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File: 842f4ba57d1f784⋯.png (722.23 KB, 1426x943, 62:41, 1489873723550.png)

6afeed  No.286451

For the uninitiated https://www.fimfiction.net/story/119190/fallout-equestria

Do you like it? Do you not like it? Opinions on it? Favorite side fic?

6afeed  No.286452

It is /pone/ autism combined with /v/ autism and given the form of the most autistic form of literature known to man. Throw in grimdark and shipping, and you have autism so concentrated that it would be a war crime to use it as a weapon.

6afeed  No.286453

>For the uninitiated

>Link to Fallout: Equestria

>Yeah just read this ten million page book

Also, we all know what FoE is faggot. Wanna know how I know you're new?

6afeed  No.286456

Only FoE story I legitimately enjoyed was Kkats. Also, if you tolerate Project Horizons at all you need to off yourself immediately.

6afeed  No.286458

File: 479dc745992fe2d⋯.jpg (61.46 KB, 780x585, 4:3, PH visualized.jpg)


MN7 had its moments too. While PH was a continuous downhill rollercoaster of quality.

6afeed  No.286459

Off topic, but FO:E discords:

https://discord.gg/4c2W8tB is the 'main' one. The problem with that is it became the main one by shilling on Reddit and FiMFiction. https://discord.gg/WJ4RtkA is the one I'm shilling on all the chans. Join if you want.

6afeed  No.286477


I love it, it is what got me into pone, before that I hated everything pone, mostly the people that liked it but for the most part I still don't like the people.

Pretty much this though >>286456

I had gotten through about 30 chapters or so of PH because it was going okish for a little there at the beginning but at the part where they get separated on the train I was just like fuck, this is bullshit just to prolong the story to try and get that check mark next to "longer than FO:E, that means its good right?". At that point I left it for a couple months then came back to it and restarted from the beginning thinking that maybe just that one chapter was real fucking boring as hell and all these people saying it is real fucking good couldn't be wrong but they are fucking wrong, I don't care what excuse you have that might seem reasonable for your character to have the red/black meme, being an alicorn/ becoming an alicorn meme, or being a fucking Mary Sue *cough* which Blackjack fucking is all of these plus more autism and you can't tell me otherwise because you would have to be fucking lying your ass off *cough*.

What do you guys think about Pink Eyes though?

I thought it was cute and just a bit of fun. It was a palate cleanser for me after I had finished PH and it was pretty good at that.

6afeed  No.286481

File: d00d00ed561a35b⋯.png (4.94 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, malice_by_brisineo-da85xnz.png)

So I've read a bunch of FoE sidefics, and among my favorites include MN7, Pink Eyes, Guise of Chaos, Anywhere but Here, and Wasteland Economics. I've been avoiding PH basically because of hearing stuff like >>286458

But now I'm on chapter 25 and have to ask, should I just stop now? I'm getting the overwhelming impression that it only goes downhill from here, even though it's been good so far. And if I should stop, does anyone have any other suggestions?

6afeed  No.286482


I read FO:E. It was okay. I forced myself to finish Project Horizons last year. Exactly. Literally a black and red alicorn, I don't give a shit how many side or main characters die; it's a fucking black and red alicorn. Then I started to read Heroes, which turned me off all fanfiction forever because the spelling and grammar were just so fucking terrible.

6afeed  No.286490


Follow your heart, anon.

Read until you put it down not in disgust, but in apathy.

6afeed  No.286507


I got to 40-something before I gave up.

I you remember chapter 20-something Blackjack, it might go better for you. But truthfully, whenever you quit, You'll fondly remember the section that seemed the best.

6afeed  No.286509

File: 04363e6ff4aa7ea⋯.png (319.35 KB, 777x1024, 777:1024, large.png)

File: 85c2e4325bbe08a⋯.png (418.87 KB, 1024x1407, 1024:1407, satyr_littlepip_by_jetwave….png)

File: afbebbfed083726⋯.png (1.07 MB, 934x882, 467:441, FoE-pony2.png)

Project Flankorage was good, but was never finished. Chocolate Eclair the Zebra Terminator has some moments but I have only read the first half dozen chapters, I think.

I love the wide open world. Obviously I'm not alone – I went to the fan-wiki to find an open 'stable' number for my own fanfic. Y'know how officially 101 was the last manufactured stable? They go up to the low 200's by number. So …

I used "off brand stables" to explain why some stuff was so different, but of course everybody wants to emulate the first, and start inside a stable and emerge just slightly prior to the Pippening.

I guess what I need to do is finish my piece set eight decades prior, help set the stage for what the wasteland looked like at the halfway point. I keep saying that, that I need to finish my book, and keep not going back to it. But I am inspired by the universe.

6afeed  No.286510


>Chocolate Eclair the Zebra Terminator

It's called influx; I just looked it up.

That zebrasus I just posted is an, and I quote, "accidental upgrade" of the main character.

6afeed  No.286514

File: fd8dc695797f0f8⋯.png (958.52 KB, 1500x1684, 375:421, you_missed__by_brisineo-d9….png)



>whenever you quit

>not if you quit

kek. Guess I'll keep reading then, but I finished another chapter today and sweet Jesus, is it just a right of passage for every character in this story to attempt suicide at least once? The story, setting, and characters are all interesting but ow, the EDGE.


I keep telling myself that I'll write my own story, but probably not about a stable pony, the idea seems a bit overdone IMO.

Also, bit of controversy among the fandom I've seen, how does SATS work? Does it actually slow time, just from the user's perspective, or none of the above? Time magic is cannon in the show and it's never really confirmed one way or the other in the original FoE, so it's up for debate.

6afeed  No.286522


SATS tries to be true to the video game, which seems to stop time. In the last chapter written of Project Flankorage, they come across a monster that moves so fast, it's still moving (slightly) in SATS.

It's not explained, so I guess the fully correct answer is "that's how it works" … if you are writing something that needs a more technical explanation, you can probably write your own. But you probably don't need to get beyond the user's experience. After all, one of the major themes of the setting, is that much has been lost and forgotten.

6afeed  No.286524


>I you

*if you …

Somedays I wish this was a forum, so when discussing writing I could go back and correct my typos.

6afeed  No.286560


Yes, also everybody appears to die multiple times and then they actually die.

6afeed  No.286570



I too have told myself I want to write something but yea idk, I have written a single paragraph and a couple of unfinished paragraphs with a lot of ideas condensed into them. I just never really find any time to write because there is always something else I need to be doing or I'm procrastinating (kinda like right now haha…).

Anyways the way I was going to deal with the whole starting in a stable meme was to start the story already outside of the stable and it has been a while since the main character left. I was also going to have it be that the background of the character isn't really known but maybe little bits of it pop up during the story, kind of like in Fallout New Vegas where you really only find out that they are a courier, have been to New Reno, and has delivered a package that killed a shit ton of people.

6afeed  No.286584


The biggest sin of PH is that even though it goes to different places and does different things everything always, ALWAYS circles back to BJ`not wanting to kill' or moping about those God damn 40 foals. I swear if this were removed the whole thing would behalf the length and pretty good. The weird thing is most the other characters and I traction are good, BJ just refuses to not suck at every opportunity to waste a page being dramatic.

I was actually toying around with a fic idea for FO:E myself. Basically it would star two Raiders finding a megaspell complex created after the bombs fell. Thematically it would be a mega Starswirl Time Travel spell the last dying remnants of the ministries and military were able to make in an attempt to go back and stop the apocalypse. The problem being that the apocalypse did happen. They could go back and alter things but it would be a separate time line. Which they obsessed over until they gave up and just lived in one where the bombs never fell and said to he'll with their prime timeline.

There would be some shenanigans of two Raiders showing up in civilized society of course but the real fun would be learning that any point past the time megaspell being created is fair game to fuck with because it doesn't interfere with the spell being made.

The point of all this being, what happens when a pair of Raiders gets access to the save function of the video game?

6afeed  No.286595

File: 6840498f1ef47b9⋯.png (273.88 KB, 1823x2000, 1823:2000, well_excuuuse_me_velvet__b….png)


Those 40 fucking foals, that were completely not savable anyway and with no mental capacity agreed the story would be better with that just cut out.

Your fic idea sounds great though, I would read the hell out of that if written well. The raiders just fucking around in pre-war Equestria could bring about some great shenanigans. Bonus points if the raiders think that they're in a separate timeline but actually cause the war in the first place, maybe ending up at Littlehorn or something.

6afeed  No.286598

File: 14264b43316e4ce⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1280x819, 1280:819, BlackJk(legs)_Drunk.png)


The foals thing was a valid point. Once, anyway.

Their minds were completely … well, they were insane for reason of isolation, but their minds worked.

I might have let them out. Let them see their freedom as the light in their eyes went out. The saying is 'give me freedom or give me death' … but in that particular hospital, it was a package deal. Freedom and death, or die quietly in your sleep, no pain. No way to ask them, and they were still just foals, after all.

And after screwing yourself up that badly, it makes sense it would haunt you at the weirdest times. I mean, if you were a child murderer because you tried to help, it would screw you up too.

But agree, as written it was just Somber touching himself in front of everybody. BJ's issues weren't handled for the sake of the story, they were handled because that's where Somber's e-zones are.

6afeed  No.286599


Part of the story would be them figuring out just how far they can push shit and keep the same timeline. They will actually stop the war several times for shits and giggles, but be amazed when they find a surviving police report about their shenanigans.

6afeed  No.286737


>I was actually toying around with a fic idea for FO:E myself. Basically it would star two Raiders finding a megaspell complex created after the bombs fell. Thematically it would be a mega Starswirl Time Travel spell the last dying remnants of the ministries and military were able to make in an attempt to go back and stop the apocalypse. The problem being that the apocalypse did happen. They could go back and alter things but it would be a separate time line. Which they obsessed over until they gave up and just lived in one where the bombs never fell and said to he'll with their prime timeline.

There would be some shenanigans of two Raiders showing up in civilized society of course but the real fun would be learning that any point past the time megaspell being created is fair game to fuck with because it doesn't interfere with the spell being made.

FoE writefag here. You have absolutely no clue how hard any of that would be to write. It's an original and admittedly pretty good idea on the surface, but holy hell man, regular HiE prose is ultra-easy mode compared to any FoE story.

6afeed  No.286756


If you dont mind, what makes FO:E particularly hard?

ffae5b  No.290539


Maybe he hasn't played the video game(s)? The original Fo:E touched on a lot of quests from both Fallout:3 and Fallout:NV. By this point 200 of the 101 stables ever built have been used in fanfictions elsewhere, but if you're writing about townsponies, or raiders, it wouldn't be that hard.

Just keep the original work in mind as your canon. I grant you with the overabundance of memory orbs, there's a lot of final-history already given, so you've have to introduce an alternate history as the original, "correct" one then it self-corrects to the canon form after the raiders screw with the past just before then.

edd955  No.290563


I've set up how things work so that the original story is 'cannon' that in the story itself overwrites anything that happens differently in mine. Which doesn't mean different things wont happen, but there will be mechanics in place that basically establish that things do not change.

Also, I've been setting up the characters and wanted to get some feedback on what I think I'll be using.

