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File: 1415554411272-0.jpg (85.86 KB, 433x579, 433:579, I like what I'm reading.jpg)

23975a  No.48


These are the other libraries I know of on the web with PDF files

If any of you know of any other online PDF archives drop them ITT and I will add them, feel free to upload any of the files here… if you wish

Marxist Library


National Bolshevik PDF Archive: Everything from Anarchism to Prepping and Philosophy (Down at the moment)


Archive of authors at NazBol, see https://archive.org for their books


Various Books


Krystallnact Library: Everything from Anarchism to Prepping and Philosophy. DEAD!


k0nsl archive, the biggest of them all.


k0nsl Mega rip, contains everything but the german archives. K0nsl works well now as well


VNN Library


J.R's Rare book library


Solar General


Hitler's Library


Index on books on IronMarch Forums


Aryanism Archive


BalderXLibris PDF book Archive




AryanNation Book Archive


Colchester Collection Library


resist.com Library


Racial Volunteer Force Archive


National Socialist Archive: Everything from Anarchism to Prepping and Philosophy


Update:' Site is down, but archive.org have capture of most of it. See



National Socialist World View Archive


Savitri Devi Archive


Big Archive Everything from Anarchism to Prepping and Philosophy


Satans Library


Great White Desert


Origin of Nations Library


I am the witness


Christian Identity forum PDFS archive


/pol/ Recomended Reading


/lit/ Recomended Reading


LibGen Archive


Internet Archive


Military Manuals. (liberatedmanuals is undergoing maintenance)



FireArm Manuals



Websites are in french, most content are in English




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23975a  No.56

Two others you might want to add are:


23975a  No.58

File: 1415555531676.png (143.64 KB, 601x590, 601:590, Feels - Prussian.png)


23975a  No.61

Just to clarify, the websites themselves are in French, but most of the content is in English (much like Balder Ex-Libris).

23975a  No.67

Does anyone have a link to like 20gbs of pol related content, there were books on everything, natsoc, survival, anarchism, guns etc.


Site looked something like this:

23975a  No.79

Military manuals?
Because fuck it, we all have an nsa file already, get em while you can…


23975a  No.80

LiberatedManuals don't seem to be working at the moment.

Added for now

23975a  No.82

File: 1415607048174-0.pdf (786.29 KB, SM Stirling - Draka 01 - M….pdf)

File: 1415607048174-1.pdf (997.39 KB, SM Stirling - Draka 02 - U….pdf)

File: 1415607048174-2.pdf (1.22 MB, SM Stirling - Draka 03 - T….pdf)

File: 1415607048174-3.pdf (553.57 KB, SM Stirling - Draka 04 - D….pdf)

File: 1415607048174-4.pdf (484.72 KB, SM Stirling - Draka 05 - D….pdf)

Have some redpilled Lit.

23975a  No.144

http://books.gentoomen.org/ Gentoomen Library a torrent with many pdfs on computer science.

23975a  No.190

Anarchist essays, books, etc.:
(They have epubs too!)

23975a  No.356

23975a  No.412


23975a  No.476

Wow OP thats great. I only knew about solar general. I have so much to read i wish i could get paid to read heh.

23975a  No.481

23975a  No.609

File: 1423131417932.png (51.29 KB, 876x773, 876:773, Farmer wojak.png)

>TFW Krystallnact is down.
I haven't downloaded all the stuff yet.

Hope it's back up soon

23975a  No.619

File: 1423206085234.png (212.91 KB, 805x1000, 161:200, Sadfrog Brownshirt.png)

Do someone have a siterip of krystallnacht

23975a  No.621

File: 1423213836514.png (14.33 KB, 526x450, 263:225, 1409599079387.png)

Krystallnacht Backup. The CHK files wont convert to PDF files. But at least you can see the titles of the books and search for them elsewhere https://pdf.k0nsl.org/krystallnacht.com/

23975a  No.652

23975a  No.653

23975a  No.655

File: 1424002891881.jpg (729.58 KB, 1817x1078, 1817:1078, guiding.jpg)

23975a  No.663

Quite a bit of stuff on here.


23975a  No.760

pdfarchive.info is down

thankfully you mich is captured on Archive.org, if there is no PDF shot, you can at least see the title and search elsewhere


23975a  No.762


Excellent site for non-fiction books, warmly recommended.

23975a  No.765


This site is gold.

23975a  No.793

23975a  No.802


There is some books here too

23975a  No.807

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23975a  No.828

The ones that don't work are already hosted on archive.org, just remove the "https://web.archive.org/web/20150211102156/" from the url.

23975a  No.897

Spanish /pdf/ Archive

23975a  No.907

Once I saw another freedom board on /leftypol/, I figured I'd shill here to help build links between other boards seeking emancipated acquisitions.

>>>/freetard/ (discussions on free things)
>>>/freedu/ (free education)
>>>/poverty/ (discussions, tips, strategies and lessons on survival and self-sufficiency.)

23975a  No.913

Norwegian pdf-archive


23975a  No.920

23975a  No.932

Stuff onm Norse mythology

23975a  No.934

23975a  No.1014

Does anyone know of a method of downloading all of the pdf files from a particular website, namely http://www.marxists.org/ ?

