more I'm tempted to go out and do something interesting so that I can share it.

Sorry for the late reply.


File: 4cc0e879b141896⋯.gif (847.23 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 4cc0e879b141896bfa6774f319….gif)


Day 14

I'm almost at half a month, that's pretty good.


File: 14c9be2e491c453⋯.jpg (20.16 KB, 489x484, 489:484, 1483513661495.jpg)


Day 15

Nice, going great.

The problem realy was that i didn't want it enough, that is over now. I am going to reach day 53 and complete nofap 2017.


File: 6e225855e1f04a4⋯.jpeg (34.21 KB, 460x400, 23:20, 1466944678520.jpeg)

Just reached ==Day 8== here.

I don't know why, but whenever I reach the two digits, I from there on just become antisocial. I begin to slowly neglect my friends and focus more on work. Does anyone do the same? My friends are the best, so it's not because I hate them, but I just feel like time becomes more scarce, even though I've freed up so much from doing NoFap


File: 3d6441ddd861587⋯.gif (491.2 KB, 500x370, 50:37, 3d6441ddd86158755296d28754….gif)


Day 16

WeW, passed half a month. I must say it realy hasn't been a struggle the last two days, i think i'm getting back into the rhythm i had during my first nofap 2017 streek. Just let the day's roll by and don't worry about it, it is no danger as long if you don't want it, and i don't want it.


I don't develop feelings like that, so i don't have any first hand advice. The only advice i could give you is to make a consious effort to keep social, if that is of any help.


File: 48d94203de0e408⋯.png (179.71 KB, 632x970, 316:485, 1467160681169.png)

I'm here, I promise. The last two days I've spent well past midnight working on final projects, so I haven't written a single thing since. I feel a bit guilty for that, but I'm glad I'm done with them, and that I don't have to worry about those particular projects again.

Today, I've spent my entire time doing school work. Had an exam this morning, and I have another tomorrow morning as well. I'm absolutely excited for it, and my final exams are approaching. I can't wait for the summer, but at the same time, I'm scared for it to come. I worry I'll fail myself with all the extra time I'll have. I'll just have to keep myself busy, and find something to do.


At about the fifteen to twenty day mark, I was getting rather gloomy and antisocial as well. I can't explain why either, things were just off.


You're doing good, man.




You feel like that because you've hit a flatline, it will eventually pass




Guess I'll just keep my nose to the grindstone for now.


Could you explain "flatline" to me? I've heard it use all the time and it seems to change meaning everytime


File: 695a1f7f03d85bb⋯.jpg (27.45 KB, 706x530, 353:265, scientific.jpg)

File: 462fba8230d18d6⋯.png (217.02 KB, 1204x606, 602:303, 462fba8230d18d6385c1602341….png)


Your test levels will go down every 7 days or so, then go back up, then down again and so on, but each time it becomes higher

I'm sure that part of the flatline is also your body going mad that it isn't getting a porn/fap for a while


File: 75c1bebb202ae3c⋯.jpg (39.21 KB, 599x555, 599:555, 1481916351862.jpg)


Day 19

We are really going for it now boys! Almost on day 20.

I didn't have a lot of time to write the last days, and I will have even less time to write in the coming two weeks, since my finals period has come. I am certain I can pass it, but it takes a lot of time regardless.

On top of the stressful period I am in right now, I also almost broke my nofap. The only reason the this isn't day 0, is because I reminded myself I don't want this. It is temporary pleasure with only downsides, am I some cuck who cant even choose between what is good for me and lust?

Of-fucking-course not, I don't want this, and I am not going to do it either.

That is all for today, good luck to all of you and make it till tomorrow, just let the day's roll by.



Thanks for explaining


File: 260839e4960deed⋯.jpg (33.39 KB, 605x400, 121:80, ClL1GA0VEAE32Xw.jpg)


So fast

I relapsed two day afterwards. It was such a shame for me that I decided to skip writing about that.