The POV Raider is an Earth Pony male who's special talent is Magic. Which, being raised as a raider meant he was good at firing and maintaining energy weapons. As he gets older, he starts to crack the actual logic behind spells on a fundamental level and more or less works at that with a raider slaver trade post. His passion for his talent leads him to try just about anything to get the caps to afford the rare arcanotech devices he needs as an earth pony to even attempt to dissect magic. His personality is going to be a bit quiet and introspective. A speak softly and carry a big stick type of character who doesn't threaten, he kills, but will attempt reason first. I'm also thinking that rather than a pip-buck he's stripped a few bits out of a few broken ones and rigged them into a slaves bomb collar, but I'm not married to that.

The other pony is also an earth pony male. And basically 'A Pimp Named Slickback' who's the leader of the slavers of Rainbow Falls Has anyone used that location yet? He's a bombastic personality and inherited the slaver post from his father, with the world view that everything is for sale and it's his duty to make sure people can get what they want because they rarely get what they need. To give you some context he pays the slaves that do work while they wait for someone to buy them, expecting those slaves to turn around and buy things like a hot shower or a cold beer. His main racket is booty, and brags that every possible booty still possible in the wasteland is buyable from him.

ffae5b  No.290606


>The POV Raider is an Earth Pony male who's special talent is Magic.

I've always wanted to focus on, or see an earth pony who studied unicorn magic. Zecora, in the alicorn-amulet ep. uses magic to refill her tea cup, so it must be physically possible.

The personality you've envisioned, is what would make the most sense for the race/class combination. I just question a raider being non-insane. Outgoing, loud, and utterly insane are sort of the hallmarks of the role.

Maybe he's from a moderately normal village, which was raided, or even wiped out, by this band of raiders – but they decided to keep him because he was cute, or he offered to fix their wagon, or maybe during the fateful event he sees a raider unicorn mess up a spell, and your main-char, instead of using the opportunity to put a cap in his flank, explains how to construct and discharge the spell correctly. This leads to a discussion about what else he can train the unicorn raider to do, and ends up being taken in as local magic-trainer.

b36adb  No.290612


you shoud've stopped at 16, 30's your next "safe" out

edd955  No.290615


I was going to establish that there are more or less two different 'tier' of raiders.

The ones that are actually the less dangerous, for reasons explained by Velvet (poor health and disease because they don't take care of themselves, less functional weapons, no planning). I was actually going to have other raiders refer to them as 'Gigglers' in reference to the Ministry of Morale's stance of 'Giggle away the Ghosties' and that some ponies just break down entirely. Most are just raiders that have seen some shit.

The others are based more on the Raiders from Shattered Hoof. They're healthier, organized, and very sane. The only difference is that their way of life is Raiding others to secure resources when things get scarce. You can talk your way past them, make a deal, or even pay tribute, but they have absolutely no qualm about killing someone when they become inconvenient.

Originally the POV character was going to come from a play on Boomtown called Zapptown. A town with a Zapp Apple orchard surrounding it that's the ultimate catch 22. Because the trees grow based of magic, they literally leech all the rads from the area, making it perfectly safe that way. However this means that the tree will bloom approximately three to four times an hour randomly. So more than enough food as well, but the area is constantly hit by lightning and it's purely playing the odds until you die from lightning rather than rads or starvation. He was going to be the last pony that decides to simply leave after a string of bad luck wipes out the last bits of his family. I decided against it, as the setting required way to much setup for it to really matter at all.

Now he's just the kid prodigy to a particularly powerful raiding band that was in decline when he was born. Handed the energy weapon because it had zero recoil and he showed some real talent for getting the thing to fire off a few last shots and being careful with them.

Oh, by the way, I was wondering if anyone had a particular quest from fallout that they'd like to see incorporated one way or another? Or a particular set piece from the games? Cant guarantee I'll get them in but I'm open to suggestions.

916932  No.291095

File: f927c0f1b4bf834⋯.png (3.16 MB, 884x933, 884:933, littlepip_really.png)


It's me, the anon reading Horizons, I'm back.


Too late for that now, I am on chapter 65, but starting to slow down. I have actually enjoyed it thus far, but that's not to say that the whining and constant edge detract from it heavily. What's really slowing me down is the lack of actual plot development.

Ironically, I think that Horizons suffers from the same problem that the show has in season 7 or whatever the fuck we're at now. Characters have become too powerful, they are no longer overcoming struggles that give them their personality. Both story arcs have collapsed on themselves and lost much of their depth. Characters continue to make the same dumb mistakes they made before simply for the sake of a new episode or a new chapter. I guess I haven't finished Horizons yet, but I'm pretty damn close and it seems like none its characters have really learned anything from their mistakes yet. From everything I've heard, I kind of doubt that it'll happen at the end either.

At the least though, since chapter 25, it hasn't felt like I wasted my time. It's had its good moments, and enough to keep me reading even now.

52de15  No.291181


I fucking hate Project Horizons, it's shit and so's anyone who likes it in any way other than "It's dumb and shit, I admit it, but it's fun to read anyway".

I've always wanted to make my own Fallout Equestria fic. I'd make it about a Unicorn that wants to rebuild the fuck out of equestria and kill the fuck out of raiders without any of this hypermoralising "Wah, I can't be Stupid Good in a cynical world of evil and darkness!" crap.

I'd use the weaponmod and armourmod system of fallout 4, but the well-written story elements of Fallouts 1, 2, and New Vegas, with original spins on them by me. I'm not just going to blindly copy shit like so many FOE writers do. "Wow, look, it's Tenpenny Tower, but it's called TenPONY tower, and it's also Helios One and it's named after Liberty Prime!". Fuck that noise.

d9296b  No.291192


That sounds great. I'd definitely read that. So, why haven't you made it? Because it takes time and effort, something a lot of people take for granted. You can talk about and jack off to what your perfect FO:E fic would be like and insult writers all day but there's a very large difference between just talking about it and making it.

edd955  No.291208


Ain't that the truth.

I wanted to just 'get ready' for writing a FO:E side fiction so I decided to do a little project for some practice. Mostly from Project: Sunflower, a humans in equestria story that involved humans needing to evacuate earth to Equestria. I actually wanted to write a small story about the logistics behind building a city capable of housing 7 billion people (the plan before friendship saved the day) on an alien world. The fiction was pretty short and I thought it was good way to figure out how to work with established settings and timelines.

Fuck was I wrong. The thing I wanted 'practice' at was like 10 seconds of easily verified and ultimately pointless work and now I have 100+ pages of just story. The worst part is that I've stalled on the last bit of the story, not because I don't know how it would end but because after working 8 hours ripping wood I don't want to write. Maybe 1 day in the week I'll be up to writing a few pages.

That's why I'll always have at least a small amount of respect for people who can actually keep up and finish a fiction above a few page short story. It takes a lot of dedication.

Anyways, this whole thing has made me pick up Fallout 3 again. And you know what? That was a really good god damn game. Not perfect by any means but it had so many skill dependent encounters. Shame that it's unstable as all fuck on modern OS.

b36adb  No.291230


Have you tried the tale of two wastelands mod for NV?

basically shoves the entire FO3 game into NV's more stable engine, there's even cross-compatible mods for it as well

5efce3  No.291243


I haven't yet, but I'll make sure to go that route next time I get the urge to play.

37299a  No.291262


I haven't really seen any unusual-for-bethesda instability, nor much of a different between NV and fo3, but I did like that FO3 had a lot more pony-themed mods that were good – the zebra rifle, and spitfire's thunder (okay overpowered both, but still) plus the medkits could be made MoP themed, and your pipbuck could have Luna pasted into the background. OR Tia, or a few others.

But stock NV included a few things that made half of the Fallout Overhaul-Kit unnecessary. With the exception of the portable hole, which meant I didn't have to go into godmode all the time just to carry all my crap back to town, which I found myself doing all the time in FO3

I wish the overmare studios could find a reasonable way to include keymap reprogramming into their game; I use a dvorak layout and WADS movement does *not* work as those keys are all over the right hand area.

more on topic, while looking for real-world examples of rifle paint jobs, I found an old 'blog where the writer was giving a terse play-by-play of FoE, and really liked it.

Man, the nostalgia. So, can the murk train be downloaded as an .epub? Is it complete? I thought I remembered hearing the last few chapters were en route, back when I frequented half chan … which means the author has had plenty of time to finish for realzies.

edd955  No.291276


>Wah, I can't be Stupid Good in a cynical world of evil and darkness!

You know I found this kind of endearing when it was just the original story and it was presented as a genuine character flaw for the most part. Unfortunately that was just the starting point rather than the crescendo.

Like, I get something happening where someone can't help but blame themselves, but FO:E protagonists seem to fling themselves onto emotional trauma like a rack addict onto a dirty needle.

>I'd use the weaponmod and armourmod system of fallout 4

I can see that working well. Particularly with the protagonists needing to scavenge for particular materials to make different mods. It might have an inherent power creep problem since you would need to show the items being more and more effective but it shouldn't be to hard to keep a lid on it, particularly if you make the protagonist group a bit overly cautious.

If you really wanted to do a story about someone wanting to help rebuild Equestria you could even keep the plot goal something simple and practical like getting a metal foundry or mining area up and running again.

d71253  No.291332

File: 92d664ac753f695⋯.jpg (67.26 KB, 705x245, 141:49, carbineblank.jpg)

File: df9658a93957894⋯.jpg (27.69 KB, 700x204, 175:51, M16A2.jpg)

File: f188f59a549f14d⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1700x1500, 17:15, VelvetAttended.png)

Since GEP is in the army, I assume there's a middlin chance folks around here (especially in this thread) know something about guns IRL?


Watch my link break mercilessly b/c I can't into 8ch … oh well.

edd955  No.291334


Sorry, I was in the airforce, don't know nothing about them fancy shoot-bangs.

b36adb  No.291401


you can download murk as an epub from fim fiction, and it is done as well

You *will* cry like a little bitch, and enjoy it

What's a good epub reader on android? I don't want to have to upload pony fan fiction to google's servers to read shit

8a8911  No.291410


eReader Prestigio

de5efe  No.293136

File: 8a82dea16914ad4⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1280x965, 256:193, Sapphire.png)

>ywn be broken into a superior Pegasus's little pet

df332b  No.293144


Does Fimfiction's epub files still suffers from that bug where certain stories would contain mismatched HTML tags, which causes some e-reader (iBook in my experience) to crap out and refuse to display halfway through?

I've had problems with it so often that I ended up switching to downloading with FanFicFare*, and never had a problem since. With proper configuration it also had the added benefit of packaging all the images referenced into the epub file, so they could be viewed offline.

* https://github.com/JimmXinu/FanFicFare

790747  No.296026


Bump. I have the paint, I have a sand-blasting cabinet.

Also, since we don't have a 'pls help' thread, I find the mediocre thread 295974 (stallion sit on your face) is broken. Alacrity error, I presume?

790747  No.296027


>stallion sit on your face

Sorry it was / is the "MLP-like only darker?" thread. Stallion thread is alive and as well as can be expected given the locals.

e7508d  No.296031


Fixed, and reminder that there is a public vol account woth username Anyone and password 0 that you can use to post in and unfuck alatricitied threads.