23975a  No.1015


23975a  No.1016

Thanks bud!

23975a  No.1017

One more question. This is about the NazBol authors. The WayBackMachine doesn't seem to be working and I get a "Page cannot be crawled or displayed due to robots.txt" error message. Anyone know of some way that I could see the original list of authors or whatever was contained in that link
( http://nazbol.net/library/authors/ )?

23975a  No.1062

File: 1427737016849.jpg (27.41 KB, 900x600, 3:2, vlag_nederland_marine_rech….jpg)

23975a  No.1228

Krystallnacht is Back


23975a  No.1229

23975a  No.1299

23975a  No.1337

23975a  No.1338

23975a  No.1352

23975a  No.1526

German NSL-Lager mirror


23975a  No.1527

Ironmarch ebooks archive


23975a  No.1528

23975a  No.1529

23975a  No.1530

23975a  No.1531

Many Norwegian National Socialist ebooks here


23975a  No.1532

Some ebooks here


23975a  No.1533

23975a  No.1534

Another Archive. Have not checked it out yet.


23975a  No.1535

23975a  No.1536

23975a  No.1537

23975a  No.1538

23975a  No.1539

23975a  No.1543

23975a  No.1545

Rhodesia ebook library


23975a  No.1546

Avant-Garde reactionary book collection


23975a  No.1548

A Fringe MEGA. The other have been purged.


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23975a  No.1549

23975a  No.1550

23975a  No.1563

23975a  No.1573

The old Ironmarch Fascist literature archive.


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23975a  No.1581

k0nsl.org seems to be having problems again. Or is it just here? (will delete this post after reply)

Request Denied!

Please access k0nsl.org (and any of its subdomains) with a ‘clean’ IP address.

If this is an error, complain to /dev/urandom :)

23975a  No.1582


I was downloading everything from k0nsl and apparently I was banned.

23975a  No.1585


It'll unblock you after a little while.

If you use a download manager to grab the individual pdfs (a few at a time) instead of the .tar files, it won't block you at all.

23975a  No.1594

23975a  No.1595

23975a  No.1596

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23975a  No.1597

Murder/k/ube. The /k/-/pol/ library of survival.


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23975a  No.1618

Here's some dude's folder that has a bunch of chan shit and general information stuff


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23975a  No.1637

23975a  No.1651

23975a  No.1652

This thread is gold

+1 internets to all who contributed to this thread

23975a  No.1679

23975a  No.1689


>Academic publishing company Elsevier has filed a complaint at a New York District Court, hoping to shut down the Library Genesis project and the SciHub.org search engine.

23975a  No.1696


This was my main site. Does it work for everyone else? It seems to have gone down; maybe some copyright claim issues or something.

23975a  No.1702


Doesn't work for me, been trying for days. I thought it was based in Russia so it was immune from lawsuits or some shit. Hope it comes back online soon whatever the problem is.

23975a  No.1703

23975a  No.1704



23975a  No.1705


Thanks, that works too. Are they all the same? Is there more than one or something? I don't understand what's going on with it, but I'm glad I can use it again.

23975a  No.1706


The same.

23975a  No.1710


First link works, thank you.

23975a  No.1756



All of these links are down. I think they might have got the site.

23975a  No.1843


I just want to update that you can get the site to work—sort of.


Go to:


2)Search for the book you want and open the file like normal. (It won't let you download the file from their site.)

3)Click on the Bookfi.org or Book.zz mirror and download from there. The Bookfi site has no download limit, but is in Russian; Bookzz has a download limit of 7 a day. (On the Bookfi (Russian) site just click on the book and click the green download button.)

These steps should let you use the superior search function of Library Genesis and download files like you used to be able to.

23975a  No.1927

23975a  No.1928

23975a  No.1929


I just found this as a compensation. It is not as great. But still.


23975a  No.1930

23975a  No.1931

23975a  No.1941

23975a  No.1950

23975a  No.1954

23975a  No.1955

23975a  No.1961

23975a  No.1962

23975a  No.1964

23975a  No.1992

Norse mythology.

In contrast to what Christians believe. The native mythology of Europeans is very complex.





Also, if anyone here know of any libraries containing Roman, Greek, Slavic, Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, Frankish, Egyptian, Mesopotamian mythology and etc. Please drop the link ITT!

23975a  No.2022

23975a  No.2031

http://book-old.ru/ (Russian Only)

"Imperial Court" Library

23975a  No.2158

23975a  No.2167

All of Anthony M. Ludovici's writings are available here: http://anthonymludovici.com/

23975a  No.2278

23975a  No.2333


This is down, any alternative.

23975a  No.2370

23975a  No.2371

23975a  No.2424

23975a  No.2511


Man, those are great!

23975a  No.2639

23975a  No.2708

23975a  No.2719

23975a  No.2741


I know this is slightly off topic - but I just found a decent archive or economics ebooks:


23975a  No.2753

File: 1445907802084.jpg (73.35 KB, 578x900, 289:450, 1440710962105.jpg)


The Colchester Collection is amazing! Very well organized, all books are quickly downloadable in pdf format, and an entire lifetime's worth of red pilled literature.

