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Pro Aris et Focis

File: f5696b89ec9b154⋯.jpg (304.34 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, de9a001d725089436e8cc16774….jpg)

b0db9f No.211260

Be brave patriots! Do you want to live forever?!



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b0db9f No.211278







Motivation: ObamaGate will be a permanent target until the swamp is drained. Great Awakening has issues, this is know by the War Room. It is our biggest personal Hash. Release The Memo is already happening so it was removed, Its now a matter of getting to read it. #GreatAwakening MAY CHANGE AT ANY TIME! PLEASE ADVISE






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(((Man! I sure am #happy for the #SOTU18 ! There's been a #GreatAwakening !)))


Meme ammo




Where we go one, we go all

>Got issues? Want to lambast the War Room for missing your super awesome hash? Wanna hang out with Armchair generals?

Visit the War Room, We ain't got any cookies!


620cd5 No.211342

File: be7f946c7188092⋯.png (4.24 KB, 321x88, 321:88, apacheQ.png)

File: 1a52493325cd667⋯.png (265.48 KB, 1241x900, 1241:900, apache.png)

b0db9f No.211350


Call dibs for next bake please!

Dough for /QResearch/ General #257: pastebin.com/Yw3kVs6x

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19cb35 No.211369

Why are there no "notable posts" at top of board to record the Comey-Ramsey Rapist-Apache connection?

74966c No.211370


Designated Survivor?

03b4d0 No.211374

Who is the Designated Survivor tonight ?

Who is the Designated Survivor tonight ?

Who is the Designated Survivor tonight ?

188e18 No.211376

File: 03abf948f922059⋯.png (2.17 MB, 1111x2640, 101:240, comfyQ_moraleboost.png)

<comfy Q

<comfy Q

<comfy Q


yesterday around this time there were many doubtfags/sadfags/lowmoralefags etc, looked for this file but couldn't find it, so a day late but those crumbs are always good for the feelz…

b0db9f No.211379


>notable posts

see >>211276

be2367 No.211381

File: b8dbc86e48ee7be⋯.jpg (43.77 KB, 542x518, 271:259, trumpButtHurtSalve.jpg)

3c05cd No.211383

File: cc6ea60b028051d⋯.jpg (82.94 KB, 640x803, 640:803, gHtpASp_d.jpg)


8035c2 No.211390

File: 6e353096bde45cb⋯.jpg (21.67 KB, 255x153, 5:3, memeboycottingsotu2.jpg)

d20bf2 No.211391


Not announced yet which is strange I thought they announced it well in advance in past years…

1ed2a6 No.211394



This is an incredibly bad idea. It will only galvanize Dems and lefties to rally around their man. It's obviously partisan, and will hurt rather than help POTUS and our country.

I am not going to use it.

0e352d No.211395

File: eb2569306fad766⋯.jpg (223.77 KB, 1165x445, 233:89, Dreamers vs Muslims.jpg)

Illegal "Dreamers" in America:

"We DEMAND amnesty NOW!"

"ICE is a Terrorist Organization"

Illegal Muslims in Eu:

"OPEN or DIE!"

Not much of a difference, how long before these SOBs are killing us off for not giving them 'their' way!?

0007f0 No.211396

ef0084 No.211397

File: 6cd731713a07b8a⋯.png (239.06 KB, 606x379, 606:379, ClipboardImage.png)

375189 No.211398

File: 29fcc1bc53a9e0c⋯.png (64.02 KB, 982x481, 982:481, ClipboardImage.png)

Why are dems so concerned about SOTU…??


a33ff5 No.211400


This was a message to Comey when posted earlier?

1090b7 No.211401

File: 07ca3cad75009a8⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, RighteousBread15.png)


Righteous bread, Baker

faf278 No.211402


I’m just hoping it isn’t this :


STOU timing is everything

fdd874 No.211403

Well Anons today better count, in a BIG way. I am being called the Satan. Well that’s my family I gues they are in that4-6% . I am not the devil, I will however bet you a few bags of fertilizer and a sip of fule oil I can bring hell upon this town. Say when! I’m done with this.

19cb35 No.211404


there is nothing there

adf48f No.211405

Earlier Q post Freedom.png

This time FREEDOM_.PNG

capitals and underscore

f0b9b2 No.211406


So who is it doing the follow up?

MW or Joe Kennedy?

c380ad No.211407


OK, how about #jewniggerfaggotgate?

Would that be less offensive?

ee3255 No.211408


Was freedom.png the name of that last time he used that same flag pic?

ef0084 No.211410


10/10 KEK

ef3e28 No.211411

File: 79e68e986bf5567⋯.png (197.68 KB, 1286x1280, 643:640, Markers.png)

>Learn to read the Markers.

a1cec6 No.211412

I got scared there for a second.

I was unable to read /qresearch/ … Gave 502 each time.

But now via a link to the catalog i was able to get in?

I still get 502 when i go directly to the front page.

62fd6a No.211413


I'd like to know about said connection….link?

375189 No.211414


MW, but the narrative focus shift towards RR and Mueller doens't make sense unless connected to MEMO.

8ab5d7 No.211415

File: 59fd47084aebb73⋯.png (2.09 MB, 2344x2464, 293:308, enSlave_the_Children.png)

File: 6db855d15141877⋯.png (1.57 MB, 4193x2729, 4193:2729, News unlocks map.png)

Kabul bombings theory

>>210878 :Part 2/2

>>193427 :Part 1/2



c380ad No.211416



f0b9b2 No.211417


He doesn't need to read the memo at the SOTU, all he needs to do is say something about the storm, and then we ALL know it's on!

2c76c6 No.211419


as an aside, or maybe not so much of an aside,

Per social and cultural engineering.

Theoretically, in the 20th c. the people who studied perception contended that there was no such thing as "illusion" per se - because perception itself was an illusion.

Their desire is to undermine the concept of truth, itself.

b0db9f No.211420




i hope the next baker sees these two.

I have to dash; sorry could only bake one bread today.

again, here's the dough pastebin - https://pastebin.com/Yw3kVs6x


thank you.

shame could only bake one today.


the notable posts section is in the middle of the post

ee3255 No.211421

POTUS isnt going to read the memo. THat would be a bad idea. It's already a red line for them for him to fire someone who he has the power to fire, who is also corrupt.

Reading the memo, especially at the SOTU would cause immediate resistance.

adf48f No.211422



Ancient stuff.

The crime that haunts James Comey: How the former FBI director and his brother were held hostage as teenagers in their New Jersey home at gunpoint by a deranged rapist - who has NEVER been caught

Note when they were teenagers

2893de No.211423


notice for 22K followers very little interaction with his posts

234eff No.211424

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VN1yA8_OGg

the peoples state of the union..wow, these people are completely disconnected..Mark Ruffalo just lost all my respect.

f318ee No.211425


If you're male, and depending on the temperature in your region, it might not be a good idea to film it.

f0b9b2 No.211427


When did this change?

Last I heard it was Joe Kennedy at SOTU, and MW was going to be on BET.

a33ff5 No.211429


I'm suggesting it was a message to Comey

faf278 No.211430



MW will be on BET doing a separate rebuttal.

ef0084 No.211432

File: b53fe4da04df306⋯.png (728.36 KB, 584x739, 584:739, ClipboardImage.png)

1ed2a6 No.211435

File: bfc4ef059c3575a⋯.gif (2.01 MB, 218x316, 109:158, 1477090508569.gif)


>yes, goyim keep doing what doesn't work!

7248ba No.211436


This was pure genius.

d20bf2 No.211437


You are correct, they are misunderstanding…

2893de No.211438


the fact you respected him in the first place means you definitely should kys

f0b9b2 No.211439


Ah, ok, thanks for the clarification.

b5942a No.211440

File: c12c0bb113788cb⋯.jpg (113.46 KB, 660x341, 60:31, sy tweet.jpg)




Carrying over from last bread.


c380ad No.211441


Says the guy worried about the feels.

375189 No.211442

Hmm, maybe information about how dems are just using blacks for votes, hence MW on BET

damage control…

7eb938 No.211443


Excellent anon!!

234eff No.211444


we can all have our opinions changed, right anon?

at least I see the light now

53b9c1 No.211445

https:// truepundit.com/democrat-mega-donor-tied-hillary-john-podesta-soros-now-target-sexual-assault-investigation/

f5e6a8 No.211446

File: 29df7f85bac166f⋯.jpg (209.11 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, Z-326.jpg)

File: c0aebd9431ab954⋯.jpg (108.82 KB, 800x536, 100:67, Z-327.jpg)

File: dbc63c677056252⋯.jpg (69.48 KB, 507x338, 3:2, Z-328.jpg)

File: f293c992f11670a⋯.jpg (474.24 KB, 1678x1119, 1678:1119, Z-329.jpg)

File: af2a02df2557ca5⋯.jpg (121.04 KB, 534x401, 534:401, Z-340.jpg)



Pump these out

f0b9b2 No.211447


I'm really hoping he has ICE there as well.

Show Pislosi what happens to illegal aliens.

d6304b No.211448

File: 2ced20c7bf82f73⋯.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1242x2107, 1242:2107, 03E2DDC1-E184-47CD-B632-B….jpeg)

Pic relevant

Fuck these twatter pizzafags

Let’s Fuck this guy up

8035c2 No.211450

so your saying comey was exposed to mk ultra type programming by fragmenting his mind at a young age when held hostage..it certainly fits with mk ultra programming methods.

ef3e28 No.211452

File: 0fad6a837085d4c⋯.png (205.54 KB, 1351x1280, 1351:1280, Markers2.png)


Just a slight modification.

adcb34 No.211453


No! We need you as this continues. The country is your family too.

202225 No.211454


You should question your own judgement at all turns going forward.

49926f No.211456


I heard Barron wasn't attending

0766ff No.211457

I know where it is, the info is not there


1e9ab5 No.211459

File: 56a5a43b4ba855c⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180130-154213.png)

Ukanon reporting in. This is an article in todays guardian. Looks like their getting a headstart on the illegal spying news before it's out in the memo. #BIGGESTWEEK GL and god speed all anons.

a1cec6 No.211460


I'm not saying it doesn't happen.

But flinging accusations like that is counter productive.

[Yes i'm aware it wasn't your idea]

Just my 0.02$

74d31f No.211461


Thank you .

2893de No.211462


this graphic is great - but we need the info in a cell phone friendly package

no one can read this

the info is brilliant

repackage it some how - maybe in pieces like a thread

65fec2 No.211463


Barron is not attending. He has school the next day.

7248ba No.211464

File: acab70e21adb154⋯.jpg (24.39 KB, 638x115, 638:115, 0055.jpg)


1016d2 No.211465

>>211409 LOL if I knew were you lived Id video for you!



>Wonder what surprises POTUS has for us tonight? Who will he seat

0e352d No.211466


>Say when


0766ff No.211467


I posted that shit last night - it should be included at the top instead of sending it into a black hole every day


1090b7 No.211468


Is that you, Spideranon? You'll have to explain this a bit better. I got lost after the first one.

7248ba No.211469


I can't even bitch at you for posting something that spells "Labor" as "LaboUUUUUUUr" because it's your country and you can do what you want to.

Still working on finding a way out of that deadlock……

1ed2a6 No.211470


And Q also said that wouldn't happen, in the beginning when he first started posting



http:// archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/147146601/#q147166292

>POTUS will not be addressing nation on any of these issues as people begin to be indicted and must remain neutral for pure optical reasons. To suggest this is the plan is false and should be common sense.

62fd6a No.211471


Not quite there yet, but prepared is always good. I trust Q team POTUS are several steps ahead, but a cornered animal can be dangerous, and despite that Q has said, they aren't ALL stupid. With hundreds (or thousands) of years to plan world domination, I'd bet there are a handful of contingency plans that even the white hats have overlooked.

I'd love to have a more cheery outlook, but the reality is, THESE PEOPLE ARE EVIL TO THE CORE! Things may get ugly when the storm is raging full tilt.

Are you willing to lay down your life for what is good and right? Are you willing to fight (in the very real sense of the word) for your country and your president?

234eff No.211472

have we determined what APACHE refers to?

2893de No.211474



dont kill yourself

go tell some others

ef0084 No.211475

File: dd838e9dd7599b7⋯.png (556.11 KB, 603x504, 67:56, ClipboardImage.png)

1ed2a6 No.211476


several theories are put on the spreadsheet :)

241d0e No.211479

I am overwhelmed with emotion today for all my great fellow Patriots, our Country, Q, and our POTUS. What a day to be alive and witness in real time taking back our Country. The Country our founding fathers fought for. Godspeed Patriots. LET'S ROLL.

234eff No.211480


haha love ya mate!

a1cec6 No.211481


something to with Comey.

Haven't read og all yet though

c1666a No.211482



2893de No.211483




a1cec6 No.211484



Fucking foreign phone spell checker…

65fec2 No.211486


Yes, it should be common sense. People forget that this isnt reality tv (or a game).

a1e32e No.211487


>meme for ants

234eff No.211488


thank you! sorry, havent had time to browse the archives. chugging my coffee and getting to work! its a beautiful day anons

1090b7 No.211489

File: bc7322c74c47329⋯.jpg (102.63 KB, 957x959, 957:959, 5a705736cafbf.jpg)

Islam is love…

64c974 No.211490

File: 20dedacec1bc9f8⋯.jpg (214.28 KB, 500x1500, 1:3, 22xiwv.jpg)

Morale booster.


2893de No.211492


You are a fucking idiot for posting that shit

2c76c6 No.211493

File: 24086fe3550a7f7⋯.jpg (185.73 KB, 1300x898, 650:449, 3tramps.JPG)


They put codes for their followers in TV shows too; Called "Predictive Programming" by those who have spotted it.

They got so in the habit and so brazen with this that every single Media "Star" is doing the Secret Society signals.

"they are stupid"

"By their putting their codes in public they will be undone"

"they never thought they would get caught"

^^^To paraphrase some thoughts which came forward from the messages of "Q"

Goes all the way back to the 3 "tramps" // "workman" of the JFK ritual. Donit?

three ruffians // It's a [satanic / inverted] ritual of the killing of the good King. They do it over and over.

http:// whale.to/b/three_tramps.html

yes, the "Predictive Programming" went back that far too.

Rt. 66 show with Tuesday Weld. and "Manchurian Candidate" movie which was banned for years afterward. and possibly others

"As the World Turns"

I wonder what episodes led up to the "event"?

304cec No.211494


Lads and gents, i do not want to start a discussion on megs. Its counterproductive. I just want to point out that she has some inside info. What else do we have from her lately?

a33ff5 No.211495


The Guardian and Labour party are getting ahead of their terror links.

Too late, the US has everything.

Even if not legal in UK.

The Guardian crew and Corbyn crew are going to Gitmo, Diego Garcia and then ICC where appropriate.

Only the ones too stupid to realise they are sprung and think they have leverage are left.