Computer is almost always ocupied, and I gave my cellphone to mum so I don't need to worry about triggers that much. Howewer I accidentally saw quite a nasty music clip, but gues that it wasn't that much.

So I finished my school. During the farewell meeting of our class most of girls were crying. Quite nice. I weren't really attached to most of them but still I kinda liked them and my school life. Well we exchanged an couple of warm words and said goodbye.

Now my only worry is my final exam. Well trying to learn it.

Thanks to our lovely litlle chalenge I discovered some nice places around the city. There i can chill out and think about various stuff.

I guess everything is going fine. I think that even a bitt too smooth. Maybe it was computer that made me fall into sin. So avoiding computer is propablly the best thing a modern human could do in order to improve theirselves. I agree that it can be a great source of information, but it's also addictive. I wonder how many of people are addicted.

When I was outside of church durring a mess I saw a man that sticked leaflet into cars. It's kinda sad that world is such comercialzed.


File: 7aade847a471219⋯.jpg (57.56 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 7aade847a471219ca3efa98da0….jpg)


Day 21/22.

Going pretty good, fixed my edging problem for now. I hope this keeps up, but that is up to me.

Good luck as Always.


File: 611b187cb0bb53f⋯.jpg (46.77 KB, 683x676, 683:676, e1e7fda4fd2a09f30be5f5e803….jpg)


day 23

Getting back into it.

Feels pretty good.


File: 311885f8f70529d⋯.jpg (5.07 KB, 300x168, 25:14, indeks.jpg)



First day of exams. I feel that I totally fucked up. I felt really nervous, even though the topic weren't so hard. Still I managed to write something, but don't know if there is any hope for me.

Intrestingly, the topic was about virtue, so maybe it's a sign for me, that everything will be allright. Still it doesn't really have to mean much.

So i came back home, and don't know how to relieve myself. What's weird I haven't even considered jacking off, so decided to make an entry.

Lately feeling much happier.. so NoFap is propabbly working. A few more days and I'll beat my record.


File: 3bf8e81a6e29369⋯.jpg (35.79 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1493666939574.jpg)


Day 26

The day's are rolling by. I will keep this up, i got a lot of day's to catch up to after all.


guys, how should I treat wet dreams?

I've had two, one around 4 or 5 days since my no fap and the last one was today as my 17th day of no fap.

I feel like I've relapsed or something, but I can't really say I've watched porn or masturbated, I just "imagine" porn in my dreams because I'm horny as fuck.


File: c2d3e2f9025af1d⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1482742540985.jpg)


You wasn't really doing it consciously. You shouldn't really feel guilty, even though you may have felt quite like after a relapse. But You in fact didn't!

I know you are going through hard time. It's a sign that your body is recovering. I heard that it happens to people in diffrent stages but it's quite natural. So keep on going and don't let it decive you!


I just realised I made an mistake in day counter it's actually

Day 15

Feeling much better.Got a feeling that i need to improve. The truly meaning of life is somewhere there and I need to try to find something. Disapointing though still spend a lot of time at computer. Well I guess it's even a bigger problem than faping. I need to find an exit to be an better person. After exams I'll search for a new hobby. And get a new grip on life.

Staying quite positive about everything. Feeling a bit better control on my feelings.


File: 8e99595f08d7813⋯.jpg (21.83 KB, 334x500, 167:250, 1472835618006.jpg)

File: 7461ea8a0b6a8a7⋯.jpg (57.27 KB, 675x707, 675:707, 7461ea8a0b6a8a76ad29fb8083….jpg)


Day 28

Wew, almost a month of nofap. I'm feeling great m80's.


>Got a feeling that i need to improve. The truly meaning of life is somewhere there and I need to try to find something. Disapointing though still spend a lot of time at computer. Well I guess it's even a bigger problem than faping. I need to find an exit to be an better person. After exams I'll search for a new hobby. And get a new grip on life.

I share those feelings, we had some threads about this subject a few moths back in which this was discussed.