34b607  No.296164

>look through the fallout fanfiction for brutal raider raping porn

>barely any

>look through the the fallout:equestria fanfiction for the same thing

>theres more but not much more

I just want to fap to female slaves and/or female raiders being brutally raped in a fallout setting, is that too much to ask for?

790747  No.296177


Cupcakes, this isn't.

Redemption tends to be the draw; it's dark, but a lot of it happens off screen. Most of the time.

I assume you've gotten far enough into Project Horizons to read where the whole town turned out to give Blowjob a cream pie?

//after nailing her legs to the floor

///and later just cutting them off?

4b352d  No.296180

File: 35a3f7a8f01fd7d⋯.png (54.94 KB, 256x192, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


The closest thing I could think of is this Fallout Equestria/Fall of Equestria fic (recursive crossovers ahoy!)


Unfortunately it appears abandoned.

34b607  No.296191


>cupcakes, this isn't

I'm not asking for pure blood and gore, but i mean come on theres slave trading and raiders, surely rape in grneral would be common. I mean the whole reason I got into ponies was because of the sheer amount of porn and erotica that exists

f6624f  No.299079

File: 449c6f999f2d360⋯.jpg (57.18 KB, 500x361, 500:361, Tree.jpg)

I read the original Kkat story over the course of several months but picked up the pace of pages per day and finished the last half of it in one month, finishing in the early morning of October 6.

I remember a few months back when I had only read the first few hundred pages and it seemed like every chapter or two was paced to be about as long as an episode of an hourlong drama (or 44-to-58 minute) TV series.

I had begun feeling like this could make a great show with Game of Thrones vibes, albeit with a less omniscient narrative, instead focused moreso on one character.

But then I was wondering the context of when this story was made, so I looked that up and saw that the story must've been started in early 2011 and finished in December 2011.

I got spoiled then that there would probably be [spoiler]some sort of mare love interest for Littlepip with a gray body and blue mane,

based on how it looked like they were cuddling together[/spoiler]

so that was well before page 1000, and then I got to the part where we meet Homage and I'm like… well, I'm not sure if this is the character and then the writing for her and Littlepip's relationship happens and it is really sudden and undeserved and it just gets worse and worse and Homage fucking sucks and is a stupid, unamusingly perfect sexpert who Littlepip has this really weird and crappily-described relationship with

And Littlepip will never shut the fuck up about how horny she is all the time, like she is always talking about how she blushes anytime she sees anything female that isn't actively a mortal enemy and literally everyone in the room sees her blush and says "Ooh, you like mares/females/you are hot for this character!" and then she makes some cringy edgy/adorkable "colorful" curse that sounds like "Holy something cunt Celestia rape me with the sun" like some pony version of Robin saying "Holy whatever Batman!"

I understand that the MLP fandom was a baby at the time, but a lot of the references to the show got more and more… bad… over time. there are a few cute ones here and there, but when they got to the part where Fluttershy is literally a tree then that is when I respond with pic related.

Overall, by the time I was speed-reading through the end, I missed the good old days when Littlepip and co. were rising their way up the ranks with political intrigue negotiating assassinations and missions with other characters.

Also,it is really ridiculous that all the stuff that happens to them happens in only eight weeks. The video-game aspect of them constantly getting on the brink of death injured but always conveniently surviving long enough to get health potions or healing spells eventually becomes repetitive.

So yeah, it is a bit impressive that this person wrote this story so quickly even when you take into account that apparently a lot of the plot elements are things that happen in Fallout 3 missions and storylines, but really there is a lot of unlikeable narration and inability to properly describe action and where the characters are located in all those scenes where they are journeying.

b7b9c7  No.299080


> and then Fluttershy was a tree

I do agree with most of your critic, but I thought finding a reasonable way to make Fluttershy be a tree was actually really good.

But yes Homage might have been an okay character but she and Lil'pip got attached to each other way too quickly. Sleeping together the once, well maybe. But that wouldn't make for an actual relationship, and they barely talked to each other after that. They weren't in love with each other, they were in love with themselves and it did bug me.

But as I'm a massive fan of both the show, and the video game, I still think this is an amazing alternate-universe.

f6624f  No.299081

I initially felt that the pacing of the story was such that it could be a 44-some minutes-per-episode animated TV series that had an inevitable ending of telling the story throughout maybe three or four seasons, and would get Tabitha St. Germain to voice Littlepip in a voice that would sound somewhat like Martha Lorraine (the talking dog from Martha Speaks) or Pepper Clark from Littlest Pet Shop.

Homage as a character would have to be massively reworked, but even then I only trust Tabitha St. Germain to also voice that character, for the best chance at good chemistry. Maybe give the character a weird accent that she hardly uses for characters, like a Cockney accent.

I had a few choices for Velvet Remedy, including somewhat famous actresses known for singing and singers… who sound nothing like Rarity's singing voice. I tried to not imagine Velvet as a Rarity clone. I honestly think that Velvet's manestyle and overall fanart makes her look the exact same age as Littlepip, so I tried to imagine her with some older-looking touches to her manestyle or overall vibe.

My two major casting choices for Velvet Remedy would be Carey Mulligan or Lizzy Paplinger.

a16e22  No.299082

>browsing nerve center

>see this crime against humanity

Not even fucking Miniontale is as bad. That's saying something.

f6624f  No.299088


Fallout Equestria (I''ve only read the original 2034-page story) for the most part definitely sucks. I just wanted something to read and then I had to finish it to see how it would end.

Also, that is my same take on the normalfag TV series Game of Thrones.

Even when written by an amateur and not some media elite from Hollywood, Fallout: Equestria rather sucks and is super-childish.

f6624f  No.299091


>but I thought finding a reasonable way to make Fluttershy be a tree was actually really good.

I suppose having it be a more extreme version of poison joke that has whatever abilities it feels like, is… reasonable enough in the context of this story.


8aa151  No.299109


> for the most part [it] definitely sucks.

Have to disagree completely, hitler. Other than Homage's portrayal, or for that matter that Littlepip was a lesbian, the whole thing made sense and for a piece of fan-fiction with minimal peer-review before publishing, was actually pretty good.

If you don't believe me, believe the sheer volume of fan-fan-fiction, set in KKat's world.

557632  No.299176

File: 17ddb39b5fb0501⋯.jpg (1.42 MB, 1280x1024, 5:4, tree.jpg)


It's like you forgot that Fallout also had a guy who turned into a tree, who appeared in Fallout 1, 2, and 3, and considering it was a joke in mlp too, how on earth could you NOT go for that in a CROSSOVER fanfiction? It doesn't just fit fine, it fits perfectly.

Compared to professionally written literature, sure, it has its issues, but for a fanfiction, it is pretty damn well written.

717422  No.299253

File: eae8c54de8bad37⋯.jpg (161.74 KB, 1726x904, 863:452, 338828.jpg)

Anyone playing this?


I just recently discovered it and I think it's pretty neat. Just made it to the stable.

Gotta say that ghouls are rollers are probably the most obnoxious enemies in the game.

0bb62d  No.299262


>Gotta say that ghouls are rollers are probably the most obnoxious enemies in the game.

Wait till you discover that teleporting ponybot.

717422  No.299267


Little mac currently tears through robots like they're made of paper, so I'm sure it won't be a problem.

a9d3ac  No.300312


I am but very slowly. I suck tho' holy shit I gotta step up that autism

c474bd  No.300314

File: 9551731ee86dff3⋯.png (190.29 KB, 800x517, 800:517, chu.png)


I like this game, its a really good sidescrolling dungeon adventure game but its a bit rough around the edges.

>horseshoes that give you bonus exp

I really don't think these were necessary and he could have just either lowered the exp needed to level up or just given the various activities like repairing broken things exp rewards. He could have easily made it where all the locked containers and doors give a little exp instead of just the ones with valuables. The only other reason they could possibly be there for is exploration but its hardly necessary when every room has enough enemies and containers to entice exploration. They're just completely unnecessary.

>Obscured game mechanics

The tutorial at the beginning where they teach you how to use the controls are nice but it fails to mention some pretty useful mechanics like:

>running makes you 50% less accurate

>having a weapon pointed behind you makes you 40% less accurate

>standing still makes you 30% more accurate.

>jumping makes you 30% less accurate

>being on a ladder makes you 30% less accurate

>the number in parentheses next to your total exp is the exp you need for the next level. I could not figure out what the fuck that was for a couple of days

>the little picture of yourself that shows up in the UI when you weapon swap is a health indicator.

>you can use telekinesis to hold enemies in place.

>when you use telekinesis to hold a box or crate in front of you they can stop projectiles.

>the medic is a jew

>the little blue bar below your health is the magic fatigue bar.

>you can smash open containers with the crowbar

>you have stamina and cannot run and jump forever, but it only shows up when you dip below 50% for some reason.

There are probably a lot more hidden in places like the perk descriptions but some of them like the levitating boxes for cover aren't mentioned at all.


Some general tips and tricks that I found useful

>when you enter a new area it takes awhile for the enemies to start detecting you and you can leave the area in that short time. Good for when you walk into a room full of enemies. Doesn't work all the time though.

>Science>Lockpick since most containers and doors can be smashed open with a crowbar

>get medicine to 3 as soon as possible so you can use the more advanced medical supplies

>get run 'n gun and fast metabolism as early as you can.

>Do not buy any gun that isn't legendary. You can find all the base weapons if you spend enough time looting.

>getting even a single level of explosives is worth it for mine detection alone.

>avoid robots in the early levels unless you specialize in energy weapons or explosives.

>the medic is a jew

fc8f80  No.300323



If you collect them without being noticed by any enemies you get exp equal to what you could get by killing every enemy. So it's for characters focusing on sneaking. You can then kill all the enemies and get even more exp.

Now what I would like to see in next update is expanded story mode. When it comes to mechanics the game is pretty much finished.

>>the medic is a jew

>not taking barter 5 and becoming jew yourself

c474bd  No.300327


I'm pretty sure this was an accident by the developer, but barter only affects buying price and store inventory. The cost of items sold, repair prices, and healing prices remain the same.

c474bd  No.300780

File: 21f5c4d31436a89⋯.png (914.5 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1589113__grimdark_artist-c….png)

New update boys

<exe download





>exp bar added above health

>3 new areas and bosses + surface expansion

>more weapons, spells and items

>shopkeepers in the hub offer quests mostly fetch quests though

>shitbirdsgryphons and fake alicorns added

>pipbuck ui overhaul with added bestiary

>Health and healing rebalanced. The medic is no longer a jew.

>new ammo types

>more typos and translation errors

fc8f80  No.300782

File: 6cc4db69ea8e490⋯.gif (66.48 KB, 223x199, 223:199, 1408909125511.gif)



let's murder things!

fc8f80  No.300783


is it just me or the game is slow af?

c474bd  No.300789


I've been noticing that as well especially in rooms with a lot of enemies in it. Not sure what's causing it.

89a99d  No.300795



The whole thing is written in flash, which is hardly a robust game engine to build on. I've been surprised at how smooth it is.