8035c2 No.211496

>>211390 Fuck you anon i'm getting likes already so go fuck yourself in a monkey house

0ef110 No.211497

File: 31458547cedca84⋯.jpeg (354.08 KB, 1779x1001, 1779:1001, F986CCEF-1794-48BD-A590-4….jpeg)

a1cec6 No.211498


You are a fucking idiot for that post though

755c84 No.211499

File: c9a05575783074c⋯.jpg (143.41 KB, 800x500, 8:5, 23mae3.jpg)

File: 8133ad869a18294⋯.jpg (142.41 KB, 800x500, 8:5, 23mam2.jpg)

File: 3a62831bd0a655b⋯.jpg (107.58 KB, 800x500, 8:5, 23maoy.jpg)

File: 32fb1306aea4e06⋯.jpg (98.62 KB, 800x500, 8:5, 23m8un.jpg)


Made some memes and some blanks for other meme makers for this.

65fec2 No.211500


Patriots, obviously! haha

202225 No.211501

File: a1cb22bf05a83d3⋯.jpg (81.85 KB, 350x268, 175:134, lowered.jpg)


Muh. I've been persecuted for 10 minutes telling the truth to normies. I'm ready to give up because muh feelings.


7aca36 No.211502


One this is sure, that it does NOT refer to one of the hundreds of open source applications that are developed under the umbrella of the Apache Foundation.

There has to be more than a coincidence between the sequence of letters and the name of something. And since the drop is only the one word, it is most likely connected to other drops, not anything new.

Not to mention the specific current events. If there are two meanings that lead to the same person/event that is even more likely

8f25df No.211503


This shows how divided the d party is right now.

We should be memeing about it - one message for whites and another message for black? I thought they were the inclusive party. Why 2 messages - very devisive

1ed2a6 No.211504


Been studying psychological warfare for 30 years. You keep doing what doesn't work, let us know how many that wins over for POTUS. Meanwhile those with IQs over 100 will do what works.

09d875 No.211507


4th time for me today

c1666a No.211508




a33ff5 No.211509

Corbyn has a big mouth.

That he grassed on the IRA should tell you how stupid he is.

Couldn't keep his mouth shut.

If he keeps his kneecaps it will surprise everyone.

Lot of Irish are going to get killed because of him.

That super grass getting his sentence reduced in the news is a cover.

Corbyn is a massive rat.

188e18 No.211510

File: ff3ed28f3e8f557⋯.png (561.9 KB, 888x888, 1:1, CATHERDERS.png)

>guyz you have to use this hashtag

>be nice

>don't do this

>this board should (x)




<cat herders never lead by example






304cec No.211511


Steve is that you?

0766ff No.211512


happened to me too - thought 8ch was down, but I cleared the history & restarted and it's ok now

630adc No.211513

File: 8931a3e32022f7e⋯.png (88.62 KB, 800x800, 1:1, treason001.png)

File: 78eb24e3780e727⋯.png (150.6 KB, 800x800, 1:1, UnSafe-Place001.png)

1ed2a6 No.211514


No worries - it's there so you don't have to read 3-4 threads (or more) to catch up!

KISS principle ←- my philosophy

2c76c6 No.211515

File: 6b65179368f0da3⋯.jpg (38.46 KB, 460x400, 23:20, naturalbornkillers.jpg)


The "ruffian" in the middle is said to be Harrelson, the father of Woody.

Harrelson's father was a hit man.

"Natural Born Killers " ? Inside joke?

82e759 No.211517

File: 33e53fcce3576ef⋯.png (30.75 KB, 272x373, 272:373, crappypepe.png)



The whole time i'm making it, i'm thinking: Gotta make it smaller for the phonehomos.

The problem is, i'm using MSPaint on my work laptop and it's 2am.

Spread the word anon.

Was this event in Kabul a simple car bomb, or a rescue mission by /ourguys/?

0766ff No.211518


Ok give me a few mins

dc1370 No.211519

File: 80a73b7dd051a14⋯.png (556.31 KB, 830x498, 5:3, 1517327748213.png)

File: e6be78020fa2821⋯.png (495.18 KB, 830x469, 830:469, 1517327821197.png)

f0b9b2 No.211522

Keeping an eye on this one.

Seems to be heading towards GITMO even though it's RAF.

ZZ333 43C6F6

Royal Air Force RR2162

United Kingdom Military

Airbus Voyager KC3 A332

89a0ae No.211523

Anons, I missed what APACHE is thought to mean.

ef0084 No.211524

File: e741c0a798d9ca4⋯.png (376.76 KB, 598x402, 299:201, ClipboardImage.png)

2893de No.211525


thank you for the amazing work

maybe a flow chart in powerpoint

65fec2 No.211526


Last night we talked about maybe that it was an action code in response to activating the sleeper cells.

1ed2a6 No.211528


Nope, not a Steve.

a33ff5 No.211529

Corbyn's biggest problem is he has agreed to give up the top of the IRA for older crimes to avoid flak for Iran ties. Especially drug and human trafficking ties.

There is a window while that deal is finalised that leaves him vulnerable.

53b9c1 No.211530

74d31f No.211531

File: 8e369ec0bbb1436⋯.jpeg (52.2 KB, 500x500, 1:1, D96089C6-FBFC-4BA3-B08A-3….jpeg)

b5942a No.211532


Maybe OP RED FLAG is a cover for an incoming from Trump / May deal at WEF18?

0e352d No.211533

2 DACA recipients arrested over suspicion of human smuggling

Two Dreamers who were living in the U.S. under the Obama-era DACA program were arrested last week on suspicion of human smuggling in separate incidents, federal officials reportedly said.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported Monday that one of the men was in the country under the program and the other’s program had expired.

The report said that one incident occurred last Wednesday when a resident near Torrey Pines State Beach observed what looked like human smuggling.

Border agents pulled over a vehicle and found the driver—who was the 20-year-old DACA recipient whose status expired. He reportedly admitted to smuggling after two Mexican nationals in the country illegally were found in the car.

http:// www.foxnews.com/us/2018/01/30/2-daca-recipients-arrested-over-suspicion-human-smuggling-report.html

3fc289 No.211534

File: 6b28c00d3f689f8⋯.png (1.18 MB, 4167x2083, 4167:2083, Important_Memo_Being_relea….png)

89a0ae No.211535


Got it, thank you

faf278 No.211536

https:// truepundit. com/democrat-mega-donor-tied-hillary-john-podesta-soros-now-target-sexual-assault-investigation/

https:// truepundit. com/wray-probes-evidence-tampering-blackmail-political-favors-inside-fbi-mccabe-faces-immediate-termination/

09d875 No.211537


It seems to be related to this

https:// www.business2community.com/us-news/donald-trump-ordering-pizza-tiny-pizzas-top-affair-stormy-daniels-satire-01999555

There are other twatter accounts with similar names

8f25df No.211538

Hansjorg Wyss - Swiss billionaire - mega Dem donor - NJ township reopens sexual assault investigation tied to HRC/JP

Company named Synthes (sounds creepy) and foundation of course - Wyss Foundation.

Never heard of this guy, but sounds important in our research.



f5e6a8 No.211539

File: f67e4bfa83ac279⋯.jpg (132.79 KB, 800x536, 100:67, Z-320.jpg)

File: c1b815fb43a6bfa⋯.jpg (250.1 KB, 960x637, 960:637, Z-321.jpg)

File: a4bc8ca33d8cbd8⋯.jpg (94.25 KB, 655x353, 655:353, Z-322.jpg)

File: 31654bd8bc39c49⋯.jpg (135.63 KB, 900x569, 900:569, Z-323.jpg)

File: 879345b9c505fa0⋯.jpg (454.9 KB, 1600x1067, 1600:1067, Z-325.jpg)




Pump these out

587a81 No.211540


Maybe trooping flight into Belize.

1ed2a6 No.211541



Jeremy Corbyn?

e69b17 No.211542

File: a5f46f3fa5ea9da⋯.png (77.88 KB, 311x311, 1:1, 9266F31E-4098-44CE-8BD0-D5….png)

c380ad No.211543


Here's an idea faggot, don't just post bitching about something, offer a solution. You got a better hashtag? Let's hear it. No? Then stfu.

e2b612 No.211544

File: ad16be9e1df4060⋯.png (340.78 KB, 634x480, 317:240, cOMEYS.png)



THIS is the Comey - APACHE connection!

The crime that haunts James Comey: How the former FBI director and his brother were held hostage as teenagers in their New Jersey home at gunpoint by a deranged rapist - who has NEVER been caught

Decades before James Comey became director of the FBI, the teenager and his younger brother were held hostage in their home by a deranged rapist who targeted teenaged babysitters – and who has never been caught.

The ‘horrifying’ incident, which Comey said haunted him for years, resulted in the hasty arrest of a local construction worker who had multiple alibis and was later let go by a grand jury.

First, the investigation caught the attention of Tom Brown, Jr., a local ‘tracker’ who claimed he was taught how to follow wood tracks by an APACHE shaman. Brown claimed that footprints and other traces of disturbances in the woods near Comey’s home – including hair strands and fragments of clothing – led to a house owned by the sibling of a man named Bruce Ader, Sr., a 39-year-old construction worker.


Comey is on the left in photo

First Post of 2

52c235 No.211545


Keep it stupid simple

f570da No.211546

File: e8449cadcef5eae⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 1600x1154, 800:577, hbtm0.jpg)




sure this could look better, but… :P

188e18 No.211547

File: 2758867b39449b5⋯.png (362.16 KB, 888x555, 8:5, CouldYouSleepIfYoudReadThe….png)

File: a7425701b3478d5⋯.png (725.4 KB, 777x1059, 259:353, HoldMyHand.png)

c380ad No.211548


Also, "been studying 30 years" fuck off back to reddit with that bullshit. No one cares.

630adc No.211549

File: 6f1a71c14830133⋯.png (269.6 KB, 505x433, 505:433, UnSafe-Place.png)

a15f45 No.211550

More Russia, Russia, Russia

https:// www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/jan/30/trump-russia-collusion-fbi-cody-shearer-memo

0e352d No.211551


Dems are using MW to target the black community! Kennedy is being used for whitey Liberals!

603fc2 No.211552

The More People that Know about what is "Really Going on" & What Trump is up Against, the Faster we get the Masses on Board with the Plan of Taking Back America… Even Dems will switch sides when GIVEN the True Facts ! Trust in your fellow Patriots & it they Get Crazy We Got All the Guns Anyway…LMAO !

e2b612 No.211553




Here's a better article with more detail about that night – the guy they arrested for the rape was innocent…


The story of the Comey boys and the Ramsey Rapist imparts another lesson, one that has never been fully reported and that James himself may not know. This accompanying lesson began two days after the break-in, when a civilian volunteer who the police would describe as a “woodsman” and tracker set to following the gunman’s trail through the area that the small army of searchers had trampled.

The woodsman was 27-year-old Tom Brown, Jr. and he would later say that he had acquired his expertise from a wandering Apache shaman scout named Stalking Wolf. The tale as told by Brown was that Stalking Wolf had been 20 when “a vision sent him away from his people” and “for the next 63 years he wandered, seeking teachers and learning the old ways of many native peoples” until he encountered “a small boy gathering fossils in a stream bed.”

“He recognized that boy as the person with whom he would spend his final years, and to whom he would teach all he knew,” Brown would later attest. “That boy was Tom Brown, Jr. Tom became the recipient of not only all that Stalking Wolf had learned during his travels, but the distillation of hundreds of years of Apache culture as well.”

“Brown played an important role, he did a very excellent job for us,” Allendale Police Chief Frank Parenti subsequently told the press.

Tom Brown Jr, the Apache guy, now owns this: www.trackerschool.com/about/about

d8e638 No.211554


Fuck off with the Meganon bullshit.

43a07b No.211555

File: cbd290a41ae1611⋯.jpeg (339.45 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, C_OMBFyWsAQ2kar.jpg-large.jpeg)

File: 7f7591b8263137f⋯.jpeg (87.85 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, DAMyDlNVoAI_vkn.jpg-large.jpeg)


My autism started tingling like mad when you posted this. I'm pretty sure i saw this guy when i was parsing through twitter followers of people who were connected to the memo a few days ago. I can't remember which, but i know he's from the south and his name is Taylor Sears. I do not know for sure its the same guy, but the odd things were he had an old myspace profile. He was military and he war this weird red pin on his lapel

e69b17 No.211556

File: 60a21a51a86e6c5⋯.png (42.66 KB, 235x287, 235:287, 0C8A2F11-2868-4AAA-BA39-24….png)

File: 08e2519cc114238⋯.png (46.83 KB, 212x286, 106:143, Screenshot from 2018-01-30….png)

755c84 No.211557

File: 821a1f1f79b8152⋯.jpg (26.22 KB, 476x374, 14:11, DUzQBVzWkAAspPG.jpg)

Selfie tweet from 4 mins ago, on Dan Bongino's twitter.

They look happy.

29ed3c No.211558


I figured already that James Comey had taken a big one up the Hersey Highway some where along the way in his fucked up sick perverted life.

Or maybe he just suck wieners at the time. I know he likes cream in his coffe and glaze on his doughnuts!!!!

0e352d No.211559


Hussein and Mueller are holding hands or is that photoshopped? so gay!

f0b9b2 No.211560



Another anon's findings.

43a07b No.211561


He also shaved his head for some cancer kids benefit. He didn't look creepy there at all.

8588fe No.211563

File: c90d81bba66d430⋯.jpg (108.18 KB, 833x468, 833:468, Win2.jpg)

I just had to get this out of my head, following last night's vote.

be2367 No.211564


> studying psychological warfare for 30 years

then you should have realized that an

appeal to authority type arguement doesn't work very well here

debate tactics

mind control techniques

seen 'em


89a0ae No.211565


Friggin weird

61979b No.211566

File: d4814c99393d078⋯.jpg (116.26 KB, 671x1125, 671:1125, ZomboMeme 30012018110333.jpg)

0e352d No.211567


They were all on Fox & Friends this morning!

e2b612 No.211568


there is definitely some weird brother fuckery going on here

1ed2a6 No.211569

File: a1b7cfdd3732ba6⋯.jpg (214.39 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, FISA MEMO - oh schiff.jpg)


Wording on the bottom is confusing

>Why Congress wanted it released and why they don't

Here's one on the same issue

f69a3f No.211570


gracious Sarah. She takes alot of darts that she doesnt deserve.

d8e638 No.211571


You retard, WEF18 is already over.

3fc289 No.211573

File: a2bfc349d24bd1d⋯.jpeg (97.19 KB, 1200x567, 400:189, Plain_sight.jpg-large.jpeg)

1090b7 No.211575


Still, very nice, anon! Keep it up!

0fcce9 No.211576

http:// www.apache.org/


Flink is an open source system for expressive, declarative, fast, and efficient data analysis. It combines the scalability and programming flexibility of distributed MapReduce-like platforms with the efficiency, out-of-core execution, and query optimization capabilities found in parallel databases.

Learn More…


The Apache Qpid (http:// qpid.apache.org) community is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Apache Qpid Proton 0.20.0.

Apache Qpid Proton is a messaging library for the Advanced Message…

89a0ae No.211577


Amazing pic

8588fe No.211578

File: 0cd0b40536a30e4⋯.jpg (96.64 KB, 833x468, 833:468, Win3.jpg)

d6c39f No.211579


Not sure if y'all aware but

Impeachment adverts funded by billionaire Tom Steyer will run during Trump's State of the Union address

http:// www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/donald-trump-state-of-the-union-address-latest-updates-impeachment-commercials-billionaire-donor-tom-a8184606.html

570016 No.211580


God I love Tucker Carlson. What a talented and decent man.