But to be honest, i haven't really turned around my routine, and am still not where i want to be in this aspect. I have improved things ofcourse, but not enough.

But i'm getting there, and the best of luck to those who want to improve too.


I started as the month became May so I guess this is my sixth day. I feel fine.



Day 29

Just one more day for a month of nofap. I feel good, even tho the coming exams are projecting quite some stress, i think i'm gonne make it.


I decided that today is my first day of nofap. I usually fap after a workout, but ended up forgoing. I work out to master my body, not necessarily for aesthetics or massive gains, and nofap to me feels like another way to master my body.

I don't know how its gonna go, but here I am giving it a shot.


File: 126d12d4bd4b1ad⋯.png (586.65 KB, 579x653, 579:653, 1487447309058.png)

File: 64efeed18810b62⋯.jpg (15.85 KB, 296x394, 148:197, 1486614031607.jpg)

File: 4b2c1687f594cfb⋯.png (41.45 KB, 194x200, 97:100, 1486513339219.png)


Day 33

A month of nofap and dubs, wat a nice thing to come back too.

What is also nice, is that my exam stress got, kinda, solved, the next thing wont be nice.

I broke my writing hand, so i'll need to do my exams in an other period. This means i wont be finished with school till early september. The wost thing might very well be that my hand will be stuck in this plaster for the next 4 to 6 weeks. end me now



how do you manage to do something like that?


File: 2d25986e13fb4ff⋯.png (31.57 KB, 370x440, 37:44, 7173b1f062fca8a36aedf30f0b….png)


Day 34

Going great, it's not like i could actually fap even if i wanted too.


I lost a friendly boxing match with a wall :^)

The fact my situation is my own fault only makes it worse.


Official day 1

> fired from job 2 months ago

> started fapping tons more

> ridiculous anxiety and barely sent out any job apps

> I've always thought I had an internet addiction

> Addictive personality for sure

> Day 2 of no liquor

> Been lifting seriously for pretty much the first time in my life over the past few months, feels goooood


I'm terrified of myself. I can't stop doing it. Even when I take precautions. I had a couple solid weeks going for awhile but I've been horrible this week.

Lot of stuff going on. I get stressed, I do it, and I have a harder time dealing with the stress and making good decisions, and then I do it again, and its just never ending.

I have a job interview tomorrow, is there any good way to rebound quickly?



Can you find time for some exercise?

Walking around outside listening to lectures I downloaded from Jordan Peterson's Youtube channel help me immensely when I'm in a similar mood.


File: a323bab5b437e2b⋯.jpg (36.81 KB, 540x472, 135:118, 3737b12497bee7568d1c9ba064….jpg)


Set a mirror on your desk/night table. Maybe it's because I'm butt ugly, but whenever I see myself in the eye I lose the urge. I can't get that look of disappointment out of my mind, so it kills any arousal I have


File: 10b3e9acf47b6ca⋯.gif (715.53 KB, 384x281, 384:281, 10b3e9acf47b6ca125643159a2….gif)


Day 35

That is a pretty nice amount of day's to be on. The hand is doing fine too, i just hope it heals quickly.


That's pretty sad man. It is good it helps you in nofap, but it is sad too.


Nofap Day 76

Noporn Day 109

First week was hard, ended with a nocturnal emission.

The next 30-40 days were pretty much smooth sailing. It felt strange, I didn't feel like fapping, wouldn't get erections and didn't have any wet dreams either.

Around day 50 I got another nocturnal emission and had a few more since then, every couple of weeks basically.

My sex drive (and energy/aggression as well to some extent) is now doing a week long up and down cycle. Towards the beginning of the week I feel "normal", and towards the weekend I get more and more aggressive and my sex drive increases, until it peaks (sometimes in a wet dream) and drops back down.

Though I have to say I pretty much got drunk every weekend since I stopped fapping, so I don't know how much the alcohol affects me. Which is also another thing, I'm much more social - I'd rather going for drinks with friends instead of staying home and fapping and gaming on a friday night.