Of course, maybe I'm not running it like you guys are? I've extracted all the .swf files into a directory, and have the 32bit flash engine (and not the 64bit so my web browsing is always flash free) and run pfe.swf in IrfanView, which includes the ability to 'render' flash applets.

fc8f80  No.300805



I have my machine a restart (it's rather old) and it's ok now.


>>3 new areas and bosses + surface expansion

What are the new areas? I see the old surface was just divided into surface and raiders den, there's little new content.

I've noticed in shooting range that there's acces to Manehattan boss. Is Manehattan what you mean by surface expansion? How do I access that area?

Is there power armor yet?

fc8f80  No.300806


>I have

I gave

fc8f80  No.300808

Also wew

enhanced stealth armor + 2x bullet dodger perk + shadows amulet gives me 100% evasion bonus.

Not sure how exactly does that work, obviously melee atacks can hit me, also for some reason energy weapons, but looks like I can freely stand in open fire from regular weapons and don't get hit at all.

a9d3ac  No.300980

File: 142979ceadedddb⋯.png (95.97 KB, 434x750, 217:375, little pip - tumblr_nxw0ar….png)


>More typos and translation errors

>The medic is no longer a jew

My fucking kind of Game developing!

6da7a9  No.308039

File: 1c869c959afc22c⋯.jpg (124.88 KB, 658x557, 658:557, nuclear sniper.jpg)

File: dbc70de1b93dee2⋯.jpg (50.47 KB, 658x557, 658:557, nuclear sniper 1.jpg)

File: f3822dd79040192⋯.jpg (43.1 KB, 658x557, 658:557, nuclear sniper 2.jpg)

File: 7dfa577eb2df36e⋯.jpg (78.93 KB, 658x557, 658:557, nuclear sniper 3.jpg)

The day this thread dies is the day the stripes win.

4385d5  No.308069

Relevant: The full 3D game, "Ashes of Equestria" or something. Does it have a chance of being any good?

6da7a9  No.308075


Well Fighting is Magic Fightin' Herds got released so who knows. Development still seems active, but the only engine worse than Gamebryo is Unity3D IMO.

e32bc2  No.308076


Realistically? Not a chance in hell. I think a better question would be to ask if I think it'll come out at all, to which I answer the same thing. If it doesn't get sucked into the endless void of patreon, it'll get blown to pieces by circlejerk drama, and it survives that it'll either peter out or have the main guys up and vanish because they'll realize the complete impossibility of the workload they've put on themselves.

29ed4a  No.308078

File: f06123db64b1d65⋯.jpeg (238.25 KB, 500x698, 250:349, 1678958__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)


I like fallout and I love ponies, but I can't stand sadbox. Considering a friend of mine who's also into both those things has specifically hyped FoE for its sadness and tearful feels I haven't dared to read it.

Speaking of drama, why is it that nowadays everything from spy stories to scifi are mostly interpersonal drama? It's fun to see characters fighting for a goal, but when it's just people being assholes to each other you just hate everything about it. Is that it? Bad news sell and negative things compel attention more efficiently than positive ones?


Now THIS I'm looking forward to! Games are always more about campy combat than interpersonal drama, and I don't expect this to be an exception either.

160922  No.308079


"Footnote: Level Up.

New Perk: Cherchez La Filly – +10% damage to the same sex and unique dialogue options with certain ponies."

this shit is worse than garbage

6f5008  No.308086


>I like fallout and I love ponies, but I can't stand sadbox.

This. One of the problems I always had with many of the FO:E fics are that they focused too much on the dark aspects of fallout and disregarded the fact that fallout was also goofy as fuck sometimes because muh post apocalypse.

3d99f5  No.308089

It's fucking horrible.

055e10  No.308094

File: 2a9f5f3db61f996⋯.jpg (229.19 KB, 1024x634, 512:317, 465464646.jpg)

After all these years I've only heard passing stuff about "Fallout Equestria" I have no idea what it is about. Past Sins is probably a better story anyway.

4b511f  No.308125


I personally quite like how some video game crossovers find ways to inject some game play elements/mechanics into the story.

And to be fair, I think most of those perks are 'gained' by what Little Pip learned or practiced during that chapter, so it's not as arbitrary as in the actual game where you could pick any skill or perk at random.

1d986b  No.308136


Just stop reading after Blackjack gasses herself. Don't even finish the chapter, just act like she died there and it makes for a pretty good ending to the story. Something something learning the value of self-sacrifice something something going home to defeat your inner demons, bam, you've capped off a decent fic before it turned to shit.

6da7a9  No.308156

File: d4be25c8c492c57⋯.jpg (4.12 MB, 4096x1800, 512:225, the_devil_s_lair_by_quvr-d….jpg)


That was 11 months ago, it's too late now, I already finished it, and enjoyed it.

Actually just got up to date on Homelands a couple weeks ago too, and I think Somber's writing has improved considerably.

754257  No.308157


>Somber's writing has improved considerably.

True, true. I wish I also could write well :'(

5f3060  No.308161


>True, true. I wish I also could write well :'(

I'll look him up when I'm wanting more things to read.

So, I was told by my one editor (from half-ch no less) that I wrote well enough to surprise him I was just one person. Not sure what that meant, and I haven't "published" the story in any sense because I don't know how it ends … thus haven't written it.

Folks here want to see an FoE 'fic that's unpublished and considered by a few to be well into the 'okay' territory?

6da7a9  No.308163


Yea, how many words you got so far? Pastebin it or something.

5f3060  No.308164


50,000+ it was a NaNoWriMo project from a couple years ago.

It's not on this computer so it'll be this evening sometime … no more than ten hours from now.

4385d5  No.308166


How many writers are college age and/or depressed? I know when I originally writefagged for unrelated shit there was a lot of sadfagging ruining the story. Writing in general is pretty shit anymore.

5f3060  No.308170


Being a student gives you a lot more free hours per week than the 9-5, generally. Fewer social and monetary intrusions that are unavoidable too.

Most artists, word or paint, are students … which yes, lean toward the black-pilled subject matter because that's what our world looks like now.

8c7272  No.308272

File: cffde9fd130c2f8⋯.pdf (401.17 KB, FirstCourier.pdf)


I guess if I'm posting it, I should say … I have a FiMfiction account. Nothing special but I like the spooky dream-sequences I wrote to put one in mind of that video game where you ran away from pyramid-head.

I also have a Conversion Bureau 'fic in serious need of overhaul, but it also has some elements I'm in love with … so I may actually go back some day and salvage it.

In the mean time, meet Grey Horn. Did you guys ever play the part of the game where you talked to the inhabitants of Arefu? And, that crazy lady who was baking cookies and admiring the daffodils?

…That's Grey's mother, for all in tension porpoises.

754257  No.308273


tight shit, im'a read it later, going to bed now.

e32bc2  No.308277


Lots of glaring punctuation mistakes, comma misuse & run-on sentences. Also, good tip of general writing advice to keep in mind; show, don't tell. It's not bad, though.

8c7272  No.308280

File: 1efb1ac61167815⋯.pdf (404.2 KB, 1stCourier_2ndTry.pdf)



Turns out I posted an old version. I forget what I changed but this might have fewer mistakes.

Also, the name: I don't think I ever came out and say it, but in New Vegas, Ulysses speaks to your character about the power of a courier … and it was that conversation that inspired this image, of the first time towns were united by knowledge, and the free trade of ideas, and things.

e32bc2  No.308285


Yeah, just skimming through it now and it looks like you fixed the worst of it. Bretty decent. Some misc pointers I feel obligated to point out, though: Ellipses should only have a space after them, not before them. Try to avoid using them as much, too. Use hyphens if your character is being cut off, or actions if you're trying to convey slowness. They should, as a general rule, be restricted to dialogue.

There's also still some mild comma misuse, i.e

>"Nah sis." -> "Nah, sis."

And along that vain

>"The interruption was upsetting enough Grey looked up" is wrong

<The interruption was upsetting enough to make Grey look up

<The interruption(exclamation(?)) was abrupt enough to startle Grey into looking upwards, along with the others

Something like that. There's a bunch of similar occurrences of kinda-offyish sentences like that. Work on it. Although, again, it's really not bad at all.

8c7272  No.308287


I like ellipses… But thank you I'll keep that in mind.

Sometimes, especially around action scenes, my muse gets so excited about it all, I write it down the way it occurs in my head, and that doesn't always stick to proper grammar … and since I talk that way too, I don't see it. And none of my friends will help critique my outlandish fan-fiction.

Anyway, glad you like it. I need to get to bed myself now.

5f3060  No.308455


Given I don't have an ending, it should end with Nogg saying "Oh."

So, until I have the rest written … that's officially where it ends, m'kay?

97fb41  No.308982

I've come here from 4, saw the "advertising".

Question for you lot; does anyone here read lesser known stories on a regular basis?

I used to write on the regular, but ended up cancelling for a few years, before coming back.

Reader base is seemingly non-existent these days. Is that just my readerbase or is that across the board?

e32bc2  No.308985


Define "lesser known stories". Greentexts? Fimfic?

d15ae1  No.308988

I came, I was promised ghoul porn?

61e1cc  No.308995

File: bf994ef97afb498⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.38 MB, 2016x2398, 1008:1199, 678643567.png)

File: 7f0a83e4c59ced9⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.61 MB, 2182x2322, 1091:1161, 89876598.png)


Yeah. Here you go, pal.

754257  No.309000


I still read alot of foalcon stories and I've been meaning to make some of my own after my exams. I think the reason ppl have "stopped" reading is cus little new is being made right now. Hopefully after the hiatus this will be fixed.

61e1cc  No.309011


It's completely irrelevant to the actual story for the most part with the exception of the telekinesis perks and maybe action filly, and is really just a flavorful reference to the games. Nothing wrong with that.

The only story I've read so far with perks that actually seem to impact the story in some way is Murky, with perks like low hoof, shadow canter, and sleight of hoof.

97fb41  No.309026


Fimfic, anything outside of 'the big 5'.

8c7272  No.309027


I like Project Flankorage; MC gets infected, starts craving pony flesh – forced to take the cannibalism perk.

065b48  No.309037

File: 1dbd3b3ecd70229⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 340.95 KB, 1200x764, 300:191, 110053__explicit_grotesque….jpg)

File: dd2f66cbcedb289⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 135.35 KB, 1467x1171, 1467:1171, 758775__explicit_grotesqu….jpeg)

File: 38e4fc6f1722039⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.25 MB, 2821x2629, 2821:2629, 805560__explicit_grimdark_….jpg)

File: 09f7932693cbf0d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 495.12 KB, 1139x1068, 1139:1068, 1387218__explicit_grotesqu….png)

File: 03669b93ad2cbab⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 679.99 KB, 1383x1717, 1383:1717, 1627537__explicit_grotesqu….png)

>>308988 (hitler dubs)

>>308995 Noice.

Impressed to see some of you guys came, well, if 4ch goes completely to shit you can come here, so seem like a good bunch.