630adc No.211581



0c3d1b No.211582


RE: Memes that show politician’s Salary vs. Net Worth, need a little more “umpfh”, imho.

When I read them, of course, the salaries don’t jive with the net worths, BUT my mind instantly goes to the argument that they are married and could have successful, rich spouses. This rational explanation negates the message.

Just a thought….any ideas? I truly LOVE those memes, can we work on this?

4f98c7 No.211583

There is not going to be any red meat in the SoTU speech. The purpose is to red-pill the masses slowly. The FBI is corrupt is phase one (memo). Probably IRS or maybe DOJ next. Followed by… who knows? EPA? Eventually, it goes to Dept of State. From there to Hillary, and then to Obama.

If 41020 says today that HagfishHill or Oblamer is corrupt, he loses 45% of the blue pills permanently.

Think this through, folks. It must be done slowly, no matter how long YOU have been red-pilled. Most of the country is still in the dark.

65fec2 No.211584


This is exactly what they do!!!

8588fe No.211585


Great! Now do one for Sociopaths, saying that it's always someone else's fault but theirs.

d7ee87 No.211586

Are we organized on Hastags, Memes, launchtime or what…. Its GAMEDAY WTF are we doing.

1090b7 No.211587

File: fb7dfa68700d8d6⋯.jpg (254.22 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, Charlize Theron.jpg)

File: 5e9c8a3f5eea34a⋯.jpg (391.57 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, Charlize Theron2.jpg)

Meme batter.

9a16f9 No.211588


Seems legit.

79ab83 No.211589


Where is "Recent Habbenings?"

0fcce9 No.211591

f0b9b2 No.211592


Now she has a pretty face.

65fec2 No.211593


Haha now try dealing with someone who is both a psychopath and a sociopath!

2893de No.211594


on what channel???

f5e6a8 No.211595

File: 2dec5fd40c00336⋯.jpg (58.93 KB, 530x312, 265:156, Z-317.jpg)

File: fec1b175ced0e5e⋯.jpg (180.99 KB, 800x542, 400:271, Z-318.jpg)

File: 64c33868ffdb466⋯.jpg (81.51 KB, 456x294, 76:49, Z-319.jpg)





Pump these out

9a16f9 No.211596


Fuck them. Truth bombs will make them look desperate.

e2b612 No.211597


>The story of the Comey boys and the Ramsey Rapist

The only one who identified the innocent neighbor in a lineup was "one of the Comey boys"…of course they're not sure which one… this was his first cover up

53b9c1 No.211598

https:// truepundit.com/paul-ryan-calls-cleanse-fbi-backs-surveillance-memo-release/

68e805 No.211600

File: 2e36f567c60eb2f⋯.jpg (122.88 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, a9d80f7ads98f0as7df8d9_wp3.jpg)

File: 59ac30921ee5361⋯.jpg (20.29 KB, 351x358, 351:358, f6b27602798d8f1edf250789d4….jpg)

File: 89d789a76c4af63⋯.jpg (164.91 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, fs89g7sd98g7df98sg7df98g7.jpg)

File: 4c0156f94d76c90⋯.jpg (276.08 KB, 1379x719, 1379:719, df7g6a8s5dfg76ds5g786ds5f6….jpg)

2893de No.211601

https:// ww w.theregister.co.uk/2016/06/22/cia_invests_in_apache_spark/


603fc2 No.211602


I will spread them if someone makes them….. 39-40 Picks per Facebook Group Works well….. "spread these For God & Country" Thanks to the Makers….. & the bakers ! LOL !

1ed2a6 No.211603



The other hashtags are good because they aren't nakedly partisan. It would be incredibly stupid and counter-productive to make a big push with a very obvious partisan hashtag.


Is is helpful if we push people away - the very people he really needs to win over? (not talking about the unreachable 4-6%)

In order to be successful with the task POTUS chose us for, we need to do what WORKS and stop doing what doesn't. Not sure how much more I can dumb it down for you.


> debate tactics

> mind control techniques

Way to miss the point.

Advertising works because it uses certain principles - they do what WORKS. We have s hort amount of time to do this and be successful. We can waste time by making insulting memes that only rile up our opponents, cause them to circle the wagons, dig in and ignore reality.


We can do what fucking works, make memes that guide them to a different POV, that uses marketing and psychological principles to get them to get behind POTUS' programs and actions.

a9581b No.211604


Thank you for brief summary. That makes sense now.

65fec2 No.211605

Did we still need a baker for the next bread?

0fcce9 No.211606



Open. Innovation. Community.

Are you powered by Apache? The answer is most likely “yes”.

Apache projects serve as the backbone for some of the world's most visible and widely used

applications in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, Big Data, Build Management, Cloud

Computing, Content Management, DevOps, IoT and Edge Computing, Mobile, Servers, and Web

Frameworks, among other categories.

Dependency on Apache projects for critical applications cannot go underestimated, from the 2.6-

terabyte, Pulitzer Prize-winning Panama Papers investigation to system-wide information

management at the US Federal Aviation Administration to capturing 500B events each day at

Netflix to enabling real-time financial services at Lloyds Banking Group to simplifying mobile

application development across Android/Blackberry/iOS/Ubuntu/Windows/Windows Phone/OS X

platforms to processing requests at Facebook’s 300-petabyte data warehouse to powering clouds

for Apple, Disney, Huawei, Tata, and countless others.

Every day, more programmers, solutions architects, individual users, educators, researchers,

corporations, government agencies, and enthusiasts around the world are choosing Apache

software for development tools, libraries, frameworks, visualizers, end-user productivity solutions,

and more.

Advancing the ASF’s mission of providing software for the public good, momentum over the past

fiscal year includes:

 35M page views per week across apache.org;

 Web requests received from every Internet-connected country on the planet;

 Apache OpenOffice exceeded 200M downloads;

 Apache Groovy downloaded 12M times during the first 4 months of 2017;

 Nearly 300 new code contributors and 300-400 new people filing issues each month

Bringing value has been a driving force behind Apache’s diverse projects. The ASF's 100M functional

lines of code (out of 150M+ total) have been developed over 65,000 person years, and are valued at

US$7B. Apache OpenOffice brings a value of over $25M to individual and organizational users each

day. One of the most popular Open Source licenses is the commercially-friendly Apache License,

under which millions of software solutions have been distributed to allow for their redistribution

and usage.

89a0ae No.211607


Wonder what his brother is up to these days

f0b9b2 No.211608



the one in front of GITMO!

e2b612 No.211609

File: 0161c716cdb5327⋯.png (366.63 KB, 580x386, 290:193, ClipboardImage.png)


this is what she used to look like

1ed2a6 No.211610


Think about the end user, anon - the person on twatter… are those memes something that anyone would RT?

1016d2 No.211613

Where do we get memes that are ready to go? and what hashtags do we use until further notified.

79ab83 No.211614



This is absolutely NOT how to read the markers.

These are not even markers.

Go back.

Read [ALL OF] Q, then post.

f570da No.211615

File: 97fd34dc178bb24⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 1600x1154, 800:577, hbtm2.jpg)

82e759 No.211617

>>211260 thank you baker

Can you please consider adding part 2 to the Notable Posts in the dough?






e2b612 No.211618

File: adbe290761c47df⋯.jpg (65.52 KB, 607x548, 607:548, gaslighting2.jpg)

b022bb No.211619

File: 9f8db939c00ef4b⋯.jpg (335.09 KB, 1754x1240, 877:620, adam.jpg)

65fec2 No.211621

File: 99eb7481c35cb92⋯.jpg (259.61 KB, 2400x1200, 2:1, rtx3bu60.png.jpg)

Getting ready for the SOTU like….

8588fe No.211622

File: e80ea06f8624770⋯.jpg (96.96 KB, 551x550, 551:550, Red Arrow.jpg)

File: e9ff42653a02406⋯.jpg (247.47 KB, 1643x561, 1643:561, yahoo70_8.jpg)

Yahoo70 seen over Bolivia. I know that the German Air Force were there yesterday, as I logged GAF686 leaving there. Hmm…

faf278 No.211623


SOTU runs commercial free, no cutaways

d8e638 No.211624


Apparently Peter Comey works in Law Firm that helps do CF's taxes…

bigleaguepolitics .com/james-comeys-brother-works-law-firm-clinton-foundations-taxes/

c380ad No.211625


OK genius. I'm gonna follow POTUSs lead and play for keeps. You keep being a beta, not that you can help it. Do you really think we got this far listening to "experts" on here? No.

Thanks for your opinion professor, now go eat a bowl of dicks.

0e352d No.211626

File: 7ea03937fa9471a⋯.png (495.22 KB, 613x407, 613:407, ClipboardImage.png)



same woman! :)

74d31f No.211627


Yeah well I started off in the navy went war. Got out went to work for a shipyard . Luxury ships. In Norfolk. Shades as fauk . Started contracting for a guy I found out was a pimp. When the captain on these ships come back into port . He would throw parties for them at the Marriott hotel in Norfolk. He wen to jail for it , never rated on the gov guys. Did his six years and got out. Now with the gov guys owing him , he begins to gain million dollar contracts. I move three boxes 12 ft and charged the gov 750k just to rewrier three boxes (starter) found out about all the gov corruption. Smoking weed with the contract writer fro Squadron 20 . Met a woman there and dated for six years she lived in Palo Alto . Business on San Bruno by the airport . Me my daughters mother split . This woman wanted to buy my daughter for me for 175k . When she did this it made me start paying close attention. She is part of 14k and still is. I was told about the Cantonese people. I come back home after my ptsd tbi started taking control. Six years I am here with the VA. Trying to get help trying to be a father to my daughter. Since I have been in Atlanta I have seen two Vet die bot SF guys both made to be drug attics in the Atlanta papers . My friend you tell me I am stupid. I would gladly give you my life if you think that your is much worse. My girlfriend was arrested last May. On these charges . Also her family members.

The woman in San Francisco was arrested and also her family members for thrown a baby in the trash can. These people are involved . I know what the face of my enemy looks like. The mere fact you would question what I say tells me your here for fun and do not have any connection to these people. You don’t really know . If you did my words would not seem so stupid.

65fec2 No.211628


Come to the op room.


4f98c7 No.211629

I still like the Apache = Geronimo (Bin Laden Op name, coincidentally) = person who defied US Government then evaded capture = Snowden.

Apache might mean "Round up Snowden." Many of Q's recents have been directed at him.

Just an idea that some other anon came up with shortly after the Q posts. I think it makes sense. It's simple and Q doesn't really do "hard," just "obscured." This is obscure enough without being totally bizarre.

1090b7 No.211630

1ed2a6 No.211633


Sure buddy, go ahead and do the exact opposite of what has tried (obviously unsuccessfully) to hammer into anons' heads.

>It's not R vs D

Keep us posted on your results.

68e805 No.211634

File: a58125c44c5ea1c⋯.jpg (456.64 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, f89dsa7f9ds87f98sd7f98sd7f.jpg)

be2367 No.211635


>certain principles

>We can do what fucking works,

you mean like mr. edward bernays work?

you missed my point

appearl to authority

with 30 years experience under my belt you should listen to MY opinion…

>blah blah blah

persuasion is a fine art that isn't the same as advertising

ccbfde No.211636

https:// twitter.com/USArmy/status/956200001528582144

0fcce9 No.211637


>Dependency on Apache projects for critical applications cannot go underestimated, from the 2.6-

>terabyte, Pulitzer Prize-winning Panama Papers investigation to system-wide information

>management at the US Federal Aviation Administration to capturing 500B events each day at

>Netflix to enabling real-time financial services at Lloyds Banking Group to simplifying mobile

>application development across Android/Blackberry/iOS/Ubuntu/Windows/Windows Phone/OS X

>platforms to processing requests at Facebook’s 300-petabyte data warehouse to powering clouds

>for Apple, Disney, Huawei, Tata, and countless others.

e69b17 No.211638

File: 9587352eea397c9⋯.jpg (214.05 KB, 728x409, 728:409, CA829906-1147-4EBE-B127-DE….jpg)



>gracious Sarah. She takes alot of darts that she doesnt deserve.

>God I love Tucker Carlson. What a talented and decent man.

8588fe No.211640

File: 46c70cf370be259⋯.jpg (251.74 KB, 1355x956, 1355:956, Yahoo70_9.jpg)

Flightaware shows it having left Argentina. U wonder why that might be..?

3fc289 No.211641

File: 89bf99708dd121d⋯.png (1.24 MB, 4167x2083, 4167:2083, Important_Memo_Being_relea….png)

less confusing?

c284b4 No.211642




a93fe3 No.211644

File: 0257f2feddec7e2⋯.png (458.83 KB, 629x647, 629:647, apache-army.png)



4f98c7 No.211645


And your point? A fukking operating system is what Q meant? I could put up even more "impressive" stats about Windows or IOS. That means nothing at all.

68e805 No.211646

File: 26882e6d7190c97⋯.jpg (36.2 KB, 317x450, 317:450, d7s8fg6dsf78g6fd87gf6d.jpg)

c4c154 No.211647


Iron Eagle**

603fc2 No.211648


OK Everybody to the Trump Towers we will hang out there with friends so we all don't go Crazy waiting…….

8d5c61 No.211649


>elite mental gymnastics

1e1cce No.211650

File: 3ac0ba87bc33979⋯.jpg (16.07 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 16d.jpg)

234eff No.211651

File: 147e99314072531⋯.png (3.89 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 903F90B2-70E5-40B0-A2D1-C2….png)

Hmmmmm, I think we got our answer

188e18 No.211652


if you do something good,

other will follow.

if you tell others to do things,

you're not doing

5a994e No.211653


So you tell me what is so stupid? What do I have to loose that I have not already. Please don’t say my life. It was dead six years ago when I lost my daughter. Duck you fuck deal team six and fuck squad 20

d2a58f No.211654


i think we have a winner .

1016d2 No.211655

I came over from research_ so these are to be blasted during the SOTU

c34c8e No.211656


Almost as good as the tweet about the donkey that kept escaping. What did they’d name it again?

79ab83 No.211657


Very interdesting.

65fec2 No.211658


AKA we are going to kick the bad guys ass!

188e18 No.211659

>>211644 >>211651



0007f0 No.211660



68e805 No.211662

1e67cb No.211663

Wonder if stocks dropping today is intentional (cabal) due to POTUS SOTU?

f8fa33 No.211664

Here's an interesting article about the Grammys and awards shows in general losing viewership. It almost suggests they sacrifice one of their top talents the night before an awards show in order to appease the ratings gods. The article ends with a "veiled threat" to Jimmy Kimmel to get the ratings up for Oscar night.

https:// www.msn.com/en-us/music/grammy/grammys-ratings-woes-worse-than-they-appear-a-bad-sign-for-oscars/ar-BBIqgFw?li=BBnb4R7&ocid=spartanntp

d8e638 No.211665


Trying to crash the economy in a last ditch effort?