23975a  No.2758


If like these the best. They cover every single topic imaginable.


For history, philosophy, pace science, metaphysics, mythology and conspiracies & coverups.


For martial arts, survivalism, smithing, farming, beekeeping, fitness and much more practical stuff.


This website is pretty much the same as Balderexlibris. But contains books in other languages then just French and English. Spanish, German, Polish and so on.

Same type of archive as the others, but it looks like everything is in French here.



This websites contains all files of all archives.

23975a  No.2786

23975a  No.2787

23975a  No.2818


audio & transcripts of lectures/seminars by the final boss of political theory

23975a  No.2827

23975a  No.2828

23975a  No.2859

23975a  No.2860

23975a  No.2884

I know these are not books. But here are links for music. Genres ranging from Neo-folk to Martial Industrial to NSBM. Some of the download links are dead, but many are still up and can easily be found elsewhere with a little search.

Martial Industrial is also one of the whitest and most redpilled genres there is. It literally have it's origins in Italian Futurism, German Militarism and Fascism.










Martial Industrial forum


23975a  No.2890

23975a  No.2903


Gene Sharp's books about how to do Jew takeovers. These are the handbooks that people like Soros keep in their personal libraries.


23975a  No.2930

23975a  No.2934

23975a  No.3012

If anyone wants me to archive important and/or interesting books – preferably in PDF format – you can contact me at i.am@k0nsl.org. My public PGP key can be downloaded here: https://k0nsl.org/blog/main/contact-me/

Alternatively you can talk to me here: http://beta.60ych.net/

23975a  No.3122

23975a  No.3123

23975a  No.3145

23975a  No.3157


Noice, danke anon

23975a  No.3244

File: 1452880365518.png (515.68 KB, 578x691, 578:691, 644.png)

For those who are concerned about the switchover, and want a backup, Endchan now has a /pdfs/ up and running:


23975a  No.3245


Note that Endchan has a much larger 50MB filesize limit

It also supports .mobi, epubs, and various other filetypes.

23975a  No.3272

File: 1453203739288.jpg (442.48 KB, 1024x681, 1024:681, 01.jpg)

someone dropped some sites on reddit/imgur years ago

dunno their worth, thought i'd drop for you guys at/pdfs/ anyway



23975a  No.3280

23975a  No.3322

23975a  No.3398

23975a  No.3399

23975a  No.3402

23975a  No.3501

23975a  No.3502

23975a  No.3529

File: 1456166283285.jpg (147.19 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, books.jpg)


Full PDF collection of the works of Ben Klassen, the creator of the Creativity Movement. I've read Nature's eternal religion, and highly recommend it.


23975a  No.3540


How do I download from ebook2show? It has an incredibly rare ebook, but I can't seem to download it.

23975a  No.3541

File: 1456238410065.png (511.54 KB, 594x291, 198:97, manuscript_text_bannercrop.png)


Don't know if this counts, per se, but:

Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland

"The goal of e-codices is to provide free access to all medieval and a selection of modern manuscripts of Switzerland by means of a virtual library.

At the moment, the virtual library contains 1458 manuscripts from 63 different collections. The virtual library will be continuously updated and extended."


23975a  No.3550


any particular one you'd recommend? I like looking at nice medieval stuff that has illuminations or drawings tfw when medieval weeabo

23975a  No.3557

/pol/ Mega redpill thread.


23975a  No.3581

23975a  No.3617

File: 1457122000664.jpg (565.35 KB, 1658x2560, 829:1280, Lost Science of Money.jpg)

This is THE most redpilled book on Economics you will ever read, ever.

The Lost Science of Money: The Mythology of Money and the Story of Power - Stephen Zarlenga

Stephen Zarlenga traces the money power through three-and-a-half millennia from barter to the euro.

Unheard of wealth concentrates into very few, largely undeserving hands. Americans work harder and produce more than ever but increasingly fall into debt and bankruptcy while corruption rules, and predators plunder society by merely shuffling papers. Less than 1% of the population now owns about 50% of the wealth, and receives 17% of the income! The Lost Science of Money shows how a false concept of money allowed it to happen, and tells how to reverse it.

The Lost Science of Money exposes the mythology created to protect those who are embezzling from society, under cover of a deceptive ideology of money. This group has immorally used economic theory as a tool of class war for the past three hundred years, while screaming accusations of “class warfare” against those who question their power!

Political scientists refer to three branches of government: the Executive; the Legislature; and the Judiciary.

Stephen Zarlenga in argues persuasively and cogently that there is a fourth branch of government, (whether we realise it or not), called The Money Power. The Money Power is the power to issue money in any given country. Martin Van Buren (8th US President, 1782 – 1862) coined this phrase, and it will remain capitalised in this book in honour of this truly great insight into the nature and ownership of the money-creation process.

This ability to create a country’s money supply should be the most important function of Government. Because private banks now create over 97% of the money supply, they are in control of the most important branch of Government – The Money Power – which has effectively usurped the system of checks and balances enshrined in these other three branches of Government in our Western democracies.