FoE related or in general? I've read Air by chromosome, it was nice. and some quick FoE stories by a guy I knew (forgot the name), haven't heard of him in a while I may go check on his fimfic account if I find it

Bonus ghouls in spoilers

eaee5c  No.309085

File: 22ee21d43441bc3⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 97.78 KB, 1782x1102, 891:551, ghoul rape.png)

File: 727b1683bd2ea03⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 275.37 KB, 884x801, 884:801, 988567__explicit_grimdark_….jpg)




Ooooh, let me chip in.

61e1cc  No.309180

File: b266676d08cddfa⋯.jpg (29.42 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2287344.jpg)

>mfw that part of M:N7

160922  No.309181


it's not relevant but it's indicative to the quality

3bb506  No.309224


murky number seven has very dark parts

not edgy, corpse blood etc, but in a psicological sense its very heavy on some parts.

reading these parts made me feel a little insane

065b48  No.309298

File: ed8226b97e69753⋯.png (1.53 MB, 2000x1746, 1000:873, _fine__by_dimfann-d8kd4hn.png)


Murky has always kinda picked up my attention, if you sell it like that I may to go and get reading

44b83b  No.309300


The MC is a Misery Sue. If you're not aware of what that is, it's the same as a Mary Sue, only they're always completely miserable from outside sources they cannot change. Then, further methods of making them miserable are created to compound that misery. This continues in a cycle, as the author believes them being miserable is the only real thing to make the character interesting. Just when you think they might have something good happen, they find a new way to make that miserable.

That's basically Murky.

61e1cc  No.309315

File: bfdf7c6e38a2a5c⋯.png (77.08 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 00981.png)


I haven't finished it yet, but I'm on the final act as of this post.

(Chapter 25)

I highly recommend giving it a shot for the characters alone because Murky Number Seven has some of the best characterization I've seen in FOE.

>>309300 is right that Murky (the character) has a very hard time but I doubt they've read much of the story because without spoiling much I can say that things do get better for him eventually, although if you're the kind of person that can't stand to see a character suffer then you'll probably have a hard time in the first act or so.

One important thing to note about Murky is that he is not a Littlepip or a Blackjack (as much as he wished he was)

You're not going to see Murky telekinetically flinging train cars around or shooting giant energy canons, but what he lacks in size and status he makes up for in other ways.

Much of the meat of the story is based around the characters and the setting they're in rather than adventure or combat although there is still plenty of that.

It does have its flaws, though. I personally thought some parts were a bit cheesy, but maybe that's just me.

065b48  No.309336



Oh boy!, why, yes. I do like a story where I can proyect myself in self loating, depression and being overall a cheessy faggot.

I'll give it a try, I'm sure my illiteracy will thank me.

e32bc2  No.309373



Personally, I read the first thirty chapters or so of MN7 and I dropped it after the dozenth 'He escapes! But then gets caught again." cycle. Particularly somewhere around when he goes into a control tower or something, the story just breaks down and I got bored of reading about this eternal beta having the same generic things keep on happening to him. I don't enjoy soy protagonists in the first place but Murky is particularly painful. Edgy, constant-combat op protag stories are even worse, but really, I can only stand so much whining and self-induced misery.

714ae9  No.309438


Holy shit my sides. Porn is so much better when it has character like this.

Speaking of character, what annoys you the most about a main character? What parts of a character do you enjoy the most?

6da7a9  No.309444

File: 203617db85b797d⋯.png (5.03 MB, 3439x1943, 3439:1943, why_won_t_you_play_with_me….png)

MN7 is the best FOE sidefic prove me wrong

065b48  No.309467

File: 5f69a0439376a45⋯.png (96.7 KB, 632x606, 316:303, sketchy end- checkem.png)


…I'll take your digits for it

e32bc2  No.309494


You're wrong, trips stealer

6da7a9  No.309522


what's better then, Horizons? Didn't think so.

5fc616  No.309528


Here's your (you)

5f3060  No.309529

Heroes was one of the 'big 5' wasn't it …? Never read it, though so it feels like a side-fic I know of in passing.

61e1cc  No.309532

File: eab1a3f47104b29⋯.png (701.99 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Big5.png)


'Big 5' is pic related.

I've read heroes up to around Chapter 33 or so, then stopped reading it because the updates were coming in so slowly that I lost interest.

I think I'm just gonna wait till its finished to pick it up again.

44b83b  No.309882

dbf708  No.310032

File: 92b2c95aa8b1836⋯.webm (12.39 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, The Wasteland Wailers – O….webm)

dbf708  No.310033


Apparently this song was a tribute to Yondy, one of the co-founders and songwriters for Overmare Studio and Wasteland Wailers, who passed away some months ago.



dbf708  No.310037

File: 8fee82fc26ceb71⋯.webm (3.41 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Wasteland Wailers - Step ….webm)

File: eb72db7407a6fe0⋯.webm (3.61 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Wasteland Wailers - Mane ….webm)

Posting some of his works in tribute, I guess.

dbf708  No.310039

File: ca4a829c57f4c17⋯.webm (6.84 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Wasteland Wailers - Fly L….webm)

File: 931ef2d58c9de3b⋯.webm (8.37 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, The Wasteland Wailers – W….webm)

dbf708  No.310041

File: c04539f7b992fb7⋯.webm (8.06 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Wasteland Wailers – Broke….webm)

File: 930271f5a53e758⋯.webm (4.45 MB, 800x450, 16:9, Wasteland Wailers – Dare ….webm)

9500fd  No.310047


Are they still making the game or is this just a music project at this point?

dbf708  No.310050


No idea, it's been a while since I heard any news of the development. Not that I've been following closely…

4385d5  No.310080


It's probably much easier to get someone to sing a song into a half-decent microphone and maybe throw in a simple guitar behind it than to get anything done in unity for the creation of something it takes big companies years to do.

d15ae1  No.310359




Holy shit! You guys are awesome.

44b83b  No.311379

Happy belated birthday, thread!

536cbf  No.311937

File: 5af4126a36d29a2⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.63 MB, 5000x5000, 1:1, littlefart.jpg)


I think we're at the equilibrium between Fallout days – 10/25, six months later shoud be more or less 4/25, right?

7a7b2b  No.311942


Holy fuck this thread is actually a year old

a131a2  No.311943


this thread was my first post on /pone/

3301dc  No.312014

File: 0b6c8dc4828a0ed⋯.png (356.83 KB, 800x800, 1:1, me_irl.png)


What the mother fuck. I could have sworn this thread was made 5 months ago at most.

Where does the time go? Why does it slip through my fingers?

8649c4  No.312016


Time flies when you're dying inside

eafca6  No.312019

File: 32a0fa7076811c8⋯.png (145.05 KB, 780x463, 780:463, who needs sleep anyway.png)


Ain't that the fuckin truth.

e084ff  No.313337

File: b2606bb732d9c23⋯.jpeg (281.56 KB, 1116x2079, 124:231, tumblr_p9nscdDMAf1sfagt5o….jpeg)

So is the FoE thread on /mlp/ truly dead or what?

544a15  No.313338


I dunno, but you are welcome to call any Friends over to this thread, as a temporal or permanent shelter.

Now excuse me while I pillage that pic

541b03  No.313344


I'd assume so, they circlejerk in the discord now. The last few threads I saw on /mlp/ were PH praise heavy.

If Vault 76 is what the leak entails, might put the nail in the coffin too.

c37b89  No.313346


As far as I know the FoE guys on /mlp/ retreated to their Discord a while back, which then promptly advertised on reddit, derpibooru and fimfiction and became completely infested. There was some drama, some splinter servers, and that's basically the extent of what I know because I never got involved but I'm sure it spiraled out of control and there was a fuckhuge dramafest

541b03  No.313349


Drama huh? bet it was the usual crowd that fucked up the IRC too.

3931b8  No.313357


>its still an RPG

That ain't a good sign

541b03  No.313388


>boot up your MP mode version of 76

>"Alright, what should I do today-" you say as you step outside the vault.

>xXN3wBKiLLa420.69Xx teamkilled you with a level 100 plasma mine

>repeats 14 times at spawn before you go back to solo mode

>4 gb patch when you try to log back in

>"we've finally finished the always online feature! now you'll never need to be offline ever! (note-you now require an always online broadband connection to play this game, requirements updated)

>xXN3wBKiLLa420.69Xx has teamkilled 27 settlers in your settlement of Sanctuary

>Sanctuary has no settlers, build a radio tower to attract them!

>You killed xXN3wBKiLLa420.69Xx with a sniper rifle

>You have been kicked from server

>you are banned (reason: Aimbotting. Reported by xXN3wBKiLLa420.69Xx)

42b9ad  No.313614


One of those splinter servers contains the 20 or so /mlp/ FoEfags that still visit /mlp/ and isn't full of reddit, derpi, and fimfic infestation. It's nice and peaceful there.

cbfcb0  No.313650



Y'know, as much as 76 is going to be a complete shitshow, it does bring up an interesting and potentially exploitable idea. What if this one stable opens and it's just absolutely fucking full of psycho assholes who want to kill each other? I don't know, maybe this stable's experiment concerned the effects of taking criminals and putting them in a social hierarchy that encouraged violence and spontaneity. So, like, just as an idea for fanfics or some shit, this stable pops open near some town and the town just gets massacred. And the stable ponies are doing all kinds of weird shit, posing dead bodies and building random shit. And they keep killing each other so the entire place becomes soaked in rotting gore but there an almost infinite reserve of them so they just. Keep. Coming. Eventually the restricted fuckery gets boring so they begin to disperse and do awful shit to new places. So this entire region gets a bunch of ponies who are essentially raiders but stronger, better, and even more unpredictable dropped on it. And the settlements in the area have to work together to stop the horde of unreasonably overpowered stable ponies from reaching a stockpile of weapons and balefire bombs so they don't just kill everything. Or something like that.

94449f  No.313653



Depending on how decent FO76 turns out, and if private servers are supported, there MIGHT be a /pone/ server set up.

541b03  No.313659


not yet confirmed on the private set up.

What HAS been confirmed from Todd Howard himself (there was an aftershow a lot of people missed), are a few things.

1. There is no offline option.

2. There is no solo server option. Exact quote was "You CAN play by yourself, but you'll still see other people."

3. There are no NPC's outside of robots. Players will fill those roles. You can do things like set up shops to sell to other players.

4. Players will fulfill the random raider roles (?)

5. VATS is an auto-aim system you have to spec into. It doesn't slow down time. Instead, it allows for instant headshots without aiming if high enough spec.

6. No mods on launch. That will "come down the pipe, when it's done" kind of deal. But this is Bethesda.

7. Private servers are not mentioned besides in reference to the mods. Obviously a tech issue because if you mod shit, you won't be able to play with those that don't have the mods.

Since this is a prequel, though, it explains where all the raiders came from, and why shit was green but turned so dead. The assholes in West Virginia kept fucking nuking each other and griefing.

3931b8  No.313661

File: 6b409b187ee8ac8⋯.jpg (122.63 KB, 1280x677, 1280:677, large.jpg)

From where you're sitting must seem like an 18-carat run of bad luck. Truth is, the game was rigged from the start.