Fail, if so.

1ed2a6 No.211666


You are intentionally ignoring the point. But go right ahead and carry on.

e2b612 No.211667



That's interesting and yet predictable…they're all connected. I am going to dig on his father

9e2f87 No.211668



Please refer to me as Apache.

960ba1 No.211669





Dude, that's her from the movie, "Monster"

8045bd No.211670


could be a trap. It's how I would herd trolls.

188e18 No.211671




8588fe No.211672

Wings of the Apache would have been a great film if it didn't have Nicholas Cage in it.

2893de No.211673


so i posted this about an hour and a half ago and no one blinks asks me the relevance

now it shows up and jesus christ we have our answer

like i said

level 11 vs level 3


c380ad No.211674


OK. You do the same with your beta crusade to tell everyone to stop using #obamagate because of the feels. Thanks again professor for your weighty anonymous opinion. Now, go eat a bowl of dicks.

17390d No.211675


I do like it, it is the truth, but Normies will use it as the race card. Nice though and truthful

630adc No.211676


Oh my.

759ac0 No.211677

U.S. business groups are pushing a Senate bill that would let companies import an unlimited number of government-subsidized, foreign graduates to replace middle-class American employees.

The middle-class outsourcing bill would allow CEOs and investors to cut payroll for American college graduates, then spike their profits and stock options at the lifetime expense of the American middle-class.

http: //www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/01/29/tech-firms-immigration-bill-threatens-college-grad-salaries/

d2a58f No.211679

https:// www.pscp.tv/w/1MYxNjwlZrox w

dilley live now the break is last letter w

8588fe No.211680

File: a4c48d9167313cb⋯.png (132.23 KB, 600x600, 1:1, kekistan_air_force_helo.png)

We're gonna need us some of these, any takers?

17390d No.211682


Unleash the Hounds, Fire and Fury are coming for these evil bastards. How glorious is GEOTUS.

375189 No.211683

File: 5670968fd8e089c⋯.png (452.59 KB, 741x726, 247:242, ClipboardImage.png)

f8fa33 No.211684


Wednesday, the day after SOTU?

4f98c7 No.211685


Well, they MUST bring them in.

"You see, Senator, I can't find any good Ruby programmers with 15 years of experience for $25,000 per year. I need more foreign visas to bring them in from Bangladesh."

It's not their fault!

4d8ffd No.211686


Yep, they were part of the Iron Eagle Team.


17390d No.211688


Kek lmao

d8e638 No.211689


STFU you self-important ego-centric faggot.

2893de No.211690


fuck you retard

look the short bus is in front of your house

0fcce9 No.211691


I think this is what (((they))) are using for data collection its hooked in to everything

a1e32e No.211692

File: 9b3d8603ccae050⋯.jpg (215.92 KB, 995x660, 199:132, 1507052503782.jpg)

7aca36 No.211693


Brown tracks rapist and leads police to wrong guy. Brown is 27yo, the year he gets married. Serial rapists often stop when they get in a steady relationship. So was Brown the rapist?

Is Brown Catholic like Comey? If so then there may be a Jesuit/Illuminati connection. DId Comey ever go to Brown's tracker training?

The two boys said they were afraid of dying. We know that MKUltra and Illuminati coming of age, start with torture and require the subject to believe they are going to die.

Brown and bro, went out back window, then around to front where a neighbor "just happened" to be outside. Could the neighbor have been watching the whole affair to help TPTP choose which boy to give a full initiation to?

If anyone is in Jersey and can investigate Brown more fully, this might lead somewhere. If so, best to start a separate thread.

1ed2a6 No.211694


Yes, good job


There are people making memes using sound principles, there are others slapping words on text with no composition, unaesthetic, and no one will use them, there are others busy making partisan memes that will make POTUS' and Q's jobs harder. There are people making memes that will actually help POTUS.

>Do what works

>Do what doesn't

Each anon's choice.

I've made a lot of memes that will actually help POTUS, so I am in fact, doing. Others are also.

I am not going to use the #Obamagate hashtag because it is very counter-productive. Others are free to use it and harm POTUS and make his job more difficult.

0e352d No.211696


I know that!

9ee485 No.211698

File: d2869253d6a6faf⋯.jpg (43.22 KB, 489x750, 163:250, DUwcZmFVMAAhw8U.jpg)

Expel the Darkness

be2367 No.211699

>>211666 (cheKEKed satanic trips)

I got your point entirely anon,

>you don't sell the product by pissing on the customer

I'll let you in on a little secret anon, we are not selling a product here,

there are some who can be persuaded by facts and there are others who need to be jolted out of their rut, and some that will never convert

>4%~6% lost

0012a7 No.211700

wow, crumbs last night after i went to bed.

awesome, kinda scary about sleeper cells, i hope thats white hat sleeper cells!

1016d2 No.211702

are there any memes in the meme room that we can use for now until we get ready for the SOTU blitz? and what are good hashtags right now?

759ac0 No.211703


Maybe being India and Communist China can replace these workers. They have at JP Morgan.

did you notice the Pakastani IT guy. AS american engineers and workers getting food stamps

375189 No.211704


The Apache pilot can be at Forward Fuel Point while on ground, send out drone for [non-lethal] survelliance, then go in for the attack with the AH-64 E

f0b9b2 No.211705

Got this off the coast of Portugal:

LX-N90453 4D03CB


NATO Military

Boeing E-3A Sentry E3CF

2893de No.211706



just some fucking respect

like the lack of it when i said the clintons were in hawaii on the fifth of january and it magically gets printed in the press ten days later

i fucking proved i have intelligence and connections so STFU

0fcce9 No.211707


>Apache projects serve as the backbone for some of the world's most visible and widely used

>applications in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, Big Data, Build Management, Cloud

>Computing, Content Management, DevOps, IoT and Edge Computing, Mobile, Servers, and Web

>Frameworks, among other categories.

96ca53 No.211708


are you talking about the rebuttal speech by dems? it's a kennedy

otherwise I'm lost. trying to catch up on earlier breads

7aca36 No.211710


I question whether there is any point at all putting a hashtag in a graphical meme. Hashtags are something that only works in the text message of a tweet.

43a07b No.211711


There is something weird about the one. The myspace profile of the sears guy hadn't been active for years a few nights ago. its been wiped down to just a profile pic now.

b4cbe6 No.211713


What you squids don’t want to talk shot now that I’m calling you out by name. I have zero fear of you. There is nothing you can do to me that God has not done already . I am dead. So use me as a weapon. I will go the distance

96ca53 No.211714


Just don't get arrested

759ac0 No.211716


Space X loves foreigners to replace American Engineers!!!!

3b8933 No.211718

I finally got some sleep after Q drops last night.

What's the plan for today?

0f5cbf No.211719



188e18 No.211720



i think it just makes it more visible.

but absolutely not necessary: ideally, the meme works without it.

don't understand why some anons wait/ask for specific hashtagged pics - or ask permission from the war room to do anything, for that matter.

9ee485 No.211721

File: d801c36aff5c22a⋯.jpg (236.34 KB, 1157x1157, 1:1, DUwcYVKU8AAbyDS.jpg)

Expel the Rot and Decay

d64b32 No.211722


I would be shocked, having read some Mr. Brown, he seems like a pretty awesome guy.

53b9c1 No.211723

Yemen’s Houthi rebels on Tuesday allegedly fired a long-range ballistic missile towards Riyadh’s King Khalid International Airport, the Houthi-controlled Saba news agency said.

29530f No.211724

File: f1a1f235f6aedd1⋯.jpg (91.87 KB, 492x867, 164:289, Apache Freedom.jpg)

0766ff No.211725


it's a convocation!

8693e9 No.211726

Well that was weird.

1ed2a6 No.211728


Have wondered that, too as it makes the graphic obsolete when the hastag is no longer being used, necessitating editing of the graphic or making a new one.

So which way is better? Hashtag on the graphic or no?

8045bd No.211729

File: e8b51545f8bc0d1⋯.jpg (280.58 KB, 1599x1323, 533:441, ah-64d_apache_longbow.jpg)

64489e No.211730

File: beb1200b77f1445⋯.png (476.76 KB, 3020x1690, 302:169, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at ….png)

File: f479fdcf97dc174⋯.png (2.8 MB, 3348x1744, 837:436, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at ….png)

Finally found a flight going to Diego Garcia. Been watching this place for weeks with no traffic during periods I can planefag. ATI flight from Bahrain. DG is located below the 'e' in Ocean. Ran out of zoom room that would include the plane.

0766ff No.211731

why is it so fucking difficult to post today??

26c6de No.211732

File: f66a1c7f418cccd⋯.png (317.04 KB, 402x399, 134:133, 1510873492342.png)

Friendly reminder that with something extremely vague like the APACHE. post, we need to be able to step back and consider that we are barking up the wrong tree entirely.

I'm seeing many theories trying to figure it out. None of these theories closely correlate with each other, they have large leaps faith to get from one point to the other, and none of them seem to correlate closely to the current events.

News > past. This message might have meaning later. Be willing to adjust fire if you reach a dead end.

Other than that, keep on doing what you're doing. We are a hivemind, perfect for exploring all avenues of possibility.

cabbb1 No.211733

File: ae8c4ead55cccc1⋯.jpg (24.37 KB, 315x420, 3:4, meatpopsicle.jpg)




I identify as a meat popsicle

bdb1bc No.211734

>>211726 How long was it down for you?

759ac0 No.211735


American Engineers and employees are stupid to learn Ruby? Hey lets open the border and teach these foreigners and replace them with our ideals.

8693e9 No.211736


Both boards just went down for me for 5 minutes 502 and 522 errors.

a7e3a5 No.211739


Future provides the past.

I'm pretty sure we won't get it until it has become past

8693e9 No.211740


5 minutes. Just completely down.

8b25ab No.211741

I would like to suggest some memes about the Awans, and the Spy Ring in Congress. It seems to have been swept under the rug lately. Let's remind folks that the Dems were not concerned with our National Security when they hired them. Now all of a sudden they are concerned about it, with release of this memo.


f0b9b2 No.211742



Check first letter of these names.

188e18 No.211743

File: bb66f1c77e1f536⋯.jpg (33.58 KB, 500x436, 125:109, BOTH.jpg)


>it makes the graphic obsolete when the hastag is no longer being used, necessitating editing of the graphic or making a new one.


>So which way is better? Hashtag on the graphic or no?

well, if possible… both?

But yeah, hashtags actually have a function on twitter. On a graphic, they say, but they do not work

bdb1bc No.211744

>>211736 Is the site under attack?

b0afc1 No.211745

File: ed1342c5b27ff30⋯.png (633.76 KB, 1280x1824, 40:57, Capture _2018-01-30-11-39-….png)

cfecaf No.211746

File: 1b35f98840d8927⋯.png (22.63 KB, 255x134, 255:134, 2018-01-30 10.39.03.png)

Any image experts there is something in this last Q image. Image within image? Beyond my skills but its there.

759ac0 No.211747


People are stupid; given proper motivation, almost anyone will believe almost anything. Because people are stupid, they will believe a lie because they want to believe it's true, or because they're afraid it might be true. Peoples' heads are full of knowledge, facts and beliefs, and most of it is false, yet they think it all true. People are stupid; they can only rarely tell the difference between a lie and the truth, and yet they are confident they can, and so are all the easier to fool.>>211685

53b9c1 No.211748

File: 4467b54f96afcde⋯.jpg (398.95 KB, 1716x2048, 429:512, 4.jpg)

b72fc5 No.211749

File: 7d2371d9955d3fa⋯.png (181.02 KB, 503x500, 503:500, ClipboardImage.png)

0e352d No.211751

File: 01213bcc5acf3e6⋯.jpg (54.03 KB, 576x306, 32:17, DEEP STATE GOES BOOM_.jpg)

58acaf No.211752

What was the name of Q's flag image?

f23b69 No.211753


I hope this means the helicopter rides for treasonous commies is about to begin

3b8933 No.211754



d2a58f No.211755


nice patience , i started watching there for a while but no traffic got to boring .

fa62ab No.211756



29530f No.211757

File: a551191d36aedc7⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 2562x2117, 2562:2117, Apache Freedom-1.jpg)


How is this

8693e9 No.211759


Both boards went down saying 8ch was down and then came back up 5 minutes later.

Cant keep us down Clowns!

188e18 No.211760




//being nice here

//why ask such an easy question to answer yourself

https:// qcodefag.github.io/

https:// qcodefag.github.io/

https:// qcodefag.github.io/

https:// qcodefag.github.io/

https:// qcodefag.github.io/

https:// qcodefag.github.io/

https:// qcodefag.github.io/

https:// qcodefag.github.io/

9ee485 No.211762

File: 1c8d247c67bc818⋯.jpg (187.89 KB, 1200x667, 1200:667, DUwgfJyUQAARWfq.jpg)

0fcce9 No.211764


Oh shit that's crazy what does the period at the end mean?


26c6de No.211765


I actually missed that earlier, thanks.

I think we still need to remain sceptical, it is likely possible to spell many things given such a large pool of names. Still, it's something.

2893de No.211766

File: c23212ff267237b⋯.png (11.22 KB, 117x99, 13:11, Opera Snapshot_2018-01-30_….png)


something there

0e352d No.211768

File: 468b7d01a99eb11⋯.jpg (67.02 KB, 576x337, 576:337, DEEP STATE GOES BOOM_.jpg)

2c76c6 No.211769



Mueller hand is attached backwards.

"poverty of autist" here?

656ae2 No.211770

Ok whats this fuckery I'm hearing about Corsi being asked by the WH to investigate Q?

1ff389 No.211772


Is there any relevance to it being in a post by itself? Maybe it's not for us but a command.

0766ff No.211773


Yes good thinking - Comey's a Jesuit and there is more to this story than the lies they told to cover it up. Could be Brown, or could be that Comey was the rapist.

a7e3a5 No.211774

Who is JC?

Sorry for being stupid

375189 No.211776


The latest Apache is the AH-64E

with drone capability real time.

f8fa33 No.211777


So, the guy behind it, Tom Steyer, has poured millions into this project and only has 1M signatures. He's spending hundreds of thousands of dollars per signature. Why is he so determined?

http:// www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/trump-impeachment-petition-sign-tom-steyer-president-campaign-a8030111.html

0a01bf No.211779






GERONIMO was also an APACHE a 'renegade' Apache

'Renegade' was the SS name for BO

(BO) GEROMIMO and his renegade APACHE's re- (7) secret society ??

2c76c6 No.211780


Exactly what I referred to.

How can anyone know if "Hillary" is dead, alive, was on Grammy's or is in Timbuktu if they can't even tell a bad photoshop?

3b8933 No.211781


James Comey

8693e9 No.211782

f0b9b2 No.211784


I'm going to watch this.

After all Andrew McCabe is on top of the list, and what happened to him yesterday?

IMO, I think this may be the order in which the PUBLIC sees them being charged and arrested.