Around the same time I quit porn, I also quit video games (I failed in that regard a few times when I was hungover on the weekend)

Still no gf though



Day 36

Not much to report.



Wow, day 5 already.

It's been difficult, but I'm sticking with it and seeing results already

Had an excellent interview today, and should be starting a new job in my desired career path next Monday!


File: e10f07d378690ef⋯.jpg (284.81 KB, 1071x1407, 51:67, 2859d51aeff65052f3532ec979….jpg)


Guess wat?

Day 39

Not much else, busy with studying and other stuff.

Good luck to the rest of you.


File: 5dd1212a44fdb79⋯.jpg (119.35 KB, 500x631, 500:631, 2ded84c6b93db9244d67f885b5….jpg)


Day 40

Things are going great. I'm more than half way to surpassing my previous record.


File: aacb212921005f0⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ticc.png)

DAY 198

I notice that after 197 days of not fapping I am starting ticc girls. Nofap is based on the Nature principle that your body wants to reproduce and sends signals.

So maybe skinny model girls are unhealthy and terrible choice to bear a child, thus nofap also directs you to look for a suitable partner.


File: 2343d634dc47d34⋯.jpg (255.56 KB, 426x625, 426:625, Yoshitsune_with_benkei.jpg)

File: d2336ba0fd3c6f5⋯.jpg (62.11 KB, 400x490, 40:49, 畫麗珠萃秀_Gathering_Gems_of_Be….jpg)


I have been thinking a lot these last few weeks. About my views, about what my goal and purpose are or should be, how I want to get there, my irl experience with fellow right and far right people until now and how i want to deal with all these things.

Only time will tell how things will turn out, but I'm striking with an anxious feeling of unrest-fullness. The start of my story was long ago, and now I need to decide where to steer it to. I don't and won't want to end up like so many others before me: Failed normies on the fringe, that know what's going on in the world, but are perfectly happy just complaining about it Without mastering themselves, who just follow and move without grand purpose and conviction. My recent experiences are making me consider taking a step back for now, so I can think more clearly about these things.

I'm sorry if all of this sounds a bit disjointed or confusing. I am pretty tired right now, and the subjects I am trying to talk about are big enough on their own.

Good luck in any case to anyone trying, and very well done to the people with the large day counts.


File: ece7e95e7bf1150⋯.jpg (19.02 KB, 211x305, 211:305, ece7e95e7bf11502af5d652161….jpg)



Day 42

I forgot to add, i did say i was tired right now.

Nice dubs nonetheless.



day 1 it begins again


File: 35886cb2e9d61e4⋯.jpg (38.36 KB, 355x267, 355:267, checkem.jpg)



Day 43

Feeling good, cought myself edging twice tho.

I need to watch it, after a calm period i seem to have reached another peak period. No worries, i can deal with this.


File: e5a6de0bc46513e⋯.png (1013.63 KB, 799x719, 799:719, 1474116875695.png)


Day 44.

Going great.


File: 84ea544b1fde2b5⋯.jpg (58.74 KB, 558x600, 93:100, seija.jpg)

Day ??

I haven't been keeping track of how long I've been doing this, so I'll assume it has been 13 days.

Anyways, I want to point out that I have practically no reason to do this. I'm a weeb with no life who doesn't even want a girlfriend.


Day 22

better results in gym and muscle gain

one wet dream

excitation is easier now


I messed up again for the 100000th time

I'm just going to ask my parents to take away my internet/TV so porn is no longer an option

I hate it being sunny outside, but I can't bring myself to go outside because of this problem

goodbye my boys


File: 8852b1ce31a1d4b⋯.jpg (75.3 KB, 1322x948, 661:474, 1474116985987.jpg)


Day 48

Going good, i healed my bones pretty cuickly and i only had to wear plaster for 20 day's. For the rest, i still have a of a problem with edging that i should have been over by now, but no worries. I'll fix it, i won't fail again.