Stephen Zarlenga has made the greatest contribution to monetary reform in explicitly stating that The Money Power is by far the greatest of all the branches of Government. The fact that this is not so currently recognised, has led to a marked distortion and corruption of society.

This book also debunks any notion and disinormation about Hitler and the National Socialists working for the Rothschild bankers and being in the pockets of Big Business. In fact Hitler and the National Socialists, Mussolini and the Italian Fascists, and other Fascist/ Nationalist-populist movements in the world in general in the first half of the 20th century. Such as the British Union of Fascists led by Sir. Oswald Mosley were against the Rothschild banks. They knew that they had wrecked their nation.

The book show the true history of money and the conspiracies and world events that have been shaped by money power. The book is extensively researched and incredibly well cited.












Post last edited at

23975a  No.3619

23975a  No.3647



23975a  No.3654


23975a  No.3655


23975a  No.3671

23975a  No.3699

23975a  No.3717

The christian identity forums are down and have been for several days. Might want to add a "dead" next to it

23975a  No.3741

23975a  No.3767


Satan's Library

Site reads: This site has been frozen

>MFW Hell has frozen over.

23975a  No.3773

23975a  No.3804

File: 1460368880136.jpg (1.18 MB, 2989x1598, 2989:1598, Asatru.jpg)

Native European ethno-religions. Heathenism / Paganism / Folk Religions.

Picture is Asatru reading.

/asatru/ MEGA library. Mostly Germanic, but contains a few other as well.


Roman paganism



Another one.





Gods of the Ancient Northmen


Mitra-Varuna: An Essay on Two Indo-European Representations of Sovereignty


Archaic Roman religion: with an appendix on the religion of the Etruscans


Camillus: A Study of Indo-European Religion As Roman History


Plight of a Sorcerer


The Destiny of the Warrior


The stakes of the warrior


The Destiny of a King


23975a  No.3805

File: 1460404087701.jpg (25.58 KB, 960x313, 960:313, 1447594875373-0.jpg)


S-Senpai noticed us. We haven't quite hammered out all the details hence us not making a thread here yet. For instance:


All but two of those are deprecated as either being included in the two main megas, slated to be added in future batches or older abandoned versions… Use https://mega.nz/#F!fIchVA7Y!owKwAgGKq9pgXrbVOnkeag for general asatru and related materials and https://mega.nz/#F!UoRVwbjD!oHDXCHzZnvU-mHp7VbMs2g right now for Cultus Deorum Romanorum ("Roman Paganism") materials. We're in a state of flux until we have a body of all basic pre-christian folkways set up and split between the folders as we need so the links are potentially liable to change.

We add to it regularly (at least weekly) so you might just want to check the thread for our project to see what's added in the update notes as it is added. >>>/asatru/9731

Celtic material, Magic (General Pratice) and Early Christianity are all slated additions to come.

I can be reached for feedback or suggestions on tox at B024E8C4941418ED148C21370B398093D24272B21F7058D427170560D81D422D64E3D1788080

Once there is something that is going to be static and is the foundation of the project as we're satisfied with it we'll be making a thread for it here.

23975a  No.3810


I also help out with the /asatru/ Mega libraries (I manage the general one.) Here's my Tox if you need to reach me about anything as well:


I'll be available on it more frequently after April, but right now Fridays and occasionally Saturdays and Sundays are the best times to reach me.

23975a  No.3848

23975a  No.4026


Does anyone know another place online like this where I can find Dutch literature for free?

It's almost impossible to find Dutch books on political subjects on sites like kickass or the pirate bay.

23975a  No.4032


try soulseek perhaps

23975a  No.4073

Library of /g/'s technology/programming PDFs:


23975a  No.4087

23975a  No.4088

23975a  No.4096

23975a  No.4097


23975a  No.4103

23975a  No.4145

23975a  No.4243

23975a  No.4269

Reposting from /v/`s share thread.


23975a  No.4301

Great collection of Eustace Mullins pdfs. Many I've never seen before


23975a  No.4315

23975a  No.4400

German Language. NSL Archive. Books until 1945.


This is the complete "Bücher bis 1945" section of the now offline Neuschwabenland-Archiv

23975a  No.4818


not a direct ressource, he keeps it for self-organization and bibliographies. I often found it very useful as a first overview of lit about a topic.

23975a  No.4896


Krystallnact Library is back up

23975a  No.5101

23975a  No.5635

Didn't see a link for any audio books, this is my go to.


23975a  No.5661


has own releases and sometimes links to external sources

23975a  No.5690


3c36aa  No.6099

3c36aa  No.6100


Full library link is here, i will be seeding for a while so get it while its good(already 1g in)


8107ca  No.6511

6c3a67  No.6553

File: fdbe8fb9e758e59⋯.jpg (64.03 KB, 524x392, 131:98, 1.jpg)

Good day, dear /pdfs/.