8b25ab No.211785


‏Verified account @Breaking911

14m14 minutes ago

BREAKING: Houston Police Update On Botched FBI Hostage Rescue - FBI Agent Was Using His M4 Rifle To Break Out A Window, The Hostage Then Grabbed At The FBI Agents Weapon While Bound, FBI Shot The Hostage Not Knowing Who Was Grabbing The Rifle - HPD

dfc8af No.211786

File: d0b8b297941dfde⋯.jpeg (353.07 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 862CE7CD-59C7-43C5-A2E7-1….jpeg)

fa62ab No.211787


These famefags need to fuck off

2338de No.211788


It’s possible that you are a patriot and an asshole. Be very smart and tactful how you MAGA, or you will only hurt the cause.

8693e9 No.211789

File: 957edb0f4c12674⋯.png (6.41 KB, 503x75, 503:75, freeedom stringer.PNG)

2893de No.211790


Jesus Christ

JC is Jesus Christ

Also Jeff Cooper

Johhny Cochran

d8e638 No.211791


fake news

a7e3a5 No.211792



duh … ofc …


I really was stupid

a7e3a5 No.211794


James Clapper?

2893de No.211795


hello mr corsi

be2367 No.211796


>Then Grabbed At The FBI Agents Weapon While Bound

0e352d No.211797


>Corsi being asked by the WH to investigate Q?

Says who, Corsi or AJ?

0fcce9 No.211798

5f1d91 No.211799


This is ridiculous and akin to numerology. Fuck that. Q's timers are in relationship with Trump's tweets, NOT with his own posts, and he's NEVER indicated that the post numbers at greatawakening have any value whatsoever.

cabbb1 No.211800


Johnny Cash

1ea558 No.211801


i tried it too. there has to be sth. as Q does nothing without purpose i assume. the shadows at the edges caught my attention. but its beyond my skills too.

3b8933 No.211802


Renegade was also Obama's code name

d8e638 No.211803


Apparently he is a pedo, according to what another anon said a few breads ago.

188e18 No.211804

File: 53d91f4267a1464⋯.png (468.35 KB, 775x569, 775:569, CIA_Careers&Internships.png)



d2a58f No.211805


alwaleed bin talal please ,please from SA

2893de No.211806


because he is in bed with podesta

go look at the board of directors for center for american progress

trump ends the baby killing adrenochrome satanic bulshit

thats why

wake up

do some fucking research

and not here

we are not google motherfucker

bdd55d No.211807



It was down with me for 5 minutes. Cloudflare just.

3b8933 No.211808


Naw…there were days I went brain dead from all the over info.

759ac0 No.211809


Lets Offshore Politicians they are cheaper!!!

Replace the congress and Senate with India and Chinese politicians. JPM after getting bailed out for running the banking system into the ground. Received Bonus money. Rigging the Forex and Silver markets.

They fired Americans and replace with people in India because they are cheaper. Offshore means you do not have to pay social security taxes and do not have to obey the laws from us.

Apples suicide nets!!! the military and US government are foolish with this regard.

3b8933 No.211811


Oh stop. Its James Comey

43a07b No.211812


I hope its not betsy!

0fcce9 No.211814


The storm is here fags

473b1a No.211815


Money laundering.

Affair with Eric Schmidt.

1ffcf7 No.211816


Who is the most famous Apache of all?


What is Bin Laden's code name?


What prominant American political family is very close to the Bin Laden family?

What has the Bin Laden family been up to lately?

0e352d No.211817


"shady" and "Clinton operative" is redundant!

0766ff No.211818



feels like it - my machine was cranking away last night & then this morning the 502's - I thought they took the site down.

8588fe No.211819


Flew out of Beja Airport and is circling off the coast of Setubal.

fa62ab No.211821


I can smell it from here


0fcce9 No.211822


Yeah that is all of them no

2c76c6 No.211823


i know

8693e9 No.211824


Stop listening to Corsi. Problem solved.

Q is the WH.

Why would the WH tell Corsi to check out the WH?

They don't need Corsi. He is full of crap!

f570da No.211826

File: 57bcb3b62ca44fa⋯.mp4 (10.8 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, fxrtmq.mp4)

Daily reminder that this lying deeply flawed piece of schiff called Patriots 'russian bots'

a7e3a5 No.211827


Jordan Cross?

1090b7 No.211828


Checked trips.

2893de No.211829



i knew that five months ago

no go back to facebook

you are in the deep end of the pool

and you do not know how to swim

VPN much?

do you know who plays on this playground?

this is not a game

this is not a fucking chat room

cabbb1 No.211830

File: e40dc3adc836ce4⋯.jpg (22.42 KB, 368x393, 368:393, fukitol.jpg)

6f37f1 No.211831


Troll Level = Kek

103794 No.211832


read that McC had a new white porshce 911 (@ the time he was promoted) - if true, how could he do that on his salary?

b0afc1 No.211833

File: 8402ca5ba28a14b⋯.png (2.53 MB, 1168x1926, 584:963, Capture _2018-01-30-10-22-….png)

File: f57181e660d52ba⋯.png (1.76 MB, 911x2108, 911:2108, Capture _2018-01-30-10-26-….png)

File: 197c25e2b22ae98⋯.png (1.52 MB, 1373x1418, 1373:1418, Capture _2018-01-30-10-22-….png)

c1f52a No.211834

File: 750155a732dbdf2⋯.jpg (61.47 KB, 500x335, 100:67, 23mg6d.jpg)

c7f905 No.211835



29530f No.211836

File: 34d79c05e9e3845⋯.jpg (2.24 MB, 4516x3737, 4516:3737, Apache = Freedom_Latest.pn….jpg)

c80cd1 No.211837


A lot of things are possible. A lot of things are fact. You what me to start giving these people more Facts shipmate?

0766ff No.211838


really? very interesting. Like the rest of them she sold out for money and fame - surgically altered her face to do it. Hope it was worth it

8693e9 No.211839

File: 957edb0f4c12674⋯.png (6.41 KB, 503x75, 503:75, freeedom stringer.PNG)

103794 No.211840


still trying to figure out Q drops…

8693e9 No.211841


Can someone buy me one? Please?

2893de No.211842

File: a7fdf525c044235⋯.png (35.85 KB, 263x981, 263:981, Opera Snapshot_2018-01-30_….png)


take your pic

f0b9b2 No.211843

Wonder who may be on this flight from Kaiserslautern.

01-0030 AE115E

United States Air Force SPAR31

United States Military

Gulfstream C-37A GLF5

c1f52a No.211844

File: dc0687301be0cfc⋯.jpg (61.54 KB, 500x335, 100:67, 23mg6d.jpg)


Whoops, typo

0e352d No.211845

File: cd6a322e4e7038a⋯.jpg (58.58 KB, 622x574, 311:287, Steyer.jpg)



walnut sauce?

8588fe No.211846

File: 4ab1f680ba6da35⋯.jpg (434.76 KB, 1613x727, 1613:727, Sentry Poland.jpg)

There's another one circling in Poland. Have NATO got an exercise on at the moment?

3b8933 No.211847


Then stop posting stupid shit

29530f No.211848

File: 18e5e8c28e276a3⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 2565x2125, 513:425, Apache = Freedom_Latest.pn….jpg)


Cropped the edges. I always forget that part.

42f1b0 No.211849



Take the "red" pill!

234eff No.211850


I like it.

I like it A LAWT.

9ee485 No.211852

🇺🇸'Proud Texan' 🇺🇸


14h14 hours ago


The swamp immediately strikes back. Deputy Director of the FBI replacing Andrew McCabe, David Bowdich worked under Comey. Bowdich was involved in the Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting conversations with Comey as they scrambled to hide the scandalous meeting from the public.

fa62ab No.211853

Did you know that during the SOTU address one Member of the house is stored in a safe place incase there is a terrorist attack and most of the the government is killed

What is a hostage?

a52a02 No.211854


Just went off radar just before the atoll.

103794 No.211855


read that last night…

faf278 No.211856

Story came out yesterday:

FIB says RT founder beat himself to death:

https:// www.zerohedge. com/news/2018-01-28/fbi-releases-docs-claiming-rt-founder-beat-himself-death-his-hotel-room

“Authorities originally reported he died of a heart attack”

6f37f1 No.211857


TwitterFags should change language preferences on their account every hour… Russian, English, Spanish, Australian… etc.

0a01bf No.211858






GERONIMO was also an APACHE a 'renegade' Apache

'Renegade' was the SS name for BO

(BO) GEROMIMO and his renegade APACHE's re- (7) secret society ??

0766ff No.211859


Never ever ever give up. We are counting on you to help MAGA, do not go into the dark side - seek the light, anon.

3b0219 No.211862


"Designated Survivor"

4d8ffd No.211863

File: 4909000d38b37ad⋯.png (35.14 KB, 526x738, 263:369, FREEDOM.png)


jpg was FREEDOM_

1ed2a6 No.211864

File: e0fa10996d8b419⋯.jpg (189.09 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, FISA MEMOS checklist tw.jpg)

68e805 No.211865

File: 49103437b502c91⋯.jpg (66.44 KB, 436x594, 218:297, fs8g907dfg98d7g987fd.jpg)

2893de No.211867


level 11 mofos

level 11

8693e9 No.211869

f0b9b2 No.211870


Apache has 6 letters in it, include BHO and that makes 7.

There's your 7 secret society.

68e805 No.211871



Johnny Carson?

5f1d91 No.211872


Can't read well eh? It says specifically this will be said over twitter

ba7a7d No.211873


BOTH hands are backwards … Poor FAKE …>>211769

1ff389 No.211874


The flag identified which set of commands were to be followed. "Apache" was the go signal

0660f2 No.211875



Someone brought this up last night… Maybe you… There is nothing wrong with the page or post. Everybody except you can see it. The only other thing I can think of is if someone is so knew they don't know the difference between viewing a thread and viewing the index

60bdcf No.211876

File: d0ae691029076f4⋯.png (2.13 KB, 310x163, 310:163, a7ffb193423f0a5573ceeefe7c….png)


Looks like there's a kind of dot pattern in the stars appearing when changing exposition and saturation.

a93fe3 No.211878

File: 89a586b65a9f8e4⋯.png (267.01 KB, 587x601, 587:601, wL1-30.png)

File: 8ba15781cfd1fab⋯.png (25.56 KB, 797x492, 797:492, wL2.png)

wikileaks posted their message twice

4 minutes apart

Julian Assange scheduled to speak tonight via skype

7:20 PM Brussels time (1:20pm EST)

faf278 No.211879


: Heart attacks can be deadly

a7e3a5 No.211880


"PC Zoom and Enhance"

Why doesn't it work?

bc880e No.211881


Geronimo is also referenced in a Q post on Nov 12. phone is fucking up or is link it

587a81 No.211882


Is the dot pattern Braille?

8588fe No.211883


Is it Braille? Have you got a larger image for me to check if it's Braille?

2338de No.211884


Not by any means necessary. BE TACTFUL! Know when to talk, know when to listen, know when to be silent. If you are unsuccessful in redpill it, that means your approach is wrong. Try asking leading questions, like early Q did. You can’t just bombarded sheep with red pills.

a7e3a5 No.211885


Looks like it, but i'm no expert

58acaf No.211886


OMG Ring of Fire!!

0007f0 No.211887

James Gunn bordering on sedition?

https:// twitter.com/JamesGunn/status/958377253968080896

3b8933 No.211888

This is what I have we figured out last night.

Narrative shift.

>MSM has turned to protecting a (((deep state operative))) RR.


Nation on alert.

>Like the night before Pearl Harbor

Firing RR = block Mueller.

Firing RR = set up to firing Mueller.

Firing RR = Red line.


>Red line drawn, we are willing to cross it. WE MUST MEME RR's


What was the Senate conf vote re: RR?

>Overwhelming in favor for RR 94-6

>No Votes = senators voting against Rosenstein’s confirmation Tuesday were all Democrats:

>Cory Booker (N.J.),

>Kirsten Gillibrand (N.Y.),

>Kamala D.Harris (Calif.),

>Catherine Cortez Masto (Nev.),

>Elizabeth Warren (Mass.)

>Richard Blumenthal (Conn.).

Why did RR [BEG] Ryan to block the FISA MEMO from Congressional review/further advancement?

>RR is Black hat.

>To buy more time.

REAL TIME: [7] Congressional members + [3] Senators + [2] former O-senior officials + [4] OUTSIDE CONTRACTORS [NO C/TOP/SENS-LEVEL CLEARANCE] @ SCIF [DC-CAP].

>in real time? The people in this meeting all have top security clearance, except for the 4 outside contractors.

>This is taking place in the DC capital [DC-CAP] at a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility.

>So the question is, how did these 4 outside contracts get in without clearance?

>Also notice the three +++ above

>They're so scared they don't care about the rules anymore. Any means necessary to stop this.

>Dangerous time.

>The memo was a trap to get the blackhats to violate top secret security and let unauthorized people read the memo!!! ?????







0a01bf No.211889


>>210838 (You)

Andrew McCabe

Peter Strzok

Adam Schiff

Chuck Schumer

Hillary Clinton

Eric Holder

58acaf No.211890


This is the real answer

68e805 No.211891


no. Look at an ATM next time you're nearby one.

cdf749 No.211892

File: 85b43db22751ea5⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 30.87 KB, 164x113, 164:113, Dots_on_the_flag.jpg)

What are these dots in the flag that Q posted?

1c3e59 No.211893

Any military fags should know of Carlos Hathcock, one of the most famous snipers in history. In his book and interviews he always mentions hunting for and finally a vietnamese female sniper nicked named the APACHE. I wonder if this means APACHE = sniper / assassination attempt? Just my .02, God bless all of you in this fight to end all fights

ed7b28 No.211894




Red Hot Chili Peppers


Warlocks in wonderland

I've gotta megatropolis in my hand

And a, subterranean marching band

Makin' noise for the man in the Vatican

And a

A little package and off we go

Oh, ticky ticky tackita tic tac toe

I know, everybody's Eskimo

We've got another thing coming

And that's our show, well

Every night I go looking for you

Everyone in the world adores you

A little pocket of something kind

To find your reason

Coming up on it everyday for

Look at me and it's what I stay for

A little locket of fantasy

That we believe in

Lilacs and contraband

I've got Santa Monica in my hand

A little, Beatlemania when I can

And I've got two big bags of old Japan

Ring side and blow-by-blow

Another, main event at the old rainbow

We're comin', right on top of the tupelo

When she looks just like Brigitte Bardot

Every night I go looking for you

Everyone in the world adores you

A little pocket of something kind

To find your reason

Coming up on it every day for

Look at me and it's what I stay for

A little locket of fantasy

That we believe in

Make a deal with Uncle Weezer

Sign your name to claim

China Chow will try to please her

Sweetness came from Jane

Warlocks in wonderland

I've gotta, Rockapotamus in my hand

With a, happy ending that's made of sand

With a little bit of lovin' is all I can

Every night I go looking for you

Everyone in the world adores you

A little pocket of something kind

To find your reason

Coming up on it every day for

Look at me and it's what I stay for

A little locket of fantasy

That we believe in

Every night I go looking for you

Everyone in the world adores you

A little pocket of something kind

To find your reason

Coming up on it every day for

Look at me and it's what I stay for

A little locket of fantasy

That we believe in

68e805 No.211895

File: 288c35a44c7fee7⋯.jpg (31.91 KB, 443x553, 443:553, a7f8s6df78s6d8f7s6df87sd6f….jpg)

f4e6fa No.211896

5 stones and a sling….

or some anons with memes, hashtags and some twitter cannons is all it takes

Then David said to the Philistine,

"You come to me with a sword, a spear, and a javelin,

but I come to you in the name of the LORD of hosts,

the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have taunted.