Good luck anon.


Day 3 complete. Tied with my record. We're going all the way this time. No fap


File: e2c15c271b13eba⋯.jpg (431.54 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Kangling.jpg)

DAY 208

Only a few months till dopmaine receptors regeneration.


Day 7, bouncing back between feeling on top of the world and wanting to die. Just gotta ride it out.


Day 90




DAY 17

I feel terrible. It's like I'm being torn up from the inside



Made it through day 4, it has got harder. Not long till day 5 is complete too


File: fdfe4fc9abaf6ed⋯.jpg (9.39 KB, 230x219, 230:219, depresion.jpg)

if I keep doing NOFAP will a girll eventually kiss me? :3


day 12

Porn no longer interests me anymore. I seem to get horny just doing my work. Although I'm taking time off on the weekend to recuperate from 40 hours of work I just want to go back to working some more. I've been feeling closer to my dog on a deep emotional level. I feel this magnetism while cuddling with her on the couch and It's such a strange feeling I don't know what to think.



Day 5 is done


If you keep on nofap you'll stop using effiminate faggot faces like :3


I held up 60 days then failed miserably.

14 days now, off to a new start. There's hope, keep the faith.





Take one to know one,bozo!


Out of curiousity what do you guys consider to be a relapse?

I mean if I glance at a pic of some naked chick that's hardly the equivalent of beating my meat to (((porn))) right?




i guess it's back to square one



Edged and lost it twice on day 6, back to day 0. Felt awful since


File: a4e2dc34b0eefe0⋯.jpg (132.31 KB, 770x437, 770:437, 1479909378148.jpg)


Day 52

Just 1 day, and i will have broken my previous longest attempt in the beginning of this year.

Along with that is some very good news about my hand. The plaster went off 4 day's ago, and i have almost regained full control of my hand. It barly even hurts anymore, only when i stretch my hand and when i clench a fist.

I don't know if nofap or my young age have anythig to do with this, but healing a broken bone in 24 day's is not to shabby, even if is say so myself. Personaly i think it is mainly because of my age, but that nofap has helped by keeping my body in higher condition than it would otherwise have been.

On the other hand he nofap has been difficult this week. I managed to not edge for a few day's, but i have still not beaten it. Gotte work on that.

I'm going good for the rest, i'm on my longest nofap yet after all.


Very good, keep it up.


It depends on your goal. If your goal is to never watch porn again you would fail if you looked at porn Intentionally.

Nofap for me is, first of all to not orgasm, wet dreams are exampt.

Then it is the goal to not fap, this includes edging.

The third goal is to not look at porn. This means wat i have allready writen down, and also looking at porn accidentaly stumbled upon, for to long.



Day 92

I dreamed about fapping to porn last night.

What the actual fuck.


Since dopamine recepters take 18 months to heal, so far I haven't never been feeling,after all, any nofap effect. Just my usual-normal attitudes which any normal man has. nofap works because of Pheromones. Testosterone produces Pheromones. ergo: workout, during nofap, to become a pheromone magnet(also don't use shampoo,deorant, fragences they wash them away) Next year ill do 1000 burpees a day. I am intensily preparing,although, at a meager pace. Now it's time for caution. tomorrow it's time for intesity. Even if it's a lot it must be done. i recall an athlete saying 1k burpees is,like, 3 thriatlhons together?Anyway you know that desperate, Thanatic feeling of seeing a woman beyond your reach. an offense to your Self!! change that.

If you were put in a cage with a man and a woman;what would happen?? Would you able to destroy the man and claim the woman for yourself? Train until the answer is "yes." tl;dr DEHUMANIZE THYSELF,AND FACE THE BLOODSHED

>day 211 btw



kek. shadilay anon


Okay please don't give me shit but I'm only on day 2.

How long did you guys have to go nofap and noporn to return to normal sexual function? Not just physically but mentally.