The goal with this contribution is to offer you a kind of free platform where files of the following topics are regularly uploaded:


- human health (nutrition; paleo, ketogenic, vegetarian, vegan, raw food, earthing, detoxification, orthomolecular medicine, "superfoods", supplements, reverse hair loss, deformation, dieting, fasting, physical exercise and sports)

- sexuality (abstinence, tantra, semen retention, exercises to delay the ejaculation, penis enlargement, kegel exercises for longer erections and better sex, strengthen the vagina and the pelvic floor with jade / yoni eggs)

- Meditation

- breathing exercises

- Psychedelic substances and shamanism (Psilocybin, iboga, LSD, DMT, Banisteriopsis caapi / the ayahuasca vine, San Pedro cactus, but also ketamine)

- Cold showers

- Occultism and esotericism



At the beginning I want to upload books, videos and audio files that address these topics. In the course of time gladly more areas, if you are interested.

You all can inform me, if someone of you searches files, which he does not find on the Internet. I will do my best to find this material and make it available free of charge. Please let me know if certain files do not work or are missing.

I am aware that every person has a different opinion, which is absolutely fine. I can not guarantee or promise that everything I upload is 100% true and works for everyone. Nevertheless, I make all of it available. Maybe someone is interested and wants to get information. Each of us can expand his knowledge to help not only himself, but also other people (to bring our entire human consciousness forward).

I apologize in advance if there is little material at the beginning. My Internet connection is not the fastest, but I do my best to upload the files as soon as possible. Besides, I would be interested in what you think of this idea.

For those who want to keep an eye on it: https://mega.nz/#F!FJcSRapb!m8Mq41Zcj1vYVMYXKUE-Og

Please run all uploaded files in a virtual machine (for example, VirtualBox - https://www.virtualbox.org/ + a lightweight Linux distribution - http://lubuntu.net/) and read / watch *everything* with a grain of salt. I can not insure that they are free of malware. It is, of course, also possible to check it at hxxps://www.virustotal.com/, but this is not a 100% guarantee that a document or similar is safe. I do not want under any circumstances that you get malware and infects your computer.

445588  No.6557

File: 515b4cfe0cc14e5⋯.jpg (143.61 KB, 1200x927, 400:309, CIA EVILDOERS.jpg)



445588  No.6562

File: fa5caaf2902e77f⋯.jpg (57.68 KB, 750x562, 375:281, Prophecy.jpg)

File: 4bbbb1094b576e3⋯.jpg (32.19 KB, 480x480, 1:1, Stay Down satan!.jpg)







All 4 archives available here:


5fa05a  No.6576


Thanks man, this is good stuff. The DMT stuff is relevant to my interests.

5fa05a  No.6577


There's also a recent thread on /drugs/ about DMT, the OP might appreciate some of those files if you want to share the link there?

fbe61d  No.6578

File: a69cdd5a7cd94d8⋯.png (97.29 KB, 827x479, 827:479, ss.png)

Self Sufficiency Ebook Collection


b4af8a  No.6593

Canning and Preserving (very old collection from halfchan's /na/)


Gardening (from half-chan old collection too):


Mythology (western) big collection:


Ana_rch%ist Books from Pa##r@azit3e:


Halfchan's and Fullchan's /pol/ books proxy (not updated for a few months):



Requesting someone keeps uploading this. Downloading gigas with 15kbps is torture.

6c3a67  No.6602

File: b29f6c716486a87⋯.jpg (68.82 KB, 650x480, 65:48, 1.jpg)


I'm sorry to answer you so late. I hope you will see and read my message.

You are warmly welcome. Thank you for your contribution.

I am very happy if I could help someone with the material of this library. I will do my best to upload new documents, videos and films about DMT as soon as possible. If you are interested in psychedelic substances, I can recommend this thread with a good conscience -> Influencing human consciousness with psychedelic substances: https://lookism.net/Thread-Influencing-human-consciousness-with-psychedelic-substances


Thank you very much for your contribution. I appreciate your advice and will look at /drugs/ + share this link there. My goal is to provide other people with free information, which helped me personally.

479762  No.6737

479762  No.6739


Cheers for the self-improvement material. A bit contradictory with some of the degenerate CIA drug stuff there but I can work with this.

479762  No.6745

File: a89f6546ab4c96f⋯.png (1.27 MB, 945x577, 945:577, edge.PNG)

>yfw one day the world will be gone and the gods will summon our spirits in council to bring forth the accounts and records of history of the world for them to recreate it better than it was before the calamity and we will be made guests in the land of the gods

7fd2e6  No.7112

File: b03f07f0aca2b77⋯.jpg (131.61 KB, 1048x588, 262:147, Heaven and Hell.jpg)

7fd2e6  No.7113

File: 7ecd121a545f1b3⋯.pdf (719.19 KB, Ex-Satanist Details Illumi….pdf)

File: 1df4f5ee50143ad⋯.jpg (602.39 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Satan's work in the world.jpg)

File: 933ed5004b8c19c⋯.jpg (50.63 KB, 736x552, 4:3, Victory Over Satan.jpg)

File: 4bbbb1094b576e3⋯.jpg (32.19 KB, 480x480, 1:1, Stay Down satan!.jpg)

File: c90d47eaea1f788⋯.pdf (209.61 KB, TAKING THE BITE OUT OF SAT….pdf)


Be certain that you are serving the Right God, because if you die serving the wrong god, you will be punished for all eternity for serving the enemy of the Right God during your lifetime!!!