"This day the LORD will deliver you up into my hands,

and I will strike you down and remove your head from you.

And I will give the dead bodies of the army of the Philistines

this day to the birds of the sky and the wild beasts of the earth,

that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel,…

I Samuel 17:45-46

War is upon us, May Kek be with us.

2893de No.211897


super impose each star on a clock face

i dont have the tools here

be58d0 No.211899

File: d3e6fbc69b44563⋯.png (2.6 MB, 3066x1760, 1533:880, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at ….png)

RAF a ways from home..

1ed2a6 No.211900


Also note - Q posted a REAL flag, next post he explained that COMEY was calling for a FALSE FLAG

e2b612 No.211901


You're a fucking idiot

learn to spell moron

60bdcf No.211902

File: 8a68c34d0f9c843⋯.png (655.22 KB, 1500x500, 3:1, 8a68c34d0f9c843482533cef94….png)


You must save the picture and then open it and zoom, it's the original size.

Basically I just increase exposition nearly to the max and then play with saturation.

Reminds me the dots on an other picture

8045bd No.211903

File: d4409978538e2a2⋯.jpg (150.78 KB, 553x1000, 553:1000, s-l1000.jpg)

dff5b3 No.211904

http:// www.breitbart.com/london/2018/01/29/uk-sweden-crime-shootings-explosions/

UK Gov warning us about no go areas in Sweden

Well, this is new!!! wtf

faf278 No.211905

File: 6a718e795eba31d⋯.jpeg (101.05 KB, 741x521, 741:521, 9501E9EF-A0C8-45F2-A63A-B….jpeg)

bf241a No.211907


mendoza, nice place! snow resorts, wine, etc.




4f624e No.211908


David took five stones because Goliath had four brothers.

a93fe3 No.211909

File: 8fec85f7c15c732⋯.png (478.3 KB, 1657x505, 1657:505, comeyTheWeasel.png)

a7e3a5 No.211910

File: 8d933b0829a252e⋯.jpg (55.45 KB, 499x364, 499:364, braille.jpg)

Zoom and enhance

I'm not really sure it is anything

0fcce9 No.211911


There is a period at the end of Apache. =7

5f1d91 No.211912

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7fCpdvcl7k

a7e3a5 No.211913



forgot to link

f4e6fa No.211914


yup, and each name of each brother has a double meaning in hebrew….

faf278 No.211915


Anyone know Braille?

ae5eae No.211916


File name was FREEDOM_, not FREEDOM-

759ac0 No.211917


any foreigner who gets a low-quality postgraduate degree that includes some science, technology, engineering or math also gets a hugely valuable green card to live in the United States for the rest of his or her life. The number is uncapped

1ea558 No.211918


I found that the flag has two kinds of stars. Some broader then the other ones.

2893de No.211919


remember the movie contact

the flat object was folded to make a three dimensional figure

the primer

304cec No.211920

What about the tweet from @us. army? The sound of an Apache=the sound of freedom. Maybe as simple as this

cabbb1 No.211921



Left to Right = mirrored pattern

8588fe No.211922


It's not Braille - Braille is a 4 x 6 rectangle

8a6274 No.211923


Dinner party layout after SOTU


a7e3a5 No.211924


Haven't seen it.

don't really watch movies

be58d0 No.211925



I don't think Braille. There's a repeating pattern on each line.

869d32 No.211926


1st We question everything - no one gets a integrity pass, not even Q. Q proved his authenticity several times.

2nd Proof your own posts and try to make sense. Until then, your words do seem stupid.

88d099 No.211927


Imagingfag here. The patterns here are regular and symmetrical. It really looks like this could just be antialiasing 'beat' patterns. Unless you see some assymettry there, you're probably looking at regular algorithmic noise.

Not sliding you if you want to try to find meaning in it, but I've been doing imaging algorithms for my entire life and when it is regular like that, it is probably just the artifacting from a regular filter.

0fcce9 No.211928


Some kind of Cicada shit?

5972f0 No.211929


68e805 No.211930

faf278 No.211931



Braille are dots that make letters, numbers, and words for the blind.

a7e3a5 No.211932


I agree. Looks like a natural pattern emerging from the stars

cabbb1 No.211933

be2367 No.211934

>>211922 (cheKeKed)

it's compression artifacts from the points on the stars not quite exactly lining up with the compression grid

>jpg is a compressed format

0e352d No.211935

File: 92d82d2d6e68e84⋯.jpg (597.9 KB, 1168x1924, 292:481, Jolie.jpg)

473b1a No.211936

File: f07f603f738bdd7⋯.jpg (129.31 KB, 788x590, 394:295, anewuntouchable.JPG)

Shouldn't have took more than you gave

or we wouldn't be in this mess today.


3fc289 No.211937

File: 12ebffce0846bc8⋯.png (127.93 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Anon_Contingency_Plan.png)

c7f905 No.211938


In this Zemeckis-directed adaptation of the Carl Sagan novel, Dr. Ellie Arroway (Jodie Foster) races to interpret a possible message originating from the Vega star system. Once first contact with an extraterrestrial intelligence is proven, Arroway contends with restrictive National Security Advisor Kitz (James Woods) and religious fanatics bent on containing the implications of such an event. An incredible message is found hidden in the signal, but will Arroway be the one to answer its call?

8588fe No.211939


I know, I was describing the Braille grid used to create the dots.

7aca36 No.211940


It is well known that Apache SOLR and Apache Lucene are the backbone of the NSA's xkeyscore tool. So?

This has nothing to do with anything.

Q drops messages to us. If he wants us to dig into something she makes it relatively clear. He only uses heavy coding for stuff that she does not want the Clowns to understand.

This would not be the first Q drop where an all-caps word links to a previous post with the same or related all caps word.

234eff No.211942

File: 54599b0247f1893⋯.png (3.41 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, FB7CE3C2-8D8A-407F-956F-02….png)

Good!!!! Stand up for your country!

dac365 No.211943


She was with Sean Penn, FGS.

424133 No.211944


It kinda makes sense to me. 12 foot boxes? Shipping containers with human cargo inside?

30c71d No.211945


jostled cockles

4a2822 No.211946

Heads up Anon's.

Saw this on twatter…has a video with MadMaxine visiting with Farrahkan. Don't know how to put vid here.

Jeryl Bier‏Verified account @JerylBier

Here's @RepMaxineWaters greeting @LouisFarrakhan in New Orleans in 2006 to talk strategy. I write about the meeting in Tuesday's @WSJopinion: https:// www.wsj.com/articles/the-dems-farrakhan-problem-1517270636 …

WSJ behind the paywall..fuq

Here's the twat

https:// twitter.com/JerylBier/status/958159886797410306

8588fe No.211947

Are those dots computer punch card holes?

8045bd No.211948

File: 8d696cc532c4335⋯.jpg (35.35 KB, 505x507, 505:507, 8d933b0829a252efd21b3cdaba….jpg)


verticle seem up the middle (Butterfly) 1 dot moves

da9ddc No.211949


I hate to say it. But.

This looks like a chemistry strand!!

Graham positive. Graham negative

I would just need it enhanced

f0b9b2 No.211950


Where are you seeing that?

2cf2d9 No.211951


It could also be that RR made a stink about the memo to draw attention to it and amp up visibility and suspense. RR could have been playing the game but has now changed or was convinced to change earlier.. Not sure, but a possibility.

1759bc No.211952


[US] [risk] [th][i][s] [W[e][e][k] [GOD & COUNTRY]

US risk this Week GOD & COUNTRY

770510 No.211953


looks like a washed out seating chart

a93fe3 No.211954


firmly agree we need one

>just in case

please don't say plebbit

247f59 No.211955

Was watching Dilley earlier to see if he had any new parallel drops……in his latest Periscope, he mentioned a Voter Fraud report coming……..Hillary reportedly received SEVEN MILLION Trump votes due to "machine error"; actual Popular Vote count (rounded because I couldn't keep up with the numbers fast enough) was Trump with 70 Million votes, Clinton with 53 Million. Fraud in 22 states, INCLUDING Alabama.

8045bd No.211957



a7e3a5 No.211958


>washed out

I couldn't sharpen it anymore. it's zoomed at least x5

e1d615 No.211959

Oppo Research:

Traitors planning protests/riots if POTUS fires RM

https:// act.moveon.org/event/mueller-firing-rapid-response-events/search/

Btw I hope there are plans to root these subverting traitors out of the liberal video game hive dens where they post this shit.

7248ba No.211960


She's my GF, of course. [If you believe that, I have a bridge…..]

0e352d No.211961



60bdcf No.211962


I have simply used Colorsync on Mac, put the exposition cursor at 90% and then increased saturation. The pattern appears with more or less dots according to saturation level. If it was a real picture all stars would have the same dot pattern after altering the picture, so I think there's a message. Unfortunately I'm not skilled enough to set it clearly.

61979b No.211963

File: e3c9c879d804f77⋯.jpg (3.94 MB, 5344x3006, 16:9, IMG_20160723_112603791_HDR.jpg)


Seen it. Also been here.

da1731 No.211964


everyone give me ur number and ill send a group text. ;)

be2367 No.211965

>>211955 (cheKeKed)

true if big

e53440 No.211966


Looks like a seating chart almost…maybe congress?

0fcce9 No.211968


Maybe we can use their own system against them somehow?

3fc289 No.211969

File: 3a205ee34818e7e⋯.png (285.1 KB, 1466x838, 733:419, JPG_Artifiacts.png)

7248ba No.211970


With Photoshop on the right, without on the left.

cdf749 No.211971

File: 3553fa279678862⋯.jpg (109.23 KB, 1123x767, 1123:767, Dots_on_the_flag.jpg)

A better one!

188e18 No.211973

1ea558 No.211974

File: 2ca01eefc0f2a58⋯.png (10.75 KB, 691x216, 691:216, stars.png)


Here is what i mean with different shaped stars.

The broader ones are in the columns 3,6,9.

maybe compression artifacts, or i just became paranoid the last few days.

9ee485 No.211975

File: bb763ea51a919c8⋯.jpg (36.35 KB, 640x426, 320:213, DUzX4y4UMAEFowb.jpg)

a7e3a5 No.211976


I didn't claim there was anything in this image.

I simple complied to keep all options open

620cd5 No.211977

File: bf87b63382aca42⋯.png (137.54 KB, 800x828, 200:207, 2018-01-30 (6).png)


1ffcf7 No.211978


There's that 22 popping up again. 1 of 22.

304cec No.211979


Report from DHS? They dissolved the commitee and moved it to DHS

5972f0 No.211980

187 = death

faf278 No.211981

File: 6a718e795eba31d⋯.jpeg (101.05 KB, 741x521, 741:521, 4EE846BA-968F-423C-AF54-7….jpeg)

Story came out yesterday:

FIB says RT founder beat himself to death:

https:// www.zerohedge. com/news/2018-01-28/fbi-releases-docs-claiming-rt-founder-beat-himself-death-his-hotel-room

“Authorities originally reported he died of a heart attack”

Reposted to put it all together.

4a2822 No.211983

File: d869185f8da63bd⋯.jpg (38.26 KB, 600x350, 12:7, lib heads.jpg)


Libs are gonna explode!!!

424133 No.211984


You guys are chasing a rainbow.

656ae2 No.211987


>The memo was a trap to get the blackhats to violate top secret security and let unauthorized people read the memo!!! ?????

No. Why do that? They could just tell them what is in it. This meeting didn't have anything to do with the memo.

I don't know enough about these rooms, but I assume they are sound proof and you can have a secure conversation in there.

They were plotting.

8045bd No.211988


didn't one of the lefty comedian (Bill Maher or something, I don't know) talk show old fags give his audience shit for cheering Mueller being hounded by Trump? If so what was the issue that they had with Mueller, maybe that's the angle for memes to take. Use good ol Member berries

d2a58f No.211989


just like vegas , story constantly changing.. these people are stupid .

a7e3a5 No.211990

File: 39915b4b2ba68a2⋯.jpg (62.23 KB, 500x627, 500:627, i-dont-always-filter-shill….jpg)


Lol yeah great idea...

3fc289 No.211991

Periscope - Crowdsource the Truth - Joe Napoli had a message from WH for everyone

"Patriots point - we will follow".


6ab133 No.211992

File: cb7e1efd58cc799⋯.png (738.36 KB, 804x568, 201:142, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at ….png)

247f59 No.211993


I didn't catch the "where" part (or he didn't reveal it).

5f1d91 No.211994

https:// youtu.be/c7fCpdvcl7k?t=899

Not super relevant but kindof interesting how Walter Cronkite is almost immediately blaming "rightest" organizations for the JFK assassination

Funny how the JFK files show that Russia was convinced it was far left forces that did it

The far left does it, the left news pins it on conservatives… interesting

869d32 No.211995


This has been out for a long time and could be applied to next week, last week, any week. Without more info, we wait for the future to make since of the past.

2893de No.211996


its called humor fuckstick

bdb1bc No.211997

>>211985 lurk moar

0e352d No.211998


Nah, its from the movie she was in Monster, she played the serial killer that was on death row.

6ab133 No.211999

File: cb7e1efd58cc799⋯.png (738.36 KB, 804x568, 201:142, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at ….png)

File: 0cfdfcee40634de⋯.png (60.49 KB, 264x346, 132:173, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at ….png)

465df9 No.212000

File: 9159a55a38b12e8⋯.webm (3.21 MB, 480x360, 4:3, We'll Meet Again.webm)

So was there ever a false flag yesterday?

Will there be one today?

Later this week?

What will it be?

Taking all bets, I also do video poker.

aeb08d No.212001





a7e3a5 No.212002


It called sarcasm dingoboner

2893de No.212003


you fucking idiot i have been here since day fucking 1

eat shit

if you lurked moar you would recognize me fool

Mod Edit: moar like 2 days on this device at least. Absolute shitdistruber springeled with a few insightful posts. Mostely sad, as this isn't how you strengthen a battalion, 'Sir'.

Post last edited at

0012a7 No.212004


damn i had a thing for her too, oh well

770510 No.212005


I wasn't saying that it was bad-

just looks similar to a seating chart.

for EXAMPLE location of targets at an event.

I don't think it is, just tossing out the possibility

be2367 No.212006


I'll bet it's leaked dregs from the recently dissolved presidential commission

d6c39f No.212007


Gorgeous woman but hate that she dykes her hair, takes away from her beauty

d2a58f No.212008


super bowl

247f59 No.212009


He was talking about NSA data, but did not link it directly to the voting numbers……..

c48f73 No.212010


I agree

a7e3a5 No.212011


It was more of an apology than a diss.