But is my theory correct or not scientific?

i don't want to be suffering so much if the pheromone range will not increase



just 2 days to complete my first month , i have a good control until now , but feels a little bit down


File: 1012877beff034f⋯.jpg (130.68 KB, 650x367, 650:367, 1476034190175.jpg)


Day 57

I surpassed my previous record earlier this year by about 4 day's, feels good man.



Day 98.

It's 4 AM.

I just came home.

Everything sucks. I got a ride home from a good friends gf. If not I would have kicked some windows in on the way home.

I'm fucking frustrated.

I'm a fucking 24 year old virgin and I don't even manage to talk to girls on a fucking free for all everyone's drunk party.

It's the same everytime. I fail to balance the line between "drunk enough to be social" and "so drunk that I'm antisocial".

In addition to that, every reaction from girls I get seems to be "eww, not that guy". (Not even trying to talk to them, but passing them, bumping into them etc.)

Knowing that my parents got married at 30, basically on the premise of "we won't get anything better anyways" doesn't help my confidence a bit. My sister isn't attractive. Even if she wasn't my sister I wouldn't look at her twice. And I can assume I'm similarly (un)attractive. (Your sister looks like you with long hair lmao).

>inb4 lift

I've been lifting for 5 years and guys are mirin', girls don't give a shit because I'm ugly.

I've gotten fat because since I started nofap I'm going out every week and drink 15+ beers, which is a fucking days worth of calories.

I'm going NA (no alcohol) for 2 months now because I got some important exams coming up, maybe getting leaner helps somehow.

>inb4 fix your diet/sleep/whatever

I have clean skin. my dark eye circles go from "holy shit you look half dead" to "you look tired as fuck" - depending on how much I sleep (usually 9 hours).

I've not fapped in 98 days. My friends know. They - we - joke about it.

Still I'm too autistic to talk to girls.

My eye-contact game is 10x better than before.

My sex drive is 10x higher than before.

My motivation to go out instead of stay home and fap/game is 10x higher than before.

Still I'm always either to sober to be social towards strangers, or I'm so drunk that I'm antisocial (i.e. "that drunk guy").

I should just kill myself.


File: 4b7f33d3537d865⋯.jpg (122.78 KB, 736x904, 92:113, 4b7f33d3537d86544deb9fe0bb….jpg)


Day 62

I have reached the two month mark.

It has been hard until now, and it is has been a hard battle almost every day, but i will make it.


Maby you should learn to be social without needing to drink alcohol.




Day 101

Had another nocturnal emission last night. Once again dreamt something sexual and could (and still can) pinpoint the exact time I started cumming. Woke up, cleaned up a bit and went back to sleep. Woke up in the morning with the hardest erection of all time. Didn't fap.



This made me wonder: Is sexual "performance" in wet dreams any indication for the real life?

I've had 5 or so wet dreams since I started nofap and I always came the second something happened (i.e. I start sliding my dick into her vagina, I immediately start cumming and woke up She hugs me and grabs my dick, I immediately start cumming and wake up She sits on my lap and starts grinding, I immediately start cumming and wake up)

This feels like I barely need any stimulation to start cumming, which kinda sucks were I ever to manage to get in an actual intimate situation IRL.

However, I think I read somewhere that dreams basically happen within seconds - especially when they end with something happening IRL, like falling out of bed or so. Essentially my brain makes up a story when something is about to happen so it "makes sense" when I wake up to it, but it feels to me like I've been dreaming the whole thing for a long while.

Like last night: I was somewhere, a few things happened, I talked to people, I walked around, then I find myself in a room with a pool across from a girl in a bikini, she comes up to me, we start dancing, she grabs my dick, I immediately cum.

It could be that just dreaming about a girl touching my dick made me cum.

It could also just be that I was rubbing my dick against the mattress or whatever and that stimulation combined with month-long abstinence made me cum and my brain just made up a whole surrounding story when it realized I was about to ejaculate.