8b7ea4  No.313680


Fallout Online but It Just Works so worse in every regard than the undelivered Interplay version other than possibly coming out.

6a5add  No.313696

File: b85a0bd4deddc01⋯.png (9.04 KB, 128x127, 128:127, thinkingpony.png)

So is this the game the that caused Bethesda to go kill the skyrim multiplayer mod project? I remember they got asked to stop what they were doing for "reasons". I can see how it would've killed fallout 76 since you can also use mods with it.

541b03  No.313746


>new fallout game

>Have to group up with like-minded people to not get fucking killed randomly

>bomb the shit out of opposing settlements that are being assholes and trying to steal your shit

>get enough people that you start stealing other people's shit when they even have a small spark of being an asshole

>so, you're basically a raider only there's leftover nuke silo's

Sounds like FoE's wet dream, tbh.

35ac7e  No.319257

>tfw no raider mare gf

9618cf  No.319276


>get punished for attacking enemy players unprovokeed

6153b4  No.319279


>tfw no mare gf

a379b4  No.319280


>tfw no gf

0fe681  No.319282

File: bedd15a902cff6d⋯.jpg (239.28 KB, 1194x1245, 398:415, Sad_Archer.jpg)




>tfw no dashite bf to wing bind and hold down while you gib belly rubs. Why live?

ab40d2  No.319283

File: c940fdce41aea78⋯.webm (2.27 MB, 410x718, 205:359, 1537682038775.webm)


>no steel ranger mare gf with a big ponut

ab40d2  No.319614

File: 706082b99806e2f⋯.jpg (1.49 MB, 2560x1920, 4:3, IMG_20181105_224917.jpg)

I wish for a raider mare gf

f7121e  No.319623

File: d3c63976de83655⋯.png (370.19 KB, 900x4226, 450:2113, 729343.png)

File: fc7042e281723ef⋯.png (379.52 KB, 600x6000, 1:10, 825402.png)

File: 469250eb264153e⋯.png (479.15 KB, 900x5752, 225:1438, 901571.png)


Me too, anon, me too.

3fd72a  No.319624

File: 681f207253d200e⋯.jpeg (944.58 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, file.jpeg)

a7247d  No.319630


Exe installer (from the DA page): https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=1m8k_yV1zFC-KmQafSGHaCipeuAsEjqPr&confirm=no_antivirus

This 'new' version has been out for 2 months, or 3 months if you count the slavspeak beta.

Story is just mostly nothing, although fun. It's a lot harder with magic nerfed to hell and back, although I'm shit enough to not make it through the introductory area without dying, so take my perspective with a pinch of salt.

Haven't seen the new areas (Canterlot) or bosses yet because I don't exactly have the hours to sink into this game every day. The only new thing I've seen is the ziggers; I fucking screamed the first time they killed me.

Gore effects and new sfx are nice, although they seem to make the game run even worse than it already does on old hardware like mine.

Game is fun.

24b3ea  No.319651



Thank you, too bad I lost my char on old computer.

35ac7e  No.319655


Never played this game before but it looks pretty fun

563285  No.319686


it's a very good sidescroller

and from all fanmade pone games ever made probably the best

3fd72a  No.319709

So after playing this version I can say I thoroughly hate fighting zebras. The only way to consistently kill them without getting downed or eating massive amounts of damage is to use an infravision potion on rooms you think they're in and try to insta gib them as fast as you can.

f7121e  No.319728


This is game really fucking hard or am I just bad at it?

Also, I really wish there's some sort of scaling control, everything looks so tiny when playing with the window maximized on my monitor, and I've ran into traps and spikes so many times because I couldn't pick them out from all the other stuffs.

Other than that though, I'm quite impressed by the game thus far. Seems like a pretty good adaptation of the fallout games to the side scrolling genre.

f7121e  No.319730

(Seriously, I'm getting my fucking teeth kicked in by the raiders.)

f7121e  No.319731

(And giant rats, and scorpions, and bloatsprites… Pretty much anything that's not a radroach and appear in numbers greater than two…)

999b7b  No.319734


Could just lower your monitor resolution for a higher DPI.


Avoiding enemies you can't handle is usually the best choice; health means caps, after all. Cheap shots and manipulating the enemy AI are the only way I've managed to get anywhere in the game; tanking shots isn't ever an option against difficult enemies.

563285  No.319738


What difficulty are you playing on? I don't believe you can have problems with animal enemies and raiders aren't that much of a problem either unless later in the game.

For scorpions get yourself an armor piercing weapon, for bloatsprites just rise your damage threshold a bit, their damage is a joke.



In previous weapon with stealth armor and certain perks you could get some insane amount of evasion. I could stay in front of a rapid shooting enemy and don't get a single hit.

Also I stopped playing cause fps drop is too much in this version.

3fd72a  No.319739


Sounds like a bit of both. The early game is always pretty tough but it gets a lot easier the more experienced and powerful you get.

Beginner tips:

>Rmb enemies to lock them in telekinesis. Very useful for fast moving enemies. trapping rats in telekinesis and killing them with a knife is a pretty good strat, same for melee raiders.

>Get explosives to at least 1 so you can see mines much further away.

>Level medicine up quickly so you can use first aid kits to heal your limbs

>Max barter as fast as you can. Shop keepers sell more useful stuff at cheaper prices for every level of barter

>Get Cold Blooded and Run' n' Gun as quickly as you can. You get large penalties in accuracy if you're not standing still and shooting ahead of you. Shooting behind is -40%, climbing a ladder or jumping is -30%, and sprinting is -50%

>Leveling both Lockpicking and Science is important as you get the big money items or better guns in the computers and safes.

>Get a crowbar as quickly as you can to access hidden areas in rooms and to conserve lockpicks by breaking open containers that aren't safes

>Never move to a lower level of a dungeon until you are comfortably moving through your current level. Every new level adds more enemy types and stronger enemies.

3fd72a  No.319740


Some other useful tips:

>If you see a turret avoid them. They deal fucktons of damage at all levels and will generally kill you before you kill them. Thankfully most rooms with them have a computer you can hack to turn them off. Using telekinesis to move boxes around for cover is a good way to stealth past them.

>Get energy weapon 3 for the pulse pistol. It can stun robots and turrets, and deals a lot of damage to them.

>You can smash open doors and barriers with your hoofsies. A perk can let you smash open sturdier doors with your back legs(shift+f)

>Level survival and repair so you can craft items that give you permanent bonuses

>Level up telekinesis so you can get Master of telekinesis perk to grap items you don't have line of sight on. Very useful for some challenges and clearing mines since they can trigger when you grab them.

999b7b  No.319742


Not entirely sure, but I'd heard that the evasion maximum was turned into a multiplicative thing, instead of an additive one (i.e. 100% evasion impossible; 80+% difficult to attain)

The FPS drops are really the worst, aren't they?


First aid kits aren't the right reason to take Medicine; medic's prices are going to be cheaper until you pump Medicine higher than Barter. (Which is going to be damn tough, considering the advice to max Barter as fast as possible.)

And like in the real fallout, you only ever heal yourself with sarsaparilla, because healing potions aren't ever worth the bits.



Shiggy. 150 bits every terminal isn't worth dumping 5 levels worth of skill points. Turrets are piss easy to snipe, too.

Same thing goes for the pulse pistol. A good rifle succeeds any enemy.

>perk for stronger legs/hooves

I hope that no one takes this anon's advice seriously.

The Burglar's Mate can break any door your hooves will ever be able to. On the other hand, his advice to "save lockpicks" with the crowbar is plain dumb. Breaking open locked containers leads to worse loot, and your lockpicking skill shouldn't be half-arsed enough to require the collection of lockpicks. Either bring it up to 5 or leave it at 0.

And finally, master of telekinesis isn't necessary if you can just teleport wherever the hell you want. The Teleportation perk itself is enough of a reason to sink points into Magic, no matter how shit magic weapons are now.

563285  No.319743


>shit magic weapons

I think the strength of magic lies within the fact that you can fire your magic spell while still operating your other weapon.

4d8555  No.319775


note: hacking terminals gives you valuable data more often now (400 caps) and also multipurpose chip which is rare and necessary for crafting cool stuff

3fd72a  No.319780


>first aid kits aren't the right reason to take medic

You're half right since it gives access to more useful shit like hydra and the perks, but you're retarded if you don't use them instead of wasting 100s of caps healing shit you can heal for free from items you get looting.

>sunrise sarsaparilla better than healing potions

>small amounts of healing is better than healing more health, limbs, and blood loss simultaneously

this has to be bait

>this nigga doesn't level science

>multiple items with permanent buffs require science to craft

>can use it to craft chems

>can craft the BFG

>doors that require high explosives to bypass can be hacked open. In some cases even safes.

>useful perks like the one that let's you get bonus damage on robots, one of the toughest enemy types in the game, and hack turrets to be on your side and give you free exp off their kills

The fact you waste time, bullets, and health killing turrets instead of just hacking a terminal is how I know you're retarded. Wasting rifle ammo in the early game on turrets that have superior accuracy and damage compared to your shitty grandfather's rifle and going 1v1 on a storm rifle turret or better the 50MG turret later in the game is pretty stupid. You also expect me to believe you attempted to fight a room full of them without dying or getting crippled? Especially on higher difficulties?

>a good rifle succeeds any enemy

I bet you're the type of dumb nigger that wastes rifle rounds on rollers

>master of telekinesis isn't necessary

>he doesn't rip turrets off the walls and put the other ones in time out from the safety of another room

>he doesn't telekinesis enemies into environmental hazards or pull mines into them

>he doesn't telekinesis objects in dangerous environments to him

There's a reason the dev moved this ability to a perk with a high stat investment because when you could do this from the start in the earlier versions, it was op.

>energy weapons are shit

I specifically mentioned getting the pulse pistol because it stuns and bypasses the armor of turrets and robots. The ammo is cheap and plentiful and the stun is very useful when you accidentally walk in on a turret, a pack of robots, or find a legendary. It also kills smaller robots like the roller, which have insane amounts of armor, in one hit.

>saving lockpicks with the crowbar is dumb

Yeah I'm sure wasting picks in the early game on small boxes and crates instead of hardened doors , gun lockers/crates, and safes is worth it. I'm sure that small crate will have a ruby instead of a tin can this time.

Finally you do realize this game was made with you unlocking everything in mind right? The dev even mentions this in the changelog since he made T H R E E dump stats for when you inevitably get too many. I can understand having priorities in the early game but mid-late game skill point conservation becomes irrelevant especially with the memory orbs and skill books you get whilst looting.

999b7b  No.319787


>I bet you're the type of dumb nigger that wastes rifle rounds on rollers

Yes, because they die in a hit to even semi-good rifles (or even pistols) if you shoot them before they spot you. Potential placebo, but I've found that the roller's armor is nonexistent when they're inactive.

>The fact you waste time, bullets, and health killing turrets instead of just hacking a terminal is how I know you're retarded. Wasting rifle ammo in the early game on turrets that have superior accuracy and damage compared to your shitty grandfather's rifle and going 1v1 on a storm rifle turret or better the 50MG turret later in the game is pretty stupid. You also expect me to believe you attempted to fight a room full of them without dying or getting crippled? Especially on higher difficulties?