Didn't mean anything by it

2893de No.212013


she is evil

i have first hand knowledge

totally demented narcissist

freak of the highest caliber

her world view would shock you

nothing you see about her is real

d81d77 No.212015

File: 455e5d5f7690ac0⋯.jpg (45.15 KB, 1123x767, 1123:767, 3553fa279678862e6e4c4ca1d2….jpg)


It actually mirrors twice, once in half and then each quarter is also mirrored.

bdb1bc No.212017

>>212003 and yet you still get triggered

7aca36 No.212018


This is one of the problems with planefags. They haven't got a fucking clue.

Britain has colonial posessions in the Caribbean so this RAF is close to home.

Also, Jamaica is a former colony that has close and friendly relations to Britain. They might even use its airport to land transatlantic flights so that a small plane can take military folk over to one of the small island colonies.

375189 No.212019


3 6 9


c7f905 No.212020


Contact the BO

278477 No.212021

File: 964f6be29ad5386⋯.jpeg (650.46 KB, 1125x1517, 1125:1517, FC6337A2-D4B9-4A3B-89A9-4….jpeg)

I apologise if this has been covered, but can any planefags confirm that this is true? And, if so, whether it is SOP for SOTU (to avoid “Designated Survivor” scenario?)

378e95 No.212022


You forgot to add city credit card details.

a74a3c No.212023

Chelsea Clinton

Verified account


9m9 minutes ago

Can Virus Hunters Stop the Next Pandemic Before It Happens?


0e352d No.212024


>chasing a rainbow.

Just like the pen post with the black top and bottom sections! 3 fucking days of shit posting about what was 'hidden'…outcome, not a damn thing, faggots!

68e805 No.212025

File: 66e1cb73202547d⋯.jpg (37.15 KB, 425x425, 1:1, df7g89s6dfg87df6g87df6.jpg)

1ea558 No.212026


Ok. Fine… It's just a flag…

f23b69 No.212027


I hope this is true. Trump (and future patriot candidates) could legitimately sweep the Electoral College in the future.

515e53 No.212028


keep looking autists

473b1a No.212029

File: 52ba811a7d71e2a⋯.jpg (73.33 KB, 838x258, 419:129, aneweruntouchable.JPG)


The future proves the past


5f1d91 No.212030


Can someone catch me up, why is half this thread dedicated to this puzzle?

7248ba No.212031


This originally came from a JPG image, which uses lossy compression. So blending of pixels, always at the point of color changes, is common. This distortion amplifies each time the image is re-compressed into a JPG image.

faf278 No.212032


Heart attack???




5972f0 No.212033

Boeheim Grove

da9ddc No.212034



Connect the dots???

346a12 No.212035


Oh god, please be true on the popular vote thing. That would absolutely DESTROY the old shill tactic of "she won the popular vote."

1ff389 No.212036


you bet!

c7f905 No.212037

759ac0 No.212038


Outside contractors!!!!!

Congress offshoring IT help!!! Is it helpful?

Awan, Hey congressman how is your phone working?

7eb938 No.212039


Redpoll all the normies!!!

Trump won the popular vote too!!!

03f8f1 No.212040

File: af0c4724685a395⋯.png (347.68 KB, 650x434, 325:217, LdR.png)

3b8933 No.212041


This was just stuff anons was coming up with last night. I just took notes and then went to bed

a7e3a5 No.212042


It was a magic-eye picture.

We figured it out

>no it wasn't i totally agree. But we have to keep all options open. Some anons just have to accept sometimes that their theories are wrong.

5972f0 No.212043

Their need for symbolism will be their downfall.

Follow the Owl & Y head around the world.

Identify and list.

They don’t hide it.

424133 No.212044

68e805 No.212045


Sounds good to me! Move on - and let the libtards remain curious, imo… They did the right thing.

1ff389 No.212046


more than a flag… the filename pointed to specific stringers FREEDOM

247f59 No.212047


This has to be why Doug Jones "won" Alabama. They needed documented proof with non-corrupt people in charge at the Federal level. Sessions used to be known as "The Silent Executioner" in his pre-Senate days. Surely this is all connected?

be2367 No.212049


hmmm… the NSA might have comms between operative during the planning stage so that an estimate of voter fraud could be made.

to the best of my knowledge no actual voting data travels via electronic comms prior to counting

so I"m not quite sure what part the NSA could have in detecting fraudulent vote counts

e44ebb No.212050


It means America, don't think he is sending secret decoder messages, they are pretty straight forward with us

0e352d No.212051

Fox just said 'The Democrats are now planning FIVE different rebuttals to POTUS' SOTU" Damn, that memo must have them shitting their pants!

82256f No.212052

File: 526a012c802410d⋯.jpg (175.03 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, memo1.jpg)

File: 7b84424fdcf321a⋯.jpg (188.28 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, memo2.jpg)

Tried posting this, think it got lost. Appeared in my twatter feed, part of the memo?!

00a302 No.212053


Thanks for the god advice Patriot. I don’t literally want to blow up anything. The people around me have beliefs if nothing else. This whole thing has destroyed the last 91/2 years of my life. I have been in the board for a while . Who else would listen to you when you tell them people are eating things The should not be. If you heard that convo it’s alwasy like that. I have one thing running through my head. That is what does a convict on death row do to prepare there self for death. What does he think about.

It is like this they needed us to go to war. The lives they destroyed in the process has no meaning to the United States. Because if it did the VA would be helping us and not killing us. Don’t get me wrong I do for my self. The only reason I went to the VA was to be a better father. They have failed to help and my doc is the administrator and he will tell you this too off the record.

It is what it is as my daughter says

10b0ef No.212054

Apache - RAIDS - :))))

7248ba No.212055


I was in contact with a guy named Warren York back in the 90's. He claimed to be on a crew that retrieved a crashed UFO (not Roswell). He said there was tech that made it a normal 10 meters across outside but inside space was stretched; it was like 3 football fields in size on the inside.

68e805 No.212056

File: 342037a7daed03c⋯.jpg (24.84 KB, 470x318, 235:159, afd89g7d8f90gd7fg89df7g.jpg)

78063a No.212058


Possibly, but I think not. We already know schiff saw the memo on the intel committee… remember, not everyone in Congress has clearance…

0bf8ff No.212059

I'm trying to "Trust Wray" as Q said in 12/22/17 post #2534.

But it sure looks like he replaced McCabe with another swamp dwelling never Trumper.

"The Hoarse Whisperer

‏ @HoarseWisperer

As FBI Director he has now pushed aside two people Trump was critical of… James Baker and Andrew McCabe.

In normal times, those moves would raise an eyebrow. New bosses bring in their people.

In these abnormal times, they raise plenty of eyebrows.

…but while people worry Wray may be less than a good guy, his actions thus far are incredibly comforting. After he pushed James Baker aside he appointed someone SURE to rankle Trump. The U.S. Attorney closest to Mueller's investigation. Dana Boente.

Today, immediately after apparently nudging McCabe out the door, Wray announced his replacement… …and the guy he picked is in many ways Trump's worst nightmare. David Bowditch. An FBI career man. A mini-Mueller."


30c71d No.212060

File: d6ceba88919c2be⋯.jpg (132.67 KB, 626x832, 313:416, owl.jpg)

already suggested, added overlay

d81d77 No.212061

File: 669d9a6419e1fad⋯.jpg (49.81 KB, 1123x767, 1123:767, 3553fa279678862e6e4c4ca1d2….jpg)


Because we have nothing better to do with our autism.

I noticed the center grouping ISNT reflected when looking at the quarters.

188e18 No.212062


happens with pretty much every pic, not so bad.

the 2 days spent on analyzing the black spaces when Q posted a screenshot were waaay worse

2893de No.212063


listen fuck stick

the fact you use the term triggered

tells me a whoooooole lot about you

when you fucking millenidiots see what triggered is all about

there will be piles of you stacked up like cordwood

424133 No.212064


I bet you saw Trump in your burnt toast this morning too.

bdd55d No.212065

File: 4ffe08dca7e878d⋯.jpg (54.07 KB, 512x387, 512:387, 4ffe08dca7e878db52e9cdfcfa….jpg)

bdb1bc No.212066

>>212063 get some thicker skin fag

656ae2 No.212067


Waste of time guys, forget this line of inquiry

3fc289 No.212068

File: eecd5a1ccde97e3⋯.png (464.86 KB, 1466x838, 733:419, Donkeys_Wake_Up.png)

4f98c7 No.212069


Great! It dilutes their message(s).

a7e3a5 No.212070


What are we looking at/for here?

68e805 No.212071

1ff389 No.212072


not all messages are for us

759ac0 No.212074


TRUMP needs a Wall to protect Engineering in USA and Computer Science. Colleges love to pump the green cards. Slush fund!!!

Awan would like to thank the congress!!!

770510 No.212075


okay– all good..

88d099 No.212076

0fcce9 No.212077


I wonder if the Apache software is what they used to rig the votes?

188e18 No.212078

File: 33ce06e051df263⋯.png (578.46 KB, 1111x777, 1111:777, Q_BiteCrumbs_20171121_WhoR….png)

File: aa0412eb65854f5⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1111x1469, 1111:1469, Q_BiteCrumbs_20171121_Foll….png)

File: 3d2a2954205cdf7⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1111x1469, 1111:1469, Q_BiteCrumbs_20171121_Symb….png)

File: 4fd00054185b59a⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_BiteCrumbs_20171214_Find….png)


>Follow the Owl & Y head around the world.

<Identify and list.

where's our list btw?

is there a dedicated thread?

346a12 No.212079


Awfully brazen of the cabal if they want to spread some ebola or anthrax at the SB this weekend.

I'm not concerned though, the SB is too JUICY of a target for Q team and MI to ignore any protection protocols. The "Eagles" will be foiled.

bc880e No.212080

another dossier?

http:// www.thegatewaypundit .com/2018/01/bombshell-fbi-investigating-second-trump-russia-dossier-written-shady-clinton-hatchet-man/

be2367 No.212081

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

da9ddc No.212082


A very good point Anon. The ole. Me thinks thus protests too much

22407b No.212083


The hunters can start with her! Fk that horse face bitch!

ab32f8 No.212084

File: 0e2e46c467b0168⋯.png (330.88 KB, 906x720, 151:120, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at ….png)

i think APACHE might just a nod that trump will speak about how the two men killed in the apache crash and how their families will not receive benefits due to the shutdown. https: //www.cnn.com/2018/01/22/politics/us-soldier-death-benefits-shutdown/index.html

247f59 No.212085


Recall the deleted Q photo of an email about "the dogs being loose"? I am thinking that is tied to this. Dilley's NSA reference wasn't directly to counting votes, but preceded the drop of the intel he gave. It's up on his Twatter if anyone wants to watch it.

a74a3c No.212086

Chelsea Clinton

Verified account


2m2 minutes ago

More Chelsea Clinton Retweeted DEW

Dear DEW, thank you for your interest in my husband (name spelled Marc Mezvinsky). I imagine Mr. Soros is a wonderful uncle. He is not, however, Marc’s uncle. He is supporting vital work around the world through @OpenSociety. Learn more here: https:// www.opensocietyfoundations.org

d81d77 No.212087



Notice my highlighted portion doesn't fit your overlay, possibly meant to be excluded since it isnt reflected.

p.s. I'm just bored guys I don't think Q was sending us secret flag owls.

3fc289 No.212088

File: 66e18eff9a16bb2⋯.png (397.53 KB, 4167x2083, 4167:2083, SOCIOPATHS.png)

7aca36 No.212089


No it doesn't you fucking nigger.

It comes from the California criminal code where paragraph 187 defines murder.

Not death, MURDER!!!!

68e805 No.212090


Watching Pelosi crumble on CNN was worth every second! You couldn't buy tickets at that price! She looked erratic and terrified and rambling on about an "untrue" memo that, um, she hasn't even READ - KEK. Checkmate. She looked like she was ready for the nearest exit.

755c84 No.212091

Good news for Trump, ahead of the SOTU.

Boost for Trump ahead of State of the Union as nearly 8 in 10 Americans say they are satisfied with the military and 58% think the economy is stronger now than under Obama

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5330085/8-10-satisfied-military-58-economy.html

45edbf No.212092

File: 1bd3ff2a683b2f1⋯.jpg (460.45 KB, 1595x1077, 1595:1077, B-52D_dropping_memes.jpg)

3fc289 No.212093


love that… .will meme it later and "pretty" it up

093335 No.212095

File: 1c7ac91ac6083f4⋯.jpg (24.96 KB, 600x314, 300:157, ADu1d6z-.jpg)

This looks meme-ish.

188e18 No.212096


ohya "Anonymous" right that's you

nonetheless i think i recognize you

you're that only other anon i filter besides pelicans

because so much aggro for no reason

and you still don't understand chan-ness

saddest part is i don't think you're a shill

just sad

and angry

869d32 No.212097


Close, but the singles don't mirror.

I missed the importance of this pic. Can anyone explain?

22407b No.212098


Can you do one with Chelsea Cuntlin so I can put on her Twatter? TY!!

d1454b No.212099

Did this get discussed yet?

>The emergency worker who sent a false nuclear attack alert in Hawaii believed that a missile was truly bound for the state


424133 No.212100


The memo is four pages, bottom of your docs say 3 of 10.

755c84 No.212101

File: fd0e38ac5c266bb⋯.jpg (46.76 KB, 634x465, 634:465, 48BBA00E00000578-5330085-i….jpg)

68e805 No.212102


(smack) across the back of the head… NO. They are proprietary source codes protected under intellectual property rights so they can hide the cheat and not have to show their methods.

1090b7 No.212103

File: 2ca262cd3a9dbd6⋯.png (850.76 KB, 777x1000, 777:1000, LAYB3.png)

Looking at you, Baker

adf48f No.212104

File: ef0e2824b408333⋯.jpg (142.39 KB, 666x500, 333:250, might be journo.jpg)

10b0ef No.212105


She Knew. She in it up to her lyin’ eyes. Bitch needs a fix.

45edbf No.212106


1/3 owned by soros

759ac0 No.212107


The Clinton virus? Didn't HRC have FBI files on all politicians in Bills admin?

68e805 No.212108


Yeah, I think I can pull it off

88d099 No.212109


Not just the popular vote, but the sheer scale of the rigging. It would be rigging at a scale that would clearly take the cabal-esque corruption to achieve. This reinforces the narrative so we don't look like quacks.

093335 No.212110


Nice – Artist in the Hizouse!

7248ba No.212112


After hours of intense scrutiny, that's pretty much what I came up with too. Which was why I posted that particular message.

19082d No.212113


somebody needs to donkey punch Mr. Ed

78063a No.212115


Given that in this case it's a proper noun, not much you could do even if this was as US-based fiction-rag.

755c84 No.212116


Changes in satisfaction, 2017 to 2018, by party. The bars represent the difference in perecentage points between 2017 and 2018 between Republican leaners (Red) and Democrat leaners (blue)

3fc289 No.212118


no problem, just wanted to help some anons with design terminology - someone else had mentioned the artifacting - glad you shared it

f0b9b2 No.212119

163842 AE0751

United States Navy GTMO302

United States Military

Beech UC-12M Huron BE20

Headed into Miami.

88d099 No.212120


burp. fart.

8588fe No.212121


Nice - thanks!