6700a5  No.7157

18abf1  No.7173




^ Updated link. Lots of anti-jew and natsoc articles.

Admins, please edit the OP post, the Satan's Library link in the OP is broken.

0d8739  No.7175



5cb29c  No.7195


diemilitarmusik is the shit….great site, verified member of the boards!

5cb29c  No.7196


diemilitarmusik is the shit….great site, verified member of the boards!>>3529 those links are dead

6e334b  No.7211

265c68  No.7212

40420c  No.7278

bookzz has been taken down is now b-ok*org. That's all.

4d998d  No.7306


That's down for me now

5aa137  No.7486



It's probably your ISPs DNS server. Add the following to your /etc/hosts file ( google it if you don't know how) and you should be golden. gen.lib.rus.ec

5aa137  No.7487


sci-hub.cc is also being fucked with via DNS.

Here is the /etc/hosts entry that is good. sci-hub.cc

c08ae7  No.7531

File: d13338abeb28311⋯.jpg (194.62 KB, 480x572, 120:143, 1338372616778.jpg)

My humble contribution: https://docer.pl/

9b9d62  No.7585

File: 799332af520c440⋯.jpg (84.68 KB, 640x384, 5:3, Heavy Metal.jpg)

books and other reference material relating to film


fbe082  No.7586


Nice thanks, anon. That's a comfy thread and a comfy board which I didn't even know existed.

82bf73  No.7617


>Friedrich von Uxküll channel

>reactionary audiobooks

bf6240  No.7631



i will take a look at it

ec6380  No.7742

86c87c  No.7755


help an nigger out my fellow niggers.

1bea0c  No.7756

File: d4a80d1769d7021⋯.pdf (2.25 MB, phelps1996.pdf)


the sci-hub article is right above you! do it yourself next time

86c87c  No.7759


i am a lazy nigger. sorry.

86c87c  No.7766

e1570a  No.7817

041d96  No.7825


>So how do I access this study?

From a university library.

4c0b86  No.7891

File: 0f95049f9260fd5⋯.jpg (17.71 KB, 512x512, 1:1, A6NWIWSh.jpg)

CF radio, CF extra and some other good stuff.


8a1aa9  No.7938

NFP's manual cache (mostly propaganda and psyop related):


846f14  No.7940



The entire BinHoster filehost is dead without warning and reason, but someone saved ptchanculto at https://archive.org/download/warc-ptchanculto.binhoster.com



<download links available to users/members only

353298  No.7957

File: 0779290ae24bb55⋯.jpg (43.3 KB, 500x500, 1:1, CHRISTIAN BOOKS LIBRARY.jpg)

424d5d  No.8109


>commonspic the anti-white

For what purpose?

f8996c  No.8561

These folders contain books on many different topics and they're not presented in any particular order'































19f19d  No.8686

>not having a 12Tb NAS full of books, magazines, audiobooks, movies, music and everything

7e8884  No.8740

>As put by Archive Team, technology is business, and in business, money often takes priority over ethics. With the law perpetually lagging behind technology and business, there is >often nothing between you and getting screwed over besides your own volition.

>Living without the knowledge of our past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots. Corporations do not contemplate their own inevitable end. At least, they don’t do it in >public, unless they are in really bad shape. When times are good, those thoughts are pushed away, and end users are encouraged to do the same. When times are bad, they tend >to go very bad, very quickly - if you’re lucky, you’ll have an announcement. Your data is never totally safe. Backing up your data is always necessary, even if it’s stored elsewhere.

>The Internet is a worldwide platform for sharing information. It is a community of common interests.

>Our mission at The Eye is to preserve pieces of digital history. We are digital librarians.


a86a46  No.8744

a81abd  No.8758

Library Genesis down for anyone else?

3c8b87  No.8835

National Socialist Liberary:


It has documentaries too, photo's and the like.

fa76a6  No.8837



For reference, the media on the site appear to be hosted on archive.org in case that site becomes non-functional.

i.e. in the event of political correctness trying to re-write history by taking the site down.

75bac3  No.8886


First, http://gen.lib.rus.ec/ went down completely. Now the libgen.pw mirror isn’t working.

I haven’t tried the libgen.io mirror for downloading because with my internet speed being throttled I can’t effectively que downloads using libgen.io. After a certain time, instead of downloading books, it just downloads files called “ads.html”.

230c45  No.9025


holy cow. thanks anon

f4b028  No.9300

File: a08880737723dbc⋯.png (17.75 KB, 280x285, 56:57, ClipboardImage.png)



It's up for me… … you might want to try a VPN.




Pic related. Wikipedia is a directory of piracy, and it's also a directory of sex positions, oddly enough.