Unironically yes, because it's what I've done since version 0.5. I have never played anything other than Very Hard, or whatever the hell the max difficulty is called. Turrets literally cannot hit you if you know what you're doing. Shifting and moving your weapon further than your hitbox makes any turret a cakewalk. I've not been to Canterlot or Steel Ranger base (I've not have much time to play 0.7), but I've never been to a room where you're forced to confront several turrets face-to-face (apart from the armor schematic place or whatever in the factory, but it's a one-off affair). Ammunition is beyond cheap; killing a turret costs barely a few rifle rounds.

I am probably retarded, considering how often I die in the game. I don't struggle for caps, but I suspect I'd be able to amass much more if I played your way.

I've gone for early science and TK before, but I guess I didn't get far enough in the run to appreciate its perks.

>I specifically mentioned getting the pulse pistol because it stuns and bypasses the armor of turrets and robots.

You don't have to tell me. I sleezed through 0.6 using nothing but the lightning spell.

>Yeah I'm sure wasting picks in the early game on small boxes and crates instead of hardened doors , gun lockers/crates, and safes is worth it. I'm sure that small crate will have a ruby instead of a tin can this time.

I have to wonder: why even get lockpicking if you have Science, then? You open all easy boxes with a crowbar. Half of the safes have an access terminal; the others are filled with bloatsprites. Doors? Science is more effective on them than lockpicking itself! The latter doesn't get you through force fields or terminal-locked doors, and most lockpick-only doors can be bashed down with the Mate anyway. Not to mention all the benefits Science has on top of that!

More relavant: if you need picks to open small crates, how the hell are you going to open the 1% safe with conventional lockpicking?

>inb4 mintals

Might as well just use the Bugular's Rune instead of holding E over a safe for 5 minutes to empty yourself of lockpicks.

>Finally you do realize this game was made with you unlocking everything in mind right?

I did not know this at all, no.

I did see a few autists that had sunk in literal thousnds of hours into this 2d platformer and had long since unlocked everything by the first half thousand.

Emphasis on a few. Before 0.7, you'd have killed every boss and explored every area long before you'd gotten enough levels to unlock everything.

I still don't have the time to sink in a couple hundred hours.

4d8555  No.319810

>roller armor

just take any shitty knife and piercing strike perk, this combo makes any armour laughable except for bigger robots who have 50% blade resistance

I'm currently playing on melee build btw

611577  No.320489


This is new to me. I probably would have heard about it sooner if I still kept up with all this horseshit. Super-hard ironman go.

9de45d  No.320500

File: 51c4938a3fb65f5⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1280x819, 1280:819, BlackJk(legs)_Drunk copy.png)


i fix your dumb shit thank me

47348b  No.320505

File: 7e6a871d8dbd097⋯.png (92.55 KB, 840x1182, 140:197, fallout_3_tenpenny_tower.png)

File: 910a92d4a144083⋯.png (85.42 KB, 912x670, 456:335, Fallout 3 plot.png)

File: f4e37ff09e74ca0⋯.png (84.82 KB, 1162x850, 581:425, feels_good_legionarii.png)

File: 76570bd32d718c3⋯.png (30.64 KB, 216x300, 18:25, 385455__safe_solo_oc_meme_….png)


Please explain the gist of it desu. I can see it being better than Failout 3 or 4, but not New Vegas or the originals.

9de45d  No.320506

File: 0f154015c2bc81d⋯.png (792.65 KB, 1280x819, 1280:819, BlackJk(legs)_Drunk_painki….png)

File: f6a366fed96cb73⋯.png (381.31 KB, 1280x819, 1280:819, BlackJk(legs)_Drunk_suicid….png)

File: 40e49f6f5de2461⋯.png (302.31 KB, 1280x819, 1280:819, BlackJk(legs)_Drunk_not_my….png)

I should make an edit thread…

9de45d  No.320508

File: 710d16bbe63d99c⋯.png (710.6 KB, 1068x770, 534:385, ClipboardImage.png)



what the fuck happened here boy?

ed0190  No.320512


Came here to post this.

Poni is an escape from an ever-darker reality for me. I do not want to read about fictional worlds in which unimaginable numbers of innocents died horribly before the story even began, only to read a story about… innocents suffering and dying in the most imaginative ways the author can come up with.

If you like FoE, great. Good on you. Nonetheless, nothing I have heard about it has left me with any desire to read it, talk about it, or think about it.

This is just the opinion of one random twerp on the Internet and is worth what you paid for it. I don't claim to be the arbiter of good literary taste.

89625e  No.320538


But didn't the enclave want to put chemicals in the water that would kill everybody?

0250af  No.320545


>If you like FoE, great.

Slow down, champ. That's the opposite of great. If you like FoE, kill yourself.

ec04b9  No.320547


based and redpilled

65a6eb  No.320552


>It's fucking nothing the post

If you want a (you) you're going to need to apply yourself 2/10.

536cbf  No.320563


I have no idea what you're talking about.

f7121e  No.320578


If you're on the fence about the story, I hope this review might convince you: https://onemansponyramblings.blogspot.com/2012/07/6-star-reviews-part-80-fallout.html


>innocents suffering and dying in the most imaginative ways the author can come up with

I really don't think that's a fair description of the story. Yes, the settings of Fallout Equestria is a grim and dark one, and while death and horrible things can and will occur in the story, they are by no means the focus point. In fact, I'm also generally averse to the grimdark fanfics, but wasn't at all put off by the blood and violence in Fallout Equestria. I think part of the reason is that the more heart wrenching deaths occured before the main story took place, and is told through memories, logs, recordings, or environmental story tellings. That extra degree of separation does a fair amount to 'dull' the sorrow those tragedy might otherwise have caused.

Instead, what I remember about Fallout Equestria is the sense of adventure, to explore both the world and its history through Littlepip's eyes. I remember camaraderie between her and her traveling companions, from the banters to heartfelt moments of friendship; and I remember, believe it or not, the humor, often in the form of Littlepip's inner monologues, or at her expense. Even in the bleak wasteland, there is room for some lightheartedness.

And I also like to talk about the pacing of the story for a bit, for a monolithic story such as Fallout Equestria, KKat did an excellent job with its pacing. Inexpert writers wields their story's genre and story tags – be they tragedy, grimdark, romance or horror– like a blunt instruments, they pommel you none stop from start to finish with scenes designed to elicit the exact same emotional response from the reader, so much so that it's easy to get fatigued by it.

I like to call it the literary equivalent of artificial flavourings.

KKat did not fall into the same trap when writing Fallout Equestria. The story smoothly and organically transitions between periods of exploration, planning, 'questing', actual combat, and recuperation. Every major fight or conflict is followed by appropriate amount of downtime for both the characters and the readers to recuperate before slowly ramping up the pace again.

Combat and other life threatening situations is, well, rather common in the wasteland, but as often as they occur in the story, KKat is again careful about managing reader fatigue. Rather than writing like a play-by-play of a modern day AAA cover-shooter, the combat scenes are varied, Littlepip make good use of her arsenal of weapons, telekinesis ability and the environment. Fights are usually only described in detail when there's something new to add, such as when faced against a new enemy or set in a new environment. KKat knows when to either gloss over or skip the more repetitive bits, or when the party's fighting things far beneath their skill level.

Littlepip's creativity in combat is most readily demonstrated when she has to face against the alicorns, one of the more formidable foes she'll encounter in the wasteland. Not only do they individually possess great magical capabilities, and is capable of putting up shields that couldn't be brought down without a heavy barrage of missiles, they are also telepathically linked with each other, so when one dies the other 'remembers' how they died. This means no tactics could be exploited twice against them, and Littlepip is practically forced to rely either on the element of surprise or quick thinking and inventive strategies to survive the encounters.

Jeeze, I wrote a lot more than I expected, but with the apparent minor resurgence in board activity, I hope I could at least convince one or two people to at least give the first couple chapters a try. Fallout Equestria is one of those stories I encountered in my early fanfic readings that permanently raised the bar and standards of what I expect from a engrossing story.

611577  No.320648


Well, I'm sure-as-shit eating my words now. This game is fucking brutal. Anybody know how I'm supposed to deal with clowncars full of zebras every time I open a Vault door, or how I'm supposed to react to teleporting robots with plasma rifles? I'm drawing a blank. Maybe I'm just a scrub, but this is the same problem I had with Madness Combat. The controls are wonky and the enemies react a shitload faster than you can.

47348b  No.320759

File: 4f912c901569f64⋯.jpg (223.45 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, bored.jpg)


Thanks, but it doesn't, because it doesn't tell me what the plot is about. I'm fine with spoilers, I just want to know if it's interesting or not.

f7121e  No.320777

File: 3235911ff9b7569⋯.jpg (171.32 KB, 1500x1084, 375:271, 1382.jpg)

File: 07f5c78754921b9⋯.png (2.37 MB, 1500x1061, 1500:1061, [1500w] 1765962.png)


The plot plays out very much like a Fallout game's main quest line, in that it started out with the protagonist initially setting out for some simple objectives but get embroiled into bigger and bigger things along the way.


The story started out with Littlepip, a unicorn technician stuck with a boring job in Stable 2, leaving the Stable against the Overmare's wishes in search of her idol, the Stable's performer and singer Velvet Remedy, whom had left the Stable without warning.

The first 4 or 5 chapters is primarily Littlepip acclimatizing to the world outside, which involves: getting captured by slavers mere moments after stepping out, escaping through dumb luck, taking out a nest of raiders, exploring ruined factories, getting her dumbass shot half to death by a vigilante pegasus outcast because she was wearing raider bardings, subsequently formed a life-long friendship with said pegasus… and so on.

That's only the first tiny fraction of the entire fic, the plotline structure is one of the many aspect the story subtly mimics from a Fallout game, with its initial smaller sub-arcs, before Littlepip and her traveling band of companions turn their attention to three of the major players:

- The Goddess: The mysterious master of a race of alicorns almost identical in appearances, telepathically linked, and stripped of individuality. They preach and work towards the goal of Unity, where they believe the only path to a viable future is with everyone transformed into one of them and have their minds added to the gestalt.

- Red Eye: The silver-tongued leader of the largest slaver operation ever to exist in the Wasteland, based in the industrial city of Fillydelphia. Red Eye genuinely wants a better world for the future generation, and sought to do so by reclaimed the glory of pre-war Equestria, even if it means rebuilding its infrastructure and factories on the back of slave labor and forming an uneasy partnership with the Goddess.

- The Grand Pegasus Enclave: The militaristic governing body of the pegasi. The pegasi broke off from Equestria immediately after the apocalypse, closing off the skies and living above the cloud cover, putting the land before under a permanent overcast. The Enclave have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo, and when they caught wind of Red Eye's operations that threatens their way of life, the Enclave launched an assault, indiscriminately targeting everyone groundside.

f7121e  No.320778

File: 8c98bb03e159846⋯.png (1.1 MB, 2550x1350, 17:9, 1376947.png)

File: de0882fd053207c⋯.png (986.49 KB, 2550x1350, 17:9, 1381083.png)

File: 2ff6ad9464c51a8⋯.png (816.11 KB, 2550x1350, 17:9, 1560513.png)

File: dc32a52a0939dc1⋯.png (1.71 MB, 2550x1350, 17:9, 1560527.png)

File: 5b0a90f322e236d⋯.png (1.65 MB, 2550x1350, 17:9, 1620084.png)

>>320777 (cont.)