1ff389 No.212122

File: 3ac50995083257f⋯.jpg (149.64 KB, 749x499, 749:499, 12102017_sexual-harassment….jpg)

2893de No.212123

File: 8fadfd73109c1fc⋯.png (52.59 KB, 594x288, 33:16, Opera Snapshot_2018-01-30_….png)


this is funny

faf278 No.212124


Am I being filtered?

Is anyone seeing this?

Way off base? Irrelevant? Coincidence?

a7e3a5 No.212125


No can't see your post

c1f52a No.212126



>Red Hot Chili Peppers

That is nuts

d2a58f No.212127


its all blank ?

465df9 No.212128

File: deef48329f0d2ca⋯.webm (3.42 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Castle Bravo Atomcentral.webm)



I kinda wish we could push the net worth angle more.

82256f No.212129


Here is link to tweet, includes 3 other pages. Maybe not memo, but eye opening info nonetheless!

https: //twitter.com/yigsstarhouse/status/957837793484574720

ba7a7d No.212130


No he didn't … We posted all the credit and bank info last week … Did you ride the short buss to school today ?

dcc6c4 No.212131


Precisely put.

00a302 No.212132

現在時間是 Q。這是零小時

ef0084 No.212133

File: 63fe37e7356d728⋯.png (507.34 KB, 593x419, 593:419, ClipboardImage.png)

68e805 No.212134

File: 6d09b43a4196b8d⋯.jpg (230.12 KB, 1338x694, 669:347, Soros_CIA_headlines.jpg)


Soros owns 4 or 5 companies that deal in them. Diebold probably being the biggest. But he's been discrediting and overthrowing elections since George Bush and the CIA gave him his start in that career path. Social media just allowed him to operate here as a CIA front w/o borders - and of course, he's got electronics to hide behind these days… Here's some headlines - I'm sure there's more. He even screwed around in Russia with some "rubber duck" protest. Can't make dis shit up.

faf278 No.212135

File: 6a718e795eba31d⋯.jpeg (101.05 KB, 741x521, 741:521, 52D48C9D-1433-4296-BFEF-6….jpeg)


Story came out yesterday:

FIB says RT founder beat himself to death:

https:// www.zerohedge. com/news/2018-01-28/fbi-releases-docs-claiming-rt-founder-beat-himself-death-his-hotel-room

“Authorities originally reported he died of a heart attack”

95617c No.212136


maybe 'tyler' has gone tilt, or we just got the seating arrangements for the local dinner theater…kek

473b1a No.212137

File: 3d85988242b892f⋯.jpg (204.49 KB, 843x821, 843:821, anewuntouchable.JPG)

EN would not be pleased..


10b0ef No.212138



c7f905 No.212139


Missing 3

b5942a No.212140


no shit, your ignorance is obvious that my comment is way beyond your grasp

faf278 No.212141


Can you see the reply?

45edbf No.212142


When I say 1/3 I actually mean that 16 sates use his machines so close to a third

ea4a19 No.212143

We are anons.

Organized chaos.

The cabal doesnt stand a chance.

bcc492 No.212145

Who else here, when they least expect it, hear this song in their head?

Clowns to the left of me, Shills to the right, but here I am stuck in the middle with Q.

aeb08d No.212146


Do you have copies of the posts Q rt’d?

349ef8 No.212148


Translates to

"The Time is Now Q. This is Zero Hours"

da1731 No.212149


u shut ur filthy mouth. quite associating the Eagles with the cabal.

188e18 No.212150

File: 11e77a5ae146c52⋯.png (673.53 KB, 1111x579, 1111:579, Q_BiteCrumbs_20180119_STAT….png)

File: bb4981edf02a230⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1111x744, 1111:744, Q_BiteCrumbs_20180118_WILL….png)

File: afc323ba0138dbf⋯.png (582.53 KB, 1111x625, 1111:625, Q_BiteCrumbs_20180107_JUST….png)

File: 8015045ccde70d0⋯.png (828.41 KB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_BiteCrumbs_20180127_What….png)

File: eb4096eff9826fc⋯.png (1012.73 KB, 1111x777, 1111:777, Q_BiteCrumbs_20171105_z_FL….png)


thanks! got the collection over here:

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/198093.html

doesn't cover the entire Q crumbs, but i think it gives a pretty good overview - mostly content/mission related, not concerned about markers/confirmations etc.

I think these can be good to offer a normie who wants to know more, but for who the github is still way too much (or here, of course). Lots to digest in there. Pikchers make it more palatable (or at least that's the idea)

7248ba No.212152


Oh stop it! I told you this is from the JPG LOSSY compression. If you take the star field, flip it horizontally, and overlay it on the original, it's an exact match. It's from the algorithm and is perfectly balanced mathematically. The left half of the star field is a mirror of the right half.

7aca36 No.212153


Knock yourself out.

Download SOLR binary which is ready to run if you have Java installed. Start it up and start loading documents. I suggest every message from this board and greatawakening to start. Then go back to the previous Q drop boards which are archived and grab all of that. Pick up anything in halfchan like CTBS and even Reddit boards that discuss this. Grab all the #QAnon messages from Twitter.

Have fun.

Learn how to use the boolean search query language (you write long URLs) and do learn about filters for faster searching.

68e805 No.212154


I see. Well, about the same either way you slice it then. Simple misunderstanding

1ff389 No.212155

File: 1a8589d8c555d07⋯.jpg (92.94 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 29DFD5AE-8999-4112-A645-59….jpg)

File: 44c87a59d7cc5a4⋯.jpg (76.83 KB, 620x427, 620:427, 188gnl.jpg)

File: 5dc07c0166f315e⋯.jpg (111.01 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 2023678.jpg)

File: 79ca36a876d6581⋯.jpg (26.72 KB, 302x300, 151:150, C1apRMOW8AUc6q0.jpg)

File: a858739dd2ed4e3⋯.jpg (88.02 KB, 666x500, 333:250, download.jpg)

Remember that the Democrats are using Maxine Waters as their "liason" to the black community. She is doing a rebuttal of SOTU… important to remind black community of Democrat history

5f1d91 No.212156


Right but where's this pic from? Not criticising, just curious.

be2367 No.212158


>Dilley's NSA reference wasn't directly to counting votes, but preceded the drop of the intel he gave.


>actual Popular Vote count (rounded because I couldn't keep up with the numbers fast enough) was Trump with 70 Million votes, Clinton with 53 Million.

so… what does the NSA have to do with anything? sounds like misdirection to hide where he actually got the data from

faf278 No.212159


I get everything from github. I don’t have any on my phone.

45edbf No.212160


Although have a feeling that on the electorate side of things it is way over half never bothered to figure out the numbers but may be worth while

ea4a19 No.212161

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8588fe No.212162


I'd put a sign up at Gitmo for them, saying "You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave". Does that count?

352fd4 No.212163

File: 667260d1fa49866⋯.jpg (19.89 KB, 333x400, 333:400, covfefe.jpg)

95617c No.212164


and what about Ginsburg…the old gal still kick'n it or no? been hear'n it both ways, gotta be one or the other. If so, that makes 2 with bad tickers

247f59 No.212165


I would agree with that sentiment.

01f58f No.212167

File: eb2958db3e352e5⋯.jpg (121.25 KB, 400x550, 8:11, im-kicking-my-own-ass-do-y….jpg)



188e18 No.212168

File: 611884ba3310940⋯.png (171.1 KB, 888x468, 74:39, FREEEEEDOM.png)

File: 0abbbf3672eb13f⋯.jpg (250.26 KB, 600x431, 600:431, POTUS premiere.jpg)

>>212132 interesting… >>212148

378e95 No.212169


Reddits missing you.

1ea558 No.212170


yes. but i did not want to say it out loud. anyway. i think thats all were getting from this.

faf278 No.212172


Story came out yesterday:

FIB says RT founder beat himself to death:

https:// www.zerohedge. com/news/2018-01-28/fbi-releases-docs-claiming-rt-founder-beat-himself-death-his-hotel-room

“Authorities originally reported he died of a heart attack”

Can you see this reply?

1ff389 No.212174

File: 70c737b18fa71a6⋯.jpg (30.68 KB, 400x288, 25:18, first_black_congressmen.jpg)

File: 01a8e7991691bff⋯.jpg (47.16 KB, 655x512, 655:512, malcolm-x-quote-if-youre-n….jpg)

File: 1aeb78f6c5cb5b7⋯.jpg (92.5 KB, 682x452, 341:226, malcom.jpg)

68e805 No.212175


He's done-for now. He's forced to live vicariously through his pedovore son. But that still leaves us with a bot/paid shill problem until we get the web companies either on-board, get the IBOR, or let them wither when everyone quits using their services after the great purge.

45edbf No.212176

File: e1f6d9d878c7e29⋯.png (309.54 KB, 589x377, 589:377, popcorn.png)

70afb0 No.212177


it's plays from the same gameplan over and over and over

8a6274 No.212180


Web version of qtmerge:

https:// anonsw.github.io/qtmerge/qtmerge.html

755c84 No.212182

http:// video.dailymail.co.uk/video/mol/2018/01/29/1711776095164937152/640x360_MP4_1711776095164937152.mp4

Check out what Trump says, and how he looks, when they ask him if he might bring chuck schumer down again to White House to discuss Daca,, it's priceless,, KEK

It's one min , 13 secs long, and is at the last 10 secs or so of video.

1759bc No.212183

File: 67f56ee86fe6cd3⋯.png (94.93 KB, 477x510, 159:170, q.png)

File: 13d0041ffec5e85⋯.png (96.91 KB, 721x390, 721:390, hec.png)

going back over q posts found this link

7248ba No.212184


Well it's an honest mistake; forensically it's nearly impossible to tell the difference between death by blunt force and having a heart attack. Everybody knows this.

45edbf No.212185


If there is an internet, there will be bots and shills. But luckily there will also be anons to kick their dick in the dirt.

d591ae No.212186


You know, these guys are so cheap, so mean…

This could in some ways be a GOOD thing!

If they care about money, they will know that most money is spent on heroic efforts in the last 90 days of life. but an ounce of prevention really would be worth a lot!

In addition medical stuff is bloated, and natural solutions don't cause follow on problems, the conventional medical system kills more people than it helps, the whole thing is just Greed and incompetence, they want people sick and to be expensive.

But if these guys want their employees able to work, and cheap to care for, their motivation will be reversed!

So while I am sure they would be terrible for the patient that is "just too costly to keep alive/well", they could revolutionize medical care!

The US medical system is the worst in the world on a cost benefit basis.

1ff389 No.212187

starting to have lag in posting

3bcc66 No.212188

File: a400cf552c83023⋯.png (28.55 KB, 626x440, 313:220, IMG_7113.PNG)


My son and I have had some really bad arguments about me being a Trump supporter. It's the most painful part of all of this.

1090b7 No.212189

File: 124ad3113466622⋯.png (315.92 KB, 777x1128, 259:376, Patriots4.png)

Patriots make the dough rise.

d2a58f No.212191

File: 872b6c5dfa8dfd0⋯.png (14.83 KB, 236x230, 118:115, 5143927f55e929449306ae95f9….png)


01f58f No.212192



Except Q's flag is in .png format which is lossless.

0012a7 No.212193

File: f7882505e4f7d4b⋯.jpg (202.9 KB, 1347x560, 1347:560, cabal - Copy.jpg)

they actually have a plane called cabal

d591ae No.212195


HEC refers to the House Ethics Committee which Trey Gowdy was on.

188e18 No.212196


>where's this pic from?


>>>/greatawakening/79 ?

68e805 No.212197


I think there is a plan in the works for an internet 2.0 but NOT the kind the elites and intelligencia had in mind. Remember, Trump plans to release the tech to humanity to start a new golden age. I believe the idea is a system based off of the DARPA/Military T.R.U.S.T. program. (no more backdoor built in) but will require an entirely different format for the web and how we connect to/interact with it.

754d8d No.212198


I will join you.

I will 1 up you.

I challenge you to do tue same.

I will climb on my roof wearing nothing but a sock on my dick& balls.

I will then do my best impersanation of capt. Dan.

Record it.

Post to jewTube.

Title it ""the storm"

faf278 No.212199

File: 47c0da26e1c3a15⋯.jpeg (393.02 KB, 750x691, 750:691, B6BED2AD-889B-4E27-ADEC-9….jpeg)

File: 5f7b042fd66a32c⋯.jpeg (120.81 KB, 750x608, 375:304, 206FA849-BEC5-4E98-9431-3….jpeg)


These are ss of the two Q rts

10b0ef No.212200


He will thank you when you’re dead.

da1731 No.212202

e53440 No.212203

Have any of us learned the comms?

188e18 No.212204


sometimes people have a jpg

then they save it as png


artifacts remain

d24e0c No.212205

A=Andrew McCabe

P=Peter Stzrok

A=Adam Schiff

C=Chuck Schumer

H=Hillary Clinton

E=Eric Schmidt

fbdaa2 No.212206


THIS RIGHT HERE should be MEME MATERIAl blasting away during any and all democrat opposition anywhere

sick fucks they are

68e805 No.212207


Obama isn't in that acronym so…

3b8933 No.212208

I keep hearing to stay out of Norfork Virginia here and there.

False flag will be there?

3c03d9 No.212209

My nerves are shot. personal events at work paralleling this Q war.

Evil people in charge; trying to remove them.


fbdaa2 No.212210

0007f0 No.212211


H == Hussein

fc4063 No.212212


Regarding Alabama: Something to keep in mind. Then Gov Bentley appointed Luther Strange to assume Sessions vacated senate seat. Strange had been investigating the Gov for corruption. Some in Alabama were very upset about Strange being appointed, believing it was a way to stop the investigation into the Gov who resigned in April 2017.

5141f8 No.212213

File: e49bd88e49b7b99⋯.png (762.67 KB, 895x1041, 895:1041, ClipboardImage.png)

Wonder why the DNC has a CEO.

Where is a CEO normally?

8045bd No.212214

File: 24349d6543d784d⋯.jpg (127.36 KB, 1104x630, 184:105, 8d933b0829a252efd21b3.jpg)

247f59 No.212215



304cec No.212216


What group does it represent? To me looks random by sssociation

68e805 No.212217


KEK - I stand corrected. Been up all night lulz

f0b9b2 No.212218


He's the ring leader.

f570da No.212219

File: b971fc4f40fff4a⋯.jpg (539.2 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mgrtm0.jpg)

1090b7 No.212220


Fill this bread, anons.

c7f905 No.212221


5141f8 No.212222



0bf8ff No.212223


Lots of compassion for those who stop acting like jackas***.

1090b7 No.212224

Last post. Baker?

2e061e No.251375

hmmmmmm bread

8330c8 No.251382


Saved. My life exactly.

2e061e No.251385

Any Bakers in the house that are closing this out?

f5673e No.251393


What's with the numbering also? We went backwards about 50 threads…

fa66d9 No.251398

Hey anons…donutanon briefly checking in with this…

Devin Nunes just f**king KILLED IT on Fox…phase I of an ongoing investigation and next phase involves…STATE! :-)

cfc70b No.251399

hi ho hi ho

f5673e No.251402





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