But the issue here is, I was always laying on my back when I came iirc. There was no way I was rubbing my dick against something other than my underwear or cover which don't really give any resistance. And changing from "on my belly" to "on my back" in my sleep seems a bit unlikely.



I have the exact same problem. And I believe switching to sleeping on my back will help with this, as I've read it a few times here and on other places.

But how to get the habit is another problem though as I can't fall asleep on my back, for now.

My cousin once told me he got used to sleep on his back after he broke his arm and had no other option than sleeping like this. And in 30 days he got the habit. So I guess it's not that hard, you only need to persevere for a few weeks.



Game is a practice, you need to see the whole lift/nofap/healthy lifestyle as ways to help your path towards getting a proper gf. You shouldn't think these practices are ends like "if I stop masturbating I'll get a gf", it's more like "if I stop masturbating I'll be more eager to go out" and so on, as you stated. But then, there's still the path to self-confidence and game that you have to practice.

Nofap is only the first step towards success, not the end.

Nofap is not a magical formula, only something to help you get where you want to get, but you still have to climb that mountain by yourself.



>I fail to balance the line between "drunk enough to be social" and "so drunk that I'm antisocial".

Man stop fucking drinking so much. Learn your limit. I used to go to parties and get completely trashed and then had to learn the hard way that nobody wants the dude who gets sick and breaks something/trashes the bathroom hanging around. Drink slowly, drink low alcohol stuff or have a few shots and be done with it for the night. And as far as finding women goes, there's got to be another sticking point (probably multiple) to your game somewhere. Nofap is one component of your lifestyle, no woman is going to hear about the dude that doesn't touch his dick and get wobbly between the legs instantly.

>I've gotten fat because since I started nofap I'm going out every week and drink 15+ beers, which is a fucking days worth of calories.

There's a sticking point.



Day 106

Been feeling like shit recently. Basically since >>9915

At least I managed to drink less this weekend.

I'm feeling the worst since I started nofap. I'm tired, depressed, frustrated.

I changed nothing recently. I sleep the same, I eat the same, I exercise the same, I do all the small things I'm supposed to do for "self-improvement". But I feel like shit, whereas two weeks ago I felt great.



your brain is rebooting. it's craving the dopamine it was used to getting, eventually it adjusts


File: 48359563f2edc0a⋯.jpg (439.36 KB, 800x558, 400:279, 1481450938554.jpg)


Day 70

I have surpassed my longest streak by almost 20 day's, I feel content.

I have gone a long way, from a max of 15 day's in 2015, to the failed nofap 2017 that lasted 53 days, to this. Let's go over what has changed since then.

I almost can't remember how it was before I started nofap, I have been on an almost continues streak since the beginning of this year after all. Reading my previous journal entries has helped with reconstructing my experience.

At the start of nofap I felt demoralized, energy less, slow of mind, these were the first things that changed around day 12 to 15. By at hearing to my own moral standard and rejecting common weakness I regained confidence. By retaining my vital fluids I spared my energy for worthwhile actions, and by clearing my mind of often multipliable daily orgasms I regained the ability to enjoy and understand reading. Rereading my old post it becomes clear just how deep I had sunken. Not long after these first few big changes, routine set in, any of the previously named changes had worked most of their effect and the rush wore off.

The second set of changes happened around day 23 and beyond, these were mostly mental changes. I became more sharply aware of the kind of life I was living and what I was missing. I was missing purpose, I was missing a goal and structure. I was living from day to day with no end in sight, and it made me miserable. I wrote often of the things I wanted to do, or the things I had changed in my life that had changed already, all in the pursuit of changing the direction my life was taking me. It is this state of mind that among other things brought about the end of my nofap 2017 try, I failed at 53 days.