000000  No.9435

1ecad9  No.9689


Bump with links

JQ - https://mega.co.nz/#F!UdxSVLJB!bgBwqzuFIV3z0HvCswA0dQ

Religion, Magick, Occult - https://mega.co.nz/#F!AE5yjIqB!y7Vdxdb5pbNsi2O3zyq9KQ!cE5yWZoI

General - https://mega.co.nz/#F!LotEVRxT!YE-YrG6SZ54nJqltrYN8Nw

Psyops - https://mega.co.nz/#F!m00SjRRA!R_I9wzUTEhSN6spP35TyZg

/pol/ books - https://mega.co.nz/#F!eMs1HDRD!LJcwVTJXhhx1a5bUu2l0dg

Poems/stories - https://mega.co.nz/#F!6sgETKCa!vGFF5iTfCR6lH3ZLXaQorQ

Propertarianism library https://mega.co.nz/#F!0F5GXTjS!oGdz8UP5JbcleNMy6YKLvg

Stats and facts - https://mega.co.nz/#F!4MJE0L6Q!teKAfBlT2m3Ija-Tun-EFw

Sydney traditionalist reading - https://mega.co.nz/#F!pYRnSJaC!HrC3Siqyioo9PjdGMNWs3Q

General collection - https://mega.nz/#F!flYQGbzI!p1AFjtMuCLHQqocJqxV7rg

Homestead/History - https://mega.nz/#F!WQ1j0Q5A!BrV-uEsC2VZlhFsqJV-YHg

Book dump - https://mega.nz/#F!8YhT1SwT!naXLsLCamWPYP6YxJZAopA

Languages - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B9QDHej9UGAdcDhWVEllMzJBSEk

Military History - https://mega.nz/#F!ZAoVjbQB!iGfDqfBDpgr0GC-NHg7KFQ

Philosophy - https://mega.nz/#F!MQBRHBJA!L_on3h-XUrtbc719UaMygw

Warfare - https://mega.nz/#F!x4JD1RzD!4_nIFmI2sBdSYg14j7pIdA

https://mega.nz/#F!0F5GXTjS!oGdz8UP5JbcleNMy6YKLvg (/pol/ stuff II)

https://mega.nz/#F!cZoSEbpC!kdnYuLw3hvYSus9uZl6PRQ!QNAixJZL (/pol/ stuff III)

https://mega.nz/#F!4MJE0L6Q!teKAfBlT2m3Ija-Tun-EFw (/pol/ stuff IV)

https://mega.nz/#F!pYRnSJaC!HrC3Siqyioo9PjdGMNWs3Q (/pol/ stuff V)

https://mega.nz/#F!LotEVRxT!YE-YrG6SZ54nJqltrYN8Nw (/pol/ stuff VI)

https://mega.co.nz/#F!scMFjYZY!MKTKFWGVVuA7kV4OMHgkcg (/pol/ stuff VII)

https://mega.co.nz/#F!fo0TDC4a!Ck2n3wuqWutm3FyLtxZB8A (/pol/ related)

https://mega.co.nz/#F!UdxSVLJB!bgBwqzuFIV3z0HvCswA0dQ (/pol/ related)

https://mega.co.nz/#F!eMs1HDRD!LJcwVTJXhhx1a5bUu2l0dg (/pol/ related)

https://mega.co.nz/#F!6sgETKCa!vGFF5iTfCR6lH3ZLXaQorQ (TGSNT, William Pierce, Icelandic Sagas)

https://mega.co.nz/#F!zQtglTAY!JZ8y7bZpqPz6od5WmtLfIg (Third Reich films)

https://mega.co.nz/#F!MQ8ziQKK!rzb0LRaZoyL6te1tguBNnA!RBs1mRhC (Third Reich recordings)

https://mega.co.nz/#F!m00SjRRA!R_I9wzUTEhSN6spP35TyZg (Psychopolitics)

https://mega.nz/#F!1R0QATqZ!Eb1_M5KC9gkxK6w32R2ETw (/biz/ related)

https://www.mediafire.com/?i44dwzkf9j9n8 (art)

https://mega.nz/#F!MQBRHBJA!L_on3h-XUrtbc719UaMygw (philosophy)

https://mega.co.nz/#F!4FJSUTyL!gRWJW5eBK0ydunfSzDB3xg (/k/)

https://pastebin.com/JN01tWVF (Languages & Linguistics)


the audiobook is read by Pierce



440697  No.9764

~250 scholarly texts on the early church and the church fathers.


5f9a19  No.10081




Satan's Library link on the OP is dead. Here is the updated version. Definitely update it! Lots of info on NS, Communism, Occultism, Satanism, and many other relevant political issues. It's linked from joyofsatan.org if you want to learn more about Spiritual Satanism.

df0942  No.10099

Tuesday, Nov 6 is our day, faggots!

This is the general dump thread for all 2018 related Memes, Articles, Infographics, Personalities, Sources, Studies, Research, Email Campaign Templates, Social Media Argument Bullet Points By Issue, Call-In Show Prep & Talking Points By Issue, Common Opposition Arguments \W Sourced Refutations, Polls (Past & Upcoming), Petitions Drives, etc.

From here it will be saved & sorted into the action/topic/issue specific board. Each one dedicated for future centralized access and distribution.