Throughout her travel, Littlepip will come across records from before the war, the majority in the form of memory orbs. Some provides a brief vignette into the life of war-time Equestria, some contains informations eventually proving useful in her quest, and some will gradually piece together the secrets of the Mares of the Ministries – the Mane 6, and the precipitating factors leading to the apocalypse.


Notable characters:

Calamity: Pegasus outcast. One of the extremely few pegasi in the Equestrian Wasteland. An adept flier and expert markspony. Is extremely principled and possess a strong sense of justice ("Ah see a raider heading at a caravan, ah'm gonna perforate her till she ain't movin' no more! It's muh policy.") He first met Littlepip when he mistook her for a raider ambushing the caravan he's watching over. At first he stuck with her out of guilt, but the two quickly bonded over the adventures they've had.

Velvet Remedy: A unicorn from Stable 2. Her beautiful voice and skill in singing made her a celebrity within the Stable, where artistic ponies are highly valued for providing ponies with entertainment and keeping the morale up. But she secretly yearns to be a healer, to leave the Stable that she sees as a cage and help the ponies outside. It is her disappearance that spurred Littlepip to follow in her wake. An idealist and the pacifist of the group, she tries to provide medical aid to everyone indiscriminately, and always advocates diplomacy when facing opponent,

SteelHooves: A Steel Ranger, a faction that stemmed from the remnants of the Ministry of Wartime Technology. Stoic, reserved, and never took off his armor. The Steel Ranger joined the party when they saved him after a close fight with the alicorns.

Xenith: A zebra slave that Littlepip rescued from Fillydelphia. A skilled alchemist and formidable hoof-to-hoof combatant.

Watcher: The first ally Littlepip met in the outside world. He has the ability to hack into and communicate through the sprite-bots that wanders the Wasteland. Secretive and with his own agenda, very few people even knows of Watcher's existence.

DJ Pon3: The enigmatic voice over the airwaves, the energetic and boisterous DJ operates the only radio station across the Wasteland, playing pre-war music and reporting news to loyal listeners, many of which focus on the exploits of "The Stable-dweller", after Littlepip's heroics caught the DJ's attention. Despite seemingly having eyes and ears everywhere, nobody can agree on the true identity of DJ Pon3…

Gawdyna Grimfeathers: The leader of Gawd's Talons, a sub-group of the griffon mercenary that operate throughout the Wasteland. Though mostly motivated by bottle caps like other mercenaries, she's nevertheless fiercely loyal the clause of the contract and those she's paid to protect.

Ditzy Doo: A ghoul pegasus from before the war, the weight of two centuries and the harsh reality of the Wasteland had not robbed the wall-eyed pegasus of her kind, caring, and bubbly demeanor. She now operates the general store Absolutely Everything out of the settlement of New Appleloosa, and yes, she does deliveries.


I think that about outlines the main plot and colorful casts you can expect to find in Fallout Equestria.

Though, in my personal experience, I have found that the deciding factor in whether I find a story interesting has more to do with the narrative style of the author than the plot. A good author, or one whose style you resonate with, can bring life to even the dullest subjects. So I would still recommend that you to give the first few chapters a try, you'll know then if this story is for you or not.

47348b  No.320784

File: c5017a00ad87fe2⋯.jpg (301.9 KB, 617x693, 617:693, popcorn bucket cat.jpg)

>>320777 checked :^)


Well, it does seem interesting, thanks a lot for posting this.

>Though, in my personal experience, I have found that the deciding factor in whether I find a story interesting has more to do with the narrative style of the author than the plot.

That is how it is in most cases. However, if the story itself feels "empty" to me… well, for example, I have always absolutely despised Bildungsroman stories, because, quite frankly, I could never give less of a shit about some stupid twat's "experiences" growing up, no matter how well-written his pathetic exploits were.

f7121e  No.320800


Oh yeah, I get what you mean, there are some genres I tend to shy away from.

20ec07  No.321303

Just finished reading Guise of Chaos, Make Love Not War, and Pink Eyes. Pink Eyes is definitely a nice read for anyone looking to avoid sadbox. The tragedy-comedy ratio is probably the lowest out of any fic i've read, and it's a unique take on the general FOE idiom. I'm a sucker for romance, so every single time someone's love interest gets killed I want to cry like a little bitch. Goddamn I feel sorry for Shade.

Still haven't done Heroes. Normally I can force myself to finish a fic no matter how shitty it is but for some reason it absolutely fails to hold my interest.


>it's Tenpenny Tower, but it's called TenPONY tower

I have zero Fallout background, so I'm just going to pretend all of the environments the authors create are completely unique and original.

80a06f  No.321321


>Pink Eyes is definitely a nice read for anyone looking to avoid sadbox. The tragedy-comedy ratio is probably the lowest out of any fic i've read,

Why would you read FoE stories while looking for the exact inverse of them? Serious question.

>Still haven't done Heroes. Normally I can force myself to finish a fic no matter how shitty it is but for some reason it absolutely fails to hold my interest.

Heroes is sincerely trash, even if you're merely comparing to other FoE fics. I can't even recall the name of the main character at this point, even though I'd read every chapter of the fic on a binge just last year.

>I have zero Fallout background, so I'm just going to pretend all of the environments the authors create are completely unique and original.

This, I think, has to be the main reason why FoE became popular at all. The fic only really diverts from the FO3 story about a dozen chapters in. Combine that with the relative shittyness of the first few chapters, and it's a wonder that even the EqD autists made it a 6-star fic at the time.

20ec07  No.321322


>Why would you read FoE stories while looking for the exact inverse of them? Serious question.

Well there's no central authority mandating that every single FoE story be mostly tragic (even though most of them are that way). I guess I just like the setting even though it's mostly stolen from another franchise.

552f4f  No.322523

File: 7e4a21c488d81d4⋯.jpg (81.03 KB, 482x361, 482:361, 2cvv16.jpg)

Is this thread still alive?

ab40d2  No.322529


Yeah, if more people are lurking I'll start posting my nightly doodles here instead of /mlp/

9ae6f4  No.322533


The absolute last fucking thing this board needs is more Fallout faggot shit. Post yourself at /mlp/ and stay there.

ab40d2  No.322535

File: 2965179fbb02e03⋯.png (251.07 KB, 559x600, 559:600, medium (6).png)


Get out, Vaultcuck

9ae6f4  No.322536


I belong here, I'm going nowhere. You get out, you little shit. This setting is garbage, edgy banal garbage. Piled on top of something beautiful to taint it. No single valuable being would ever indulge this trash with his time. It belongs on /mlp/ where everyone is similarly irredeemable to you, if even there.

9618cf  No.322540



More and more retarded posts like this reek of intentional attempts to kill the board by chasing away every last scrap of content. Off yourself.

46dab4  No.322541

File: c05ccb6e527fdae⋯.png (425.86 KB, 532x1000, 133:250, ClipNotMag.png)


>I'm going nowhere.

Same here. Have some firearm humor!

46dab4  No.322542

File: 5de1262b8ae4df3⋯.png (1.15 MB, 3625x819, 3625:819, PyreLightemup.png)

File: 05e353a6483af76⋯.jpg (211.16 KB, 3615x827, 3615:827, third.jpg)

hey did you know I built an AR and had the Ministry of Peace's emblem added, and cerakote'd it after Velvet? It's calibered in the enemy's rounds, so you have to maintain trade relations during war. So the ministry mare told herself, anyway.

f7121e  No.322544


I still lingers




9ae6f4  No.322552


We don't need shitty content wholly unrelated to MLP. We don't need you. Off yourself first, manlet.


It's shit, like everything connected to your gay little subfandom of midget tryhards.

c6af53  No.322553




>being this salty about a thread thats over a year old on a dead board.

Who raped you as a child? Do you need a hug?

ab40d2  No.322554

File: 2c7c52dbf3ea8be⋯.jpg (119.61 KB, 1000x700, 10:7, dum_af.jpg)


But I like to draw horses

9ae6f4  No.322556


I've been saying everything about FoE is shit since it was first conceived of, I'll say it until it's entirely forgotten. Hug my dick with your mouth.

3fd72a  No.322595







I've been seeing you all over the place lately. Are you trying to be the new glimmerfag?


You some kind of hivemind? Speak for yourself retard.

>I've been saying everything about FoE is shit since it was first conceived of

And yet you only started sperging out now, in one of the oldest threads still up. It's weird how I've only starting seeing your autism on /pone/ starting about a year ago. You sure you aren't a rapefugee yourself?

9618cf  No.322750



>mlp fanfic isn't mlp related

People aren't going to run to mlpol or /mlp/ just because you're shitting this place up.

9ae6f4  No.322766


It has nothing in common with it, it's shock value tacked onto it that subverts and destroys every theme of the original for the banal edgelord autism of manlet teen niggers like you. I am the only thing not shitting this board up in this thread, and the most valuable poster since before you left cuckchan you little disgrace.

f7121e  No.323672

File: 486a29fc093f067⋯.webm (3.13 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, When I'm a Toaster Repair….webm)

27f472  No.323676

File: 85dd6deb82f73af⋯.png (1.85 MB, 2129x2086, 2129:2086, 1571011 sfw edit.png)

536cbf  No.324663

File: 5cf3965d3f40f1d⋯.jpg (84.75 KB, 1098x800, 549:400, PegDie.jpg)

In order to not forget this thread exists, I'm bumping it. Although I still don't know anyone to play FoE-the-tabletop.

But if there are written some D20 conversions for it, I'll be ready.

An almost funny story … I showed these off around the office, and one coworker grimaced. Said he was weirded out because he immediately though of horse poop, and their dirty tails. I congratulated him on not jumping to R34 and "getting a piece of Equestrian tail"

And that weirded everyone out enough that they all found other places to do their work just then. Their loss, I suppose.

f7121e  No.324668

File: 9f722ce76e3742d⋯.png (235.14 KB, 514x326, 257:163, ClipboardImage.png)


Congrats, you played yourself.

e7190f  No.324678


god i wish that were me

536cbf  No.324683


with your fingers cut off and your rump set on fire?

subs are weird.

3fd72a  No.324881

File: 64975ba7f390fb6⋯.mp4 (6.2 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Ashes of Pony Town-jBSH2gt….mp4)

>first upload by Overmare Studios in over a year

>it's an April Fool's joke

f7121e  No.324884

File: 1bad458c6de82d7⋯.png (40.27 KB, 597x312, 199:104, rip.PNG)

File: 95fa2721e9ef6da⋯.jpg (344.89 KB, 1000x1145, 200:229, 1410752150960.jpg)


They stopped producing new songs shortly after Yondy passed away, so there isn't that to look forward to anymore…

3fd72a  No.324891


>Dec 9, 2017

Their last upload for the band was in March 2018 so I hope not

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