I remember this period quite clear still. In the streak I may had become discontent with my state of being, but I had also relearned a lot of feelings. If anything was made clear with my relapse it was not the physical benefits that makes nofap worth it, it is the rediscovery of feeling that is the most important. When you're fapping you feel nothing and all feelings are numbed, if you're happy it is almost nothing, if you're sad it is just a distraction, you listen to music and it's just background notice and when you think of love it is not there. During my streak I could look at pretty girls and really appreciate beauty, I could think about what kind of girl I would like and get that flutter in your chest, it is almost surreal to re-Imagen the difference to how I experienced things during and after my first try. If I am being honest I would say that nofap has made me almost as unhappy as it has helped me.

Of course these changes I promised myself and did change were vapor and I'm in almost the same daily routine as the start of the year, still just a student with almost no discipline and just a vague goal, but I am happy with the experience and the change of mindset, at least now I am capable of changing my situation.



File: f899efc2a58bb91⋯.gif (135.61 KB, 361x473, 361:473, f899efc2a58bb91009f49a0e91….gif)

File: 9a4c2ab1c61736e⋯.jpg (117.2 KB, 500x717, 500:717, Jupiter.jpg)

File: 982298e6224850e⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 3181x4608, 3181:4608, Konstantin Vasilyev (1942-….jpg)


The next try was almost impossible, I think I lost almost 2 to 3 weeks of time in just getting to a streak of 10 days, but 10 days I did reach. In this final try I have not had the same big changes as experienced the first time, I again got a boost in energy, I again regained a clear mind, again I relearned to feel and experience to the fullest and again I re found why these things made me miserable the first time, but I did found one new thing. I learned to enjoy the now to now experience more. Indeed it is a dogs life and I want to change, but the now has it's moments too and it is in the now that I make the future. I am displeased about my slow to no progress on changing my life, I had thought I would have been in a better place by now and it will take work to get out of the rut I'm in, but work I can do even if it is hard. Writing all of this has helped also in remembering where I came from and what has changed until now, even if I don't like giving away so much information on myself and my thought process, but more on that later. I feel confident that I won't fail nofap again even if it is hard sometimes. As I have stated before, the trick is the self and will, you will yourself to life and all the thing you are capable of are already in yourself, you only have to cultivate them. That is why I think some people can get such a kick out of nofap in just 40 days or less and be cured almost immediately without much effort and other have almost no change even after close to 200 days of nofap. One of them know how and what to cultivate to reach his goal almost immediately and the other has more difficulty to change his life around. I think this has a lot to do with how much a person is willing to change of his life as a whole as opposed to just not fapping anymore, but it's all subjected to what goal you want to reach. If nofap is your only goal, just tackling your addictions should be enough to eradicate it, if you want to be a better person, get a gf, get a job etc you'll need to do a lot more.

Lastly, why would I take the time to write such a big, pretentious blog post?

Well, two reasons. Firstly, I no longer feel that I get anything out of maintaining this diary. I am well capable of maintaining my own nofap, and have been for some time now, the board also has tried up after the death of last years hype and I have gotten bored with answering the same questions over and over. Duo to this coming and posting has become more of a chore than a helpful activity.

Secondly, I no longer trust the management of this website, Jim has been behind the crashing of at least 3 major image sites of which 2 were anonymous and every time the users lost their info to the highest bidder. For this reason l no longer want to provide them with any more of my info and will refrain from posting except in the most rare cases. They can consider this my parting gift, everything I posted in this post I have posted before, so they get nothing new out of me.

That is all, everything I have written has been my experience and might not connect to yours. As always, stay strong, good luck and don't fap ya cunts.


First day, I will try for at least 5 months.

My last relapse was in the first week of June after 57 days.



Day 110









Day 1

Decided to start today, to really attempt. Usually I jerk it in the morning, and I usually put on some music. But in my subscription box was a video by Jayme Louis Ricardi, and I watched another, and a couple more. Then I reminded myself of his video on spartan simplicity, get rid of that which you don't need. Then I saw his video on not needing to keep busy with frivolous stuff, that being busy isn't always productive and being productive isn't always busy. Eventually I'm going to ot have internet when I buy my land and build a house, but while I'm finishing my two years best I can do is meditate and be by the water as much as possible.

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