In 2016, many operators like myself were fighting solo when we learned how to weaponize memetic artillery.

In 2018, we need to usher in the next level of weaponized meme artillery in the form of a creeping memetic artillery barrage.

Our actions need to be coordinated amongst each other, and complimentary to each action. This is the only way we will be able to defeat our Globalist enemies who have coalesced into a single goal of rolling back every nationalist gain made in every nation over the past couple years.

Last week, I was discussing current events with an old friend with more leftist leanings and I found myself almost tongue-tied trying to lay out the precise details of the corruption and manipulation that has happened since Nov 2016 due to the mere scope and complexity of these crimes and the still shadowy nature of many key details.

We need a timeline, detailing every event, every habbening, every development. From the Russia-gate debacle to the FBI and CIA shenanigans, the incriminating texts, Susan Rice's unmasking, Trump surveillance, Parkland, Vegas, Seth Rich, the Dems and their open borders fuckery & so many other issues.

We need every headline, every article, every connection, in a coherent, well laid out, timeline for easily digestible Normie consumption.

We need a team of archivists to preserve each piece of info independently and redundantly.

Crowd sourcing research is key to crowd sourcing content creation by more people than the major platforms can pragmatically hope to censor.

In this effort, I have created a series of boards here on 8ch, but with intention of seeding them elsewhere. From Voat, Gab, Plebbit, Minds, and elsewhere.

A Non Action - >>>/anona/ - Dedicated Midterm Political Action/Ops/Projects Board.

A Non Engagement - >>>/anonen/ - Dedicated Board For Addressing Individuals Of Interest.

A Non State - >>>/anonst/ - Dedicated Individual State-by-State Action Board.

A Non Issue - >>>/anonis/ - Dedicated Issue & Topic Information Consolidation Board.

A Non Nation - >>>/anonna/ - Dedicated International Nationalism Action Board.

A Non Profit - >>>/anonpr/ - Dedicated Action Board For Everything Corporate & Business.

A Non Law - >>>/anonlaw/ - Action Board Dedicated To Everything Legal Within The USA.

A Non Archivist - >>>/anonarch/ - Dedicated Archivist Action & Coordination Board.

A Non Archy - >>>/anonarchy/ - Dedicated Free-For-All Board.

A Non NGO - >>>/anonngo/ - Dedicated Action Board For International NGO's.

The boards are still new and I haven't yet had opportunity to fill them with anything other than some test threads while learning the dashboard controls. However, populating them is the goal for the next couple of weeks. So, pardon the construction.

And for those curious intent and dedication of myself to these ends, here is a sampling of the topics I've posted here in the past year:

Circumventing Censorship:


Deep State/CIA Democrats:


The DNC's Plan To Subvert The Electoral College:


Leaked Dreamers Memo Is Quintessential Treason:


IRL Flyer Campaigns:


Hate Crime & Sharia Creep:


House & Senate Contact Info:


EU Article 11 & 13:


The JQ, Zionism…:


Predatory Financial Zionism:


Removing Assad Is Treason:


Rand Paul / Tulsi Gabbard 2020:


Media Friends & Foes:


Political Twitter Handles: https://pastebin.com/wmNWGn9S

Tips For Circumventing Modern Online Censorship: https://pastebin.com/LHh2g6PN

Flanking The Left From Their Ideological Rear: https://pastebin.com/EBCEwCWC

Your Friendly HOW-TO MANUAL For Reporting Illegal Aliens: https://pastebin.com/kxJBi29N

Global Elections 2018:

https://pastebin.com/vEg0VqWV http://archive.is/ri8we

Operation Information Liberation:


https://archive.is/bPoq0 - Original /pol/ Post


https://pastebin.com/bhdPfECC http://archive.is/nry5F

b29ea5  No.10215




Did you mean to make a thread with this post?

Post last edited at

d7814d  No.10452

hravan is a growing library with ebooks about germanic paganism:


looks very promising

f07386  No.10562


Not working for me.

d7814d  No.10716


Try again, http://hravan.com is working fine for me. They seem to add a "new" book every day

b9782c  No.10986

File: 94b76bd78cfc84a⋯.jpg (308.17 KB, 928x469, 928:469, Sci-Hub_removing_barriers_….jpg)


"The first pirate website in the world to provide mass and public access to tens of millions of research papers."

581bac  No.10994

File: f0ca8f5c947d24a⋯.jpg (31.62 KB, 447x91, 447:91, b-ok.cc.jpg)


>Part of Z-Library project. The world's largest ebook library.

79da6b  No.11588

File: 3baeaf971d103d9⋯.jpg (272.9 KB, 888x1440, 37:60, 3baeaf971d103d95803e75fb6c….jpg)

Reading and knowledge pertinent to National Socialism, Western Culture & Civilization. Received from another anon. Pass it along.


b8f511  No.11928

Can you dumbfags make some torrents?

000000  No.11934


>Here is Bibliomaniac's annotated list of links to onions that serve books.

>tested every six hours ("+" is up, obviously, and "-" means down). Newest test results first.

78d1fe  No.11940

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